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With my Son and I living alone for the last two years, I’ve let him fill the void of being, “The man of the house.”

Doing well in school, I believe he’s earned it.

The latest void I let him fill with me was our first attempt at anal sex.

I bought a bottle of Valm and OMG this stuff works so incredibly well!

As soon as my Son is lubed and ready for me, I’ll let him press me a few times until he can firmly glide balls deep up into his Mothers inviting ass.

He’s always so hard for me to feel every ripple of his rock hard cock, but it’s the Valm gel that makes it so easy for him to take me from behind to back door me as long as he needs to.

I always let him take his time. Again, it’s just the two of us.

On the weekends, when we have more time, my Son likes to fuck me in the ass when we’re in the pool.

Since fucking in our pool is a little erotic for us and the Valm works underwater, I let him take me in our pool whenever he wants.

Oh, my sweet little boy… deeply filling the darkest of his Mother’s voids…




The first memory I have of sexual activity was the 3rd or 4th grade, I was really little. Mom worked late all the time, dad got off of work same time I got out of school so he was home with me until mama got off.

Like any other day, I rode the school bus home and ran up the steep hill to my house. I opened the front door, ran inside, tossed my bag down and looked up… My dad was sitting on the couch with his big dick in his hand covered in lotion. I wasn’t panicked, I was scared, I was intrigued. I remember knowing how wrong this was instantly but it was such a rush. My dad was hissing while I watched his him stroke his dick real slow. He was looking at me. He said “come here baby girl, come sit next to daddy.” I sat next to him, my eyes never left his cock.

Daddy said to me while continuing to stroke and spread the lotion over his cocks head, “Daddy can’t cum baby, I need you to help Daddy cum, please, it hurts daddy” …I loved him so I was so with it..and I was curious about his dick too.

Daddy grabbed my hand and wrapped my fingers as far as he could around his dick. When I touch it, his body shivered and he moaned. He put his hand back over mine and we back to stroke my daddy’s big dick together. I started to feel a tingling feeling in my pussy. I ignored it because I had to help my daddy cum. I remember my mouth watering as I watched my Daddy moan and feeling his dick pulse in my hand. Daddy started kissing me on my lips, licking my lips and my neck as he whispered “baby don’t stop stroking daddy’s dick..thank you my baby..I want to cum so I can make your pussy cum too!” I kept stroking and finally an explosions of my daddy’s moans and cum erupting from his dick..with each spurt was a pulse from daddy’s dick and I watched cum slow over my little hand like lava. Daddy leaned forward moaning and hugging me and I’m pretty sure my 3rd grade pussy was soaked.

Daddy pulled my shorts off with his dick still covered in cum and lotion. Then he yanked my panties off as my little legs rose up. My pussy was really throbbing because I knew what he was about to do…daddy said “I haven’t tasted your pussy since you were a baby used to love when daddy put his tongue in your pussy. I looked down and said “please lick my pussy daddy”. He bent down and jacked his dick while he went crazy on my little baby clit, daddy sounded hungry.

I came in my daddy’s mouth. Daddy lifted me up and laid me in him and mommy’s bed. He pulled his pants completely off and took off the rest of my clothes. He slowed down as he got between my legs and pulled the blanked over us. My daddy was shaking and he said it was because he loved me and my pussy so much. He gently started kissing my cheek and down my neck laying his whole body on top of mine. I remember closing my eyes and feeling the head of his giant dick probing around my pussy hole.

He reached down and pulled his dick up and laid it on top of my clit between my cunt lips. Subconsciously I started to rub my little clit all over his dick up and down. Daddy moaned in my ear and said “this is daddy’s pussy…I love you baby girl..cum on daddy’s dick my baby” …I started humping from the bottom, daddy’s felt harder on my pussy. I started going faster as he moaned and told me I make daddy’s dick feel so good and that he wants to fuck my little pussy with his cock so bad..

I purposely rub too far above his cocks head and landed my pussy hole perfectly over daddy’s dick and jammed it inside of me….it didn’t hurt.

Daddy didn’t know, was already fucking my little pussy with anything I could around the house before this. I was so horny all the time, I was ready for daddy.

When I thrust daddy inside my pussy his head lifted up and he was nose to nose with me as I rolled my hips smothering his cock head inside my right little hole. He said “omg daddy’s going to cum inside can’t do that..” I licked his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck and bounced my wet little pussy on him faster and faster. Daddy leaned up, put my hands above my head, and started fucking my little pussy deeper. I said “please daddy..don’t stop..” as I felt my orgasm rise. He screamed as he collapsed on top of me cumming and.cumming filling me with more and more..he was breathing so hard and so heavy…he left it in me and past out for 15 minutes while I came again and again on his dick while he slept.

We never fucked again but I let him eat my pussy a few more times when I got older.




I remember probably from the age of 5or6 when we'd play house or anything to do with playing I always wanted to be the girl member him putting his finger in my butt hole when we'd bathe together as I'd fix the water to be hot again cause we would spend so much time in the tub we didn't know what we were doing just harmless fun to us at the time realizing I was always wanted by the men in my family and I was damn good at it to anything fucking skill 100%, sucking skill 1000% moaning like a bitch yess after we stopped probably around 11yrs old and i miss it me and my uncle are about 4yrs apart i moss him like that i remember i know he remembers to it was sexy as kids watch each other get hard and just go with it watch each other play with ourselves or kiss and not a care in the world i wouldnt change my childhood for anything used and abused by family and sitters and even my best friend now im just a cum hingry whore all the time dick dick dick dick mmmm one of my best friends donny took over he had a girthy ass fucking cock and used to force fuck me everyday used to go nice and easy at first but every day after seemed hotter rough and hard was so intense when he'd fuck me rough like pull my hair and fucking rawdog me no spit no condom just pure thick girthy ass cock we asked he stay the night often and he'd wake juring the Night wake with a boner and just fuck me awake ,but you can guarantee I like it just hurt for awhile thick ass cock I took just about twice a day from 11yrs old to about 17 he was always stronger then my female little ass and about 18 I became am escort from then til now I'm transgender pre op male to female always wanted to be a women have nice DD Tits femcock super tight hole and love to used or to use someone but damn most of all this cute pink hairless pussies is got to be the hottest ever and hot cute boy dicks I just get so horny thinking about sucking kids cocks and Horned right the ef up typing this, I'm now 40 smoking a little bit of meth maybe booty bump abit and it drives you intensely horned up the fucking wall , willing to fuck anything I even think about beastiality fucking my dog she watches me play with myself often I wanna put my fem cock in her pussy, were all alittle messed just get so horny I swear I masturbate about 7-8times a day




I am going to have a rant about my wife! I love her and always will but sex has never been great, that said I have done some of the most perverted sexual acts in front of her which she really loves to see.

I have been gangbanged by six men, I have given both oral and anal sex to up to three dogs at once and have even been knotted while sucking a horse's cock and have taken a horse in my ass.

But a couple of days ago I was being spit roasted by two men when one of their wife's started to suck my cock which soon made me cum as my wife never gives me head.

She is now threatening to leave me if I ever cum for another woman! so crossdressing, bestiality, group sex and even incest with my brother is fine but I cum once and she is going off the deep end.




I lived in a really great neighborhood growing up and there were alot of kids in the neighborhood we were all the same age. My bff had a younger sister, one year younger than us. I was 14 at the time and i used to go over there house a bunch. I had the garage code and would hang out and play video games. But then i started jerking off there.

i would go in her room and get her panties and sniff them while jerking off. i would put her panties on and jerk off sniffing another pair. her pussy smelled sooooo good. When i was ready to cum, i would take a clean pair and put all my cum right where her pussy would go, then put them back in the draw.

We would always "rough house" and i would rub her pussy and hold her down and she would pretend not to like it, i would bite her tits, suck on them, suck on the outside of her pants where her pussy was. omg my cock would be so hard.

Another time we were horsing around and i was so fucking horny and everyone was home. i went in the bathroom, they kept a linen basket. i found her panties and i jerked off into them while my friend was telling me to hurry up. ugh it was so hot.




I (42F) met them on an app, and we set a date to have coffee; according to the app, they were both 18. I let them get there before me, and I saw them sitting at the table looking nervous I could see his hand around her waist and whispering in her ear. I knew immediately they had lied, they look closer to 14. I made eye contact with her first and saw her blush. I greeted them, but instead of going to the counter to order I walked over and leaned in close looking at both of them and said “we can sit here and chat, or we can go back to my place and fuck, it’s your call.” I could see her flush and he was tongue tied, but they stood up. I told them to follow me back to my place in their car and they confessed they had taken the bus. That locked it in for me, and I didn't want to know more about their ages.

They both sat in the backseat of my car as I drove them to my place, and spent much of the drive reaching between my skirt and teasing my freshly shave pussy while I made small talk with them. I knew Spring Break was coming up for the local high schools, so I asked if they had any plans for the break. Without realizing, he told me about a trip he was going on with his family, but I could see the look of panic in her eyes when he did. I casually turned the conversation away and asked if they'd met anyone else through the app, to which they confessed I was the first.

When we arrived at my house, I led them in and took them upstairs to my master bedroom where I had already set the scene; a chair next to the bed and the windows open wide to let in the maximum amount of light. After all, I thought I was bringing a young, inexperienced couple back to my place to mentor them through a play session, I just didn't know how young. I sat, spread my legs so they could see that I wasn’t wearing in panties and stuck a finger in my wet pussy as I leaned forward and told them to undress and lay on the bed.

Both of them were hairless and I gently rubbed her soft, puffy clit as I cupped his young balls. He was so hard and had a great cock. After playing with them a bit, I couldn't help myself and licked her pussy to taste her juices and then had to have my mouth on that cock.

When I could tell they were ready, I told them it would better if they started with each other. He climbed on top of her and I guided him in as he slid his cock in her. I admit, it was cute seeing these young things go together. I let my tongue lick them both, her sweet lips and his shaft as it slid in and out, sucking his balls and putting my face close too the action. It was nice and slow at first, but when I could tell he was close to cumming, I sat on her face and shoved my dripping wet lips into her mouth as he thrust harder and started moaning…

I told him I wanted to see him cum on her, and pushed him back so his hot, thick sperm shot all over her pussy. He went with it and when he was finished, I greedily lapped it up like a thirsty kitten, holding it in my mouth. I turned around and held her mouth open so I could spit in into her. Once the last of it dripped down, I leaned in and whispered in her ear that if she didn't want me to call her parents, she would swallow it. She did, so I told her she was a good girl.

Knowing he was young and would quickly get his erection back, I made him sit in the chair so he could watch me. I crawled down her body and spread her pussy for him to watch as I slid my fingers in deep and fast over and over again into her while sucking her clit. I told him to take notes, and I pushed hard on her g-spot. She gasped, so I kept the pressure and speed steady as I felt her get wetter from my actions until she grabbed my hair and held me in between her legs. She came with my mouth sucking her pussy that I think it was her first real orgasm.

Turing to see his young hard cock in his hands, stroking from the show, I moved to sit on his lap. I looked back at her and told her to come take care of me like a good girl as I rode on her boyfriends cock up and down so painfully slow. She rushed over her enthusiasm made up for her lack of experience as she rubbed my clit and sucked my tits; coming up from time to time to kiss me deep.

As I rode him, I put my hand on his face and asked him if it was his idea to find an older "mommy" on the app. He blushed but nodded. I picked up speed and asked him how mommy's pussy felt, and she shot straight up in surprise. I calmed her, telling her that all little boys wanted to cum inside their mommies, and asked her if she'd rather he came inside me or his real mom. At least I'd share him with her. After she agreed I told her to go whisper in his ear to cum inside their mommy.

As soon as she did, I could feel his cock start to pulse. I started rocking so fast, the chair scooted back slightly, but I started into his face. I wanted to see him cum. He tried to push me off as he came, but I thrust down hard and made him shoot his load in my pussy. His face twisted in the most exquisite o-face I've ever seen. As I climbed off him, I cupped my hand over my pussy to keep as much of it in, and laid back on the bed.

I becked her over for one last treat, and when she got close, I opened my legs and removed my hand. I told her to come get her boyfriends cum out of mommy's pussy and she did. She lapped it up so well, that even though I didn't finish, it was amazing. Then laid down next to her gently stroking her breast and kissing her with the layer of cum between our lips.

After a long time, I drove them back to her house and told them I wanted to keep in touch. I told them it was a dangerous world out there and they could get into serious trouble. I told them to delete the app and just call me whenever they wanted mommy again.

I never heard from him again, which was a shame, but she reached out when they broke up. We grew close, and she kinda became the daughter I never had for a while... with, of course, some playtimes. I even helped her pick out her prom dress a few years later, which actually turned in a whole nother story for later.




I am a mid fifties male who is married wit children and grandchildren and as far as anyone knows that's all I am, but given the chance I am a crossdressing slut who will literally do almost anything sexual.

I will however never understand a woman, This is because my wife has helped and encouraged me to fulfil every sexual fantasy and desire I have ever had.

She has watched me suck off and be fucked by my own brother, videoed me being gangbanged by six black guys even taking two ten inch cocks in my ass at the same time, she has witnessed me being fucked and knotted by several different breeds of dog and even arranged for me to get fucked by her friends horse.

All of those things were apparently fine but a photo of me from before we met being fucked by a Pakistani man who used to pay me for sex is way too freaky and she s talking about wanting a divorce over it.

But was still happy to watch me being used at a local dogging spot by about ten total strangers before falling asleep covered in cum just yesterday! so as I say I will never understand women.