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When i was 14 years my sister was 10 years old my mom worked 2 jobs so she had to work double shifts at a local restaurant and a clothing manufacturer my 70 year old grandmother would usually watch us and care for us while my mom worked although she was not so attentive… me and my sister would normally take showers together from toddlers it was normal to us but when i realized my grandma wasn’t really watching us is when i really took advantage at first i would just grab my sisters ass and pussy not aggressively but more so romantically ha. Then one day at school my friend with a iphone showed me a porn video THIS CHANGED MY LIFE i was thinking about doing those things to my sister the whole day while in school it was driving me crazy i wanted to get the chance to experience those things myself

Later i had got home and i had almost forget what my friend showed me up until shower time… i waited for my grandma to leave, she would usually hear us call her when we were done so i knew i could take my time i asked my sister if she wanted to play a new game i told her to stand up and close her eyes so i could tickle her and make her laugh then i licked her tight little hairless pussy she didn’t laugh but she instinctively put her body on my face i was in nirvana my dick was about to explode i felt so much euphoria and lust so I stopped myself and stood up i asked my sister to turn around and she didn’t dare question me she simply looked me in the eyes and turned around with her little sexy ass touching my hard dick i tried to put it in her ass first but it was a struggle so i tried putting it in the same spot i was sticking my tongue into and i cannot describe this feeling ever with words my penis glided into my lil sis’s vagina she let out a small yelp as i entered her but told me “this is really fun” with a little slutty look in her eyes i started fucking my sister like a porn star and i ejaculated inside my sister i still think about this every now and then and wonder if it ruined me or was the best thing to ever happen




In my dream, Mother/Son incest dream, I feel my Son impregnating me. I've been having the same dream every night, month after month, and each time, it seems so real...

I hear a soft knock on my bathroom door.

I open it slightly; it's my Son wanting to talk with me.

I tell him, "Well, I'm putting on my makeup right now, sweetie... Your Father already left for work, so go finish getting ready so Mommy can drive you to school."

He said it's pressing...

"Honey, Mommy isn't dressed right now, can it wait?"

He insisted with, "I know, Mom... please?" He's seen me naked recently before so, after a patient motherly sigh, I invited him in.

While applying some eye liner in the mirror, my Son brought in a step stool and set in down behind me.

Before I could question him about what he was doing, he got up on the stool, grasped my waist, and pressed me from behind.

It was intense and with purpose.

He noticed the shocked wide eyed look on my face in the mirror but he kept advancing on me.

I asked him, "What do you think your doing young man?"

He told me, "I'm ready Mom..." as he grasped my waist tighter and began working his hips back and forth into mine. He began to press his wet rock hard head up against my lips, as if to spread them and get inside of me.

It all seemed so unreal and so sudden... I thought, with his own Mother?

I felt a sudden sexually charged shutter reverberate though my body. The sheer taboo of Mother/Son incest took hold of me.

I was shocked and mortified for my Son wanting this with his own Mother... So much, I just froze. I didn't know what to do.

I stared at my Son in the mirror; the sheer look of sexual trancendence he had on his face was so far beyond reach, he was so far gone out of mind, and so beyond reason. Again, the thought of naughty Mother/Son incest sex taboo racing though him.

All I could feel at this point was the sex my Son wanted with me, so I quickly decided to give into him and let him fuck me.

I told him, "Alright, come on, baby, let's do this," as I bent over the counter to lean on my elbows, spread my legs apart, and arched my back to allow my Son full access.

He asked, "Tell me where, Mom."

"A little lower, baby..."

I felt the head of his hard cock seat inside of me.

I told him, "That's it sweetie, now just push it all the way into me now... balls deep in Mommy"

I heard him moan, "Oh, yes, Mom, I want to be balls deep in you Mommy..."

My Son raised to his toes on the stool as he began taking me from behind; in and out, in and out... thrusting me balls deep.

I watched my Son's face in the mirror for a while as he continued fucking me. I just wanted to make sure this is what he was wanting with his Mother.

Convinced my Son was comfortable in fucking his own Mother, I rest my head on the counter and contunued let him have his way with me.

After a few of minutes more of him taking me, I raised my head to watch my Son in the mirror.

He looked so intense... like he was on a mission to cum in me... impregnate me...

He continued to watch himself fuck me as his thrusts rocked my boobs back and forth over the counter. I knew he always loved my big beautiful boobs; he glances at them all the time.

His hands moved from my waist to my hips in an effort for him to steady steady his blows into me.

He continued on with, "Oh, Mom, you're so sexy... so hot, Mom!"

Suddenly, he began to pulse faster and harder as he slowed his in's and out's of his Mother's pussy.

I knew he was getting close as he stopped to press as deep and hard as he could in me.

I told him, "That's it baby... don't hold back... cum for Mommy!

Oh, sweetie, do it... cum as hard as you can in me... cum in your Mother!"

A few rapid shallow breaths and then a few grunts, and I could feel my Son blowing his huge load of his hot boy cum into his DOM, (dear old Mom)...

Oh God, I could feel him impregnating me... his Mother to his new future brother.

Is it a dream? It seems so real!




She came to my house last week and started crying about how her step-dad (my friend 38) had been getting her high and using her. She is always wearing shirt skirts and skimpy outfits so I asked her if she told him, "No". She put her head down and said she didn't. I asked her if she came and she said she didn't understand why she did. I told her it was because subconsciously she wanted his dick to be inside of her... I asked her if she thought about anyone else like that. My dick was rock hard and I made sure she could see it through my sweat pants .. She looked at me and said she wanted to have sex with me but was always afraid I would tell... I asked her to pull her skirt up and show me her pussy. Her hands quickly moved and I got down and started eating that little pink pussy.. I had sex with her until there was cum dripping from her. I asked her if she rather fuck a bit her age or a man and she just started sucking my dick, begging me to fuck her again. I have so many videos....




I’m a Female in my 20s I’m very much into beastiality I’ve been knotted , sucked dog cock and have been licked I also enjoy watching men suck off dogs get there cock licked and also fuck animals I’d love to do beastiality again




After my brother was born my mother had a depression which ruined my parentes relationship, and our father's frustration at my mother's rejection of him was evident everywhere. They ended up only talking about the farm together.

One evening in late November 1969, a month after my 11th birthday and a little over a year after my baby brother was born, Dad comes into my room.

He has never been up to say goodnight to me before, and I had almost fallen asleep, so I sat up and looked at him strangely. I know he always goes for a walk in the stable after mum goes to bed, then he comes in at 9pm and washes up and goes to bed. He's had a shower I could smell, and he's just standing there in white underpants and a striped nightshirt.

I just want to say goodnight to you, my dad says then. I just look at him, dumbfounded. He comes over to my bed and sits on the edge. Then he caresses one of my cheeks, you're becoming a big girl, he says. I nod gently. You are so kind to help your mother and siblings, I am so glad you do. I say thank you.

Dad looks at me differently than he usually does, like he's always thinking about something. Then he says to me, try to get out of bed and turn around. I do as Dad says, stand in front of him in my nightgown and turn around once, looking at him expectantly. Hmmm, he then says, I look down at myself and see what Dad could now easily see too, and which has otherwise been hidden by everyday clothes, but the nightdress gives it away. There are two tender bumps on my chest, there have been for a while, but it couldn't be hidden any more in the nightdress.

You're bigger than I thought, Dad says again. I answer him with a, What? You are my beautiful and wonderful daughter, he says. I feel a warmth through my body and my cheeks turn red, not because I'm embarrassed, I'm happy - happy. I climb into bed, but Dad holds on to the blanket. He looks at me seriously, Lea, he says, I need you to help me a little. I'm too eager to do good things now that Daddy says nice things to me. Dad stands up and looks down at me, no, you're not old enough to help with that.

Not knowing what Dad is talking about, I almost start to tease, "What, Dad, what? I can help with anything!". Dad turns to the door and takes a step, if you help me now, honey. - My brain can't even believe Daddy is calling me, honey! I don't listen at all, but just say that I'll help him. He sits down on my bed again and looks at me. You have to take off your nightgown first or you can't help. I pull the nightgown over my head immediately, even though I think it's silly, how am I supposed to help by not wearing a nightgown.

Dad is now gently pressing my bumps, are they sore? he asks. I nod a little shyly. He looks at my panties, pale yellow with Minnie Mouse across the pee-pee. Dad nods, good, sit on the edge of the bed and stay put, don't move at all, can you manage that. I nod. Dad unbuttons his nightshirt, I look straight into his belly button, which is only 40cm away from my face. You keep quiet while I do this, Dad says - I nod.

He pulls his pee-pee out of his underpants, I giggle a little nervously, while Dad rubs his pee-pee all stiff, then he grabs it with his whole hand and runs his hand back and forth, faster and faster, as it grows bigger and stiffer. I watch, mesmerized by what is happening, a stiff penis the size of my forearm, 21-22cm and a thick, big head with a reddish-blue color. Dad runs his hand back and forth on his pee-pee, getting more and more down on his knees. I don't quite know what to look at, so I look mostly at his pee-pee and up towards his belly button and back again and am just about to yawn when suddenly dad moans differently and then big blobs of white slime fly over onto me and hit me a little in the face and mostly on my two little bumps, it hits the bed and drips onto the floor.

He leans over and kisses me on the mouth ever so gently. You're good at helping me, he then said. Go downstairs and dry off, then go to bed. He kissed me once more. I look at my little bumps, sticky with the white goo that came from Dad's pee-pee, not knowing what it is.

I go down to the bathroom and wash it off, and go up to bed. Quite confused as to what it is I'm supposed to be helping Dad with.




When I was 6-8 years old my mom would babysit a classmate of mine named Jesse. Babysit is a loose term, really my mom would be home for us after-school and would be gone all evening until about 10 minutes before Jesse's mom would pick him up. It was just me, Jesse and my little sister in the apartment most evenings for hours alone.

As boys will do, we some how ended up with our dicks out, comparing. What started as show and tell, quickly became touching, stroking and eventually sucking. We found my father's penthouse and hustler mags and just copied what we saw. We were both very small, both uncut and both ridiculously hard for boys that age. We kept it up for months.

Jesse would always ask if my sister could play with us too. I usually said no as my sister and I had some light play at this point and I was both embarassed that she would tell Jesse that she and I had already been touching and tasting and he might tell someone, and worried that adding another person to mine and my sister's play would increase the likelihood of someone saying something and us all getting in trouble and the play stopping.

On the few occasions I would get my sister to play with us and mimic the things we'd seen in hustlers and penthouse magazines, it was fun. No penetration, only hands, mouths and rubbing up against. Usually though it was just Jesse and I playing with each other, while my sister was in the livingroom.

Jesse and I eventually fell out of touch after my mom stopped babysitting him. My sister and I continued to play with each other, a lot until she I was about 12. We tried actual penetrative sex a couple times, but couldn't figure out the mechanics of it at that age. My sister and I aren't super close, but we're cool. No one ever found out about me and Jesse, or me and my sister.




When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started drinking to much. Late one night I was going to the bathroom and I found my mother drunk passed out cold sleeping on the living room couch and her robe had come open and I could clearly see her boob's and pubic hair. I felt like I was doing something wrong looking at her nude but I had never seen a grown up woman nude before and I was amazed at how big her nipples were and seeing how her pubic hair looked because I didn't have any pubic hair yet.

I tried to wake her up to go to bed but she never moved a muscle that's when I thought to myself I wonder what her boob's feel like so I carefully reached down to feel her boob and I was amazed at how hard and long her nipples got while I was touching her boob's. Then I tried touching her pubic hair and it was so soft and fuzzy that's when I noticed the slit between her legs and I pushed my fingers into her vagina while I was feeling her boob's. I couldn't believe how easily my fingers went into her vagina and it was really warm and slippery. I moved my fingers around and I was watching her face to see if she would wake up but she just snored like before. I pulled my fingers out and smelled them and then put them in my mouth so I could see what she tasted like. I tried sucking on her nipples while fingering her and licking her vagina and she never woke up or moved a muscle. About a year later I found her sleeping on her side completely naked drunk and I thought if I got into the spooning position with her I might be able to experience sex for the first time in my short life. After I stopped shaking from fear and excitement I got into position and easily slipped inside of her vagina and within seconds I was cumming inside of her vagina. This was the first time I ever had sex and it was the absolute greatest experience of my life.

Everything I learned about women's bodies was from my drunk mother. She was the first one I ever touched felt tasted and had sex with in my life. I was able to experience explore and learn about the opposite sex from her body whenever she got drunk and she never woke up or said anything about it to me the next day. This is my real life experiences with my drunk mother when I was a teenager

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