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I've been married for about 25 years and my wife has put on some weight and has no interest in my cock anymore. She has told me that she doesn't care what I do as long as I didn't bring any diseases into our home. I took that as a hall pass to have sex. I started to look on-line for women to fuck or suck my cock. I happened onto a gay website and got intrigued. The more I looked at gay porn the harder my cock got. I finally started to look as exclusively gay porn.

His name was Tim and said he needed to suck a nice cock. I answered his post and made arrangements. He lived about 10 miles away so I told my wife I was going out for a drink. I'd done this plenty of times so she was okay with it. I arrived at Tim's house and he opened the door in only a bath robe. As soon as I walked in he shed his robe. He was about 5 inches taller than me and had a big belly. But what drew my attention was his cock. It was at least five inches soft and curved down like a soft cock would do. He tole me to strip and as I took off my clothes he headed to his bedroom. I followed and he turned on the light. He told me to lay on the bed and when I did he started to suck my cock. It was the first time another man sucked me. Within minutes I was cumming. I warned him but he just kept sucking until I emptied my nuts into his mouth. He swallowed it all. It was the best blowjob I'd ever had. He emptied me and took his mouth off of my cock. He asked if I wanted to suck him. I told him that I'd never done it but was willing to try.

He laid on the bed and I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. It was soft as a baby's ass as I sucked him but he was soon hard and his cock was at least eight inches long. I thoroughly sucked his cock and thought that my wife didn't know what she was missing. He didn't cum in my mouth though. When his big cock was hard he told me to stop. I did and he told me to bend over the bed. I really didn't know what he had in mind.

As I bent over the bed his hands started to rub up and down on my ass cheeks. Then I felt his hand start to play with my asshole. My wife never did that but it felt really good and he rubbed up and down over my asshole. Then had wet a finger with his saliva and slowly pushed his finger into my ass. He said to just relax, and as I did he slowly finger fucked me. I felt really good and then he took his finger out and I felt him move up to me. He put his still hard cock up to my asshole and slowly push in. It hurt a little but he said to just relax. As I did his cock moved in until it was buried inside me. Then he started to slowly fuck me. In and out. I felt something I'd never felt before.

He fucked me for about 10 minutes and asked if I wanted him to cum in my ass or mouth. I told him I didn't know and he pulled his cock out. He went into the bathroom and when he came back he had me sit on the floor. I was facing him when he shoved his cock back into my mouth. I found that I loved sucking his cock and a few minutes later he was cumming. That was the first time I tasted cum and I loved it. I ended up, not only taking his cum, but kept sucking him until he came a second time in my mouth.

Man, what a fucking slut I've become. I've sucked Tim at least a dozen times now and even let him cum in my ass a bunch of times. My wife has no clue where I go on Friday nights but really doesn't seem to care. I guess I'll keep sucking cock and being fucked by various men until I'm tired of it, which doesn't seem likely any time soon.




Well i proved i have no control today!

Start at the beginning. I was asked by my sister to pick my niece up from Gymnastics practice a couple of months ago. While i probably knew i shouldn't, the idea of seeing the young girls in leotards jumping around got my excited. I agreed to pick her up. When i got there i headed in and walked to the side of the gym with less parents waiting. I didn't want them seeing me sitting their with a huge boner.

I was right though, seeing the girls from about 10 ish up to maybe 15 was amazing. Most were gorgeous young things. Tight, slim, sexy toned bellies, some even showing as they were in sports bras and short tights. Most with flat or A cup breasts, only a few with up to B cups i would guess. I was raging hard. It only got worse when i saw my niece, she was stretching on the floor looking away from me. She was laying down with her legs wide out in a splits position. Seeing her tiny body in a tight shiny white leotard, pulling tightly over her spread wide pussy while she doesn't know i was looking, i was ready to blow in my pants at the site of her. Anyway, i really knew i was wrong, but i also knew i had too do it from that day forward.

I joked and flirted with her on the way to my sisters place. I joked about how cute she was and all the boys chasing her. I dropped her off and headed home. After masturbating 3 times i finally finished thinking about her tiny body. Each time i saw her i played, joked, flirted and giggled with her about silly things, but often making remarks and jokes about her cuteness, sexy girl, the boys after her and how grown up she has gotten. After about 4 or 5 weeks i even took a joke to far. She laughed and said the boys thinks she's a sports nut and don't think she's cute. I immediately told her they only say that cause they want to get in her leotard. She laughed and said you mean my pants, and i just laughed back and said "no, her leotard, cause that's what i'd want".

Keeping this up for a few more weeks, i hadn't planned it, but i got my chance today. She agreed to wash my car for me. My sister dropped her off and said she'll come back and 2 or 3 fours to get her. I parked the car down the side of my house and got it set up. Once ready i told her i would keep her company while she did it, joking to make sure she did it properly. She stripped of her clothes, which i wasn't expecting, wearing only a pink sports bra, and matching boy short leo pants. I joked and said she look ready to go.

While washing she got herself completely wet, just making her look even hotter. Her 14 year old body, wet, soapy, breasts tight inside the wet bra, her nipples slightly poking inside. Her long pale blonde hair hanging wet down her back, the tight tone tummy showing and her long slim legs. I was just raging watching her. She finished the washing and started to vacuum the car. She lent into the boot first and seeing her ass point out and the wet pants tight over her puffy young pussy, i got up and went closer to look. Standing behind her i told her she should be careful or an old guy like me would try and jump her. She laughed and said "i'm to young for guys like you uncle". I laughed and muttered, not likely.

Continuing on, she made her way to the first side door, again leaning over to vacuum inside. I got up behind her and gently held her hips, telling her "i didn't want her slipping over while leaning on the wet surface like that". She just said she would, but didn't stop me. I made sure to rub my crotch against her ass a few times while she wriggled around cleaning. I again said to her that this is exactly how i would take her if she was going to let a man do it. She laughed and said, she wouldn't let any guys hold her their except me, cause i'm her uncle and i don't want her like that. I corrected her right away, "actually, i'm a guy and i would love to be with a girl as beautiful as her". She clearly blushed.

Finally on the last side door she lent in, I had too. I even told her i wanted to help her first. I held her for a moment and decided that i had to go for it. While she was wriggling around i undid my pants and dropped my shorts and boxers to the ground. I told her "i really do mean it you know". She didn't even turn as she answered what. "You being so sexy and cute, leaning over teasing an old guy like me. I have to show you how much it means to me to see a beautiful young girl like you allowing me to hold them". Before she could move to much, i pulled the sides of her leo pants down to her knees. I held her hips tight as i slowly pushed myself into my niece's tiny, almost hairless pussy. She jumped at first, then said she couldn't do it cause i'm her uncle. I told her i was already in most of the way if she could just let an old guy have a bit of fun, then i would stop. She said "only a few goes then you have to stop. You're my uncle and we shouldn't do this. I don't want to have sex yet or have a baby".

She didn't realise how much that got me. I kept going and it only took a few stokes to get my cock in, my head reaching the bottom of her lovely pussy. "Only a few strokes ok. I'll stop after that and we can make sure we don't tell anyone that you are so hot, even you're uncle wanted to fuck you". She again said just a couple of pushes and we had to stop. I joked "worried i might put a baby in you huh. I can if you want". She jerked away, but i held her tight as she stated "you shouldn't even joke about that. We shouldn't even be doing this. Even worse, mom hasn't yet got the pills for me and i'm not safe. You should pull out now uncle, it's too risky".

Just her saying all that was my last straw. I pulled her hips hard and rammed mine into hers, forcing the last couple of inches of my cock hard into her. I knew i was pushing hard and deep against her uterus, but i had too. I pushed in, driving completely home in her teen pussy, forcing my head deep into her uterus and exploded. I held her tight as i unloaded just over 2 months of built up sperm supply into her pussy, spurting probably the biggest and most loads i have ever done right into her self confessed fertile belly. She felt it and yelped "stop, you have to pull out, oh my god i can feel you squirting into me. Your hot cum is getting in me uncle, quick pull it out. Oh god, oh god, you have to get out now". She had her own orgasm at this point. I just kept myself as deep and tightly in her as i could. By the time she was coming back around after lying stunned for a couple of minutes after her orgasm i was just building to my second.

"Uncle, this is bad. You cummed in me didn't you. Oh man, mom's going to be pissed at me. Oh, no, you have to stop. Uncle i can feel you twitching again. Don't make me pregnant uncle, you need to pull out". I didn't of course, planting another couple of spurts of seed into her already cum filled pussy. I just really had to make sure i had emptied my balls completely into her teen belly. I told her "i told you old men like me want young girls like you. That was so amazing B***, i really hope you meant it about being unsafe. If we're lucky i might have already managed to put a baby into that sexy little tummy of yours. Wouldn't that be great".

She was picked up a hour or so later, having pulled her pants back on and i made sure to keep her distracted from going to the bathroom. She left with everything i pumped into her still inside, trapped by the tight leo pants she had on. Just knowing, and hoping i have put my baby into her 14 year old body! Just awesome i have to say. Hope she doesn't tell my sister!




When I told my wife I think I like to suck cock she fucking freaked out. She badgered me to tell her how many cocks I'd sucked. I hadn't really sucked anybody yet but I told her I had the urge. She got more pissed and kicked me out of the house. Fuck her I thought and drove into town and got a motel. I took my laptop with me and got on-line to one of the gay dating sites I had been looking at. He said his name was Johnny and I told him mine was Glenn. He said he had a huge cock and really wanted to be sucked off by a true sissy boy. I wasn't really sure what he meant but my dick was hard just conversing with him so I invited him over. About an hour later he arrived at my motel room.

He said he was an alpha and I said whatever. He was about eight inches taller than me and had a big belly. I was more interested in his cock than his looks or size. He told me to strip and pointed down at my smallish cock and said that I looked like a true sissy boy who needed to be dominated. I was a little embarrassed. Then he told me to take off his shirt. I did and he had big man boobs with large nipples. He had me suck on them a bit then told me to take his pants off. I knelt down and pulled his jeans down. He wasn't wearing underwear and when I pulled down his cock popped out. It seemed massive compared to me. I old him I had never really sucked off another man before. He ignored me and just pulled my head toward him. He told me to open my mouth and when I did he shoved his cock in. I was both repulsed and excited at the same time. He was uncut with a pretty big foreskin and pulled it back as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. He said to suck it like my mouth was a cunt. He kept telling me how good of a little sissy cunt I was as he got harder and harder. Pretty soon his cock was rock hard and at least seven inches long. A couple of times I started to gag and he backed off. Then he asked if I'd ever been fucked. At the same time he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to turn around. I only wanted to suck him not get fucked by him, but when I told him that he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He managed to turn me around and pushed me over the bed. I was in a standing position with my chest on the bed and his hand in the middle of my back holding me there. He said if I fought him he would break both arms and skull fuck me. I froze as he pushed my legs apart and I felt his wet slippery cock make its way into my asshole. It hut like a fucker but he just pushed in more until he was buried inside me. I begged him to stop but he just kept saying that his sissy cunts were only alive to please him and started to fuck me. I was crying by this time from the pain. He just kept at it and about five minutes later the pain had turned to pleasure and my horniness. I felt my cock starting to get hard as he thrust in and out of me.

Pretty soon I was moaning each time he pushed in with his big cock. Then I started to beg him to fuck me deeper. Then he pulled out and pulled me to where I was sitting in front of him and started to cum on my face. He stuck his cock up to my lips as he was still cumming and pushed it into my mouth. He mouth fucked me until I had sucked him clean. Then he got dressed, told me thanks and he left. A little while later my wife called me. When I answered she begged me to come back home. She said she understood that I wanted to experiment with men as long as I came home to her. Through tears I told her I would be home the next day. I sucked off two more men that night in my motel room.

When I got home that Saturday afternoon she was sitting on the couch with Tom, one of our neighbors. She said that Tom was a gay man and she had explained everything to him. Then she said she needed to see me suck a man's cock. I hadn't even had a chance to shower and clean up. I smelled like dried cum and body odor. Tom said it was time to show my true colors. He stood up and dropped his pants. Hes cock was really nice. Not as big as that first guy but looked perfect for sucking. My wife kept urging me on until I knelt in front of Tom. She got real close to my face as I took his cock into my mouth. She started to rub my cock through my pants and I got immediately hard. I didn't cum the night before and was ready. She undid my pants and put her hand inside my shorts. Almost immediately I started cumming. Right in my pants and in her hand. She must have lost it because she took her cum soaked hand out of my pants and told me to suck her fingers. Tom's cock was hard but I took my mouth off and sucked all of the cum off of her fingers and licked her hand clean.

She called me a fucking sissy fag and went to the bathroom. Then Tom asked if I wanted to get fucked. I shyly nodded yes and stripped. I knelt over the couch and he fucked me for the next 10 minutes. At some point my wife came back into the room and watched me get fucked until Tom filled my ass with his jizz. He finally pulled out and got dressed. Then he left. My wife said it really turned her on and wanted me to suck her pussy until I came in my pants again. This was about as kinky she had ever gotten. It had opened up a whole new world of sex for us.

We now use language we never did before and suck or fuck each other more and more aggressive than ever before. We have become swingers and I finally found out her motive for accepting me. It was because all along she wanted pussy for herself.




My husband and I had been having trouble in our marriage for a while. He hardly wanted sex anymore and said that after 20 years he didn't need my pussy. to make him happy. Instead he had his beer. Jenny and I were pretty close. She was a bit older than me and we talked a lot about our sex life. She said she had a special friend who she met a couple times a month when her husband was out of town and said I should meet him. She said he really knew how to please her and could do the same for me. I balked at the idea for months and one night we were at her place drinking quite a bit of wine when he showed up.

He was a big black guy but was gorgeous. She said I should stay and be a part of the party. I was a little drunk and when he kissed her I decided to stay and watch. He stripped her, sucked on her nipples, sucked on her pussy and fucked her until she nearly passed out. He said he could go again and Jenny told him to make me happy. I was apprehensive but when he gently took my face in his hands and kissed me I melted. He did pretty much the same thing to me as he did to her. His tongue made me cum two times before he ever fucked me. But when his huge cock entered my wet pussy I nearly passed out. His cock hit spots that had never been touched and I came violently as he came inside me. I was sterile so there was no chance of getting pregnant but it felt so fucking good. When he was ready to leave he gave me a business card and said the next time was on the house.

The next Friday night my husband was passed out by 9:00 from the booze and I thought about Jimmy the guy who fucked me the week before. I was a little drunk and said fuck it and called him. 15 minutes later he knocked on the door. I thought we should go somewhere my husband couldn't see us but he would have none of it. He said that if my husband was passed out he wanted to fuck me in front of him. I was a little scared but it sounded exotic. We stripped in the living room with my husband on the couch and he proceeded to lick my pussy until I came. Then he turned me around on all fours and fucked me like never before. At one point I was nearly screaming and Tom (My husband) opened eyes and asked what was going on. I told him to close his eyes, that I was being fucked by a real man. He rolled over and went back to sleep while I got the fucking of my life.

The next morning Tom came into the kitchen for breakfast. He said he had a really strange dream that I was being fucked by a big black guy while he watched. I told him that it was only a dream and probably because he wished he had a big black cock and could please me. We let it go, but for the next several months when he was drunk I a big black cock in my mouth and in my cunt. We even got to the point I let him fuck me in the ass. It hurt at first but as I got used to it I really enjoyed being fucked not only in the cunt but in the ass as well. What a fucking time we had.




My wife Linda and I were over at John and Debbie's for game night. We'd done this several times in the past and had a good time. We're in our 40s and they are in their 60s but we hit it off right away. That night we played a few games of cards and drank about three bottles of wine. After playing we all went into the living room to chat. My wife and I were both pretty drunk and Debbie happened to sit on one side of me and Linda on the other. We talked about the weather a bit and how much snow we'd get this year. All of a sudden Debbie put her hand on my thigh. I had my head back and my eyes closed and I heard her say to my wife "Is it okay if I play with his cock?" Linda said "I long to see it." Suddenly there were four hands on my belt and zipper and before I knew it my cock was poking out over my shorts. I looked at Linda and she said "That is so fucking hot. Just let her do you." I thought "Why the fuck not" and just relaxed.

Debbie bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I'm about average I guess, about six inches hard and I was quickly getting there. I just closed my eyes and let her suck me. A bit later I opened my eyes and John was standing in front of Linda and she had his cock in her mouth. His cock seemed so fucking big compared to mine. She had one hand on a tit and the other hand rubbing her cunt through her slacks. I told her to show him her snatch. She stood up and stripped. Debbie did the same. John sat down next to me and I mentally compared his eight inch monster to my average cock. Debbie had pulled my pants off and we were all naked sitting there with each other's wife sucking our cocks. I had my eyes closed when I felt a hand slide down my balls and start to play with my asshole. Linda never did this but it felt kind of good so I just sat there and enjoyed it.

Then I heard John whisper something to Linda but I couldn't tell what it was. She just said "Oh fuck yes." Before I knew it I was pulled down so my ass was just off the edge of the couch and John was kneeling in front of me with his big cock slowly pushing into my ass. I wasn't sure about this but Linda just kept saying she had waited for years to see me get fucked. I didn't protest and soon his entire cock was in my ass. He slowly started to fuck me and I felt his nuts slap against me with every thrust. He kept hitting my prostate making my cock stay hard as he fucked me. He asked Linda if she wanted him to cum in my ass and she said "No. I want you to cum in his mouth." Immediately John hopped up on the couch, straddling my chest and shoved his cock in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but as soon as he shoved it in Linda shoved three fingers in my ass and told him to fuck my mouth like it was a fresh cunt. He hit the back of my throat several times and while I was sucking him Linda was finger fucking my ass and Debbie was now sucking on my cock. I came first and she took it all. A minute later I tasted the first shot of John's cum. I actually liked it. It slid down my throat like a slimy oyster and the more he came the more I wanted it. Even after he was spent I kept sucking him.

What a fucking night that was. I learned that night the joy of sucking cock and being ass fucked. Our marriage got even better after that as Linda kept coming home with bigger and more interesting toys. We fucked each other in every hole we had and have been doing it ever since. We even have one-on-one sessions with both John and Debbie and are willing to suck or fuck any time they want. It is a great relationship and I don't see us stopping any time soon.




Aunt Carrie and her daughter Sandy used to come over whenever my dad was on the road. Mom and Carrie would go out drinking and come back stone fucking drunk. Sandy was three years older than me and for some reason my mom thought my 18 year old cousin needed to babysit me, even though I was 15 years old. Usually nothing ever happened, then one night just before I turned 16 they came over. They were in the living room drinking and I was on the couch. Sandy was on the couch also and scooted closer to me. We were in plain sight of mom and Aunt Carrie but they were kind of busy with their wine and mostly ignoring us. Then Sandy put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. She asked if I ever had a girl do that to her. When I said no her hand moved a little closer. I was a bit uncomfortable as her hand moved to my crotch and she turned to me and said a little too loud, "Tonight when those two cunts leave I'm gonna teach you how to eat pussy." Aunt Carrie just looked over to us. I know she heard Sandy but just took another drink and told my mom they better get going if they were to see John Big.

They got up from the table and Carrie looked over to us and said "Have fun you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Sandy said "Don't worry. We won't." I figured I was pretty safe but as soon as they left Sandy grabbed my hand and pulled it over to her breast. Then her hand squeezed my cock. She told me that her body was mine tonight. She said I could do whatever I wanted. I didn't know what to think of that, then she unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra from the front. She shed her top and walked into the kitchen and brought out a six-pack and said she was going to get me drunk enough to fuck her. She popped a beer and told me to swig it. I did. Then a second and a third. I had drank the entire six-pack when she finally sat down next to me. I was reeling when she undid my pants and pulled my cock out through the slit in my shorts.

She stroked me a few times and commented that I had the biggest cock she had ever sucked. She hadn't sucked me so I wondered what she was talking about but as soon as the thought crossed my mind her mouth was on my cock. I had kissed a girl before but that was about all I ever did so this was a new experience. My cock quickly grew hard and was sticking up like a fucking pole when she stood up and stripped. She had big tits like her mom and large nipples. I was staring at them as she got closer and said to suck on them. I leaned forward and she pulled my face to her tits. I started to suck on a nipple imagining it was my mom. I don't know why I thought that but it just got my cock even harder if that was possible. I was so fucking horny now if she wasn't there I would have jerked off at least twice. After a few minutes of sucking on her tit she stood back up and said to sit on the floor. I scooted down so my ass was on the floor and my back was against the couch. She moved in and planted her hairless cunt on my mouth. She said there was no time like the present to learn how to eat pussy and mashed her cunt on my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and she started to grind herself against my mouth. I think I made her cum.

She finally moved back and turned around and got on all fours. She said she needed me to fuck her now. I knelt behind her and shoved my cock into her cunt. She groaned and kept saying "Oh, fuck that's huge." It made me feel good to have her compliment my cock. I didn't think it was any bigger than anyone else but it felt good to have the compliment. I fucked her for a couple minutes and pulled out. She said to cum on her back and I did. Then she turned around and sucked me until I was clean. She kept sucking until I was hard again. It took about 15 minutes and when I was rock hard again she said to fuck her tits. She wrapped her big tits around my cock and was masturbating me with her tits. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it when she turned around again and said to fuck her again. This time however when I was ready to cum she said to cum inside her. I was still drunk and didn't argue. I shoved my cock in and out as hard as I could and finally came inside her. I was totally spent. When I pulled out she stood up and took me into my bedroom. I was nearly out when she laid me on my bed and laid next to me. I remember her saying just before I nodded off, "That was the best fuck I've ever had." I woke up the next morning with her lips on my cock. I was a little hung over but just let her suck me until I filled her mouth. Then I got up to pee.

We walked into the living room and mom and Carrie were cuddled up on the couch with Carries leg between mom's lets. Sandy said the mom and Carrie were very close and now I was part of the family since I've fucked my own cousin.

I learned that mom and Carrie were really lesbians with each other and Sandy learned from her mom. Over the next two years I fucked Sandy nearly every week and even went so far as to fuck Aunt Carrie's hairy cunt. I'm married with children now but I'll always remember my high school days with my aunt and cousin. One night while drunk as shit I think I even fucked my mom thinking it was Carrie. Oh well, I learned from a couple of really good sluts and have been a master fucker of my wife and several other women along the way.




On my last day after 10 years at work my employees took me out to celebrate. We went to this little dive down the street. We started drinking about 5:30 and by 8:00 we were all pretty hammered. I had about an hour to drive but knew I couldn't. Lindsay, one of the other supervisors said I could crash on her couch until I could drive. She only lived about six blocks away from the bar. Everyone left and I drunkenly followed Lindsay to her house. She was divorced and lived alone. She was 41 years old and her kids were out of the house. She was a little overweight but seemed to have nice big round tits and I'm sure she caught me staring at them from time to time.

We got to her house and went inside. I was ready for sleep and laid on the couch. I don't think it was two minutes and I was out. At some point I felt her crawl on top of me. I was so drunk I didn't notice she had removed my shoes and pants and even my underwear. When I noticed her on top of me I sensed a nipple at my mouth. I instinctively started to suck on it. She kept saying "That feels so fucking good I think you're gonna make me cum." I felt my cock being massaged between her thighs and after a couple of minutes sucking on her nipple she scooted down so my cock was between her lets resting on her cunt. She kissed me and I felt her tongue inside my mouth. I responded and tweaked her nipple. She moaned and when we broke the kiss she turned around and stuck her cunt on my mouth. She took my cock into her mouth and even still pretty drunk my cock got hard in her mouth. She said she wanted to drain me. When I asked if she wanted me to warn her she said she loved surprises and was looking forward to sucking me dry. And she did. Her cunt was dripping juice in my mouth and I couldn't hold back any longer and gave her a two week's worth of my jizz. She swallowed every fucking drop and kept sucking until I got soft and then started to get hard again. She had cum twice in the time it took me to cum once. Her pussy was clean shaven and tasted sweet.

I almost passed out again when she turned back around and sat down on my mostly hard cock. It plunged deep inside her cunt and she almost came right then. She started to actively fuck me and I reached up and started playing with both tits again. When she was about to cum she leaned over and shoved her tongue back in my mouth. At the same time her hands found my own nipples and pulled. This sent me over the edge and we both started cumming. My load wasn't very much this time but when she shrieked I knew she was cumming also. When we were both spent she got off of me and went and got another 6-pack. We downed them and she dragged me to her bedroom. We were both still naked when I laid on the bed and passed out.

It was Saturday morning and I woke up to something on my cock. It was her mouth. She said I had the sweetest cum she had ever tasted and said to just relax and let her have it. It took about 10 minutes and when I was ready to cum I felt a finger in my ass. She was now finger fucking my asshole while sucking me to orgasm. This took me over the edge like never before and I came hard. She took it all and when I was spent she moved up and we made out for another 20 minutes. I tasted our saliva and my cum on her tongue while we kissed. It was nearly 9:00 that morning when I finally got dressed and left for home. I had a little explaining to do with my wife but she understood that I couldn't drive the night before and had to stay at "Mike's' house. It was a good thing that she didn't want sex that week. I think she would have noticed the bruise on the base of my cock and I got away with it. Lindsay called me the next Friday and invited me to dinner with her. I told my wife I had to work late at my new job and headed over to Lindsay's after work. I didn't get too drunk to drive home that night but fucked her so hard she nearly passed out. This time though I fucked her first before she sucked me. Man, what a fucking slut she was, but on the other hand what a fucking man slut I am.