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I’m not exactly happy about myself for doing it, I just got so hard and aroused my mind went blank with my sexual thoughts,

now thinking back I feel ashamed of myself , it was 4 years back I still remember that day I use to live in a small town where it’s very open with mostly long fields,, I have watched a lot of porn in my teens ever since I found out about sex,

And yes I did have a pocket pussy at the time ,most my time I spent on my laptop just watching porn finding out new ways for a man pleasure himself I didn’t know about beastiality at the time, Ive only heard of others having sex with animals so I willingly jerkind off and watched some vids of girls taking dog cocks and that when I came across a man fucking a dog, seeing the dog just standing there letting a dick pound her made me so horny and eager to try myself that’s when the thought came into my mind,,

I knew there was an old Single farmer in my town just 20 mins or so away from where I live so if course my sexual thoughts take over and I think about all his farm animals I know it was so wrong to think about it bout I just really wanted to try having sex with and animal aswell, and he lived alone so I figured it wouldn’t be to hard to sneak in

so I pulled up my boxer put shorts on and started making my way there the sun was setting so there wasn’t much light which was helpful once I got there I waited by his fence for a few minutes to see if he was outside and I could just see his horses running free around the field so I knew I wouldn’t get to them today and with his barn just right there I’m front of me, got me feeling horny again I could just feel my cock throbbing in my boxers so I started touching the tip of my cock I can feel pre cum already I was going nuts just thinking about it so I couldn’t wait any more I hid my bike and snuck up from behind the barn so the house was on the other side making it impossible for the farmer to see my running to his barn if he was watching boy was my heart pumping has I was getting closer just thinking of what I’m going to do once I get into his barn

as soon as I got to the door I took one look back to see if anyone seen me it was clear

I’ll Finish in another paragraph




I’ve been trying to fuck my cousin for years. I think I might be close to accomplishing this.




I'm on vacation with my family and my daughter brought a friend this year who is a really nice and sweet girl but she is advanced for her age and her bathing suit is way to small for her figure. The girl has been in and out of this hot pink suit for the past 4 days and she is blond and a little chubby and I can't help but look as this suit appears and disappears into her butt or presses against her and reveals everything. My wife was sitting next to me on the couch at the cottage last night as the girls were playing a game on the rug in front of us. They were having fun and i couldn't help but enjoy the peeks i got of soft pussy lips and the suit wedgied into her butt and i shouldn't of have butt i let it build, and grow and heat up until my cock was jumping and about ready to cum in my pants. And i thought I was getting away with it but my wife she pretended like she was reaching for my drink and I could see the cruelty in her eyes as her hand brushed hard against the erection i was hiding in my pants. She knew I was hard and she wanted to shame me and let me know she knew. She snapped at the girls and stopped their play and demanded they take a shower. They got up and went down to the outside beach shower as i turned red in the face and thought of how to explain myself. She said cum with me and I got up and followed her outside. She brought me to the outside shower as the girls were finishing up and she gathered them up in a big towel and led them away upstairs and said okay your turn and pointed to the shower. I felt guilty but I went in thinking my wife wanted me to clean the guilt amd shame from our marriage. I took my clothes off and turned on the water and felt the dirtyness wash over me and wondered what sort of life I could possibly live with this women now, but then I noticed a little pair of hot pink bikini bottoms hanging on a little hook in front of me. My cock jumped and swelled instantly as i grabbed them and wrapped them around my cock and started pumping away, the misery building with each soapy thrust of my fist, I looked up to God and cursed as I shot jet after jet of hot cum into that little girls

Hot pink bathing suit, my balls drained my gaze met my wife peeping through the crack of the door.




I work for a large insurance company and have a fairly responsible job in IT, I am the change manager and enjoy my job, some of the younger girls look up to me and some I am sure despise me, I am 36 and have kept myself in reasonable shape by being an active jogger, I have never found time for long term relationships as I was eager to progress my career. I head up a team of 10 and report directly to the Head of IT, I have no time for petty office politics either.

Every year we have a corporation bash at an out of town hotel / conference center where the managers of all departments gather to hear the company report for the previous 12 months, in all around 200 all descend on this hotel which is block booked by the company, it's a chance to talk and network with old friends from the company.

Anyway the last night of the bash we have a theme night and participation is mandatory, it's a lighthearted way to forget the facts and figures of the previous 2 days. This particular year someone decided to have a 1950's theme night, with a live band playing music from the era, personally I could not have thought of anything worse.

Anyway I was stumped as to what to wear for a 1950's theme, so like all good girls I asked my Mum who would have been growing up into a woman during that era. So I called over and after a cup of tea I told mum of my predicament, I said I was obliged to take part, but did not have a clue as to what to wear.

After a few minutes, mum got up and beckoned my to follow her to her walk in wardrobe adjacent to her and dad's master bedroom, this was like the inner sanctum and all manner of dresses, shoes, jackets and coats were neatly hung or placed on racks. Mum started to select a few items, she had kept every piece of clothing she ever worn, bought, borrowed or was given as presents. She gave me the items and told me to try them on, so I took the items of clothing to the en suit bathroom and undressed down to my underwear, I tried on a dress with such a slim waist and large top half, I could not fit and it didn't look very appealing, as I was going to throw myself into the night I wanted to look glamorous and above all sexy.

I walked out to mum and said it just didn't do anything for me. She looked and was gone for a few minutes, when she returned she handed me a bundle of items and said if you need a hand call me. I walked back the bathroom and looked at what she had given me. They were not outer wear clothes they were genuine 1950's lingerie. I stripped off my bra and panties, where to start, the dress required a super slim waist, so I called for mum to give me a hand, I was still naked when she entered the bathroom, "when did you start shaving down there?" was the first thing she said, always matter of fact was mum, I ignored her question and asked where do I start? Well she picked out what she called a waspie with the longest suspenders I had ever seen, she fastened this around my waist and pulled it super tight, I felt it pull in my waist.

She then selected a bra, which looked like it had to motorway cones instead of cups and I put it on, my breasts looked very impressive but conical, she then suggested I try the dress on, wow what a difference, it fit me like a glove, very slim tiny waist and a very large bust, I had a look in the full length mirror and was delighted with the result. Mum then suggested I wear grey stockings, seamed of course and a pair of panties from that era, they were white silk loose legged with very strong elastic around the waist, they were not snug and when they were on, I could feel my bottom was free to jiggle and move.

So I was sorted, mum even supplied makeup from that era, very red lipstick, and said I should wear my hair up.

I drove to the hotel on the morning the conference kicked off, parked my car and checked in, we all had single rooms except for a few of the juniors who had to share. The conference started with lots of boring speeches and an awful lot of facts and figures, the 2 days dragged and it was the same thing every night, married men, single men, married women and single women all trying to hit on someone who was in a slightly higher post than themselves. I enjoyed a bit of banter with the other IT guys and girls and spent my evenings propped up in the bar.

The conference ended at 5 pm and we were all requested to be back in the ballroom for 9.15 sharp for the end of conference bash. So without further ado I made my way to my room and took a long hot bath, I made time to make sure I was clean shaven down below and relaxed with a glass of wine.

After my bath, i climbed from the tub and wrapped a robe around my naked body, I dried off and took my 1950's attire from my case. Now how did this go I thought to myself? First the waspie and I had problems pulling it tight, it was a two person operation, I slipped on the robe and went next door to one of the girls from IT, I explained my situation and she readily agreed to assist me. She was getting ready also, but was almost fully clothed, I opened my robe as modestly as possible and she pulled the waspie tight. I thanked her and left.

Next item when I got back to my room, oh yes stockings attached to the suspenders, seams straight, then the bra I was starting to look like a pin up from the 1950's. I found the white silk panties and pulled them on, they felt different to my normal huggy one's as these allowed for my bottom to move and I could only imagine how my bottom would jiggle on the dance floor! Then the crowning glory the dress slipped on and I must admit I looked pretty hot, small waist, large bust, round voluptuous bottom. I fixed my hair and make up and was ready to make an entrance at 9.15 on the dot!

The ballroom was almost full when I got there, some employees and managers had made more of an effort than others, however when I walked in, all eyes were transfixed on my bust! I was enjoying the moment and even some of the girls who probably despised me, were actually giving me compliments. The evening was a huge success, great music from the era, a free bar and a decent enough meal. I was up on the dance floor shaking my bottom in my white silk panties that only I knew I had on. At the end of the evening the band played a slow set. I was just about to head to the bar when one of the retired directors asked me to dance, well this chap was in his 70's and was dressed as a Teddy Boy.

We danced and as it was a slow one he held me tight. We was making small talk about what department I worked in and stuff like that. As we danced I felt his hand drop to my bottom, I didn't mind, he then asked "are you wearing stockings?" I replied "Yes of course it's a 1950's night". He then said "can I see them?" well of course he could not see them on the dance floor, so I felt pretty safe as he was in his 70's and told him my room number and to call for a drink. I made my excuses to my colleagues and retired for the night, I was in my room and within 10 minutes I heard a knock, sure enough the old gent had called to my room.

He apologized for asking to see my stockings, but he had watched me all night dancing and was enthralled with my jigglerly bottom! I laughed and offered him a drink. We chatted for a while and then I said it was getting late and if he was going to get a look at my stocking tops I had better show him soon. With that I stood and lifted the hem of my dress up over the tops of my stockings, he saw what he wanted to see, the smile on his face was priceless, he then asked "how are you keeping them up?" so I said, "no touching" and took the dress off. He looked and asked me to turn round in a circle, which I did.

He looked at me and smiled and said "thank you, you have made me very happy." I don't know if it were the drink or the fact that I was sure this old gent was not going to try anything on, so what I did next was spur of the moment. I unhooked my stockings and pulled them off, I asked him to assist with the removal of the waspie and bra, his hands were trembling, soon I was standing in only my white silk knickers given to me by my mum. I asked him "would you like to touch my breasts?" He said nothing, but reached out and gently fondled and caressed my breasts. I was single and what harm if I was bringing some happiness to this old gent? He moved one hand down to my white silk pantie covered bum and fondled and kneaded it. Very slowly his hand moved quite easily into my panties via the loose leg fitting, so this is why mum wears them? I said "you can take them off if you want to" which he nodded to and quite easily started to remove them until I was naked. I could hear his breathing getting deeper and I could feel his hand trembling.

I asked him "are you happy now?" to which he replied "happier than I have been in a long time." I was feeling empowered I was single, naked and making an old gent very happy. I became bolder and asked if I could see his cock, he said " I am old and I have not had an erection in 7 years". I undid the buttons of his fly and put my hand into his underpants and fished out a limp 7 inch penis. I gently squeezed it. He was still caressing my breasts and bottom, he appeared to have no interest in my shaven pussy? I undressed the old gent, his body was in very good condition, still muscular and firm which surprised me. Once he was naked I laid him on the bed and took his flaccid penis in my mouth. I could feel it was having the desired effect and his penis was getting erect.

I mounted him and rode his cock slowly. He was busy with my boobs and bottom and I made sure to get as much depth as possible. By now I was getting very aroused and must admit that the old gent fucked me to a climax. I do not know whether or not he came as I was so wet.

We kissed and I got off him, He said "can I have you white silk panties?" I said they were a present from my mother, not my usual knickers, but from now on they will be. I relented and gave them to him. I never asked his name, however a couple of weeks later I called to mum and she asked me with a little glint in her eye how the conference went, I said "it went well" to which she produced the little silk panties I had given to the old gent? Apparently he knew mum in more ways than one and had returned the panties as he wanted to see her in them as well! She obliged him and I laughed to myself as he had fucked us both.




I want to fuck my 96 year old mother. I have been alternating helping taking care of her with other family members, sometimes helping bathe her. She is doing quite well for 96 years old. Very sharp in the mind. She has always been very modest. She sleeps nude and whenever she was preparing for bed or getting up in the morning, she would be very quick to cover herself if I was around. Anyway, when I am assisting her with her bathing, she always reminds me of how modest she is and that she never imagined she would be naked with me right beside her. She has no idea how many times I spied on her while masturbating when I was a young boy. I window peeped on her for several years.

She's lost the fiery red in her hair, both upstairs and down there, and her tits aren't the full, firm melons they used to be, but I still find myself getting erect as I wash them with a wash cloth. I want to drop the wash cloth and grab and fondle her tits and rub my fingers into her aging cunt. One time, her medication gave her a touch of diarrhea and I had to clean her up. I got her in the shower and washed her down. I was using my hand to soap her down after using the washcloth and wanted so badly to slip my finger into her ass. I was so hard. After I had her cleaned up and dressed, I went to the bathroom and jerked off furiously and came within a few minutes.

I fantasize about laying her down on the edge of the bed and pressing my penis into her. I want to have her take her teeth out and suck my penis until I ejaculate in her mouth. I'd also like to shoot my load all over her face. I would also like to lube up her butt hole and butt fuck her.




I had been stealing different things from the company that I work for every since I was hired 4 years ago .# weeks ago my foreman came up to me and told me that the boss wanted to talk to me and that he said to come see him when I took off for lunch. I clocked out for lunch and went to see him in his office ,his secretary was gone,probably at lunch so I just knocked on his door and he told me to come in.When I walked in he told me to close the door behind me and he pointed to a chair next to his desk and told me to have a seat. My boss pointed at his computer monitor and asked me to explain what I saw,, It was a video of me and another employee ,the way he was standing you couldnt see his face but you could see mine clearly and I was on my knees sucking the guys cock.He showed me the folder that had about a dozen different videos of me sucking different guys cocks that worked there.Every one of them was time stamped showing that I was sucking guys off during working hours when I should have been working. It was obvious that it was me and what I was doing so I admitted that I met guys I work with at different places at different times every day .i figured that he was fixing to fire me and I could not lose my job so I begged him not to fire me,and said I would do what ever he wanted me to do to keep my job and to make up for the time lost because I wasnt doing what I was supposed to be doing . I was scared and about to cry and he saw and started laughing at me ,,then began teasing me and calling me names because I like to suck mens cocks .It was humiliating but it got me to calm down.My boss told me that he would decide on a dollar value for the time lost for me and the guy I was sucking off all those times added up and if I agreed to work extra to pay him back he wouldnt fire me .I was so relieved that I thanked him repeatedly saying Id do what ever he said.My boss smiled and told me that since I liked to suck cock so much he would erease one video every time I sucked his cock.I asked him if he was serious,,I didnt want to get myself in more trouble if he was just joking with me.Tom told me he was very serious , telling me that there were almost 20 videos so I was going to have to suck his cock a lot and I said I was ready to begin sucking him off right away and didnt wait for him to respond,I dropped to my knees ,unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and wrapped my lips around it and started sucking . I could tell he wasnt ready for me to do that but it was obvious that he was enjoying what I was doing to his cock ,It got rock hard immediatly and minutes later he began breathing hard and then exploded in my mouth filling it up almost faster that I could swallow his yummy cum down. He has me suck his cock at least once a day sometimes as many as three times a day and 3 or four days a week .I dont know where all the new cameras have been installed and am still sucking guys off at work so I havent kept count of how many times I have sucked my bosses cock and he hasnt told me that I have paid off my debt so I plan on sucking his cock off till he tells me I have to stop..




I am a 19 year old boy. I regularly fantasize about having sex with women in their thirties. I fantasize that she undresses me except for my v-shaped underwear, cuffs my hands and legs to the bed, fondles me down there from above my underwear and occasionally inserts her hand in it, all the while kissing my lips, and I passionately kiss her lips in return. This goes on for sometime until she finally removes my underwear and rides me to an Earth-shattering orgasm.

There is an alternate fetish as well. I am on top of such a woman, only in my underwear. I kiss and fondle her for a long time without removing my underwear, which has become a cage for my stiffness. It gets painful but I do not remove it from its cage. I keep kissing her and fondling. Finally, when my control limit exceeds, I remove my underwear and bang with all energy.