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This was an incredible experience that I had back in my younger days. My best friend Tom back then was married with an 11 year old daughter, soon to be 12. He and his wife and me and my girlfriend and daughter hung out together all the time. He and I worked together.

One evening we all went to an outdoor concert about 2 hours away. After the concert was over, we all jumped back in his car again to return home. Tony and his wife were in the front seat and my girlfriend, his daughter and I were in the back seat. I was on the left, his daughter was in the middle, and my girlfriend was on the right. It had been a warm evening but as the sun went down the temperatures cooled off pretty quickly. We were all a bit cool so we threw the blanket we had over top of us all in the back. Before long, my girlfriend and his wife were both asleep. I had my eyes closed, but became aware that his daughter was rubbing her leg up against mine in a seductive manner. We both had shorts on. The more she rubbed my leg with hers, the more I became aroused.

Both of our hands were under the blanket and with my cock getting harder by the minute, slowly started rubbing my leg back against hers. I slowly reached my hand over to her leg and placed it on her mid thigh and gently rubbed up and down. Almost instantly, She grabbed my hand and moved it up higher to her crotch and pressed my hand against her shorts covered pussy very hard and began moving my hand back and forth on her covered pussy. My dick by this time was rock hard. With my free hand, I undid the zipper on my shorts, and pulled my hard cock out. I then grabbed her left hand, and placed it on my cock at which time she started stroking it on her own without and encouragement. I then slid my right hand into the leg of her loose shorts and under the elastic of her panty's to her wet little pussy. I found her wet little slit with no problem and started sliding my finger all around her slit rubbing from her hard little clit to her vaginal opening. Wen my had hit her vagina, she used her free hand to push my finger inside her and started a humping motion while pushing my finger deeper into her.

All the while that we were doing this, I kept noticing Tom looking back at us in the rear view mirror. I could tell something was up with him but wasn't sure what. His breathing seemed a bit heavy and I could tell his left arm was moving a lot. Meanwhile, his daughter and I kept our little sexual enjoyment going until we both ended up having an orgasm. She almost started convulsing as she came and her breathing was hard and loud which sent me over the edge and I came all over her hand under the blanket. By this time, Tom's mouth was wide open and his breathing was harder as well. I would have swore that he was cumming also. By this time, we were within 5 minutes of my house and we all kind of got ourselves back in order before arriving at my house.

After arriving home, I grabbed the blanket which my girlfriend and I had brought and she and I got out of the car, said goodnight to all of them. Tom asked if I had a good time and I said yes, very, at which time the daughter said she did too. Tom said good, he was glad. My girlfriend and I went inside of the house and ended up fucking for about 2 hours more. I kept imagining fucking Tom's daughter and I plowed my girlfriend like I had never fucked her before. She ended up having multiple orgasms and was exhausted afterwards.

A couple of days later, Tom was over at my house alone. My girlfriend was at her apartment. We were setting around drinking some beer and he asked me if I liked playing with his daughter's pussy in the backseat the other night. I was a bit taken back, but looked at him and said why do you ask that? I know what you two were doing, I have been having my way with her myself for about 2 years. Her mother doesn't know though. He said that he jacked off himself while driving watching and hearing us. He asked me did I like how wet her little pussy got? I said yes, very much so. He told me that she told him that I fingered her really good and she came and that she jerked me off and I came all over her hand, and she licked my cum off her fingers and I tasted goof to her. The entire time that Tom is telling me this, he is rubbing his cock through his pants,

I told him that I fucked my girlfriend that night for about 2 hours thinking what it would be like to fuck his daughter. He said, oh she is tight and too bad that I didn't get a chance to taste her pussy. All this time Tom is rubbing his cock, and then he asked me if I would like to taste her pussy and smell what her pussy aroma smells like. I said, "Hell Yes". He then said good, and pulled out his cock and said here, suck my dick and you can smell her pussy and tasted it both. He then walked over to me and put his dick up to my lips and said that he fucked her just before he came over while her mom was at work. Being that close to my face, I could smell the sex on his cock and I opened my mouth and began sucking his dick. He held my mouth and fucked my mouth for about 15 minutes before slamming a load of cum down my throat. By this time, my dick was rock hard and he returned the favor.

Since that day, he and I often got together and suck, and fuck his daughter in a threesome. Oh, why did they move away?????




Have masterbated fantasizing about cumming between my mom's hot toes , while I am staring at her bright red painted toenails. I have an super sex obsession for only my mother and have been fantasizing jacking off every day for her feet and want to fuck her doggie style,,sooooo bad....im58 and been lusting for her Soo. Soooo badly since I was 14 yrs old. My cum shoots so hot and i moan and make loud screams when I start cumming lusting soooo hard for my obsession for my mom who I want soooo badly, only she can satisfy my lust when I start shooting my cum every where for my sweet love mother.




I (a male from Rochester, NY) fantasize about being dressed as a whore and taken by a group of men. Their hands all over my body, their dicks pushing into my ass and mouth, exploding in me an on me until I completely drenched in cum.




I snuck into my sisters room after school , She was supposed to be at work so I picked out an outfit and was getting dressed when her bedroom door swung open and there stood Kelly.I was caught and nothing I said was going to get me out of trouble this time.My sister giggled and asked me what I was doing and before giving me a chance to respond she asked me if I remembered what mom and dad said the last time I was caught wearing her clothes. Kelly looked at me waiting for me to answer so I said they said that if I got caught wearing her clothes then they were going to let Kelly decide on what my punishment would be.She giggled again and said thats right."Well sissy,since you want to wear girls clothes so badly then that is what you are going to get to do." Kelly told me to strip that we were going to start over so with a bright red face I took everything off and stood there naked covering up my tiny little dick.My sister grabbed my hands and pulled them up and away from my crotch and saw how tiny my little dick was and started laughing at it.She told me my dick was very tiny,and it looked like a five year olds dick not a 14 year old boys .She pushed me into her bathroom and grabbed a can of something and sprayed it all over my entire body.After ten minutes she told me to take a shower telling me to use the shampoo and body wash .After several minutes I stepped out of the shower and was totally hairless below my eyes all the way to the ground.She sprayed me with body mist and took me into her room and pointed at the pile of clothes she had placed on her bed and told me to get dressed.I knew there was no use in trying to talk my way out of this one so I put on arch item of clothing.I thought to myself how pretty the shiny pink PVC panties and bra were as I put them on,then the thi high stockings,followed by a tight little shiny black PVC skirt,shear top followed by a pair of five inch high heels.I wrapped the strap around each ankle and buckled them tightly in place and my sister knelt down in front of me right away and slipped a little lock through each of the buckles ,snapping them closed and locked the high heels on my feet.She ran a belt through the loops on the skirt and buckled it tightly then I heard a click and looked down to see she had locked the belt to the skirt and to my body.She led me to her makeup table and after several long intense minutes she smiled and fixed my hair..She finally smiled and told me to stand and go look at myself in the mirror.When I saw my reflection I almost passed out.I didnt see my reflection at all,,but was now looking at a very pretty girl that was maybe 12 or 13 at the most.Kelly told me that she used some extra long extended wear makeup on me and it would not start to come off for at least a week,,maybe longer.She was doing something at her dresser but had her back to me so I couldnt tell what she was doing until she had turned around and had stepped up right in front of me.She reached inside my shirt and bra and pushed something up against my chest and held them there for a few minutes.She let go and moved them around a bit and adjusted my bra and told me that I didnt have to worry about being flat chested any more,when I looked down I saw that I had tits now,,Almost a C cup and they looked and moved like they were the real things.Kelly giggled and told me the adhesive she used was medical grade and required a special solvent to get the glue to release.She said she hoped that I liked having tits because she wasnt going to let me use the solvent so I was going to have a nice set of real feeling and moving tits for a month or more . While I was admiring myself in the mirror Kelly quickly changed clothes and handed me a small purse and grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door and down the hall not stopping till we were at her car.I asked my sister where we were going and she smiled and said where all hot looking girls go after school.When she saw I didnt understand what she was saying she told me that we were going to the mall..I started to panic saying that I couldnt go to the mall ,that someone would see me and I wasnt ready for that.Kelly told me to relax and to look in the mirror,she asked me If I could tell who the girl I saw was and after looking at my reflection for a minute admitted that I didnt know who the hot looking girl was.Kelly said that my name was Cindy and I was a girlfriend of hers from where we used to live and that I was going to be staying here for a while.Kelly smiled looking at me and said a long while.My sister told me that Cindy was going to be staying with her for the entire summer.She told me that I wanted to wear girls clothes and be a girl so bad and now I was going to get to be a girl for the summer.She saw how nervous I was and told me to relax,that I looked like a real girl and everyone would believe I am really a girl if I played the part and believed that I am really a girl,,that did the trick and we walked into the mall and I felt so sexy and feminine.As we walked through the mall headed to her favorite store I noticed that a few girls had noticed us then realized that almost every boy that I saw was staring at ,,,me. Kelly giggled and told me that I had all the boys attention for sure and that I was going to be a very popular girl this summer.I smiled and said that was good and my sister told me it was great ,that I was going to have every boy who saw me asking me out on a date.She asked me if I knew what that meant and when I said I didnt she laughed and told me that I would have boys wanting to take me out which meant I was going to be sucking a lot of cock.I stopped and said she was lying ,and asked if she was serious.Kelly akked me if I had ever been out with a girl and I told her that I had not and she said WOW,,you are a virgin? She explained that when a boy takes a girl out he is going to expect her to have sex with him and if she didnt want him to fuck her then she had to at least suck his cock.Kelly hugged me tight and told me that I was going to be sucking a lot of cocks this summer at least until I let one of the boys fuck my tight little sissy pussy.I told my sister that I was NOT going to be sucking any boys cock and really wasnt going to let them fuck me in the ass.Kelly laughed so hard that she almost fell over and looked at me seriously and said that I could resist all I wanted but eventually one of those boys was going to make me suck his hard cock .She said I could fight it but would eventually lose and it would be muck easier for me and on me if I just hurried up and got bit over with.She explained that the sooner I started sucking cock the sooner I was going to learn how to do it and after that I would start to love sucking cock and would swallow every drop of their hott yummy cum




I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm really into the idea of older men. I'm way too scared to try anything, but the thought of an older guy fucking my underage virgin pussy is soooo hot.




You’ll need to read part 1 to understand)

as I walked into the barn there they where I couldn’t get a hold of my thoughts as I was being watched by every single animal it’s as if they where wondering who I am or what I’m doing here little did they know I actually planned on fucking on of them, thanks to my flashlight my cock was cut and ready ,

Standing in the middle of the barn I could just feel my cock so hard I knew there was no turning back I looked around and i was kinda nervous tho because I didn’t want to get caught or hurt so I looked around to see what would be easier to stick my cock in that’s when I got too the chicken coup I wasn’t exactly sure how much there where but there was a lot so of course I said to myself there nice and small easy to hold and there asshole is almost like my flashlight and I wasn’t that big to at the time alittle over 4in I driving myself nuts so of course I grabbed A chicken and quickly ran out If his yard into the bushes As soon as I had the chicken I didn’t care if anyone seen me all I wanted to do was fuck this chicken in the ass

Now just me and the chicken alone

I took one last look around to to if anyone seen me I was clear

so I sat down to rest my back Against a tree and took my lace off of one shoe and used it too tie around the chickens ankle And my wrist so it wouldn’t try to escape

as I got comfortable I took both my boxer and shorts off leaving only my shirt on

and I started Jerking of my cock I got even Harder seeing that chicken looking at me clueless to What I’m about to do to it i continued to jerk off for a few more minutes till I started dropping pre already

I finally made my move and stood up

I picked the chicken up with both hands and turned it’s hole to my face as I was about to start licking its ass

I thought about what I’m doing and told myself this is wrong but something else in my mind was telling me to fuck it and I just went at it

I started licking its asshole my first thoughts was thinking I’d taste poo or something but there wasn’t even a taste to it just a fleshy hole, so like a dog licking a plate I kept going

Making sure every inch of its ass is nice and wet

At some point I can feel the chicken clenching it’s butt on my tongue

It was making me feel more horny feeling it’s body react to my tongue

i then began to suck it’s asshole as if it where a lollipop and it sure made me feel more frisky seeing it looking back at me

I took my middle finger and slowly swirled it around its asshole I then began to move the tip of my middle finger in and out making sure it’s nice and loose using more pressure I was able to slide my finger all The way to the knuckle and boy did that make the chicken jump it began to flap it’s wings trying to escape with my finger still in his ass but with a fast reaction I was able to grab it’s wings with my other hand and That got me a bit angry so of course my Stupid mind gets the better of me

I say

“theres no other way for this I’m going to fuck your asshole alright”

I then held it like a football player and this time I didn’t hold back I forced my finger right up it’s ass And fingered her rapidly Moving my finger in and out I could just feel it’s muscles flexing on my finger I so wanted to fuck this chicken and use my cock instead of my finger it still kept trying to escape but with her wings placed under my armpit made it impossible

as I just stand in the middle of the bushes fingering a chicken I noticed there’s no more sun barely now so I knew I had to be quicker now so I ponied up and used my spit to lube up my cock and it’s butt

Has I grasp it with both hands again I placed its asshole at the tip of my cock I was so tense it felt like I was about to faint or have a panic attack

I got ahold of myself and begin moving its ass around my cock pushing alittle harder sliding the tip in gently it felt so good like nothing I’d ever imagine I couldn’t think right as I got my cock head in my fore skin pulled back over and I was in a whole new experience of pleasure it was like the first time I stuck my cock in my flashlight only it’s warmer I then got more courage and started thrusting it slowly and harder at one point I just left my cock in its ass for a moment I can just feel it’s ass tightening around my shaft my legs started getting tired so I laid down position the chicken on top facing me this time I wanted it to look at me while I stick my cock his ass again

Before I could stick my cock inside again

a quick thought came to me I’m really loosing my virginity to a damn chicken thinking to myself what would people think if someone found out or seen me

I got focused again soon as I felt my cock going soft so like my flashlight I just stick my cock right into its ass by this time it’s ass was so loose I can actually see inside of it

so fucking it was no problem

I loved hearing it chirp while I was fucking it was glad nobody heard us

I started to get frisky again by saying

“your asshole is so good your gunna be my new sex toy you hear me baby”I knew any moment know I was about to cum so I quickly got back up but this time I was on my knees and continued to fuck it’s ass doggystyle with each thrust I can feel myself reaching my limit I so wanted to come in this chickens ass so I fucked it faster moaning louder I couldn’t help my self I loved this pleasure of fucking an animal the time came where I was gunna cum I gave it a few more hard thrust then busted my load in its nice loose butthole I just stood there like a statue out of breathe making sure very inch of its ass is full of my cum I pulled out as my cock went soft and it sure was an amazing sight

A rope of cum was dripping out it’s ass as I watched it I realized again it was getting even more darker I reckon it was atleast 10 now I just tossed the chicken aside like a bag and quickly put my shorts back on and thanks the chicken for a good time and said it can make it’s way back home that’s when I realized something was wrong with it I’d didn’t want to walk or nothing so of course I checked on it to see if it was try to fly away like last time but nope it

So I figured it was just tuckered out from all the pounding it took so I just left it there and made my way home

half way home i was thinking about my experience with that chicken and how I should try go there again and maybe try a different farm animal, with all this thinking I could feel myself getting hard again and the thought came in my head again

I was thinking it was the weekend so hey if I were to just bring the chicken home with me I can have fun with it all night the thought got me hard right away so I quickly went back as fast as i van hoping it didn’t go far once I got back I was so excited but that excitement will turn to regret and sadness

Has I got too the same spot hoping for an amazing night with that chicken I arrive only to see it’s lifeless body laying there it must’ve died a few minutes after I left so now with just a blank mind I started feeling Shitty about myself

Thinking back I realized it was in pain when it tried to leave I felt so bad thoughts were just running through my mind I was telling my self negative things like

“Omg did I just fuck I chicken to death”

“I just raped a chicken what is wrong with me”

a part of me was telling me to atleast bring it back but then how would I explain it’s asshole so I just quickly dug a hole and buried it till this day I I still feel sorry for that chicken I’m not to sure if the farmer realized a chicken was missing either

So I was able to relax knowing That I’m safe and nobody knows about my secret




Fuck it, I’m bored and there’s barely any activity going on in here. Imma start a chain of dark humor jokes and see where this goes.

I tried playing as Kobe on NBA 2k 2020, but the game kept crashing on me.