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Kelly came to me saying her boyfriend was coming over and they were going to fuck but he couldnt find a girl to keep his cousin busy and now she wasnt going to get his cock and she really needed it bad tonight.I asked her what she wanted me to do about it ,told her I couldnt help her.She smiled and told me that she could get her boyfriends cock if I was his cousins date for the night.I told her she was loony,there was no way Teds cousin was going to want to have me be his date .She giggled and told me no,,he wouldnt want to go out with me but he would love it if Brenda kept him company.She had dressed me up like a girl before,and called me Brenda so I knew right away what I I would be wearing tonight.She told me just to give in and agree to do it,she had plenty of shit to tell mom that would get my ass beat so save my ass and let her turn me into Brenda once again.She was right so I told her not to make me look so slutty this time..She giggled and kissed me,not like a sister kisses her brother but more like how she kissed her boyfriend and told me she loved me.She started grabbing clothes and was throwing them at me and I put them on as fast as I could and immediatly knew that she didnt listen to me and was going to make me even more sluttier than last time she turned me into a girl.As soon as I got everything on she fixed my hair and did my makeup and smiled saying I was so sexy and that Brad was going to be so happy when he saw me..I said BRAD?? you said Tommy was coming with her boyfriend,she said id didnt really matter and I said O yes it does,,Tommy likes girls and when he found out that she had feminized her little brother he would be cool about it ad still have fun.Brad was totally gay and he loved sissy girls .When He sees me of course he is going to be very happy because you are handing him a defenseless little sissy boy and he will use his size and strength to force me to do what ever he wants.I told my sister I was going to be forced to be a girl and he was going to force me to take his big hard cock like a real girl and there wasnt anything I could do to stop him.My sister said ya he does have a really big cock,then told me to just play along ,,it would be a lot easier and woulfnt hurt as bad if I was willing and obediant.I told her she should switch with me then,id rather get fucked by her man than Captain big cock.She laughed hard and told me good one but she was going to be the one her man fucked tonight .She told me to relax and go with it and everything would be okWhen Brad saw me his cock got hard immediatly and he told my sister she was right,,Brenda was really cute and he was going to enjoy dominating me and would turn me into his obediant little fuck toy and make me like it.My sister told him that was what I wanted but was going to act like it isnt so he would have to be extra hard on me this time..In no time Brad decided things wernt moving fast enough so he switched into high gear and told me that I better act like I was a whore right away because if he had to force me he was going to make sure it hurt and he woulld make sure to turn me into a cock hungry whore and my parents would get to watch me sucking his cock like a pro.I tried to act like he was ordering me to but no matter how hard I tried he wasnt happy with me .He reached out and grabbed my head ind oulled me down and forced my mouth onto his rock hard cock.I began sucking as hard as I could bobbing my head up and down taking his cock down my throat but he wanted me to be so much more slutty .I was forced to suck his cock like it was the greatest tasting thing I ever had.When my mom walked in the room I was taking his huge cock almost out of my mouth then samming my mouth down and forcing it all the way down my throat.She stopped and watched as I made Brad cum,filling my mouth full even though I was swallowing as fast as I could.She couldnt quite place who it was that she was staring at until I pulled my mouth off of his huge cock,licked my lips and smiled at her.She asked what the hell was going on so I explained it to her and she said I was such a good little brother,,then she sain now little sister and said it was obvious that I loved sucking Brads big hard cock.When I told her that I did she told me that her son and that I was going to stay what I was right then,,a slutty little girl.My sister said she agreed ,that I had becme a cock hungry little whore and i wouldnt ever go back to who I was before.I told them they were crazy that I could stop being Brenda ma little slut any time if I wanted to ,they said then do it.Brad went back to treating me like his little sex slave and no matter how hard or what I tried I could not stop the way I felt inside which made it impossible for me to stop acting like her. Even after the boys had left I was still acting like Brenda,when I talked my voice soulded like it did when I played like I was brenda,worse yet several hours later and I was still wearing the clothes that I put on for my date with Brad.My sister told me I looked cute and asked if I was still thinking about Brads big cock,I smiled and said it felt so wonderful in me.It has been months since I dressed up and became Brenda and I havent changed back into a boy at all,still talked and sounded like Brenda ,and most of all still couldnt stop thinking about Brad and his huge cock,,my craving for it was bigger now than ever .I started dating Brad for real and was living as Brenda full time and was so happy that I was a girl