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So on a Monday night about 2 months ago i did something i know i shouldn't have done, but at the time i just couldn't stop myself.

I had been home early from work. I was in my study working, which is what i call it when no one else is around and i'm looking at photo's and video's of young teen girls. I have had a thing for it since i was in my early 20's, but never really got over it. Any girls from 10 or 11 up to 17 or 18 is in my range. Bikini's, leotards, nudes, school uniforms and tiny skirts all get me.

Anyway, my wife got home and popped her head in, she told me she was going to make dinner and should be about an hour. She left and i went back to my video i was watching of a uncle fucking his underage niece (fake i'm sure), which i was really enjoying as the girl was made up to look like she was only 15 or 16 years old.

Anyway, i stopped as i needed the bathroom. Our family bathroom was closest to my office. It is also furthest from the main room, kitchen and master bedroom. Our spare room and my daughters room were the next closest to this bathroom. I hadn't heard anything or seen her, so when i got the the bathroom door, i just opened it. Shocked, my daughter jumped and said "sorry daddy, i'm in here". I just quickly apologised and pulled the door. In my haste the door didn't quite close, just closed and left a small gap, maybe about an inch.

I was hot, my daughter firstly. She is 14, slim, small, but nicely growing breasts, tight body and well toned. She is every teenage boys dream girl. When i walked in, she was leaning forward over the vanity, pretty sure plucking her eyebrows. But what had me hot was she was in a little white and pink bra and a pair of pale pink panties. Otherwise she was completely visible for me to see her body, her form and the nice shape that made her tits in the bra. I realised i could see her in the mirror though the small gap i left accidentally in the door. I was able to her leaning over, her breasts nicely popping up in her bra, the smooth toned tummy and as she leaned back a couple times i could see her panty covered pussy mound. I was so hard.

My wife in the kitchen at the other end of the house, dinner still 45 or 50 minutes away and my daughter almost naked in the bathroom....

I will say that i have had a running joke with my daughter since she was 12. She talked about wanting boys to like her and i had told her if i was a young boys i would like her. I had kept this going with her and joking with it since. I always told her when she wore tight clothes that she had me dreaming a being a young man again, or wanting to be a boy at her school. She always joked with me and even giggled most of the time. She even once said if i was still this cute when i was back in school she might even date me. Anyway, always a dream.

Back to the Monday night. I decided i would go in, so i did. I opened the door and made an excuse, "sorry i have something really stuck in my tooth and it's hurting, i need to get it out. Sorry. I'm not looking i swear". She was shocked, but kind of half nodded, "Ok, but no looking". By this time i had made it behind her and i was leaning over her to open the small mirror shelves to get the floss. I made sure to rub myself against her beautiful little ass. She felt it, "Daddy, your touching me. I think your hard. Careful". Here i was, rubbing my cock against my daughters ass, her telling me to be careful as i pressed myself even harder into her. "Sorry darling, not a lot of room in here. Your too cute, sorry".

She went back to looking at herself in the mirror. She was so focused on it she didn't see me untie my shorts and drop the to the floor. Once i made sure she still wasn't watching i dropped my boxer to the floor as well. I then went to flossing, leaning over her to look into the mirror, rubbing my bare cock against her panty covered ass. I was loving it. I leant near her ear and whispered, "I wish i was one of the boys at school right now. I just want to feel you ok." By the time it sunk in i was already rubbing her belly with my right hand and my left gently squeezing her breasts. She jumped and tried to turn around, but i just pressed my cock firmly into her ass to keep her there. "Daddy, this is naughty. You shouldn't be doing this. You need to leave now so i can finish". I responded, "just a bit more, i just want to feel you, imagine being a teen again. Your so sexy and cute, i just wish we could, you know". I didn't wait, i just moved my hands and pulled her panties half way down her thighs. Before she had a chance, "I just want to feel you darling, i won't doing anything else, i won't hurt you". She jumped and yelped a bit.

I whispered to be quiet, also realising i never closed the door after i entered the bathroom. As she responded, "Daddy, we really shouldn't, i'm your daughter and your not meant too", i was already placing my cock to rub over her teen slit, between her tiny legs and over her hot pussy lips. By the time she finished i was rubbing myself against her bare pussy. "Baby girl, i just need to feel you once and then i promise i'll stop straight away. Just let daddy slide in once ok?"

I didn't wait for her answer either, as i pulled her hips back and out to angle myself and i slowly started to push my cock into her teen pussy. I had to hold her firm as she wriggled, but i was able to push my head in, sinking into her a couple of inches. She whimpered "Daddy we need to stop, you should be inside me. You have to pull out daddy", as i sunk in further. I never hit her hymen, but as she does dancing and gymnastics i am not really surprised. I finally got myself balls deep inside my teen daughter after 4 or 5 slow thrusts. She continued to whimper. I told her i was almost done, i just wanted to feel her for a minute and then i would be finished. I was slowly sliding myself in and out of her tight pussy as she said something that i wish she never had, but it guaranteed to outcome was changed. "Daddy you need stop and pull out, your not wearing a condom, i'm old enough to get pregnant. You don't want to accidentally get me pregnant daddy?". I was done, "Oh baby girl, i forgot about protection, i don't need it with you mother", then what she said hit me, "ohhhh, you mean your not on anything either. Wow", my brain going back to the video i was watching earlier of the uncle impregnating his niece, "I'm sorry darling i have too, I have to try and make a baby in you. I have to cum in you. I can't stop now, i need to put a baby in my daughter ok". She didn't scream or yell, she just continued to cry a bit. I whispered in her ear one last time, "i want to cum in your teen pussy, impregnate you you you own sister, the same sperm that i put in your mother to make you."

I held my daughters hips so tight as i unloaded everything i had into her 14 year old pussy. Hoping all the while i would be putting my baby in her belly. My wife never came in and i was able to make sure to really pushed my load into her. I helped her get her panties back on, Put her pj's on and we headed back out. She didn't say anything while we ate dinner which was really lucky. She appears to have not said anything to my wife, but she came home earlier this week and told me the doctor confirmed she is pregnant with my baby. I know full well i shouldn't have done it, but seeing her like that and having the chance to go balls deep inside a super hot young teen, i had too do it.