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I came home and my sister was passed out on the sofa from drinking all night she had on leggings that made her little ass pop I pull my dick out and start stoking it I pull down her pants and cum all over her ass I turn around dick still out and my niece is standing there before I could say anything she smiles and says that was really fucking hot and walks away




My girlfriend is very innocent and sweet, I am the first guy she has had sex with. I got drunk and forced my cock in to her ass. she cried and I hit her the more I slapped her the harder I got which meant I had her ass again and cummed in it....now she knows any time I’m rough with her it will end with my cock in her ass...guess what she now deliberately pisses me off so I will rape her ass...go figure....




My husband and I had been having trouble in our marriage for a while. He hardly wanted sex anymore and said that after 20 years he didn't need my pussy. to make him happy. Instead he had his beer. Jenny and I were pretty close. She was a bit older than me and we talked a lot about our sex life. She said she had a special friend who she met a couple times a month when her husband was out of town and said I should meet him. She said he really knew how to please her and could do the same for me. I balked at the idea for months and one night we were at her place drinking quite a bit of wine when he showed up.

He was a big black guy but was gorgeous. She said I should stay and be a part of the party. I was a little drunk and when he kissed her I decided to stay and watch. He stripped her, sucked on her nipples, sucked on her pussy and fucked her until she nearly passed out. He said he could go again and Jenny told him to make me happy. I was apprehensive but when he gently took my face in his hands and kissed me I melted. He did pretty much the same thing to me as he did to her. His tongue made me cum two times before he ever fucked me. But when his huge cock entered my wet pussy I nearly passed out. His cock hit spots that had never been touched and I came violently as he came inside me. I was sterile so there was no chance of getting pregnant but it felt so fucking good. When he was ready to leave he gave me a business card and said the next time was on the house.

The next Friday night my husband was passed out by 9:00 from the booze and I thought about Jimmy the guy who fucked me the week before. I was a little drunk and said fuck it and called him. 15 minutes later he knocked on the door. I thought we should go somewhere my husband couldn't see us but he would have none of it. He said that if my husband was passed out he wanted to fuck me in front of him. I was a little scared but it sounded exotic. We stripped in the living room with my husband on the couch and he proceeded to lick my pussy until I came. Then he turned me around on all fours and fucked me like never before. At one point I was nearly screaming and Tom (My husband) opened eyes and asked what was going on. I told him to close his eyes, that I was being fucked by a real man. He rolled over and went back to sleep while I got the fucking of my life.

The next morning Tom came into the kitchen for breakfast. He said he had a really strange dream that I was being fucked by a big black guy while he watched. I told him that it was only a dream and probably because he wished he had a big black cock and could please me. We let it go, but for the next several months when he was drunk I a big black cock in my mouth and in my cunt. We even got to the point I let him fuck me in the ass. It hurt at first but as I got used to it I really enjoyed being fucked not only in the cunt but in the ass as well. What a fucking time we had.




When I was still living with my mom I would go in her room at night and blow a load all over her fat ass don't know if she ever knew it was so hot




My wife died in a car wreck when she was 23. It took several years and I finally was able to date again. I finally got a girlfriend when I was 30. We fucked like rabbits for the next two years when she introduced me to swinging. We would hook up with other couples and I put my cock into any pussy she put in front of me. It was always me and the woman and her with the other man. It was a pretty wild time.

We were a white couple and a couple of times hooked up with this black couple, Derrick and Louise. Louise was light skinned and had gorgeous tits with huge nipples and loved to have them worked on. She was the best and tightest pussy I ever fucked. I came harder in her than I ever did with Tanya, my girl. We would drink until about 10:00 and the sex would begin. By now we were all very comfortable with being naked just enjoying the other's mate. Then one night I had been drinking pretty heavy when Derrick turned to Tanya and said "I feel like something different tonight." She asked him what it was and he said "I'm gonna fuck Terry in the mouth and then in the ass." I was drunk but comprehended what he said. I'd never been with a man and wasn't gonna start now. But Tanya said "I think that sounds like fun." At that point Louise was playing with my smallish cock and was getting me hard. I immediately concentrated on her hand and forgot about what Derrick said. Then she told me to sit on the floor with my back to the couch. I did and she sat behind me. She hooked my arms with her legs and grabbed my hair. That was when Derrick with his seven inch cock stood in front of me and said to suck it. I refused but Louise pulled my head back by the hair and my mouth opened.

That's when I felt his cock on my tongue. My mouth was open and he started to mouth fuck me. I looked over to the side and Tanya was on her knees with her hand rubbing her cunt. "That is so fucking hot honey" she said. At that point I wanted to please her so I closed my mouth a little and decided to enjoy it. My arms were still pinned down and Louise's hands were playing with my nipples. Derrick stopped fucking my mouth and I started to suck him. I never realized how good a cock could taste in my mouth. I was getting into it and when Louise let my arms go I reached up and grabbed his ass cheeks. I couldn't get enough of his cock and a couple of minutes later he started cumming. I didn't miss a beat but relished every fucking drop that came out of his cock. At the same time Tanya was making herself cum.

Derrick finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned to Tanya. She took him in her mouth and cleaned all the cum off of him and out of him. She didn't stop though. She kept sucking. Louise told me to turn around and eat her pussy. I turned and was on my hands and knees with my head between her legs. She was clean shaved and he pussy smelled and tasted like lemon. She was moaning and thoroughly enjoying my tongue on her when I felt my wife's hand on my cock. Then her other hand was circling my asshole. She told me to just relax and enjoy it. I kept eating Louise when a wet finger entered me. Then a second finger was in me stretching my asshole out. It didn't hurt at all and that was the first time I'd had anything penetrate my backside. She was finger fucking me and said "Do it D. He's ready." She pulled her fingers out and almost immediately Derrick was slowly shoving his cock into my ass. There was a little pain but he was actually pretty gentle. He was finally buried to the hilt when Louise said "Give it to him honey." Derrick started to slowly fuck my ass and I was getting into it. I was thrusting back every time he pushed forward and he fucked me for at least 20 minutes like this. Then he told me to lay on my back. I laid on the rug on my back and Louise squatted down on my face facing him. She pulled my legs up toward my chest and he put his cock back into me. He said this was the proper way to fuck one of his bitches. I let it slide and when he started to fuck me again I felt Tanya's mouth on my cock. I was sucking on a pussy, getting a great blowjob and getting ass fucked at the same time.

After a few minutes Tanya got off of my cock and I heard her tell Derrick to make me cum. His cock curved up a little and he was hitting my prostate every time he thrust in and up. My cock twitched with each stroke and before I knew it I was cumming and my cock wasn't even being touched. Louise got off of me and Tanya scooped my cum up with her fingers and fed it to me. I was lost in the moment and kept telling him to fuck me deeper. he was about as deep as a big thick cock could get but I was fucking loving it. He finally said he was cumming and what was left in his nuts ended up in my asshole. What a fucking feeling it was to be fucked by a real cock. Since we were in my house I wasn't driving and since they were pretty drunk as well Tanya said they should stay the night. I was fucking hammered and we all stumbled into my queen size bed with two woman on my sides.

I woke up sometime in the early morning with Louise sucking on my morning wood and Derrick was playing with my asshole. Before I knew it his cock was back in my ass. I was sober now and remembered I got fucked the night before. It felt just as good that morning and I just let them work on me. Then I realized that Tanya was sucking on Louise's cunt. Derrick ass fucked me for about 15 minutes and filled my ass with his seed. Louise made me cum and took it all as well. After I came they turned me around and Derrick was on his knees. Cum was dripping from his cock and he just shoved it in my mouth. Louise then shoved three fingers in my slimy asshole and Derrick mouth fucked me for about 20 minutes until he came a second time in my mouth. He told me to make sure he was clean before he was done. Five minutes later he finally pulled out and said "You're now my bitch. I'll fuck you any time I want and you'll take. You got that." I just said "Yes sir."

That became our thing. He would fuck Tanya but not cum. Then he would make me suck him dry and get him hard for a good ass fucking. I was quickly getting addicted to his cock. When I really knew I was his bitch was when he showed up at my work one day at lunch and took me to his van. I sucked his cock and that was my lunch that day. I've become a fucking pussy and cum slut to his hard cock. That was when he introduced me to his friend Mike. Another black guy with the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Once or twice a week they would show up at my work and we would spend my lunch time in his van. Derrick would make me suck his cock and Mike would fuck me. He lasted about 20 minutes nearly every time. I had become such a cock whore that Tanya started to pimp me out on the weekends. over the last three years I have sucked more cock and been fucked by more cock than any three women. Tanya makes a pretty good living off of my ass, but I don't mind as I love pretty much any cock that comes my way. I'd do it for free but she is in charge and it costs money to have my ass. I went from a virile, confident man to the biggest ass cunt in town. I don't even know how it ever came to this.




I was in community theater with a woman named Janet. We were wait behind the dark curtain until our cue then come out to the stage. About the third rehearsal while we were waiting she backed into me. I had on black tights for my costume. I apologized and rehearsal went fine. The next night she backed into me again. I felt it was on purpose so I grabbed her ass. She didn't move so I got a little bolder and reached around and grabbed a tit through her costume. The night after that I was waiting for her to back into me again but instead she turned around to face me and grabbed my cock through my tights. When I was I was married she said that's the safest kind and rubbed me a little more. After rehearsal she asked me to drive her home.

Instead of driving her straight home she asked if I wanted to kidnap her. When I said that would be fun she navigated me to a back road. We were in my minivan and when we finally stopped in the middle of nowhere she said we should get into the seat. It was a bench seat and when we crawled into the back she told me to get undressed. We kissed for a bit and she undid my pants and pulled them off. I was already half hard when she put her mouth on my cock. Her hand reached down to caress my nuts as I got hard. Then she said "Will you still kiss me if I swallow?" I said "Oh honey, fuck yeah." She proceeded to suck me until I said I was cumming. Then I felt a finger on my asshole and she pushed in. My orgasm was intense and she swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked until I was totally spent. I said "That was fucking great" and she finally took her mouth off of my cock. Then I said "It's my turn" and we undressed her.

I knelt down and started to lick her already wet pussy. She was clean shaven except for a diamond patch above her cunt. I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could and 10 minutes later she said to suck on her clit. When I did she said she was going to cum and proceeded to fill my mouth. I licked her clean and laid on top of her and we made out for another 15 minutes. It was the greatest blowjob I'd ever had and I finally drove her home. We spent nearly every night of the play sucking each other. My one regret was that she wouldn't fuck me. She said in honor of her husband she would do about anything but fuck. I thought, "How fucked up is this?" but between the cocksucking, pussy licking and her finger fucking my ass while I filled her mouth with my cum it was one of the best few weeks of my life. It's too bad I can't get my wife to do the same.

And we wonder why men cheat?




In my office there are three of us women and five men. The old guy it Dennis. He's in his 50s and fairly good looking for an old guy. I'm 32 and recently divorced. My husband hit me one too many times and I got fed up so I divorced him. Dennis is really neat guy. He's probably the smartest guy in the office, the hardest worker and is the only one who doesn't tell off-colored jokes about women. He's the one who makes coffee and is almost always the first one in the office.

One day in the copier room I was making some copies and felt a gentle hand on my ass. I figured it was one of the assholes in the office but it was Dennis. I slapped his hand away and he immediately apologized. He turned to leave and I told him to stop. There was nobody else around so I grabbed his hand and put it back on my ass. I told him to squeeze a cheek and he did. Then I whispered "You can play with my ass anytime you want." I glanced down and thought I saw a little bulge in his slacks. We both just let it be at that and went back to work. I usually wear slacks but the next day I wore a skirt and blouse. I was trying to be a bit of a tease for him. Then nothing happened. It was a normal day, and so was the next two days. Then came Friday and I wore a skirt again. In the copier room Dennis followed me. I knew it was him when he put his hand on my ass and rubbed up and down my ass crack. When I turned around he was smiling. Then he said "Work the rest of the day without your panties on." That shocked me as he walked out. I was about to go on break so I grabbed my purse and headed for the restroom. I took off my panties and only had on my hose as I headed back into the office. I winked at him as I passed his cubicle.

A minute later he asked me to help him with an issue on his computer. I walked over to him and looked around to make sure nobody was paying attention. I stood next to him and he slipped his hand under my skirt and ran it up the back of my leg. I thought he was going to grab my ass but his hand detoured and he started to rub my pussy. I was starting to get wet when he pulled his hand out and stuck his fingers in his mouth. I decided right there that instead of teasing him I wanted to fuck him. I walked back to my desk thinking about it and when it was time to go home I walked over to him. "Follow me home" I said and walked out.

When I pulled up into my driveway he was right behind me. As soon as we walked in he turned me around and kissed me. Then he unbuttoned my blouse and unclipped my bra. "You have beautiful breasts" he said as he gently rubbed his palms over my nipples. I almost swooned. No man had ever told me that before without being crude. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He gently laid me on the bed and took off my skirt and pantyhose. He started to undress and I told him I wanted to do it. I removed his shirt and undershirt. I ran my hands up and down his slightly portly torso. Too many men think that a woman only wants a hard body but it's so much more about attitude and the way they treat women that matters. He stood there as I unbuckled his belt and undid his slacks and pulled them down and he stepped out of them. Then as I pulled his shorts down his cock popped out over the top. I said "Oh my" and gasped a little. His cock was so much larger than my ex-husband's. It was thick and uncircumcised. He just stood there as I admired his tool then gently put my mouth over the head. I moved the hood back and forth and within a couple of minutes the hood was stretched back and he was hard. His cock was at least seven inches long and really thick. I tasted his pre-cum as I was sucking him. When he was hard and apologized saying he didn't mean for that to happen. I chuckled and said it was okay. My ex made me take his cum in my mouth anytime he was horny so I was used to being forced to suck until he came. Dennis was so different. He told me to lay down. I asked what he was going to do. He asked if I really wanted him to tell me and I said yes. He said to roll over on my belly. As I did he said "First I'm going to give you a killer back rub and as you relax I'm going to run my hands down your back and massage your butt cheeks. Then when you think I'm going to rub your pussy I'm going to work on the back of your legs, then your calves and finally give you a killer foot rub. I will then turn you over and gently kiss you from your nose down to your neck. I plan on making your nipples hard with my fingers and mouth and as you get turned on more and more move my mouth down with gentle kisses until I reach your vagina." I chuckled at that. When he asked why I laughed I told him that nobody ever called it my vagina. He asked what I preferred and I said anything he wanted was fine. "Okay then" he said and continued. I will move my mouth down with gentle kisses until I smell the essence of your cunt. I will push your legs up to give me a perfect view then tongue fuck you, sucking your clit and tonguing your cunt until you beg me to fuck you. I will turn you over and first fuck you doggie style. You will cum more than once before I do. And just when you think it can't get any better I will turn you over and fuck you until you beg me to cum. The power of my orgasm will give you the next orgasm. When I pull out I will lay on my back and you will suck my cock until I fill your mouth. That is, if you want to.

I was ready to cum by the time he stopped talking. He was doing everything he said and my first orgasm came when his lips touched my clit. By the time he had fucked me on all fours I had cum at least three more times. Then he turned me over and shoved his cock back into me. I had never cum so much in my life and pulled him down and started tonguing his mouth while he pounded me. I actually heard myself yell "fuck me harder and give me your cum." He did and when his first shot hit inside me I came again. He continued fucking me for another two minutes and finally pulled out. He rolled over onto his back. His cock was still hard and coated with both our juices. I really wanted to please him so I rolled over and started to suck his still hard cock. He pulled my legs over him until my cunt was over his mouth. He started to tongue fuck me again without hesitation. I had never had sex like this before and he lapped up everything that came out of me. When he started to cum I didn't hesitate but swallowed every drop he gave me. I finally rolled off of him and collapsed.

He woke me up about an hour later. He was fully dressed. He said he showered, he told me this was s very special night for him and had a surprise for me in the bathroom. He gently kissed me and said he would see me at work Monday and wished me a good weekend. After he left I got up and walked into the bathroom. He had run a hot bath for me and there were so many bubbles I started crying at the thought. I found out that his wife had a lot of health issues and had given him a hall pass to satisfy his needs since she could no longer do it. I know I'll never have him permanently but we've been fucking for the last year regularly and I have no plans to find another.