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I’ve been at my college campus for almost for a month. At this point I’ve done Landry twice and each time in the area where you fold your clothes there’s been lost articles of clothes. Each time I’ve seen this pretty pair of panties. These Grey Panties with green dots and black lace around the edges as been on my mind each time I go down there. I’ve finally gave in and am jerking off with it wrapped around my cock




I was in my second year of college. My name's Tracy and I became best friends with Art. He was a Senior but we hit it off. He used to grab about the size of his cock and how his girlfriend sucks him off. I thought it was all talk as I'd never seen his cock so I really had no idea. Then one night he said his girl was coming over and asked if I wanted to watch her suck him off. He said she really wouldn't mind so I said okay. After about a six-pack for each of us his girl, Diana knocked on the door. He said she was 31 years old but partied like she was 20. She was a fucking knockout. She was half black but with light olive colored skin. Her face was gorgeous, and had a slim waist and nice large tits.

Anyway, we sat in the living room for a bit drinking and he announced, "Lady and gentle virgin," of course referring to me, "it's now for the main event of the evening. He stood up and took his pants off. He wasn't wearing any underwear and as his pants got down a bit his cock popped out. I couldn't believe it, My six inch cock was small even compared to his soft. "Holy fuck" I blurted even before I realized what I said. Then he said "Now do you believe me little man? All I could say was "Oh fuck dude." I was looking at his cock and didn't even realize Diana was naked by now. He sat back down on the couch and she knelt in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth and it disappeared completely. She was deep throating that fucking thing. I watched her suck him for two or three minutes and he said to strip and play with her asshole. She wiggled her ass and spread her legs. Then he told me she likes fingers and cocks up her ass. I was just drunk enough to kneel behind her and poke a finger into her cunt. She pulled off of his cock and turned to me. "Not my cunt, you faggot, my asshole." I pulled my finger out of her cunt and rolled it around her asshole. My cock was already hard from watching her suck his cock. So with my left hand I pushed a finger into her ass and he said to play with her tits at the same time. She was in heaven.

She must have sucked him for 10 minutes when he said that it was time. She quickly got off of his cock and moved up to sit on him. She plunged her ass down onto his cock. I couldn't believe her ass could take that monster. He fucked her for another five minutes and said he was cumming. She rose up one last time and lifted her lets to plunge all the way down on him. He grunted and she squealed. He emptied his load into her ass. Then he said "Now baby." She quickly got off of him and knelt down on the floor in front of him and took his cum soaked cock back in her mouth and sucked him clean. My cock was still hard as I watched her suck him dry. She got up and sat next to him. I sensed she was pretty wasted on something herself as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Within a minute she was snoring softly while he just sat there playing with his half limp cock.

He said it looks like I needed some relief. It had been about a week since I jerked off and he said to just sit next to him on the couch and he would help me out. I did and he bent over and started to suck me. I have never had lips on my cock, neither man or woman but this was super good. I couldn't believe his lips on my cock could feel so good. Then I felt a finger starting to play with my asshole. He said to spread my legs. I did and he inserted a finger and started to finger fuck my ass while sucking my cock. I said I was gonna cum and he mumbled yes. I came harder than ever and he swallowed it all. What a fucking night. He said that sucking cock got him hard and he noticed that looking at his cock got me hard too. Then he said he knew I wanted his cock. He sat back on the couch and said he had plenty left and I should give it a shot. I started at his eight inch cock as it twitched and he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me down. I complied and before I knew it I was sucking his cock. It was huge, it was soft, and it seemed to fit my mouth perfectly. My own cock was almost hard again all by itself as I sucked him. His hand was on the back of my head and when he started to cum I tried to pull back but his hand held my head down. He said to just relax and take it. I ended up swallowing his load. Even though he had cum inside Diana's ass he had plenty left.

After he was sucked clean he said to keep sucking. He said he could stay hard all night. Within five minutes his cock was hard in my mouth. I was really feeling the beer and he said to kneel down in front of the couch and lean over it. I did and I felt his tongue on my ass. It was soft and felt great. Then I felt a finger enter my asshole. That was twice that night but I didn't mind. He was finger fucking me with one, then two fingers and was hitting my prostate with every thrust. My cock was twitching and he pulled his fingers out and I felt him scoot up behind me. Then his cock was against my hole. He had got me slippery with his spit and he pushed in. He finally got past my muscle and his cock was moving in. At first he fucked me gently with only a couple of inches of his cock inside me. It felt really good so I tried to open up a little more. He said "Oh fuck yeah dude" as he started to fuck me deeper. He said I had the tightest ass he ever fucked and proceeded to fuck me for the next 10 minutes. Then he announced he was cumming. He thrust until his cock was buried to the pubes and I actually felt his balls slap against mine. His nuts were much bigger than mine but I felt his cum as it oozed back out of my ass. With his cock still in me he reached around and started to stroke my cock It was only about two minutes and I said I was gonna cum. He said to just let it go and stroked me until I emptied my nuts on the floor. He brought out another case of beer and we drank some more.

I woke up the next morning on my belly on the couch. I was naked and he was laying on top of me. I didn't realize it at first but his hard cock was buried deep inside me. When he was sure I was awake he started to fuck me. He said to spread my legs and when I did he fucked me harder. I didn't hate it but wondered where Diana was. I was hung over but knew exactly what was happening. I was being ass fucked by my friend and we were both sober. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and emptied his nuts into me. He finally got off of me and told me to get dressed and get out.

It wasn't an unpleasant experience and when he asked if I liked it I said it was okay. He knew I looked up to him and said that I was now his bitch. He said to come back at 4:00 that afternoon to suck his cock and get fucked again. For some reason I was there at precisely 4:00.




I/m a recently divorce man. I was lonely and horny so I went to the bar that Friday night and a guy asked if he could sit in my booth with me. I was getting drunk and we started about talking about women and eventually we got around to sex. He asked what the most humiliating sexual experience I ever had. I was drunk and thought "What the fuck" and opened up a little. Here's my story:

It was my first year in college. I'm pretty short and don't have a big cock. In Science class there was a junior and she was gorgeous. It seemed every time I glanced over to her she opened her legs and I could see her bare pussy under her skirt. One day she came up to me after class and said she thought I was cute and asked me to a party that Friday night. I'd heard that college parties were pretty wild, and I was a virgin but told her I'd love to go with her. She told me to meet her there at 9:00 that Friday night. I was a loner and didn't really have any friends so I arrived alone. I was given a glass of beer and then another. I had drank about five beers when I spotted her. Her name was heather. I walked up to her and she hugged me. When she stepped back I could see her nipples poke out through her t-shirt. I couldn't help but look. She said to mingle and she had something to do. A few minutes later I saw her making out with another girl. Then all of a sudden she saw me and came over to me. She then asked me if I wanted to go to a "Goose" party. I didn't want to sound stupid so I said I was looking forward to it. She led me upstairs to an empty room and took her top off. She asked if I wanted to lick her pussy. She took her shorts off and was completely naked. Her pussy was shaved and she laid on the bed. Just when I was bending over her the door opened and five other girls came in. Then all stripped and my four inch cock started to get hard. They stripped me and saw my tiny dick and started pointing and laughing. I felt humiliated.

I grabbed my clothes and didn't think I had time to even get dressed so I started to head to the door. About the time I got to the door a big guy came through the door. He pushed me back and asked if I was the goose. They all told him I was and Heather said I was the goose and the life of the party. Nobody seemed to be laughing when I looked around so I thought I was safe. He kept pushing until he pushed me back onto the bed. One of the other girls straddled my chest with her pussy right on my mouth. She was obviously wasted and said to eat her. I had never done anything like this but was really excited. My dick was hard and while I licked her pussy I felt my pants being pulled off and someone was now sucking my cock. I thought I was about to cum when I felt my legs being lifted up. Then something was being pushed in my ass. It hurt a bit at first but I couldn't push her off of my face. After a minute or so the pain turned to pleasure and I was getting into it. I don't remember much else but saw the video afterwards. The guy at the door was fucking me and Heather told me she was now my bitch pimp.

I didn't know what a bitch pimp was but the first time a guy paid to fuck me I found out. I liked it so much that I became the campus fuck. All the closet gay guys paid me to fuck me and I earned a lot of money, not only that first year but for the next three years as well. I now own my own garment design company but still love to have the biggest cocks I can find in my ass. Heather made a lot of money off of me too. I loved to be fucked and she loved profited off of me.

She is now in prison for solicitation and I own my own company. I have a great sex life and make tons of money while she's being gang raped by other butch prisoners. Well I guess that's life. Fuck her anyway...




I met my bestfriend when I was in 7th grade. He was in 9th grade at the moment, so it was kind of awkward because he was popular, and I was the weird kid. Now, he is in 4th year of University, and I'm in 2nd year. After 9 years of knowing each other, last night we fucked. And it was great. I wish I had fucked him sooner.