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I had a chance to drop by my house early one day and when I walked in I heard "Ho mom that feels great." I wondered what felt so great and when I got near my 14 year olds sons bedroom He said "How can you do that and not gag mom?" I peeked around the corner of the door to find my wife taking my son's cock to the root in her mouth. I froze not believing what was going on when my son grabbed his mothers head and started pumping his cock down her throat saying "I'm coming mom, ho fuck here it cums."

I could see her throat moving as she swallowed what he was giving her. Once he was done she pulled her head away from his lap saying "That's the last time I do just and you will keep your mouth shut wont you?"

He said "Ya a deal is a deal. I wont tell dad you have been fucking your own brother mom. But mom am I dad's son or your brothers?"

My wife said "Does it matter cause I'm not sure to tell the truth but the baby I have in me right now is your uncles." I'm going to have a dna test done and if what she said is true I hope she likes living on the streets cause I will be kicking her fucking ass out the door.




I'm helping my neighbor finish their basement across the street.

I left to come home for some iced tea.

I was getting close to the kitchen when I heard a slight moaning.

I slowly peaked around the corner.

I looked on to find my wife bent over one of the kitchen counters.

She was resting on her forearms with her fists clinched as she was being pumped from behind.

I grew angry thinking another neighbor was giving it to her from behind.

As I looked farther into the room, what I saw just blew my mind.

I saw my Son standing on the kitchen stool behind his mother giving it to her.

I heard the moaning, I saw him behind his Mother, I saw him with his hands on her hips giving it to her.

I stood back out of sight with my jaw on the floor in shock.

As the slapping and moaning continued, I looked again to see if he was wearing a condom.

I know his Mom is on the pill still and I didn't see him with one on.

I continued to quietly watch my Son take his Mother from behind. I wanted to know if he would be able to finish in her.

I wanted to know if his Mother would let him finish in her without one too.

I heard, "Oh, Mom..." "Yeah, baby, do it..."

She was encouraging him cum inside of her, it seemed to be working...

"Oh, Mom, I'm getting close, Mom..."

"That's it sweetie, you can do it..." she continued to whisper to him.

The pounding picked up along with his breathing.

Slap, slap, slap, boom, boom, boom... my Son really letting his Mother have it now!


Oh, Mom, Mommy, here I cum, Mom, oh Mom!!!

A few seconds more of ins and outs in his Mother, in pure silence...

Quickly, I heard my Son begin to grunt and growl as he pumped his Mom full of his cum.

I left thinking I hope I could witness this again, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen!




My sister and me would hear mom and dad fucking and at times go down the hall opening their door just enough to watch them. My sister said after we watched them the one time "Can we do sometime like that. I don't mean in my cunny but mom likes dad to put his thing in her ass, do you think we could do that?" I said I didn't see why not.

Dads started working afternoons and mom sometimes gets bad headaches where she locks herself in her bedroom for hours and at times days. One of these times I said to Cathy that mom was down and out and dad that just left for work if she wanted to try that thing she said we could try it now. I pulled out one of dads condoms I had taken a few days before and she smiled saying lets go to your room.

We had played with each other before to where I got down and licked her between her legs a few times which she loved but she still wouldn't suck on my cock yet anyway. We stripped and I rubbed her pussy and started to push my little finger in her ass when she said I needed some lube. I went the bathroom getting some baby oil and put some on her ass and with her being on her hands and knees like mom would do some went down her pussy as well I worked my little finger in her ass and she seem to like it saying she felt naughty doing this but I saw shit on my finger and though I'm not putting my cock in there.

I put the condom on and started rubbing hard cock from the top on her ass to the top of her pussy making sure she had lots of oil on her. I asked if she was ready and she said yes so lined up and pushed forward hard going half way in her pussy. It was a good thing she had her face pushed into a pillow cause she give one hell of a scream and one more when I went the rest of the way in.

She turned her head saying you went in the wrong place and it hurts, please pull it out. I stayed all the way in her for a bit and when I started to pull out she said it don't hurt as much and you do have a condom on so give me a minute. I stayed still feeling her tight hot pussy around my cock before long I just had to start moving inside her and she said go slow Jeff cause it still hurts a bit.

I slowly fuck my little sister and I felt like my cock being released as the condom broke which I knew it would do with the baby oil. I guess it was 10 maybe even 15 minutes of slowly fucking my sister when she moaned saying most the pain was gone and to go faster.

She started fucking me back and she give a bunch of grunts and went still which made me cum as well. I pumped my load in her and she said that she felt wonderful.

I pulled out seeing spots of blood on my bare cock and some of my cum running out of her. As far as the condom went it was just a ring around the base of my cock. Cathy looked back and her eyes went huge was she realized had cum inside of her. Tears flew of her eyes as she said you made me pregnant how could you do that. I told her that she was to young to get pregnant and not to worry. She then told me she had started having her period 4 months ago and she could get pregnant, now I'm worried as well cause hell she's only 11 who would think a 11 year old could get pregnant.

Her next period did come on time and we still fuck but now I fuck her ass and not her pussy. God knows I didn't want to be a father at 13.




I was working for a satellite install company and I go to this real rural place to install satellite. This pretty little blonde girl opens the door, she's about 10 or 11, and thin framed. She calls her mother, the mother is a heavy set woman, also blonde, and not to pretty. After I install the outside, I'm working on the inside part, and the little blonde girl was following me around asking questions, making small chit chat. As I'm talking to both this little girl and her mother setting on the sofa, the little girl begins to flirt with me. After telling me that she liked my mustache I flat out asked her "are you flirting with me", which she replies "maybe, but you are hot", and I laughed saying "sweetie even if your mother approved I think that's against the law.

Her mother quickly says "shit she does what she wants, I don't care if she wants a man" and her daughter says "and I'm not going to tell anyone". Then I say laughingly "well you are hot as shit and you do have a nice little butt", she then sticks out her butt, and pulls down her shorts just past her ass saying "you like my butt". To which I replied "well I'd bet that I'll like the front better", she turns toward me pulling down the front of her shorts exposing her completely bald pussy, I looked over at her mother to see her smiling at me, and I dropped to my knees in front of this little girl pulling down her shorts to the floor, and started licked her pussy a couple times.

I told her to step out of her shorts, then walked her backward a few steps to the sofa, then sat her down, and spread her legs almost in one motion. I leaned down and started licking her hairless slit. I then heard her mother say "that's it, lick my daughter's pussy", I stood up undoing my pants saying "oh I'm going to do more then lick her pussy" and pushed my pants to the floor exposing my fat 7" cock. The little girl said "crap you're big" and her mother says "oh shit baby he's going to stretch your pussy" which her daughter replied "good".

She gasp when I pushed the head of my cock inside her, I started slow fucking her tight little pussy, then got faster, and faster until I was flat out fucking this little girl. Her mother was saying "yes fuck her, fuck my daughter's little cunt, cum in my daughter", as she was drilling her own pussy with her fingers, and all her daughter was doing was grunting as she took my cock. When I was fucking her little bald pussy hard she would try and squirm away from me but I had her by her hips so she was not going anywhere.

After that day I went back almost every day and she became my girlfriend, then when she was 14 I got her pregnant, she had our son. At the age of 16 I got her pregnant again and she had our daughter. I married her when she was 18 and I was 46, she was pregnant at our wedding at the courthouse which was our second daughter. When our second was born our first daughter was 2 and it was about a year later when I caught my wife licking our eldest daughter's pussy. She told me that our kids should learn about the pleasures and she also told me that she sucks our son's little dick too. That's when she talked me into rubbing my cock up and down my daughter's slit until I would cum all over her pussy, then my wife would lick it off her. I started fucking both my daughters when they were around 6 and now our family just takes care of each other's needs. Now my daughter's are reaching the age where they can get pregnant but both their brother and myself love to cum inside them.




My dad drives long haul and is gone 2 to 3 weeks at a time leaving mom alone with me and my little sister who is only 5, I'm 14 by the way.

Mom sometimes drinks and this time I came home about 10 from being with friends mom was on the couch wearing only her nighty and so drunk she couldn't even talk. I checked on my sister finding her sound asleep. when I went back to mom I found she had passed out cold.

I sat down looking at her with her nighty pulled up showing her bare ass and as I moved closer I seen her bare pussy as well. I had never got more then a tit to touch from my girl friends so I touched mom's pussy lips then pushed 2 fingers inside her. She give a moan and pushed her pussy at my hand as if to get more of my fingers inside her.

By now I had a hard on inside my pants so I thought why the fuck not, so I dropped my pants and got between her legs pushing my cock inside her. I was only going to see how it felt to be inside a pussy but she felt so warm and wet I just had to keep pumping myself in her. Mom started moaning louder and it sounded like she was saying to do it harder. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could before I shot off inside her.

When I stopped I felt her pushing herself back at me getting me hard again and I fucked her for the second time. This time it took a long time before I came and at one point mom turned her head and was looking at me as I fucked her. She was coming herself I think anyway when I pumped my second load inside her.

The next morning I found mom sitting at the table holding her head and when she looked at me she said "You did a bad time last night. I could get pregnant from what you did and to your own mother, Just how could you do that?"

I said I was sorry and just couldn't help myself as a went out the door to school. I never even thought about her getting pregnant but she is only 34 so I guess she could get pregnant still.

We went on with our lives and a little over 3 weeks later mother told me she missed her period and more than likely was pregnant. A week later she showed me the home tester with the blue cross showing that she is pregnant and she said that dad would walk out on us when he found out.

Mom was raised believing that abortion is murder and she refused to get rid of the baby. Dad did pack his bags and walked out just as she said he would and I am now a father to my own sister. Oh by the way mom and me still make love without her being drunk but with condoms now.




I have a twin sister and when we were 10 we started playing with each others pussies. It felt good to have her fingers rubbing me and she loved what I did to her as well. Once a month one of us would send a weekend with our grand parents and the other would on the next weekend.

After I got home from my visit my sister was acting kind of funny and when bed time came around we went to our room like normal but she called our dog to come with us. I asked her why she wanted Curly in our room and she said "You will see." Once we got undressed she got a jar of jam out and put some between her legs and right on her pussy. Curly was on her in a flash licking the jam off her and she was wiggling like crazy. Soon she started to moan and push herself back at our dog's tongue before she went still with her eyes rolled back.

Curly backed off and started licking his hard cock. I didn't know what in the hell was going on but sister handed me the jar and said try it, you will love it. I put some jam on myself like my sister did and Curly started licking me like he did my sister. I found I couldn't hold still and what I was feeling was incredible and felt something building inside me when Curly stopped licking me.

My sister said "Get on your hands and knees and wiggle your butt at Curly just to see what he will do." I did as I was told thinking he would lick me again but he jumped on my back with his hard thing banging against my legs and my bum. I tried to get him off me when his thing found my pussy and went in. I let out a scream and Curly started pumping his thing deeper and deeper in me. Dad yelled for us to stop playing and to get to bed. My sister sat there with her hands over her mouth and a shocked look on her face as Curly was as deep as he could go in me and me crying my eyes out.

After a short time the pain started to go away and it started to feel kind of nice when Curly stopped moving and what felt like a bowling ball was growing inside me. I tried to move away but that hurt worst so I told my sister to get him out of me and that he was hurting me. As she got down I felt something very hot tickling my insides and it made me shutter as it hit my insides. My sister pulled on Curly and I told her to stop due to the pain.

After what felt like hours but was only a minute or two my whole body felt like ever nerve ending was going nuts and I couldn't breathe. Things went spinning in front my eyes as the feeling lasted. It hurt like hell when Curly pulled out of me and there was a gush of creamy kind of fluid with bits of blood mixed in coming out of me making a mess of my legs right down to my knees and on the floor.

Curly went back to licking his half soft thing as my sister got a face cloth to clean me up. The next morning I was still I little sore but my fingers now go all the way in without hitting anything so I guess Curly made me a woman.




Our parents both worked so I had to come home right after school let out to watch my little sister. At the time I was 14 and she was 10 but we got along not to bad other then she always wanted to be with me even when my friends were over. The guys bugged the shit out of me letting my kid sister hang out with us.

We were playing poker for pennies and when my sister wanted to play my best friend said that if she played it was going to be strip poker. I was shocked when she said ok. We cheated and soon had her naked and when she lost after that we would get to touch her or she would have to jack our cocks for so many minutes. That's how it started for my sister and me but after some stuff got broke no one was to be in the house other then my sister and me without our parents being home.

We still got naked and played with each other but when I heard about going down on and girl things changed. Val would go nuts as I licked her little clit, she would suck on my cock but the first I cum in her mouth she didn't want to do it anymore. We started doing what we called the slide game where I would be on my back and sister would slide her pussy back and forth on my cock. We found using baby oil when we did this to work well We both would do it until we both got off.

I remember when my sister was 11 her nipples began to grow and she got her first few hairs on her pussy. I knew we had to be careful cause she would be a woman in no time and she could get pregnant. One day as we played our game I started playing with her nipples and she went totally nuts and moved to far up and then pushed down hard. Before I could stop her I was halfway inside her and she screamed loudly. I was scare and tried to pull out but she yelled at me to stop cause it hurt to bad.

After a couple minutes I guessed her legs were getting sore cause she sat down more and more until I was all the way inside her. She kissed me on my lips saying go slow please it still hurts a bit but it feels wonderful. That was the first time we fully fucked. After that we only fully fucked when I could find condoms cause back in the 60s they were not easy to get for a 15 year old.

I got married first but still fucked my sister every chance we got, that is until my wife caught us and clean me out in court. When my sister got married we still fucked every chance and when she give birth to her first child we were pretty sure it was mine and not her husbands as the nine months before he was out of town for two weeks. She told him she give birth a little early.

She told we they had a huge fight and that's when she told him the kid was mine and not his. Well her and the kid got their asses kicked out of the house and she moved in with me. She went back to her maiden name and we had two more kids as husband and wife but just not married.

Our daughter who was first born is married with twins who are in their early teens but a boy and a girl. Our daughter come to us all worried cause she saw them having oral sex with each other in the basement. She asked us what she should do and I give her a box of condoms the give her son saying they wont stop once they start. Winking at my sister.