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I tasted and fell in love with a 6 year old's pussy...but wait, I was five when she seduced me.

The best 1 1/2 summers ever.

We built a "fort" in a loft of hay bales in case anyone should come in to the barn even though only her grandma, who could barely walk, was the only one home on workdays.

We also sneaked up the stairs to her bedroom many times so we could strip and fuck without getting stuck by the dry hay stalks.

The fun ended during the second summer on a weekend with all parents were home horny, we used a "foxhole" dug by her older brothers in the large field between our two homes.

My mom and dad were putting in a garden and she saw my naked ass sticking up and screamed me home.

They asked our family doctor what they should do and he told them to just ensure we should only let us play together where we could be seen all the time and recommended my folks to buy a series of 10 booklets about anatomy and sex, put them in with other books and let me find them.

They were illustrated with line drawings and detailed text covering every aspect of human sexuality.

By the time I was seven, I learned more about our human birthright than most adults knew and fantasized with the drawings while I masturbated.

I also learned that my peers didn't like being corrected when they made errors in their "knowledge" of sex and genital anatomy.




One day after Sunday School LeaAnn came up behind me and put her arms on my shoulders. She moved her hands down and was rubbing my nipples. I think my wife saw it but I pulled her hands back and said it was inappropriate. She apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. I told her not to be so resolute, that it just couldn't be in Church. She said she wouldn't do it again on Sunday.

A couple weeks later she called my wife and asked if I could come over and look at her dishwasher. My wife had no problem with this so I headed over. I was down on my knees checking out her dishwasher when her hands landed on my shoulders. Then I noticed her hands back on my nipples and she was nuzzling against my neck. She whispered that she wanted me inside her. I stood up and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. When I asked what my wife would think she said it would be our little secret. About that time she put her hand on my cock and said that was what she really wanted. She said her husband had left her a couple months ago and she really needed a cock.

I wasn't sure what to do when I felt her hand inside my zipper and pulling my cock out through my shorts. Then she said she wanted to shower me. She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. She stripped and told me to strip. When I did she started the shower and told me to get in. I did and she followed me. She soaped me up and when her hand reached my cock I was instantly hard. Then her hand was between my ass cheeks and she was rubbing my asshole. She said to bend over and as I did her finger entered my ass. It was the greatest feeling I'd ever had. She fingered my ass for a bit and pulled out. She said that she had to have me as her lover. She finished washing me and even dried me off from head to toe and told me to meet her in the bedroom.

I was laying on the bed as she came in and laid on top of me with my cock between her legs. She said she loved me and wanted me to fuck her like no man had ever done. I was kissing her and playing with her nipples. She kept saying to pull them harder and I had her nips stretched out as about as far as they would go when she finally plunged down on my cock. My cock isn't huge but is large enough to please her. She fucked me until I came inside her and kept fucking me until my cock got hard again. She came at least twice while fucking me then before I came a second time she hopped off of me and knelt between my legs. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me until I came a final time that night. She sucked me until I had no more to give. I was totally spent. Then she said I better get home before my wife got suspicious.

I walked into the house that night and my wife was watching TV. She asked if I was able to fix LeeAnn's dishwasher. I told her I was able to make her appliance floe free. Little did she know I was speaking about LeeAnn's cunt, not her dishwasher tut I think I got away with it. For the next seven years I "Helped" LeeAnn out with various tasks. Little did my wife know it was her pussy I was making right again. I fucked her so much I thought my wife would ultimately notice, but she never did. My wife is sort of a prude and doesn't want sex very often. She thought I was celibate as well but unaware that I've gotten more pussy from our friend LeeAnn than I ever did with my wife. Man I mess her. I guess It's back to three times a year with my wife.




Aunt Carrie and her daughter Sandy used to come over whenever my dad was on the road. Mom and Carrie would go out drinking and come back stone fucking drunk. Sandy was three years older than me and for some reason my mom thought my 18 year old cousin needed to babysit me, even though I was 15 years old. Usually nothing ever happened, then one night just before I turned 16 they came over. They were in the living room drinking and I was on the couch. Sandy was on the couch also and scooted closer to me. We were in plain sight of mom and Aunt Carrie but they were kind of busy with their wine and mostly ignoring us. Then Sandy put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. She asked if I ever had a girl do that to her. When I said no her hand moved a little closer. I was a bit uncomfortable as her hand moved to my crotch and she turned to me and said a little too loud, "Tonight when those two cunts leave I'm gonna teach you how to eat pussy." Aunt Carrie just looked over to us. I know she heard Sandy but just took another drink and told my mom they better get going if they were to see John Big.

They got up from the table and Carrie looked over to us and said "Have fun you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Sandy said "Don't worry. We won't." I figured I was pretty safe but as soon as they left Sandy grabbed my hand and pulled it over to her breast. Then her hand squeezed my cock. She told me that her body was mine tonight. She said I could do whatever I wanted. I didn't know what to think of that, then she unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra from the front. She shed her top and walked into the kitchen and brought out a six-pack and said she was going to get me drunk enough to fuck her. She popped a beer and told me to swig it. I did. Then a second and a third. I had drank the entire six-pack when she finally sat down next to me. I was reeling when she undid my pants and pulled my cock out through the slit in my shorts.

She stroked me a few times and commented that I had the biggest cock she had ever sucked. She hadn't sucked me so I wondered what she was talking about but as soon as the thought crossed my mind her mouth was on my cock. I had kissed a girl before but that was about all I ever did so this was a new experience. My cock quickly grew hard and was sticking up like a fucking pole when she stood up and stripped. She had big tits like her mom and large nipples. I was staring at them as she got closer and said to suck on them. I leaned forward and she pulled my face to her tits. I started to suck on a nipple imagining it was my mom. I don't know why I thought that but it just got my cock even harder if that was possible. I was so fucking horny now if she wasn't there I would have jerked off at least twice. After a few minutes of sucking on her tit she stood back up and said to sit on the floor. I scooted down so my ass was on the floor and my back was against the couch. She moved in and planted her hairless cunt on my mouth. She said there was no time like the present to learn how to eat pussy and mashed her cunt on my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and she started to grind herself against my mouth. I think I made her cum.

She finally moved back and turned around and got on all fours. She said she needed me to fuck her now. I knelt behind her and shoved my cock into her cunt. She groaned and kept saying "Oh, fuck that's huge." It made me feel good to have her compliment my cock. I didn't think it was any bigger than anyone else but it felt good to have the compliment. I fucked her for a couple minutes and pulled out. She said to cum on her back and I did. Then she turned around and sucked me until I was clean. She kept sucking until I was hard again. It took about 15 minutes and when I was rock hard again she said to fuck her tits. She wrapped her big tits around my cock and was masturbating me with her tits. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it when she turned around again and said to fuck her again. This time however when I was ready to cum she said to cum inside her. I was still drunk and didn't argue. I shoved my cock in and out as hard as I could and finally came inside her. I was totally spent. When I pulled out she stood up and took me into my bedroom. I was nearly out when she laid me on my bed and laid next to me. I remember her saying just before I nodded off, "That was the best fuck I've ever had." I woke up the next morning with her lips on my cock. I was a little hung over but just let her suck me until I filled her mouth. Then I got up to pee.

We walked into the living room and mom and Carrie were cuddled up on the couch with Carries leg between mom's lets. Sandy said the mom and Carrie were very close and now I was part of the family since I've fucked my own cousin.

I learned that mom and Carrie were really lesbians with each other and Sandy learned from her mom. Over the next two years I fucked Sandy nearly every week and even went so far as to fuck Aunt Carrie's hairy cunt. I'm married with children now but I'll always remember my high school days with my aunt and cousin. One night while drunk as shit I think I even fucked my mom thinking it was Carrie. Oh well, I learned from a couple of really good sluts and have been a master fucker of my wife and several other women along the way.




A aunt came to my shop wanting her wardrobe glued together. Both of them where made in the 50's.

I asked her if she can bring it in. No, I have to go to her place.

Said and done.

I was working away and needed her help to wrap a ratchet strap around the whole wardrobe to keep it together while glue dried.

She bend over to pick up loose end and I look town her blouse. Nice older tits in red bra. I seen aunty nude once in a sauna about 30 years ago.

I ask her if she still goes to sauna and she said yes. So we made a date and went while my wife was at work.

Aunt is a GILF with saggy body. Since it is a public sauna, I could not make a move. On way home I commented on her body and that it aroused me.

She laughed and said she is a old woman and related. My comment was that this is an extra thrill.

I asked her to suck on her nipples and she agreed. Much to my surprise. I got hard while sucking and started masturbating. Aunt looked on for a few seconds and took over. I almost came immediately, shooting my load over her large and saggy tits.

End of the week I go back to her place to finish the wardrobe. maybe she is more acceptably then.




I work the night shift but my wife works days. We're in our mid-30s and our sex life is a bit lacking. We live next door to Dave and Janelle. She's retired but Dave still works. I imagine she's in her mid to late 60s. I had gotten up about 2 o'clock that afternoon and started to mow the back yard. I looked over and Janelle was standing at the fence watching me. When I finished I shut the mower off and walked over to her. We don't know them very well but when she said I looked hot and offered me a beer I accepted. We sat in her back yard drinking and about six beers in I was pretty tipsy. Then she asked about my wife. I told her my wife Linda wouldn't be home until about 6:30. She said that it gave us time. I asked her "Time for what?" and she opened her blouse. Then she knelt in front of me and put her hand in the leg of my shorts and found my cock. "Time for this" she said and started to stroke my cock. Her husband was a truck driver and was gone for weeks at a time so I wasn't worried about getting caught. Then she managed to pull my shorts down over my cock and it sprung to life. She said my cock sas so much bigger than her husband's and started to suck me.

I have a nice seven inch cock and usually make my wife cum when we fuck but Janelle didn't even give me a chance. About three minutes later I said I was cumming and she sucked harder taking my entire load. Just as I was starting to cum she shoved a finger in my asshole and hit my prostate. I came harder than I ever had. When she had swallowed every fucking drop and cleaned me off she sat back in her chair. "You know" she said. "I've been horny for you for months now, and now I know your wife is gone all day I think I want to fuck you a lot." I was a bit drunk but knew what she was talking about. We chatted some more and I finally went home and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready for work. All night I thought about her lips on my cock and her finger in my ass and almost didn't make it through my shift.

I got home the next morning in time to kiss my wife good bye and headed to bed. A couple of hours later I woke with a hard-on and Janelle squatting over me. Once she knew I was awake she plunged down on me and had me fuck her to orgasm. She has nice hanging tits with big nipples and for the next two years I got good use out of those nipples. Se fucked at least three times a week and when my wife went away on business and her husband was on the road we spent nearly every moment together and naked. I fucked every hole she had and in turn she fucked every hole I had. Her strap-on in my asshole came to be one of my best experiences. Her husband died a couple years later of a heart attack on the road and she got a nice settlement. She moved to Utah to be with her kids but I'll always have the memories of this older woman sucking my cock and letting me fuck her any time and any where I wanted. What a fucking slut, but man what a woman.




It started at the age of 15. That year I went to YMCA camp for three weeks. After the first couple if days, u found myself attracted to a man with a kind face and chubby all over. He was soft spoken and caught me looking at him several times. That weekend we were scheduled for a hike to the lake and back. I went to him and said I really didn't want to go. He said it was ok with him if I wanted to remain in camp.

After all the other guys left, I went to his cabin. I knocked on the door and when he answered, he was only wearing a pair of boxers that didn't hide his cute cock. We sat and talked for awhile untill he stood in front of me and pulled me close so I could feel his cock against my face. I reached up and helped him out of his underwear. I then felt him rubbing my face all over with his cock.

That led to many afternoons and evenings of me sucking his cock and swallowing all his cum.




I sitting in my office behind my desk and my mother in law came in asking me some questions. The thing is, I was watching porn and jacking off. I sat there with on hand still on my cock and was stroking it real slow while talking to her and watching this old lady getting fucked in the ass by a younger guy on my computer screen.

She was standing beside my computer screen and couldn't see that I was nude from the waste down and that I was stroking my massive hard on.

She talked for a good while, and when she was getting ready to leave she leaned over so she could see what was on my computer screen. When she saw the porn, she moved around so she could see it better. She looked over at me and I was smiling at her. She smiled back and asked what I was watching. I don't know what came over me but I told her I like to watch porn and jack off sometimes. She looked at me real quick and moved around the desk asking if I was jacking off right now.

It was like somebody else was controlling me when I pushed my chair back and showed her my hard cock. She is 85 years old and has been living with us for 5 years and we have never done anything sexual or flirty with each other.

I looked up at her and she was staring at my cock. I broke the silence and asked her if she wanted to touch it. She moved back around the desk pretty quickly and said she couldn't.

I stood up and walked toward her, telling her I knew she hadn't had any sexual contact in a really long time and that everyone needs it. And that it could be our little secret. She stopped and turned back around, she couldn't take her eyes off of my cock. She was saying that it wasn't right and that she couldn't do that to her daughter.

As I moved closer to her, her eyes were still glued to my hard cock, I told her that Kay (my wife) didn't want sex near as much as I did and that I was thinking about cheating on her, but if me and her could work something out, I wouldn't have to go outside of the family so she would actually be helping Kay out buy playing with me.

She said that she couldn't, that if Kay found out it would kill her. I said she will never find out if we only play when she's at work.

She just kept staring at my hard cock like she wanted to feel it so bad. She started saying things like, you wouldn't want to have sex with an old woman like me, and it's been so long since I have felt "one" I wouldn't know what to do with it.

I moved closer to her and told her, look my cock is hard thinking about you. When I said that, she looked up at my face, I smiled at her and moved all the way up to her. She reached out with her trembling hand and wrapped it around my dick. She looked back down at it and started to slowly stroke it. I let out a little ahhh letting her know it felt good.

The next thing I knew, she had bent down and taken my entire cock into her mouth and throat. She could work a cock like nobodies business taking me all the way down into her throat and holding it there working her throat muscles. She was getting me close to cumming in only a few seconds of being in her mouth. I warned her that I was about to cum.

She pulled back off of me, said not yet, and pulled her dress up and bent over my desk and told me to fuck her. As her dress came up I saw she didn't have any underwear on and I saw her naked ass. She is over weight and I had to dig around a little but when my cock hit her pussy it was so wet my cock slipped right in.

It felt wonderful, it was pretty tight for a woman of her age and it didn't take me long and I was shooting my load deep inside her. She had a small orgasm as I shot my load into her. I told her that I can go longer, I was just so excited that I was fucking her that I came really quick. She smile and said we will have plenty of time to work on that and gave me a kiss on the check.