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My husband and I had been having trouble in our marriage for a while. He hardly wanted sex anymore and said that after 20 years he didn't need my pussy. to make him happy. Instead he had his beer. Jenny and I were pretty close. She was a bit older than me and we talked a lot about our sex life. She said she had a special friend who she met a couple times a month when her husband was out of town and said I should meet him. She said he really knew how to please her and could do the same for me. I balked at the idea for months and one night we were at her place drinking quite a bit of wine when he showed up.

He was a big black guy but was gorgeous. She said I should stay and be a part of the party. I was a little drunk and when he kissed her I decided to stay and watch. He stripped her, sucked on her nipples, sucked on her pussy and fucked her until she nearly passed out. He said he could go again and Jenny told him to make me happy. I was apprehensive but when he gently took my face in his hands and kissed me I melted. He did pretty much the same thing to me as he did to her. His tongue made me cum two times before he ever fucked me. But when his huge cock entered my wet pussy I nearly passed out. His cock hit spots that had never been touched and I came violently as he came inside me. I was sterile so there was no chance of getting pregnant but it felt so fucking good. When he was ready to leave he gave me a business card and said the next time was on the house.

The next Friday night my husband was passed out by 9:00 from the booze and I thought about Jimmy the guy who fucked me the week before. I was a little drunk and said fuck it and called him. 15 minutes later he knocked on the door. I thought we should go somewhere my husband couldn't see us but he would have none of it. He said that if my husband was passed out he wanted to fuck me in front of him. I was a little scared but it sounded exotic. We stripped in the living room with my husband on the couch and he proceeded to lick my pussy until I came. Then he turned me around on all fours and fucked me like never before. At one point I was nearly screaming and Tom (My husband) opened eyes and asked what was going on. I told him to close his eyes, that I was being fucked by a real man. He rolled over and went back to sleep while I got the fucking of my life.

The next morning Tom came into the kitchen for breakfast. He said he had a really strange dream that I was being fucked by a big black guy while he watched. I told him that it was only a dream and probably because he wished he had a big black cock and could please me. We let it go, but for the next several months when he was drunk I a big black cock in my mouth and in my cunt. We even got to the point I let him fuck me in the ass. It hurt at first but as I got used to it I really enjoyed being fucked not only in the cunt but in the ass as well. What a fucking time we had.




My husband works in a bank. One night his boss invited us over for dinner. It was just my husband and I and his boss and wife. We had a nice chicken dinner and after dinner we went into the living room for drinks. The wine flowed freely and my husband was getting pretty drunk. I wasn't because I knew I had to drive home. We talked about sports, politics, the weather for about an hour. His boss was still nursing his second glass of wine while his wife and my husband were getting pretty drunk. About 10:00 I suggest it was time we got home and my husband started to get up. Then his boss turned to him and said "Terry, I'll give you a thousand dollars to let me fuck your wife." That shocked me most of all. Terry thought about it and said no. Then his boss said he'd give him 25 hundred. We had some past due bills and Terry thought it for a few seconds and said "Let's see the money." John, his boss opened his wallet and pulled out the money and laid it on the table. "It's all yours, just say okay." Terry mumbled "Okay." I thought "I'm not gonna fuck this old man for money." Before I could actually get up to leave John had me by the arm. His wife Liz had my other arm. Terry was nearly passed out on their couch. I struggled but John said "You know honey, a deal's a deal, and besides if you don't fuck me I'll beat the shit out of both of you and fire him." Before I could digest his threat they had me in the bedroom.

I think he slipped something in my one glass of wine because I was becoming a bit dizzy. I didn't pass out and knew everything that was happening but couldn't stop it. They first stripped me and both played with my tits a bit while she massaged my pussy. When she shoved two fingers inside me I started to feel a little warm. That's when they moved me to the bed and laid me on my back. She mounted my chest pinning my arms to my side and grabbed my legs. She lifted them up and he crawled on the bed. He started to lick my pussy. I didn't like it at first but the more he worked my clit the more turned on I became. He told his wife I had the biggest clit he'd ever sucked and a minute later I was cumming. She felt my arms wouldn't fight her anymore so she scooted up and put her cunt on my mouth. At the same time he scooted up and shoved his big cock inside me. Again I knew what was happening but was powerless to stop either of them. It actually felt great having a cock larger than Terry's in my cunt and having another cunt on my mouth. He was a real stud and fucked me for about 20 minutes. His wife told me to tell them I wanted his cock in my mouth. I complied and said "I want your fucking cock in my mouth. She got off of me at that point and he mounted me. He put his cock up to my lips and I took it. She started to tongue fuck me and within a minute I felt him cumming in my mouth. He had a bit load and I took it all. Terry never let me keep his cock in my mouth. He probably figured I wouldn't like it. It was actually okay. He kept his cock in my mouth and she moved from my wet pussy to my asshole. She started to tongue my asshole and he started to tell me how his big cock was going to fuck my ass until I couldn't walk. It registered in my mind but I really didn't care. He kept his cock in my mouth for nearly 20 minutes and he got hard again. She had made me cum a few times with her tongue and fingers and he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. then he said to tell him I wanted to be ass fucked. I couldn't bring myself to say it so I told him no. He slapped me. Then slapped me again and said to say it. After a few more slaps I finally said through the tears "Please fuck me in the ass."

He hopped off of me and they traded places again, only this time she was facing away from me and planted her asshole squarely on my mouth. She said to tongue her asshole. At the same time she was massaging my nipples, which turns me on and he was tonguing my asshole and finger fucking my cunt. I finally stuck my tongue up her asshole as far as I could. About that time she told him it was time and he scooted back up to me. She lifted my legs high and I felt his cock penetrating my ass. All of a sudden it hit me and I started to try to scream. It hurt like a bitch. Then he started to fuck my ass. I couldn't get away as she had my legs lifted up and was essentially sitting on my face. About 10 minutes later my ass was numb and I gave up. I slumped and let him fuck my ass. She moved back and put her cunt back on my mouth and said to make her cum. She started to play with my nipples and I felt his thumb on my clit. He actually made me cum again by fucking my ass and massaging my clit and I know I made her cum because I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth.

They finally got off of me and took me into the living room where Terry was asleep. John told me that was the best ass he'd ever fucked and I swallow like a fucking pro. He said to get my husband home but if I ever needed a little extra money we didn't need Terry to get it done.

I've been back to their house two or three times a month for the last two years and have stashed away nearly $25,000. I figure at this rate another couple or three years and I can finally leave my do-nothing piece of shit husband. I'm getting pretty fucking close now.




I can't please my wife's pussy with my 3.5" dick but I would love to have a couple bigger cock guys stretch that tight pussy. Both could cum inside and now i have a creampie to eat.




My husband's a fucking dick. He's controlling and has a little dick. He makes me suck his cock and I hate it. I don't hate his cock but I do hate him forcing me. One night I got fed up and he was drinking. I said I was going out to get a real cock. He didn't believe me and called me a fucking slut and I deserved a good beating. He stumbled toward me and I was able to push him back on the couch. Then I picked up my purse and left. I knew if he came looking for me he would come to the only bar in our little town so I drove about 20 minutes away and found a bar that had a full parking lot. I figured that this was as good a place as any so I parked and went inside.

I was sitting on a stool at the bar for about an hour drinking and was getting pretty smashed. Before I knew it the bar was emptying and it was after midnight. I was still drinking when two guys came up and sat on either side of me. One asked what was eating me and I poured my heart out about my fucker of a husband. Jeff was on my right and Marc was on my left. All the while they had their hands on my back just rubbing gently. Then I blurted out that I just need a kind man with a big cock. Jeff put a hand on my leg and asked if I would give him a chance. I was so drunk I said I'd try anything once. He grabbed my hand and said to come with him. He said he'd bring me back in the morning to get my car and the three of us drove to his house.

As soon as we walked in his living room he turned and kissed me. I forgot all about Marc. We kissed as he led me into his bedroom and started to undress me. Within minutes we were both naked and making out on the bed. Then I felt my lets being lifted up and Marc was eating my pussy. I kept moaning as Jeff played with my tits and Mark was working my clit. I came two or three times before Marc started to fuck me. His cock was bigger than my asshole husband's and he made me orgasm. I was sucking Jeff's cock at the same time and it was huge compared to my husband. I heard Marc say he was cumming and a bit later he pulled out of my pussy. He told Jeff I had a really tight cunt and Jeff just had to try it.

They switched places and Marc was straddling my chest with his cock in my mouth when I felt Jeff enter me. His cock felt huge inside me as he started to fuck me. He hit spots I didn't even know I had. I had orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me into oblivion. I passed out from the pleasure and woke up the next morning naked and beside Jeff. My asshole felt weird and when I put my finger down there I felt dried cum around my ass opening. I knew then that I had been fucked in the ass. As I was waking up Jeff rolled over and started kissing me. I was sober but wanted it. He was gentle and exciting at the same time. I reached down and started stroking his cock. I was amazed at its size. We ended up fucking again that morning. I spent the day with him and we fucked again that night. Then he confided in me and said that he fucked me in the ass when I was passed out. I told him I didn't remember but for some reason I told him I wanted to do it again. We rested a bit and drank a few beers and he said he could get hard again if I wanted it. I sucked him hard and then got on all fours. He got behind me and started to tongue my asshole. When he had lubed it enough with his spit he said he was now going to fuck my ass. I told him I was ready and he pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt a bit but the more he fucked me the hornier I got. I let him cum in my ass and when he finally pulled out I sucked him to a second orgasm.

When I got home that second night I told my asshole husband that he had to leave and I was through with him.

That was two years ago and my new husband Jeff fucks me nearly every night. He makes really good money and is the best lover I could ever imagine. I love him dearly and will let him put that huge cock in whatever hole he pleases. He uses my entire body, mouth cunt or asshole I'm always ready to accomodate him and we're so fucking happy I can't hardly stand it.




My husband knew I was a fucking slut when he married me. I love every kind of sex with both men and women and he knows it. He's very straight and won't even let me finger fuck him when I'm sucking his cock. He doesn't drink much but gets horny when he's had a few too many. One night we got home from a neighborhood party and he was a bit wasted. I was playful and began to suck his cock. He was getting hard and I stopped. When he asked why I stopped I said "I'll bet you that you can't pick up a tranny with big tits." I'd never challenged him like this and to my amazement he asked what the stakes were. I thought for a minute and said that if I won I get to tie him up and do whatever I wanted to him and if he won he could fuck anybody he wanted. Then I said my sister really wanted to fuck him but I always said no, but if he won I would give her to him for a weekend. In his drunken state he said "Fuck yeah. You're on."

I said to get dressed and we'll go find out. He didn't expect it to be that night but I sort of pushed him into it. He was still drunk when we pulled up in front of the gay bar. He said he thought I had taken it too far but I told him he had to go through with it or I wouldn't suck his cock ever again. "Fuck, let's get this over with" he said as we got out of the car. The place was packed and I told him to go find the one. While he was wandering through the crowd I noticed two women at the bar. I knew them and knew that Jenny had both a cock and big tits. I walked over and hugged both of them. Then I told Jenny of our bet and she said she would love to fuck my man. I told her to walk over and grab his hand and put it on her cock and let it go wherever it would. He had drank another couple of beers standing at the bar looking nervous. I watched as Jenny sat next to him and told him to buy her a drink. He looked around and spotted me. I waved him on. He bought her a drink and I saw her grab his hand. That was my cue to stand between them. "So, what's going on here?" I asked. Jenny said "This man just grabbed my cock thinking it was a pussy." He stuttered a bit and Jenny just laughed. Then she told him she had been watching him and wanted to see what he had between his legs. Again he looked at me and I just said that it was his move. He took another drink and was slurring his words a little. He asked her if she wanted to go home with him. She stood up and grabbed his hand. "Come on stud, let's go make a night of it." I was laughing inside. I said that I would be their chaperone and headed out to the car. When we got home I walked them into the bedroom and helped Jenny strip my husband. I sat down on the recliner to watch.

Jenny laid him on his back and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him until he got hard. Then she took her top off and scooted up. She put a tit into his mouth while stroking his cock. He eagerly started to suck on her nipple. I walked over and pulled her pants and shorts off. He didn't even notice but seemed pretty shocked when Jenny turned around and shoved her cock into his mouth. It was average in length and within a few seconds he was sucking that cock like he was made for it. It got my pussy wet. I noticed that while sucking his cock she had a finger in his ass. He must have been really wasted to let her do that. After he sucked her hard she turned around again and kissed him. They were really lost in the moment when she broke the kiss and scooted down a little bit. She lifted his legs and said "Honey, I"m gonna fuck you now." He didn't respond and she slowly pushed her cock into Terry's ass. He kept saying "Oh fuck" over and over as she pushed in deeper until she was buried to her nuts. Then she started to fuck him and was stroking his cock at the same time. Within two minutes he started cumming. It was the biggest cum I'd ever seen him have. She fucked him for a few minutes longer and pulled out. She turned around again and after wiping her cock off she put it back in his mouth. He took it like a pro. I took the opportunity to put on my recently purchased strap-on and knelt between his legs. I put it against his asshole and pushed in. He didn't even whimper as I started to fuck him as he sucked Jenny. It wasn't long and he was hard again with Jenny sucking him and me fucking him. Then Jenny said she was gonna cum in his mouth. Again he didn't even flinch and she emptied her girly nuts into his mouth. He swallowed every fucking drop.

When she was spent Jenny got off of him and got dressed. We hugged and had a long deep kiss. I walked her to the door and she said she'd love to do it again. I told her we would for sure. I admitted that he won the bet, but even though he won I got to ass fuck him anyway. He laughed a little and said that next weekend was his with my sister. From what I understand they fucked several times that weekend and she even ass fucked him with her own strap-on. This has opened up a whole new realm for us. We are now full-fledged swingers and we both get more cock and pussy than we ever thought possible.




We were both drunk. We'd been married about two years and like to drink on Friday nights and fuck. He has an average cock, about six inches long and fairly thick and usually makes me cum. Sometimes we get a little kinky and tie each other up. I love sucking his cock. He has a small hood and when I rub it back and forth it really makes him hard. The only thing it that I think he's a little feminine and often wondered if he was secretly gay. That night I got him especially drunk and told him I wanted to suck him until he exploded. He let me tie him to the bed and I started to suck his cock. It soon got hard. I knew that the drunker he got the more he would tell me all his secrets. He was blasted that night and hardly knew what I was doing. After I got him hard I started to play with his nipple with one hand and his nuts with my other. Then for the first time I slipped my hand down to his asshole. I was circling his hole when I asked if he liked it. He said he did. He was hard as a fucking rock now and I laid on top of him and started kissing him. He was in a zone so I broke the kiss and asked if he liked his cock sucked. He said he did. Then I asked if he liked sucking cock also. He said he did. I knew it. Then I went back to sucking him and playing with his asshole. I inserted a finger into his ass, then a second finger and told him I needed him to let me watch him suck cock. He was drunk enough to say it would be great.

I had a friend at work who I knew was gay and one day we got talking about sex and I told him I thought my husband liked cock and asked him if he was willing to let my hubby suck his cock in front of me. He said he was more bi-sexual but would love to have a new guy suck him. I set it up for Friday night. I brought a case of beer home and hot my husband, Terry, pretty drunk. Then I said I was going to tie him up again. We went into the bedroom and I had him strip and lay down on his stomach and tied his hands and feet to the corners of the bed. I massaged his back a bit and played with his ass cheeks for a bit. Then I told him I had a special surprise for him. I could tell that his cock was hard with anticipation. As if on cue the doorbell rang. It was Art, my gay friend from work. I invited him in and told him my hubby was tied up in the bedroom and if he wanted to fuck Terry he was more than welcome to. Terry was tied and I even put a sleeping mask on him to blindfold him.

The Art walked in he saw Terry laying on the bed naked. He didn't waste any time but got undressed and crawled up on the bed. He sat in front of Terry and I said the I needed him to suck what ever was put in his mouth. Art scooted forward until his cock was at Terry's lips. He pushed in and Terry started to suck him. He was a little bigger than Terry but not massive. I got my phone and started the video. I watched my husband suck this guy's cock until he exploded in Terry's mouth. Terry took it all with no problem. He kept his cock in Terry's mouth until he started to get soft, then hard again. I was so turned on I stripped and started to finger fuck myself. But what really turned me on was when Art moved around and started to tongue Terry's asshole. I was watching with two fingers in my pussy. and nearly came when Art scooted up and shoved his cock in Terry's ass. Terry just kept saying "Fuck me. Fuck me harder." Terry was plunging in and out of Terry's asshole with abandon. Then he said he was gonna cum and looked at me. I told him to go ahead and he filled Terry's ass with his cum. He was finally spent and pulled out. He got dressed and I walked him to the door. He said Terry had a great ass and he would fuck him anytime I wanted.

I went back and untied Terry and took the mask off. I never did tell him who it was who fucked him but on his back when I plunged my pussy down on his cock he forgot all about the cock in his ass. I came harder than ever that night and so did he. I finally discovered the secret to my husband. Have him get fucked before I fuck him. I ordered a strap on and a few days later it arrived. That Friday night I tied him up again and came out of the bathroom wearing the strap-on. I told him that I knew he liked getting fucked and proceeded to fuck him with the rubber cock. He came hard and so did I.

Ever since that night with Art I knew he liked cock as well as pussy. I've accepted that fact and I'm oddly okay with it. The only stipulation for us is that he can have all the cock he wanted as long as I could have all the pussy or strange cock I wanted as well. We've turned into real swingers and neither of us have a problem sucking on strangers' cocks or eating strange pussy. We love sex and have been sucking and fucking ever since.




We'd been married about 10 years when this happened. My wife, Tanya and I had been fighting a bunch over the last few months. Then one night she caught me watching gay porn. Man was she pissed. She accused me of all kinds of things, not the least of which was being gay. I had never cheated on her with a man or woman but she didn't want to hear it. Then I made the mistake of saying "So what if I was gay? You don't give a fuck anyway." She said that this was why I didn't want to fuck her anymore. That wasn't it. I just haven't been in the mood. She called bullshit and stormed out About an hour later she came back home. I thought that she was calmed down but she was still in a rage.

She walked in with a big guy. Then she said "This is Jimmy. He's got the biggest cock I've ever seen. Here's the deal. You like gay porn so much tonight you get your chance to be a real porn star. You either willingly suck his cock or I have him ass fuck you until you cry like a little bitch." I shrugged and headed to the bedroom. They followed me. I thought I was in the clear until I felt him push me from the back into the room. She was right behind him and said "What's it gonna be." I told her to fuck off and get him out of here. Then she said she was dead serious but it was my choice. I told her I wasn't gonna suck anybody's cock. I guess that was over the edge because before I knew it he had my hands behind my back and had zip tied them together. Together they managed to remove my shoes then my pants. I really struggled when they started on my underwear but he was massive compared to me and overpowered me quite easily. Then I was naked from the waist down.

He pushed me onto my belly on the bed. Surprisingly he said he needed somebody to get his cock hard so while he held my legs down my wife took his cock into her mouth and I could hear her slurping the head of his cock. He kept saying that she sucked cock better than his boyfriend. In a minute or so he said he was ready. He squirted some cold stuff on my ass and even squirted it into my asshole. I was a bit scared now but became nearly petrified when I felt him spread my ass cheeks and shove his cock into me. The pain was enormous as he popped past my pucker hole. I begged him to stop. Then Tanya asked what I would rather do than be ass fucked by this big cock. I said I would do anything. She then said I knew what I would have to do in order to get his cock out of my ass.

It took me a few seconds to realize she wanted me to say I'd suck his cock instead. He was ramming me with his huge cock and I was in tears. I finally yelled out that I'll suck his cock instead. She said she couldn't hear me very well so I yelled that I wanted to suck his cock. It hurt beyond understanding. He finally pulled his cock out of my ass. He used my shorts to wipe the shit off and rolled me over. He swung me around so that my head of the bed. He put his cock up to my lips and waited. I looked at her and her hand was in her pants. She was getting off on my humiliation. I opened my mouth and he put the head of his cock in. I was still sobbing as he started to mouth fuck me. His cock was truly massive. I figured close to eight inches long and thick. He mouth fucked me for about 10 minutes and asked her where she wanted him to cum. She told him right there was fine. Within seconds he started cumming. He filled my mouth and she said I better swallow every fucking drop. Through my sobs I managed to get most of it down. Even after he was spent he stayed hard.

When he asked her what he should do with his still hard cock she said he should fuck me again. He twirled me around so my feet were facing him and crawled on the bed. Then he pushed my legs up a little and his slippery cock made its way back into my asshole. It hurt a little but nowhere near as before. This time he was much more gently. He waited until my ass relaxed then slowly started to fuck me. My hands were still tied behind me so I couldn't really fight him off. Within a couple of minutes I was starting to like it. Then she sat on the bed. She started stroking my cock with one hand and playing with my nipples with the other. She knows I like that. Before long not only was the pain gone but I was starting to really get into it. Her hand on my cock, her other hand on my nipple and his cock in my ass was almost too much to take.

Tanya felt that I was ready to cum and did something she hadn't done since before we were married. She said to let it fly and put her mouth on my cock. She took about three inches in her mouth and I went over the edge. I started cumming and she took it all. I wondered what the fuck was happening right then. About that time her hand went down to my nuts. As she cupped them and sucked the last of the cum out of me he started to cum also. What a fucking stud. He finally finished and pulled his cock out of me. He got dressed and walked out. She still had her mouth on my cock and was getting me hard again. It took a little while but I finally got hard. That's when she stuck two fingers in my ass. She had never done that before either. What a rush. For the first time in years I was able to cum a second time. Again she swallowed it all.

When she untied me and we were able to talk about it she said she wasn't really mad but she figured I was secretly bi-sexual but had to find out. I admitted to her that even though that was my first cock I really liked it. She said she was also bi-sexual and loved pussy as well as cock. It's too bad it took 10 years for us to figure all of this out but since that night we've both had all the cock and cunt we've ever wanted. Sometimes she sets it up and sometimes I do but in the last three years I've ate more pussy and sucked more cock than any three woman would normally do. What a fucking ride we've had and will continue to have. I can't wait until the next time.