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My best friend Ed and I would play together. When I was about 16 I went over and asked if Ed was home. His mom Sharon said he was gone and asked me in for a drink. I expected lemon aid but was a rum and coke instead. She lit a cigarette and curled it up to her nose. I thought it was the sexiest thing i"d ever seen and after she gave me the third beer I was pretty tipsy. She decided I was pretty drunk and came over and sat on the couch next to me. Her hand started to rub my leg and she said how sexy she found me. When I thanked her and leaned over and kissed me. A deep tongue kiss. I was pretty drunk so I kissed her back.

She sais the ahe didn't get enough wex at home and wanted more. Her hand reached down and undid my ants and she asked if I had ever had a good blowjob. I told her no and she proceeded to unto my pants. Then she took my cock out of my shorts and startred to suck me. Shat a fucking feeling, having a stranger suck my cock. After a bit I said I was going to cum but she kept ucking and took all of my cum.

I asked her if her daughter was ready fo dating. W=Whan=en ahd waid yes I brounht her daughter over and fucke her as well. She was maING AND WHEN i' LOOKED UP SHE WAS SUCKING ON HER MOM'S CUNT. i FNISHED BY CUMMING IN HER PUSSY AND SHE MADE ER MOM CUM AS WELL. wHAT A FUCKKING LIFE. i MADE MY WOMAN CUM WHIL SHE MADE HER MOM CUM. i LOVE IT.




My parents got a divorce when I was real young and my mom left me with my Dad. When I turned 16 he told me to quit school and get a job. I said no and he said that I had to carry my own weight or get out. I know the problem was his new wife she didn't want me around and told me so.

I called my Mother who was 2 states away and and asked if I could come live with her and go to school and work part time somewhere. She said you will be able to go to school,but you will have to work part time some where.

I agreed and Dad put me on a bus and 12 hours later I was in PA. a place called Scranton. Mom got me enrolled in school and also a job just 10 hours a week at a store on the same street she lived on.

Things were great for the first couple of months Mom went her way and I went my way. I gave her half my pay and she said that was ok.

Mom had 2 lady friends that went out with her every Saturday night I don't know where they went , but when they came home they were drunk most of the time. One of the ladies was named Sally she didn't always come back to the house and her other friend Nancy would always say she is out getting laid. Nancy was very nice and made sure that Mom got home safe before she would leave.

One night Mom came home alone and I was already in bed when I heard her fall so I got up and went into the living room Mom was on the floor. She said help me to bed and I took her into her bedroom and she started getting undressed I didn't know what to do I just stood there as she peeled off her clothes down to her bra and undies and fell on the bed. I covered her up and she put her arms around me and said you are a good son.

The next weekend the same thing happened, but this time when she took off her clothes she had no panties on she fell on the bed on her back giving me my first look at a woman's pussy. I pulled the covers up to cover her and she opened her legs wider and the lips of the pussy were open to me I just stood there looking at her crack.

I went back to my room and though about her pussy and my cock got hard and I jerked off and thought about what it would be like to fuck her.

The next week came and went and I looked forward to seeing Mom's pussy again, but this time Nancy came home with her and put her to bed.

I guess that I had missed my chance of ever seeing that pussy again, but I held out hope.

The next week Mom came home alone and I was waiting for her and told her I was there to help. She said I will be alright she she staggered into her room and I followed I don't think she knew that I was even there. She got undressed completely and laid on her back on the sheet without covering up.

She was out like a light her tits were bare as well as her pussy I went to the bed and opened her legs she didn't try to stop me. The lips of her cunt were open and I was thinking they were ready for business. I just had to touch her crack I moved my hand very slowly on the open lips she didn't move or say anything just lay there so I pushed one finger inside her she still didn't move I pulled my finger out and she seemed to open her legs wider. I reached down and felt my cock at was as hard as I had ever felt it. Next I climbed up on the bed and sat there on my knees between her legs she didn't move so I rubbed her pussy a little harder she readjusted herself and never closed her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock on her crack and she still didn't move the head of my cock was covered with pre cum and it wet her pussy. I knew that I just had to put it in her so I leaned forward and the head went inside she seemed to want more so I pushed my cock all the way in I had never done anything like sex before, but I guess for some reason you know what to do and after just a minute of sliding it back and forth in her I was cumming inside her cunt. I pulled out and got off the bed and went to my room I lay there not believing what I had just done. I had fucked my own Mother.

The next Saturday night Nancy put her to bed and when she left I went in and helped my self to her pussy leaving it full of cum.

Every Saturday night I knew I was going to get laid if she was on her stomach I gave it to her anyway I could get into her hole.

I was not the only one who was fucking her some nights her pussy would be real wet, but I would fuck her anyway.

Then one Saturday Nancy came over early and I heard the two of them talking and Mom said I always make them wear a condom I don't know how this could happen. Them I knew that I had knock her up because I just shoot my sperm into her cunt without thinking about the good feeling I was getting.

Mom told her she would go to the hospital and take care of this when she came home after two days she said I had the baby making thing taken care of, but the doctor said no sex for the next month. She told Nancy they can shoot all there sperm in me and I won't have to worry.

I thought I will have to wait a whole month till I get to fuck her again.

This has been going on for a whole year sometimes I think she is awake and knows what I am doing , but she never says a word or try to stop me she just opens her legs and lets me do her pussy every Saturday night.