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Right after I turned 12 (i'm 13 now) my Dad started sneaking into my room at night after everyone else was asleep. I'd hear the click from him quietly shutting the door, then he'd walk over to my bed really slowly (probably to keep thr floor from squeeking cuz it always squeeks). Once he gets to my bed i'm always wide awake but I always keep my eyes shut and pretend i'm sleeping. He usually climbs on the bed super slow on his knees, and once I feel his weight on the bed I start getting tingly and my heart races because I know exactly what he's gonna do. If I have the covers on he'll pull them down, then he crawls up closer to me. I usually sleep in just a shirt and a thong or gstring. My Mom is a b*tch and forbid me from buying them but my Dad will buy me anything I want when he takes me shopping. Once he crawls up to me he'll really gently and slowly slide my underwear off, then he'll start licking my pussy. The first time he did it I was so shocked and surprised I almost screamed, but the feeling of his giant tongue licking up and down my pussy was so amazing I couldn't even move, I just wanted him to keep doing it. All I've done with boys is my BF tried to finger me and he had no idea what he was doing and it was terrible. But my Dad knows exactly what to do he makes me feel so good. Hes such a big guy, and stocky, and he has total Dad belly. Seeing him crawl up my bed in just his boxers makes me so horny, like my pussy is soaking wet before he even starts licking it. I pretend to be asleep the whole time he licks me, but I cant help moaning sometimes and when I do he clamps his huge hand over my mouth to keep the noise from escaping, and it just makes me even hornier. He gives me a huge orgasm every time he licks me, I've never felt anything so good. The last few times he's come in my room he's taken his boxers off, and he rubs the head of his dick on my pussy before he licks me. He has a huge dick, it's so thick with a big head on it, and he has huge balls too, surrounded by all this thick black hair. He's super hairy, and feeling it against me makes me so f'ing horny. I've been pressing against his cock when he rubs it on me, I want him to put it inside me so bad, even though it looks like it won't even fit. I love my Dad so much.