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Confessions tagged with 'incest'.


Submitted: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 06:24:43 GMT

I gave my dad a hand job. I'm a 15 year old girl and I was on a vacation with my parents a few months ago. My mom got food poisoned one night so we went back to our hotel ealry and she went to bed. Just to make sure she could sleep, my dad slept in the same bed as me in our hotel room. During the night, I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I saw my dad had a hard on becuase of the bulge in his shorts - he was still asleep and must have been dreaming. I don't know why but I wanted to see it - the bulge in his pants made me exsited. I pulled his shorts over his cock very gently so I didn't wake him up and he had the most beautiful one ever. I've only seen my boyfriends and one other boys but they weren't nearly as nice of big. I wanted to see what he felt like so I put my hand on him and tried not to wake him up. THe feel of it in my hand was so hot I used my other one to start playing with myself. I guess I moved around to much or made noise because my dad woke up. At first I think he was confused by what he saw - my one hand down my pajamas and the other one on him. But he just looked at me and didn't say anything. I was really scared and really hot at the same time, but I didn't want to stop feeling him so I started to rub his cock. He didn't stop me but just kept watching me play with myself. After a few minutes he groaned a little and came all over my hand. THe feel of his hot come on me made me come harder than I ever have before. We both went back to sleep and we've never talked about it or done anything again, but I want to. I keep fantasizing about how his cock felt in my hands and I now I want to feel it in my mouth. I want to make him come in my mouth and I think I might want to do more. What's wrong with me?


Submitted: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 02:00:18 GMT

I used to fantasize that my cousin would pay me back in sexual favors for babysitting her children. My dream never came true. I really wish it had.


Submitted: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:01:25 GMT

I had sex with my mom in high school. We still do every now and then.


Submitted: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 08:10:53 GMT

Ok. im 15/m and this past weekend i jerked off in front of my cousin who is 12/f. she asked me too. she even touched my dick. she watched me for about a half an hour. and she watched me cum. it was so hot. i came so hard because of the thought that my own cousin was watching me.


Submitted: Fri, 02 May 2008 19:50:47 GMT

My mother is on a perscription medication because she suffers from insomnia. These pills make her sleep by making her totally pass out. Sometimes I sneek into her bedroom while she is passed out I undress her and I gently make her suck my cock. Lately I have been filming it.


Submitted: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:30:39 GMT

I fantasize about having sex with my mom and sister.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 11:52:37 GMT

I've been a single mom since my son was 3. He's 13 now. As he grew up we often used to play and that included play-wrestling, either on the carpet or sometimes on my bed. Lately he has become a strong young boy and is now able to pin me down.

Early one morning we were at it again on my bed, me only in bra and panties and him in his boxers. At one stage he had me helpless on my back with my legs wrapped around him when I suddenly became aware that he was humping his pelvis against my panties. It was clear that he had a hard-on. At first I was surprised that he could be so bold but soon felt his knob now rubbing right against my klitty, having me getting horny in an instant. It had been years since I had slept with a man and feeling the hardness of his erection I couldn't resist lying still and enjoying the sensation. After a minute or so I gathered my senses, realising it was my own son taking advantage of me. I wanted him to stop, but instead I reacted by humping back against his thrusts, resulting in him getting all the more excited. He was humping furiously now and I could feel my juices starting to flow. And then his hand was between us and I could feel him fumbling at my panties and next thing he was penetrating me with his hardness and I gave in to his powerful thrusts and now my young son was fucking me wildly.

He lasted only a minute or two before I felt him pumping his juices, shooting his load in me.

We don't pretend to be wrestling anymore. He just comes to my bed whenever he feels horny and knows that his mom is waiting eagerly to help him improve his lovemaking skills.


Submitted: Sun, 04 Jan 2009 08:28:47 GMT

i like to have sex with my sister.she is married and we do it when time is right and her husband did'nt know about this.


Submitted: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 19:06:18 GMT

"Back In The Saddle With Mom!"

It’s really scary and also REALLY exciting to be confessing!

The first time I really noticed my Mother as a “woman” and not as my Mom, was when I was only thirteen and Mom was twenty nine. I had been getting spontaneous erections for the past year and a half, but I wasn’t about to embarrass myself by telling anybody about them, especially my Mother.

One night we were getting ready for bed. I had already undressed, turned off the light and got in bed. Mom usually went into the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. This time she did not close the door completely when she went in. I looked across the bed and saw that I could see her in the mirror. She took her dress and slip off and laid them down on the side of the tub. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror, running her hand up and down on her stomach. She took both hands and lifted her breasts in her brassiere, kind of “fluffing” them. That was when I noticed I was getting an erection and it was a big one.

Up until that moment in my young life she had always been just “Mom”. Mom looked hot. She wasn’t overweight like most of my friend’s moms. She was hot. She was around 5’ 6” and I would guess, and maybe 110 lbs. I was about to look away when she reached behind her to take off her bra. I felt funny watching but I could not take my eyes off of her. Once her bra was off she dropped it on top of her dress and then reached down and took off her panties. I had never seen pubic hair before, at least not that much of it and not in person. I didn’t think my friend Jimmy’s Playboy magazine should count.

Mom’s pubic hair was dark blond and formed a very large, and very thick bushy triangle. I pulled my eyes away and looked back up to her breasts. They were just a bit on the small side but she had very large nipples. My erection was not only big, it was getting downright painful, so I slipped off my briefs and kicked them down to the foot of the bed. I knew I was staring at my own naked mother and should stop before she turned and caught me. Mom then reached over, closed the door and started the shower she took each night before bed. When she was finished she came back into the bedroom wearing her night t-shirt over her panties and got into bed. My cock was still hard with the memory of how she looked naked, and I was in lust!

Even at my age I knew that most sons didn’t sleep in the same bed with their mothers. You see, it started right after my dad died. I was just six. We had to move from the house we rented to a small one bedroom apartment. Mom had the bedroom and I slept on the sofa in the front room. I was so sad with dad gone that I would wake up crying at night. After a couple of nights of this Mom had me come in and sleep with her. That helped and after a few days the crying stopped. For whatever reason, year after year, we just never changed and I continued to sleep with my Mom. In fact, for several years, starting at that time, I would periodically climb between her legs and up on top of Mom and fall asleep on her.

Now, as I lay there with that erection, the more I thought about seeing Mom naked in the bathroom, the more I wanted that closeness of lying on top of her. I did not know much about sex at the time and didn’t realize it was my too-hard dick thinking for me. I turned over and put one arm across mom’s body. At first she thought I was just going to kiss her goodnight. But I continued turning over. I put one knee between hers and she automatically spread her legs apart for me.

Mom put one hand on my shoulder to stop me, asking, “What are you doing Bobby”?

I continued moving over on top of her, “Mom, I just felt the need to be close to you. You know, like we used to do after Dad died when I was little”.

By that point I was on top of her with both of my legs between hers. As I positioned myself between my Mother’s legs she sighed and spread her legs a little bit more for me and lifted her knees up along my thighs and then dropped them down towards the bed with her knees splayed out. That was something she had not done before. Usually I just laid there with my legs on top of hers. This was much more comfortable. I liked it. My hard cock liked it too!

Mom seemed a little bit alarmed. “Honey, you are really too old for this”.

Pleading in my “little boy” voice I replied, “Oh, please Mommy? We havn’t done this in a long time. I don’t see you much any more and I just wanted to be close to you”.

“Well okay, for a little while. Then we should get some sleep. I have a long day tomorrow”.

“It sure feels good, Mom”, I whispered to her.

“Yes, Son, it sure does. It sure does feel good”, she sighed, and wrapped her arms around me.

I laid my head on her shoulder. I could feel one of her nipples getting harder against my neck. I squirmed around like I was trying to get comfortable on her just so I could feel it better. And that had the effect of making my cock even harder. I tried to relax to make it go away before my Mother noticed but it was too late. I could feel the head of my cock pushing up between Mom’s legs against the loose crotch of her panties. I thought if I don’t move maybe she won’t know.

My problem was that Mom was not as new to this as I was. As I pushed up against her I could feel her try to move away from me. “Mom, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. It just got hard. I saw you all naked in the bathroom and you looked so good that you made me get all hard”.

But the feeling was so electric I could not help myself. I began moving my hips against her, thrusting quickly, ernestly driving the head of my cock against her crotch right at her pussy. It only took a few seconds for my thirteen year old overly-excited sperm-filled balls to erupt all over her panties.

“Oh Mom, I’m so sorry. It just came out of me. I couldn’t stop it”. I was so upset at it I was starting to cry. Remember, I was only a thirteen year old boy at the time.

Mom had her arms around me and hugged me tighter. “Don’t worry Bobby. It was my fault for letting you see me completely naked when I undressed in front of you and gave you such a big erection”.

I could feel her panties and the bed below us was wet with my sperm, “But I think I made a mess on you”.

Mom just patted my head and said, “You certainly did, Son, you most certainly did. But it’s nothing to worry about. It’s the most natural thing for a healthy young teenage boy to do”.

Since she didn’t yell at me, reproach me, or push me away, I felt a bit encouraged. My cock was still hard so I pushed it against the vertical indentation of her panty-covered crotch again and held it there.

Mom took me by the shoulders saying, “Bobby, it was an accident but enough is enough. I think you should get off your Mother now”, and turned on her side so I fell back to my side of the bed.

“Mom, you’re not mad at me are you, for what I did”?

“No, Honey, I’m not mad at you. Just a little surprised that’s all. I know boys your age start getting uncontrolable sexual feelings like that, and I’m a little flattered that I was the cause of it, but we probably shouldn’t do that again”.

Mom lay back on her back and a little squeal escaped her lips. With a slight smile she said, “You’re just like your father. You left a great big wet spot of semen on my side of the bed for me to sleep in”.

I scooted over farther on my side, “Here, move this way”.

As Mom moved to my side of the bed, she turned over so her back was to me. I moved up against her in the “spoon” position. Having my cock pressed up against my Mother’s ass felt so good and I really wanted to do something to make it feel even better, but I figured I’d better not press my luck. So I just put my arm around her so my hand was on her stomach just above the waistband of her panties. She put her hand over mine and we both drifted off to sleep.

The entire next day I kept thinking about what happened the previous night and those pesky spontaneous erections kept popping up repeatedly all day. In English class I had to stay in my seat for a few minutes after the end of class, pretending to write some notes, because I was too hard to get up and walk to my next class.

The next night I made sure I was in bed before mom came in. I pulled down my underwear and kicked them to the foot of the bed like I done before. I didn’t want them coming between me and my Mother. I was hoping she would leave the door open again, but no such luck. Mom went into the bathroom, closed the door, took her shower and then came to bed. After our goodnights and a quick kiss on the check she went to sleep. I had a more difficult time waiting for my cock to go down.

The following night I thought I would give it one last try. I made sure I was in bed first. My briefs were kicked down to the foot of the bed and my cock was hard. I was ready. When Mom came in she was humming a little as she walked slowly to the bathroom door. She closed it but it didn,t quite latch. I could hear her humming to herself and brushing her hair. Then she must have brushed against the door because it opened several inches. Mom was again standing in front of the mirror completely naked. She “fluffed” up both of her slightly sagging itty-bitty titties, turning first one way then the other while she looked at herself in the mirror. She slowly caressed herself all over, even slipping her hand down to her thick bush of pubic hair several times. It was quite a “show” and I loved it. She seemed to take a much longer time than normal doing this before she took her shower and then came into the bedroom.

When my Mother got into bed I was undecided as to what to do. I wanted to get on top of her again and get between her legs but I was sure that if I asked she would say no. Then my hard cock made up my mind for me! I just turned over and quickly moved on top of her without saying anything. As I moved my legs between hers she spread them like she had the two nights before. Only this time, my Mother spread them even wider with her knees up higher. As I got comfortable on her I could feel my erection already pushing against her panties. I was right where I wanted to be: On top of my sexy Mother, between her spread open legs, and my raging hard cock right up against her cunt!

Mom put her arms around me and gave me a hug and said teasingly, “It’s nice to have a teenage Son who finds his Mother desirable, but you really should say ‘please’ first”.

“Please, Mom”? Then another thought hit me. “Do you think you could take off your panties? Please”?

“No. I don’t think that would be a good idea right now. I havn’t been on The Pill in years. You might accidently push your hard penis right up inside of me and ejaculate in there, and get me pregnant with your child”.

“Ah, gee, Mom…”, I started to whine in my “little boy” voice.

She cut my whining off with, “Now Bobby, you like being on top of Mommy and you like being between her legs, don’t you”?

“Sure, Mom! There’s no other place I’d rather be!”, I truthfully assured her.

“Well, then, that’s settled. We’ll just take care of your little ‘problem’ the same way we did the other night”.

I didn’t move as I lay there between my Mother’s legs with my hard cock against her crotch. I was disappointed and I sighed to let her know about it.

She tousled my hair a little bit, then with a little smile in her voice said, “OK, cowboy! You’re in the saddle now, so start humping your Mother!”

As I began moving my hips against Mom, she sighed a little and began gently rubbing my back. Then, with me rhythmically humping my Mother's panty-covered crotch, she moved both of her hands down to my clenching ass. When she reached my ass cheeks she cupped them in her hands, got a firm grip on them, and then pulled me up tightly against her. I could feel the head of my cock push against her panties. Her panties were really wet by then, so as I pushed I could feel the head of my cock sinking in a bit. So close! It was like something was grabbing just the head.

I know a man is supposed to last longer for a women but this was all so new to me. I could not hold it any more. As my hips began to buck and fuck frantically against her, Mom lifted me up a bit and then pulled me higher so my cock was laying on her stomach when I exploded on her. I just kept humping against her bare belly as spurt after spurt after spurt of sperm kept shooting out of my throbbing cock. Then she rolled over on her side and I cuddled up against her back.

When I woke up in the middle of the night we were still in that position except my cock was painfully hard again and it was trapped between my mother’s upper thighs and up against the crotch of her panties. I slowly gave her a couple of short little cock thrusts and it felt good, so I gave her a few more. I was afraid that I might wake her up and that she’d get mad, so I stopped. She was still breathing slowly with a slight snoring sound, so I started slowly humping her crotch again. I didn’t last very long this time either. I felt that familiar tingle and my balls tightened up as I was humping my Mom and then I exploded. I tried to pull back so as not to leave another mess, but I was WAY too slow. I spermed the front of my mother’s panties, I spermed her entire crotch area and upper thighs, and thoroughly soaked her backside as well before my incestuous orgasm subsided. She stirred a little bit and whispered something real quiet.

I think my mother said, “Thank you”.

And that became our routine. Not every night, mind you, but most of the nights. Sometimes Mom would say she was tired and needed to go to sleep, and I’d lie there with the most disappointed hard-on in the whole world. Mostly, she would go through her entire night-time shower “routine” with the bathroom door opened just enough so that I wouldn’t miss a thing. Then she’d come to bed and have me climb up and get “back in the saddle whenever you’re ready” as she called it. At 13, I was ready at any time, every time, all the time!

After a couple of months of these frustratingly enjoyable sessions (and a couple of gallons of my ejaculat semen), summer arrived. We didn’t have much in the way of AC and it could get pretty hot in apartment. One hot night when my Mother came “bouncing” out of the bathroom after her “routine”, she wasn’t wearing her t-shirt!

“It’s just too hot for that old t-shirt tonight”, she explained.

I couldn’t help but stare at my Mother’s tits. With hope in my heart (and my groin), “And your panties, too?” I suggested.

“Sorry, Cowboy. This’ll have to do for now”.

I was sure that Mom was doing that for me. When I got on top of her, instead of putting my head on her shoulder as I usually did, I held myself up on my arms and looked at her breasts. I moved my head down and ran a tongue around one nipple. When I did that Mom let loose a long pent-up sigh and moved her hands to my ass and pulled my hard cock up against her panty crotch. I then went from one breast to the other and back again. Mom had a death grip on my ass and kept rhythmically pulling me tight against her, then rocking me back away and to her again. This resulted in my cock pushing the crotch of her panties in and out of the entrance to her wet, hairy cunt.

My Mother’s cunt and panties were very wet at this point and I could clearly smell her sex which got me even hotter. As my Mother continued “helping” me hump her, I could feel the head of my cock pushing the wet crotch of her panties even deeper into her, giving her hairy cunt a nice big wedgie. By now I was able to last much longer than I used to and we typically did this to each other for around thirty minutes and this was no exception. My balls had grown to be about twice as big as when we first started, so when the inevitible happened, I shot twice as much sperm, twice as far as I did those first few times. I’m proud to say that I shot my incestuous semen all the way up to my Mother’s face and in toher hair, but most of it landed on her tits and belly. After shooting my big load of sperm all over her, I collapsed on her, and after laying on her for a few minutes to catch my breath, I rolled onto my side of the bed. I then watched Mom take a finger and trace it through my sperm on her stomach like she was finger-painting. And then she surprised my by putting her cum-covered fingers in her mouth, sucking on them, and making a quiet “mmm-mmm” sound.

My Mother and I got closer as we continued this new routine over the next few months but I was getting more and more frustrated. I wanted to be IN my Mother not just ON her. I wanted to be INSIDE of Mom’s cunt and not just butting up against her panties.

My Mother was obviously enjoying having me on top of her and humping her like crazy, so what was the problem? If she loves having my cock on her, wouldn’t she love having it INSIDE of her even more? Was she doing this deliberately to frustrate me? She must be. She knows what this does to a guy. She just lets me dry-fuck her when she knows that we should be doing a LOT more.

After another week of panty-frustration I finally thought of a plan. It seemed very simple and should work. It is what she would want me to do. My Mother wants it and needs it, but she is just saying “no” because I’m her son. It’s up to me to help her say, “Yes!”.

The next day I went to the store and bought a back of razors. That night when Mom came to bed I could tell that she was in the mood for it, because I could smell the scent of her sex eminating from between her legs. I didn’t move to get on top of her as usual, because that wasn’t part of my plan.

After a few minutes she reached over to encourage me to mount her. I just sighed and replied, “I’m not in the mood right now”.

“Are you sure Honey”?, she asked, with what seemed to be a little disappoinment in her voice.

“Yes, maybe after while”. Sometimes we would wake up in the middle of the night and I’d get “In The Saddle” then go at it.

"OK, Son. Whenever you’re ready, you just let me know”.

“I will, Mom. I sure will!”

I laid there feigning sleep until I was sure Mom was asleep. Then I opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out one of the razors I had bought. With it being summer, we just had a sheet on us so it was easy to move it aside so I could see her panties. I pulled one side out from her hip and used the razor to slice through it. She didn’t stir. Leaning over I reached the other side, pulled it out and sliced through it also.

By the time I put the razor away I was rock hard. I turned over and began rubbing my hand over her nipples. Then I reached down and rubbed my Mother’s cunt like I’d seen her do during her bathroom “shower time” shows. She was already wet and wide open down there. After only a few finger strokes Mom began a low moan. I used two, then three fingers to finger-fuck her cunt so that it was sopping wet and as wide open as I could get it. As she began to stir awake I reached for her hands and pulled them up over her head. It would not do for her to find her panties in tatters at this point.

Mom kept her eyes closed but moved her torso up off the bed to meet my hands rubbing her breasts. “I see Mommy’s little man is in a better mood now” she whispered sleepily. “Climb in the saddle, cowboy”.

That’s right where I intended to be, IN the saddle, not just “on” it!

As I moved over to get on top of my Mother, she spread her legs nide and wide for me just like she always did. Good! I put one hand on her hip to disguise the moment I grabbed the cut flap of her panties and then dropped it down on the bed between her legs. I had a clear view of her thick dense pubic hair and the wide-open, swollen lips of her juicy cunt. Oh God! I could actually see my Mother’s cunt up close! I didn’t get to look at her cunt very long because Mom was pulling me to get on top of her. So far so good!

She had moved her legs nice and wide and pulled her knees up to her usual position. My cock was fully erect and just an inch away, poised to plunge into her. She doesn’t suspect a thing! I reached up for her hands. With one of her hands in each of mine I stretched my arms out until I had her spread-eagled on the bed. I could feel her lifting her hips up trying to find my cock. My Mother wants me! Mom wants my cock! I moved my cock closer until the head was touching her wet, fully wide-open pussy. This time the was nothing there to keep my cock from fully entering her! Mom took a deep breath and lay back on the bed. She knew I was finally not teasing her anymore and was finally going to mount her. Was I!

I knew this is what my Mother really wanted. She wanted me to mount her. She wanted her Son’s cock! She wanted me deep in her. I put my head down and looked down between our bodies. I could see my cock pointed right at her wide-open, hairy wet pussy. With a deep breath I thrust forward.

My cock slid halfway into my Mother’s unprotected cunt on the first stroke!

Mom gasped and held her breath. Did she know that my cock was in her? With that I pulled back an inch or so and thrust all the way back in again. I was as deep as I could go into her. I pulled back a little and shoved my cock all the way back into her again and held myself tight against her with the head of my cock wedged against her cervix! I was in Heaven!

Mom found her voice, “Bobby, Stop! What are you doing? Are you trying to fuck me?

I answered Mom’s questions by pounding her cervix with five hard, rapid-fire thrusts.

“Bobby! Stop that! Get your penis out of me! Stop it! You’re fucking your Mother!

Mom KNEW my cock was in her! YES!!!

“How did you get your cock in me and where’s my panties? Oh God, my Son is fucking me! My Son is fucking me!!!”

Hearing my Mother say, “My Son Is fucking me”, caused me to start rapidly moving my cock in and out of her cunt. By now she was frantic and desparately trying to dislodge me. I let go of her hands and wrapped my arms around her and under her body squeezing her to me and continued fucking her. At that point I don’t even think I heard what she was saying because I was fucking my Mother so hard that the bedsprings were screaming.

As I pounded my cock in and out of my Mother's hairy cunt, I heard her voice but not the words. I just kept fiercely thrusting into Mom’s hairy wet cunt just as fast and as hard as I could. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was going to stop me from finally fucking my own Mother!

Mom moved her hands down until they were on my back, almost in a caressing way. I continued my mindless fucking of my Mother’s cunt!

In an unconvincing voice she pleaded, “Please Bobby. I’m your Mother. You have to stop”.

I just kept fucking her. She then wrapped her arms around my back hugging me and in a low, moaning voice, I heard her say, “Oh Bobby. Please, Bobby”.

Did that mean “please stop” or “please fuck me”?

Without missing a beat I kept pounding my 13 year old manhood into my Mom. Fucking her. Deeper. Harder. Faster. Mindlessly fucking my own Mother with an animal passion I didn’t know I had. After a few minutes I could feel Mom’s pelvis tilting and pushing back against me on each thrust. My Mother was now forcefully fucking me back, meeting me thrust for thrust. Her breathing had gotten very ragged when I heard her let loose with a little cry. She hugged me very tightly and then squeezed her thighs against my hips. I turned to look at her face and she had a look that was almost a grimace on it.

As she jammed her hips against me and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist she shouted, “Oh Bobby! Fuck me! Fuck me Son! Fuck your mother! Fuck me harder! Fuck your Mother you big MotherFucker!!! Mommy’s going to cum!”

With that, my Mother let out a long low cry that quickly turned into an obscenity-laced scream that drowned out the sound of the tortured bedsprings and I could feel her pussy fiercely squeezing my cock with a pulsating beat. The feeling of being buried to the hilt in her and her pussy grabbing me was it for me and I began cumming in her. I was ejaculating in my mother’s cunt like a machinegun on steroids! As each powerful stream of my incestuous seed shot out of me, I pulled slightly back and then slammed deep into her. Injecting my potent baby-making sperm directly into her unprotected and fertile womb!!!

My plan worked! I got what I wanted and gave my Mother what she needed!

Once we were finished we laid there with our arms wrapped around each other trying to catch our breath.

Mom finally let go with, “Wow! If I had known my own Son could fuck that good, I wouldn’t have waited so damn long”.

With my half-hard cock still buried inside of her, I gave my Mother a little peck on the cheek and said, “Thank you, Mom. Thank you for making me a man”!

She giggled a little, then murmered, “Well, I guess that officially makes you the Man Of The House”!

Proud of my victory, I gave her still-hard right nipple a good squeeze and a sharp twist and grunted, “That’s right, and don’t you ever forget it”!!!

I rolled off Mom to my side and she turned and came with me. Just in time I reached down with my hand searching the bed for the remnants of her panties. Once I found them I reached up to the top of the bed and dropped them over the mattress. I stretched out my arm and pushed it under Mom’s head. She laid her head on my shoulder and one hand on my chest.

Mom just laid there with her eyes closed. After a while she softly asked, “What happened to my panties”?

“Are you sure you wore them to bed”?

“I think so. I always wear them to bed now”.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I did not rip them off you”. Well, it is the truth.

Mom didn’t say anything more. She moved her hand around my stomach in a caressing motion and on one downward pass bumped into my cock as it was responding to the touch.

Mom wrapped her hand around my cock, “What do we have here, Mr. Man-Of-The-House? Didn’t you get enough”?

“I can never get enough of you Mom. You know that”.

Mom responded to the compliment by giving my now-hard cock a squeeze and lifted her left leg up onto my thigh. I took my right arm and reached around her back and with both hands pulled her up onto me. She still had me in her hand and was rubbing me against her sloppy wet pussy. I thought she was really wet until I remembered I had just deposited all that sperm in her.

Thinking of our future together I said, “One more thing, Mom. As the Man Of The House, I’m telling you, NO MORE PANTIES!”

She raised her hand up and saluted me and laughingly replied, “Yes SIR! I swear that I will never, ever wear panties again for as long as I live!”

Mom let go with her hand and pushed her body down so I slid right into her again. “You have been on top of me for way too long. Now it’s my turn to get in the saddle”.

And my Mother was right………….

"Back In The Saddle With Mom!"


Submitted: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 20:01:35 GMT

I wouldn't mind tapping the christ out of my 15-year-old cousin (and I'm a fair bit older than her). It's a kind of weird situation because I can remember holding her when she was a baby. She turned into a druggie and moved into her boyfriend's house when she was like 13, so when I saw her the other day it was the first time in like two years.

It's like all the time she's spent passed out on drugs has acted as beauty sleep or something. I feel like I should probably be worried about her going down the drug path, but I can't help but think that it will increase the chances of her becoming a stripper or something, which would be cool.


Submitted: Sun, 02 May 2010 19:56:31 GMT

Ok I Have a confession that only 4 people know about. But I have to spill it somewhere,

So I won't use real names to protect everyone . But here it is I (James) have been secretly

having sex with my little sister (April) for some time. It started at the ages of 13-11 with

the game Show and Touch (Pretty Self Explainatory)where we would strip and touch eachother,

We did alot of Mutual Masturbation and I popped her cherry with my fingers and she made me cum

for the first time. But we had to stop cuz we were caught naked together in the basement by our

mother. Around 15-13 We learned of a new game. Much more racyer Called STD (Sexual Truth or Dare)

We played it with our friends who lived across the street(Joe, & Jenny) Joe and I would play with

eachothers sister (April) my sister would blow Joe And(Jenny)his sister would blow me. Ahhhhh It

was some good old clean kids fun. Then One day my friend wanted to see how far we would go,

The four of us were playing and after Jenny Sucked me so I was hard Joe said

"James I dare you to have sex with your sister right infront of us". I looked at April and

her eyes lit up. The most we ever did together was oral cuz our mother told us when she caught us

naked together that Brothers and sisters that have sex with eachother go stright to hell.

So I said to April "We don't have to if you don't want to". She turned to Joe and Jenny.

And I still can hear her say it "Ok but if were gonna have sex then your gonna have to watch

and play with eachother". Jenny and Joe agreed April was already topless from a game earlyer

and Joe helped Jenny take off her pants and helped her out of her panties. April came over to me

looking so cute and innocent in her little panties she grabed my shirt and started pulling it off.

I was totally nude. April droped down to her knees and tookme in her mouth. Just as she did that

Jenny started jerking off her brother I was already hard from Jenny sucking me earlyer I looked

at April with her big brown eyes and said " Do you want me to eat your pussy before we do it ?"

She replyed "Uh Hu" So I helped her up offthe floor guided her to couch bent her over the arms of

the couch pulled her panties to the side put my face into her sweet pussy and started to enjoy her

forbidden fruit. Jenny and Joe were on the couch watching April and I. Joe was fingering Jenny

and sucking on her titties while Jenny jerked off her brother. Then Jenny Stoped Joe pushed him

back into the couch Smiled at him and started licking his cock from top to bottom.

April was starting to fidget and moan as I was flicking my tongue on her clit,

And sucked on her juciy, swollen pussy lips. " Now James Now I want it now". She said panting.

"You want me to give it to you Sis" I asked as I wiped my mouth, stood up and grabed her by the

hips. "Yes James Ohhh give it to me". She begged as she grabed my cock and positioned the tip

into her pussy I leaned over her back. " Are you ready Sis are you ready to go all the way ?

"She cryed Yes james put that cock deep inside me". So I pushed it in a little and ohhhhh god !!!

It was so motherfucking good !!! April started to breath even harder so I leaned into her ear

"Ohhhhh April you feel so good uhhhh So Wet, So tight, soooo hot, Tell me, Tell brother how it

feels, does my cock feel good inside you?"I wispered into her ear as I licked her ear lob and

sucked it. All she could do was wimper " Yes James Yes Go deeper go deeper". Joe and Jenny were

now feasting on eachother on the couch infront of April and I. Jenny was on top of Joe in the 69

position. I pushed into April further when I saw Jenny and April grab and hold eachothers hands.

I pushed until I was all the way inside her. She squeeked and turned her head to me and I looked

at her as I started pulling out "If only Mom and Dad could see us Now huh Sis"

I said as I started entering her again. "Ha Ha Ah Oh Yea brother Oh If they only knew".

I snickered as I slid in and out of April. Joe and Jenny were still in 69 when Joe started

screaming "Oh JENNY !!!"And Joe Came In Jennys mouth Jenny tryed to swallow it but some came out

the sides of her mouth and down her chin. Joe fell back into the couch watching April and I as

Jenny got up and headed to the bathroom. I started building up steam. "Oh April this pussy is so

good, Tell me how you want it" I said to April. April replyed "Faster brother Go faster James

faster". So I did I was kissing licking April's Neck as I fucked her from behind when she reached

behind me and dug her nails into the back of my neck and held on. Jenny entered back into the room

and looked at us. "Damn you two are really getting into this, Wow you two are sooo hot"

Said Jenny. "Watch James, thats how I like it". Jenny said to her Her brother as she sat down

next to joe on the couch. I was lost in total Incestous lust. Hearing my cute little sister

panting and moaning my name as she cryed "I'm cumming James yes I'm cumming oh fuck brother your

making me cum again ohhhhhh" It was all too much. "Oh Yea Sis Oh fuck April I'm Gonna cum Oh Sis

I'm gonna Cum Were sis were" I cryed. All she could do was hold on to me and shake as she came

again. "April I can't hold it sis Im gonna Cum !!!" I screamed. April replyed

"Yes James Yes Oh James Cum brother Cum Ohhhhhhhhh. And I did

"UUUHHHHHHH Fuck Ape Ohhhh FUCK SIS Ohhhhh Yessssssssss" I collapsed on her back as she just

layed there. I started gently kissing her back her neck her shoulders. "Ohhhh April that was

amazing your amazing". I finished. "Wow you two that was sooo hot." Jenny added.

Sweaty and out of breath April rolled off the arm of the couch and next to Jenny So I cuddled up

with her and held her I Looked into her Big brown eyes and for the first time I kissed her not

like a brother kisses his sister but like a lover kisses his lover. Later when we got home we

ate at the dinner table with the family. April and I were pretty quiet about our day while

everyone else carryed on about there day After dinner I said I was tired so I went to my room,

About an hour or so later I got a knock at my door it was April. "Hay April was up ?" I said as

she came in wearing an oversized football jersey. "Well actually nobodys up". she said

As she pulled the Jersey up and over her head. All she had on was some baby blue panties she

gently pushed me down on my bed and straddled me and said. "You made a mistake today,

You showed me what a great fuck you are, We're just gonna have to keep this for ourselfs she said

as we kissed again and we've kept it our secret from everyone for 4 years in our parents house.

Then I moved away to go to school. But on holiday and Visits we still sneak around, risk,and enjoy

eachother as much as we can. My parents sent her to come stay with me for a week to check out the

School I'm at to see if she want's to go.She never checked the school out We decided we would get

an apartment together, So we spent almost all week in my apartment ordering out and fucking. This

Summer is going to be perfect..........................


Submitted: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 06:45:45 GMT

One time I was so wasted that while I was sitting on my toilet having a shit I spontaneously threw up. I tried to get it between my legs and into the toilet, which seemed like a good idea because I was so drunk, but I missed and got it all over my dick. I had to have a shower immediately.

I don't remember cleaning up my own vommit off the ground but I must've. However, if I didn't clean it up my cousin was staying over that night and she had one too many shots and apparently threw up three times so she would've got blamed for any mess the next morning.


Submitted: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:18:18 GMT

one time my sister ate my sandwich so i brushed my asshole with her toothbrush and rubbed my dick in all her underwear


Submitted: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 18:18:26 GMT

"Daddy's Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore"

Eleven years ago, when I was 13, my Mom and Dad came home drunk after celebrating their anniversary with a night out of dining, drinking and dancing. When they went to bed, they started having sex and I heard them. I was a virgin then (except for fingering my pussy) and I was curious (VERY curious!) as to what sex looked like. I crept down the dark hallway and quietly opened their door, and there my parents were in all their drunken glory :


At first, is was with Mom on top until she had an orgasm (I may have been a virgin but I knew what an orgasm was!).

Then, after she sucked on his cock (God, it was BIG!) for a few minutes (I wished that it was me sucking him!), they switched to doggy-style and Dad fucked Mom good and hard until she had another couple of orgasms. Mom sucked his cock some more (which made Daddy groan with pleasure - I wished I could make him groan like THAT!), then she got on her back, spread her legs and bent her knees. My Mother's pussy was really hairy! I was busily fingering my almost hairless pussy and wishing mine was as hairy as hers (it wasn't then, but it sure IS now - even more so).

Then my Dad got between her legs and put his big, hard cock into Mom's hairy, wet cunt and started slowly fucking her.

At first Mom was moving around alot and making all kinds of lewd remarks. I never knew that my Mother had such a potty-mouth! But as Dad kept fucking her, she got quieter and moved around less and less. Daddy kept fucking her slower and slower. Then the sound of Mom soft snoring filled the room and Daddy gave up (unsatisfied) and got off her. I could tell that he was disappointed because, after all that sex, he hadn't cum yet. He stretched out on his back and slowly stroked his still-hard cock a few times. Then, he put one arm up over his head and soon, he too started softly snoring.

My poor Daddy! All that SEX and no orgasm!

I stayed there, peeking through their door, with my panties around my ankles, fingering myself and decided that I wanted a closer look at my Father's "manhood". I stepped out of my panties and eased through the door and sidled up to Dad's side of the bed and stared at his cock. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Daddy's cock was BIG, it was still HARD, and it was BEAUTIFUL !

I gingerly reached out and lightly touched it with my fingertips. It was warm and still a little wet with Mom's juices. With my little heart beating a thousand miles an hour, I actually found the courage to wrap my fingers around it and held it for a few moments. I had decided that "enough was enough" and it was time for me to get out of my parent's bedroom and go back to bed and finger-fuck myself into orgasmic oblivion.

I leaned over and gave Daddy's swollen cockhead a goodnight kiss. I was overwhelmed by the taste and the erotic aroma of their sexual juices. So much so, that I began french-kissing Daddy's cock. When I ran my tongue around the head of his cock, my Father gave out with a very quiet, groan. The same kind of sexual groan he made when Mom was sucking his cock. Wow!

Daddy really, really needed his sexual release, so I started sucking his cock like I saw Mom had done. I took my Father's swollen sex organ in my mouth like I saw Mom do and started bobbing my head like she had.

I was doing it! I was sucking a man's cock! And not just ANY man's cock! I was sucking my DADDY'S cock !!!

After a few minutes of slowly (and quietly) sucking Dad's cock, the sights and sounds I had witnessed earlier came back whirling through my sex-addled brain. I moved my ass around so that it was up near the head of the bed and that gave me a much better cocksucking angle than from the side, and I started sucking Daddy harder and faster (I was finger-fucking myself harder and faster too)! The over-powering sexual aroma and the slurping and sucking noises I was making was so intense it made me cum!

I heard my father almost silently moaning and groaning like he had with Mom earlier. I was on a mission! I must make my Father cum! I must suck Daddy off!

I started taking my Father as deep as I could, and then even deeper. I stopped fingering my cunt and used that hand to angle my Dad's cock into my sucking mouth and used the other to cup and massage his sperm-swollen balls. He was groaning a little louder now!

I was so busy giving my Father a blowjob that at first I didn't notice my pussy was being rubbed. But when a finger MUCH bigger than my own entered my "private parts", believe me, I noticed!

I pulled my mouth off of my Father's cock and turned to see if my Dad was still asleep. He was, but the hand that was over his head when he fell asleep had fallen and now was up the back of my short nightie and between my legs! My own Father was finger-fucking me in his sleep!

After enjoying the sensations for a few moments, and assuring myself that my Dad was still actually asleep, I went back to finish the job (blowjob) at hand.

Daddy was moaning and groaning louder now (I was almost afraid that it was loud enough to wake up Mom!) and I was

sucking his cock faster and deeper. Then, I tried to take all of my Dad's cock into my mouth. When I did, I felt his other hand come to rest on the back of my head. I stopped moving. My Father must have woken up!

But he hadn't. It was, as I've since learned with a LOT of experience, just a reflex action.

After a few seconds nothing further happened, so I went back to completing my mission with zeal!

I had only gotten another 10 or 12 good deep sucks in, when my Father's hand pushed my head all the way down on his cock so that my nose was buried in the thick bush of his pubic hair and the head of his cock had been forced all the way to the back of my mouth and down my throat!. His pelvis started thrusting furiously as he rapidly bucked his hips and fucked my lips!

I ran out of air and I couldn't breathe but I was loving it !

Daddy's other hand really finger-fucking my tight little cunt harder now using the same rhythm as his pelvic thrusts into my mouth. Having all that happen at once gave my the biggest orgasm I'd ever had! I was quietly (as quietly as I could) screaming and I was ever so thankful that Dad's pounding cock muffled my orgasmic vocalizations!

And then, my Father started CUMMING too !!!

I was overwhelmed by all it!

It was so very warm. It tasted so very good! And there was so very, very MUCH of it !!!

My Father was cumming in my mouth and down my throat. I was out of air, I was choking, and I desperately needed to catch my breath, but Daddy was still cumming! I had to make a quick choice!

Swallow or breathe? Breathe or swallow?

Daddy's balls were vibrating in my hand, his cock was throbbing in my mouth, and his incestuous seed was pulsing into my too-full mouth and down my throat!

Breathe or swallow! Swallow or breathe?

My oxygen-starved brain somehow knew that a girl only gets one chance to give her very first blowjob and what the right thing to do was... So my decision was instinctively an easy one :

Swallow NOW, breathe LATER !!!

So, swallow I did.

And swallow... and swallow... and swallow.

And then, finally, he was done and so was I.

As I knelt there with my Dad's cock in my mouth and trying to breathe through my nose, I was the happiest little girl in the whole wide world !!!

I had made my own Father cum and he had made me cum !!!

Then my Dad made the most wonderful sound I'd ever heard.

He sighed.

It was kind of a long, low sigh. A sigh of absolute and complete sexual satisfaction. A post-orgasmic sigh, if you will.

Then Daddy's one hand relaxed and slipped off my head so I was finally able to take his cock out of my mouth and breathe better. My Father's other hand went limp and his finger started to slip out of my thoroughly finger-fucked pussy. I squeezed my cunt muscles as hard as I could just so I could keep it in there for just a little while longer, but gravity eventually won out over my untrained flesh.

As I stood up and started tip-toeing towards the door, I thought I heard my Father mutter something under his breath. I picked up my panties, and then curious, I stepped back over to my Dad's side of the bed.

When he didn't say anything further, I leaned over and asked him, "What did you say?"

And then, in a barely discernable whisper, as he fell fully asleep, I heard my Father utter those thrilling words that I will ALWAYS remember.

"You're my Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore, aren't you?"

As I skipped out the door, I thought to myself, "Yes, Daddy! Yes, I really AM your Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore!!!"

( And I still am, and always WILL be, Daddy's Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore, too !!! )

Daddy's Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore !


Submitted: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 16:02:37 GMT

my mother and i were walking naked in the woods when we encountered two great danes and we mated with them


Submitted: Tue, 10 May 2011 17:41:07 GMT

i once got my sister to suck the dogs dick


Submitted: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 00:26:01 GMT

When my sis was younger, I would have her hold my dick while I looked at her tiny tits.


Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 19:09:25 GMT

i drugged my mom and took off her cloths..and then lied on top of her sucking her boobs.


Submitted: Sat, 07 Dec 2013 09:22:33 GMT

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my daddy bathing me spreading my little pussy apart and he'd masterbate me with the shower head, It felt so good, I was too young to know that it was wrong for your dad to masterbate me, all I knew is it felt really good.. I was always dressed in dresses and never wore underwear as a child, I used to sit on my dad's lap facing hmi and my pussy would be exposed wide open for him to look at, cos I knew every time my daddy saw my pussy he would touch it and make it feel good, I wAs about 5 when he first started eating me out. My first time my daddy ate my pussy it felt like hours of biting, sucking, licking my clit, I remember cumming so many times and begging him to stop but it just made him suck my Clit harder, from that day on my dad visit my room every night and ate my pussy, he at one point let my older brother eat my pussy while he held my legs apart , I remember crying asking them to stop but my cries put them in a frenzy , they both took turns eating my pussy, their was never any sex cos my dad said oral sex he wouldn't get caught .. I hate to say it but many times I would purposely expose my pussy to my dad so he would eat me out, I even went as far as being bad and making him mad where he has to punish me, cos his punishment meant violent rough hour of nonstop getting mt clit molested. And I actually enjoyed it .. .


Submitted: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 05:04:25 GMT

I still masturbate to childhood fantasies about my older sister.


Submitted: Thu, 06 May 2010 19:03:30 GMT

When I was 17, I caught my 15 year old sister looking at my stash of porno mags. She was scared I would tell,so I told her I would keep the secret if she did something for me. I told her I wanted to see her naked. As she was somewhat over weight, she was kinda amazed I wanted to see her, but she agreed, as long as I could find a place where we would not get caught. We got in my car and drove to wooded field that nobody went to and found a good spot. We got behind some bushes and I told her if she got naked so would I. We both got naked and I got this huge boner, she wanted to touch it so I let her. Long story short, we ended losing our cherry to each other. That was 10 years ago, and although we are both married, we still do each other every couple of weeks.


Submitted: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 09:38:00 GMT

I used to fool around with my three younger girl cousins when we were kids. I got caught making out with one, and at one point actually fingered another of them.


Submitted: Mon, 12 May 2008 19:37:09 GMT

I fantsize about pure face fucking my mother for all the shit she has put me threw in my life. I feel like it would be the best revenge to just pound her head with my cock and just totally make her gag and choke on my cock while im raming it down her throat. I want to make her eat my cock and swallow my cum. Im going to skull fuck her one day even if i have to tie her up! One day!


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 00:40:25 GMT

One night my family and I wanted snacks from the store down the street from our house. My dad's friend was going to take either my mom or me to get the snacks we wanted but my dad asked me and I said okay. So on the way to the store for some reason I wanted to feel on him because I was horny I was like 12 at the time and he's like 40 or 50 so I touched him on his penis and he was liking it but tried to play like he didnt want me to but I did anyway. His penis was hard. On the way from the store he fingered me. We got back to my house and we acted like nothing happened. That was first time I've ever did something like that with him or anybody. We messed around another time but he only ate me and it was soooooooooo...... good. My dad and him are still friends and I still see him to this day.


Submitted: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 14:29:40 GMT

My brother-in-law watched me masturbate and I'm so embarrassed I don't know what to do. My parents were away and I stayed at my sisters apartment for a week. The apartment is small and I had to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room. My sisters room has a big screen tv and after I showered I went in her room. I was naked and started to finger myself on their bed. I'm not sure how long I was masturbating and did orgasm. I just didn't see him standing in the doorway. I froze for a second, mortified, and he walked away. How much he saw I'm not sure but all I remember is having my legs wide open and don't know if he was there the whole time. I suppose he heard me moaning and saw me holding my breasts. It was imposible to avoid him so I just said I was sorry. He only smiled at me and said nothing. Everytime I see him I blush and the worst thing is that he is a deacon at our church. I don't think he told my sister yet and wish he wouldn't. I know she would tell my parents if he does.


Submitted: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 03:41:40 GMT

I was a normal guy, in a normal middle class family, I started having sex with my sister whe she was 9, I was 14, for me it was amazing. My little stsier was always excited about what we did, there was never any abuse or coersion, she was as excited as I was about discovering sex as kids, I took her virginity when she was 10. We were caught 5 years later fucking, by that time I'd fucked her 100's of times, mostly in her bed late at night, sometimes in other rooms like the living room or kitchen, sometimes outside or in a car. When we were caught she blamed me, I fully accepted the blame. I don't blame her for putting all the blame on me, because I admit I always instigated it. Getting caught ruined my life, and my life truly was ruined. It took me many years to recover and make a good life for myself. I never regained a relationship with my parents. My sister and me also never regained a normal relationship. I blame the fact that it fucked up my life on society, I can tell you for sure my sister had as many orgasms as I did and we both loved fucking. I've heard many times through therapy and my own investigation that nornally the girl comes out worse and the guy gets busted. In my case I feel that I was the scape goat, it's so easy for the girl to pull the abuse card and the guy gets fucked.


Submitted: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 16:03:06 GMT

My parents devoriced 7 years ago when I was in second grade. My dad got married again a few years ago but my mom never did. Since then she has dated lots of men and she tries to hide it from me but I know she had sex with most of them. She has been dating the same guy, Ray, now since last year. He lives out of town and stays at our house every weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. My mom is the cook at the diner and works the lunch hour on Saturday and Sunday. She is only gone from about 10:30am until about 2:30pm both days. My mom doesn't know about it but I see him naked or at least see his penis two or three times every weekend when she is out. He does wear a bathrobe even when my mom is home but if she steps out of the room or goes upstairs for something the robe always opens somehow. We live right on the lake and have a shower out back, but everybody just uses it to rinse off. It only has a partition with no door on it and it is right next to my bedroom window. When my mom is at work he gets a shower out there and is naked all the time. Sometimes he does it on Saturday and Sunday and I have seen him masturbating lots of times. He started doing that right after New Years and has kept on doing it at least once every weekend. I peek out of the window and watch him all the time but I think he knows I do. Three of my girlfriends have watched him masturbating and also seen him naked a lot of times. We always joke around about how his penis gets limp and little after he masturbates and we do like watching him. My girfriend Sara comes over almost every Saturday. What makes me think he knows we are watching him is that he started telling me when he was going to shower outside. We have had that shower since I was a liitle kid and nobody was ever naked in there before. My mom doesn't know he showers out there and me and my friends are having so much fun watching him all the time I don't want to tell her about it. He is nice to me and my mom and I think she really likes him a lot. I know they have sex because one time I opened my moms bedroom door in the morning when they were still asleep and both of them were naked. I never did that again cause I know my mom would get mad at me and it would embarrass her.


Submitted: Sun, 12 May 2013 04:06:43 GMT

This confession is a true one. My name is Natalie, though Daddy calls me Nat. I’m now 23 years old, and I’ve been having sex with Daddy since I was just gone seven. My mother was an alcoholic who used to go away from home for weeks at a time. On her return, she would beat me if Daddy refused to fuck her. Eventually, Daddy threw her out with a threat that she was never to return. That was when I was six years old.

I had always slept in Daddy’s bed when my mother wasn’t home. Nothing ever happened until I was a little over seven. On that particular night, we had just dried off after our bath when Daddy had an erection. I had sometimes opened the bedroom door when my mother and Daddy were having sex, and had seen her rub and suck his cock. I suddenly wanted to do the same, to please him.

Daddy saw me looking at his erection, and asked me if I wanted to hold. When I nodded, he took my hand and placed it on his cock. At the same time, he put his hand between my legs and quickly found my clittie. As he rocked his cock to and fro in my hand, his lips engulfed mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was in heaven. After some minutes, Daddy pulled me to the bed, lay down and asked me to sit over his mouth. I knew what he wanted and, with him licking my swollen clit, I placed his cock in my mouth and began to rub it. Within minutes, I was having an explosive orgasm. My whole body trembled as Daddy continued to lick and suck me. When a second orgasm rocked my body, I was pounding on his head for him to stop.

Eventually, Daddy let go of me and rolled me onto my back with my legs on his shoulders. He held my pussy-lips open with one hand, and with the other he he placed his cock between them. Without any more ado, he thrust his rigid cock inside me. Only about three inches went in, but I screamed as he ruptured my seven-year-old hymen. At first he rocked his cock from side to side. Then he started fucking me properly. Before he finished, I was beginning to enjoy it. Suddenly his balls erupted, and his thick, creamy cum flooded my tiny, tight vagina. I was sore for days afterwards, yet so happy that Daddy was using me as I had seen him use my mother.

As time went on, Daddy began fucking me on a regular basis, and was soon calling me his daughter-wife. By the age of ten, my quim could take all of his seven inches, and delighted in being fucked in many different positions. I had my first period when I was fourteen, and Daddy fucked me though it. He had had a vasectomy so as not to impregnated my mother again, could fuck me at any time I needed it.

I’ve had several different men as I’ve got older, but none have been as caring and loving as Daddy. I’m getting married in a few weeks time, and I don’t know what will happen after that. If I have a son, I’ll certainly introduce him to incest as there is no better stimulus to bringing about an orgasm. All women and girls should practice it for the sake of themselves, and their husbands and sons.


Submitted: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 01:08:51 GMT

When I was very young girl, probably 7 or 8, I would play with my pussy all the time after my bath time. My mom would try to make me stop but I would do it when she wasn't looking. It just felt so good. Well, one day I was looking through my parents closet and cabinets in the bathroom and found my mothers douche nozzle. It was about 8 inches long with holes in it. I had never seen anything like it. I smelled it and it smelled like my pussy, so I assumed that what my mom used her 'thing' for. I laid down on my parents carpeted floor naked, with my but pressed up against the wall using my legs to lift it off the floor. I penetrated my pussy with the nozzle and it felt really good. I knew it was dirty and that made it even better. I snuck into get that nozzle a lot!


Submitted: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 13:09:23 GMT

My mothers cousin, Matt, stays at our house 3 or 4 days every month, because of his job. He is 22 and is very handsome. When he is here he sleeps in my room and I sleep in with my sister. I get up real early for school and am usually out of the house before everybody is up, except my mom. When Matt was here two months ago I had to sneek in my room to get my skirt. Thats when I found out he sleeps naked. It was warm and he was laying on his back with nothing covering him. I never saw a naked man before and stood and looked at his penis for a long time. Now everytime he comes to our house I go into the room to look at him. I have moved the cover around sometimes so I can look at his penis and rear end. He doesn't know I do this and I masturbate thinking about him.


Submitted: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 08:07:43 GMT

When I was 7 and my sis was only 5 we took baths, together. Sometimes, when our mother wasn't in the bathroom we played with each other. She loved it when my prick got hard, and she soaped it and stroked it. I was too young to cum, but it felt good and I played with her little pink pussy, and she liked that, too!

Later on, when I turned 14, and she was 12, she came into the bathroom where I was in the tub, took all her clothes off and got in with me. Her titties were growing and her nipples were puffy and pink and her little pussy was just beginning to get some hair. She said to me "'Member when we were little and taking a bath together? Well, I miss those times when we used to play with each other. There's nobody at home, just you and me, so let's do it!"

I started rubbing her pussy, touching her clitoris (Yeah, I found out about that from some guys in my class) and making her twitch and spread her legs wider. I said "Let's dry off and go get in my bed, I want to do things to you!"

We got in bed, naked, and she got on top of me and started rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. she said "what would happen if you just put it in me a little bit, I would really like to feel it, it's so nice and hard!" she got off me, laid down on her back, spread her legs, opened her sweet pussy with two fingers and I put it in her. Not just a little bit, but got it in her all the way! Ahhhh! it was so good when she wiggled her butt, I shot my cum all over her belly and those pink, puffy titties!! I made her cum, too. She told me while I was inside her that she was having a marvelous feeling that she never had before., and she wanted to do it again before our parents got home. And we did it again and again that morning.

Later, that night, she got in bed with me and said "Everyone's asleep, let's do what we did today!"

Wow! great days and nights with her.

She's married, now, as am I, but we still get together when her husband is away.


Submitted: Thu, 06 May 2010 21:38:00 GMT

When I was 15, my mom caught me masturbating. She made me stand naked in the living room for 2 hrs and told my 2 older sisters to tease me any way they wanted. She also did by taking off her shirt and sticking her boobs in my face. They saw that and did the same. I was not allowed to touch my cock the whole time. After two hours, mom said I can go, but told me from now on, I had to masturbate in the living roomin front of her and my sisters. That was 5 years ago and I still love doing it.


Submitted: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:34:37 GMT

one evening when i went to my cousins house to wait well she got home, my cousin (her older brother) was there alone. as i was sitting in the living room waiting he kept walkinf back and forth from the kitchen to the den. until finish he came up to me and pulled his dick out and said 'suck me off, yeah'. at first i was shocked but i went with it and i sucked him as he moaned and asked me if i liked that big dick. after a while he came in my mouth. but i didnt swallow i ran to the bathroom and spit it out. lol

now everytime i go and 'sleepover' we wait until everyone is sleeping and he fucks me in his room all night. :)


Submitted: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 18:24:42 GMT

"Facefucking My Cocksucking Grandma!"

I feel a little guilty, but proud, that I've had a crush on my Grandmother ever since she gave me my very first blowjob on my thirteenth birthday.

I was visiting her for a couple of hours and we were having a pretty good time kidding around. She caught me looking down her blouse at her tits and later looking up her skirt when she was sitting on the couch.

After giving me "The Look", I knew I'd better watch myself or I'd be in some big, big trouble!

But I couldn't help myself - I just had to look! She wasn't wearing a bra and she didn't have any panties on either!

Anyway, to make a long story short, she caught me peeking up her skirt again. She made me come over to the couch and stand in front of her. I had gotten all hard and everything, and I tried to hide it from her but she grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch.

She pulled me in even closer. So close in fact, that she had to hike up her skirt so I could stand there in between her spread knees.

I was scared "Stiff" in more ways than one!

Then she told me to stand still and not to move around. I was totally petrified as she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my rock-hard little pecker out!

Then she took out her false teeth, leaned forward and sucked my entire cock into her toothless mouth. ALL five and a half inches of it! OMG!!! I was in heaven!

She had grabbed a hold of both my asscheeks in her wrinkled hands and started moving me forward and back so that my cock was moving in and out of her warm, wet, sucking mouth.

All of a sudden my balls started tingling and that's when I found out that when it comes to giving a blowjob, Grandma likes it rough. As I was getting ready to shoot my pressurized load down her throat I grabbed her

gray-haired head in both hands and started fucking my Grandmother's mouth. I was only 13 but I was face-fucking my own Grandmother like a man possessed!

When I started cumming, my knees gave out and I fell over backwards pulling my cocksucking Grandmother down with me. I kept fucking her face and pumping my sperm down her throat for another five seconds or so before I passed out.

When I came to, about 4 or 5 minutes later, my Grandmother was down on her knees with those great big tits hanging out of her blouse, and she asked me if I wanted to do it some more.

14 years and 437 gallons of sperm later, my answer is still YES !!!

"Facefucking My Cocksucking Grandma!"


Submitted: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 04:39:16 GMT

My Dad came into my bedroom last week and woke me up by rubbing his thing between my legs. When I asked him to stop he went down and started kissing me down there it felt good, but I knew it was wrong. He keep kissing me and licking until I came then he rubbed his thing on my slit until he came on my stomach. He told me next time be ready to eat him, I have never sucked a cock before I hope he doesn't mean it. My Mom left us 4 weeks ago.


Submitted: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 18:43:34 GMT

I do feel bad and ashamed of myself for what I have been doing for the last 15 months. When I graduated high school my uncle got me a job at an office in the city. I got an apartment and it was tough to make ends meet because I couldn't afford the rent. I made friends with Jerry, one of the guys I worked with who was around my age. He lived with his mother and after telling him how I couldn't afford my apartment rent offered to let me rent the spare room at his mother's house. I moved in two years ago and she is a very sweet and attractive women. Jerry was unhappy with his job and after a few months enlisted in the Navy. I knew his mother walked in her sleep sometimes but my room was in the attic and I only saw her doing it twice. She is short so Jerry put high locks on all the doors to prevent her from going out or going in the garage before he went away. He told me if she did walk in her sleep to let her be or try to guide her back to her room. I'm not sure how much she did it but when I moved from the attic room to Jerry's old room it seemed to happen often. She was taking a pill called Klonopin which she didn't like to take since it seemed to knock her out and make her feel lousey in the mornings. She is 42 years old as of last May and like I said an attractive women with a good figure. At first I didn't interact with her but one night I was at the kitchen table. It was only around midnight and right away I knew she was sleep walking. Her pajama top was particially open and I could clearly se her left breast. I just sat looking at her for awhile and admit to getting an erection even though she is only a few years younger than my mom. At one point she just stopped and stared at the sink. There was no response when I spoke to her and she didn't even look at me. I just kept looking at her and her breast for a while and finally stood up and slowly unbuttoned her pajama top and took it off of her. She just walked around the house topless for a short time and eventually went back into her room as I followed her around. She laid back in bed without her top and I don't know what possesed me but I pulled her pajama bottoms off. She had no panties on and I just kept looking at her body. I never touched her that first time but did undress and masturbate. I just left her pajamas on the chair, closed the door and turned off the lights when I left. This goes on at least once and sometimes twice a week since then. She obviously has no reccollection of it and I slowly took more liberties with her each time. I have been able to undress her and a few times she has been topless before coming out of her bedroom. She asked me a few times if I heard her walking around at night but I always tell her I didn't. After a few months, but so far only twelve times, I convinced her to take extra Klonopin before bedtime. It usually takes a half hour or so before she is in a deep sleep. I make noise and knock on her door for awhile to make sure she is out cold. I go in the room naked and even shake her a bit to make sure she doesn't wake up. I then undress her and fondle her breasts and finger her. The last eight times I did this I performed oral sex on her and know for sure she was aroused by it and was very wet. I only know for sure she orgasmed six times but think maybe all eight times. I use her hand to masturbate myself and have put my penis on her lips each time. So far I've been afraid to try intercouse with her and feel my weight would cause her to wake. Most of the time she just sleep walks and most of the time I am able to undress her. I just let her walk around naked as long as she wants and sometimes I am naked and jerking off as I follow her. When she gets back in bed I simply leave her pajamas or nightgown on her chair. She only wears panties when she has a nightgown on and never when shes wearing PJ's. I always shut her door tightly, turn off the lights and sometimes cover her with her sheet. Jerry calls at least once a week and I just tell him everything is fine and I do make sure the top locks are in place every night. He knows I'm sleeping in his room now but doesn't object and I tell him his mother is taking the Klonopin every night which she really isn't. I think she tells him the same thing just so he won't worry about her. A couple months ago I began telling her I heard her walking in her sleep. I started doing that beleiving I could get her to take the extra dose of Klinopin and have been successful a number of times. I can tell when she doesn't take it at all and can almost predict when she will sleep walk. She never resists when I undress her so far although one time she did swing her arm at me. When she has panties on I just pull them down and let her walk out of them the pajama bottoms are more difficult to get off her. I never touch her as she walks around and always wait until she gets back to bed. She only weighs about 120 pounds and it makes it easy for me to move her around or spread her legs apart. When she lays on her side I finger her from the rear and think maybe I could have intercouse with her that way. I bought condoms but so far haven't tried it. She has a boyfriend and they do go out often and I am sure they have sex. Her boyfriend is a really nice guy and I'm sure he would kill me, as Jerry would, if they ever found out what I am doing. I get home from work before her and cook dinner for her sometimes. She treats me like a kid and thinks of me that way I'm sure. I never let her know I see her sleep walk and always treat her nice. I help her clean the house and aside from paying rent always buy extra food. I painted the living room and dining room for her and make minor repairs when possible. She seems to like me very much but only because she doesn't know what I am doing to her. I do feel guilty at times but as soon as I get to see her naked again it fades quickly. She has seen me in my underware a few times but only once has she seen me naked and it was purely accidental. It excited me but I apoligized and told her I was embarrased by it. Little does she know how many times I've been naked in her presance. Thankfully she doesn't know how many times her hand held my penis or how many time my penis touched her lips. I've taken full advantage of her so many times and have licked or kissed most of her body. Jerry is coming home for thirty days next month so I got her to promise me she would take the Klonopin every night. He used to make her take it more often and as far as I know never got her to take an extra dose. I don't want him to find out how I've learned to manipulate her since he's been gone. When she is fully awake I never act the least bit interested in her sexually. She doesn't realize how attractive she is and only dresses nice when she goes out, to work or has her boyfriend over. She rarely wears make up and honestly doesn't need it. Even her breasts are perfect and although not so big are perfectly shaped with dark nipples. I have taken quite a few pictures of her naked and have them well hidden. I envy her boyfriend at times and am jealous that he has consentual sex with her. As much as she treats and talks to me like I'm a child sometimes, I make up for it at night. I maturbate everyday thinking about her and mostly when looking at her naked pictures. I do often thank her for letting me move in, for more reasons than one.


Submitted: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 17:37:07 GMT

Incest is not as easy as people on here claim. I cheat on my b/f with my own dad. I have mixed feelings about it. My parents are divorced and for the last 12 years I've spent every other weekend with my dad. Most of the time it was just he and I. About 2 years ago I really started to notice the way he looked at me. He would touch me in places I thought were strange, I mean really touch and rub and squeeze. My neck and shoulders were not weird, but lower back right where my butt starts and my legs and waist I felt very self conscience about. He always kissed me hello and good bye on my lips too, not open mouth but when I became aware of how he felt I tried to turn my head but he would grab my cheeks and kiss my lips anyway.

I never tried to make him stop, and it went on for about a year before he got worse. He had a beautiful spa like room built in his basement. It cost him more than what the house was worth. It had a jacuzzi, sauna, bar and he called it his "Grotto". He would buy me skimpy bikini's and bribe me to chill with him in the Grotto. I knew why, but it didn't seem to bother me any more. Except one time he kept pulling me onto his lap in the jacuzzi and I felt his boner poking me. That was too much and I got really upset.

My dad was really sorry about it, he did a ton of things to make up for it and I felt guilty the next time I was there. So I sat on his lap in the jacuzzi and let him grind his boner against me, but we were NOT naked. We dry humped, and I admit it felt good. It was my first experience with a guys boner poking at me in that place. Except his breathing, he was quiet and I wasn't facing him so I was able to imagine him as a boy at school. It sounds silly now but I admit I had fun. My dad came in his swimsuit and I felt his boner pulsing against my butt. That was fun to feel too. So we started to do that all the time. I never had an orgasm until I went to my own room and masturbated in private, but doing those things with dad in the jacuzzi always got me horny. I thought about dad a lot of times when I masturbated, but after my orgasm I always felt disgusted with myself. Then I would avoid him, sometimes the entire rest of the weekend so I stopped masturbating there and I waited until I got back home at moms house.

I got a boy friend and lost my virginity to him. I felt comfortable enough with my dad to tell him about my b/f and all the details of what I did. My dad was happy for me and he gave me advice on what guys like and stuff. He told me the best thing I could do for my b/f is birth control. I did and my b/f loved cumming in me sooo much! I like it a lot too, the way it feels and the look on his face and best of all I didn't have to taste his cum anymore. That stuff is gross, it coats my tongue and it just stays there forever no matter what I eat or drink.

So after I told my dad about the things I was doing with my b/f he started to try more stuff with me. When we dry humped he tried to squeeze my boobs and my inner thighs and lick my neck and stuff. I kept pushing him away and he would stop for a few minutes but he kept doing it. Eventually I stopped trying to stop him. When I finally let him do something new he would try something else and not stop until I let him do it. I felt guilty if I didn't let him. It got to the point where I was sleeping naked with him. I would pose naked for him and let him jerkoff on me. Most of the time he knelt between my legs and jerked off on my stomach and boobs. It stayed that way for a while and I thought he had reached his limit. I really felt guilty about my b/f after I spent a weekend with dad.

So I brought my b/f to meet my dad one weekend. I had a great time. My dad never touched me and he let my b/f and me sleep together and he gave us lots of privacy in the grotto. Except after my dad dropped my b/f at his home my dad wanted to jerk off on me befor he dropped me off. We were in the car so it was tight and I couldn't move. My dad stuck his dick in me and he fucked me. I didn't try to stop him, but he knew I wasn't happy about it. After he came he was very appologetic, but I felt more gulit over my b/f than anger over my dad. I love my b/f and I dream about a future with him even though I know we're still young. I don't know if im going to be able to have a future with my b/f if my dad and me keep fucking. I enjoy being with my dad too, which is probably why I feel so guilty. Now my dad and me fuck every time I go there. I get really horny with my dad and he makes me have the best orgasms, but I hate myself after its over. I can't even look at my dad for hours after I cum with him. I try not to let him make me cum, but most of the time I cant stop it from happening while he's fucking me. Then I have to lay there and let him finish, while I feel terrible and disgusted with myself. I wish it was as emotionless for me as it is for everyone else on here.


Submitted: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 10:18:43 GMT

I'm sexually attracted to my cousin. She's an attractive girl, by any mans standards.

I was in Vegas last year and I saw a stripper who looked very similar to her (well, close enough, anyway).

I ended up spending around $120 on lap dances from the stripper and I fantasized about my cousin the entire time.


Submitted: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 10:26:20 GMT

My son was three months old and still nursing when my father came to visit for a weekend. My tits have always been big anyway, but with the baby they'd gone to 36E.

The evening he arrived, I had just fed my son and went into the living room wearing running shorts and a tank top with a robe over it. I was sitting across from Dad and we were talking. Out of the blue, he says, "your Mother was so beautiful when she was pregnant and after she had you and was breastfeeding you. She loved feeding me, too."

I was so uncomfortable, as he was staring at my swollen tits and my legs, which were crossed. He stood up and said, "I'm so proud of you; you're a wonderful mother." He put his arms out to hug me, so I reluctantly got up to hug him, thinking I would excuse myself to bed. Well, when we were embraced, he pushed me back into the chair I'd been sitting in and asked in a begging voice, "Honey, please let me taste your milk. I am so lonely without your mother and I just need a little comfort."

Before I could protest, he pulled my robe over my shoulders and left them around the arms so I couldn't move. He lifted my tank top and gasped, saying, "Oh, your nipples are even bigger and darker than your mother's!" He reached down and latched onto my right nipple, while tweaking the left. He was moaning and making sucking sounds and he began biting down and pulling my nipples with his teeth and then letting his teeth graze them. I had no way to get up. He was between my legs, my arms were trapped, and I was leaning back.

I was so confused and felt so disgusted, but it felt so good, I just gave in. When he felt me give in, he took off my robe and tank top. He told me, "Oh, Baby, please squirt your milk in my mouth." I watched the milk hit his lip as he tried to capture my squirting milk in his mouth. He suddenlu grabbed the waistband to my shorts and I lifted my hips so he could remove them.

He draped my legs over the armrest and looked at me before diving into my pussy. It had been almost a year since I'd had sex, since my boyfriend dumped me right after I got pregnant. Dad was moaning into my cunt and sucked my engorged clit. He made me cum so hard I squirted into his face.

As soon as I came, he said, "Come on. It's late and we'd better go to bed." I was beyond protesting at this point, especially when I saw his cock. He had pulled it out and was masterbating while he ate me out. When he stood up, He had a nine-inch hardon. His cock was uncircumcised, thick, and had pre-cum leaking.

He took off all of his clothes and we both got up. He led me into my bedroom where he made love to me as well as viciously fucking me with his huge cock for the next two hours. He made me cum at least 8 times that night, and poured at least 4 loads of his baby seed into me. We spent all day Saturday fucking, except for the time that my son was awake. I was sorry to see him go on Sunday morning. Thankfully, he cannot get me pregnant since he had a vasectomy years before.

We visit each other quite frequently, spending our nights having nasty incestuous sex. My father is the only man that can make me cum and squirt, and I reward him by lovingly sucking his cock and swallowing every drop of Daddy's cum.


Submitted: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 06:14:29 GMT

I found out my wife belonged to an incest family the night before our wedding. I was staying in a hotel since the wedding was to be in her home town. There was a knock at the door and I opened it to find my soon to be mother in law there. After she came in I asked her what she was doing there. She looked right at me and said she was there to fuck me. Seeing the shock on my face she told me to sit down. She said there was something that had to be revealed to me before the wedding to see if I still wanted to marry her daughter. I sat down and she explained that her daughter had tries to tell me about her family several times but never found a comfortable time to bring it up. I asked her what it was and she said that she came from a very loving family. Seeing that I still didn't get it she told me that they were all into having sex with their family members. I asked if that included her daughter. She confirmed that it did. She said that as we were speaking her daughter was at her house getting fucked by her dad and two brothers. She said it was actually a very special night because her youngest brother had recently turned 15 and was getting to fuck his sister for the first time instead of just the oral sex they had had before. I was so stunned by the images that wee flashing through my head at the time that I didn't even notice what was happening until my mind snapped back to attention and I looked up to see the person who looked like a slightly older version of my wife stepping out of her panties as she stood back up completely naked. She walked toward where I sat on the bed and straddled my legs and sat in my lap and asked me what I thought. Thinking what my wife was getting I figured what the hell. I pulled my mother in law to me and kissed her. While I was fucking her I was amazed how similar it was to fucking my soon to be wife. After the wedding I was driving the car away toward our honeymoon destination and we talked about what I had found out the night before. She had been really pleased that I still wanted to go through with the wedding. Then she mentioned that her dad had been a little hesitant to give her away. I asked what she meant and she said that while they were in the prep room at the church just before he was going to walk her down the isle he lifted up her dress and bent her over a chair to give her a last short fuck. In the years that followed the family holiday vacations were filled with sex. I continued doing my wife's mom, and I got to see my wife doing her mom, dad, and brothers. It is the sexiest thing ever.


Submitted: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 13:22:34 GMT

Since my daughter had been about 4 our 5 I have been jacking off in front of her. I would get her to take off her bottoms and spread her legs then while I masterbated I would touch her, eat her out and rub my dick on her little pussy. Now she is 12 and it had progressed to her jacking me off while I rub and eat her out. Out has just became the norm now. I even covinced my wife to start playing with our son a little, he is 10, and ley me watch. We'll talk about that later.


Submitted: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 05:19:10 GMT

When I was younger my mother had a drinkin problem. Her an my friend mom would drink till she I had to just about carry her home. My mom is 5ft 120 lbs ,36b tits that hang slightly,An have mouthwaterin 1/2 in deep pink nipples at the tips.

Well I goy her home this nite like usual , But to nite she was drunker than usual, I layed her on her bed an she said she was hot, (I was 16 at this time) So I helped her take her blouse off , then she uncliped her bra an let her beautifull tits hang free, I knelt in frount of her as she sat up an told me to take her slacks off for her , With her beautifull tits wavin in my face I stared at her hard nipples,As I grabed her waist band an slid her slacks off, But as I slid them off I hooked her panties an they slid off as well.

She layed back an in seconds she was snorin.( my cock was so hard it hurt ) Kneelin there staring at her nake body layed out before me was one hell of sight,The next the I knew my hand were was rubbun her her right tit an my other hand was slidin along her leg.

I leaned forward an started kissin her tits an suckin her hard nipples , when shestarted moaning softly yo what I was doing.

I ran my hand down her soft belly to her bushy pussy an spread her leg wider an wider as I slid two fingers into her now wet pussy,( Iwas so excited now I could cum in my jeans) I when with what was happening an took off my cloths an layed next to her,I kepy fingering her an moan loader so I spead her pussy lips an started licking up her juice ,With her leg spread I just layed on tpo of her press my hard cock against her wet pussy until I felt the head of my cock sliding in her hot pussy.

She started moaning louder an louder the faster I fuccked her, She started moaning my fathers name over an over as she held me tighter ,

All of the sudden she groaned real deep an she stiffin up , She was havin an orgasm an I was right behind her, I pulled my cock out of pussy an started shootin com all over her belly an some landed on her tits to,I rsted nest to her then put a sheet over her an went to my room, Wher I masterbated three more time before I fell asleep.

She never mentioned anthing about what happened ,I not sure if she even knows it did???


Submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 23:41:59 GMT

While my wife was in the hospital, a friends wife came over to help me clean house one day. I'd taken a weeks leave so I could help my wife recover. This guy and I worked at the same company. They did not have many friends as I understood. They were a very quite and proper couple. She was 32, her husband was 35 and they had two kids. I was 27 at the time. I had been there a shorter time but had risen to the same level of management as her husband. Anyway After cleaning we were standing in the kitchen. I don't know how it started, what was said, etc,.but suddenly we were standing VERY close to each other and we began kissing. My wife was a little over weight, but this gal was small, slim, and fit. She wore glasses and was a mousey but when we kissed I had a shudder all the way to my balls. She asked if I wanted to go into the bed room. I did not want to cheat on my wife and did not want to have sex with this woman in the same bed I have sex with my wife. We stepped into the living room and she laid down on the couch. I pulled off her jeans and lace panties, and then about jumped out of my own pants. She was tight, wet and hot. She had her eyes closed the whole time and hung on to me for dear life. I exploded in her within minutes. As soon as I did, I thought OMG, what if she gets pregnant! I wasn't wearing a condom. My wife ALWAYS jumps immediately after sex and heads to the bathroom to clean up. This woman just lay there with my sperm oozing out of her vagina. She slowly got up and just put on her pants. We both stood there looking at each other wondering WTF had happened. We heard a noise in the car port and her husband knocked on the patio door. She ducked in the bathroom and I rushed towards the door to let him in. I told him we had just finished and she was in the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, the picture of composure. They left, and I was left alone with my thoughts. My wife came home the following day and was on bed rest. About three days later, the guy was banging on my door. He really looked ragged. He said he just found out his wife had had an affair. She had gone to be with her mother and he wanted me to hold his guns so that he didn't do something stupid! He looked like a man who had lost everything. I feel like shit to this day and that was 30 years ago. The happy ending is that she came back a week later and he forgave her. A year later they were transfered to another branch. Her path and mine NEVER crossed again, but still there are some cold dark nights when, God forgive me I remember how hot, tight, and wet she was and the look of pleasure on her face when we finished...


Submitted: Fri, 06 May 2011 07:10:07 GMT

When I was about 7 years old. My step dad started touching me. Mostly ate out my pussy and I loved every second of it. It made me so horny and felt so good that I couldn't resist. Mom worked long hours so she was hardly home. I would always feel my step dads cock and I craved for his attention. I would even say I was sick at school to go home to him so he could touch me. His big juicy wet tongue licking out my young innocent cunt... He did it for years. We would always watch porn together while touching each other. I would always rub up against him. I would always beg for him to touch me. I wanted his touch so bad. He made me orgasm so many times. We never told anyone and still haven't. He is still with my Mom. Everytime I see him, I want him. I want his rock hard cock all over me. I would always eat his cum and he would teach me a lot of sexual things. No one has ever pleased me like he did. Now that I'm older, I want to have sex with him. I want him to lick my cunt and fuck my ass. I want him to degrade me and piss all over me like I'm a desperate little whore. One day I'll fuck the shit out of him and he will love it because I'll always be his dirty little secret. When I hit puberty. It turned him on even more. He always use to give me money or lollies to look at my pussy or touch it or lick it. I let him shave my vagina... My mom doesn't have a clue which makes it even more exciting.


Submitted: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 17:11:52 GMT

It all started when I was 10 years old. I was obsessed with gymnastics and had dreams of being an olympic champion and winning a gold medal. I was very good but unfortunately never acheived my goal. I lived in Coral Springs, Florida at the time, in a beautiful house with a live in nanny. My mother is a lawyer and my father is a stockbroker. I was very good at gynnastics at school and my mother finally found a gymnastics instructor and coach nearby. It was a small gym but well equipped and every day there were never more than 3 or 4 other girls in practice at the same time. One day a week during school days the instructions were done individually. During the summer months I would spend an entire day alone with the coach either on Monday or Wednesday. The coach was a young man but seemed to know everything about gymnastics. After only a few months I amazed myself as to how much I learned and improved and would show off to my psrents when I got home. The practice was rigorious and sometimes exausting but I loved it so much I never complained. Naturally there were days when I got hurt or pulled a muscle and had aches and pains. One day while doing ring exersises I fell awkwardly, landing on my side. The pain in my neck hip and leg was so intense I think it was the first time I actually cried after falling. The coach was very simpathetic and had me lay down in his office. There were three other girls there that day and they were gone when he came back in to see me. I was better but still sore. He told me to shower and told me he'd me he would apply hot ice after I showered. I didn't know what that was at the time and thought nothing of it. As I got out of the shower he was standing there with his back to me not looking at me. He just told me to put a towel around me and lay on the table, which I did. He rubbed my neck and upper back first with this jelly like sauve and even though it stung slightly it felt wonderful. He pulled the towel away and applied it to my hip and leg. I knew he could see my rear end but honestly thought little of it since most of my gymnastic outfits were skimpy and very reavealing anyhow. It did make me feel better and he just told me to get dressed and he left the room. That was the first time he did that but it began to happen more often as time went on. I knew he had done the same for some of the other girls but no one ever compained about it. When I had the one on one instuctions each week and was alone with him he would insist on giving me a massage after practice to "avoid muscle cramps" or "tone muscles". He would have me shower first, lay on the table with a towel around me and massage me with warm and sometimes very hot oil. Afterwards I would shower again before my nanny came for me. It was soothing and I did enjoy it and each time he did it more of me was exposed to him. It felt so good I didn't care and began to look forward to it. The times he didn't give me a massage I was actually dissapointed. Over a period of a year or so he had me so mesmerized when he did it I don't think I even knew how much I was exposed to him. He would adjust the towel and at times completely remove it. I think the fact that he saw me in my revealing outfits all the time and at times saw me and the other girls naked made me feel at ease when he did it. Gymnastics is a very intimate sport with the coach and at times he holds your body in different places that would otherwise be inappropriate. The massages became more intimate also as time went on and he began massaging my buttocks. I was slightly embarrassed the first time but never complained or objected to it since it felt so good and I completely trusted him. Over time we entered and won different competitions and I won many trophies. He continued walking in the locker room when me and the other girls were in there and would at times remind me and a couple of the other girs to make sure we shaved pubic hair so it wouldn't be seen while in our outfits. None of us ever seemed embarrassed by it and several girls told me he massaged them also. I never mentioned any of this to my parents and thought it part of the gymnastics program since it had been going on for so long. Almost every one on one training day I had, ended with a massage and I was more exposed each time but was not the least bit embarrased by it. Eventually I would be completely naked on the table and the towel was loosly placed in different spots at times. Sometimes over my breasts, buttocks or vagina but he constantly moved it and at times just had it over his shoulder. He always started at my neck and shoulders while I was face down and work his hands all thwy down to my ankles and feet. He would then have me turn over and put the towel over me covering my breasts down to my vagina. Again he stated at my neck and shoulders but soon would be rubbing my breasts, chest and stomach with the hot oil. When he got to my hips, he placed the towel back up near my breasts but never completly cover them. Most of the time I would close my eyes not wanting him to know I was aroused by it. I don't think I thought much of how much I was exposed and can't fully explain how good it felt. He would lift and bend my legs up and down and when he touched my inner thighs it sent chills up my spine and I could feel myself getting wet. I shaved my pubic hair completely and the oil alone felt good on me. The way he exercized and moved and spread my legs apart was humiliating the first few times he did it, but again, I never objected to it. He would rub oil on my vagina and inner thighs and even my anus but never tried to penetrate me. By this time I would be delerious and so aroused by it I didn't want him to end it. He would suddenly stop and tell me to get a shower and dress to go home. As soon as he walked out of the room I would masturbate and orgasm two or three times. I began mastubating at home and tried touching my body the way he did and tried to simulate the feelings I got from it. I never payed much attention to him when he gave me the massages but started to open my eyes enough to see if he was aroused also. Most of the time I couldn't tell if he was but many times I saw he had an erection. When I was younger I never thought about it but know now that he enjoyed it as much or more than I did. This went on almost every week until I was a sophmore in HS and joined a gymnastic team in Ft. Lauderdale. I tried out for olympic competition three times but was never successful. I'm in college now and freely admit I miss the coach and the gymnastics I loved so much. I still see him occassionally but we have never dicussed the massages and when we speak, it is only about the sport and he always complements me on how good I was. I still think about how he pleasured me and the liberties I let him take with me. I do know now it wasn't done strickly for my benefit and that he is probably still doing it to other girls. He at one time or another touched and saw every inch of my body. I never told anyone about it and oddly enough I am not ashamed that I let him do it to me. He must have done the same to other girls but never did any of them tell me about it or ask if it was done to me. Each one of the girls that were in my classes also had the private one on one instruction days. Many girls came and went over those years, some just quit and others just weren't built well enough or lacked the strength or ambition. I have a boyfriend that I have been going with for almost a year. We do have sex often but I still masturbate recalling how the coach stimulated me so much. About two months ago I got my boyfriend to start giving me hot oil massages. I have told him how to do it and now he does it almost exactly like the coach did. When he finishes the massage though I do get him to mastubate me which the coach never did. My boyfriend doesn't know this but most of the time, I close my eyes and pretend the coach is massaging me. My boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it I told him that so I won't.


Submitted: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:03:04 GMT

I was in my room reading a Hustler magazine and wanking. My older (by two years) sister walked in and saw what I was doing. "Oh! Don't stop, I want to watch you, it makes me so hot when I see your big prick!" I stopped, my cock still hard and throbbing and let her look at it. She put her hand around it, pulling my foreskin up and down, and grinning at me saying "Here, let me make you cum!" I swas a littlde surprised at my sis for doing this, but I let her go ahead. She kept pumping it up and down umtil I came and she said "I want you to fuck me, I'm so hot and wet, I need to cum!" She took off evedrything and got in bed with me, and I started licking her clit. Her pussy was wide open, and very wet. She was just about to cum and I got between her legs and pushed my cock in her hot pussy. Was that good! She wiggled and humped her butt, and said "OOOOO! You're making me cum, go faster!" I squirted a big load in her, and she came when I did. We stayced in bed all morning, becaue our parents had gone to work, and we had all the time in the world to experiment. We fucked twice, that morning, and she promised to come back tomorrow, after our parents left for work.


Submitted: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 09:44:18 GMT

Me and my wife were out shopping when we met up with a friend of her mother's. She had her grandson, (Gavin) who is 17, with her and was telling us how furious she was with him for having a tattoo on his private parts. I immediately saw the interest my wife took in finding out more detail and while I was talking to the grandma my wife had a private conversation with Gavin. After we left them my wife told me she had invited him over to our house to come show his tattoo. That afternoon he rang the doorbell promptly on time. Now I must add that Gavin is quite the handsome, athletic young guy and my wife had previously commented on his good looks developing as we saw him growing up through the years.

On this occation I left them alone on the pretence of having to water the garden. I knew beforehand that my wife wanted to be alone with him as we already agreed that she would take him into the bedroom and close the door, but within minutes I was back in the house and into the adjacent bedroom where I had a peephole into our room.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed with him posing in front of her, his pants and briefs down. His penis was erect and I could see her staring intensely at the tattoo directly above in his clean-shaven pubic area. She must have had some difficulty in having a clear view, for the next moment I saw her taking his boner and holding it to a side and bringing her face closer. And then her hand was moving up and down his shaft. He just stood there with eyes closed while she masturbated him for a couple of minutes, then she lay back on the bed and allowed him to pull down her panties. She must have been wet by that stage for the next moment she opened her legs for him and he got on top of her and I could see him penetrating her pussy. He didn't last long though. When I saw his buttocks contracting I knew he was shooting his load in her and I left in a hurry to return to the garden. Afterwards she just gave me a vague description of the tattoo, but didn't mention any other activities that took place in the bedroom. Naughty little wife I have!


Submitted: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 17:06:31 GMT

I have feelins 4 my own cusin. my mom wud freak if she found out.


Submitted: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 03:54:09 GMT


when me sis was 14 an I was 16 this took place. Late one nite I went to her room while our parents were asleep. I undressed her an layed her on the bed , She was so beautifull layin there naked with a smile on her face.

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We kissed for awhile an she let me jerkoff on her 32a tits , OH, How I luved cummin on her beautifull tits!!!

That was the best nite of my life!!!!!


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I once had sex with my won mother while she was unconscious because she passed out when she had too much alcohol.It felt great taking advantage of her and having rough sex with her.


Submitted: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 18:54:25 GMT

I was 13,and my aunt had got her 2year old daughter to our place...she was cute and attractive ! soon our parents left and we were the only one left me and 2year old cousin. I was. Really hot that time so I started masturbating in front of her,the fact that someone was staring at me while I was fingering myself hard was turning me on even more! I wanted to lick my cousin's young tiny pussy so I pulled her close uplifted her frock and pulled down her underpants and started eating her!the little girl was really enjoying the feeling I cud see it on her face.after a while I flashed my wet pussy to her and asked to do the same and she started licking me like a lollypop she kept licking me and I was moaning that was the 1st time anybody had licked my pussy and I must say she wa pretty good in licking. I'm 18now and till today nobody has licked me as good as my little cousin did that day :*


Submitted: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 22:17:08 GMT

I've been wanting to fuck my sister for a long time so one day i was at her house with just her while her husband was at work. So i went in her room and went through her panties and took a leopard victoria secret panties,and three really hot thongs then put them in my pocket. later on i was looking in her pictures on her phone and found multiple kinky pictures of her bending over showing her ass. also pictures of her breast and pussy. ill send pictures if you leave your email in comments.


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i saw my sister bathing many times and luv viewing her boobs ,they are big and i like pressing them when she is deep asleep.i hv kissed her lips once and she didnt even know.


Submitted: Tue, 05 May 2009 05:04:08 GMT

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it all started the day i went her house for her husband birthday.

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Submitted: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 17:51:43 GMT

I suppose it all started when I was about 11 or 12 or maybe even before that. My parents devoriced when I was about 3 and my dad got custody of me because my mom has a drug problem and I only saw her once in awhile growing up. I was 5 when my dad got married again and my stepmom's daughter Lauren was 3 at the time. Both my dad and stepmom worked in the same office building and never got home until about 6:30 each day. They were away on weekends often either for conferences or just to go away together. Lauren and I had so many different people watch us the first few years I don't even remember some of them today. Lauren and I were bathed together up until I was in first or second grade I think. Lauren and I saw each other naked on a daily basis but at the time little was thought about it. I guess I knew eventually that Lauren would stare at me penis sometimes but I never thought much about it and was never shy about either seeing her or her seeing me naked. Even as we got older it was common for us to see each other that way. We bathed ourselves after awhile and it wasn't uncommon for either of us to use the toilet as the other was taking a bath or taking a shower. We never did anything sexual but did make comments about each others bodies.

I'm pretty sure I was 11 when my parents hired Marcia. She was 16 at the time and lived in our development just down the road from our house. I thought she was older, mainly because she was so tall and was also a little heavy. She was very nice to us but really didn't watch us very good. She was more interested in watching TV or talking on the phone all the time. Even at that age I still went around the house in my underware most of the time and Lauren did also. Neither my dad or stepmom ever said anything about it and I assume it didn't bother them that we did. I guess I was so used to it that at first I didn't think much of Marcia seeing me that way. As time went on not only Marcia but most of my sister's friends would see me in my underware. Marcia would sometimes bring a girlfriend when she watched us and I still went around the same way. I always wore jockey shorts and began realizing some of the girls including Marcia would look down at my crotch. My penis isn't exceptionally big but I assume about average size and I did have a buldge in my jockey shorts.

I'm almost certain that was when I began getting erections and started masturbating. If Marcia, Lauren or one of their girlfriends looked at me with just my underware on I began to get erections most of the time. At first I would turn away or cover myself to hide it. After the first few times I puposely let them watch as I got hard and they seemed to look at me even more intently. After I knew they were looking at my penis I would go up to my room and masturbate. One night my stepmom saw me with an erection and told my dad about it. He gave me a lecture and told me not to go around the house in my underware anymore. I still did after that but only when both he and my stepmom were at work or away for the weekend. I don't think Marcia or Lauren knew he told me that.

Over the next year or so I managed to not only let Marcia and Lauren see me naked many times but almost all of there girlfriends saw me at one time or another. I still saw Lauren naked but very seldom as she got older. This didn't prevent me from exposing myself to her or her girlfriends though. A number of times she told me that some of her friends saw me naked but I always told her I didn't know they did. I don't think she really believed me but never told our parents about it. Both Marcia and Lauren saw me masturbating also and two of Laurens friends that I know of. I began going around the house in a bathrobe sometimes, especially when one or more of Marcia or Lauren's friends were here. I had nothing on under the robe and would leave it open or parcially open most of the time. Seldom did any of them say anything and I would always act as though I didn't know I was exposed. I don't know whether they taught I was just stupid or did know I was perposely exposing myself. By the time I was 15 we no longer had Marcia come to house but I continued exposing myself to Lauren and her girlfriends. I masurbated every day and would leave my bedroom door open enough for any of them to see in. Lauren didn't like me to see her naked by this time since she was developing and I knew she was having her periods. I would sneak a peek at her sometimes and did see her naked on occassion. She got mad if she found out but most of the time she didn't know.

Oddly enough she never got upset when she saw me naked or even when she saw me masturbating. She knew some of her girlfriends had seen me naked and even knew some watched me masturbate. I really don't think that many of them told her about it and a few of them I think liked seeing me naked or at least seeing my penis. Its obvious my dad and stepmom where never told about what I was doing. Not once was I ever confronted for doing it except the time my stepmom saw me get the erection years before. I'm sure Lauren or Marcia never told them because I know my dad would have said something to me if he knew.

I started college this fall and only go home about one weekend a month. Lauren still sees me naked when I'm home and if I'm lucky one or more of her girlfriends are there. My parents are home most of those weekends so I have to be especially careful when I expose myself. I've been able to have several girls at school see me naked and finally had sex for the first time in September. I have a girlfriend right now and we have sex a few times a week. I do like the sex and like looking at her body but it seems to arouse me more when I know she is looking at me. I especially like it when she watches me shower and she has been willing lately to masturbate me several times. Sometimes I just masturbate as she watches me and doubt that she realizes how much that alone arouses me. We give each other oral sex and the thrill of knowing she is looking at my penis so close makes me cum faster. I stay naked lots of times even after we have sex just so she can look at me. I don't want her to know I have become an exibitionist. I can never tell her how many girls have seen me naked or more so how many have watched me masturbate. By now Lauren knows I expose myself intentionally but still has never got mad at me for it. I think she might enjoy still seeing me naked and I don't even know how many times she saw me masturbating. She's almost 17 now so I'm sure she at least suspected it. Last month I was masturbating on my bed naked and knew she was at the doorway. Our parents were out and as soon as I ejackulated she just asked me if I was done yet and laughed. Then she told me that my dad called and to call him back. She went down stairs and I put on my bathrobe and followed her down to the kitchen. Her girlfriend Sally was sitting there so I made sure my bathrobe was open enough for her see my penis. As I was talking to my dad I glanced over at Lauren and she just smiled and shook her head. She knew I was exposing myself to Sally who had already seen me naked or masturbating a lot of times. I was on the phone only a few minutes and when I hung up neither of them said anything about my robe being open. I have to assume they didn't mind me exposing myself. Sally looked at my penis almost the whole time I was on the phone. I got a drink and went back to my room.

Later that afternoon was the first time in all those years that Lauren ever asked why I like to expose myself. I was honestly embarrassed that she asked me that and didn't know what to say. I just shrugged my shoulders at first then tried to explain how it stimulated me. She doesn't understand it and told me some of her girlfriends and her have talked about me doing it. I guess I just confessed to her that I couldn't help it and it has turned into an obsession or fetish. I even admitted some of the things I do at college and how I even like my girlfriend to watch me. I told her how I loved to have my girlfriend watch me shower and masturbate or have her masturbate me. Lauren laughed at a lot of things I told her but still didn't quite understand why I wasn't embarrassed or humiliated by it. She swore she wasn't mad at me and told me she saw me masturbating more times than I even knew she did. I also told her I peek in at her lots of times and enjoy seeing her naked. We are like brother and sister to a point and would never consider having any sex with each other. She actually told me she didn't mind if I wanted her or her friends to see me naked and said none of her friends had been mad about it when I did expose myself. She said some of them, that she knew saw me naked or masturbating, never said anthing about it. The ones that did were shocked sometimes but never really angry about it. That Sunday before I went back to my dorm at school I was going to take a shower. Our parents were at the store and I walked naked out of my room towards the bathroom. Lauren had just came up the stairs and jokingly asked if I wanted her to watch. I stopped dead in my tracks and and told her yes. She said she was only kidding but I kept asking her to watch me. She finally agreed to and I started to shower as she watched sitting on the toilet seat. I noticed that she was a little embarrased watching me or maybe embarrassed for me, which I wasn't. I soon got an erection and wanted to masturbate. Before I did I asked her if it was ok and she just shook her head yes. Even though she had seen me masturbate so many times over the years it was the first time she ever agreed to watch me. I jerked off as slow as possible but did cum in less than a minute. She just sat there the whole time and watched me finish my shower and we talked as I dried off. We smiled and even laghed about it and I asked to watch her take a shower but she just said "no way". I just hope she will be willing to watch me again in the future. Lauren is not like me at all and still can't believe how it excites me so much. She said it would completely humiliate her if a guy watched her shower and could never masturbate herself in front of anyone. She did say that she kind of enjoys watching me and that she isn't mad at how I am. I sometimes wish I didn't feel the way I do but I can't control my feelings about doing it. I never told any of my friends at college or even other friends at home what I do. As much as being seen naked doesn't embarrass me oddly enough it would be totally humiliating to admit to anyone that I am an exibitionist.


Submitted: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 18:19:11 GMT

This is very difficult for me to admit but out of stupidity, humiliation and shame, I accepted abuse from early childhood until I was almost 18 years old. My mother married Craig when I was a baby and the abuse by him started as early as I can remember. My mother had and still has mental health problems and has been on medication her entire life. I think I was 4 or 5 when we moved to Nevada and lived in a very rural area. The house was more like a shack and had only two bedrooms. We had little contact with my mothers family. She became like a zombie and took many drugs that made her incoherent and she would sleep for many hours even during the day. When I started school the bus ride was long and I was alone most of the time until Craig got home. My mother was usually sleeping or just sitting and watching tv not knowing I changed the channel for cartoons. The abuse had already started by that time and Craig would often smack or spank me. I was completely terrified of him and learned at an early age not to talk back to him for fear of being beaten. I would complain to my mother to no avail, allowing Craig to dominate my life. I had very few friends and the closest house to ours was almost a mile away. My best weekends were when Craig worked on a Saturday which wasn't often enough. He would spank me for stupid things like not putting my shoes or clothes away. He spanked me right in front of my mother a few times but would normally take me to the back porch. I had to take my clothes off and he always spanked me naked. I was so fearful of the whipping I would receive the fact that I was naked never entered my mind or embarrassed me. He would spank me so long and hard that the back of my legs and buttocks were black and blue for several days or longer. I was skinny and frail and he would lift me with one hand most of the time and throw me on the old sofa that was on the porch. I was only in first or second grade at that time and tried not to anger him. I had seen him and my mother naked many times and also saw them having sex. Most of the time my mother was unconscious or so controlled by the drugs that she couldn't have known I was watching. Craig never shut the bedromm door and I could see into their bedroom. He would also have sex with her on the living room sofa with me sitting across from them in the chair. Most of those times my mother was completely unconscious. Craig never said anything while he had intercouse with her but he obviousley knew I could see them, not understanding what they were doing. I don't remember if I ever said anything to my mother about it and it became a common occurrance. He would masturbate in front of me especially on weekends he was drinking a lot. If my mother was sleeping or took too many pill he would walk around the house naked. I do remember him giving my mother some pills to take and shortly afterwards would tell me to take my clothes off. I don't remember being embarrassed by it but if I refused or complained he would threaten me with a beating and sometimes spanked me anyhow just for hesitating. He would make me stand in front of him naked as he masturbated but at that time I didn't understand what masturbation was. I'm not even sure when it started but he would take me out on the back porch naked and make me lay down on the picnic table. He would put oil all over my body telling me it would protect my skin from the heat. He did this about once a week but sometimes more often. He did my back first then I would have to turn over where he would spread my legs open and rub the oil into my vagina and anus sometimes fingering me. If I complained the slightest he would spank me right away so I just tollerated it without saying a word. He always did this while my mother was sleeping or passed out and was always naked himself. I told her a few times that he did this but don't think she heard what I was saying and it never stopped. As time went on I had to do all the cleaning and wash all the clothes. The spankings continued as did the oil on my body. Once a week or more I saw Criag having sex with my mother and he continued to have me undress while he would masturbate. He found a reason to spank me at least 3 or 4 times a month and once spanked me because I forgot to wash his jeans. Even as I started to develop he always spanked me naked and still insisted on putting the oil all over me. He had less sex with my mother but most weekends I would have to strip in front of him before he masturbated. Then on a Saturday afternoon he ordered me to the porch and made me take off all my clothes. After I got on the table he began to put the oil on me. When I turned over he firsts rubbed it on my breasts then started to finger me. I was never affected like this before but soon became, what I know now, is arousel. He kept touching my nipples and was lighty rubbing my anus as he fingered me and I had my first orgasm. I don't even remember how old I was and it was one of the rare times I saw him smile at me. Within the next month or so he masturbated me a couple times a week. I believe because he had seen me naked so often I began to look forward to him putting the oil on me. The more I obeyed him the nicer he was with me. He still spanked me for minor things but the beatings were less severe than when I was younger. I still saw him having sex with my mother sometimes but not nearly as often. He was always giving my mother pills to take but I didn't think much about that. There was nothing in the back of our house and when he put the oil on me and masturbated me he was always naked also. He started by masturbating himself as he was doing it to me but soon had me masturbating him. As much as he satisfied me I maturbated myself sometimes. One night he opened my door as I was and for some reason I was embarrassed that he caught me. After that he made me masturbate myself while he watched me, mostly on the picnis table. As I did he would also masturbate as he rubbed my breasts. I had just started high school by this time and my mother didn't know anything about it. I never told her about it and just assumed it wouldn't matter anyhow. I didn't want him to but he insisted he shave my pubic hair. As many times as we masturbated each other we had never had intercouse or oral sex. For some reason he always found an excuse to spank me at least once a month and I still cried when he did because it always hurt so much. One Saturday he was drinking a lot of beer and made me get on the picnic table naked. We masturbated each other then I showered as I usually did and he made me shave my pubic hair as he watched me. When I got out of the shower he told me get back on the picnic table and that was the first time he gave me oral sex. When he first started I was aroused so fast I couldn't believe how good it felt. I'm not sure how many times I orgasmed but kept having them. Craig was naked also and afterwards made me suck his penis. He came in my mouth and I almost threw up when he did. He held my hair and forced himself into my throat which made me gag several times. He began discussing sex with me and began making me give him oral sex often. He did the same to me and kept telling me we would have intercouse soon. I don't even remember what I did but one night he got out the belt and made me come out on the porch for a spanking. He just sat there telling me to take off my clothes. I knew when he used the belt I was going to get a terrible beating. I started to cry and he asked me if I would rather blow him. I was so naive at the time I didn't understand that he was referring to oral sex and had to ask what he meant. I agreed to give him oral sex rather than recieve a beating from him. He took his shorts off and made me kneel in front of him and when he ejaculated he made me swallow his cum. From then on each time I gave him oral sex I had to swallow it. It digussted me that he made me do that but after awhile I got used to it. One night he called me to his room. My mother was passed out on the bed and he just said I want you to see this. He took her night gown and panties off then undressed himself. My mother was naked on the bed and he first fingered her and she did respond however so slightly and he just began having intercouse with her making me stand righ next to them watching. The next night is the first time I had intercouse with Craig and it was not a pleasant experience. It hurt more than I expected but there was very little blood. For the next three years I had sex with Craig a few times a week. We had intercouse, oral sex and masturbated eah other several times a week. He made up reasons to spank me but never used a belt anymore. My mother was always knocked out when this went on and I never told anyone about it. I don't know if I was to ashamed about it or didn't want to admit how dominated and fearful I was of Craig. I totally hated giving him oral sex but was afraid not to when he wanted it. If he was drinking he was very brutal with me sometimes and my throat would hurt the next day. I didn't like swallowing his cum and did get sick sometimes after I did. When he masturbated me or had intercouse with me, most of the time I enjoyed it. There were other times where he became rough with me and would force me into positions that were painful for me. That happened mostly when he was drunk and sometimes it would take forever for him to cum. Five months before my 18th birthday I noticed my mother hadn't woken up for the longest time. I tried to wake or just get a response from her but she was completely unconscious and not breathing well. I called 911 and it took almost half an hour for them to arrive. She had taken so many pills they couldn't revive her and took her to a hospital. She was unconcious for almost a week and I called my aunt Cass back in Ohio thinking my mother would die. She flew out the next day and hadn't seen my mother in over a year. I think because I saw my mother everyday I didn't relize how bad she really was. She only weighed slightly over a hundred pounds and her sister was shocked how bad she was. Within the next week my uncle Dave came and they insisted my mother go back to Ohio. Craig resisted them moving her at first but relented and I went back with them. Craig stayed in Nevada and my mother and I were supposed to move back after she was out of the hospital. My aunt Cass and uncle Dave never liked Craig and I think aunt Cass suspected he was mistreating me and my mother. She began asking me a lot of questions and I did tell her how Craig would make her take pills all the time but never told her what went on with me. I did tell her he spanked me sometimes but was to ashamed to tell her about all the other things. Craig did come to Ohio a few weeks later but only stayed for a week. My mother was in the mental health hospital for several months after that and never went back to Craig. She is still a mess and still takes many differnt drugs for her condition. She has been like this as long as I can remember and doubt if she will ever recover. I finished high school and got my degree last year from college. I have my own apartment now and my mother still lives with my aunt Cass. I see her a few times a week but sometimes she don't even know I am there. She never devorced Craig and no one has heard from him for over two years. I'm a teacher now and two weeks ago reported a case of child abuse. A 5th grade girl confided in me that she was being sexually abused by her uncle. If I had only had the courage to do that when I was her age I wouldn't have the remorse I do still have today. What I let Craig get away with is inecusable. especially as a teenager and moreso when I was 17, I should have had the sense to tell someone. I'm still shamful of it but do know how intimadated I was by Craig. I feared him so much I did whatever I was told even as I got older. He not only sexually abused me but I also suffered beatings and rough sex at his hands. I probably should have had therapy over it but was always to humiliated to tell anyone what I went through. Its impossible to explain but he had me so trained that I was sexually satisfied by him often and also brutalized by him. Some things he did to me I liked at the time but he took complete advantage of me whenever he wanted to. Noone could understand this unless they went through it. I suppose thats another reason I never told anyone. I don't have nightmares anymore but still think about it often enough. I was always afaird I could end up like my mother, dependent on drugs all the time. I have had sex with with two differnt men over the last few years and presently have a good relationship. I am determined not to let it disrupt my life and know I was completely manipulated by Craig.


Submitted: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:07:58 GMT

(this is a true story) i had wanted to have sex with my mother since i was 13. i would jack-off thinking of her two,three times a day. then a few years later when i was 18 i walked in on her f++++++ her best friends husband. I'll never forget the sight of her lying with her legs spread wide open and him pumping her. i let out a "AHEM" and he jumped up and ran out. she sat up on the bed and said "I'm sorry,I don't know what to say. " don't say nothing" i replied "let me finish what he was doing" then i unzipped and flipped out my dick. she looked at it and then she looked in my face "I'm serious" i said and walked over and stood with my dick pointing a few inches from her face "you know this is wrong" she said and laid back on the bed. i got down on my knees,spread her thighs and started eating her, she was wet and hot...that night i f+++++ her 3 times.and since then we do it whenever we get a chance...I'm 25 now..it's the best sex i ever had.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 15:28:24 GMT

My 12 year old son is turning out to be the athletic type. Always partaking in all kinds of activities, even to the point of wrestling his mom. He is too strong for me and finds it easy to pin me down.

Last week early morning I was still in my undies getting ready for work when he came into the bedroom, also still clad only in boxers. Had me pinned down on the bed no time.

We were laughing and struggling and at one stage he was on top of me and I had my legs around his body when I suddenly felt his hardness pressing against me. He was in a perfect position with his hard-on right up against my klitty. For a moment I lay there frozen while he was actually pumping away at me and within the next minute I could feel my juices starting to flow. He was so engrossed in his actions that he didn't even realize that I wasn't struggling any more and in fact had opened my legs wider to give him easier access to my klit. Within a minute or so I found myself answering his thrusts and pulling his butt tight against me. My orgasm was building up now and he was ramming me wildly in his own lust. Then he suddenly slowed down and I knew he was spent. I had to push him off me and then it was a great rush to get to work in time.

Looking forward to our next contest. Hopefully this time we'll find an excuse to be naked.


Submitted: Mon, 23 May 2011 16:45:48 GMT

I am 22 and have a boyfriend, 26, who is amazing in bed. He can be both gentle, passionate but also senses it when I have the need to be fucked like slut and gives it to me that way. The other day we spent the whole night and day with him fucking me roughly. He has a long and thick dick and loves seeing me suck it.

a few months ago, however, I slept with his cousin Chris who is 28. We were drunk and ended up in bed together. We had sex the whole night long and he made me cum a couple of times while doing me in the ass. I still get wet remembering how my asscheeks used to wobble up and down while he pounded my sore butt spanking me hard and loudly. He would cum into my ass every time. In the morning we fucked again and again he took his cock out of my pussy and slid it up my ass.

As much as I enjoyed it I was very embarrassed and decided to pretend nothing happened. And I did for several months. One thing I didn't tell you, however, is that my boyfriend has this fantasy and I promised long ago that I would go along with it. He has told me many times that he would love us to have a threesome l share me with one or even a couple other men. And today he asked me if I wanted to do it with Chris. Even the mentioning of his name makes me wet. After thinking about it I said ok and tonight we are doing it. I am both scared and very turned on anticipating to be fucked by those two studs...


Submitted: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 19:21:13 GMT

I got a niece who found me and wanted me to impregnate her and her 15 year old daughter. My sister told me to do her so she will be happy. I did, and my nieces are living with me now. With a child in each of them. My sister wanted me to do her as well, butt she got her tubes tied. So after I did her now she moved in with me. Our parents are gone, so they don't care anymore. We all had to move to a bigger home, with the nieces' babies on the way in 5 months. My niece is 30, the other niece is 15, sister is 49, and I am 44.


Submitted: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 14:27:33 GMT

I used to look through the crack of the door and masturbate and watch my sisters shower. I was probably 14 amd they were 15 and 16. I would also smell their underwear and kiss them on the lips when I see them. Recently I've been having incest dreams about looking down my sisters blouse and having her suck me off.


Submitted: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 03:36:02 GMT

For the past year I've been having dreams about my dad having sex with me. I've gotten to the point where I don't care about right or wrong I just want him. How would I go about that? I'm a 17 year old girl and he is in his early 40s.


Submitted: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 02:09:28 GMT

I fucked my mom once...


Submitted: Sat, 03 May 2008 12:19:22 GMT

I am 50 year man,I am sleeping with an older woman .She is divorced and 63.She is also a mother and grandmother.

Nearly every night we are both naked and she has me on my back on her bed.With my legs wide apart and her space between her legs buried in my face face.She grabs my erected penis and sucks it.We are happy we what we do


Submitted: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:33:31 GMT

I was sixteen and i was masterbathing. I thought i was home alone suddenly my older sister walks in. I was shocked she stared for a while and walked away. That night when everybody was asleep she came into my room. She took off my pants and gave me a blowjob. To be honest i enjoyed it.


Submitted: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 19:09:10 GMT

My friends uncle died in 2007 and left him a cabin along the Appalachain Mountains in PA. He decided to sell it and I bought it from him in 2008. It was fully furnished and my friend took many of the things from the cabin and in the attic. His uncle had a complete library of video tapes, some he purchased but most of them he taped from HBO and other cable stations. My friend took many of them, mostly of classic movies but left behind more than a hundred of them. For a long time I didn't bother with them but did watch a few that I had never seen before. The ones he taped himself had hand written names on them and some were just blank. I was alone one weekend and put in one of the unmarked tapes and the first image I saw was my friends mother taking a shower in the cabin bathroom. I knew his entire family and this particular tape of his mother must have been taken many years ago when she was much younger than now. The more I watched the more came on of not only his sisters but cousins and other friends of his family all female. There were also tapes of other girls and women who I still don't know who they are. I then rummaged through the other tapes he had and found 13 more of them, some that had to be taken 15 or 20 years ago and others as recent as 2006. They were all taken in the bathroom and the rear back bedroom. As I went through them some were taped in the outside shower which is only turned on in the summer months. There were many differnt camera angles and I suspect he must have had two lenses in the bathroom and rear bedroom but only one in the outdoor shower. My friends mother and sisters were in them very often and I began watching them more and more. My friends uncle was married to his mothers oldest sister who had died years before he did. I guess I'm just as bad as his uncle now because I watch these tapes every chance I get and keep them hidden away. My friend did take a lot of camera equipment before I bought the cabin but I'm just glad he doesn't know what his uncle used it for. My friend mentioned one time how expensive the equipment must have been. I can see where he had the lenses at one time but he must have taken everything out when he got ill before he died. There are tapes of my friends parents having sex and also some of his aunts and uncles having sex in the back room. Other couples also but I don't know who they are. I have seen all his sisters and cousins naked, some of his sisters girlfriends and other girls I have never met. His uncle had been taping them for many years and got away with it. No way can I tell my friend about them or let him see them. I haven't even told my girlfriend about them and only watch them when I am alone. These tapes would be so humiliating to any of them, I can never tell anyone about them. Many show them using the toilet or putting on pads or using tampons for their periods. There aren't that many but some of the girls were masturbating while the tape was on and a few of the girls are shaving their pubic hair. Most are just of them showering but many of them doing things that would be completely mortifying for them. There are so many hours of them I'm not sure if I have seen all of them. I leave the videos at the cabin and never bring them home with me because I'm afraid someone else will find them. I still see my friends mother and sisters very often and they would surly die if they knew how I have seen them on all those tapes. I go to the cabin alone some weekends just so I can watch them. I sit for hours watching them and usually masturbate as I do. I know I should destroy them but I have become addicted to watching them whenever I can. I keep them well hidden but can't watch them as often as I like because I usually have family or friends with me when I go there. I can never tell my friend what a knockout his mother was when she was younger or that she gives oral sex to his father. I know things about his family that he couldn't imagine and have not only seen all his aunts naked but have also seen most of them having sex. Some of the tapes are poor quality but most are very clear and well placed. His uncle was a master at hiding those lenses and I doubt anybody ever knew what he was doing for so many years. He could have gotten into a lot of trouble over it because most of them have sound also. In some you can hear personal conversations between husband and wife and some of the girls. Some things are very personal and even finacial dicussions can be heard between them and other personal things that no one should be prevy to. My friends uncle was a real pervert which has caused me to become a voyuer. When I do spend a weekend alone at the cabin I sometimes masturbate 5 or 6 times over the weekend just watching those tapes. My friends sisters are all married now but everytime I see them I picture them in the tapes. His mother is and was always very nice to me and I have know her since I was very little. As bad as I feel around her sometimes I still can't help watching her in the tapes, especially the ones from years ago. The only videos with the men in them are the tapes taken in the back bedroom. They are all tapes of them having sex with their wives who are mostly my friends aunts and a few older cousins. Other men and women must have been friends of his uncle and there is one couple on many of the tapes who I think his uncle worked with just by the conversation I heard on one of them. Each of the tapes has at least six hours of footage on them and most are of good quality. He must have really known how to set up this stuff and it is evident he also knew how to edit them. There are only a few seconds of pause between each one and its obvious that he has them in order of the date they were taken. I have marked them myself by just guessing at the year he must have video taped them and now have them in order or close to it. I'm not sure how accurate but the ones with his sisters I can tell by looking at the tapes and seeing about what age they were at the time. The one unfortunate thing is I've heard some very personal things they had dicussed. It arouses me at the reactions and sounds the women make when having sex and I not only see them, but also hear them. I basically know to much about my friends family and relatives and other people I don't even know. I have watched his sisters and female aunts and cousins nude so many times I can picture them naked in my head. I have tried to keep count and think there are at least 35 or 40 different females in all the tapes and possibly more than that. I do know who about half of them are, some I have met breifly but others no conseption of who they are. There are two that I think were his sister-in-laws but I never really knew them. He had no interest in filming the men in the showers but only when they were having some type of sex with their wives or girlfriends. He was a very devious man but he sure knew how to make videos. Over those years he had the lenses at differt places and the angles were different. Some of tapes I can tell were filmed by two differnt cameras or more. There are some in the batroom and bedroom where he may have had as many as three running at the same time. The outside shower is always the same angle and obviously only one lens was used there. I don't remember seeing all that equipment when my friend took it but I do know there were three boxes of video eguipment when he did. I never looked in the boxes to see what it consisted of and never asked my friend what kind of equipment it was or how many cameras there were. Most people have DVD now but I'll never get rid of my video recorder until I wear out the tapes.


Submitted: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 10:11:51 GMT

my 12yo sister likes to have a bath with me and touch me


Submitted: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 01:47:19 GMT

For about two years I would make my sister some chocolate instant breakfast before driving her to high school. She was still in bed when I made it, so almost every day I would cum directly in it.

After a few months of doing this she occasionally noted it tasted weird on the days I didn't do it.


Submitted: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 07:04:02 GMT

I knew even before we were married that my wife was super horny way more often than most other girls I had known. I met her in college and she had a bit of a reputation for fucking just about anyone lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. She said she was faithful to me once we started dating, but I had my doubts. It excited me to think she might be fucking other people too. One thing led to another, and a year later we were planning our wedding. The night before the wedding I was staying in the basement bedroom of her parent's neighbor. I woke up around eleven when I heard a noise like someone walking into the room. I turned on the bedside light and saw my soon to be mother-in-law standing there in a robe. I asked her if something was wrong. She said the only thing wrong was that I hadn't had a proper bachelor party. I assured her that I didn't need one. Then she shocked me by saying that every man deserves a final fuck from someone other than the woman he is going to marry. I couldn't even speak. She opened the robe and let it drop to the floor. She was naked and beautiful. She was exactly what my wife would be in the same number of later years. She asked me if I liked it. I said of course I did, but I couldn't DO anything with my mother-in-law. She asked why not. I told her I was trying to be faithful. She said that wouldn't do at all if I was going to be married to her daughter. She said that she and her daughter were addicted to sexual diversity and adventure. I asked what that meant. She said they fucked anyone with a cock or pussy they could get to agree. She walked right over to the edge of the bed and said that her daughter was likely already fucking since she was already getting licked when she left the house to come and offer herself to me. On one hand I couldn't believe it. On the other my already hard cock stiffened like iron. I asked who was having sex with her, and she said her daughter was being serviced by her dad and her two brothers. He mouth was on my cock before I knew it, and I was past complaining. I came a few minutes later and she swalloed it. She stroked my cock as she smiled at me and asked if it turned me on to know that my wife was having such dirty sex. I just nodded as my cock hardened again. She got on the bed and sank down onto me. As she rode me she explained how their family worked. They were an openly sexual family. They often walked around nude and were allowed to touch and or kiss any part of each other. None of the kids were allowed to actually fuck until they were 16. My wife's 16th birthday was when she did her dad for the first time. Then her older brother got to do her when he turned 16. He was then 19 and the youngest brother had just turned 16 and was going to get to spear her for the first time. I came again. I screwed my mother-in-law for half the night. I woke up the next morning and got dressed for the wedding. My wife's brother drove me to the church. I couldn't help thinking what he had done to his sister just the night before. As I was standing at the front of the church waiting, there was a delay. After a while she walked down the isle and we were married. We were driving away on our honeymoon and talked about the wedding. I asked what the delay had been, and she hesitated before telling me that her dad wanted a fuck before walking her down the isle. I could see her watching me to see if I was having a mad reaction. I didn't flinch, but I wanted to. She promised me that now that we were married she was done messing around. I pulled over into a rest area and pulled in a spot at the end of the row where no one else was parked. She asked me what I was doing. In response I pulled out my cock and grabbed the back of her neck and urged her down. She sucked until she swallowed my cum. She sat up and smiled at me. I told her to get in the back seat, take off her dress, and finger her pussy until it was really wet. She climbed over the seat right away as she said it already was wet. After she had take her dress off and was naked I told her to get started and I would be right back. I got out of the car and strolled around a bit. I found a guy hanging out in a grassy area stretching his arms over his head. I asked if he had been driving long. He said about four hours. I asked if he was by himself. He was. I told him I had a problem I needed help with. He asked what, so I told him I had been recently married and was driving to my honeymoon. I told him my wife had sucked me dry and was now horny. I walked over to the car and opened the back door to see my wife openly diplayed. The guy looked in and his mouth fell open. I closed the door behind him as he climbed in the back seat. I got in the front and turned around to watch him stick his cock into her. Twenty minutes later he got out and went to the restroom. I drove on as my wife got dressed and got back up front. I told her we should establish intentions. I told her I intended to stay mostly faithful to her. I told her the only other woman I would do was her mother. She smiled. I told her that I expected her to keep having sex with her family if I could watch it. I told her I may even ask her to have sex with guys like I did at the rest area. I said that beyond that she was free to have what sex she wanted as long as she told me about it. She happily agreed. That was fifteen years ago.


Submitted: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:46:57 GMT

when i was 12 my brother 14 and i started fooling around we sneak into each others room when mom and dad(stepdad) were in bed and first talking about sex and then started feeling each other soon we would get naked and he would finger me and i would jerk his cock and we were giving each other climax's then i started letting him put it in me it felt so good and this went on for about a year,i loved my step dad and would sit in his lap alot and he would rub my legs as time passed his hand kept inching higher and i wanted him to touch my pussy and i told him it felt good and i could feel him get hard as i sat in his lap and then he finally touched me through my panties and started rubbing my pussy i was wearing only a night shirt and panties he asked if it felt good and i told him yes he then put his fingers under my panty leg and rubbed my pussy and clit and i felt his cock through his pants and rub it and mom was in bath he whispered did i want him to put it in me and i told him yes and he told me to take off my panties and i did as he unjipped his pants and pulled it out it was a lot bigger than brothers and he got me to sit on sofa with my ass on edge and he knelt on his knees in between my legs and he guided it to me and pushing it went in and he started humping me hard and deep god it felt good and i felt it getting real hard and he jerked it out a shot cum over my stomach just like brother did me,soon mom put me on birth control pills and me and brother kept it up now he could leave it in and me and dad would sneak out in his work shop and fuck like crazy and he was the first to eat me he made me climax so hard and then give me a good fucking this went on for years,i still love thinking about fun i had and now married husband has no idea of things i did in the family


Submitted: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:13:00 GMT

When I was 11 I use to go naked in the house. It's just me, my little sis and Daddy and he never scolded us for going naked. I caught him masturbating one night and looking at his cock made me wet and I went back to my room and played with myself. I wanted to touch his cock. So I started letting him see my cunt. At first nothing happen then one night I opened my legs and noticed a bulge in his shorts. Being the little slut I was I asked him if he liked looking at me and asked him to touch me. He sat next to me and started touching me. I love my Daddy.


Submitted: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 17:31:17 GMT

I'm a single mom of a teenage son. I'm attracted to him but I don't want to cross that line.

Sometimes I masturbate in my panties and leave them in the bathroom in plain view. I like to think that he smells them or use them to masturbate.

I would never admit that I do it on purpose...


Submitted: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 13:18:13 GMT

When I was younger my grandfather use to rub my clit. I was 7 and I had to live with my grandparents when my parents were divorcing. It felt so good when he would rub my clit. Would start off by kissing me and then rubbing my clit. Then one day he said he needed to see how I tasted....oh was that amazing!! The older I got the more he would do to me, and the more I enjoyed the incest. He would finger me, have me strip naked and masterbate to me. One day he while he was fingering and eating me out he stood up and told me to get on my knees. He pulled down his pants and there it was, his rock hard penis. He shoved his penis in my mouth and was thrusting his hips into my little mouth. It turned me on knowing what he was doing to his granddaughter was wrong. He then pulled out of my tiny mouth and asked me to get on all fours. So I did and he grabbed my hips and slid himself inside my tiny pussy. I screamed and he said I was his now. It felt sooo amazing though feeling him go in and out of me. Finally when he came. Inside my pussy he had me lay on my back and he continued to eat me out with his cum dripping out. It was sooo good feeling his tongue on me. We continued this for years and now I'm in my 20's and I want us to keep going.


Submitted: Mon, 05 Jan 2009 04:09:31 GMT

I often masturbate to thoughts of my best friend's mom. We've friends for around 10 years, I've been doing this for around 4 years.


Submitted: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 17:55:49 GMT

My wife is an idiot and for the past seven years has allowed me to physically punish my two step daughters. Even now that they are getting older and the oldest has started to develop she allows me to spank them. She doesn't know that it excites me and I never do it in front of my wife. Sometimes she insists that I punish them not knowing what I do. When they were younger I simply pulled down their panties and spanked them. In the last year or so I began by making them go to there room and let them wait for me. After twenty minutes or so when I knew they had time to think about it. I would enter their room, close and lock the door, and order them to take all their clothes off. Then I would spank them naked over my knee and somtimes while bent over their chair or bed. I never do anything sexual but the site of their bodies does excite me, especially the oldest one. They both are in tears just by the humiliation I impose on them and I know they both fear me. I don't know whether its the power I have over them or the sight of their nakedness or both that stimulates me the most. They never complain to their mother about how I make them strip naked before spanking them. Knowing their mother wants me to spank them they don't question or tell her how I do it. Somtimes when my wife tells me they were bad or got in trouble at school I will ask her how many swats they deserve right in front of the girls. This way they are assured my wife knows I'm going to spank them even though my wife has no idea how much I look forward to doing it. I often tell my wife I don't like to spank them but tell her its the best way to disicipline them. Why she trusts me so much I have no idea and I assume she doesn't realize how it excites me. Their father is a wimp and they only see him twice a year and if they did tell him what I do he has never told my wife. Awhile back my wife was furious at both girls when they stayed out an hour or more after curfew. I was at work that night, so the next day she told me about it and right away I said they deserved a spanking. When they got home from school that day I pursuaded my wife to tell them to go to their rooms and they would both get a spanking from me. My wife and I sat in the kitchen for at least a half hour talking, while they were in their rooms. I was anxious to go up to them right away but didn't want my wife to see me excited about it. So we just talked about how worried she was that they were out so late. I said to my wife, that even though I didn't want to, I was going to have to really spank them hard for what they did and she agreed with me. The whole time I was getting more excited about it. I went to the youngest one first and tried acting as mad as I could and ordered her to undress. Buy the time she was naked she was already sobbing and I spanked her harder then ever. When I was finished I wouldn't let her get dressed and told her to lay on her bed until I came back in. I then went to the oldest ones room told her to undress and scolded her the whole time while watching her. Even when she was naked rather than spanking her right away I just made her stand in front of me as I hollared at her. I could tell she was humiliated even more than when she was younger. Her breasts were developing and she had pubic hair. When I started spanking her I made her bend over her chair and pushed her legs apart. I spanked her til my hand started to hurt and she cried the whole time. Her rear was pink and red when I finished. She stood up to get her clothes but I told her the same as her sister to lay in her bed naked until I returned. I went downstairs I told my wife that I think they should get another spanking. I was so excited by what I just did I didn't want to stop. We talked about it for awhile and she approved. Again I lied and told her I really didn't want to but that they deserved to be severely punished. I sat with her and had coffee amazed at how naive she was. After twenty minutes or so I went back to the youngest girls room and went in. She was still on the bed naked and I made her stand in front of me telling her how much she worried her mother. Than I pulled her over my knee and spanked her again only not very hard this time because her cheeks were still red from the first one. When I went into the older ones room she was laying on her stomach and her rear was still blazing red. I sat on the bed and made her roll over and couldn't help but casually look at her body as I again told her her mother was angry at her since she was the oldest. She was blushing and put her hands over her vagina but I told her to put them at her sides until I was done talking to her. I had an erection but made sure she wouldn't notice it. When I told her that her mother wanted me to spank her again, she started to cry and begged me not to. 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Submitted: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 04:31:43 GMT

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Submitted: Fri, 07 May 2010 00:00:40 GMT

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Dad and Me

By Steamygirl2

Since I was growing up fast, my mom wanted me to sleep in a separate room. However, I insisted to sleep with my parents even when I was in my fifth grade. Since daddy loved me a lot and I was emotionally attached with him, he always supported me and directed my mom to let me sleep with them. My mom, therefore, placed a mattress at the carpet next to their bed and allowed me to sleep there. I had been noticing that they wanted me to sleep early and at times even snubbed me for being still awake. To avoid mom’s frustration, I started to act as if I was fast asleep soon after lying on the mattress. However, I started becoming curious as to why mom and daddy always wriggled so much in the bed and mumbled a lot before sleeping. However I could not understand except a few words uttered by my mom “fuck me more, fuck me more, honey fuck me harder, ooh yah” and daddy’s growl “Ooh,Ooooh, Umh, Aaah, I will rip your pussy apart my lovely hot bitch, Ooh, Ahh, I am cuming in your cunt”. And then they would start rocking like machines with even louder moans. On one such night, when our room was fairly lit up with moon light passing through the large slit of curtain on the window pane, I saw something amazing happening on their bed. I was towards the window side in the dark and the light was directly hitting the bed. Mom was on her knees with her round plump ass cheeks lifted up and her face buried in the pillow. I was amazed to see mom’s shining ass cheeks with her pussy lips protruding behind. Daddy sat on the floor next to my mattress with his naked ass toward me. I could see his thick cock dangling between his legs. He parted my mom’s l thighs, opened her ass crack and buried his mouth in-between. Both started moaning and wriggling. I didn’t know what daddy was doing in her legs but I liked the way my mom had lifted her round ass and the way her pussy was protruding below her ass cracks. They changed several positions with their mouths always buried in each other’s legs and kept moaning, until daddy rode on mom’s belly, digging his crotch between her thighs with her legs wide open.

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He opened his legs, gave a little more cock in my hand and pressed it in my hand. He turned a bit and started massaging my naked legs with one hand while engaging mom with his tongue and the other hand. Soon his hand reached my belly and then further up touching my melons. He started fondling and kneading my busty breasts and pinched my tits gently. I could hardly control my whimper. Mom changed her position and came on her back with legs wide open. She directed my daddy to ride on her pussy. I felt sad as daddy would go away from me on his bed for making love with my mom. “They will soon squirt and go to sleep and I will have to wait for tomorrow to see the show and feel daddy’s finger at my melons”. I thought with disappointment. “I will fuck your ass today” daddy said. “Really; what a change, you never wanted to fuck my asshole before” Mom replied with surprise and started turning on her favorite doggy position. I also wanted to see her ass cheeks and her rear hole being fucked with a throbbing cock. But daddy perhaps had something different in mind. “I don’t want to make you tired, stay as you are; I will fuck your rear heaven and pussy hole throughout this night without aching your thigh muscles” Daddy replied while pulling mom at the edge of the bed towards my side. I didn’t know why; as they always remained a little away on the other side of the bed particularly while making love. Perhaps he wanted to share the delight with me. He bent mom’s legs folding her knees, lifted her ass cheeks a bit up and started entering his throbbing cock in mom’s wet and slippery anus. I had heard mom asking daddy to fuck her anus several times. Daddy had licked her anus but never actually entered his penis inside. I didn’t know why he decided to fill mom’s anus that night. I know mom is a passionate lover in the bed. She might have closed her eyes as I could hear her delightful moans.

While gently pumping mom’s anus, I noticed daddy looking towards me intermittently. Then I saw him stretching his hand towards me. Since I was a little away from the bed, he pulled mom a little more towards the edge and placed his hand at my belly. He tried to roll my body towards him while placing his hand at my midriff. He started fondling my legs. It created a stir in my body. He further pulled me from my leg. I lifted my ass and slipped on the edge of mattress rolling my side with my ass cheeks up. I had come at my belly with left leg wide open at the floor and my ass cheeks fairly parted. He started fondling my ass cheeks and inserted his fingers in my ass crack down to my labia from the side of my shorts. His finger became moist with my dripping juice. While fucking mom’s anal hole, and moaning loudly; he lubricated his finger with his saliva and inserted in my legs. I lifted my ass a bit up, giving my daddy easy access to reach my treasure. He rubbed his finger gently at my slit and pinched my clit. It sent a shockwave down my spines and my pussy started dripping. He made his finger wet time and again and finally it starting entering in my love hole. I felt pain in my pussy as if some needle had hurt and pricked my entrance. I clenched my teeth to control my pain. Daddy perhaps could understand my pain, pulled his finger out and started gently rubbing my labia. My pussy was soaked with some fluid but his passionate fondling and gentle rubbing on my pussy petals made my pussy pulsating. He reentered his wet finger in my slit and it started slipping in easily. I was in seven heavens as he started stroking my pussy with his finger. He entered two fingers in my pussy and I felt even more thrilling. “Someday I will fuck you very hard” daddy growled loudly. “Fuck me hard now honey; fuck me hard daily” mom replied moaning blissfully. Although; I knew daddy was hinting at me as his fingers were probing my pussy continuously and he dug them deep in my love canal while uttering these words. Suddenly I felt my whole body shuddering with pleasure. I was gasping hard and reached my climax. I felt my pussy squirm and gallons of juice gushing out of the opening of my cunt at my daddy’s hand. I had experienced the first but most violent orgasm of my life since my road to adultery.

Daddy must have felt the splash of my gushing floods and pulled his wet fingers out of my cunt and my shorts. He pulled his cock out of mom’s anus, applied my juice at his cock and buried it in mom’s pussy. He kept fucking her for hours but I turned my face other way and went to sleep. In the morning I felt stains of blood at my shorts and inner thigh. I knew that my hymen was broken and I had lost my virginity. Next morning, initially daddy tried to evade me but then he became normal. Mom had already gone to see her mother for a week as per her earlier planning. I went to the computer room and saw daddy there. He was doing some work. I exchanged hello and sat in the other chair. “Want to do some work”? He asked me. “Yes” I giggled aloud, pulled my pajamas down, lifted my shirt up and instantly came on my knees. In seconds, my round and ample ass was absolutely naked in front of my daddy. Daddy immediately got up from the chair, rolled his hand around my entire ass cheeks. “Please don’t do it doll, otherwise I will punish you hard here” He touched my pussy from the rear and spoke softly with his heart gasping hard. I liked his touch and rather lifted my buttocks a little up; while giving him a meek smile. He massaged my pussy lips with one hand and started opening his fly with the other. Soon his nine inch long penis was throbbing in his hand. He applied his saliva at the round head of his boneless shaft and directed his cock at the entrance of my vagina.

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Submitted: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 05:58:15 GMT

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At some point in my life, I have wanted to rape nearly every female member of my family. When I was a young boy in puberty, I window peeped on my mother and sister and masturbated while fantasizing about forcing them to have sex with me. I approached my sister about engaging in sex, but she said absolutely not. Since I know she would never submit to willingly having sex with me, I would consider raping her. Same with my cousins, both first and second cousins. Now that my niece has turned 19, I would also like to fuck her.

My ultimate fantasy would be to have them all in the same room, bound in various positions so I could move from one to the next and have my way with them until I couldn't cum anymore.


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I was never the smartest boy in school, I often struggled. I had problems concentrating enough to get my homework finished. I am a typical teenage boy who thinks a lot, only not with the right head. My Mom seemed to figure this out before long. When I was in grade school, my Mom made me go to summer school. She tried pretty much everything to help me get better grades but conventional methods of hers didn't work. I was frustrated and I know she was as well. When I got into eighth grade, my Mother decided she needed to make a new effort with me. She knew my grades were realy going to count in high school so she wanted me to keep a secret. She called it the new deal. The deal was she was going to give me blowjobs so I could get better grades. The better the grades from week to week, the more blowjobs she would give me; swallow and all. After my Mom started this new deal, my grades much improved. I felt so much better. I felt better about myself, more confident, and best of all, I could now concentrate on my homework. My Mother changed her work schedule so she could go in earlier to work and then leave earlier to meet me at home once I got home from school. I get so excited to hear the garage door go up when she gets home. I know my Mom and I can duck into her closet upstairs where she can go to work on me long before my Dad gets home. She leaves a stool in her closet for me to sit on when she sucks me off. On good days, I am loaded enough to meet her in her closet for more than one blowjob; sometimes two or three before my Dad gets home. After that, my Mom and I can disappear in the garage, basement, laundry room, or the bathroom if I need to get sucked off again. She always swallows me so we can make a fast and clean get away. I love my Mother and she loves my grades!


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i have had sex with my bosses sister my friends aunt and with a friends wife!


Submitted: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 08:02:17 GMT

My moms boyfriend is a hunk. He moved in with us about 7 months ago. My mom knows I saw him naked one time but has no idea how many times he has exposed himself to me and my sister. He works night work and my mom works daytime. He always sleeps naked and never has the bedroom door closed. We actually like looking at him but I think he knows we do. If my moms not home he is always in a robe but never closes it all the way. We see his penis almost everyday and when he comes out of the bathroom he is always naked. He keeps trying to see me and my sister naked all the time and has walked in on me twice so far when I was undressed. He has seen my sister naked three times but me only twice. We didn't tell my mom yet but he keeps doing it when she isn't home. Last week I saw him maturbating in his room. I shouldn't have watched him but I did and just stood looking at him for about five minutes and saw him cum. I know he did it knowing I was watching him and am sure he knew I was at the doorway. My mom likes him a lot and my sister and I know they have sex very often and can hear them most of the time. We never told her yet about seeing him naked all the time but suppose we should. He even pretends he is sleeping naked on the sofa sometimes and some of our girfriends have seen him. When he does that he always apoligizes and says he was drunk. We know he is lying about it and probably likes it when we see him naked like that. Sometimes his penis is hard and we know he really isn't asleep. He even has his robe open sometimes when my mom is home but only when my mom is upstairs or in another room. We both like seeing his penis so we havn't told my mom about it. He never tries to touch us but is always looking at my breasts and my siters breasts. He always asks my sister or me towake him up at different times and when we go in his room to wake him he is always naked. Sometimes I can tell he isn't really asleep. Most of the time he is flat on his back but sometimes I can see his anus and scrotum by the way he is laying on his side or stomach. Sometimes he even has an erection when I go in and my sister says the same. I knoe my mom likes him a lot but she doesn't know he is doing this all the time.


Submitted: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 03:09:58 GMT

My boyfriend and I roleplay as brother/sister alot. I also have sex dreams about my brother every now and then, and when I was younger, my cousins and I fooled around about. When I was 15 my female cousin and her girlfriend were touching my legs really sexually and wanted everybody to think we were lesbians.


Submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 22:55:44 GMT

Many years ago my younger sister came in my room because she was scared. It was late and she didn't want to wake our parents. She got in bed with me and snuggled real close. I was on my side and she snuggled to my back. She put her arm over me, around my shoulder, but I was taller and her arm just slid down to my waist. I went to sleep but woke up with an erection and my sisters hand on the top of my pajamas was holding my dick in her hand. I don't know how long I had been asleep and how long she had been playing with me, or if I got the erection on my own and she discovered it. I rolled over to face her, with her still holding on to my dick. I looked at her face and her eyes were wide open. I reached over and slid my hand down her stomach and into her pajamas and started playing with her. She sort of half closed her eyes and sighed. I pulled my hand up and opened her top. Her breasts were just budding. I began sucking on them and she gripped me tighter. I rolled over on top of her and slid her pajamas and my own off. I put my balls next to her vagina and my dick on her stomach. We began grinding against each other and we kissed a few times. We did that for a deliciously short time and then I came all over her stomach but kept grinding against her cause it felt so good and I don't think either one of us wanted to stop. I kept kissing and sucking her tittys and she turned her head to one side and closed her eyes smiling. I got hard again and rolled her on her stomach. I put my dick on her ass and began rubbing again. She liked it or played along and kept pushing her butt into me. Her butt was so small and tight there was no way I would ever fit inside her. I just put my dick between her butt cheeks and rubbed till I came on her back. She rolled back on her back and said, "Now I'm all sticky". I rolled off her and we laid on our sides facing each other. The house seemed SO QUITE! We kissed some more and she handled my dick more. She kept pulling on me and I came again in her hand. I can still smell her hair. She wiped her hand on my sheets and we laid there looking at each other for a long time, touching each other and exploring each others bodies. I even reached around and tried to stick my finger in her butt and she didn't protest, but it was to tight, so I just rubbed on the outside. She said "I better go", then she picked up her pajama bottoms and walked out of my room. I hate to think what our parents would have said if they saw her come out of my room half naked. It was weird for a while after that. I kept hoping she would come back into my room some night but she never did. I guess it was for the best, I would hate to think what life would be like if she got pregnant. I still fantasize about her sometimes when having sex with my wife. Neither of us have ever brought it up and just chalked it off to one of those stupid things you do while growing up.


Submitted: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 09:16:55 GMT

Since I was growing up fast, my mom wanted me to sleep in a separate room. However, I insisted to sleep with my parents even when I was in my fifth grade. Since daddy loved me a lot and I was emotionally attached with him, he always supported me and directed my mom to let me sleep with them. My mom, therefore, placed a mattress at the carpet next to their bed and allowed me to sleep there. I had been noticing that they wanted me to sleep early and at times even snubbed me for being still awake. To avoid mom’s frustration, I started to act as if I was fast asleep soon after lying on the mattress. However, I started becoming curious as to why mom and daddy always wriggled so much in the bed and mumbled a lot before sleeping. However I could not understand except a few words uttered by my mom “fuck me more, fuck me more, honey fuck me harder, ooh yah” and daddy’s growl “Ooh,Ooooh, Umh, Aaah, I will rip your pussy apart my lovely hot bitch, Ooh, Ahh, I am cuming in your cunt”. And then they would start rocking like machines with even louder moans. On one such night, when our room was fairly lit up with moon light passing through the large slit of curtain on the window pane, I saw something amazing happening on their bed. I was towards the window side in the dark and the light was directly hitting the bed. Mom was on her knees with her round plump ass cheeks lifted up and her face buried in the pillow. I was amazed to see mom’s shining ass cheeks with her pussy lips protruding behind. Daddy sat on the floor next to my mattress with his naked ass toward me. I could see his thick cock dangling between his legs. He parted my mom’s l thighs, opened her ass crack and buried his mouth in-between. Both started moaning and wriggling. I didn’t know what daddy was doing in her legs but I liked the way my mom had lifted her round ass and the way her pussy was protruding below her ass cracks. They changed several positions with their mouths always buried in each other’s legs and kept moaning, until daddy rode on mom’s belly, digging his crotch between her thighs with her legs wide open.

One day when mom was taking shower, I was sitting in daddy,s lap and watching a war movie. I saw a soldier pulling her trousers down and showing his ass to his enemies, not knowing that he was insulting them. I instantly giggled and I don’t know why I pulled my shorts down, came on my knees and lifted my ass exactly in front of my daddy. Daddy was surprised to see my naked ass and told me calmly; not to do it again as it was bad. At that time I didn’t understand why it was bad; as he always watched mom’s ass at night and did something good between her legs which pleased my mom. By the time I moved to sixth grade, I had known the reasons of mom’s pleasure as I had seen daddy licking mom’s pussy and entering his long cock in her holes. Watching them in delight I also started to emulate. When I fondled my pussy and ass holes for the first time, I felt thrilled and wanted to do the same every night. That became my regular practice before sleeping and I started enjoying it. However, the way mom lifted her ass cheeks and demonstrated her pussy lips from the rear, always looked impressive and intrigued me. One afternoon, Mom and I were having a siesta and daddy went to computer room. I didn’t want to sleep and followed my daddy quietly. As I entered the computer room, I saw my daddy watching the pictures of some naked women lifting their asses up and eating their men’s throbbing boners. I kept watching quietly, knowing well that my daddy liked it. I came out quietly, went to the bathroom and rubbed my pussy and ass with my hands which felt amazing.

One day my mom was in the kitchen and I was with daddy in the computer room. Daddy was watching mail when picture of a naked woman popped up. Daddy felt embarrassed blaming the computer viruses and switched it off instantly. I didn’t know why I again immediately rolled my shorts down; lifted my skirt up, came on my knees and showed my ass to my daddy. Daddy watched me naked for some time and then told me that it was not good as I was still very young. I kept my ass cheeks naked and he got confused. Meanwhile, I heard my mom calling us for lunch. Daddy quickly pulled my shorts up and told me softly not to ever do it in front of my mom. I was happy that he was not annoyed with me. During next few years, I kept doing it whenever I got an opportunity and daddy always stroked my buttocks mildly while sometime lightly touching my pussy lips with his fingers. However, he didn’t please me the way he pleased my mom. The time passed quickly and I entered in my teens. By the time I was in grade eighth, my body had developed like an attractive woman. Since I was on plus side of weight, my round buttocks turned plump and my heavy and firm breasts with pointed hard tits protruding outwards were seductive enough to attract the attention of my classmates. Mom praised my figures, claiming it to be her genes. One day when mom had gone to market and I was in the computer room with my daddy, again pictures of naked women with busty melons and ample ass cheeks popped up. I instantly laughed, pulled my shorts down my knees and lifted my ass in front of my daddy almost touching his mouth as he was sitting in the chair.

I don’t blame my daddy for what happened that afternoon. He bent behind my ass, rolled his fingers at my ass cheeks gently and softly touched my pussy. “I don’t want you to do this in front of others; somebody will enter something here” he spoke while clutching my pussy lips with his finger and thumb and I hissed with pleasure. He rolled his finger down my ass crack and touched my clit. I moaned and wanted him to continue. He gently opened my pussy lips and rolled his finger wet with his saliva in my slit. I felt a tremor down my spines. He sat on his knees, parted my legs apart and placed his tongue at my pussy. My goodness, I was delighted with stimulation and wanted him to eat my throbbing cunt with passion. Suddenly all the roads to heavens got blocked as we heard the door bell. Mom had arrived from the market. I don’t mind you doing it in front of me, but never do it in front of your mom, daddy told me with his pounding heartbeat. I lifted my shorts up and calmly went down to receive mom. The touch of my daddy’s warm hand at my ass cheeks and his warm juicy tongue at my pussy felt amazing and I always wanted him to do it. Same night, daddy as usual sat on the floor next to my mattress with his naked ass towards me. He parted my mom’s legs while holding her knees, buried his mouth in-between and both started moaning and squirming. I knew he was eating mom’s pussy and I felt a twitch in my hot slit and my clit stiffened. I was wearing panties and mini skirt. I intentionally moved my naked leg and touched my knees with my daddy’s naked ass. Daddy’s body fumbled with surprise. He looked back and gently moved her ass little away. He was eating my mom’s pussy with a passion as I heard my mom moaning with ecstasy. I snored lightly giving an impression of being in deep slumber and moved closer to my daddy by changing my side. While shuffling my position, I placed my hand under his buttocks. I felt his naked ass touching the back of my hand. Daddy looked back to see if I was awake or asleep, while continuously fingering mom’s pussy. He tried to remove my hand. He couldn’t see my eyes as I was in the dark. I kept mum but when he held my hand to pull it away, I intentionally pulled it upwardly feeling the touch of his balls and the base of his shaft. “My goodness, it’s so hot” I spoke in my heart.

After a few seconds I again inserted my hand under daddy’s buttocks. This time I was closer to him and inserted my arm under his ass up to my elbow. My hand reached directly under his balls. When his swooping balls touched my palm and the round head of his dangling wet cock plugged in the niche of my thumb and the first finger, I felt a shiver down my spines. I felt my fingers wet with the droplets of his cum and my whole body wobbled with incredible delight. Daddy looked back and held my hand gently. I got scared but instead of pushing my hand away he lifted it up and gave his throbbing boner in my hand. I squeezed it gently and could feel the drop of his sperms making my palm slippery. He lowered his ass a bit and I felt his pouncing balls resting and twitching uninterruptedly at my palm. Mom’s moans suddenly increased. “Ohh honey, you are getting real kinky, she moaned. “Yes, yes this is what I always wanted, yeah this is the way, yes lick my sphincter, yeah eat my rectum, Ooh, Ooh, yaaaaah, lick my anus, Oh lord, eat my both holes, Ooooh, enter your finger deeper’ Mom continued moaning with eternal delight and bliss. “Uoooooooooooh, Aaaaaaaaah, you are so gooooooood today” she screamed with pleasure. Daddy had always moaned softly but that night he also started moaning loudly as he was hotter than before. Mom was in a blissful world and daddy wanted to keep mom hot. He never wanted to let her squirt easily as he was enjoying the grip of his daughter’s hand around his hard meat.

He opened his legs, gave a little more cock in my hand and pressed it in my hand. He turned a bit and started massaging my naked legs with one hand while engaging mom with his tongue and the other hand. Soon his hand reached my belly and then further up touching my melons. He started fondling and kneading my busty breasts and pinched my tits gently. I could hardly control my whimper. Mom changed her position and came on her back with legs wide open. She directed my daddy to ride on her pussy. I felt sad as daddy would go away from me on his bed for making love with my mom. “They will soon squirt and go to sleep and I will have to wait for tomorrow to see the show and feel daddy’s finger at my melons”. I thought with disappointment. “I will fuck your ass today” daddy said. “Really; what a change, you never wanted to fuck my asshole before” Mom replied with surprise and started turning on her favorite doggy position. I also wanted to see her ass cheeks and her rear hole being fucked with a throbbing cock. But daddy perhaps had something different in mind. “I don’t want to make you tired, stay as you are; I will fuck your rear heaven and pussy hole throughout this night without aching your thigh muscles” Daddy replied while pulling mom at the edge of the bed towards my side. I didn’t know why; as they always remained a little away on the other side of the bed particularly while making love. Perhaps he wanted to share the delight with me. He bent mom’s legs folding her knees, lifted her ass cheeks a bit up and started entering his throbbing cock in mom’s wet and slippery anus. I had heard mom asking daddy to fuck her anus several times. Daddy had licked her anus but never actually entered his penis inside. I didn’t know why he decided to fill mom’s anus that night. I know mom is a passionate lover in the bed. She might have closed her eyes as I could hear her delightful moans.

While gently pumping mom’s anus, I noticed daddy looking towards me intermittently. Then I saw him stretching his hand towards me. Since I was a little away from the bed, he pulled mom a little more towards the edge and placed his hand at my belly. He tried to roll my body towards him while placing his hand at my midriff. He started fondling my legs. It created a stir in my body. He further pulled me from my leg. I lifted my ass and slipped on the edge of mattress rolling my side with my ass cheeks up. I had come at my belly with left leg wide open at the floor and my ass cheeks fairly parted. He started fondling my ass cheeks and inserted his fingers in my ass crack down to my labia from the side of my shorts. His finger became moist with my dripping juice. While fucking mom’s anal hole, and moaning loudly; he lubricated his finger with his saliva and inserted in my legs. I lifted my ass a bit up, giving my daddy easy access to reach my treasure. He rubbed his finger gently at my slit and pinched my clit. It sent a shockwave down my spines and my pussy started dripping. He made his finger wet time and again and finally it starting entering in my love hole. I felt pain in my pussy as if some needle had hurt and pricked my entrance. I clenched my teeth to control my pain. Daddy perhaps could understand my pain, pulled his finger out and started gently rubbing my labia. My pussy was soaked with some fluid but his passionate fondling and gentle rubbing on my pussy petals made my pussy pulsating. He reentered his wet finger in my slit and it started slipping in easily. I was in seven heavens as he started stroking my pussy with his finger. He entered two fingers in my pussy and I felt even more thrilling. “Someday I will fuck you very hard” daddy growled loudly. “Fuck me hard now honey; fuck me hard daily” mom replied moaning blissfully. Although; I knew daddy was hinting at me as his fingers were probing my pussy continuously and he dug them deep in my love canal while uttering these words. Suddenly I felt my whole body shuddering with pleasure. I was gasping hard and reached my climax. I felt my pussy squirm and gallons of juice gushing out of the opening of my cunt at my daddy’s hand. I had experienced the first but most violent orgasm of my life since my road to adultery.

Daddy must have felt the splash of my gushing floods and pulled his wet fingers out of my cunt and my shorts. He pulled his cock out of mom’s anus, applied my juice at his cock and buried it in mom’s pussy. He kept fucking her for hours but I turned my face other way and went to sleep. In the morning I felt stains of blood at my shorts and inner thigh. I knew that my hymen was broken and I had lost my virginity. Next morning, initially daddy tried to evade me but then he became normal. Mom had already gone to see her mother for a week as per her earlier planning. I went to the computer room and saw daddy there. He was doing some work. I exchanged hello and sat in the other chair. “Want to do some work”? He asked me. “Yes” I giggled aloud, pulled my pajamas down, lifted my shirt up and instantly came on my knees. In seconds, my round and ample ass was absolutely naked in front of my daddy. Daddy immediately got up from the chair, rolled his hand around my entire ass cheeks. “Please don’t do it doll, otherwise I will punish you hard here” He touched my pussy from the rear and spoke softly with his heart gasping hard. I liked his touch and rather lifted my buttocks a little up; while giving him a meek smile. He massaged my pussy lips with one hand and started opening his fly with the other. Soon his nine inch long penis was throbbing in his hand. He applied his saliva at the round head of his boneless shaft and directed his cock at the entrance of my vagina.

“Please cover your sexy ass or else I will punish your cunt with my stick”. He whispered while spanking my cervix with his cock. “I know you won’t punish me because you love me” I giggled and lifted my ass cheeks while parting my legs and revealing my pussy like my mom. Daddy rubbed his cock at my clit and pussy slit and it caused a chill in my body. “Come on, let’s go down” he said “If you show me your ass again I will really punish your pussy hard by entering something hard here’ Daddy whispered while touching my pussy and showing me his throbbing boner. We got up and daddy pulled me towards him. He clenched me with his arms passionately; giving the touch of his hardness at my crotch and crushed my busty melons with his hug. He pouted his mouth and planted a passionate kiss at my lips. In turn, I quietly opened my mouth and he inserted his tongue in my mouth. He started exploring my mouth and eating my tongue passionately. We went down in the bed room and dad whispered “You know your mom is not around, so don’t show me your treasures”. “I know you are only threatening me and won’t do anything” I said with a cheeky smile. I lowered my shorts, lifted my skirt, came on my knees and raised my naked ass cheeks towards his face.

Daddy could not resist it and he positioned himself straight behind me. “You deserve a big punishment today, my beautiful little doll” He murmured while parting my legs and placed his mouth at my pussy. He didn’t do any role playing or finger fucking and instead started eating my pussy ferociously. I had never thought that it would be so amazing. His saliva was drooling between my legs. He opened my petals with his thumbs and inserted his fleshy tongue deep inside my cunt. My goodness, he was too wild. He rolled his wet tongue all along my ass crack, licking my rectum and pussy with single strokes. He bit my clit with his lips and pulled it like a rubber string. “Ooh daddy, Uuuuuuh, Ahhhhhhh, please daddy, I love you” I moaned loudly. Daddy kept eating and squishing my dripping cunt. “I will punish your lovely hole with my hard penis” he said while showing me his throbbing boner and again started eating my pussy with passion and true love of a dad. I felt a hard spasm in my body and my pussy convulsed strongly. I pushed my ass cheeks against my daddy’s face and felt his nose plugged in my ass crack. I moaned loudly with delight and squirted my love load in daddy’s mouth. He squashed my melons hard and gulped every drop of my love. I kept my pussy twitching unless every drop of my juice trickled in my daddy’s pouted mouth. That was the best orgasm of teen life. He kept squishing and eating my pussy with long strokes of his fleshy tongue until my pussy started hopping up and down.

He stretched on the bed on his back and guided me to ride on his mouth in six nine. He started eating my pussy lips and inserted his finger in my tight rectum. I moaned with delight and he guided me to eat his boner. Initially I felt reluctant but soon I learnt everything from daddy and started eating his boneless meat. I rolled my tongue around balls and all along his shaft. He moaned and entered the round head of his cock in my mouth while pressing my head. I felt a warm thick cum dripping in my mouth. I tried to pull my mouth away feeling a gag but daddy held me from my cheeks and pushed his pulsating penis again in my mouth squirting a huge load of his semen in my mouth. He told me to eat it. When I resisted, he placed his mouth at my wet lips and started eating his cum from my mouth. He inserted his tongue in my mouth and in the process I tasted his cum. My goodness, it turned me on again and we started eating each other’s genitals more passionately. Daddy wanted to taste my fruit with his penis and I wanted his cock deep inside my heavenly hole.

He slipped aside, made me stretch on my back and rode on my pussy with his throbbing penis in his hand. I was thrilled and exited to see the hard shaft which always made my mom cum so hard. Daddy parted my legs apart, opened my slit and pushed his throbbing cock in the opening of my slippery slit. I almost squealed with ecstasy and daddy pushed it harder. It slipped deep down my pussy and I felt him completely dug inside me. Daddy was in heavens and was groaning with delight. “Ooh, Ooooooooh, Oohhhhhhhh my sweet little doll, I didn’t know my daughter’s cunt was so hot and slippery”. “My goodness, I didn’t know you wanted a big boner in your lovely little pussy” he kept moaning while pumping his swollen member harder and harder in my deep and slippery pussy. “Ooh daddy, fuck me hard, fuck me deep, Oooh god, enter in my cunt; I love you daddy, I want your penis to cum deep inside your daughter’s wet and slippery pussy” I broke all the norms and started rocking my ass up and down. Soon I reached my climax and I felt a jolt in my whole body. My pussy convulsed and I wrapped my arms around daddy’s fat ass cheeks. He too reached his climax and grasped my melons ferociously. I felt his cock pumping faster and all of a sudden it halted. He had dug the whole length of his shaft in my tight slit with his wet lips at mine’s and my breasts crushed under his manly chest. I felt a twitch after twitch in his balls and shudder after shudder in his throbbing penis rocking in my pussy. My pussy stiffened and I felt his cock clamped in convulsing muscles of my cunt. I remember we reached our orgasm together. Both daddy and daughter were making passionate love and squirted together. I felt a jet of juicy fluid flooding out of my pussy, and daddy’s semen dribbling on the inner walls of my pussy and entering deep down my uterus. We remained in each other’s arms for several minutes until daddy off loaded his last drop of love in me and I squirted my last droplet around his shaft. “I loved fucking you my baby, you are so hot and wild in the bed” Daddy said while planting a passionate kiss at my lips. I felt elated but didn’t respond. I was thinking whether I had done something wrong or not. But his passionate fondling and licking of my wet pussy and kneading my melons made me horny for that sweet act of sin. He gave his plump and thick cock in my hand and I started stroking it again while he started stroking my breasts, until we went to slumber.


Submitted: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 16:16:27 GMT

When I was 10, my 14-year-old brother started getting me to play Truth or Dare when we were alone. It started pretty innocent but after only a few games he progressed it to nudity and jacking off.

After a while he dared me to put his dick in my mouth for 10 seconds.. He would always end the game after going a little further than last time and go finish in the bathroom.

within 3 turns the next game, I was sucking his cock for five minutes. Every following game it would be longer until he came in my mouth without warning. He always kept his hand on my head to keep me from stopping before time was up. This time he held my head and made me swallow.. He held me there until he got soft and then hard again without leaving my mouth.. I swallowed another load.

The next day while I was sitting at the computer, he came in the room and without a word pulled out his cock, grabbed my hair and rubbed it on my face until I submitted and sucked. He never asked, he never let me do it at my own pace. He just shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my face.

Even at family events he would take me outside or in another room and fuck my mouth with the rest of our family feet away..


Submitted: Sat, 05 May 2012 06:05:36 GMT

i always wanted to have sex with my mom but i couldnt say her so because it was wrong and i would have been punished for that.So i had to think of an idea to have sex with her and there was an evil born inside me.I asked some of my friend to commit rape on my mom wearing mask and i said that i would join them too as one of the masked man.So one day when mom was alone in home i went out of home and called my friends.We all dressed black and wore a mask.I had the other key of the house so when mom was alone in house i opened the door.My mom was taking shower,so as soon as she came out we all grabbed her and one by one my friends f*cked her,out of all of them i was the one who did her for quite long time because i got an intense orgasm and soon i ejaculated inside.She didnt knew anything about it because our faces were covered.After doing her we all ran way.She still thinks some strangers raped her.


Submitted: Fri, 04 Oct 2013 08:31:33 GMT

when i was in middle school me and my 2 younger cousins would mess around. we'd suck eachother off and hump each other! we were to young to cum but when we got hard we got hard! as time went on when ever we were alone with eachother we'd pretend to go off in play so we can b alone to suck and dry hump eavhother. one time me and my cusion were playing and i had my legs over his shoulder ass he rubbed his dick on my virgin hole, till it finally went in and hard. this scared me i ran to the bathroom thinking i had to go, but nothing. as time went one i would watch gay porn wondering how anyone could like that. So I experimented by myself and found out that I liked it a lot but I wanted the real thing. So I went back to my cousins and we fool around some more and I told him to put it in and he did and it felt terrible at first and then It felt really really good. So from then whenever any of us got horny theyd use hungry hole and fuck me till we came this lasted up to my freshman yr in high school. my cousins now are wanna b gangsters and soo defined and their dicks are soo much bigger and their friends are beyond sexy..i fantaziz about getting gangbanged by all of them we havent messed around but i wonder if they think about it or even miss it. And i wonder if they know that they're partially the reason im gay


Submitted: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 15:34:12 GMT

I have always thought I dreamed that my stepdad ate me out when I was asleep. I think he did but I cant remember it. It wasnt more than once if at all. I often like to watch videos of only cunninglingus because thats what makes me cum.

I fantasize about young girls and just randomly meeting them online and in their cars. I want to just lick them until they come and leave. I am an older female, but not a lesbian. Its weird. And fucked up. I am a sicko for watching incest videos but it turns me on to watch someone get all sloppy wet and cum in someones face.. Man or woman. I like old men with young women and old lesbians with young. Hell even old ladies.

I just cant help it.


Submitted: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 19:01:19 GMT

Ever since I can remember, ive wanted my daddy. As a young child i put my hand purposely on his crotch to feel his length, and felt the stirring of his cock through his shorts. Caught glimpses whenever i could, and felt my tiny pussy tightening at the thought of feeling it.

Recently as an adult (23) my daddy confessed that him and my mum dont have sex anymore. He is only in his 40s. I reached over and touched him gently through his jeans, watching and feeling how his cock sprang to attention, but he looked shocked. I carried on rubbing him gently and hoped he wouldn't make me stop. I unzipped his jeans and pulled cock out, and seeing how moist the end already was, i leant down and sucked him gently. I felt him pulse in my mouth and he ran his fingers through my hair as he bucked his hips upward toward my throat, groaning. I could feel my pussy getting wet and that heat of lust was firing through me, built up for so many years. I rubbed my hand up and down his shaft as i sucked on daddy's hard dick.

Eventually i was soaking my panties, so i pulled them off and pushed daddy back on to the sofa then climbed on top, gently easing that tip just inside my warm wet slit. I watched his eyes roll back in his head as i lowered myself slowly on to his thick cock. I was grinding down on him, rubbing my clit against his busy hair and bringing myself closer and closer to coming. He pulled my big tits out and starting biting at the nipples, sending shock waves of pleasure coursing through my lust filled body. I ground down on him faster and faster until we both started coming at the same time, shouting in ecstasy as i felt his warm seed shooting inside my rhythmically pulsing hole.

I hope we get to do it again soon..


Submitted: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 22:30:45 GMT

I'm an only child and never knew my mother. We lived with my dad's parents. Every night Daddy would rub my clit creamy and throbbing right before bed. He called it "tickling me to sleep." He'd kiss peck my lips, "gi' me some sugah," then kiss me on the cheek as his hand slid warm between my thighs. I'd scootch into his palm, under cover, sighing in craving relief. He'd smile, both our lips wetting, fingering waves of tickling ecstasy into my pussy. Now I know orgasm was the "tickling" good feeling that made me sigh and titter. He would feed me the feeling only once a night but I would practice to continue it on my own. It never took long for him to trigger me to cum and afterward, I always remember trying to kiss him long and passionate like a movie star then. Twisting my head into the kiss and wrapping my arms up around his neck. He'd smile knowing how we loved each other, rewarding me with a little longer kiss peck this time, but no head twisting, and I slept soo good every night.


Submitted: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 17:56:52 GMT

When I was growing up everyone thought my cousin was gay and when we were in high school he never really dated very many girls if at all. When we were in our teens though he would come over and go swimming at my house in our pool. One day we were doing crazy stuff and I started jumping off his shoulders. He would go under water and squat down and start lifting me and I would climb up onto his shoulders then he would stand up and I would dive off. On one of our attempts my boob was out of my top but I did not realize it when I stood up out of the water. He smiled at me and told me my top needed adjusting and we laughed about it.

We were trying a few other moves and I was doing a few gymnastic things I had learned when I was younger when suddenly my rear end pressed against the front of him. He was hard as a rock but I did not say anything to him about it. It excited me that I was getting him all turned on, while we were doing some more playing I noticed that part of my areola was showing but did not adjust my suit to hide it. He was looking at it every chance he got so I just let it go until my nipple slipped out again and then fixed my suit.

I told him I was done swimming and when we got out of the pool to go into the house I could see his hard on pushing on his suit, he covered it up quickly with a towel. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, I told him come on in and we showered together once we were all soaped up I grabbed his cock and stroked him hard, he came in no time at all. He ran his hands all over me then started massaging my lips, I was so turned on and kept telling him what felt good as he ran his finger all over me. He told me to rinse off and got down on his knees, he pressed me into the corner and I climbed up on his shoulders, when his tongue found my clit I started melting.

We had sex so many times that summer that I am positive it gave him confidence that he did not have, he was dating girls all the time and everyone seemed to like him more. He would still treat me the same way and we had a great time.


Submitted: Wed, 01 Apr 2015 02:14:41 GMT

My sister moved back in with us after her divorce and after about six months she went out one night with a few of her girlfriends. My Mom was gone as well so I was up still watching tv when my sister came home. She was not really drunk but had been out having a great time and was a little more giggly than usual. She laid across the couch and put her head right in my lap and asked me what I was watching, she kept moving her head around a little bit now and then and with the sight of her boobs in her blouse was getting me aroused. It was unbuttoned at the top and her breasts were spilling out of it very nicely. Soon I could feel myself pressed against the side of her head and looking back on it now she knew exactly what she was doing. She sat up and asked if I would rub her feet because they were tired from dancing, she swung around and put them in my lap. I could see right up her skirt and her panties were really tight against her. While I rubbed one foot she made sure the other one was right against my crotch, I asked her about her night and she just went on about how they danced and had a great time. She thanked me for the foot rub then spun around again and put her head right back in my lap snuggling the side of her face right onto my cock. She lifted her head up and down a few times asking me if I was getting a little excited about rubbing her feet. You seem a little harder than when I was up here before she told me. I told her well you are pressing your head right into it. She laughed a little and twisted her head around again this time pushing my cock downward and right into her cheek. She brought her hand up and started arranging my shorts so that her fingers were under my cock and her lips were pushing on the other side. I asked her what she was doing to me because it sure seemed like she wanted to play with my cock.

Come on she said lets go to my room. She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch. All I said was what did you just say? We walked down the hallway with her pulling my hand all the way and into her room. She started undressing and then asked if I wanted the light on or not. I did not care so she left just her closet light on putting a dim light throughout her room. Lie down on the bed she told me as she finished getting undressed. She climbed on top of me and pulled my shorts down, in one quick motion she had my cock in her mouth and started sucking on it very fast. She was pumping it with her hand and sucking it with her lips so fast that I came in under a minute. She lifted up her head and told me good, now you will last longer when you get hard again. She moved up on top of me and put her breasts right down by my face and asked if I had ever licked a woman's nipples yet. I started licking them softly then progressed into long hard sucks and a little bit of nibbling.

She moaned out and started rubbing herself on me, after a few minutes of nipple play she slid herself further up and I grabbed her thighs and brought her onto my face. She grabbed her headboard and started gasping with every stroke of my tongue as I held her up in the air above my face and flicked her clit. Wow you are really strong! This feels so good! I started to lower her down onto my face and licked her deeply, she did taste very good and I was starting to enjoy myself even more. She had a great orgasm letting out a long moan followed by a god it has been way to long.

I was hard again so I rolled her over onto her back and brought my cock up to her pussy parting the lips just a little bit and teasing her for a few minutes. I worked in little by little as she moaned and gasped to my thrusting. Soon I was buried into her as she moved her hips trying to get me as deep inside as she could. After I had her gasping again I pulled out and went back down to her pussy licking and sucking on her clit, her legs were spread way out and she had her hands behind her knees pulling hard on them. She came in a huge orgasm screaming out and bucking her hips a lot. Oh My god she moaned out you really know how to please a woman! I am absolutely spent and worn out. I grabbed her legs and pushed them down to her sides spreading her out wide and thrust my cock right down inside her pumping hard until I felt like I would be cumming. I pulled out and rubbed my cock against her pussy unloading onto her torso, she reached up and grabbed the head and started stroking it. I came hard and then laid down on the bed next to her she was still breathing hard like me and we just looked at each other and wondered what we had just done.

She told me sorry for getting you so turned on she was just horny from a year of no sex and did not want to bring a guy home. I told her not to worry because I was going to rest for about fifteen minutes then screw her brains out again.

We would do it whenever we had the house to ourselves and never got caught, she is still hot today and I would screw her in a heartbeat given the chance.


Submitted: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 20:10:53 GMT

My Son hugs me all the time but lately I have noticed he has been checking me out... I mean, really checking me out; almost staring at me.

I often wear black yoga shorts around the house with sandals that show off my pretty painted nails. I have caught him looking at my crotch area and my butt. I am a fairly busty woman, but he seems to be fascinated with my lower area lately; typical 12 y/o I'm sure.

About a week ago, I was at the stove making some dinner. My Son approached from behind to give me a hug. I turned around to hug him back and when I did, he slid down me to end up on his knees in front of me. I smiled to wonder what he was doing. At first I thought he was tired, then bored, or just hungry and lonely.

Suddenly, he looked down and kissed me firmly on my pussy. I gasped in surprise. My yoga shorts were the only thing between his lips and mine. His kiss was forceful and sucked on my pussy when he kissed me down there; I was amazed it sent a few pulsating shutters through my body. Even my nipples were growing hard.

I cringed and grabbed my Son's head for him to stop and look up at me. He could tell I was shocked by the look on my face. My hands were slightly shaken and I was breathing faster. I stayed silent with my Son kneeled before me. I didn't know what to say or do. All I could think about was my Son just passionately kissed my pussy. If I hadn't grabbed his head, I think he might have kept going... more kisses, maybe some licking and sucking me down there too.

This happened about a week ago.

I'm not sure what will happen if he tries something like that again. Might he try it again when I'm napping in my panties, when I'm laying out in the Sun in my bikini, or when I get out of the pool when I'm going for my towel...?

I might tell him off or I might slap him accross his cute little face.

Then again, I might tell him he is a naughty little boy and to go to my room.

I might just let him finish whatever he starts with me and then give him a blowjob to calm him back down until the next time.


Submitted: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 10:33:25 GMT

Am a 20 years old Indian boy. I live with my aunt (wife of my father's elder brother) for my studies and my uncle lives in a different city. Me and my aunt we started having sex 5 years back then I was 15 and she was 38. It was consensual and in fact she invited me to sleep with her touch her body. She is really a beautiful woman in her early 40 and I fell she is sex starved. She asks for every night. Earlier I used to have sex in a sensual manner. But now am getting aggressive in bed with her and she is becoming more submissive. I even forced her for anal sex and agreed for it. We still do it and I know it is very painful for her and there are tears in her eyes each time we have anal sex, but I love going rough on her. I bite her, slap and spank her. She told me she loves the way I treat her. I thought ending this relation but honestly I love having sex with her.


Submitted: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 18:49:59 GMT

This isn't really a confession but actually a true prank my cousin did to me on my 20th birthday. I work part time at a small deli and close up every Wednesday and Friday night and am alone from 7 pm until I close at 9. It was my bithday that Wednesday night when a very attractive woman came in just as I was ready to close. All she wanted was bread and milk so I let her come in. As I went behind the counter a big tall guy came in wearing a ski mask with a shot gun. He ordered me to close up and turn off the lights then force me and the woman into the back room. I was scared to death and the woman was actually crying and begging him to let us go. He first made the woman tie my hands in back of me then tied my hands to the rear door knob and blindfolded me. All I could hear was this woman sobbing and pleading with him not to tie her up. I heard him go back in the deli and open the register. He was gone a few minutes and when he came back into the room he told the women he was going to untie her but if she didn't do as she was told he would shoot her. He then told her to undress me and she started begging him not to make her do that until he threatened her again. She took off my shoes then pulled off my pants and underware. My hands were in back of me tied tightly to the door knob and the guy gave her scissors to cut off my shirt. I just stood there naked except for my socks and he told her to cut off my pubic hair. She once again pleaded with him but he demanded she do it. I was so embarrassed I was almost in tears but didn't want to show my fear. He even made her cut the pubic hair on my testicles and then ordered her to take off her clothes. I could hear that she was undressing and he just kept telling her to go faster and made remarks to her about her body. He made her come over to me and hug me naked and made her hold my penis. Then he made me lick and suck on her breasts. He finally told her to give me a blowjob and after pleading with him she started jerking me off and giving me oral sex. I couldn't help getting an erection and soon came. Then I heard him tell her to suck him. For the next five minutes all I heard was grunts and moans assuming she was giving him oral sex. Still blindfolded and naked I could hear either soda or beer bottles being opened and again he ordered her to play with me again. I just stood there unable to move my hands as she again took my penis and played with my balls. He kept instructing her what to do and eventually made her lick my penis scrotum and finally got under me and was licking my anus. I was humiliated by it but soon got an erection and she was told to deep throat my penis which she did. I finally came again and he told her to swallow my cum. My penis was as far in her mouth as it could go when I came so I know she did swallow my cum. The woman got up off the floor and the guy just said to me "how old are you Brian". I wondered how he knew my name but then he asked if it was my birthday. All the sudden he pulled off the blindfold and my cousin Mark the big guy and naked woman started singing happy birthday to me. My cousin Mark just said "happy birthday cuz" and untied my hands. The big guys was a friend of his named Terry and the woman was a prostitute. I was both mad and releived not to be in danger or robbed and all of us started laughing. Once I was tied up and blindfolded Terry actually went back into the deli to let Mark in and only opened the rgister to make me think it was a robbery. The prositute got dressed and left. Mark handed me a new T-shirt and on the front in big letters was the word "GOTCHA". Mark, Terry and I then went to the bar. All my freinds heard about it and it was the talk of the crowd for many months and is still considered the best prank ever. My dad knows about it but thankfully my mom don't. This happened last January and we still talk and laugh about it. The only one who doesn't appreciate it is my girlfriend and she is still mad at Mark. She was mad at me for awhile just because she knew I came twice when the prostitue gave me oral sex. I just told her I couldn't help it but honestly believe she gives me oral sex sometimes just to get my reaction. She only gave me oral sex once before that night but since then does it more often. All my friends pull pranks and play jokes on each other a lot but since Mark had that done to me nobody has come close to anything even remotely close to that. When I think about it sometimes I really was afraid of what would happen and the way the prostitute was dressed when she came in I thought she was just a mom or even a school teacher. She wasn't just a prostitute but a good actress and I thought most of the time she really was crying and it sounded like she was really fearful. I won't tell my girl this but that woman gave me the best blow job I ever had. I guess she had a lot of experience. I just hope I can think up something to get even with Mark. He did after much questioning admit he paid the prostitute $350 which I know he really couldn't afford. He still says it was worth every cent and is known as the king of pranks.


Submitted: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 01:34:25 GMT

My mother is a 56 year old single women who is a litle over weight and she is a nice person till she gets drunk and then she becomes an animal. About a month ago my mother and I went to my girlfriends mothers 50th birthday party and my mother once again had a little too much to drink and got into an argument with my girlfriends parents and my girlfriend freaked out and told us to leave. I had a little bit to drink too but when I'm drunk i'm a happy drunk unlike my mother who starts fighting with people.

To make a long story short I grabed my mother threw her into the car and drove her drunk ass home where I was going to drop her off and go back and apologize. When we got home she started yelling at me and didn't want to get out of the car because she hates my girlfriend and her parents and she was telling me that I don't need her because she is not good for me.

I was sooooo pisses I open her door I pulled her out of the car and draged her into the house because if I would of left her outside she would of woked the whole neighborhoud. As I open the front door and drag her in she was yelling at me and hitting me slaping me, kickimng me, scratching me and calling me names etc. Now I know under normal conditions my mom is not a voilent person but with alcohol she becomes a whole different person.

As I tryed to leave she ripped my Armani shirt and she was screaming that my girlfriend is a whore so I started yelling at my mom and calling her a whore and if it wasn't for her being a whore maybe my father wouldn't have left her. All of a suden she gets up and starts hitting me again, I LOST IT!!!

I throw her on the floor and tryed to force her hands back so she can't hit me as I did that her bare breasts sliped out of her shirt and for some reason this got me turned on. She got loose and smacked me hard in the face and she started yelling "she a motherfucken WHORE".

I said to her 'you want to see who's the real whore?'I run to the kitchen drawer I grab the duct tape and I taped her wrists behind her back so she had no use of her hands so she would stop hitting me, she then srated kicking me so I taped her feet together, I HAD LOST IT!!! and she was making it worse by continuing to yell and calling my girlfriend a fucken whore. So I said to her "your the whore and I'm going to make you feel like a whore".

IAs she sat on the floor with her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together I pull out my cock that was already rock hard due to her bare breasts sticking out and I placed it in front of her face, i grab her hair tilt her head back and forced my cock into her mouth. I pushed my cock as far in as it would go, she started gagging and chocking but I was so angree I didn't care I wanted to make her feel like the dirties whore, I face fucked and throat fucked the shit out or her, she even threw up on her self, that is how bad I throat fucked her. She started to cry but I didn't care I just kept slaming my cock into her mouth and used her mouth like a pussy. I was slaming her head into my crotch by pylling her hair, she was screaming in pain as tears smudged her make up all over her face. After 15 minutes I blew my load in her face , I then asked her if she is ever going to yell or hit me again and she said "no I promise I will not just untie me" so I took the tape off her hands and feet and at the end I asked her "who's the WHORE now bitch?" to my suprise her reply was "I'm not a whore and never was, but I want to be your personal whore" she droped to her knees in front of me pulled my cock out the side of my shorts and started sucking my cock till I cummed in her mouth. Ever since then I never got back together with my girlfriend, my mom can suck a cock like no other women can.


Submitted: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 10:13:07 GMT

i love my sister's huge nipples. she has flashed them by the way of low-cut shirts - no bra. we used to fool around as kids, but the physical activity has stopped once we have gotten older. she recently has picked up the vibe - i catch her staring at my crotch area and notice how hard her nipples get. they are thick and hard!!!


Submitted: Thu, 06 May 2010 21:45:57 GMT

My older sister is married and 6 mos pregnant. I came to stay with them for a few weeks until I start college. Her husband works the night shift and her ans I were sharing a bottle of cheap wine, she told me her husband won't fuck her because he thinks he will hurt the baby. She said she was so horny, I told sorryabout that, but what do you want me to do?. She told me to fuck her because she is already pregnant and safe. We took of our clothes and fucked like rabbits. It's been 2 weeks now and we've done it each night. She is not worried about getting caught because she thinks her husband is slow. This is the greates fun I've ever had, never even thought of fucking my sister!


Submitted: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 23:55:20 GMT

I have visited several establishments where you pay women for sex under the guise of a sensual massage over the years. I heard about a place where service was top notch from a fellow friend who does the same. I decided to visit it one day and saw my cousin in the lineup of girls. This cousin, we'll call her Anna, is five years younger than me and a fucking knock out. She's short with a tight little body and tits that look big on her. I used to fantasize about her wrapping her lips around my cock. She was mortified when she recognized me and immediately turned away. I told the madame of the place that I wanted her and was led to the back after i paid, where I confronted her about her "part time job" She cried and begged me not to tell her dad. I told her it was ok and that I wasn't going to tell anyone. I hugged her and moved my hand down her panties and started to grope her ass and finger her cunt from behind. She pulled back but I pushed forward and whispered in her ear. "What did you think >I< came here for?" and moved in to kiss her.

She didn't really resist any more. And we ended up fucking for an hour. I don't care how many guys she's fucked while she's been in that sort of business but I would like to thank them for teaching her how to suck cock and ride dick.

That was the only time I paid for sex with her. Now when I visit her at work I get to fuck her for free and get discounts on threesomes with her and other girls who work there too. I fuck her when we have family get togethers too.


Submitted: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 00:48:57 GMT

my mother died when i was thirteen. i had two younger sisters that i had to take care of. we lived on a farm and taking care of the farm was huge chore. my father worked hard, but he was still a man and didn't have anyplace to relieve his needs. its not a surprise that one night, after a long hard day, he saw me differently. although still a young teen i already had the body of a woman, being good farm stock.

he took me to his room and told me that i had taken my mom's place at the farm, and that i was going to sleep with him. i don't know if i even thought about it, i just accepted what was going to be. he had a real pent up need for a woman, and that night i lost my virginity and my youth. he was a hard manly lover, not much talk, not much in warming you up. he just climbed on top and you got what you got.

i was his woman until he died, when i was about 19. i had two kids of my own by then. my sisters grew up and went off to make their lives and i stayed with the farm and raise my kids. when i was about 26 i met a man, a widower, and i became his woman. i bore him two kids, which added to his five, made seven for him, and four for me. i was his woman until he died 20 years later.

i learned to be a woman early, that is what we did. i'm a farmer's wife. and neither man had to ask me, i was available for them, and i felt good about it. still do. they were both good men, hard men, all men. god didn't put a dick between my legs, they did. and i miss it.


Submitted: Fri, 06 May 2011 07:48:37 GMT

When I was about eight years old. My nine year old cousin ate my pussy and fingered me. We are both girls. We haven't talked about it, never mentioned it. Since then I love getting eaten out by girls


Submitted: Tue, 07 Jun 2011 20:37:30 GMT

when I was 16, I started fucking my 12 year old sister, I was a loser with the girls and she was so mature for her age, with a hairy pussy and nice swollen tits. It started with me showing her my dick and making her promise not to tell. As a few days went by, things progressed with more show and touch, and by the forth day, I got to get her to agree to let me fuck her. it was great!, she was so tight, but she loved it, wanted to do it more. I fucked her for two more years, until I went to college. I still fantasize about her


Submitted: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 02:35:10 GMT

I caught him watching a gay movie once while my Mom was gone. I was akmost 15. I saw him, then stripped and got hard before I want in. He was jerking his big, rigid, cock when I burst in naked and hard as a rock and asked if he wanted to try the real thing. He tried to cover u and then stood to leave, but I was in the way and just grabbed his cock and told him I wanted him to fuck me. His cock jumped in m,y hand and I dropped to my knees and started sucking it with lust. He came in minutes and I was almost drowned! Gay sex turned him on in a big way. We enjoyed each other for the rest of the week and then regularly for years afterwards. We even had a gay orgy during one trip we took back east. It was a truck stop/ motel and we had a room full of cock!


Submitted: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 07:29:21 GMT

I was home alone. Atleast I thought I was alone. So I started took of my clothes and started jacking off when my cousin walks in on me. She is 17 and I was 15 she was about to ask me something but stopped when she saw me. She just looked at my cock. Then she smiled and started to get naked to. Then she started fingering her self when I reached to her pussy and started playing with her clit. She moaned and screamed in orgasm then she got up and sat on my dick and started fuking me. I came inside of her. Then she got dressd and smiled then left.


Submitted: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 22:59:22 GMT

Earlier this evening, I performed oral sex on my sister's fifteen year old son at their home. Later on we drove to a secluded area where we twice had unprotected sexual intercourse in the back seat of my car.


Submitted: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 17:40:55 GMT

When I was a teen, I was laying on the couch watching television with my little sister. She was laying on the floor in front of me and I could see up between her legs. I could see her pussy as well as her milky white little bottom. I started stroking myself while looking at her. After a while, after getting good and hard, I slipped down off of the couch and laid on top of her, pressing my hard-on against the crack of her butt. She struggled, but I was bigger than her and had no problem keeping her pinned down as I rubbed my cock back and forth against her butt. I really wanted to stick it in her, but I didn't. I just worked it up until I squirted my load across her back and into her hair.


Submitted: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 01:05:37 GMT

I was a 12 yr old boy when my 17 yr old brother started molesting me.He was so horny all the time and I can remember him going around the house with his massive hard on.As a metal music cult fan he was so tough all the time too actually I was a little afraid of him.We shared the same room and there was metal music playing all the time.As a big boy with jet black and long hair and green eyes he was so popular by the girls.He didnt ever care if I was in the room, he just used to take the any girl he sensed was fancied of him up to our common room and fuck her to hell.I was usually leaving the room when they start but as the time passed I became more curious and began finding excuses to my own self to stay and at least listen because I wasnt really brave enough to watch the scenes.He didnt really care who he was banging but generally they were girls from the yard or school.Once I remember him fucking the hell out of our neighbours 13 yr old daughter from ass she was crying badly but he was madly groaning with pleasure.

One day while the metal music was still playing, he got out of the shower naked his dick rock as a hard.He was petting it and swearing for he had noone to get him off.I was at the shower before him and still had just the towel around me trying to get dried.Fuck Im so horny he said slowly wanking his dick and looking at me help me get off little bro as he came closer he took my hand and put it around his thick cock, wank me he said I was terrified I did what he said.OOOOOW he was moaning yeah like that, then he said you know how huh as he took the towel away and made me lie down. He took some lube and put it around his dick and my hole then he hugged me tight started to penetrate slowly a few minutes later as it eased he started banging me so fast that I was lying from pleasure and making bitchy sounds.You like my big dick huh yeah fuck tight hole OOOOOW like ig bros cock in our ass you little fag say my name say my name, Jeeef ıııırgh jeeef I was moaning as his final and hardest ever trusts started.I loved it I must confess and whenever we were alone he loved doing me so hard and in a macho way.we did it until I went to the college and he is in jail now for dealing drugs.my dear big bro I missed you a lot.


Submitted: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 13:06:53 GMT

So when i was about thirteen me and my mother had been on our own for awhile since i was 4, and wheni started taking notice of the other sex i looked at my mother first, i started watching her shower alot and finally at the age of fourteen she caught me as i fell through the door while trying to work myself. She wrapped herself in a towel and told me to go into her room until she was done so i did and i waited when she was done she came in still wrapped in the towel and asked me how long this had been happening and i told her about a year. She told me she had been masturbating to me in the shower for three years, she then asked me if i wanted to explore her body fully and i ofcoarse said yes. She unfurled the towel and laid spread eagle on her bed and i undressed aswell. I fingered my mother for what seemed like an hour or so and she then proceeded to teach me how to lick pussy and i ate her outeveryday i came home from school. After about a month of licking her wonderful tasting pussy for a month i finally asked if we could go all the way and she said yes that night whwn my own mother took my virginity was the nost magical night of ny life, im 22 now and aside from my time in the military me and my have been partners since i was 14 and she still invites me over once a week for dinner and a movie and we still end up kissing fondling and ultimately fucking eachother almost every week.


Submitted: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:42:13 GMT

Blowing my Son was just becomming routine to both of us. Anywhere we could sneek away in the house away from his Father and older Sister, for the last 18 months or so, would do. I usually blow my boy on his request... one to four times a day, hence, "Routine." I never knew a boy his age could cum soooo much and so often, but it helps him out with his school and homework.

I went to wake Tommy and wispered, "Tommy, its time to get up." Tommy didn't respond until I told him we have the house to ourselves. I wispered, "Where would you like me to give you your first blowjob, sweetie?"

We usually quickly hit a closet, the garage, laundry room, basement, or a bathroom when someone else is home.

Tommy woke right up and asked me, "How about in the kitchen Mom?" "Exciting pick baby," I agreed and I told him get up and to go to the kitchen to get ready for me.

Blowjobs for my little beggar - best alarm clock ever!!!

I found him sitting on the kitchen island counter with his throbbing morning mommy hard on. He looked soooo cute waiting there for me with his milk and cherry poptarts.

He set his glass of milk down as I dropped my halter top, smiled, leaned over, and went right to work on him. My Son grew just as hard as he could get. His sweet precum began to flow for us. "Oh, Mom...yes, Mommy," he said, in between his bites of poptarts.

Up and down, up and down I worked his throbbing rock hard cock. His precum was soooo sweet. I get all I can before he cums and put it in my morning coffee for the perfect sweetener.

"Oh, Mom,... pant, pant, pant... Mom... Mommy-oh, Mommy..."

I could feel him begin to throb harder and faster. I asked him, "Are you close, baby?"... He opened his eyes to look at me as if I was serious... he ate the last bite of poptart. "Are you enjoying your poptarts, honey?" As he watched my lips ripple up and down his glistening shaft. Oh, how I love to tease my naughty little beggar!!!

I got as much of his precum as I could for my coffee, so went back to work for him to finish him off.

"Oh, Mom... I'm gonna... c, cum, I'm cum... cuuuumming, Mom!"

He began to drool and clinch his hands on the edge of the counter. He hunched over and put his head back to get ready to unload for me. His face began to turn flush as he held his breath for his hardest most explosive cum yet.

Schvitt, schvitt, schvitt, schvitt,... schvitt, schvitt,... schvitt, schvitt, schvitt,...

and then a few more cums...



schvitt... and just like that, I finished taking him in for my morning protien shot.

After I swallowed my Son, I heard the front door open, "I'm going school now, Mom." My Daughter closed the door behind her as she left.


Submitted: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 20:04:33 GMT

So one night I was at home drinking. About an hour later my step mom came home drunk from partying, we continued to drink together and next thing I remember are the words I wanna fuck you so hard repeatedly. She responded with "what", to which I said "I dunno do you wanna tash on?". She declined and gave me a hug instead, I leaned in and lifted her top up and rubbing her bare back. My hands moved up and undone her bra moving my hand to her breast I fondled her. She unzipped my jeans and reached in to jerk my hard cock, but before I got to cum she stopped and went to bed. We are still close and have not talked about it since


Submitted: Sun, 08 Feb 2015 03:14:14 GMT

I am the only girl from a family of five kids and the youngest, my brothers were my baby sitters. they used to constantly bug me all the time until we were teenagers then they all started having me give them hand jobs. Everyday I would be giving one of them a hand job, one brother put it in my mouth once but the other ones told him to never do that again. I felt like a slave girl for the longest time, I even had to do it for a few of their friends.


Submitted: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 04:22:42 GMT

When I was in high school I would constantly make comments to my sister about her body, she was two years older than me and had a great body. I saw her topless one time without her seeing me and her boobs stood straight out and were so beautiful.

One summer vacation day she was walking across the living room and I was gaming away when I whistled at her while she was walking away. She turned around and asked me just what I thought I would do if she really gave me the chance to see her naked. I would love it is what I told her right back and she actually was speechless and started blushing. She looked down at me for a good five seconds and then to my utter amazement lifted her shirt over her head then started undoing her bra behind her back. I got up on my knees just waiting for that bra to slip off and then it happened, I still remember those breasts actually lifting up as her bra slid off them and she stood there. I asked her if I could touch them and she told sure why not, I was literally trembling as my fingers started feel the soft skin around her nipples. My stomach was in a knot as I slowly ran my fingers in circles around them watching them become erect. She suddenly got very dominating and told me to lick them as she put one practically right in my mouth. they were so big that my whole mouth barely covered it and I felt it hardness rolling around on my tongue.

My cock was growing hard and I realized that I was probably going to cum in my underwear just from sucking on her nipple. she pulled my head back by my hair and stepped back sliding the rest of her clothes off onto the floor. She turned around and told me to lick her ass, I started licking her cheeks but she grabbed the back of my hair again and jammed my face right into her telling me to lick her ass not her cheeks. I could feel her anus with my tongue and lips and I started darting my tongue in and out of it. she let go of my hair and leaned down, as her ass spread out I could smell her scent and began running my tongue lower finally sinking it into her lips.

She tasted so good and sweet. I licked her until she was moaning then she turned around and laid on the floor, I began licking her again and she grabbed my hair and started wildly rubbing her self on my face. I tried to keep my tongue in her but she was all over the place. Suddenly she spread her legs wide and told me not to stop what I was doing, she had such a grip on my hair that I swear I lost some with her pulling on it. She laid there breathing in hard and fast, I watched those beautiful breast heaving up and down. I started crawling up her body to suck on them some more but she pushed me to the side and got up. I sat there on my knees looking at her and she told me I was a pervert and walked away with her clothes in her arms. I watched that perfect ass go down the hallway and could feel my dick soaked with my cum in my pants.


Submitted: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 15:29:14 GMT

Living alone with my Son for two years now, things were getting comfortable for us. I divorced, retired, and moved to a modest home south of Chandler Arizona; a place with a pool. My Son, now in 9th grade, is growing into the man of the house quite nicely. I am teaching him how to drive, helping him with his homework, and how to love and treat the lady in his life. We take care of each other in many, many ways. We are content with each other, and just us. I have been able to convince my Son I am the only woman he needs right now in his life. He gets to come home to a swimsuit model Mom, a Mom who has his needs in mind first, a Mom who has nothing to do but fix him dinner and look good for him. Yesterday, I knew he was home from school when I heard the school bus stop and drive off. I got out of the pool to welcome him home. Drying off, the door opened and it was him. I noticed he was quiet as he dropped his backpack. I told him I was glad he was finally home. He didn't say anything. I invited him over to me. He watched me get on my knees while I dropped my top. As soon as I pulled down his pants, he was nearly ready for me. I told him, "After I finish with you, baby... I'm going to be the only woman you'll need from now on." He looked content with all of that. Now trobbing, rock hard for me, I went to work on him and sucked him dry.


Submitted: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 05:10:53 GMT

to confession #1436

Tomorrow morning on, "Son Sunday," my Son will wake up in my bed next to me and begin to seduce me as he does every Sunday. Sunday is our day, "Sexday." Its the only day of the week he is free to do as he wants and all other days are off limits. He will not be denied access, he will be given all the time he needs, and he will be promised a full finish in his swimsuit model Mother. Good luck with your Mother too...


Submitted: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 14:37:03 GMT

reading all these confessions makes me wish i had a hot cousin to get naaasty with. all my cousins are unattractive, but reading about other people's cousin fantasys really gets my juices flowing.


Submitted: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 21:57:27 GMT

My mom made me jack off in front of her every night before I went to sleep. She would take off her shirt so I could see her boobs as a stimulus to cum. She has small but firm b cups and long dark hard nipples that really turned me on. She would catch my cum in her bra cup and clean me off with a towel. She would then put on the bra filled with my cum and go to bed. We did this everyday since I was around 12. She would get mad if I jacked off without her.


Submitted: Sat, 03 Oct 2009 00:56:43 GMT

I think my mother is having an affair with a cousin of ours.


Submitted: Fri, 02 Jul 2010 01:00:04 GMT

My sister use to always come home drunk,one time she mooned me...I was a teen at the time and I thought she had a great ass. soon after that I started peeping in on her after she showered, she looks really hot naked n wet fresh out of the shower. well, since then I started going into her room, at first I started sniffing her panties but the I dont know, I kinda got the idea to cum in her clean panties so she wear my cum the next time she put them on


Submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 21:52:58 GMT

this summer we were camping with our family. we all sleep in the same tent. i'm 13 and my sister is 11 and we were lying in sleeping bags next to each other. it was crowded and hot an i had my sleeping bag unzipped. my sister touched my leg an i jumped. she thought it was funny beccause i thought somthing was crawling on me. she did it again and agoin, reaching higher up my leg. i reached in her bag and tounched her leg, but she didn't jump. i just kept sliding my hand furthe up her leg and she did to me too. i touched her between the legs and left my hand there. she slid her hand up and started feeling me all over. we both started exploring each other. i put my finger insider her and she played with my dick. i thought eveybody could hear me breathing so hard in the tent. she touched the tip of my dick and it started to jizz. she went 'eweoo' and pulled her hand back but then reached in again and started rubbing me up an down. i rolled on my back and she rubed me harder and faster and i came. she wiped her hand off inside my sleeping bag and just looked at me as i kept fingering her. she finally seemd bored so i stopped. we never did it again during the rest of the trip. now sometimes i dream about us being naked together.


Submitted: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 22:10:39 GMT

I've been messing around with my cousin for a few years now.

Right now I'm 16, she's 13. I feel guilty about it and we never talk about it when we do it. It started out pretty innocently when I was 14. We were camping in the back yard. I was having a sex dream and I woke up for a moment and realized I was dry humping my cousin in my sleep. The weird thing was I noticed she was awake. So I pretended to still be asleep and she grinded her butt against me for awhile.

After that it got progressively worse. Which is why I feel bad. I didn't initiate any of this so I feel like its not my fault.

I found out talking with her that she was raped twice by her stepfather when she was younger. All crying with her head on my chest I realized I had feelings for her.

Two weeks later my folks left for two days and we decided to throw a party at the house. We had a bunch of people over that night drinking. I remember this senior was hitting on my cousin and I got pissed off and jealous about it. I came in the bathroom and what a scene. She was passed out drunk on the floor on her stomach, and this dude had managed to get her pants off. So I screamed at him told him to leave or I'm calling the cops.

I lock the bathroom door and there she is face down on the floor. I realized she was out cold and slowly pulled down her panties. When I spread her ass cheeks, there it was. Barely any hair, really tiny butthole. I was drunk and she wasn't waking up so I said fuck it. This part is fucked up.

So my dick is hard. Not small either. 7.5" and very thick. So I was having a tough time. I found alittle thing of vaseline in the cabinit and I pushed real hard and finally got my cock inside her. It felt so tight and she wasn't waking up so I fucked her on the bathroom floor and when I was ready to cum I ended up pulling out pushing the head of my cock in her ass and busting a huge load. So not only did I fuck my young cousin but then I came in her ass. Fukd up.

Since then I've forced her to suck my cock and I blackmail her into letting me fuck her. It hurt for the first few times but after awhile she liked it. She's had a few boyfriends but always comes back to me. Feel bad for the dudes. I know she loves my size, plus I make sure she gets off. Ill usually put a vibe on her clit then fuck her deep and slow and she cums. At this point we've been having sex for years. I pretty much own that. She's on birth control so I always fill her with my cum. Ive fucked and cummed in her ass too but she didn't like it.

I miss her when she's not around and feel guilty after we fuck. Pretty messed up. If we weren't cousins I'd ask her to be with me. No dude will ever fuck her like I do. I own that pussy


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 10:50:06 GMT

The utter raw sexual passion I felt when I met my sister's son for the first time was not an emotion I had expected to feel when meeting a blood relative.

I never belived in love at first sight before I met my nephew, but that's exactly what happened. Almost immediately, I had an overwhelming desire to engage in sexual intercourse with him.

We slept together the second we met, having sex while my two daughters were in the house.

I do not feel guilty about having sex with my sister's son and, were it not for my daughters living in the same house, I think I would have asked him to move in with me and would even consider having a child with him.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 17:18:15 GMT

First off I admit to being bisexual, but I do have a semi-regular boyfriend who doesn't know I am. I'm 36 now and have had some good but mostly bad experiences with men. Most of the females I have had sex with are more considerate and thoughtful then men. Most men I've had affairs with are selfish and were only interested in their own gradification. I was abused sometimes over the years and became bitter towards some men. I am built better today than ever and took judo classes for two years. I used to frequent a tavern where an obnoxious young guy named Lewis persistantly tried to hit on me. He is cute but not nearly as handsome as he thinks he is and he's a little squirt. I was always with my girlfriend Amanda when I went to that bar and she and I were, and still are in a sexual relationship. We would toy with Lewis and tease him. When I was a little drunk I would touch his butt or his crotch. Amanda and I had no intentions of getting involved with him but he was such a nerdy type of guy we couldn't help teasing him every time we saw him.

It was Amanda who always said she would spank him if he didn't behave and he would most often just laugh it off. He was a little drunk the night we took him back to my apartment after the bar closed. He had some beer and a couple shots of whiskey and Amanda insisted on spanking him. He was so drunk by his time I don't think he thought she was serious but she pushed him over the side of the sofa arm and pulled down his pants and boxer shorts. We were both tipsy and I held his head down while Amanda began spanking his ass. She ran in the kitchen and came back with a big wooden spoon and began beating his butt very hard. We couldn't believe it when he started to cry like a little kid. As she stopped he fell on the floor sobbing and Amanda and I burst into laughter. He's only 24 now and I am sure he had never ran into girls like us before, thinking he was a ladies man. His pants and underware were around his ankles and we could see his penis, which was limp. It wasn't the smallest one I ever saw but pretty close to it. Amanda began teasing him again and he got up, pulling up his pants, and walked out. We didn't see him at the bar until 4 or 5 weeks later and as soon as he came in Amanda began teasing him again. As the night went on he came over to us and started saying the only reason he cried was because he was drunk and not because Amanda hurt him. I think he was more embarrassed about us seeing him cry than he was about his pants being down or us seeing his penis and ass. I had a little to much to drink by that time and I began touching his crotch and penis. He got an erection standing at the bar and when I told Amanda she touched it also. He was all smiles then and Amanda said she would spank him again. It started with just kidding around with him but after awhile he said she could if she wanted to. We went back to my apartment again that night and fed him a few more drinks. In no time we had him naked and took turns spanking him. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that and I had a certain amount of satisfaction doing it. Just the thought of having so much control over a guy made me feel good. When he did begin to cry again Amanda and I had no mercy for him and it was like we had full control over him. Amanda smacked his penis a few times and I did also. He was limp most of the time we spanked him but the first few times we smacked his penis he did get an erection. Amanda and I both liked tormenting him and I could tell he was fearful of us.

It was both on Friday or Saturday nights we did this to him and each week we would get him drunk and naked before we abused him. We talked about it often and the two of us did enjoy dominating him and Amanda and I would have sex after he left. It has only gotten more intense since it all started and we now dominate him. Once a week he comes to my apartment and Amanda and I do whatever we want to him. We tease him about his penis size and he has became so submissive I can't believe how he lets us humiliate him the way we do. We spank him with our hands, the spoon and Amanda takes the strap off her purse and we beat him with that also. He doesn't cry right away but so far he has cried every time we spanked him. I suppose the main reason he lets us do this to him is because we always masturbate him once or twice. Amanda is a little more sadistic than I and after 3 or 4 months began inserting one of my dildos in his rectum as we masturbate him. He did tell her not to do that the first time but she told him to shut up and it wasn't his choice what we do to him. He never complained after that and now Amanda makes him bend on his hands and knees while on my kitchen table to do that. His face gets so red it is apparent that this is humiliating to him, but he just goes along with whatever he is told to do.

Its been going on for 16 months now and we have turned him into a fragile sissy. We now shave his pubic hair every week aside from all of the other abuse we inflict on him. Amanda's sister Amber has been here many times as we do these things to him only to further humiliate him. He doesn't cry as often as he used to and he seems more intimadated by Amanda than he is of me. She is more forceful than me and basically demands he obey her, which he does. We sometimes tie him to the table and she forces him to say please and thank you as we abuse and molest him. He has no pubic hair and his scrotum is as bald as an eagle. She makes him bend over to shave the hair around his anus and every time he is here now she puts the dildo in his rectum makeing him beg her to do so. Amber has gotten involved lately and the only reason Amanda let her come over the first time was just to humiliate Lewis more, which was successful. He was horrified the first time Amber was here asking who she was and not knowing what she would do to him. She only spanked him the first time, but she now shaves him also. Amber is not bisexual at all but asked to bring one of her girlfriends last Friday. We agreed to let her, hopeing to embarrass Lewis more and see his reaction to having four women torment him. As soon as Amanda told him to take his clothes off, he did, but began to cry. I don't understand at all why he keeps comeing back to my apartment every week. Its not just what we do to him but also the way we insult him and say cruel things to him. If we were having sex with him maybe it would be reasonable but all we ever do is masturbate him. Either me or Amanda masturbate him while the other pushes the dildo in and out of him. He normally cums twice but the torment he goes through before that makes me wonder how he can be aroused. Amber doesn't want to masturbate him but she is always willing to spank him or shave his pubic hair. We use baby oil most of the time to masturbate him but on the dildo we use KY. Lewis doesn't know this but Amanda has inserted a banana in his rectum many times. He still cries sometimes and when he does Amanda really harrasses him about it more than I do.

He has turned into a total wimp since the first time I met him. He tried to act like he was a macho type of guy then, and was always trying to pick me up or probably any girl who would listen to him. Its hard for me to believe that he is so willing to put up with the abuse he receives from us. Amanda thinks deep down he is just a weak sissy who likes to be dominated. I think so to, to a degree, but why would anyone submit to the disrespect, insults and humiliation we impose on him. I can see clearly how we embarrass him just by the expressions on his face, how he turns bright red and the way he reacts. Amanda has had him in the most degrading situations over and over again. I could never imagine anyone doing these things to me or teasing me the way we do to him, while he is helpless and naked. We spend hours tormenting him and once he gets to my apartment, Amanda does not allow him to dress until he goes home. Before he leaves we always make him shower first and whoever is here watches him as we continue to harrass and insult him. He hardly talks while here but is always talkative at the bar. We found out he still lives with his parents and Amanda teases him because of that, along with all the other remarks. I beleive he is actually afraid of Amanda but still comes here every week. Sometimes Amanda and I are in night clothes and we have stripped down to our bra and panties but he has never seen any of us naked. Amber is always dressed and so far her friend has only been here once. I don't know why he puts up with all this but believe it has become a fetish for him. The spankings and whipping we give him I know are painful and when he gets in the shower the signs of a beating are all over his butt. I don't think he even has a girlfriend and sometimes I do feel sorry for him. I'm not sure how to explain it but the domanance over him gives me a feeling of power. I'm not a mean person but to humiliate a naked guy is fulfilling to me. Maybe its because of how I hate the men supervisors where I work. It could also be the memory of the abusive affairs I have had. Nevertheless, it is fun and exciting, to be able to dominate a man for a change. As long as Lewis is willing to keep coming, Amanda and I will continue to abuse him.


Submitted: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 15:32:27 GMT

I'm 27 now but when I was an early teen, I would stay the night at my best friends house. He lived with his brother, mom and dad. The boys were prob 12- 14. I vividly remember one night I was there, spending the night, and his mom and dad were drinking(they were heavy drinkers). His parents passed out and I remember the boys trying to wake up their mom and dad. His mom had passed out on the couch and his dad was passed out in the parents bedroom bed. I was playing nintendo or ps1 or something and I remember walking out and seeing both boys undress their mom. They were fingering her wet pussy, sucking her nipples and touching themselves...she seemed out cold... they were going to town her, but no sex. They never even took their dicks out. They were like "this is wild, huh" as they never stopped touching her. She wasn't fully undressed but her gown was hiked up and panties pulled to the side, soaked from her own sons hands. Her tits and hard nipples were exposed, her gown was unbuttoned 3 or 4 buttons. I went back to the boys room and played the nintendo or tried to but I was so horny and my juices were flowing. Within 15 min, the boys came to the room...we talked about there mom for a while and how they had been doing that for 5 plus years. We all went to sleep...I pretended to at least and when they fell asleep, the magic began. I quietly waled out of the room to the living room and there she was, pussy still exposed and white pussy stains stained her panties and her pussy still had a glisten to it. Her tits still exposed but not as alert...nipples soft...my dick was as hard as a rock. I tried to shake her and wake her up and I hoped she was out cold still. She was. I fingered her and tasted her pussy and I bet I tongued her hole for an hour and lapped up all of her juices, her clit was pink and swollen. I sucked her nipples and jerked. I remember I even rubbed my dick on and in her pussy and I ever rubbed it on her face. I jerked while eating her pussy and came all over my hand...I remember rubbing my load all in her pussy with my fingers. I covered her wet pussy back and covered her tits and went back to bed. She never said anything about it and my friends didn't either. My fam and I moved away a few months later. Wowwww it was so hot and I know fkd up...the whole thing, but it launched me sexually and forever gave me an admiration for older women.


Submitted: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 12:06:35 GMT

I was staying with my family when I was going to college because it was not far away and our family house was big enough to give me a chance to live an apartment life, with the freedom my parents gave me, I was living in a really comfy heaven. They dont even call if they don't see any of their kids for day, besides there are servants and staff in the house so even if they leave for weeks everything goes on perfectly. One night, I came home from a crazy party and I was drunk like hell. Even in the morning, the booze was totally in my blood I could feel, I was more than drunk, I was numb. Then, this very strange thing happened; in the very early morning, My sister who was just 12 woke me up in panic, as she said there was noone home she could find and dad and mom were out of the town. She insisted on getting into bed, because she felt so cold and unsafe. What could I do, Yes, I said, I was feelingless, totally drunk and tired so badly.I didn't even understand what she said properly. She got into the bed, got too close and lied on me hugging, I was lying on my back, arms and legs opened like a man who just fell on the ground from somewhere on his back. That was the moment I realized my massive boner, which was worse than the time I tried viagra for the first and last time. She was on it, lying with her soft body, her newly developing half tennis ball sized breasts and cold-hardened nipples touching my chest

I was shocked when I understood a litle bit of the situation but the alcohol in my blood and sleepliness was stopping me from thinking. Still, she was trying to get comfy on me, moving her tiny breasts, soft stomach and hips on my bare skin. I don't think she even realized I was naked and very uncomfy-like with my little sis on me, she was sleepy too. What I couldn't admit was, that I was heaving some kind of pleasure and my 7 inces long thick heavy meat was spasming, trying to lift her up. I can not explain in words how terrible the situation was, but still I was drunk and she was sleepy.she felt a little uncomfy I guess, as she, still under the covers, moved her hands on my sixpacks and down grabbing my cock.Oh she said what is this, then a grin showed on her face as she opened her eyes to look under the cover what she was holding you have a hard on big brother, wow its bigger than boys at school that was the moment everything started to get out of control. I was sweating of pleasure and shame still thinking how to solve the situation and what a kind of talk to do to her.Oh she said still thinking of it as a funny game you are so warm, but this is burning. My eyes were not totally opened yet I was quite enjoying half consciously what my little sis was doing to me, she was slowly pumping my cock up and down and I was totally enjoying it. Finally, very difficultly go to your room please I said, but she insisted on cold and loneliness and as I got more demanding for her to go to her room, she threatened me about teliig it to people, god I'd be boomed OMG she was a 12 year old and my little sister but she was abusing me, the tall, athletic, big cocked proud jock, one of the most popular guys of the college ppph and I was to afraid of her threats because they would definitely work if heard. I was deeply breathing when she said Oww big bro is excited he likes it. I terrified of this little devil and I said are you posessed or something. I like it she said. It’s so hot in may hands and I feel so weird, goody weird I mean, I grabbed her body slowly under the covers, took one of her hands and handled my balls to her she was more amazed wow she said huge, ohhh I moaned I liked the massage she was doing on my genitals her hands were soft and smooth and she was really curious. I slowly took her top off and grabbed her tiny breasts, pulled her chest closer to mine and started sucking, licking them like crazy, she was heavily breathing her hands on my chest now and as we rolled over she was lying on my her back, now totaly naked like me and three times smaller, me on her, licking and sucking every inch of her body all my saliva beastly dripping on her slim body, she, moaning with pleasure, she was totally under my control now and doing whatever I tell her to do, I, then grabbed my dick and made her suck it how does it taste I said as she clutched it sucking mmmh she said so delicious I tried to pull away, but she resisted. Slow down I said for what she said I said you’’ll see and I put the head of my throbbing dick on the entrance of her tight hole, ther’s a thing that I have to say in sex, I lose my control totally and become too wild I am quite known for his behaviour by my exes I knew this was my little sis but I didn’t know how to stop anyway, Big bro will pop little sis’cherry yeh I said before any other boys from school yeah, yeah she moaned,she was like a river there I had neve seen such a thing before she was soaking wet. Talk to me I said say it, O big bro pop my cherry before the boys at school do with your huge dick theirs are so small I want to do it with you, your big dick ooh she moaned I was moving the head of my shaft on her little pussy’s lips and she was loving it she was moaning I was making her beg me to pop her cherry I was such a terrible big bro Come on big bro pop my cherry I want you to pop my cherry please as she finished moaning I wildly trusted my pecker in her pussy she shouted a scream of pain so loud it was too tight and small only the half could enter her nails were scratcing me crazily, my bottom, back, muscled arms As I told before I don’t have a sense to stop when I start I pulled the pecker back and thrusted again, this time faster and again and again and faster and faster like machine without feelings she was screaming madly and crying trying to breath at the same time my thrusts were making an impact every time I do and her tiny titties were shaking, I grabbed herboth hands with my left hand because they were damaging my skin and used he other to close her mouth which was wet of eyedrops and saliva we were making beastly sounds me more like a predator like a bear and she like a baby deer hunted down omg I was flying

I was growling like ooooh tight pussy sis tight pussy like my dick huh yeah want more want more I as asking as she was looking into my eyes so scared. I was pumpıng my 12 sis’tight pussy and it was like nothing else that I‘ve felt before her stomach was spasming I could see my dick moving under her skin her newly developing pussy muscles were tighter than anyone could guess. Too much alcohol from the other night was not letting me jerk since the momen t I first popped her cherry ten minutes were passed already and I could feel her body relax as I left her hands and mouth free ,and the whites of her eyes could bee seen because of too much pleasure, I was stil at full throttle and now she was hugging me and moaning loudly because of pleasure. I understood that she was having an orgasm as she started scratching me again and and opening her legs to upper air and making scary sounds .Then I started shooting my load in the depths of her pussy thrusting faster than ever, terrorized, screaming and blowing her. I layed on her not totally weighing on her body, my sweat dripping on her already my sweat covered body.We didnt talk for minutes as my dick was stil semi hard in her but all the way in ;we both were shocked a few more minutes later, I just looked between her legs and I could see the massive stain on my cover of too much blood, sweat and too much semen oozing out from the depths of her pussy while I still have my cock in her. We were stil deeply breathing . Her ruined pussy was stil having spasms which made me fully hard again I kissed her lips pushing my long tongue all the way into her throat we were looking at each others eyes, hers were shining, mine were shining, we somehow managed to smile at each other she lifted her had and saw the massive stain on the cover put it back relaxed, and I had to start again because of the spasms which made my dick rock hard again which was all the way in her pussy. We both started moanings and screamings of the mad sex again this time she was screaming like oh big bro I love you I love your dick That day we didn’t eat or drink I didn’t take my dick out till after the next morning sex. When I had to piss, I did it in her pussy twice we were both enjoying the warmth on the sheets and on our genitals and she did the same.

From then on I had to do her every morning and night, twice a day. Now, she’s married to a guy far away, but has no kids, which her ovular problem gave me long years of my little sisters pussy jerking in as much as I could.


Submitted: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 05:25:37 GMT

i once crept into my sister's room and molested her while she was sleeping. i saw her breasts and her vagina. I felt her up a little and left when she stirred. i have fantasized about her for over 8 years


Submitted: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 16:41:27 GMT

For years i have wanted to fuck my older sister Monica.As a teen i would go into her room and masturbate in her knickers so that when she wore them my cum would be against her moist pussy.


Submitted: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 23:59:32 GMT

When my sis and I were young (I was 16, she was 12) we started fooling around. We were alone alot and I spent most of my free time watching porn and tugging on my dick. She apparently watched me a few times, though I wasen't aware of it, and one day demanded that I teach her all about my little hobby. How could I refuse? Over the next few weeks I showed her all sorts of things like how to jerk me off, suck my cock, rub her own little pussy, etc. We really enjoyed sitting naked together on the couch, she between my legs, and watch porn. Eventually we started fucking and kept it up until I turned 19 and moved out.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Jan 2012 06:49:43 GMT

In my teens, I had a best friend named Amanda. We were really close. We did everything together, we even took baths together. We slept over at each others house all the time. In fact, that is where this story takes place, at my house during one of those famous sleepovers.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and my best friend was over at my house sitting on my bed in my room, it was like her second home. I called my mom into my room and said, Hey mom, can Amanda sleep over tonight? I asked. Sure, sweetie, Amanda make sure you call your mom and tell her Ok? Ok Amanda said. We were really excited, we could stay up all night talking girl talk.

As the sun went down, we ate dinner, and then we watched some TV. My mom told us that it was time for our bath. So we went into my bathroom, started running the warm water. We stripped our clothes, as we got undressed, I noticed that Amanda’s breasts had gotten bigger and her pussy had this big bush of hair on it, she hadn’t shaved since the last time we took a bath together which was quite sometime ago. We got into the tub full of water and I just couldn’t stop staring at her breasts and pussy. She said You like what you see?”

I was in a daze and snapped myself back into reality and said, Yes, I’m amazed how different your body is, I just can‘t stop staring She then got closer to me and we kissed passionately for the first time, I kissed her back, sticking my tongue in her mouth, moving it around in circles. She leaned me back into the water, my back up against the tub. She started to pinch my nipples on my B cup breasts. I started to moan softly, Ooohhhh, that feels so good.”

We got out of the tub, by this time everyone was asleep, we went upstairs. She pushed me on my bed, and I spread my legs out as wide as I could. She had an excellent view of my tight wet virgin pussy. She tenderly spread open my big puffy pussy lips and put her tongue to my wet pussy, I wanted to have my orgasm right there, instead I just moaned ohhhhhh baby that feels sooooo good. She started sucking on my clit then, running her tongue up and down my inner pussy lips, my breathing started to get faster and I let out a soft moan Ooooohhh my God, suck my clit oooooohhhhhh, stick your tongue in my wet pussy, mmmmmmmm that‘s it right there ooooooohhh. I told her to get the vibrator out of the top drawn of my dresser.

When she came back, she turned it on and gently moved it up and down my pussy lips, I could feel the vibrations, she was going to tease me, I loved that, she teasingly put the tip of the vibrator inside my wet pussy then quickly took it out, and rubbed it up against my clit, she did this for a few minutes and then stuck it deep inside my pussy, in and out, the small vibrator hummed as it went in and out my wet pussy. She started going faster and faster, soon it was just too much. My body was thrusting with the in and out rhythm of the vibrator, I started shaking letting my body convulse in a tidal wave of pleasure and I let out a long moan ohhhhhhhh Goddddddd, yeeesssssss. She started licking up my pussy as my juices started squirting out.

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I could tell that her orgasms were very strong, I had done a very good job as it was my first time giving oral to a female and I loved every minute of it. I thought to myself I think I am bisexual. Amanda turned over on her side and fell asleep. I cuddled up next to her. This wouldn’t be the last time we took a bath together. In fact, this is just the beginning of a new found relationship.

my other incest experiance was a female who loved to just wank me off when i babysat her ... little horny babe she was ...

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After my dad gave me some sex advice about the birds and bees, he then gave me some sex toys. I wanted the real thing and I knew it wasn't around me at school. No, I knew the real thing was the large well developed prize resting between my Dad's legs. It just needed to be brought to life when he got home from work. Now, every day when he gets home from work, I raise my Dad up to stand and deliver for me before my Mother gets home from work. The best I could ever dream of; hot, huge, and meaty! I know I might be taking away from some of what my Mom is supposed to be getting from him, but I will keep blowing him because I know she doesn't like to do it. When he gets home, I go to work on him as soon as he can walk in and sit down on the automan for me. After I unzip him and get him out, its fast and dirty, and its hot and a lot!


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I'm a middle-aged divorcee who has the amazing good fortune of hooking up with a beautiful 38 year old woman (Ellen) with a 14 year old daughter (Ashley).

Ellen and I hit it off instantly and have been inseparable for many months. We recently became engaged.

One night after a steamy sex session, I joked about how Ashley would react if she knew her mom was so horny and experimental in bed with me. She admitted that she has always been very open with her daughter and has told Ashley that me and her have an incredible sex life.

What surprised me was that Ellen told me that Ashley asked her if she could watch us having sex/making love. She is a curious 14 year old and wants to know what "the big deal" is about sex. Ellen and I discussed the topic for weeks and it was finally decided that we would invite Ashley into our bedroom to watch us have sex.

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5 months ago i did something i couldn't help.

I have always had a thing for young girls. I love girls of 14 - 16 years old. I love long blonde hair and i like tiny tits and tight bodies and tummies.

I was asked to pick my daughter and her friend up from a party. My wife sent me to get them. When i got their i couldn't find either of them. I went in and started searching for them. Another girl told me they were upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I found them both out cold in the master bedroom. I could smell the drinks and pot. I spent a couple of minutes trying to wake them, but they barely even stirred.

What can i say, seeing my daughter in her white singlet top and blue mini skirt. I went and closed the door and locked it. I pulled my short and underwear off and climbed onto the bed. I lifted my daughters legs up onto my shoulders, pushed her skirt around her waist. I pulled her panties up her thighs to her ankles, over my head. I knew she wasn't a virgin cause i caught her with a boy a couple of months before. Seeing her 16 year old pussy, i drove in. I fucked her hard, driving as deep as i could inside until i was ready. I know i shouldn't have, but what man would stop when inside a super hot young girl. I just blew as hard and deep inside her as i could.

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In the morning they both complained that they were feeling sick and sore. I told them that's cause they were hung over. Anyway it's been 5 months and they both have nice round belly forming. Neither knows that they are pregnant with my babies, as they think some boy at the party must have done it. I am loving watching them both grow bigger as my babies grow and them just not knowing.


Submitted: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 14:15:16 GMT

years ago I had sex with my cousin she was 18 at the time i was 27 she came over to my place to sleepover for the night. When my wife n kids went to bed she jerked me off on the couch for the first time then I rubbed her clot n sucked her tits. Then I took her to the kitchen and fucked her in her tight Bush. I stoped before I came to go check on my wife after I felt her tits and ass up I came back to the couch where my cousin was waitn for me. She then told me She wanted more so I just got on top of her, she pulled her short shorts over exposing her tight Bush to.me and I fucked her with my hard cock she came with her legs on my shoulders. We haven't done anything since then. We have had priar encounters that I can share based on the comments thanks


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After a two years of letting him have sex with me, I can understand why he wants to have sex with me. I'm sure its because I look like Sarah Palin's long lost twin soccer Mom sister; just without the, "Sex bump," hair style. I can understand why he only likes to quickly take me from behind without much foreplay, such as in my closet, in my bathroom, in the basement, in the laundry room, in my mini van, etc... What I can't understand is the music he listens to when he is taking me. He will only cum in me if he is listening to dirty, hard, and fast trance or club music with strong rythm and beat. He will take me several times a day so long as he has his buds are in his ears and the music turned up loud. So loud, its like he tries to pretend he is getting ready to unload in someone other than his own Mom.


Submitted: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 22:05:34 GMT

I'm 49 years old; my sister is 47, and we've been secretly fucking each other since I was 19. It started with touchy feely shit when we were in high school, and then one weekend when I came home from my freshman year of college, she came into my room after our parents were asleep and fucked for the first time.

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Her husband goes out of town one night a week for work, so on my way home every Wednesday, we meet at her place for a couple of hours.


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When I was in my teens I got stuck sitting my brother most of the time. He was a pain in the ass most of the time. when I was about 19 or so, he is 5 years younger than I am and my mom finally told me I did not have to watch him all the time now just try to check and make sure he is not hurting himself now and then.

It was pretty quiet around the house so I was checking in on him and he had his laptop going and was a little hunched over it so I figured he was gaming or chatting. I came in and looked over him and covered my mouth when I saw what he was watching, I mean I have watched porn myself on my laptop but he had some pretty wild stuff on there. The woman was tied up and some other woman was using sex toys on her, I was a little surprised but backed out of his room without him noticing I was in there.

About a week later he was in his room again and I popped in on him just saying hi when he asked me another weird question about whether or not I had sex with anyone yet or was I a virgin. I told him that I was a virgin for simplicity sake and then asked him why he would want to ask me something like that. he told me that he wanted to try something out on me but if I was not into sex then sorry for asking. You and me have sex? is that what you are asking? He said no and when I pressed him he just told me that he just wanted to see a real naked girl and I was the only one he could ask. I thought about it for a moment. So you want to see me naked and what else? Touch me? Tie me up? what, because I do not want to do it if your going to want to have sex with me. We can only do oral if that is what you want. He lit up at that one. You would let me tie you up, really? Well sure but you cannot hurt me so we would have to take it easy. I figured well better on me than on some other girl whose parents would end up putting him in jail.

The first time we did it I thought he was going to have a heart attack, my god it was like watching a complete idiot try to do things. Soon I had some ideas that seem to be working for him and he was pretty excited judging by the bulge in his pants. He had me tied spread out on my bed to the posts and was going to try a little oral on me. I of course gave him some pointers and soon I was on my way to some pleasure. The thought of mom coming home had entered my mind but thank goodness that had never happened. Next he wanted to try a position where I would be on my knees and could suck him off. I told him hey you got to tie me up now it is my turn on you. He had not thought about that and was a little hesitant about it but soon he agreed. I got him all tied up and started sucking away on him and had a plan, I was going to give him a quick orgasm then keep sucking hard on him as I knew that it would make him crazy like all men. He came in under two minutes and after only about 30 seconds he was begging me to stop sucking on him. I bit into the head and sucked harder on it. He was practically red in the face and could barely talk from all the stimulation. He kept up saying that oh my god you have to stop it tickles so bad! Soon he started calming down a little and was getting hard again, I told him now wasn't that worth it? Is it getting enjoyable again? When he was hard again I sucked and pulled on his dick to his next orgasm which was really big. See there you go you learned something today.

His oral lessons continued on that summer and I am sure he will make a woman very happy one day. I hope he just does not tie her up to badly.


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Years ago I had sex with my brother, not sure why but it just happened one weekend when my parents had gone out of town leaving us at home. I was 19 at the time and he is two years younger than I am. We were watching a movie and I had put on a pair of my pajama's shorts that were loose fitting with a thin top, I had planned on teasing him a little bit but laying on the floor in the middle of the living room. I ended up on the other end of the couch from him and would see him catching glimpses trying to look up my shorts. I was having fun teasing him when he suddenly grabbed one of my feet and started tickling it, this progressed to him on top of me on the floor and tickling me all over. I felt his fingers go across my nipples a few times but just kept laughing and getting tickled. Soon I could feel his hard on pressing against me so I looked right down at it and have it a squeeze asking him what was going on there? Are you getting a little turned on tickling me? He nodded that he was having a lot of fun and I did have a great body. I looked at him and asked if he wanted me to take my clothes off, he of course said yes so I pulled off my pajama's and let him tickle me some more. He started to just run his hands over me without tickling and soon he was playing with my nipples watching them become hard and erect. His hands wandered down to my vagina where he proceeded to tease the hell out of me just running his fingers around not know what the hell he was doing. I finally told him what to do and how to lick me and about half an hour later I was having an orgasm.

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We had sex often after that night and we both liked to do it.


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My brother and I trade sexual favors all the time. I told him that we had to be much more careful though as this last time we nearly were caught by our Mom. We are only a year apart and we have only done oral on each other but I am truly enjoying it a lot.

Most of the time it is probably the boy who starts these things but in our case it was me. We were kind of wrestling one day before Mom was home for the day and he got a little excited. I noticed his hard on and asked him if I could touch it, he was wearing shorts so he did not have a lot of ways to hide it. The nylon material was just letting it push right out. He pulled his shorts down and I was really surprised at the size of it, the head is really cool with the way it forms a V notch on the bottom. I love to play with it, run my fingers over it, suck on it. When I lick the bottom of it hard it pulsates and jumps up, he told me that feels really good.

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We both get online all the time and learn new things about our bodies and love to test them out on each other.


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I wish my Mom would come home from work, without a word, take my hand and lead me upstairs to her bathroom. I wish she would get down on her knees and bend over the edge of the tub. I wish she would let me hike up her skirt and move the crotch of her panties to the side of her pussy. I wish she would let me get behind her, enter her, and take her for all she is worth. I would firmly fill my Mom with my hot lustful load.


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I told my best friend Sandra, of 20 years, I would be interested in blowing her 14 year old Son to further his sex ed. We both knew he was sexually infactuated with me. Sandra had some reservations about me doing this for him but she agreed so long as she could supervise.

Last week after some drinks, Calib walked in the door from school. His Mom asked him how his day was and all he could do is walk his eyes all over me and his Mom while he told us it sucked. His Mom told him to put his things down and come sit with us.

Sandra told her Son, "Speaking of sucking, my friend Cammy would like to help you along with something we both think you need, honey."

Calib asked, "What Mom?" Cammy and I kneeled down in front of Calib to unbutton his pants. Calib asked what we were doing and I abruptly hushed him and told him not to move and relax.

Cammy took my Son's cock out and I watched it grow hard for us. I trusted her with my Son. I knew he would be in great hands. Cammy took my Son into her mouth and went to work on him.

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Calib raised his spent head to watch with Cammy, his own Mother drink him down. After my one large swallow, I opened my mouth to show Cammy and my Son, to prove to them, his fury, anger, and frustrations for me and his day, were now truly gone for good.


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I'm a 18 year old girl and the first time I sucked a boys dick, was when I was 16. I caught my 13 year old cousin Ricky, making out with the girl next door. They were just tuching each other over their clothes, but he was so embarrassed that I had caught him. He made me promise I would say anything to his parents. One day I got him alone with me and told him I would tell his parents and blackmailed him into tacking off his clothes. I took him to my room, locked the door and forced him to strip naked. His dick got instantly hard and gave him a blow job. It took just a couple of sucks and he came inside my mouth. I pulled my panties off and thought him to lick my pussy. I din't have a clue of how to do oral sex, but just the thought of forcing him to lick me made me have an orgasm. In part was just knowing that I could do anything I wanted with him. I wanted to see him cum so I made him masturbate in front of me. Young boys can shot out the sperm clear across the room. I sucked him off a third time before I let him go. That was the only time I seduced him, but know I could get him to do it again if I get to be alone with him. I think he liked it, because he never said anything about it. I'm dying to teach him how to fuck me.


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It all started last May when my stepdad's youngest brother Mark came to live with us for awhile. I think he is 27 so my mom let him have my sister Karen's room and my sister now sleeps in my room. I'm 15 and Karen is 13 and we fight sometimes but usually get along ok. Mark is a real cute guy but is real shy and stays to himself most of the time and works for my stepdad. During the week Mark is hardly ever home and I think most of the time after work he goes to the bar near our house. My sister and I are in bed by the time he comes home so we mostly only see him on the weekends. My stepdad hollars at him sometimes and he seems to come home drunk during the week sometimes and get totally drunk every Friday night. After he was here for about 3 weeks, one Saturday morning my sister snuck into her room to get something. She came back to my room to wake me and told me Mark was naked and she saw his penis. My mom and stepdad go shopping every Saturday morning and are gone for a couple hours. Karen asked me if I wanted to see Mark naked and we snuck down the hall and opened his door. Neither of us ever saw a mans penis before so for an hour or so we kept going back and peeking in at him. We stayed up late on Frday nights just to see him come home drunk. Most of the time we fell asleep because he never came home before two or three o'clock in the morning. The few times we did see him come in he was so drunk he bumped into things and could hardly walk straight. Some Saturday mornings he has a sheet or blanket covering him but my sister started pulling it off of him so we could see his penis and rear end. My sister is more brave than me and she started just going in the room after my parents leave for the store. He is always naked but if he does have a cover on him Karen always pulls it down so we can see him naked. I think it was in July when she first touched his penis with a pencil. All she did was lift it up a little bit and his penis started getting hard. He looks funny most of the time because he sleeps with his mouth open and makes funny sounds and sometimes snores. At first I was a chicken to go into the room and would only stand by the door while Karen went in. She began pulling his legs open so we can see his testicals better and if he is laying on his tummy we even see his anus sometimes. I was always afraid to go in the room in case he would wake up. After a few months I knew he was dead to the world and the way Karen would move his legs around didn't even wake him up. We both go in the room now and we don't touch his penis or anything with our bare hands but I have touched his penis and scrotum with a pencil and the handle of my hair brush. He gets an erection lots of times but sometimes doesn't. Karen got a feather and began tickling his penis and scrotum with it and most of the time now he does get hard. When he gets an erection his penis is about 6 or 7 inches long I think, but when it is still soft it is only about three inches. We try to be quiet but sometimes we do make a lot of noise mostly by laughing and he still doesn't wake up. Karen and I take turns touching his penis with the feather and thats what makes him get hard the fastest. Once he has an erection we tickle his penis on the bottom and most of the time we can see it move by itself. Before we go in the room Karen always knocks on the door and says his name but he never reponds. Its like somebody knocked him out and if he knew how silly he looks sometimes he would die. There are some Saturday mornings when he has spit up on his mouth and chin and a few months ago we could tell he threw up a little on his pillow. The one time he peed the bed but I don't think my mom found out he did. That afternoon he washed the sheets himself. Karen and I laughed that a guy that age wet his bed. He must drink an awful lot to get that bad. My stepdad don't get mad if he drinks on weekends but does if he gets drunk during the week. Karen and I go in there almost every Saturday morning and there have been times when he wasn't all the way on the bed and one time he was asleep on the floor. It was only two times when he still had his underware on but Karen took them off of him and he never moved when she did. We never stay in there longer than an hour because we don't want to get caught. I know he doesn't know we are doing this especially because he is so quiet around us and don't even talk to my mom very often. Karen isn't even mad anymore that he is using her room. He told my stepdad that he was going to get his own apartment soon but Karen and I hope he stays longer.


Submitted: Thu, 06 May 2010 23:50:34 GMT

When I was 13, I walked in on my mom in the bathroom, she forgot to lock the door. I was amazed to see her friggin' herself with a big dildo as she sat naked on the toilet. We both startled each other, but she recovered quicker and asked my if i wanted to push it in and out of her. I did and after a few minutes told me to undress, after I undressed she told me never to tell and then leaned over and gave me a Blow Job. After, we went into her room and she layed on the bed and told me to lay on top of her, she then guided my prick into her. We did this alot until I got married when I was 21. The last time we did was on my wedding day, my wife would go ballistic if she knew I fucked her that night with my mom's pussy juice still covering my prick.


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i wana fuck my 11 year old cousin so bad


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when i was eleven i went to camp and an older boy made me suck his dick. he sucked mine and quite frankly i liked it. i liked sucking him more, and it naturally gravitated to him poking me with his dick until we used vaseline and the rest is history. i was hooked, and he liked to fuck, so we were a natural pair. for two glorious weeks we would escape and find a place where we felt eachother, sucked each other and then ended it by him fucking me. after the second time, he came every time.

when i got back to town i missed it badly, and my cousin was the only boy around. one day while we were peeing outside, y reached over and grabbed his dick and he peed on me. i didn't let it go and felt him up like i had been felt up and got on my knees and sucked him. sucking him was far more enjoyable than sucking the boy at camp. the taste of his pee was still on him and that was so good.

i let him touch me, and although he let me put my dick in his mouth, he wasn't too sure about that. but he liked me touching him and sucking him. his dick got so hard. it became our secret. one night, when we were sleeping over at the lake, after sucking him, i had him lay down and straddled him and pushed down on his little rod. god, it was great. i got some valesine out of the cubbard in the bathroom and smeared my butt and got back on him and worked it inside. i was back in camp. his dick was smaller and went in and out better and it didn't take him long to figure out how to fuck.

we sucked dick, played with our dicks, and he fucked me and learned to cum, and we were still sucking and fucking when we graduated from highschool. i love his dick. we are in our fifties now, and live far apart, each with families. but when we get together, i give him a the most delicious blow job and he gives me the most sensual fuck. it takes me back to those wonderful days, when we were discovering ourselves. sometimes when he is fucking me, i think of the boy at camp and it gives me a hard on.


Submitted: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 20:42:10 GMT

When I was in highschool, my parents took my sister and I to Hawaii. In order to save a little money, my parents shared a room and my sister and I shared another.

After spending the morning shopping at the tourist traps, we headed back to the rooms to change into our swimsuits for a swim. To my surprise, instead of slipping into the bathroom to change, my sister just stripped down and put her bikini on right in front of me.

Now, I'd be a liar if I said I hadn't ever had lustful thoughts about sis. After all, she was extremely hot, with fiery red hair, well developed breasts and, to my delight, a full red pubic mound.

I tried to hide the fact that I had become erect as I went to put on my swimsuit. In those days, speedos were the in thing and they didn't conceal boners very well.

While we were down at the beach, sis had me spread lotion on her back as she lay there facedown with her top undone. This was creating a real problem for me as I couldn't control the surge in my trunks. I did my best to divert my thoughts to something that would help control the urge to rise. I headed for the water as soon as I could. All the while I was in the water, all I could think about was how much I wanted to have sex with my sister. I knew she would never go for such a thing.

When we headed back to the room, our parents were going to spend the evening "out on the town" and were going to leave us to do whatever we wanted.

Back in our room, sis just peeled out of her bikini right in front of me. As she was facing away from me, I was gazing at her milky white bottom, accented by the day's sunburn. Her well rounded, milky white breasts with her pink nipples swayed as she pulled her bikini bottoms off. This time I made no effort to conceal my erection. My speedos couldn't contain my cock as the head and a couple of inches protruded as my penis stood at full attention.

As she turned to head to the bathroom to rinse off, she caught me staring at her pubic mound, then focusing on her breasts. She could also clearly see my full erection.

"What the hell is the matter with you?", she asked as I yanked my suit off, revealing my full hard-on.

There were no words from my mouth as I grabbed her and threw her onto the bed beside us, bringing my full weight down on top of her. She struggled as I grabbed her arms and pressed my hips between her legs. I pinned both of her wrists with one hand while I reached down and scooped one of her legs up with my arm and raised her knee up near her head, then did the same thing with the other leg.

"Get off of me, you perv!", she shreiked as I poked and probed her pubic area with my cock. "Not 'till you feel the cum from my cock gushing inside your sweet pussy", I said as I pressed the head of my cock hard against her vagina. I felt the head starting to make its way inside of her. She squirmed, but her resistance made me that much more excited. I started bucking my hips, getting more and more of my shaft inside of her with each thrust.

Finally, I was completely inside her. I could seethe look of betrayal and humiliation in her eyes. The sensation was incredible. The taboo factor that I was fucking-no, raping my own sister was almost too much.

I held her legs above her head with one arm as I reached down and started to grope, squeeze, caress and pinch her veloptuous breasts. Gawd, I really wanted to suck on them.

I had fully intended to pull out and ejaculate over her belly and into that furry mound, but as the moment of truth approached, I lost the willpower to pull out. It just felt too damn good! "Don't you dare, you bastard!", she yelled as I started reaching the point of no return. "Believe it or not sis, but I do love you", I said as I looked her straight in the eye as jets of hot sperm launched into her vagina. I could feel her shudder as wave after wave of my cum jetted inside her.

I couldn't believe it. But I was still rock hard. Suddenly, I had a develish thought. I reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding the head to her brown eye. Lubricated with her pussy juice and my semen, I pressed against her anus as she really went wild with resistance.

I had to cover her mouth to muffle her screams as I jabbed hard into her anus, ramming the entire length of my cock into her in one motion. She writhed in agony as I raped her anally for nearly thirty minutes until I worked up another ejaculation. This time, when I ejaculated, I pulled out and shot my load over her butt cheeks and into the small of her back.

"You are one fine fuck", I told her as I climbed off of her.

"And you are a fucking pervert son of a bitch!", she said as she gathered herself up off of the bed.


Submitted: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 22:30:21 GMT

Im a 14 yr.o Girl.. My girlfriend Is soon to be 17 as i will be 15. She has a older brother Thats 18. I see him as a friend / Brother.. but i been having dreams and thought about fucking him.. Like " i dreamed he was in his room alseep, I came in and I started stripping and grabbed his dick Nd slowly started licking and sucking on the tip, Then i would start deep throating him while he grabbed my hair and pushed my head down making me suck his huge dick Then he throws me on the bed and RAMS his Dick in me so DEEP! omg! My pussy gets so weettt thinking bout him! like What the fuck is wrong with me? And her father! uff! I fantisize about him and him holding me down and eating my pussy And fucking my Girlfriend *His daughter* Making us cum! and making both us suck his dick while he cums on our faces, And ughh i want him to choke me!! And fuck me hard! And deep I want him to make me pussy bleeep he fucks me so hard! And i want him to fuck my Girlfriend Untill her pussy bleeds and comes, Then fuck me while i put my tounge all over her clit! and run my tongue down threw her pussy lips sucking on them. Licking and biting her clit! pushin my tongue in her tight pussy while her father is fucking me deep makin me moan and gasp for air while he is choking me and my girl is forcing my face in her pusssy while she weapsss and cry for me to make her come! and to make her squirt while im flicking my tongue hard and fast on her clit! ramming my face in her wet phat pussy! Is there something wrong with me? - Becky


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One time when i went to m cousins house and everybody went to the pub besides me because I'm not fond of them, i went up to my younger female cousins room and searched for such thinks, like condoms, sex toy. but couldn't find anything, so i just settled for her underwear, i grabbed her most sexy looking panties i could see and i wrapped them around my cock and began to masturbate half naked except for a t-shirt on her bed whilst at the same time sniffing one of her bra's. I plan on doing something else the next time i go visit my cousin again if possible, and i think i may also try and steal some of her panties for masturbating at home.


Submitted: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 02:47:18 GMT

When my daughter was 6 years old I put sleeping pills in here dessert and when she passed out I stripped her naked and licked her all over put my cock in her mouth and jerked off till I came in it. I stuck my cock between her legs and placed the head between her cheeks and pumped away. I took pics and vid's off it so I could beat off to it later.


Submitted: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:54:49 GMT

When I was a young boy, during Thanksgiving, all the extended family was at our house. After we had eaten, all the women gathered in the living room to chat while all the men gathered in the den to watch football. One of my older cousins asked me to go down to the basement where we had a pool table and some other stuff to play with. When we got down there, he pulled down his sweatpants to reveal a large erection. First, he asked me to touch it. I was kind of curious as his was much bigger than mine. It felt rubbery, yet hard. As I touched it, he told me to rub it up and down. I complied. After I had rubbed it for a while, he told me he wanted me to take it in my mouth and suck on it. I told him I didn't want to, but he grabbed me and pulled my head toward his groin. I struggled, but he easily overcame my resistance. Before I knew it, he was thrusting his penis into my mouth and throat while he pulled my head to meet his thrusts. When he ejaculated, I choked and he pulled out and shot the rest of his load on my face. He went into the laundry room and got a washcloth and cleaned me up. He told me to never tell anyone what had happened and I never have.


Submitted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:34:24 GMT

I've cocked up on the workbench in the garage while my father licked me convulsive to spouting cum into his mouth. I always squirted for him before eagerly taking his cock stretched and deep down my throat. I would suck him hard and fast while he fingered me to keep cuming, palming my head to bob knob. I remember the force of his ejaculate always being so strong the quake of it would rumble into me through his finger and cock making me cum with him as well. I nursed cockmilk for 13 years before getting pussy licked.


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So I'm 35 years old, have 3 children and a very sexy wife! My wife is a very sexual person as well leaving nothing short of great sexual pleasure!! She love to talk dirty, suck my bulging cock, she lets me fill her beautiful mouth up with my hot jizz and swallows, and pretty much do whatever I want to her! But I still need more! I love to watch porn! Read horny stories, and jerk off a lot! I think I may addicted to sex. I want to bring other women and maybe in men since I love watching a

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My brother use to record me changing all the time. For some reason I always went with it. He never hid the thing well but I enjoyed the thought of him jerking off to me. One day I anounced I was going to take a shower and I saw him hide the camera in the bathroom. My shower has clear doors and I thought I'd make a show out of it. I played with myself using the shower head and my fingers. Later on I found him watching it and jerking off. He was trying to hide his rock hard dick to my surprise was quite nice and the dirty film of me. I walked over to him and took the camera and set it on the table and pressed record. I then took off my clothes and laid on his bed and asked if he wanted to play. He eagerly nodded his head and I spread my legs. He began fingering me, and as I moaned with pleasure I could see the excitement on his face. I mean his big sister letting him touch her! I then asked him to lay back as I took his dick and began sucking him off. His moans made me even more wet and I asked if he wanted to pop my cherry. To my surprise he jumped up and had me lay on my back. I was so tight it took a few tries to get in but ohhhhh did it feel sooo good. He began thrusting harder and I began to scream! I begged for him to cum inside me and he said I'd get a full load. After 5 minutes he began to cum and I rolled us over and told him I wanted every last drop in me. I kept riding him to the point where he became too soft. Once I got off I licked him clean. His cum was sooooo good I loved it! Since then we have been fucking almost every night. I can't help what a good fucker he is.


Submitted: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:48:42 GMT

When I was about 13 my cousin asked if she could see my privates as she called them, we are the same age and I told her that she could but I wanted to see hers as well. She played with my penis for a long time just running her fingers all over it and teasing me to no end. Suddenly to my complete surprise she began licking the head like a sucker and then completely took it into her mouth and began sucking on me. I was in ecstasy having never received any oral sex in my life yet, I told her she was great and asked her how many times she had done it. She told me that was her first, she went on to tell me that she had found a stack of her Dad's Penthouse magazines and was really turned on after reading a few of them. She said she had to see an actual penis and figured I would not mind if she asked me.

We only lived about 2 miles apart and as the years progressed we explored each other completely but never had intercourse. She was one of the wildest women I have ever been with though and the memories of our sexual encounters replay in mind over and over.


Submitted: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 10:28:04 GMT

I am part of a large family but I am the youngest and the only boy. I have eight sisters and my only guess is that my dad really wanted to have a boy. I was the only kid to have my own room and it was upstairs away from all the others. One of my sisters would come up there quite often and we were close, playing games all the time or just sitting around reading.

When we were in our teens, I think I was 14 and she was 16, we were both just sitting around reading and I had noticed that one of her nipples was erect and poking out her shirt. I was staring at it when she asked me what was up, then looking down to see what I was staring at so long. She completely called me out on it asking me if I was staring at her boob. I am sure I got embarrassed but I just told her that I could see her nipple poking out her shirt and it just looked really cool, or something really stupid like that came out of my mouth. She looked towards the door then walked over and listened for a minute. She came back over to my bed and sat back down, while looking over at the door again she slowly lifted one side of her shirt up exposing her breast. I just stared at it looking at the curves and watching her nipple become erect. She looked back at me and asked me if I was going to touch it, I reached out and began running my fingers over her breast, feeling it out and her nipple got even harder. I was in heaven and played with it for about 5 minutes.

A few weekends later my parents went out to a dinner party and my sister came up to my room asking me what I was up to, I was just looking at a magazine and listening to my radio. She was sitting across from me on the floor and we were talking when she just blurted out that it felt really good when I was touching her last time. I told her that it was amazing and she asked me if I wanted to do it again, stupid question of course I did it had been all I could think about. We moved over to towards my closet so we were not right in view of the door and she lifted her shirt up so I could see both of them, I started caressing them and after a few minutes she was closing her eyes and shifting around a lot. She took one of my wrists and forced my hand down her sweats. She was so hot and soaked, I could smell the sweetness of her as I looked down and saw my hand pushing on her pubic hair. I fingered her for quite some time as she was telling me what felt good when suddenly she started shaking and told me not to stop what I was doing, she came really hard holding onto my arm and burying her face into my shoulder. She yanked my hand up and told me that she was super sensitive after her orgasm.

I was so excited when I looked at my fingers and they were soaked with her juices. She got up and walked over to the door again listening, she came back to me and told me that everything seemed quiet. She got back down on her knees and told me to pull my pants down. I was hard as a rock and had a little trouble getting myself up, when I pulled my shorts down I was sticking straight out. She smiled really big and started sucking on me, I could hardly stand up and started having an orgasm in like 30 seconds. she looked up at me after finishing me off and started laughing telling me I sure did not last long.

Over the next few years we had dozens of times like this one and are still close today.


Submitted: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 10:53:13 GMT

I used to live with my grandma and occasionally she would babysit my cousin Kristy. One day, she came over as her mom was busy with errands. We became bored within a couple hours and decided to go to the basement to watch tv. After about 10mins, she came over and sat on my lap. In no time I was getting turned on. I had my legs up on a stool and she layed flat tummy down on them. She was wearing very thin fabric pants and I could see the outline of her panties.I place my hands on her butt. She said nothing. No words of rejection. A couple minutes later, I slid my thumb between her legs and started rubbing up a down. I could hear her breath heavier but still no rejection.10 mins passed and I wanted more. I pulled her back a bit so my crotch was almost touching hers. I carefully and silently unzipped my fly and pulled it out. I started to rub it up and down her crotch like I did my thumb. I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. I did that for about 10 mins then got braver. I saw a safety pin on the endtable next to the chair. I had an idea. I grabbed the pin and proceeded to slowly fray the stitching in the crotch of her pants. She just kept watching tv. Not long I had a hole. I slid my finger in, pulled aside the panties and rubbed it up and down her very wet slit. She kind of twisted a little but still did not reject. I started sliding my finger in her hole. Vert tight but wet enough to work it fully in in minutes. After what seemed like forever, I ripped her pants a little bigger and placed my penis into the hole. Agian, pulled over her panties and worked it into her hole. It felt like heaven. I wanted to stay in her forever. I started sliding in and out. 5 mins later an insane rush came over me and I came inside her. Afterword, I told her not to tell anyone and to throw away those pants when she gets home. She never did tell anyone. :-)


Submitted: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:57:31 GMT

I am 27 and my brother is 2 years older than I am and has never been married or lived with anyone for a long period of time. He is pretty successful and very driven when it comes to work, I would think a guy like him would be getting laid on a weekly basis.

I on the other hand am working a job at the mall and divorced but my brother moved me in after my ex and I had a big fight. It has been about a year and half now and we are getting along great.

One weekend night about two months ago we were drinking wine and scotch, not together I drink wine, I just blurted out so what is your deal, no girlfriend or what? are you hiding her around here or something?

He just shrugged and told me that most women are a real pain in the ass.

I agreed with him on that some of us are high maintenance, so you do not see anyone? I asked him.

No not really just the occasional woman every five or so years it seems like.

I let it go then he asked me why I was not going on dates these days, he understood waiting a while after divorce but why not now. I told him that after I get my own place I will feel comfortable dating, not really wanting to bring anybody around your house out of respect for your privacy. You do not want some crazy guy that I do not want to see anymore yelling on your front lawn. After a few more minutes I told him well you know we both have the parts to make each other satisfied. He responded back that No that would not be weird at all, going down on my sister. We were staring at each other for quite some time when he finally spoke to me.

You would want to have sex? Seriously?

Why not? I told him, it is not like we are going to get into a long term relationship just sex when we want to have it.

I could see his brain was not quite wrapping around the idea as far as I could tell so I changed the subject and we did not talk about it for about 30 minutes.

He got up and went into the kitchen but when he came back he sat down on the couch with me and started running his fingers along my neck. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me then he let his fingers slide down and across my breast. I leaned back and let him stroke my breasts for a minute then sat up and took off my shirt and bra.

He told me I had wonderful breasts and nipples as he started to caress them again. I slid my hand up his leg and started squeezing his cock through his pants. He stood up and pulled my hand leading back to his bedroom, once inside he undressed me the rest of the way and started kissing my rear and legs. I was thinking wow he really knows how to please a woman. After some really nice long foreplay he finally worked his way down to my clit and began stroking it with his tongue, circling it and then barely touching it with little licks. he was driving me into a frenzy building me up then letting me fall, he was very good at this so I still wondered why he was single so long.

Soon I was rocked by orgasm after orgasm because I am a very multiple girl and usually scream my head off with the last great big one. He stopped licking me though and I begged him to keep going so he started in on me again finally building me up to a really big one which felt incredible after two years of no sex.

I laid there breathing hard then he rolled me over and started licking my rear and ass again, I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my feet so I squeezed it between them. he lifted me up by my hips and got me on my knees bent over with my head against the covers I looked back and saw one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. I whispered holy shit to myself and gripped the sheets for a good screwing.

I told him to go slow because it has been a while and I need a little stretching first, as he eased that monster into me I had to lean forward now and again to let him know not quite yet. I told him he was fucking huge so give it a few minutes to stretch me out. After a few more good strokes I started backing up to him harder but I was still hurting every few deep strokes. God he is big I kept telling myself, I am used to it now but the first time was a little tough on me. After about ten minutes of light pounding I told him he had to stop I was spent and rolled over to suck him off. He asked if he could stand up because that was his favorite way to cum. I slid off the end of the bed and kneeled on the floor, his cock right at my face I could not believe the size of the head. I told him I wish I would have known you were so big I would have mounted you a year ago.

I started sucking on him but my mouth was actually starting to ache from stretching around him so I gripped him with both hands and just sucked on the head while stroking him hard. When he came it was a huge load, guess I should have expected that with his size and all but I was still very impressed with how much he came, most of it went down but some was running down my face. He let out a big sigh and told me that was the best blow job he has ever received, very few women have been able to even suck him off. I held his cock out gripping it at the base and told him this thing is fucking huge that is why believe me my jaw is aching along with my pussy right now. I swear it is like a deformity, I asked him about a week after we started having sex if I could measure it. He his nine inches long and six and a half inches around it and that is at the head, his base his almost seven. I cannot even take the whole thing into me it bottoms out about two inches out. But let me tell you I love to have it in me now, I bend over the end of the couch and let him drive into me and it is like no other pleasure I have received. He will bend down and lick my ass and clit for half an hour then fill me with that wonderful cock for another half hour. I finally have been able to get about half of it into my mouth and throat but I cannot go any further and he loves it.

After about a month of sex he wanted to try something out that he had always wanted to with a girlfriend but was afraid of freaking them out. He wanted to pull the dining room table slightly apart and lay down on it while I pleasured him from under it. I told him that did not sound to strange and went along with it, I even cut a hole in a sheet and laid it across the table one evening before he came home from work. He walked in and saw the sheet and was puzzled but when he saw the hole in it he was really excited and stripped off his clothes and laid down. As his cock slid through the hole I was still amazed at the size of it soft and started massaging it hard before sucking on him, his ball sack barely fits in one of my hands. After a few nice long swallows I gripped it with both hands and pulled down on him as hard as I could, he groaned in pleasure because at the end of each pull I would follow it up with a tongue and suck him in as far as I could. I did not feel him cumming and ended up gagging a little as he filled my throat with cum but kept on stroking him off and let it go onto my breasts. I have always loved the taste of a man and he is quite good actually not bitter at all.

I love that he licks my anus, no one has ever done it before him and it feels amazing having his tongue pushing in and circling around it.

We have sex all the time now and I am not sure how long we will keep it up but for now we are both really happy and I think he has ruined me for men as I doubt I will meet a guy as big as he is anytime soon.


Submitted: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 17:02:36 GMT

If you were to Google, “Horse creek pool,” in Parker Colorado, you would know the last exact location where I got down on my knees and sucked off my Son. It was his 15th birthday, the evening of April 25th. I told him I needed to take him to the pavilion across the street to give him his BD present. At the park, there is a pavilion with a green metal roof on it next to the basketball court and playground. Under the pavilion are a few benches. I told my Son to have a seat on one of the benches and get comfortable. It was damp and chilly, around ten that evening, but dry under the pavilion. I got on my knees in front of him and told him, “I want you to let me get your cock out for me, sweetie.”

He realized I was offering to blow him. He knew this blowjob would be his Birthday present from me. We looked around once more to make sure we were alone in the dark. The homes around the park all had lights on inside but seemed to have all the windows closed. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled himself out for me. He immediately began to grow hard in the chilly night air.

I got closer to him and whispered, “Now, you have to keep it down now, alright baby.” Wide eyed, he assured me by nodding with great enthusiasm.

Looking my Son in the eye, I told him, “Here we go honey.”

I dropped my halter top, took the head of his cock in my mouth, and proceeded to give him his wonderful present. He throbbed to a rock hard pulse for me. My lips sealed on him for a promising secured grip. He watched my lips ripple up and down him as he began to pulse faster and faster.

Knowing he wasn't going to be able to last much longer, I began to increase my hold on him by sucking firmly on the head of his cock. His sweet pre cum began to flow freely for me.

After another minute…

Suddenly his load began to slip as I continued to tap deeply into him.

He clinched the bench with his hands; tightly. My Son was going to let it fly for me any second now… I could feel it. I grasped his shaft with my cold fingers to secure him for when he would explode for me. Suddenly… he made one muffled contracted grunt, and began to violently unload in my mouth. Pulse after pulse, shot after shot, my baby painted my throat with his hot mother load.

What a jackpot!


Submitted: Wed, 02 Sep 2015 14:18:04 GMT

I know its wrong, but we live in a very small town where there is not much to do. When I got home from work, he was bored and wanted to talk about us more from the other day.

I asked him what he had on his mind and he told me he wanted to talk about the prospect of us having sex at some point. I asked him why he wanted to have sex with me and he told me, "I like your hips."

I asked him, "What does that mean, you like my hips?" He told me he loved how curvy they made me. He told me, "I just wish you would let me get behind you, so I could lift up your skirt..."

I stopped him before he could finish telling me what he wanted to do with me. I removed my hand from infront of his face and told him, "Look, I'm not sure I really want to hear it."

After I saw the deep disappointment on his face when he started to walk away, I told him, "I would rather you show me instead," and to meet me in the bathroom in a few minutes.

I could hear him walking in on me. He was wide eyed when he saw me just how he said he wanted to have me... bent over the counter with my skirt pull to the side for him.

He got up on the stool behind me and dropped his drawers. I saw his face in the mirror; it was completely electrified. I could hardly believe what was about to happen.

It didn't take him long to rail himself into me with all of his slick wet precum either. After a few push attempts, he was in me deep all the way in no time. He grasped my hips, just like he wanted, and began to work me from behind.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap... he steadied himself on the stool, and then more pounding...

I watched him pump me from behind in the mirror as his pace quickened. By now, his face had a kind of, "Trance," look on it while he continued to railed himself in and out of me. As his eyes began to widen; he began to pulse much harder and faster for me... I knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

He watched himself give it to me while he stared at my, "Child bearing hips," he seemed to love so much. He was sooooo very rock hard for me now.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap... he continued pressing me harder and harder, faster and faster...

He was in desperate need to pump me full of his hot fury!

Then, as suddenly as I decided to let him fuck me, he began to blow his hot load in me as deep as he could as he pressed my hips with every shot.

Bold after bolt, shot after shot... I let him take all the time he needed to finish completly in me.

What can I say, I guess my Son just loves him some child bearing hips...


Submitted: Wed, 02 Sep 2015 20:44:37 GMT

My Mom and I are sexually active with each other every live long lustful day. Its true. I realize our relationship may sound a little unusual but the sex is not why I am revealing this confession.

We have sex; oral, anal, and even vaginal sex too. The vaginal sex is in positions where I don't necessarily have to look her in the face while I'm giving it to her, although she loves to watch my face when I cum in her. Just don't tell my Dad...

My Mother is, by forever far, the absolute best fuck and cum I have ever had... every time. She is so sexy and she always makes me cum as hard as possible for her. Usually a blowjob before school, and after school, we have some kind of intercorse when she gets home from work. Usually anal because its quick and clean for her. My Mom is very good about sneeking off with me when my Dad is home to suck me off sometime before its time for bed. The next day, we look forward to doing the same things all over again.

My Mom can really, "Turn it on," from start to finish. She is usually pretty serious when it cums to getting what she wants from me and me from her.

So, the reason why I am making this confession is right after I finish filling my Mom with my load, she giggles right after I cum in her. Something about me cumming in her, she thinks its funny and giggles. In her mouth, her butt, or even in her pussy, she giggles a little right after. I have asked her about it but she says she doesn't know why. It might be her way of making up for Dad's shortfalls in her sex life? Her getting some final satifaction, knowing he is getting nothing? Oh well, sorry Dad. I guess I really don't mind that she does it, so long as she lets me keep on finishing in her nice and hard.

My awesome sexy Mom!


Submitted: Sun, 06 Sep 2015 19:34:44 GMT

I was raised by a single mom, I was about 8 when it started, and there was an elderly man next door who took an interest in teaching me how to be a man, so I waited at his place everyday after school until my mom got home. He told me that before i could be a man i had to know how to please one like a woman. He let me watch porn gave me my first blowjob, and then had me suck him while he fingered my ass. I swallowed every load and sometimes came from him sticking things up my ass. He said it was time to try the real thing and he had me on all fours and slid his dick up my ass as we watched woman getting assfucked. I really liked it and when I felt him shooting cum ump my ass I started cumming too and it was amazing. All we did after that was anal, he always came in my ass and had me suck him clean until I swallowed a load. This happened everyday until we moved in with my moms boyfriend when I was almost 10. We moved in on a weekend and on Monday I got home from school and was told by him to throw all my school clothes in the laundry bin. Then I went into the livingroom totally naked and found him watching porn. A woman was sucking cock and he asked if I liked it. I said I like watching anal sex. He looked at me and changed VHS cassette and I saw a woman sucking cock while getting it up the ass. He pulled out of her ass and she spun around and sucked it without wiping it off and I liked it. I spit into my hand and wet my asshole and slid a finger up my ass. I looked at my stepdad and he had his dick out and I bent over the armrest of true couch and lowered myself to his cock and he said he wanted me to suck it, I looked at him and said "I only suck dirty dick after it's been up my ass. You wanna stick it up my ass? I'll suck I clean after. I always suck my shit off the dick". He got up and slowly stuffed his big hard cock up my ass all the way, and it hurt. He pulled out slowly and I kept saying it was too big, then he just started fucking me as hard as he could and I was squealing, but he didn't stop. He held my wrists behind my back and it seemed to last forever, and then he rammed it all the way in and I felt his hot cum gushing in my ass and I came all over myself. He laid back on the couch and his cock was covered in brown slime, I got between his legs and took him in my mouth. He pushed my head up and down and I was choking and gagging and then he exploded in my mouth and i swallowed it down. I had shit all over my lips and I licked it off and said I had fun. He told me to go shit in the bathroom and brown cum gushed out of me, my ass was stuck open, gaping. He came to pray before bed with me and did it again, and then again when he got up at 4am. When my mom came to wake me I said my bum hurt and she had a look, it was torn to shit. She asked me what was on my lips and I said dad gave me chocolate. She said I better stay home and as soon as she left we were in his bedroom watching porn and fucking my ass. It happened a lot over a few years, I loved it, and I've been with tons of men since.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 02:51:08 GMT

This is the first time I am telling this to anyone...

I used to spy on my mom in the shower. It probably started when I was in 7th or 8th grade, around when I started dating girls, which would have put my mom in her late 30's at the time. I do not know why, but she ALWAYS left her bathroom door cracked open. I continued to spy on her whenever the opportunity presented itself for YEARS to follow. I even recall spying on her after I moved back in after graduating from college.

For some reference, my mom was attractive, tall for a woman at about 5'6" with fair skin. She was always conscious of her weight, so she definitely wasn't heavy, but wasn't skinny either. She had perky pale white b-cup breasts, but her best feature was her pale white ass which was big and round and sloped gently down to her thighs.

She never caught me once. I was pretty careful about it, only taking the chance when no one else was home. She also had pretty poor eyesight and removed her glasses when showering. Her shower doors were the clear glass variety, so while peeping through the opening in the door my biggest obstacles were the fogging glass and the occasional towel draped over one of the railings on the shower door. I made sure to quickly and quietly leave her bedroom the instant the water flipped off, followed by an immediate jerk-off session in my bedroom or bathroom.

For some context on me, I was a 3-sport athlete in high school, popular and good-looking (by most people's accounts). I dated the best looking girl in my grade, and was sexually active beginning my Sophomore year, so I was a pretty normal (and fortunate) kid.

That's about it, secret revealed! I'm a 31 year old male now. I still recall the butterflies I would get in my stomach and the amazing anticipation I would feel leading up to it. To this day the mother/son genre is still one of my favorite fantasies.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:55:50 GMT

So I am 14, well almost 15. My dad and I have started having sex. It started when I told my mom my bra was too small and I needed a new one. When we got home she blurted to my dad how I was a 36 DD! Later that night I was spying on my older brother changing when my dad caught me! He brought me into the garage and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was just curious about their body. He told me he would show me but I had to show mine. I was so nervous but I stripped down naked. My dad started slowly removing his clothes and I began to feel so wet and slippery. Then when he removed his boxers his dick was rock hard. He asked me if I wanted to touch. Eagerly I ran towards it, stroking it. He then told me to open my mouth and suck. I did. He was too big to fit all the way in but my dad kept pumping himself into my mouth. Then he told me to drop to all fours. He shoved my face into the ground. He asked if I've ever had sex and I shook my head no. I told him I was too scared. Then he said this might I hurt so I felt his hand covering my mouth and then so much pain followed. But my screams didn't make him stop but I realized I didn't want him too. My dad wasn't in long before he blew his load in me. I'm not on birth control so I'm terrified he will get me pregnant. He won't let me get any pills either. But every night he fucks me when everyone is asleep. It's sick but I love his cum. After he cums in me, an leaves I take my fingers and catch what's falling out and eat it.


Submitted: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 13:21:46 GMT

So, I've been sleeping with both of my brothers. One is 3 years older than me, the other two years younger. I'm not sure how I started sleeping with my oldest brother. But the youngest caught us fucking in bathroom. It's a daily routine when we come home from school they strip me down. They'll finger me and lick me and suck on my tits. I'll blow them and we usually Eiffel Tower. Once one blows a load in me, they switch. They don't use condoms but I'm hoping if I'm on the pill I'll be okay.

The problem now is our dad busted us the other day. And when he was talking to me I could see his dick screaming to get out. I asked if I could see him, and surprisingly he showed me. As punishment my dad decided to show me how to really get fucked. He even gave me anal! So now I'm screwing my brothers and my dad. I'm taking all their loads and its fucking amazing


Submitted: Wed, 07 Oct 2015 21:52:27 GMT

O.K. I could have a problem... and then maybe not. I'll let you decide.

My 18 year old sister is a High School Cheerleader. She is real hot, 5'5", 120 pounds, tight waist and 32A Bra. She is toned, due to the workouts, and I really enjoy getting down blouse shots from her. Some of my favorite things to do is play scrabble or backgammon with her on the floor, and watch her bend over when she wears her "Night Tee Shirt's" that I stretch the necks on when I fold laundry so I can get the supreme "Bud" show.

One other thing I enjoy doing is photo shopping her head onto naked girls that have the same body type, as I don't have the balls to sneak nudes of her. When I make these photos, I masturbate, and produce a lot of precum. I take this and put it in her bra's. Well, one day when I thought she was out, I was doing my thing, and she walked in on me. She asked what I was doing, and I told her. I mean, I was caught with my pants down... literally.

After my confession, she asked to see the pictures... so I showed her. I have to say, I was really scared. She looked at them, and was impressed. I do a pretty good job, and fix skin tone and blend for good measure. She was also surprised to see that I had taken pictures of her cheerleader skirt and a pink bra that I had laid out on her bed. She asked why I did that, and I told her that it turned me on to know that my cum was on her breast's all day.

Well, with all that information, I figured I was in for a big problem. She started quizzing me on if I had sex before... no. If I had ever pleasured a girl... no. She said that she never had sex either, and I caller her a liar. She said, "No, Really... I have been afraid" She admitted that she masturbated allot, and I confessed that I did to... and I then received the "No Duh Bro." She then looked at me and smiled. "Hey" she asked, "Would you like to cum on my breasts for real?" My heart pounding and the blood rushing in my ears, I stammered a yes... but asked what the catch was. She said that if I gave her oral sex, because she did not want penetration, I could cum on her tits. "O.K" I said in a rush, "But you will need to show me what to do." "Oh, I will" she said.

She removed her shirt and shorts, and he panties very quickly. I am guessing she was as Horney as I was. Looking at her, she was everything I had imagined. Flat stomach, firm breasts that stood up on their own, with a slight "ski Slope" to the nipple... not to mention a bubble ass to knock me out.

She laid upon the bed, knees up, legs spread and pointed to a lightly shaved, dirty blond bush. She spread her pussy lips and pointed to the spot. As I licked she wanted me to dart my tongue into her from time to time. As I did, and basically French kissed her pussy, she would moan as my upper lip pressed against her sweet spot. She was so wet, I couldn't decide if it was my saliva or her juices. She then told me where she wanted me to concentrate my efforts, and she began to arch her back and moan. That alone... well, lets say that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Looking up at her I noticed her breasts looked a tad lonely. I reached up and started playing with them. As I did, I brushed her nipples... she moaned louder... I then started twisting them between my thumb and forefinger... and she moaned louder and then said "DON'T STOP!" I didn't, and with spasm's, she came and came. My face was drenched. She then pulled my head to her and kissed me. WOW! Ever swap pussy juice with your hot sister before? It is great!

She then looked at me and said, "Your turn" I was so hard and Horney, It didn't take long to do my thing on her breasts, especially when she was pulling and twisting my balls. When I came on her breasts, she didn't wipe it off. She asked me for her bra. She put it on, with all my cum on her, and then put on her tank top. Then she walked over and said, "This is what you wanted, I do hope you are happy now." I was. She then told me I had to lick the excess from around her bra and neck so it would not be seen, so I did as I was told. She then kissed me again to get a blending of her and I.

After she put on her shorts, she grabbed her keys and sneakers. I asked her where she was going. "To Cheerleading Practice. I can wait to sweat and smell us together!"

Since then, we have given each other oral sex, as well as mutual masturbation. I cum in her bras still, but she rather I rub it on her breasts. I will miss her when she goes to college, so I will enjoy it while I can.

Oh... The pictures... well I had to erase them; however, she poses nude for me now, so I can masturbate to the real thing once she is gone. My favorite, her in her cheerleading skirt with her pink bra pulled down under her perfectly round 32A's.


Submitted: Thu, 08 Oct 2015 13:35:16 GMT

On the weekend i was home with my daughter and her best friend. They are both 14 and so similar in many ways. Same long sandy hair, same height, small figures and tight little asses.

Just after lunch i went out onto the porch. They were both hanging over the railing in their matching red swim shorts and had the same bikinis on. They often hang out and had the same clothes, or similar.

Watching their tight asses for a couple of minutes i headed back inside. I couldn't help myself, so i went to the lounge room and started masturbating. I got excited so i headed back to the back door so i could perv while i did. My daughter had gone down to the pool. It was so hot looking at her friends as i crossed a line. I kept pulling and headed back out onto the porch. I was so close to cumming i went for it. I got behind her quietly, then as quickly as i could i pulled the back of her shorts and bikini down. Holding her hips tight i pushed my cock into her tiny pussy. She was tight, but it only took 4 or 5 thrusts and i was in, balls deep.

Just as she tried to get up and turn, i heard her yelp and say "Dad, what are you doing". It was too late as i blasted one of the largest loads of my life into her tiny teenage pussy. I just held her as i spurted every last load of sperm into her.

She and her friend went straight to her room. She finally spoke to me today and told me she was worried about me having got her pregnant. She told me her mother had stopped her from getting the pill because she was too young and she was in the middle of her cycle. I almost blew another load in my pants.


Submitted: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 04:04:49 GMT

Let me start by saying I love my mother very much. She would do anything for me and always has. Yes, she spoiled me rotten, but I am her only child and I’m her world. This is a story of how I took advantage of my mothers love for my own, ultimate pleasure.

A little over a year ago, my father was in a terrible car accident. Although he survived, the care he needed was far beyond our ability to deliver. It was a hard decision for my mom to make, but with my urging, she decided to admit dad into a nursing facility. As I saw it, this really was the only choice. My dad was so needy and I could not be bothered with this annoyance. The worst part was that mom spent all her time on him, I almost never saw her.

I told her that if we do not do something here, I was going to move out and leave her all alone. Mom broke down and reluctantly gave in. I knew she would, because mom hated being alone. It was her biggest fear and I exploited it for everything it was worth.

Mom took the move of Dad very hard and for the next year, she fell into a deep sad depression. Weird, although I felt her pain, this tragedy did not seem to bother me all that much. Secretly I was excited. I kept thinking, with dad away, mom could now focus all her attention to me. After awhile, I got sick of her depression and again told her I’m moving out and will leave her all alone if she doesn’t at the least, pretend to be cheery when I’m around. I don’t think she really snapped out of it, but shortly after we spoke, mom became extremely generous with me. She begged me to stay home and not get my own apartment. Money for a new car, Wide HD Flat screen, whatever I wanted she gave me. I admit it was a bit selfish of me to take advantage of her like this and take these things; I mean, I knew why she was doing this but fuck it, I deserve these things. Right? haha

Reluctantly, I did start to feel some guilt about taking advantage of her desperation. So not being totally selfish, I decided to do something nice in return. On the anniversary of the night Dad went into the home, I took mom out to a nice, dark Italian restaurant for dinner to thank her for all she has given me as well as a night out away from her sadness.

Although I wanted to show her a good time, I also wanted her to be grateful for me staying as well as fearful of me leaving. So, to do so, I purposely stayed away from her for a couple of weeks to make her really miss me. I also Messed with her car making her stranded at home And feeling even more isolated and alone. Yeah I know I'm a real D bag but I wanted her to be grateful to have me around. Smart right?

Anyway, think what you want because, it really worked. When I picked mom up for dinner she was all over me with hugs and kisses. Where have you been? She cried. I clearly saw how lonely she had been. What a rush to have her long for me so much. Unlike the normal skank's I’ve dated; only my mother can make me feel like I’m a G-D.

As a side note, Linda, my mom is in her late forty’s and not a bad looking woman. Growing up mom was the perfect Suzy Home Maker. She looked like she came right out of a cheap 50’s sitcom, but hotter. I would often catch my friends eating her baked cookies while starring at her ass and small but very cute tits. Linda has these fucking hot pointy ass nipples. No matter what the temperature, Mom nips seem to almost cut through her tops. I’ve never been out with her and not had some Jackass stare at them with serious desire. I too often wander what they must taste like.

Sometimes I would fantasize about Mom sexually, but not in a loving way. I really don’t know why, but my thoughts were always of me dominating and abusing her. Once I had a dreamed she was in the kitchen baking some shit and I came up to her from behind, lifted her up off her feet, through her face down on the table in the flour and force fucked the shit out of her ass as she begged me to stop. Pleading with G-D for help!!

Now that I think of it, it seems that more and more, the only way I could cum is when thinking of dominating and forcing mom for sex. I know! Sick, right? She always loved me and hardily ever denied me anything I ever asked for. I guess I’m just a spoiled selfish child.

Anyway, back to our night out. I had selected this one restaurant because they had a great wine selection. Mom loved the red wine and to be truthful, I wanted to get her drunk. We had a nice dinner and a two bottles. I was starting to feel good and since Mom is a very petite woman, I know she was probably feeling happy as well.

After dinner, to cap off the night, I also took her to a small pub she and dad would go to for some nice music and a few Baileys. At the Pub, Mom she saw some old friends and we made a party of it. As long as I was buying, the drinks were flowing, cheap basted. On the plus side, her friends were giving her complements about how lucky she was to have me take good care of her. As the night went on, the couples were starting to go home. Looking at Mom you could tell by her look that she realized even more so that dad was never going to take her home again. She drank more then normal, even after her friends left. She was really throwing them back so decided it was time for us to leave and told her so. OK, she sighed I could tell going back home alone terrified her.

After the pub, we went to our apartment. Since she was a bit tipsy, I had to kind of hold her up in the elevator and to our door. I don’t know why I did this, but when I had to get my keys pushed her against the wall and leaned into her roughly to keep from falling. She made a small ouch when she hit the wall and I got excited. Not sure why I pushed her harder then I needed to, but it felt good.

Once inside, I asked her if I could fix her a drink. Mom said yes and I made one for myself as well. As we sat on the couch sipping our drinks, she said “James, this is so sweet of you”. With Dad away, I really miss going out. Her eyes were starting to swell. Mom, I know it’s been really hard for you since you put dad in the home. I just felt you could use some company and a little fun tonight. I felt sorry for her, yet looking at her sadness was getting me both depressed and a little hot at the same time.

I was also somewhat annoyed she was not totally focused on me. Doesn’t she realize that she needs me more then I need her? Don’t get me wrong, I do love her very much, but she needs to understand, I’m the one she needs to please now. Maybe it was the booze but my frustration with Mom was increasing. Mom was in another world and I was not in it. She was going on about Dad. Good things, bad things ect. Who fucking cares.

I was drunk and not happy with her. I can be a bit of an ass when I drink and this was becoming too much to handle. James you’re really a good son. I’m so lucky to have you; I love you so very much. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Then in one gulp mom finished her drink and was getting up while saying I'm tired, I think I going to bed. Then Mom leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead like I was 5 yeas old. Like a slap in the face! I snapped.

What? This is BULLSHIT! Now I was really pissed. After spending over $500 on dinner and her deadbeat friends, I didn’t intend to call it a night. I’m not sure what I really wanted, but she owed me. I had to make my move now to get mine. Smiling at her I put my arms on her shoulders to stop her from leaving. Then I leaned in and returned Mom’s kiss, but made mine deep on her lips. Oooh! She said, as I covered her mouth with mine. She was startled, but she did respond. I guess she was feeling happy from the booze. I was kissing her and she was kissing me back.

This went on for a minute or two and was very hot, but I wanted more. Getting bolder I moved my kisses down Mom’s neck. I could tell she was enjoying this; so I began to unbutton her blouse while kissing her. This is when I started to get some resistance.

“Ah, no wait! No, no James stop, please stop., she said. This is crazy. I’m sorry she said. I can’t believe I did this to you. I could tell she was trying to clear her head, but always the mother, even now taking blame for what was happening. I’m so ashamed. Oh, what you must think me to act this way. I was lost for the moment, but we have to stop. You’re my son and this is not right.

Mom tried to pull away from me. No way was I stopping now. I leaned into her and made her lose her balance causing her to fell back onto the couch. As she still thinks, she is to blame for this I decided to press on for more. Oh mom, I said when she fell back down. I was persistent with my kisses and continued to unbuttoned her blouse. Between kisses, I said Mom; I need this, please, for me. I need you. I could tell she really wanted me to stop, but Mom always had a hard time saying no to me and let me continue. This is so crazy, please stop she whispered. We will regret this…

Maybe she will, but I wont. As I was kissing Mom’s shoulders, I started to run my fingertips lightly over the soft silk of her blouse. First along her sides and across her back, then eventually I started to cares her breasts pinching her long nipples I masturbated about many nights.

Mom protested. I must have crossed the line she drew. I guess me being her son was just too much. James we can’t does this! I know I’m drunk and little lonely, but it’s almost as if you’re trying to take advantage of me! If you only knew, I said to myself with an evil smirk.

James, you are starting to scare me. Please, James, no more!! She was shaking with fear and confusion. It only made me hotter. I kept going, pretending I did not hear her. James, I said NO and NO means NO! Mom yelled. She was trying with all her might now to push me away. Oh well, enough for the consensual sex I was hoping for. I guess it’s time for me to (force the issue.) I kept on kissing her, answering Mom’s vocal objections with more kisses and touches. She temporarily stopped protesting. I saw this as an opportunity to go further and moved my hands to caress my mother’s breasts rubbing her long nipples even harder.

Looking into her eyes, I saw real anger, fear and true sadness. Maybe I am a sick fuck, but I was forcing myself on my own mother and I was enjoying myself way to much. I was also in no hurry. I wanted to play with Mom for a little while. I moved my right hand to rest on her knee. Mom was wearing pantyhose and the feeling of her legs was another turn on for me. Although she was resisting, I kept on kissing Mom and began sliding my hand up her skirt touching her pussy feeling its warmth under her panties and pantyhose.

Realizing she was about to be date raped by her own son, she tried reason. James, please don’t do this. I’m your mother, its wrong, She said in a soft voice. I used her name, as I am not her son now Linda, I need to feel your body and I need you to feel mine as well. So please give me what I want. Don’t you love me? She started to speak in louder tones, James please, I BEG YOU! YOU HAVE TO STOP!! I’m your Mother for goodness sake!!

Ignoring her pleas, my hand worked its way into the waistband of her pantyhose and then under her panties. When my fingers met mom’s soft pussy, I could tell she was sexually excited even if she did not want to be.

James yes, I do love you, but not like this, you’re my Son this has got to stop, can’t you see this is wrong?

Tears were starting to flow and it made me hot! She cried and really tried hard to slip away. I held her in place and showed some force. I pushed her down on the couch and then slip my finger into her cunt. I didn’t answer her and kept right on fingering her pussy and playing with her clit. My exploring fingers were having the desired effect as Mom’s pleading for me to stop now came between short, panting breaths. I had my right hand firmly between Mom’s legs, playing with her pussy and my left hand sliding down under her bra and pinching, playing with her long nipples.

She made a last effort to try to stop me and pushed me hard to try to get away. I was getting tired of her fighting and wanted her to stop, so I gave her a look and then whacked her across the face. I’ve seen dad do that to shut her up in the past, so I figured it would work.

Hitting her almost made me come. She screamed and called me a fucking bastard!! Angered, I hit her two more times then with one hand ripped her panty hose into shreds to get them off her. Mom gave up trying to stop me and all I heard from her now were whimpers and cries. I think her son ripping her panties put her into shock or something. Seeing her so defeated just added to my excitement.

I increased the movement of my fingers in her pussy and started squeezing her breasts harder. I could feel Mom giving in to the sensations. Against her will, her body began to shake and tremble as she reached an orgasm. I kept it up until I could feel her orgasm peak and felt her eventually begin to relax in the afterglow.

I continued to lightly caress her pussy and breasts to help her get relaxed. Although still crying and in shock, I knew she was totally out of it. She had no fight so I took the opportunity and stood up and quickly stripped off all of my clothes. I then knelt on the couch with my knees on the inside of her hips. I then took Mom’s hands and placed them on my hard cock. I think she only then started to realize her Son was naked before her.

As I held her hands on my cock I said, Mom, I have something for you. I then began to move her hands up and down on my cock. She came out of her trance, became fully aware of the situation, and started to protest. James, listen to me. We’re doing something we shouldn’t be doing. She kept saying over and over she was my Mother and this is wrong. Realizing I wasn’t going to stop she begged me, I LOVE YOU James; as your Mother, I’m begging you to please STOP! All your life I’ve given you anything you asked for, but please, not this.”

I was not to be denied. I looked Mom in the eyes and gave her an odd kind of smile. I then picked her up and carried her over my shoulder to her bedroom. As I sat her down on the bed and with a bit more force pushed Mom’s shoulders back onto the sheets. Mom”, I said firmly between excited breaths. I’m not finished with you yet. I am going to HAVE you, FUCK you, this will happen. I know you won’t say or do anything about it. You don’t want me to go to jail and be left totally alone. Shamed by everyone as to what we did here.” You did this to me. You’re a whore that seduced her own son.

She turned away in shame because she knew I was right. I took this opportunity to quickly unzip her skirt and pull it off of her legs.

Oh G-d no…. She cried lightly.

I hooked my fingers into the waistbands of her panties and ripped them off her. It was so fucking HOT, a total power rush. Mom was now lying on the bed looking much disheveled. Her blouse open, her skirt and panties torn and lying on the floor. Some of what is left of her pantyhose around one ankle and her little pussy completely exposed.

Before she could get up, I had my face between her legs and my tongue buried deep inside her cunt. I was licking mom’s pussy and sucking on her clit like there was no tomorrow, all the while listening to Mom crying.

Then, as I felt Mom’s body begin to experience a second orgasm, I brought my face away from her pussy and slid my body up onto hers. Without any notice, I slid my hard cock deep into her warm, wet pussy.

You should have seen how wide her eyes got when she felt her son’s fat cock penetrate deep inside. I was in a total euphoric state. I was now fucking, no, sodomizing my mother, a pleasure only few luckily sons get. Doing it by force only multiplied the excitement. It was such a rush, better then Skydiving or Bungee Jumping. I almost blacked out.

Since Moms been without sex for over a year, so her pussy was tight and it felt good. Mom was whimpering again as I slid in and out of her. Her head was turned to the side. The hottest part was every time I slammed into her, she was making soft whimpering noises from her lips, as if she was gasping for air.

I decided to see her pert little tits and hot nipples as I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. So I took one hand and worked the shoulder straps of her bra down off each shoulder. I then ripped her bra so hard she raised off the bed. When the material gave way she fell back. I could feast my eyes on her cute tits. They were great. Small, cute and the nipples were standing at attention. I lowered my lips to one then the other, licking and sucking Mom’s tits and nipples. Now she was moaning a lot more than she was whimpering and I could tell she was starting to have another orgasm.

I was more than ready to cum myself, so I increased the tempo of my cock in and out of her cunt and really started to drive my cock in hard. Mom’s entire body would shake each time I thrust into her and she started to make deep moans or gurgling sounds in time with my thrusts.

As Mom cumed for the third time, I felt my cock begin to throb and was about to fill her sweet pussy with my hot cum.

Mom was out of it at this point and I wanted her to really be alive before I would cum so smacked her hard across the face. Once again, her eyes burst opened wide as she felt the pain from my slap and then felt my throbbing cock coming deep inside her. It felt like a garden hose shooting sperm out of my cock and into her pussy. I collapsed on top of her, spent, but only for the moment. Weather she knew it or not, we had the entire night ahead of us and I wasn't going any wear.

After that night, I took advantage of my mother many times making her a very entertaining sex partner for many years. This continued even after I was married. I even once lived my dream when I sodomized her ass on the kitchen table, while she begged me to stop.

Sometimes I would take her by force and sometimes we made love but the choice was always mine and she never told anyone.


Submitted: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 22:03:11 GMT

I love to listen to my Mom pee. I get rock hard every time. I wish I could barge in on her just as she is finishing, take her by the hand, guide her over to the counter, bend her over, and take her from behind for everything she's worth... my sexy Mom


Submitted: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 17:05:14 GMT

For two years now, after my mom remarried, I have had to put up with my stepsister Trina. She has a pretty face but is way to fat for her age. She is three years younger than me and is a brat. I don't know how long she has been doing it but after my parents leave for work she sneaks in my room knowing I sleep naked all the time. This past March was the first time I surely knew she was doing this. I don't remember feeling it before then but she pulled the sheet off my body. Its warm here most of the time so it didn't wake me right away. I sort of rolled over on my back when I finally realized she was standing there looking at me. At first I thought I was just dreaming or something and the next thing I knew she walked out of my room. My mom and stepdad own a lunch truck business and are gone most mornings by 5am. When I looked at my clock that morning it was only 7. When I did get up I asked her if she was in my room but she denied it. A few mornings later I got up to use the bathroom. My mom and stepdad were just leaving for work at the time and I was only back in bed for about 10 minutes when I heard my door open and could see the light from the hall. I had my sheet pull up around my waiste but had my back to the door and didn't see Trina come in. I was going to sit up and confront her but decided to see if she would do it again. I just layed with my eyes closed then felt the sheet being pulled down very slowly. When it was down at the back of my knees I was going to yell at her. I was laying on my side with one leg bent up and knew she could probably see my scrotum and anus. All the sudden I started to get a hard on and just keep laying there. I could sense her moving around the bed but I didn't say a word to her. I couldn't believe how much it aroused me and she must have stayed in my room for almost 15 minutes looking at me. I finally heard my door shut and was suprized at myself for being so turned on by what just happened. 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I do touch myself once in awhile and always masturbate after they leave. Almost every week I ask her if she was in my room that morning and just the way her face gets red, I can tell she is lying when she says no. For the last month and so far this month her cousin Kim comes in with her at least one time each week and somtimes two or three times. I don't know why I get so aroused when Trina comes in because I have no sexual interest in her. I see her in her night clothes often but have never seen her naked and really don't care to. I would like to see Kim naked but doubt if that will ever happen. I'm not sure if it excites them or if they are just curious and like to see my body and especially my penis and testicals. I even lay on my stomach sometimes with my one leg bent up far and expose my anus to them. It seems like the minute Trina walks in and especialy if Kim is with her I get a hard on right away. My mom knows I sleep naked but she never comes in my room without knocking or asking if I am decent. Trina even comes in on weekends sometimes but mostly when my mom and stepdad are shopping or outside somewhere. I do want to let them see me masturbate but if I do they will know I am awake. I don't want her or Kim to know that I am letting them see me naked so I only masturbate after their gone. The only other girl that has seen me naked is my girlfriend and I have never exposed myself before this. I shouldn't do it but it gets me excited everytime Trina or both of them are looking at me. I cover myself sometimes with the sheet up to my waiste and get hard as soon as she starts pulling it down. Most of the times when I do this I am totally erect before the sheet is all the way off me. I hope some day they have the nerve to touch me but so far they only look at me. As much as my stepdad spoils her I know he would be furious if he knew what she was doing. I like telling her I thought somebody was in my room because she blushes every time I say someting. She just looks at me sometimes and says, why would I be in your room. I never say much more about it and can tell she is embarrased herself at what she is doing. I'll never tell her how much I like them seeing me naked and will continue letting her think she is the sneaky one.


Submitted: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 16:38:31 GMT

Three weeks ago I was at my girfriends house and we were making out in her room. Her parents weren't supposed to be home until after five o'clock. It was only noon time when her mom walked in the front door and called to her. We were both naked and my girfriend told me to sneek out the back door. I just grabbed my clothes and ran naked to the back but the door had a dead bolt lock on it. I was in a panic and went into the first room I came to not realizing at the time it was her parents room. I went to go back out but her mother was coming towards her room and the only place for me to go was the closet. My girfriend didn't know where I was but I could hear them talking in the hallway. It was raining real bad that day. Her mother came home becuse she had slipped in the parking lot at work and fell on her back. She had dirt and mud all over her and even in her hair. She came in the room and I heard her walking towards the closet so I stooped down in the corner just before she opened the door. She reached in and took some clothes out and thankfully didn't see me. It was her who left the closet door open a little and when I peeked out she was getting undressed. As soon as she was naked she went into the bathroom and left the door open. I thought about running out but to get to the hallway door I would have to pass the bathroom and was afraid she would see me. I couldn't see into the bathroom but heard the shower go on. She wasn't in there long and came back into the bedroom naked and drying herself. She just stood there naked blow drying her hair and I couldn't take my eyes off her. I got a hard on watching her but was afraid to jerk off in the closet. She quickly brushed her hair and got dressed in clean clothes. In a minute or two I could hear my girlfriend calling me and telling me her mom went back to work. I was still naked and put my underware and pants on right away because I still had a hard on and didn't want her to see it. When I came out of her mothers room she was in the hallway. I just told her I hid in the closet and she still doesn't know I saw her mom nude. I think her mom is 38 and I just hope my girlfriend looks that good when she is that age.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 06:18:15 GMT

when my sister and i were younger, from age 5 and up.we were sometimes sexual and touch each other. In our pool we would sometimes get naked and rub up against each other and masturbate each other. When we were ages 5-.12 we would often have baths together and it got intense most times. Id get her to sit on my boner and ride me. And get her to bend over and spread her bumhole and i would stick my tongue up her bum hole and pussy.


Submitted: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 17:40:48 GMT

Sheldon was my landlord and lives in the first floor apartment and I lived on the second floor. He was always real nice right from when I first moved in last year. I began to notice things and questioned him about going into my apartment when I was a work. He didn't deny it but always said it was to repair something. In June I came home from work on a Friday and made myself something to eat. I had plans to go out later but got so dizzy and tired I went to bed. I woke up Saturday morning about 9am without my panties on and my nightgown on backwards. My whole body ached and my pubic hair was matted and damp. I had small bruises on my breasts and my anus was painful. I have had enough experience to know someone had sex with me. When I went into the bathroom I had a dry substance on my chin and lower lip and realized it was cum. I was totally freaked out and took a shower right away. I just knew Sheldon had tampered with my food, drugged me and had sex with me. I was furious and confronted him as soon as I got dressed. He denied everything and told me I must have had a boyfriend with me. Just the way he was talking I knew he was lying. I was so mad I wanted to kill him. I went to the police station and told them what happened. They did question him that day but they couldn't arrest him for it. The one policewoman told me I shouldn't have showered when I did but I was so digusted I had to. That week I moved out and never spoke to him again. My lease wasn't up but I just moved. I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone about it but finally told my brother making him promise not to tell my mom and dad about it. So far my brother ruined his car and put wet concrete in the drains around his apartment house. He also slashed Sheldon's tires twice on his new car and poured a gallon of black paint on the steps to the apartments. My brothers friend works for the revenue department and is going to have Sheldon audited later this year. I don't remember Sheldon being in my bed but it makes me sick at my stomach knowing he had sex with me. He's a fat slob and the thoughts of his cum on my face makes me sick. I don't know how long he had me but know he must have had intercouse and anal sex with me. I don't dare tell my brother everything and think Sheldon even had his penis in my mouth since his dried cum was on my chin and lip. My brother has vowed to make Sheldons life miserable and so far has but has plans to do more things to him. He wants to beat him up but I am afraid he will get into to much trouble. As much as I try I can't stop thinking about it and am grossed out when I do. My brother thinks Sheldon used a date rape drug and put it in my food or soda. Whatever it was knocked me out and I can't remember anything about that night. I do remember how my body looked and felt the next morning and can only imagine what he did to me.


Submitted: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 04:56:31 GMT

About five years ago, I had my first sexual encounter around my birthday. I turned 13.

I had some family flying in from the Marianas, and as always we let them stay at our house for as long as they need. Usually my auntie is the one that flies in the check my folks, but this time around she brought her son, age 19 at that time. My aunt slept in my room, which I willingly gave up, and my cousin slept downstairs in the living room by me. No biggie.

Well, I started to get to know him and at first, it sounded like he was trying to pick up on me, how a guy would do at school or something - you know, try to connect with something totally irrelevant. I thought nothing of it, but as we started to bond as cousins, he started looking at me more. It was weird, but I still thought nothing of it.

My grandfather was admitted to the hospital soon after, and we would make visits. When I'd go to the bathroom or go get a snack, my cousin would follow. Once, on the way back, he asked "Hey, can we hold hands?" "Why," I asked. He said, "Oh well, our other cousins and I do it. Why can't we?" I knew it was weird, but... whatever.

It just progressed from there... but what started it was our trip to watch a movie at the theatres. It was a scary movie, and I'm chicken shit when it comes to horror. He held my hand the whole time, squeezing when he felt me flinch. For the first time, I started feeling a little warm inside. Then the warm feeling turned into wet thoughts. It weirded me out, but at the same time, because I was completely new to this, I was so curious... so in need to know what this was.

I went home and ran to my room that night and checked my panties because I felt something new. Apparently that was the first time I had gotten truly "wet," because my panties were sopping at the croth part. I panicked so I changed and went downstairs to sleep, thinking I could put it aside and things would be normal. I was so wrong ._.

At one in the morning, he and I were still up while everyone else was knocked out upstairs. So he said, "Hey, ever watched a porn?" I said yeah, and he suggested we watch some. I said okay. He was behind me, and unsuspecting me didn't know he'd hug me from there. After it was done, I was a little riled up. He asked me if I'd ever done "naughty" things, and I told him no. So he kissed me. Being new at this, I surrendered to the sudden wave of warmth in my body, making its way to my "sensitive" areas. He scooted closer to me and I felt him, hard, pressing against me in my vagina. I flipped, but I let it happen. Why? Til this day, I have no clue.

Well, it went on like that for a while, until he urged me to touch him. I reached into his boxers and fumbled with his penis for a while, trying to discover what it was. Instinctively, I began to stroke him. He liked it, so I kept on. It got to the point where he started fingering me (and it hurt like hell). He came in his boxers while I bled a little in my panties, and he wiped his cum on my cheek. After that, he walked into the bathroom and washed his hands while I washed his stuff from my face. The next morning, he and his mom left back home and all he could say to me was, "Bye kid." My other female cousin, who knew this was going on, said "Wow. All that, and just 'Bye kid'?"

I haven't seen that cousin since, and I truly don't plan to. I was so caught up in the heat and the curiosity, I actually let him take advantage of me. I would think that both my desire and reluctance to have sex in high school, even now that I've been in a relationship for four years (including this first year in college), was because of that shame. It wasn't mentioned up there, but after the masturbating each other, he pressured me to sit on his cock and "fuck him" as he put it... I just couldn't. After that, I think I knew he'd be gone from my life, and had I gone through with his demand... well, I think I'd be even more sexually, maybe even socially perturbed today than I already am. And yet, while regretting this ever happened, I don't. I feel so messed up.


Submitted: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 06:35:33 GMT

I have been 'borrowing' my dad's porn magazine and video tapes since I found them under his pile of clothes when I was 12yo. Almost every day, I will go to this teenage boy's heaven, after school, when I am the only one at home, put on his videos in the living room, and flip through pages of naked women with big tits, being fucked everywhere. I took effort to put them back exactly as they were, so that my Dad will not find out.

His collections are updated quite regularly, and for an era without internet, his collection is considered comprehensive. 1 day when I was 16, I found a tape with no cover, and when I played it, it was Dad and Mum's home made sex video.

I watched in amusement, at the 2 familiar faces, completely naked. When it first started, only my Mom was in the view, she was wearing her bra/panties on the bed. Dad crawled onto the bed, completely naked, and armed with a rock-hard 6-7" cock. He removed Mum's bra, and started suckling on her nipples. After a while, his right hand slipped under Mum's panties, and begin fingering her with a quick rhythm.

Mum appeared to enjoy it, and let out some sexy moans. Dad then moved lower, and remove mum's panties. He then plunged his face into her groin, and started licking, eating fingering the pussy greedily. He stopped, and took the video cam right beside mum's legs, to see the full glory of the wet pussy, mum's moaning can be heard clearer now. She was asking for more.

From time to time, Dad will take his rock hard cock and rub the cock head against the pussy. After a while, He took the videocam, and crawl over mum. He the pushed his cock into her sexy, willing mouth. Mum started moving her head up and down, sucking tightly on the big cock. Dad was holding the videocam like POV porn. Kept hearing him say, "suck my cock, suck it" "you like to suck my cock?"

At some point, he will take over, and pumps his cock into her mouth.

There is then some movements in the video, and the next scene, took me a while to make out what was happening. My Dad was squatting on Mum's face (towards her legs direction), and getting a nasty rim job, while he fingers the pussy skillfully again. The videocam alternate between under my Dad's ass(with mouth) and my mum's pussy (with fingers). Both of them were moaning loudly.

After some time, the video shows a next scene, where Dad is fucking Mum missionary, (her legs over his shoulders). Dad was holding the videocam in POV again, and kept saying "very beautiful, very sexy". This lasted very long, and they switched to doggy, and after some time, Dad asked mum to sit on him in cowgirl position. Dad is stilling holding to the videocam. In the next scene, mum was already on Dad. And she begin to slowly rock herself, making her boobs bounce so sexily. Sometimes, Dad will put his hands out and fondle with the tits.

I can tell that they love this position a lot. Mum is very much in control, and rode skillfully on Dad. This wild sexual display went on for sometime, and then I heard Dad's moaning becoming louder/wilder, and kept shouting "I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna shoot". He pushed my mum up, and down towards his cock. The videocam now focus on his cock, with mum's mouth sucking hard and wet on it. In just a few seconds, dad pushed mum's mouth out, saying "I gonna shoot now, open your mouth for me". Immediately, he let out a loud moan, and 3 loads of white gooey cum started to shoot powerfully into the mouth and face of Mum.

Mum's face is covered with messy cum, and Dad wiped them off with his fingers, and send them into her mouth, and she swallowed them.

They were really hot, and I made a copy of the tape for myself. I still jerk off to it now, after 6 years.


Submitted: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 04:42:09 GMT

I made my 3 younger cousin touched my erected cock when they were younger.


Submitted: Tue, 31 May 2011 01:08:59 GMT

I remember one halloween i went over to my friend's house to see if he wanted to hang out. So i went over there and his sister answered the door and said that he wasn't home. But she told me to come on inside so i did. She was wearing a tight pac man dress which showed off her big ass tits. She leaves for a min. or two and comes back just wearing here tight dress but this time she was just wearing tight panties instead of pants. I stared at her ass and she can tell i have a fucking huge hard on. she then sits down right beside me and pulls down my pants and starts rubbing my penis then gives me a lap dance, then she pulls down my underwear. one things leads to another and she is bare butt on the couch (anyone can come in and we would be exposed), im like fuck it, i put on my condom and fuck her in the ass hard. she would then ride my cock in missionary so hard we can hear the rocking of the couch from a mile away, so im laying there and im enjoying the fuck out of it, she is having her orgasm, so loud that im pretty sure the neighbors can hear. then she gets completely naked so do i, then she puts my cock in between her big tits and then she squeezed them together and rocked them back and forth fast. I cum in my condom. she takes my condom off for me and throws it in the trash. we weren't done there i eat out her pussy like there was no tomorrow but i was cock-blocked from fucking her even more that evening. A mother fucking treat or treater came ringing the doorbell so we freaked out and she literally throws we out of the house in the bare nude, so i run into the woods and change. Ever sense this she told her friends about it and we would not be afraid of fucking in front of them during campfires and shit like that. We dont this anymore, but i get off to it still. i hope her pussy gets wet to the tought of my name!!!! XD


Submitted: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 10:04:51 GMT

My brother and I started messing around when we were about 5. It started with just laying on each other. We stopped at some point. But then when we hit puberty, those thoughts came back. I had been staring at his cock (I'm slightly bi) every time he climbed into the top bunk. This had been going on for months when one night he says, "Do you remember when we were little?" I said, "When we used to mess around?" By now I was about 19. We decided to resume and I still remember the sheer delight as he climbed down and we pulled off our underwear. His cock was longer and thicker than mine. That first time we weren't together long. I sucked him off and I remember how he shot his load in my mouth without asking. I didn't matter for I had been blowing a friend of mine for years and liked giving head. Well that night started a sex thing that lasted for many many years. And though we are in our late 40s, 50s, put us together again and we still do it all over again.


Submitted: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 21:02:00 GMT

For years, I have window peeped and spied in other ways on my mother and sister while I masturbated. I sneaked into Mother's bedroom, where they both showered, and made slight, un-noticeable adjustments to the curtains so that when I slipped outside, I could see them after they came out of the bathroom to towel off and put on their night clothes. I'd then slip out my bedroom window when they went to shower. I'd position myself outside the window and masturbate myself to the edge of ejaculation while waiting for them to come out of the bathroom. When they thought they were behind closed doors, drying and dressing in private, little did they know that I was pleasuring myself while peeping on them!

I still to this day, sneak their panties and thongs and masturbate and ejaculate into them, then place them back into their drawer.


Submitted: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 21:11:45 GMT

When I was in junior high, my friend and I would masturbate each other while we spied on his mom, her friends and two sisters as they sun-bathed nude by their pool. We would spy on them from his upstairs room where we could see over the privacy fence.

At first, we just masturbated ourselves. But we eventually found that it felt much better if it was someone else stroking your cock so we started doing the mutual masturbation. We had plenty of time as they were sunbathing for hours. Sometimes we would masturbate each other to multiple ejaculations.

Being young and full of cum, we'd see who could shoot their ejaculate the farthest. We could really shoot some loads!


Submitted: Sun, 01 Jan 2012 06:39:50 GMT

i've messed around with my cousin who is also male ..

first timewe had an experiance was at the age of 15, We had a sleepover and was in the loo together peeing , after we had both stopped my cousin and i pulled down each other pants and i asked him to see whos cock was bigger when erect.. after few stokes we were both hard in no time. as we both gazed at each others cock we decided to wank off see who came b4 the other.. we ended up wanking our selfs off at first as my cousin sat on the bath i reached over and started to wank him off after few hand movements he told me to suck him so i did.. he blew his load in my mouth and i replayed hi the favour that night we slept naked together ... best night ever.

my other incest experiance was a female who loved to just wank me off when i babysat her ... little horny babe she was ...

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Submitted: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 04:38:28 GMT

i allways fuck to the idea of my aunt in a catwoman suit. im very embarrased. i must do it at least 4-5 times a day.


Submitted: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 14:26:08 GMT

my uncle tryed to rape me.


Submitted: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 00:03:44 GMT

One night my sister came home from a night out with her girlfriends. She was probably around 22 and I was much younger. I was horny in my bed and I knew she had been drinking. I heard her go into the restroom and I knew she was going to shower soon. I waited a few minutes and gave her time to get her clothes off. She turned on the water and I walked into the bathroom. I asked her if I could come in and use it real quick. She wrapped herself in a towel and let me in.

I started small conversation, went to the restroom real quick and washed my hands. I turned around to give her a goodnight hug and she wrapped her arms around me and held me for a bit. The towel fell off her backside and I grabbed her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks. She pulled back and kissed me and I French kissed her mouth. I slid my hands up to her breasts and felt her tits as I made out with her. The towel dropped down and I sucked on her left nipple. She fought me for a second and then relaxed as she let me suck on it and rub her other titty. I was nervous and after sucking for a little while she pulled back and I really didn't know what to do next.

She kind of froze too and grabbed the towel and I hugged her real quick and left. I went back to my room with the biggest hard on and masturbated, shooting my cum past my head on the first quirt. This was the start of some future fooling around that we did throughout our lives. She still lives near me and I see her on a frequent basis. Just thought I would tell this story on here as I would never tell this to anyone in real life.


Submitted: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 15:43:03 GMT

I see you looking at me and my pussy throbs for this site of you. Fuck YOU in YOUR asshole YOU!


Submitted: Thu, 05 Dec 2013 13:38:41 GMT

Me and my daughter been flirting with one another for a while now and I want to take things a little futher know. I want to buy something sexy for christmas to break the ice. Any suggestions


Submitted: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 02:39:24 GMT

I remember once me and my two gurl cousins jenny (14) and ashley (10) and me (13) used to sleep in the same bed. They were into high school Musical alot. I was feeling kinda horny for maybe the first time. I told them I was zach efrons character and told them to luck my dick. They did.

At that point I must have made them horny too because they took every article of clothing off. There pussies were dripping wet. Jenny made our with me while Ashley row me like a bike.

We all came but we didn't stop. They switched sides and Ashley rubbed her pussy up and down my dick.

She rode me for a long time. Jenny was sitting on my face and I had no choice but to eat her pussy.

They called me Troy and made out with each other sign my dick in the middle. I came and cum went every where.

I put them on the bed and said let me try. I ended my cock between both of there pussies.

We all came at once.

We still do this secretly two years later. We call it SAD.

In fact, Jay the other day she requested anal. I pounded her. Then she tried to rise me cowgirl style. But because of the intense ass pounding we both came on the first thrust.

As I came she was grinding me and it went all over my stomach. She was also squirting all the way to my chest.

Hopefully I'll get some action tonight! Whisk me Luck!


Submitted: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 01:35:53 GMT

Well it's simple really. I'm 27 years old. Since 15 i have been into girls who are younger than me. I mostly love girls who are 13 or 14 as they are just coming of age. They have beautiful bodies, nice small titties, tight little asses and most of them are already fertile.

It started with a young girl at school. We got together and after a few weeks i fucked her bare. She got pregnant and left school. I never saw her again.

Anyway, as i have grown up i have found ways to be around and inactive with young girls and in the right cases i have managed to fuck them. I know i have gotten at least 7 or 8 of these girls pregnant, but i just move on and so far have gotten away with it.

A few years ago i got a camera and i have recorded my times with the girls since. I have about 7 or 8 recording that i like to go back and watch when i'm in need and haven't got a girl at the time. I watch one i love the most. I got this beautiful little 13 year old blonde, she was so sexy in her bikini. I managed to snag her over a few weeks and i recorded myself fucking her in the disabled toilets at our local pool. I love this one the best as i only fucked her once, but when i saw her 3 months later she clearly had a belly starting to grow. I love knowing i got her pregnant.

Anyway, my step sister is only 12 years old. My mother re-married and had her. I have always thought she was cute, but about 2 months ago she caught me watching my video. She started asking questions and i lost it. I know i should have, but she was in a little skirt, tight singlet top showing off her just budding breasts. She has long dark sandy blonde hair, tight little body and a little baby face. Anyway i got carried away and before i could stop myself i was using her to show her what i was doing.

I lost myself in this process and after a few minutes i broke my sisters hymen, sitting her on my lap as she watched the video and i sunk into her. I only lasted a couple of minutes, but i blew so hard and so deep inside her. I don't think she even realised what i had done. Anyway she was so young i thought it would be ok.

I have now found out that she had been having her periods for 3 or 4 months before i fucked her and she is now clearly pregnant as she has been getting morning sickness and our mother took her to the doctors and confirmed it. I don't think she has said anything, but for how long!


Submitted: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 20:50:51 GMT

So my young cousin is staying with us right now. She came to spend christmas with us as her parents are travelling.

Last night the whole family was having a good christmas eve, they were even letting teens drink. My cousin is 14 and she is drop dead stunning. She could pass as 20 if she wanted to.

Late in the night i found her passed out on one of the spare beds. No one notice it and as everyone went to sleep i let my spare room and headed to hers. I spent 5 minutes trying to wake her, but she didn't wake up. She was totally out, which was no surprise given how much she drank.

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I came back to my spare room a few minutes ago. I dressed her and left her pussy full of as much sperm as i could. I cleaned the leaked out mess. I know i shouldn't, but i hope i have gotten her pregnant. Then she will know how much fun someone had with her.

All i know is that i am going to make sure she gets really drunk gain today so i can have another go of the best christmas present i ever had and maybe i can give her a present too.


Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 02:31:42 GMT

My sister used to give me blow jobs to complete her homework for her. She had a term paper that needed to be huge, I finished it up and then withheld it until the day before it was due. When she asked me about it I told it was done but was going to cost her a little more than a bj, I made her strip naked and I licked and sucked on everything. I even got her to still give me a bj.


Submitted: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 03:50:31 GMT

When I first started college I could not really afford to stay on campus but my Aunt lived close by the university. I was able to arrange my schedule so that I had class from Monday-Thursday so my Aunt told us that I could stay at her house for the three nights to save me some travel time. I lived with my mom still and we were almost three hours from the school. About a month into my staying at her house she came upstairs with a snack as usual and asked me about my classes and how things were in school. She almost always had her robe and pajamas on that late but this time she had left the robe open and I could easily see her nipples through the thin material. I was getting pretty turned on by it but tried to keep my eyes on her face instead of looking down but I would catch myself staring at them. She told me goodnight and to sleep good and headed back downstairs.

The next night was the same deal, robe open and her nipples dancing all over the place against the thin top. I was getting really turned on by it and was already wearing just my shorts for bed. She was sitting on the bed and stood up walking behind me she put her hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them telling me that I was pretty tense. She told me to lay down on the bed and she would give me a back rub so I got up and sure enough I had to bend a little at the waist to hide my hard on.

She climbed right on top of me and I could feel her right on my rear end as she began working her hands into my back. After a long massage she told me to roll over as she slid down the bed and in one quick motion my shorts were at my knees and my cock was in her mouth. She gripped it with one hand and began sucking on it hard and fast, stopping at the top now and then and licking it hard with her tongue. I had a few girlfriends give me blow jobs before but she was a pro compared to them. I reached down trying to play with her boobs but she pushed my hand away and started sucking away again until I came. She swallowed all of me right to my balls and cleaned up anything she missed.

I spent many nights over at her house and almost weekly she would give me a great blowjob and never let me touch her body, all I could do was watch her breasts swing back and forth while she sucked me off.


Submitted: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 14:20:40 GMT

My dad died when I was only ten which left me, three sisters and my mom. Our family was not really into privacy much as we only had a three bedroom house so I shared a room with one of my sisters until I was about 12. My mom always wore a t-shirt in the morning which covered her up while just normally walking around but when she reached for something or bent over all was exposed. This carried over to my sisters as well never really covering themselves up just walking around in the morning before school with it all out there.

The oldest moved out and so I finally had a room to myself as mom figured we were getting to old to be in the same room. One morning she came into my room to wake me up as she usually did and when she pulled the covers back my very erect penis surprised her, I was not naked but the shorts I was wearing did not do much to hide it.

She laughed and told me you better go pee before you wet the bed then surprised me when she reached down and grabbed a hold of it. She grasped it pretty firmly and told me my you have quite the pole there.

The next few days she did not pull the covers off me just made sure I was awake before she left the room with lights and shaking me around a lot.

I was stunned even further when one morning I awoke thinking that I had to pee really bad and even in my sleep was dreaming that there was something grabbing my penis. I woke up to the same feeling and was very taken back to see the covers moving and felt something on my penis. She had pulled the covers over her and was sucking on me like crazy, I looked over and my door was closed. I came and she still was sucking on it slowly but with long hard pulls. She pulled the covers back and asked me if I was awake now, I answered back that I was very awake now. She did not say anything else and walked out of the room. I got myself around and showered then came downstairs for breakfast, my sisters were headed out the door for school. I was talking to mom but to confused to bring up anything about this morning wake up call. She seemed normal, well normal for her anyways.

The next morning and everyone after that for about a month started the same way, she would come in pull my covers over her body and suck me off. I started noticing that my two sisters were in the bathrooms during this time so she figured that there would be no interruptions. After about a month I finally got up the courage in the morning after everyone else was gone to ask her why she was doing this as it seemed a little strange. She quickly answered me back be saying if you keep your grades up like you have been you will be getting that all the time.

She remained true to her word and I never said anything to anyone, I remember laying in bed one morning as I had woke up before she came in to do it. I laid there pretending to be asleep so I would get a bj from her and as I was laying there I was trying to think back in time of a morning she had not sucked me off and could not remember a morning that she had not done it. This may seem crazy to read but I think my mom was a little off anyways and as I got older and saw how other adults acted I think she was a little chemically imbalanced and my dad and her only got married because he got her pregnant. They always seemed happy and I think it was because she was so sexually loaded, I was thinking I bet she used to suck him off everyday and when he died she had this empty void she had to fill. She died before I graduated high school and must have been just lonely or something because it was alcohol that did her in so no wonder she was not of a straight mind but she never appeared drunk to me or smelled of alcohol.


Submitted: Mon, 06 Apr 2015 07:06:39 GMT

We were visiting my daughter and son in law on Saturday. We had a few drinks and watching sport on the TV. After the game was finished everybody moved outside into the garden, except for me and my 11yo granddaughter who was sitting on my lap at the time, as she always loves to do, the difference today was that she has been shifting her little ass around all the time on my dick which had a effect on me and caused my dick to rise like a flagpole, this even caused her to wriggle around more and at the end got my dick wedged between her ass cheeks.

When we were alone she turned her face to me and kissed me softly on my lips and told me she loves me very much after which she jumped up and whispered that she was going to fetch a blanket and planted another kiss on my lips, this time letting her tongue push against my lips and with that she skipped and jumped out of the room while I was staring at her sexy little ass in her tight fitting denim shorts. My dick was raging like a fire and even though I knew I should get up and out, I could not.

My granddaughter came back with the blanket, settled down on my lap and pulled the blanket over us. She then wriggled around on my dick and laid back and snuggled her face into my neck and gave a little sigh. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me, her lips pressed against my neck which caused my dick to twitch against her bum. My head was spinning and my hands started to roam over her body, my right hand was searching for the little nipples on her chest that was recently showing signs off her body nearing puberty, while my other hand travelled over her thighs and up to her crotch area. When my hand stroked up between her legs she suddenly pulled her one leg up bending it at the knee which opened the access to her crotch area like a highway.I froze for a moment not sure how far I should go, that was when I looked down at my granddaughter. Her face was flushed, her lips moist and she was looking at me shyly but with a sparkle in her eyes that begged me to continue. I knew that there were a lot off people around and that I may be caught but I lost it then, bending my head down towards her face and then I kissed her softly playing with my tongue across her lips, she responded by sliding her one arm around my neck and pushed her tongue against mine, we were kissing like lovers not like grandfather and granddaughter while my right hand played with her stiffened little buds and my left hand found it's way up into the gap between her leg and the denim short. There I found her treasure covered by a cotton panty and to my surprise I found it damp with her juices, when I touched her there she let out a little moan into my mouth.

That was the moment I heard my grandson as he came running into the house calling me.My granddaughter gave a little groan and quickly broke free from our embrase just as her brother came storming through the door explaining that I was needed outside in the garden.

After I persuaded him to go and tell everybody that I am coming I pulled my granddaughter against me and found her lips waiting for me. I knew I should not say it but I whispered against her mouth "I want you" upon which she responded softly with "I love you" then I stood up and went to the bathroom to get rid of all the pre-cum that was soaking my pants and went outside.

She never left my side for the whole evening. What should I do?


Submitted: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 07:46:33 GMT

I grew up in a large family, eleven kids, our house was small just a three bedroom. when I was about thirteen my older brothers started fondling my sister and I all the time and would come into the girls room late at night and feel us out. they would take my hand and put it on their penis and tell me what to do. we would end up masturbating them or sucking on them all the time. I had my first orgasm with two of my brothers and sister watching, one of my brothers started rubbing my clit and did not stop until I was having an orgasm, even then the other one wanted to rub me also so I ended up getting two. they never had intercourse with us just treated us like little play things to see what our bodies were like. they would play with us all the time and sometimes my nipples were so tender afterwards I could barely wear a shirt over them. by the time they moved out I could not even tell you how many times they fondled me, it was just night after night. I remember laying there one night and hearing my mom getting made love to just moaning and grunting away in the next room. My brothers were laughing quietly listening to it and the whole time one of them had his fingers in and rubbing me.


Submitted: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 17:06:56 GMT

I guess you could say over the past year, my son and I have developed some sexual history...

We both have our preferences, but looking back, I know my Son has his favorite way with me; he mostly likes to give it to me in the deckchair position.

He grows rock hard in this position as he firmly drives down into me over and over and over again. I assume its the best position for him because he can use it with me to keep going for very long periods of time.

As much as we both want it, it's not always an easy thing to cum in your own Mother every time no matter what position he's taking me in. No worries, I give him all the patience and time he needs to cum for me.

After I get off, I simply let him dominate me while I relax; on occasion, I will look down at the action and watch him plunge in and out of me. I will offer him a few sexy words of encouragement from time to time to help him fulfil his mission. I'm lucky to have such a sexy rock hard young man; one that can deliver for me.

It takes some manoeuvring, but when he gets me in the deckchair position, it becomes only a matter of time before he is able to drive it home for his DOM. He cums everytime...

hopefully again tomorrow...


Submitted: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 02:34:07 GMT

When I came home from junior year at state, my brother and I did some hallucinogenics and woke up naked and sore in all the intimate places, the next day we talked about it and decided we should do it again minus the party favors. I dropped out of school when I found out we were pregnant. We moved in together and none of our neighbors know that we are brother and sister, we have four kids with twins on the way. He loves keeping me pregnant and if I'm not expecting I don't feel sexy. I still turn him on, but he's noticeably more proactive and enthusiastic when I'm knocked up. I even invite some of my college friends over and she's a total drama queen and we let her think she was seducing her into having an affair, she's carrying his baby too now and I set up video camera around the house to watch them fuck in "secret".


Submitted: Fri, 07 Aug 2015 14:17:26 GMT

I have a problem. You see my grandpa took my virginity when I was 10, and he did was eating me out and fingering before that. I learned how to suck cock before I was 10. I never really understood what I was doing. It's weird because now that I'm older I just crave his cock and sperm!

Last week he brought a friend (he has done if from time to time) and oh boy was it fun. Although they're much older those two know how to fuck the shit out of me. I was blowing my grandpa while I was taking his friend from behind, and as soon as he came in me my grandpa and him switched places.

My grandpa takes his time on me so I was sucking and getting my face fucked for a while. But soon he came. After he cums he makes me watch it pour out of my pussy and then he will scoop it on his finger and feed it to me.

I have this incredible craving for cock and cum all the time though thanks to him


Submitted: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 13:15:15 GMT

My Son was with me when I was shopping for some new perfume. I asked him if he liked an inexpensive one called, "Sunflowers?" As it turned out, he loved it... so I bought it. Little did I know he liked it so much, it was turning him on. After wearing it for a couple of weeks, I guess he couldn't take it anymore. His balls were blue and he needed me really bad. I found him in the kitchen after he just came home from school. I asked him if he had any homework to which he replied he didn't. I told him good, because there is something I wanted him to do. With him behind me, I leaned over the counter, flung my skirt aside, and told him, "I think your going to need a stool for this..." He saw me bent over in my heels waiting for him to get on the stool and take me from behind. My Son didn't hesitate to get on the stool, drop his drawers, and go for it. Of course, I had extra perfume on for him so he could cum really fast and hard.


Submitted: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 16:58:32 GMT

My husband and I are very close but we don't know how to talk about things or perhaps we just don't want to mess things up.

The thing is, I know my daughter spends time with him and I know its going somewhere. It has for quite some time now.

I know this because my Son and I have been doing the same thing, only recently for the past year.

I hope she is doing right by him. I hope she is taking care of his needs. I trust my daughter and I trust my Son too.

I know what happens between my Son and I will stay there as it should for my daughter and my husband.

We must realize we can't go back and we should make the most of it.

I hope the rest of my family is getting what they want; erection for erection, blow for blow, cum for cum, fuck for fuck. My Son cums so hard so often... thank you honey!


Submitted: Tue, 01 Dec 2015 20:38:02 GMT

(1) Son cum omelet, cumming up...

In a small zip lock bag…

I snowball (2) or (3) tablespoons of my Son’s cum into the zip lock bag–

(Cum I collected from my Son's balls throughout the previous day) - place the bag of cum in the fridge for the next morning.

The next morning, I add (2) or (3) egg whites to his cum...

Note: If my Son is ready and willing again that morning, I will suck him off for more of his cum for a thinner, sweeter cum omelet :)

Whisk and microwave cum and egg mixture for 60 seconds...

Salt to taste...

Mmmm, Cum and get it!!!


Submitted: Sat, 05 Dec 2015 01:37:01 GMT

So I have two brothers. One is two years older than me, the other is a year and a half younger than me. Well my older brother and I went to a party where we got a little wasted. When we came home we went to our room. I was looking for something when I walked in on him changing. He had a huge rock hard boner.

I ran out quickly, but seeing his dick got me really wet. I got in my bed and I couldn't help but think about it. I started to rub myself, and what do you know? He barged right in. Instead of rushing out he closed the door and asked if he could watch. By this point my pussy was soaked. I kept rubbing and fingering myself and he pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. I asked him to hand me my hairbrush and to my surprise he said "I have something better than that". He was well hung, about 8 inches. I sat up and he told me to get on all fours. I felt the tip against my pussy and he teased me by rubbing it all over. I was throbbing and begging for his dick by this point and suddenly...BAM! He started fucking the shit out of me. After about 5 minutes he blew a load in me.

We continued this for a while. We would fuck, suck and pleasure each other daily. Well one day our younger brother walked in on us while I was giving him head. He freaked out and threatened to tell. I begged for him not to and asked what it would take to keep him quiet. He said if he could join in on the fun. We both agreed and I asked where should we start.

He said by sucking his cock. He was about an inch smaller but God was his cock thick. He began to thrust his hips and began to face fuck me. Our older brother asked me to get on all fours and I did as the youngest face fucked me. Then I felt that huge cock enter my pussy and I felt so horny. My brothers were both fucking me. I couldn't get enough of it. At one point I sat on my younger brothers cock while my older brother plunged his dick into my ass. Having them both inside me was amazing. My younger brother sucked on my tits as they both fucked me. They both came in me and I can't say how much I enjoyed it.

We still do it every now and then, but they appreciate their turns with me.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 17:33:25 GMT

It was a warm spring morning and I was riding my bike on an 8 mile trek to my Aunts place. I had no school that day because of a Junior High Teachers Convention and I was bored and decided to go and visit my Auntie Verna. I knew that she was home alone since my Cousins were still I Elementary classes and Uncle Joe was away working a camp job. I figured that I could visit and get some eye candy memories for jacking off later. I thought that my Auntie was sexy! She had a great ass and nice full tits. When she wore tight jeans or her spandex shorts I used to have to wander away and go crank one off in the willows. I would fantasize about her all of the time while jacking off.

Finally I got to her place and saw that it was just before 9:00 am. I went up to the door and knocked and she answered after a couple of minutes. She saw that it was me and let me in then she went straight back to her bedroom. I followed her and saw that she had no underwear on underneath her filmy nightgown. I started to get a hard on. She climbed back into bed and I joined her under the covers. She thought nothing about it as I had done so before on many occasions. I was happy to have the blankets covering my now hard cock from her sight.

We laid there talking, she asked how my parents were, the usual family stuff. She turned on her side with her back to me and was asking something or other. I didn't catch it as I was debating about making a bold move that would either work or I was going to be in big trouble. I made the move. I slid over behind her and turned on my side so that she could feel my hard on poking her in the back. She reached around and grabbed my cock and asked in an amused voice,

"What's this!" and giggled. I was surprised and hopeful as I said in a shaky voice,

"It's my cock Auntie. I saw your ass through your nightgown and got a hard on. I want to fuck you, I've wanted to fuck you for a long time." She let go of my cock and turned over with a smile on her face. She was amused and at the same time surprised by my forward behaviour. She just looked at me and shook her head in disbelief then blew my mind by calmly saying,

"Ok, I'll fuck you. But you better not tell anyone or I'll go to jail and you'll end up in a foster home." She got out of bed and took off her nightgown and stood there naked. I was stunned into immobility at the entire situation.

She laughed at my obvious shock and shook her tits at me before saying,

"Well? do you want to fuck or not? Take your clothes off if you do. We don't have all day." I jumped out of the bed and was naked as fast as I could take my clothes off. She told me to lay on the bed and I did as I was told. She laid beside me and gently grasped my cock as she examined it. She gave it a gentle squeeze and a couple of gentler strokes then said too me,

"Not bad Rog, not bad! Its a nice size not to big, Not to small. It's hot to the touch, hmmmm"

She laid back and spread her legs and motioned me to get on top of her. I did and tried clumsily to enter her pussy. It was a gong show! I was all over the place and nervous as hell and excited, I couldn't believe what was happening! Auntie finally and patiently took my cock in hand and guided it into her pussy. I was inside a woman's pussy, it was warm and felt so good I simply lay on top her for a minute enjoying the sensation. Auntie said very quietly,

"Ok Rog, fuck me, lets see what you can do. Make you're Auntie cum and we might do it again."

I began to thrust like I had seen in the porno's. To my chagrin I came after three strokes.

"Already?!" Exclaimed Auntie surprised beyond belief. I explained that this was the first time that I ever had sex, I was a virgin. She stroked my hair and smiled at me indulgently saying,

"Well, it happens. We'll try again and again until you make me cum ok? Now just relax, calm down. We'll take our time and you'll learn how to make a woman cum. We'll ignore whoever might show up. Just be quiet and don't make any noise if someone does come, they'll think nobody's home." She leaned up and gave me a kiss on the lips and it calmed me down.

A couple of minutes later I was hard again and she guided me in and I began to slowly thrust, taking my time. She held me and smiled at me making encouraging sounds, keeping me focussed and calm. I lasted maybe two minutes that round. She calmly had me suck her tits as she stroked me back to a suitable hardness. A 14 year old boy can quickly recover! I had to do it three more times before Auntie finally came and she was happy! French kissing me and causing another erection. She giggled and suggested that we take a break so we could talk a bit about us.

"Ok Rog, you can't tell anyone what we did ok? If anyone finds out we will be in big trouble. Especially me. You're under age and I fucked you that's a serious charge. You might end up being taken away from your Mom and Dad, understand? I said that I did and she continued saying,

"We can do this again every now and then, but we have to be careful and not get caught. I'm only doing this because I see the way that you look at me and it was a turn on. Besides you came at the right time of the day. I'm usually horny after I get up in the morning."

Then she got into the doggy style position and I fucked her like that and actually managed to make her cum before me! I was so proud and excited of everything that happened that morning. She let me "practice" until noon and we had lunch together and chatted about our morning. I could see that she was amused by my excitement and joy at finally having sex! Plus it was with Auntie to boot! I felt like a king! I told her how I used to fantasize about her all of the time and she looked back with a big grin and leaned over to kiss me again telling me,

"Oh that's so sweet! I'm flattered Roger! You're such a little sweetheart! Now lets go get you some more practice!" We spent the better part of the afternoon in bed. She taught me the rudiments of eating pussy. I received my first ever blow job and thought that I would die from the pleasure! We had a great time that afternoon. She was my teacher and I was the eager student. We finally dressed at about 3:30 because she had to start preparing my cousins' supper for after school.

That afternoon was the first of many encounters that we shared over the coming years. We must have had sex almost everywhere. Indoors and out. Parked in a vehicle on a deserted road or farm.

We were very discreet and no one ever suspected us of any such illicit activities. To this day we still get together when we can and enjoy each others company. We were only caught once and that was by her oldest daughter. She was 15 and wanted to be fucked too. So with Aunties permission we did so and I had another partner. We fooled around until she moved away. Although we still chat online. That was years ago now. I'm a middle aged man of 47 and I still remember that day vividly, as if it were only yesterday.


Submitted: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:09:59 GMT

I just got home from my Aunt's Hotel Room where I spent the night fucking her. It's been almost five years since we saw each other and as soon as she got into town she called me and asked me to drop by her room.

As soon as I walked in we were locked at the lips and try to strip! We finally managed to get naked and we spent the rest of the night off and on fucking each others brains out. My mom is going to drive her around today and then I am going back for more!


Submitted: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 16:57:00 GMT

i once rammed a goat and my grandpas farm, i liked it until he started bucking. i had to tell my mom that the goat just randomly did it...

they killed the goat that night.


Submitted: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:14:17 GMT

I'm 15, and in October had sex with my boyfriend for the fist time, he is 16. We had intercouse and mastubated each other a few times a week since then whenever his parents were out. The Saturday night after Thanksgiving his parents went out for the night. We went down to his family room and he opened the sofabed and we had sex again. We stayed naked and just played with each other for awhile listening to the music. He started kissing my breasts and worked his way down kissing my stomach and finally around my vagina. We had never had oral sex and I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to. As soon as he put his tongue on my clitoris I shuttered and instantly became aroused. He kept doing it and I must have climaxed two or three times. I just layed there content for awhile the whole time he was rubbing my breasts and body. He asked me to give him oral sex and I didn't really want to and surely wasn't sure how to. I did agree however and sat up on the side of the bed. He stood in front of me and had an erection before I even touched him. I started sucking him and he told me a few different things about licking him and going in and out of my mouth like intercouse. He held my head and would push in and out with his penis and I didn't mind doing it. When he came I probably swallowed some of it but most was on my chin and lips. All the sudden we realized his parents were on the steps looking at us. It was only ten o'clock and they came home early. His mother screamed at us and I tried to hide under the sheet. I was so embarrassed I wanted to die and started crying and telling them I was sorry. They told my boyfriend to go get dressed and told me to go home. I dressed as fast as I could and his mother told me to come up to the kitchen. Her and her husband started asking me and my boyfriend a lot of questions and hollaring at us at the same time. Then she got on the phone and told my mother who said for me to get home now. When I got home my mother slapped me before even saying anything. My father was furious and the two of them were screaming at me at the same time. They asked how long and how many times we had sex. I was sobbing and tried to lie at first but they knew I wasn't being truthful. My boyfriends mother even told my parents I gave him oral sex and my mother was even crying as she continued to hollar at me. I told them it was the first time I ever did that but they obviously didn't beleive me. I was grounded for a month and told I couldn't do many things and wasn't allowed to see my boyfriend anymore. The following week my mother took me to her doctor and I was force to get a gyno exam. The doctor was a man about my fathers age and it was the most humiliating thing I ever went through except for his parents catching us. He not only examined me but he hurt me when he put a speculum in my vagina and then my anus. He even examined my breasts and talked to me about birth control. I new right away my mother told him I was having sex. My mother was more calm by now and arranged for me to have birth control. She seemed to know I would still have sex and expained things to me and lectured me on having safe sex and the conciquences of getting pregnant. My boyfriend always used a condom when we had sex and I did tell her that. She hinted that I shouldn't tell my father what we talked about which I certainly wouldn't anyway. I think my mother understands more but my father is still mad at me and doen't trust me at all. I'm still not allowed out during the week and have to be home by 9'oclock on weekends. I still have sex with my boyfriend but not very often. I tell my parents we don't do it anymore but doubt if they believe me. I ashamed that they know about it but am not sorry for having sex. I hope they won't be as strick with me as I get older. My father and I hardly speak to each other right know and I know he is dissapointed in me. The way he looks at me sometimes almost makes me cry but I know he really loves me. I havn't seen my boyfriends parents since that night and am only there when they are at work. His brother knows I come there almost every week but promised not to tell his parents. I have to call my mom after school everyday but don't ever tell her when I'm at my boyfriends house. She even has my aunt come to my house sometimes to make sure I'm home. My aunt never says anything to me about it but I can tell my mother told her. So far only once she stopped when I wasn't home but I told my mother I ran to the store. I have to be very careful not to get caught again.


Submitted: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 06:36:44 GMT

My sister in law and I have had sex a few times. The last time I came inside of her on purpose hoping she would get pregnant. Even thought it would turn our lives to shit, I loved the thrill... she did too


Submitted: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 04:32:32 GMT

When i feel horny i wear my sister in laws thong and wank while watching porn


Submitted: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 19:07:02 GMT

The first time my mom visited me at college, we ended up having an incestuous encounter. I was really homesick, and she missed me too, so when she came to the door, we embraced. I don't even know how it started but we just started making out. We made out in my bed for a while, both of us stripping down to our underwear. She was topless, and I was sucking on her tits, when the door burst open and my roommate came in - and quickly left the room. This snapped me & mom out of our lust stupor, and we quickly put our clothes back on, apologized, and acted fairly awkwardly around each other for the rest of the weekend. 5 years later, we still haven't spoke of it. I still can't believe that I almost had sex with my mom. Thankfully my roommate never said a thing.


Submitted: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 20:24:51 GMT

we went camping my family next door neighbor i woke up to my friend sucking me in the tent, my uncle saw it,zipped the tent closed, and made my friend suck his cock,then my friend held my hannds down, my uncle made me suck his cock,my friend fucked me ,they took turns.

2 of my friends in 5th grade forced me to suck them after school,at daves house. his dad smoked a joint,it was pcp, they tied me to a chair,and blindfolded me, and made me suck 10 cocks,my blindfold came off, my teacher was cumming in my mouth, my 5th grade teacher

i was full of shame, i told my friend and he said, his dad made his suck since 6.

my uncle made me suck his cock, my momm pushed my h

mouth on his cock,dont you tell, my mom licked my balls ass,raped me with a dildo.

from 10-15 my mother molested me when my dad was out of town. when i was 23, i went to my moms house withh 2 buddies,drugged her drink and gang fucked her, took pictures, i made her suck me,lick my asshole fuck my friends from 26-40


Submitted: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 06:03:18 GMT

Ive had an obsession ramming my mom for a long time then my chance came, one time my mom was running late for work an all she had on was a towel after she took her shower, she went into er room but didnt shut the door all the way and i could see her take off the towel and she bent over amd thats when i went in for the kill, i was already hard as a rock amd ran in the room and shoved it in her wet ass clit and pounded the shit out of her, she took ot like a champ...regardless to say she was late for work that day...


Submitted: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 21:33:11 GMT

My wife Bridget who is a upright catholic soccer mom likes nothing more

than to force my legs over my head with a pillow under my back until my

cock is inches from my mouth. She will then jack me off agressively until

i am approaching orgasm. She then makes me finish the job by shooting

my load on my face and in my mouth. She then fingers herself to orgasm while

I watch and she verbally humiliates me by reminding me that she

dosent need me for her pleasure.


Submitted: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 03:36:41 GMT

My sister in law and I went to the Trinadad for a week and we both got really drunk the 2nd night and ended up making love.

We ended upd staying the hotel for the next 5 days as made love like crazy.

We both never did this before, we don't know how to tell my bother we are in love.


Submitted: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 23:07:29 GMT

I have a very sexy female cousin that I have always wanted to have with. I am always looking for ways to seduce her. One day my wish will come true.


Submitted: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 13:32:41 GMT

I fucked and lick my 7 year old sister once it was the best feeling ever and I now let my dog lick my dick and ass and when makes me cum I eat it and let him lick it out of my mouth it feels so good I'm dying to suck his little doggy dick but he won't let me :(


Submitted: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 16:46:36 GMT

I use fuck my lil bro a lot we wrestle and just filling his lil butt would get me hard so one day we decided wreastle naked I pinned him down and had his ass faceing me I got on top rubbing my cock on his bare ass and shoved it in him he let out a scream I just held him there as I worked it in n out of him after that there was other times and it moved on to I'd let my friends come and fuck him as I watched were two 3 years apart now that we're older I wonder if he remembers


Submitted: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 08:55:44 GMT

My name is Matt I am 29yrs old I have a 32yr old sister named Niki. She is the sexiest woman I have ever seen,I have wanted to eat her pussy and have sex with her since I was a teenager,Every time I see her I get so damn horny can anyone give me advice on how to get her to sleep with me.


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My friends mom is the definition of a milf. Tall, thin, long legs, big fake tits, and a pear of the best dick sucking lips in the world after a few botox treatments.

She is also a pill popping cock sucking whore who will do anything and anyone to get what she wants.

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Submitted: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 11:55:33 GMT

I want my uncle to fuck me really badly. I may have had a chance a few christmasses ago when he asked me if i wanted him to visit after playing a game of scrabble together.

I was too shy to say yes.

If he made any move whatsoever I would not resist.


Submitted: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 08:14:29 GMT

My mother has a really nice little body,at age 50!Lately,I've been looking at her big breasts and her little,slim butt! I love it when she wears shorts and a little top that shows her cleavage! I'm going to make sure I get a look at her creamy white skin tonight!I want to fuck her and she seems to know! I'm going to have to force her,if she won't let me!Just the thought of raping the woman who gave birth to me excites me! I'm going crazy with lust!


Submitted: Thu, 29 Jan 2015 05:45:28 GMT

My dad died when I was about ten years old and my Mom used wine and vodka to feel better. She was always naturally thin and even when my dad was alive walked around without a bra on most of the time. When I was around fourteen years old she came into my room telling me she should have the "talk" with me so I did not end up knocking up some girl. She was pretty drunk and only had on a night gown which left little to the imagination. She would stare off to the floor and I would look at her nipples through the material. Somewhere in the conversation she pulled my covers back and then started pulling my underwear off of me. I asked her what she was trying to do and the next thing I know she has my cock in her mouth sucking away on me. She muttered that she could not believe how big I was for my age and sucked me off swallowing it all.

After that night she started coming into my room quite often and telling me to get it out and she would give me a blow job.

One afternoon I came home and she was pretty drunk already and when she passed out I went to get a blanket for her. When I returned she had turned herself on the couch but the shirt she had on was pulled up exposing one of her breasts. I covered her up and then pulled the blanket back to look at it again, I leaned in and sucked on it some and she did not move at all. I played with her nipples for quite sometime watching then get erect and then go soft over and over.

I decided to see what all of her looked like and took off her clothes, I ran my fingers everywhere. She never even moved once so I covered her up and went to bed. The next day when I got home she was up and around, seemed like she was not completely drunk. When I was in my room getting ready for bed she came in again and wanted to know if I wanted her to strip for me. I told her sure and she danced around and took her clothes off, I decided to get a little bold and started reaching out and grabbing her nipples and pinching her ass as she turned around. After a few minutes she kneeled down and undid my pants once again sucking me off then leaving as usual.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 18:59:37 GMT

My Mom organized a trip to Florida with my Aunt and her two kids, I was looking forward to it because my cousin is my age and really hot. When we got down there I ended up with a bedroom that was a den with a pullout couch but it had French doors that closed so not all bad. On the second night there I woke up because the bed was moving a little bit and it was my cousin climbing into bed with me. I thought for sure I was dreaming but she was there laying down right next to me and pulling the covers back over the two of us. She got on her side with her back to me and asked me to lay up against her and put my arm around her. After a few minutes I was still in a bit of shock but I was trying like hell to not get excited. She started moving again and was fumbling with the front of her pajama top then she grabbed my hand and brought it to her chest. She had opened the front up and my hand was right on her boob and I could feel her hard nipple in my palm. My cock started instantly coming to life and pushing on her thighs she started moving her ass around and then lifted her leg up and sandwiched my cock between her thighs, I pushed forward to wedge it in there real good. She let out a nice moan so I started moving my fingers around and playing with her nipple. After about ten minutes of playing and pushing my cock against her leg she rolled over on her back and smiled at me. Her top was completely unbuttoned and her breasts were firm and up, she reached down and untied her string holding her bottoms on and slid them off. I wasted no time and got my face down there and started licking her, good god she tasted so good, almost like cream. Her pussy was smooth and wet, I have never tasted anything sweeter in my life. I licked her through two orgasms and she laid there for a minute then told me to lay down on my back. She started sucking on me and I blew my load in about a minute and after she swallowed all that she kept right on sucking on me until I was hard again. She then slid up and sat herself right onto my cock, the sight of her breast swaying side to side while she rode me was an awesome one. I knew well enough how babies were made back then and after about ten minutes of her bouncing up and down on me I told her we had to stop because I was going to end up coming again soon. She stopped and slid right back down and drained me again with that beautifully talented mouth she has still today.

We had sex every night after that until we left and never has sex again afterwards, I sure loved that trip and wished for another one.


Submitted: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 02:32:04 GMT

I had not seen my cousin in a bathing suit for sometime and when we were all at the beach it was very apparent that she now had boobs. Not just bumps starting out she was a C cup at least and was starting to look like her mother who was large chested as well. I was staring at her bikini top bobbing up and down in the water and she smacked me in the arm then asked what I was staring at. I told her sorry I can't help it your chest is amazing looking, she smacked me again and had a smile on her face. I cannot help it if I am born this way, she told me.

About a month later we went over to their house for dinner and the parents playing cards, she told me she had a new video game I had to check out and we went upstairs to her room. After we were up there a little while she went over to the door and listened downstairs, I asked her what she was doing and she put her finger up to her mouth and gave me the shoosh. She closed her door a little more then came back over and kneeled in front me, she had her hands bunching up her top at the bottom then she asked me if I wanted to see her boobs. Before I could say anything her top was covering her face and revealing her boobs, they were magnificent though I only had girls from the internet to compare with as this was my first real boobs experience. She dropped her top back down and smiled at me asking me what I thought of them. I told her they were perfect and beautiful, she smiled at me and then asked me if I really thought they were perfect. She lifted her shirt again real fast and back down, they barely even moved they were so firm.

After about five minutes of video game I looked over at her and asked if I could touch them, she looked at me and thought about it for a moment then told me sure but let me change into a better shirt. She went into her closet and came out wearing a sweatshirt that was big on her, I was not sure how this was going to help me touch them but then she told me she was not wearing a bra and I could just reach under without her removing the shirt. Genius was all I could think of at the time.

I fondled her boobs for like half an hour while she played video games and made little sounds of approval or told me hey not so hard, I was in heaven feeling those wonderfully silky skinned firm melons. I think I had a slight orgasm just from fondling her all that time. We did this four or five times over a few months whether I was at her house or she was over at ours then one time during a pretty late evening for the families my dad came upstairs and told us to just crash out in my room because they were all spending the night. He brought up an air mattress and sleeping bags for her and she was just going to sleep in my room with me. I thought I would be a gentlemen and told him she could have my bed and I will sleep on the air mattress so all was good. We laid down and talked a little while the parents were laughing it up late into the night. Suddenly she whispered she wanted to see my penis, I told her sure and asked if she wanted me up there but she was already getting out of bed and walking towards me. I pulled the covers down and then pulled down my shorts and she leaned over and started fondling it with both hands. I was rock hard in an instant and reached over sliding my hand up her shirt to caress her boobs. After quite some time I told her that she had to stop or I was going to have an orgasm, she let go but then grabbed my penis again sticking it straight up she lowered her head and took about half of it into her mouth. I came in an instant pumping my hips up and down while she held onto it tightly and rocked her head a little. Holy crap I told her that felt absolutely amazing. She was wiping her lips off and looking down at me with a huge smile on her face telling me that was fantastic as well. She then told me that she had found some magazines in her parents bedroom and read about sex in them and that women always do that to men. I still could not believe thinking back how naïve I was compared to her about sex and women's bodies. I had no clue what oral sex was yet she was sitting there telling me all about it. When she spoke next she asked me if I wanted to have oral sex on her, I told her sure but had no idea what to do with her. I did not even know what a clitoris was and how to stimulate it, her scent was incredible as I went between her legs and started fumbling around with my tongue. She took her fingers and spread her lips out and told me to lick her right there, I did and she let out a long moan and told me that I had the right spot now, about thirty minutes later she was trembling with an orgasm and grabbing my hair pulling my face into her. She whispered fairly loud that it felt amazing to me and asked me if I liked doing it, I told her I loved doing it and could not wait to do it again.

She went back to the bed and I rolled over to go to sleep and realized my face smelled of her and that I should really get up and wash it before going to sleep. It was a really good thing I did because the first person to come into the room was my mom and she leaned down and gave me a big kiss on the cheek to wake me up.


Submitted: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 22:04:11 GMT

My niece is only 5 years younger than I am so growing up we played together as kids and were more like brother and sister than niece and uncle. If she heard of something she would ask me about or if I found out something I would tell her. When I was 13 I heard about blowjobs and when told her all about it she give me a funny look and asked if I want to go to my tree fort in our back yard. I said sure and about 10 mins. later my cock was in my green eyed red haired niece's mouth. She did her best for a 8 year old but when I came she chocked and had my cum coming out her nose if I wasn't so scared I hurt her I would've laughed my head off. A few weeks later she heard here friends talking about 69ing so back to my tree fort and we had a great time.

She did make me cum again but was ready for it this time and split it out into a rag I had. The only thing was I couldn't make her cum but she love it anyway. By the time she turned 10 I had a hard time keeping the noise down so we didn't get caught. A tear later when she was 11 and I had just turned 16 her parents were going on their 1st holiday and wanted her to stay with her grand parents and me for the 2 weeks they would be gone. To say the lease her and I had the time of our lives due to both my parents worked full time jobs. So it was up to me to take care of her. The very 1st day I took her cherry. It did cause her a fair bit of pain but we took our time and she did cum so hard she said she almost passed out. The only thing was we didn't have any condoms and she wasn't on the pill. When next period was due of coarse she miss It and to say the lease the shit hit the fan but she had gone to party the day she got home of our place and she said it was a boy at the party who raped her. The only thing was 20 something guys from out of town crashed the party and her friends parents weren't home so we got away with it and she did keep our little baby girl and she wants to live with me when she gets a little older. She says we can live as man and wife and when our daughter gets old enough she thinks her daddy should make a woman out of her.


Submitted: Fri, 08 May 2015 08:44:08 GMT

I love to give my husband head because I know how much men love to have their penis sucked on. I come from a large family and we were poor, I had older brothers who used to make us suck theirs all the time, sometimes I was doing it five or six times a day. When I was about ten they started doing it and I was so young that I had no idea what I was doing. My two sisters that were around my age were also doing it so sometimes they were getting it a dozen times a day. As we all grew up they moved out of the house so it was no longer going on when I was in my teens and the new older kids were all girls.

My husband was in a strange mood one night when he got home and was sort of role playing with me and told me he was going to make me suck his dick, When I stared crying he was all apologetic and told me he was sorry. I told him about my past with my brothers and he could not believe what me and my sisters went through growing up. He told me that he would never treat me that way again and he is always good to me.


Submitted: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 02:17:44 GMT

When I grew up back in the 60's and 70's I was the only male in the family I lived with 2 sisters my mother and my grandmother. We were always poor and we lived in a small 2 bedroom house. My grandmother and mom shared one and I with my two sisters which were younger than me. As children we were sexually abused but did not know it at the time but I learned very fast. As a matter of fact I enjoyed it my mother taught me that. She use to play with my penis while giving me a bath I remember telling her that it felt funny but she kept doing it. She did this to me for years and in all honesty I came more than I can count. I will never forget my moms body she had black hair and a black hairy bush with a pink clit that stuck out. she always made me lick it and stick my fingers in her but never let me fuck her so she thought! my 2 younger sisters were also sexually abused by all my moms boyfriends and my uncle louie. my sister Debbie was about 11 and Gail 8 when they were having sex with them I use to watch and play with myself when this happened. Debbies pussy had small brown hairs and glistened with sweat while Gails pussy was bald and her lips hung out. me I was 14 and very horny and wanted them all even my mother. God I fucked everyone of them over and over and over I grew up in a sex house and to this day still masterbate to all of them!!!


Submitted: Tue, 07 Jul 2015 15:20:07 GMT

About four years ago, I asked my Mother why has she lost weight? Why has she changed her daily dress? And other things too?

(I knew my parents were having problems which is why I asked her in the first place)

At 13 year of age, she seemed surprised I had noticed. I told her she looked very good and left it at that.

She smiled, thanked me, and added, "Well, for a woman who is 44 anyway..." She told me she was just keeping up with, "Some trends."

Looking back, I knew she was getting into the best shape possible all to keep my Father's interest in her or at least have him pay for all of her improvements before their quits.

Its not everyday when you leave for school, come home, and realize your Mother has replaced all of her bikini tops with much bigger ones that now need to be supported with support wires in them.

How could she think I wouldn't notice the, "New Mom," around the house with a new set of boobs like those, new suits, and new perfume too?

With Mom's new girls around, I wasn't complaining...

Its hard not to notice when my own Mother has, seemingly overnight, turned into the absolute MILF of my dreams. Hard in more ways than one for my hot Mom...

Despite my Mother's last efforts, my parents permanently continued to drift apart for other reasons and my Dad left for his new job out of state six months later. Too little, too late I guess. At least my Mom wouldn't have to work though.

I began to think about my new Mom in ways I never thought possible. I began to wonder as the new, "Man of the house," if my Mom would somehow give me permission to let me really be the man of the house. The man of the house in every way possible. For all of our new found time together. For her, for me, for us...

My Mom knew I was paying her much more attention now that we were on our own. Safe to say, she was more than aware I was constantly checking her out. Those new girls of hers were getting it done for me and it became obvious to both of us.

I would see her in the kitchen, on the couch, in the pool, out of the pool... I liked to watch her unload the dishwasher too. She would lean over to get the plates while I imagined what it would be like to hike up her tennis skirt and take her right then and there.

Often times, my bulge would clue her in as she would second glance at it.

Coming home from school, I called for my Mom. She answered from the basement.

I found her cleaning the floor and yes, she was on her knees when she asked me how my day was at school. I told her I was glad to be home. She bent over to continue with the floor. With her in her tennis skirt and bikini top, I couldn't help but grow hard for her.

I told her how happy I was to see her. My Mom looked back to thank me for the compliment and noticed I was at her full attention. My Mom just said, "I can see that, honey."

My Mom and I knew it was time... the time was right and it was right now.

My Mom smiled, spread her knees apart, rested on her elbows, and waited for me to take position behind her.

I couldn't wait to get behind her, hike up her skirt, and start in on my sexy swimsuit model Mom.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 19:50:50 GMT

So, I think everyone has the creepy pervert in their family. My parents were in the middle of a bad divorce, so my mother made my brother and I go live with my grandparents. During my stay I experienced many inappropriate sexual situations. I was about 7, and had no clue about this stuff.

It started off one day when I was sick, my brother and grandmother went to the store. My grandfather came into the room and asked if I was ok. I replied no, and he asked if I wanted to feel good. Thinking it was medicine I shook my head yes. He sat on the bed beside me and started to take off my pants. He slowly looked at me in my underwear, gently petting my body. He then took off my panties and started to inspect my little pussy. He would kiss, finger, lick, and I had NO idea what he was doing but I let him.

A few weeks went by and he asked me to go to his office. He asked if I wanted to learn how to kiss like a grownup. So he had me sit on his lap facing him and started to French kiss me. I wasn't into that, but I was afraid to get in trouble so I kept doing it. I felt something hard, slightly moving, below my pussy. I touched it and asked what it was. He asked if I wanted to see, and I said yes. He pulled out his dick and told me to touch it. I did. He told me to stroke it up and down, and he showed me how. Now this I was interested in. He asked me to kiss it and then eventually suck. I did until he blew his cum in my mouth. I spit it out, and he told me I could leave.

Another few weeks go by, and as I got out of the shower he walked in on me in my room changing. He asked me if I wanted to play more like we did, and I said okay. He began to finger me, eat me, and had me suck on his dick. He then asked me to get on all fours. So I did. He pulled out a rag and stuffed my mouth since my grandma was home. He tied another rag around my head to keep me quiet. I was scared and tried to fight him but I gave up. He forced me on my knees and bent me over. He said he was dying to do this for a while and fucked me. I cried and tried to scream. But I let him do it.

Flash forward to today, after years of abuse, I am now 20. I went to their house, and I'm curvy. 40 DD breasts. I'm a size 12. So I'm not huge. But I was wearing a shirt with my cleavage showing. He called me into his office and asked if I wanted to play. I hadn't fucked him since I was about 12. So I shook my head yes. He apparently filmed me from a secret camera. And he pulled out his phone. I tried to say no photos but he just crammed his dick in my mouth. I can't stop fucking him. I love to pose for him, play with him, and let he fuck me. I hope he brings another friend soon. Id love at least two dicks in me.


Submitted: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 16:38:00 GMT

Met Joanie at a bar back in 2007. Shes 41 now and I'm 26 but getting bald which makes me look older. I started drinking more since I met her and she has an excepionally bad drinking problem. We never went to her place, always mine, the sex was teriffic and she let me do anything I wished and taught me quite a bit. We would sometimes spend an entire weekend naked and we performed sex acts I never dreamed of. Last year she was having financial problems and I told her she could move in with me. I was shocked when I found out she had a son and a daughter. The son goes to college in Texas but her daughter still lived with her. She had never told me she had kids and I didn't want a family in my house. Its only a two bedroom ranch house, and small. I allowed her to move in with her daughter who was quiet and didn't seem to like me to much. Joanie and I continued to party often and Joanie is usually drunk by dinner time every night. She doesn't work but collects welfare and spends most of it on booze. I don't drink much during the week because of work but do sometimes, only to regret it in the morning. Her daughter Heather seems to avoid both of us and oddly enough I don't see her to often. When I do she is usually in the living room watching tv. I have yet to have a real conversation with her and know she doesn't approve of my relationship with her mother. At first I didn't purposly do it but would unconciously walk to the bathroom naked and sometimes around the house in my underwars or a towel. After the first few months I knew Heather had seen me naked many times and Joanie in her drunken stupor would often leave our bedroom door open. We had sex almost every night and if she were to drunk I would just have her give me oral sex or jerk me off. Most of the time I sleep naked and Heathers room is directly across the hall. On the weekends Joanie and I are usually out Friday and Saturday nights and when we get home she and I are usually drunk. Neither of us think about Heather being at home and have had sex in the living room several times and once in the kitchen. I know for sure Heather watched us on a few occassions but I guess I was to drunk to care and Joanie was just to drunk to know about it. I never told Joanie we were seen by Heather and one night her girlfriend Doris was watching us. I guess Heathers opinion of me and her mother isn't good at all. She hardley spoke to me and I guess I got to where I didn't care what she thought about me. Its my house after all and I can do what I please. If she happened to see me naked I didn't care and began to do it intentionally. My feelings for Joanie are strickly sexual and I don't care how she feels about me either. Joanie is usually asleep or passed out by 9 during the week and we usually have some sort of sex by that time. I would be naked and just walk that way either into the bathroom or the kitchen. She would be watching tv and I just walk right by her and she would never say a word to me. Her girlfriend Doris is with her sometimes but neither of them say anything to me. While in the kitchen they can see me the whole time and I assume they think I am drunk just like Joanie. Sometimes I am drunk but most of the time I haven't even had a beer. When I know they are looking at me it gets me aroused and when I go back to the bedroom I have sex with Joanie. Most of the time she is too drunk to know I am screwing her. I do it sometimes just to annoy Heather because I know she can hear whats going on and I leave the door open enough for her to see in if goes to the bathroom or her bedroom. For the last few months I've noticed that Doris comes over the house more often and think she likes to see me naked, so I've been accomodating her whenever she is there. I never before considered myself an exibitionist but guess I have become one. In the past when I would come out of the bedroom naked I would try not to get an erection but now I don't care if I do. I have even started acting like I am drunk just so I can remain in the living room or kitchen for a longer period of time. Doris has even talked to me a few times as I paraded around the room naked. Its just small talk and nothing is ever said about my nudity. Heather has spoke to me a few times also but now I think it is just so they can look at my penis. Funny thing is Heather never talks to me unless Doris is there. When they do talk to me I get an erection right away and don't try to hide it. By the time I get back to the bedroom Joanie is the one who pays for my excitement. I either have intercouse with her or just make her give me head. Once in awhile I just get her to masturbate me. Again, I leave the door open in case one of the girls walks by and both have a few times in the past. The one night both Heather and Doris both saw Joanie giving me oral sex. The crazy part is that most of the time Joanie doesn't know she is doing it and certainly doesn't know her daughter or Doris has seen her doing it. By the next morning Joanie has no idea that she had any kind of sex. When she gets that drunk she does anything I want but later has no recollection of it. She doen't particularly like anal sex but when she is drunk I have done it to her more times than she could fathom. I know Heather dispises me and I truely don't care. Joanie and her don't get along very well either. Joanie has a great body and I do feel bad sometimes for taking advantage of her. She is like a sex slave when she is drunk, but I never do anything to hurt her. She is even better when she is sober and willing to try anything. Heather looks like her somwhat although she is a little taller and heavier but not fat. I have yet to see Heather naked but am planning to someday. I have picked a spot where I can put a peephole into the bathroom from inside my closet. I just have to figure out how to hide it.


Submitted: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 14:40:00 GMT

I lived in a group foster home from the time I was 11 until just before my 16th birthday. I did like it very much at the time and ther was a total of 6 kids ages 9 to 16, 4 girls including me and 2 boys. The house parents were extremely nice to all of us. The mother was a very sweet woman and the father was a doctor. I'm sure they spent much more on us than the compensation they received for our care. The only bad thing was that the father/doctor would routeenly give all of us physical examinations. It was embarrassing at first but they were done at least once a month and I just got accustom to them as did the other kids including the boys. As I got older I dreaded it more and was more humiliated each time. The other girls and boys seemed to feel the same way but none of us really had a choice. The typical examination required us to completely undress and lay naked on the exam table in a spare room. The house mother was never present but I never thought much about that. He would examine every inch of my body and after the first year or so I was subjected to vaginal and anal exams. These examinations sometime lasted as long as an hour and were always done indevidually. My feet would be in sturrups with my legs spread wide open and at first the embarrassment was unbearable. As I got older I was not only subjected to the pevic exams but he also examined my breasts which I sure he did to the other girls also. We all talked about it at times and even the boys admitted they were embarrassed by the exams. It was done usually once a month and each of us had different times during the month when we got our "check up". If we got sick or had a cold he would take us into the exam room and give us another complete examination. The only time I remember crying about it was the first time he made me put my feet in the sturrups. After that I would still tremble with humiliation but would just listen to him talking and hope it would be over soon. By the time I was 13 or 14 he began inserting a speculum in my vagina and anus. It was painful at times but he assured me it was nessesary since I was getting older and ovulating. He always told me what was being done and always made it sound important. The crazy thing is I did like him very much and aside from the monthly exams was treated very well by both him and his wife. We were all afforded privacy and we were like a family. We went to good schools and church each Sunday was a must. Just before my 16th birthday I was in a bad care accident when my house mother and I were coming home from the store. I had a fractured skull and spinal injuries and spent almost two years in and out of the hospital and rehabilatation clinics. By that time I was to old to return to the foster home. Both the house mother and father visited me often and both were very concerned about me. I eventually moved near my cousin in New Jersey but kept in touch with them for awhile. I'm in college now and am still friends with one of the girls I lived with those years. Last month she called to tell me that our old house father was in jail. Thats when we found out that he wasn't a doctor but owned a medical supply business. He was very rich and was arrested a few months ago for child molestation. Someone found out how he was examining the kids they fostered and turned him in. As much as I think about it I never once thought he was pedophile. My girfriend and I have dicussed it often lately and neither of us had any idea that he was a pedophile. She is a year older than me and was examined by him up until she was almost 18. Even though he examined us naked there never was a time we considered it sexual and I think we were dumb enough to trust him. We both agreed he not only looked like a doctor but he was always very professional about everything. I actually feel sorry for our old house mother and doubt if she knew what he was doing to us. She was so kind and gererous to all of us over the years. He was also and aside from the examinations never had any physical contact with any of us and was always respectful of our privacy. I even remember at times the two of them preaching to us about moral issues manners. As much we were humiliated by him none of us ever considered him doing it for sexual reasons. He had all of us truly believing he was a doctor and trusting him. It angers me now recalling all the embarrassing things he did to me and the others and I am glad someone finally caught him. I think he is almost 60 years old now so he will probably be in jail the rest of his life. I don't know how long he has been doing this or how many girls and boys he has done this to, but he finally got caught.


Submitted: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 05:28:40 GMT

When I was 12 yo, I found my Dad's porn magazines and videos hidden under his pile of clothes, and started to 'borrow' them almost daily, after school. He regularly add in new magazines and video titles. One day, I dig into other 'secret compartments', hoping to find new titles. To my surprise, I found a home-made video tape, and when I played it, it was Dad and Mom's sex video. They performed all sorts of sexual acts and positions. My Dad even sat on my mum's face, and received a nasty rim job from Mum. I was really turned on, and immediately made a copy of the tape for myself while jerking my cock in my hand violently.

I continued to masturbated to it very often, and always went back to look for more. But that seemed like the only one they made.

It was really kinky knowing the sexual side of them.

When my younger bro got married, and moved in with us, I hid a spy camera in their bedroom, and watched them had sex 'live' over my computer in my own bedroom.


Submitted: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 18:34:33 GMT

I guess I'm juat as guilty as my cousin Derek now but I continue to take advantage of it and visit him every month for a few days. All I can say is that illegal Mexican women should be wary of people like Derek. I don't want to mention where he is located but it is a city overrun with illegals. He's been living there now four three years and has perfected a scam for his own sexual benefit. He's been getting away with it for over a year now. I'm not quite sure how he set it up but rents a small office in a small strip mall, with only 7 other stores in it. It used to be occupied by a dentist and he converted it to what appears to be a doctors office. It has a small waiting room, office, bathroom, changing room and examination room. Its fully eguipped and very professional looking. The only problem is Derek isn't a doctor at all. He actually owns a car dealership and is financially well to do. The sign in the window makes it appear that it is a private office. No doctor names appear on it and it actually lacks any information at all, not even a phone number. After the first few times I was there he tried to explain how he manipulates these women to come to the office. Through other people he knows, he finds out which women in the area are illegals and sends them a letter. It has a state seal on it but is basically very simple. It just informs the girl it was sent to that she "must" have a physical exam at no cost and that "no action would be taken as to their illegal status". It is written both in English and Spanish and although short and to the point seems very intimidating. They would have to call the number within 10 days and make an appointment. Derek had hired an elderly lady named Maria who speaks Spanish well and has her set the appointments up. Maria thinks Derek and his friend Jason are doctors and also thinks I am. When the women come to the office Maria has them fill out a form just to make it seem official. Right away they seem to trust Maria who is about 62 or 63 years old. He has Maria take them to the changing room to undress and put on a hospital gown then she escorts them to the exam room. Derek usually makes them wait for ten minutes before he goes in and has Maria weigh them and take their temperature. Maria isn't a nurse but Derek has her wear scrubs, I assume, to make things appear more professional. There is a 10x15" mirror on the office wall and is see through from the office side, where he keeps a large picture over it in the office. The first few times I was there I simply took the picture off the wall and watched him exam the girls. Some speak English but many don't and he has Maria always explain to them that they will be getting a full exam including gyno exam and sometimes a pap smear. Its amazing how both Derek and Jason manipulate them and recently have taught me how since these women have no idea who will be examining them. Each of us has a phony doctor name which we wear on a tag with a state seal. Many of them are completely humiliated and rightly so. He even has Maria present most of the time especially when he sees a certain girl is very nervous about it and he tries to put them at ease wih Maria being there. Derek starts with the usual, checking eyes, ears and throat but then has them lay down on the exam table. He gives them a through breast exam then a full gyno exam even using a speculum. Most of the time they also get a rectal exam and a speculum is again used, by this time their humiliation is obvious. Most of the time they are partically covered by the gown but he is able to have many of them completely naked at times especially the younger ones. Maria is so gullible as to what is going on she will talk to them or hold their hand as one of us exam the girl. Sometimes two of us exam them at the same time but usually only one of us will do it while the other watches from the office. So far I have only examined three by myself but have partically examined them with Derek four other times. Most of the times I have just watched either him or Jason exam them. If these girls knew what was going on they would be mortified. Many times they come with their husbands, boyfriends, or mothers. As they are sitting in the waiting room, little do they know how their women are being taken advantage of. Derek and Jason usually do this three evenings each week and sometimes have as many as three different women the same evening. If one of them is extremly good looking they try to get them to come back later for another exam using some bogus reason for it. Most of them are under 30 years old but a few have been a little older and even some over 50. Derek is starting to trust me more to exam them by myself. I don't speak Spanish at all so he only lets me examine the ones who speak some English. Over the last few months he has taught me how to insert the speculums in them and I can't explain how arousing that is to me. The whole time I exam them I have an erection and thats the reason we all wear a white smock when we exam them. Derek naturally does't want them, or even Maria, to realize how aroused we are when we do this and don't want them to see us with an erection. He has a lens hidden in the changing room and also one hidden in a wall clock over the exam table. I have copies of the videos of 28 women so far of them undressing and being examined. Derek has a list of about 15 or 16 girls he examines every 3 months or so and has Maria give them appointments. Each one of them are very attractive and so niave they keep coming back to him and Jason. I examined one of them the last time I was there and her boyfriend was very friendly with me thinklin I was a doctor. I am also learning to speak Spanish a little at a time and hope Derek lets me exam more of them by myself as time goes on. He is also copying more of the videos for me, some of which are women he examined in the very beginning who I never met. It appears to be a completely legitimate operation and no one has ever questioned Derek or Jason about it. They have both taught me how to act around these women and stress how important it is to be proffessional about it. Its difficult to do and very hard to control myself at times but I'm less nervous each time. They have books in the office which explain how to do breast exams, how to examine the vagina and how to do rectal examines. I also watched the videos of how Derek and Jason do the exams and think I do well at it now also. I get to not only to look at them naked but to touch and finger these girls so intimately my heart is pounding at times. I don't presently have a girlfriend so I probably masturbate more now than I did as a teenager and I'm 38 years old now. Derek has always been devious but this is unbelievable how he arranged everything. Even the other people in the strip mall think he is a doctor and Maria is totally convinced we all are and work for the state health department. He always pays Maria cash and she is happy about that. She is the one who speaks to them all the time as far as the appointments are concerned and honestly thinks she is doing the right thing. Derek coached her on what to tell them and has her stress to them that they won't get in any trouble or be deported if they comply with the letter and the exam. She must do a good job because it is rare when the women don't respond to the letter they receive. If they don't respond he never sends a second letter. It amazes me how none have ever questioned the legality of these exams or why they were sent the letter. Its probably the fear of deportation that makes them comply. Some of them are leery when they arrive but I think Maria calms them and makes them believe it is legit from the start. They have Maria trained so well she organizes everything as soon as they come in. She fills out forms each time, that Derek prints off the computer, not realizing they will be shreaded and trashed. Some of the women they get to come back a second or third time. Derek always has Maria tell them why and sometimes has Maria tell them to shave off their pubic hair when they do come back. We laugh about it from time to time because they do shave and seldom ask why. If they do ask Maria tells them something ridiculous that Maria herself even beleives. I don't think Maria is really stupid but she tells the women whatever Derek wants her to. Some of thes girls are so embarrassed at times they almost cry. Some of the humiliating positions they are in have to be extremely degrading. I haven't done this yet but there have been times when Derek and Jason have the girl on her elbows and kness, on the table, as they do a rectal exam. I only saw them do it three times but have four differnt girls on video in that position. Because of their fear they do whatever they are told and many times they have Maria tell them what to do and what position to get into. They even have Maria help the girls put their feet in the stirrups. They have both vaginal and anal speculums and have Maria hand them to us most of the time. They often have Maria tell the girls what is going to be done to them especially if they speak little or no English. Maria has no inkling that she is helping us take advantage of all these girls for our own sexual gratification. Derek, Jason and I admit to being soaked with precum as we exam them and all admit masturbating afterwards. Derek is devorced as I am but Jason is still married. I visit them more now than I ever did in the past and can't wait for the next time. I don't know what the conciquences would be if they ever got caught doing this but because the women are in the country illegally doubt if they even know who they could tell about it. They all willingly comply with the exams although I know it is demoralizing and totally humiliating for them. I haven't tried it but both Derek and Jason have told me that they sometimes finger the girls G-spot trying to arouse them. Both have said they are successful at times as the girls get wet and that a few actually orgasmed from it. I can only imagine how that would add to their humiliation. Some of the women don't seem to be embarrassed by it much but it seems the younger they are the more intimidating and embarrassing it is for them. Since Derek and Jason don't know what the women look like prior to their visit they sometimes get older women and some that are obese or not the least bit attractive. They still examine them but not to the extent of the younger good looking ones. Naturally they never have them come back for a second visit. In general most of them are pretty women and some absolutly beautiful. I can't fathom what they think about or what goes through their minds when we do all these things to them. Just the aspect of them laying naked in front of me is exciting in itself. As much as I know they are there willingly, I know they don't want to be and don't realize until later what is going to be done to them. I even enjoy the fact they are so humiliated by being so totally exposed to us. I've seen more live naked women in the last few months than I have my entire life so far. I have even thought about moving and if I can get a decent job there I will soon. Derek offered me a job at the dealership but I don't like sales and am an electrician. I applied for a few jobs there and one seems promising soon. We are very secretive about all this and only Derek, Jason and I know about it. Its more than just fun, it is incredible how arousing it is and the most stimulating thing I have ever experienced. I get better at it all the time and think now I do as well as Derek and Jason.


Submitted: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:01:27 GMT

I have deceived females in every way I could possibly think of in order to expose myself. I began doing it in my teenage years and faked injury and many times acted like I was dumb or mentally ill. I have done some rediculous things and disgraced myself many times by the situation I put myself into. Once when I was sixteen I had a split lip and black eye from a fight that afternoon and in the early evening used my condition to expose myself in the park. I knew a group of girls I didn't know would be coming by the foot path soon and I hid all my clothes under a bush. I just laid naked on the ground only wearing sneakers and socks. Within a few minutes these 8 girls all saw me laying there. The only problem was that one of them called 911 and the cops were there in no time. I pretended to be unconsious and was taken to a hospital. It ended up being one of my best performances and I acted like I was dizzy and knocked unconcious by a group of boys who stripped me. My parents were called and they came to get me, but otherwise no one ever found out I planned it. I never did anything that stupid again but found many other ways to expose myself since then. Some of my sisters girlfriends and neighborhood girls saw me naked and I never once got into trouble about it. My parents only knew of one time my sisters friend saw me but it was considered an accident. These girls probably talked about it with each other but for some reason never told on me or let my parents find out. I'm 26 now and almost two years ago I began dating Ida who is now 21. Her father is a white man and her mother is black. Her father doesn't like me and my parents also don't like her. I had sex with her on our first date and whenever she came to my apartment I would always be naked when she arrived. She is the only person I ever admitted being an exibitionist to. I told her how many girls I had exposed myself to and tried to explain to her how it aroused me so much. She was more than willing to see me naked and she was always willing to masturbate me and many times watched as I jerk off myself. Our relationship was kept quiet mostly because of her father and when we did go out we would go to a diffent town so we wouldn't be seen together. I don't know or remember now whether it was Ida or me who first suggested anything about her friends seeing me naked. I suppose it was me who talked about it first but she seemed unfazed about doing that for me. I didn't know any of her girlfriends but at the same time didn't want anyone to know I am an exibitionist. I had already told Ida how I deceived most of the girls who had seen me naked over many years and had never admitted my fetish, except to her. She is the one who thought of it and suggested I pretend being blind. I laughed at first but it was one thing I had never thought of in the past. I went on line and bought a white cane and saw pictures of blind people. Ida also suggested I either wear sunglasses or squint my eyes when she brought a friend over. The first night she did it was a girl she had went to school with. It was a pretty black girl who never spoke the entire time but over an hour or so saw me shower and masturbate myself. I was so aroused by it I couldn't believe how Ida handled everything and told me after the girl left how much she liked the girl seeing me that way. I was still turned on and Ida and I had sex for hours after the girl went home. She only brings one girl at a time and by now I know all their names but they don't know I even saw them or knew they were here watching me. Ida tells me she enjoys it and I don't doubt anymore that she does. She never masturbates me when one of the girls are with her and all we do is kiss when she first gets here. We do almost the same thing each time and Ida always has the girls stand at the door for the first ten minutes. She always says for me to shower while she is here to make sure I don't fall. Naturally I always agree and thats when the girls come into the bathroom to watch me. This sounds funny but I always ask Ida if its ok for me to jerk off and she'll just say ok if I want to. There are 5 black girls, 3 white girls and 2 mexican girls who have watched me. Her cousin Lucinda also has watched me at least ten times and the other girls have been here often, some more than the others. I never do look directly at them and always keep my eyes squinted and let Ida guide me into the bedroom and bathroom. Ida and I talk about it after the girls leave and Ida changes things around sometimes as to how they see me naked. Sometimes she wants me to be naked in bed when the girls come in and other times she has me undress in the bedroom and walk me naked to the bathroom. When I get erections Ida always tells me I have one and always asks if I'm horny. I can't help from getting hard just by seeing these girls looking at me. Just for the heck of it I sometimes ask Ida if there is someone else in the room and she always says no and puts her finger over her lips warning the girls to be quiet. I think by now that Ida enjoys displaying me almost as much as I do. We only do it a few times a month but Ida comes over 3 or 4 times a week. We always go out to dinner on Satrurday nights but never anywhere near home. Her father and my parents don't know we still see each other anymore. Ida has fulfilled my fetish for me and I still don't understand why she puts up with me. I no longer have to think up ways to expose myself and am satisfied with the arrangments Ida makes to accomadate my needs.


Submitted: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 13:47:47 GMT

When we moved from L.A. to a rural part of San Diego county. I had been developing the usual teen ` I hate my father’ attitude for some time but I knew within me I loved him and missed the closeness we had when I was younger. My dad never did anything that was overtly sexual towards me but I had found some gay magazines in the barn once. I knew they were his immediately but I had no idea the impact the magazines would have one me. At first, I stayed away but over time I started to go into the barn more and more and look at the magazines. The cool thing is that they were in a loft so from there I could keep an eye out to make sure no one was coming. I would open them and look at the images of the guys’ large cocks, the others who were sucking them. I would then sneak back into the house and at night, masturbate furiously remembering the images.

As I became used to being in the barn loft, I began to rub myself through my pants while I looked at the magazines. What especially turned me on were the images showing men on their knees sucking other guys including this one time, a very young guy sucking a guy with grey hair. Wow. The magazines changed from time to time so it was clear that my dad was coming there also. The loft also became more comfortable with carpet scraps and some old cushions but I found myself especially turned on that it was so dusty there; like the dirty atmosphere in some way made it a better place to enjoy my dirty feelings. After about the 4th or 5th time I went there, I started pulling my pants down to masturbate to the images; a few more times and I was naked. Here’s the cool thing – I would lay down where my dad had obviously been laying down and masturbating. After a while, I would masturbate until I came but I was careful to come through the loft opening onto the dirt floor below and then cover my cum up as I left. Then I made a mistake – I was so caught up in my passion that I came and came hard, splashing onto the magazine image. I tried wiping it off but I freaked and put the magazine with the hot image of the young guy sucking the older man away and ran back to the house.

There, in the bathroom, I masturbated furiously for an hour, coming many times. At dinner that night, my dad was giving me curious looks. I was the only son so if he had found sticky pages, there was only one possible culprit – me! I was busy focusing on dinner but he asked, “son, were you in the barn today?” “uh, no dad.” “Really, I found some things out of place.” “No, dad, I was late from school.” One of my sisters, worse, my younger sister with the big tits I had been in lust with for a few years said, “Yea you were, I saw you coming from the barn.” I glared at my sister and shook my head but my dad was thoughtful. “Well, if you’re going to play in there, make sure you clean up after yourself, ok?” He kind of half winked and I thought I was going to die. But you know the funny thing? I instantly got hard and the image that came to me was me on my knees, sucking my father. I had been thinking he was weird but now I understood that it was a kind of weird that made sense. I wanted my dad so much that it hurt.

We lived outside of town a bit and during this time of sexual turmoil, I was frequently awake after everyone had gone to sleep.

I would sneak out of the house and walk to the front of the property. It was a pretty big place and when I was in front near the road, I couldn’t be seen from the house. I would strip down and walk naked, sometimes sneaking to the edge of the road and masturbating, ducking down when cars would pass… my ducks became slower over time and I remember one glorious time I stood at the side of the road masturbating as cars passed me until one car passed me, slowed and stopped. My breath was coming short but I kept masturbating as the car turned and came back my way, slowing and stopping across the street. It was a middle age guy maybe half my dad’s age and he just watched me…. and I could tell …. he had unzipped and was masturbating too. We watched each other for a few minutes before my nerve broke and I stepped back into the brush alongside the road. He stayed there another 10 minutes or so and then eventually left. I always wondered what would have happened if I had crossed the road, opened the car door and stepped in. Even today I get hard thinking about it. Can you imagine? You as the middle aged guy and a guy walks across the road naked towards you, his hard cock in his hand, his eyes locked hard with yours and his breath coming short. He walks in front of your car, his beautiful nude body highlighted in your car’s lights. He (me) comes around to your right side and opens the door and stretches into your car, laying his head onto your lap. Looking up into your eyes, he (me) licks up your hard cock and then lifts his head and begins to suck you. You, thinking about the night ahead, put the car back into gear and slowly drive away, his (my) head bobbing up and down on your cock, my nude body stretched across the seat next to you. We will leave aside the potential danger and focus instead on the hotness. I have delivered myself to you, to be used by you as you see fit. My ass, my mouth, my cock … yours. In fact, I went back to my house and did something I had learned to enjoy that summer. I took a cool shower and then stole nakedly from the bathroom to my bed, wet and cock in hand to masturbate until I came. . . This night however, I was too worked up so after the shower, I opened the bathroom door and stood there nude, listening to the night. It was probably 2 am at this point and the night was quiet. I am standing at the open bathroom door, the lights off. I am wet and naked and my breath is coming short. I am so excited I cannot stand it. My dad’s room is between the bathroom and my bed and as I stepped out from the bathroom, my hand is on my cock. Before, I would hurry past his door but this night I tiptoed up to it, dripping wet and masturbating. I stop. I listen carefully. I slowly kneel in front of his door until my eyes are at the level of the knob.

I feel like I’m praying to the gods. `please, let me please you. Put your hand to the back of my head and pull me to your cock. Let me please you.’ I truly felt I had entered into a fairy realm. Something magical while I knelt there nude, masturbating.

One of several possibilities happen at this point. The most obvious is that I stand and go to my bed. At the time, I really wished this had happened because it wasn’t what happened. Instead, my father yanked open the door. I was so surprised that I sprawled backwards and hit my back against the wall behind me. He was standing there nude, oh, and how glorious he was. At the time, I was trying to explain why I was laying there naked and he was there trying to be furious with me… what was happening however was that both of us were too turned on for words. He stepped out into the hall to yell at me, closing the door behind him. I began to rise to apologize and explain. At the time the door closed behind him, my lips came up to his half hard cock and I lost it…. Or maybe it is better to say, I found it. On my knees, my father’s cock was down my throat and I knew I had found meaning in my life. You might have laughed at me as you saw me bobbing up and down desperately there but I had found myself, my position in life there, and I sucked him like he was my god. My dad, oh damn he was shocked, he leaned back against the wall and watched, and then slowly, he brought up his hand and cupped it to the back of my head. I learned to deep throat that night cause he would not have had it any other way. He pulled my head down on his very hard cock and he fucked my face, controlling me, controlling the scene and then he came. Wow. We were both quiet but it’s hard to mask all sounds, I heard him quietly encouraging me to take him deeper and although I was too absorbed at the moment, later I wondered if my mom and sisters heard anything. They didn’t say anything at that time but my younger sister once said she knew I had played with my dad. Funny, it wasn’t just that one time, my dad and I were lovers for the next 20 years though that barn loft became our meeting point most times after. I always made it a point to shower late and leave the bathroom nude. When he and I were alone, we were nude together and I don’t think 2 weeks passed that I didn’t have his cock in mouth.


Submitted: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 08:39:33 GMT

I was 19 when I met my 15 year-old half-sister for the first time. For the last year and a half or so I've fantasized about seducing her almost every day. I want to see those beautiful eyes looking up at me while she sucks my cock and I want to feel her squirming with pleasure beneath me while I thrust into my sister.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Dec 2013 10:33:35 GMT

I think I have the most beautiful daughter in the world, with the most amazing body you can find on a 5ft frame. I just love when she wears stretch pants when shes comes around, showing me the fattness of her camel toe especially when she ears a thong and her pants is up her ass. She know I want to fuck and lick her pussy because I've caught her smiling flaunting herself around in front of me. but she as well dont know how to persue the matter. I need some advice as how to go about this without being so obvious. I try to spoil her but dont say what she want. any advice.


Submitted: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 08:37:26 GMT

I confess one of my younger cousins and I have been making love since 2007. We had our first encounter while high on cocaine.


Submitted: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 03:51:45 GMT

Confession #959 is so hot that I imagined watching my own hot teen daughter passed out drunk and getting fucked several times over by that guy. Would love to see his cum dripping from her pussy.


Submitted: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 21:29:47 GMT

I'm on a regular basis with my stud Son by now. We've been going at it for over six months, but this is the first Holiday Season for us to fuck together.

It used to be merely the weekends, but my Son and I now feel our Mother/Son sex is what we mostly look forward to on a week to week basis, especially during the Christmas season this year so if your reading this, so very sorry my husband honey!

Yesterday, I let my Son take me from behind in the kitchen while we listened to Trans-siberian orchistra's song, Carol of the Bells... it was a nice break from the Christmas cookie making anyway... again, sorry husband honey!

My Son and I just love to listen to that song when he is busy taking his Dear Old Mom from behind. (He owns me in that position.) Probably because it only adds to our pleasure of our taboo Mother/Son incest fix!

With my Son's explosive internal cum shots, my Son can play Father Christmas with me as much as he wants... Ironically, my name is Carol and I call our new sex song, "Carol of the balls."

My Son just calls it, "Mom."

Sorry honey :(


Submitted: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 17:13:49 GMT

I'm a single mom and live in a small apartment with my only son. I am active at my church with the sports programs and coach both a 10 to 12 girls team and use to help coach a 10 to 12 boys team. I had all the boys uniforms in boxes in the corner of my bed room for lack of space elsewhere. I was sick and came home from work one afternoon around 1pm never thinking about the uniforms. When I got home I showered took some asprin and got into bed naked which I seldom do. I knew my son was going out with his father and wouldn't be home til about 7 or 8pm. What I didn't know was my son gave our neighbor Brian the key to our apartment. Brian is 11, the same age as my son, and I am very good friends with his parents. My son gave him the key, without my knowledge, so the boys could pick up their uniforms after school that day. I normally don't get home until 5:30 or 6pm. Hence, the most embarrasing and humiliating situation I've ever been in. I remember stirring and hearing noises and maybe even someone talking but didn't pay much attention to it. I know I was on my back at first but soon rolled over facing the door. I heard laughter from the living room and when I finally was able to wake up there were six or eight of the boys looking at me from the doorway. As soon as they saw I was awake they ran into the living room. I jumped up and put on my robe right away but knew it was to late. It was 3:30 and because it was so warm I had no cover on me in bed. I knew they saw me naked and was almost in tears. When I went into the living room three of the boys were still there, Brian and the other two started to apoligize telling me they didn't know I was home. I was so embarrassed I don't remember what I said to them and was just anxious for them to leave. When my head cleared I checked the boxes and found that 12 of the boys got their uniforms that day. All of them must have seen me naked and I called Brians mother right away to tell her what happened. I don't really know who she or the boys told but within a day or so everyone knew about it. Nobody was really mad at me except my son and many of the parents even laughed about it which didn't deminish my embarrassment. I had to stop helping with the boys team and am mortified every time I see any of them and especially the ones I know saw me like that. Its been over a month now since this took place but I am still embarrassed every time I see any of the boys. My son still asks me why I had to be naked and I don't have an explanation for it except I was tired and sick. Its a terrible situation to be in and if my son isn't home and one of his friends knocks for him I don't even answer the door and pretend I'm out. If his friend or friends come to our apartment I stay in my bedroom the entire time. I was always out going with all the girls and boys before but feel so awful about it now. I still coach the girls team but am to ashamed to be around the boys. Some of the men in the sports program tease me at times and ask if they can come over and pick up their uniform. I know they are just joking with me but even that is embarrassing. My son even told my X-husband what happened and he thinks its funny also. I wish I could see the humor in it and maybe someday I will. Right now it bothers me everyday.


Submitted: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 22:19:46 GMT

i use to steal my mothers dirty pantyhose right after she would take them off and go into the shower. I would smell them while they were still wet with her sweat and pussy juice, i would then put one leg over my hard cock and stroke it till i came. i would do this while my mother was just in the other room. i loved the smell of my mothers feet and pussy!!!mmmmmm


Submitted: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 19:21:12 GMT

my dirty confession:

many years ago when i was a boy of 6 years old, a old man in his 70s moved into the upstairs apartment my folks rented, he was very friendly and got along good with my parents, after a few months time he was at our place a lot to visit, my mom was complaining one day about the money she had to pay the sitter where i went for between 3pm and 6:30 pm everyday after school, til my parents got off work, well, old bill offered to watch me for free, saying he was home and doing nothing anyhow! my parents were delighted as was i.

it started the first day i was there, there was a big bowl of my favorite candy bars on his table but he never offered me any, being a kid it got the best of me and one day i asked for one, bill said i could have 2 but i would have to give him a hug for 1 and a kiss for the other, being a trusting kid i said sure ok! i went over to him in his big old overstuffed chair and he lifted me up on his lap, i gave him a big hug and reached up to kiss his cheek but he turned my head and kissed my lips for a second or 2, it felt funny but kind of nasty and good too, a while later he asked if i had liked kissing him and i said yes i had, he told me there was a better way to kiss, and asked if i wanted him to show me, again i said sure! come here he said and i climbed back up on his lap, he wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me like before and his lips were all wet, then he held my head firmly and pushed his tongue in my mouth and circled it around mine, he was right it was better and i liked it, and it got me more candy! naturally it was our big secret and i could never tell and if i did there would be no more candy for me! i was a overweight kid and had flabby little fat boy titties, it wasnt long before i had to take my shirt off and let bill kiss me for "as long as he wanted" (this sometimes be over 2 hours) and let him play with my nipples and feel me up, telling me i had nice "girl titties" and how much he liked them, soon he was sucking them and i was sucking his too.

One day he said we should suck on each others tongues it would feel good so i said ok, he said to stick mine out and he would suck mine first, then i could suck on his, i did as he said and he sucked my tongue long and hard for probably 15 minutes all the time pulling my nipples and pinching them, then he said he had to pee but would be right back so i could suck on his tongue, i said ok, he went to the bathroom and was gone a few minutes, then returned and sat down and i got back on his lap, he held my face and smiled at me then slid his tongue out for me to suck, i started to suck and it tasted different somehow but good all the same, then he opened his mouth more and a bunch of spit came out which i licked up and swallowed, it tasted different than just spit, we repeated this scene everyday for about a week and he always had to go pee just before i sucked his tongue, one day while he was in to pee i snuck over to the bathroom door and peeked through the crack he wasn't even peeing but was standing in front of a big mirrow and rubbing his thing, i watched and liked it, then he held his other hand down and squirted a lot white stuff into it which he scooped into his mouth and started to pull his pants back up, i ran back to the chair and waited like nothing had happened, he sat, i got on his lap and started to suck as usual i was gaining a fondness for the taste of bills juice though i didnt know what it was and after i sucked it all i had a funny tingle in my throat. a few weeks later i confessed that i knew it came out of his wiener and i had seen him rubbing it. the next day he tought me to drink it from the source! he watched me daily until i was 11 and i must have drank gallons of his juice. in all that time we did a lot of other nasty things too, he liked to make me wear pink lipstick and a short pink dress he got somewhere with no undies on and the top pulled down over my chubby titties, he would tongue-fuck and lick my ass for a long time and stick things inside me(candles, crayons, bread sticks, class cigar tubes, fingers) and lick them off, then he would spit in my mouth, other times he would squirt his cum on my face and take pictures of it dripping down, then he would lick it off and kiss me saying he loved his "dirty little girl", he taught me to finger myself and he would lick my fingers clean, one time he had me get in the tub with a funnel in my butt and he filled me with his piss, and got behind me and had me let it go all over his penis while he was stroking it, he came in my ass crack then licked it off and we kissed.

sometimes he would have me bring my moms dirty panties upstairs and we would smell and lick them out while we looked at dirty books and touched each other, he would cum in the crotch and we would lick it out together, i always had to swallow some of his cum,even if that meant licking it off the floor or his dirty toilet seat! occasionally he would cum in his hand, bend over and wipe it on his asshole and i would lick it off there too and he would say, make sure you get your tongue way inside the hole so you don't miss any! he never seemed very interested in my penis, (but sometimes he would pinch it really hard when it got stiff, to make me cry then lick the tears off my face and call me a sissy girl, and a time or 2 he had me put it in his butt and he licked it clean after) i guess that makes sense seeing i was his substitute for a girl/woman. to this day i still like to play with my nipples and have them sucked on.

one day i went there after school as always, wondering what dirty things i would be made to do that day and bills old ststion wagon was gone, i went inside and the place was bare, like nobody ever lived there, on the floor near the window where his chair had been and where he had used me for his sex toy for 5 years was a $10 bill with a load of cum on it(which i licked off) on the back printed in pencil was "my girl"! nobody ever heard from him again,

That was over 40 years ago and i'm sure he is long gone, but i'll never forget those hot and nasty kissing sessions because he always smelled like cigarettes and bacon!


Submitted: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 18:46:04 GMT

Hi, I am 27 and my aunt(moms sister) is 36 years old, i really really like her body. her ass i just too good i feel like ramming into her everytime she turns around.

i desperately wanna get in bed with her. on some pretext or the other i go to her place when she is alone,thinking today i wud get a chance to put my cock in her pussy,i wanna feel the sensation of having my cock in her pussy once and playing with her sexy thighs.

when she is around my eyes are always on her boobs or ass she needs to be fucked once, i really wanna just lift her dress once and quickly fuck her.

GOD !!! when will my wish come true...i wanna lick her sexy pussy and fuck her till she cums.

-Horny nephew


Submitted: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 16:14:12 GMT

I have known Andrea and her daughter Amy for 22 years. Her husband worked for me for a few years and they lived in a run down apartment two doors away from my auto body shop. I had a short affair with Andrea about 12 years ago which her husband never did know about. He deserted them 5 years ago and moved to the west coast. Andrea worked at a factory around the corner from my shop but I'm sure only made a minimum wage. Amy is a highschool drop out and works at the McDonalds a few blocks away. Andrea is 41 now and Amy is 23. I live alone and have been devoriced for eight years so a year and a half ago when Andrea got layed off I let them move into my house. The first few years after her husband left I gave Andrea money sometimes knowing she couldn't pay her rent. I took advantage of her at times and had sex with her once or twice a month. When I let them move in with me my intentions were two fold. I knew they they had no where to go but I also wanted sex from Andrea. I soon found out that both of them smoked weed all the time. I was angry about it at first and thought how dumb I was to give her rent and food money when she probably spent it on drugs. I selfishly let them stay because I knew I could have sex with Andrea any time I wanted. The first few months I would go into her room and have sex with her and many times forcing her to give me oral sex or masturbate me. I had little interest in Amy at first because she isn't very pretty but does have a decent body. I was often in my underware around them but began exposing myself to Amy and she often saw me naked. I disabled the lock on the bathroom door and began walking in on Amy when I knew she was in the shower. They were both mad at me for doing it but I always stressed they could move out anytime they wanted to. It didn't take long before I knew I had them intimadated and basically under my control. Andrea and Amy smoked the weed almost every night and I realized I had more control over them when they were high and began giving them money to buy it. I would go into Andrea's room often knowing she didn't want sex but she never refused and always satisfies me. I don't have intercouse with her all the time but at least have her give me oral sex or masturbate me. Andrea knows Amy ssees me naked most evenings but I think to afraid of me to complain. Within the first six months they lived here I had Andrea so much under my control I could do anything I wanted to. I know everything about them even that Amy had an abortion when she was seventeen. If I wanted to walk around the house naked I did and if I wanted to see Amy naked I did. I know Andrea wasn't happy with the way I walked in on her daughter and would tell me so. I would reply by telling her "to bad" or "move out if you don't like it" and many other things of that nature. She never complains to me when she is high so I mostly do those things when she is. I never had sexual contact with Amy until last December. Andrea and her were smoking weed and I smelled it as soon as I came in the door. It was late and Andrea was asleep on the sofa and Amy was on the chair stareing at the TV. After I showered I came back to the living room naked and walked right up to Amy telling her to give me oral sex. She refused right away but I took her hand and put it around my penis. She just glared at me and I began telling her how much she owed me and how good I was to her and her mother. She did begin to jerk me off and then I forced her to suck me grabbing her head tightly. I'm not very well endowed but big enough that she gagged a few times and I puposely came in her mouth. The next morning Andrea came in my room and began slapping me. Amy told her what I did and I had never seen her that mad before. I was still in bed and when I got up I went on the offensive and smacked her. I never hit a woman before and haven't since. Then I just went into a rage and threw things around the room telling her I do what I want in my own house. I told her they could leave anytime they wanted to telling her she already knew her daughter was a tramp. I met a lot of the guys Amy dated and some were just as bad as her father was. I just told her Amy was old enough to do what she wanted and that it was none of her business. I didn't even believe all I said to her that morning but she sheepishly walked out of my room and didn't speak to me all day. That night after she went to bed I went into her room and had sex with her for almost an hour. I intentionally had anal sex with her knowing full well she doesn't like it. A few nights later I again had Amy give me oral sex and masturbate me. By February I had control over Amy the same as I have over Andrea. Amy always resists me when I go in her room at night but Andrea never does. Amy is humiliated at the things I do to her and I know she hates it when I cum in her mouth. When I have intercouse with her I always wear a condom but if I have anal sex with her I cum inside her which I know also bothers her. I know Amy dispises me but somehow tolarates me. I intentionally do things to humiliate and degrade her and oddly enough am able to have her orgasm most of the time. I do much of the same to Andrea but think she is immune to being humiliated or embarrassed anymore. She does orgasm most of the time but I can tell when she doesn't want the sex from me. The expression on her face tells me right away when I tell her what I want. If she is high she is willing to do anything but I often only make her masturbate me or give me oral sex. I never sleep with either of them and am only in their room for some kind of sex, and they know it. I'm sure they talk about me during the day when I'm at my shop but really don't care what they say. I always make comments that they can move out at any time. I don't want them to move out but know they will some day. There are many sites on the internet concering domination and intimadation and I have read many of them. I can't believe how much power I have over them or what they allow me to do.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Jun 2011 03:15:06 GMT

i want to become successful so that i can employ my cousin and seduce her very, very slowly... till she would do anything for me.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Jun 2011 19:21:00 GMT

My mother-in-law is 45, as pretty as my wife, but an obnoxious bitch. She stays at our condo one Saturday night each month and the last five times she has been here I treat her better than ever. I'm sure she doesn't know why but for the last seven months I have watched her shower six times. We only have one bathroom and it is located in between the two bedrooms. All I have to do is take a knife and slide the molding over from my bedroom side of the door. She's still a bitch but I love seeing her naked and it makes up for all the bullshit I have to put up with.


Submitted: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 05:09:24 GMT

I had gay anal sex with my first cousin. he is very athletic and very sexy. I walked in on him wacthing gay porn, he was naked. i was instantly turned on. so he sucked me and i sucked him then we fucked. we have done it twice and we dont plan on stopping. I was 15 and he was 18 when we started.


Submitted: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 05:36:42 GMT

When I was 15 (now 26) I always wondered what my sisters pussy looked like (she was 12 at the time, Now 22) There was a 2 week spree of me sneaking into her room at night while everyone in the house was asleep and pulling her panties to the side very carefully and slowly lick her pussy. Well five years ago i was getting fucked up on cocaine and was always thinking of kinky/taboo/fantasy sex. Long story short I started looking at my mom and sister and wanted to do all sorts of sexual stuff. I have sent them pictures of my cock and said they were ment for other people. Even to this day When I see one of them sleeping in the house somewhere. i will walk into that room and play with my dick hopeing that they are watching. And when no one is home i still go into there clothes draw and find there panties and wear them why i beat off into them.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 06:01:03 GMT

I'm bored, I'm married, I'm 35 and I want an internet friend to talk, mostly about sex with. I am hoping for someone with a deep and rich imagination. I'm into all kinds of crazy stuff including, but not limited to; cheating wives, incest, watersports, bdsm. I am very open to new ideas. I am straight, but I would fuck a tranny. I dont get much sex from my wife so im looking for a new outlet. I would perfer to talk to women. However as long as the topic of conversation is, for the most part, heterosexual in nature I will talk to other straight guys to share fantasies ect. Shit I dont even care if you're a guy pretending to be a girl, thats sort of the same as being a tranny anyway. No one under 18 years old though!

 ExhilaratingBoredom on Kik

[email protected]


Submitted: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 02:42:05 GMT

Years ago my mom was at the kitchen sink on hot summer day in tight slip satin pantie and big bra.Nobody else home I sudden felt and rubbed her round shiny slip and pantie rump.Me being 15 and her 40 I was in awe of finally feeling her as so many times I stared or peeked at her. She jumped in shock and told me knock it off. I waited a few minutes and felt her again while telling me to stop she started to press nback lifting her slip. It was hot and awesome the first time it happened she let me fry hump her and cum on her slip covered ass. Nothing said for awhile the next time I felt her up in the back of grandmas garage. She jacked me onto a big heavy bare sagging breast hanging out over her bra. Next session allowed me to cum on her big hairy bush her shiny pantie crotch pulled aside. This went on often in different places at home and once right while everyone outside cooking hot dogs.The best me seeing my cum spurt into her mature sexy face and hairdo. Her a solid tall built redhead I was always horny to give the cum loads she allowed. Loved her hot odor and her verbal encouraging me to spurt on her. Those were some hot times. Sometimes shed grind on my hard on and gyrate on it until Id get it out to finish on her girdle gusset or other fine location of her choice. Loved her low Mom voice verbal telling me to cum ! She also did fast dress flip ups and open and close her hosed knees for me the others near.


Submitted: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 20:59:19 GMT

When i was about 16 my family decided to pack up and leave our nice little home in the country, and move to suburbia in another state. It wasn't just a random out of the blue pack your shit and bail! But it did, and always has felt kinda sudden.. Anyway...

Myself, being the oldest of 4, ended up leaving first so i could start the school year. Meanwhile the remainder of my family stayed behind to pack up, and finalize selling the house (or whatever..)

So for the first couple of months i stayed with my aunt and uncle, and grandparents (my grandparents had their own separate but joining little house).

It was pretty intimidating at first! Especially seeing i was only 16, from the middle of bum fuck nowhere (My home town had three roundabouts and no traffic lights... you get the idea lol}, and had a naturally timid and innocent demeanor anyway. Being thrown into this very new and bizarre place and being surrounded constantly by strangers, really threw me for a six! To say the least! I really felt like an alien on some strange planet! I mean.. I vividly remember it blowing my mind to find out there was a McDonald's just 5 min down the road! Macca's was a very rare treat i might get maybe a handful of times a year (if that!) if for whatever reason we had already made the hour long trip to town, where it was located.

I wasn't really "sheltered" i guess? As in my up bringing i mean. But anyone reading this that has experienced going from country to city, especially when all they really ever knew prior was country, knows what i mean.

So anyway... Sorry to drag on if i am! lol I'm really high.. (need to be to talk about this.) So yeah, I tend to be more inclined to be descriptive and yap on about crap that's irrelevant! Case in point. lol

As a youth, i was sexually active from a young age (with myself anyway) Jesus! I remember discovering masturbation! I think i was like 9 or 10? Defiantly not older then 11.

Holy shit!! I use to rub that thing so much! it was like someone told me there was a Gennie in there or something! lol Even still to this day my cock has a little bend in the end of it from tugging on it the same way too much! I use to be self conscious about it but turns out every chick iv ever fucked, that i was insecure enough to ask, said they liked it! Go figure.. lol

So, you could say at 16 i was very well versed in the masturbatory arts! If i got a dollar for every time i jerked it... Well... I'd have a fuck load of money! lol

So, a shy guy, in a strange place, knowing nobody..

I dealt with it at first but pretty soon i was sick of being suffocated with this daunting feeling of loneliness, confusion, and just overall shittyness! I was very much alone, and seeking comfort, and release. I remedied that the only way i knew how..

I didn't know about drugs then (thank god!} so i amped up my already amped up beating off schedule! I absolutely punished myself... (I'm talking like upwards of 10 times a day!)

Being very sexual, i found that lots of different things use to get me hot and bothered. To be expected i guess?

But what i didn't expect was just how much my stunningly beautiful aunt was going to flood my mind! She had the leading role in all my beat off fantasies throughout most of my teenage years! lol Still to this day she'll make an appearance from time to time.

She wasn't this model like bombshell or anything like that. She was, and is, very beautiful!

She had long blond hair that she always had looking nice, an unusually big mouth (i mean literally not figuratively) which were supported by these great big lips which she always had cherry red. She had a very "sporty" figure. she runs a lot and likes to keep in shape.

Probably about a B cup I'd say? Nice, but nothing special. And she had a pretty fucking spectacular ass!

As sexy as her physical attributes were, i think what attracted me to her the most was her emotional and mental demeanor. If that makes sense? I mean, just the way she held her presence in a room. The way she would talk to you, and engage with you. She just emanated this genuine feeling of love, acceptance, and understanding. She wasn't at all flirty, or seductive, in anyway. Hell, she even dressed somewhat conservatively (unfortunately! lol) She was a pillar of class! One of those, seemingly rare, beautiful people that wanted to make you happy just because it makes them happy. Thank god for those people!

So the fact that she was stunning physically, and mentally and emotionally. Plus I was 16, emotional, and addicted to cumming! Add that up with the fact that it was a rare and wonderful thing to even have a girl recognize that i existed! Well... I was in love! (so i thought anyway)

Having this elegantly beautiful women not just make eye contact with me, but talk to me.. And not just speak at me or tell me to do something, but really talk. Sit down with me when i got home and just blanket me with love!

That may seem a little odd but she knew i was having a hard time. She walked in on me once or twice crying.

Like a moth to a bug zapper! She was, at the time, a ray of warm light radiating through life's darkened storm clouds! A red rose in a field of shit! But i think most importantly she was, and still is, a constant reminder that good does exist in the world!

As far as our relationship went she was on the up and up. Her part was perfectly healthy. She just wanted to help and show love to someone she could see needed it. It was i who harbored any sexual and or inappropriate feelings to the situation.

Now for the confession part...

Just so it's clear, I'm not proud of how i behaved.. In the slightest!

But try to keep in mind i was sixteen at the time, and fucking insanely horny ALL the time! Really! using words to try and describe it does it no justice!

And i was really emotionally messed up from a life of extreme bulling, and abuse! It's amazing how cruel kids can be.

It may seem like I'm trying to justify my actions but I'm really not. I just want to do as good of a job as i can to describe my state of mind and being at that time. Which was confused, and not overly healthy to say the least! Those of you who need to point out fault and criticize will do so no matter what i say. So please understand and take into your harts these sincere words.

Opinions are like ass holes... Everyone has one, and they all stink like shit...

So go ahead and criticize and rebuke! Write it down on a piece of paper, role it up, and fuck yourself to death with it. Because no one in existence can know better then i the pure hate and disgust, and misery i harbored for myself for what i did to that beautiful person! And i have the scares on my wrists to prove it..

It took many years and therapy but i eventually learn t to accept what i did and forgive myself. So fuck your forgiveness if you don't like it!


So this extra bit of innocent affection and attention she had graciously thrown my way, could probably be compared somewhat to someones first time trying hard drugs. If you have ever smoked methamphetamine (please don't if you haven't) then you understand just how fucking incredible it is!! (initially anyway..) I really don't mean to advocate drug use.. but it is what it is...

So, like a new found narcotic, i wanted her with me, in me, around me! I just couldn't get enough of how good she use to make me feel! It use to blow my mind how she could make me feel, not just loved, but relevant?.. i guess? She convinced me every time we spoke that i mattered. That knowing how my day was, and what i was interested in somehow impacted her.

The night i heard her and my uncle fooling around... Well.. That kinda took what was going on inside of me to another level.....

The fact that my uncle and aunt fucked wasn't a real shock to me. The fact i could hear them through the door did a bit though! Up until that point I'd only ever heard my aunt talk nice, and reasonably polite. She would growl at my cousins when they were being little shits but it was pretty tame really. The words i heard her beautiful mouth utter absolutely blew my fucking mind up the wall!!! FUCK!!!! 2 minutes prior i was falling asleep on the toilet and then stumbling my way back to bed! When i heard some noise coming from my uncle and aunts room as i staggered by. I guess curiosity got the best of me, and i was compelled to have a closer listen to what they were up to. So i carefully placed my ear to their door and listened intently for what they were up to. And then i heard something that would impact me deeper than i would of ever even thought possible! My aunt proceeds to say, in the most sexiest way I'd ever heard anyone say anything! "I want to drink your cum baby! Please, I've been a good girl! Let me have your cum!"

I couldn't of been more awake if i had a gram of crack injected directly into my heart!!!

I came in seconds! This new side of her i was experiencing made my already hyped teenage sex drive... Well.. More so. lol

She said a heap of other dirty as things, but her pleading and obvious love she had for coping a load in the mouth and gulping it all down was the single most sexiest thing i have ever experienced! To this day!! Unfortunately it also gave me unrealistic expectations down the line as how much most women actually like swallowing! lol

But for whatever reason she thought it was the bees knees! I remember how sloppy and wet it all sounded when my uncle finally gave her her "reward" Jesus!

I busted 3 nuts while i listened to their dirty little escapades! I just squirted it all over their tile floor. then when they seemed done i quickly took my singlet off, moped up all my juice, and very carefully tiptoed back to bed. They didn't seem to hear when i flushed the toilet, but when my hornyness briefly subsided all i felt was shame and paranoia for what i did! But that was nothing compared to what i was going to do..

When i got back to bed i just laid there, full of wonder and amazement and disbelief at what i just witnessed! Then i thought about how much of a lucky bastard my uncle was to have her! To be the only one to give her her creamy treat! I was sooooo jealous!!

It was too much! I couldn't let my uncle be the only one who got to "feed" her.

And there in lies the root of my shame....

I always thought it was hot when chicks swallowed in porn, but i never really believed girls liked to do that. For any other reason then to make the guy happy anyway.

I'd lie there fantasizing about being balls deep in her. Then whipping it out just as I'm cumming, and imagine her slurping up every drop of my seed till she had her fill! (in my mind she never had her fill!)

The words I heard her speak, in that moment, were tattooed on my brain forever!

I convinced myself that she would love my cum but hated the thought that she would never get to try it!

I knew she was the devoted type. Unwavering to her commitment to my uncle! I was bummed out at the time but glad now she was that way inclined. I dunno? I guess my twisted mind thought for some reason maybe I'd have a snow flakes chance in hell to be with her if they weren't together!

I know right...

So, perplexed as i was, never getting to give her my cum was just not an option.

I don't know why but i just couldn't perceive, back then, just how wrong what i was going to do really was! In my mind it was only things like her being married to my uncle, and age difference, and stuff, that diminished the hope i had for one day turning my fantasies into a reality. Running her words threw my head over and over again! I knew she loved cum! I could hear the pure desire she had in her voice! She wanted it, no, needed it! And i "knew" she would want mine.. And so i decided then and there that she wasn't going to miss out.

Knowing how much she loved it i kind of felt bad that she was only gonna ever get to have one mans seed to enjoy for the rest of her life! But i, in my mixed up moment of charity, wasn't having a bar of it!

And so my sick little mind began to conspire...

I eventually fell asleep that night, but when i woke, it was a new, brighter day.

Scheming up ways to secretly feed my seed to my aunt was my new, and favorite pass time.

It wasn't as easy to accomplish as i initially thought. But all that did was make it more thrilling!

It took about a day or so to think up an opportunity that was worthy of our first fluid exchange. I mean, i could of rubbed one out into anything of hers i suppose. But i wanted to make sure id get to watch her eat it for the first time! eventually i did end up cumming in, and on anything and everything that could be ingested or applied! Oh my god! Over those couple of months i lived there i feed my aunt soooo much of my cum!

Embarrassingly, as much of a grotty perv as i was (and still am..) I genuinely feel like a maggot thinking as to how invasive, and disrespectful i really was being to her. Believe it or not tho, i just couldn't see that side of it. The absolute last thing i would EVER want to do would be to harm a single hair on her angel like head! To hurt her in any way, would have been my end.. In my mind i was DEEPLY in love.

This new slutty side of her i got to see was brand new! I felt deep emotions for her before that became a factor.

My goal was definitely not to hurt or disrespect her in any way shape or form.

I just wanted to be as close with her as humanly possible!

After racking my brain i came up with, what i thought was, an awesome idea! Every morning as part of her breakfast i noticed she always drank one of those little pro-bio tic drinks after her main breakfast. You know? i think "yak-ult" is a brand name for one of them? Even though she had some generic brand named one. I tried one once, made me think of cordial in milk! yuk! Anyway.. She loved them!

So the night before i grabbed 2 of them secretly and darted off to bed.

I opened one up and poured it out the window in my room. Then I let my mind be filled with thoughts of her amazing sexiness, and started frantically beating my dick, like it owed me money! Very quickly i came like a ragging demon and filled that little yak-ult bottle thing up with ease. It only took half my load to fill it up, so i just shot the rest on the ground in front of me. When i was done and had calmed down, I poured out about half my load and then proceeded to fill it up again with the other drink i had got. I figured she was very familiar with the taste, smell, and constancy of cum. So i didn't want to make it so blatantly obvious that what she was drinking sure as shit wasn't what was advertised on it's container! But i still wanted her to get that cummy goodness taste i knew she craved.

Once i topped up the yak-ult with actual ya-cult i very very carefully put the tinniest amount of glue around the rim. Just enough to re-seal the foil top. Once the glue dried i picked up, and thoroughly inspected my work! I was so impressed with myself! It looked legit as, like it was brand new! I gave it a good shake and gingerly placed it back in the fridge.

I darted back to bed, jumped under the covers, and punished myself several times to the thought of the event that was going to take place in just a hand full of hours.

I didn't get heaps of sleep that night but still didn't find it too hard to get myself out of bed! I got up and went straight for the kitchen, which was what i normally did anyway.

When i got to the dinning table my aunt and one of my nieces was already there eating cereal. My aunt greeted me with a big smile and a good morning like usual. Just seeing her beautiful smile was enough to make any of my mornings good.

Not long after I fixed myself something to eat my aunt finished off her cereal and washed up her bowl in the sink. As she made her way out of the kitchen she stopped at the fridge. My heart skipped a beat knowing what was about to happen! And just as i planed (i made sure my "special" one would be the one she would grab)she grabbed her little beverage, pulled back the foil top, and slammed it back like a shot of whiskey! I was in an absolute state of erotic ecstasy! Trying not to make my gawking at her too obvious, But that was a daily struggle anyway!

As soon as she slammed it back, she stopped for a second. I could tell she was a confused as to why this drink tasted a little different to the others. She lifted the empty container to her eye level and began to inspect it. Not seeming to be satisfied with that she grabbed the packet they came in and began to look that over as well. After a second or 2 of inspecting she just placed it back in the fridge, shrugged her shoulders, and closed the fridge door, to which she then mumbled to herself "Hmm.. That's odd...?"

I just couldn't resist! I blurted out to her "Whats odd?" Attempting to be as nonchalant as possible, knowing full well i was like a sexual volcano at that point! trying my hardest not to reenact Pompeii in my pants!

She says, casually, "Oh, i was just wondering why my drink tasted a bit different than usual?..

I checked the expiry but it's not out of date." She said holding a look of bewilderment.

"I don't think it was off tho?.. It didn't taste bad... Just a bit different.." While rolling her tongue around her mouth, trying to put her finger on just what it was she was tasting.

But then she quickly gave up, shrugged it off, put the empty container in the bin, and went on with her day like every other.

I thought i was going to pass out! I was light headed, and a little dizzy!

I put my bowl, as non frantically as i could, in the sink and then floated back to my room. I locked the door, and... well... you know.

That morning i had, to the best of my memory, the single most intense, overwhelming, eruption of an orgasm i have ever experienced, EVER!!!

I was quivering for ages afterwards! So needless to say, this new "drug" i discovered... well..

I was instantly hooked! I didn't know feeling that good was even possible! Unfortunately tho, I was also going to eventually learn just how evil, and destitute, a person can feel too.

Well, that's my story anyway. Like it, love it, hate it. I truthfully don't care. It's My experience that shaped a big part of my life up to now.

I've never told my aunt, and decided i never would. It would serve no good purpose to bring to light such things, other than appeasing my own guilt. And how ever much iv learned to forgive myself, i deserve to live with the remaining guilt and disgust of what i did, and will do so till my last breath!

I have no idea what divulging that kind of information would do to her emotionally?! And the risk of hurting her like that is unacceptable! Especially seeing as it is now, with her, i assume, clueless to my past activities. She's happy. Living a well deserved happy life.

In many ways I know I'm still in love with her, and deep down sad that she will only ever be mine in my dreams... But iv slowly learn t to deal with it and except it as reality.

I have felt for my few passed partners, one i even loved for a time. But they all pale in comparison, by a huge amount! I really try not to get too down in the dumps thinking about it but i genuinely feel as tho I'll never really have feelings like i did for her, for another person. Some days really get me down.. But most of the time i plod along through life making the best i can of it. life's not so bad these days.

Drugs (don't) help ;-)


Submitted: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:05:49 GMT

I enjoy kissing and licking my sister-in-law's high-heeled shoes. She has the sexiest feet. Last Christmas day, when she visited us, I rubbed my cock inside her shoes until I came. It was awesome.


Submitted: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 21:57:31 GMT

I have had a lifelong fantasy about having forcible sex with my mom and sister. I would love to force my cock up their ass and hear them moan as I reamed their ass.


Submitted: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 09:54:27 GMT

So my sister is now 7 months pregnant. She got pregnant on her wedding night if the doctors are correct. What she doesn't know is that given this, then i am the father of her unborn daughter.

At the reception of her wedding, both her and her husband got very drunk. They had a great day and a wonderful evening. As the night came to an end i let my parents leave since it was so late and i was to escort the newly weds to their room upstairs in the hotel.

After most people had left i shuffled them both along and found their room. I got them inside and sat them both on the bed. I went to the bathroom and when i came out they were both lying down, sound asleep. I figured i would just pull off their shoes and throw a sheet over them. I pulled off my new brother in-laws shoes and figured i should get his suit pants off. I pulled them off and left them hanging over the bed end.

I pulled my sisters heals off and i took a moment to feel her smooth skin up her legs. She is 19 now, really long sandy blonde hair, nice round baby face and a super sexy body. She did a lot of running and swimming so she was fit. I have had a thing for her since she was 14 and i was 20.

Anyway, i got her shoes off and gently rubbed her legs. I knew she was pretty out of it so i gently slid her around and hung her low body over the edge of the bed. She mumbled a couple of times, but nothing else. I rolled her onto her stomach, making her ass stick out in her beautiful, puffy wedding dress. She mumbled for my brother in-law and again was quiet. I lifted the huge amount of dress and layers up over her back, revealing her sexy little ass covered in a lovely pair of white silk underwear.

I knew i shouldn't, but i had too. I pulled her sexy panties down her thighs and dropped them on the floor. i stripped off my pants and got behind her. I held her tiny hips inside her dress and used my feet to open her legs. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy. I fucked her sexy little body, ramming myself as deep inside as i could, knowing her husband was asleep on the other side of the bed made it hotter and i pumped into my sister. I only lasted a couple of minutes and unloaded what felt like the largest load of cum i had ever blown into her depths.

I waited till i was ready and i fucked her a second time, making sure i held my cock as deep inside her as i could when i blew. Once i was done i got my pants on and i pulled her sexy panties back on her, pulling them over her leaking cum covered pussy. I slid her back up the bed, pulling her dress back down and lying her next to her husband. I left and headed home.

It was only 6 weeks later she came over to my house and told me she was pregnant and that it had happened on the wedding night. She told me that because my brother in-law got really sick on the first day of the honeymoon, that they hadn't had sex again after the wedding night. She also told me about the fact they they were so drunk that both of them didn't remember it, but they both remember the feeling of the bed shaking, so they know they did.

I'm over joyed to know this as it means i have gotten away with it and my sister is having my daughter/sister and doesn't know.

I have my younger sister to hopefully try and do this again with her in a few years time. She is 16 now, but i reckon she is going to be even hotter than her older sister when she is 19 or 20.


Submitted: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 11:02:28 GMT

My sister started playing with my penis when I was about ten, she is five years older than me. She started out by just using her hands and would stoke and play with it for a long time. One day she had two friends over and she told me to go into her room, get up on her bed and lay down, she pulled my pants down and showed her friends my penis. they were all taking turns playing with it and then after about twenty minutes of playing around with it one of her friends told them watch this, she gripped my head and base and stroked me to orgasm. I was a little scared at first and they all laughed away.

After that my sister would play with me and make me cum all the time. She eventually worked up to sucking on me and would even sit on top of me and rub herself through her shorts. She of course always told me not to tell mom about it and even back then I was thinking why in the hell would I tell mom about it and want her to stop.


Submitted: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 19:24:30 GMT

Carla is my stepfathers sister and since I was a toddler I always call her Aunt Carla. My stepfather, who was really a great guy died in 1996. I was only 7 and it was a very sad time for me and my mom who still has trouble dealing with it. We moved in with Carla and her daughter Christine. Aunt Carla was my stepdads older sister and Christine was 10 years older than me. Both of them were very big people not just tall but also very heavy. The one good thing about their house was the food. Lots of good food and plenty of junk foods always around. My moms job made her travel often and was sometimes away for a week or more at a time. Aunt Carla was surely the boss of the house and Christine was also bossy with me. I had been spanked a few times by my mom or stepdad but little did I know at the time what I would be put through by Aunt Carla and Christine.

The first time it happened I don't even remember what I did to deserve it. Aunt Carla just picked me up and put me over her lap. It was like she was a giant and I was amazed at how strong she was. The next thing I knew, she not only pulled down my pants and underware but took them off me completely right in front of Christine. The spanking she gave me was by far the worst and most severe I ever had. When she finally finished I was forced to sit on a kitchen chair in the corner of the room for an hour. I was still naked from the waiste down and covered my penis with my hands. I couldn't wait to tell my mother what she did hoping it would never happen again. That night when my mom got home Aunt Carla immeadiatly told her she "had" to spank me. I was devastated that my mom not only said it was ok but gave her permission to punish me anytime I was bad. My mother still gave me a bath at the time but the first time she went away Aunt Carla started bathing me. As young as I was, it was embarrassing since no one but my mom had ever given me a bath. Then a few times my mom was away and Aunt Carla was out somewhere Christine would do it. I think I was 8 when I complained to my mother but she just told me Aunt Carla was in charge when she is away. The older I got the more embarrassing it was especially when Chrisine would do it. Finally when I was 9 my mom said I was old enough to take my own bath or shower. Aunt Carla was bad enough but both her and Christine would both come in the bathroom when I was naked. Aunt Carla didn't seem to pay much attention to my nudity but I could tell that Christine was doing it intentionally and would just stare at my privates sometimes.

I was spanked often over those years both by Aunt Carla and Christine and a few times by my mom. When Aunt Carla would spank me it was always the hardest and most painful and she sometimes used a belt instead of her hand. She always took off or made me take off my pants and underware. Christine would often spank me for trivial or stupid things I did as long as my mom and Aunt Carla were out of the house. These were not the most painful but the most humiliating. She would almost always make sure I was completly naked when she spanked me. A few times she came into the bathroom as I was showering, pull me out and spank me as she sat on the toilet seat. It took me some time but I knew she did this to not only humiliate me but just to see me naked. There was little I could do about since Aunt Carla and Christine were so much bigger and stronger than me. Many times Christine spanked me in front of her girlfriends. I think she did that to show how much authority and power she had over me. Most of the time I tried not to cry but usually did. I found that if I did cry I wasn't spanked as long or hard. The worst part of it was sitting on the kitchen chair or standing in the corner for an hour either naked or half naked. It was bad enough if I had a shirt on but much worse when I was completly naked. The last spanking I got from Christine was when I was 13 and the most vivid in my memory. My mom was in Chicago and Aunt Carla was away for a few days. I had skipped school on Friday and drank some beer at a friends house. His parents found out we both skipped school and drank beer and without me knowing it they called and told Christine. It was about 7pm and I was taking a shower and planning on going to the movies with friends. Christines came barging into the bathroom and started screaming at me. She litterly grabbed my hair and dragged me into the kitchen naked and still wet. She sat down and pulled me over her lap and just kept spanking and hollaring at me at the same time. I didn't see her at first but her friend Wendy was directly behind me watching. It had been a long time since my last spanking and as soon as I realized there was another girl, who I didn't know, in the doorway I was mortified. I couldn't control myself and instantly started crying. I was 13 and had pubic hair by now and was naked in front of 3 women. Christine was 23 then and I don't know how old Wendy or the other girl were but probably about the same age. It seemed like she spanked me forever and the way I was bent over I knew the two other girls could easily see not only my anus but my scrotum and penis. I tried to get up a few times but Christine was to strong for me. By this time I think she probably weighed 250 pounds or more. When she finally stopped she held my arms and stood me up and continued to scold me. I know I must have looked pathetic as I just stood naked and weeping in front of the three of them. My rear hurt awfully bad but I think I was too humiliated to think about it. She kept asking me questions about skipping school or drnking the beer but I was crying and sobbing so much I could hardly speak. I think the fact I was crying so bad was also embarrassing but I couldn't stop. Then to my horror she made me stand in the corner naked facing them. I covered myself with my hands but she ordered me to put them at me sides and told me I should be ashamed of myself. Christine, Wendy and the other girl then sat at the table as I had to stand there naked for 1 hour. They all kept looking at me as they spoke and Christine would constantly berate me. I think I kept crying for almost the whole hour and was finally allowed to go to my room. When Aunt Carla came home on Sunday I was watching tv in my room. Christine told her what I did and did tell her she spanked me but Aunt Carla came right to my room. As soon as she walked in I knew I was in for it again because she had a belt in her hand. She made me take off my pants and underware and lay over my desk. I knew she would be and sure enough Christine walked into the room to watch me get a spanking again. Aunt Carla must have spanked me 30 or 40 times with that belt and the crying had no affect this time as she continued. My mom came home that Tuesday and although I wasn't spanked again I was grounded for a month and no tv.

That was the last time I was ever spanked by any of them including my mom. A few months after that weekend my mom got transferred to her Newark, NJ office. I'm a junior in college now and was always too embarrassed to tell my friends what Aunt Carla and especially Christine put me through. I only see them once or twice a year now and I never say anything to them about it and they talk to me like nothing ever happened. The last time I saw them was Christmas time and Aunt Carla lost some weight. She looks like shes under 300 pounds. Christine on the other hand looks like she gaind 30 or 40 more pounds and is bigger than ever. I told my girlfriend what they put me through and when I first told her she asked why I didn't just push them away or fight them. That is until she saw them for the first time. I now weigh about 155 but when I was 13 I was only about 90 or 100 and they were able to toss me around like a rag doll. So I think my girlfriend understands now. Aside from the fear of them I think now that the sheer humiliation was worse than the spanking itself. I also think that Christine was a little bit of a pervert and lavished in her power and dominence over me at the time. Unlike Aunt Carla, the more I think about it, Christine enjoyed seeing me naked and spanking me. I don't know how many times she made me take off all my cloths to get spanked even my socks and shoes. Aunt Carla did make me get naked from the waiste down but rarely spanked me completely naked, and seemed to ignore me afterwards even when I was force to sit or stand in the corner of the kitchen. Christine always stayed in the room and was constantly looking at my penis and rear. I wonder sometimes if she did it because of her obesity and the fact that I was always fairly skinny and small framed. I told my mom of a few times when they humiliated me but was even too embarrassed to tell her of the worse times. My girlfriend is the only one I ever told everything to and she still can't believe a lot of it. I never told anyone else either, even my closest friends.


Submitted: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 17:41:26 GMT

Darlene is my wifes neice and is 32 years old and very attractive. She has burnt all the bridges with her parents because of alcohaol and drug abuse. She has numerous convictions for not only drug abuse and DUI but also selling drugs. Over the last ten years she has spent more than three years in prison and I had only met her twice since I married her aunt who is also her god-mother. Last winter she went back on drugs and spent 15 weeks in a rehap center. When she got out she had nowhere to go so my wife let her stay with us. Darlene was fine up until this past April when at different times I could see she was high on something. My wife never seemed to notice so I said nothing about it. She and her older sister have a catering business and work almost every weekend doing weddings or other events. In early May I golfed all day and came home late on a Saturday evening. My wife was catering a wedding that night and when I started up the stairs there was Darlene past out on the steps. I didn't know what she had taken but knew she was high on some type of drug. I could smell alcohol also but the way her head was positioned could see powder in her nose. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and my first thought was whether to tell my wife or not. I just stood there for a few minutes and without even thinking about it decided to undress her as much as I could without waking her. She was dead to the world and within minutes I had all her clothes and underware off. The hardest part was getting her jeans off. I had a hard on right away but all I did was masturbate while looking at her naked body. I put covers over her and left the room and went to bed. The next morning Darlene was still in bed when my wife and I had breakfast. About noon my wife and her friend went to the mall and shortly after Darlene came into the kitchen. She just looked at me and started begging me not to tell my wife about her taking drugs again. She never asked how she got into her bedroom and never mentioned anything about how she got undressed. I think I felt bad about what I had done but she is so pretty and built so well I enjoyed every minute of it. Since then it happened three more times, once in June, again in August and the last time just two weeks ago. I was home all three times when she came in once on a Friday night and twice on a Saturday night. She came home spaced out two other times but my wife was home and was furious with her. The three other times I was again able to see her naked and twice took all her clothes off. The time in July she undressed herself but only had a nightshirt on when I went into her room after she went to sleep. I did touch her breasts and finger her to a certain extent but only masturbated each time while looking at her naked. In July and this month I used her hand to masturbate myself both times getting some cum on her hand and arm, which I wiped off. She doesn't do the drinking and drugs very often but when she does she goes overboard with it. As far as I know she doesn't suspect I undress her and see her naked. My wife asked me several times if she came home high on drugs but I never say she did.


Submitted: Fri, 23 May 2014 02:10:31 GMT

I am 23 y/o n my brother is 11 y/o I suck his dick n tha last time I did it he came in my mouth n I swallowed it wit no problem n he fucks me in my ass,tha 1st time it happened I was just lying on tha couch n he started off just sittin there n then he pulled down my shorts spread my cheeks n put his dick in,I ain't stop him n I told him he can do it whenever n he does only when he stays at my house


Submitted: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 13:11:03 GMT

I am not attracted to my cousin.


Submitted: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 17:25:19 GMT

I grew up in a small town near Amprier, Canada in the 1980's. Neither of my parents were well educated and my fathers job was meanial and low paying. My mother worked at a lodge near the park and cleaned the rooms, sometimes working 7 days a week. Needless to say we lived at a poverty level most of my childhood. I was probably 7 or 8 when it started and my mother would pick up Claudene, who also worked at the lodge. Her husband Neal was disabled and he watched me everyday. He was very good to me and treated me very well. I had better meals at their house then I did at my own. He walked with a cane all the time but otherwise was physically fit. I thought little of it when he bathed me and had no thoughts about my nudity in front of him. It wasn't like he was doing anything wrong and he would even tell my mother that I already had a bath when she picked me up after work. From time to time she asked how he treated me but I had nothing bad to say about him and he was always kind and patient with me. I often saw him in his underware and he would show me how his left leg was shorter than his right, which amazed me at the time. I don't know when he started doing this but he began taking a bath after I had mine. I didn't think much of it but I would still be naked in the bathroom as he undressed and got into the tub. Rather than me leaving the room he would talk to me as he washed himself and have me hold his arm to get in and out of the tub. He always said he needed my help since he was handicapped. I do remember him having erections often but at the start of this I had no knowledge of what that meant. I do remember telling my mother he had a bath but she never seemed to question me about it and I thought little of it, even though I saw him naked several times a week. He was fun to be with and often made me laugh. He took me to get the school bus every morning and was always there waiting for me in the afternoons. During the summer months he would take me out a couple days a week for ice cream or to a movie. At times he took me shopping and would buy me shoes or a new dress always complimenting me about how pretty I was. I honestly didn't mind him seeing me naked and it didn't bother me if he was naked. I think I liked looking at his penis and was always amused when he got an erection. I remember him telling me that it happens to boys all the time. I was so accustom to being with him I trusted and beleived everything he said or did. I don't really remember how old I was but my mother said I was old enough to bathe myself. The first time I told Neal this he just asked me if I didn't like him washing me. I think he sort of put a guilt trip on me and kept telling me he was dissapointed that I didn't like the way he gave me a bath. He looked sad so I am pretty sure I told him he could still do it if he wanted to. He told me then that he enjoyed taking care of me and that I was his favorite neice, which I really wasn't his neice. He said he knew I was old enough to bathe myself but since I helped him get his bath he would still like to help me and do it for me. I don't know how I answered him or what I said but he soon had me in the tub and bathed me as he always did. When he got in the tub I helped him as usual and he began talking again. Exactly how he said it I don't recall. He made it sound like "our" secret and that I shouldn't tell my parents we both took baths in front of each other, or something like that. He said he didn't want my mother to think I was still a little girl. My mother always came in the house when she picked me up in the evenings. Neil would look at me sometimes and ask me if I had taken a bath that day, while winking at me. He always made sure my mother was right there and I would just say yes. This went on for years and my mother never suspected anything. Even as I got older I think I didn't want to hurt his feelings by refusing to let him wash me. He was always in his underware the first year or so but began washing me while he was naked saying his underware would get wet. I never thought much about it because I always helped him get in and out of the tub while he was naked anyhow. I was probably about nine or so the first time he had me watch as he masturbated. He just again said it was something all boys do and that it felt good for him to do it. Each day he reminded me about "our secrets" and I always assured him of my silence. When he bathed me he used his soaped up bare hands most of the time and often had me stand and bend over as he washed between my legs. I don't remember him ever trying to penetrate me in any way but he did pay special attention to my vagina an anus. He also washed my hair all the time and I liked him doing all this to me. He began to have me wash him once or twice a week and the first few times I was very hesitant to touch his penis. He started having me do this by telling me he was getting old and could not wash himself good because he need his hands to hold himself up. He would stand up in the tub holding on to the sides and have me wash his back, legs and privates. He bent over most of the time the same ways he had me when he was washing me. He always got an erection when I did this but he never tried to have me masturbate him. When he sat back down is when he masturbated himself telling me it pleasured him. I was almost 11 the last time we bathed each other and I wonder now how far it could have gotten had my parents and I not moved to Toronto that year. As all that was going on I never felt that I was being taken advantage of by him. When I started to learn more about sex is when I finally knew what he had been doing to me through those years. I saw him and his wife a few times after that but eventually my parents lost touch with them. I never told my parents about it and don't think they would understand how I was manipulated by him so badly. When I think about him now it astonishes me at how many times I watched him masturbate. I still remember in detail when he would stand in the tub and have me wash between his legs. He actually had me washing his penis when he had an erection but I don't recall ever seeing him cum as I did that. I vividly remember how he intentionally bent over for me to was his anus and scrotum most of the time. He always would engage me in conversation while we were naked and most of the time talk of silly things. He never talked about sex and never used any sexual terms. I was at least 12 or 13 before I started to understand what he had been doing with me. Even though I had no breasts or pubic hair he must have enjoyed seeing me naked like that all the time and touching me the ways he did. When it all started I was so young I don't think it ever occured to me that it excited him when he was naked with me. Had we not moved when we did I think I would have found out sooner or later that he was molesting me. It used to bother me that I let him do that to me but now know I was to young to know any better. When we first moved away I was sad that I wouldn't see him anymore but now am glad I don't. Had it continued I don't know what would have happened or if he would have taken more liberities with me. He was always so convinceing to me that I never had any fear of him and thought of him as a very sweet man. He was always gentle with me, and aside from how he took advantage of me, was more kind to me than even my parents were.


Submitted: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 19:08:47 GMT

i secretly have the biggest crush on my 19 y/o cousin, im a 24yo male, she is so beautiful, and has the body of a goddess. i constantly masterbate thinking of cummin on her massive chest...if only this would come true...