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Submitted: Mon, 18 May 2015 2:01:58 GMT

My husband has his buddies over all the time for any sporting event that is on, he has a "man cave" in the basement so at least they are not all in the living room. The only problem is there is not a bathroom down there so when the boys have to relieve themselves they have to come upstairs and I end up showing them where the place is to go.

I was in a really horny mood one Sunday and a few had already been upstairs including my husband so I knew he was good for a while. One of them came up and said hi to me as he passed through the kitchen so I went down the hallway after he closed the door. When he opened the door up I was standing there and I just asked him right out if he wanted a blow job. He was quiet at first then told me well if your offering, sure why not. We went into the bathroom and I gave him what he called the best sex he has had in a year or so. I was really turned on so this time I slid the shower curtain back and waited for the next guy. It did not take to long and I heard one of them come in and start relieving himself. When I heard the water going in the sink I slid the curtain open and was already kneeling down. I opened my mouth up and licked my lips, he looked down at me with a bit of a surprised look on his face but finally got the hint and unzipped his pants.

I sucked off five guys that day and finally decided that I needed a little pleasure for myself so I went into the bedroom and got my vibe out. I was well on my way to an orgasm when I heard the bathroom door close again, I opened the bedroom door to see who would come out of the bathroom and what luck it was not my husband. I whispered for him to come here and he leaned down and asked me what was up. I asked him if he would like to have sex with me just for a few minutes. He was a little worried about my husband but I told him not to worry come in quick, he did and when he looked at me already naked he was very surprised as I crawled up on the bed on all fours and started masturbating. I told him to get it out and started fucking me, within a minute he was hard and pushing into me.

I managed to get myself off fairly fast then told him great job and turned around to slide down and suck him off. He was so surprised that I was doing this with my husband right downstairs.


Submitted: Mon, 18 May 2015 1:31:35 GMT

My brother and I trade sexual favors all the time. I told him that we had to be much more careful though as this last time we nearly were caught by our Mom. We are only a year apart and we have only done oral on each other but I am truly enjoying it a lot.

Most of the time it is probably the boy who starts these things but in our case it was me. We were kind of wrestling one day before Mom was home for the day and he got a little excited. I noticed his hard on and asked him if I could touch it, he was wearing shorts so he did not have a lot of ways to hide it. The nylon material was just letting it push right out. He pulled his shorts down and I was really surprised at the size of it, the head is really cool with the way it forms a V notch on the bottom. I love to play with it, run my fingers over it, suck on it. When I lick the bottom of it hard it pulsates and jumps up, he told me that feels really good.

My boobs are small but my nipples are very sensitive and become very erect, he likes to run his fingers over them and watch them get red and hard.

We both get online all the time and learn new things about our bodies and love to test them out on each other.


Submitted: Sun, 17 May 2015 19:10:07 GMT

I came home from work just dead tired, I am a single Mom with no help from my ex-husband. I took a shower and was so tired I just put on my robe and sat down in my recliner with my feet up watching television. My son is 14 and we are close I think, he seems to have no problem talking to me so things are good. But it is just him and I in the house and I woke up at about 2am with the tv still on but my robe was pulled aside exposing one of my breasts and the bottom was spread out showing my pubic hair. My nipple even felt like it had been played with but he was not in the living room. I covered up and got out of my chair, I slowly walked to his room but the door was closed as it usually is so I opened it up slowly and peeked inside. He was not making any strange noises like he was pretending to be asleep or anything. I gave it a week or so then came home and did the same thing as last time but this time I just pretended to be asleep. I laid there for a few hours and he never did anything to me. I know he saw me naked and pulled my robe aside but until he does it again I have no way to confront him about it.


Submitted: Sun, 17 May 2015 10:39:16 GMT

I have always had a problem staying with something long term, I have been married for 17 years but have probably had ten lovers during that time. Now I am even worse because my husband travels a lot and I am on Ashley Madison and escort men all the time. I do not always sleep with them but all of them want to, they are just built that way.

I have a regular though that lives about 45 minutes away, he is married also. He had a cock that is incredible, it is so wide and long that I still gasp every time we have sex. He stretches and fills me like no one has in my life and when I hold his balls in my hands I get so excited, I even starting to excited just writing this and thinking about it.

One mistake I made though was agreeing to going back to a Japanese guys hotel room, he was on the phone when we came back to the room and asked me if a friend of his could join us. I told him sure and two other men showed up minutes after getting off the phone. They love American women and were in lust with me, I was not really thinking of a group sex thing but it was fun after I realized I was not going to just get raped by them. One guys penis was so small I could suck the whole thing into my mouth and it did not even reach my throat, it honestly felt like his finger was in me when he started fucking. They were having a great time though and really loved my boobs and nipples.

I know I need to stop cheating on my husband but I am really at the point where I could care less if he left me. I thought for sure he was going to suspect something a few months ago when he came home early from a business trip and I was getting ready to go out in the evening. He got home and asked me why I was so dressed up and I told him I had just returned from drinks with the girls so he was not so suspicious, I then told him that I was glad he was home because I am horny. He fell asleep as soon as the sex was over and has never asked about anything since.


Submitted: Sat, 16 May 2015 16:53:31 GMT

I was at a party with a few friends and we had already agreed that I was going to be the Designated Driver. After a few hours things were fired up pretty good and I was drinking water when this really hot woman and I started talking, little did I know I had just met my future wife. She was pretty amazing in the looks department and was also entering every contest they had going at the party. She one a few but for the most part she got really drunk and as I was sitting at another part of the patio she found me again and told me "Hey I trust you completely do not leave me alone, I am to fucking drunk to be here alone". After a few minutes she told me she needed a bathroom now, I grabbed her and found a bathroom, she pulled my arm and I went right in with her. She pulled her pants down and started going right in front of me, I said something like I will just wait outside but she grabbed my hand and told me not to leave.

A few minutes later she was throwing up into the garbage can and I was holding her hair and just about ready to puke myself. She said she felt better but was still in no shape to just start going at it again so she begged me to stay in there with her. She noticed a little puke on her shirt so she asked me to look for a wash cloth or something. While I was doing that she took off her shirt and asked me to just rinse it off in the sink and she would put it back on wet. I told her no problem you will not have to wear it long I had a bag in my car with some extra clothes in it and she could have one of my t-shirts.

After a few more minutes she told me she was ready to go out and get the other shirt so we headed to my car. She looked at me and told me wow this is a really great first date huh?

I told her well maybe number two will be better but probably not as memorable.

Date number two was very memorable because after dinner and a walk in the park watching an outdoor movie we stumbled upon and chatting we went back to my place and made love for like two hours. We have been together ever since and she still wins wet t-shirt contests and parties like a rock star.


Submitted: Sat, 16 May 2015 10:44:06 GMT

My wife always had to pump her breasts while she was pregnant, her breasts produced so much that they would ache from being full. Numerous times we would have to change the sheets in the morning because her pads were overwhelmed at night and leaked. I of course really enjoyed it because I got to suck all the milk I wanted.

One of my friends was over one time during this time of plenty of milk to go around and she was having one of her horny days to top it off. Even though she had on a bra she walked out into the garage where we were and she had two wet spots on her shirt from the milk leaking. My friend could not take his eyes off her shirt and soon he just had to ask about it. She told him oh it is just my boobs to full again I need to go pump, she looked up at us and asked if we wanted to help. My friend had a look on his face that was just priceless as he asked her what she meant by helping. We all went into the house and she started taking her shirt off then her bra and they were full alright because the milk was just oozing right out down her torso. She told him he could suck on them all he wanted or help her pump them. He was so excited he started right in on one of them drinking down as much milk as he could for about two minutes. Then she got the pump out and he helped her with it as well, the whole process was so new to him that he just could not believe a woman could produce so much milk. I told him that the fridge was so full that we do not even store it anymore because it goes bad so she just keeps enough on hand for about three days.

Soon I could see her hips moving around and could tell she was getting a little aroused rubbing herself into the chair she was sitting in so I told her to stand up and we would help her out with that as well. She gave me a look with a big smile on her face. My friend was even surprised that we were all going to have sex but he loved playing with her boobs more than anything else.


Submitted: Fri, 15 May 2015 9:48:23 GMT

My Aunt lived with us for a while back when I was in college. I came home for the summer and she was in my sisters old room upstairs. After a few weeks of being home she came down to my room one morning and asked if I had any clothes for the wash. I looked over at her just casually talking and noticed that she obviously did not have a bra on because her nipples and breasts where very visible through the t shirt she was wearing. She was not at all embarrassed about it and was doing things around the house just like she normally did every day. Then after about an hour she came right up to me and put her hands on my shoulders looking at what I was up to on the computer.

I could feel her breasts pushing a little on the back of my head then as she leaned down looking at my screen they were resting on my shoulder. After some small talk she asked if I could do her a favor without anyone knowing about it. I told her sure not really thinking about it and she told me great then asked me to come over into my room. Once inside she told me to lay down on the bed, now I was starting to wonder what she was talking about but she asked me to just do it.

She started pulling down my shorts and then asked me to take off my t-shirt. Once her mouth was on my cock I quit asking questions, after about 30 seconds of sucking I leaned up and started pulling her shirt off, I had to see those big tits swaying around while she sucked on me. Once I was good and hard she got up and pulled her jeans off and took a rubber out of her pocket, she put it on me with such ease I thought to myself I had to learn how she did that so easily. Soon she was on top of me and moaning out like crazy, she would lean forward pushing her hands into my chest then drop back and bury my cock into her. I was having a blast because she was awesome at sex. Then she put her hands to the sides and laid her nipples right on my lips so I started licking and sucking on them. I lifted my hips so I could keep screwing her as she was to short to make it happen. After few minutes of that I got her to roll over on her back and stared licking her pussy, it was great.

After she had an orgasm I went back to screwing her but she told me she wanted to suck me off instead of me coming inside her. I laid back down and she went to work on my cock and to my amazement swallowed me right down to my balls. She was absolutely amazing at sex and taught me a lot of things that summer, she would come down most mornings to either jack me off or give me a blow job. There were days that she would suck me off 4-5 times and I could touch her anytime I wanted to, I did not want to go back to college at the end of the summer.