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My sister is two years older than me. She had filled out nicely by the time she was a high school senior. I used to film her taking a shower and marveled at how big her tits were. I especially liked to jack off watching her finger herself in the shower. This was on my phone of course. On Fridays she would go out with her friends and come back drunk. One weekend our parents were out of town and she came home super drunk. I offered to help her get ready for bed. I stripped her completely and helped her under the covers. I just stood there as she closed her eyes and within literally seconds she was passed out. I stood there for a couple more minutes to make sure she was out. I shook her and she merely moaned a little but didn't open her eyes.

I lifted the covers off of her and stared at her gorgeous tits. I reached out and put my hand on one of them. She didn't move. I got a little bolder and played with her nipple for a minute. My cock was rock hard already. I had never fucked a girl but had read all about it and even watched some videos. I rolled her onto her back with the intention of fucking her. Instead I thought I might be able to put my cock in her mouth. I took my pants off and stepped up to the bed. I pulled her head forward a little and put my cock against her lips. I pushed a little and she opened her mouth just enough for me to force my cock past her lips. I fucked her mouth for a minute or so and had a wild thought. I pulled out of her mouth and crawled on the bed. I straddled her and put my cock between her tits. I pulled her tits over my cock so it created a tunnel. I started to fuck her tits. She was totally out and didn't notice a thing.

I was getting closer and closer and when I knew I was about to cum I scooted forward a little and put my cock back in her mouth. I fucked her mouth a few more thrusts and started cumming. By reflex she started swallowing. I couldn't get all of my cock in her mouth but got enough so my cum couldn't escape. When I was spent I stayed right there until my cock started to get hard again. I finally pulled out of her mouth after about five minutes of resting it there until I was hard again.

I scooted down and spread her legs a bit. I could smell her sex and I lifted her legs up so her feet were flat on the bed. I scooted up and put my cock against her cunt. I slowly pushed in, watching her face all the time to make sure she was asleep. I fucked her for the next 15 minutes. Occasionally she would let out a moan, and one time she mumbled something that sounded like "Fuck dad, fuck me deeper." What the fuck? I thought. Is she fucking dad? Then I get even more excited to think my sister fucked our dad. I wondered how big his cock is and if he fucked her for a long time before filling her up. This was so fucking erotic that I was cumming before I could react. I didn't pull out right away but bent over and sucked on her tit for a couple of minutes before I crawled out of her and went back to my room.

I couldn't jack off again so I went to sleep. I got up early and went into the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal. When I was just getting done with my cereal she came in. She acted as if she had no clue what happened last night. Mom and dad were still asleep and she was holding her head. She obviously had a headache. I sat there a minute longer than I needed to and she was drinking orange juice. I got up and put my bowl in the sink. I started to head for my bedroom when her hand reached out and grabbed my cock through my robe. She looked up at me and smiled. "You have a really nice cock and your cum tastes really good. I was so embarrassed I wanted to run but was frozen in place. "Don't worry stud, nobody will ever know. And by the way, I don't have to pretend to be drunk for you to fuck me. Next time just ask." The next time I did, and she said yes.




My wife Linda and I were over at John and Debbie's for game night. We'd done this several times in the past and had a good time. We're in our 40s and they are in their 60s but we hit it off right away. That night we played a few games of cards and drank about three bottles of wine. After playing we all went into the living room to chat. My wife and I were both pretty drunk and Debbie happened to sit on one side of me and Linda on the other. We talked about the weather a bit and how much snow we'd get this year. All of a sudden Debbie put her hand on my thigh. I had my head back and my eyes closed and I heard her say to my wife "Is it okay if I play with his cock?" Linda said "I long to see it." Suddenly there were four hands on my belt and zipper and before I knew it my cock was poking out over my shorts. I looked at Linda and she said "That is so fucking hot. Just let her do you." I thought "Why the fuck not" and just relaxed.

Debbie bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I'm about average I guess, about six inches hard and I was quickly getting there. I just closed my eyes and let her suck me. A bit later I opened my eyes and John was standing in front of Linda and she had his cock in her mouth. His cock seemed so fucking big compared to mine. She had one hand on a tit and the other hand rubbing her cunt through her slacks. I told her to show him her snatch. She stood up and stripped. Debbie did the same. John sat down next to me and I mentally compared his eight inch monster to my average cock. Debbie had pulled my pants off and we were all naked sitting there with each other's wife sucking our cocks. I had my eyes closed when I felt a hand slide down my balls and start to play with my asshole. Linda never did this but it felt kind of good so I just sat there and enjoyed it.

Then I heard John whisper something to Linda but I couldn't tell what it was. She just said "Oh fuck yes." Before I knew it I was pulled down so my ass was just off the edge of the couch and John was kneeling in front of me with his big cock slowly pushing into my ass. I wasn't sure about this but Linda just kept saying she had waited for years to see me get fucked. I didn't protest and soon his entire cock was in my ass. He slowly started to fuck me and I felt his nuts slap against me with every thrust. He kept hitting my prostate making my cock stay hard as he fucked me. He asked Linda if she wanted him to cum in my ass and she said "No. I want you to cum in his mouth." Immediately John hopped up on the couch, straddling my chest and shoved his cock in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but as soon as he shoved it in Linda shoved three fingers in my ass and told him to fuck my mouth like it was a fresh cunt. He hit the back of my throat several times and while I was sucking him Linda was finger fucking my ass and Debbie was now sucking on my cock. I came first and she took it all. A minute later I tasted the first shot of John's cum. I actually liked it. It slid down my throat like a slimy oyster and the more he came the more I wanted it. Even after he was spent I kept sucking him.

What a fucking night that was. I learned that night the joy of sucking cock and being ass fucked. Our marriage got even better after that as Linda kept coming home with bigger and more interesting toys. We fucked each other in every hole we had and have been doing it ever since. We even have one-on-one sessions with both John and Debbie and are willing to suck or fuck any time they want. It is a great relationship and I don't see us stopping any time soon.




Aunt Carrie and her daughter Sandy used to come over whenever my dad was on the road. Mom and Carrie would go out drinking and come back stone fucking drunk. Sandy was three years older than me and for some reason my mom thought my 18 year old cousin needed to babysit me, even though I was 15 years old. Usually nothing ever happened, then one night just before I turned 16 they came over. They were in the living room drinking and I was on the couch. Sandy was on the couch also and scooted closer to me. We were in plain sight of mom and Aunt Carrie but they were kind of busy with their wine and mostly ignoring us. Then Sandy put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. She asked if I ever had a girl do that to her. When I said no her hand moved a little closer. I was a bit uncomfortable as her hand moved to my crotch and she turned to me and said a little too loud, "Tonight when those two cunts leave I'm gonna teach you how to eat pussy." Aunt Carrie just looked over to us. I know she heard Sandy but just took another drink and told my mom they better get going if they were to see John Big.

They got up from the table and Carrie looked over to us and said "Have fun you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Sandy said "Don't worry. We won't." I figured I was pretty safe but as soon as they left Sandy grabbed my hand and pulled it over to her breast. Then her hand squeezed my cock. She told me that her body was mine tonight. She said I could do whatever I wanted. I didn't know what to think of that, then she unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra from the front. She shed her top and walked into the kitchen and brought out a six-pack and said she was going to get me drunk enough to fuck her. She popped a beer and told me to swig it. I did. Then a second and a third. I had drank the entire six-pack when she finally sat down next to me. I was reeling when she undid my pants and pulled my cock out through the slit in my shorts.

She stroked me a few times and commented that I had the biggest cock she had ever sucked. She hadn't sucked me so I wondered what she was talking about but as soon as the thought crossed my mind her mouth was on my cock. I had kissed a girl before but that was about all I ever did so this was a new experience. My cock quickly grew hard and was sticking up like a fucking pole when she stood up and stripped. She had big tits like her mom and large nipples. I was staring at them as she got closer and said to suck on them. I leaned forward and she pulled my face to her tits. I started to suck on a nipple imagining it was my mom. I don't know why I thought that but it just got my cock even harder if that was possible. I was so fucking horny now if she wasn't there I would have jerked off at least twice. After a few minutes of sucking on her tit she stood back up and said to sit on the floor. I scooted down so my ass was on the floor and my back was against the couch. She moved in and planted her hairless cunt on my mouth. She said there was no time like the present to learn how to eat pussy and mashed her cunt on my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and she started to grind herself against my mouth. I think I made her cum.

She finally moved back and turned around and got on all fours. She said she needed me to fuck her now. I knelt behind her and shoved my cock into her cunt. She groaned and kept saying "Oh, fuck that's huge." It made me feel good to have her compliment my cock. I didn't think it was any bigger than anyone else but it felt good to have the compliment. I fucked her for a couple minutes and pulled out. She said to cum on her back and I did. Then she turned around and sucked me until I was clean. She kept sucking until I was hard again. It took about 15 minutes and when I was rock hard again she said to fuck her tits. She wrapped her big tits around my cock and was masturbating me with her tits. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it when she turned around again and said to fuck her again. This time however when I was ready to cum she said to cum inside her. I was still drunk and didn't argue. I shoved my cock in and out as hard as I could and finally came inside her. I was totally spent. When I pulled out she stood up and took me into my bedroom. I was nearly out when she laid me on my bed and laid next to me. I remember her saying just before I nodded off, "That was the best fuck I've ever had." I woke up the next morning with her lips on my cock. I was a little hung over but just let her suck me until I filled her mouth. Then I got up to pee.

We walked into the living room and mom and Carrie were cuddled up on the couch with Carries leg between mom's lets. Sandy said the mom and Carrie were very close and now I was part of the family since I've fucked my own cousin.

I learned that mom and Carrie were really lesbians with each other and Sandy learned from her mom. Over the next two years I fucked Sandy nearly every week and even went so far as to fuck Aunt Carrie's hairy cunt. I'm married with children now but I'll always remember my high school days with my aunt and cousin. One night while drunk as shit I think I even fucked my mom thinking it was Carrie. Oh well, I learned from a couple of really good sluts and have been a master fucker of my wife and several other women along the way.




On my last day after 10 years at work my employees took me out to celebrate. We went to this little dive down the street. We started drinking about 5:30 and by 8:00 we were all pretty hammered. I had about an hour to drive but knew I couldn't. Lindsay, one of the other supervisors said I could crash on her couch until I could drive. She only lived about six blocks away from the bar. Everyone left and I drunkenly followed Lindsay to her house. She was divorced and lived alone. She was 41 years old and her kids were out of the house. She was a little overweight but seemed to have nice big round tits and I'm sure she caught me staring at them from time to time.

We got to her house and went inside. I was ready for sleep and laid on the couch. I don't think it was two minutes and I was out. At some point I felt her crawl on top of me. I was so drunk I didn't notice she had removed my shoes and pants and even my underwear. When I noticed her on top of me I sensed a nipple at my mouth. I instinctively started to suck on it. She kept saying "That feels so fucking good I think you're gonna make me cum." I felt my cock being massaged between her thighs and after a couple of minutes sucking on her nipple she scooted down so my cock was between her lets resting on her cunt. She kissed me and I felt her tongue inside my mouth. I responded and tweaked her nipple. She moaned and when we broke the kiss she turned around and stuck her cunt on my mouth. She took my cock into her mouth and even still pretty drunk my cock got hard in her mouth. She said she wanted to drain me. When I asked if she wanted me to warn her she said she loved surprises and was looking forward to sucking me dry. And she did. Her cunt was dripping juice in my mouth and I couldn't hold back any longer and gave her a two week's worth of my jizz. She swallowed every fucking drop and kept sucking until I got soft and then started to get hard again. She had cum twice in the time it took me to cum once. Her pussy was clean shaven and tasted sweet.

I almost passed out again when she turned back around and sat down on my mostly hard cock. It plunged deep inside her cunt and she almost came right then. She started to actively fuck me and I reached up and started playing with both tits again. When she was about to cum she leaned over and shoved her tongue back in my mouth. At the same time her hands found my own nipples and pulled. This sent me over the edge and we both started cumming. My load wasn't very much this time but when she shrieked I knew she was cumming also. When we were both spent she got off of me and went and got another 6-pack. We downed them and she dragged me to her bedroom. We were both still naked when I laid on the bed and passed out.

It was Saturday morning and I woke up to something on my cock. It was her mouth. She said I had the sweetest cum she had ever tasted and said to just relax and let her have it. It took about 10 minutes and when I was ready to cum I felt a finger in my ass. She was now finger fucking my asshole while sucking me to orgasm. This took me over the edge like never before and I came hard. She took it all and when I was spent she moved up and we made out for another 20 minutes. I tasted our saliva and my cum on her tongue while we kissed. It was nearly 9:00 that morning when I finally got dressed and left for home. I had a little explaining to do with my wife but she understood that I couldn't drive the night before and had to stay at "Mike's' house. It was a good thing that she didn't want sex that week. I think she would have noticed the bruise on the base of my cock and I got away with it. Lindsay called me the next Friday and invited me to dinner with her. I told my wife I had to work late at my new job and headed over to Lindsay's after work. I didn't get too drunk to drive home that night but fucked her so hard she nearly passed out. This time though I fucked her first before she sucked me. Man, what a fucking slut she was, but on the other hand what a fucking man slut I am.




My husband's a fucking dick. He's controlling and has a little dick. He makes me suck his cock and I hate it. I don't hate his cock but I do hate him forcing me. One night I got fed up and he was drinking. I said I was going out to get a real cock. He didn't believe me and called me a fucking slut and I deserved a good beating. He stumbled toward me and I was able to push him back on the couch. Then I picked up my purse and left. I knew if he came looking for me he would come to the only bar in our little town so I drove about 20 minutes away and found a bar that had a full parking lot. I figured that this was as good a place as any so I parked and went inside.

I was sitting on a stool at the bar for about an hour drinking and was getting pretty smashed. Before I knew it the bar was emptying and it was after midnight. I was still drinking when two guys came up and sat on either side of me. One asked what was eating me and I poured my heart out about my fucker of a husband. Jeff was on my right and Marc was on my left. All the while they had their hands on my back just rubbing gently. Then I blurted out that I just need a kind man with a big cock. Jeff put a hand on my leg and asked if I would give him a chance. I was so drunk I said I'd try anything once. He grabbed my hand and said to come with him. He said he'd bring me back in the morning to get my car and the three of us drove to his house.

As soon as we walked in his living room he turned and kissed me. I forgot all about Marc. We kissed as he led me into his bedroom and started to undress me. Within minutes we were both naked and making out on the bed. Then I felt my lets being lifted up and Marc was eating my pussy. I kept moaning as Jeff played with my tits and Mark was working my clit. I came two or three times before Marc started to fuck me. His cock was bigger than my asshole husband's and he made me orgasm. I was sucking Jeff's cock at the same time and it was huge compared to my husband. I heard Marc say he was cumming and a bit later he pulled out of my pussy. He told Jeff I had a really tight cunt and Jeff just had to try it.

They switched places and Marc was straddling my chest with his cock in my mouth when I felt Jeff enter me. His cock felt huge inside me as he started to fuck me. He hit spots I didn't even know I had. I had orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me into oblivion. I passed out from the pleasure and woke up the next morning naked and beside Jeff. My asshole felt weird and when I put my finger down there I felt dried cum around my ass opening. I knew then that I had been fucked in the ass. As I was waking up Jeff rolled over and started kissing me. I was sober but wanted it. He was gentle and exciting at the same time. I reached down and started stroking his cock. I was amazed at its size. We ended up fucking again that morning. I spent the day with him and we fucked again that night. Then he confided in me and said that he fucked me in the ass when I was passed out. I told him I didn't remember but for some reason I told him I wanted to do it again. We rested a bit and drank a few beers and he said he could get hard again if I wanted it. I sucked him hard and then got on all fours. He got behind me and started to tongue my asshole. When he had lubed it enough with his spit he said he was now going to fuck my ass. I told him I was ready and he pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt a bit but the more he fucked me the hornier I got. I let him cum in my ass and when he finally pulled out I sucked him to a second orgasm.

When I got home that second night I told my asshole husband that he had to leave and I was through with him.

That was two years ago and my new husband Jeff fucks me nearly every night. He makes really good money and is the best lover I could ever imagine. I love him dearly and will let him put that huge cock in whatever hole he pleases. He uses my entire body, mouth cunt or asshole I'm always ready to accomodate him and we're so fucking happy I can't hardly stand it.




Between my Junior and Senior years my buddy Art and I would go to the X-rated drive in. We would each sit on our side of the car and pretend our dicks weren't hard by the time the movie was over. It was sort of an unwritten rule between us. We did just about everything together throughout high school and were inseparable. Then came the night we went to the drive-in and watched Insatiable with Marilyn Chambers. It came to the last scene with Johnny Wad Homes. He had this huge fucking cock and actually ass fucked her with it and she was begging for more.

As she was sucking him Art turned to me and said "You know, my cock is bigger than his." I called bullshit and he said if he was right I had to suck him. I said "It's a bet." We still had a while to go in the movie and I turned to him as he put his seat all the way back and unzipped his pants. He was fucking serious. He said I had to pull his cock out if I wanted to see. I reached over and pulled his pants down to his knees and then pulled his underpants down. His cock popped out. What a fucking liar. His cock was about 7 inches long and hard as a fucking pole. It was quite a bit bigger than mine, and although it wasn't Johnny Wad's size it was impressive. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and said to suck it anyway. I didn't realize until later that his plan all along was to get me turned on enough to suck his cock.

We had been drinking some of his cousin's beer and I was pretty buzzed that night, so when he said to suck his cock I leaned over and put my lips over the head. It was hard as a fucking pole but baby soft as I started to suck him. My own cock was getting harder the more I sucked him. He kept his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down and in about three minutes I felt the first squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat. I tasted it and instantly liked it. I decided to keep sucking until his nuts were empty. By the time I pulled my mouth off he was clean as a baby. He finally let my head up and said that I was his bitch from now on.

He was the alpha in the relationship and I sucked him off for weeks. Then one night we were at his house and his parents were gone. He had me suck him until he was hard then he said to take my pants off. I thought he was going to suck me but he turned me around and said to get on all fours. I did and his wet fingers were probing my asshole. He was finger fucking me and I was liking it. Then he pulled his finger out and scooted up behind me and in one motion shoved his hard cock into me. I yelled "Oh fuck" as the pain went through me, but as he leaned forward and caressed my nipples I started to relax. In a few seconds the pain went away and he started to slowly fuck me. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes and I felt the first squirt of his cum inside me. He continued to pump in and out until he was spent, then he pulled out. He turned me around and shoved his big cock back into my mouth. He said to make him cum again. I sucked him while he got soft and a bit later he got hard again. He was finally hard and I fondled his nuts and rubbed his prostate under his nuts until he came again.

He filled my mouth with what was left of his nuts and I swallowed every fucking bit of it. What a fucking night. We sucked and fucked throughout our senior year and he finally went into the Marine Corps. I went in another direction and wear dresses and suck cock for a living. I saw him a couple of months ago and he made me suck his cock again. He left a few days later. I don't know if I'll ever see him again but each cock I suck reminds me of my one true love Art.




I was at the bar drinking because my wife of 23 years didn't want sex anymore. It had been at least 10 years since she was willing to suck my cock and she never swallowed. I was frustrated so I went to the bar. Brandi was the bartender. It was a slow night and I was the only one sitting on a stool. She asked me to pour out my heart to her. I told her I had a nipple fetish but my wife wouldn't even touch my nipples anymore, etc...

Brandi poured me another drink and I was pretty wasted. Then she said "Why don't you give me a ride home. We'll touch your nipples and might even swallow." I couldn't believe she was offering to suck my cock. I was drunk enough to say I'd take her home. She made a phone call and said her shift was over. I drove her about five miles down the road and into an apartment complex. I was staggering as we entered her apartment. She introduced her husband as Tony. He said it was good to meet another gay dude. I told him I wasn't gay and he said that was okay and that I'd have fun anyway. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. I stood there as she stripped me and had me lay on the bed. My cock was about half hard as she bent between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. I was telling her how good it was and was getting harder by the second. Then I felt a pair of hands on my nipples. It was tony working them over. Soft then pulling and twisting and I was soon telling him to pull them harder. I was drunk as shit but sort of know what was happening.

Then I realized he was hovering over me and then his naked body was laying on top of me and he had his large cock between my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and he dropped his cock in. Now he was sucking my cock and I was sucking him in a 69. I never thought it could turn me on but I was getting off on this. I was actually sucking another man's cock. Then I felt Brandi lift my legs and her tongue was all over my ass and then down to my asshole. She was playing with my nuts and tongue fucking my ass while Tony was sucking my cock. I tried to mumble that I was gonna cum but he just kept sucking. I started to cum and he took it all. All the while Brandi was working my asshole over and now was finger fucking my ass as I was cumming. When Tony had sucked me dry he got off of me and they traded places. Brandi was now sitting on my face with her cunt on my mouth. I reached up and started to fondle her tits and found her nipples. Then she bent down and took my cock back in her mouth. She was sucking me hard and Tony was licking my asshole. I was starting to get hard again when he lifted my legs up and she grabbed them. I thought he was going to continue to lick me when he put his cock up to my slippery asshole and pushed his cock in. This actually got me even hotter and he was soon fucking my ass like I was a woman. He kept telling Brandi how tight my man cunt was. He must have fucked me for at least 20 minutes as I was ready to cum again. When I said that she pulled my entire cock into her mouth and I deposited my load down her throat. She sucked me dry until there wasn't another drop to be found. Then Tony said he was gonna breed me like I was his bitch. I didn't argue as I was still eating Brandi's shaved cunt. She was cumming at the same time he started to cum. He filled my asshole while she filled my mouth. It didn't really hurt when he shoved his cock in my ass and now I felt like I wanted more.

I told him at the beginning I wasn't gay but now I had my doubts. Over the next three years we met several times a month and I had more cock in my ass than my wife had my cock in her cunt. She seemed happy that I didn't want sex with her anymore but I've found a new type of sex that was way better than fucking my wife. Sometimes I fucked Brandi, sometimes she sucked my cock, and sometimes it was just Tony and me or the three of us sucking and fucking each other.

In one night I went from fucking a cold woman twice a year to getting all the pussy and cock I want from a woman I met at the bar. Fuck man, I get horny just thinking about it. Oh damn, I just came in my shorts.