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I was talking to my sister almost 6 weeks ago. She was telling me about my niece's best friend had just had her first period. My sister catches up with the mothers when she is picking up or dropping off my niece.

I was shocked, as was my sister. My niece is 10 and her best friend is only 9. At 9 and 1 month, she had her period. While shocked, i have to admit i was really turned on by the idea of such a tiny girl being fertile. I had met my niece's friend a couple of times when visiting my sister and the girls were around playing.

She is a really cute little girl. Slim, short, long hair and already has tiny little soft breasts, only enough to make her chest soft.

I arranged to pick my niece and her friend up from school with my sister. I decided to drop my niece off and then her friend. Knowing i really shouldn't, i did anyway. I told her i needed to pick up something at the gym. When i got there she decided she would follow me in and check out the place. It's a self managed gym open 24 hours, but no full time staff. I took her upstairs to show her around cause i knew no one was ever up their.

I told her how sexy it was that she was fertile and she was so cute. She was so light i was able to lay her on the table with ease and hold her down. I lifted her school skirt and pulled her panties gusset open.

Although i had her mouth covered she still yelled a bit, but it took a few minutes to get myself in her. I could feel my head bottom out inside her and that was enough, i just pulled her hips really hard and thrust in. One big drive and i felt my head push hard into her cervix as i went balls deep. That was all it took and i unloaded so hard in her, spurting four really good loads in. I stayed so hard i kept going and i lasted about 10 minutes before i pushed another two really good spurts of semen into her fertile belly. I stayed in her until i went soft, making sure i kept as much of my baby making sperm in her as i could.

She was crying, but i told her i loved her tiny body and would really love to fuck her again some time. I took her home and told her not to tell or i would come after her and her family. She nodded when she got out of the car and left.

I can't wait to see if i get her pregnant. This was today and i am already working out how to fuck her a few more time this week to make sure i have fertilised her tiny body. I want to see her 9 year old belly start to grow with my baby inside it. I timed this based on what my sister said and i believe she should be ovulating now or in a couple of days. I really hope she is pregnant already.




At 7 her mother sent her to knock on my door not once but twice. A little girl with black hair and dark eyes was standing on my porch with her hands behind her swaying side to side asking me to come over to her house and see her mom. After a few beers I accepted the second time. I looked at her closely the second time. That night at her moms she sat on my knee and couldn’t stop rubbing my shoulders.

She and I developed




My daughter is a cute little blonde, short, slim and athletic. She talked to her mother when it happened, but she had not long turned 10 years old. Me and my wife don't live together anymore.

My wife called me about it and we spoke. She gave me the details as i was due to take my daughter for the next 2 years while she travels overseas for work. I don't know why, but when my daughter moved in and she got her second period i got really excited. I waited for the next one to see if she was regular or not. Then i timed it. After the next one i waited about a week and i started sneaking into her room when she was out for the night. I was giving her injections of Urofollitropin, which for those who don't know helps womens ovaries to produce more eggs. I did this for 8 nights. The 5 days leading to the end of the 8 days i started mixing Clomiphene into her food. Again for those who don't know, it helps the ovulation to release any eggs in the ovaries.

Then the last 2 days i used chloroform to make sure she stayed asleep. While out i fucked my daughter 4 times each night for those 2 nights, blowing as much and as deep in her as i could.

She complained about being unwell and hurting, but i assured her everything was fine. It's been 3 and a half months and her belly is just starting to show nicely. The doctors have confirmed she has triplets growing in her tiny belly. I just love watching her while she sleeps now, knowing that i impregnated a 10 year old, gave her triplets and that she is my daughter. I really want to try with another girl, maybe about 13 or 14 and see if i can put just as many babies in her as well.




I am a 32 year old guy. I have been a member of a dating site for a while, mostly for naughty chat and webcam fun. I live about 4 hours from where I grew up. I routinely search for single women back around my hometown just to see if anyone I know has joined the site. A month or so ago, I found my Aunt's profile on there. She's a divorced overweight woman in her late 50's. I changed my profile picture and contacted her and have inconspicuously had quite a few naughty chats with her. A few weeks ago, she sent me a couple of pictures of her, on her bed, in just panties. She's not an attractive woman, but I couldn't help but get a little turned on. Without revealing my face, I sent her a picture of myself in my undies, showing off my bulge. After more naughty chat, she sent me a couple of naked pictures and close ups of her using her vibrator. So, in return, I sent her a couple of pics of my erect penis. She talks so dirty about the sex she'd like to have with me and I egg it on by telling her dirty things I think she wants to hear. She's a very sweet, nice and well liked woman by everyone back home. It's kind of funny how naughty and horny she is online. I know it's wrong, but I get turned on by all of it. She'd would probably be so embarrassed if she knew it was me. And even though she's so fat and unattractive, I have masturbated to her dirty pictures a FEW time.




When I was thirty-four, I noticed two things that seemed to change. First was that my cock seemed to be hard almost all the time. Even after sex, it grew hard again, in minutes. It didn't seem to matter if it was a second, third, or even fourth time. After a fifth, and each subsequent time, it seemed to get hard, on it's own, after about fifteen minutes. Of course, I was far from worried about it. And, my wife and I were enjoying a lot more sex than we ever had, before!

But, what did concern me, was that I seemed to be developing breasts. When I went to the doctor that year, he noticed it, too, and suggested some tests. One of the tests revealed a very high level of estrogen in my system. The doctor asked if I was taking any kind of supplements. Other than a multi-vitamin, I wasn't. He suggested I stop the vitamin, and see if that helped. Even though I stopped the vitamins, my breasts seemed to continue to grow.

I was in the shower, one day, when I looked down at my small breasts, and, began to wonder what it would feel like to touch them. I loved playing with my wife's tits. Would I like playing with my own, as much? I loved watching her nipples grow. Would my own grow that way, too? What would it feel like? Of course, I soon found out. It felt awesome. They felt great in my hands. My nipples got really hard and pointy, when I pinched, pulled, twisted, and tweaked them. It made me really horny, and, I wound up jerking off. It wound up being a scene that was repeated, many times.

Until, one day, when my wife walked in, and, caught me playing with my breasts. She asked me what I was doing. I tried to act like I didn't know what she was talking about. She persisted. I tried to tell her I was checking for lumps.

"Bull shit!", she laughed, "You were playing with your tits! Come here!"

I stepped out of the shower, shyly. Embarrassed. She dried me, quickly, with a towel. Then, took my hand, and, led me into the bedroom.

"You're, probably, going to try to tell me it's the first time you've done it! So, I'm going to put everything to rest, right now!", she announced.

She hit the play button, on the v.c.r., and, the first time I'd touched my breasts was on the screen. Then, the second. Third. Fourth.

"Do you need to see more?", she asked.

"No", I replied, sheepishly.

"Have you noticed anything, lately?", she asked.

"Like?", I asked.

"Like your tits are getting a little bigger?", she offered,

"Well...yes.", I answered.

It was then that she told me she'd been giving me estrogen for two years. She'd been powdering the pills, and, putting it in my food. She'd, also, been giving me a supplement to make me horny and hard, all the time. Suddenly, she reached over, and, began playing with my breasts. She, even, kissed and sucked them, a little. She had me harder and hornier than ever, in a matter of seconds. I started to try to take her clothes off, but, she stopped me.

"C'mon! I'll do anything for some pussy, right now!", I begged.

"Anything?", she asked.

"Yes! Anything!", I said.

"Have I got a surprise for you!", she announced, as she took my hand, and, led me to the spare bedroom.




So i was out shopping with my wife. We are both 36 years old. I love my wife, but i do enjoy looking at the girls when out shopping. Anyway, she wanted to try a few bikini's on in the surf shop.

I just wait around near the entry to the change rooms as she picked a few and headed in to change. She came back out in a few and asked my opinion and then went and changed again. We did this a few times as she tried some. She came out and said she wanted to check a few more but she really liked the Seafolly one that was white, blue and red flowers and red stitching on it. She looked good in it.

While standing around as she went back to look through some more, a young girl, maybe 14 or 15 came out wearing the same bikini. She was just gorgeous. Long legs, tight ass and tummy and nice small breasts, maybe a B cup. She walked off a bit to talk to i assume her mother, who complimented her on it.

I signaled my wife i was heading out and phone me. As soon as she went back into searching the racks, i headed into the change rooms. 4 stalls inside, i could see the clothes on the floor in the first was my wife's. The next 2 were empty and the last had a small blue skirt on the floor and a dark blue singlet top hanging on the hook. In the skirt was a pair of pale blue satin looking panties. I quickly grabbed them and put them in my pocket. Her bra was under her hanging top. It was pink with flower patterns on it. I took it and also pushed them into my pocket.

The girl came back into the change room and i was waiting to the side. She smiled at me and headed into her stall. I told her she was beautiful and then made her an offer. If she stayed quiet, and agreed to let me see her i would give her her underwear back. She started to cry and told me to give it back. She went to leave and i said if she does i will be gone before anyone can see me.

Still crying i just entered her stall and closed the door. I gently wrapped her top around her mouth and lent her over so she had her hands on the sitting bench. I was so turned on by her sobbing that i just pulled the back down on the bikini pants and dropped my pants to the floor. I held her hips tight as i pushed into her tiny body. I'm not huge, but am a good 7 inches and i was able to slowly work about 5 in before i hit bottom. She just quietly asked me to stop as i thrust hard into her, causing her to grunt softly into her top as i did.

I was really close to done so i thrust hard and forced my cock completely inside her. I'm sure my head was pressing hard and deep against her cervix as i unloaded. I spurted 5 or 6 good spurts into her teen pussy. As i did, i just had to ask her. "how old are you and when was your last period" and i was rock hard in an instant as she answered. "It was 12 days ago and i only turned 13 last month".

I just stayed so hard i kept fucking her. It took me 25 minutes to blow my second load just a deep inside her belly as the first. I picked up a blue bikini bottom she had picked out and took the hanger of it and then rolled it a bit. I stuffed the end into her pussy as i pulled out, pushing about half the panties into pussy, sealing her exit closed to keep my seed inside her. I pulled the Seafolly bikini pants back up over it and let her up. I had her get dressed and then i left, making sure i was gone before she came out of the change rooms. Just knowing i had raped and maybe even impregnated a 13 year old teen is amazing.

Since this happened, i have managed to get 4 more girls at a swimming pool complex about 45 minutes from home. I have taken them all against their choice and fucked them all several times. I have kept the bikinis i find them in as a trophy of what i got. 2 of them were 15, one was 16 and the best one of all was only 12, but i cummed in her the most since she was so tight and shallow inside. I was able to push my cock tightly into her cervix and when i was done nothing was leaking out of her insides.

I finally let this get the best of me and using last weekend when my wife was away, i went for it. My 14 year old daughter is fertile and she was sound asleep. Her cycle is the same as my wife's, so i know she was surely ovulating. I placed rag coated in chloroform over her mouth and waited. After several minutes i checked her and she was out. I pulled her night gown up to her waist and pulled her panties off. I climbed on her bed and spread her legs. I lift her legs onto my shoulder and lay over her. I fucked her hard for only 6 or 7 minutes until i pumped my first load as deep in her as i could get. I put the rag back over her moth and waited till i was hard again. I took it off and went for it. My wife got home 3 hours later and i had not long since finished pumping my 6th load, completely emptying myself inside her teen belly. She got up on Sunday morning saying her tummy hurt and she felt sore, but i gave her some panadol and she was fine.

I fucked her 3 more times on Sunday night and i just finished, about an hour ago pumping my second load in her tonight. I am going to go and put 2 or 3 more in her before i head to bed. I will keep it up this whole week making sure i have put my baby in her before her cycle ends. I really want to see her belly swell and know that my daughter has my daughter growing inside her.




My stepdaughter was 12 years old when she got her cherry popped at a party. Turns out she caught the clap from the boy. Served her right. Since she was momma's "good" girl, I was the one who had to take her to the clinic to get her dirty pussy treated. In exchange for not telling her mother, my slutty stepdaughter gave me the best blowjob of my life and she swallowed every drop of my cum - such a hot dirty slut!. For the next 6 years, whenever I was horny and her mother wouldn't put out, my horny stepdaughter would blow me and swallow every drop on demand. Although I never fucked her dirty pussy, I did finger it often and make her cum. She turned out to be quite the party girl in high school. Taking it in all 3 holes and swallowing every drop. Cute little bitch. :)