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When my ex-wife and I were married we adopted a girl about 8yo. Things went normally until her I got the divorce. Since she didn't have anything so I won custody of my daughter. I'm 39. When she was 12 she accidentally walked into the bathroom while I was in the shower. I have a see-through sliding shower door. She saw me named and just stared at me and couldn't help but get hard. I opened the slider and asked her what she needed while beginning to stroke myself. She asked if it was ok to watch me and I said yes. When was ready to cum, I seen she was playing with herself. I told her to get in her knees because daddy want to cum on her cute face. I unloaded all over that cute little 12yo face. After that, I let her rinse off and we went into the bedroom. I was still hard. Yes! I am ducking my 12yo adopted daughter and she loves her daddy.