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When I was a young nine year old boy my dad made me watch mom suck his cock. He was a mean drunk and when he had too many he got horny. He tried to play nice with mom but when she refused his advances he would slap her and pinch her nipples until she gave in. Then came that night when he made me watch. He was drunk as usual and at dinner said that tonight was special. When mom asked why he said that his boy was going to see his bitch suck his cock. That infuriated her. She got up from the table to head into the bedroom. He caught her by the hair and pulled her back. He said "It's either yes and you'll love it, or it's no and I'll fucking make you love it." She called him a couple of names but he still had hold of her hair. He literally dragged her into the living room and stood her up. He slapped her hard and said for her to strip. When she refused he slapped her again and tore her blouse from the front. He told me to go sit on the couch and watch what a fucking whore my mom was. I was trembling as I sat on the couch. She finally obeyed and took her top and bra off. Her tits seemed huge and he told her to take it all off. She did and was standing there naked. He had her get on her knees and suck him. She did and when he said he cas cumming he grabbed her hair and wouldn't let her up until she had sucked him dry.

That was the first time. Over the next five years he would occasionally repeat the scene, but the more it happened the rougher he got. He told me that you have to treat a woman like a whore and cum slut if you ever wanted them to do what you want. It graduated into him laying on the floor and her sitting on his cock, then it went even further as he gave me a close up view of him ass fucking her. She cried loudly that first time but he was relentless. She didn't dare do anything that pissed him off or he'd beat the shit out of her.

When I was 14 he got drunk and got into a car wreck and died. Mom didn't cry much but decided that we were better off without him. Over the next few years I treated her nice but slowly got into BDSM porn. I stayed at home after graduation. By this time she was scarred to the point that she didn't date and would usually spend Friday nights drinking. I was 19 now and had recently broken up with my girlfriend. I guess I was too nice to her. I was horny one night so I managed to talk my way into a case of beer and took it home. I told mom what had happened with my girl and started drinking. She was pretty tipsy already but was willing to help me drink. About five beers in I told her that she had nice tits for a mom. She said that dad used to say that just before he slapped her. I knew she couldn't fight me off if I wanted her. We were on the couch and I scooted over to her. She was in her nightgown and bathrobe. I guess she never got dressed that day. After another beer I put a hand on her thigh. She slurred something and tried to push my hand away. I was much stronger than her and wasn't thinking straight. I said to her "Tonight I'm taking dad's place and want you to suck my cock." She said she wouldn't do it. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "I said I want you to suck my cock" I told her. She shook her head so I slapped her. I told her to get undressed or I would slap the woman right out of her. After a third slap she started to get undressed. I had never realized how big her nipples were before and she was standing in front of me. I leaned forward and started sucking on a nipple. Then I told her that I'll be more tender than dad ever was if she'd let me. While sucking on a nipple my hand reached between her legs and I slowly started to finger fuck her. It took a but but she finally started to relax a little.

I finally stood up and kissed her. I asked if she was going to be nice to me. She said she would do anything I wanted only if I wouldn't slap her again. I sat on the couch and told her to suck me. She did but pulled her mouth off of me just as I was starting to cum. Then she got a towel and cleaned me up. I decided that wasn't good enough and told her to go to bed. She did and about a half hour later I was still thinking about it. A couple more beers and I was ready. I walked into her bedroom and got on the bed. I was straddling her chest with her arms pinned to her sides. She stirred half awake and I slapped her. Then a second time. She started to cry. I got off and pulled the covers off. She was laying there naked. I told her that if she wanted to be nice to me she would swallow every fucking drop. Then I slapped her again. She got on her knees on the floor and took my cock back in her mouth. She expected me to cum in her mouth but I had other plans. When I was hard enough I told her to stand up and lean over the bed. Then I said "Dad was right. I have to teach you a fucking lesson to make you mind me." I slapped her ass hard a few times and asked her "Did dad ever fuck you in the ass?" She said no that she would never allow that. I took a spit filled finger and plunged into her ass. At the same time I grabbed her hair and pulled back. I said "Then it's about time you allow it. I finger fucked her ass until she started to cry a little. Then I took my finger out and spit on her hole. I got it nice and slippery and shoved my big cock in. She screamed. I didn't care. I ass fucked her for 15 minutes and she was a broken wreck. Then I pulled out and told her to suck me. I let her wipe my cock off with her bed sheet and told her I was not going to tell her twice. This time she sucked me until I came in her mouth.

When we were done I told her that until I move out I was going to sleep with her and I expected her to wake me up with her mouth on my cock every day from now on. She nodded yes. I woke up the next morning with a hard on and my mom sucking me to orgasm. She swallowed it all and I told her to go make breakfast. From that day forward she sucked me every morning and most nights. I finally moved out three years later and found a woman I was able to keep in line. Then one night we went over to mom's house for dinner. After dinner we had a few beers. That's when I asked my wife if she ever saw an old lady suck a cock? She was taken back but when I said "Watch this" her interest was piqued. I told mom to strip and suck my cock. When she didn't I stood up and slapped her. "Do we really have to go through this again?" I asked menacingly. She shook her head no and stripped. That night I ended up being sucked off by the two women I totally controlled. What a fucking prick I am.




Hi out there. I'm Klaus and I'm from Germany. I love this platform and read a lot here.

I have something to think about a lot at the moment. We have a daughter and she is 12 yet. She slowly develops and with it the curiousity for boys develops too. There are some boys, she's meeting (i don't think of dates!) but when I have seen her with a boy I in the evening when I'm in bed, i Think about the boy putting his boycock in her. I don't want to think so but I do. Am I alone with that or are there other dads with similar thoughts?




My girlfriend and I both got off on pee play, she'd piss on my cock or something, and then I'd pee on her pussy or something. We got serious so we bought a place just outside of town with a large private backyard and it was perfect for our pee playing. We'd drink lots of water and fuck around pissing on each other. Then she got pregnant and 9 months later she had our daughter. We are nudists I guess because were always naked when at home and since we was always in the backyard, it was easier since our daughter would just pee/poop on the lawn. My girlfriend and I still had our piss play as our daughter played in the yard. It was around the time when our daughter was 2 or 3 years old, I'm laying on a blanket, legs spread open in front of my girlfriend sitting in a chair (she is above my head), and she gets a huge smile on her face, so I ask what. She tells me oh just wait you'll see, so I'm like what you going to do, and again she tells me wait that I'll see in one second.

I then felt my my cock getting wet, as I looked down I seen our daughter between my legs holding her pussy open and pissing on my cock. I looked back at my girlfriend and just as I did, her piss stream went across my face, and then splashing oh my chest. I got a good whiff of our daughter's pee and my cock started getting hard. I looked back at our daughter, eyes glued to my now almost hard cock, and at that time she was almost out of pee, so was my girlfriend. When our daughter stopped peeing she dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock. I kind of jumped, looking back up at my girlfriend and she tells our daughter go ahead baby, suck on daddy's dicky. I asked what, you going to let her do that and my girlfriend replies to go ahead and let her experiment freely. At this point I can feel our daughter sucking on the head of my cock, I look back to her, and she has both her little hands wrapped around my cock, sucking on the tip of my dick. I look back at my girlfriend again and she has her fingers deep in her pussy, and then I look back at our daughter again. I place my hand on the back of her head and say what a good job she's going, because it really did feel good. I hear my girlfriend say OH YES and I felt her start squirting on me lying beneath her. It was pretty sexy watching my little girl suck on my cock as my girlfriend was clearly on board with it, I felt that I was going to orgasm soon, and said that I was going to cum, my girlfriend says to our daughter Remember What I Told You Sweetie, Drink The Juice That Comes Out Of Daddy's Dicky., and then I started to orgasm. I'm looking at our daughter drinking my cum as I hear my girlfriend saying Daddy's Cum Baby, and still feel her squirting all over me.

Later I questioned my girlfriend on her telling our daughter about cum and she said that she wants to teach our daughter the pleasures of our sexual encounters, so she told her how daddy's dick gets bigger, and then when daddy get really excited juice squirts out of his dick. She then said that our daughter told her that she likes it and asked when daddy wants to do it again. So then later that night after our daughter's bath we're all sitting watching some tv, I can't help but to think of my daughter drinking my seed so I get bold, and tell our daughter when ever she wants to drink daddy's juice she can, and she asked if she can have some now, so I say ask your mommy. Mommy couldn't say YES fast enough, my daughter leaned over, and started sucking my dick. As my cock grew in her mouth, she said that's neat how it gets bigger, and goes back to sucking my cock. I look over at my girlfriend who is now fingering herself, she looks at me, and says Yes Baby, That's So Hot Watching Or Daughter Suck Your Cock, Let Her Drink Daddy's Cum. I was ready and said here come daddy's juice baby, and then I started to cum filling her little mouth with my seed.

Our daughter started trying to get my cock inside her pussy when she was around 8, she is now a teenager who has two close friends which also like to partake on our little pee and fuck parties. I started fucking her two friends when they were around 11 or 12 year old.




I'm in my 30s, bi single, and not to badly hung ate 7". I have one brother who is 10 yrs older then I, as long as I can remember I've been sucking and fucking him. When I was 15 yrs old I fucked an 8 yr old boy who lived next door, I was fucking him with him laying on his belly reaching back, and holding his butt cheeks open, from that point on the sight of my dick plunging in his little butt I was transformed into a pedophile. Ever since that day I was always on the lookout for curious boys, I always was downloading deep web cp, then I ran into some new stuff, and I posted some of my saved cp. This went back and forth until we started chatting in a chat room. The person said she was a woman, but you know how that goes, and I never believed it.

When we decided to meet, I was expecting to be busted, this rather pretty blonde woman showed up. We talked, had drinks, and she said we should go and get a hotel room. We get in the room, she brings out her laptop, and starts up some cp of this new girl I've not seen, and then we start fucking. It was the hottest fuck I've ever had because he was talking all kinds of dirty pedo stuff. After that night we dated, I told her that I was bi, and she told me she thinks it's the hottest thing ever to see a man fuck a boy. Then she goes on telling me she's not told me something yet, I question her to what, and she tells me that she has a 6 yr old son. I'm thinking "okay this got to be a fucking setup", and then I ask her to move in. lol

I met ther boy, fuck he's a small framed boy, blonde hair like his mother, and really outgoing personality. Him and I hit it right off, so when they're moving in, I deck his room out with race car bed, racetrack and race cars around his room's walls, went all out. He was in love with me of course and I think his mom was in love too. So a couple nights go by, just before he asks to sleep with us, and I say ask your mom, she told him yes. Her and I always slept naked, so I asked if she wanted me to put on sleep pants, and she asked me "why so Jordan has to take them off you"? I asked if he knows, she laughs and says "yes baby, he's been fucked before sweetie".

As soon as I got into bed, this little boy slides under the covers, and starts sucking my dick. She pulled the covers back, then started fingering herself as she starts saying she like "yes suck daddy's cock honey", and then she reached in the drawer getting the lube. By this time he's on his hands and knees sucking my dick, she then squirts lube in his ass crack as she asks her son "want to make daddy cum honey"? He replies as he looks directly in my eyes "I want daddy to sperm in my butt mommy" she says "make daddy cum honey", and he gets up, steps one leg over me, and then squats down. I watched him reach between his legs taking my dick in his hand, and I felt him line my dick head up to his little butt hole, and then he sat down on my dick taking almost half. He then started working my dick inside his butt hole and before you know it, he was sitting on me with my whole dick inside him.

The whole time his mom saying shit like "oh yes honey fuck daddy", "that's it honey make daddy cum, and just all kinds of shit, then I felt some of her squirt spray us. His little naked boy body bouncing up and down on my dick, I started fucking him harder. I got to the point of grabbing his hips and really started pounding his little butt, and then I said "I'm going to cum". Oh fuck did that get her going, she's about yelling "oh fuck yes, come in his ass, fill your little boy's ass with cum"! I could feel my cum running down my nuttsack as it leaked out of his little butt and I came harder then I've ever cum.

My dream came true, I could fuck pussy or a little boy anytime I wanted, and she soon was pregnant. She had our daughter, when Missy was around 1 yrs old, her mom started teaching our daughter how to suck daddy's dick. Within that first year she pregnant again, and we soon had our second son. During all this we've met other people who have pedo interests, some with kids of their own, and some not. We're a pedo family, the first time I put the head of my dick in my daughter, and filled her with cum, she was 4 yrs old.




One day I caught my 10 year old daughter making I guess a masturbation video, she was using a rather large hair brush handle, and was just plowing her pussy. When I walked in I yelled WTF are you doing Amber, as she yanked the brush out of her pussy for a second I seen her pussy was gaping open before she closed her legs, and she kept saying I'm sorry. I got her calmed down, as I was talking to her as to how she learned that, who she learned it from, and why is she making a video of her doing it.

Come to find out, she learned it from her little 8 year old friend next door who is always over out house, they send videos back and forth. So I took her phone, as I started watching a few videos, and seeing the little girl next door plowing her pussy with a bigger brush than my daughter was using, and I started getting hard watching the videos. I tell my daughter she shouldn't use the hair brush handle because it may hurt her, if she is going to masturbate she should use something softer, and she asked what. I laughingly said that really a man's penis is what goes in there, and then she looked right at the bulge in my pants, I then said that her hair brush handle is almost the size of my penis. Still sitting on the floor naked from the down, she asks if she can see my penis, of course you can see it, and I pulled out my rock hard cock.

I then said for her to lay back and spread her legs, I got between her legs, spit on her pussy, and she said ewwwww daddy as I was rubbing the head of my cock on my daughter's bald pussy. I then pushed into her little pussy, she moaned a little, I pulled back a little and pushed almost all of my cock into her tight hole, she only lightly moaned. So I started slow fucking her, she then looks at me with a huge smile, and says we should make a video so she can send it to Bella her little friend next door. I took her phone, started recording, and pointed it at my cock sliding in siding inside her stretched pussy. I pulled my cock out a few times so I got her little pussy gaped open and I'd plunge my cock back into her causing her to moan. The video ended with me pulling out of my daughter and cumming into her hairless gaping pussy hole.

Withing minutes of Amber sending that video to Bella, she texted she's coming over, and in seconds she was knocking on the door. Amber opened the door still bottomless, and as I hear them coming toward the bedroom, they're giggling. When they walk into the bedroom, I'm on the bed stroking my half hard cock and Bella jumps up on the bed, I said nope you have to be naked when you're on my bed. As Bella was taking off her pants off, Amber got between my legs, and took over jacking my now hard cock. I watched Bella's little bald pussy stretch around my cock and she completely sat down on my cock. I flipped her over so I was now on top, I put her feet behind her ears, plunged my cock back inside this little 8 year old girl, and started drilling her pussy, all she did was lay there and moan.

I made sure the video of me on her phone was deleted after I fucked her again, then fucked Amber again, and I shot my seed deep inside their little pussies. My daughter Amber and Bella are both in high school, and they both sell their pussy to older men. Of course they both not only fuck me but they both give me thousands of dollars every month. I love watching my daughter take a man's cock and have her ride my cock with her shaved cum filled pussy.




I met this woman for a blind date, she had a daughter, Heather who was 7yrs, I have two boys, Dillon who is 16yrs, and Jacob who is 14yrs old. Her and I fucked that night, and then that started a sexual relationship. The kids got along great, my boys watched over her like bothers, and we wanted to move in together. The house I owned only was a two bedroom, I wanted to wait until I sold my house, and she said she would move in until I sold the house, and then Heather could just bunk with the boys. That was perfect because I'm a total perv, my two boys and I have all played before a couple times, just sucking each other off. So I know exactly how it's going to play out with Heather bunking with my two boys, then Kim (my gf) was a total freak in bed, and it made me wonder, does she not see how a 7yr old girl bunking with two boys going through puberty would end up?

So they move in, everything is fine, then one night I caught them, Jacob was laying on his bed, Heather was bending over next to the bed sucking him, and Dillon was behind her just drilling her. As I watched this scene, the only sound Heather was making was slurping sounds, and light mmmmmm sounds. I walked in just as Dillon started filling her pussy, I paused as I opened my robe grabbing my hardening cock, as Dillon pulled out I touched him on the shoulder, and he jumped sky high, I almost started laughing. I put my finger over my mouth telling him to be quite, just then Heather went to stand up so I stepped behind her quickly putting my hand on her back, and Dillon says; "No stay there Heather, I'm not done". I look at her gaping hairless pussy dripping Dillon's cum, with my cock still in hand, I line it up to her little hole, and push my cock into her. She grunted, then looked back, I put my finger over my mouth again, she smiled at me, and simply went back to sucking Jacob's dick. I pulled back a little and shoved my cock into her pussy, she gasped as she went forward putting both hands on the bed to stop herself, and she looked back saying; "wow you have a big one"! I simply want; "shhhhhh", pulled back a little and pushed my cock back into her, she again grunted. Then I started slow fucking her cum filled preteen pussy, her little pussy was so fucking tight on my cock, but my cock easily slid in and out of her now gaping pussy hole, and in no time I started filling her with cum.

As time went on, a few times a week I'd sneak into the kids room and fuck Heather's little pussy. This went on a few months, then one day I caught Dillon fucking Kim (my gf), she freaked out apologizing, begging me to forgive her, and I say; "How would you feel if you caught me fucking Heather and what would you do"? She answers; "as long as you're not forcing her or hurting her, Dillon wanted to, I didn't hurt him or make him do anything". I say; "Well since I'd never know if you two are fucking or not, then I guess it's okay, (looking at Dillon), you can fuck her anytime you want, (looking back to Kim), so I think the kids should sleep with us tonight and let's get everything in the open". Kim looked at me funny and said; "Okay". As we was going to bed that night I told both boys to play with Kim and I'll play with Heather. I'm not sure what Kim said to Heather, but when we got into the bedroom, Heather stripped and got on the bed spreading her legs. I looked over at Kim, she was looking at me, then she smiled at me, and I couldn't get my cloths off fast enough. I get between Heather's legs and started licking her little bald pussy. After 10 minutes or so I felt the bed rocking, I looked up and Dillon was on top of Kim fucking her, Kim is looking at me still smiling. I get up on my knees between Heather's legs, line my cock up to her little pussy, and look back at Kim, she whispers; "Fuck her baby". I started working my cock into Heather's preteen pussy, since Heather was already used to my cock, I started shoving my cock all the way inside Heather's little body, and as I'm looking at Heather's bald pussy taking my cock I hear Kim almost yell; "Oh fuck yes, fuck our baby's little pussy"! I then heard Dillon moaning as he filled Kim's pussy with cum I started drilling Heather's pussy and I started filling Heather's pussy with seed just as Jacob was pumping his cum in Kim's mouth. After we all laid there a while laughing, joking around with each other, Heather then rolled over, started licking my cock, and says; "I like yours in me, it's bigger", I replied; "So you like big cock huh"? Heather chuckles then said; "Yep, because I can feel you squirt your juice in me" and Kim looks at me then said; "Oh fuck is that hot and makes my pussy tingle".

I fucked Heather more than I fucked Kim, within a couple months Kim was pregnant, by who we don't know because Dillon, Jacob, and myself would creampie Kim's pussy every time we fucked her. Kim had a girl, her name is Sabrina, and it was not long before Kim wanted me to cum on Sabrina's baby pussy so she could lick it off as she fingered herself. Heather was pregnant at 13 and had a little boy we named Thomas. I was able to start fucking Sabrina when she was around 5, at this point Kim started getting into huge dildos, and she'd watch me fuck Sabrina as she smashed her cunt with a monster dildo. Kim would lay with her gaping cunt open, then Dillon, Jacob, and I would jack off then cum in Kim's pussy, and then Kim would take one of them monster dildo shoving our cum deep in her womb.




I met my wife on an online dating app when I was in my mid 20s, I was fucking her the first night, and wasn't long before she moved in to my place. After about a year we went to visit her parents out of state, they were in their mid 50s at the time, and everything went good. First night we was going to watch a movie, her mom got ready for bed, settled on the sofa, my wife and I was on the floor in front of her. Her dad said he was going to bed, so we started watching the movie, then as it started my wife said she was going to bed, and when I went to get up, she said for me to stay up with mom, and then come to bed after the movie. As the movie played on, we was making small talk, and every time I looked back to answer her, her legs were spread open just a little more, and then of course my gaze at her crotch got longer. Then she asked me something, when I looked back her lags was spread wide open, and she had a nice bald pussy gaping open just a little. As I lay there staring at her smooth pussy she slides a hand down and starts fingering her pussy. I did not even think about, I simply slid over to her and started licking her pussy. She's starting to moan, then I stand up and drop my shorts, she leans forward and starts sucking my cock. She then leans back, spreads her legs, and slides forward so her ass is hanging off the sofa. Just as I start fucking her I hear what sounded like a headboard lightly banging the wall upstairs. As I'm drilling my mother in-law's pussy I realize what I'm hearing is my wife getting fucked, the only people up there is my wife and her dad. Then through the moans of her mother I hear my wife say; "oh yes daddy cum inside my pussy" and I hear her dad grunt followed by an awwwwww.

For some reason that really turned me on and I started pumping cum inside her mother's pussy. When I got upstairs in bed with my wife, we stared playing around and I could taste her dad's cum as I ate her pussy. As I'm fucking her, she whispered in my ear; "did you like cumming in my mom's pussy baby", and I started cumming right away. The next day her sister and her niece came over to meet me. My wife's sister is in her early 30s, prettier than my wife and her daughter was 9yrs old, cute little girl. That night my wife's niece begs her grandmother to spend the night and she agrees.

So that night again my wife's mom suggests a movie, her dad says he's going to bed, and my wife says she's tired too. I'm thinking okay I get to fuck both her mom and her again. Then my wife's niece begs her grandmother to stay up to watch the movie too and she agreed. I started thinking damn, when my mother in-law told me to come sit with her on the sofa, as we're sitting there she starts rubbing my cock, I whisper; "she's right there", and my mother in-law says; "does that bother you", I thought a second then said; "no, not really". As my mother in-law is rubbing my cock, my niece keeps looking back at us and my mother in-law whispers to me; "take your shorts off". I look at her and say; "with her right there" and she says; "does that bother you", I stood up dropping my shorts as I said; "NOPE".

I sit back down, my niece is staring right at me giggling, my mother in-law leans over and starts sucking my cock right there as my niece (who I just met) watches. Then my new little niece slid over between my legs, my mother in-law points my cock down toward her granddaughter, and her granddaughter slide in the rest of the way taking a hold of my cock. My mother in-law looks at me and says; "you have a problem with that", of course I respond; "NOPE". I then feel my niece's mouth start sucking my cock, as I look down my mother in-law whispers to me; "I want to watch you fuck her, do you have a problem with that"? Again I say; "NOPE", she pats on the sofa and says to her granddaughter; "come up here baby and lay down", and this little girl jumped up like she was excited. My mother in-law gets a tube of lube out of a drawer, my niece spreads her legs wide, and as I'm staring at her beautiful little hairless pussy that was gaping open just a little, my mother in-law then pours lube all over her little bald pussy.

Just as I lined up my cock to her little pussy hole I started hearing the headboard again banging on the wall upstairs and I started working my cock inside this little girl's pussy as my mother in-law is saying; "oh yes, shove your big cock inside her little bald pussy". At that point I have enough of my cock inside her pussy to start slowly fucking her, my niece is softly moaning, my mother in-law is saying some wild stuff about how she wants to see me fuck her little pussy. I'm hearing my wife get fucked by her dad upstairs, my mother in-law is telling me to fuck her granddaughter's hairless pussy, as I'm looking at my cock thrust in and out of her little pussy hole. Then my mother in-law stands up next to her granddaughter who's on the sofa getting fucked, she's just about fist fucking herself, and she starts squirting all over her granddaughter. That was all I could take and I started pumping cum inside my new niece's little pussy. After I finished I pulled out, my mother in-law starts sucking my cock as my niece is still laying on the sofa panting like a dog, then my mother in-law then gets between her granddaughter's legs, and starts slurping my cum from her now gaping hole.

My wife soon after had our first daughter, my father in-law and I used to let my baby daughter suck on the heads of our dicks. When my niece was 13, we were fucking just about every day and I got her pregnant. My wife's niece had my second daughter, by this time my first daughter was around 4, and by then we could get at least half our cock in her pussy. My father in-law and I would fuck my daughter as my wife and then her mom watched as they egged us on while they smashed their pussies with huge dildos. I never thought this shit happened more or less to me, but I'm glad it did because a nice young tight little pussy feels so good as you push your cock into it, and I wouldn't change a thing.