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When I was 17 the older man next door had me over to watch the game and gave me some beers. I must have drank about a six-pack and was quite drunk when he managed to talk me into letting him suck my cock. I never thought of myself as gay, even though I hadn't had sex with a girl yet. I really liked it when I said I was going to cum and he took it all down his throat. When he asked me over the next weekend I happily agreed. We got drunk again and he said he wanted to suck me. I took my pants off and welcomed it. Just before I came he started to play with my asshole. It was great. And when I started to cum his finger entered me. I came hard. We did this for the next few weeks, then one day it escalated.

At halftime I was really drunk and actually asked him to suck my cock. He laughed and said he had something special if I was willing to suck his cock too. I agreed and he took his pants and shorts off. His cock was quite a bit bigger than mine but I was enthralled with the idea of having his cock in my mouth. He was uncut and my lips rolled back his foreskin and he said to cup his nuts. They felt huge. I fondled him while sucking him and about five minutes later he let go. He didn't warn me but just started to cum. I was actually looking forward to tasting his cum and swallowed as much as I could. He told me to keep sucking until he was hard again. It took about 15 minutes and my own cock was hard just from sucking him. I was reeling from the beer and when he said to strip and lay down on the floor I did. I thought he was going to suck me but instead I felt a cold slippery liquid on my ass and his finger was in and out of my asshole. My cock stayed hard as he fingered me. then he removed his finger and scooted a little closer. Before I knew it his cock was pushing past my muscle and he was buried to the hilt. He slowly started to fuck me, telling me that my ass was tighter than any other boys he had ever fucked. My first thought was "How many were there?." Tub then he told me that they were all of age and now that I was about to turn 18 it was okay. He said I made his cock harder than anybody ever had.

The longer he fucked me the more I liked it. He said that after he cums he can stay hard for hours. It sure seemed like it as time passed and he continued to thrust that big cock in and out of my asshole. At one point he stroked my cock a few times and I jizzed all over myself. He rubbed some of it in and put his fingers up to my mouth. I hungrily cleaned his fingers off. He continued to fuck me and 15 minutes later I was hard again. He was finally ready to cum and I told him to let me have it. He was a fucking stud. 56 years old and could fuck like a porn star. He finished and I thought he was going to pull out but he kept stroking in and out. Then he said he had a special surprise. I was laying on my back with my eyes closed enjoying the moment and he started pissing. I had never even heard of this before. It was warm and powerful and I felt it all. It started to squirt out past his cock and he finally finished. I fucking loved it. He had me go into the bathroom and empty myself. It was like a piss enema. Wow.

We replayed this scene over and over for the next year. I never got a girlfriend after this but in college I was able to teach at least a dozen other guys what it was like to suck cock, get ass fucked and have someone fill them with piss. I'm such a fucking degenerate but I love cock in my ass and the warmth of a guys piss.




My wife Linda and I were over at John and Debbie's for game night. We'd done this several times in the past and had a good time. We're in our 40s and they are in their 60s but we hit it off right away. That night we played a few games of cards and drank about three bottles of wine. After playing we all went into the living room to chat. My wife and I were both pretty drunk and Debbie happened to sit on one side of me and Linda on the other. We talked about the weather a bit and how much snow we'd get this year. All of a sudden Debbie put her hand on my thigh. I had my head back and my eyes closed and I heard her say to my wife "Is it okay if I play with his cock?" Linda said "I long to see it." Suddenly there were four hands on my belt and zipper and before I knew it my cock was poking out over my shorts. I looked at Linda and she said "That is so fucking hot. Just let her do you." I thought "Why the fuck not" and just relaxed.

Debbie bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I'm about average I guess, about six inches hard and I was quickly getting there. I just closed my eyes and let her suck me. A bit later I opened my eyes and John was standing in front of Linda and she had his cock in her mouth. His cock seemed so fucking big compared to mine. She had one hand on a tit and the other hand rubbing her cunt through her slacks. I told her to show him her snatch. She stood up and stripped. Debbie did the same. John sat down next to me and I mentally compared his eight inch monster to my average cock. Debbie had pulled my pants off and we were all naked sitting there with each other's wife sucking our cocks. I had my eyes closed when I felt a hand slide down my balls and start to play with my asshole. Linda never did this but it felt kind of good so I just sat there and enjoyed it.

Then I heard John whisper something to Linda but I couldn't tell what it was. She just said "Oh fuck yes." Before I knew it I was pulled down so my ass was just off the edge of the couch and John was kneeling in front of me with his big cock slowly pushing into my ass. I wasn't sure about this but Linda just kept saying she had waited for years to see me get fucked. I didn't protest and soon his entire cock was in my ass. He slowly started to fuck me and I felt his nuts slap against me with every thrust. He kept hitting my prostate making my cock stay hard as he fucked me. He asked Linda if she wanted him to cum in my ass and she said "No. I want you to cum in his mouth." Immediately John hopped up on the couch, straddling my chest and shoved his cock in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but as soon as he shoved it in Linda shoved three fingers in my ass and told him to fuck my mouth like it was a fresh cunt. He hit the back of my throat several times and while I was sucking him Linda was finger fucking my ass and Debbie was now sucking on my cock. I came first and she took it all. A minute later I tasted the first shot of John's cum. I actually liked it. It slid down my throat like a slimy oyster and the more he came the more I wanted it. Even after he was spent I kept sucking him.

What a fucking night that was. I learned that night the joy of sucking cock and being ass fucked. Our marriage got even better after that as Linda kept coming home with bigger and more interesting toys. We fucked each other in every hole we had and have been doing it ever since. We even have one-on-one sessions with both John and Debbie and are willing to suck or fuck any time they want. It is a great relationship and I don't see us stopping any time soon.




I'm a 38 year old married man. We have no children due to my wife's internal problems. It has even gotten to the point over the last several years that she won't even let me fuck her or suck my cock but once a month. It's really frustrating and I was going out of my fucking mind. Dave has been my next door neighbor for the past two years and is my sounding board. He listens to my complaining about my wife all the time. One night several months ago we were drinking in his family room watching the game and his wife was out for the night with her friends. I had a little too much to drink by halftime and when he asked about our sex life I just laughed and grabbed my crotch. I told him she won't even suck my cock anymore. He got this look on his face and said, "So, if that's all you need maybe I can help out." I was taken back and when I asked him what he meant he said that if I was discreet he would suck it for me. I thought he was kidding, but he said he really meant it. I told him to show me and stood up and faced him. To my surprise he unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. He took it in his mouth and sucked me until I came. He took all I had to give him.

Nothing more was said about it that day and a week later we were in the same place. We were getting drunk and his wife was gone for the afternoon and evening. About halftime he asked if I wanted a replay. I was drunk enough and said yes. He told me to strip and when I was naked he laid me on the couch and knelt between my legs. He said I was already hard as he put my cock in his mouth. He sucked me for about five minutes and sat up. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out. It was quite a bit bigger than mine and said it was my turn. I stared at his cock for a few seconds and knew I was going to suck him. I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. After a minute he pulled me off and took his clothes off. He said I was in for a treat and mounted me in a 69. His cock was in my mouth and I had my cock in his mouth. He started to play with my ass and was gently finger fucking me when I filled his mouth. He swallowed every drop and was still finger fucking me with two fingers. I told him it felt really good. Then he did the unexpected and moved to between my legs.

He had me get on the carpet on my hands and knees. I did and he scooted up behind me. I thought I knew what was coming. His fingers probed my asshole and then I felt him pull his fingers out and something larger was being pushed into me. He was shoving his cock into me. It felt so fucking good, even better than my wife's mouth on my cock. I pushed back as he thrust forward and he finally came in my ass. I welcomed it.

Over the next few months we played this scene several times and he finally introduced his wife into our sucking and fucking. My wife is none the wiser and we've been fucking nearly every weekend since then. It's just too bad my wife is such a cold fucking bitch. Well, maybe some day...




I work the night shift but my wife works days. We're in our mid-30s and our sex life is a bit lacking. We live next door to Dave and Janelle. She's retired but Dave still works. I imagine she's in her mid to late 60s. I had gotten up about 2 o'clock that afternoon and started to mow the back yard. I looked over and Janelle was standing at the fence watching me. When I finished I shut the mower off and walked over to her. We don't know them very well but when she said I looked hot and offered me a beer I accepted. We sat in her back yard drinking and about six beers in I was pretty tipsy. Then she asked about my wife. I told her my wife Linda wouldn't be home until about 6:30. She said that it gave us time. I asked her "Time for what?" and she opened her blouse. Then she knelt in front of me and put her hand in the leg of my shorts and found my cock. "Time for this" she said and started to stroke my cock. Her husband was a truck driver and was gone for weeks at a time so I wasn't worried about getting caught. Then she managed to pull my shorts down over my cock and it sprung to life. She said my cock sas so much bigger than her husband's and started to suck me.

I have a nice seven inch cock and usually make my wife cum when we fuck but Janelle didn't even give me a chance. About three minutes later I said I was cumming and she sucked harder taking my entire load. Just as I was starting to cum she shoved a finger in my asshole and hit my prostate. I came harder than I ever had. When she had swallowed every fucking drop and cleaned me off she sat back in her chair. "You know" she said. "I've been horny for you for months now, and now I know your wife is gone all day I think I want to fuck you a lot." I was a bit drunk but knew what she was talking about. We chatted some more and I finally went home and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready for work. All night I thought about her lips on my cock and her finger in my ass and almost didn't make it through my shift.

I got home the next morning in time to kiss my wife good bye and headed to bed. A couple of hours later I woke with a hard-on and Janelle squatting over me. Once she knew I was awake she plunged down on me and had me fuck her to orgasm. She has nice hanging tits with big nipples and for the next two years I got good use out of those nipples. Se fucked at least three times a week and when my wife went away on business and her husband was on the road we spent nearly every moment together and naked. I fucked every hole she had and in turn she fucked every hole I had. Her strap-on in my asshole came to be one of my best experiences. Her husband died a couple years later of a heart attack on the road and she got a nice settlement. She moved to Utah to be with her kids but I'll always have the memories of this older woman sucking my cock and letting me fuck her any time and any where I wanted. What a fucking slut, but man what a woman.




I've been married for 12 years. I walked in the house after work one night and my wife Tanya was on the couch crying. I know we'd been having some problems for the last several months and instead of being pissed I felt sorry for her. I went over to the couch and sat next to her. I pulled her close and asked what was the matter. She was sobbing heavily and it took about five minutes of just holding her before she was able to speak. She kept apologizing and after another half hour she confessed that she had been seeing someone. I was pretty shocked but was even more shocked when she again confessed that it was our next door neighbor Paige. I asked if she was a lesbian and she said she didn't know, only that Paige fulfilled something in her that I hadn't been able to do in months.

When I finally pushed her into telling me about it she said she didn't think it was anything serious but I had been ignoring her for so long that she was reaching out for anybody. The more we talked the more intrigued I got. I loved her dearly and knew she loved me but she needed the physical touch that I couldn't give her. We were finally able to open up and were both a bit bored with our sex life and I apologized for ignoring her and I wanted her to be happy and fulfilled. I told her I forgave her and she asked if I was willing to get back on track with our sex life. I told her I was. We fucked a few times over the next month but there still seemed to be something missing.

We were both a little drunk one night and I blurted out "Would it help you if I let you have Paige?" She shyly nodded yes and I asked if I could join. She didn't answer that night but the next morning, Saturday she asked if I was serious about the three of us. I had to think about our conversation and I said that I thought it would be worth a shot. She said she would set it up. I figured it would be in a week or two, so after a six-pack that night there was a knock on the door. It was Paige. She was there with her husband Don. She was beautiful with a really nice pair of tits and Don was well over six feet tall with a big belly. Since it was the both of them I figured it was just them coming over to visit. We all sat around chatting and drank a little more. Then I noticed Paige and my wife were on the couch kissing. Don noticed me looking and came over and took my hand. "Let's let the girls play" he said and pulled me up and walked me down the hall to our bedroom. I was too drunk to fight him. He pushed me down onto the bed and unzipped my pants. He pulled my pants and shorts off and began to suck me. I was really surprised but just let him work in my cock. I was hard when I saw the women come in. They were both naked and my wife Paige told Kerne to go ahead and let him eat her. Paige then crawled on the bed and straddled my face. She put her cunt down onto my mouth. It was clean shaven and tasted great. Now I saw what my wife saw in her. I got even harder licking her cunt. She told me to nibble on her clit and when I did she started to cum. I tasted her juice as she came in my mouth and about that time I felt myself cumming. Don took it all and when he pulled his mouth off of my cock I felt my wife mount my stomach. Her back was against Paige's back and she lifted my legs up. Then I felt something cold and slippery push its way int my ass. It was Don starting to fuck me.

Again I was shocked and the pain shot through me as his cock past my sphincter. But the more he fucked me the better it felt. My wife was caressing my nuts as Don fucked me. I was being fucked and eating pussy at the same time with my wife fondling my nuts. What a fucking rush and we stayed like this for an eternity. My wife then started to stroke my cock with her other hand and shortly after Don came inside my asshole my wife got me off by stroking my cock.

After we were all done we went back into the living room. We were still all naked but really didn't care. I guess once you get fucked by someone you really don't care if they are dressed or not. We all opened up about what had happened and everyone seemed to like it, even me. We all became great friends and I have sucked Don's cock so many times now I can't count and I know my wife has eaten Paige so many times in the last few years. We still get together as couples now and then but have all agreed that any two of us can fuck or suck any of the other anytime we want. I will admit that out of the three of them Paige gives the best blowjob but I still love Don's big cock deep in my ass. It's too bad we don't have another man with us so I can suck him while getting fucked by Don. Maybe one day soon that will happen.




I was 5 year old girl I remembered I was playing outside looking for those bugs we called 'rolly pollies' and I would usually look where my neighbors used to live they are an old couple the old man his name is Joseph he helped fought WW2. The couple always allowed me to come over because they had a dog and I would always play with her until this one day, Joseph invited me over and we were in his bedroom he asked if he wanted to watch a movie with him and I said yea he let me picked the movie and we watched it he even baked cookies for me I then remembered 30 minutes later I felt sleepy and I just knocked out. Then I was starting to wake up but someone was moving me I rubbed my eyes and it was my neighbor naked I covered my eyes and asked him why is he naked and then I looked at myself nothing I was fully naked I tried to cover myself but I couldn't I felt something was inside me I was in pain I started to cry a bit until he told me 'hush shh it's okay don't be scared, im helping you feel Good's I asked him what he meant 'you said you were in pain and so I helped you but you fell asleep and I thought I would continue making you feel better' I didn't remember being in pain but okay so I let him he kept puking his dick in me until later I was enjoying it I was moaning in pleasure 'fuck, good girl, keep moaning for me it means your getting better' he fucked me faster and harder till he came in me I told him it felt funny and he said that it was his cum I didn't know what it was he told me it made the pain go away he helped me get dressed and made me promise not to tell. I promised on one condition if whenever he could do that to me again if I wanted to and he happily agreed. Since I turned 12 I now understand what really happened but I let him fuck me and his friend.




It was summer. I spent a lot of tie in the evenings in the backyard on my lounge char. My wife didn't enjoy it much so she stayed inside most of the time. One Friday night I was out back drinking and enjoying the night. It was dark and I heard Jenny, my next door neighbor calling to me from over the fence. We talked a bit then I invited her over to look at the stars with me. I gave her a beer and I was getting pretty buzzed. I pointed out some of the constellations and she pointed to one and said it looked like a big cock. She chucked and I looked at her. Then she said "I bet your cock looks like that. I blushed a little and her hand fell on my thigh. She was sitting up rubbing my thigh. I told her my wife was still up and she said she didn't care. She's wanted my cock for a long time. She unzipped my shorts and fished my cock out. It was dark enough that my wife would have to be out here to see anything. She bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I kind of knew she and Dave were swingers but never dreamed she would suck me. My cock was now rock hard and she took her mouth off. "So, you ever suck a cock?" I said I wasn't gay. About that time Dave walked into the back yard with only a pair of gym shorts on. "Now's your big chance" she said as dave straddled my lounger and pulled his shorts down over his cock. It looked huge compared to mine. Without saying anything he scooted forward until his cock was touching my lips. "Go ahead and suck him" she said. He pushed in a little and I opened my mouth enough to take the head in. It was soft and fit perfectly between my lips. Wow I thought, this was actually pretty good. My cock was still hard when she reached down and started to stroke me.

Jenny took her hand off my cock and stood up. I was still sucking Dave when I heard my wife's voice. "I guess you were right" she told Jenny. Then Jenny said "I won. You owe me a dollar." "Well shit" my wife said and bent over me. "You're such a faggot" she said and smiled at me. Then she turned and walked into the house. I started to get up but Dave pushed his cock in a little farther and said to make him cum. I wasn't too sure about that but 30 seconds later he was filling my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it and he finally pulled out. My cock was still hard when Jenny took my hand and dragged me into the house. My cock was sticking out when we walked into the family room.

We all sat down and talked about it. I never knew my wife was into this kind of stuff, and when I mentioned that she took off her braless top and motioned Jenny to her. They started kissing and 10 minutes later they were in a 69 on the couch getting each other off. My cock was hard still and Dave asked if I wanted to do something totally exciting. I was drunk enough to say "sure" and he said to get naked. I did and he had me on all fours close to the couch with my ass up by my wife's head. She was looking sideways at me as she licked Jenny's cunt. Then I felt Dave licking my asshole. It felt really good so I didn't stop him. Then I felt a finger slide into my asshole. He was finger fucking me when he pulled his finger out and I felt his cock push its way into my asshole. Then I heard my wife say "Honey, that's so fucking hot. Don't stop him." I let Dave fuck my ass for the next 15 minutes. I heard myself saying "Fuck me harder" as Dave plunged in and out of my ass. I heard my wife squeal as Jenny was making her cum. About that time Dave said he was cumming and my wife slapped my ass and told him to breed me like a $4 whore. He came again and filled my ass with his jizz. I collapsed on the floor and my wife laid on top of me telling me how much she loved me for this. Then she confessed she had been sucking and fucking both of them for over a year and wanted me to be a part of it.

After they left she gave me the most mind blowing orgasm of my life. She shoved two fingers in my ass as I was ready to cum and it was intense. After she sucked me dry we talked about it all and decided that we wanted to try the swinger lifestyle. Now it's sometimes with Dave and Jenny and sometimes with a strange couple but we've become closer than we have been in the 25 plus years of marriage. She can be a fucking cunt but I love her to death. And man can she suck cock. And by the way, so can I.