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I was already married when I sucked another man's cock. I began cruising rest areas to find cocks to suck. I discovered that older fat men were very willing to take my cock all the way in their mouths and suck all the juice out of me when I would cum.

I pulled in to the rest area and a big fat guy was at a picnic table. I took my time walking up to the map area and stood there pretending to read the map. After a few minutes he walked over. He was about eight inches taller than me and had a big belly. He was rubbing his crotch as he walked over and stood beside me. After a few minutes of small talk he said, "So, you wanna follow me home and suck my cock?" It shocked me that he was this bold, but that was what I was here for so I told him yes and followed him to his trailer. As soon as we walked into the living room area he told me to take his shirt off. I did and he pulled my head in and told me to suck on his nipple. This started to get me hard. He had large man boobs and big nipples. He took my shirt off as I sucked on one nipple then the other.

He then led me to the center of the room and had me strip and he pulled his pants and shorts off as well. His cock was much bigger than mine. He laid me on the floor and knelt between my legs. He started sucking me until I was rock hard. Then he straddled my chest, pinning my arms to my sides with his big legs and put his cock up to my mouth. I took as much of it in as I could. He had a tight foreskin that barely moved over the head as he started to grow in my mouth. He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or in my ass. I told him I didn't swallow and I didn't do anal. He just laughed and continued to fuck my mouth. I was getting a little worried when he didn't get up but kept mouth fucking me as his big cock got bigger until his cock nearly filled up my mouth. His foreskin was pulled back now and I could barely get much more than the head in my mouth.

"Oh, fuck I'm gonna cum," he said. I tried to pull away but he reached down and pulled my head up and started cumming. I had no choice but to either swallow or choke. I swallowed. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked all the cum out of him. Instead of pulling out he kept his cock in my mouth until he got hard again. My arms were about numb now so when he finally got off of me and turned me over I could barely move them. "Now I'm gonna fuck you like a little cock whore." I told him again that I didn't do anal. He didn't say anything but pushed down on my back with one hand, holding me down. He put a wet finger up to my asshole and pushed in. I thought it would hurt but I tried to relax since I couldn't fight my way up. As he moved my legs apart with his knees he reached down and pulled my cock so it was facing my feet between my legs. Then he put two fingers in my asshole and started stretching me. "You'll be surprised how much of this hog cock you can take," he said as he finally pulled his fingers out and leaned forward. His cock was at my asshole opening and he forced it past my sphincter and before I knew it he was buried to the hilt. He was laying on top of me and I couldn't get up if my life depended on it. He started to slowly fuck me. It hurt at first but the pain quickly subsided as his slippery cock pistoned in and out. I begged him not to cum inside me. I was afraid of disease but he was ignoring my pleas.

He fucked me for at least 15 minutes, and without pulling out of me he worked me up on all fours. He had hold of my hips and began to fuck me harder and faster. I noticed my cock was still hard and twitched each time his cock touched my prostate. It was feeling good now, having his big cock in my ass and I started to push back each time he thrust. He didn't warn me when he started cumming. His nuts were huge and he must have been saving up for a while because even his second cum was quite a load and oozed out of my ass as he started to get soft.

He finally rolled off of me and we laid there for about 20 minutes. Finally he told me to jerk off and he would let me go. At this point I didn't know if I wanted to leave yet. But I really wanted to cum and if I had to masturbate to get relief then masturbate I would. When I had myself hard he knelt back between my legs and pushed my legs up toward my chest. His cock was hard again and it slid into my ass quite nicely now. He may have been a big fat guy but he was a stud with his cock and fucked me until I came all over my belly. He rubbed some of my cum into my skin and scooped some of it up. He put his fingers to my mouth and had me suck my cum off of him. Then he pulled out and got up and sat on the couch, his big hard cock standing at attention. He told me to finish him off. I really wanted to now so I crawled over to him and started sucking him. I played with his nuts as I sucked him and this time he didn't have a lot of cum left but just enough for me to get a good taste.

He said I could leave if I wanted, but instead I texted my wife and said I had too much to drink and I was going to sleep it off in my car. She didn't question it. I told him I would like to spend the night. We showered together before heading to bed. We kissed a lot and had our hands all over each other. I rimmed his ass and he fucked me three more times before I left at noon the next day. Two of those times I had him cum in my mouth instead of my ass.

That was the first time I was ever fucked in the ass or swallowed another man's cum but definitely not the last.




When I was 12 my older brother went into the Air Force so I was the only child in the house. My dad was a trucker so me and mom were at home by ourselves a lot. She used to wear nearly sheer nighties when she was getting ready for bed. I used to stare at her tits a lot and could see her nipples poking out. I didn't realize she knew I stared a lot.

I was just learning how to jerk off and producing just a little cum. One night after I had gone to bed I was in bed playing with myself. My little cock wasn't very big yet but I could get hard by stroking myself a little. I was laying there with my shorts off and had my eyes closed. I was on my back with my cock standing straight up and didn't notice my mom had opened the door and was standing there watching me. When I looked up it startled me. I quickly pulled my covers up and heard her chuckle. "Oh, honey don't worry about it. It's natural for you to explore." She went to bed that night without saying anything else.

When dad was gone she sometimes would drink beer and get a bit drunk. A few days after she caught me she was drinking pretty heavily and had on her most sheer nightie. I could clearly see her tits and nipples through the material and even glanced down and saw her pubic hair on her cunt. Needless to say I had to go to bed and jerk off. I was just getting into it when she walked in. I knew I was caught again but didn't cover up this time. She stood there staring at my dick and after a minute she stumbled over and knelt by my bed. "Here, honey, let me show you how." She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock. It felt better than I could ever imagine. She must have been really drunk because a minute later she leaned over me and took me into her mouth. Within 30 seconds I had that funny feeling and knew I was about to cum. I was still in shock and wasn't able to say anything. I came in her mouth and she didn't even flinch. What little bit I produced slid right down her throat. I stayed hard as she continued to suck me.

About five minutes later I felt that feeling again and let out a moan. She took her mouth off of my cock and stroked me a few more times. I came a second time. I hardly produced anything but it was the most powerful orgasm I'd had yet. After my cum oozed out and over the head of my cock she wiped it off with a finger and stuck it in her mouth. Then she put her mouth back on my cock and sucked the rest of the cum out of me. Then she got up and stumbled into her bedroom.

The next morning she explained to me what she did the night before. She said it had to be our little secret and that nobody would understand our relationship, not even dad. I told her I wouldn't tell anybody. Then she said, "Would you like me to suck you again this morning?" I didn't hesitate and told her I would. She came over to my chair and pulled my PJs down. My little cock was already starting to get hard when she knelt down and took me into her mouth. She sucked me until I started cumming and swallowed every fucking drop.

That started it. Whenever dad was out of town she would blow me every night. Eventually as I got bigger and bolder I would play with her nipples and she even taught me how to eat her pussy. She said that if I learned what a woman liked then I would please my wife like nobody else could. All throughout high school I didn't have a girlfriend. I didn't need one as I had a sex toy at home. We eventually started fucking and she surprised me the day she pulled out her strap-on and fucked me in the ass with it. I got so I loved having it in my ass while she jerked me off.

I never did get a girl friend, but have learned that a real cock in my ass is much better than a strap-on and have been sucking and fucking other men for the last 25 years. All because my mom caught me jerking off one night.




I started chatting with the guy, it seemed like a normal enough situation; daddy liked to listen to his son get fucked. And then he said his boy was 1 and a half years old. So today, I fucked a toddler. Because his father wanted me to. It was the hardest I've ever cum in my life. We're going to do this on a regular basis. You should really try it. Those pedophiles were on to something.




one sunday morning I was laying out on my patio getting some sun. my patio has privacy fence on both sides. I could hear the little 5 year old girl outside playing.not thinking much about it I was laying back I had one leg cocked up resting a book I was reading on my knee. I heard the little girl say hi. I looked up this little girl was standing there. I said hi back to her. she said what you doing. I said relaxing reading a book. I noticed she kept glancing down. not really thinking about it. till she said what's that. I looked up and said what's what sweetie. she pointed her finger down and said that. that's when I looked down an noticed my dick was hanging out my shorts a bit. I put my book down to cover up a bit. not knowing what to say. I said oh that's my pet hamster. she said I never seen a hamster. can I see him again. I said no he is tired. she said please I moved the book a bit so she could see the head of my dick a lil bit then covered back up. she said bring him out. I said not now he's tired.... she says please.by now I'm getting a hard on. so I reach down pull out my stiff cock. its hard as hell so now I got my cock out this 5 year old girl is looking at my stiff cock smiling I grab it at the base an wag it up an down at her she giggles a lil I said you want to pet him she nodded yes she reaches out an pats the head of my cock a couple times. now my cock is really throbbin I said he really likes to be rubbed like this and showed her how to stroke it with 2 fingers and her thumb I said he likes that so she reaches down grabs my cock an rubs up an down now my dick is really pounding this little girl is jerking off my cock then she stopped. I said keep going he really likes you so she starts stroking my cock again then I told her to go faster he likes faster this little 5 year old sweetie pumping my cock with her hand I told her to squeeze it harder she gripped my cock harder and about five more pumps of her lil hand I shot cum all over her hand up she let go I shot cum up in the air my cocks twitchin an throbbin shes watching cum run down my cock....I said oh he threw up he must not feel well I put my dick back in my shorts grabbed the towel wiped the cum off her hand and said I got to take him inside now. she said ok. I said maybe next time he wont get sick. when you pet him again. she said ok hope he feels better I said ok sweetie see you later. she said maybe I can pet him tomorrow I said you sure can pet him anytime you want to....I jerked off 3 or 4 times that day thinking of that sweet little girl jerking my cock off




The ad said they were a married couple looking for a single guy. Minimal MM but the woman needed two cocks. My wife was out of town so I answered their ad. When I arrived they were both in bath robes and we all got undressed rather quickly. They asked if I was gay and I told them no. They were okay with that as it was just supposed to be us pleasing her. She was a little heavy with large tits and nipples and he had a big belly and what appeared to be a sizeable cock.

They had me lie down on the bed on my back and she proceeded to suck my cock as he started eating her. When she had my cock hard she got up and sat on my face facing him. I licked her cunt for about five minutes and she said she wanted to lick my ass. I was good with this and she had me lay on my stomach with my legs spread. She started to lick from my balls to my asshole and tongue fucked my ass for a bit then she got up and laid up by my head so I could lick her pussy some more. My cock was still hard.

I was getting into tongue fucking her and hadn't noticed him crawling up on the bed until I felt him on top of me and shoving his cock in my ass. She had hold of my arms so I couldn't really fight it. It hurt at first but he stayed still until my ass muscles relaxed then slowly started to fuck me. I never even thought about being fucked by another man before but I found my cock twitch each time he thrust forward. He fucked me for about 10 minutes like this and she stuck two fingers in my mouth telling me to suck them. I did. After a couple of minutes she said, "Honey, I think he's ready." I thought, "Ready for what?" He pulled out of my ass and wiped his cock off She got up and he sat in front of me like she had done.

I was staring at his big cock. She was sitting on my back now facing my feet and he told me to suck him. I had never sucked a cock before but I was intrigued so I opened my mouth and he scooted forward to put his cock in. It was much better than I thought it would ever be. After a minute or so she started to play with my ass, balls and cock. Then she put two fingers in my asshole and began to finger fuck me as I sucked off her husband. "Fuck, honey, he sucks cock almost as good as you. And I'm about ready to cum." She said, "Go ahead, give it all to him." I was lost in my own world as he started cumming in my mouth. I didn't have any choice but to either swallow or choke so I started swallowing. He had a pretty big load and even after he was done cumming I sucked him clean. I was really into it.

"Okay, faggot, you earned the right to fuck me," she said. She got on all fours on the carpet and told me to take her from the back. I hadn't cum yet and my cock was rock hard still. I knelt behind her and plunged my cock into her very wet cunt. I felt great. Then I felt him behind me, his cock already hard again and he was forcing it into my asshole. We got into a rhythm and as I fucked her he was fucking me. This was fucking great. In about five minutes I said I was gonna cum and she pulled off of me and turned over. She grabbed my cock and guided my cum all over her tits and belly. Then she told me I had to clean it off with my tongue. I leaned over and started to lick my cum off of her as he continued to fuck me. Ten minutes later he was cumming inside me.

That started my foray into liking cock. What started out as me thinking I was gonna fuck a woman became me getting mouth and ass fucked. We've met several times and each time he fills me up at least twice and occasionally I even get to fuck her. Now I'm looking for any cock I can suck as I have become truly a cum slut.




I couldn't believe what was happening, I was in my bosses office on my knees cleaning the residual cum off of his big black cock. The residual cum that was left from him fucking and cumming in my ass just a few minutes earlier in the office bathroom. And to boot, two of my co-workers were sitting there watching me while they stroked their big black cocks.

I was really going to town on John's cock. I wanted to let the other guys know that I really knew how to handle a cock in hopes of getting to suck both of theirs.

As I continued deep throating him and letting him fuck my face. John said, "see, I told you guys that he could really take a cock." I wanted to see what the other two were doing and how big their cocks were. I pulled away and looked around at them, they both had their pants around their ankles and was stroking away at their cocks. Darren, a guy that I have worked with for several years had the biggest cock. I had admired the outline of his cock several times in the past and wondered how big it was. It looked to be around 10-11 inches and very thick. Carl's cock wasn't as impressive as the other two's but it was all of 7 inches. When they saw me looking back at them they both got up and shuffled their way over to us.

John told them to let me suck on their cocks too. I kept my right hand on John's dick, reached for Darren's with my left hand, and took Carl's hard cock right into my mouth. I took every inch of it without bobbing at all. He let out a sigh and said, "that's is a nice warm mouth, I have never had anyone take it all at once without working on it a while, you are a little cock whore aren't you?" I didn't say a word, I was to busy with the three cocks I had. I started to bob my head back and forth on Carl's cock while stroking the other two. I took Carl all the way into my throat and stopped, he grabbed my head and started fucking my face. This made him cum really fast and he unloaded in my throat. John and Darren started giving him a hard time, but I didn't mind, I was really wanting to get to Darren's big cock. It was the biggest cock I had ever held in my hand and was wondering if I would be able to get it into my throat and ass.

I let go of John's cock and cupped Carl's balls and finished sucking him nice and clean, which made him start to get hard again. I pulled away from him and turned towards Darren. I then licked the pre-cum off of Darren's slit. I licked up and down his massive shaft and sucked on his balls letting them plop out of my mouth. I licked my way back up his shaft and took the head into my mouth. He was moaning and grunting. John said, "can you take that big thing down your throat?" I answered by pushing forward taking over half of his cock in. His cock was so big around that it was stretching my throat as it went in. I started bobbing back and forth on his cock taking a little more in with each bob. Darren said, "damn, you do know how to make a cock feel good." While he was saying that I was able to get him all the way down my throat. I stopped and stayed there for a few seconds letting the big black monster stretch my throat open.

As I pulled back to take a breath I heard John moaning and twisted my head to see him. Carl was on his knees in front of John sucking him for all he was worth. I took Darren back into my mouth and looked up at him. He said, "don't worry you're not the only one that likes cock, we all do." "But you might be the best at taking a cock, we know your mouth can handle me, how about that ass?" I pulled off his cock and said, "I thought you would never ask."

I stood up, pulled my pants off while Darren took his off and went over to John's desk and bent over the desk while pushing my but up as high as I could. Carl took John's cock out of his mouth long enough to say, "you are the man if you can take that cock in your ass" and went back to work on John's cock.

Darren got behind me and to my surprise he got down on his knees and started eating my ass out. He was really good at it. His tongue was big and long too and he worked my ass like no one ever has. He started to finger my ass and said, "John, I can taste your cum in his ass, maybe it will help lube him up for my cock." John said, "I told you he took my cum in his ass."

He stood up behind me while fingering me with two fingers and asked if I was ready for his cock. I looked back at him and said, "I have never wanted anything more." With that, he put the black monster's head up to my man pussy and started to push it in. The head went in easily because of his awesome rim job. He continued to push in, I could feel the inside of my ass being stretched. He was telling me how tight my ass was and how good it felt as he finally bottomed out in me. I could feel his big black balls bumping up against my balls. I started rocking back and forth on my elbows fucking that big cock. It felt so good, I felt so full. I have to say that when I have Darren's big cock buried all the way in me it is always the best feeling in the world.

I fucked back at him for a while and he grabbed my hips and fucked me a while. I told him that I wanted to turn over so I could watch that magnificent piece of meat disappearing inside of me. He pulled out, and I have never felt so empty. I flipped over and he went right back inside me with one long stroke. It was heaven. I watched as his cock disappeared over and over again inside me. We fucked for at least 10 more minutes. I was so lost in his cock I hadn't even noticed that John was now fucking Carl. I laid back on the desk hanging my head over the side and told Carl to bring his cock over to me. He stuck his cock in my mouth and John returned to fucking him from behind. John's strokes made his cock go in and out of my mouth without me doing anything.

As Carl fucked my mouth, Darren was still fucking me good. He shifted my ass to a different angle and when he did, his big cock started hitting my g-spot. I had only came one time before while a guy was fucking me.

I knew if Darren kept fucking me the was he was, that I would cum without anyone touching my cock. It started hurting so good that I pulled away from Carl and sat up a little and was moaning and telling him to fuck me with that big black cock. In just a few more strokes cum started squirting from my cock. This in-turn made my ass muscle contract with every squirt which made Darren start cumming. I didn't think I could feel any fuller until his load started filling me up. John and Carl hearing all the moaning made them both start cumming, Carl shot his load on John's desk under me and John shot his load into Carl's ass.

Darren was playing with my balls and slowly stroking my cock as his massive cock went soft and slide out of my ass with a load of cum following. Darren leaned over and licked all the cum off of my stomach and sucked the rest from my cock.

John pulled out of Carl and came around and started sucking Darren's cock clean. I just laid there feeling fully satisfied but extremely empty at the same time.

I have sucked Darren about everyday since that day and have let him fuck me 4 times since that day. Every time I take his cum, either in my ass or in my mouth. I have sucked John off at least 5 times since that day and sucked Carl off at least 3 times. I always save my ass for Darren though. I have even fucked Carl and John but they haven't fucked me since then.




I am a bi married man and wife doesn't know that I am bi. I have been sucking cock and getting fucked by men, mainly other married men for the past 20 years. I am 44 now. I have always kept this a secret not letting any of my friends or co-workers know that I really like to take cock.

This all changed a couple of weeks ago. I was really hard up for a nice hard cock and wasn't having any luck from my normal resources and it got me thinking, there are so many married guys that post or reply to craigslist that there must be someone in the building that I work in that would let me suck their cock and maybe even give me a good fucking.

So, I decided to go to the bathroom and stand at the urinal, stroke my cock, and see if anyone would look at it and if they did I would look at theirs and lick my lips.

I was only there for about 5 minutes before the first guy walked in and stood beside me to take a piss. I didn't know his name, but had seen him around. I was standing there with my cock half hard stroking it and sure enough he looked over at it then looked at me in the face and I smiled looked down at his and licked my lips. He quickly looked away down at his dick which had a nice solid stream of piss coming out. I was determined to suck a cock so I just stared at it licking my lips. When the piss flow stopped he looked back up at me and saw I was still looking at his cock, he stroked it a couple of times and it started to get hard, it was definitely a grower, it had doubled in length as he stroked it. I looked up at him and whispered go into the stall and I will follow.

He turned around and went into a stall and I followed. As soon as the door was closed and I turned around he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. I took his cock head into my mouth and licked around the tip a couple of times, then took his still growing cock into my mouth and a little ways down my throat. He was fully erect in no time and was a nice 7 inches long. I started deep throating him and within 1 minute he was cumming in my mouth, so I deep throated him and held him there until he finished cumming. While he was breeding my mouth someone else came into the bathroom and went into the stall beside us. I didn't know what to do, because I knew that guy would be able to see my knees at my new friends feet. I decided not to let it ruin the moment and finished sucking all the cum out of the guy in my mouth. I could here the guy in the next stall pissing and as I finished licking the last could of drops of cum off the cock I had in front of me he tucked it back into his pants, zipped up and almost ran out of the stall and bathroom. I closed the stall door, pulled my pants down, and sit on the toilet to jack off, sucking a nice cock always gets my dick really hard. As I sat there stroking my cock the guy in the next stall came out of his stall and stopped in front of my and was looking through the crack of the door. I just kept stroking looking up at him, I couldn't tell who he was but could tell he was a black guy.

He tapped on the door and I reached up and opened the door, I was really shocked, it was my boss. He stepped into the stall and closed the door behind him. Without either of us saying a word, I reached up and unzipped his pants and fished his hardening cock out, man was it a nice one, it was already 7-8 inches long and still growing. I didn't waste any time and took it into my mouth. He was breathing heavy and had tilled his head back with his eyes closed enjoying the warmth of my mouth. After a few up and downs on his cock it was at full mast, about 9 inches.

I worked on his cock for a few minutes and I started to get that feeling of wanting to feel it deep in my ass.

I didn't know if he would fuck me or not especially since we didn't have a condom, so I spit in my hand a couple of time and used it to lube up my ass. I fingered my ass a few times to loosen it up and when I thought he was lost in my expert oral skills, I stood up, while still holding his cock and spun around and planted his cock head right at my man pussy. As I started to push back on his big black cock he moved back as to indicate he didn't want to fuck me, but he could only go so far because of the stall door and when his back hit the door I kept pushing back which made his cock go a couple of inches inside me. I could tell he was trying to push me away, but I kept moving and wiggling my ass as I pushed back onto him. It hurt pretty bad, but I knew if I could get his dick all the way in me, he wouldn't stop fucking me.

I kept pushing and moving until he was all the way inside me. His cock really filled my up, I started squeezing his dick with my pussy muscles and he relaxed and put his hands on my hips and started fucking me with long slow strokes. He then with his cock pulled almost all the way out he spit on it before sliding deep into me again. It took a few more times of him pulling all the way out and spitting into my open hole before it was lubed good enough for him to start fucking me the way I knew he could. When he was really fucking me good, we heard the bathroom door open and someone came in. He stopped balls deep inside me and didn't move, I again started to squeeze and milk his cock since he couldn't move, I did this until the guy that had came in left. As soon as the door closed, my boss started fucking my man pussy with all he had and with one finally plunge he started cumming in me, it felt wonderful. He stayed that way and didn't move until he was finished.

He then pulled out of my ass, tucked his cock inside his pants, and told me to come to his office when I got straightened up.

I sat back down to let the cum drain out, and boy did it. It was a lot of cum. While I was letting the cum drain out of me I stroked my cock about 3 times and shot a big load of cum into my hand and put it to my mouth and swallowed every drop. When I was done I finished cleaning up and went straight to his office.

When I got there, there were 2 other black guys in his office with him. He motioned for me to come in, the two black guys were sitting in chairs and he was sitting behind his desk.

I walked in, he told me to close the door. I did, when I turned back around he was standing there with his cock out and said, "you need to clean me up, you left some cum on my cock". I didn't know what to say or do until I looked over at the other guys and they were pulling their cock out. So, I went over to him and started licking his cock from tip to base. It didn't take long and he was hard again and I was deep throating him like a champ.

I will post the rest later. It was an awesome day, and I am now the go to guy when anyone in the office needs some release.