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Submitted: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 19:50:50 GMT

So, I think everyone has the creepy pervert in their family. My parents were in the middle of a bad divorce, so my mother made my brother and I go live with my grandparents. During my stay I experienced many inappropriate sexual situations. I was about 7, and had no clue about this stuff.

It started off one day when I was sick, my brother and grandmother went to the store. My grandfather came into the room and asked if I was ok. I replied no, and he asked if I wanted to feel good. Thinking it was medicine I shook my head yes. He sat on the bed beside me and started to take off my pants. He slowly looked at me in my underwear, gently petting my body. He then took off my panties and started to inspect my little pussy. He would kiss, finger, lick, and I had NO idea what he was doing but I let him.

A few weeks went by and he asked me to go to his office. He asked if I wanted to learn how to kiss like a grownup. So he had me sit on his lap facing him and started to French kiss me. I wasn't into that, but I was afraid to get in trouble so I kept doing it. I felt something hard, slightly moving, below my pussy. I touched it and asked what it was. He asked if I wanted to see, and I said yes. He pulled out his dick and told me to touch it. I did. He told me to stroke it up and down, and he showed me how. Now this I was interested in. He asked me to kiss it and then eventually suck. I did until he blew his cum in my mouth. I spit it out, and he told me I could leave.

Another few weeks go by, and as I got out of the shower he walked in on me in my room changing. He asked me if I wanted to play more like we did, and I said okay. He began to finger me, eat me, and had me suck on his dick. He then asked me to get on all fours. So I did. He pulled out a rag and stuffed my mouth since my grandma was home. He tied another rag around my head to keep me quiet. I was scared and tried to fight him but I gave up. He forced me on my knees and bent me over. He said he was dying to do this for a while and fucked me. I cried and tried to scream. But I let him do it.

Flash forward to today, after years of abuse, I am now 20. I went to their house, and I'm curvy. 40 DD breasts. I'm a size 12. So I'm not huge. But I was wearing a shirt with my cleavage showing. He called me into his office and asked if I wanted to play. I hadn't fucked him since I was about 12. So I shook my head yes. He apparently filmed me from a secret camera. And he pulled out his phone. I tried to say no photos but he just crammed his dick in my mouth. I can't stop fucking him. I love to pose for him, play with him, and let he fuck me. I hope he brings another friend soon. Id love at least two dicks in me.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 02:08:06 GMT

At our annual block party, really more like 5 or 6 block party, the beer and wine was flowing, my wife had several Boons Farm wines and I had a few beers. Everybody was having a good time drinking and dancing. As a result the bathroom was always occupied, no big deal for me but my wife was pretty drunk and had to pee pretty bad, so she sat down on the front steps of the house spread her legs a little and wet her pants. Me and four other guys watched her, it was so hot. Then she kept walking around in her wet clothes until we went home a couple hours later. By then I was drunk and getting out of the car I pissed my pants and started to laugh and so did she til she peed her pants again. Now we both wet our pants on purpose for sexual foreplay, it's wonderful. I even piss my pants alone some times, because it feels good. Last night my wife came home from work in her skirt and blouse, I hugged and her and kissed her like normal, when she turned and walked away her dress in back was wet, I asked her if she wet her panties. She said "yes I did, at work just as I left."


Submitted: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 01:30:28 GMT

Like any normal day I went to the store grocery shopping, after about an hour in the store my wife calls and has me look for some makeup for her, I looked for a while but didn't find what she wanted until I finally asked for help. After almost 2 and a half hours I finally checked out and started walking out of the store, when I realized I had to poop bad. I didn't want to go back into the store, I knew I couldn't make it. I felt it starting to come out I didn't know quite what to do, except I was about to shit my pants at 47 years old. But it was so I just pushed a little and my pants filled up, it kind of tickled when it went into my underwear, it was actually rather erotic. I stood beside my car for some time deciding what to do, I finally just got in and sat in my mess and drove home. I told my wife what happened and she told me not to worry, that she had peed her pants not to long before that. I said it kind of felt erotic and fun in a way, she said so did wetting her panties and might do it again. We both had a laugh.


Submitted: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 20:59:19 GMT

When i was about 16 my family decided to pack up and leave our nice little home in the country, and move to suburbia in another state. It wasn't just a random out of the blue pack your shit and bail! But it did, and always has felt kinda sudden.. Anyway...

Myself, being the oldest of 4, ended up leaving first so i could start the school year. Meanwhile the remainder of my family stayed behind to pack up, and finalize selling the house (or whatever..)

So for the first couple of months i stayed with my aunt and uncle, and grandparents (my grandparents had their own separate but joining little house).

It was pretty intimidating at first! Especially seeing i was only 16, from the middle of bum fuck nowhere (My home town had three roundabouts and no traffic lights... you get the idea lol}, and had a naturally timid and innocent demeanor anyway. Being thrown into this very new and bizarre place and being surrounded constantly by strangers, really threw me for a six! To say the least! I really felt like an alien on some strange planet! I mean.. I vividly remember it blowing my mind to find out there was a McDonald's just 5 min down the road! Macca's was a very rare treat i might get maybe a handful of times a year (if that!) if for whatever reason we had already made the hour long trip to town, where it was located.

I wasn't really "sheltered" i guess? As in my up bringing i mean. But anyone reading this that has experienced going from country to city, especially when all they really ever knew prior was country, knows what i mean.

So anyway... Sorry to drag on if i am! lol I'm really high.. (need to be to talk about this.) So yeah, I tend to be more inclined to be descriptive and yap on about crap that's irrelevant! Case in point. lol

As a youth, i was sexually active from a young age (with myself anyway) Jesus! I remember discovering masturbation! I think i was like 9 or 10? Defiantly not older then 11.

Holy shit!! I use to rub that thing so much! it was like someone told me there was a Gennie in there or something! lol Even still to this day my cock has a little bend in the end of it from tugging on it the same way too much! I use to be self conscious about it but turns out every chick iv ever fucked, that i was insecure enough to ask, said they liked it! Go figure.. lol

So, you could say at 16 i was very well versed in the masturbatory arts! If i got a dollar for every time i jerked it... Well... I'd have a fuck load of money! lol

So, a shy guy, in a strange place, knowing nobody..

I dealt with it at first but pretty soon i was sick of being suffocated with this daunting feeling of loneliness, confusion, and just overall shittyness! I was very much alone, and seeking comfort, and release. I remedied that the only way i knew how..

I didn't know about drugs then (thank god!} so i amped up my already amped up beating off schedule! I absolutely punished myself... (I'm talking like upwards of 10 times a day!)

Being very sexual, i found that lots of different things use to get me hot and bothered. To be expected i guess?

But what i didn't expect was just how much my stunningly beautiful aunt was going to flood my mind! She had the leading role in all my beat off fantasies throughout most of my teenage years! lol Still to this day she'll make an appearance from time to time.

She wasn't this model like bombshell or anything like that. She was, and is, very beautiful!

She had long blond hair that she always had looking nice, an unusually big mouth (i mean literally not figuratively) which were supported by these great big lips which she always had cherry red. She had a very "sporty" figure. she runs a lot and likes to keep in shape.

Probably about a B cup I'd say? Nice, but nothing special. And she had a pretty fucking spectacular ass!

As sexy as her physical attributes were, i think what attracted me to her the most was her emotional and mental demeanor. If that makes sense? I mean, just the way she held her presence in a room. The way she would talk to you, and engage with you. She just emanated this genuine feeling of love, acceptance, and understanding. She wasn't at all flirty, or seductive, in anyway. Hell, she even dressed somewhat conservatively (unfortunately! lol) She was a pillar of class! One of those, seemingly rare, beautiful people that wanted to make you happy just because it makes them happy. Thank god for those people!

So the fact that she was stunning physically, and mentally and emotionally. Plus I was 16, emotional, and addicted to cumming! Add that up with the fact that it was a rare and wonderful thing to even have a girl recognize that i existed! Well... I was in love! (so i thought anyway)

Having this elegantly beautiful women not just make eye contact with me, but talk to me.. And not just speak at me or tell me to do something, but really talk. Sit down with me when i got home and just blanket me with love!

That may seem a little odd but she knew i was having a hard time. She walked in on me once or twice crying.

Like a moth to a bug zapper! She was, at the time, a ray of warm light radiating through life's darkened storm clouds! A red rose in a field of shit! But i think most importantly she was, and still is, a constant reminder that good does exist in the world!

As far as our relationship went she was on the up and up. Her part was perfectly healthy. She just wanted to help and show love to someone she could see needed it. It was i who harbored any sexual and or inappropriate feelings to the situation.

Now for the confession part...

Just so it's clear, I'm not proud of how i behaved.. In the slightest!

But try to keep in mind i was sixteen at the time, and fucking insanely horny ALL the time! Really! using words to try and describe it does it no justice!

And i was really emotionally messed up from a life of extreme bulling, and abuse! It's amazing how cruel kids can be.

It may seem like I'm trying to justify my actions but I'm really not. I just want to do as good of a job as i can to describe my state of mind and being at that time. Which was confused, and not overly healthy to say the least! Those of you who need to point out fault and criticize will do so no matter what i say. So please understand and take into your harts these sincere words.

Opinions are like ass holes... Everyone has one, and they all stink like shit...

So go ahead and criticize and rebuke! Write it down on a piece of paper, role it up, and fuck yourself to death with it. Because no one in existence can know better then i the pure hate and disgust, and misery i harbored for myself for what i did to that beautiful person! And i have the scares on my wrists to prove it..

It took many years and therapy but i eventually learn t to accept what i did and forgive myself. So fuck your forgiveness if you don't like it!


So this extra bit of innocent affection and attention she had graciously thrown my way, could probably be compared somewhat to someones first time trying hard drugs. If you have ever smoked methamphetamine (please don't if you haven't) then you understand just how fucking incredible it is!! (initially anyway..) I really don't mean to advocate drug use.. but it is what it is...

So, like a new found narcotic, i wanted her with me, in me, around me! I just couldn't get enough of how good she use to make me feel! It use to blow my mind how she could make me feel, not just loved, but relevant?.. i guess? She convinced me every time we spoke that i mattered. That knowing how my day was, and what i was interested in somehow impacted her.

The night i heard her and my uncle fooling around... Well.. That kinda took what was going on inside of me to another level.....

The fact that my uncle and aunt fucked wasn't a real shock to me. The fact i could hear them through the door did a bit though! Up until that point I'd only ever heard my aunt talk nice, and reasonably polite. She would growl at my cousins when they were being little shits but it was pretty tame really. The words i heard her beautiful mouth utter absolutely blew my fucking mind up the wall!!! FUCK!!!! 2 minutes prior i was falling asleep on the toilet and then stumbling my way back to bed! When i heard some noise coming from my uncle and aunts room as i staggered by. I guess curiosity got the best of me, and i was compelled to have a closer listen to what they were up to. So i carefully placed my ear to their door and listened intently for what they were up to. And then i heard something that would impact me deeper than i would of ever even thought possible! My aunt proceeds to say, in the most sexiest way I'd ever heard anyone say anything! "I want to drink your cum baby! Please, I've been a good girl! Let me have your cum!"

I couldn't of been more awake if i had a gram of crack injected directly into my heart!!!

I came in seconds! This new side of her i was experiencing made my already hyped teenage sex drive... Well.. More so. lol

She said a heap of other dirty as things, but her pleading and obvious love she had for coping a load in the mouth and gulping it all down was the single most sexiest thing i have ever experienced! To this day!! Unfortunately it also gave me unrealistic expectations down the line as how much most women actually like swallowing! lol

But for whatever reason she thought it was the bees knees! I remember how sloppy and wet it all sounded when my uncle finally gave her her "reward" Jesus!

I busted 3 nuts while i listened to their dirty little escapades! I just squirted it all over their tile floor. then when they seemed done i quickly took my singlet off, moped up all my juice, and very carefully tiptoed back to bed. They didn't seem to hear when i flushed the toilet, but when my hornyness briefly subsided all i felt was shame and paranoia for what i did! But that was nothing compared to what i was going to do..

When i got back to bed i just laid there, full of wonder and amazement and disbelief at what i just witnessed! Then i thought about how much of a lucky bastard my uncle was to have her! To be the only one to give her her creamy treat! I was sooooo jealous!!

It was too much! I couldn't let my uncle be the only one who got to "feed" her.

And there in lies the root of my shame....

I always thought it was hot when chicks swallowed in porn, but i never really believed girls liked to do that. For any other reason then to make the guy happy anyway.

I'd lie there fantasizing about being balls deep in her. Then whipping it out just as I'm cumming, and imagine her slurping up every drop of my seed till she had her fill! (in my mind she never had her fill!)

The words I heard her speak, in that moment, were tattooed on my brain forever!

I convinced myself that she would love my cum but hated the thought that she would never get to try it!

I knew she was the devoted type. Unwavering to her commitment to my uncle! I was bummed out at the time but glad now she was that way inclined. I dunno? I guess my twisted mind thought for some reason maybe I'd have a snow flakes chance in hell to be with her if they weren't together!

I know right...

So, perplexed as i was, never getting to give her my cum was just not an option.

I don't know why but i just couldn't perceive, back then, just how wrong what i was going to do really was! In my mind it was only things like her being married to my uncle, and age difference, and stuff, that diminished the hope i had for one day turning my fantasies into a reality. Running her words threw my head over and over again! I knew she loved cum! I could hear the pure desire she had in her voice! She wanted it, no, needed it! And i "knew" she would want mine.. And so i decided then and there that she wasn't going to miss out.

Knowing how much she loved it i kind of felt bad that she was only gonna ever get to have one mans seed to enjoy for the rest of her life! But i, in my mixed up moment of charity, wasn't having a bar of it!

And so my sick little mind began to conspire...

I eventually fell asleep that night, but when i woke, it was a new, brighter day.

Scheming up ways to secretly feed my seed to my aunt was my new, and favorite pass time.

It wasn't as easy to accomplish as i initially thought. But all that did was make it more thrilling!

It took about a day or so to think up an opportunity that was worthy of our first fluid exchange. I mean, i could of rubbed one out into anything of hers i suppose. But i wanted to make sure id get to watch her eat it for the first time! eventually i did end up cumming in, and on anything and everything that could be ingested or applied! Oh my god! Over those couple of months i lived there i feed my aunt soooo much of my cum!

Embarrassingly, as much of a grotty perv as i was (and still am..) I genuinely feel like a maggot thinking as to how invasive, and disrespectful i really was being to her. Believe it or not tho, i just couldn't see that side of it. The absolute last thing i would EVER want to do would be to harm a single hair on her angel like head! To hurt her in any way, would have been my end.. In my mind i was DEEPLY in love.

This new slutty side of her i got to see was brand new! I felt deep emotions for her before that became a factor.

My goal was definitely not to hurt or disrespect her in any way shape or form.

I just wanted to be as close with her as humanly possible!

After racking my brain i came up with, what i thought was, an awesome idea! Every morning as part of her breakfast i noticed she always drank one of those little pro-bio tic drinks after her main breakfast. You know? i think "yak-ult" is a brand name for one of them? Even though she had some generic brand named one. I tried one once, made me think of cordial in milk! yuk! Anyway.. She loved them!

So the night before i grabbed 2 of them secretly and darted off to bed.

I opened one up and poured it out the window in my room. Then I let my mind be filled with thoughts of her amazing sexiness, and started frantically beating my dick, like it owed me money! Very quickly i came like a ragging demon and filled that little yak-ult bottle thing up with ease. It only took half my load to fill it up, so i just shot the rest on the ground in front of me. When i was done and had calmed down, I poured out about half my load and then proceeded to fill it up again with the other drink i had got. I figured she was very familiar with the taste, smell, and constancy of cum. So i didn't want to make it so blatantly obvious that what she was drinking sure as shit wasn't what was advertised on it's container! But i still wanted her to get that cummy goodness taste i knew she craved.

Once i topped up the yak-ult with actual ya-cult i very very carefully put the tinniest amount of glue around the rim. Just enough to re-seal the foil top. Once the glue dried i picked up, and thoroughly inspected my work! I was so impressed with myself! It looked legit as, like it was brand new! I gave it a good shake and gingerly placed it back in the fridge.

I darted back to bed, jumped under the covers, and punished myself several times to the thought of the event that was going to take place in just a hand full of hours.

I didn't get heaps of sleep that night but still didn't find it too hard to get myself out of bed! I got up and went straight for the kitchen, which was what i normally did anyway.

When i got to the dinning table my aunt and one of my nieces was already there eating cereal. My aunt greeted me with a big smile and a good morning like usual. Just seeing her beautiful smile was enough to make any of my mornings good.

Not long after I fixed myself something to eat my aunt finished off her cereal and washed up her bowl in the sink. As she made her way out of the kitchen she stopped at the fridge. My heart skipped a beat knowing what was about to happen! And just as i planed (i made sure my "special" one would be the one she would grab)she grabbed her little beverage, pulled back the foil top, and slammed it back like a shot of whiskey! I was in an absolute state of erotic ecstasy! Trying not to make my gawking at her too obvious, But that was a daily struggle anyway!

As soon as she slammed it back, she stopped for a second. I could tell she was a confused as to why this drink tasted a little different to the others. She lifted the empty container to her eye level and began to inspect it. Not seeming to be satisfied with that she grabbed the packet they came in and began to look that over as well. After a second or 2 of inspecting she just placed it back in the fridge, shrugged her shoulders, and closed the fridge door, to which she then mumbled to herself "Hmm.. That's odd...?"

I just couldn't resist! I blurted out to her "Whats odd?" Attempting to be as nonchalant as possible, knowing full well i was like a sexual volcano at that point! trying my hardest not to reenact Pompeii in my pants!

She says, casually, "Oh, i was just wondering why my drink tasted a bit different than usual?..

I checked the expiry but it's not out of date." She said holding a look of bewilderment.

"I don't think it was off tho?.. It didn't taste bad... Just a bit different.." While rolling her tongue around her mouth, trying to put her finger on just what it was she was tasting.

But then she quickly gave up, shrugged it off, put the empty container in the bin, and went on with her day like every other.

I thought i was going to pass out! I was light headed, and a little dizzy!

I put my bowl, as non frantically as i could, in the sink and then floated back to my room. I locked the door, and... well... you know.

That morning i had, to the best of my memory, the single most intense, overwhelming, eruption of an orgasm i have ever experienced, EVER!!!

I was quivering for ages afterwards! So needless to say, this new "drug" i discovered... well..

I was instantly hooked! I didn't know feeling that good was even possible! Unfortunately tho, I was also going to eventually learn just how evil, and destitute, a person can feel too.

Well, that's my story anyway. Like it, love it, hate it. I truthfully don't care. It's My experience that shaped a big part of my life up to now.

I've never told my aunt, and decided i never would. It would serve no good purpose to bring to light such things, other than appeasing my own guilt. And how ever much iv learned to forgive myself, i deserve to live with the remaining guilt and disgust of what i did, and will do so till my last breath!

I have no idea what divulging that kind of information would do to her emotionally?! And the risk of hurting her like that is unacceptable! Especially seeing as it is now, with her, i assume, clueless to my past activities. She's happy. Living a well deserved happy life.

In many ways I know I'm still in love with her, and deep down sad that she will only ever be mine in my dreams... But iv slowly learn t to deal with it and except it as reality.

I have felt for my few passed partners, one i even loved for a time. But they all pale in comparison, by a huge amount! I really try not to get too down in the dumps thinking about it but i genuinely feel as tho I'll never really have feelings like i did for her, for another person. Some days really get me down.. But most of the time i plod along through life making the best i can of it. life's not so bad these days.

Drugs (don't) help ;-)


Submitted: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 08:39:51 GMT

My ex treated my so badly for years. She cheated on me in the sneakiest of ways. She was a fucking liar! A control freak and would force me to cum many times each time that we fucked. We would fuck in the dark quite a bit, mostly with her on her knees, sometimes she would let me tie her up and blindfold her. She was angry if I brought up how she had fucked other men which she always denied. She usually went for older, white men with average sized cocks. She would spy on my constantly and go through my things, finally finding some interracial porn. I felt kind of sick knowing that she had seen a nigger with a full sized 14 inch erection! I almost threw up from jealousy, but was turned on. When I questioned her, she barely talked about it. Like it never happened. But she would sneak around and look for more. So finally, in the dark, a nigger sneaked in her room somehow.... and.... While she thought I was going to ball her....

Distractions of sound and dark. Her pussy was pretty sloppy, hairy and loose. She could not tell how many fingers were inside her she was so loose. Any dick felt the same with just a few inches inside of her pussy. At this point, we wondered if she would be able to tell about the length.

She was in her 40's, fairly tall, brunette and dark eyes. Flat chested, 32 inch waist, 42 hip hips and big tree trunk thighs that were a solid 26 inches around at the top and still huge above the knee at 23 inches! Lots of jiggly cellulite all over her thighs also.

Her facial expressions while being balled both in doggy style and missionary are the most amazing ever. The first black she was switched with was 8 inches long! He was so excited the first time he saw her body in doggy style that he started to ejaculate all over the back of her big thighs, but was able to maintain a full erection and fuck her. She was so wet inside, that his 8 inch penis was able to slip all of the way into her hairy pussy and not touch the end! He pumped his penis into her as fast as he could for 1 minute before ejaculating inside of her. She was able to take the full 8 inch black cock all the way to the balls and he was not able to fill her all the way up on her first experience! But it was the longest penis she had ever had and she moaned and grunted very heavily and started to cum seconds before the man spurted inside of her. The look on her face was total insanity as the 8 inch black cock pumped into her hairy pussy. It was the best fuck and the strongest orgasm she ever had!

She was able to take very long cocks from the start, so the next switch was even longer! A full 10 inch black sneaked in and was able to slip his giant penis into the bitch without her knowing. Same width, just many inches longer! She never knew and loved it. She went wild as the extra inches filled her, but never touched her end! In frustration, the big black began pumping wildly like the other guy hoping to fill her all of the way. She screamed loudly and started her deep pig grunting and began to orgasm all over his 10 inch black penis. Her eyes totally rolled up with her mouth crooked and open. I was so upset that the whore could easily handle the entire 10 inch length that I shit in my pants watching them fuck! I was so jealous! I wondered if she had been with other giant men before!

I got so good at tricking her, that we would let her actually touch the guy's nuts and even the penis shaft in certain places so she could not tell the length. This one man was 6' 8" tall, very thin and was balling her very slowly doggy style. In total darkness, she began to tickle his hanging nuts and then she began her total control game and he could not handle the sensations her fingers were making on his testicles. We numbed her vagina up to the point that he was able to pump half the length of his penis slowly inside of her as she controlled his nuts. A thick yellow goo from her fertile pussy covered his black penis. She was ovulating, and the nigger could get her pregnant easily if he ejaculated into her vagina, especially with his extreme length. He was going to pull out, but she had his nuts in her fingers and he could not stop. She was totally controlling him and there was nothing we could do. Then it happened! As she was making circles on his nuts and swirling her fingertips around, she pulled all of the way off of his erection and pumped her wide hips back onto his fully erect penis taking him well over 10 inches inside of her, farting gas popping straight out of her stretched out pussy, touching the end. Her eyes rolled up and she let out a low, deep groan. She said… “oh yes, it feels so fucking big, like a giant nigger cock inside of me”……I lost my fucking mind, and shit in my pants immediately! It was the first time any man had touched the end of her deep, hairy pussy. She owned his nuts, as they popped up tight and spread totally apart! He had not cum in 30 days and it literally exploded!

The giant black man held her thick thighs and just pissed thick streams of sperm deep inside of her wet, hairy pussy for 30 seconds as she pumped her 43 inch hips all the way from the head, back to the base of his cock. I started to spurt cum uncontrollably as I watched. She continued to play with his nuts the entire time and he was totally helpless to pull out of her. His penis was the longest she had taken and stretched her all the way to his balls in only 5 pumps! Her hairy pussy let out huge farting sounds and she grunted so deeply, that you sounded like a man getting his nuts cut off. Her eyes were totally rolled up in her head and her mouth was making the most pathetic expressions. Her double chin horse face looked fucking insane as he continued to fuck her. The sickest gushing sounds were squishing out of her pussy as he plunged in and out of her.

The stench of nigger cum was so strong and bitter as it spurted out of her when he touched the end. She started bucking her cellulite hips out of control trying to take even more length as she started to orgasm. Her pussy smell was the strongest I ever experienced. It was sickening to watch her eyes rolled up and her mouth agape in an O shape, grunting so deep and loud.... She sounded so pathetic and desperate. Like it was the best fucking she ever had!

I couldn’t believe she was taking his entire length. He finally pulled out and she told “him” to put it back in, and that is when I slipped my dick inside of her. I plunged all the way to the balls instantly, realizing that her hairy pussy had been stretched over 13 inches deep now! There was no way that I could ever fill her up again and touch the end with my penis! I started to pump into her so fast and began ejaculating almost instantly into her deep, soaking wet, stretched out pussy that had been split open by a nigger. Her pussy was so wet and huge inside! I was in shock and shaking badly as I pumped my cum inside of her! A giant black guy with a totally straight 13.5 inch penis fucked her all the way to the balls in front of me and she controlled his nuts with her fingers and made him spurt his cum inside of her for 30 seconds and he got her pregnant with a nigger baby that she miscarried.


Submitted: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 23:55:55 GMT

My name is Alice. My next door neighbor, Terry is always staring at my tits. I don't mind too much, as I'm recently divorced, but I wonder how his wife, Darcy, would handle it if she caught him staring. He has never made any advances, but his eyes tell the story. Since my divorce, I've gotten a little more bold and have started wearing my blouses without my bra on. I have been told I have a good body, and I know my nipples poke out noticeably through my blouse. I will admit it gets my nips hard when I catch Terry staring at them.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to turn the tables. After it got dark I snuck over and stood at their bedroom window. A few minutes later Darcy came out of the shower and into the bedroom naked. She has a little bit of a belly and her tits hand down a little. But I was enamored with her body, and almost didn't see Terry come out a minute later. I nearly creamed right there when I saw him. He has a little bit of a beer gut, but his cock was enormous. Some guys brag about their eight or nine inches, but this guy was fucking huge. I knew I had to unwrap that foreskin and have that monster.

Last night I knew Darcy would be at her Bible study, so as soon as she left I called and asked for her. Of course, she wasn't home, so I made an excuse for Terry to come look at my furnace. I had tripped the breaker, and hoped it would take him a while to find it. He came over and had the problem solved within two minutes. H went to leave, but I got to the front door before him. "I know you like to stare," I said as I unbuttoned my blouse. He blushed. I unbuttoned my blouse all the way and removed it. He just stared. "We have an hour, if you want to play," I told him. He wasn't sure what to do. He said he had never cheated on his wife. "You don't have to," I said, "I'll do all the cheating." I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. "You just sit over there," I said, and pushed him back onto the couch. I removed his pants and underwear. My eyes nearly popped as I stared at his cock. I gently pushed the foreskin past the head of his cock and stroked him a few times. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. I could only get about two inches in as it was thick as well as long. "On, fuck," he softly said. He had huge nuts, so I knew his load would be big.

It took about 20 minutes to get him hard. He was a true stud, and hard his cock was at least eight inches long. My pussy was soaking my shorts as I sucked his cock like I had never done before. He just kept saying, "Oh, fuck, that's good," as I was relentless. I reached down and cupped his nuts, gently kneading them, and rubbed up and down his prostate gland. He got closer and closer, and finally couldn't hold it any longer. He said loudly, "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" I clamped my lips around the head of his cock and prepared for it. He started cumming, and I thought he was gonna blow my head off. It was the most powerful cum I ever felt. He filled my mouth to overflowing. I swallowed some and let some drip out of my mouth. It was the biggest load of cum I could ever imagine. He finally finished, and I kept sucking him until he was cleaned out.

I had cum three times without even touching myself. "Honey," I said, "That was the most awesome fucking thing I ever saw." He just said, "Um, thanks," as he put his pants back on. "Next time I want you inside me," I said as he opened the door to leave. "Maybe we can arrange something," he said.

If he could make me so wet just by sucking his cock, I can't wait to have him fill me up. I have a feeling that my furnace will go out again tonight.


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Our next door neighbor, Debbie is a fucking knockout. Gorgeous face and a pair of tits to die for. Sometimes she wears a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, but usually has a bra on. It makes the imagination run wild at times. A couple weeks ago, however, my wife was gone for the weekend and I was mowing in the back yard. I usually just wear gym shorts and no shirt. I looked over and Debbie was standing at the fence watching me. I stopped the mower and walked over to her. She had on one of her shirts, but this time had no bra on. I could see her nipples through her shirt, and I guess she caught me looking.

My wife said Debbie is rather forward sometimes, but I never imagined it until that day. "So, Terry, Mandy's gone for a couple days, huh?" "Um, yeah. She'll be back tomorrow night." She looked over the fence down at my crotch, "So, since Mandy's gone, and Dave's gone too, why don't I come over there and let you eat my pussy." I melt my cock start to grow. She just started at it, and said, "So, what do you say? Want me to work your cock over?" Without saying anything she walked around and into my back yard. I just stood there. She walked around to my backside and wrapped her arms around me. Her hands rested on my chest and started circling my nipples with her fingers. "I love a man's nipples," she whispered. Then she said, "You want to play with my nipples, don't you?" "Oh, fuck yeah," I replied. I turned around and put my hands up to her tits. Her nipples were as hard as I had imagined, so I put my hands inside her shirt and started to fondle her.

"That makes me so fucking hot," she said. I picked her up and took her inside and laid her on the rug. I reached down and pulled her shorts off. She spread her legs and told me to worship her cunt. I buried my face between her legs and tongue fucked her as hard as I could. She was moaning, and I felt her tense up. "Oh, fuck! I'm cumming!" she said. I shoved my tongue in her cunt as far as I could and she started to squirt. I never made a woman squirt before. This was fucking great. I kept eating her until she came a second time. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," she was whispering. "My turn," she said, and pushed me onto my back. She bent down and took my cock in her mouth. "Fuck, you're huge," she said, as she put her mouth on my rather large cock. After sucking me hard, she pushed my legs up and buried her tongue in my asshole. Not just around my hole, but shoved her tongue in my asshole as deep as she could. "Oh, fuck," I said as she tongue fucked me. After a few minutes she went back to work on my cock, but this time started to finger fuck me as she sucked me. It didn't take long and I was ready to cum. I warned her, and she just went deeper onto my cock. "Ahhh, fuck, I'm cummmmmming!" I shot the biggest load of my life, and she swallowed it all. She sucked me dry, then kept sucking until I was hard again. "Oh, honey, I need that fucking thing inside me." She got up and stood over me. "You ready for this?" she said, as she squatted down. "Oh, fuck, yeah," I whispered. She sat down until I was touching her, then plunged all the way down. Only it wasn't her pussy, it was her asshole. She sat so my entire cock was shoved into her ass. "Ohhhh, fuck," she kept saying, as I ass fucked her while she bobbed up and down on me. After about five minutes she got off of me and crawled over to the couch. She knelt in front of the couch and looked back to me. "Come here and fuck me," she commanded. I quickly crawled over to her, and in one swift motion plunged my cock into her cunt.

I fucked her for about 15 minutes, then she said, "I want you to cum in my ass." She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart and I shoved my cock in as far as I could. I fucked her as hard as I could and finally was ready to cum. "Oh, honey, I'm gonna cum," I said. "Oh, fuck, me too!" she screamed. I started to cum, and as soon as I did I felt her cum squirt onto my nuts. She told me to pull out, and as soon as I did she turned around and took my cock back into her mouth. The last spurt landed in her mouth, and again she sucked me dry.

I got up and got us a couple of beers. After resting a bit she got dressed and got up to leave. "Honey, that was the best fuck I ever had," she said. Then she paused at the door and said, "So, stud, it looks like you're gonna have to finish the yard tomorrow. Maybe I'll be watching you again." She winked and left. I could only think about the next day, but unfortunately her husband was home all day, so we couldn't repeat the event. But every time I fuck my wife now, I dream It's Debbie's ass my cock is in.