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When I was 13, I was hired to babysit for the 7-year-old girl next door. My sister usually did it, but she went away to camp for about a month. I also sometimes took care of the family's dog when they went out of town.

I was a horny young lad, no surprise. One time, while caring for the dog I took off my pants and was jacking off. The dog began locking my young cock, so I started going over there, putting honey on my cock to encourage the dog. The dog also licked my asshole.

When I started babysitting, I found myself getting horny just seeing the dog, and I proposed playing a game with the little girl. Everything I did, she would have to do, too. She thought that sounded fun. So the first thing I did was reach under her dress and touch her panties. She giggled. When I told her she now had to touch me "there" too, she said, "No fair! You are wearing shorts."

So I took off my shorts, and then she put her hand on my briefs. God, was I going crazy. Next, I reached over and pulled her panties off from under her dress. Again, she thought it was fun and giggled. Then she pulled my underwear off and laughed when she saw my cock sticking straight up. "Your pee-pee is weird!" she said. I asked what other "pee pees" she'd seen, and she said her father's, in the shower.

Suffice it to say that this game went on, mostly just touching. But a couple times I put honey on her little pussy and licked it off, and then put honey on my cock and she licked it off.

After my sister came back, I didn't babysit "Allie" any more, and later, I was worried she'd tell. She never did, so far as I know. The family moved away when I was in ninth grade, I think. In some ways, it was the sexiest sex I ever had.




I was with my Mrs for 6 years she had a daughter from previous marriage and a year before we broke up her daughter turned 16 (I'm 20 and me a was 41) It started when her mobile froze and I rebooted it and as I pulled the memory there first 5 pictures were of her perky breast her tight round arse her naked lay in with not a stitch on pale white skin but covering most things and the last was the same except she had 1 tit culled in her hand and her feet pressed together knees flopped aside showing her pale skin and ginger pubes I notice that the date on them was that same day which omg made my cock rock hard as I rebooted the phone and gave it to her she asked if the photos and music was recovered as I looked up at her she just smurked as she turned to leave she dropped her phone and on picking it up she pulled the back of her top up just enough to show her perfect bubble butt i wanted to do naughty things and I restrained until she made the move to pick up the phone with butt visible she stood straight and in one smooth action keep in legs straight she bent at the hips placing her palms on the floor doing so her arse flicked up performing a perfect slut drop right infront ofme and when I acted on this was as I noticed her pussy lips no panties and her roll her head back with a look that said it all and I lent forward quickly putting hand between her legs alowing my hole hand to rub the length of her moist ginger cunt right from her clit parting her lips just hard enough to get them wet my hand now being pulled over her gooch between them sexy legs and bubble butt cheeks before caresing her very tight arse hole before smacking hard and firm enough leaving a clear red hand print maki n her yelp at the same time in a sturn voice that that was all she was having before walk in away and leaving her shocked and shaking and from that day every time her mum went out she would present a new or different temptation until eventually she took me by surprise and didn't wait for a move from me she wakes in butt naked grabbing the swivel chair I sat on span it and me towards her she wrapped her skinny bare legs round me with such confidence her lush lips kissed me and she said or more told me that she wasn't takin anything less than having her pussy eaten and pounded like a jackhammer.




As a 13 year old girl, i have made thousands of dollars by selling my body to older men and women. It's a literal gold mine and after the sex the client usually smokes some weed with me to make the night complete.




Here's the story of my first two rapes.

First was my girlfriends sister a year ago. Three years old, big ass for a toddler, very hot. I went to a sleepover at this gfs house and when everybody was asleep went into the room, gagged and fucked her. This was all night long. I shoved my cock in her mouth, in her tight pussy. She cried so much and I took some lovely pictures. Then I went back to the bedroom and got in bed. She was still asleep. That morning I fucked her too. She probably got her sisters pussy juices inside of her :),

The second was a blond 13 year old. She lives near my house and goes to school near my house so it was easy to find out her route home. I found out there was an alleyway and one afternoon I followed her home, took her down that alley, threatened her with a knife and fucked her. I've got it all on video too. I blackmailed her with the video and some photos I took, as well as saying i'd kill her and rape her body if she didn't let me fuck again. She comes round now basically every day or else. Thinking about carving some things onto her skin (used goods, slut, worthless etc.) but I don't want to get caught and miss out on her fat ass.




Married almost 40 years and in all that time I have enjoyed my life with my husband. I am ashamed to admit to 1 transgression many years ago, back in the 1980’s we were friends with a couple, I worked with the other lady involved, no names as I am mortified to think of what happened and I am embarrassed thinking about it whilst I type.

It was a summers day, my husband had gone to work, however myself and my friend and her husband were all still in my home, as it was a warm summers morning I had worn an orange summer dress that laced up at the back, exposing my back through the lace, so I was not really able to wear a bra with it. It offered plenty of support to my breasts, which was good as I am a 36C! Anyway sitting on the couch with my friend the 3 of us were all laughing and joking over a morning coffee. I was not paying attention to what my friend was doing and if I had been I would not be writing this, I would have stopped her immediately. Unknown to me at that time, she was deftly loosening the lace which was tied in a bow at the back of my dress.

After a few minutes, the top of my dress felt loose, by the time I realised the bow was untied and the lace was working loose, I stood up to re-tie it, however as I stood the dress fell from my shoulders, exposing my ample bust, I tried to cover my modesty with my hands, however as I did this I felt the dress sliding down my body and on to the floor.

I stood naked, except for my red French Panties, in front of my friend and her husband, I went scarlet, by breasts flushed and my nipples became erect, I don’t know why as I felt so silly standing there with my hands trying to cover my bust. I didn’t think my situation could become more compromised, but just then I felt hands either side of my panties and yes I felt them being lowered, I tried to keep my knees together, but foolishly of me I never said “Stop.”

Eventually I was standing naked in front of another man, other than my husband and this mans wife. She is a brunette and I am still a natural blonde, so her husband was staring at my naked form, admiring my breasts and my neatly trimmed lady garden. I don’t know why and to this day I can’t understand my reaction, other than running from this scene, I let my arms fall to my side. This was the sign my friends husband was waiting for. I felt him fondle my bottom, my breasts and run his finger between my legs, I will admit to being wet there at this stage, I love my husband dearly, but at that moment, he was totally out of my thoughts. I was naked, I was being touched, fondled by my friends husband and her as well. I didn’t know why I was allowing myself to be in the position I was in, I only knew I was and I was enjoying the abandonment of the moment.

I stood still allowing hands and mouths to explore my naked body, suckle my nipples, I watched as my friend and her husband undressed, I watched in awe as his penis came into view, it was quiet a considerable lot larger than my husbands, my friends breasts are much smaller than mine, so I guess that evened things up! I could feel her hands on my bottom and running up and down my back, his hands and lips were on my bust.

I was getting more aroused and at that moment all I wanted was for him to mount me and make me his for that brief moment. I laid on the carpet and was asked to open my legs, I did as requested. I felt wanton, totally free as I felt I had no control over what was about to happen. Why I don’t know, I just lay there and said “mount me and fuck me,” my friend was holding my arms above my head, her husband positioned himself between my legs, his penis was erect and large and had no difficulty in penetrating me, it felt good, my nipples were erect and huge at this stage, bright red on top of my white breasts.

He started with slow deep thrusts and quickly began to quicken the pace, I have never climaxed on my husbands penis, however I came quickly, followed by another. I urged him to keep his penis inside me when he came, which he did, I felt every spurt. He withdrew, I was then over come with embarrassment and sadness for betraying my husband in such a base way. I have never repeated this and I have never divulged this to anyone. I am totally ashamed of myself.




So, i'm 70 years old, pretty fit for age and a happy man.

When i was 17 i got my 17 year old girlfriend pregnant. We ended up married an happy with a daughter. She grew up well and happy as well. She was 19 when she gave birth to my grand daughter. I was 36 at the time. The father left her as he was a complete waste of time. I was glad when he left. I helped my daughter raise my grand daughter. When i was 45, my wife also the same age, she died unexpectedly of a stroke.

I lived close to my daughter and grand daughter, only a few minutes away so i was always nearby to help out. This was good for me as i enjoyed the distraction from being alone all the time.

My grand daughter was a quiet girl, but met a nice guy and got married at 19, then at 20 gave birth to my great grand daughter. So i was 56 when this happened. I loved having all my family near and seeing the girls. I guess it was being lonely that got me. I started seeing my grand daughter as a nice sexy woman. But it was when my great grand daughter hit 12 that i knew i was looking at a young girl as sexy when i shouldn't be.

Over a couple of years i enjoyed seeing her, watching her body develop into a super cute maturing teen.

It wasn't like i planned it, but my grand daughter asked me to watch her for a couple week while she went away on work. I agreed. I was happy to have the company at home and of course to check out how sexy she was getting. She arrived and all was good. We chatted and played some board games. On day 4 she accidentally caught me masturbating, but didn't know it was using a photo of her to do it. We talked and i explained that being alone for many years and not having anyone to help my my adult male urges that sometime it was something i needed to do.

We moved on. End of the first week, we were watching TV and she asked if i was ok. I told her of course. I didn't see it coming when she asked if she could help me with anything. I told her we could clean the garage tomorrow and go for a swim afterwards. She agreed.

Seeing her in her tiny pink bikini was hard. I mean really hard. I had to stay in for an extra 10 minute just to keep her from seeing my raging boner from watching her for over an hour swimming around.

We got back from the pool and while making some dinner she again asked if she could help with anything. She then hinted, anything at all....

Well dinner could wait. I told her if she wanted she could help me with my adult loneliness issues. I know it was silly, but it was too late for me to stop. I fucked my 14 year old great grand daughter, on the dinner room table, then in my bed. I never even considered her or if she was safe, i just pumped my great many years of frustration into her tiny body. I unloaded so much in her bare, not thinking about the repercussions.

After dinner i fucked her 2 more times in her bed.

By the time my grand daughter arrived home at the end of the following week, i must have been fucking my 14 year old great grand daughter 8 or 9 times a day. It wasn't till almost 6 weeks late she found out she was pregnant. She told me, and asked what to do since her mother doesn't know. Knowing it was bad that i had done this we told my daughter, grand daughter that she came to me in fear of telling them a boy school had knocked her up. She decided she could bring herself to have an abortion, so now i have a great great grand daughter, just born 4 weeks ago, but she is also just my daughter.

So now my fifth generation of girl is also only my second. Not that the 2 in the middle know it.

While bad i will continue to help raise the girls. We agreed not to tell anyone. What none of my family knows it that this really opened me to my desires for young girls. I hadn't ever realised how much i adore them. But i really find myself out of control. Over the last 6 months i have been up to no good. It started by finding a add in a local magazine for a girl advertising 18, escort services only $300 for a night. I hired her and on our third time i even asked if she knows other girls or younger. I paid her and she connected me to some she used to work for, as she put it. For the next couple of months i was paying 3 or 4 times a week to fuck girls 15 and 16. I finally asked for a girl younger. I had to pay a lot, but i got a 13 year old girl. I was so into it that i made sure to slip the condom off half way and i unloaded into her tiny pussy.

Since i started finding girls myself. Posting dodgy adds for hire help and babysitting, when i was actually meant to be the babysitter. I have managed to fuck another 8 or 9 girls and i love pumping my loads into them when they aren't expecting it. My last girl was only 2 weeks ago, she is only 12 and let me, a 70 year old man have her. I told her it wasn't possible to impregnate her since i'm too old and she's too young. Well i hope she will be baby sitting for me as i unloaded in her tiny body 6 times before she went home.

It's really such a bad problem now, but i can't help myself as i just want to keep impregnating as many tiny girls as i can. I have even hinted to my great grand daughter that we could have another baby if she wants. I'm hoping she'll agree of at least fuck me again. If she even agreed to have sex with me i would make sure to stealth her no questioned asked, no way i wouldn't be unloading in her belly if i get the chance again.




I wish I could get fucked, I'm a virgin.