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Do others besides me have incest fantasies or dreams?

Please tell them to us. Fantasies are no reality!

I myself have never had a real incest experience, but my husband has and he has infected me, so to speak, with this "virus". He slept with his aunt as a boy and now, for a few months, he's been doing it with his mother. I was allowed to watch him have sex with his mother a few times and I have to admit that it was a very special feeling. I am actually almost Mediterranean jealous, but when I saw him with his mother, I found it just exciting.

I want to make it easier for you and write down one of my (and my hudbands) fantasy here:

The fantasy is about my wife and me, our daughter, her husband and our granddaughter being attacked by burglars in our house. The two robbers force us adults to have sex. Not with our partners, but me with our daughter and my wife with our son-in-law. And finally the burglars forced my granddaughter to suck first her father and then me. We both sprayed on her girlish body. After that the girl had to undress and then they forced her to have real sex with me and her father. I had to lie down and her father had to put her on my stiff cock. She is still a virgin at this time and she cries out loudly as her father makes her sink onto my cock. Her father then had to fuck her in the butt at the same time and I could feel exactly how his cock keeps going up into her. This feeling when you feel the other cock, next to your own, just separated by some skin, going in and out, must be incredible.