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My ex was so fucking hot I was 24 and she was 15 when we dated I got her to sell her pictures we broke up once she was 17 but she sells them underage . Everyone treat her like a whore , her SnAp is: LILITH_EADY




Daddy was content with me sucking his cock,I did it when ever he told me to but then that wasnt enough,,he wanted more. One day when it was taking him longer than usual to come my mouth got too tired so I slowly jacked him off.After doing that for a few minutes Daddy told me it was time to try something different.He got up and laid on the bed on his back and told me to climb on top so I did because of lack of experiance I didnt know what he was going to want me to do nexd, but when he told me I climbed on top of his cock and slowly sat down on it taking short bits of it until i was sitting down with his cock all the way up my ass.I was slowly riding him when my sister walked in and caught us.She looked at Daddy and you could tell she was about explode and she yelled "REALLY DADDY " and stormed out of her room.I slid up off of his cock and looked at him and said "really??YOU FUCKING BASTARD" I had never swore at my father before so he knew how mad I was at that time . When I ran into my sister again she looked at me really serious and told me she was so sorry ,and that it must have really hurt saying she thought she was going to die.I smiled at her and told her not really,,didnt hurt near as bad as I thought it would.She looked at me and i could see the question in her head and as I walked past her I whispered in her ear that I had been playing with a dildo for a few weeks before he fucked me in my ass. The love my sister had for me was written all over her face at that minute.We hugged and walked into the living room and told Mother what Daddy had been doing to us for the last year .Mother called the cops and after they hauled him off she went from one end of the house to the other and made sure that there wasnt any thing in that house of Daddies




My sister yelled for me from her room so I jumped up to see what she wanted. Her friend Karen was there and I had to say hi to her and my sister was like OH MY GOD,,get a room you two. Karen and I have become friends but I doubt she would go any further.We like each other but she likes her boyfriends to be the foot ball type and not the boy in satin panties kind of boy.Any way she handed me a stack of her old clothes just as dad walked in and he looked at me funny and asked if I was fixing to put those clothes on were you,I told him no and he asked me if I remembered what he said would happen if he catches me wearing my sisters clothes again.I said yes I did and at the same time we both said that if he catches me dressed up like a girl again he was going to make me suck his cock like a girl. Without thinking a said sister dresses like a girl,,do you make her suck your cock??Daddy said " she dresses like a girl doesnt she"then walked away really fastMe and Karen looked at my sister and Karen asked "You suck your dads cock??" I have never seen my sister turn so bright red,she looked like she was about to cry so before any one could think I blurted out"Its ok,,im fixing to start sucking Daddies cock too" Karen said she had to go before she had to suck our dads cock too. We were laughing so hard when we came down the hall that we had to hang on to each other and when mom asked what was so funny we had to run out side and were rolling on the ground because we were laughing so hard.. Karen left and I pulled my sister in and gave her a long hug and told her that it was going to me alright .With a tear in her eye she asked me if I was going to take her place,,I didnt hesitate and told her that I was going to d it because I loved her so much. Kelly lost it and started bawling as hard as she could and I went into my room and changed clothes as fast as I could,,threw a little makeup on and went to find my father.When he saw how I was dressed he asked me if I knew what that meant and I told him I SURE DO.Then I looked him dead in his eye and told him that I was going to be taking Kellys place..he looked like he shit his pants and not another word was said.I dropped to my knees and battled through it and gave Daddy my first blowjob.When Kelly saw me a few minutes later she said YOU DIDNT,,I smiled and nodded and went to brush my teeth.Kelly didnt have to suck Daddies cock ever again




I used to let my dog eat my pussy and she would go so deep and every time I tried to stop her she wouldn’t let me and she would bite on my clit. she ate it last night and it felt so good




My mother used to take my (male) temperature with a rectal thermometer.

She didn't seem to mind who was watching either. Not as much as I did anyway.

My grandmother, my aunt, my brother or even my mom's friend would be in the room. Chatting, like it was no big deal.

Mom would have pull my p.j.s down to my knees. Exposing myself to anyone in the room. Then have me lay over her lap, as she greased the thermometer and inserted it.

It was embarrassing and humiliating being half naked, exposed and vulnerable in front of other people.

I could feel the instrument moving inside me as my mother held it. Waiting for the time to be up.

When she had finished, she would allow me to get off of her lap. I would pull my p.j.s back up. The Vaseline still gooey between my cheeks.

As I got older, I fantasized about other people doing that to me. Mostly, my aunt.

In my fantasy, however, things become more sexual.

When my aunt asks me to drop my shorts, to take my temp, I am already becoming hard. I know she sees it.

I lay across her lap, eventhough I'm a teenager at the time.

She waits for me to get into position. I watch as she takes a glib of Vaseline from the jar, before applying it to my sensitive sphincter. Then, tenderly inserts the thermometer.

Absentmindedly, she twirls and slips it in and out of me.

I can feel myself getting harder.

She notices when a drip of my precum hits her bare thigh.

My aunt reaches down. Feeling the slippery tip of my penis.

She chuckles at my obvious excitement.

Then, proceeds to milk my penis until I cum on her hand and leg.

It's the beginning of fun relationship with my aunt.

Anyone else have fantasies or experiences similar?




way backin 73, my mom was age 30, i was age 11 years old then. that day she'd told me she was going to have a baby, my dick had wiggled a little in my short shorts, i'd covered the wiggling bulge in my shorts with my teeshirt. there she was, in short shorts, a real sheer seethrough top, i sure was aroused by how the top of her short shorts had stretched over her still flat tummy, had my heart beating. my mom was ready to start up the washer when she said 'hey sweety how about putting your shirt in the washer, i'm doing the laundry.' when i pulled off my shirt and put it in the washer, my mom had looked down at the bulge in my shorts, and said 'are you staring at my tummy love?' i'd said 'kind of.' she said 'it's allright if you are.' then i said 'yea i am.' then she'd pulled her top up her bra, and there was her tummy, my dick had wiggled hard at how tight her shorts were. after she'd started the washer, we both were in the house, and went to her room, my mom had invited me to feel her baby, my dick had wiggled hard in my shorts , then i'd just stood there, stared at her tummy just over the top of her shorts.




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