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It was during Sunday School. After class was over LeAnn came up behind me and ran her hands down my chest. My wife was next to me and I turned around and stood up. "I'm sorry honey but that's not appropriate here." She backed off for a second and apologized. Then she said "So when is it appropriate?" I said "Maybe on Tuesday night after Bible study?" I was sort of flippant with that remark. On Tuesday she showed up. My wife wasn't there and after everyone left LeAnn asked "is now an appropriate time to rub your chest?" I couldn't think of a good reason not to so I said it was okay. She rubbed up and down my chest and said what a masculine man I was and that her husband had just went to prison. I offered my condolences and the lights in the church went out. We were the only ones left. She said "Since my husband went away I've been awful lonely." At that she moved her hand down from my chest to my crotch. She squeezed my cock and said that she has been wanting me for a long time. I didn't move her hand but asked what she had in mine. She said to follow her home and I'd find out.

I decided to follow her home. We entered her apartment and she said that she was alone and really missed a cock in her life. That surprised me and I asked how I could help. She knelt down n front of me and took my cock out of my pants. It's nothing special, about five inches or so when hard but I was surprised when she put her mouth on me and started to suck me. I asked what she was doing and she said that she really needed a cock in her pussy. She sucked me until I was hard and then stood up. She said that I could do anything to her I wanted as long as I had my cock in her cunt. I thought for a moment and had her turn around. I took off her blouse and bra and used her bra to tie her hand behind her back. I asked if this what she had in mind and she said "I'll suck you, fuck you or anything else you want to do to me." I was pretty horny so I told her to get on her knees. She obeyed. I said to suck me until I filled her mouth with my cum. She sucked me like there was no tomorrow and when I was ready to cum I warned her. . She only smiled with my cock n her mouth and mumbled to give it to her. I came and she swallowed every drop. Then she sucked me until I was hard again. "Now I want you to fuck me" she said and laid on her back and pulled her legs up. I loved to eat my wife's pussy and I figured this was my chance so I knelt down and stuck my tongue in her cunt. I tongue fucked her for about five minutes and she didn't make a whisper. Her hands were bound and she was willing to offer her cunt up to me. Wow. When she sensed my hesitation she said to use her anyway I pleased. I thought this was too good to be true.

After I ate her pussy for a bit I told her to turn over. She obeyed. I started on her inner thighs and worked my way up to her pussy. She kept saying how good it felt from someone she admired the most. I continued working my hands up until I reached her ass cheeks. I massaged her cheeks for a minute then slapped one of her ass cheeks. She didn't flinch. After a few more slaps I finally got a whimper out of her. I asked if I was being too rough and she told me again to use her however I wanted. So I slapped her ass cheeks about two dozen times really hard and I could hear her sobbing a little. I rubbed my hand up and down her ass crack and through her sobs she pushed her ass up a little bit. I couldn't resist and started to tongue her asshole. I worked her hole for about five minutes and the whole time she was sobbing. I asked if she was okay and she nodded for me to continue. I stuck a wet finger in her asshole and pushed in. She raised her ass a little more and told me to abuse her. I said okay and stuck two, then three fingers into her asshole. I was ass fucking her with my hand. Then she said she needed me to fuck her. I took my fingers out and scooted up behind her. I pulled her back a bit and shoved my semi-hard cock into her cunt. She then said "Oh yeah honey, fuck me like you're on your honeymoon." I fucked her for at least a half hour and was tired. I pulled out of her pussy and laid back. Without speaking she turned around and took my cock in her mouth. She mumbled "I'm not gonna stop until you cum." She sucked my cock for a good half hour and I was finally ready to cum and warned her. She kept her mouth on my cock as I came for the second time in one night. It wasn't a lot but she seemed to take it all. I was finally spent and she came up and straddled my chest. She was still bound so she couldn't use her arms but could wiggle up until her face was right above mine. the she leaned down to kiss me and as I opened my mouth to accept hers I could taste my cum oozing out of her mouth into mine. What a fucking rush as we kissed and both tasted my cum with out spit. We kessid for about a minute and she asked me to undo her bonds. I did and we kissed again. She never cussed but said "that was the best fuck I've eber had."

From that day forward we meet about once a month at her place and she either sucks my cock or has me fuck her, first in her cunt then in her ass. My wife has never caught on and I hope never will but I surely enjoy my time with that cum sucking vixen, LeeAnn.




I remember the day my mom caught me fucking my girlfriend. I was a Junior in High School and she was a sophomore. She had big tits and a tight pussy. I thought my mom was gone for a few hours but came home from shopping sooner than expected and walked into my bedroom. My girl was saying to fuck her harder when mom demanded to know what was going on. I quickly pulled out and my girl Denise quickly put her clothes on and ran out. We were both humiliated. Mom said to cume into the family room when I was dressed. I though that I was in real trouble.

I walked into the family room and mom was watching TV. She had me sit on the couch next to her. She started to ask me questions like how long we'd been together and had she sucked my cock yet and whether or not she had big nipples. I was flabbergasted by her questions. I stumbled on my answers and she said "It's okay honey, every young man needs to know how to treat a woman. For instance if she puts her hand on your thigh like this," and mom put her hand on my upper thigh. Then she said "you need to open your legs a little and let her know you are okay with it." I instinctively opened my legs and mom's hand found my cock. "Was her pussy wet when you entered her?" "Mom!" i exclaimed. she just laughed a little and said "Here, let me show you." She started to rub my cock through my gym shorts. I was getting hard. "You know honey, I haven't had a man since your father left" and continued to stroke my cock as I sat there. Then she pulled the top of my shorts down exposing my cock and bent over. "Let me show you" she said and took my cock into her mouth. I was disgusted and turned on at the same time. Not even Denise had put her lips on my cock, so when mom started to suck me it was a whole new world. It felt great. I inadvertantley said "Oh fuck me." I apologized and mom said that was what she had in mind. My cock was rock hard now.

Mom worked her way up to my nipple and sucked on it for a bit, then said to caress her breasts. I had felt Denise's tits but they were nothing like mom's. Her's were large and had huge nipples that stuck out. She said to pull on her nipple so I did. "Oh fuck that feels good" she said. Then she had me lay down on the couch and mounted me. She slowly put her cunt on my seven inch cock and buried me inside her. She started to fuck me from the top, all the while saying my cock was so much bigger than my dad's. Then she went on about how much of a stupid mother fucker he was and if it wasn't for his drinking and whoring she could have mad him really happy. I was close to cumming when she hopped off of me and took my cock back into her mouth. She said to give it all to her. I started cumming and she took every fucking drop. I never knew there women who liked to swallow.

After she sucked me dry we talked about it. She said that I was quite a man and whoever I married would be very happy with my large cock. She asked if Denise ever sucked my cock and I told her no. Then she said that if I wanted her to teach Denise how to please a man she would teach her. It was the weirdest conversation I ever had. I didn't tell Denise about fucking mom but I did tell her that mom would be willing to teach her how to please a man. It was awkward but Denise said she would be happy to know what mom had to teach her. I set it up for the next Saturday night.

Denise arrived in time for dinner and we all had a good meal. Then my mom blurted out "So Denise, junior here tells me that you have never sucked his cock. Is that right?" We were both embarrassed but Denise finally admitted that she never sucked me. "Here" mom said, "Let me show you." She took us into her bedroom and told me to strip. I reluctantly took my clothes off and already had a hard-on. "You see honey" mom dole Denise, "He's already for you to pleasure him." Then she explained that men couldn't give a fuck if her needs were met, only that his cock had a mind of its own and if she really wanted to catch a man she needed to learn to suck his cock and take his cum.

Over the next hour they traded off sucking my cock. Mom showed her how to edge me so that I was almost ready to cum then she would back off and do it all over again. I was finally going to cum and nothing they could do could stop it. Mom had Denise take as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and told me to fill her mouth. I came buckets. All the while mom was instructing Denise to swallow and when I was finally cleaned out there was not a drop of cum anywhere. Then mom had Denise suck me until I came a second time. She explained that if Denise could make her man cum twice in one night she would never have to worry about him cheating because he could never get anything better than his wife sucking his cock and swallowing his load. Then she gave Denise permission to suck my cock every day if she wanted. Denise really liked the taste and smell of my cock in her mouth and sucked me at least a hundred times that school year. We eventually went our separate ways but every year Denise sends my mom a Christmas card and a letter explaining how right she was. Denise ended up marrying a large black football player and seemed very happy. I've seen her a few times and we reminisce about our high school days but she will always be grateful to mom for showing her how to keep her man. It's too fucking bad she never showed my wife. She's about a cold fucking fish and I'm lucky to get a blowjob once a year. I surely fucking missed out on that one.




By the time I got to High School I was very developed. I had big tits, large nipples and a small waist. I knew all the guys stared but I kind of liked it. When I became a sophomore I got a boyfriend. He was a senior like my older brother and was one of his best friends. One night at a party I drank a little and John, my boyfriend took me into a bedroom. I had let a couple of guys feel my tits but that was about all. This night was different. John started kissing me and I melted. He laid me on the bed and unbuttoned my blouse. He pushed my bra over my tits and started to play with my nipples. I really liked that. Then he turned me around so my head was at the foot of the bed. I was almost too drunk to care but still knew what was going on. Then he undid his pants and pulled them off. He wasn't wearing underwear and I was staring at his cock. I had really never seen one up close before and was shocked when he put it up to my lips and pushed it in my mouth. I didn't know anything about sucking cock but he kept saying I was a natural. His cock got harder and harder until it filled my mouth. I started to enjoy it and the second shock came when he started cumming in my mouth. He was pulling my nipples as hard as he could as he filled my mouth and I felt my own orgasm as it hit. We didn't fuck but we both came that night.

About a week later mom and dad were gone for the weekend and Terry, my brother had John come over. We drank a bunch of dad's beer and John and I started making out. He was playing with my tits in front of my brother. By that time I really didn't give a fuck. Then John stood up and took his pants off. His semi-hard cock was out in the open. He sat down and ordered me to suck him. I hesitated at first, but when he slapped me and told me again to suck his cock I was afraid not to. After I had drained his cock we drank a little more then John went home. I figured Terry would just go to bed, but after I kissed John good night and came back to the living room Terry was sitting on the couch naked.

I figured Terry would just jerk off and that would be the end of it. Instead, he looked at me and said to take my clothes off. When I said no he said he would tell our parents and everybody he knew what a good cocksucker I was. I knew he was serious so I started to strip. He had his hand on his cock. It looked a lot bigger than John's. When I had my clothes off he said it was his turn to feel my lips on his cock. After he threatened me again I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted better than John's and as appalled as I was I really wanted to suck him. By the time he was fully hard he was at least seven inches long and pretty thick. Then he said he was gonna cum and I better take it all or else. He started cumming and I swallowed every fucking drop. Again I figured we were done and I could go to bed but he said that I was gonna suck him hard again and he was going to fuck me. I was a virgin but at a crossroads. Should I let him fuck me or take the chance that he would spread the nasty word about me. I relented and started to suck him again. It took about 10 minutes but he was finally hard. He had me mount him and lower myself onto his cock. It was a little painful at first and I was crying from the pain and humiliation but he didn't care. He started to play with my nipples and I started to get excited. When he asked if I wanted more I told him yes.

He had me get off of him and get on all fours on the floor. He knelt behind me and shoved his big cock back into me. It was really feeling good. Then I felt his fingers spread my ass cheeks and start to play with my asshole. It felt soft and just like I was rubbing my own asshole. He made me cum with his cock inside me. He felt me shudder and knew I just had an orgasm. Then he pulled his slippery cock out of my cunt and at once shoved into my asshole. I screamed and begged him to stop but he just threatened me again and made me lay on my belly. He shoved his cock back into my ass and fucked me for 10 more minutes. He finally came in my ass and pulled out. I hurt worse than I could imagine. It was three days until I could shit normally again. But I learned how good a big cock felt in my mouth and cunt.

He never did tell on me as long as I kept sucking and fucking him. By the time he was 20 and I was ready to graduate his cock had actually grown another inch. I loved his fat huge cock fucking me into oblivion. I've never found another cock that could satisfy me like that and have never married. He's married with kids now but every now and then he needs an expert blowjob and I can suck him until he cums three times in my mouth. I'm almost 30 now and the blowjobs with him get more frequent and last week he finally talked his wife into letting me live in their spare bedroom. She works nights and I can only imagine what he has in mind.




Growing up I always had a thing for nipples. My mom would often have me hold her feet while she did sit-u[s. She could about 100 before she stopped. One night I noticed that she wasn't wearing underwear when she did sit-ups. My dad was a truck driver and would be gone about six weeks at at time. He had left and mom asked me to hold he feet while she did her sit-ups. She was in a see-through nightgown and as she die her sit-ups I started to get an erection. She noticed and said, "So, have you ever had a girl suck your cock?" I told her no.

She got up and offered to clean em up, She ran a bath for me and when I sat in the bathtub she entered the bathroom. I tried to cover up but she just said "oh, honey don't let momma see what you have." She proceeded to wash my body and stroked my cock until I came onto my belly. Then after I had spent my load she offered to dry me off an took me into bed. When I was in bed she said she hadn't had a good fuck since my dad was home. She then proceeded to suck my cock until it was hard. She said she really needed a cock and my seven inches was bigger than my dad's and she really needed my cock inside her. She dried me off and led me to her bedroom. She sucked my cock until I was hard and fucked me me like I could ever imagine.

She said she really liked cock and would fuck me whenever I had the urge. I fucked my mom several times after the summer and loved her tits as well. Man, what a fucking life I've had growing up and what a live I've had sucking and fucking about anything I've ever had.

What a fucking existence I've had....




I'm a 55 year old widow. I live in an apartment complex with a bunch of 20 and 30 year olds. I really never got into sucking my husband's cock as he thought it was wrong and that fucking was only for reproduction. However, when he died a year ago I started masturbating a lot and started to watch porn. I was especially intrigued with older women sucking younger men's cocks. There were a couple of young married couples in the apartment so I started wearing t-shirts without a bra and wondered what would actually happen if I ever had the chance to fuck a young married man.

One night several months ago I was looking out the window and one of the young men kissed his wife good-bye as she drove away. His name was Kevin. I was looking out the window when he turned and started staring at me. I licked my lips and he put his hand on his crotch. I decided that this might be my chance so I opened my front door and when he looked toward me I quickly rubbed my hand up and down my crotch. I left the door cracked and went into the small living room. I took off my top and was just sitting there when he popped his head in the door. I said to come on in. When he stepped in I said to lock the door. He did. I stared at his crotch as he walked toward me. I said "I'm usually not this forward but if you're willing I'd like to suck your cock." He was staring at my tits and said "Oh fuck yeah." His name was Terry and he was 24 years old. He had been married for two years. He said he had never cheated on his wife before, but when he pushed his pants down and his cock popped out I didn't care about anything except his cock. I only sucked my ex husband twice and nobody else so I didn't know what to expect. But I had seen enough porn to sort of know what to do. When he pushed his underwear down I bent forward and took his cock in my mouth. Five minutes later he said he was going to cum. I pulled his cock out and let him squirt on my tits. I told him that anytime he needed a blowjob to just knock on my door. Over the next month I sucked him about eight times. Finally he said he wanted to fuck me. I let him. His cock wasn't quite as big as my husband's and he didn't make me cum but it was satisfying enough.

Then one night he knocked on my door. I opened the door a crack and he said he needed a blowjob. I opened the door and he walked in with a friend. He said his friend was Terry and he lived in apartment 306. He also said that Terry knew I loved to suck cock and was a widow. At first I was a little pissed but when we all sat on the couch and their hands were all over me I melted a little. Terry was a fat black guy and I never thought about having sex with a black guy but I had been drinking a bit so I was pretty loose. Kevin said that Terry had the biggest cock he'd ever seen and knew I would love to have him in my mouth. I thought that was pretty forward of him but when Terry pulled his shorts down I couldn't help but stare at it. He was uncut and his cock seemed pretty thick. Terry sat back and said "Okay bitch, show me what you can do." He pulled my head down as Kevin finished undressing me. I was being pulled down onto Terry's cock and took it in my mouth. It wasn't really any different than a white man's cock other than being much bigger. I sucked him until his hood was behind the head and he was getting hard. Kevin now had his hand on my pussy and was rubbing up and down on my clit. I was getting pretty turned on and when Terry was hard he said he was going to fuck me like never before. I was pretty vanilla when it came to sex but I told him to do whatever he wanted. The wine had made me uninhibited. Terry picked me up and carried me into my bedroom and dropped me onto the bed on my back. He crawled onto the bed and pushed my legs up. My pussy was already wet when he shoved his giant cock inside me. It was a feeling I never felt when married and told him to give it to me. Then Kevin straddled my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth. Although I had never swallowed before, not with my ex or with Kevin I thought if he came I would let him cum in my mouth. Terry was a fucking stud and Kevin came long before Terry. Kevin filled my mouth and I decided to swallow. His cum filled my mouth and I was lost in my own world. I swallowed every fucking drop and loved it. Too bad my husband never discovered this pleasure.

Terry was a real stud and fucked me for another 10 minutes. He asked if I wanted him to cum inside me. When I said no he pulled his cock out and flooded my belly. Then he proceeded to rub it into my skin. When he was spent he rolled over and said to suck him again. I thought about it for a few seconds and then rolled over and took his cock in my mouth. About that time I felt Kevin's fingers in my pussy fingering me. He made me cum and then shoved another finger into my ass. I sucked Terry for about 20 minutes and then he said he was cumming. I let him cum in my mouth. When we were all done we all got dressed. Terry said he had some friends that would love an older cunt like me and said they would be over the next Friday night. I didn't have time to answer before he walked out. Kevin said his wife was getting suspicious and he had to cool it for a bit. I was okay with that.

The next Friday, though, about 7:00 the doorbell rang. When I answered the door Terry walked in. He didn't even wait for an invitation. Three other big black guys were with him. He said he couldn't stay but his friends would take good care of me. I was fucking pissed but when they started to caress me and kiss me I melted and said they could do anything to me they wanted. Once again I was about half drunk when they got there. And they wore my ass out. Their cocks were all big and when John shoved his cock into my ass I about lost it. One cock in my pussy, one cock in my mouth and now one cock in my ass. I had no choice but to let them do whatever they wanted. And they did.

I have turned from a shy housewife to the biggest cum slut in the complex. I have fucked so many guys now I can't even count. One of the guys invited me to his bdsm club. I've looked it up and have seen what it is all about. I'm a little older than most of them but he said I would bring a premium audience. What the fuck. I told him yes and this weekend I'm heading downtown with him to be the main attraction.




I was in community theater with a woman named Janet. We were wait behind the dark curtain until our cue then come out to the stage. About the third rehearsal while we were waiting she backed into me. I had on black tights for my costume. I apologized and rehearsal went fine. The next night she backed into me again. I felt it was on purpose so I grabbed her ass. She didn't move so I got a little bolder and reached around and grabbed a tit through her costume. The night after that I was waiting for her to back into me again but instead she turned around to face me and grabbed my cock through my tights. When I was I was married she said that's the safest kind and rubbed me a little more. After rehearsal she asked me to drive her home.

Instead of driving her straight home she asked if I wanted to kidnap her. When I said that would be fun she navigated me to a back road. We were in my minivan and when we finally stopped in the middle of nowhere she said we should get into the seat. It was a bench seat and when we crawled into the back she told me to get undressed. We kissed for a bit and she undid my pants and pulled them off. I was already half hard when she put her mouth on my cock. Her hand reached down to caress my nuts as I got hard. Then she said "Will you still kiss me if I swallow?" I said "Oh honey, fuck yeah." She proceeded to suck me until I said I was cumming. Then I felt a finger on my asshole and she pushed in. My orgasm was intense and she swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked until I was totally spent. I said "That was fucking great" and she finally took her mouth off of my cock. Then I said "It's my turn" and we undressed her.

I knelt down and started to lick her already wet pussy. She was clean shaven except for a diamond patch above her cunt. I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could and 10 minutes later she said to suck on her clit. When I did she said she was going to cum and proceeded to fill my mouth. I licked her clean and laid on top of her and we made out for another 15 minutes. It was the greatest blowjob I'd ever had and I finally drove her home. We spent nearly every night of the play sucking each other. My one regret was that she wouldn't fuck me. She said in honor of her husband she would do about anything but fuck. I thought, "How fucked up is this?" but between the cocksucking, pussy licking and her finger fucking my ass while I filled her mouth with my cum it was one of the best few weeks of my life. It's too bad I can't get my wife to do the same.

And we wonder why men cheat?




My mom had me when she was 16. She hooked up with a biker one weekend at a high school party and got pregnant.. She never saw him again so I was raised as an only child with a single mother. She had a younger sister, six years younger than her. When I was about 10 I noticed that when aunt Jenny came over they got drunk and both fell asleep on the couches in the family room. I think they were both sex starved because after they had a few drinks they were always talking about needing a man to satisfy them or talked about the toys they used. As sisters they were very close and talked about everything, even the guys they fucked in high school. Sometimes when I went to bed I heard my mom moaning and a few times I peeked through her door and saw her masturbating with a toy.

I knew they were both horny nearly all the time so when Aunt Jenny came over I tried to be around them. Then one night my mom was talking about breast feeding me and said it was orgasmic to have me latched onto one of her nipples feeding. That night we were sitting there watching a movie and I noticed mom had already passed out. I decided I needed a beer so I went into the kitchen and downed a beer as fast as I could. Then a second. It only took about five minutes and I was already feeling buzzed. When I got back to the living room aunt Jenny asked me to sit next to her so I did. She complimented me on growing up so fast and leaned her head on my shoulder. When they were both this drunk I knew they never remembered in the morning what happened the night before so when Jenny told me she wanted me to suck on a nipple I knew she wouldn't remember in the morning. As I unbuttoned her blouse I finally noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hand was already on my thigh and after I unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse she quickly undid the rest of the buttons and pulled my head down to her chest. Her tits were bigger than my mom's and her nipples looked huge. I hadn't had any sexual experiences yet but my cock was already hard as I leaned down and put my mouth on one of her nipples. She said "That feels so fucking good." Then she asked if I had ever eaten pussy. When I told her no she said she wanted to be my first. She stood up and took her pants and panties off and laid back down on the couch. She told me to do what ever felt good. I was a little uneasy at this but I had a hard cock and really wanted relief so I knelt down and buried my face in her cunt. She was pretty hairy but I didn't let that deter me. She guided me until she was ready to cum then said to suck on her clit and shove a couple of fingers in her cunt. I did and felt her shudder.

After she had calmed down a little she said it was my turn. I never dreamed my first blowjob would be from my aunt but really wanted to see what it felt like so when she undid my pants and took them off I didn't argue. Then she pulled my undies down and when my seven inch popped out she gasped and said she had never seen such a big cock. After my undies were on the floor she had me lay down on the couch. She moved me down and got on top of me in a 69 position. She told me to tongue fuck her and as I stuck my tongue into her cunt I felt her lips on my cock. It didn't take me 20 seconds and I said I was going to cum. She didn't flinch but took every drop I Had to give her. She came again shortly after I came. She kept sucking me and I don't think I got soft at all. Then she turned around and squatted over me on the couch. She said "Now you're gonna fuck your aunt Jenny. She plunged down onto my cock and kept saying things like "Oh, honey, that's it, fuck me harder." I lasted a lot longer that time, at least 15 minutes before I was ready to cum. When I told her that she said to give it to her. My ejaculation gave her another orgasm. She was pulling on my nipples and my hands were pulling on hers when I came. It wasn't as much as the first orgasm but she said she felt it. When she finally got off of me she said she had to get to sleep so I went to the bathroom to clean up and go to bed.

I woke up about 9 the next morning and they were both in the kitchen eating and smoking. Jenny didn't say anything while we ate breakfast but as soon as mom went into the other room she said "That was fucking fantastic. You have the biggest cock I've ever fucked." I thought she wouldn't remember but she remembered every detail. I was embarrassed at first but she assured me it was okay and if I wanted to, we could fuck whenever she came over and got my mom drunk. I told her that I would like that and for nearly every weekend for the last year she sucked my cock and we fucked every week.

I didn't find out until I was about 30 that my mom knew all about it and often masturbated just thinking about my big cock in her instead of Jenny. I was married and had two children by then and one night mom asked me to come over to help her with something. My wife had no problem with this so I went over. When she opened the door she was obviously very drunk and in a see-through nightgown and as soon as I walked in she handed me a beer and said "You've fucked your aunt and your wife enough, now it's my turn." What a fucking night that turned out to be... Maybe next time I'll tell this one.