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my friend *'s speedo and my speedo

one morning, when i was 9 almost 10, my friend *, just already 10 back then, and me were shopping for speedos at a surplus shop.

i found a blue and yellow striped speedo, he found a regular green speedo, we both not only tried on our speedos in the fitting room, we both got hard in them, his dick was much larger than mine when we were in our speedos.

then after we both got our speedos, i got permission to go back in the fitting room to change back in my speedo, * chose not to be in his speedo and instead wanted till we both walked home.

i'd grabbed my all my things out of the fitting room, shoved them in my shopping bag, when * and me left the surplus store, i was only in my speedo, shoes and hid by speedo bulge behind my shopping bag, my friend * couldn't wait to get back in his speedo, when we got to his house, he got back in his speedo and oo wow, were our dicks hard.

a little bit after * and me got to his house, my mom, then 32, had called and wanted me to come home, i let her know when i was on the phone i got a new swimsuit, she wanted to see me in it, i told her i was in it already, after i got off the phone with my mom, i'd grabbed my surplus shopping bag, again carried it over my speedo bulge, got home.

when i got home, i put away what was left of my allowance, hung up my jacket, put the rest of what i wore that day in the laundry basket, put the shopping away for something later.

back then, my mom was a real sexy lady, kept her body tight and slim, she'd said to find her in her room when i got home, when i got to her room, there she was in her 2 piece swimsuit, my dick was hard at seeing my mom's tummy in her swimsuit.

when she'd saw me in my speedo, i'd noticed her tits had got hard in her swimsuit bra, then she'd sat me down next to her, her tummy went from flat to double roll, then my mom grabbed one of my hands across the front of her swimsuit short shorts, that was when i knew she'd been pregnant.

when i'd ran my hands across her tummy, it was way back in '69, i couldn't wait for to have a big tummy, my dick, for the first time since i could remember, even throbbed in my speedo.

that day we went to the lake, we were in a remote area, nobody was around, i couldn't stop thinking about my mom being pregnant back then, my dick was hard alot that day.

weeks later, on my 10th birthday, my mom's tummy had just started to grow, i'd had on cordoroyed short shorts and no shirt on, when i'd asked if i could see my mom's tummy, she smilingly opened up her housecoat, out came her maternity bra, her little bit of bare tummy, her maternity panties stretched across where her tummy had started growing big, her lovely slim legs.

when i'd felt her tummy that day, i'd asked if i could strip to my tight little underpants, she'd said yes, there were both were, in nothing just our underwears, when we both sat down, the little bit of her bare tummy above the top of her maternity panties and below her maternity bra had gone from soft and smooth to a single tummy roll.

some weeks later, when my mom's tummy had grown big and round, my friend *, who i'd gone swimsuit shopping with, just months earlier, had came over in his speedo, he wanted me to go with him to the local swim center, then i'd put my speedo on.

before * and me got the chance to leave, my mom invited both of us to her room, * and me were in for a big surprise when she took off her blouse in front of both * and me, she'd had on her maternity bra, showed off just a teeny little bit of her bare tummy, her big maternity short shorts, her slim lovely legs.

when * and me both felt my mom's tummy, our dicks got hard in our speedos, after * and me got done feeling her tummy, we both couldn't stop thinking about my mom's tummy when it was that big back then, we'd both hung around in my room that day when we'd both enjoyed our dicks being hard in our speedos, we never went to the swim center that day.




When My son was 12 years of age he had a black friend that he hung out with mostly at our house. I used to catch him (Nick) looking at me and peeking etc, sometimes when I was in the bed room changing I never closed the door and he would peek around the corner or when I was taking a shower he would sneak a peek. He used to cut his eyes at me and even thought he was only 12, I could see a bulge in his pants.

We moved to another town that had a college in it, later my son started to college and Nick decided to go to the same college. Of course he came to visit us, and as we greeted each other we hugged and he kissed me on the lips and held it. I looed him in the eyes and could see by his grin that he knew what he was doing. I was a bit startled but not surprised considering how he acted when he was only 12. He now was 19 and a man. He came over a few days later and my son was not at home (I think he knew that my son was not home), He walked in took me into his arms and gave me a long hot kiss on the lips, pulling me to him and I could feel his manhood. When we broke, I said, "Nick, I think you are trying to get me all hot and bothered". I knew he had a raging hard on by now as I had felt it.

He grinned and said, "I have always had the hots for you".

(I am leaving a lot of chat out to make this short)After some flirting and chatting, we headed for the bedroom when Nick plowed me hard and fast making me shoot off like a rocket ship. Dam, he was good, and we are still carrying on like a couple of teens on a hot date.




My name is Jack Morley and I live in New Hampshire. I shave the hair off my WHOLE body. I have a 3 inch erection. Last summer I went for a drive naked. I pulled into a McDonalds in Gorham, NH. I began playing with myself as I waited in the drive-thru. Just as I was handed a milkshake I ejaculated hot, white, cum all over the steering wheel. The waitress smiled and held back laughs as she gave me the change. I gave her a cum soaked $10 bill as a tip and drove away happy. Am I bad?




I slammed a fat shot of dope and Fucked my cousin in a hotel bathroom.




I met Jimmy at the football game. He was 23 and had graduated several years before but still liked to come to the games. I had just turned 18 and had only one boyfriend but we never did anything more than kiss. Jimmy asked me out for coffee, and after a night of talking he asked me to the drive-in the next Friday. I figured it was innocent enough so I said yes.

At the drive-in we were near the front left of the lot and could see the screen well. The movie started and he told me to scoot net to him. He had an older, large car with a bench seat. I scooted over and after a few minutes he put his arm around me. When he turned and kissed me I was okay with that. After a few minutes of making out I felt his hand inside my blouse and put his hand on my tit. Before I could stop him he had his hand inside my bra and had tweaked my nipple. I asked him to stop. He took his hand out but we continued to kiss.

I felt his hand on my thigh, and as long as he didn't move it too far up I was okay with it. He nibbled on my ear and kissed my neck. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it. Then he whispered, "So, honey, you wanna fuck?" I was shocked. "No," I responded sternly. "That's okay," he said, and I relaxed. "I'll settle for a good blowjob," he said and moved my hand to his crotch. He had unzipped and pulled his cock out, so my hand landed on his semi-hard cock. No one had ever been so forward with me before and I didn't really know what to do. He must have took that as an affirmative answer. "That's it, baby. Just stroke it a little." For some reason I did. I had never touched a guy's cock before and was surprised that it was hard but the skin was very soft.

I stared at his cock as I stroked it. I felt him unclip my bra from the back but I was a little horny so I thought I might let him feel my tits if he tries again. We locked eyes and he leaned forward and kissed me again. His tongue explored the inside of my mouth and I heard myself moan. We broke the kiss and he wrapped his hand in my hair and pulled me down toward his lap. I struggled at first but he was very strong. When he pulled my face down so his cock was at my lips I got curious. I quit fighting him and opened my mouth a little. He pushed down and I had his cock in my mouth.

"That's it, honey, suck that cock." Speaking to me like that actually turned me on. He was quite verbal as I sucked him. "Oh, yeah. You suck cock like a $200 whore." His hand had moved down my back and was rubbing up and down on my ass crack. I felt my pussy getting wet. His pre-cum was leaking out of the head of his cock as I sucked him. I thought it was pretty good. He worked his hand inside my pants and panties, and was rubbing my pussy now. I was concentrating on him rubbing me and the shock came when he put two fingers inside me and started cumming at the same time.

I thought, "What a fucking rush." He filled my mouth with his cum and I didn't know whether or not to try to swallow. I decided to get bold and swallowed as much as I could.

"Oh, fuck baby," he said. he let go of my head and said, "That's a good little cunt. Take it all." I did. When he was spent he told me to keep sucking and get him hard again. He was still massaging the inside of my pussy. "Damn, bitch, you got a tight little cunt." I was euphoric so I didn't tell him to stop.

Then he said, "Take your pants off." I hesitated a little, but figured I'd gone this far, so why not. I took my pants off and he told me to take my panties off. I was excited and nervous at the same time, but I did it. This time when his hand went inside my blouse I didn't stop him. My bra was loose enough that he could put his hand right on my tit and play with my nipple without any resistance. It felt really good. He pulled me close and said, "Be a good little cunt and sit on my cock." He pulled me over to him. I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock.

I had popped my own cherry a long time ago and was used to my fingers inside me, but this was totally different. I lowered myself so I was sitting all the way on his cock. I nearly fainted as he started to fuck me. "Honey, you got the tightest fucking cunt I ever fucked." That got me even hotter. I was bouncing up and down on his cock. Several people walked by the window and one guy even knocked and gave us a thumbs up. I felt like a whore, but also felt loved. I came three times before he finally came inside me. My third orgasm was at the same time as his. I fainted. When I came to I was sitting on his lap with his limp cock slipping out of me.

I rolled over to my side of the car. I was so lost in the sex I didn't realize the movie had ended already. We looked at each other and laughed. I got dressed and he drove me home. That night I became hooked on cock and suck anybody at anytime and am really a fucking whore now.




it started when i was just 10 years old, my mom and dad fell out of love with each other, mostly he went on long business trips, i hardly ever knew him anyway.

one night when i got ready for bed, my mom asked me to sleep with her, when i asked what if my dad suddenly came home from one of his business trips and found me in bed with her, she'd told me not to worry about that and that he wasn't coming home anymore, that she'd became widowed, the last time i'd ever seen him was several weeks before he'd been killed from some over seas car bombing.

that night, i'd slept in my nylon short shorts and she'd slept in her panties and bra. she was luscious looking and slim in her underwear, my dick was suddenly hard in my short shorts, her tits had hardened in her bra too.

when we both slept together that night, i'd woke up with cum all down the crotch of my short shorts, i quietly got up, cleaned the mess and had changed in my white and green striped speedo, rinsed the cum out of my short shorts, then got back to bed.

the next morning, i got up, lucky me, no cum on the sheets, my short shorts were dry off the shower door, i put them in the hamper, then my mom woke up, smiled when she saw me in my speedo, she said i could start sleeping with her from that night on.

that day, we'd gone swimming at her friend's house and had a good time there. my mom, then in her early 30s, was sexy and luscious in her bikini.

7 or 8 weeks after she told me she'd been widowed, she puked up then when i found her in her room, she'd stood there at the mirror in her panties and bra looking at her tummy and had rubbed the the front of her panties.

when i'd asked her if she might have come down with something, she smiled and said she might be pregnant, she even wanted me to feel her tummy, when i felt her tummy, my dick had felt suddenly hard.

the next day after i got home from my friend's house, my mom was all smiles and had a glow in her face, when i'd took off my jersey and was in only my jean short shorts, she'd broke the news she was expecting my baby.

when i'd asked my mom to look at her tummy, she'd gladly pulled off her dress, out came her bra, still flat tummy, panties, thigh high pantyhoses and sandals.

my dick had gotten so throbbing hard i'd cummed in my short shorts when i'd felt my baby in my mom's tummy, she was all happy.

weeks later after that baby news, i was at my friend's house for a sleep over, there was just 4 of us, i was the only one in my speedo, then my friend got in his speedo when he saw me in mine, our 2 other friends went home and got in their speedos at the last minute, so the 4 of were in our speedos and our dicks were hard.

the next morning, after i got home from my friend's sleep over, i was still in my speedo when i got home, there was my mom, all smiles, her glowing face and our baby had already began to show, she was in her her pregnancy short shorts and pregnancy bikini bra, only a 2 inch swath of bare tummy between the front of her short shorts and bra and her luscious legs, feeling my baby made me get all sexually aroused in my speedo.

when i got done feeling my baby, i'd run to the bathroom in time to cum down the toilet, then she'd wanted to go to the beach, her and me both, when we got there, only a handful of people were there, some guys, grown men even, got big hard dicks, some in their speedos, just from staring at my mom's then pregnant tummy at the time.

a little over 2 months before she'd had our baby, she'd invited me to the fitting room at this clothing store for pregnant women, inside the fitting room, she'd tried on several dresses, one dress had a high hem line, she'd pulled up her half slip around half way between the top of her panties and bra, my dick had throbbed hard in my jean short shorts, lucky me, i didn't cum.

that day, she couldn't find any dress she liked, when we got home from that clothing store that day, I'd stripped down to my jean short shorts when my mom had stripped only to her bra and pregnancy skirt, there was just an inch of bare tummy between the front of her skirt and bra, my dick throbbed so hard, i'd cummed in my jean short shorts.




I am a 27 year old mother of two. I have long wavy brown hair, big green eyes, a pretty face and full lips. I am curvy with D cup tits,full hips, thick thighs and a round ass, slimmer waist but not thin.

I am currently in a very dysfunctional long term relationship with a drug addict named Jesse. Drugs are the most important thing in the world to him and what his life revolves around. He is constantly out chasing drugs, getting high, and probably cheating. He often goes months without showing any interest in having sex with me at all. As of right now, it has been a month and a half.

About a week ago an attractive, 18 year old high school senior named Bradley came by hoping to get some weed and Jesse left to go after it. As we sat alone at my kitchen table, making small talk to pass the time, Bradley gave me a sweet smile.

"I don't know if anyone tells you this enough, but you really are gorgeous." He said. I felt my cheeks burning almost instantly.

"Well thank you." I said, trying to hide how much that made me smile. "And no, nobody says shit like that to me Bradley!"

"That's a shame." He replied, almost gazing at me with that smile still on his face.

"I can tell Jesse does not treat you right." he told me, "Well, I think everyone can see that. Doesn't appreciate you or treat you fairly. You could do way better, I'm just saying."

"I know." I sighed. "He keeps promising things are going to change and they never do. I can't take much more of it."

"Well, if you ever need any help around the house or just need a real man to remind you how sexy you are, just give me a call."

"Oh yeah?" I said with a giggle.

"I'm serious. I find you very, very attractive. The last few times I have been over I have not been able to stop staring at you and I just watch this dude treat you like garbage. I don't know if you would ever consider doing anything behind Jesse's back, but if you would, I would be very interested."

My heart was beating out of my chest and my head was spinning trying to come up with a response. I knew it was wrong to even think about, but the fact that this was the first time ANYONE had shown interest in me in a long time I was a little thrown. Especially since the one showing interest was Bradley. Sensing that I was unsure what to say or do, he spoke again.

"You can yell at me and kick me out right now if you want to. I would totally get it."

"No, no, it's ok. I am actually really flattered! I am just a little shocked and don't know how to respond." I said.

"Right, I get it. So probably a no?" Bradley asked me.

"Now, I didn't say that." I laughed nervously, he smiled again. "Maybe. Its possible."

At that moment Jesse came back in the door, I quickly excused myself to go take a shower. I could not stop smiling thinking about Bradley's face and what he had said to me. I had just finished shaving when I heard a soft tap on the bathroom door. Before I had a chance to respond, Bradley slipped in to the room with me. My heart started racing furiously again. His sky blue eyes locked on mine, then ran the length of of my body. He bit his lip.

"What are you doing in here?!" I exclaimed.

"Jesse is gone again, I gave him my money and told him to pick me up a couple things. He will be gone a while." he assured me, slipping off his shoes.

"Nooo, I am not trying to get murdered today or watch you be murdered!"

"He is not going to know, trust me. It will be so worth it." He stepped closer.

"It may be possible at some other point, but this is definitely a terrible idea. He CANNOT find you in here with me!" I insisted. I put my hand against his chest and could feel his heart beating the hell out of his rib cage. His eyes and facial expression revealed the depth and desperation of his teenage desire.

"Seriously," I insisted firmly but playfully. "You have got to get out of here before he comes back here! Get your shoes on!" He let out a gentle, disappointed groan then grabbed a firm handful of my ass.

"My God." He said, staring at it in awe before hastily slipping his shoes on and exiting the bathroom. I shook my head in amazement, but again could not stop smiling. The kid had some balls, I definitely had to give him that.

Once I finished up and made it back downstairs, Jesse still had not gotten back. I was greeted by Bradley's blue eyes and smile again as he sat anxiously on the couch.

"See, we had plenty of time." He said.

"I am sure he will be back any minute now! That would not be the place you would want him to find you." I smiled back nervously and laughed.

"He won't be back that soon." He said, his eyes roaming up and down the curves of my body. I had changed into a thin black tank top and leggings that left little to the imagination. "God, you are so fucking sexy. Your ass is so thick..." he grabbed a handful again. "Mmmm Mmm. That is perfect."

"Bradley, I swear you are killing me! You don't know how long it has been since I have had sex. You are seriously tempting, but I really don't want him coming back and catching us!"

"I'm sorry. I just want to fuck you so bad." He said. He leaned back against the couch and grabbed his erection with his hand, revealing the outline of his massive dick. My heart jumped and my pussy throbbed at the same time, I let out a gasp. I was pleasantly surprised by the size.

"Wow..." I muttered. I glanced from his cock to his eyes, staring straight into mine, full of lust. I felt myself biting my lip. Fuck. I could not take it anymore. I reached over and grabbed his hard dick through his pants and he moaned quietly, which turned into light panting and delicious little grunts and moans of pleasure as I rubbed, squeezed and stroked it. He quickly reciprocated, caressing my dripping wet pussy through my thin cotton leggings. He flashed me a devious smile as I squirmed and moaned from his touch, still taking care of his cock with my hand of course.

"Let me show you something, can I see your hand?" I asked, and he offered it gladly. I slipped it beneath the waistband of my leggings, I was not wearing any panties and his fingers slid up and down my pussy so gently, toying with my clit a little.

"Do you feel how wet I am right now?" I asked, trembling with excitement now.

"Oh, baby. Yes I do." he replied before slipping his fingers out of my pants and sucking the wetness off each one by one. "Mmmmm. Tastes amazing." My pussy was steadily throbbing now.

"Get your ass in here!" I demanded playfully, taking his hand and escorting him to the bathroom for privacy. He pushed me against the wall and I grabbed the back of his neck, both of us leaning into each other and kissing passionately. He bit my bottom lip and grabbed my ass then began to kiss me tenderly again. My hand was working rubbing his dick the whole time.

I dropped to my knees and pulled it out of his pants. It was so long and so very thick. Possibly the biggest I had ever seen in person, hanging right in my face dripping precum. I moaned as I licked it off and wrapped my mouth around the head of it.

"MM oh my god! Yes!" He whispered, grabbing my hair and holding it as I licked and sucked on his beautiful cock like a cherry popsicle. With one hand I reached up and massaged his balls as I sucked on it and he moaned again a little louder. "Wow. You are so fucking good at that."

I sucked up and down on it a few times more, enjoying the feeling of it filling my mouth and letting him gently fuck my throat. It was making me even more soaked that I had been if that was possible.

"Okay, I am going to need you inside of me now!" I said, springing to my feet and bending over in front of him. He did not hesitate and plunged his big cock into my pussy, gasping as he did so, then giving a soft, long moan as he slid it in and out a few times. I leaned over further, touching my toes.

"Oh yeah, that is perfect." He said, giving my ass a little smack. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard and steady for a few moments before suggesting I lay on the floor on my back. I did as he instructed. He pulled my pants off all the way and admired my pussy briefly with a smile before putting my legs over his shoulder and diving in again. He slid his cock deep into me really slowly, then began to thrust in and out fucking me steady and hard. He pulled down one side of my tank top, allowing my large, round tit to spring free. A look of pure joy and excitement spread across his face when he saw it and one hand quickly reached out and squeezed it then pinched and played with my pretty pink nipple as he fucked me. The look on his face remained, elated like a boy in a candy shop.

"You like that?" I asked breathlessly.

"Oh fuck yes..." he groaned. "i fucking love it."

I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me, his thickness filling me up entirely. So close to the edge, ready to explode. He let out several quiet moans and pulled out, coming all over my pussy and the bathroom floor. He collapsed onto his back, panting. His gorgeous, thick cock glistening with my juices.

I stood up and quickly reminded him of our time limit and we both began getting dressed. We sat at the kitchen as he told me that he was not expecting my pussy to be so very tight, that it was the wettest pussy he had ever had, and that I gave the best head ever, hands down.

"So, was this like a onetime spontaneous thing, or do you want it to be something that is ongoing when we get the chance?" He asked. I blushed again and smiled.

"It can be that, if you want it to." I replied. He smiled like an excited boy in a candy store once again and nodded his head.

"Thank you." He said. "I'm hooked already. That was amazing."

"No, thank you." I said, just as Jesse stepped through the door.

All week now I have been fantasizing about Bradley, looking forward to sucking his big dick and getting fucked again. I cannot fucking wait.