First time I had sex with my mom. It was common for me to crawl into bed with my mom ever since I was little. My dad left when I was around 3. When I was around 10 when I first started playing with my dick. A couple years later when I was around 12 is when I first started to ejaculate. Ever since that first time watching cum spray out my dick I was hooked on cumming. One night I went to crawl into bed with my mom, she had her back against me as I snuggled up to her.

As I laid there I started thinking dirty thoughts trying to sleep and it was not long my cock came to life starting to grow. I still remember how my dirty thoughts turned to my mom's pussy and I remember thinking what it would be like to put my dick inside her pussy.

Her nightgown had risen up and all I had to do was pull her panties to the side. I still vividly remember reaching down taking her panty crotch and pulling it up off to the side exposing her shaved pussy. It was almost like my cock knew where to go and it seemed my cock went right to her warm pussy hole. Again I vividly remember when the head of my cock touched her pussy hole I thought; "Wow she is all wet down there". I pushed my cock forward and it slipped right into her pussy. I remember pushing more, felt the warmth of her pussy as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her body.

Once again it was almost instinct as I started slowing fucking her. I remember her ever so lightly moaning as my thrusts became harder and faster. Then as I started to cum, I thrust my cock deep in her. I felt myself spray cum deep in her with each thrust. It was the hardest I have cum ever in that point of my life.

The next night I waited enough time where I thought she was asleep and got in her bed. As I snuggled up to her back again it felt like my cock was in the crack of her ass and I didn't feel her panties, it was skin on skin. I reached down and she was not wearing any panties. So I scooted down a little so I could get my cock between her legs. Again she was totally wet and I pushed my cock inside her. I slow fucked her at first and she started lightly moaning as my cock slid in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. It was not long before I was full on fucking her and again I blew my load deep inside my mom.

I remember the following night when I went in she was laying on her back. I also remember thinking; "Shit now I can't fuck her". As I laid there thinking that I was not going to be able to fuck her she slowly reaches out taking my arm and lightly pulling toward her. I remember looking up at her and as our eyes made contact she whispered; "Come on baby, get on top of me".

As I was getting between her legs she raised them up and I took a hold of her legs holding them up as my rock hard cock started poking the entrance of her pussy. Once again this is so vivid in my mind, as I looked down at my cock slowly sliding in and out of her pussy she whispers; "Come on baby, fuck mommy's pussy". That was the first time ever I heard my mom say fuck and that's what I exactly did, fuck her pussy hard. That was the hardest I've ever come at that time in my life but oh there was more to come.

The next morning when she was giving me my breakfast before school she tells me I can never tell anyone and I remember telling her that I knew that already. Then she asked if I wanted to stay home from school because she had the day off work. That day was the first time my mom sucked my cock. I remember her saying that she wanted me to cum in her mouth and when I get hard again I'll last longer in her pussy. I had to fuck her 10 to 12 times that day! I think the best time that day was when she was bent over the arm of the sofa and I was behind her holding her hips as I plowed her pussy.

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