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She doesn't really make me suck cock, but she led me into it. We had always had both MFF and MFM threesomes but with an MFM I never had contact with the other man. Then one after we were done with the MFM threesome and the guy left she kissed me. This was within 10 minutes of when he came in her mouth. I liked it. She then climbed up and lowered her pussy onto my mouth and asked if I could taste his cock on it. I could and I liked it. After that she slowly led me to sucking cock by making me do something else each time. She started making me lick her ass while she was riding our friend, then lick her clit while laying on her back while he slow fucked. It was almost impossible not to lick his cock while do this. She then asked me to lick her juice off his cock. Which I did. That led to licking his cum out of her pussy and off her body. Finally I starting sucking cock for real, sucking until he cums in my mouth. It really gets my wife off. So much so that we now start our threesomes with me on my sucking cock until I take a big load. About a month ago they starting fucking me. First my wife pegging me to prepare me for a real cock, then our friend pumping away at my asshole while my wife jerks me off. Sometimes she pegs me and jerks me while he pumps away at my mouth. She now wants to watch two men take both holes. The truth is I like sucking cock and being fucked a lot. She obviously knows and is going to keep pushing the boundries. I'm not sure where this is going, but I know I want to keep doing it, but I'm also afraid people will find out that I don't want knowing.




I'm a married bi-sexual man in my 40s. I've sucked a number of cocks but have never really been fucked and have no inclination to have a cock in my ass. Over the last few months there is a gay couple I've visited several times after work on Fridays. We suck each other but I don't swallow their cum. Both have smaller cocks than me and we just enjoy each other. It was all pretty vanilla, then one night I went over and as usual we all drank for a bit. I was feeling pretty tipsy when we moved toward the bedroom. I was dizzier than normal and figured they must have drugged me somehow. Instead of the bedroom we ended up in the basement. It was tastefully finished but had a set of stocks in the middle of one of the isolated rooms. I was dizzy enough that I couldn't fight them as they put me in the stocks with my head and hands locked down. Then they strapped my feet so my legs were spread apart a bit. I said that this wasn't cool. That's when they blindfolded me. I was a little worried when I felt a cock being pushed into my mouth. I could tell it was one of them by the size. I could get the whole thing in my mouth and my lips were hitting his pubes with each thrust. Since they knew I didn't swallow I relaxed and decided to just enjoy it. To my surprise though when his first shot of cum landed in my mouth I was scared. That fucker just came in my mouth and I couldn't do anything about it. He finally pulled out and I felt the other guy shove his cock in my mouth. Same drill. He came in my mouth also. I thought I would be repulsed but it actually wasn't bad tasting. He finally pulled out as well.

I figured this was a fun game but now the fun was over. I was still reeling a little from whatever they had given me and wanted out. A couple minutes later A cock was being pushed back into my mouth. I expected one of their small cocks but this was different. I could barely get my mouth past the head. This was someone new with a much larger cock than eight of the other two. He slowly worked his cock in a little further each time he thrust in until I was gagging as he hit my uvula. Then one of the two other guys said "See, I told you he sucked a good cock." Then he whispered to me "This is the cock that's gonna fuck you." I didn't want this but couldn't really do anything about it at that point. I felt a hand rub up and down my ass crack then a finger was thrusting in and out. I was being finger fucked for the first time. I tried to wiggle enough to dislodge him but it was no use. The guy in my mouth hadn't cum yet when he pulled out and the finger in my ass pulled out as well. A few seconds later I felt the first pang of pain as the big cock was being pushed into my asshole and past my sphincter. It hurt at first but he seemed to know what he was doing. "I told you it was the tightest man cunt you've ever had" One of the other guys said. Within a minute he was fucking me and saying how tight my ass was. Then I started to enjoy it. It felt full as he pistoned in and out of my ass. Not only did he fill my ass up I felt like I had been fucking for years. At the same time I had one of the smaller cocks back in my mouth.

I finally felt the first spurt of cum in my ass. It felt like a warm liquid being pumped into me. When he was spent The guy who had his cock in my mouth asked if I was finished or if I wanted more. He took his cock out of my mouth long enough for me to say "more." The guy fucking me was a fucking stud. He stayed in my ass as his cock got a little softer then got hard again. This time he was able to fuck me for about 20 minutes.

When he was gone they finally let me out of the stocks. My legs were trembling and my neck hurt. They helped me back up the stairs. They gave me another beer and we chatted for a bit. They said they knew I would enjoy it and I had to agree. Then they said that now and again I would get the same treatment from time to time. And I did. But each time it felt like a different cock. Sometimes they were circumcised and sometimes they were uncut, but every one was much bigger than either of the two homeowners. It's been over a year now since that night and I can take almost any size cock in my ass and actually enjoy sucking until I get a mouthful. What a fucking cum whore I've become.




The first time I sucked another cock was when I was 22 years old. My wife was at home and I was on leave from the service. I met him at a bar. He said he was the owner of the bar. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. He gave me the beer and asked if I was in the Army. When I said yes he said that he loved sucking soldiers's dicks. I was taken back and he asked if I ever got my dick sucked by another man. I told him no. His bar was in the basement of the hotel I was staying in and he told me to go sit at a table and he'd buy me a drink. Four drinks later, rum and coke, he asked if I was ready to get my cock sucked. After a couple more drinks on him and him asking again I decided that since I had never gotten a blowjob from another man I agreed. He told me to go up in my room and get naked.

About five minutes after I got back into my room he came in. He locked the door behind him and walked over to my bed. I was laying on the bed naked and he pulled me so my ass was hanging off the end of the bed. He knelt down and immediately put his mouth on my half-hard cock. He sucked me hard then put mu whole cock in his mouth. I warned him I was gonna cum and he shoved a g\thumb in my ass. That took me over the edge and I filled his throat with my cum. He took it all and sucked me as clean as a newborn fucking baby. He then got up and started to leave. For some reason I asked him if he'd like me to suck his dick. He said yes and immediately stripped. He was very fat and had a pretty small cock but when he laid on the bed I pulled his ass off of the edge of the bed. I bent down like he did and took his cock in my mouth. I felt his foot rubbing my cock and he kept asking if sucking cock made me hard. It did but I just kept sucking his cock. My cock was hard by the time he was ready to cum. His cock was small enough to take the whole thing in my mouth and he asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I mumbled yes and kept sucking. He started cumming and I swallowed every fucking drop. My cock was never so hard, not even with my wife.

Ever since then I've been looking for cocks to suck and have even become quite the cum whore both in my mouth and in my ass. I love being fucked in the ass and having a large thick cock spreading my asshole out as I was being fucked. I've sucked more cocks than my wife has sucked me or let me fuck her. I've discovered another man that is willing to suck cock is insatiable and being bi-sexual I can now get all the cock I want in both my mouth and ass and I can suck all the cock I want. I'm still married and she has no fucking idea. I love her dearly but crave more cock than I ever thought I could handle.




We had been married a couple of years and my wife sucked my cock once every couple of months but she never swallowed. One night when she was sucking me she started to play with my asshole. I was loving it and didn't even think when I blurted out "That's it honey, fuck me." She finger fucked me until I came. As usual she pulled off and I shot all over my chest and belly. A couple weeks later she said she had a surprise for me. She had me get naked and pulled a butt plug out of her purse. I was amazed she even knew of such a thing but when she said she wanted to fuck me with it I was excited. Over the next year we worked up to the large plug and when we fucked I had to have a plug in my asshole in order to cum.

Then one night when I was pretty drunk she said she thought I might be bi-sexual and said she wanted to see me get fucked for real. I was drunk and said okay. She brought me a couple more beers and I was almost ready to pass out when she came back into the bedroom with another man. She said his name was Dave and he worked with her. Then she said Dave was here to fuck me. I started to protest but then she confessed that she had fucked Dave a few times and he had the biggest cock she'd ever seen and if I wanted to ever fuck her again this was happening right now. While she spoke Dave stripped. He was tall and skinny but when he dropped his shorts my eyes widened. He had a huge cock. She got undressed as well and when she was naked she took my pants and shorts off. Then she said she thought gay sex was the sexiest fucking thing she'd ever seen and was looking forward to me being fucked. Before she stopped talking Dave was on the bed and had straddled my chest. His legs were on the outside of my arms essentially pinning me down so I couldn't move or fight him off. Then he put his cock up to my mouth. Then Deb, my wife said "Go ahead honey, show me how to suck a cock. Dave pushed his cock past my lips. I'm not gay and had never sucked a cock before but found this oddly erotic. Ad the same time Deb was stroking my cock as she watched me suck this massive cock. I sucked him hard and when he started cumming I was totally shocked. He filled my mouth until his cum was coming out of the corners of my mouth. He said he wasn't pulling out until I had swallowed every fucking drop. I didn't have a choice and swallowed as much as I could.

Even after he was spent he said for me to suck him to what he called fucking length. That meant until he was hard again. It took about 20 minutes and Deb had her hand in her cunt the whole time. She had cum at least three times. Dave finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to roll over. I rolled over onto my stomach and felt him spread my ass cheeks. Then he started to tongue my asshole. Wow. What a fucking rush this was. I never dreamed that my asshole was an erogenous zone. He licked my ass for about five minutes then I felt his cock start to push into me. He spread my asshole wider than it had ever been. I thought it would be painful but I was relaxed enough that he slid right in after his tongue lubed my ass. He started to fuck me. She was commenting on hos fucking hot this was seeing Dave fuck her husband. He fucked me for at least 20 minutes and asked her if he was to breed me. She said that he better cum in my ass or else it was all for nothing. He grunted and flopped down on me. He was cumming. It wasn't as much as the first load but I still felt the warmth of his cum in my asshole.

I hadn't cum yet by the time he finally pulled out. He went in to take a shower and when I rolled over she sucked my cock until I was ready to cum. When I told her I was cumming she swallowed every fucking drop. That was the first time she had swallowed my cum. Afterwards we were cuddling and she asked if I liked it. I admitted that I did like it and she said that I could suck cock or get fucked anytime I wanted as long as I agreed to let her do the same. This whole night was such a fucking shock that after thinking for a minute I told her that I agreed. I know she has sucked a lot of cock and even ate a lot of pussy but for me it was an eye-opening experience and I have been getting strange cock for the last 15 years. She made me a real cum whore but she was also. We have a great marriage and even when we fuck now it gets pretty kinky.




I'm a bi-sexual man who's been married for 30+ years to a woman. We've had great sex but the last few years it's been pretty stale. I sucked my first cock a bunch of years ago and wanted more. She didn't want sex so I went to my office in the basement and looked for other men. I found a couple of married guys on-line and decided to go meet them. I told my wife I was going out for a drink and would be back later. She didn't seem too disturbed as I often went to the bar on Friday nights.

Mike and Tom were a married gay couple in their 60s and Mike was pretty fat but that didn't bother me. We chatted and had a couple of beers and I was feeling pretty uninhibited. Mike was rubbing my shoulders and said he would make me cum like never before. After our beers he suggested we go to the bedroom. We walked in and both got undressed. He laid on the bed and said for me to suck his cock. I crawled on the bed and knelt between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. He had a nice cock that fit all the way in my mouth. I got him hard in just a couple of minutes. Then he said to turn over. he manovered us so my ass was near the end of the bed and crawled on me in a 69 position. He took my cock in his mouth and stuck his cock back in my mouth. About that time I felt my legs being lifted up and my ass was being licked. It was Tom licking my asshole. My wife never did that and if felt wonderful. My cock was being sucked, my nuts were being caressed and my ass was being licked. I lifted my legs up as far as I could to give him better access. My cock was hard and I was getting closer to cumming. Tom then said he was going to fuck me now and i didn't protest. He crawled on the bed and I felt his cock at my asshole. He pushed in. I felt a little stab then as I relaxed it felt better than me scratching my own ass. He started to slowly fuck me then increased the tempo and depth. Before I knew it he was slapping his nuts against my ass.

We stayed like this for the next few minutes and I couldn't hold it any longer. I said I was about to cum and filled Mike's mouth with my load. He took it all and then he filled my mouth with his. It wasn't a big load and I swallowed it without a problem. He kept sucking me and a minute later Tom said he was going to cum and filled my asshole as well.

We all rested a bit and they switched places. I couldn't cum a second time but both of them did, one in my mouth and one in my ass. We then sat around naked drinking more. I think I must have passed out after about six more beers and woke up in the bed with Tom licking my asshole again and stroking my cock. He made me cum and came inside me for the second time. When we were done Mike offered a nice breakfast of Pancakes and eggs. I ate a nice breakfast and decided to head home. I needed an excuse so I pulled into the driveway and leaned back in my seat. I feigned sleep until my wife came out to wake me up. I said I'd been here since the bar closed and she bought it. It was a great night for me and I can't wait to do it again.




I’m a female 18, and I want to have sex w two men, I have a girlfriend.. I also want to have sex w a dog I love letting my dog lick my pussy.. maybe a 50 yr old man too




I am a 44 year old married guy that has been sucking and fucking cocks on the down low for the past 25 years. I started letting men suck my cock when I was 18, then started sucking cock and fucking guys at 19, and by 21 I was sucking, fucking and getting fucked. The whole time I had a girlfriend or wife that had no idea I was/am a cock lover.

I haven't kept count, but I would estimate that I have been sucked by at least 200 guys, sucked at least 100 cocks, fucked 50 guys, and been fucked by 30 guys.

For most of my life I traveled a lot for work and that made it easy to take care of my cock needs. I would either reply to a craigslist ad or post one of my own and usually I would have a guy come over to my hotel room. This way I never had to meet guys that lived close to where I did. Well, a couple of years ago I took a new job that doesn't require much travel; this put a big damper on my quest for cock.

I started posting craigslist ads and meeting guys that lived close to me, I had never done this before but I needed a nice hard cock every now and then. A couple of months ago I posted an ad and got a reply from a mwm that only lived about a half a mile from me. He was a few years younger and had a nice thick 7 inch cock. We met at a near by parking lot to size each other up and then went to his place since his wife was out of town. We had a lot in common, we both had been getting with men on the down low for several years and neither of our wives knew we loved cock. Usually I am only with a guy once or maybe twice and then move on, but since this guy lived so close and he did have a very nice cock and knew how to use it, we started meeting a couple times a week. After a while we decided that we would be exclusive, except for fucking our wives, this was we could swallow each others loads and he could breed me without us having to worry about catching anything. He was and is the only guy to cum deep in my ass bare back. And let me say, bare back is awesome, the feeling of that warm man seed being squirted deep in my ass is incredible.

Last week he sent me an email saying his wife had found out about him sucking cock and fucking men. She had found his secret email account and instead of being mad she had seen the pics of my cock on his emails and wanted to watch us in action. I had seen pictures of his wife in his home and we had shared a couple of naked pics of our wives. She was really nice looking and I had told him that I would fuck her if given the chance.

I told him I would love to put on a show for her and that she could join in if she wanted. He replied saying that for the first meeting she only wanted to watch. She wanted to see him suck my cock until I came in his mouth and wanted to see him swallow every drop. Then she wanted to watch me suck him until he was nice and hard, then wanted to watch him fuck me and breed me.

I said I was up for it and we set up a meet for that Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hard on thinking about the cock I was going to get that day and it really made me hard thinking about someone watching me get fucked. I was thinking about what I was going to tell my wife, where I was going, when she told me that she had to get her hair done and that she would be gone for a few hours. I told her that would be good because I had some errands to do. I kissed her good bye and she left.

I was soon on my way to my friends house with my cock tenting my shorts.

When I arrived he showed me in and said his wife was in the bedroom and was wearing a ski mask, because she didn't want me to see her face. I pointed at the picture of them on the wall, he just said, "I know, but that's what she wants". I said, "ok" and we headed for the bedroom.

She was sitting in a chair beside the bed and was covered from head to toe with a ski mask covering her head and face and a robe covering the rest of her. I said hey to her and she just waved but didn't say anything. I turned around to my friend and he was already taking his clothes off so I did the same.

When we were both naked he dropped to his knees and sucked me in, he is very skilled when it comes to sucking cock and it didn't take but a few minutes and I was cumming down his throat. While he was sucking me his wife had started rubbing her pussy through her robe and when he turned to her with an open mouth to show her that he had swallowed my cum she opened up her robe and spread her legs to give us a view of her soaking wet pussy.

I then took his already hard cock into my mouth and started sucking him for all I was worth. He was really enjoying it and told me he was about to cum and to let him eat my ass to get me ready for his cock. I climbed up on the bed on all fours with my ass sticking up in the air pointed at her so she could get a good view of her husband eating my ass. And by chance they had a dresser with a mirror on it that was at the right angle for me to watch her.

He started by licking me from my balls to the top of my ass crack. Then he started licking and stabbing my man pussy with his hard tongue. This made my cock come back to life within seconds. I looked at her in the mirror and she was fingering herself with one hand and had a tit out tweaking the nipple with her other hand. This was so hot, I told my friend, "put your hard cock in me now!" He put his cock head up to my pussy and pushed in, it felt so amazing. He let me get used to his cock before pulling out and then going back in a little deeper. As he was doing this, she got up out of the chair and was standing right beside him watching his cock disappear into me. After a few slow in and outs he was balls deep and started fucking me with long fast strokes. I had my eyes closed enjoying the hard cock sliding in and out of my ass when I felt a hand around my cock, I looked and it was his wife's hand she was stroking my hard cock. He fucked me like this for a couple of minutes and said he was about to cum. I yelled for him to breed my ass!

As he started squirting his seed deep in my ass, and with his wife stroking my cock I started cumming too.

When he was finished cumming he pulled out and I rolled over. As soon as I was on my back his wife took my cock into her mouth. She was pretty good at sucking, she actually sucked cock much like my own wife did. My friend went and cleaned up and came back and I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked him until he was hard again. When I was hard again, his wife mounted me and lowered herself onto my cock. As she started riding me she took my friends cock into her mouth for a few seconds. Before long we were sharing his cock, she would take it then I would take it. She whispered to me, "do you like sharing his cock?" I said, "very much so". With that she reached up and took the ski mask off. I was in total shock, it was MY wife. She looked down at me with a big smile and said, "I always had a feeling that you liked cock, now I know for sure." She then took him back into her mouth and was gagging herself on his cock while she was still riding mine. I didn't really know what to say. So I just kept fucking her and taking his cock into my mouth when she pulled off of him. He looked down at me and said this was all her idea bro. I told him not to worry about it, that now we can share his big hard cock. His cock was only about a half inch longer than mine, but he could last longer than I could.

While my wife was still riding my cock, she told him to go around and eat her ass. This surprised me because she never let me eat or fuck her ass. I looked at her and she said, "it looked so hot while he was eating and tonguing your ass I want him to do it to mine so you can fuck it. He did as he was told and when he had it nice and lubed up she lifted off my cock and put it up to her ass hole and started lowering herself down. I told her to go slow and let her ass get used to the size of my cock. She did and before long I was balls deep and fucking her ass real hard. She was loving it. She kept saying that if she knew it felt like this she would have done it sooner.

I asked her if she wanted to feel both of our cocks inside her at the same time. She looked kind of scared, but I told her that she would love it.

I shifted up onto the bed so my friend could get behind her. I pulled out of her ass and shoved it up into her pussy, pulled her close to me and started kissing her while he positioned himself and entered her ass. Through my cock I could feel his cock sliding into her. We both started fucking her. She was having a massive orgasm and was shaking. I asked if she was ok, she said that two cocks feels soooo good.

We both fucked her until we came. He came first in her ass, then I followed and filled her pussy up. We all flopped down on the bed exhausted.

We all talked for a few minutes and me and my wife went back home.

Now we have a meeting set up where his wife catches all three of us and are hoping she will join in.