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About 6 months after my wife passed away from a surgical complication our daughter (19) came home to help me sort through her mother's belongings. It was a really emotional experience that left us both feeling pretty loopy by the end of the first day. At some point my daughter came into my room and immediately I could tell she was feeling uneasy. In her hand was a black satin bag.

She seemed a bit embarrassed but after some hemming and hawing she told me she had found a sex toy in her mom's things. She opened the bag and asked if she should throw it away. I looked inside and laughed.

I explained that a few years ago I was forced to work out of town for a few months and as a bit of a joke her mother and I bought a clone a Willy kit to keep her company while I was gone. I told my daughter that we had forgotten all about it and I don't think she had even used it. I pulled it out of the sack and shook it around to make it wiggle and swing. Both my daughter and I started laughing. It had been a rough day and this bit of silliness mixed with her embarrassment just made us bust up laughing.

I told her she can toss it. It was just a dumb joke and I didn't give it much thought after that. Later that evening I heard something I hadn't heard since my daughter was in highschool. The sound of muffled moaning coming from her room. She used to masturbate a lot when she lived at home. On more then one occasion I would use the restroom next to her bedroom so I could jack off to the sounds of her pleasuring herself. That night I did it right outside of her closed bedroom door.

The next day my daughter got up early to get us donuts and I decided to take a peak inside her old room. To my surprise and delight I saw my clone a willy laying on her bed, a telling white residue coating all but the final few inches. Like she couldn't quite take the whole thing.

When she got back I told her I had gone into her old room to grab some more of her mom's boxes out of the closet and I saw she had used her mom's toy. I set it on the table and she turned bright red. I just smiled and asked what made her decide to try it. She said she just wanted to feel what her Mom had experienced.

She then asked if it was really molded off of my "you know" and I said yes but to be fair mine doesn't vibrate. She said the toy was missing the vibrating egg anyway. Then she said something I wasn't expecting she said she had never cum so fast or so many times before with a dildo. That it just fits perfectly.

Then she hesitated and asked if I was listening to her last night. Like I used to in the bathroom. I told her I didn't know she knew. She said my breathing has always been pretty heavy. I didn't know if I should apologize or what so I just said, it's been a long time since your mom...

She picked up the toy and said "I want to compare how close this really is.." the thought got me hard immediately. She continued "cause if it's really the same I'm in big trouble"

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect 8 1/2 inch rock hard dick. Her eyes went wide and her mouth instinctively fell open but with a bit of a smile. She came close with the dildo and lined it up right next to the real thing. A small gasp escaped her mouth. The real thing was maybe a finger tip longer.

She grabbed my dick with her right hand and lead me to my bedroom. She pushed me to the bed and started stripping off her clothes. Her naked body was nothing like her mother's. Her mom has E cup breasts and an ass that you couldn't ignore. Our daughter was more like a surfboard, little A cups with long nipples. A cute little booty. Long slender legs and a hairless pussy.

I took the black satin bag the toy was in and used it as a blindfold on her. Then I pushed her down to the bed on her hands and knees. I told her she had to guess which was which. And if she won she'd get a prize. I slowly rubbed the tip of the dildo across her slit lubing it up with her juices. Then I slowly pushed it in. She moaned loudly. No point trying to be quiet anymore. I gave it a couple of strokes and then pulled it out. She sounded disappointed with a little whimper.

Then it was time for the real deal. I again lubed my tip with her pussy and slid it in. This time she gasped and started pushing back. Humping my dick with a twerking motion. "That's real. That's real" is all she could say. "You win" I replied as I started thrusting. "Ooh what's my prize?" She said.

I took the dildo and slid the tip of it in her ass. She moaned again. With a little effort it went in fairly easily and I was DPing my daughter with a copy of my own dick. We fucked for awhile, her thin body wrapped around me. At the end she insisted on sucking me off to conclusion. Said she wanted to taste it. I came more than I have ever cum in my life.

We had sex a few more times that weekend and when she was ready to go home she made a point of showing me she was packing her Daddy Shaped Dildo and taking it with her. Every now and then when she's lonely she sends me nudes and we make plans for her next visit.




Before I begin, I’d like to state that this confession will not be for everyone. In it, I describe things that happened to me during my childhood, things I did as a teenager and adult, and fantasies for the future. It includes underage, rape, beastiality and other “taboo” topics. Be warned.

I am a twenty-six year old female. When I was six, I was introduced to sex by my then thirteen year old male cousin. I was close to his little sister and often stayed the night. One time, when she was asleep, he woke me up and asked me to come to his room. When I got there, he asked if I knew what a penis was. I said no, and he proceeded to pull down his pajamas. It was the first time I’d ever seen one, and I remember immediately feeling curious about it. It wasn’t big by any means, just a few inches. But it was different from what I had, and I wanted to know more about it. He asked if I wanted to touch it, and I said yes. He grabbed my hand and placed his penis in it. I just stood there, both amazed and confused. After a couple minutes, he gently closed my fingers around it and started to hump my hand. When I tried to pull away, he held my hand in place and told me to calm down, so I did. I didn’t know what was happening, but I was too curious to stop it. It didn’t take long for him to cum, and it wasn’t much, but it was all over my hand. He told me that’s what boys do when they feel really good, and that he was happy I was able to make him feel that good. I remember feeling happy and sort of proud, though I didn't really understand why. He grabbed a dirty towel that I remember being kinda crusty and wiped my hand and his penis off, then told me that if I wanted to do it again anytime just to tell him and we would. We did, almost every night I stayed over. After the first few times of me jacking him off, I had gotten pretty good at it and even started to lick my hand clean afterwards. He always loved watching that. We did this on and off for about eight months, until his family moved farther away and I didn’t see him as much. I did find out years later that he had started doing the same thing with his sister shortly after doing it with me, and they did it until he went to college.

When I was 14, I was raped by my uncle. Not the father of the two cousins mentioned above, a different uncle. It was nothing like what I had done with my cousin, and not something I wanted to happen. I was staying at his house because I was helping him with some work around the house for some money. The first night I stayed there was when it happened. I woke up in the middle of the night to him sitting on my bed, his hand between my legs, rubbing my crotch. I was scared and confused, and started to ask for him to stop, but before I could he put his free hand on my mouth and told me to stay quiet. He told me he knew what I had done with my cousin when I was younger, because he and my cousin were close and my cousin had told him. He warned me that if I didn’t let him have some fun, he would tell the entire family what I had done, as well as make up lies about other things I’d done as well. He would make sure then entire family knew I was a fucked up slut. I didn’t know what to do, so I nodded and let him keep going. After removing his hand from my mouth, he pulled down my pajamas and started fingering me. He was not gentle, and it hurt a lot. I remember crying, and him only getting rougher after that. After several minutes of him doing that, he pulled his fingers from my pussy and pulled down his pants, showing me his dick. It was big, probably between seven and eight inches. It wasn’t super thick, but it was thick enough to fill my hand when he told me to jack him off the way I used to with my cousin. I did, and he wouldn’t let me stop until he came all over my face. Once he’d done that, he told me to leave it until the morning, then left. I remember staying up all night, balling my eyes out, after that. I remember feeling betrayed, both by my uncle and by my cousin for telling him what we’d done. I also felt ashamed, because despite the pain and humiliation I was feeling, I hadn’t cum and really wanted to. So while I laid there and cried with my uncle’s cum drying on my face, I fingered myself. I wasn’t able to make myself cum because of the mixed feelings I was having, but my fingers never left my pussy the entire night. The next morning, all I wanted to do was stay in bed and hide, but he came for me and told me to get up for breakfast. When I sat down, he laughed at the miserable state I was in and gave me a rag to wipe my face. He then told me that the work I was doing was going to be extended, and that I was to ask my parents for me to stay longer. He also told me that he was going to ask for my help quite often from now on, and that I could never tell him no. Lastly, he told me that every night I stayed over, he would play with me, and if I ever fought him or told him no, he would tell everyone my secrets. That visit turned into almost a week-long visit, and during that time he continued to make me give him handjobs as well as suck his cock and pose for pictures and videos. The last night of my stay, he even fucked me. It was the first time I’d ever been fucked, and I came hard. Harder than I was willing to admit to him. This arrangement continued for a couple years, with me usually staying at his place once a month or so for at least a few nights. He made me do all kinds of things with him, and pretty soon I started to enjoy it. After the first few months, I told him I didn’t care if he told anyone, and that I just wanted to keep doing these things. He was happy to hear that.

These events shaped the kind of woman I would become. As I grew older, I became more and more depraved. I started experimenting with sex, shoving random objects inside of me whenever I got the chance. I smeared peanut butter on my pussy, asshole and nipples and coaxed my family dog to lick it off. I did that quite a lot. Eventually, I even caved and asked my uncle for help getting toys. By the time I was eighteen, I already had several dildos, a few vibrators, some gags, nipple clamps, butt plugs and a few other things. I had been fucked more times than I could count, to the point where I gained a bit of a reputation at school. Even my graduation was fucked up, where I went with only panties under my gown and both my holes stuffed with toys. After I became an adult, I really started going wild. I started going to parties every chance I got, and fucked anyone who would look my way. Most of the time, I was too drunk or high to know who was fucking me, and would wake up the next morning at some stranger’s house, naked and covering in more than a couple bodily fluids. I became estranged from my parents and most of my family, devoting my life to partying and debauchery. Then I got pregnant with my daughter.

This is where the warning from before really takes meaning. As I write this, my daughter is in the living room watching TV on her tablet. I am a single parent, since I don’t know who her father is. I can barely support the two of us, and even to this day I party and get fucked any chance I can get away from her. Thinking about my life, my decisions and where I am now, I know I’m not a good mother. I don’t deserve my daughter, and I know I will probably never give her the life she deserves. I love her, of course, but if I’m being honest, deep down I hate her. She is the reason I was forced to act like an adult. She is the reason I can’t have as much fun anymore. She is the reason I can’t get fucked up as much as I’d like. And when I let my mind wander into fantasy land, as I often do, I often thing about what life would be like for us if I corrupted her the same way I was corrupted. She is only five, but I often think about pulling her aside one night and showing her the pleasures and pains of sex. Of ruining her life the way mine was ruined. Sometimes, my fantasies are so strong that its all I can do to keep myself from raping her the way I had been raped, of tearing open her holes and turning her into a slut just like her fucked-up mother.




The first memory I have of sexual activity was the 3rd or 4th grade, I was really little. Mom worked late all the time, dad got off of work same time I got out of school so he was home with me until mama got off.

Like any other day, I rode the school bus home and ran up the steep hill to my house. I opened the front door, ran inside, tossed my bag down and looked up… My dad was sitting on the couch with his big dick in his hand covered in lotion. I wasn’t panicked, I was scared, I was intrigued. I remember knowing how wrong this was instantly but it was such a rush. My dad was hissing while I watched his him stroke his dick real slow. He was looking at me. He said “come here baby girl, come sit next to daddy.” I sat next to him, my eyes never left his cock.

Daddy said to me while continuing to stroke and spread the lotion over his cocks head, “Daddy can’t cum baby, I need you to help Daddy cum, please, it hurts daddy” …I loved him so I was so with it..and I was curious about his dick too.

Daddy grabbed my hand and wrapped my fingers as far as he could around his dick. When I touch it, his body shivered and he moaned. He put his hand back over mine and we back to stroke my daddy’s big dick together. I started to feel a tingling feeling in my pussy. I ignored it because I had to help my daddy cum. I remember my mouth watering as I watched my Daddy moan and feeling his dick pulse in my hand. Daddy started kissing me on my lips, licking my lips and my neck as he whispered “baby don’t stop stroking daddy’s dick..thank you my baby..I want to cum so I can make your pussy cum too!” I kept stroking and finally an explosions of my daddy’s moans and cum erupting from his dick..with each spurt was a pulse from daddy’s dick and I watched cum slow over my little hand like lava. Daddy leaned forward moaning and hugging me and I’m pretty sure my 3rd grade pussy was soaked.

Daddy pulled my shorts off with his dick still covered in cum and lotion. Then he yanked my panties off as my little legs rose up. My pussy was really throbbing because I knew what he was about to do…daddy said “I haven’t tasted your pussy since you were a baby used to love when daddy put his tongue in your pussy. I looked down and said “please lick my pussy daddy”. He bent down and jacked his dick while he went crazy on my little baby clit, daddy sounded hungry.

I came in my daddy’s mouth. Daddy lifted me up and laid me in him and mommy’s bed. He pulled his pants completely off and took off the rest of my clothes. He slowed down as he got between my legs and pulled the blanked over us. My daddy was shaking and he said it was because he loved me and my pussy so much. He gently started kissing my cheek and down my neck laying his whole body on top of mine. I remember closing my eyes and feeling the head of his giant dick probing around my pussy hole.

He reached down and pulled his dick up and laid it on top of my clit between my cunt lips. Subconsciously I started to rub my little clit all over his dick up and down. Daddy moaned in my ear and said “this is daddy’s pussy…I love you baby girl..cum on daddy’s dick my baby” …I started humping from the bottom, daddy’s felt harder on my pussy. I started going faster as he moaned and told me I make daddy’s dick feel so good and that he wants to fuck my little pussy with his cock so bad..

I purposely rub too far above his cocks head and landed my pussy hole perfectly over daddy’s dick and jammed it inside of me….it didn’t hurt.

Daddy didn’t know, was already fucking my little pussy with anything I could around the house before this. I was so horny all the time, I was ready for daddy.

When I thrust daddy inside my pussy his head lifted up and he was nose to nose with me as I rolled my hips smothering his cock head inside my right little hole. He said “omg daddy’s going to cum inside can’t do that..” I licked his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck and bounced my wet little pussy on him faster and faster. Daddy leaned up, put my hands above my head, and started fucking my little pussy deeper. I said “please daddy..don’t stop..” as I felt my orgasm rise. He screamed as he collapsed on top of me cumming and.cumming filling me with more and more..he was breathing so hard and so heavy…he left it in me and past out for 15 minutes while I came again and again on his dick while he slept.

We never fucked again but I let him eat my pussy a few more times when I got older.




As I was deepthroating the big nice hard cock that had just came through the gloryhole, I was thinking that I really wanted to feel this thing pulsing as it bred my tight ass. I was pulling my head back to where the big head was just inside my lips, twirl my tongue around the head and probe the piss slit, then take it all the way back down my throat until my nose was smashed up against the stall wall, I did this several times, then took it all the way down and held it there. The owner knew what to do and started fucking my mouth and throat. I felt the head starting to swell and he started moaning like he was about to cum, but I wanted him to cum in my ass so I pulled off of him, but wrapped my left hand around it and slowly stroked it as I pulled my shorts and underwear down, spun around, and placed the head of his cock up against my man hole that I had already pre-lubed and started pushing my way back on it.

It felt so good as it slowly entered me, there was a little pain because it was so big, it hurt so good! After it was all the way inside me and my ass checks were smashed up against the stall wall he started slowly pulling out then back in until he had a pretty fast pace.

I was in heaven and didn't want it to end, but I heard him starting to moan again and I knew he would be filling me up very soon. I felt the wall move pushing me so I knew he was as deep as he could get when he moaned and I felt his cock swell and start pulsing as it was pumping me full of his seed.

I didn't move, I just let him savor the feeling of breeding my tight ass. We stayed like that for 30 seconds or more, then I felt him pulling out of me. I instantly felt his warm cum running down my ball sack and the inside of my leg. I had been bred by a real stud, so much cum, I loved it.

I sat back down on the toilet to let the cum drip out. I heard him leave his stall and he stopped in front of mine and whispered for me to meet him out by the picnic tables so we could trade info to hook up again.

I finished letting the cum run out of me, cleaned up, and pulled my shorts back up and headed to the picnic tables. As I came out the bathroom door and looked over at the tables the only guy standing there was my dad. I almost passed out, my dad had just fucked and bred me with the nicest cock I had ever had. I didn't know what to do, I felt like running in the opposite direction, but just as I started too, he turned around and saw me.

I walked toward him with my head down not knowing how he was going to react, but as I got close he said, wow, was that your ass I just fucked son? As I sat down at the table, I looked up at him and said, yes sir. He proceeded to say, all this time I could have been fucking that tight ass of yours and I didn't know it? Again, but this time with a smile, I said, yes sir. He said, well follow me home, you mom and brother won't be home for at least another 2-3 hours, that gives us enough time for me to see how your throat feels when I shoot my seed into your belly and if you're a good enough cock sucker to get me hard again so I can fuck that ass again. I said, lead the way daddy.

After that day me and my dad fucked more than you can imagine. If we were at home alone, his cock was buried inside me until he filled me up. And if my mother or brother was around me and dad would make a run to the local Home Depot and as soon as we were out of the drive way his cock was hitting the back of my throat...




When I was 17, I caught my dad and older brother fucking my younger sister. Dad was fucking her hard from behind while my brother was fucking her throat. She was moaning as hard as they were using her. Without thinking, I cracked open the door and started rubbing my pussy. I must’ve moaned too loud cuz dad came to me quickly, grabbed me by the hair and ripped off my shirt and immediately started eating me out. My brother moved between my sister’s legs and started to aggressively fuck her while making out with me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. They pulled out and pushed me on top of my sister. Dad put his big cock in my tight pussy and started to fuck me. Naturally, I started licking my sister’s pussy and she and I 69’d while our dad and brother continued to fuck us. After a few minutes, they pulled out again and my brother started fucking me. At this point I lost track of all my orgasms. After they came inside us, my brother went “Lucy! Clean up!” Our family lab Lucy hurried in and started licking my brother’s cock, my pussy which ended up making me cum hard again, then my sisters pussy and she and I made out during until she came again, then my dad and my brother started sucking his cock too with Lucy. And yep. That was crazy day.




I'm 30(m) and I used to have fun with a slightly mentally challenged girl (she was in all the handicap classes in hs) I first added her on snap and we would talk and she would say she didn't know I even knew who she was. I told her I used to watch her in gym class cause she would roll up her shorts like the other girls and when she sat on the bench she always had her legs open and I could see her panties.

I would flirt with her and she would tell me how she thinks about me at night and touches herself in the shower to feel good. I told her I would love to watch and she out of the blue sent me a picture of her pussy, that got me rock hard knowing I didn't have to ask.

I would always snap her my cock and she would tell me she couldn't send anything back cause she was busy with family stuff or babysitting her siblings. One day I told her if she didn't send me a picture of her naked I would stop talking to her. She didn't want that so she obeyed and took a nude mirror selfie and I noticed that her baby brother(2) and little sister(4) were in the room right behind her.

My mind went wild...

I asked her if she always got naked in front of her siblings and she said yeah because she has to bathe with them and they don't mind. I asked her to show me how much they don't mind and she said okay.

My cock was raging hard now.

The next snap my heart was racing, it was her, her sister and brother all in the mirror naked. My legs were shaking.

I asked if she ever played with her siblings and she said no, so I asked if I could see her suck her baby brother. With a little convincing telling her to imagine it was me she said yes.

Seeing her suck her brothers tiny hard on made me explode, legit never shot my load so far before, so I sent her the video of me cummj g and she told me how wet that got her so I told her to ride her brother. She did but said she couldn't feel anything so I told her to put his tiny hand in her pussy.

I watched her thrust her brothers hand in her pussy till he pulled it away and looked at all the white cream and said ewww she put the whole thing in her mouth and said yummy daddy I love my brothers fist.

Occasionally I got her to lick her sisters cunt and once watched her pee on both of them in the tub. I came so hard everytime




For nearly 25 years now I have been in a sexual relationship with my mother that began when I was 28 and she was 49. For the first 5 years mom and I where in a monogamous relationship living together as a couple. When my youngest sister nearly caught mom and I we started dating other people to shake her suspicions but, maintained our sexual relationship. We both eventually got married and our affair continued throughout our marriages until they both ended in divorce. My mother and I haven't been with anyone else since.

During my marriage my sexual relationship with my mother affected my sex life with my wife. I found it difficult to become aroused and maintain an erection when I was being intimate with my wife. When I was with my mother, my lust for her would keep me hard as a rock and my ejaculations were abundant. My mother and I have always been there for each other. My mother and I have always made ourselves available to satisfy our sexual desires.