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Submitted: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 02:50:20 GMT

When I was 40 years old I was in a Community Theater play. The leading lady and I were backstage waiting for our cue on the second night when she backed up and bumped into me. Instead of moving away, she wiggled her ass against my cock a little. I didn't move, and was surprised when she reached behind her and rubbed my cock through my pants. We went on as usual and had a good play that night.

I gave her a ride home after the play, and as we passed a house she said, "I fucked that guy. He had a big cock but fucked like a rabbit." "That's too bad," I said off-handedly. A minute later she said, "So, how big is your cock?" It took me off guard a bit, but I said, "Linda has never complained." "I wanna see," she said, "Besides, your wife will never know." We were in my minivan, and she reached over and rubbed my thigh. "Pull over here, and I'll show you," she said. I pulled over to a dark spot on the street. She got out and opened the sliding door and crawled in. I crawled over the seat to meet her on the bench seat. She told me to take my pants off. I did. She had me lay down on the bench with my leg draped over the back. She knelt down and took my semi-hard cock in her mouth. Her lips were feather soft as she got me hard. "Fuck, honey, your cock is perfect for sucking," she said, and plunged down on me. She took my entire cock in her mouth. My cock is big enough that nobody has been able to deep throat me until now.

I was in heaven. She sucked my cock like nobody ever had. She reached down and started to play with my asshole. I lifted up to give her better access and she started to gently finger fuck me as she sucked my cock. After a couple of minutes she pulled off my cock and said, "Will you still kiss me if I swallow." "Honey," I said, "I'd kiss you if your tongue was stuck up my ass." I hesitated a few seconds. "Of course I'll still kiss you." She really went to work on my cock. She sucked me for the next five minutes and kept her finger in my asshole. "I'm gonna cum," I said. She wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock and created a vacuum. I started cumming and she started swallowing. This was about the biggest load I had ever let go, and she took it all. "Oh, fuck, fuck!" I said as I emptied my nuts in her mouth.

About the time I started cumming she shoved a second finger in my ass and finger fucked me as I let go. She kept sucking until I was totally spent, then crawled up to kiss me. She still had a bit of my cum in her mouth, but our tongues met and mixed our saliva with my cum. We kissed for about three minutes, and she finally broke the kiss and went back to my cock. She sucked me with abandon. Surprisingly she was able to make me cum 10 minutes later. She took my entire second load. When I was spent she got up to kiss me again. I figured another taste of cum was okay, so when she pushed her tongue into my mouth I responded. This time, though, she hadn't swallowed any, but fed most of the load to me as we kissed. I didn't argue, as this was the best blowjob I ever had.

The play lasted three more nights, and each night I drove her home. I got so much cocksucking and even fucked her twice, one of those times in the ass. I was sorry to see the play end, but every now and then she meets me somewhere and sucks me, always to completion. My wife has never found out,and we plan on keeping it that way. What a fucking slut I've become...


Submitted: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 00:43:42 GMT

I'm a 50 year old married man. My wife and I love each other's bodies. Each time she sucks my cock she compliments me on how soft the head is and how much she loves my cum. This has gone on for years. I feel like a million bucks every time she makes me cum, and get hard every time I think about her lips on my cock.

That got me thinking a year ago. If she loves my cock so much, there must be something to it. I thought about sucking cock more every week, so one week I decided to try it. But, I wasn't sure how to go about it. After thinking about it, I figured I'd try a gay bar. It was nothing special. I enjoyed the drag shows, but I figured it was a bust and decided to leave. As soon as I stepped outside the door two guys standing on the sidewalk asked me if I was alone. I said yes, but that I really wasn't into this scene. They introduced themselves as Buck and Chuck.

They both laughed, and the tall one said, "Well, honey, how bout you let us take you around the world?" I wasn't sure about that, but they seemed sweet, and after chatting a bit they walked me to their apartment two blocks away. As soon as we got into their apartment Buck, the tall one stepped behind me and the shorter one, Chuck stepped in front and kissed me. His lips were soft, and when he stuck his tongue into my mouth Buck reached around and undid my shirt. He found my nipples and started to roll them between his fingers. I just closed my eyes and let my dick get hard. After a bit they moved me to the couch. They took their time taking my clothes off as well as their own. We were all standing there naked when Buck pushed me on the couch. Chuck knelt between my legs and started sucking my cock. I was in fucking heaven with his mouth on my cock.

"Let's try this," he said, and positioned himself on his back on the sofa. He told me to straddle his face with my cock. I did and he started sucking me again. At the same time Buck was kneeling behind me, playing with my balls, and eventually moved up to my ass. I was gyrating a little and he pushed my shoulders forward and told me to suck Chuck. I bent forward and took his cock in my mouth. This was a first for me. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but quickly got into it. Chuck had a knack of bringing me to the edge and stopping, letting my cock relax, then starts all over again.

I was so into our cocks I didn't even notice Buck sticking his cock in my asshole. I didn't anticipate this. It wasn't until the head was past my sphincter that I noticed him. I was positioned so his cock slipped in rather easily. He took hold of my hips and began to fuck me. First he was fucking me gently, and as our rhythms got in sync he started fucking me harder and deeper. I started to moan a little and about that time Chuck started to cum. He filled my mouth with his load, and I knew my wife liked my cum, so I decided to try to swallow his cum. I managed to get most of it and a little slipped past my lips and down onto his nuts. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Buck yelled as he shoved his cock into my asshole as far as he could. I could feel him cumming, and about that time I started cumming, too. "Oh, fuck," I said. This was about the greatest fucking thing I'd ever done. They pulled their cocks out of my mouth and ass and we rested a little.

Chuck had me lay on my back on the floor and they positioned themselves so Buck was now at my mouth and Chuck was kneeling between my legs. He lifted my legs up and shoved his cock in my asshole. I was surprised he could be hard so fast. Buck knelt over my head and his cock hovered right over my mouth. I eagerly took his cock in my mouth and started to suck me. We sucked and fucked until they both came again. We were finally spent, and sat up to rest. I got dressed and headed home.

The next night as we went to bed my wife leaned over to suck my cock. This time, though I told her I wanted her to play with my asshole. She started to finger fuck me as she sucked my cock. It didn't take long and I was ready to cum. When I said as much she shoved her finger as far into my asshole as she could. I had a pretty good load. When I was spent, as usual she lifted her head off my cock and said, "Oh, honey, your cum tastes so good." "Yeah, I know what you mean," I said. "What do you mean?" she said, "you know."

"Um, nothing," I said, and turned over to go to sleep. Oops!


Submitted: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 14:28:35 GMT

Went over with my gf..to take care of my brothers golden retriever..while he was away...me an my gf went over knowing she was gonna let dog eat her out...when we got their we wasted no time..got gf on floor naked an spread her legs...the dog would lick an lick...an she enjoyed it..first time an never happened again..but hoping it does happen again


Submitted: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 04:30:38 GMT

Wen i was 34 i was in the basement lookn at dirty minion yaoi..... wen MY MOM came in !!!! i was so embarrased intill she sat me down n told me she ALSO liked minion yaoi !!!!!! thats when she begin slowly touchin me n sayin i wanna hear u squeal like a minion wen i shove something up its tight ass


Submitted: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 07:22:30 GMT

I grew up with Terry calling me "Pussy" and "Faggot" all through school. He lived a few doors down and was in the same grade as me. I was rather small, but ended up with a rather large cock. Terry would meet me on the way home from school and tease me all the way home. He was truly a bully, and I was his target.

Before graduating I realized I was gay, and found that I really liked sucking cock and licking a man's asshole. I would suck off Jim, one of our other neighbors. He was married, so it was a good cover. During the end of our senior year Jim and I talked about how I could get back at Terry. Jim came up with a plan, so the Friday after we launched the plan.

On the way home that Friday, Terry was teasing me as usual, calling me faggot a little more than normal. His parents were gone, so he would be home alone. When we were almost home, Jim stepped into the front yard and asked if we could help him with something. Terry liked to show off at how big and strong he was, so he readily agreed, and I followed him up to the house. We took some boxes into the garage, and Jim offered us some iced tea. About halfway through with our drinks, Terry got a little woozy. Jim helped him into the bedroom to lay down. He had drugged Terry with a mild sedative, not enough to knock him out, but enough to make him helpless. Jim cuffed Terry's hands behind his back and laid him on the bed. I came in and we stripped him, and had to tear his shirt off to get him completely naked.

We thought about beating the shit out of him for the way he treated me, but I had a better idea. If we hurt him, he would retaliate, but if we turned him, he'd be ours for life. When he was coherent, I laid out the plan. "So, here's how it's gonna go. You're ours now. We're not going to hurt you, but make love to you so much you're gonna beg for it." With that I bent down and gently took his cock in my mouth. He couldn't get away from us, and I could tell he hated this. I continued to suck his cock and play with his nipples. He started to respond. I introduced him into edging, bringing him close to orgasm, then stopping and letting his cock shrink a bit. I edged him for about two hours before he started to beg me to let him cum. "Oh, so you want me to suck your cock now, huh?" He was humiliated, but he shook his head yes. I edged him for another hour, then stopped altogether. He was begging me now, but I wouldn't let him cum. Instead, I had Jim hold his legs up and I started licking his asshole. This made him hard all over again. I worked on his asshole and his nuts for about a half hour. I leg him go totally soft, then started sucking his cock all over again. I didn't stop this time, but when he got close to cumming I stuck a finger up his asshole. He thrust his hips forward and started cumming. He had a pretty big load. I sucked him dry, then kept sucking him while I finger fucked him. He was actually moaning now.

Jim was standing next to the bed now stroking his cock. Terry couldn't keep his eyes off of it. I kept sucking until Terry was hard again. I took my finger out of his ass and straddled his cock. I played with his cock with my asshole while I stroked my cock. I felt his cock twitch against my asshole, so I lowered down onto it. His cock was buried to the hilt. I gyrated and fucked his cock with my asshole. He was licking his lips as he stared at Jim jerking off. We turned Terry so his head was off the edge of the bed. Jim stepped up to him and put his cock right at Terry's mouth. It took a few seconds, but Terry was so into fucking me, the horniness took over. He opened his mouth and Jim put his cock in. He started to mouth fuck Terry. Before Terry knew it, Jim was cumming in his mouth. He couldn't get away, and tried not to swallow, but there was too much cum and he ended up swallowing anyway.

Since he had recently cum, Terry wasn't able to cum again right away. After I fucked his cock for about 20 minutes, I got back off. I wiped his cock off and bent down to suck him again. He was moaning, and Jim still had his semi-hard cock in Terry's mouth. I was playing with Terry's asshole some more, then I got down and tongued his asshole again. When he was nice and slippery I knelt between his legs and gently pushed my cock in. It surprised him, but the pain subsided shortly, and I began to fuck him slowly. My cock rubbed against his prostate with each thrust. He moaned each time I thrust in, and I could see he was actively sucking Jim's cock now. I couldn't hold it any more and started to cum. Terry only moaned as my cum filled his asshole. I finally pulled my cock out of his ass while Jim continued to fuck his mouth.

After we were both spent and out of his holes, Terry said he had to use the bathroom. We took him in and he said he needed privacy. "No fucking way," I said, and he finally sat on the toilet. He was still cuffed, so he was at our mercy. He was humiliated. When he was done I made him stand up and bend over while I cleaned up his ass. We cuffed his ankle to the bed that night.

In the morning it started all over again. By Sunday night he was begging me to fuck him, and begging both of us to let him suck our cocks. We finally let him go at midnight Sunday, and the next day he was in school as if nothing had ever happened. When I walked home that afternoon, Terry caught up to me and said he really enjoyed the weekend, and asked if I would come over and suck his cock again.

He still called me faggot, but we both knew it was in fun now, not out of spite. We became lovers the rest of the school year and into the summer. I turned the bully into a sissy, and knew his life would never be the same after that.


Submitted: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 03:42:05 GMT

A few weeks ago my wife and I got a little drunk and were fucking. She loves it when I fuck her for a bit, then lick her cunt for a bit, then fuck her again, and on and on, until I finally cum. We were drunk that night and I had already fucked her and ate her out a couple of times. I got back up to fuck her again, but instead of her cunt, I accidentally shoved my cock in her asshole. She screamed. I hardly noticed, but just started to fuck her. She screamed a couple more times, then told me it was time to stop. I realized what I'd done and apologized. She turned around and slapped me across the cheek, then angrily said, "How would you like it with a big cock up your ass?" She got off the bed and went into the bathroom.

She was pissed all week but that Friday night she turned amorous. She said she wanted to be a little kinky, and told me tonight was gonna be all anal. My cock almost got hard at that. The only stipulation was that she was in charge and I was to be bound. I thought, "What the fuck. If she wants to be in charge that's fine, as long as I get my cock in her ass again."

She cuffed my hands behind my back and laid me on my back. She started to suck my cock a bit, and before I knew it she had a rope around each leg behind the knee and wrapped around the back of my neck, essentially pulling my legs up toward my chest. "What the fuck?" I said. She even blindfolded me, and I heard her walk into the hallway. A minute later she sat on the bed up by my head. I felt someone pull me down to the end of the bed with my ass hanging off the edge. "Now you're gonna see," she whispered. "See what?" I demanded. "What it feels like to have a cock shoved up your ass." She turned to the other guy, "Do it."

I expected him to ram his cock up my ass, but instead he knelt down and started to lick my balls. He then tongued my asshole, gently fucking me with his tongue. It felt really good, and when he pushed his cock in my asshole, I expected pain. Instead he rubbed against my prostate and my cock twitched. "Oh, fuck," I said and wiggled my ass. He slowly fucked me. A minute late she whispered, "How about a blowjob while you're getting fucked?" "Oh, fuck yeah," I responded. Just then another person crawled on the bed. Somebody straddled my face and I felt a cock at my lips. "No, no, no!" I said. "Open up, or you'll never get my pussy again." I thought for a few seconds and slowly opened my mouth.

He put his half hard cock into my mouth. I put my lips around the head, and she told me to suck it like I want to be sucked. I was stuck. I was being fucked in the ass and all of a sudden sucking a cock, too. These were both firsts for me. Oddly, I started to enjoy it. She leaned over, "I can tell you love sucking cock. Your cock is growing, too. While the guy was leaning over my mouth, she started to play with my nipples. She knows this drives me wild, and I was actually the first one to cum. And nobody was even touching my cock. "Oh, fuck, honey," she said, "I never knew you were suck a slut." Before I knew it the guy I was sucking started to cum and filled my mouth. I took it all. Before I had even took all his cum, the guy fucking me started to cum, too. A few minutes later they were both spent and pulled out my holes. I was exhausted, and expected this to be over, although I thoroughly enjoyed it.

"You know, honey, I planned this to punish you, but I can see it might be the start of something fun." "Okay," I said, "Yeah, that was fun. Now, let me go." "In a minute," she said. The guys must have switched positions. I felt the other cock on my lips, and I automatically opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in. At the same time I felt the other one shove his cock into my ass. I thought the first time took a long time, but this was like a fucking marathon session. It must have been 45 minutes of being fucked in both my ass and mouth. Finally they both came in me. First the guy in my asshole, and five minutes later the guy in my mouth. His cum actually tasted better than the first one.

They both finished and finally pulled out and left. She let me loose. My arms were numb, and my ass was dripping cum. She told me to clean myself up, and from now on I was to take as much cock as she desired. I wouldn't admit it to her, but I was looking forward to more of her domination.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jul 2015 21:00:45 GMT

I have several male friends, I've never actually seen! Every weekend, I get a motel room - actually a cabin, totally separate, and arrange times individually. Then I pull the long rubber-lined bag over my head, rest it on my shoulders, tie it round the neck, keeping the small zipper and twin air-holes right over it in their proper location. Then I stand by the bed, allow the bag to drop all the way to the floor, and fall over onto the bed, lifting my legs up, and wait for the first of them. He doesn't speak, just like with all of them, but ties the bag tight round my waist, trapping my arms in a loose folded position, and then ties the bottom of the bag under my feet, rendering me utterly helpless. Then he unzips my crotch, and pulls my goodies outside, then snugs the zipper tight round the roots. The first one is fairly old, I think, and just wants to tease, torment and torture me mercilessly, without ever letting me come, until I am emitting muffled screams of desperation and mind-sapping need, which really pleases him. This goes on for hours, then he leaves, still without letting me find relief. At some stage after that the next one retrieves the room key from its hiding place, and lets himself in. His erection almost instantly fills my mouth, and he touches me just enough to keep me docile and in the mood. More hours pass, and he floods my mouth with come usually twice, occasionally three times, before he too leaves, am=nd I can rest before the arrival of number three, who unties the bottom of the bag, folds it up over itself, and bends me over the end of the bed, before slowly, gently easing himself into me, at the start of an endless session of anal intercourse, gentle, intense, and unavoidable, no matter how long it lasts. When he is finally done, he loosens the tope round my waist, and leaves, and I can free myself fairly quickly. I wouldn't know any of them if I met them, nor they me, and the totsl anonymity just seems to increase the excitement. When I shower, dress and leave, I'm already looking forward to the next weekend, and wondering how to prolong the experience to frightening lengths! More "users"? Longer sessions? Group session? We'll see!