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hi, im Owen. i'm 39 and i live in california. i have a thin 4 inch penis and haven't had sex in 15 years. i am also a premature ejaculator, and because of these things i am intimidated and nervous near women. i don't feel comfortable trying to date anyone so i am planning on buying a silicon love doll to be my girlfriend. i think i will feel safe and comfortable with a doll instead of a woman. what do you think of my decision?




My parents left me home alone often when I was in my early teens to babysit my siblings. One day I told them to just stay in the playroom while I took a quick shower. I left the door open just a smidge so I could still listen for my siblings incase something happened but I could also shower. Well, as I got undressed, my dog came in and I didn't know. He was a pitbull, very sweet. I bent over to pick up my clothes and suddenly I felt a nose sniffing my lower region from behind. I turned around to see my dog but he threw his weight onto me and caught me off guard. I fell over and as I tried to get up, he mounted me. I tried to get him off of me but he was really strong and got aggressive so I just tried to relax. I had seen him play like this before with his toys and whatnot so I figured he wanted to play. That was until I felt something thick enter the tip of my vagina. At this age, I knew I had parts but I didn't really know the full extent to what they did, like things going inside them. I clenched my fists as I felt his cock go inside me. It was really thick. I didn't know what was happening but it hurt but felt good at the same time. I moaned a little as he began to thrust further into me. Suddenly I felt something build inside me and I started shaking, I screamed I started feeling fluid filling me up. My siblings came outside the playroom and I yelled for them to go back inside. My vagina started feeling tight and I looked down and saw my dog was suck inside me. I started to panic and tried to get him out of me but I couldn't. However, in the process of trying to get him out, I felt my clitoris. I started playing with my clit as we were tied and I started cumming over and over, squirting a few times even. Finally he pulled out and I felt his cum drip out of me. I'm embarrassed to admit that I unknowingly lost my virginity to my dog but at the same time, it was really great.




I was regularly spanked for discipline by my then girlfriend´s stepmother. Long story short, I got my girlfriend in trouble, so her stepmother told me, if I wanted to keep dating her, she will be spanking me regularly, in private, when her husband wasn´t there, something my girlfriend told me she made with her, too. 

I accepted so she told me to remove all my clothes and bend over a sideboard. She noticed my erection, but didn´t say anything. Then she step by my side, put a hand on my waist and spanked me with the other one, stronger each time. I noticed by the mirror in the sideboard she was looking to my penis as expecting to go limp, which it didn´t. It went for a few weeks until she decided to speak out and tell me I wasn´t supossed to enjoy this, so we entered into a battle of wills where she tried different methods to break me:

- blinfolding me (so my skin was more sensible to the touch).- using other implements such as a paddle and a belt.- spanking my genitals with that implements, too.- backlashing me with the belt.- slapping me across the face.- scratching my torso with her nails.- bellypunching me.- having me to take cold showers (aside from temperature, it´s supossed to make the strokes feel harder).- having my girlfriend to watch my punishment (I was the top with my girlfriend on bed, so watching me in that subservient role was intended to shame me).

None of these methods resulted, aside from some moments where my erection went limp. The methods that really worked with me were:

- having me masturbate right before the spanking.- spanking my genitals with the paddle right after cumming. That´s peculiarly painful. It even keeps you from masturbate for a while after the punishment.- since I lasted quite to cum in order to delay my suffering, she had my girlfriend masturbating me frantically in front of her, and when I was cumming she told her to retire her hands and smacked my genitals with the paddle, giving me a ruined orgasm. 

In my experience, the last one is the method that best removes the sexual component of the spanking, since the pain is excruciating.




When I was 15 YO I got caught masturbating naked in our basement one day after school by my Mom who came home early from work. I had gotten home at my usual time and stripped off all my clothes by the back door at the top of the basement stairs thinking I had at least an hour to play with my self and then go up to my room, shower and get dressed for dinner. She came in the front way and I didn't hear her until she called my name from the top of the stairs. She saw my clothes piled up by the door and started down the stairs while I was stroking my penis and fingering my butt hole almost ready to explode. It was too late and I came allover my chest and on the pool table felt as she yelled my name I rolled over and hopped off the pool table and crouched covering my still raging, dripping hard on. She threw a towel on the bar and told me to clean up, but I ran past her and upstairs to my room so embarrassed.

She called me for dinner and I reluctantly came down, fully dressed. We didn't make eye contact all through dinner, and she said things were "OK" while cleaning up the dishes. I helped clean up and she told me it would be alright if I needed to masturbate anytime as long as there were house rules. I expected there to be more restrictions or getting grounded if I got caught again or in the wrong place. She said I needed to do a few things differently- I could masturbate openly anywhere and anytime while at home if no one else was present - except for her, and I had to be naked while doing it and in fact, I was allowed to be naked from the time I got home from school until I went to school, so pretty much all the time I was at home. Same caveat though, no one else could see me naked- except for Mom.

I tested this theory the next day, I got home stripped naked and instead of doing it in the basement I laid on the couch in the front room and waited for he to come home. She did and without so much as a stop and stare or sideways glance, she walked in and said she expected to find me like that and went about getting dinner ready. I was surprised and stopped stroking and followed her around the kitchen, with a wee tug on my erect penis every once in awhile to see if she was paying attention. All the while she just complimented me on how I was growing up and how big it was and to make sure to wash my hands when I get done.

This went on for weeks, I came three or four time a day, then it was once or twice a day and then I started to understand her logic. So I started to be like "no big deal" about the nude all the time and stroking off whenever I wanted thing. I came home, stripped naked, ate dinner, did homework, watched TV for a while, went to bed and got up the next day showered and got dressed for school. When I came home that day, I invited some school friends over to play video games. There were four of us, so without saying anything to them about my arrangement with Mom, I stripped naked right in front of them. They jeered and cat called and made all sorts of rude and funny comments but they were cool about it and we played games until Mom came home. S

She did stop and was surprised to see me sitting cross-legged and naked on the floor in front of the TV with my three friends fully dressed sitting on the couch playing games. She said hello and offered drinks and snacks, and asked me to help her get them from the kitchen. She was cool and asked me right out if I had done it yet, alone or in front of them yet. I said no I haven't, and she said good I want you to do it in front of me and your friends, right now.

I was shocked and said why, she said I broke our agreement by being naked in front of others while at home, this would be my punishment. I was humiliated when she pulled me back into the living room and turned off the TV and told my friends that "Steve has something else he wants to show you".

At first I refused and she said now or never again, so she took the Kleened box off the end table handed to me and told me to find a comfortable position on the floor and do it. My friends were amazed that my Mom was telling me to beat off in front of them while they watched. She explained that this is what happens when we abuse our privileges.

With tears welling up I knelt first and started pulling on it and found I was limp and couldn't get it up! They started laughing and made it worse but I squeezed harder and stroked faster until it started growing in my hand. Mom was shouting words of encouragement while my friends chanted "STEVE, STEVE", "Faster dude, faster". I leaned way back and just exploded shooting not one but three long ropes of sperm toward the couch. I hit my Mom right across her chest and shoulder with two blasts the third fell short and landed on Gabe's shoes and cuff of his jeans. I wiped myself with some tissue and handed the box to my Mom who wiped off Gabe's sneakers while the guys were all wincing and hissing and saying "eew, how gross". We kidded each other about it every once in awhile but as far as I know they didn't tell anyone and it was our big secret- that Steve's Mom made him masturbate in front of us because he got naked at home.

The boys were so freaked out and all wanted to leave like right now, my Mom asked them not to say anything to anyone- even their parents or to other friends. After they left, Mom asked me how it felt. I thought about it and said it was freakin' hot and asked when can we do that again. She said she would be a willing audience for me anytime as she wiped my sperm from her blouse with a handful of tissues. She mentioned that to save on changing her clothes afterwards, maybe she should also be naked next time! Mom let me masturbate in front of her and on her every day for the next several weeks. She also started stripping naked by the front door when she got home from work. Her being naked in front of me with those saggy tits and neatly trimmed pussy made ejaculating much more fun and brought me to climax faster. Her moaning and clit rubbing as she told me how warm my sperm was when it landed on her breasts and face drove me crazy. For my 16th birthday, Mom gave me a special gift and she stroked me off while we both laid naked together on the kitchen floor. The tile being easier to clean than the carpet and upholstery that we spotted up the previous weeks. She took my throbbing red penis fully into her mouth and sucked and licked it until I burst and she spit up, but them swallowed my load.

After that I never masturbated in secret at home, I would come up behind her doing dishes and tap her on the shoulder and say it was play time and we would masturbate together or she would suck my cock if she was in a horny mood. I liked those days a lot. When I was 17, she taught me how she liked it and then let me eat her pussy as part of Mommy and son play time. We did a lot of 69 after that and my stroking myself was giving way to more of her sucking me so I would cum in her mouth.

When I went away to College that fall, she made me fuck her for the first time the night before I had to leave. She worked me over like a street slut and wanted things I could not image my Mother ever asking for from my Dad let alone her son. I started by licking her cunt and fingering it, then she stroked and sucked my cock, and stuck her finger in my ass. I positioned her on her back, spread her legs and entered her wet pussy, shaved bald for the occasion. After a few dozen hard fast pumps she wanted to kneel and take it doggy style, so I accommodated her and gave her another half dozen slow thrusts. She told me to stop and pull out, I was getting pretty close anyway and once I was out I slapped her ass a few times with my hard cock and said remember when you used to spank me? Then she said "Steve, fuck me in the ass like a whore". I was stunned but not too surprised, she did tell me that was one thing she never let the old man do. I slid my glistening hard cock slowly into my Mom's asshole so gently and held her around the waist as we rocked back and forth, faster and deeper each time. I could feel her sphincter give way and she took me in, the entire length of my shaft was deep in the ass of the women who made me- such an incredible feeling. Then she reached under and grabbed my balls and pulled on them with each inward thrust, I could feel it welling up inside me and she gasped each time I pulled back. The in and out thrusts were very slow, and it probably only took seven or eight of them while she was moaning "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me". It took just one more slow deeper push and I felt what seemed like gallons of hot semen release into her. She stifled her crying and panted "yes, yes" while motioning for me so I wouldn't pull out until she was ready.

We stayed like that for maybe half an hour, I grew limp and pulled out. We spooned the rest of the night and had one last morning shower and nude breakfast together before Gabe and Jimmy came to pick me up and drive off to College. Mom stood at the front door, fully dressed and looking very proper waving good bye. I waved back and never said anything.




When I was in high school I liked to put on make up and dance naked in our basement for my friends. After school sometimes two of my friends would come over to play and we would wind up masturbating. So one time I had an idea -I put on some of my Mom's lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara and then turned down the lights, lit some candles and put on some loud banger music and just started dancing naked in front of my two friends. I was gyrating and grinding on and around a column like at a strip club. Eventually they both opened their pants and started stroking themselves so I started too while doing just crazy moves all over the floor. I shot my load first onto the floor and slipped on it and then sat in it and rolled around on it while they took turns shooting their loads onto my body lying on the floor.

The next couple of times we did it I ended my performance by kneeling in front of each of them and sucked their cocks until both came into my mouth! It was really cool, we did this a few times until Mom noticed her make up was missing. I liked painting my face like a whore and dancing naked in front of other boys and swallowing their cum.




My young daughter has started exploring lately. My gf and I have caught her rubbing herself against the arms of the couch, the edges of her tv chair, and a couple of her bigger stuffed animals. Both my gf and I grew up in more conservative homes, so we don’t want to discourage her or make her feel like she’s doing something wrong, especially since it’s in the privacy of our home.

My gf works at the casino so she’s gone during the evenings so we always have our tv time before bed where my daughter usually crawls into my lap while we watch our shows.

The last couple times, things got a bit weird. When she started to get tired, she began to rock herself while in my lap, and since she was right against my dick I got hard. The first time it happened, I gently picked her up and said that it was time for my to tuck her in because she seemed tired. The next time, though, I let it go on for a bit. I zoned out on what exactly was happening and just enjoyed how it felt. The last time it happened, I let it go on longer than I should have and almost came in my pants. I got up abruptly and said daddy has to pee bad and I went to the bathroom to finish myself off.

I feel guilty that I let it go as far as I did, and for how good it felt. My gf and I are on opposite schedules so we don’t fool around very often. Sadly that was the first activity I have had in months and I feel so conflicted




I am a 25-year old pre-op transgender woman from a borderline nudist family (we weren't the kind of people who immediately stripped down to nothing once we were alone in the house, but nude beaches and nudist resorts were a thing in my upbringing) and I have seen my mom naked on countless occasions. For a while it didn't mean much; however as i entered puberty I began to notice. Every time I saw my mom in the buff, i would fixate on her butt and how it jiggled while she walked. I didn't think much of it, until my late teens, when my masturbation fantasies started to involve her. At first it was just her body, then it graduated to just being in the bath or shower with her. Eventually it turned into handjobs and blowjobs, and finally full penetration to her pussy or ass.

Much as i've tried to fight it, i still fantasize about her frequently; sometimes i wish that, just before i switch genders full time, she would be allowed by me to fuck her and let her taste my cock. Other times it goes to other extremes; i sometimes fantasize about one night when it's just us, knocking her unconscious-either by a blow to the head or by roofie-stripping her naked, tying her up and blindfolding her, and just having my way with her; fondling, penetration, the whole nine yards.

However, I've already taken it to some pretty heavy extremes; one night while my folks were out of town, i went onto their bedroom computer, and found some pretty hot photos of my mom; in the bath, naked outside, getting penetrated by men (not all of whom were my father). My personal favorite is one where she is doing nude yoga in our living room, with her backside facing the camera. Her glorious booty showing off. I saved that and a few others to a flashdrive and revisit it frequently when alone.

I don't approve of these feelings and know they'll probably never be reciprocated, nor my fantasies come true; however i still have fun feeling so naughty pleasuring myself to my own mother.