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First time I had sex with my mom. It was common for me to crawl into bed with my mom ever since I was little. My dad left when I was around 3. When I was around 10 when I first started playing with my dick. A couple years later when I was around 12 is when I first started to ejaculate. Ever since that first time watching cum spray out my dick I was hooked on cumming. One night I went to crawl into bed with my mom, she had her back against me as I snuggled up to her.

As I laid there I started thinking dirty thoughts trying to sleep and it was not long my cock came to life starting to grow. I still remember how my dirty thoughts turned to my mom's pussy and I remember thinking what it would be like to put my dick inside her pussy.

Her nightgown had risen up and all I had to do was pull her panties to the side. I still vividly remember reaching down taking her panty crotch and pulling it up off to the side exposing her shaved pussy. It was almost like my cock knew where to go and it seemed my cock went right to her warm pussy hole. Again I vividly remember when the head of my cock touched her pussy hole I thought; "Wow she is all wet down there". I pushed my cock forward and it slipped right into her pussy. I remember pushing more, felt the warmth of her pussy as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her body.

Once again it was almost instinct as I started slowing fucking her. I remember her ever so lightly moaning as my thrusts became harder and faster. Then as I started to cum, I thrust my cock deep in her. I felt myself spray cum deep in her with each thrust. It was the hardest I have cum ever in that point of my life.

The next night I waited enough time where I thought she was asleep and got in her bed. As I snuggled up to her back again it felt like my cock was in the crack of her ass and I didn't feel her panties, it was skin on skin. I reached down and she was not wearing any panties. So I scooted down a little so I could get my cock between her legs. Again she was totally wet and I pushed my cock inside her. I slow fucked her at first and she started lightly moaning as my cock slid in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. It was not long before I was full on fucking her and again I blew my load deep inside my mom.

I remember the following night when I went in she was laying on her back. I also remember thinking; "Shit now I can't fuck her". As I laid there thinking that I was not going to be able to fuck her she slowly reaches out taking my arm and lightly pulling toward her. I remember looking up at her and as our eyes made contact she whispered; "Come on baby, get on top of me".

As I was getting between her legs she raised them up and I took a hold of her legs holding them up as my rock hard cock started poking the entrance of her pussy. Once again this is so vivid in my mind, as I looked down at my cock slowly sliding in and out of her pussy she whispers; "Come on baby, fuck mommy's pussy". That was the first time ever I heard my mom say fuck and that's what I exactly did, fuck her pussy hard. That was the hardest I've ever come at that time in my life but oh there was more to come.

The next morning when she was giving me my breakfast before school she tells me I can never tell anyone and I remember telling her that I knew that already. Then she asked if I wanted to stay home from school because she had the day off work. That day was the first time my mom sucked my cock. I remember her saying that she wanted me to cum in her mouth and when I get hard again I'll last longer in her pussy. I had to fuck her 10 to 12 times that day! I think the best time that day was when she was bent over the arm of the sofa and I was behind her holding her hips as I plowed her pussy.




Everyone in my family loves to look at prepubescent children of one kind or another. We all have the plans to go where there’s plenty of children like playgrounds of major parks and children’s stores in the mall. When I was in my teens I babysat little boys. I’m a woman and there were some moms in the area who wanted babysitters willing to bathe their sons. I did that and also kissed them on their lips and enjoyed having them walk around naked. Now that I’m a bit older I work in a daycare center. I’ve also met some like minded women so when we have baby boys we plan to also swap them so we can kiss them on their faces and penises. Some of my relatives have done this with kids of both sexes.




So I’m 18 years old and I’m from Canada I for minute now my grandmothers have passed away and my family got them cremated, and they sent them to us in a box. I loved them very much, and they took care of me when I was younger but anyways for a while now, anytime I masturbate, I like to do a very dirty, nasty and perverted things probably a result of my fucked up childhood and one day when I was home alone, I decided I wanted to open my grandmothers ashes, so I did. And followed. Was my heart pounding incredibly fast as I decide what to do next so that I thought it would be really hot and if I rub them all over my dick and masturbate and believe me when I say I came so incredibly hard so much so that I decided to scoop her out and put her in a little bag so anytime I felt like touching myself I had her already with me but if I’m being honest with myself, I feel a guilty about it but when I get riled up, I can’t control myself, this is obviously something I can’t tell anybody, but I wanted to share it on here




My wife's kinkyness gets the best of her bless her, she always had something for our daughters, Cindy 9 and Laura 11, and knows I find them exciting too.We do silly games like she has asked me before to smell our daughters panties to "check if I think there's anything wrong" with a knowing smile and a glance down at my crotch.

But things have moved on and I am soooo happy...after catching our daughters playing doctor (innocently, just pretend to hear etc) she has asked them why not play all together ?

So, last weekend we played exploring our bodies.

My wife had this planned out and we are starting out slowly, she had me wear a lab coat as "chef doctor" to hide my boner for now, everyone else in underwear.

We went over all parts non explicit, feet, bellybuttons, hands, tickling and massaging, comparing (they love finding the similarities between mom and dad and themselves, like that little tear drop shape at the tip of the fingers mom and the girls share, or being able to roll the tongue like daddy), it was really fun...and I was hard as a rock, and mom, well she was really really wet.

Mom told the girls of exercises that her doctor physiotherapist has her do and suggested she show them and they do the same, which thankfully for me they found a great idea...

My dirty minded wife of course showed them splits, back arches with bums up as much as possible, crouches and had them do them like her, with Dad to supervise and check its done right of course. I had to really keep a grip on myself to not let my hands wander where they should not..

My wife chose tight underwear for the girls for the day, the panties would ride up between their lips on splits and crouches and reveal the side of their bare little lips...

My wife would touch my crotch and smirk when they were not watching...She had the mind to end the game before we lost control and freaked the girls out thankfully.

After the game my wife gave me a a wonderful blowjob, talking how hot she found them which drives me even crazier. She got the girls to change panties before bed and brought over the sweaty little panties of the day for me to smell while she blew me... I came so! fucking! hard!!

We are both so excited about playing again and taking it further....the girls had fun, they requested we do this again, they really liked playing all together, we kept it light hearted and fun and funny for them.

I leave the planning to her. She is thinking of introducing applying cream..maybe something along me showing how I massage mommies back and butt... see if they want to try massaging mommy too or daddy massage them...




I was a young child Brin, my father and mother use to play with me sexually. My mother would rub my little pussy and Dad would lick me . As I got older he would finger me mum would help him when I was about 3 yo I would suck dads cock and lick mums pussy . I use to love dads cum. This went on for years mum always wanted him to get me pregnant . When I was 15yo mum got her wish, i got pregnant . A few of his male friends use to play and fuck me as well I am not real sure if the baby was my fathers or one of his friends. The little girl was born and dad and mum treated her like it was dads baby.

A few months after the baby girl was born I moved to my own place . Mum and dad use to come over and fuck me I still enjoyed that. After a little while they started to play with my little girl . She seemed to like what they did to her. She was still breast feeding so she loved to suck as much cum out of dads cock as she could get. Buy this time she was about 12 mths old . a couple of dads friends use to come over and she loved sucking there as well. Eve became a real cum slut. It was Friday i thought I take Eve shopping It was a small shopping centre . I walked for a while wheeling the stroller and looking at the shops. I noticed a large black man following close behind. He looked dishevelled and his clothing was very dirty he looked in his forties . We looked at more shops . People were looking at him he looked a little out of place. I could see he was looking at Eve.

I thought I take Eve to the change room at a quiet area at the back of the centre. We entered the change room I could see he was still behind us. It had a lockable door on the change room but I never locked the door I just left it a jar. I could see he moved closer to the door , I laid Eve on the change table with her pussy facing the opening in the door. I removed he nappy and her cotton panties they were a little wet. I opened her little legs exposing her little pink cunny. I looked through the opening in the door i could see he was close now his eyes were affixed to her sweet cunny. I moved to the door and opened it a little and said to him come in.

He moved in though the door I closed the door behind him. He looked at me and I just nodded at him, he moved close to her and put his large finger on her cunny. I could see he was hard he rubbed his finger up and down her lips she was giggling and then he moved to her clit . She stopped giggling and started to coo. My cunt was so wet I was ovulating at the time which made more juice coming out of my pussy. he moved his head down and started to lick her cunny. I looked at him and said would like to come to our place? He just nodded, I said I will pick you up at the back of the centre. He left the room and I put Eve clean pants on and headed to the front car park. I drove to the back of the centre he was standing there with a large bag on his shoulder. I could see he was still semi hard. No one could see him get in the car . I said to him it will take about 10min to get to our place, he just nodded. I was starting to think he couldn’t talk. I arrived at my place drove into the garage and rolled the door down no one would be able to see him. I looked at him as he got out of the car he was still semi hard his cock looked quite large. But it was hard to tell in his pants.

We went up stairs he put his bag down I moved close to him and rubbed down his pants with my hand. Fuck it was a large cock! He pointed at Eve? I knew what he wanted. I said i will put her on the change table in her room to give you better access to her sweet cunny. He looked at me and nodded again. We went to the room put her on the change table removed her panties. He was so close behind me I could smell him. I could hear him breath heavy as I pulled her legs apart. I stepped aside and he move close to her his head went straight down to her little cunny. He was licking her so hard her eyes were wide open and she was moaning cooing. I reached in and unzipped his fly and undid his pants. He turned sideways to give me better access to his cock as it dropped to the floor I could not believe it his cock was at least 10.5ins and 3 ins round fuck me. As I moved closer to his cock it had a strong smell it was black as ink and had huge veins and was un cut. I put my hand near the to of his cock and pulled the foreskin down . Fuck! it had large amounts of dried white cum under his cock flange very strong smell. I don’t know why all I wanted to do was suck it. A large black hand came to back of my head and pushed down , so I had no real option but to suck it.

The taste was unreal like cum but much stronger and now I had a large amount of pre cum as well. The taste was like nothing I had before. His cock was so clean now I just wanted that huge cock in me. I pulled my pants down I had so much juice running out of me I looked into the gusset of my undies and there was a large mound of dry pussy cum. I backed up against his huge cock I held his cock to my wet cunt hole. I pushed back on it ,a small amount of cock and the head went in. I t was so fucken huge he started to push I hurt a bit . He pushed a bit more I was taking most of it. He just slowly pumped away at it I had a few orgasms in 3 or 4 mims. I have never had a cock like it before. I hear Eve she was like whimpering. I looked over at her and she had a look of ecstasy on her face. He was doing it to both of us.

I heard him groaning I knew what he was going to do. His cock fell from my cunt it was covered in white pussy cum. He held on to his huge cock and guided it to Eve’s tinny cunny and stroked it gently. And then rubbed his huge head on her cunny and drops of pre cum run on her pussy lips. Then he started to shoot his load he filled her cunny lips and then the last spurt of thick cum he shot in her mouth . She licked and licked Eve loved it and said after nice cream. John smiled at what she said . We will call him John we don’t know his name because he never spoke the hole weekend. Brin moved over to her little girl and cleaned all of John’s thick cum off Eve’s cunny lips. John looked on and smiled. Eve and I took several loads of Johns cum in me and in Eve's mouth over the weekend.On Monday I dropped him back to the rear of the shopping centre . I said to him we could meet again next week around the same time. He nodded.

To be continued




My 10 year old nephew is getting to the age where he is interested in girls. One day as we are playing a game he made up, he insists that he needs to kiss his aunt. Of course he didnt, but I couldn't help but find it really hot. Part of me wishes I could accidentally show him a sexy photo of his now favorite aunt like maybe leaving my phone unlocked or something.




Reading responses and giving much thoughts to mom having sex with son has left me feeling like such a bad nasty girl and not MOM. I now accept I may be it wrong but I do own the attraction to my son. I released the fear of rejection. I no longer want to be imprisoned and miss out on an opportunity of a life time. So right before bed last night I changed into a brand new never worn one piece lacy thin red see-through nightie. Then I wore my usual robe over it so not to appear as a stripper. However, as usual, I left the robe open. I yerned for my sons eyes to roam and admire me. And as usual, he was watching tv as I moved about to get the morning coffee ready and anything else I could think of to move about while trying to give him some oops peeks. My sons eyes were glued and piercing my body as he so tried not to stare. I had his attention so much that he was biting his twitching lips. It sent a jolt through me as I hotly moved to him. Now looking straight into his eyes, I leaned in and said good night followed by a soft moist kiss on his inviting lips. It turned out as a sex kiss that only further fueled my raging hormones. Without thinking I firvidly whispered a soft, "your missed shave looks great" into my own sons ear, leaving it with the tip of my tongue gently feeling the inner ear. As we seperated, my eyes moved to inspect his bulge. My hand quickly touched my pussy and confirmed my nighty was soaked. To not draw attention, I moved to gaze with half opened eyes into his eyes. It was though my son was in a trance, but mom too, so I softly said, "I love you", slowly standing, turning, and breathlessly drifting towards my bedroom knowing my son would be chasing me. But he didn't move and I was too hot think about anything other indulging in sexual pleasures. I now felt saved from the pent up love shyness I had created. My son could not help but hear my moans. Was he watching mom through the opened door? The notion set my rythm just right to be fucking my son. We were unprotected and mating so my son could relieve his tensions and shoot wad after wad inside moms pussy. I am confident this will happen. No longer am I willing to wait forever, but at the same time now I feel I am in the drivers seat, I need to slow down and edge a bit with this new hunger to tease my son more before our ultimate pleasing. I love this feel-good I am having about my son, so I plan to build just enough tension that my son gets so impassioned and almost begging that he rips teasing moms shirt off, pulls my panties down just enough to franticly force his stiff fat penis inside my hungry pussy. He goes deeper and deeper, pounding and pounding as our bodies grind against one anothers until my son is out of control and I feel his cock pulsing, twitching, and ejaculating sticky, slippery, wet sperm deep inside me. The excitement of having unprotected intercourse with my virgin son until he climaxed and inseminated mom gave me yet another orgasm. Just knowing I have my sons sperm inside me is gratifying.