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18 year old Bradley came to visit me again. Immediately upon realizing that we were alone he asked if I wanted to do something and of course I said yes. We started kissing heavily and I climbed onto his lap, grinding against his hard dick. His phone started to ring and I could see that it was his girlfriend. I asked if I should get off of him and he said no and put his finger to his mouth to tell me to be quiet. He tried to slow his breathing before he answered.

They talked for a few moments as i rubbed the head of his hard dick through his jeans. His breathing picking up pace again. She was demanding to know where he was but was cutting out, he hung up and told me to hurry that we had to make it fast. I slid down and pulled his dick out, licking and sucking on it for a minute. Then I pulled my pants off and climbed on top of him, sliding my soaking wet pussy down onto his big, thick cock. Oh my god it felt so good. I rode it for him really good and he watched my pussy going up and down on his dick with a smile on his face the whole time.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum" he said. I fucked him harder. After a minute he grabbed my hips and lifted me up, his dick sliding out and cum shooting onto my ass and his leg. I kissed his neck then his cheek and sat beside him.

"Holy fuck." he said panting. "That was amazing. Fuck."

He cleaned himself up and pulled his pants back on.

"I'm going to wait outside so she does not come knocking." He said.

"Sounds good, see you later." I said.

"Later." He walked out the door and I could hear him on the phone telling her he thought she had hung up. A moment later she pulled in to get him. I am so turned on right now. He must not have pulled out quite on time because I can feel a little bit of his cum still coming out of my pussy into my panties. I need to cum so bad.




My cousin once caught me naked walking from the bathroom to my room. I was 14 when it happed and embarrassed like hell. Did know he was in our house and ran into him face to face in the hall and thank God my parents never found out. We were both shocked but that did stop him from looking. Ran to my room to get dress and later came out. It was a very awkward evening trying to keep myself from blushing sitting with my parents and cousin having supper. All that was running through my mind was "God he saw me naked" The whole night I avoided looking at him, but he didn't seem to be as embarrassed as I was. I guess being two years older than me, he dealt with it with a naughty smile. Neither of us spoke about it till one day he asked me if he had been the first time a boy saw her naked. I almost died when he said that and felt so stupid asking him if he had closed had eyes. I almost melted into my shoes when he said he saw everything. I confess I had had wet dreams about getting caught naked, plenty of wet dreams and waking up all hot a bothered. So worked up that I have to admit fingering myself off almost every day. I was at that age of being to young to have sex, but horny enough to do it if a boy asked me. The truth was I was horny all the time and tiered of masturbating and excited about my cousin inviting me to the movies to be alone with me. I remember him asking me if I wanted to fool around and guess I gave it away when I said yes to quickly. It was obvious we were sitting in the back rows of the movie house for a reason, because he gave me my first tongue kiss with his hand up my skirt and guiding mine on his dick. The next day we went bike riding together and ended up hiding off the trail. I remember him pulling up my t shirt and bra up to my neck and how good his tongue felt liking my nipples while easing my sweats and panties down to my ankles. I was so damn horny and wet I could feel his finger slide up the length of my pussy and went crazy when knelt down and began sucking it. Well it shore beat fingering myself and could get enough of it. I remember it was the first time I sucked a boy's dick and I guess didn't do it to bad. So hard and big it hardly fit in my mouths, but hot and horny enough to suck it till he pushed me away and began shutting what makes babies all over the ground. I don't know if we sinned that day, but couldn't wait to do it all over again.




I have yet to tell anyone this. and it's really becoming a pain. 1.I love having a daddy. of coarse I'm not interested in my father. 2. I'm bi but have yet the guts to face it 3. I sucked a hàlf breed off in the middle of the park surrounded by kids. 4.ive let a man of 40 fuck my ass 5. I'm only 14...