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I'm a 67 year old widow. My husband dies 4 years ago and I've been alone since then. I decided one night to go listen to the local band at a bar. I'd heard they were good so I called my friend Jenny. we got to the bar about 9 o'clock that night. The band was good. Jenny's about 45 and really good looking. Within minutes she was on the dance floor with a younger man. Then she said he was going to drive her home and I was on my own. I had several drinks when a younger man approached me and asked me to dance. It was a slow song so I said okay. It was pleasant enough and he walked me back to my booth. He asked if he could sit with me. When I told him okay he scooted in and ordered a couple more drinks. I was pretty tipsy by now so when he put his hand on my thigh I didn't mind. Then he leaned in and kissed me. I responded. When this happened I felt a hand inside my blouse on my tit. He asked if I lived alone. When I said yes he suggested we go to my place. I was drunk enough to say yes. He was much taller than me and had a trimmed beard.

When we walked into my apartment he turned and kissed me. He said we should get naked. I let him take the lead and let him undress me. He kept saying how nice my body was. It complimented me so I let him keep going. Soon we were both naked and in the bedroom. We were on the bed and he said "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard you won't know what hit you." I didn't say anything but let him go to work. He started to lick my cunt and it felt really good with his beard brushing my thighs. He reached up and started to tweak my nipples. I loved that. I said that I liked that and he squeezed harder. Then he scooted forward so that he was straddling my chest. Up to this point I had no idea what his cock looked like. It was gorgeous. Cut, long and thick. He said to suck him until he filled my mouth. I had never had a man cum in my mouth before so I didn't really know what he was talking about until he started cumming. It was the right texture and the taste for me was heavenly. I took every drop he had to give me and wanted more. Even when he was ready to pull out I wasn't ready to stop sucking him. He let me continue until he was hard, then he said he was going to fuck me. I was ready. He got me on my hands and knees and put his cock in my cunt. he fucked me like never before. I had orgasmed three or four times when he pulled out and I felt his cock at my asshole. I started to panic and told him I didn't want that. He said that it was too fucking bad and he was gonna fuck my ass whether I wanted it or not.. He shoved his hard cock in my ass and I started to cry. It hurt so bad but he didn't stop. After five minutes of crying I was moaning. His cock in mas was heavenly.

He fucked me for at least a half an hour before he asked if I wanted it in my ass or in my mouth. I told him I wanted it in my ass and the more he came the more I loved it. After over 40 years of marriage I never had an orgasm like this. He fucked my ass until I was ready to pass out. When he finally pulled out I said I had never been fucked like that before. Then I passed out. When I woke up the next morning he was gone. I've been back to the bar several times and haven't seen him yet. I don't even know his name but my cunt and my asshole is ready anytime I can find a cock to please me. After only one truly good fuck I've become the biggest granny slut in town. Come on boys, fuck me.




In my office there are three of us women and five men. The old guy it Dennis. He's in his 50s and fairly good looking for an old guy. I'm 32 and recently divorced. My husband hit me one too many times and I got fed up so I divorced him. Dennis is really neat guy. He's probably the smartest guy in the office, the hardest worker and is the only one who doesn't tell off-colored jokes about women. He's the one who makes coffee and is almost always the first one in the office.

One day in the copier room I was making some copies and felt a gentle hand on my ass. I figured it was one of the assholes in the office but it was Dennis. I slapped his hand away and he immediately apologized. He turned to leave and I told him to stop. There was nobody else around so I grabbed his hand and put it back on my ass. I told him to squeeze a cheek and he did. Then I whispered "You can play with my ass anytime you want." I glanced down and thought I saw a little bulge in his slacks. We both just let it be at that and went back to work. I usually wear slacks but the next day I wore a skirt and blouse. I was trying to be a bit of a tease for him. Then nothing happened. It was a normal day, and so was the next two days. Then came Friday and I wore a skirt again. In the copier room Dennis followed me. I knew it was him when he put his hand on my ass and rubbed up and down my ass crack. When I turned around he was smiling. Then he said "Work the rest of the day without your panties on." That shocked me as he walked out. I was about to go on break so I grabbed my purse and headed for the restroom. I took off my panties and only had on my hose as I headed back into the office. I winked at him as I passed his cubicle.

A minute later he asked me to help him with an issue on his computer. I walked over to him and looked around to make sure nobody was paying attention. I stood next to him and he slipped his hand under my skirt and ran it up the back of my leg. I thought he was going to grab my ass but his hand detoured and he started to rub my pussy. I was starting to get wet when he pulled his hand out and stuck his fingers in his mouth. I decided right there that instead of teasing him I wanted to fuck him. I walked back to my desk thinking about it and when it was time to go home I walked over to him. "Follow me home" I said and walked out.

When I pulled up into my driveway he was right behind me. As soon as we walked in he turned me around and kissed me. Then he unbuttoned my blouse and unclipped my bra. "You have beautiful breasts" he said as he gently rubbed his palms over my nipples. I almost swooned. No man had ever told me that before without being crude. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He gently laid me on the bed and took off my skirt and pantyhose. He started to undress and I told him I wanted to do it. I removed his shirt and undershirt. I ran my hands up and down his slightly portly torso. Too many men think that a woman only wants a hard body but it's so much more about attitude and the way they treat women that matters. He stood there as I unbuckled his belt and undid his slacks and pulled them down and he stepped out of them. Then as I pulled his shorts down his cock popped out over the top. I said "Oh my" and gasped a little. His cock was so much larger than my ex-husband's. It was thick and uncircumcised. He just stood there as I admired his tool then gently put my mouth over the head. I moved the hood back and forth and within a couple of minutes the hood was stretched back and he was hard. His cock was at least seven inches long and really thick. I tasted his pre-cum as I was sucking him. When he was hard and apologized saying he didn't mean for that to happen. I chuckled and said it was okay. My ex made me take his cum in my mouth anytime he was horny so I was used to being forced to suck until he came. Dennis was so different. He told me to lay down. I asked what he was going to do. He asked if I really wanted him to tell me and I said yes. He said to roll over on my belly. As I did he said "First I'm going to give you a killer back rub and as you relax I'm going to run my hands down your back and massage your butt cheeks. Then when you think I'm going to rub your pussy I'm going to work on the back of your legs, then your calves and finally give you a killer foot rub. I will then turn you over and gently kiss you from your nose down to your neck. I plan on making your nipples hard with my fingers and mouth and as you get turned on more and more move my mouth down with gentle kisses until I reach your vagina." I chuckled at that. When he asked why I laughed I told him that nobody ever called it my vagina. He asked what I preferred and I said anything he wanted was fine. "Okay then" he said and continued. I will move my mouth down with gentle kisses until I smell the essence of your cunt. I will push your legs up to give me a perfect view then tongue fuck you, sucking your clit and tonguing your cunt until you beg me to fuck you. I will turn you over and first fuck you doggie style. You will cum more than once before I do. And just when you think it can't get any better I will turn you over and fuck you until you beg me to cum. The power of my orgasm will give you the next orgasm. When I pull out I will lay on my back and you will suck my cock until I fill your mouth. That is, if you want to.

I was ready to cum by the time he stopped talking. He was doing everything he said and my first orgasm came when his lips touched my clit. By the time he had fucked me on all fours I had cum at least three more times. Then he turned me over and shoved his cock back into me. I had never cum so much in my life and pulled him down and started tonguing his mouth while he pounded me. I actually heard myself yell "fuck me harder and give me your cum." He did and when his first shot hit inside me I came again. He continued fucking me for another two minutes and finally pulled out. He rolled over onto his back. His cock was still hard and coated with both our juices. I really wanted to please him so I rolled over and started to suck his still hard cock. He pulled my legs over him until my cunt was over his mouth. He started to tongue fuck me again without hesitation. I had never had sex like this before and he lapped up everything that came out of me. When he started to cum I didn't hesitate but swallowed every drop he gave me. I finally rolled off of him and collapsed.

He woke me up about an hour later. He was fully dressed. He said he showered, he told me this was s very special night for him and had a surprise for me in the bathroom. He gently kissed me and said he would see me at work Monday and wished me a good weekend. After he left I got up and walked into the bathroom. He had run a hot bath for me and there were so many bubbles I started crying at the thought. I found out that his wife had a lot of health issues and had given him a hall pass to satisfy his needs since she could no longer do it. I know I'll never have him permanently but we've been fucking for the last year regularly and I have no plans to find another.




I love sucking my husband's cock. It's about 5 inches long and fits in my mouth just right. The problem is that he's out of town a lot. He's a trucker and is gone tow to three weeks at a time. I have become a regular at the local bar and one night ran into Jenny. I knew her from high school and we chatted a bit. A week later I was at the bar again and Jenny and her husband Curt was there. She and I started drinking and soon I was telling her about my insatiable need for my husband's cock but he was gone too much. Then she said if I wanted I could fuck her husband. She said they were swingers and she really didn't mind. I told her no that night.

A couple weeks later after Terry left on another run I was pretty horny so I headed to the bar. Jenny and Curt were both there. I had about four or five drinks when Curt put his arm around me and said I should sit with them in their booth. I didn't respond but just let him lead me to their booth. I sat next to Jenny. They bought me a couple more drinks and I was pretty drunk. Then I felt a hand on my thigh. She turned and said she wanted to kiss me. Before I could respond her lips were on mine and her tongue in my mouth. At the same time her hand was rubbing my pussy through my slacks. That's when I noticed Curt had come over to our side of the booth. His hand was inside my blouse and was playing with a nipple. Then Jenny said they wanted to take me to their place. Again I didn't respond but they led me to their car and Jenny and I sat in the back while Curt drove us. A few minutes later we were at their house and inside. They stripped me of all my clothes and Curt was also naked. I looked down and his cock was at least two inches longer than Terry's and he wasn't even hard yet. Jenny was behind me kissing my neck and fondling my tits. She was rolling my nipples in her fingers when Curt came over and stood in front of me. He said to get on my knees. I expected him to say to suck him but instead he said he was going to mouth fuck me until he was empty. Jenny followed me to the floor and with one hand still on a tit her other hand went down to my pussy.

Jenny was now finger fucking me as Curt was mouth fucking me. His cock was so big I couldn't hardly breathe with it in my mouth. Then he told me to suck him like I was getting paid for it. I was drunk enough to do it. In about five minutes I felt the first shot of his cum on my tongue. He kept fucking my mouth until he was spent. I usually don't swallow Terry's cum but I didn't have much of a choice here. Jenny was still finger fucking me and had made me cum once already. Then they laid me on my back on the carpet and Curt straddled my chest and stuck his cock back in my mouth. At the same time Jenny was starting to lick my pussy working my clit with her lips and tongue. Then I felt a strange sensation as a finger entered my asshole. I never let my husband do this but felt helpless to stop it. She started to finger fuck my ass while eating my pussy.

When Curt was hard again they switched places. She sat on my face facing my feet with her pussy on my mouth and I could smell her sex. Then Curt lifted my legs and shoved his big cock into me. It filled me like Terry never could. I started to lick another woman's pussy for the first time and had two more orgasms before Curt pulled out. He hadn't cum yet but Jenny had. I tasted a woman's juices for the first time and loved it. Then I felt Curt's cock at my asshole and I panicked a little. Jenny said to relax and I would enjoy it. It hurt like a bitch at first but the longer he stayed inside me the less it hurt. He slowly started to fuck my ass and 20 minutes later he said he was gonna cum. It was okay but I preferred his cock in my pussy. When I told them that he pulled his cock out of my ass, rested for a minute, wiped it off and shoved it back into my pussy. Then he said "Your man must have a little cock because you have the tightest cunt I've ever fucked.' He pulled out just in time to cum on my belly and Jenny leaned over and licked it all up while her pussy was still on my mouth.

We all collapsed and the next morning Jenny drove me back to my car. Before we got out of her car she leaned over and kissed me for a long time. Her hand was rubbing my pussy the whole time and said anytime I needed a big cock to let her know. I went inside and showered. I spent that day thinking about the night before. At 7:00 that night, after a half bottle of wine I called her and said I needed her man over at my house. They came over and we did it again. I've never cheated on my husband and had never made it with another woman before but fuck it was great. Now whenever Terry is out of town I get more pussy and cock than I could have ever imagined. And man is his cock fucking huge.




When I gave birth to Jack I was a proud mom. As he grew into a man I was never more proud than when he joined the Army. Four years later he came home as a real man. He was over six feet tall with broad shoulders, a trimmed beard and a killer smile. He needed a place to stay so I gave him his old room. His dad had died in a trucking accident a couple years back. I hadn't dated anybody since then and was glad to have a man back in my house. But I realized after a week at home that all through his teenage years he had a fascination with my big tits. It was really apparent that he still thought about my tits as I caught him staring at them many times the first couple of weeks he was home. I didn't mind though. I don't consider myself extremely pretty and I'm a little overweight. The one habit he got from his father was to drink a little too much. He drank a six-pack nearly every night and one Friday night while I was sitting on the couch he walked behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. We both had a lot to drink so when his hands moved down to my tits I didn't stop him. He caressed me then his fingers and thumbs found my nipples. I imagined it was my husband pulling on my nipples and had that familiar stirring between my legs. Then he pulled his hands away and apologized, saying it was the alcohol. I told him to come sit by me. When he walked around to the front of the couch I could see the outline of his cock through his gym shorts. He sat next to me and put his head on my shoulder. He apologized again but now I was horny. I put my hand on his thigh. He had drank much more than usual and I could tell he was quite drunk and when I moved my hand up toward his cock he put his head and said "Oh fuck baby make me cum." I had never heard him talk like that before but I was pretty drunk myself and when I reached under the leg of his shorts and felt his cock I nearly came. His cock was a lot thicker than his dad's and I hadn't had a cock in almost three years.

Then I came to my senses and told him that we can't do this. I quickly got up and went to bed. I was in bed sobbing when I felt him crawl in bed with me. He was rubbing my shoulders and saying how pretty I was. I felt like a queen. Nobody had told me I was pretty in nearly 10 years. He told me to just lay back and relax. His hands were rubbing my shoulders. then he rolled me on my back and he pulled my nightgown up over my tits. His hand found a tit and his mouth found the other tit. He gently sucked on a nipple. then his hand was rubbing my belly and moved down to my pussy. His mouth followed. Within a couple of minutes he had his head between my lets and his tongue was fucking me. I came almost immediately. For the first time in my life I told a man I wanted him to fuck me. I sort of realized it was my son but I didn't care at that moment. I just wanted a cock inside me. I pulled my legs up and told him again to fuck me. He moved up and kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss I ever had. His tongue was soft and probing and his hand was on my tit again. Then I felt it. He slowly slipped his big cock inside me. That was the biggest thing I'd ever had inside me. It only took about three seconds and my pussy succumbed to him. It was thicker than his dad's cock and at least two inches longer. He filled me like never before. He started to slowly fuck me, then increased the speed and depth and I could feel his large nuts slap against my ass with each thrust. I was in fucking heaven. I gad given birth to a porn star if there ever was one. I came two more times before he pulled his cock out. Then he moved up and straddled my chest and shoved his cock in my mouth. He told me to suck it like a whore. I didn't know whether to be offended or proud. I chose proud. I put my lips around it and sucked it like never before. My husband thought this was a dirty act but I always wanted to have his cock in my mouth but never really got the chance. But now I had my own son's cock in my mouth and my hand was cupping his large nuts.

I had as much of his cock in my mouth when he said to finger fuck him. I put a finger to his asshole and he said to shove it in. I did. Then he said to fuck him like it was a cunt. I started to finger fuck his ass as I sucked him. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and held me as he started to cum. I had never tasted a man's cum before. I actually liked the taste and the texture. I clamped my lips around the head and sucked him clean. All the while he was calling me his dirty little cunt and cum slut. Without even touching my pussy I came again. I couldn't believe this was happening. It was a better fuck than I ever had with his father. When I had sucked him dry I told him to fuck me again. He said I had to make him hard again first. I kept sucking him until he was hard again. It took about 10 minutes and he moved down and shoved his cock inside me. I just kept saying "Oh fuck honey, make mama cum again." And he did. I ended up cumming seven times that night. It was even better than my honeymoon and my son was the best lover I could ever imagine.

He moved out a few months later. We never repeated that night and I've found a man since then. I'm married and see my son often. We never talk about that night but I know neither of us will ever forget it. I can still taste his cum and imagine his cock inside me every time my new husband fucks me. It's too bad he's my son and not my lover.




I'm a 35 year old married woman. My fascination with women's tits started when I was about eight. My younger brother was born when I was seven. My mom breast fed him and I literally begged her to watch him suck on her tits. About that time I discovered that if I squeezed my nipples it got me excited. By the time I was about 14 I would spend hours in my bedroom squeezing my nipples and the harder I squeezed the more I liked it. Then by the time I graduated my tits were fairly large and my nipples were tough as leather from me squeezing them so much. So when I finally got a job in an office I found myself with a hand inside my blouse squeezing my nipples while I made phone calls or working on the computer. I worked in a cubicle.

When I was about 32 another woman in my office sort of caught me squeezing a nipple. She snuck up behind me one day and said "You know, I like to play with my tits too." It startled the shit out of me and I removed my hand. Then she told me it was okay, but she really wanted to feel my nips. There was nobody around so I told her she could. She was behind me and reached over me and put her hand inside my blouse. She found a tit and then took my nipple between her thumb and finger. I told her to squeeze harder. The was just not rough enough. Then I told her to try to touch her fingers through my nips and she squeezed until I nearly helped. "Oh fuck" I said. Over the next couple of weeks she would walk up behind me and play with my tits. One day I told her that her playing with my nips gets me wet. Then one day while her hand was on my tit she said she wanted to suck on my cunt. I couldn't believe she said that but after the third time she said it I told her that if she got a motel room I would let her. I was half kidding but not really.

One Friday morning she came up and put her hand on my tit and said that she had a motel room. She quickly left, but a couple of hours later she asked if I was up to it. I had already told my husband I would be home late because I was going out with the girls that night. By about two o'clock I finally told her that I was willing to let her suck on my cunt.

After work that night I followed her to the motel. It was a rundown room but my pussy was already wet but what surprised me was when she closed the door behind me she kissed me. I was only looking forward to my pussy being sucked on but her kiss was so soft I didn't want to stop. While she was exploring my mouth with her tongue her hands unbuttoned my blouse and her hands were all over my tits. I was getting more turned on by the minute. Within 10 minutes we were both naked and laying on the bed. She turned around into a 69 and stuck her hairless cunt into my face. I had never licked a pussy before but I could smell her so I started to lick her clit and she kept saying "Tongue fuck me." By the end of the night we had made each other cum several times and for the first time I discovered the softness and joy of another woman.

After I had several orgasms I mumbled that I need something bigger in my cunt. She reached into her purse and pulled out a strap-on. It was bigger than my husband and when she plunged that rubber cock into my cunt I came harder than never before. We kissed, we caressed, we licked, we sucked, we fucked and she even ate my ass, something my husband would never do.

From that night we spent many nights together sucking and fucking each other. I still love my husband but I love the sex with other women. I have now sucked more pussy than my husband has ever had and had my pussy sucked more times by other women than by my husband. I don't know if I am considered a lesbian or not, but I just know I love both cock and pussy now.




Growing up I loved my mom's tits. She would change into her nightie after dinner nearly every night. Dad drove truck so he was gone more than he was home. Most weekends he was home and I would stand at the door and listen to them fuck. Mom never cussed except when dad was fucking her. She would yell for him to fuck her harder and to give her that big fucking monster and things like that. Dad always had a dirty mouth so it was nothing to hear him say just about anything when they were fucking. I jerked off a lot listening to them and wished I was the one fucking her when dad was gone.

The nightie she wore was nearly see-through. I could see the outline of her nipples and couldn't help but stare at them when I thought she wasn't noticing me. The lady next door was a little older than my mom but had a similar figure. One day I noticed that she had nipples too. At 16 my cock was pretty much as big as it was going to get. I think it's pretty sizable. It's seven inches long when I get hard and I've noticed it's about the biggest cock in gym class. One afternoon when mom and dad were gone for the weekend I was out mowing the lawn. I had on a sleeveless t-shirt and gym shorts and was just about done when Jenny, the woman next door came over and offered me a cold drink. I accepted, thinking she was going to give me a glass of lemonade. I sat at her kitchen table all sweaty when she put a bottle of beer in front of me. I had never drank beer before but was eager to try it. I drank it in about one minute and was surprised when she gave me another one. As we chatted I discovered her husband had died a number of years before in a motorcycle accident.

After a couple more beers my head was reeling. I think she caught me staring at her tits. I could tell she was bra-less by the way her nipples were sticking out. I still had half of my beer left when she got up and pulled another one out of the fridge. When she sat it in front of me I looked up and she was staring at my crotch. Then she stood behind me and began to rub my shoulders. It felt really good and I nearly came when her hands moved down and inside my shirt. Her fingers were on my nipples. I moaned a little and she whispered "You like that, don't you honey?" I just nodded. She sat back down and told me to finish my beers quickly. I was staring at her tits as I nearly guzzled that last beer. When I was done with it she grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom. She told me to just relax. She took my t-shirt off and pulled my shorts down. My cock was pretty hard by now and I was embarrassed. She looked down and said, "Oh honey. Don't worry about a thing. That's what is supposed to happen." She knelt down and said "You know. The first cock I ever sucked was on a 16 year old boy."

I didn't know what to do when she took my cock in her mouth. This was much better than staring at tits. This may have been the fastest orgasm on earth. It wasn't 30 seconds and I started cumming. She didn't flinch but took it all without even flinching. I tried to apologize for cumming so quickly but she just stood up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue as she explored my mouth. We broke the kiss and she chuckled a little and said "Don't worry honey. I know 16 year olds have plenty to give. You're doing just fine." That made me feel a little better but I didn't really know what to do next. She pushed me back onto the bed. I was already half hard again. She quickly stripped and laid back on top of me. She initiated a kiss again. After a couple of minutes she asked "You ever tongue fuck a woman?" I was shocked and shook my head no. "Good" she said and quickly straddled my face. I could smell her and quickly discovered that if I shove my tongue in her pussy it made her wiggle. I licked and tongued her for about 10 minutes. My cock was hard again. She got off of my face and said it was time for me to lose my cherry. I didn't really know what that meant but quickly learned as she scooted down and plunged down onto my cock. "Oh fuck honey" she said as she buried my cock up to the hilt. "You're fucking huge" she said as she started to fuck herself on my cock. After a couple of minutes she rolled us over and told me to fuck her as hard as I could. I did. I was able to last a bit longer this time and when I said I was gonna cum she reached up and pulled on my nipples as hard as she could. I yelled "Oh fuck!" I came deep inside her and when she sensed I was about done she pushed me off and quickly spun around. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked out the last of me.

She finally took her cock off of my mouth and laid down next to me. "Honey, that was fucking awesome" she said as she kissed me and got off the bed. She got dressed. My head was still reeling from the beer and I must have fallen asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later laying on her bed naked. I got up and got dressed. She was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer when I finally walked out of the bedroom. She asked how I was doing and said we should get together more often. She was at least 25 years older than me but that didn't seem to bother her. We did get together quite a bit and I learned just about everything concerning sex, so by the time I met someone and got married I was like an experienced old man. I've been married for a number of years now and we have a great sex life. The other day I went home to visit mom and as I was ready to leave I saw Jenny. Fuck. Now what do I do?




My Fiancee was out of town for the week on business so my friend Debbie and I decided to go out. We ended up at a little dive of a bar a couple towns away. We'd been drinking for a couple of hours and listening to the rag tag band. It was about 9:30 and we were about drunk enough so we decided to call it a night. About that time the waitress came over with two more beers and said they were from the two men in the corner. We started to drink them when the two men approached us. They were twins, Jim and Jack. They were small men, about 5 foot 2 inches tall and sort of skinny. They asked if they could join us. We shrugged and they each took a seat by both of us.

We chatted for another half hour and they bought us more drinks. I was pretty drunk when Jim, the man sitting next to me leaned over and whispered, "You want to see something awesome?" I said "Sure." He took my hand and put it on his thigh up by his crotch. I could feel the outline of his cock through his slacks. It felt like a large banana. I was intrigued so I squeezed it a little. It felt huge and I felt my pussy quiver a little. I get sort of horny when I'm drinking. I looked over and Debbie was kissing Jim. They invited us over to their apartment. I wasn't so sure but Debbie got up and said we would follow them home. They walked out and I followed Debbie.

When we got to their apartment they gave us a couple more beers. My head was reeling. Jack led me to the couch, and as we sat down he kissed me. I responded. I felt his hand inside my blouse. Debbie and Jim were making out on the love seat across the room. Jack snaked his hand inside my bra and started to play with a nipple. I didn't protest as it felt really good. Before I knew it I was topless and he was sucking on a tit and rubbing my pussy through my slacks. I was getting wet and he could feel my wetness through my pants. He undid my pants and told me to take them off. I was lost in the moment and forgot about Debbie and Jim so I let him pull my pants and panties down. He knelt done in front of me and started to lick my thighs and moved up to my pussy. He could taste my juices as I was as wet as I could be. Then he said "Do you like your asshole licked?" I told him I had never had that done before. He lifted my legs and exposed my ass. He started to run his tongue around my asshole. It was like nothing else. "Oh fuck yeah" I said a little too loud. I had my eyes closed enjoying the moment when I felt Debbie sit next to me. We were side by side with the twins eating us out. Then they traded places. This was fucking wild as each had their own technique, but both were very good.

Then, as if they had it planned they both stood up and took their shirt and pants off. Neither had on underwear. The only difference was that Jim was circumcised and Jack was not. They knelt on the couch in front of each of us and we were staring at their big cocks. How could such little men have such big cocks. They were both getting hard. I had never sucked an uncut cock before so when he put it at my lips I opened my mouth and took him in. I ran his hood back and forth until he was hard and his hood was tucked in back of the head. He was about eight inches long and much thicker than my fiancee's. I sucked on him like my life depended on it. I looked up out of the corner of my eye and the two men were kissing and playing with each other's nipples while we sucked their cocks. They both pulled out of our mouths at the same time and in unison turned each of our heads toward each other and pushed us together. Debbie didn't hesitate to kiss me and before I knew it my tongue was exploring the inside of her mouth. Then I felt her hand rubbing my pussy.

The men hopped off of us and manouvered us so we were in a 69 position on the couch. Jim was on the floor on all fours and Jack was fucking him. After a few minutes they traded places and now Jim was fucking Jack. Meanwhile Debbie was making me cum multiple times. I made her cum as well by tongue fucking her. It seemed like an instant and the men had us on our backs on the carpet and I was being fucked by Jack. His big uncut cock was hitting spots my fiancee never could. I was in a constant cum as he fucked me deeper and faster. Then I heard myself yelp and yell "Oh yes. Fuck meeee." I had cum at least five times when he pulled out of my pussy and spun me around so his cock was right above my mouth. I took it in and he said he was going to cum in my mouth. Before I could respond I felt the first shot. He filled my mouth with more cum than I could hold. I swallowed most of it and let the rest dribble out of my mouth. He kept his cock in my mouth until he was hard again. Then the men switched places again and I was being fucked by Jim. He was able to fuck me for a good 20 minutes and as I came for the last time I felt him cumming. Then I passed out. When I woke up it was morning. Jack was cooking breakfast and Debbie was already up and dressed.

That was six years ago. Shortly after that night I dumped my fiancee and moved in with them. Debbie joined us a month later and we have been a foursome since that first night.