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I was 13 when I started to notice girls. Whenever I looked at a girl's tits y dick got hard. I really never noticed my mom before but all of a sudden it seemed like every night she would put on an almost see through nightgown and sit to watch TV. Dad was in the army and overseas and I figured mom missed him quite a bit. One night after we watched TV for a while I noticed my dick was starting to get hard so I went into my bedroom to jerk off. I was naked on top of the covers when mom walked in. I was so fucking embarrassed I didn't really know what to do. I could tell mom was pretty drunk by the way she was swaying, just standing there staring at my cock. Then she said "Oh honey, you have such a nice looking cock." She didn't seem to care that I was jerking off.

My cock was sticking straight up and she said that she thought even at 13 my cock was bigger than dad's. Then she came over and sat on the bed. She was still staring at it when she reached out and put her hand around my cock. She said she had the nicest cock she'd ever seen and began to stroke it up and down. She told me to just lay back and enjoy it. I did. Two minutes later I felt myself about to cum. I tried to push her hand away. I was embarrassed but she said to just let it cum. I started to cum and felt it hit my belly as she continued to stroke me. Just about the time I was on the last spurt she leaned down and took me in her mouth. I couldn't believe it, my mom was sucking my cock. I stayed hard. I knew I could cum twice because I usually do when I jerk off and her mouth was un-fucking-believable. It wasn't three minutes later and I was ready to cum again. She sensed it and mumbled to fill her mouth. I said "what?" and she took her mouth off my cock long enough to say "that's it honey fill momma's filthy fucking mouth with your sweet cum." I had never heard her talk like that before but when she put her mouth back on my cock I exploded again. She swallowed every fucking drop.

I thought we were done. She left but a few minutes later she came back with a drink in her hand. She sat back on the bed and said the nobody could ever know what had happened. I assured her I would never tell, then as she finished her drink she stood up and took off all of her clothes. Her tits were big with large nipples. She mounted me and put a tit up to my mouth and said to feed on it. I could feel my dick getting hard again. After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples she said she had a special treat and scooted up so her cunt was on my mouth. She said to tongue fuck her. I did the best I could and finally tasted her juices as she came. Then she scooted down and put my hard cock at the opening of her cunt. She plunged down in one motion and started to fuck me. I thought I was too young for sex but mom proved me otherwise. She ended up sleeping in my bed that night and I woke up to her sucking my cock. After she took my cum I said I had to pee and she said to let her have it. I didn't understand but she said again "Go ahead honey, fill mommy's mouth with your piss. This was really weird but she kept sucking me until I couldn't hold it any longer and started to pee. She swallowed most of it but my bladder was so full I ended up pissing all over her, me and the bed. She said not to worry, that the sheets were washable.

For the next three years mom taught me all about sex, even to the point of pegging me with a strap on. I loved every minute of her teachings and when dad finally came home from the service I knew my time with mom was done. But the second night he was back they were both pretty drunk and she came in and said she had a really big surprise for me. It ended up with dad sucking my cock until I came in his mouth then he turned around and mom made me suck him until he came in my mouth. What a couple of fucking pervs I had for parents. But through it all I learned to eat pussy, get ass fucked and suck cock and now I can't go three days without a cock in my mouth. I guess I'm the biggest perv of all.




I grew up an only child and have always been close to mom. I thought we could talk about anything. My favorite time of day was after my drunkard dad would pass out and mom and me would be on the couch watching TV. I would lay with my head across her lap and she would rub my back. I learned later that while dad was drunk she was out fucking other guys or even girls. However it was very comforting to have her hand rubbing my back while I laid with my head in her lap. Then when I was about 11 or so this changed a little bit. While her hand was rubbing my back her hand would move down to my ass cheek. This felt really good and she would tell me how soft my skin was. It was glorious. Then one night she had me turn around and she started to rub my feet and calves. This was a whole new feeling and I was loving it.

Dad was usually drunk by about 6:30 and passed out in his recliner. On Friday and Saturday nights mom would leave shortly after dad passed out and returned around 11:00. She was usually drunk. One Friday night when I was 13 she got home a little early and wanted me to join her on the couch for the late show. Her hand rubbed up and down my leg for a bit and accidentally slipped a little too high and could feel her rubbing my cock. I had boners before and knew what it felt like but really didn't want her to stop. Before I knew it I was cumming. She felt my cum through my jammies and just said to go clean up. She acted like it was no big deal. The next morning she broached the subject and said that she knew what had happened and it was perfectly normal. I accepted that and it became our normal routine. She would stroke my cock through whatever I was wearing until I came then told me to go clean up.

When I was 15, one night she mentioned that my cock was bigger than dad's. I blushed and she asked if my girlfriends had ever made me cum. She was pretty drunk that night and when I told her no she said that she had a special surprise for me. Dad was passed out as usual and when I said I was ready for her surprise she pulled my pajamas down and started to suck me. I was uncut and she said she loved that about me. She actually chewed on my foreskin for a bit and when I eventually came she swallowed it all. She said it was the sweetest cum she had ever tasted. Then she said I should watch straight and gay porn to get an idea on what I'd like to do with her. She also assured me that this was all natural and I shouldn't feel awkward. What the fuck did I know at that age?

That was about the time I noticed her perfect tits, large nipples and thin waist. I figured out too that she was somewhat of a whore. She often left on Friday and Saturday nights for several hours and would come home pretty drunk. For the next two years she would come home on those nights and come into my room and suck my cock until I filled her mouth with my seed. Then one night she was really drunk and after she sucked me off and took all I had to give she kept sucking until I was hard again. She had me on my back and mounted my cock. She pulled my hands up to her tits as she fucked me. I ws able to cum a second time that night. It was fucking fantastic. We fucked like this for several months. Then one night she actually brought a man home. Dad was oblivious as he was passed out in his chair. She brought him to my bedroom and said that this was a different way to get my cock sucked. He sucked me and after I came he mounted my chest and put his cock up to my mouth. I had looked at enough porn to know what was expected. This was the first time I sucked another cock.

Fast forward a couple of years: I'm out on my own and have my own apartment. I've found that the most willing cocksuckers are older men who want so suck me or fuck me. I have come to love sucking cock and having a nice cock in my ass until he cums. I'm a full-fledged bi-sexual and fuck women or suck men. I don't know what the future now has for me but I know that sex is my life and I'll suck or fuck anything that walks. Man, I g;uess mom turned me into a fucking cum and cunt whore after all these years.




Dad died in a car crash when I was 11. It devastated my mom and she started drinking. Often when she had been drinking for a few hours she would lounge on the couch and play with herself. She didn't care if I was in the room or not. Several times I was able to see her clean shaven cunt. By the time I was 13 I was jerking off nearly every day and got a boner any time I saw mom drunk. She never dated and didn't work. She got a sizable insurance settlement and didn't have to do anything but collect her monthly stipend. So she drank and masturbated. One night after playing basketball I came home and plopped on the other couch while she was laying in her spot watching TV and fingering herself. I didn't even glance over but instead stared at her until she looked up. She saw me and my boner through my gym shorts. "That's quite a pole you got there" she said. I was embarrassed but kept staring as she unabashedly fingered herself. Then she put her fingers up to her mouth and finger fucked her mouth while staring at my cock. Then she said "come here, I want to show you sumpin." I walked over to her. She struggled to sit up and in one motion she had my shorts and jock strap down below my knees. I started to push her away but she reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in. As she pulled me in her mouth opened and I found my hard cock in her mouth. She started to suck me. This was the first time for me as I had never even had a girlfriend. Within about 30 seconds I felt myself about to cum. She sensed it and mumbled "Let it go honey. I can take it."

I started to cum and didn't know how to stop it. But it was fucking great. She sucked me dry and when I finally pulled out she hadn't spilled a drop. Then she said "Honey that was great. You even made mama cum. Now I need you to fuck me." I didn't know what to do and froze. She pulled her nightgown over her head and was naked. I stared at her tits and she stood up. She turned her back to me and grabbed my hands. She pulled them around to her front and said to work her nipples. I did the best I could and she let out a moan every few seconds. She took my right hand and pulled it down between her legs. I took the hint and started to rub her cunt. Then she bent over. I noticed my cock was hard again and my instincts took over. I pushed her forward a little more and shoved my cock in her cunt. She squealed a little. She kept saying "Fuck me harder." I was thrusting as hard as I could and finally was gonna cum again. I told her I was about there and she said to fill her up. I knew she had a hysterectomy a few years back and knew there was no chance of getting her pregnant so I fucked her until I was empty. When I finally pulled out I realized what had happened and pulled my shorts up. I ran into my bedroom and plopped onto my bed.

A couple of minutes later mom came back in and sat on my bed. My head was buried in my pillow in shame. She started to rub my back and I found myself crying. She kept saying "It's okay honey. You're just helping momma out." Her hand went from my back down to my butt. She rubbed my ass cheeks a bit and her hand found its way under my shorts and she had hold of my nuts. Not hard but sort of fondling them. It felt really good. She finally told me to turn over and I did. She removed my shorts and jock and was gently stroking my cock with one hand and my belly with the other. She said "i love you more than ever." That eased my anxiety a little and she said that she wanted me to watch her suck my cock. I nodded and she went down on me. I had never cum three times in one night before but she soon had me hard. Her mouth was on my cock and a hand was playing with my nipples. Then I felt her other hand on my balls and a minute later she was rubbing the side of her hand up and down my ass crack. Then she pushed a finger inside my asshole as she sucked me. "Holy fuck mom" I said as she clamped her mouth around the head of my cock as she finger fucked my ass. I exploded again. It wasn't much but the feeling was fucking phenomenal.

From that night until the time I moved out at 19 she sucked my cock at least twice a week and I fucked her nearly every time she blew me. When I was 17 she finally went on a date and two months later they were openly fucking in our family room. Then one night she said I was old enough to drink a beer. I drank too many and somehow found myself sucking her date's cock and he ended up fucking my ass. She was helping him along the way. I was confused and she explained my dad loved to do this and she was okay with it so she often brought men home to fuck my dad. She said she thought I would enjoy it as well. Not only did I fuck my mom often I sucked or got fucked by most of the men she brought home.

I'm 24 now and every cock I suck or have up my ass I think of my mom. I've become a true twink for the men I pick up. But last week mom called and asked me over for dinner. I went and we ended up in bed. When I woke up the next morning, hungover and naked spooning her I knew I wanted to come back home. She said I could, but only if I was willing to be her little cum slut. I agreed and so far I've been fucked twice this week. I can't wait to see what the future holds.




Her name was Carol. She lived with her girlfriend Joan. I was 16. Mom and dad had mentioned they were lesbians but I really didn't know what that meant. They had a built-in pool and my brother and me often were invited over to swim. He was older and eventually joined the Army. I often felt like an only child after he left and Carol almost became my second mother. She invited me to go fishing with them one day. We found a secluded spot and the first thing they did was to strip down to their bras and panties. They told me to stare if I wanted, otherwise ignore them because they always fished this way. Then Joan asked me to get her cigarettes from the car and when I did she told me to light one for her. That was my first cigarette but I already felt my dick getting a little hard staring at her large tits and smoking her cigarette. I stared a lot at their tits that day but they didn't seem to mind. We finally packed up and headed home. Just before we got to my house Carol turned to me and said "You know, I just got fixed so if you want to practice fucking just let me know." I was blown away and went straight to the bathroom and jerked off.

About a week later, on a hot Saturday Joan called and invited me over to swim. My mom was okay with it so I got in my trunks and headed over. The water was pretty cold and they were both in the water when I got there. To my surprise then had no tops on. Their tits were both out of the water and my cock jumped. They said to come on in that the water was fine. It about froze my nuts when I stepped in. Carol turned to Joan and said "I bet his dick is shriveled up in the cold." She reached over and put her hand on my crotch. "I guess I was wrong" she said as her hand circled my cock through my trunks. "Oh fuck honey" she said to Joan, "I've got to have this." She grabbed my hand and led me out of the pool. When I asked what she was doing she just licked her lips and looked down at my shorts and said "I gotta see what you have."

I was confused but she assured me it was okay. When we got to her bedroom she sat me on the bed and put a tit up to my mouth and said she really loved to have her nipples sucked. I started sucking on her nipple and almost came right there. My cock was almost rock hard now and she was mashing her nipple against my mouth and telling me how good it felt. I didn't even notice Joan in the room but when her hand went under my trunks waistband and grabbed my cock I finally opened my eyes and saw her. I glanced down and she was naked with her hairy pussy seemingly staring back at me. About that time Carol pushed me back onto the bed on my back and they both took my trunks off. My seven inch cock was standing almost straight up. Carol knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. "Oh fuck" I said and almost immediately started cumming. It was a pretty big load but she took it all. I started to apologize but Joan assured me it was natural to cum quickly on my first time. She finished sucking me dry and they started kissing and feeling each other up. Then Joan's hand went down to Carol's cunt and started to finger fuck her. "Oh honey, deeper" she kept saying and I thought Carol was cumming. My cock stirred again as Carol was being finger fucked. Then Joan asked if I wanted some of this. I shook my head yes and she took her hand away and told Carol I was ready.. I was still laying on my back when Carol crawled on top of me and squatted down onto my cock. At the same time Joan squatted on my face and put her cunt on my mouth and said to tongue fuck her. I'd never done anything like this before but she smelled like she wanted me to lick her so I did.. She told me to nibble on the little knob and when I did I felt something squirt on my chin. "That's so fucking good" she said as I nibbled on her while Carol was busy bouncing up and down on my cock. It took almost 15 minutes for me to be ready to cum. I warned her but she kept bouncing up and down and even grabbed my nipples and pulled. I came even harder than before and she said it was the best orgasm she ever had. It really wasn't but I was impressed with myself at the time.

A half hour later I was in my trunks and heading home reeling at what just happened. Before I left Joan said that if they invited me over to swim it really meant they wanted to fuck me. It eventually turned into them fucking my ass with a strap on and just last month introduced me to gay sex. I sucked my first cock and a week later got ass fucked for real for the first time.

I'm now 38 and have been married for 11 years with two kids, but that hasn't stopped me from visiting Joan and Carol now and then to either fuck them or get fucked by one of their gay friends. I'm such a fucking pervert but am determined to live this life without my wife never knowing.




I stayed a virgin through high school and somehow even through college. I was a 21 year old young woman when I met Derrick. I was out with some of the girls from the office I had recently started working at and we were drinking a bit. A young man named Derrick asked me to dance. I accepted and we danced a few dances and he bought me another couple of drinks. He ushered me over to the bar. We were on the end where nobody could see us and were standing there just chatting when I felt his hand on my ass. I figured it was all innocent so I didn't do anything. He was rubbing my ass cheeks when I felt his hand under my skirt and on the inside of my thigh. I thought this was too much and told him to stop but his hand moved a little farther up and he was forcing his fingers inside my pussy. I felt my nipples harden and he whispered that he had known me from afar for a couple of years. I didn't stop him even though I wanted to. His fingers felt better than my own and the more he finger fucked me the wetter I got. I knew it wasn't the best thing to do but I opened my legs a little and was melting even though I was drunk. I came a minute later and then we were innocently standing back at the bar. He asked if he could call me for a date and his smile and eyes won me over. Even though I initially thought he violated me that first night made me fall for him.

We dated for a month or so before he made any other moves. I got hornier every time we went out and one night on the way home from dinner I reached over and started stroking his crotch. He pulled into an abandoned parking lot and turned to kiss me. I had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner and was a bit buzzed. As we kissed his hand reached in to massage my tits. I had seen some porn but had never even given a second thought to blowing a guy but the feeling overwhelmed me and when we broke the kiss I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It looked huge although I had nothing to compare it to. He didn't insist nor did he push me. I went down on him voluntarily. I wrapped my lips around his cock and my pussy got wet. He was soon hard and said "Honey that is the greatest feeling I've ever had." That was the first time he called me honey. A few minutes later his cum had filled my mouth and I didn't want to make a mess to I decided to swallow it all. I was surprised that I actually liked it. When I had sucked him dry I sat up a little embarrassed. He assured me it was natural and that was the most loving thing anybody had ever done to or for him. The next night we ended up with him eating me and we fucked for the first time. That was also my first time and as I was cumming I pulled his hands down to my nipples and told him to pull hard. He did and that enhanced my orgasm.

We fucked regularly for the next six months and at a romantic dinner he asked me to marry him. I accepted and seven years later we're still in love and fuck several times a week. I'm pretty meek at work and at church but at night I let it all hang out and take his cock in every hole and anytime he wants. I probably masturbate more than he does but there's nothing like his big dick inside me. We want children but until that happens we will fuck like rabbits and make each other cum as much as possible.




Between my Junior and Senior years my buddy Art and I would go to the X-rated drive in. We would each sit on our side of the car and pretend our dicks weren't hard by the time the movie was over. It was sort of an unwritten rule between us. We did just about everything together throughout high school and were inseparable. Then came the night we went to the drive-in and watched Insatiable with Marilyn Chambers. It came to the last scene with Johnny Wad Homes. He had this huge fucking cock and actually ass fucked her with it and she was begging for more.

As she was sucking him Art turned to me and said "You know, my cock is bigger than his." I called bullshit and he said if he was right I had to suck him. I said "It's a bet." We still had a while to go in the movie and I turned to him as he put his seat all the way back and unzipped his pants. He was fucking serious. He said I had to pull his cock out if I wanted to see. I reached over and pulled his pants down to his knees and then pulled his underpants down. His cock popped out. What a fucking liar. His cock was about 7 inches long and hard as a fucking pole. It was quite a bit bigger than mine, and although it wasn't Johnny Wad's size it was impressive. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and said to suck it anyway. I didn't realize until later that his plan all along was to get me turned on enough to suck his cock.

We had been drinking some of his cousin's beer and I was pretty buzzed that night, so when he said to suck his cock I leaned over and put my lips over the head. It was hard as a fucking pole but baby soft as I started to suck him. My own cock was getting harder the more I sucked him. He kept his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down and in about three minutes I felt the first squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat. I tasted it and instantly liked it. I decided to keep sucking until his nuts were empty. By the time I pulled my mouth off he was clean as a baby. He finally let my head up and said that I was his bitch from now on.

He was the alpha in the relationship and I sucked him off for weeks. Then one night we were at his house and his parents were gone. He had me suck him until he was hard then he said to take my pants off. I thought he was going to suck me but he turned me around and said to get on all fours. I did and his wet fingers were probing my asshole. He was finger fucking me and I was liking it. Then he pulled his finger out and scooted up behind me and in one motion shoved his hard cock into me. I yelled "Oh fuck" as the pain went through me, but as he leaned forward and caressed my nipples I started to relax. In a few seconds the pain went away and he started to slowly fuck me. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes and I felt the first squirt of his cum inside me. He continued to pump in and out until he was spent, then he pulled out. He turned me around and shoved his big cock back into my mouth. He said to make him cum again. I sucked him while he got soft and a bit later he got hard again. He was finally hard and I fondled his nuts and rubbed his prostate under his nuts until he came again.

He filled my mouth with what was left of his nuts and I swallowed every fucking bit of it. What a fucking night. We sucked and fucked throughout our senior year and he finally went into the Marine Corps. I went in another direction and wear dresses and suck cock for a living. I saw him a couple of months ago and he made me suck his cock again. He left a few days later. I don't know if I'll ever see him again but each cock I suck reminds me of my one true love Art.




We were drunk that night and my husband's little cock hardly entered me. I was horny and pissed. I was tired of his half-hard little sissy cock and in my drunken state I blurted out "You little pussy. I need a real cock to fuck me." He rolled off and walked out of the room. I could tell he was really pissed. I heard him on the phone and he came in and said "You're gonna get your cock. After that we're fucking through." I was perplexed but about 15 minutes later he came back into the bedroom with a large black man behind him. "She's all yours. Bitch, this is Billy and he's gonna fucking split your asshole in half."

"What the fuck?" I demanded. He didn't say anything more and Billy stripped. His cock was huge and it was still soft. He crawled on the bed and straddled me, pinning my arms by my side with his legs. He put his cock in my mouth sand said "Suck it cunt." I had no choice as he started to mouth fuck me. He hit the back of my throat with each thrust. I was surprised I wasn't gagging. His cock got hard in no time. He could barely fit more than the head in my mouth. Another two minutes and he let out a grunt. He started to cum in my mouth. I had never swallowed before and could only about swallow half of it before it started to squirt back out of my mouth past his cock. Even after he was spent he kept mouth fucking me. Ten minutes later he was hard again. I never knew how much my jaw could hurt by merely sucking a cock.

After he got hard again he finally pulled out of my mouth and quickly moved down between my legs. he lifted my legs and plunged his cock inside me. More like forced it into me. It was bigger than anything I'd ever had inside me. He was hitting places that I never even knew existed. He was a fucking bull and each stroke seemed harder and deeper than the previous one. Up until now I hated it but this was fucking fantastic. After only about 30 seconds I came for the first time in my life. He kept fucking me and two minutes later I came again. He fucked me for the next 20 minutes and I came many more times. My cunt was soaking wet with my juices but before he could cum inside me he pulled his cock out. I was about passed out from cumming so much but was brought back to life when he shoved his slippery cock into my ass. It felt like he was splitting me apart and I screamed. He put his hand over my mouth and said "Shut the fuck up cunt and take it like a good little whore." I tried to scream again but his hand on my mouth was preventing me. I think I passed out for a second but when I revived he still had his cock in my ass. The pain had subsided. Not that it was pleasurable but it didn't hurt anymore. Then he pulled back out of my ass and plunged his cock back in my cunt.

I moaned with the first thrust and by the time he was ready to cum I had cum at least three more times. I kept telling him to fuck me harder and he did. He fucked me for another five minutes and finally said he was going to breed me like a 20 dollar whore. He started cumming inside me. He still had a lot left as his nuts were twice as big as my husband's. After he finished cumming he pulled out and stood up. He got dressed and headed out of the bedroom. His only words as he closed the door was "What a fucking cum whore." I fell asleep and when I woke up my husband was gone. After getting mad I calmed down a little and decided it was better to know now what a real cock felt like.

We were divorced six months later and I have hooked up with a tall gorgeous black stud. I suck his cock nearly every night. It isn't as big as Billy's was but it's a lot bigger than that little dick ex-husband of mine. We're now expecting our first child. I can't let him fuck me too deep at this point but I still suck his cock nearly every night. I love cock. Real cock that is.