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My husband and I are open to many things sexually.

Way back in 2007 we watched the movie The Ranch, a movie about a Nevada brothel and the women who worked there.

In one scene some of the ladies are out by the pool tanning. One of them describes how when she was young she would let the family pooch lick her pussy and that it felt so good.

Well, that got me thinking about letting our dog lick me. I was so nervous and didn't do it right way.

One summer evening my husband and I were in the back yard sitting on our lawn furniture. I was sitting and my husband was lying down with his legs over mine. I was playing with his dick while he was looking at porn on his phone.

Our dog was sitting near us and when I pulled his dick out of his shorts I patted his dick and our dog came right over and sniffed his dick and then licked it!

Seeing that made me wet. My husband looked at me and said "what are you doing?"

I told him that it must feel good and that it was making me really horny.

As I jerked him off the dog kept licking until all of his jizz was cleaned off of my hands.

My husband then told me to pull off my shorts and he let the dog lick my pussy.

It felt amazing. Our dog was a lab.

I came so hard that started to squirt all over. I had not been a squirter before then but am now.

Since then we have included our dog occaisionally. We let the dog lick my pussy and his dick while we fuck.

When my husband is out of town on business I let the dog lick me.

Once when we sat our freinds male German short haired dog I rubbed his dick until the pink part came out. I kept playing with it until the dick was huge and had a large knot and it kept spewing dog jizz all over. I made me crazy and I let the dog lick me out until I came all over.