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I got home from a business trip a day early, and as I opened the front door I heard her saying, "Oh, yeah! Fuck me harder!" I put my bags down and walked down the hallway. The bedroom door was open and I stuck my head around the doorway. My wife, Jenny was on her hands and knees on the bed and our next door neighbor, Jimmy was wildly fucking her. He pulled out of her and she flipped over on her back and turned around. He bent over her and shoved his cock in her mouth. It was much bigger than mine. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming," he said and she reached around and grabbed his ass. She pulled him in as far she could. I could tell he was cumming and she was taking it all.

At first I was pissed. Then I realized my cock was getting hard watching my wife getting fucked by this stud. She sucked him for another two minutes and he finally rolled off of her. I walked in clapping. They were both shocked. I told her, "So, why don't you ever do that to me?" She didn't say anything. She looked humiliated. "Here's the deal. If you want to stay in this marriage things are gonna change. I want you to suck my cock like you just did to him. And you, you fucking bastard, if you don't want Linda to find out, you're gonna suck me too." I got undressed and stepped up to the bed.

"On one condition," she said. "I'll suck your cock if you suck his." I pointed to him to get down and start sucking. Surprisingly he did. He sucked me until I was rock hard. Neither of them knew that I liked to suck cock and took this opportunity. After he sucked me for a little bit I had her lay on the floor on her back. I knelt up to her and shoved my cock into her cum-soaked pussy. I told him to stand in front of me, and when he did I stuck his cock in my mouth. She came almost immediately, telling me to suck that monster.

It didn't take too long and I started cumming. I filled her cunt with more jizz than ever before. After another minute I pulled out and she said she wanted to see me get fucked. I got on all fours and she laid under me in a 69. She took my cock in her mouth and he knelt behind me. He started licking my asshole, getting me nice and slimy. His cock was still hard and he shoved it all the way into my ass. My cock jumped every time he thrust forward. We were all three loving it. Since we had both cum already we were able to stay hard a while. She sucked me and he fucked me for 20 minutes. He was the first to cum. I felt his warm jizz fill my ass and this made me cum. She swallowed it all.

When we finally all pulled out and relaxed a little he got dressed and left. Jen and me talked about it and decided we needed to do it more often. This was a whole new experience and we have been bi-swinging ever since. Many times with Jimmy, and many times with different strangers we meet on-line. I guess she now knows I love to suck cock.




It was my second time at the gay bar the weekend my wife was out of town. About 10:00 a skinny guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to join his little club. I decided I would try it so he led me outside and told me to follow him. We drove to his place and he said the others would be there shortly.

He took me to the basement. It was a regular sex dungeon. He stripped and told me to do the same. He asked if I minded being bound. I told him it sounded like fun. He took me over to his stocks. When I was locked in my head and arms were through the front and from the neck down I was exposed. He walked around back and grabbed my cock. He had me hard in two minutes. He didn't let me cum, though. He walked around the front and put his cock up to my mouth. It was surprisingly large for such a skinny guy. I opened my mouth and he gently put his cock in. I started to suck him. My cock stayed hard the whole time.

Two more guys walked in and stripped. I was still sucking skinny guy's cock when the other two walked behind me. One sat between my legs and started to suck my cock while the other one started to lick my asshole. He tongue fucked me for a minute, then I felt his cock at my asshole opening. I spread my legs a little and felt him push his cock into my ass. I was busy sucking a cock and getting mine sucked, so I didn't even flinch when he buried his cock all the way in my ass. He started to slowly fuck me. I couldn't hold off any longer and started cumming. That guy swallowed every bit of my cum and kept sucking. The guy I was sucking grabbed my head and started to cum in my mouth. He filled my mouth to overflowing. He finally pulled out of my mouth and walked around to the back. I was still being sucked and fucked when I felt a hand slap my ass. Over and over. He kept slapping my ass until the pain was nearly unbearable.

The ass slapping and fucking went on for about 20 minutes before I started crying. I was yelling for him to stop as my ass was burning. Then he stopped and I noticed my cock was as hard as its ever been. The fucking was feeling really good. Skinny guy came around and wiped the tears from my face. Then he stuck his cock back in my mouth. I sucked him until he started cumming again. It took another 20 minutes. Finally the guy in my ass, fucking me like there was no tomorrow, pulled my hips back and let out a whale. His cum filled my ass and I felt it dripping down onto my balls. I started to cum again. He finally pulled out of my ass with a loud pop.

They let me out of the stocks. I was stiff and sore, but it was the best three hours of sucking and fucking I ever had. I told him I'd be there the next night, and he said that Saturday night was the night his whole crew would be there. What a fucking weekend.




I have been having sex with men on the down low for the entire time I have been married. I started letting other guys suck my dick when I was 17, and when I was 19 I sucked my first cock and was hooked. I do know if I am bi or not because I only like having sex with men, I could never have a relationship with a man. I let one guy kiss me and I actually felt sick to my stomach. So, I have relationships with women and have sex with men from time to time.

I work from home a lot and the wife has a job that doesn't allow her to do so. This is the only time I have to myself so I take advantage of it and sometimes will have a guy over to have some man on man fun.

I met a guy online the other day and he was to come over so we could suck each other and he would fuck me. He was not my usually type of guy, he was 28 and in really good shape and from his pictures he had a very large cock. I have been fucked by large cocks in the past and loved the way they could make me cum, so I was really looking forward to feeling his cock deep inside me. I didn't get too excited though because it seems most guys cocks get smaller from the time they take the picture till they get to our meeting, if you know what I mean.

This guy hadn't misrepresented his man hood at all. He arrived at my house around 11am as we had planned. He looked exactly as his picture and had a nice bulge in his shorts. I invited him in and took him straight to my home office. I really like getting bent over my desk and fucked really good!

As soon as we entered the office I stripped my clothes off and turned to him. He was already pulling his shirt over his head and I reached out and pulled his shorts down to his feet in one motion. His cock popped out of the waste band as it went by. His cock was semi-erect and was already 5 inches and thick! I dropped to my knees admiring his beautiful cock. He stepped out of his shorts and took a step forward, I didn't even use my hands, I just took him into my mouth and started sucking him in as far as I could.

His cock started growing with my sucking and getting hard. I reached my hands around and cupped both of his firm ass checks and started pulling him into me. It felt wonderful when his cock head went past the back of my throat and started down my throat. His cock was the thickest I had ever sucked and was stretching my throat, it felt different and wonderful at the same time.

I worked on his cock for a good 5 minutes before I let it completely out of my mouth, when I did, I leaned back to get a good look at it. It was at least 9 inches long and as big around as one of those small soda cans. His balls were really nicely sized also, and was shaved clean, which I love.

He commented on how no one had ever taken that much of his cock down their throat before and that if felt wonderful. I told him it was a pleasure taking his massive cock. He smiled and offered it to my mouth again. I took him back into my mouth and was working his man meat back into my throat and was playing with his balls with one hand and using the other hand to pull him in as deep as I could get him.

I could get him almost all the way in but not completely and I really wanted to. So I release him and got to my feet and led him by his cock over to my desk.

I got up on my desk and laid down on my back and hung my head over the edge, I held onto his cock the whole time and guided it back into my mouth. He seemed to like this, he didn't waste anytime, he started fucking my mouth and just after a few strokes he was all the way down my throat, balls deep, just the way I like it. As he was fucking my throat he reached down and started playing with my cock and balls. It felt wonderful him shoving his cock down my throat and stroking my cock. It didn't take long and I could tell by his thrusting that he was going to cum, and as much as I would like to feel his cock pulsing in my throat, I wanted to feel it in my ass before he came.

I pushed him away and told him not to cum yet because I wanted to feel his big hard cock deep in my ass. He said not to worry because he could cum and stay hard. That's all he had to say I pulled him back in and he started fucking my throat again and within a few strokes I felt his cock swell and he started grunting and moaning. He pushed his cock as deep as he could get it into my throat and it started pulsing, even though I couldn't taste it I knew he was cumming deep in my throat. I let him stay all the way in as long as I could, then pulled back and he was still shooting his last couple of strings of cum, the taste was delightful. I licked and sucked it clean of his cum, and as he said it stayed hard.

I told him I couldn't wait any longer, I needed to feel that big thing inside my ass. I spun around and put one leg on either side of him, he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth and started sucking like a pro. It didn't take long and I was feeling that awesome feeling, I was about to cum. He sensed this and started sucking harder and faster, I pushed him away and told him I didn't want to cum yet.

He leaned back down and started licking and sucking on my balls and worked his way down to my man pussy. When his tongue his my ass hole it was like mini orgasms. He worked his tongue into me and then a finger, then two, then three. The third finger was a bit much, and hurt a little, but I knew I needed to be stretched out if I was gonna take his man hood into me.

He worked on my ass for a good 10 minutes, he really liked eating my ass, and I loved it. I took his head into my hands and pulled him up letting him know I was ready for his cock. He raised up and put his massive cock up to my pussy and started rubbing it up and down my crack, then he stopped it on my button and started pushing, it felt huge.

When the massive head popped past my pussy ring muscle it hurt. But he was experienced and stopped, he held it there until the pain went away. He then started pushing it in little by little and then would pull it back out and start over.

He did this several times, I was sweating from the pain and the pleasure. But after a few minutes I felt his balls pressing up against my ass, and I knew he was all the way in. He held that position for a few seconds and then started fucking me real slow. He was telling me that I had the tightest pussy he had ever fucked. That was adding to the pleasure. He fucked me with long slow strokes for a couple of minutes and then he started to speed up, I was in heaven, no one had ever been that deep in me before and the feeling was indescribable. As he was fucking me he was lightly stroking my cock, and I was getting really close to cumming, so I told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind.

He pulled out, and I felt so empty. I flipped over and he was back inside me in one motion. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.

He started fucking my really hard and fast, it was making me feel like I was going to cum and nothing was touching my cock. I told him that I thought I was gonna cum, this was all it took to put him over the edge and he started cumming deep inside me. This made me started cumming, I was shooting all over the side of my desk. He pushed as deep as he could get and uas breeding me, I kept telling him to plant that seed deep inside me.

When he was done cumming, he started slow strokes again, and I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass and running down my leg.

The best part was that he was still hard, I couldn't believe it. He finally pulled out of me and I turned around, his cock was still sticking straight out, I heard a familiar voice say, "now it's my turn". I looked to the door and there stood my wife with her titts out pinching one nipple and her other hand was rubbing her pussy through her pants.

I was scared to death, but then I started thinking, what did she just say.

But without another work she walked in dropped to her knees and took his beautiful cock into her mouth and went to work on it. I couldn't believe how fast my cock got hard watching her. I will try to post the rest of this sometime this week.




When I was 16 I was in an accident leaving me with a broken hip and a leg broken in 3 places needless to say I was pretty much bed ridden most of the time. My moms sister Colleen was a nurse and would come in during the day and help out when mom was at work. The pain medication they were giving me worked real good but the only draw back was my dick wouldn't get hard and being a 16yr old guy I was used to jacking off a couple times a day.

One morning I was playing with my cock trying to get it hard but it wouldn't get stiff so I just laid there frustrated since I had not shot a load in about 2 weeks. About an hour later Colleen came in to check on me and said " What's the matter Curt you look depressed" I said " Oh its nothing" She looked at me and smiled then said " Come on now Curt I'm a nurse maybe I can help". I thought what the hell and said " Well this pain medication works good but its making my penis not get stiff and I haven't busted a nut in over two weeks". She smiled then put on a rubber glove then spread my leg and slid her long skinny finger up in my rectum and started massaging my prostate. I felt my penis start to twitch as she rubbed my prostate in a slow circular motion. Slowly my cock got harder and the head started swelling as it now stood at attention. I watched it throb back and forth as a clear fluid started leaking from the tip. She grabbed it and spread the pre cum all over it and slowly jerked me off using the fluid as lube. More and more of my pre cum oozed from my pulsating cock as she expertly masturbated me. After a couple minutes I couldn't hold back any more and squirted the biggest load of sperm I ever shot. I came out in long streams and covered my chest and face. " There that should hold you for a while" she said as she cleaned me up.

The next morning she came in and asked me how I was doing. I told her Ok and thanked her for helping me yesterday. " That's what I'm here for Curt to help you". She said. She then reached in her bag and produced a long vibrator with a bent end then inserted that into my asshole placed it against my prostate the turned it on. This time when I was fully erect my normally 6in dick stretched out to at least 7in and the head swelled to twice it's size. " How does that feel Curt" She asked as my cock pulsated to another mind blowing orgasm. " Oh my fucking Christ Colleen that was the best nut I ever had" I said as the cum dripped off my face. She leaned in and kissed me licking the semen from my face and chest then turned on the vibrator again till my penis was stiff for the second time in just minutes. She then pulled out a condom and placed it on my throbbing cock then lifted her skirt and removed her panties the gently mounted me sliding her wet cunt over my tender cock and moved her hips in a circular motion and fucked me slowly. " Tell me when your gonna shoot off Curt" She said As she ground her wet snatch onto my hard dick. I reached up and fondled her firm A Cup tits as the vibrator buzzed in my rectum I was getting ready to come and said " Ok Colleen I'm gonna go" And she turned up the vibrator full blast causing my cum to squirt out in violent spurts as she ground onto me in her own orgasm. When we were finished she got off me and my limp dick flopped out on my belly then she removed the condom and licked out the sperm then sucked me clean. We continued fucking for the next few years till I went away to college but I'll never forget her.




I grew up in rural Kentucky It was a pretty cool place for kids back then. My name is Lynne When I was 14yrs old I had two brothers named Kevin 13 and Drew 12 we hung out together all the time because we had no close neighbors and our momma worked long hours at the factory in town. One morning I woke up after Momma went to work and got up to make breakfast for me and the boys. It was already a hot day so I just wore my white cotton panties an a T shirt. I finished breakfast then called the boys to come and eat. They walked in wearing just their underpants and sat down at the table. I was getting their plates when they started giggling and whispering to each other. "Ok boys what's so funny"? I asked them "Drew said he can see some hair sticking out of your panties" Kevin said and started laughing again. I looked down and saw some pubic hair peeking out of the leg hole of my panties. " What's the matter boys you never seen hair before" " Not there" Drew said and laughed more. I told them they would get hair down there someday then I would laugh at them. " I got some now" Kevin said and stood up pulling down his underwear just enough to show some tufts of black pubic hair sticking out. " How about you Drew" I asked and he said no not yet. I told him he would soon then he could show us. We ate and talked awhile when Kevin asked "Hey Lynne you ever had sex before" I told them that I had sex a couple times and Drew asked what it's like " Well the first time was with Billy from school it hurt because he had to break my cherry but the second time I did it was with my friend Carla's daddy he took his time and made me cum a couple times" " Wow Lynne that's cool I cant wait till I get to have sex" Kevin said. All the sex talk made me horny so I said " If you boy's clean the kitchen up I'll show you both what its like"

When they finished we went to my room and I told them to get naked and sit on the bed. They sat there with their dicks sticking up throbbing Kevin was about 6in with black curly hair at the base and on his sagging balls. Drew was around 5in a little shorter than Kevin bout his cock head was big and pink. I got on my knees and stroked their cocks and asked them if they squirted cum yet they both said they did so I went to Drew first and put his cock head in my mouth and sucked for a minute then took him all the way in my mouth and started to blow him " Oh my god Lynne that feels wonderful" he said as I licked and sucked his hairless dong. I sucked for a couple minutes then told him to let me know when he was ready to shoot his stuff. He tapped me on the shoulder and said "I think I'm ready Lynne" I took him in my mouth all the way as he bucked his hips then squirted stream after stream of his warm sweet boy semen into my mouth "Oh yea Lynne that feels great" he said as his young dick shot the last of his warm semen into my mouth and went limp. I moved over to Kevin then went down on him sucking and licking his hard penis while squeezing his hairy balls It didn't take long before he was shooting off in my eager mouth " Yes oh yes Lynne That's it" as his spunk squirted down my throat. I managed to swallow it all down as they both laid on the bed with their cocks leaking the last bit of cum from their balls. I licked them both clean then took off my panties and shirt and laid in the bed with my legs spread.

"Ok boys" I said as I spread apart my pussy lips " This is my pussy hole where you put your cocks in and this here is my clit that's what you play with to make me cum" "Wow Lynne its real neat" Drew said as he touched my hole. " Ok Drew you go ahead and put a couple fingers in my hole And Kevin I want you to play with my clit. Drew started fingering my sloppy cunt as Kevin flicked his finger on my hard clit. I was horny as hell and told Drew to put another finger in stretching my pussy open further " Oh yea boys that's it faster, faster I moaned as my wet cunt erupted in a massive orgasm as juices poured out all over Drew's hand. When I finished I took Drew's hand and licked my juices from his fingers.

We laid together as stroked them both back to hardness then told them " Ok boy's now it's time to fuck" I told kevin to get between my legs and put his cock head up to my wet hole when he was in position I told him to push it in and start pumping in and out. He slid in then started fucking me with deep hard strokes. I could feel another orgasm coming and told him to put a finger in my butthole, I came as his finger entered my pulsating shit hole then he said he was ready and I told him not to shoot off in me. He pulled out and squirted on my belly. " Ok Drew your turn " I got on my hands and knees then told him to enter me from behind. He got behind me and pushed his dick in and fucked me hard. I could feel his balls slapping my clit as he pounded in and out of my wet fuckhole " Ok Lynne I'm gonna shoot. He pulled out and came on my back then collapsed on the bed. I sucked them both off one more time then let them both fuck me again before mom got home.




I was 12yrs old when I lost my cherry it wasn't a memorable experience all he did was shove it in me pump a few times then pulled out and shot his cum on my belly and left leaving me with a mess to clean up and a sore pussy. About 2 weeks later I was walking home from school and ran into two older boys from school named Jesse and Ray they were both 14yrs old and black I wasn't attracted to black boys but they were nice so I stopped and talked with them. " Hey Sara What's up"? Jesse asked "Oh not much I'm on my way home from school". I noticed both of them staring at me smiling then Ray said "We gonna go over my crib and chill if you wanna come with us" I thought about it for a minute and said "Ok but only for a little while I have to get home soon". When we got to Ray's house Jesse put his arms around me and said " You be looking fine Sara" and he gently kissed me working his tongue between my lips then swirling it in my mouth. I put my arms around him kissing him back our tongues moving around in each others mouths. Ray came up behind me and reached under my skirt and rubbed my ass through my panties then Jesse put his hand between my legs and tickled my pussy making me wet. " Oh yea baby you is a hot bitch" Jesse said as he slid down my panties and started fingering my wet hole. I was horny as hell as his finger slid in my pussy then out and around my clit making me come for the first time. "Oh yea Ray dis bitch be ready to fuck now" Jesse said as he undressed me then laid me on the couch. I watched them undress and when I saw their cocks I just stared they were at least 10in with big pink heads. Jesse got between my legs and rubbed the head of his big nigger cock on my wet pussy then pushed it in me all the way in one stroke. I didn't think my cunt would take it all but it felt good when he started fucking me "Oh yea baby you has a tight pussy I is gonna fuck yo white cunt good" He said as his black cock pounded my hole. He fucked me for five minutes making me cum again when he moaned " Shit bitch I is gonna shoot my spunk" Then pulled out squirting his cum all over me. " I laid there in a daze as Ray got on me and slid his long black pole in my wet snatch. He fucked me slow at first then started really giving it to me I came for the third time as he reamed out my wet hole " You like big nigga dicks don't you bitch" Ray said as he fucked me. Oh yea Ray I love your big nigger cock fucking me. " I is gonna give you my cum bitch" He said as he pulled out and shot his hot semen all over my face and neck, I licked some off my lips tasting his sweet cum as I laid there recovering from the best fuck I ever had. We sat on the couch naked touching each other they played with my tits and pussy as I fondled their big cocks. I got on my knees between Jesse's legs and started licking His balls as I jerked him to another erection. "That's it bitch suck my cock clean" he said as I licked my juices from his big black dick. after a couple minutes I felt his cock head swell and he said " Oh yea bitch I is gonna fill yo mouth with my nigga cum" as he pushed my head down shoving his cock down my throat then squirted his hot cum making me gag. I was coughing up Jesse's load When Ray bent me over the couch And put lube on my butthole I told him I never did that before trying to pull away but he pushed me down as Jesse held me then said "Don't worry bitch you gonna love it" He spread my butt cheeks apart as I felt his big black cock stretch open my virgin butt hole " mmm yea you is a tight motherfucker bitch" he said as his cock slid all the way in. Once he started fucking my ass it hurt but felt good too I was getting into it saying " Oh yea fuck my ass with that big nigger cock Ray fuck it good make me cum again" I reached down and played with my clit as he ass fucked me " Oh yea Ray I'm coming I'm coming" As my pussy squirted my juices all over his balls. "Yea bitch I is gonna fill yo ass with my come" He said as his dick pumped my sore rectum with his seed. When he finished I sucked them both clean then went home to rest up for tomorrow.




Hi. My name is Robin and I'm 13. I have to get this on this site and I want a honest answer. Ok?

When I was as bout 5 or 6 I remember my dad rubbing and sometimes putting a finger in my pussy. I liked how it felt. Sometimes we kissed too. I luv my dad and I know he can be in big trouble if the cops found out so I won't tell them. The problem is that dad is so worried that he won't touch my since 4 months ago after he saw a man on the news go to jail for 50 years. That's a long time. So I won't be dad but I want to find some other man to finger and kiss me again. My super big question is how to find a nice man to do it. Is it really a bad idea to flirt with child molesters at the mall or park and should I be worried to get in a car with them or let them play with with my pussy someplace private at the park? I'm tired of fingering myself and not being kissed. Please give me good advicw