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My best friend Ed and I would play together. When I was about 16 I went over and asked if Ed was home. His mom Sharon said he was gone and asked me in for a drink. I expected lemon aid but was a rum and coke instead. She lit a cigarette and curled it up to her nose. I thought it was the sexiest thing i"d ever seen and after she gave me the third beer I was pretty tipsy. She decided I was pretty drunk and came over and sat on the couch next to me. Her hand started to rub my leg and she said how sexy she found me. When I thanked her and leaned over and kissed me. A deep tongue kiss. I was pretty drunk so I kissed her back.

She sais the ahe didn't get enough wex at home and wanted more. Her hand reached down and undid my ants and she asked if I had ever had a good blowjob. I told her no and she proceeded to unto my pants. Then she took my cock out of my shorts and startred to suck me. Shat a fucking feeling, having a stranger suck my cock. After a bit I said I was going to cum but she kept ucking and took all of my cum.

I asked her if her daughter was ready fo dating. W=Whan=en ahd waid yes I brounht her daughter over and fucke her as well. She was maING AND WHEN i' LOOKED UP SHE WAS SUCKING ON HER MOM'S CUNT. i FNISHED BY CUMMING IN HER PUSSY AND SHE MADE ER MOM CUM AS WELL. wHAT A FUCKKING LIFE. i MADE MY WOMAN CUM WHIL SHE MADE HER MOM CUM. i LOVE IT.




I was only 17 when this happened. My dad was out of town a lot ad mom used to drink to relieve the pressure of him being gone. One Friday night when my girlfriend was gone I stayed home. Mom had been drinking and about eight o'clock she was drunk. She asked me if I ever drank beer. Shen I told her hes she said I should drink with her. We watched a movie and drank. I was getting pretty drunk. Then she asked if my girl and I had ever fucked. I was shocked at her language. I told her now and she asked why not. She was drunk so I gave her some lame excuse. Then she gave me my fourth beer and I started to feel pretty buzzed. I had drank a beer or two in the past but had never been really drunk. After a couple more beers she said that dad was gone and she got horny a lot and needed a real man to satisfy her. Then she asked how big my cock got when it was hard.

She really embarrassed me but when she asked again I said it was about seven inches hard. She asked if I could see it. I was in my gym shorts and in my drunken state I pulled my shorts to the side and showed her my cock and balls. She said that was bigger than dad and put her hand on my cock. she Started to rub up and down and I was soon hard. I didn't really know what she was doing but was enjoying it. I was pretty drunk but knew what she was doint. I soon got hard and then felt her lips on my cock. I said "mom, what are you doing." Then she just said to relax and enjoy it.

I did and with her sucking my cock I was about to cum. I warned her but she kept sucking and I filled her mouth with my cum.

Afterwards she said I had the sweetest cum she ever tasted and wanted me to fuck her. We were both pretty drunk by this time and somehow her playing with my dick got me hard again. I ended up fucking her for about a half hour befrore I was a bout to cum. She said to let her have it an I filled her with what was left of my balls.

I woke up the next morning spooning my mom and with a gard on. About that time she woke up and rolled over. Her hand was on my cock. She commented how big was compared to dad and when I thanked her she started to suck me. I emptied mt nuts again in her mouth and she didn't miss a beat. She took everything I had to bive har.

After breakfast she wanted to talk about it. She said that I had a much bigger cock thabn my dad and whenever he was gone she expected me to fuck her.

I did, and for the next six years I fucked my step mom nearly every friday night and have been fucking her ever since. I guess she really likes my seven inch cock and is willing to fuck me any time I get the urge.

And the urge is often. I've fucked my aunt so many times I lost count. But one thing is for sure, if I ever find a girl who is willing to do what my aunt does. I'll be a happy man.




When I was still living with my mom I would go in her room at night and blow a load all over her fat ass don't know if she ever knew it was so hot




My wife and I are Bisexual swingers, although we haven't been with anyone in a while., I miss it and want to suck some dick. We just haven't had the time or energy to try to meet new people. Although we do talk about it often.




I remained abstinent 2003 till 2014 when I started remembering the feeling of being frot sexed. So I talked it over with this 68 year old therapist I was seeing. I remember him asking me about my sex life when I first started with him in 2008. He said it was normal to remember past sex experiences. After that I went home and placed an ad on Craigslist.

Three guys knew what it was and I had sex with them. Then I told my therapist when I went in to see him. I told him all my sexual past which began at age 4 with my great-grandpa rubbing his cock against my dick. He asked if I still had the names and phone numbers of the 3 Craigslist guys and I gave it to him plus I also showed him the pics of my ass with the day and time written on my buns to verify to him.

I normally see him on Wednesday but he called me and wanted to see me on Friday and that’s the day the office is closed. So I came in and it was just us two. He asked me if it was okay for him to do the same to me and I said yes. So he had me undress and lay on the floor and he gave a pillow to me. He then dropped his pants and frot sexed me. It took an hour with breaks. After we were done he written the day and time we did it on my left butt cheek and the next appointment on the other one. Then he called for a cab for me since I rode the bus over. For the next year that’s what we did. One day it was talk and the next it was sex.




Today, I'm 25, back when I was 10 yo, almost 11, I reached puberty with a vengeance, my mom, 30 then, had started noticing with a very arousing look on her face. She had such a hot body, especially when she was in her bikini.

I also had a pregnancy fetish since I was 9, it started when this lady across the street from us was pregnant. The summer I was 9, she came out of her house in her bikini bra and tight short shorts stretched over her cantaloupe sized baby bump. The look of her tummy between her bra and short shorts, especially when she was, I think 5 months pregnant made my dick throb even for age 9.

My room back then faced the street, so it was no problem stripping to my stretchy little boxer briefs, and with a computer in my room, I went on line looking at pregnant women in their underwear, my dick wiggled in my boxer briefs, especially with those over the belly maternity panties, and how those little bare tummies looked and all.

Then one night, when I was 11, I was finishing my dinner, and my mom was to have gone to a party that night, she had on a matching skirt, and blouse, then right in front of me, she'd lifted up her blouse, and wow! It was the first time she'd wore her skirt almost up to her bra, was my dick throbbing hard in my boxer briefs, especially at her little swath of tummy between her skirt and bra! Then she smiled "Want to feel?" Then when I felt my mom's slight baby bump at the time, my dick wiggled around in my boxer briefs.

Since I was so excited that my mom was pregnant, she took off her blouse, revealing her sexy nursing bra, and she'd told me she was a little over 3 months pregnant at the time. When I asked about the baby's daddy, she said she was having the baby for friend, who's wife couldn't have children, so she offered to carry the baby for her friend through invitro fertilization.

My mom never went to the party that night, and a good thing too, especially as it was revealed the next day, it got raided by police, and people were arrested.

Then she took off her skirt, revealing her big panties over her slight baby bump, then she said "Btw, I just happen to know that you like looking at pregnant women in their underwear, don't you?" I got a little nervous when she brought it up, till she said "Relax, it's ok, some boys like going online looking at bikini clad girls, you like them pregnant don't you?" I said sheepishly "I do, remember almost 2 years ago that lady from across the street, when she was pregnant, she was dressed in her bra and short shorts and she already started showing." My mom said "Yes, I knew you loved looking at her swelling tummy at the time, I remember how it made your penis big in your bathing trunks." Then she was smiling.




In the month of May my boyfriend, who is also the father to my 11 month old son got a job offer but it meant that we had to move to another state where neither of us knew anyone. The people who hired him set us up in a nice but small cottage apartment that was originally built for the man who turned out to be our landlord 's son but he didn't want to move out of their huge log cabin so the place was offered to my boyfriend and he said ok so we drove there in a rental truck that had a trailer to toe my car. The people who hired my boyfriend were going to let him use one of their cars.

This place was nice but it was about a half hour from the main town and in a really private area. I got a job working nights at a restaurant/bar in town, I alternated between waitressing and tending bar. After a month of living there the only people my boyfriend knew were a few guys be was working with and I sort of knew a few people from my work but it was not at all what I was used to.

So about five weeks passed and it was getting close to the end of June and my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go visit his family for the weekend who live in another state, he wanted his mom to see her grandson. I told him that he should just take our kid and go because I was scheduled to work and being honest, I just wanted a break from them both.

So when my boyfriend was done with work on Friday I drove him and our kid to the train station and watched them leave, I thought oh thank god because I finally had some me time. I was scheduled to tend bar that night so I left the train station and went back to the really small cottage apartment we had and for the first time in a long time I was feeling like the old me, before I became a mom.

Since it was Friday and I was going to be bar tending and also because I was in a really good mood for once, I had a few beers, took my time getting ready, I did my hair, more makeup than usual, I got out my shortest mini skirt, knee high boots, a nice white tight top and I looked really good and was feeling good too.

On my way to work I stopped at the gas station and got myself a few packs of cigarettes because my boyfriend insisted that I stop smoking since I got pregnant and he kept on me about it even after the kid was born, so omg lighting up and taking a long drag off that first cigarette was was to me.

That night at work I was in a great mood, I really felt like the old me, I was flirty and being obvious about it, I was being flirted back with and loving the attention. One guy who worked in the kitchen part of where I worked at always seemed interested in me, so when I finally saw him I asked him if he was doing anything after work, the restaurant part closed at 1:00 a.m. and the bar part closed at 2:00a.m.

He said no he didn't have anything going on so I just asked him if he wanted to hang out after work, he immediately said yes, so my mood went from good to great. I didn't see him that much because we were in different parts of the building but when I did we both flirted with each other, he asked me if I smoked ( weed ) I said I used to but not in awhile and I didn't have any anyway, he said he had some so it was all good.

After work he followed me back to the small apartment in his car, we sat out on the deck, having a few beers and smoking and omg his phone starts and does not stop! So he says he has to take the call, it turns out to be his wife who is beyond pissed off! So he is like sorry but I have to go but he says I can have the rest of his weed!!

Now I'm pissed, its close to 3:00a.m. for the first time in a long time I have no one to answer to but I'm also I'm some place that's still new to me, I don't know anyone and I'm horny as fuck! So I finish my beer take a few hits off the blunt and the only place that know of that's open is the gas station.

So I get in my car, I was buzzed so yeah I know but it was fine plus there wasn't another car around for 50 miles. So I drive into the gas station and there was one guy getting gas, so I go to the gas thingy that is next to him and I get out and though I didn't really need gas I still did, I seen he was looking at me so I said hi, he said hi back.

I said so what's up, he said nothing how about you, I said I was going to get some cigarettes and go sit out on my deck and have a few beers, he said that sounded like fun so I said well if you want you can have a beer with me, thank god he said yeah sure, he paid with his credit card but I had to go in and pay plus I did get another pack of cigarettes.

I came out and walked to his truck and told him he could follow me and he did, we hung out on the deck drinking, he didn't smoke but I was, after I had a really good buzz going I asked him if he wanted to come in, he said he definitely was up for that, so we went in, I led him to the bedroom and omg we fucked for a really long time!