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We grew up in a small house. The two girls were in one bedroom and my brother and I were in another room. He was three years older than me and had a girlfriend once he got into high school. When he started driving he was gone most nights. He had a bit of a temper and I've noticed when his girlfriend turns him down he comes home in a pissy mood.

One Friday night everyone was gone and I was watching TV alone. He came in and plopped down on the couch with me. "That fucking bitch" he said. "Why? What happened?" I asked. "None of your fucking business." That ended the conversation for a bit. He was madder than I'd ever seen him. He was fidgeting around and I could see he was trying to decide what to do. I looked down and could see the outline of his cock through his jeans. He saw me staring and said, "I need my cock sucked. You've been staring, so you get to do it." I was speechless. I really didn't know what to do. He undid his pants and pushed them and his underwear down to the floor. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head down to his lap. I didn't think I was gay but this was a little curious for me. I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth. It was much bigger than mine and the skin was soft. I thought "How could a cock be hard but be so soft?"

Every so often he would jerk a little when I put a bit of pressure on his cock with my lips. Then it was like he was fucking my mouth. He thrust forward until his cock hit my throat. I nearly gagged but he didn't stop. "Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum" he said just as the first shot hit the back of my throat. He held my head down until he was done cumming. He held me there for a bit longer until I had sucked him dry. Then I realized I really wanted to suck him again. He let my head go but I didn't take my mouth off his cock. Instead I switched positions to where I was kneeling on the floor in front of him with his cock still in my mouth. He didn't protest but just sat there and let me suck him until he was hard again and about 15 minutes later he gave me his second load. I was just finishing when we heard the car pull up. He quickly pulled his pants up and we sat there like nothing happened.

Over the rest of his high school days I sucked his cock hundreds of times. His mood seemed to straighten out and his anger subsided. Within two months of that first blowjob not only was I sucking him on a regular basis but he was fucking me as well. The first couple of times it hurt but after a bit I started to crave it. I was sorry to see him move away but I've been getting cock up my ass and in my mouth on a consistent basis from that day until this.




My boyfriend has had his license for about a year. We haven't fucked but he has had his fingers in my pussy and has made me cum a number of times. I had been watching blowjob porn and decided I really wanted to try it.

One night he picked me up in his dad's pickup and we were heading to the movies. We got stopped at a railroad crossing and were behind a couple of cars. I figured this was the night I would suck his cock so as soon as we stopped I put my hand on his thigh and looked at him. Then I said, "I want to suck your cock." Without another word I reached over and unbuckled his belt. He was speechless. I Unzipped him and he positioned himself so I could pull his pants down a little. I fished his cock out of the piss hole in his underwear. He was already half-erect. We knew the train would be at least two minutes and I had no idea how long a blowjob would last but I bent over and kissed the tip of his cock.

He had a pretty small cock and when I put my mouth on it I could fit the whole thing in my mouth. I closed my eyes to shut out the world and bobbed up and down on his cock. He didn't warn me and I didn't really know how it works but without saying anything he started cumming. I hadn't sucked him for 30 seconds before he filled my mouth with his cum. The first squirt shocked me bet I was determined so I kept my mouth on his cock and sucked him until he was spent. I think it embarrassed him and I asked him if anybody had ever sucked him off. He told me no. I said that I won't let him fuck me but I'd suck his cock any time he wanted.

We went into the movie and sat in the back of the theater. There weren't many people there and nobody was behind us. The movie started and he put his arm around me. About 30 minutes into the movie I reached over and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. I could tell it was making him hard. Then I whispered, "Can I suck you again?" He looked around, and after seeing that nobody was watching us he undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. He lasted a lot longer this time and 10 minutes later I got my second load of cum.

It got to be our routine. He would pick me up and I would suck him off two or three times every time we went out. We eventually did fuck but for me there was nothing as exciting as making his cock grow in my mouth and making him cum. That was many years ago and my husband is a man with a very large cock. The fucking is great and he makes me cum multiple times each time we fuck but I will still suck him off anytime and virtually anywhere.




I was talking to my sister almost 6 weeks ago. She was telling me about my niece's best friend had just had her first period. My sister catches up with the mothers when she is picking up or dropping off my niece.

I was shocked, as was my sister. My niece is 10 and her best friend is only 9. At 9 and 1 month, she had her period. While shocked, i have to admit i was really turned on by the idea of such a tiny girl being fertile. I had met my niece's friend a couple of times when visiting my sister and the girls were around playing.

She is a really cute little girl. Slim, short, long hair and already has tiny little soft breasts, only enough to make her chest soft.

I arranged to pick my niece and her friend up from school with my sister. I decided to drop my niece off and then her friend. Knowing i really shouldn't, i did anyway. I told her i needed to pick up something at the gym. When i got there she decided she would follow me in and check out the place. It's a self managed gym open 24 hours, but no full time staff. I took her upstairs to show her around cause i knew no one was ever up their.

I told her how sexy it was that she was fertile and she was so cute. She was so light i was able to lay her on the table with ease and hold her down. I lifted her school skirt and pulled her panties gusset open.

Although i had her mouth covered she still yelled a bit, but it took a few minutes to get myself in her. I could feel my head bottom out inside her and that was enough, i just pulled her hips really hard and thrust in. One big drive and i felt my head push hard into her cervix as i went balls deep. That was all it took and i unloaded so hard in her, spurting four really good loads in. I stayed so hard i kept going and i lasted about 10 minutes before i pushed another two really good spurts of semen into her fertile belly. I stayed in her until i went soft, making sure i kept as much of my baby making sperm in her as i could.

She was crying, but i told her i loved her tiny body and would really love to fuck her again some time. I took her home and told her not to tell or i would come after her and her family. She nodded when she got out of the car and left.

I can't wait to see if i get her pregnant. This was today and i am already working out how to fuck her a few more time this week to make sure i have fertilised her tiny body. I want to see her 9 year old belly start to grow with my baby inside it. I timed this based on what my sister said and i believe she should be ovulating now or in a couple of days. I really hope she is pregnant already.




The last four years have been the most fulfilling time in my life. I'm talking about my needs for cock. I really have become a cocksucker. I suck cock in gloryholes, adult theaters, parks, rest areas, truck stops and gay bath houses. My most satisfying experience was two weeks ago at my favorite bath house.

I arranged to get together with five heavy set guys in need of draining thier full balls. I rented one of the larger party rooms and greeted each gentleman whilst asking them to shed thier cloths and get comfortable for the hottest cocksucker they had ever seen. One by one I began worshiping cock. This went on for about an hour untill I had taken all five cock loads down my cum hole. We then began french kissing one another and sucking each other's nipples, feet and toes. I even ate cum loads from thier feet and toes. A couple of the guys fucked each other's cunt and I cleaned out those cum filled holes.

Finally, after four hours or so they all stood around me and jacked off all over my fuck face. My entire face was drenched in man cum untill I was unrecognizable. They all left one by one but not before they fed me one more load each with cum dripping off my face. I layed there with the feel of warm creamy sperm all over my face.

Believe it or not, I parked myself in a gloryhole cubical and sucked and swallowed nine more hot loads of man cum.

I want more cum, I need more cum, I have to have more cum. I have become addicted to cum. Can I have yours, please?




I was on-line the other day and got on a porn survey site and the question was, "Do you remember the first cock you sucked?" I decided to answer it.

I was in the service on leave, and on the way back to my station I had a layover at the MAC terminal. I decided to walk around a bit and on the way back a pink Cadillac stopped and offered me a ride. I couldn't resist a big fucking pink Cadi so I took him up on it. When I told him where I was staying he said he owned the bar in the basement of the hotel. Then he asked me if I ever got my dick sucked by a man. when I told him no he said he loved to suck soldiers. He offered to buy me a drink after dinner.

After dinner I went down to the bar and he was behind the counter. He gave me a drink and I sat at a table in the corner. He came over with another drink and asked if I wanted my cock sucked. I told him no, but he persisted, every few minutes brought another drink over and asked me again. After about seven drinks I thought, What the fuck, why not?" He told me to go to my room and get naked and he'd bu right up. When he knocked I was already naked. He locked the door behind us and took me over to the bed and laid me on my back. He pulled me so my ass was hanging off the end and knelt down. He took my cock in his mouth and started to suck like a vacuum. I was hard in seconds and within three minutes I was ready to cum. He had my six inches completely in his mouth and when I said I was gonna cum he just kept sucking. I let go and emptied my entire load down his throat.. I thought he was done but he just stood up and re-positioned me a little. He started to play with my asshole with a wet finger and before I knew it he had his cock at my asshole. I started to protest but it was too late. He pushed his cock in my ass in one motion. It slid right in. He said not to worry and he had a condom on. He fucked me for about 10 minutes then pulled out of my ass. He spun me around and pulled the condom off. He put his cock up to my lips and I opened my mouth. He entered my mouth with his cock and started to mouth fuck me. I had never thought about sucking a cock before but this was great. I took to it like I was a pro. I sucked him for about five minutes and without warning he started cumming. I took a chance and swallowed as much as I could. I sucked him until he had no more to give then he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He got dressed and was ready to leave. As he got to the door he turned around, "Now you know what it's like to be with a man," and walked out. He was right. That was nearly 40 years ago and I still think about him every time I suck a cock, and that's quite often.




When I married my wife I had no idea she was a pervy little bitch. As our marriage went on she became more uninhibited and we would make little bets. If she I won the bet I could fuck her with my toes and if she won I would have to let her fuck my ass with her toes. At first she didn't swallow my cum but after a couple of won bets she got used to it. Sometimes I would turn off to a side road and we would choose cards and the highest card won. Then one night I lost a bet and I had to let her fuck my ass with her fingers. It made my cock hard when she started massaging my prostate. She must have seen how much I liked it. We made a deal that no matter what it was the loser had to do it.

Things got a bit wilder as time went on and after a couple of years we looked forward to losing the bet and having to perform. It got to the point that we wouldn't know what the consequence was until after the bet. It turned me on nearly every time. She even fucked me with a strap-on a number of times and we both enjoyed it every time. Then I would win and fuck her ass. It was a win-win situation for both of us.

One night we bet on a basketball game. I lost. She said it was a surprise that night. I was to be blindfolded and tied bent over the kitchen table. I figured she was either going to spank me or use her dildo on me. I waited for seemingly hours and finally heard footsteps behind me. She walked in front of me and said, "when I tap your forehead you will open your mouth and suck my cock." She tapped my head and when I opened my mouth she put her strap-on in my mouth. After a minute she pulled it out and did it again. And a third time. Then there was a pause. A couple of minutes later came a tap on my head. I opened my mouth and felt a real cock being pushed into my mouth. At the same time I felt her shove her strap-on up my asshole. I'd never sucked a real cock before but didn't protest. He had a big cock, bigger than her strap-on and thick. My cock got hard as I was being fucked by my wife and sucking this guy's cock. He started to mouth fuck me and I was loving it. Then he started cumming. He filled my mouth and I tried to swallow it all. I got most of it. He didn't pull out but kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and traded places with my wife. For the first time I had a real cock in my ass. His cock was big enough that it felt like the first time. My cock was still rock hard and he fucked me for a good 20 minutes. I could feel his jizz as he unloaded in my ass. After he was spent he pulled out and I sensed he was leaving.

My wife untied me and bet me I couldn't last three minutes while she sucked my cock. I lost the bet and came within seconds as her lips and teeth worked my cock over. By losing the bet she had another surprise. She led me to the living room and had me sit on the couch. She then proceeded to play the video of me being mouth and ass fucked by this guy. His face was hidden so I couldn't tell who he was but it got me so turned on that before I realized it I was stroking my cock as I watched myself being fucked. After it was all over she cuddled up to me and told me how proud she was of me, because now I was her pervy little bitch.




I French kiss my wife after she sucks dicks. I can taste there come in her mouth.