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told my gf i was into kids. she gave me that omg face. but then admitted she was too. i've never been so close to somebody before. she's unemployed right now but we decided she should start looking for as a babysitter. my heart's racing thinking about our near future.




I'm married and have been sucking cock for the last 15 years. I especially like her boss' cock. It's the perfect size for sucking and fits in my ass just perfect. He has large nuts and cums buckets. She doesn't know that we suck each other's cocks, and I especially like it when he fucks me when my wife is at lunch and I go to visit him. He cums so much it oozes out of my asshole all the way home.




My wife was out of town for the weekend and I was horny. I posted on-line that I needed my cock sucked. A guy answered my ad. I was pretty drunk at the time and couldn't drive so I agreed to meet him at a local park. We me there about 9:00 and it was just dark enough. We walked out to the far end of the park and walked behind a tree.

He said he was really horny and needed to fuck something. I told him I only wanted my cock sucked and wasn't into being a bottom. He said no problem. He could tell I was pretty drunk and when I dropped my pants and shorts for him to suck my cock he spun me around and forced me down to my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and began to play with my asshole. Before I knew it he had his cock in me and was fucking me like a little bitch. He kept calling me his bitch and that he was going to breed me. I was too drunk to fight him even though I didn't want this. He fucked me for about 20 minutes and came inside my asshole. I collapsed to the ground and when I got up he was gone. I never did get my cock sucked that night but my asshole was sore for three days. I decided that I would be more careful in the future.




I had sex with my mother when I was 50 and she was 75. A widow of some years by then.

We met up to clear the air between us and I booked a hotel in a nice resort halfway btw. us. Neutral ground, so to speak.

I booked a suite with a separate bedroom for her. After a few days preliminary blah blah and airing of grievances we started to see each other's point of view.

One evening we had a bottle of wine and mother got ready to have a bath. When I heard the water running, I took of my cloth and went into her bathroom.

She sat in the tube, using the shower to rinse her upper body. When she seen me entering the bathroom, she tried to cover herself up. I went straight into the tube with her and sat down opposite. She was shocked and did not know what to say. I looked at the old wrinkled body, the small saggy breasts and the white curly hairs below a pregnancy stretched belly. She looked at me and i seen her eye going for my penis just a fraction of a second.

I was getting hard by then and got onto my knees so she could have a better look at my hard rod. Started to stroke myself for effect and then bend down to take one of her nipples into my mouth. She did try to fend me of but I succeeded and then started to finger her in the same time.

She squirmed and said 'no, no' over and over again. I felt her pussy swell up and massaged her clit. Sure enough I felt her shudder. She sighted and archer her back a little. Bingo! Mom came!

I took her into the bedroom, oiled up my penis with bay oil (bought just for such occasion) and entered her.

She was a bit tight and fought but I was so horny be now that I went for it. Shooting my load into the same vagina I came out of was such a thrill that I got hard again just a few minutes later. This time, I took my time teasing her, trying to tit fuck (not possible due to lack of tits) and wanted her to take it into her mouth. She did not so I mounted her again, sloppy seconds, taking my time, massaging her clit so she came again.

Then masturbating in front of her face and coming onto her chest.

Next day she commented on what we did and that it is a shame and we cannot tell anyone and on and on.

I fucked her twice per day to the end of out stay in that resort.

We parted and met once since, me fucking her now 60 year old pussy. She had much trouble to reach orgasm by then. On our next meet the coming winter I will try anal with her.




Growing up I always had a much larger cock than my friends. When I was eight Ed and I showed each other our cocks. His was so small compared to mine. That's when I started trading looks with my other friends. When I got to high school you couldn't help but notice the other boys' cocks in the shower. I was always in church so I never fucked a girl or even had anyone touch my cock until I got married. We didn't fuck until our wedding night and I nearly split her in two. It got so we would fuck for a while but she would pull me out of her and finish me off with a hand job. She said I was too big for her to suck so that never happened either. I cum buckets and can usually cum two or three times in one session.

One night I was really horny but my wife was out of town. I didn't have any beer in the house so I decided to go to the bar a couple of blocks away. I had never been there before, but I was on foot so I wouldn't have to drive if I got a little drunk. There were only a couple of other guys in the bar and I had never been there before but I thought it would be innocent enough. I was there for about an hour and the bar was starting to fill up. I was starting to feel really tipsy when a big fat guy sat on the stool next to me. We chatted a while and then he put his hand on my thigh and rubbed up and down a couple of times. "What the fuck are you doing?" I blurted out.. Then I looked around and noticed that there were only men in the bar. It was a fucking gay bar. I wasn't gay and suddenly felt out of place. The guy next to me didn't move his hand away but instead put it on my cock. Even soft my cock is the size of a normal guy's hard cock. He looked at me and said he would love to suck me. I told him I wasn't gay. and he took his hand away.

After another hour I decided to leave. I was staggering down the sidewalk when the same guy grabbed my arm and offered to help me to my car. I told him I was on foot and he said he would walk me home. I didn't argue and guided him to my house. I fumbled for the key and thanked him. He said he thought I was in no shape to take care of myself so he walked me inside and straight to the bedroom. He proceeded to undress me and I didn't fight him. Instead of laying me down in my underwear he stripped me totally. When he saw my cock he made some comment I don't even remember, but I remember him positioning me on the bed on my back and gently start to stroke me. Then he bent down and started to suck me. My wife only did this a couple of times before she gave it up but this guy seemed eager to get as much in his mouth as possible. I don't get rock hard as my cock is too big but it gets hard enough. He couldn't get very much in his mouth but he didn't seem to mind. I was sort of lost in the moment and full of beer so I didn't give a fuck who was sucking me as long as I was getting sucked. Within five minutes I was ready to cum. I told him I was gonna blow and expected him to take his mouth off of me. He didn't. He kept sucking until I couldn't hold it any longer. I started cumming and he started swallowing. He took it all and when I was spent he said it was the biggest load he had ever taken. Then he did the unexpected and straddled my chest. He put his cock up to my lips and pushed it past my lips. I was too drunk to fight him off. He started to fuck my mouth and within a minute I started to really like his cock in my mouth. I didn't try to pull away and his cock grew to it's full length. It wasn't as big as mine but still pretty good size.

He fucked my mouth for about 15 minutes and then came in my mouth. I didn't know what to do but instinctively started to swallow. I never knew giving a blowjob could be so thrilling. My cock was nearly hard again. After I had sucked him clean he pulled out of my mouth and moved back between my legs. He sucked me for a few minutes then moved his tongue down past my huge nuts and started to tongue my asshole. This was another first and I was excited to see how it went. He had my ass all slippery when I felt him lift my knees up and shove his cock in my ass. It nearly sobered me up with the pain but after a couple of minutes of him resting in my ass it became bearable. He slowly fucked me for a few minutes and grabbed my cock. As soon as he started to stroke me I came again. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. He fucked me for about 20 minutes and came for a second time. I could feel his cum running down my ass crack after he pulled out. He laid next to me and kissed me. I'd never been kissed by a man but his tongue found the inside of my mouth and I let him explore. This got my cock stirring again. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning on my stomach with him fucking me from behind. I was sober now but remembered the events of the night before. I was enjoying his cock in my ass so I pretended to still be asleep. He fucked me for a good half hour before he came inside me again. I made no effort to stop him. When he finally pulled out he offered to wash my back in the shower. We ended up showering together and after getting out he finally got dressed and left. I never got his name but found a whole new genre of sex. I never considered myself gay but after that night I constantly thought about sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. When my wife came home we resumed our normal sex life but I longed for another cock and have been sneaking to the bar whenever I could.

It's been over 15 years now and I still get hard every time of go out for "a drink."




I've always been a masculine type person and and I'm considered straight but since I was 13 I've fantasized about exploring my feminine side with another man. I've worn pantyhose everyday since I was 13 under my jeans and I crave to wear women's lingerie and sexy costumes and pleasure a man. I lay in my bed and when I masturbate I think about dressing up like a ballerina, cheerleader, or schoolgirl and letting a man fuck me like a sissy. Where are all my guys that wanna fuck a sissy at?




I'm a happily married military spouse. I'm not sure if I'm happy because my husband is away so much and I have the opportunity to indulge without being caught or I really love him. Anyway my husband is stationed in Hawaii and is away quite a bit for training, I'm very attractive for my age 5'5", redhead and milky white skin. I'm part of my husbands units FRG I say I'm a pedophile because I've taken the virginity of several young boys that live in my neighbor hood and age is really no issue, the youngest boy I've fucked was 13yo I did it at a party with his uncle and a few friends watching me