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I’m 28yr old female and my brother is a 30yr old male. We live in the same house since the second year after Covid hit and we go back and forth between being close and absolutely hating each other. We’ve been that way our whole lives though.

I woke up feeling insanely horny this morning, I couldn’t keep my hands out of my pussy. I thought I was home alone until I heard foot steps in the hallway, headed towards my door. They were slowing which each step. My brother was home from work this morning. I decided to get louder with my moans every step he took closer to the door.

To get to the bathroom on the second floor you have to go past my door, the one walls between the bathroom and my room and so thin I’ve always been able to hear everything that happens in there. So I know whoever is in there can hear me clear as day.

I heard him shifting his weight back and forth between his feet in front of my door, then I heard nothing for a moment. Then the bathroom door creaked open and he stepped inside.

This wasn’t this first time I had ever decided to put on a bit of a show when I knew my brother could hear me. We had played this little game our wholes lives, he’s heard me pound my little pussy until I cum since I was 6 years old.

I started to think about when we used to play truth or dare as kids, I was the youngest and the only girl. No matter how many rounds we played, it always ended with me, naked under a blanket, flashing my little pussy lips and my puffy nipples to him and his friends. There was one round that went a little further than it usually did, instead of showing.. they wanted to touch. I was 7 at the time, my brother was 9 and his two friends were 11. It was one of the older boys who dared my brother to touch my nipple. He look so nervous but so excited. He could hardly hide the fact that his cock was starting to grow. He slid his hand up my chest and pinched my puffy little nipple in his finger tips. I let out a moan and all the boys reached their hands out to touch me. My brother kept his fingers pinched onto my nipples and the older boys were pulling my legs towards them so I was laying on my back with my legs bent up in the air… the rest of that story is for another time.

It’s one of my most favorite memories from our childhood. This is about what happened today. For the 5th time this month I’ve been listening to him creep around in the hallway, outside my door and in the bathroom while I’m playing with my pussy. I used to be so careful about hiding it, but a few days ago I decided to turn my tv completely off so all he could he was my tight, wet pussy being fucked by my fingers. I would make a point of laying the opposite way in my bed so my head was closer to the wall the connects to his room. He punched a lot of holes into his walls when he was living in the room as a teenager so I know he could hear me.

He walked back to his room but didn’t close the door, a sign he was going to come back. I did something today though I’ve never done before. I started taking directly to him through the walls. Moaning and begging him to come back outside the door. After begging twice, I heard footsteps headed back to my door. I knew he was listening. I starting fingering my pussy like crazy so he could listen to me cum through the door. Telling him he was the best big brother ever for helping his little sisters pussy cum. Once I stopped moaning he walked back to his room and back to his podcasts.

My mind was still racing with naughty thoughts so I decided to text him and ask him if he wanted to smoke a blunt. My attempt at burying the hatchet after an argument that we had last week. And I was curious to see if he could look me in the eye after hearing me cum for him. I threw on some sweatpants, a small, loose fitting tank top and a flannel that I was going to leave a few buttons open on.

I didn’t text me back, so I packed a blunt thinking he’d just meet me downstairs whenever he checked his phone. I headed down to find him sitting in the living room already, and in the spot I was hoping to find him in. My plan was going to work better than I thought.

I plopped down on the couch on the side closest to his chair. My tits were already close to being fully out of my flannel and I was doing everything on my power to get them fully out. Stretching in front of him to reach for the ashtray and watching his eyes hover over my chest before he asked if I had seen so and so’s new stand up. I hadn’t so he wasted no time in putting it on. We smoke the blunt, I got up to pee and pulled my left tit fully out of my tank top and undid another button on my flannel. There was no way he wasn’t going to see full tit when I went back to lean over on the couch. Still facing him but now he had full few of a nipple he hadn’t seen since I was 13. I know he’s been curious and I wanted to satisfy the curiosity.

He kept finding reasons to make little comments so he had to look over and talk to me. I loved it. My pussy was getting so wet every time I caught him looking down. I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t just told me that my tit was hanging out. We’ve always been far too honest with each other, so him not saying anything made me feel like he wanted me to keep my tit exposed for him. I crossed my leg over the other and started to bounce it, so my tits started to bounce. He noticed right away and didn’t even try to make up excuse to look. He was just stuck. I was getting even more horny than I was before, just wanting him to reach out and grab my nipple. Or lean over and put my nipple in his mouth.

He spent the whole hour and a half of the stand up pretending to watch it while watching my tits out of the corner of his eye. Moving around in his chair and awful lot. I could tell he was struggle to find ways to stay comfortable. My cat jumped up on the couch to cuddle with me and my brother looked over at Brutus would was snuggled right underneath my tits and tell me that he looks like one cozy cat. He looked at “the cat” and kept talking about silly little things like how big the cats gotten lately (he’s been a big cat for years now).

He got up to get something to drink from the kitchen, one his way back into the room he spent a few moments hovering right behind the edge of the couch behind me. I reached my arms up to stretch so he could watch my tits bounce from the top.

Just as I thought we were about to get somewhere, he got called into work and I was left laying on the couch, stoned, horny and with my fingers buried inside my pussy once again.

I’m going to start leaving my panties around the house to see if he’ll take any of them.




i was just a boy of 8, at primary school in grade 3, when my friend from class James invited me to come sleep over at his house for a party they were having. i very very excited and completely unaware of sex at that time, but a party is still a party. his mum picked me and James up from school that day in a white van along with a younger blonde girl from grade 1, his little sister Leah (6) and two other sisters, Becca (10) from grade 5 and Emma (11) from grade 6. That was all the family piled into the van laughing and playing, i lived in a semi rural environment so most families knew each other. they were all very attractive people, even James. we got back to their house and the door to the van flew open as James' mum sang out to do their homework first, me James and her laughed, she turned to us and said we didnt have to do anything but have fun. I loved her a lot. as we trotted inside the house i was surprised to see the girls still in the hallway and they were undressing. i blushed and turned away but James mum placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and told them i was new to it all and they smiled. Leah walked up to me, standing in a singlet and nothing else, held my hand and said i'll protect you, and kissed me hand, then turned around and giggled as she slid her singlet off and ran into the livingroom. i looked at James and he was already naked and running past me into the livingroom, his mum asked me if i needed help and i said yes. she smiled at me and was so kind and gentle, she undressed me until i stood completely naked in front of her and she undressed in front of me. she took my hand and we walked into the living room where the girls had vanished into their bedrooms and james was watching tv. i sat with him and thanked his mum

when his mum called us for dinner his dad arrived home and i heard him undressing in the hallway. he walked in to the room and looked weary after a long day, i felt sorry for him, but i did admire his fine penis, it hung and his long foreskin trembled with each step. they had the perfect tans, they were of course nudists, i was pastey white and still am to this day, i dont tan very well. he shook my hand and said pleased to meet you, come in and eat, we all walked into the kitchen. a large table had been laid out with a feast, and the whole family was there stark naked, it was thrilling and i felt my own penis start to stir as i looked at the girls. His dad smiled and said they were very lovely but i should sit down and look at them later. so we ate, and it was an amazing meal, we just took what we wanted and enjoyed it. Who wants to play some party games? his father asked and us kids all called out meeee! it was so cute, we all piled into the gamesroom, his mum was the last one inside the room and she locked the door behind her. she placed a hand on my shoulder and told me to go sit with her, i climbed onto her lap were we watched the games as she gently touched and caressed my penis. i was shocked at first, but it felt so gentle and nice, i loved it. i let her do it as the girls would come up and talk and chatter to her and me as they looked down and watched her tender hand stroke my erection. they put lots of nice music on and danced and sang as the others would play games where they put james and his dads dicks in their mouths, or they would start to masturbate really fast and giggle, i dont know what they were playing but it looked like they had a lot of fun. james mum told me to lay down on a row of cushions and she called the girls over. she said that this was a family tradition for every new boy that comes to visit them and they loved me and wanted to welcome me properly, so i should lay still and enjoy it. his dad masturbated himself and james as they watched from the doorway, they were leaving me there. they took turns kissing my penis and balls, they slid little fingers up inside my bumhole, they licked and sucked as groups and one by one, i lay there for what felt like hours, his mum told Emma the 11 yo to climb onto my erect cock and slide her cunt over it, and she did, it felt amazing, so warm and wet, the other girls gathered round my balls to watch closely. we want your spunk! Leah giggled, Becca smirked and whispered how much she loved to see boys ejaculate. theres so much more to this story, i will add another part soon.




I'm a 26

Im 26f, Latina, reasonably attractive, 5'1" black hair, green eyes, fair skin (thanks to the spaniards).

My bother in law 38m raped me a few weeks ago and I keep crying and acting like it's the worst, but they were the best orgasms since I got married. So I haven't told anyone and I am not intentionally leaving myself vulnerable for him to continually touch me.

My husband is a worthless, narcissistic, alcoholic, and I've been plotting my escape slowly… he was handsome once. Before he let the alcoholism take over. Now he has liquor dick constantly, his breath stinks, and on the rare occasion he can get hard ,he is a pillow princess in the bedroom. Just wants his dick sucked whilst he passes out. Then wakes me up by mumbling "get on your side." Where he then forces himself into my tightness and thrusts a few times groaning " you're always so tight" and then cums. Recently I've also found out he's "having online affairs" with women from different states. I'm not even mad anymore. I just want out. He doesn't see his drinking, actions, or our situation as a problem other than mine.

My BiL recently decided to move back North and he requested a chance to stay with us while he tied up loose ends. We will call him Damien. Damien and I have always been close. I was young when we met and he always has taken up for me. My mother in law always tells me that Damien thinks very highly of me. Running joke in the family is that I met the wrong brother first. Damien is roughly 6 ft, athletic (with tight six pack abs and cum gutters and all tats). He's your typical Latino/italian mix ex- gangster who has been released and is trying to better himself. (He went to prison a long long time ago and was released before I ever came into the family). He has hazel eyes with light brown hair. He is intelligent, well read, and hard working. He's been divorced but stays in constant contact with his kids.

The past few months have been hell at the house. With the my husband finding out that I knew he's been chatting up women and lying about his situation and about what's he's going to do to make them happy, he's become volatile and he stays out more than in. I've been so stressed lately that a few weeks ago Damien brought home a bottle and we sat on the deck listening to music, smoking a bong, and drinking. We talked about it all. The temperature hadn't become cold yet but we had a strange cold morning, so I dressed accordingly, when we started day drinking. But as the day progressed and sun came out, I became overheated. I was drunk by now and I was having difficulties removing my hoodie… I got myself stuck in the arms and my head somehow and drunk as a skunk I then decided that if I couldn't remove my hoodie then I'd remove my sweats. My hoodie and shirt should be long enough I thought with alochol and high brain.

Damien laughed and laughed and finally decided to help as I was just tangled in everything. Of course I hadn't even considered that I had lifted my tshirt with my hoodie and my 36 G breasts were exposed. When Damien went to pull the hoodie, I felt his skin brush against them and my pussy tightened. My nipples hardened and became saturated with need. My breathing sped up as I became still and quiet. I could feel his hand gently under mine, standing still. His breathing had shifted too. I wanted to say something to break the silence. But then I felt it.

His hot warm mouth enclosed around my nipple as his arms embraced me in a hold I could not release from. And honestly I wasnt sure I wanted too. But I also knew it was wrong and so I asked him to stop. But I could feel my nipple swell on his tongue has he flicked it left and right up and down and then sucked on it. His hands kneading my exposed breasts as he made this groans that had my pussy dripping.

He sucked on both nipples, causing my breath to escape me but I began to protest too.

"Damien, this is wrong. Please don't suck on my nipples like that." I said, intentionally speaking as raunchy as I could. I knew it was wrong and I we should stop. But I sort of wanted him to not listen to me but at the same time he had to stop. Fear washed over me as he continued to knead my breasts and suck on my nipples, ignoring me. His grunts and breathing shifting to an almost desperate sound as he began to use his body to push me backwards. I felt the patio table bump against me and he picked me up and laid me on it. Using the hoodie to keep my arms stuck. I was sobering up but not fast enough. I began to cry and become really desperate thrashing trying to get out of the hoodie I freed one of my arms which allowed me to pull the the neckline down and straight just in time to see Damien look up and reach for my free hand and grab it forcefully and pin it under me as he forced my legs open and up. Bending my knees up exposing my pussy and ass to him. I felt like an offering. He used my underwear and sweats stuck around my ankles and tied me to the umbrella post. I was crying now. Begging him to stop. He was eating hungrily at my cunt. I could feel his thick wet hot tongue licking my slit and sucking on my clit. He ate me as if I was the last meal he'd ever have. I tried so hard to not move or grind into his mouth. But it felt so good. My pussy was dripping. I wanted him to rape me. I wanted him to slam into me and use my tight pussy to satisfy himself. These thoughts scared me and I began to fight to get free when the first orgasm hit me as he concentrated on my clit. He built my orgasm out of nowhere and I came all over his mouth. My nipples solid and aching. My body trembling. I cried harder. I tried to thrash but I was lost in the orgasm that had hit me so hard I felt dizzy. I cried "No Damien, I'll scream" and right as I said that he stood over me. Hand around throat and as he pressed his mouth to mine he pressed the tip of his dick against me.

I have really only been with my husband, so I hadn't really thought about this part yet. The part where his penis was going to slide inside me. I began to trying bad pull my head to the side to avoid his kisses but his tongue felt amazing in my mouth. And he tasted of me. And he growled into my mouth "you taste better than I could of ever imagined" and that made me even wetter. He pushed the head of his dick into my slit as he continued to kiss me. I began to scream into his mouth (we live out in the country my nearest neighbor is several miles away. No one could hear me).

I felt my slit struggle to open for him. Which I wasn't concerned with until I felt a little pain. It felt so much bigger than I am used too. He pulled away from my mouth and looked down the line of my body to the tip of his cock being swallowed by my tight pussy lips. He groaned and pulled out a little and inserted his finger into me. All I could hear was how wet I was. He worked my cunt with his finger till my thighs were shaking and i was certain i was about to cum all over again. He sucked at my nipples and belly and every where he could lay his mouth and teeth against. When he bit the back of my knees i made this sound i had never heard from myself and the pressure that had been filling flowed out from me. I SQUIRTED!! ALL OVER MY DECK!!

Suddenly Damien aligned himself and slammed into me, forcing another orgasm out of the pleasure pain i was experiencing. His dick felt massive. My pussy felt as if it was split open. My cervix felt as if it was being slammed into. He pounded my tight pussy. I could feel his thick cock rubbing against my clit as he thrusted his huge cock inside me. I didnt even realize i was still crying and whimpering for him to stop even though i was cumming continously. I kept cumming on his dick with what felt like one huge never ending orgasm.. he thrusted inside me like an animal. Pinning me down, biting me and licking tender places he can reach while still deep inside me. My pussy milked his cock. I could hear it every thrust. Just how wet i was and how my body was inviting him in. He moaned and groaned like an animals

Moaning and saying things like "youre mine now" "I've wanted you since I can remember"

"You're body and pussy is better than I ever imagined"

He began to thrust wildly and his breathing began to be almost frantic. My pussy hurt by now. He felt impossibly big but I was so wet. My big round tits bouncing. Every part of me felt exposed. He shoved into me hard and as deep as he could and I screamed in pain but weirdly pleasure. I felt his balls against my ass as they emptied all his seed into me. I know he knew I am not on birth control. Part of th reason I've been stressed is my insurance is making it difficult to get my preferred method of birth control. Yeah yeah birth control is free but the procedure for an iud is not. Anyways, he filled me up. And I felt his cum flow out of my pussy. But when he untied me and I ran inside to the bathroom more leaked out from me.

I am beside myself. I don't know what I'm feeling. I came so many times and he fucked me so good. When I looked down as he pulled out of me, I could see the mess I had made. Front of his pants were drenched and I creamed all over his thick cock. My nipples were so tender and he marked me all to hell. All over. Ugh.. I've rubbed my clit all the time thinking about it. I've intentionally began wearing skimpy clothes around him. He fingered me a week ago in the kitchen. As I cooked and I came on his hands. Again " I fought him" and said "no" as I squirted in my shorts and spasmed all over his fingers. He had began to pull my shorts down and press me against sink counter when we heard the key to the latch turn. He removed himself and went to meet my husband at the door. I was very disappointed.

Two days ago I was asleep in bed with my passed out drunk husband when I woke up to a hand over my mouth. Damien stood next to me with the biggest hardest thickest cock I've seen in person. He grabbed my hand and placed it against it. It was warm and smooth. He pressed his thumb into my mouth forcing me to open it and he shoved his dick in mouth. I sucked at him feverishly. I kept telling him it was wrong and he needed to stop. But he continued to face fuck me and play with my nipples and rub my clit. I came again in his hands and I swallowed every drop of him he gifted me with. He then left me half nude with the taste of his cum on my tongue and my pussy still popping drenched.

It's wrong and I keep saying no. But I want him to fuck me later. I want him deep inside me filling me up with his seed. I want his baby in me. Fuck what everyone else thinks or is going to say. I want to explore things with this man but for now I want hum to keep "raping me". I'm currently in the bath typing this. I've fingered myself 3x already just writing this. I know he's watching me. I'm not going cover everything when I leave the bathroom. I want him to see the easy access to me. They've drinking all evening. I've heard Damien encouraging my husband with more alcohol. That's right papi, get him passed out and then come make me cum. Ugh I'm going to rub my pussy again.





15, 17, 38

Dd jerked off a lot and the whole family knew about it sort of he’s been caught a bit lmao

so one night it was me and him in the family living room after a family bbq his dad left to take relatives home and brother was upstairs

So me and my cousin dd are just chilling watching Hulu and I noticed he started to get hard and starts rubbing his bulge. Then all of a sudden he jumps up to go to the restroom, a couple minutes go by I’m curious so I go to the restroom door and I can him rubbing his dick dry no lubricant or spit lmao.I knew exactly what I wanted. So I knock on the door and say “could you hurry so I can go pee” he responds “one sec.”

After a bit he comes out I go in for a couple seconds flush the toilet and rinsed my hands. I come out and say “did you handle it?” and he goes “nah I didn’t handle IT.” That’s when I knew what HE wanted haha

So I responded “do you want me to help with IT”and he just whips out his big ass dick fuckkk it was so thick, brown it had a odor only he had and fuckkkkk I need to taste him again so anyways

He whips it out and I immediately go to his side of the couch and start sucking him all types of slurps. Keep in mind I’m just following what I’ve seen in porn lol. I’m just sucking his soul out and he was moaning so damn loud

And I guess his brother was watching the whole time because like 5 minutes in he was already down stairs behind the couch scared the hell outta me

He goes “could I get some” so fucking bold of him but i said bet and then Sucked both of there dicks AND THENNNN the fucking dad pulls up and they was like nah keep going and shit like that I’m like wtf you mean we will get caught so I’m still sucking like i should I guess lol and then The dad comes in so calmly puts his shit down and feeds me his dick too now I have all three of my cousins feeding me there dicks I couldn’t believe it bro i was living by best life that night lmfaoo but yea they ended up nutting all over my body

In the morning it wasn’t awkward at all they actually explained they been jerking off together and if I could not tell anyone LMFAOOO like I would ever lol

That’s my confession lol hopefully they not on this website😂

100% real story happened early July 2023

Me and the Brother go to the same HS and jerk off all the time




My sisters is 18, since 3-4 month, she try to be more feminine and I like that, but last month, she went on a nail shop and make nice pink fake nails, then 2 weeks ago she changed for white. They are not too long but I really want to see my dick wrapped by her little hands and those sexy nails, covered by my cum, or staring at her rubbing and penetrating her pussy with those

Each time I see her and her hands I'm fucking turned on




Ever since Covid started I’ve been having sex with my grandma. I stayed with her because my mom had some major surgery on a brain tumor. I work around a lot of people so it was safer to stay with grandma.

One night I noticed her checking me out when I was jerking off. Being pent up from lack of sex. The next morning I walked up behind her in just my underwear in the kitchen. Hugged her from behind and pressed myself against her. I told her if she enjoyed what she saw. I’d be happy to let her see more.

We went to her bedroom where I gave her a long hard fuck. She had not had sex in years. Best thing that’s happened to make us closer. She was 79 at the time. I was 23.




I'm 28 years old. My older sister is 31. She also has a daughter who is 14. My 14 year old niece is super cute and i have imagined myself fucking her since she was 12. Her best friend happens to be mine and her mothers younger sister. Our parents never planned it, but got pregnant by accident and our younger sister is only 13. She is also super cute and i reckon even cuter than my niece.

Last night my older sister came to visit for the evening, and she came with both girls in tow. By later evening, around 1 am, both girls had crashed out on the lounge and my sister was totally drunk and headed to the spare room to sleep. I was not drunk, but was feeling it. I had some bad thoughts and after 30 minutes i decided to act on them.

Due to some previous work i did, i had a bottle of chloroform that i stole in my cupboard in my room. I went and got it and a wash cloth. Seeing both girls asleep laying on each of the lounges was hot. I gently used the cloth and gave them both a dose.

I checked my older sister and she was out. I made sure both girls were now knocked out. I decided to use my little sister first.

I gently spread her out on the lounge and pulled her panties off from under her skirt. I held her ankles up, pushing them back to lift her hips. I wasted no time pressing my cock against her tiny 13 year old pussy. Just knowing i was about to fuck my little teen sister i thrust home inside her. I only lasted 5 minutes, but i held myself as deep inside her as i could while i pumped my entire load into her pussy. She was so tight i just couldn't stop myself, and when i cum, the only thought in my brain was how hot it would be to put a baby in my little sister.

I cleaned her and put her panties back on. I left her with her tiny hips resting up against to lounge arm, keeping her hips slightly lifted so my load would leak out during the evening.

I wait 20 minutes and when i was ready, i gave my niece another dose from the bottle. I stripped her completely so i could really check her out. I spun her so she was laying on her chest on the lounge with her knees on the floor. I slide in from behind. It was just a hot knowing i was fucking my sisters little baby girl. I was able to fuck her for almost 15 minutes till i thrust home and blew my second entire load inside her tiny pussy. I gave her a short top up dose and i kept fucking her. I ended up laying her on the lounge and i mounted her. I Went so slow and gentle. I was inside her for almost 45 minutes before i sped up and pumped my last load into her pussy again.

After i clean and dressed my niece and placed her the same way i did my sister, with her hips slightly up, i headed to bed. Neither of the girls said anything in the morning to me or my older sister. They both showered and dressed and headed out to the shops. I'm hoping that it means they have no idea or just maybe they think they are just feeling off. But since all 3 are staying again tonight, i'm gonna get my older sister drunk again and hopefully i can get a chance to fuck another few loads into both my little sister and niece.

The only thought i've had all day in my head is i want to send both girls home with my babies in their tiny bellies. I really want my little sister to be pregnant.