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I'm a 25y/o tall brunette woman and I really wanna fuck my english student. He's around 33 y/o, just sightly taller, with a beard and the dumbest sense of humor. When I give him English classes I always fantasize about going to his side and just lifting my long flowery dress to get on top of him like -excuse me sir, is this seat teaken?

I want to grab his hands and put them on top of my boobs and below just grind against him so after some time he lowers my dress straps an caresses my boobs as he bites on my neck.

God I just wanna grind against his cook as he starts to lose control of the situation.

He will probably make the silliest noises and try to show he's manly and stuff...such basic human male.

But to be honest, I just want to boss him around and make him all kinds of flustered and red.




I just but my cock in the mouth of an 5month old she love it she sucked it for a good minute i also ate her little pussy




I keep fantasizing about fucking my male coworkers. I wanna dona threesome with them. One is married. The other just got out of a relationship. They aren't super attractive but they're both friendly. One flirts more than the other. If I wasn't in a already rocky relationship I'd fuck both of them.




I went over to this guy's house after just having sex with a different guy. Cum leaking out of my pussy. I get over to the guy's place. We smoke and drink and things get steamy pretty quick. I'm kneeling in front of him with my ass sticking out giving him a blowjob. I then feel two cold hands grab my hips from behind. I stop and turn around. I don't know this guy... He says Hey and introduced himself. Asks if it's okay to fuck me. I turn back to guy1 and he tells me he's a close friend and that he wants to see how my pussy feels. I agree and get back in position. As I slide guy1's dick down my throat, I feel guy2 enter my leaky pussy. "Fuck, she's tight!" He shouts as his big dick pulls in and out of me.

They take turns getting a blowjob and fucking my pussy. After they've both cum a few times, guy2 says he's done. Guy1 stands me up and leans me over to the dining room table. I can barely recooperate when he pushes his wet dick in my ass. He finishes quickly and cums all over my ass and lower back.

I cleaned up in his bathroom and stole a few blunts on my way out.




As I walked into the kitchen she was bent over taking the dishes out of the dish washer with her ass pointed directly at me. She was wearing a silk robe that followed the curves of her ample ass. I felt my cock start to get hard as I watched her ass move and twist as she was taking the dishes out and putting them on the counter.

My work out shorts were starting to tent out as she turned to me and said hi. Her eyes paused at my crotch area as they went up my body to my face. I looked down and saw my shorts sticking out. I looked back at her and smiled. She turned away from me as she pulled her robe up over her bare ass and bent over the island as asked me what I was waiting for. I didn't say a word as I pulled my shorts over my now fully erect cock and walked up behind her.

I dropped to my knees and spread her ass checks and licked her pussy and asshole in one long slurp. She shuddered and moaned as my tongue went back to and into her pussy. I worked her clit with my tongue and dipped it into and out of her love canal a few times causing her to arch her back and look back at me with her eyes rolling back into her head. Her pussy was getting really wet as I moved up to her asshole and stuck my tongue as deep into it as I could. She was panting and pushing her asshole back onto my tongue as I continued to stab it in and out.

I replaced my tongue with my thumb as I stood up and lined my cock up with her slit and started to rub it up and down her pussy several times, she started pushing back trying to get my cock inside her.

I told her she didn't want it bad enough yet, but the heat radiating from her pussy told a different story. She pushed back harder. I told her that she had to beg me to fuck her; and to tell my how bad she needed me inside her. She started yelling for me to put my dick inside her that she needed more than anything begging me to fuck her like the whore she was.

She was getting pretty loud so I pushed the head of my cock inside her, she let out a loud moan and started shaking, she was having her first orgasm. I slowly slid my thumb as deep into her ass as I could she shook harder.

When her shaking and moaning started to subside, I slammed my cock all the way into her pussy and pushed in as hard as I could. She let out another moan and was breathing really fast and hard. Her orgasm was back and was hitting her hard, she couldn't even talk, she was just making sounds as I started to pump in and out of her wet pussy. She kept shaking and breathing hard. I started slamming my cock in and out of her pushing her up against the island, her pussy felt so good I knew I wasn't going to last long as I started to unload my seed deep inside her. This caused her orgasm to continue a few more seconds.

I pulled her back to me and kissed her as my cock slide out of her pussy and my cum ran out onto the floor and down her legs. As I pulled back from the kiss I asked her if she though Sandra heard us. She said she hoped not that she (Sandra) would be mad if she knew her mom could make her husband cum so quickly.




I was watching both my daughter and friend due to my wife who is a nurse pulling a double shift and my daughter's friend's parents having to fly out of town for a death of a grand parent. Anyway it was Saturday night about 11 pm and the girls were in bed in and I was on my computer looking at very young girls doing things no girls their age should be doing. As I surfed through the different sites I started dreaming of my red headed daughter doing these things and got hard as a rock. I started to jack off when I felt a breathe on my shoulder, turning there was Tina looking over my shoulder at the screen and at my hard cock.

I put my cock back in my underwear and Tina said "My daddy does that too, and sometimes he has me do it for him. Would you like me to do that for you Mr. G?"

I turned and seen she was naked with her fingers between her legs. I pulled my cock back out and taking her other hand placed it on my cock. She knew what to do and soon had me close to shooting off to her jacking me off. Tina then said "My daddy likes me to put his thing in my mouth and suck when he shoots his stuff. Would you like if I did that to you Mr. G?' I didn't say a word, only put my hand behind her neck pulling her face first towards my leaking cock.

She opened her mouth taking the head of my cock inside sucking on it as she moved her hand up and down making feel something a whole lot different then a blow job from say my wife. I moved my hand down her back, cupping her sweet little ass as I pushed a finger against her rosebud. It felt like she liked that so I slipped my hand down a bit more finding her bare pussy lips were wet enough to fuck. I push inside of her lips finding her opening and as I slipped a finger inside I didn't find any hymen.

Tina lifted her head saying "If you want Mr. G I could sit on your lap and you can put your thing inside of me down there, my daddy does that when mom works at night."

I moved so she could sit on my cock and as she did I never felt any pussy as tight as she is and as soon as I was about half way she began fucking me with her pussy. I didn't last to long before I was shooting harder then I never shot in my life filling her tiny pussy with my seed. She groaned and shutter as if she was coming as well.

Soon she got up turning around and started licking our cum off my cock and balls and once done she said " My dad says a good girls always cleans up after she is done."

That's when I heard my daughter who was standing in the doorway say "Daddy Tina said you would do that and is when is it going to be my turn to do that with you daddy?" I couldn't believe that my 9 year old daughter would want to fuck her dad but hell I had just fucked her 10 year old friend so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Maybe next time I will tell you about being in bed with both girls.




I got my first blow job from my Niece alot of them.. I was about 12 she was like 5 not sure the ages. Anyways I stared to touch her when she was on diapers I used to play with her little pussy touch it lick it everything but never thought of fucking it . Our family would get together almost every weekend .we had this hide and seek game we played and we would always hide together that's when I word make out with this 5 yo niece of mine . I don't remember when it happened but I do remember I always would want her to suck my dick but she never did. Untill all of a sudden she became my cock sucker and would suck me dry Everytime.. I would face fuck her untill I cum inside her mouth in my moms closet .. she about 22yo now how I wish I can fuck her ..