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I have been married less than 2 months, big mistake, husband turned out to be a mummy's boy and it was obvious that both my new MIL and FIL both wanted to get me into bed!

2 weeks after our wedding there was an annual 1940's weekend in a sleepy little seaside town on the North Norfolk coast which my new husband said we had to attend with his parents, so I had to source clothes fitting of the era and to look up hair styles as well as I didn't want to look like I didn't want to make an effort. I found all I needed and we set off. It was a long drive and once we got to the town we made our way to his parents home. Nice house, nice secluded garden not over looked, so you can imagine my surprise when we walked to the back of the house and both his parents were sitting naked at a table playing cards and having a G & T!

I certainly didn't know where to look and then his parents both got up to welcome us to their home, his mother was in pretty good shape and his father probably had a bigger cock than my husband.

The following day was the start of the 1940's weekend and as I was dressing my husband's mother came into our bed room, she looked as I was pulling on a pair of seamed tights, "No, No that won't do, stockings my girl! I didn't have any, but she had some and a suspender belt to hold them up, she brought them into me and stayed and watched As I began to dress. I just had a pair of my normal knickers on, but again she said they won't do and brought me a pair made from parachute silk, these were original 1940's war time knickers, she insisted I remove my own and replace them with the pair she had given me.

She stayed and sure I wore the pair she had given me. I slipped off my knickers and tried to be as demure as possible without showing too much pussy, she looked an tut tutted, She was looking at my trimmed pussy as she showed yesterday when we arrived she certainly had the hairiest bush I had ever seen! Anyway I slipped on the silk knickers she had given me and then the suspender belt, again she tut tutted, she insisted that the suspender belt went on first and she moved closer and assisted with attaching the suspenders to the stockings and then making sure the seams were straight on the stockings she had given me. I thought that she was paying too much attention to my legs and she kept running her hands up and down my thighs. Once that was done, she then informed me that I could put on the silk knickers.

I put on a bra one of my own mine again the look to the sky by my MIL, she again said it would not do she she returned with a silk camisole, no bra, although I am not huge , I would have loved a little support, but no, none in this. However I must admit that it felt good having the silk rub my nipples and a little freedom. I managed to put on a pencil skirt which she approved of and a blouse, lots of bright red lipstick and a hat, I certainly looked the part.

We made our way to the town center and spent the day watching the different parades and also going on the steam train that runs a few miles along the coast.

I got many admiring glances and plenty of photo opportunities, some of the bolder ones asking me to show some leg, which I was only too happy to oblige and the day wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be. At the end of the day we all made our way back to my husbands parents home.

I wanted to get changed however the In laws were against it and insisted on staying in 1940's mode. MIL broke out the gin and FIL touched me up as discreetly as he could, I tried to distance myself, but he was nothing if not persistent.

My loving husband was getting stuck into the gin and was legless within an hour, so drunk his mother insisted on putting him to bed, which she did and was so smug when she eventually appeared telling myself and FIL how she had, had to strip him and put the naughty boy to bed. Now they could concentrate on me 100%, FIL said that I had been a naughty flirt during the day flashing my shapely legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry, MIL said I had probably shown my stocking tops to them as well, none of this was true, however I thought what the Hell I may as well go along with it. I didn't complain when FIL slipped his hand up my skirt and reached the giggle zone as my MIL called it, she explained that it was the space between the tops of your stockings and the hem of your silk knickers, cos when they reach there they are laughing!

I was aware of his hands but not aware of the mobile phone photos, we all consumed too much gin and MIL said £100.00 for the best strip, she went first and it was not the first time by the amount of skill show, all the way down to her own parachute silk knickers and with a wiggle she dropped them to the floor to reveal a neatly trimmed bush, she must have worked on it since the previous afternoon, then it was FIL all the way down until he was naked as well, his penis getting aroused in anticipation of me going next, I had no excuse not to strip off, not as artistically as the previous two, but the gin had done it's job and lowered my inhibitions, it wasn't long before I was down to Camisole stockings suspenders and knickers, I took my time but eventually I had to remove my own silk knickers, which I did as seductively as possible. There I was naked, I was not in control and by that time I realized that it was too late to alter the outcome, we adjourned to their bed room for a night of fun and frolics. I have never had such a combination of things done to me as that night, totally wanton on my part, needless to say FIL was better in bed than husband. Enjoyed the weekend after all




i'm the oldest of 3 children and 1 of my 2 sisters was born just before i was 18 months old, the 2 nd, when i was in my early teens. here's my upbringing, i've always been sexually aroused by pregnancy, at 8my teacher got pregnant and i remember being sexually aroused to her belly, especially if she'd had on seethrough dresses, and 1 year after that, my buddy's mom was pregnant and i was sexually aroused to her belly too. they'd been first times i was sexually aroused by pregnant women and over the years i remember being sexually aroused, especially by sexy pregnant women I passed by. fast forward to age 13, when i started looking up pregnant women on google. i was feeling sexually pleasured, and searched for pregnant women in their underwear, when i got turned on by their big panties, i loved it. i have 1 big fetish in my pregnancy fetish - slim pregnant blonds in big panties stretched over their bellies. growing up, my mother was sexy slim and was 36 -37 through her last pregnancy, so she fit right into my subfetish. when she'd begun to show i started feelng sexier and sexier for her, and i even watched her in her bikini bra and found her over the belly pregnancy short shorts absolutely so sexy. when she sat on the couch, i got to feel her belly feeling my sister move. i got so horny that I left the room and went into the bathroom to have a wank to it in my tight little boxer briefs. i knew she was nice looking in her pregnancy at the time, now even after 18 and a half years, i still love my pregnancy underwear fetish.




I moved out of my parents house when I was 19. I got a job at the local grocery store. It was enough to rent an apartment in a nice complex. I had been there about three weeks when I met Tom out at the pool. He said he was hosting a small party on Friday and invited me. He was in his 50s and quite large. His belly stuck over his bathing trunks so I figured it was innocent enough so I accepted his invitation. I asked if I needed to bring anything but he said just dress comfortable and be there at 8. I arrived precisely at eight and there were three other guys there. I noticed there were no girls there but was too shy to say anything. A few minutes later two more guys showed up. He put on an action flick and for the next two hours we drank and watched the movie. I was getting pretty drunk by then. I thought it was pretty lame for a party but as the movie was ending Tom sat next to me on the couch and put his hand on my thigh. I told him I wasn't gay and he responded that it was time I learned. He moved his hand up a little and grabbed my cock through my jeans. I started to get up but two of his friends stood in front of me and turned me around. They grabbed my arms and Tom started to take my pants off.

Ten minutes later was naked with my hands tied behind my back. They were much bigger and stronger than me and I was stuck. I was hoping they were just playing around but when they pushed me to my knees and bent me over the couch I knew I was in trouble. I felt someone licking my asshole and a hand was playing with my cock. I was surprisingly getting hard. I tried to get up but they were too strong. While my asshole was being eaten Tom sat on the couch straddling me with his big cock at my mouth. He said to suck him. I thought about it for a few seconds then he pushed his cock into my mouth. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. About the time he shoved his cock in my mouth I felt a cock poking into my asshole. It hurt a little at first but the alcohol seemed to dull the pain. Then he started to fuck my ass as Tom was mouth fucking me. I could barely get my lips around his cock as he got harder and harder. Before I knew it the guy behind me was cumming inside me. He got done and pulled out and I felt another take his place. And then another after he was done. Just before the fourth guy came inside me Tom said it was time for me to take his load. He started cumming and he plugged my nose and I had no choice but to swallow. It was disgusting and oddly exciting at the same time. I found that I liked his cum as I swallowed it all. His cock was still hard when he pulled out and as the fourth guy finished in my ass he pulled out and Tom knelt behind me. He shoved his big cock inside me. It felt so fucking good by this time that I was moaning and saying to give me more. Tom finally came inside me and pulled out. I nearly collapsed hen they turned me around and sat me on the floor. They all took turns shoving their cocks into my mouth until they came. I swallowed so much cum my belly was full. I ended up staying in Tom's bed that night and a month later I gave up my apartment and moved in with him. His cock is so bit and yummy that I suck him nearly every fucking night. He fucks me about three times a week and on occasion his cock hits my prostate just right and I cum with out even being touched. He won't suck my cock as he says that is for sissy fags but makes me suck him often. I guess I'm just a little sissy fucking fag but that's okay with me as long as he keeps fucking me.




I was 13 when I started to notice girls. Whenever I looked at a girl's tits y dick got hard. I really never noticed my mom before but all of a sudden it seemed like every night she would put on an almost see through nightgown and sit to watch TV. Dad was in the army and overseas and I figured mom missed him quite a bit. One night after we watched TV for a while I noticed my dick was starting to get hard so I went into my bedroom to jerk off. I was naked on top of the covers when mom walked in. I was so fucking embarrassed I didn't really know what to do. I could tell mom was pretty drunk by the way she was swaying, just standing there staring at my cock. Then she said "Oh honey, you have such a nice looking cock." She didn't seem to care that I was jerking off.

My cock was sticking straight up and she said that she thought even at 13 my cock was bigger than dad's. Then she came over and sat on the bed. She was still staring at it when she reached out and put her hand around my cock. She said she had the nicest cock she'd ever seen and began to stroke it up and down. She told me to just lay back and enjoy it. I did. Two minutes later I felt myself about to cum. I tried to push her hand away. I was embarrassed but she said to just let it cum. I started to cum and felt it hit my belly as she continued to stroke me. Just about the time I was on the last spurt she leaned down and took me in her mouth. I couldn't believe it, my mom was sucking my cock. I stayed hard. I knew I could cum twice because I usually do when I jerk off and her mouth was un-fucking-believable. It wasn't three minutes later and I was ready to cum again. She sensed it and mumbled to fill her mouth. I said "what?" and she took her mouth off my cock long enough to say "that's it honey fill momma's filthy fucking mouth with your sweet cum." I had never heard her talk like that before but when she put her mouth back on my cock I exploded again. She swallowed every fucking drop.

I thought we were done. She left but a few minutes later she came back with a drink in her hand. She sat back on the bed and said the nobody could ever know what had happened. I assured her I would never tell, then as she finished her drink she stood up and took off all of her clothes. Her tits were big with large nipples. She mounted me and put a tit up to my mouth and said to feed on it. I could feel my dick getting hard again. After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples she said she had a special treat and scooted up so her cunt was on my mouth. She said to tongue fuck her. I did the best I could and finally tasted her juices as she came. Then she scooted down and put my hard cock at the opening of her cunt. She plunged down in one motion and started to fuck me. I thought I was too young for sex but mom proved me otherwise. She ended up sleeping in my bed that night and I woke up to her sucking my cock. After she took my cum I said I had to pee and she said to let her have it. I didn't understand but she said again "Go ahead honey, fill mommy's mouth with your piss. This was really weird but she kept sucking me until I couldn't hold it any longer and started to pee. She swallowed most of it but my bladder was so full I ended up pissing all over her, me and the bed. She said not to worry, that the sheets were washable.

For the next three years mom taught me all about sex, even to the point of pegging me with a strap on. I loved every minute of her teachings and when dad finally came home from the service I knew my time with mom was done. But the second night he was back they were both pretty drunk and she came in and said she had a really big surprise for me. It ended up with dad sucking my cock until I came in his mouth then he turned around and mom made me suck him until he came in my mouth. What a couple of fucking pervs I had for parents. But through it all I learned to eat pussy, get ass fucked and suck cock and now I can't go three days without a cock in my mouth. I guess I'm the biggest perv of all.





Later in years (after my last story about my time at the Bookstore) I was horny and needed a good blowjob.

It was the typical thing to do at the time was go to a video booth and get excited and see if there were any phone numbers on the wall…well there was one…and I called it.

His name was Dan and I told him I was looking to get sucked. He was happy I called and he lived nearby so I headed over.

Getting to his apartment I was met at the door by a tall, muscular and handsome blonde who welcomed me in. He had a nice place that was well kept and after a little chat we headed to his bedroom.

I was pretty fit at the time and he liked running his hands over my body. He was behind me and began rubbing my arms up and down. Then he reached under them to feel my chest. There were sighs of agreement coming from him as he felt me up.

Then his hands slide down to my hips and across my groin and yes I was pretty excited by then.

He undid my pants, dropping them to the floor before reaching back to my cotton covered cock and outlining it with his fingers.

A few squeezes before uncovering and dropping my boxers to where my pants were.

Cock now out he began to slide his hand up and down and all I could do was lean back against him for support.

His hands worked magic as one jerked my cock and the other was under my shirt pinching my nipples.

Dan was getting excited too because I could hear his breathing become deep and hard as I am sure he knew he was winning me over.

I kicked off my shoes, socks, pants and shorts and then I had to take my shirt off because it was just getting to hot. During this time he didn’t stop his attention on me.

Once naked he had me lay on the bed.

Pillow behind my head, arms above with my hands grasping onto the bars on the headboard and legs spread (kinda like a little bondage position) in anticipation of what was to come next. Then Dan went to work.

He held my balls in one hand tenderly squeezing them, gripped the base of my cock with the other and then slowly descended his mouth over my cock.

I sensed his lips around the tip and then a soft sucking sensation as his lips opened and took me slowly in. His tongue danced on the underside as more and more of me went into his mouth.

He bobbed his head up and down before going all the way and taking me into his throat.

His pulsing throat was an amazing action on my cock. Then with a loud slurping sound he pulled back till just the tip was in his mouth…took a breath around my cockhead…and then went right back down taking all of me in.

His hands were not idle either.

Still fondling my balls and jerking my shaft whenever he pulled back.

My head was spinning as I got lost in his oral talents…it just felt so damn good! I just closed my eyes and imagined others were around us watching all that was taking place on Dan’s bed.

His head was going up and down and for a little while his hands left me…I didn’t care as his sucking me was getting me lost in the idea he was going to make me cum…and cum hard.

Down on my cock…bobbing a little then back off to just the tip…then repeat!

Dan’s hands came back. They took my legs, pushed them up so I had my knees bending over Dan’s shoulders and my ass was raised a little off the bed. His left hand found my shaft and the right…well it decided to tease my puckered hole.

Fingers going up and down my crack being lubed by the saliva dripping off my cock from Dan’s mouth. Finger teasing my hole getting it wet. My little 0 ring was shuddering in pleasure as the tip of his finger, wet with spit, started probing in me. I could feel Dan’s finger enter me and then pull out to get some more spit on it and then back in. Cock in his mouth and his finger up my ass was a great combination and it was working me into a stupor of sexuality.

Then two fingers in my ass, both wet and both getting me even more excited. But somehow Dan knew that when I was getting real close to getting to that aura of wanting to cum…he’d slow down a little and let me gather myself.

Now I also didn’t want to cum too fast…I wanted this pleasure to last a long time so I asked Dan to stop for a moment…and I opened my eyes.

Dan was between my legs on the bed and when I saw him he was naked. I guess when he took his hands off of me he also took off his clothes.

He got up on his knees and asked if everything was okay and I replied, “More than you can imagine!” and then I saw it…

Between his legs was this sexy big cock pointing at me. This big bulbous cockhead with an eye that seemed to wink at me. A thick shaft and LONG! I don’t think I’m imagining anything when I say it was at least 11 inches in length.

I don’t know what came over me but my mind was like, “This is a dream come true!”

Now just as I reminder I had some good size cock to play with since the Bookstore…but nothing like this. Most cases guys would blow me and go (Bookstore, Hotel, Car, etc…). Some would get me to bend over but they were average in size (some were pretty thick but short). But Dan was an Adonis specimen of man.

I literally grabbed onto Dan and exchanged places with him.

Now on his back and me between his legs I reached out for this amazing woody. My hands encompassed this joy rod feeling every inch of it…sliding up and down it to keep it vibratingly hard.

Then all was tossed to the wind…I leaned forward and took his dickhead into my mouth. I was a kid with the tastiest popsicle in his mouth. I had the ultimate “Big Stick” in my mouth and I was going to enjoy it.

I inched up and down his shaft doing my tongue lapping, sucking, jerking and Dan responded with moans of satisfaction. I took as much as I could into my mouth before it began to test the flexibility of my throat.

Dan put his hands on the back of my head and helped me improve my skills.

Once his cock found my throat Dan added pressure to my head and forced a little more into me…hold me there for a few seconds and then let me up a little. Pressure and down I went again…a little more cock this time. I won’t say I got it all down but I did get more than I have ever had before (or even maybe since).

Then Dan grabbed both sides of my head and began face fucking me. He didn’t jam it down my throat but just in and out of my mouth of which I kept my lips sealed around his shaft, my tongue tasted his underside and sucking whenever I could.

His cock was hard, horny and wet…and that’s all I needed…I had to have this cock up my ass.

I pulled my mouth off of Dan’s cock and then straddled his hips…raised my asshole above his cock head and lowered down on that wet throbbing rod.

My eyes were looking at Dan’s and his was looking at me.

He pleasured in the flush that came over my face as that cock entered me.

Bouncing up and down taking a little more with each drop. Each inch touched a different nerve and sent chills throughout my body…I wanted more!

Up and down…Dan’s hands on my hips helping me gyrate on top of him until I had it all. His big fat, long, hard cock was all the way up my ass.

I accomplished something I had only dreamed of…and loving it!

Up and down and at times Dan would stop me…get me to be about halfway on his cock and hold me still while he pumped his hips to fuck me. This cause me to lean forward with my head next to his and I am sure he could hear me quietly saying, “More…give me more!” Dan didn’t deny me.

Dan rolled us on our side and then swung my leg up and repositioned so I was able to get on all fours never once letting his cock fall out of my hole.

Once in that position Dan just used me like a rag doll and grabbed my hips…pulled back until only the tip of his cock was in me and then slammed all of himself into me. Of course this crated a loud gasp out of me and Dan did it again…and again…and again…just the tip…then all in!

For some reason once I get to the level of euphoria I’m almost willing to try anything. Dan was taking me and my cock was dripping precum in expression of my liking what was happening to me.

I looked to the side of the bed and his dresser had a big mirror on it and it was tilted just right that I could see myself getting fucked.

I could see the outline of Dan’s cock as he pulled out of my ass and then watch it disappear into me over and over again...and I was loving it!

Then it was time…Dan began pounding my ass cheeks with his hips.

His grip tightened on me and with each thrust into me he pulled me to him hard.

Dan was lost in that “Ready To Cum” experience and I knew there was no way of stopping him in cumming up my ass.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Dan kept saying as he rammed that tree limb up my hole. I say tree limb because I was no longer getting fucked by a nice hard cock that had a little flexibility to it…I was being fucked by something hard…thick…straight…and LONG!

Over and over that limb moved in and out of me.

For guys who know the sensation of cumming…you fuck the hole…get that desire so strong that you just stop breathing and use that lung pressure to help force that cum out of your dick. Well I could hear Dan give a grunt and then start fucking like a wild dog up my ass. That fast fucking that won’t stop until the load fires out cannon hard.

For some reason Dan could hold that breath a long time because that pounding in my ass going on for a long time.

I just gave in…buried my head in the pillow as I let out a scream of joy when Dan pulled me to him, locked his hips against my butt cheeks and fired his load of hot cum up my ass…and I mean HOT! A totally different feeling then the cold slick saliva used to lube me.

Dan pulls back a little and then grunts out again and buries himself to fire another load of hot juice into me.

Still holding onto me Dan did that dick vibrating thing where his cock is still inside me and he is shaking to get more cum out of himself and into me cause it feels so good.

I feel Dan’s cock pulsating inside me and then Dan collapses on top of me and even then his cock is still hard and his hips can’t stop the up and down motion. His cock is simply sloshing the cum around in my ass…and I don’t stop him…because I like the feeling.

We lie there for a couple of minutes before Dan raises himself and I feel his cock create a vacuum effect of my innards as he pulls out.

His cock dripping in cum and saliva he lays it in my butt crack and slides it up and down spreading that human moisture over my used hole.

Another couple minutes go by with Dan sliding on me when he says, “Hey! You came here for a blowjob…and look what happened.”

Dan then got off me…turned me over and dropped his mouth on my dick.

Once again his talented mouth took me to heaven.

I pulled my legs up as he sucked away and Dan knew what I wanted.

His fingers once again found entrance to my hole. One, two, three, four fat fingers fucking may used hole and this mouth from the gods sucking away.

Hands gripping the headboard, legs spread and BAM! I came so hard that I bounced up and down on the bed wanting all my cock in his mouth and all my cum down his throat.

Meanwhile when I was gyrating all over the place cumming in Dan’s mouth my asshole popped a little.

The cum and saliva filled asshole let Dan’s whole hand slip in to the wrist and Dan was pumping that hand inside me while I was cumming so hard in his mouth…

Which lead me to another story later.




My biggest fantasy is to meet somebody who would have sex with my mom. Him and I would make a plan, of me leaving and him coming to my house after my mom and him have made plans. He texts me, come back in 10 mins. I catch them having sex and I walk into the room and I pull my dick out and put a chair in the corner until they notice me. I wont let it get crazy, just want them to keep going. I just want to watch my mom get fucked by somebody my age. Maybe I even join in after they had fun.




When I was 15 YO I got caught masturbating naked in our basement one day after school by my Mom who came home early from work. I had gotten home at my usual time and stripped off all my clothes by the back door at the top of the basement stairs thinking I had at least an hour to play with my self and then go up to my room, shower and get dressed for dinner. She came in the front way and I didn't hear her until she called my name from the top of the stairs. She saw my clothes piled up by the door and started down the stairs while I was stroking my penis and fingering my butt hole almost ready to explode. It was too late and I came allover my chest and on the pool table felt as she yelled my name I rolled over and hopped off the pool table and crouched covering my still raging, dripping hard on. She threw a towel on the bar and told me to clean up, but I ran past her and upstairs to my room so embarrassed.

She called me for dinner and I reluctantly came down, fully dressed. We didn't make eye contact all through dinner, and she said things were "OK" while cleaning up the dishes. I helped clean up and she told me it would be alright if I needed to masturbate anytime as long as there were house rules. I expected there to be more restrictions or getting grounded if I got caught again or in the wrong place. She said I needed to do a few things differently- I could masturbate openly anywhere and anytime while at home if no one else was present - except for her, and I had to be naked while doing it and in fact, I was allowed to be naked from the time I got home from school until I went to school, so pretty much all the time I was at home. Same caveat though, no one else could see me naked- except for Mom.

I tested this theory the next day, I got home stripped naked and instead of doing it in the basement I laid on the couch in the front room and waited for he to come home. She did and without so much as a stop and stare or sideways glance, she walked in and said she expected to find me like that and went about getting dinner ready. I was surprised and stopped stroking and followed her around the kitchen, with a wee tug on my erect penis every once in awhile to see if she was paying attention. All the while she just complimented me on how I was growing up and how big it was and to make sure to wash my hands when I get done.

This went on for weeks, I came three or four time a day, then it was once or twice a day and then I started to understand her logic. So I started to be like "no big deal" about the nude all the time and stroking off whenever I wanted thing. I came home, stripped naked, ate dinner, did homework, watched TV for a while, went to bed and got up the next day showered and got dressed for school. When I came home that day, I invited some school friends over to play video games. There were four of us, so without saying anything to them about my arrangement with Mom, I stripped naked right in front of them. They jeered and cat called and made all sorts of rude and funny comments but they were cool about it and we played games until Mom came home. S

She did stop and was surprised to see me sitting cross-legged and naked on the floor in front of the TV with my three friends fully dressed sitting on the couch playing games. She said hello and offered drinks and snacks, and asked me to help her get them from the kitchen. She was cool and asked me right out if I had done it yet, alone or in front of them yet. I said no I haven't, and she said good I want you to do it in front of me and your friends, right now.

I was shocked and said why, she said I broke our agreement by being naked in front of others while at home, this would be my punishment. I was humiliated when she pulled me back into the living room and turned off the TV and told my friends that "Steve has something else he wants to show you".

At first I refused and she said now or never again, so she took the Kleened box off the end table handed to me and told me to find a comfortable position on the floor and do it. My friends were amazed that my Mom was telling me to beat off in front of them while they watched. She explained that this is what happens when we abuse our privileges.

With tears welling up I knelt first and started pulling on it and found I was limp and couldn't get it up! They started laughing and made it worse but I squeezed harder and stroked faster until it started growing in my hand. Mom was shouting words of encouragement while my friends chanted "STEVE, STEVE", "Faster dude, faster". I leaned way back and just exploded shooting not one but three long ropes of sperm toward the couch. I hit my Mom right across her chest and shoulder with two blasts the third fell short and landed on Gabe's shoes and cuff of his jeans. I wiped myself with some tissue and handed the box to my Mom who wiped off Gabe's sneakers while the guys were all wincing and hissing and saying "eew, how gross". We kidded each other about it every once in awhile but as far as I know they didn't tell anyone and it was our big secret- that Steve's Mom made him masturbate in front of us because he got naked at home.

The boys were so freaked out and all wanted to leave like right now, my Mom asked them not to say anything to anyone- even their parents or to other friends. After they left, Mom asked me how it felt. I thought about it and said it was freakin' hot and asked when can we do that again. She said she would be a willing audience for me anytime as she wiped my sperm from her blouse with a handful of tissues. She mentioned that to save on changing her clothes afterwards, maybe she should also be naked next time! Mom let me masturbate in front of her and on her every day for the next several weeks. She also started stripping naked by the front door when she got home from work. Her being naked in front of me with those saggy tits and neatly trimmed pussy made ejaculating much more fun and brought me to climax faster. Her moaning and clit rubbing as she told me how warm my sperm was when it landed on her breasts and face drove me crazy. For my 16th birthday, Mom gave me a special gift and she stroked me off while we both laid naked together on the kitchen floor. The tile being easier to clean than the carpet and upholstery that we spotted up the previous weeks. She took my throbbing red penis fully into her mouth and sucked and licked it until I burst and she spit up, but them swallowed my load.

After that I never masturbated in secret at home, I would come up behind her doing dishes and tap her on the shoulder and say it was play time and we would masturbate together or she would suck my cock if she was in a horny mood. I liked those days a lot. When I was 17, she taught me how she liked it and then let me eat her pussy as part of Mommy and son play time. We did a lot of 69 after that and my stroking myself was giving way to more of her sucking me so I would cum in her mouth.

When I went away to College that fall, she made me fuck her for the first time the night before I had to leave. She worked me over like a street slut and wanted things I could not image my Mother ever asking for from my Dad let alone her son. I started by licking her cunt and fingering it, then she stroked and sucked my cock, and stuck her finger in my ass. I positioned her on her back, spread her legs and entered her wet pussy, shaved bald for the occasion. After a few dozen hard fast pumps she wanted to kneel and take it doggy style, so I accommodated her and gave her another half dozen slow thrusts. She told me to stop and pull out, I was getting pretty close anyway and once I was out I slapped her ass a few times with my hard cock and said remember when you used to spank me? Then she said "Steve, fuck me in the ass like a whore". I was stunned but not too surprised, she did tell me that was one thing she never let the old man do. I slid my glistening hard cock slowly into my Mom's asshole so gently and held her around the waist as we rocked back and forth, faster and deeper each time. I could feel her sphincter give way and she took me in, the entire length of my shaft was deep in the ass of the women who made me- such an incredible feeling. Then she reached under and grabbed my balls and pulled on them with each inward thrust, I could feel it welling up inside me and she gasped each time I pulled back. The in and out thrusts were very slow, and it probably only took seven or eight of them while she was moaning "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me". It took just one more slow deeper push and I felt what seemed like gallons of hot semen release into her. She stifled her crying and panted "yes, yes" while motioning for me so I wouldn't pull out until she was ready.

We stayed like that for maybe half an hour, I grew limp and pulled out. We spooned the rest of the night and had one last morning shower and nude breakfast together before Gabe and Jimmy came to pick me up and drive off to College. Mom stood at the front door, fully dressed and looking very proper waving good bye. I waved back and never said anything.