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I found a video on my younger sister's phone (she's 14) of her having a threeway with two 20 year old black guys. It's like 2 hours long so I sent it to myself and I've been non-stop watching it for days.

She calls them nigger so much in the video (we're white) and begs them to fuck her teen body. She does anal a lot in the video and I can see how much she loves it. She's such a slut for bbc cause a few weeks ago I found her porn history was just Blacked.

The end of the video is her getting her ass filled with black cum and she squirts on the bed. I'm never gonna forget that look of lust in her eyes. How i can join her one day.




Im F22 and ive been with my boyfriend since i was 18. Hes very nice, treats me like a queen and i love him very much. He took my virginity and weve only ever had basic sex so last year our sex life started to get a little stale and i began looking at porn more than i used to when he was at work. I started getting off to other girls leaked nudes because i had always been bi and i found it hot that these girls didnt want me to see their pictures but i was looking at them anyway. Eventually i started to think that it would be hot if i was on there for people to see and use to cum like id been doing. I posted a few photos and got a couple comments about how aggresively people (mostly older men) wanted to abuse me. This made me so hot that i came 3 times while vibrating myself to the thoughts of them doing those things to me. I started messaging with a few of the commenters and one was only a few hours away from me. He was 42 and had a pretty big cock - definitley bigger than my boyfriends. We talked for a few days before i gave him my boyfriends work schedule and told him to surprise me. About a week later i was sitting in bed when a man came into my house. I knew it was him. My heart was beating a mile a minute and before i knew it he was ripping my clothes off and using me like a whore. He got really agressive and started to basically assault me. He would start choking me until i thought id pass out and started gasping for air and he would slap my pussy so hard it basically went numb. One thing I told him was id never done anal before and that it was my one off limits thing but he still plunged his cock in my ass and raped it. I had such intense feelings from this. It was actually hotter somehow because i told him not to but he didnt listen. He just used me for his own sexual fulfillment and i meant nothing to him. He finished by taking his cock out of my ass and shooting his load down my throat. It was kinda gross to have a dick in my mouth after it had just been in my ass but i didnt really mind it. After he finished he just got dressed and left without even really saying anything. Later that night i got a message from him and it was a bunch of pics hed taken while he was using me. I didnt know hed taken any because i guess i was kinda distracted by what was going on. Anyway, he ended up posting them and i masterbated to them in bed next to my sleeping boyfriend. It was so hot to just get used by just some random stranger online.

Ive done a few other slutty things since i started being a whore but they werent as extreme as that encounter. Ive sucked off a lot of guys at the club and been in a gangbang at a party but it doesnt give me that same thrill as being violently used and abused by a stranger.




I always knew I was bi. I grew up with my sisters under the careful teaching of our father on how to pleasure each other and him. My two sisters and I grew up doing everything together. I are an ass for the first time at age 6. It was my oldest sister who was nine at the time. I thought it was fun immediately and she just gasped and moaned while I did it.

We are all married now and are all still quite active with each other. My sisters are married but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the taste of their sweet kisses and asses. Earlier in the month my youngest sister and I were going at it pretty hard and loud. She is amazing and literally feels like a virgin every time.

I’m walks her husband and catches me balls deep in my sisters ass as she is lying their moaning my name. He was shocked to say the least and started screaming yet his cock was noticeably getting hard because we hadn’t moved and I was still slowely sliding in and out of her tight ass. He finally stopped yelling and saw me still inside my sister going at it. His look changed and he smiled at us and said he had wanted to try something for a long time but was afraid to admit it. He said he’d been wanting to be with a man for a while. My sister was floored yet so happy we could continue to be with one another. He got naked and walked over and leaned down while looking in my eyes. His cock was dangling above my face and I knew exactly what he needed. So as I continued to be inside her she watched as I slid his cock in my mouth.

She had loved watching my dad and me so I wasn’t surprised. I worked him pretty good and had him so close I could taste his precum. He pulled away and told me to get out of my sister I did and he asked if he could try it. I was surprised but said ok. He looked at it while he played with it then suddenly sucked it into his mouth. If his mouth was a virgin I couldn’t tell because he was like a vacuums. My sister crawled under him and began sucking him again till he shot in her mouth. I was close anyway and followed suit. My sister got up on her knees and sucked me hard again then told her husband she wanted me to fuck him while she watched. He was very hesitant till I stuck my tongue on his dark hole. He gasped and then just obediently bent over so I had easier access. After about five minutes I stopped and he had his eyes closed and was in heaven. My sister had been fingering herself and just smiled at me. I put my hard cock to his dark chur and pushed. It faced some slight resistance but then slid right in He gasped but I slowed down till he could take it and get used to it. Within minutes I had my balls slapping against his small tight cheeks. My sister was under him watching as his cock flowed to and fro. I told him I was gonna cum then shoot a huge load in his ass. We collapsed on the couch with my cock in him till it shrank. He told me he loved it and was what he hoped. Now he is always there videoomy sister and I. Then him and I.




I have had a sex dream for years with minimal variation.

In the dream I (m39) and my wife(f35) are having oral sex in 69. My wife hates this position and in all reality it is hard to make work because of height differences. But this is a dream so I'm getting a great blow job while I get to enjoy eating my wife out. Anyway, while I am focused on her pussy a dick is suddenly inside of her. This is shocking at first since the man's nuts are bouncing off of my forehead. As is going to happen if you are fucklicking the dick will occasionally enter my mouth. After this going on for a bit the man's nuts start to twitch and I can tell he had just nutted in my wife.

As he pulls out my wife asks me to keep going because she is close to orgasm. So I do keep on licking away. While I am finishing up down there she is sucking his now limp dick to get him hard again.

Once he is hard she invites him to have anal sex with her. Again not something my wife would ever do, she hates anal, but it's my fantasy so she asks for a good ass fuck. I am still enjoying eating his cup from her pussy as he fucks her ass and cums a second time in her ass. All the while I am getting blown by my moaning wife.

When he pulls out my wife asks me to clean all of his cum up as she sits up and I start eating her ass, as you can guess not something my wife likes. As I am enjoying myself the man is hard again and proceeds to start to use my ass for round 3. This is a bit of a surprise but dream wife is really into it. While he is fucking me I orgasm, followed my his third and final orgasm. By the time my wife get off my face he is gone.

I am still quite turned on and proceed to use this man's cum that is still dripping from my wife as lube to have anal sex with her. Man do I love my wife's ass. Once I orgasm the dream ends.

There are slight variations like the occasional woman with a strap-on instead of a man, but it's the same basic, vaginally with oral, anal on wife, anal on me and then I have anal with my wife.

I will say I have never had a sexual encounter with a man but would identify as Bi. If my wife was ever into it I would have a mmf threesome just as quickly as I would a mff. My wife is not really a sexually adventurous person so this will most likely stay a fantasy and never a reality, but it puts a smile on my face even as a fantasy.




I’m a late 30s male and I’ve always enjoyed shoving things in my ass. I had a friend in school that pushed me into giving each other oral. Eventually I offered to let him fuck me. He had a tiny dick though and I want big.

I’ve never considered myself gay because I love women, but the thought of getting drilled with a massive cock and creampied is awesome.

I’ve been with my current baby mom for over 5 years now and she recently caught me entertaining online women and confessing several things that I had held secret all my life. It was bumpy at first, but she’s so in love with me that she has decided to go all in and help with my kinks.

Since it happened I have ordered sex toys and lube. She even got a hand in almost to the wrist lol. I put a huge cucumber in my ass and let her ride me. Every bounce on my big cock pressed that cucumber directly onto my prostate. I came so hard.

I recently ordered an Adam’s colossal 12 inch dong. That thing is huge. Almost 4 inches in girth. I have almost gotten it inside me, but I’ll keep trying lol.

All this also prompted me to create an anonymous profile on motherless. I go by Ilovebeer2003. I love having people watch me stuff my loose asshole.

This is wonderful and lead me to forget my other kinks. When I was a teenager I used to let my moms dog (Australian shepherd) knot me regularly. I loved it, but I wish he’d have humped me harder and longer. Usually it was short lived and as I ruined my hole more and more the knot no longer stayed inside me. My man pussy would just spit it right out.




To start yes this is a true and actual account of what i did five years ago today 20/08/20.

I had seen a video on Luxuretv called "The Record" and decided to beat it, The woman known as Stray X set a record for having sex with eight dogs in one session one after the other.

I knew someone who works at a kennels for grayhounds and after a few drinks hit him up with the idea! a few drinks more he he agreed to let me do it.

two days later I went to the kennels and found out there were twelve dogs who were not neutered and who were used for breeding, I thought great enough to break the record and more.

This is when my "friend" told me he had approached the owners of each of the dogs and they had all replied "as long as we can watch and video it"

The next day was sunday 20/09/15 and I again made the journey to the kennels where i was greeted by eight men two women my friend and the owner of the kennels, Now I am a male who loves to cross-dress so i was wearing black lingerie and heels and was nicely made up wearing a long blonde wig.

for the next few hours i was in heaven as i sucked and then fucked each dog in turn twice, as well as sucking the eight male owners while their dogs were knotted into my ass, The owner of the kennels was both sucked off and fucked me as well as filming the entire thing and i found out later that my friend had fucked me and cum into my ass twice.

i was so full of both dog and human cum as well as covered in it that i couldn't put my clothes back on over it to go home, my "friend" suggested walking through the fields between the kennels and my home, now as i live in the countryside this was an option.

on the way home i could feel more cum dribbling from my gaping asshole as well as feeling it tighten which is when i got to the feild next to my house, in this field there were four pony's two male two female one of which was in heat so the males were showing their cocks, i needed no second thoughts and immediately started sucking on a pony cock as soon as it began to twitch i hurriedly pushed myself onto it and felt his warm sticky spunk gush into me.

I ended my day of depravity in my garden repeatedly sucking and being fucked by my two male Rottweilers which included being spit roasted by them

so my own personal "Record" is fourteen dogs at least twice each ten men and a pony.

And yes I am planning on beating that as soon as Covid is gone I had planned it for this year and had arranged twenty dogs with male owners and my new neighbour has two male pony's and a full breed horse if I can I will follow that lot with avisit to a local dogging spot as i plan to spend from eight am until midnight possibly longer either being fucked or travelling between locations... wish me luck




This morning (22-05-23) I was doing my usual Monday morning routine when my phone rang, it was my mother calling to see how I was.

I was enjoying myself and told her I was dealing with a huge cock up at the moment so she said "explains why your out of breath then" I laughed at that and said "yes it is"

She said she'd call back later and left me to finish what I was doing, Well what I was dealing with was literally a huge cock up, My wife goes out on Monday mornings and I get to be a slut.

I get changed into Lingerie and heels and do my makeup and put on a wig before my neighbour comes around with his dog ( Irish wolf hound) so they can both give me a good fucking, I was already knotted and taking a huge load of cum into my ass from the dog while licking and sucking my neighbours cock when the phone rang, My neighbour answered the call and passed me the phone with a huge grin on his face.

He struggled to hold it together when I said I was dealing with a huge cock up and before The call ended he sprayed his cum onto my face just before the dogs knot pulled out, I turned and was busy licking and sucking the dogs cock clean and my neighbour took a turn using my well stretched ass by inserting his fist and then his cock and actually wanked himself inside my ass.

That was what drove me over the edge and I emptied my balls onto the floor, the dog moved and began licking up my cum so I got my neighbour to re-insert his dogs cock back into my ass before sliding his cock in alongside it, I was soon given another load of spunk into my ass and to finish I licked and sucked them both clean.

They left and I got changed and cleaned up before my wife came home but we have made plans to do a video call with someone next time.