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Submitted: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:32:57 GMT

When I was growing up my Step Mom came up with a system of punishment for bad grades. She would spank my penis with a ruler, she would make me pull my shirt up over my head cover my face then pull my pants down and I could not even see it coming. She would put her hand around my penis and run her hand under it until I started getting hard then whack it two or three times with a wooden ruler she had.

I got my grades up and she was impressed with that so thinking that would keep improving she told me that if I brought home a report card with all A's I could touch any part of her body that I wanted. I was pretty smart even back then and had a plan in my head to really screw her over. I asked her how long I could touch her for each A that I received and she looked back at me smiling and told me she would give me two minutes for each A but I had to have all A's. If they were not all A's I did not get anything.

After two reporting cards I finally did it and got all A's and she was really impressed and told me that she would honor her end of the deal and told me I could touch her for 2 minutes for each one. I had 12 minutes to pull off her swallowing my cum and I was going to finger her pussy as well. The next school day I ran home so that I could have a big window time incase she backed out of it but she was expecting me to be home quick and was already naked in her room. I walked into the house and she was calling me up to her room. I walked in and she asked me if I was ready to use my 12 minutes. I told what I had decided to do and she looked at me with her cheeks starting to blush. I told her that was going to touch her tongue with my penis, she looked at me for a good 10 seconds then said well now I guess I did not think this through very well.

She got off the bed and kneeled down on the floor and as I opened up my pants and she opened her mouth up looking up at me. I almost came in my underwear at the thought of my cum spraying in her mouth, I took out my penis and within 30 seconds was filling her mouth with cum. I could not believe she swallowed all of it down, she looked up at me and said that was fast, guess that was your first time for one of those. She laid back down on the bed and I started running my fingers all over her but I was being a little rough because she told me I had to be more gentle. I finally got my fingers in her and while she was good and wet I slipped them into her and started fingering her. She was pretty much into and I was watching the clock getting her all worked up and as soon as my time was up I stopped.

She looked down at me with an almost sad look on her face telling me I did not have to stop, I looked at her hips raising up and down and told her no, I only had 12 minutes and my time is up.

Three years later when I had outgrown her by a mile she never did anything to me anymore. My Dad left on business for a weekend so I came home from work on Friday night and she was sitting in the living room watching tv. I sat down for a little bit but then stood up and walked over to her. She asked me what was up and I grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head she struggled a little bit but then was pretty much submissive. I had a great time and she was moaning out loud when I was done pleasuring her.


Submitted: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 1:08:55 GMT

I had knee surgery a few years ago and one of our neighbors is a stay at home mom. My wife worked it out with her to come over during the day to check up on me as for the first week I was supposed to stay off my knee as much as possible. I was pretty out of it the first few days but on day three was feeling a little better so when she came over I was joking around with her some about her nurse skills. She was playful back and we joked around some about it. The next day she came over she was still wearing her workout outfit from doing what I found out was a pretty intensive workout. She asked me how my knee was doing and kneeled down next to my recliner checking the ice pump out to see if she needed to add some. She came back with it after a few minutes and hooked everything back up. Her boobs were looking so hot in her top and those yoga shorts were doing nothing to hide her ass and camel toe. She is a redhead so she can get pretty fired up when she wants to and today she was pretty hyper, probably from the workout. I joked with her that her outfit was not very nurse like but still very nice. She stuck her ass out and leaned forward pushing her boobs together and asked me if I really thought she looked good in it. I was getting pretty excited staring at her cleavage and just told her that she looked perfect from where I was sitting. She put a hand on each arm of my recliner and leaned so far over that her hair was resting on my chest then she slid it right down over my shorts. She looked up and smiled at me and asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I about lost it right there in my shorts. I told her now she was just being a bad nurse but I did like the idea of it. Before I could get another joke out she had her forehead in my stomach and her fingers pulled my shorts up, she slid her mouth down and sucked in the head of my cock. She then let it go and told me not to move that knee around while I was getting pleasured. After a minute or so of sucking I asked her if she would do something for me, she gave me a look like am I not doing enough for you right now?

I asked her to take her top off so I could see those lovely breasts. She obliged my request and I was not disappointed at all, those beauties had really nice pink nipples and some freckles all around them. She started sucking me up and down nice and slow so I reached my hand up and cupped one of the her breasts, god I was in heaven, my wife has really nice breasts as well but it felt wonderful having hers in my hands.

She stood up and asked me how good the recliner was? I told her it was a nice one why? She peeled her shorts off and swung leg up and over my head placing a knee on each arm of the chair. I reclined all the way back and could not believe how smooth and lovely her shaved pussy looked not to mention the scent. I dove my tongue right into her licking every piece of her pussy and ass I could as she began sucking me off again. I was in complete heaven.

My wife came home at her regular time and as she walked into the living room she asked me how her favorite patient was doing, I told her that I was feeling really good today and seemed to be on the road to recovery. She did almost the exact same thing our neighbor did to me, leaned in and gave me a kiss then told me she would change and be right back. As she stood up she looked down at me and started stripping right in the living room. She leaned over me and pulled my shorts down and started sucking away on my cock. As she was sucking me up and down nice and slow she lifted her head up and told me that I had to be just dying for one of these as it had been almost a week since my last one. I was not sure but I could of sworn that they planned this out because it was just to much of a coincidence that in a matter of about 4 hours I had the both of them in the same position in my chair. I never confessed to having sex with the neighbor three times that week but I was one happy patient by the time I was up and walking around again.


Submitted: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 8:23:26 GMT

My wife and I went to a party and stayed fairly late, I was looking forward to getting her home as she had been drinking wine most of the evening so that really gets her horny. We arrived home and sure enough her hips were already moving when we got into the house, she started dancing and told me to sit down on the couch. She loves to pretend to be a stripper and get me all worked up thinking she is teasing me. Once she was naked she kneeled down between my legs and told me a lap dance was twenty but I will blow you for free!! We both laughed and then she started giving me a bj. I was sitting there absolutely loving how the evening turned out watching her gorgeous body move in rhythm to her sucking when I saw the little dog walking up behind her. He kept right on going disappearing behind her ass, I watched for him to come out but only saw his ears sticking a little above her rear then she started moving her hips around again. She was moaning out a little bit and I just had to ask her if the dog was licking her. She did not stop sucking on me but let out a moan and nodded her head up and down. I was floored with excitement that she would even let that happen, I could not believe my eyes. I came after a few more minutes and he never quit licking her, she laid her head down into my lap and just kept rocking her hips around while the dog lapped at her pussy. I told her wow this is just amazing. She lifted her head up and looked at me with a smile and asked me if I wanted to really see something amazing?

I told her sure.

She told me to go let the other dog in and watch what he can do. I actually had a chill run through my body when she said that to me. She crawled out to the middle of the living room while I went to the back door to let him inside, he went right to her and was really happy to be inside at first. After a few laps around her he stopped at her back side and started licking her pussy and ass while the other one had made is way under her and was trying to lick her also. After about five minutes of licking her he jumped up on her back and started humping away on her, it took him a few tries but finally his cock was out and inside her just humping away. She was moaning and pushing back on him for a few minutes then he just stayed in one spot, I got down on the floor to see just how into her he was and watched as his cock just engorged and filled her. the little one was licking for all he was worth on the bottom and was hitting her clit with every lick. I could tell by her face she was having a great time with them. He pulled out and then started licking up all the cum he had just put into her along with the little one then after a few minutes was back up on her again humping away. This went on for a good half hour with him just screwing her brains out and her just loving every minute of it, he finally had enough and went off to lay down but the little one just kept right on licking away at her until she stood up.

She looked at me and asked what I thought of it and I told her it was the hottest thing I have ever seen. She told me she was going to go shower off and get into bed so I joined her and then we fell asleep.

The next morning when she got out of bed I was in the living room watching tv, she came over and sat next to me cozying up with a blanket. After some coffee she asked me if I was still okay with what she did last night, I told her that it was awesome and could not wait to see it again sometime. She smiled at me and told me sure, maybe again tonight.


Submitted: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 20:10:53 GMT

My Son hugs me all the time but lately I have noticed he has been checking me out... I mean, really checking me out; almost staring at me.

I often wear black yoga shorts around the house with sandals that show off my pretty painted nails. I have caught him looking at my crotch area and my butt. I am a fairly busty woman, but he seems to be fascinated with my lower area lately; typical 12 y/o I'm sure.

About a week ago, I was at the stove making some dinner. My Son approached from behind to give me a hug. I turned around to hug him back and when I did, he slid down me to end up on his knees in front of me. I smiled to wonder what he was doing. At first I thought he was tired, then bored, or just hungry and lonely.

Suddenly, he looked down and kissed me firmly on my pussy. I gasped in surprise. My yoga shorts were the only thing between his lips and mine. His kiss was forceful and sucked on my pussy when he kissed me down there; I was amazed it sent a few pulsating shutters through my body. Even my nipples were growing hard.

I cringed and grabbed my Son's head for him to stop and look up at me. He could tell I was shocked by the look on my face. My hands were slightly shaken and I was breathing faster. I stayed silent with my Son kneeled before me. I didn't know what to say or do. All I could think about was my Son just passionately kissed my pussy. If I hadn't grabbed his head, I think he might have kept going... more kisses, maybe some licking and sucking me down there too.

This happened about a week ago.

I'm not sure what will happen if he tries something like that again. Might he try it again when I'm napping in my panties, when I'm laying out in the Sun in my bikini, or when I get out of the pool when I'm going for my towel...?

I might tell him off or I might slap him accross his cute little face.

Then again, I might tell him he is a naughty little boy and to go to my room.

I might just let him finish whatever he starts with me and then give him a blowjob to calm him back down until the next time.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 19:49:42 GMT

My husband and I bought a house in what turned out to be a great neighborhood. After about a year of living there my husband started joking around that I had a stalker living next door. He was an elderly man who was just about 80 years old and totally harmless, loved to work out in his yard and we talked often. I told my husband yeah he is stalking me, I am so into him, cannot wait until he attacks me and has a heart attack. My husband told me that if I wanted to have sex with him he would like to watch us just to see what the old guy could do. It is not like we do not have fun, we have gone to Vegas and other destinations and had threesomes, foursomes and all sorts of fun stuff. I even ended up on a stage once with two guys having sex with me and my husband in the crowd watching.

I was thinking of that the next time Bill wandered over and started talking with me, wondered if he could still even get it up. I was wearing shorts and a top but told him I did not want to get them dirty as I had wanted to do some weeding today. I told him I would be right back and did he want some tea or water, he told me tea and I went into the house to change. I took out a tank top and a pair of boy shorts and slid them on, no bra but it was colored so it would not be see thru just wet and clingy. The shorts however were going to be sweaty and clinging very well to my ass in the rear and showing me off nicely in the front.

I walked outside and Bill was very watchful of my boobs when I set down the drinks then slid my gloves on to get busy weeding. I started right over by the end of the patio and he stood up and followed me over asking if I had a wheel barrow or something to put the weeds into, I told him no and he walked over to his place. He came back with some gloves and tools and off we went weeding away, I was digging and working hard on purpose getting my clothes sweaty and clinging to me good. I turned a few times to see him staring at my ass as I was bent over surely with my ass and lips outlined well by my shorts. He was working hard as well and I was a little impressed with him working away collecting the weeds and getting dirt moved around. I squatted down and began really making my shorts ride up and could feel them spreading my lips apart so I stood up and bent over again pulling weeds and using my little shovel. He was frozen in his tracks looking right down at me from behind. I stood up and told him I needed a break as I was really hot from all this weeding, I actually did not want him getting overheated out in the sun working away. We went under the shade of the patio and sat down, I thanked him for his hard work and looking at his sweat asked if we should go inside in the air conditioning for a while. I knew as soon as my wet top got cold my nipples would be hard as ever. We walked inside and sure enough he sat down facing the kitchen as I leaned against the countertop letting my nipples become erect staring right at him. He could not take his eyes off of them, it was such a turn on for me. I decided that I had teased the poor man enough and walked over to him. Come on I told him let's go into the living room it is even cooler in there usually, as he sat down in the chair I walked around in front of him and looked down at him. I slowly began pulling my top up and watched his face, he was like a kid at Christmas watching my shirt come over the bottom of my breasts.

He watched my every move as I lowered my shorts to my ankles and flicked off to the side with my foot. He finally spoke and told me I was absolutely beautiful and why did I just remove all my clothes. I told him because I am going to suck you off and I like to do it naked, I told him to stand up so I could take his pants down. His cock was not small but slightly erect when his shorts came down, I smiled up at him and nuzzled my face against it starting with his balls. I licked and sucked on them for a few minutes and his cock got increasing hard. I came up off his balls and drew his cock into my throat with one long suck, he became hard in seconds. After a few sucks I smiled at him and told him you sure got hard fast for almost 80 years old. I plunged back down on him and sucked him hard and fast until his breathing was fast and quick then stopped and made sure he was alright. He nodded his head up and down so I kept sucking him off and he only lasted about another minute.

He relaxed for a minute and then asked me if he could lick me then went right into the fact that it had been almost twenty years since he had been with a woman.

I pulled him up out of the chair and led him down the hallway to the bedroom. I no sooner laid down and spread my legs and he had his face buried right into me, his hands fumbling for my boobs. I watched him for a minute and felt his tongue working away on my lips and clit, then reached over and grabbed my phone. He never even skipped a beat licking away on me, I texted my husband and asked if he was alone. it took a few minutes but he sent a message back telling me yes, why what it up?

Do you want me to send you a pic of Bill licking my pussy?

YES! your kidding me right?

I flicked up the camera mode and took a shot of him buried into me, he did not even notice that I was using my phone. I sent the picture to my husband with a message telling him that Bill's cock works just fine. He messaged me back that I was hot as hell.

A few weeks had gone by since the sex with Bill and my husband brought up the fact that I had taken a picture of the act but he wanted to actually see him having sex with me. I told him not a problem and that I would set it up for him this weekend.

He parked his car in the garage, which he never does and we planned for him to stay in the closet as soon as I got Bill in the house for sex. I called up Bill and asked him to come over since my husband was out of town and I was really horny, he was over in about five minutes. I laughed at my husband when the doorbell rang and told him see I told you to get upstairs as soon as I hung up with him. I met him at the front door and started leading him to the bedroom, I looked over at the closet door when I came into the room and it was wide open. I thought wow that was bold of him but Bill's back would be to him for most of the time anyways. Bill went right to me as I laid on the bed with my legs spread I saw my husband peek around the door frame staring right at Bill licking away on me. I pulled on my nipples looking right at him, he loves it when I do that to them. Bill came up on the bed after a good 20 minutes of oral and started to rub his cock on me, soon he was hard and plunging in and out of me. I told him to hold on and lay down because I love to do reverse cowgirl, he looked confused but laid down anyways. I swung my leg over him with my ass facing him and started fucking him like crazy squashing him into the bed. He had removed his glasses so I was not worried at all about him seeing my husband who to my amazement was crawling on his hands and knees over to the edge of the bed to watch me having sex. I leaned back and grinded my ass into Bill while hubby had his chin right on the edge of the bed watching. I gave him a look and pointed back at the closet so he scooted himself back into the darkness of it. Once he was in there I slid off Bill's cock and slid back putting my pussy right on his face, I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on him. This time my husband came out again but only a few feet from the door watching me suck away on his cock. He began to cum so I let a little trail down him and then started licking it up looking right into my husbands eyes. I could tell by the bulge in his pants he was pretty turned on watching me. I came on Bill's face a few minutes later and then laid down next to him asking if he had a good time.

He looked at me and said a good time, are you kidding me this is absolutely the greatest sex I have ever had in my life. Do you know the whole time I was married my wife only gave me like 5 blow jobs and the only position we could have sex in was missionary. I am having the time of my life!

We got dressed and I gave him a kiss on the head when he left, as I shut the door my husband came right up behind me and told me that was fucking superb honey! I was still wet from the sex I had with Bill as he pushed over to the couch and started licking away on my pussy. I told him I made sure not to let Bill cum inside me because I knew he would be horny as hell watching that whole lovemaking session from only the closet.

We have done this with Bill three times now and now my husband wants to have him over for dinner and then both of them have sex with me.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 16:44:05 GMT

My wife came to one night and I knew by her expression that she had something really serious to talk about with me. She told me that her mom was really down on her luck and was getting evicted from her apartment, I totally supported her idea of her mom living with us. I knew it would be long term so that weekend went to work on making a den/office in the basement.

Her mom is a great help around the house and is always doing anything for us, cooking, cleaning even shopping for us. I got her a debit card just so I did not have to keep giving her money to shop for us.

My wife is a nurse and works some strange hours so the office in the basement was just what I needed to stay focused for work when she is not home. My MIL would check in on me occasionally asking if I needed something to eat of drink which was good. One night about two hours after my wife had left for the night shift my MIL came downstairs and asked the usual questions about how work was going and if I needed anything to eat. I stopped what I was doing and decided to find out how she was doing, she was a little surprised but told me that she was very appreciative of how we opened our house to her. We were hugging and then when she stood back up I saw tears running down her face, I told her really I know that you are grateful to us and she did not have to worry about being uncomfortable, the house was plenty big for the three of us. She then suddenly went down on her knees in front of my chair and told me to let her show me how appreciative she was to me. I stammered a little bit but she was very persistent and the next thing I knew her lips were around my cock sucking away. She was really good at it I had to admit, her head was twisting around in ways I had never felt before then as if that was not enough she swallowed me right to the bottom and held me there swallowing with her throat pulling me in to her. The head of my cock had so many tingles going I could hardly breathe. I started to orgasm and she did it again swallowing me down to the bottom and licking my balls with her tongue.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 15:47:42 GMT

My daughter is not what you would expect just by looking at her. During college I was a little worried that she was to lost in sex to stick to studies, I stayed as close as I could to her and luckily she got through and graduated. She is married to a great guy that she met at a work function from another company, I must admit when I first was introduced to him I did not think he would last given his type and what she always seemed to date in a man.

Five years later she was at it again seeing other men on the side and he was completely oblivious but she seemed happy with him and they were planning a family. I was a little nervous about the whole thing but that is what moms are for.

They came over for dinner one night and somehow my husband and daughter ended up going out to get a few things that we seemed to need. After about a half an hour of them being gone my son in law suddenly brought up that he knew about her affairs but loved her anyways and asked if she I knew if she planned on leaving him. I decided to be honest with him and told him that I knew of the affairs but honestly told him she has never mentioned divorce or anything like that at all. He looked like he believed me and then I told him that I know she loves you and went on about her college days and that she really had some wild times in college and maybe she is just missing those days. He told me he could understand that and he was not exactly good up at college as well. Suddenly he looked over at me and told me I had the great looking breasts and could he touch them, he has always thought I had a great body. He could tell right away from the day he met me that his wife was going to be the same at my age. I was a little confused and stunned but something in my brain did not function right because rather than saying no I told him well they will be back any minute and that would not be good to get caught doing. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and said well lets go down to the basement game room and that way we will hear them come home. I was not resisting but at the same time I was really worried that they would see us. It was like I was not in my right mind but I only had one wine so far and could not believe I was actually walking downstairs to let him see my body.

Once downstairs he was very nice pulling me around in front of him and grasping me from behind, in just a few minutes his hands were up my blouse pushing my bra up over my breasts. When his fingers found my nipples I was in a state of arousal not felt in years. He guided me over to the couch and then slid his hands around my skirt lifting the bottom up. He grabbed my underwear and pulled it down to the floor, he sank his tongue right into my rear end and I practically fainted leaning forward with my hands grasping the arm of the couch. He pushed his face into me finding my clit with his mouth I let out a long moan as he stroked away at it.

After only a few minutes of his licking I was on the verge of an orgasm and was now pushing back on his face rubbing myself against him. His hands left my hips and were caressing my breasts and nipples. I started to cum with a huge pulsation running through my body and collapsed onto the couch shocked by what I had just let happen. I turned around to look up at him, he had his cock out holding it in one hand with his other he grasp my hair and lifted my head up. He pushed the head across my lips and into my mouth, minutes later I was swallowing his cum and sucking as hard as I could on it.

Afterwards we got ourselves dressed and sat in the couch for a few minutes just staring at each other, I told him that we should never do that again as it just is not right. He told me he would swing by some time next week on his lunch break and I looked at him asking him why would you do that?

Because you suck cock better than any woman I know and you are so hot. We have had sex at least monthly and he comes by often at lunch just for a blow job.