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Growing up my mom wore these silky nightgowns. I never noticed until one night watching TV I couldn't keep my eyes off of her big tits and nipples that poked through her near see-through nightie. From that day on I jerked off thinking about her nipples and spent as much time at home at night as I could.

When I was 14 I was jerking off one day in the bathroom and she walked in. My cock was pretty big at that point, about 6 1/2 inches hard. She just stared as I attempted to cover myself up. They had been divorced for a few years now and mom never went out. She told me not to cover up, that she wanted to see what I had. She said she was very proud of the size of my cock. I blushed. She stepped forward and put her hand on it. After stroking it a few times she left the bathroom and went to bed.

A few nights later I was in bed stroking myself when my bedroom door opened and she walked in wearing her most see-through nightie. "It's time I taught you," she said and walked over to my bed. My cock was sticking straight up and she didn't hesitate. She crawled on the bed between my legs and put my cock in her mouth. "What are you doing?" I asked, a little scared. "Don't worry, honey, you'll like this," she said. She was right. I loved her mouth on my cock. I thrust upwards a little and she said, "That's it. Fuck mama's mouth, baby." I started to hump her face, fucking her mouth as hard as I could. She took my entire cock in her mouth until her lips were on my pubes.

She sensed I was ready and said, "Go ahead, honey. Cum for mama." I couldn't hold back any longer and started cumming. I was a normal, horny 14 year old boy and came for all I was worth. I finished cumming and she took her mouth off of my cock and crawled on top of me. She kissed me and shoved her cum covered tongue between my lips. She was gyrating on my cock and I was getting hard again. "My cunt is so wet," she said. "I need you to fuck me right now." She placed my cock against her pussy and sat down. "Oh, fuck, honey," she kept saying over and over. We fucked for about a half hour and I started cumming again.

She finally rolled off of me and said, "Honey, you can never tell anyone about this." I shook my head. "Good. This is our little secret, and whenever you want a taste of my pussy you just say so and I'll try to accommodate you."

I couldn't believe it. My mom was offering me her cunt whenever I wanted it. We fucked so much that summer I was becoming a real pro. I'm 22 now and for some odd reason I still live at home. Hmmmm....




Hi everyone, im a 18 year old girl and I have been having sex with dogs since i was 14 years old. It first started when I lived at home alone with my parent. I seen my dog humping a stuffed animal I have in the room and when I told him to get off I see that huge cock with balls and cum shooting everywhere! I was like omg.. what is that? Why is it red and so big? Why is he peeing everywhere? It freaked me out at first. Then later I got on my computer and looked it up and seen what it was, and what it was he was doing. Its shows how dogs have sex and I seen that they get stuck together. That was his huge balls that I seen that day when he was humping my stuffed animal. It would get stuck inside the female dog for a while and sometimes he would spin around, butt to butt.

I found myself getting wet all the time watching it, and I would throw my stuffed animal on the floor to watch him fuck it. Eventually I decided to let him lick me and see if he would. My mom had left to the store and I stayed behind, and as soon as she left I ran to the room and dropped my pants and called him over. He ran to me and layed down between my legs and started licking my little pussy that was all wet from excitement. Omg I came really fast because it felt so good and also because of the excitement! He almost made me cum again but I kept freaking out and was scared of getting caught.

We did every day I came home from from school and waited for my mom to get there.

My next story will be more about us and sex..I just want to make sure i dont freak no one out.




We were engaged for almost two years. We fucked occasionally and I sucked his dick a few times but he always pulled out before he orgasm'd. We finally got married. He was the only man I ever had any sexual contact with. He seemed to have a really big cock. He said it was seven inches long. I didn't really know if that was large or normal. The wedding was great and I told him I loved him so much I'd do anything for him. Finally came the wedding night. We rented a nice hotel room and after dinner we showered together and were ready for bed. He always took charge when we were naked together. I was pretty excited when he asked me to lay on my back with my head off the end of the bed. He was playing with my breasts and said to just close my eyes and relax. I felt his cock against my lips so I opened my mouth and he gently mouth fucked me. Just a little at first, about what I normally sucked then he pushed in farther until he hit the back of my throat. He pulled out and said He was going to teach me to deep throat him. Before I could say anything he shoved his cock to the back of my throat again. I almost gagged but held off. He hit the back of my throat a few more times then said only tow more inches to go. That scared me a little and I tried to push him off. He was much stronger than me and held my hand in place. He hit the back of my throat again and pushed. I was now gagging but he pushed in farther. Then he pulled out. I sputtered and spittle flew out of my mouth. Then he was back in. He continued to fuck my mouth like this for another few minutes. He kept telling me to relax and just swallow it like it was a banana. I tried but it was making me gag every time. Then he pushed all the way in. That time I didn't gag but felt him drive past my throat and I felt his nuts on my nose. He said "Just a little more honey." He leaned into it and was now all the way in. I couldn't breathe. I was ready to pass out when he pulled his dick out of my mouth. I took a big breath and he was all the way in again. He pulled halfway out and told me to breathe. This went on for about another five minutes and then said he was going to cum. I really didn't want this but he was holding my head steady as he mouth fucked me. Then said he was cumming. I felt it as he shot down my throat. I didn't taste anything as he came down my throat. He pulled out until I could breathe and said to suck the rest out of him. I then tasted it as he finished cumming. It wasn't great but not as bad as I thought it would be. Then he said "Here's the deal honey, I'm not gonna let you cum until you deep throat me on your own and learn to swallow everything I give you. Then he laid on his back with his cock half hard and told me wait 10 minutes and suck him deep. I never dreamed he could be so rough but noticed that my pussy was wet and neither of us had even touched it. I went into the bathroom to clean up. I came out a few minutes later and he spread his legs and said to get to it. I knelt between his legs and took him into my mouth but couldn't take him down my throat. He got pissed and got up. He ordered me onto my back again at the end of the bed. We repeated the scene until his nuts were slapping my nose. He pulled half way out just as he started cumming. I tasted it all that time.

It took four days of him face fucking me at the end of the bed. We hadn't fucked yet as man and wife and He told me every day that I wouldn't cum until I learned to deep throat him and swallow voluntarily. On the last night of our Hotel stay I was finally able to get him all the way in on my own. He came hard in my mouth and I was okay with his cum by now. We finally ended up fucking that last night and I came so fucking hard I nearly passed out. I came to love a hard face fucking and loved it when he pounded my pussy like a fucking piston. Over the years I've sucked his cock so many times I can't count. Then about a year ago I was on my hands and knees and he was eating me. His tongue slipped, or so I thought, and he licked my asshole. Then he rubbed his cock on my cunt a few times to get it slippery and shoved it in my ass. I screamed at the pain. He said that now I had to learn to take it in the ass. For the next week he fucked me in the ass twice a night until I finally was relaxed enough. It really didn't do much for me but when he shoved a vibrating cock in my cunt and then shoved his cock in my ass it took me to new heights. It must have been the extra pressure that made me cum harder than ever. By the time we were married five years he had introduced me into not only deep oral sex and anal sex but sex with him and one of his friends. They called it being spit-roasted. One cock in my mouth and one in my cunt. Then it became two of his friends and him. This was so fucking hot. One man mouth fucking me, one fucking me in the cunt and one under me fucking me in the ass. This became our thing. Three men fucking me in all three holes at once. I never dreamed that anything could be better than an occasional fuck normally. I thrived on this, but when he brought another couple home it got even more intense. One man in my mouth, one man under me fucking my ass and the other woman eating my pussy. What a fucking rush. Then after the guy came in my mouth he switched places with the woman and I learned to eat pussy while being fucked in my other two holes. I've learned to be comfortable and even crave all types of sex. It could be sofy or rough, bound or free. I love it all and even had my husband call me names during sex. What a fucking whore I've become.




i want to get fucked by a police officer. like i wanna get pulled over for something and to get out of a ticket i want the police man to make me suck his dick and then have him fuck me hard with his thick cock. i’d let him use me for sure.




My name is Debbie. I didn't realize my husband of three years, Terry, was such a pussy when we got married. After about a month of being married he wanted sex less and less. I didn't suspect anything and just thought it was how marriage was supposed to go. I found out about five months ago that I was pregnant. When I really started to show didn't want sex of any kind. Again, I thought it was just married life until the night I caught him looking at gay porn. He didn't know I noticed but I started to take notice more and more. I didn't have a problem with him jerking off when I didn't want sex but had no idea he was thinking about cock instead of my cunt.

I was about eight months pregnant when I walked into the office that night and he was jerking off to gay porn. He finally noticed me and tried to cover up. I told him that I knew he liked two guys sucking each other or fucking each other while he jerked off. He tried to deny it but when I called him a cum-sucking pussy he broke down and finally admitted he jerked off to gay porn. When I asked him if he was gay he denied it at first. But after I pushed him he finally admitted he had thought about it. I have no problem with two gay guys fucking and told him I thought it would be really hot to watch him suck a big cock. He said he didn't believe me at first but after we actually talked about it I told him I loved him no matter who he sucked or fucked as long as he didn't do it behind my back. We were finally communicating with the truth and I game him permission to bring a man home to have sex with while I was pregnant. He doubted me but I finally convinced him that I wanted to see it.

That Friday night we made a plan. We were to go to a gay club and we were to bring a man home for me to watch them. About 11 o'clock that night a big heavy set guy approached us and struck up a conversation. He was divorced and discovered he was gay a few months back. We finally asked him to follow us home to have sex with Terry. He saw my condition and agreed. I called him aside while Terry was in the bathroom and said I really wanted to see my husband suck his cock and take him up the ass. He said he could stay hard for hours and cum multiple times. I was getting wet just talking about it.

We finally got home and Terry was more nervous than either me or John. John finally made the first move and told Terry that he knew that I wanted to see him suck cock and get fucked. They stripped. John was about five inches taller than Terry and at least a hundred pounds heavier. He had a large belly and a medium sized fat cock. Terry looked at me and I nodded in approve. He got on his hands and knees and took John's cock in his mouth. I could see John getting bigger and he was soon hard. He must have been seven inches long and very thick. Terry's cock was hard too. After a bit John looked at me as if to say "I'm gonna cum in his mouth, okay?" I told him to empty himself and he grabbed the back of Terry's head and I could tell he was cumming. He put his entire load in Terry's mouth, then said "Is this your first time?" Terry was pretty drunk and didn't realize I was right there. He told John that it wasn't his first time, but John had the biggest cock he had ever sucked. That surprised me a little, but my pussy was dripping by this time just watching them.

Then John asked me if I wanted him to fuck Terry. I told him that fuck yes I wanted to see him ass fuck my husband. Terry was pretty pliable in his state so when John told him to get on all fours and get ready to be fucked Terry didn't hesitate and got on all fours with his ass sticking in the air. I was surprised that John was still hard and a few drops were oozing out of his cock. He knelt behind Terry and rubbed his slippery cock up and down Terry's ass crack. Then he started to slowly enter T's ass. He was buried to the hilt and terry was moaning, telling him to fuck him now. John started to fuck Terry and within seconds was pounding him hard. T kept saying "Fuck me harder." This lasted for at least 15 minutes and I was sitting in a recliner watching them and finger fucking myself. I was mesmerized by John's cock. Then I thought it would be fantastic to have that big cock in my cunt.

I told John not to cum and to come fuck me. Terry was almost out of it and when John pulled out of T's asshold terry collapsed on the floor and just laid there. I got out of my chair and turned around. I got on my knees and bent over the chair and told him to fuck me from behind. My big belly was hanging down and as his big cock entered me I felt fuller than ever. I thought that this beats the fuck out of Terry's five inch cock. I orgasmed almost immediately and he was able to fuck me for another 10 minutes. I nearly passed out as his cock went deeper than anything I ever had inside me. He finally was ready to cum and I told him to not hold back and fill me up. It wasn't a lot since he had already cum but the size of his cock was worth it.




So the normal family gathering. Everyone spending the day together at my parents place. I always love when my sister come along as she always has my niece in tow. I spend way too much time looking at her and thinking about all the thing i want to do to her tiny body.

My niece is 14, very short for her age, but slim and toned. She does dancing, keeping herself fit and i think sexy. She has long dark hair, fair skin, tight body and maybe a large A cup pair of breasts on her. She showed up today wearing a short ruffled mini skirt and a thin trap singlet top. I could see her blue bra under and through her white top and a few time i got flashes of her pink underwear under her skirt as she helped set up the table.

After lunch everyone went outside, but i noticed her in the lounge room. I went to her and left the others to go out. I sat with her and asked of she was ok. I played and tickled her a bit as i did. We chatted and she explained that the boy she liked didn't like her. I told her he wasn't worth it and told her i would give anything to be with her. She giggled and said that wasn't right cause i was too old for her. I joked back and said i'd show her that i'm not too old. She laughed and said that she couldn't cause i'm her uncle. Well i played it and went to work.

I only took me a couple of minutes flirting and slowly working her to lie down on the lounge and i was in. I was gently kissing her as she was still half saying we couldn't. While i kissed her i pushed the front of my pants down and lay over her. I got between her legs and used one hand to lift her skirt up. I pulled her pink underwear down at the front and i line up. She was shocked and clearly holding her breath as i pushed into her. She whispered that i shouldn't, but i just kissed her again and pushed in further. Just knowing the rest of the family was only just outside made it even hotter.

I knew i had no chance of lasting so i just pushed in as deep as i could. I managed to hit the bottom of her pussy with my head, which drove me over. She must have felt me as she quickly said "i'm not on anything, you can't". I just held myself completely pressed into her and unloaded everything i had into her tiny body. I must have spurted 3 or 4 good squirts into her teen belly.

She was scared and said she didn't want to have sex or be pregnant yet cause she was too young. I told her i had to prove to her i wasn't old and the best way is to put my "old" sperm into her and give a baby, proving i'm not to old for her.

She settled after i told her i would take her to the doctors tomorrow and get a morning after pill with her. She has no idea that i have no intention of doing that.

Anyway, the best part for me, that she doesn't know, nor does my sister is that she isn't my niece, she's my daughter as well. Almost 15 years ago i was staying at my sisters place after a big party. She has always assumed that her boyfriend fucked her and got her pregnant that night. She still has no idea that i was the one who fucked her twice that night while she was out cold. I cummed in her so much and nine months later i have had a niece.




I wish I could get fucked, I'm a virgin.