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My Son has to be seated when I blow him so he doesn't drop to his knees when I get him to cum for me. I usually have him sit on a stool in the closet, one of the toilet seats, or if we are home alone, on the stairs to my bedroom for our blowjob sessions. Also, I have found I can get my Son to cum a lot harder for me if I pull his scrotum forward when I get him to go high order for his DOM (Dear old Mother.) Two or three times a day usually does the trick during the school/work week, but on the weekends is when I tend spoil him much more ;)




So I'm a 18 year old girl who is dead set on fucking my step dad. But I have no Idea where to start.

My obsession started at the beginning of my mum's relationship with him. He's a big late 40s early 50s man who is so tall and could lift me without breaking a sweat. And my passion for wanting him only grew last night when him and my mum went out for a walk and being nosey I had a look in his bag. I found a pack of xl condoms... my pussy go so wet from seeing it I knew I needed that cock inside me. And later that night I masterbated and imagined him using my body like a doll.

But now I've come to the biggest problem, HOW? I'm really only posting here because I would like advice from older men on how you think j should go about finding out if he would fuck me. My first thought was to make a fake account on what ever socials he uses and talk to him and see if he likes stepdaughter shit. But idk what he uses and idk if he would reply. But even then how do I start figuring out irl. How should I flirt/get his attention? Please help x and I'll update if anything works. My fake insta you can reach me on is @smoke.and.ash00




When I was about eight or nine years old I made my cousin who is seven suck my dick I had just discovered porn through my fathers collection. One time shortly after I was at my cousins house for vacation and I would always sleep in the same room as my cousin. I was turned on to the. Things I saw in porn. So that night I asked her to pretend to go to the bathroom while I was watching. She was younger so she listened to me very easily. I started getting really horny when she did that so later that night when we were in the same room bed I was getting more curious and I showed my dick. It felt wrong but it felt so good at the same time and I was too young to really know the difference. She naturally just grabbed it awkwardly and squeezed gently. At one point I had her show me her pussy. I really didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted to mimic what I saw in the porn so at one point I told her to put it in her mouth. She was slightly hesitant but ultimately listen to me. She was really just licking my dick for a little. After I felt horrible and realize I shouldn’t have done that. As I got older and more mature it haunted me and I hoped she never remembered.

Now she’s in her early 20s we don’t speak because she started actually becoming sexually active and realized what transpired when we were little. I sometimes fantasize about it it’s still turn me on but it is a part of my past that I am very ashamed of




I am a straight guy in the fact that I only want to have relationships with women, but do enjoy the feeling of a nice hard cock fucking me on either end. I just want sex with men, no hugging, kissing or cuddling, just straight up sucking and fucking. With that being said.

I am married to a woman and she doesn't know that I have to satisfy my craving for a nice hard cock at least once a month or I get pretty cranky. Well, with all of this covid crap and my wife teleworking now, it is really hard for me to get my cock fix. I was finally able to get a nice cock the other day and it looks like I will be able to get it a lot more in the future. Which I am very happy about because I have always wanted to find one guy to be exclusive with so we wouldn't have to use condoms, I love the feeling of hot cum being pumped into my ass and down my throat.

This is what happened to secure me some steady cock. My wife's sister (Tammy) and husband (Bill) were coming to visit, they live about 5 hours away so they don't visit very often. Well, every time they do visit my wife and Tammy always go shopping for most of the day on Saturday, which leaves me alone with Bill. Bill has always been quiet and stays to himself, which always gave me a little time to go out and find a nice cock to suck on.

The day before they arrived, I put an add on DoubleList looking for a nice hard cock to suck on. I had a few replies but one really caught my attention. The reply said that he was coming into town visiting family and that he would be free to play on Saturday. Then I asked him about his stats and what he liked to do with men. He replied with his stats which made me really start thinking that this could be Bill, he described himself as average with dark brown hair, 6 foot tall, and an 8 inch cock with a 10 day load built up. He said he liked to suck, be sucked, and liked to fuck a nice tight ass. He said he had thought about letting the right guy fuck him sometime also. I was going crazy wondering if it was Bill, and was trying to ask questions to help me figure it out. I had always thought that I would like to hook up with Bill because of his looks and had noticed a couple times that his package looked like it would be a nice size, but he was so quiet and reserved I had no idea that he would have sex with a guy. But from his description this could definitely be Bill.

I asked where and what time could he meet on Saturday. He said his wife would be busy with family around 9-10am and he would be free from then until around 2-3pm and could meet in the Lowes parking lot. The Lowes was two blocks from my house, so I was thinking, this is Bill. I told him that would be perfect for me but that I wouldn't be able to host, that we could do car play if he was into that. He said we could definitely suck each other in the car and would have to play it by ear to see if he would fuck me.

I sent him a pic of my cock and body and asked for a pic of his cock. He sent a pic of his hard cock against a Sprite can so I could tell how big it was. He wasn't kidding, his cock looked at least 8 inches and almost as thick as the can. This was another signal, I knew Bill’s favorite drink was Sprite. I let him know that I was very impressed and couldn't wait to feel that big hard cock pulsing cum into my throat.

We emailed back and forth a couple more times and I finally told him what I would be driving and asked what he would be in, and when he said a blue Toyota Tundra, I was almost positive it was Bill.

He had told me his name was John, and I told him my name was Jeff.

Well Friday night came and Bill and Tammy drove up around 7pm in the blue Tundra. They came in, we said our hellos and the women went to the bedroom and me and Bill sat down in the den to watch some tv. I had intentional wore a short pair of shorts so that my cock head would hang out if I was half hard, (my cock is a little over 7 inches when fully hard) and with me thinking about Bill's big cock, my cock stayed half hard. While we were sitting there, I moved my legs so my cock head was hanging out and was visible to Bill. It took him a while to notice it, but when he did, I would glance over at him every couple of minutes and I saw his shorts starting to rise, so much so, that he had to adjust them.

My wife and Tammy came into the den and said they were going to Belk's for a little while and that they would bring us back something to eat.

We told them to be careful and they left. As soon as I heard them leave the driveway I got up and looked out to make sure they were gone. While I was looking out the window, I adjusted my shorts so that my cock was hanging out even more. I turned around to Bill with my cock half in view but acted like I didn’t know it and was asking him about work while I stared directly at his crotch, which was getting tighter by the second. I finally thought, fuck it, and walked right over to him and said, “John, we could wait until tomorrow for us to get each other off, or we could get each other off right now and again tomorrow.” I waited for a response, he looked up at me and said, “Jeff?” With that, I reached down and started squeezing his cock through his shorts and said, “at your service.” He smiled and raised up his hands and arms getting them out of my way as I dropped to my knees and reached up into his shorts and fished out his hardening cock. I looked him in the eyes as I took his mushroom head into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

With one hand I was pushing his shorts back so I could get more of his big cock into my mouth and the other went to the button and zipper. When he felt my hand trying to undo his shorts, he assisted and had them undone, had raised his hips up off the chair, and was pushing his shorts down. This made them pull his cock out of my mouth and when his shorts cleared his cock it bounced back up and was right at my lips again. I stuck my tongue out and was licking up his pee slit and I could already taste his precum leaking out. Now I was using one had to slowly stroke his cock and the other to massage his balls, and did he have a pair, they were at least twice the size of mine. I again took the head of his cock into my mouth and looked up at him, he had laid his head back again and was moaning. I took his cock head out of my mouth and started licking up and down the shaft, getting it good and wet. I also licked and sucked on one of his balls, it was too big to get into my mouth so I licked and sucked on each one for a little bit, but I was really wanting to feel that big mushroom head go down into my throat so I ran my tongue all the way up to the tip of his now fully erect (8.5”) cock. I opened my mouth really wide, took the head back in my mouth, and wrapped my lips around his shaft. I started bobbing my head up and down while gently sucking on his cock, each time taking him deeper and deeper into me. When I felt his cock head hit my throat, I raised up and forced it into my throat, it hurt a little because it was so thick. But I was on a mission to get that thing all the way down my throat. I kept working it into and out of my throat. He was really getting into it now and was telling what a good little cock sucker I was and that he was going to spray his cum into my mouth and all over my face. This made me work even harder, I love it when a guy or girl talks dirty to me when I am eating or sucking them. I kept pushing down and almost had him all the way in when he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. It felt awesome, all of him was inside my mouth and throat. I started moving my tongue around on the bottom of his cock and trying to swallow, which made my throat muscles move on his cock. His cock was so big that I couldn’t swallow but I was moving the muscles a little which he seemed to like by his moaning and saying he was about to cum.

I wanted to feel his cock pulsing as it shot his hot cum into my throat so I pulled up off of him and told him that I wanted the first couple of shots of cum down my throat, then he could put the rest any where he wanted.

I took him back into my mouth and started deep throating him over and over and was massaging his balls when I felt them tighten up. I felt his cock get bigger too as it stretched my throat to it’s limit, but I endured and forced his cock as deep in my throat as I could, he let out a loud grunt as the first shot of hot cum sprayed into my throat, I held him there and felt second best feeling in the world as his cock started pulsing shooting his cum down my throat. I thought he would pull out and finish on my face, but he didn’t and I kept him inside my throat until his cock stopped pulsating. I would have to say that his cock moves more than any other cock I have sucked when it is shooting his load.

When his cock was finished filling me, I pulled up and off of his cock really slowly as I sucked and squeezed his now softening cock with my mouth and lips. I continued to slowly milk the rest of his cum out of his cock. I know how sensitive it can be so I was going very slowly and after a couple minutes I felt it getting hard again, so I started deep throating him again. I looked up at him and he looked down at me and said no one has ever got me to get hard again just after I came, but your talented mouth is doing the trick.

As I felt him getting harder and harder all I could think about was this is going to feel incredible fucking my tight ass. When I had it fully erect again, I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers off, he reached out and grabbed my hard cock pulled it to his mouth.

He took me all the way in to the base in one motion, he was an expert cock sucker. He was slurping away for about 90 seconds and I was already about to cum. I pulled back away from him and spun around putting my ass right at his hard cock. I bent down to get some lube from my shorts when I felt his hands on my ass cheeks pushing me up and spreading them apart.

Then I felt something that we had not discussed, but something that I loved to have done to me. He buried his mouth and nose in between my cheeks and was tonguing my rose bud. He was an expert at eating ass also, it felt so wonderful every time he dipped his tongue into me and wiggled it around. It didn’t take him long before he had my “man pussy” loosened up and his tongue buried in me.

When he came up for air, he slid the tip of his thumb into me. I showed him the lube, he pulled his thumb out and covered it with the lube and started rubbing it up and down my crack until he had me nice and lubed up and this time, he inserted his thumb all the way into my ass. He moved it around a little, it felt really good, but I was wanting to feel his hard cock being pumped in and out of me so bad I couldn’t wait any longer.

I put some lube in my hand, reached between my legs and grabbed his cock, and started stroking it to cover it with lube. He must have really enjoyed eating my ass because his cock was really hard and tight. He could tell what I was wanting and with his hands on my hips he guided me down to his cock. I was holding it at the base when I felt the head touch my crack. It instantly sent shock waves through me. I moved my ass back and forth a little while pushing down until I felt his cock head begin to put pressure on my man pussy.

I couldn’t wait any longer and pushed myself down onto is cock. It felt so big as the head popped past my man pussy ring. I stopped there to savor the feeling, as he moaned letting me know he liked being in my ass. After a few seconds, I start lowering my self onto his big hard cock. I wasn’t able to take it all in one try, but after a few up and downs I felt my ass cheeks touching his legs and pushed myself all the way down. I had the monster cock buried all the way in me and it felt awesome.

I started bouncing myself up and down on his cock, it was one of the biggest cocks I had ever fucked and to make it even better it was bare, no condom, I hadn’t been fucked bare in a few years, but I figured we were family by marriage so I should be able to trust him. He still had his hands on my hips and started helping me/guiding me to go faster and faster on his cock. I was moving my ass around in circles also trying to make his cock hit my g spot. I finally found it and stopped moving in circles and just went straight up and down letting his big cock head bang into my prostate. It didn’t take long at all and I told him I was going to cum, he started using his hips to fuck me faster. I started shooting one of the biggest loads I had ever shot and nothing was touching my cock, it was amazing. He said he could feel my man pussy squeezing and pulsing on his cock every time I shot a stream of cum. When I finished cumming, my legs felt like jell-O so I pulled up off of him and laid face down on the coffee table. When his cock left my ass, it felt so empty, but it didn’t last long because he was right behind me on his knees in a flash and was entering me again.

I didn’t think getting fucked could feel so wonderful, but his cock was amazing. He buried his cock back into me with one quick motion and started a slow methodical rhythm as he fucked me. He did this for a minute or two, then started speeding up. All the time he was telling me how hot and tight my pussy was, he even said it was the tightest ass he had ever fucked. I couldn’t stop moaning from the pleasure, and told him to fuck me with that big cock, fuck me harder, deeper, faster. He was happy to accommodate me and was fucking me hard and deep when he stopped, pulled his cock out to readjust himself up to his feet. Again, I was left with that empty feeling and wanted him back in me.

I arched my back as much as I could, it was like my ass was searching for his cock. He entered me again, this time the angle made him hit my g spot again. I told him to fuck me hard just like that and he did. He was pounding me when I felt that feeling again, and told him I was going to cum again, he said he was about to cum too. I looked back at him, “breed my man pussy, I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me, I want to feel your cock pulsing as it fills me up!”, I yelled at him.

I started cumming again which made my pussy tighten up on his cock and sent him over the edge. He buried himself as deep as he could while shot pulse after pulse of his hot thick cum into me. When he finished cumming he stayed inside me as his cock began to soften, I felt and heard it pop out of me when he pulled back and rolled down onto the floor on his back. I could feel his cum running out of me down my balls. I rolled off the coffee table and laid beside him.

After our breathing went back to normal, there was silence for a few minutes. I was wondering what he was thinking, that this was a huge mistake, or wow that was awesome. I was thinking, wow, that was awesome and can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

I will try to post what happened next soon.




So from when I was 12 my sister is 2 years younger than me I have been playing with her started playing and eating her out and she would suck my cock when I was 14 I first got my cock inside her we would listen to our mom having sex and giggle to each other and do exactly the same thing together we were fucking until I was about 22 were 32 and 30 now and haven’t had sex for years but I’m dying to get back inside her again filling her pussy up with my cum was the best feeling ever I’m hoping this year we can go out sometime drinking and hopefully something happens




Well today was a little different for me as the list of family members who fucked me is insane,

My day started by getting dressed in my newest lingerie, a black Basque with lace topped stockings and my knee high black leather boots with 4 inch heels, on went a blonde wig and some very sexy makeup and I was ready for the day, as I went downstairs my brother arrived so I opened the door and knelt down and took out his cock right there on the doorstep, I sucked him until he was nice and hard and went into the lounge where I knelt down and bent over the coffee table, this time I had his cock rammed balls deep into my arse, I talked to my wife as my ass was pummelled which is when she told me what she had planned for the day ahead.

as she spoke one of my Rottweilers entered the room and I was soon sucking on his shaft, this sent my brother over the edge and he pumped his spunk deep into my bowels, as he pulled out he was replaced by my dog and I was again being pummelled with a huge cock, I sucked my brother clean and he sat and watched.

soon after this my father-in-law arrived with his brother and both of them had brought a friend along, I started with my F-I-L and took him into my throat which had the others take out their cocks and start stroking, I started to take each cock in turn and sucked all but one balls deep but one was just too thick for me too take it all, my dog had been knotted into my ass for the last ten minuets and began to pull free and suddenly "pop" and he was out to be quickly replaced by the thickest cock there, for the next hour or so I took each cock into my ass and mouth in turn and had three loads of spunk in my throat and two more in my ass.

It was now that my Mother-in-law arrived with both of my Brothers-in-law who had me straddle one of them and the other pushed his cock in alongside him and my father-in-law presented his cock for sucking again, as I serviced these three family members there was a knock at the door, it was a delivery for my wife as she signed for the parcel she invited the delivery-man to come in and "use the slut of the house" he walked in saying thanks and I had a large black cock presented to my eager lips, I slid my mouth up and down this thick veiny shaft and felt both of my brothers-in-law start to twitch and spray wads of spunk one into my ass and one over my ass cheeks, I carried on sucking the best tasting cock present when my wife brought our other dog in and I took turns on them both, as the dog got hard I felt the thick shaft I had just been slobbering on being pushed into my ass, O M G this was almost as big as a horse but more controlled as it was slid fully in and out of me, My dogs cock was spurting pre-cum into my mouth and I was moaning like the total slut I am, it was only 11am and I had already been used by eight men and two dogs while being watched by my wife and mother-in-law, the delivery man began humping faster and suddenly forced hi entire shat balls deep into me as he emptied his balls into me, My brother was ready for another go and put his cock in my mouth as my wife's phone rang.

It was my mother on the phone letting my wife know she was outside with her current boyfriend (Indian) and her ex-boyfriend and his two brothers (black) she had also brought her boyfriends dog, so I was now being used by almost every male member of my family and watched by My wife her mother and my mother, about half an hour later and I was sucking on two black cocks while fucking one black and one brown which was stretching my ass wide, I sucked and fucked these wonderful cocks for almost an hour when one by one they sprayed their thick sticky spunk onto my face, it was only know surrounded by eleven cocks and two dogs that my Mothers boyfriends dog was brought in.

A Great Dane with the biggest cock I had ever seen that wasn't attached to a horse was standing in front of me I took its cock into my mouth and struggled to breath as it was so big, I soon had it nice and hard and for the first time ever I was standing bent over with a huge cock being guided into my ass by my wife, this was fucking amazing it stretched me as far as anything I had ever fucked and I was loving it.

I was soon knotted and could see a bulge in my lower stomach that twitched every time the Dog sprayed yet more cum into me, I beckoned my brother over and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him till he cam onto my face and proceeded to repeat this with every cock available, I took a load off cum from every one of those eleven cocks and still wanted to suck my dogs to complete the set of every cock I had already fucked which is when I saw my Mother and Mother-in-law each with one of my dogs knotted into their asses and couldn't wait for them to pull free as I got to lick and suck dog spunk from their asses for the first time and was surprised to find them both full of spunk from several of the cocks present and was told that each others family and friend had filled them for me.

It was now 3pm ad they all started to leave I was exhausted and both covered and full of lovely warm sticky spunk, I curled up for a quick sleep and dreamt about the day I had just had and was awoken by my wife who was ready to go out she said "come on" and she took me by the hand and out to the car, It was 5pm and we were soon at the dogging spot where I got to suck and be fucked by five total strangers and two more dogs, on the way home my wife told me that tomorrow Wednesday 29-12-2021 I was going to spend the day sucking and fucking her Aunts horse's cocks and those of all the people who work for her ie window cleaner x 2, gardeners x 3 the stable hand and the builders who built the stables 4 and the electrician and plumber and possibly the farrier and vet who have all been invited along with any family members who are up for it so starting at 9am sharp I should be full off cock for around ten hours + wish me good look and good fucking




I’m a 14 year old girl and I’ve been having incest family fantasies lately. I just want a daddy to breed me with his baby girls so we can train them to be the perfect little sluts for us and make them daddy’s perfect whores :))