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My wife and I Decided to get a room at the casino so we could party our asses off and have fun and not have to drive anywhere.We checked in and took our bags to the room then headed to the casino.We got drunk as hell and had a good time at the casino and everything it had to offer.It was late and we were starting to wind down ,we planned to fuck like teenagers when we got to our room so when we started talking about heading to our room Karen reached into her purse and pulled out a little blue pill ,handed it to me and told me to take it.I told her I never needed anything like that and she agreed but said it would make our night one we would never forget,I popped the pill in my mouth and washed it down with my drink and we went back to having fun.About an hour later my dick started to get hard and I told my wife .She said she was on a winning streak and didnt want to stop just yet .I understood and told her to keep going ,I wasnt going anywhere with out her.My dick got harder than it ever has and it felt like it was getting even harder by the second. After about a half an hour or so my dick was still rock hard and began to hurt so I told my wife about it.She reached back and grabbed it and said

"Oh my GOD,,ok im donr,,lets go to the room " When we got into the elevator she said she couldnt believe it was so hard and I told her it has never been this hard and asked her if she remembered when I told her earlier that I was hurting,she told me she did and asked why .I told her that was a while ago and it was really hurting now.She looked at me worried and asked how bad and I said a LOT more .We got to our room and got undressed,figuring sex would make my dick stop hurting.We breezed through fore play,,I wanted my wife to be turned on and ready but needed to get started soon cause the pain was getting a lot worse. The pain grew when we were getting ready to fuck and got so bad that I couldnt even put it in her and became so bad that I begged her to get me to the hospital.She said she was sober enough to drive and got me there in record time.They got me into an examing room and saw how bad I was in pain so they told me they would give me something for the pain .They said they would also have to give me an injection to counteract the effects of the drugs to make my erection go away .The nurse said it would take a while to work and it was a good idea to take the pain shot but when I did that I would have to wait two hours before taking the other shot to make my erection problem go away.They laughed hard when I asked if I could get a room so me and my wife could take advantage of the pain being gone and make the best of the erection and told me no.I was not to do anything that would cause sexual stimulation until the problem was cured or it could kill me.We watched TV and when it was finally time they came in and administered the shot and in ten minutes my dick began to go soft,and in about an hour had gone totally limp.The doctor told me I could go home and had made me an appointment to see another doctor in a week . He told me that what they had to give me sometimes had side effects ,and told me they were listed in my paperwork and if I had any problems or any of the side effects to call that doctor right away.I asked and he said I should get some rest but could have sex again anytime.We didnt even go back to our room,just headed home and went to bed.The next day we decided it was safe to fuck but no matter what we tried I could not get it up.We tried a few times throughout the day and my dick would not respond,It stayed limp and lifeless .It was the weekend so we had to wait until Monday before we could get a hold of the doctor and he got me in that afternoon.Tests were run and I was sent home with meds to take that didnt work.It has been three months now and they have given me everything under the sun and nothing has worked.My dick hasnt responded at all .I thought that not getting hard was bad enough but now i not only cant get an erection but my dick has started to shrink not only in length but in thickness as well .I have been to all kinds of doctors and no one has an answer or a cure .They have measured me and agree that my dick has gotten shorter in the last month or so but is getting thinner faster than it is getting shorter. I had a nice sized thick cock but now because of a bad reaction to a drug I am unable to have sex and now that my dick is constantly getting smaller by the time the doctors find a cure my dick will be too small to do anything with .