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Submitted: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 18:52:04 GMT

I text code with my 16 year old Son incase our phones get compromized.

I keep the sext requests brief...

Requests for him to meet me in the basement of a quick, "Boss toss," AKA, Mother Son blowjob.

Or for an, "Afternoon baffoon," where I let my young lover take his sweet Mother from behind about an hour before his dad usually gets home from work.

Any bathroom in the house will do. Sometimes, even the kitchen island too.

I will never take birth control pills for granted. I thank God for them because we both hate condums.


Submitted: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 20:59:58 GMT

We were in bed watching the late news when a story came on about a woman who had been attacked and raped in her apartment. I had never noticed my wife react to such stories in the past but she seemed visibly upset and picked up a book she had been reading. I turned off the news muttering how the world seems to never get better with time and she agreed. I just hate to hear about stories like that it brings back memories for me.

I asked if she knew someone that had happened to and she looked at me and told me yes, it happened to me.

I looked back at her and was shocked, you never told me that how horrible of a thing to have happen to you. When?

I was in college at the time living off campus renting an apartment, two men broke in through the living room area window late at night and found me in my bedroom. I never heard a thing, just suddenly someone was on top of me in my bed. I thought I was dreaming until I came to realize that I was not dreaming at all, they both pulled off the pajamas I had on and tied me up with phone cord and clothes I had in my room.

I stared at her as she looked down at the bed and kept telling me all about it. They did not hit her or beat her just told her if she did not scream they would not hurt her. She thought to herself at the time that they were hurting her already. She did not struggle and did everything they asked her to do. After she was tied up the large one told the other to go through the place and see if he could find anything valuable. After he left the room the man started in on her orally and was pretty rough but did not hurt her. She felt herself getting lubricated with something but had no idea what is was. After he licked her for a while and lubed her up he brought his penis up to her mouth and told her to suck on it, she did and he forced it deep into her a few times making her gag. He rolled her over and pulled her up into a doggy position then entered her quickly. She cried out but muffled everything else.

The second one came in later and the large one told him to untie my hands when he was done that he was leaving. The second one went down on her for a long time and pretty much wanted to hear her have an orgasm forced upon her. Even after she came he continued to stimulate her until she was begging him to stop. He then mounted her also but thrust into her pretty hard, both wore condoms which she felt very relieved of and he untied her hands then ran out the door.

She told me she laid there until the sun came out still tied up feeling like she could not move then of all things her alarm went off and snapped her out of her shock. She never told anyone about the rape and moved back home the next weekend telling her parents that she missed home to much to stay at college


Submitted: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 14:20:40 GMT

My dad died when I was only ten which left me, three sisters and my mom. Our family was not really into privacy much as we only had a three bedroom house so I shared a room with one of my sisters until I was about 12. My mom always wore a t-shirt in the morning which covered her up while just normally walking around but when she reached for something or bent over all was exposed. This carried over to my sisters as well never really covering themselves up just walking around in the morning before school with it all out there.

The oldest moved out and so I finally had a room to myself as mom figured we were getting to old to be in the same room. One morning she came into my room to wake me up as she usually did and when she pulled the covers back my very erect penis surprised her, I was not naked but the shorts I was wearing did not do much to hide it.

She laughed and told me you better go pee before you wet the bed then surprised me when she reached down and grabbed a hold of it. She grasped it pretty firmly and told me my you have quite the pole there.

The next few days she did not pull the covers off me just made sure I was awake before she left the room with lights and shaking me around a lot.

I was stunned even further when one morning I awoke thinking that I had to pee really bad and even in my sleep was dreaming that there was something grabbing my penis. I woke up to the same feeling and was very taken back to see the covers moving and felt something on my penis. She had pulled the covers over her and was sucking on me like crazy, I looked over and my door was closed. I came and she still was sucking on it slowly but with long hard pulls. She pulled the covers back and asked me if I was awake now, I answered back that I was very awake now. She did not say anything else and walked out of the room. I got myself around and showered then came downstairs for breakfast, my sisters were headed out the door for school. I was talking to mom but to confused to bring up anything about this morning wake up call. She seemed normal, well normal for her anyways.

The next morning and everyone after that for about a month started the same way, she would come in pull my covers over her body and suck me off. I started noticing that my two sisters were in the bathrooms during this time so she figured that there would be no interruptions. After about a month I finally got up the courage in the morning after everyone else was gone to ask her why she was doing this as it seemed a little strange. She quickly answered me back be saying if you keep your grades up like you have been you will be getting that all the time.

She remained true to her word and I never said anything to anyone, I remember laying in bed one morning as I had woke up before she came in to do it. I laid there pretending to be asleep so I would get a bj from her and as I was laying there I was trying to think back in time of a morning she had not sucked me off and could not remember a morning that she had not done it. This may seem crazy to read but I think my mom was a little off anyways and as I got older and saw how other adults acted I think she was a little chemically imbalanced and my dad and her only got married because he got her pregnant. They always seemed happy and I think it was because she was so sexually loaded, I was thinking I bet she used to suck him off everyday and when he died she had this empty void she had to fill. She died before I graduated high school and must have been just lonely or something because it was alcohol that did her in so no wonder she was not of a straight mind but she never appeared drunk to me or smelled of alcohol.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 21:31:23 GMT

I started cleaning house for my neighbor when I started going to college for extra money. He was really nice to me and never really had that dirty of a house anyways. One day I was not thinking my clothes out very well and went over there in a tank top that was pretty tight and a pretty thin bra so in no time my nipples were pointing from his air conditioned house. I caught him staring a few times then he looked up at me and told me he was sorry it has just been a long damn time since he has seen a woman naked. I thought it was a little forward of him but took it in stride as he was a nice man and I did wear some pretty revealing clothes.

The next time I went over there he was nice as ever and I told him sorry about last time I was over I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. He told me that it was the best thing that had happened to him in 15 years and he was so glad it did. He told me I could dress however I wanted to and he did not care.

I thought about his situation and figured he was harmless so I started wearing more revealing clothes for him to see me in and I was getting pretty turned on by the fact that he was still a gentleman every time I came over. He would look at me but never make any advances or ask me to do anything. One day on my way over to his house I decided that I would let him decide what or how much I would wear. I figured I would be naked so I did not spend much time picking outfits out for him, he surprised me though and told me what to wear from what I picked. After a few minutes of me working around the house he came into the kitchen and asked if I would clean in the nude. I told him sure and walked over to him telling him to pull my clothes off, he told me he had to sit down for that and went over to the couch. I turned around for him to pull my panties down and when he did I reached down and touched my ankles with my hands. the look on his face was amazing and I told him he could touch me if he wanted to, he leaned forward and planted his face right into me. I told him to take his glasses off and he laughed and practically threw them on the couch diving right back into my ass. He licked me for quite some time before asking me if we could go into the bedroom so I could lie down because this position was hard on his neck. I was willing and when he got back down there he did not stop for an hour.

He actually looked up and told me that he was going to lick me until I told him to stop because he figured this was never going to happen again for a long time and he wanted to enjoy it as long as I would let him. I told him as good at this as he is he can do it anytime I come over.

After he had gone down on me on about 3 different occasions I got to thinking that he must get a little frustrated and decided this time I would give him at least a hand job. After he went down on me for about an hour again I told him to roll over and get ready for a surprise. He was gasping when I took his cock into my mouth and pulled it straight up sucking really hard on it. I let it go and asked him if everything was all right, he looked down at me and said young lady, no woman has done that in 20 years, I am enjoying every second. I continued sucking on him and after about 15 minutes he finally had an orgasm. I thought about what a nice guy he is to me and crawled back up letting him lay down and spread my legs around his face. He licked me for a long time and I finally told him legs where aching so much I had to lay down. I am 22 and he is 84 years old, if anyone ever found out I was doing this I would be as embarrassed as I think I could be and my mother would probably shoot me.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 21:07:31 GMT

I started letting my dog lick my vagina anytime he wants to and now he has progressed on to mounting me. He will lick and mount me for a few hours most days and will do it until he is panting like crazy then go drink some water and come right back for more. His cock is very large and fills me up completely. Most of the time he starts out licking away on me then will mount me until he cums then licks it all out of me and starts over again.

The other day I came home from work and he was really in the mood to do it, he knocked me down after I was in the house only a few minutes. He weighs about 80 pounds and I was not expecting him to jump up on me from behind, I only weigh about 100 pounds. I still had my clothes on but he started ramming me like crazy and when I started pushing back he was growing at me. I finally got my pants down along with my panties and he was in me in a second. I let out a squeal when he entered me because I was not lubed up well at all. He was growling and humping hard like never before and I was glad I had on as many clothes as I did. He kept this up for about four rounds of screwing me and during his little breaks of licking me I was able to get more clothes off and better lubed up.

I am worried that if I bring home a friend to my house that he might do the same thing to them.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 18:59:37 GMT

My Mom organized a trip to Florida with my Aunt and her two kids, I was looking forward to it because my cousin is my age and really hot. When we got down there I ended up with a bedroom that was a den with a pullout couch but it had French doors that closed so not all bad. On the second night there I woke up because the bed was moving a little bit and it was my cousin climbing into bed with me. I thought for sure I was dreaming but she was there laying down right next to me and pulling the covers back over the two of us. She got on her side with her back to me and asked me to lay up against her and put my arm around her. After a few minutes I was still in a bit of shock but I was trying like hell to not get excited. She started moving again and was fumbling with the front of her pajama top then she grabbed my hand and brought it to her chest. She had opened the front up and my hand was right on her boob and I could feel her hard nipple in my palm. My cock started instantly coming to life and pushing on her thighs she started moving her ass around and then lifted her leg up and sandwiched my cock between her thighs, I pushed forward to wedge it in there real good. She let out a nice moan so I started moving my fingers around and playing with her nipple. After about ten minutes of playing and pushing my cock against her leg she rolled over on her back and smiled at me. Her top was completely unbuttoned and her breasts were firm and up, she reached down and untied her string holding her bottoms on and slid them off. I wasted no time and got my face down there and started licking her, good god she tasted so good, almost like cream. Her pussy was smooth and wet, I have never tasted anything sweeter in my life. I licked her through two orgasms and she laid there for a minute then told me to lay down on my back. She started sucking on me and I blew my load in about a minute and after she swallowed all that she kept right on sucking on me until I was hard again. She then slid up and sat herself right onto my cock, the sight of her breast swaying side to side while she rode me was an awesome one. I knew well enough how babies were made back then and after about ten minutes of her bouncing up and down on me I told her we had to stop because I was going to end up coming again soon. She stopped and slid right back down and drained me again with that beautifully talented mouth she has still today.

We had sex every night after that until we left and never has sex again afterwards, I sure loved that trip and wished for another one.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 12:29:24 GMT

Im looking for a nasty, disgusting sick female, she has to b into BDSM, LOOKING FOR A MASTER, SLAVE type of relationship, she has to b OVER 21, im into any and everything, if interested email me [email protected]