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I have extremely well endowed and lately want to brag about it more and more so here I am. Im bigger even than a lot of porn stars. My size soft is bigger than most guys hard, so I bulge pretty easily. I like to let it happen on purpose sometimes when I go out so that I can enjoy some extra attention while Im out. Theres nothing like going to the beach, having a big bulge in your trunks, and catching hot bikini girls staring down at it. I might go to a nudist beach one day just to show off my big cock.

When it comes to sex, every women Ive been basically says that my big size alone makes sex with me a lot better than the other guys they were with. I was talking about my girlfriend to her ex recently, were all friends, and the topic of sex came up, and he told me that she didnt put out as much as he wanted, only a couple of times a month. With me, she puts out 4 or 5 times a week, so I asked her about it, and she said that she didnt have much of a sex drive until we started having sex, and that my longer and thicker cock feels so much better that she just wants it as much as she can get.

Size matters boys, and I've got you beat