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Special Delivery

Me and my wife (Amy) enjoy using different toys while having sex. Well the other day I had ordered my wife a new dildo, some new restraints, and a couple of new whips. I hadn't told my Amy that I had ordered them because I wanted to surprise her with them.

Last Friday while I as at work, I was tracking the order and saw that it had been delivered at 3pm. I was excited and decided to leave work early to get the new toys and have them ready for Amy when she got home from work.

When I got home, Amy's sister's (Amanda) car was in the drive way. Which is nothing out of the ordinary because she comes over all the time and even has a garage door opener. She is 6 years younger than me and Amy and is very attractive, so I was excited that she was there, but a little disappointed because I would be able to set up the bedroom with the new toys to have them ready when Amy got home.

As I walked to the house I was looking for the package, but I didn't see it anywhere. The UPS guy usually leaves it in front of the garage door. I walked around to the front of the house to see if maybe he left it at the front door, again, nothing.

I went back to the garage and went into the house looking for Amanda. She wasn't in the kitchen, nor the living room. As I walked down the hallway to the bedrooms I heard some low moaning. My cock instantly started to get hard. I went to me and Amy's bedroom and slowly opened the door, what I saw was so hot. Amanda was naked from the waist down laying on the bed plunging my wife's new dildo in and out of her super wet pussy. She was so lost in fucking herself with the dildo, she didn't even hear me come in. I just stood there watching as my dick felt like it was going to explode.

Me and Amanda had never really flirted or ever done anything sexual together, don't get me wrong, every time I got to hug her I would make it a point to make sure our lower half's touched so she could feel my cock, but she had never responded to it.

As I stood there watching her, I decided to take my cock out and stroke it. I was stroking when she looked up and saw me. She jumped and stopped what she was doing and just sat there staring at me. I hadn't thought this all the way through, what if she got pissed that I was watching her stroking my cock, what if she didn't want me, what if she told Amy?

I was relieved when she finally got up off the bed coming toward me and said, "how long till Amy gets home?", as she reached for my cock. I told her it would be at least an hour maybe more. She didn't waist anytime, she took my cock into her mouth and started deep throating it like a pro. She pulled off long enough to say that she had always wanted to fuck me since Amy had told her that I had a big nice hard cock, but didn't want to hurt her sister. I told her not to worry that I could keep a secret. With that she led me to the bed by my cock and pulled me on top of her. I tried to go down to eat her pussy, but she said that she was already primed and just wanted to feel that big cock deep in her pussy. I didn't need to be told twice, I placed the head of my cock at her pussy lips and pushed in. It was so heavenly feeling, she was much tighter than Amy is, I guess since I have been fucking Amy so regularly for the past 3 years I keep her stretched out, but Amanda's pussy was really tight and felt so wonderful squeezing my cock as it went deep inside her. As I fucked her with long hard strokes, I pulled up her shirt and bra, so I could suck on her nipples, she didn't have very big titts, but she had nice nipples. We fucked like that for a few minutes with her moaning and saying things like, "that's a nice cock, it's the biggest cock I have ever had, and I'm cumming".

I love it when who I am with rides me facing away so I can play with her ass and work my thumb into their ass. So, I had Amanda climb on top of me and turn around, when my cock was buried deep in her pussy again she was moaning very loud again and started fucking me with short fast strokes. I started playing with her ass hole, she turned and looked at me with a devilish grin, and said, "you wanna fuck my ass?" I said, "more than anything". With that she got off my cock and turned around and started spitting on my cock and then deep throated it a few times to get it good and slippery, then climbed back up on me, facing me this time, and started pushing her ass hole down around my hard cock. After the head was past her sphincter muscle, she stopped and let her ass relax before she took it deeper, she did this a few times and after a couple of minutes I was balls deep in my wife's sister's ass. It was so tight and hot, I knew this was gonna make me cum really fast. She rode me for about 2 minutes and I told her that I was gonna cum, she said she wanted to feel my cum inside her pussy and raised herself up pulling my cock from her ass and in one motion buried my cock all the way into her pussy. She humped two or three strokes and I started cumming. I filled her up, she told me to flip her over so the cum wouldn't run out of her pussy, I flipped her over and continued to fuck her with long strokes, she came again then I stopped and rolled off of her.

We lay there for a couple of minutes and she said, "thanks for that, it's been a while since anybody has made me cum, and your cock is wonderful" I said, "no problem, you can have it any time you want it." She laid on top of me and we kissed for the first time. It was a great experience and we plan on continuing to play when Amy is away.




I was a senior in high school. My dad drove truck so he was rarely home so mom spent most nights watching TV. She wore sheer night gowns that clearly showed her nipples through the material. Now and again she would have a few beers and one night she came home with a case of beer and said I could have one. I had about four but she had the rest. I often jerked off thinking about her tits and about 10:00 she was nearly passed out. I found that drinking made me really horny, dad was gone and I was staring at her nipples.

"Fuck it," I thought and walked behind her on the couch. I put my hands on her shoulders and massaged them a little. She didn't move so I moved my hands a little more down her chest and cupped a tit in each hand. "You shouldn't do that, honey," she said. "I know, but I love your tits," I said and rolled her nipples in my fingers. She moaned a little and her hand went down to her crotch. I was about to burst in my shorts now. I didn't stop playing with her nipples and she pulled up her nightie and her hand was in and out of her cunt. She had a fairly hairy bush and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I crawled over the couch with my hands still on her tits and sort of straddled her. I leaned down and kissed her and she responded. Her free hand was rubbing me from my nuts to my asshole through my shorts.

I laid her down on the couch and took my shorts off. My cock was rock hard. I straddled her chest and told her I wanted to fuck her between the tits. "Okay, honey," she said in a drunken stupor. I squeezed her tits around my cock and started to fuck them. I fucked her tits for about two minutes and couldn't hold back much longer. "I want you to suck my cock," I said. "Okay, honey," she said again. I leaned forward and put my cock up to her lips. She opened her mouth a little and I pushed my cock in. I fucked her mouth for another minute and couldn't hold back. "I'm gonna cum," I said and instead of trying to spit me out she clamped her lips around the head of my cock and shook her head yes. I let fly. I came harder and longer than anytime jerking off. She swallowed every drop.

She kept sucking me until I was drained and was hard again. "Fuck me honey," she said. I scooted down between her legs and saw that her pussy juice was flowing. I pulled her legs up and shoved my cock in her cunt. I started fucking her as hard as I could. She just kept saying, "Harder. Fuck me harder." I fucked her as long and as hard as I could. About 20 minutes later I was totally wiped out and pulled my cock out. I leaned back against the couch with my unspent cock still rick hard. She wavered as she sat up. She bent over and told me to just let her do all the work. She sucked me like a pro. I couldn't believe my mom was willingly sucking my cock. I was finally ready to cum. I now knew she swallowed so I didn't even warn her. I started cumming. It was still a pretty good load and she took it all. When I was drained she stood up and grabbed my wrist.

She led me to her bedroom and we slept together. I woke up somewhere around noon with her mouth on my cock. From that day until the day I got married we either sucked each other of fucked as much as we could.




i gotta play with my dick.i love to expose mysekf to girls. the other DAY I DID a shot and shot up my girl.we were so frickin SPUN! SHE PUY SOME PORN ON THE SCREEN .JUST THEN her bff came to the door so we hit her up too. she asked my girl if we would watch her daughter over nite (so she could party) when her mom left my girl took my dick out of my shorts and jacked me off in front of the little girl she was so beautiful.we pulled off her shirt and we took turns stigking our toungs inside her kittle mouth and pimching and twisting her pointy little nipples.i wanna fuck her in front of her mom.my girl wants to suck of the girls son too. i want to watch her make his little dick so hard . iwant her to lick and suck and fuck his 11 yr. old dick .i cant wait i want her to rub our dicks togather till i cum all over his dick and balls. i hope she makes me suck his little dick.it will be my 1st time to touch another dick. im beating my cock just thinking about it .i want her to see me i wish all yall could watch!




I'm 22 white man skinny good looking and normally straight! Well I did some meth the other day and instantly I wanted cock so bad actually I do meth alot and cock becomes so sexy ! Well I finally did what I needed to do I hit up an add on Craigslist and ended up talking to this 50 yrld man! He wanted to be my daddy and make me his bitch!! He picked me up bout 1 am took me back to his house and I gave him a line of ice and the I pulled his old cock out and said I practice with dildos and watch a lots porn daddy so sit back and enjoy!! I started slow then faster with hand motions, then he grabbed my long brown hair and started fucking my mouth!! I started fingering my ass ! After a few more min his huge thick hot load shot down my throat and filled my whole mouth up almost!! His cum was so hot and bitter!! He looked at me with a smile and I said ya daddy u like that baby? I'm your bitch and I spit some cum on my hand and played with my ass hole with it!! I took my phone and took a pic of his old thick cock ! His rod was only like 5 inch hard but holy shit was it fat!! We kissed for 45 min or so rubbing our dicks and I had a plug in my ass!! I started talking saying daddy u want this ass daddy? I bent over and his cock got hard instantly and I heard him put lube on his yummy dick and then he slammed it in hard and rough fucking my ass hurt a little but felt great!! I moaned like a bitch and screamed ya daddy fuck that ass big man ya ya! Then as he came he said ya boy suck daddy's dick one more time like a good bitch! I layed on the bed with my head dangling off and said c'mon daddy fuck my face daddy! After he came he sucked my cock like a pro I came hard and then he grabbed my hair and said ur mine bitch and I just said I'm nobody's daddy but ill be back for more of that cock!! I went home and my gf asked where I been and told her that I went tried some cock and loved it and got loads of cum from this old man!! That's my dirty secret !




After Andie went back to my MIL's room, I sat at my desk with my cock out playing with it while watching a white guy fucking a black girl with long hard strokes on the computer. I was thinking when she comes back out I will be doing that to her.

When she appeared in the door way of my office my cock was rock hard and standing straight up. As she came over to me, she said, "we don't have much time" and was pulling her pants and panties off. When she got to me she was naked from the waist down. She spun around and put that big beautiful round ass right in my face. As she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her pussy and ass hole, I just dove in and started licking and tonguing her pussy and ass. It was wonderful. She was bucking her ass into me and moaning letting me know I was doing a good job.

After I had her real good and wet she sat down on my lap. And with one motion she reached down between her legs and guided my cock straight into heaven. It felt amazing as my cock disappeared into her hot tight pussy. I was sitting there with my legs spread and she was riding my cock as I watched my big white cock disappear and reappear from her little pink hole. I reached down and inserted my thumb into her ass, this really got her going and within a minute she started shuttering and came all over my dick. As soon as she stopped cumming, she raised up off my cock and then guided it into her ass. As it entered her I thought I was going to cum right then, but somehow I held off and when I was balls deep in her ass, I pulled her back to me and told her not to move or I would cum. I slid my hands up under her shirt and bra and found her nipples. As she removed her shirt and bra, I was pinching and teasing her nipples and started kissing her back. She was moaning as I pinched her nipples and after a while she started moving her ass to make us start fucking. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer so I picked her up as I stood up and pushed her over my desk and started fucking her ass like a mad man. She was moaning and orgasming as I shot my load deep into her ass. We just stayed there as my dick went limp and fell out of her ass, my cum following and ran down her pussy lips. She stayed there a couple more minutes composing herself.

She then stood up and said, "thanks I needed that" as she leaned down and gave me a kiss.

As she dressed, she told me that next time she would bring some of her toys and we would have a really good time. I told her, I will fuck your beautiful black ass anytime she wanted.

Since then, we have fucked three more times, the last time I came in her pussy and she got a little mad because she said she wasn't on BC. I didn't really care, if she is pregnant then I will gladly help take care of it with her.




Again I'm 21 an I still live with my Hispanic mom an she ask me to massage her an sometimes ask me to sit on her back to massage not all my weight just some but she'll ask me to go lower an I sometimes don't like to wear boxer just shorts an she'll ask me to go lower an I don't know if she'll be ok with it because if I go any lower my dick will hit her ass idk if she wants an that an I'll get hard so I get off so lmk if she wants to do something an feel my cock on her lmk




I had always kept it a secret. I didn't have any sisters and didn't hang around with girls much when I was younger and was now very curious about girls. Eventually I became turned on and curious about girl's clothes and tried a few things on. I loved the feel if it and loved the fact that it was so taboo. I was very careful to never be seen wearing anything girly but started taking more and more chances in public. Finally I had no choice, one way or another I had to let a girl see me wearing something feminine. It bothered me for weeks but finally I had a plan. It had to be something that I couldn't back out of. I practiced it until I had it perfect then headed out to do it. I went to a different town, at the beach actually. I wore a loose, very short sleeved shirt and a bra. I went through a drive thru window and ordered some food. I knew that she would hand me my drink after I gave her the money, then bring my change and food. It worked perfectly. I gave her the money in exchange for my drink. As practiced,I put the drunk in the cup holder and while she stood right there watching, my bra strap fell off of my shoulder into plain view on my arm. I had to leave it or pull it up. Either way it would draw attention. Of course she was only about three feet away and saw it perfectly. Her face lit up. Her eyes where glued to my bra strap and she got a giant smile on her face. She handed me the change and went for the bag of food but desperately tried to get the attention of the other girls. Finally she handed me the bag and couldn't contain her laughter. As she started to laugh I blushed as much as she was and pulled up the strap but let it fall again as I drove off. I heard her squeal out loud and tell the other girls. It was perfect. Just what I needed.