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way back when i remember when i was 12 to 13 and just figuring out my sexuality. I played with my nipples until I got dripping wet. I could feel my wetness through my panties. I would get hotter and hotter but I didn't have a way to release it. I wanted a cock inside me. I would fantasize about older men bending me over the bathroom counter and fucking me senseless. I didn't have big breasts or a pretty face but I did have a nice bottom. I wanted a man to suck my nipples and make me wet before forcing his cock inside me. If there was a man, or a dildo, that I could have fucked at that time, I would sit on it all day. I was so young and so horny. Now I'm older and I guess thankful I didn't have sex with an older man, but at the same time, I wonder how it would have felt for my tight hole to be used like that. Comments? What would you have done to me?