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My name is Kara when I was 14 I got a job babysitting for a boy named Bryan. his mom called one day and said she had a family emergency out of town and needed me to sit for him overnight. I told her I could be there in an hour she said that would be great and hung up. I packed my pajamas and was out the door. When I arrived I knocked on the door and Bryan answered he smiled and pulled me in the house and yelled "mom Kara's here". His mom gave me the basic instructions and left. I ordered a pizza we ate and talked about school and stuff I noticed how cute Bryan was. he was about 5ft with long brown hair and big brown eyes. He had a slim build that was almost feminine in appearance. after we ate I told him to take his shower and put his pajamas on then we could watch a movie. While he showered I went to his moms room to put on my pajamas which consisted of my pink cotton panties and a t shirt. I went back to the living room found a movie to watch and waited for Bryan on the couch. when he walked in he was wearing tight white bikini boy panties that left nothing to the imagination. I could see the outline of his penis it looked to be 5in soft and his balls were as big as plumbs. he sat down and snuggled up against me and asked if I found a movie. I turned the movie on and we watched for about a half hour when a sex scene came on he covered his eyes and asked if I could fast forward. I asked him why he said "my mommy said little boys shouldn't watch that stuff". I told him " you're not a little boy and if you want to watch you can it will be our secret. He smiled and said "just don't tell mommy". The scene got more graphic it showed a man sucking a girls tits and her moaning Bryan looked at me and asked why the girl was moaning. I told him because it felt good to have your nipples sucked and licked. I was getting turned on talking about sex with him when he asked "do boys like their nipples licked too"? I told him sometimes they do. he cocked his head and said "really" I told him "sure I lick my boyfriends nipples and he likes it a lot". I couldnt hold back any longer my little shaved pussy was wet I looked at him and asked " Would you like me to suck your nipples"? he said sure if you want to. he got on my lap facing me I pulled him closer and started to slowly lick his nipples. I was licking sucking and nibbling on his nipples when I noticed his dick started to get hard. He was holding my head to him saying "ohh yeaa that feels so good Kara its making my weiner stiff". I stopped and asked him " do you want to lick my tities now"? He said oh yea. I took off my shirt he reached out and pulled my tits to his mouth and put his tounge on my nipple and started licking it. he was licking real slow around the tip then he put it in his mouth and started to suck. I thought I was going to cum right there. I pulled him back and told him theres other places to lick that feels even better. He stared at me for a minute and said "you mean our pee pees"? I said yes but their not called pee pees yours is called a cock or a dick mine is called a pussy or a cunt. "Do you want to lick my cock" I pulled down his panties and out sprang the biggest dick I ever saw it was 8in with a pink shaft and a big purple mushroom head. I told him to sit back and relax as I grabbed his dick and started to swirl my tounge around the head then I licked the sweet spot under the head. he was moaning "ooh Kara that feels wonderful please don't stop". I put the massive head in my mouth and slid my lips all the way down giving him his first deep throat. he was in ecstasy when he said "oh my god Kara somethings happening" I could feel the head swell even bigger and his cock start to twitch when all of a sudden he started to squirt his load in my mouth. It was six big squirts filling my mouth. most of it dripped off my chin and onto his big balls. When I took my mouth of his softening cock I looked up at him he was smiling and said "did all that come out of my dick"? I laughed and said "it sure did lover". "Do you want me to lick you now" he asked? I got up and took off my panties sat on the couch and said "get down between my legs. I spread my pussy lips apart and showed him my hard clit and told him to lick there. he buried his face in my wet cunt and went to town on my engorged clit. I could feel my orgasm coming and told him to put his fingers in my wet hole. When he did I exploded squirting my juices all over his face. It was the best cum I ever had. When we were done I saw his cock was hard again I grabbed him by hand and took him to his moms bed and laid him down. I told him "now for the best part". I got on top of him and slid his cock in my pussy and started to fuck him. he was moaning and talking dirty really turning me on. " oh fuck me Kara make my big dick cum" eat my cum bitch" he was getting into it so I thought I would play along saying "yea I'm gonna fuck all your cum out of your dick and make you suck it from my cunt" this must have sent him over the edge he started saying "yea I'm gonna suck it all out of your pussy" then his hips bucked and he sent another 5 or six squirts in my pussy. I stopped fucking him and said "are you ready to suck out the cum"? he said yes . so I crawled over top him and put my sloppy pussy on his mouth and let the cum pour out. he lapped it all up and said "I hope you babysit me next time".




When I was 12 I had 2 friends the same age that I always hung around with. Scott was the boy a little smaller than me with blond hair and a slim body.susie was the girl black hair cut short and a body just reaching puberty she had budding little titties that me and scot were just starting too notice.one day we were out back in my garage messing around when scot asked if we wanted to play show me your ill show you mine.We all agreed and scot said he would go first. me and Susie sat on a bench while scott stood in front off us and pulled down his pants and underwear showing his hard dick sticking straight up.it was the first time I saw another boys penis and it really turned me on my own dick started to get stiff just looking at it. he was about 5 in long with a pink shaft and a big purple head. Susie just looked at it with her mouth opened I knew it was her first time too.scotty said ok Susie your turn.she got up and scotty sat on the bench next to me with his boy cock sticking up throbbing with excitement.susie stood in front of us and stuck her fingers in the waist band of her shorts and slowly pulled them down sowing her little white silky panties she stood there for a minute and i told her too take them off too.she said ok and started to slide them down showing us her hairless pussy slit.she asked what we thought and we both told her it was beautiful as we had never seen a real live pussy before.she said ok bryan lets see yours. igot up and she sat next too scotty I pulled my pants and underwear down exposing my hard throbbing six inch cock scotty said 'wow its bigger than mine'.Susie was looking and smiling and asked if she could touch it.i walked over to her my dick level with her face and she reached up and gently put her hand around the shaft and started to slowly pump my cock.i looked down at the bench where she was sitting and saw a wet spot forming.it was too much for my young cock to take I told her I was going to squirt.she kept pumping my peter when it started squirting.five thick ropes of come sot out of my throbbing dick landing on her arm and face.when I looked down at her she was smiling and sai 'wow I didn't know that much squirted out when you came'.scotty got up and said 'me next' he stood in front of Susie and she grabbed his cock and started pumping it didn't take long before he came like a geyser squirting twice as much cum as I didall over her face lips and neck. we cleaned her up andshe said 'what about me I wanna cum too. I laid an old blanket on the floor and laid down. I then told her to get on top with her pussy in my face.she knelt over me and I could see her pussy was soaked. I pushed her down so she could lick me while I licked her.i started licking her sweet hairless pussy while she sucked my dick we were really enjoying our selves when scotty knelt over my face and slid his boycock in her vagina. it was a big turn on just watching his penis slidding in and out of her wet hole. after a couple minutes Susie said she was cumming. I started to lick her pussy and scottys balls and dick even faster. susiestarted coming and moaning I couldn't hold back and shot my load In susies mouth she swallowed every drop. scotty said he was coming too.he pulled out and shot his hot semen in my mouth.it was the best sex I ever had.




All true. I am a married man who is another married man's sex slut. We travel for work, being away from home weeks at a time and living in motels. Drunk and horny and sharing a room one trip, I watched as he was masturbating once he thought I was sleeping. He almost jumped when I pulled snuck over and reached in slowly to wrap my hand around his cock then pulled the covers down. He didn't object as I crawled in bed and licked then sucked his sweet cock into my mouth. Soon he relaxed and just let me blow him. I licked and sucked his cock then alternated down to his fat balls, sucking one then the other for a while before sucking his cock some more. I was enjoying the taste, feel and smell of cock after a ten year absence and from giving a guy head when he asked me to 69 so he could suck cock too.

I was pleasantly surprised at how talented his cock sucking skills were as he tongue bathed and sucked my hard cock. We had been lying on our sides enjoying man sex when he gently lay on his back and pulled me on top of him and I felt me cock slide down his throat and his tongue teased my balls. He was also fucking slowly into my mouth as his own balls tightened then began spurting warm sperm into my mouth. I was trying to taste and swallow his man cum and at the same time I was filling his expert mouth with my seed. Son, we both were dribbling the final spurts into each other and were still sucking slowly on each others softening cock.

He spoke first saying that was the best blowjob he had had in a while. As I was now licking his ball sac again, I thanked him for the cum then thanked him for a first rate orgasm. We continued worshipping each other's cocks for a while then laying in each other's arms, fell asleep for a while.

I awoke later to a nice feeling of lips locked around my cock and a very stiff cock right at my lips. We spent most of the night sucking and licking cock, balls and asshole.

Since that time, we have lived out all kinds of fantasies from cross dressing to watersports with nothing being taboo and still continue swallowing cum every time we suck each other's fat cocks.




When I was 13 I was home alone after school every day. About half an hour after school the elementary school bus would come by and a girl who lived down the street would walk right by the living room window. She was maybe 9, about 3rd grade. She was cute and little and had a pretty smile with dimples.

I had just discovered masturbation, and it was my favorite home-alone activity. Most days I would get home and strip naked and watch HBO or MTV for hot girls without much on. I discovered that the hand cream in the bathroom was amazing, so I would bring it to the living room in front of the tv. And about 15 minutes later that pretty little girl would walk by every day.

The first day I noticed her I got scared she would see me. But then I got turned on by the fear. I would open curtains and stand right in front of the window and she would walk by and not notice. This went on for months.

Then one day I was masturbating with hand cream right in front of the window and I was really close to cumming as she walked by. And I got caught up in the excitement of the possibility of being seen, and knocked on the window.

She looked up and when I saw her look at me I came right on the window. I had my shirt on and the window was fairly high up, I thought maybe she couldn't see my penis from the street. so I waved and smiled with my left hand while I finished pumping cum out of my cock with my right. My heart was beating out of my chest when she smiled and waved back with those adorable dimples.

I decided that she must not have seen, and vowed not to do that again. And I did stay away from the window for maybe three days. Not long after that I would smile and wave every day while I got off at the window, and she would smile and wave back.

I started to hate weekends.

After a month or so, one day after the smile, wave, and cum were over, I heard a knock on the door. I wasn't supposed to answer it but I looked out the window to find that girl at the door by herself.

I opened the door and noticed her brownie uniform that she had changed into since the walk home. She had a folded paper in her hand and she told me she was taking cookie orders. I explained that I couldn't order until I asked my mom, and then I asked her to come back tomorrow. She said she would and the next day she did. And I ordered a box of thin mints.

When she had written down the order she looked back up at me and told me that she was the girl I waved at every day. I told her I knew that, and then the world stood still when she asked, "Why do you do that?"

"Wave at you?" I asked.

"No with your pee." she said matter-of-factly.

I was petrified. But I managed an honest answer. "Because it feels good."

She asked me what it felt like and I told her I couldn't explain it. And then she asked me if I would show her closer.

So I invited her in and we sat on the couch. And I unzipped my pants.

I was really scared, so it was really small and soft. but I rubbed it and it got hard. That must have been funny for her because she laughed and smirked a lot and showed me her dimples.

I played for maybe a minute when I came all over myself. I had just finished an hour before but it was such a turn on. She asked questions about how it felt and why I did it, and I tried to explain. Then she said she needed to get home. But as she went out the door she asked if she could stop by after school.

Ohhh yes..

The weekend passed and Monday went on forever. But after school she came straight to the door and came in and we watched videos and talked for a little while.Then she explained that she got home an hour before her mom, and she could only stay for a little while so that her mom didn't know. And that was that. She started stopping for half an hour or so every day, and we would watch tv. I think she was just lonely. But even though I was always super horny, I kept it in my pants.

After four days, we were watching tv when she turned to me and asked, "Aren't you going to show me your penis anymore?"

That was all the invite I needed. I whipped it out, already hard, and came almost instantly.

This time she touched some cum on my tummy with her finger and wrinkled her nose.

From that day on, I masturbated with her every day. By the second week I would unlock the front door and be naked in the living room with lotion in my hand before she got there.

Not long after that, she told me she liked to rub 'down there' too. So I asked her to join me. Then for a few days we would both get naked and rub lotion on ourselves and masturbate.

At some point around week four, she grabbed my hand while we were playing and rubbed it around her clit. I tried to take it back , so she grabbed it again and held it there and gyrated on it a little. Then she laughed and so I tickled her.

We got into a tickle fight, but my cock was till hard and we were still naked, and our crotches were both covered in hand cream.

I got the best of her and laid down on top of her, tickling her armpits. And when I did,my penis bumped her thigh. She felt it and laughed more, and reached out and tried to tickle it. It was the first time she had touched it, and it jumped. She thought that was hilarious, and we spent the next 5 minutes watching it jump each time she touched it.

Finally she grabbed it hard and pushed down, and that was all I needed. When I came it startled her and she quickly cleaned up, got dressed, and went home.

But the next day she came back, and she wanted to play again. And that day while we were all covered in hand cream, I pinned her down and ticked her for a while, then before I even thought about it, I laid right on top of her and thrusted at her. I bumped around enough to cum, but I never entered her.

But one day the following week, I did the same thing. But then I stopped and felt around with my hand to line things up.

And we fucked for 20 glorious seconds before I shot a huge cum load inside her 20 seconds from virgin hole.

She said I had hurt her, and she walked right by the house for three days after that.

But the next Monday she was back, and we fucked every day that week, and every day the next.

It went on like that the whole school year, and then summer came and I didn't see her much.

Then I didn't see her at all. Her family moved away and she never said goodbye.

I sometimes wonder if I was the reason they moved.

I still can see her dimples sometimes when I masturbate, 20 years later.




I was at the local bar last Friday night. My wife usually stays home on Fridays, so I was alone and kinda horny. I was checking out the local talent, trying to decide which hot woman to hit on. I turned to the left and was face to face with a large drunk man. He leaned forward and said, "I see you checking out all the cunt, but you ever think about cock?" "Not really," he said.

"Come with me and I'll suck out every ounce of cum in your little fucking nuts." I felt my cock twitch as he hopped off the stool. Almost hypnotically I followed him out the door. He crawled into the back of his truck. He had a topper and the windows were tinted. He had a mattress in the back of his truck, and told me to strip. Nobody could see in so we were pretty safe. He stripped and had me lay down on the mattress. He knelt between my legs and started to suck me. It didn't take long and I was hard as a fucking rock.

He spent the next 10 minutes edging me. Almost cumming, then backing off. It must have got him excited too as he re-positioned himself so he was straddling my face with his cock at my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before, but I opened my mouth anyway and took him in. He was uncut, but his hood was pulled back over the head. His cock was thick and his nuts were much larger than mine. After edging me a few more times he turned around and straddled my chest with his cock at my mouth. "Suck it, cunt," he ordered. His legs had my arms pinned to my sides and I couldn't move. He was scaring me now. He started to fuck my mouth as if it were a big cunt.

"That's it, you little cocksucker, take it all." He was pushing his cock in a little farther each time, making me gag as he hit the back of my throat. "Oh, fuck yeah. Your mouth is a good little cunt. Now take it all." He tensed up, pulled my head forward and started cumming. I never thought about sucking another man's cock let alone take his cum, but here I was, drinking his cum like a 200 dollar whore. I didn't have any choice but to lay there and take it. He had more cum than I could ever produce.

After the initial shock I started to like the taste. Instead of pulling out he kept his cock in my mouth. After a minute I started to suck him again. In another five minutes he was hard again. "You want something really cool?" he asked. Without thinking I said, "sure, why not?" He crawled off of me and knelt down between my legs again. He started to suck me, but this time he started playing with my asshole with a wet finger. He put his finger in as far as he could. I groaned with the pain, but he said to relax and it would feel good in a minute. I relaxed as he put a second finger in and stretched my asshole out a bit. Then he took his fingers out and pushed my legs up. He scooted up and put his cock up to my asshole and pushed in. It popped past my sphincter, and after a minute of leaving it there the pain subsided. He started to slowly fuck me as he put his hand on my cock. He was stroking me as he fucked me.

I couldn't believe what a fucking stud this guy was. I could never get this hard after cumming once. He fucked me for a good half hour. I had cum after 10 minutes, but he kept going another 20. His cock filled me up, and the pleasure took over from the pain. It felt like a big turd sliding in and out of my ass. Finally he tensed up and started cumming. What a fucking rush? I never imagined how good being fucked could feel? With his cock still in my asshole he leaned forward and kissed me. I responded. We made out for about five minutes, then he finally pulled out of my ass and said he was through for the night.

I got dressed and crawled out of his truck. I didn't realize it at first, but halfway home I felt his cum oozing out of my ass. "Fuck," I thought. "What would my wife think?"




My husband and I no longer have sex. He is 62 years old and well past his mating duties. We also argue more than ever to the point we merely tolerate each other.

At 48, I am still a sexy woman and could easily coax whatever I wanted out of a guy.

After work, my husband and I got into it again and decided to skip dinner. My Son is always hungry and began to complain he had nothing to eat. Still upset with my dear old husband, I snapped at my Son yelling, "Figure it out sonny boy!"

I told them I was going for a swim to relax. My husband joined me at the side of the pool but didn't come in with me. He likes to watch me swim; I always swim nude since its our pool.

My Son was all butt hurt about dinner and eventually came outside to confront me about it again. I told my Son, "If your hungry, you need to put some work into fixing yourself something... nothing comes easily in this world you know." "But Mom," he continued to whine... (I hate whiners)

I told my Son, "Well, I'm hungry too so if I wanted to have something to eat I would have to put some work into it you know..." He asked me what I wanted to eat and I told him, "I really don't care what, I just don't want to put any effort into it right now."

My Son sat down at the edge of the pool next to his Father and continued to stare at me in protest; or maybe he was just watching my girls float around.

I rolled my eyes in discontent and swam up to my Son and told him, "I'll tell you what I want for dinner if you pull it out."

He still had that same stupid starving dumb look on his face. I told him again, "Don't look at your Father, do what I say and pull out your cock for your Mother, right now."

My husband said nothing while my Son continued to not know what to do.

I carefully took my Son's cock out from his shorts and told him, "I guess I'm telling you I want your cum for dinner, so long as its alright with your Father."

My Son and I looked at his confused looking Dad but he didn't say a thing.

I told my Son, "Well, I guess we'll just move forward with this..."

I reminded him it was going to take some work... and that it might not come easy... but if he didn't mind, I could give it a try.

My Son, now firmly in my grasp, immediately began to grow hard for me.

I kissed the tip of his swelling cock and began to stroke him until he was as hard as a beer bottle.

I told my astonished Son in front of my jaw dropped husband to just relax for his Mommy now.

My husband watched on in complete silence as I went to work on my Son.

I began to blow my boy as they both watched on in disbelief and amazement.

Up and down, up and down, with one of my hands cupping my Son's balls, I glided my tightly sealed lips on his pulsating shaft.

I watched my Son tilt his head back as he whispered, "Oh, Mom..."

I heard my husband gulp in his dumbfounded silence.

I continued to blow my Son.

As a couple of minutes of blowing and sucking had gone by, my Son had burned through all of his sweet pre cum and his pulse continued to intensify.

I knew if my husband hasn't stopped me from blowing my Son by now, I was going to succeed in getting this done for sure. I knew it would be just a matter of time.

I took a moment to release my Son from pressure to give him some verbal courage.

I told my Son, "Don't hold back on your hungry Mother now, honey... just relax and let it fly, baby... you need to give me what I want... you need to cum for your hungry Mother..."

I took him back in and resumed my constant pressure on him.

I continued to stroke him, up and down, up and down, up and down...

His pulse began to quicken... his pulse began to grow harder...

My Son gasped, "Oh, Mom, your gonna make me cum... so hard, cum so hard for you, Mom..."

I began to suck much harder to hold him in place and continued to patiently wait for him to cum for me.

"Mom, cumming now, Mom... cumming... Oh, Mom... Oh my God, Mom..."

As my husband watched on, the inevitable began to happen...

Shot after shot, bolt after bolt, load after load, my Son let slip the huge slurry of molten cum from his scrotum.

While my Son gave and gave, I continued to receive. I took all he had to give me until there was nothing more for him to give.

Proud of my Son, and what we had just accomplished in front of his Father, I prepared to present the hard earned proof of our endeavour... the proof of the pudding; the proof of my Son's pudding that is.

I situated the pool of my Son's cum in my mouth and opened to show it to my Son and husband. With my Son completely spent in his ball draining experience, he looked on in amazement at the flooded aftermath he had left in my mouth.

My husband also took a long hard look at the large pearly white deep pool of my Son's cum in my mouth, just so he could come to final terms about what just actually happened.

As they looked on, and there was no denying it, I gave them one last look at my Son's frustration and fury of the day before I took him in to seal the deal.

I told my Son, "Thank you for the hot baby... It's the best meal I have had in a long, long time sweetie."




I was out shopping and while waiting in a line for the register i was chatting to a woman. After a few minutes just before i headed to the counter i asked her if she would like to have a coffee or dinner with me.

Anyway, a few days later we met for dinner. We chatted and i found out she live about 45 minutes away from me, is 34 (about 5 years younger than me), and has a 14 year old daughter.

The night went well and i picked up a bottle of wine to take away. She invited me back to her place. She went in her car and me in mine. While alone, let's just say that i tampered with the wine.

We were in her dining room chatting and drinking when her daughter walked in. She wasn't meant to be home, but told us she had a fight with her friend and decided to come home.

I was introduced to her. She was absolutely stunningly beautiful. Very long sandy hair, perfect figure, nice tits for a young girl and long legs.

Her mother invited her to have a drink with us to relax and then she could go to bed. We all sat and talked and after the teen had a couple of glasses she fell asleep in her chair. Her mother, my date only lasted about 5 minutes longer. Neither noticed that i hadn't actually drunk any of my glass.

I only intended on having fun with my date, but her daughter was so hot i had too. I picked her up and lay her on her back across the dining table. I pushed her skirt around her waist, lift her shirt up to her neck and pushed her bra up as well. Well she was stunning. I played with her tits for a couple of minutes, sucking on them and just massaging them. I stripped myself and pulled her cute little blue panties down her legs and off. I rested her legs up on my shoulders and pushed my cock into her. I was shocked at how tight she was, it took several minutes to work into her. I never felt her cherry as i sunk slowly in. I only lasted about 3 minutes thrusting into her. I could feel my cock pressing into her cervix when i pushed balls deep and that was enough. I held her hips tight and pushed as hard into her as i could and released. I spurted 5 or 6 times really hard into her and then relaxed.

I was going to still fuck my date, but after having the teen daughter, i changed my mind. It was only 11:30 pm after i fucked her the first time, so i figured i had time. I left their house at 4:30 in the morning, after i finished fucking her for the 6th time. I barely even cummed, i had already pumped my balls empty inside the teen. I cleaned her up and dressed her and placed her on their lounge with her hips and legs hanging up over the arm, making sure my loads didn't leak back out of her.

She didn't have my last name and didn't know my address, so she was never going to find me. I really loved fucking the teenager and i hope i can get some more girls again soon.