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Mom works all the time and has to go out of town on business for days at a time so it is usually just me and Daddy.He lost his job and one night I heard him and Mommy talking.She told him she was sorry that he couldnt find a place to hirt him .She told him that she has a great job and makes enough to support us.She told Daddy that it was cheaper than finding and paying someone to watch me so why didnt he just become one of those stay at home husbands.They talked about it and mom told him that she would tell me to help with the house work and all and finally talked Daddy into it.Everything was going fine for awhile but Mommy began having to stay away from home more often and for longer and it was making Daddy mad.I walked in on him jacking off one night when I was supposed to be in bed and he got mad but then his face got bright red and he said he was so humiliated.He explained that men have needs and now that Mommy was never home he was always so horny . I knew about sex and all that so I knew what he was talking about .I told Daddy that he shouldnt have to suffer and I dont know why for some reason I reached over and took his big cock in my hand and began to jack him off.Daddy moaned and said I shouldnt be doing that ,saying that it was wrong.I knew that he was going to make me stop but I didnt want to,,I loved playing with his cock and I knew that he was enjoying it .He deserved to have pleasure like mom gave him so I dropped between his legs as fast as I could and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. I had no idea what I was doing,no one had ever sucked me and this was my first time doing it but I had watched porn and seen my girl cousins suck their brothers off before so I just did what I had seen.daddy was moaning and told me that what I was doing felt amazing ,and begged me not to stop so I didnt and was loving the way his cock felt and tasted in my mouth ,,what it felt like to suck his cock and how it was making me feel and if it felt half that good to him there was no way I was going to stop unless someone forced me to.As I sucked on Daddy he told me things to do ,letting me know what felt good and what didnt .My mouth got tired and my jaw was sore but I didnt want to stop and soon after that Daddy began to breathe hard and told me that he was going to give me a special present .He told me not to stop sucking and to keep my mouth on his cock no matter what so I did and a minute later he began screaming ,his body got stiff and he exploded in my mouth. i just began to swallow it all as fast as I could until Daddy stopped and started to get soft.Daddy told me that I was awesome and thanked me several times for making him feel so good.He then told me how to clean him up and I obediantly licked everywhere and sucked his cock till it was totally clean .After he rested a bit he started asking lots of questions and telling me a lot of things the biggest he said was that I couldnt ever tell any one what we did together because if I did they would make Daddy go away as punishment for me telling what we did .I told Daddy that I understood and didnt want to get into trouble and sure didnt want anyone to make him go away.I told Daddy that I loved sucking his cock and didnt ever want to have to stop.Daddy told me not to worry ,He loved what I did also and would let me suck his cock when ever I wanted to .I was so happy .I sucked Daddys cock every day,at least once sometimes three times and we were having so much fun.After a while Daddy started teaching me more and showed me other things to do to make him feel good .One day when I got home from school he told me to take my clothes off so I did.He handed me some girls clothes and I put them on without him even telling me to.He said that I looked very pretty and asked me how I felt ,I walked over and looked at myself in the mirror and said that I felt pretty and liked that I was a girl .I asked Daddy if I could dress like a girl and he said that I could ,that he was going to buy me a bunch of different girls clothes for me to wear when ever I wanted.He looked at me seriously and reminded me that this was our little secret .I smiled and told him that I knew and would never tell any one.I loved to dress up and be a girl and always made sure to show Daddy how happy it made me feel every day.One afternoon after school I had just changed into a cute little dress and all ,I was just walking into the living room when the front door opened and there was my Mother.She was home from a long work trip.When she saw me she acted suprized and I started to cry and turned and was about to run to my room ,mom grabbed me and asked why I was crying and I begged her not to be mad at me ,that I would go change right away.She laughed and told me to calm down that she wasnt mad and I was not in any kind of trouble.She took me over to the couch and we sat down .Mommy told me that she was helping Daddy with laundry about a month ago and was putting some of my clothes in my dresser and spotted some panties in my dresser.She said she asked my father if he knew anything about them and he had told her all about catching me dressed up in girls clothes. He told Mommy that he had talked about it with me and didnt see where it was anything to worry about .Mommy said they talked about it and agreed that I could dress however I wanted to and if that was like a girl then they both would support me and help me with anything they could .I was so happy that our little secret was safe and now that Mommy knew I didnt have to go change clothes if she came home.I was free to be a girl any time I wanted to and that made me so happy. Me and Daddy got to keep on having fun together and did so for several years