When I was young I shared a bedroom with my sister. She is almost two years older than me. When I was 5 and her 7 our parents bought us bunk beds. She being the oldest got to choose the top or the bottom. She chose the top.

Things stayed normal until our aunt went through a divorce and her and her daughters needed a place to stay until she got back on her own feet. I was very excited about this because my cousins were some of my best friends as a child and it became a permanent sleepover party for me being the youngest of them all.

About a year into this living arrangement my sister and I still shared the bunk bed. My cousins slept in our living room with my aunt but my youngest cousin who was older than my sister and I would hang out playing Barbie’s with my sister late into the night in our room. One night I woke up in the middle of the night to some strange sound. I was scared at first but quickly realized my sister and cousin were in the floor under a blanket playing. It was very late so I complained to them about being so loud. They told me to be quiet and come get under the blanket with them. Then they practically drug me out of the bed and into the floor. Once I was under the blanket with them I realized they were both naked. We all three had bathed together before so it wasn’t the first time seeing them naked but I did think it was odd that we were being sneaky.

After them swearing me to secrecy they started showing me what they were doing. One would lay on top of they other and rub back and forth. Nothing really that serious but my cock got super hard. I was embarrassed about it because once they noticed they wanted to look more closely and I was being very shy. My sister told me not to worry that we were all just having some fun together. That was comforting enough for me and so I took off my clothes. We took turns on top of each other just dry humping.

As time went on this became almost a nightly occurrence. We would wait until our parents went to bed and were confident they wouldn’t hear us then we would sneak down to the floor and have our special play time. Eventually we grew bolder and my sister and I would play doctor. Always fondling each others privates even during the day. Her and I have been caught doing simple things like touch and even a couple times dry humping. I remember once we were playing in a blanket fort and I was hard as a rock and my dad walked in catching me with a hard on for my sister.

As we got older so by this time I’m 10 my sister is 12 and my cousin is 12-13 years old things had started to slow down some. By this time both my cousin and sister had grown big massive tits for little young girls. I would act like I needed to use the bathroom while each of them would takes baths just so I could see them naked.

One night I had went to sleep earlier than both my sister and cousin. My sister and her were downstairs this night so that they could watch the soft core porn on tv. I think them watching this made them talk about wanting to try real legit sex. All they had done to this point was let me dry hump them and finger each other. So my sister came to our bed room and woke me up saying she needed me down stairs. I went with her to find my cousin completely naked sitting on the couch. Her mom was working night shift and my other cousin was staying with her dad. My cousin told me to come sit with her so I did. Before she let me sit down she ordered me to take my shorts off. I was already hard from seeing her tits as well as seeing my sister strip down to nothing. I had a seat next to my cousin and my sister sat on my other side. The soft core porn was still on and they asked me if I wanted to try some new types of fun. I was so game for this my cock already throbbing.

My cousin was the first. She reached over and grab my hard little cock and started stroking. I was in pure ecstasy. That’s when my sister got on her knees in front of the couch watching my cousin stroke me. My cousin told her to put me in her mouth and when she did I started to have an orgasm. I wasn’t old enough to cum yet but it’s one of the best quickest orgasm of my life. My sister kept sucking me through the whole thing. Eventually my cousin wanted to try and I was so excited I never went limp. She made me lay down on the couch and told me she was going to sit on my face and she wanted me to lick her. As I licked her she sucked on me until my sister wanted to join back in. Both of them are sucking my dick and licking my balls. To this day this is the only time I’ve been blown by two girls. I must have had 10 orgasms while they worked their magic.

As the night went on I watched them finger fuck each other and grind their pussys together while having me step in here and there to lick and service them both. This went on for what seemed like hours until my sister finally told me she wanted my dick inside her pussy. She laid me on my back and straddled over top of me. It took a couple tries but eventually she had me all the way inside of her. Orgasm after orgasm I had. My little cock just throbbing. Her pussy was so wet and warm I thought I was in heaven. It wasn’t long until my cousin wanted to try as well. She wanted me to fuck her so she laid on her back and guided me in. I pumped and pumped. Orgasm after orgasm. My sister riding my cousins face. Just a total fuck fest with my parents in their room just above us.

This happened several more times. I’ve learned all my sexual behavior from those awesome night. It all stopped by the time I was 13 and I still crave my sister. I want to rekindle this relationship so bad but we’ve never talked about it since we stopped.