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Submitted: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:31:46 GMT

When I found out the legal age of consent in Mexico is 12, I went down there...I fuck a girl who was 10 years younger than me. It was the best I've ever had.


Submitted: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:01:25 GMT

I had sex with my mom in high school. We still do every now and then.


Submitted: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:30:39 GMT

I fantasize about having sex with my mom and sister.


Submitted: Sun, 04 Jan 2009 08:28:47 GMT

i like to have sex with my sister.she is married and we do it when time is right and her husband did'nt know about this.


Submitted: Sun, 02 May 2010 19:56:31 GMT

Ok I Have a confession that only 4 people know about. But I have to spill it somewhere,

So I won't use real names to protect everyone . But here it is I (James) have been secretly

having sex with my little sister (April) for some time. It started at the ages of 13-11 with

the game Show and Touch (Pretty Self Explainatory)where we would strip and touch eachother,

We did alot of Mutual Masturbation and I popped her cherry with my fingers and she made me cum

for the first time. But we had to stop cuz we were caught naked together in the basement by our

mother. Around 15-13 We learned of a new game. Much more racyer Called STD (Sexual Truth or Dare)

We played it with our friends who lived across the street(Joe, & Jenny) Joe and I would play with

eachothers sister (April) my sister would blow Joe And(Jenny)his sister would blow me. Ahhhhh It

was some good old clean kids fun. Then One day my friend wanted to see how far we would go,

The four of us were playing and after Jenny Sucked me so I was hard Joe said

"James I dare you to have sex with your sister right infront of us". I looked at April and

her eyes lit up. The most we ever did together was oral cuz our mother told us when she caught us

naked together that Brothers and sisters that have sex with eachother go stright to hell.

So I said to April "We don't have to if you don't want to". She turned to Joe and Jenny.

And I still can hear her say it "Ok but if were gonna have sex then your gonna have to watch

and play with eachother". Jenny and Joe agreed April was already topless from a game earlyer

and Joe helped Jenny take off her pants and helped her out of her panties. April came over to me

looking so cute and innocent in her little panties she grabed my shirt and started pulling it off.

I was totally nude. April droped down to her knees and tookme in her mouth. Just as she did that

Jenny started jerking off her brother I was already hard from Jenny sucking me earlyer I looked

at April with her big brown eyes and said " Do you want me to eat your pussy before we do it ?"

She replyed "Uh Hu" So I helped her up offthe floor guided her to couch bent her over the arms of

the couch pulled her panties to the side put my face into her sweet pussy and started to enjoy her

forbidden fruit. Jenny and Joe were on the couch watching April and I. Joe was fingering Jenny

and sucking on her titties while Jenny jerked off her brother. Then Jenny Stoped Joe pushed him

back into the couch Smiled at him and started licking his cock from top to bottom.

April was starting to fidget and moan as I was flicking my tongue on her clit,

And sucked on her juciy, swollen pussy lips. " Now James Now I want it now". She said panting.

"You want me to give it to you Sis" I asked as I wiped my mouth, stood up and grabed her by the

hips. "Yes James Ohhh give it to me". She begged as she grabed my cock and positioned the tip

into her pussy I leaned over her back. " Are you ready Sis are you ready to go all the way ?

"She cryed Yes james put that cock deep inside me". So I pushed it in a little and ohhhhh god !!!

It was so motherfucking good !!! April started to breath even harder so I leaned into her ear

"Ohhhhh April you feel so good uhhhh So Wet, So tight, soooo hot, Tell me, Tell brother how it

feels, does my cock feel good inside you?"I wispered into her ear as I licked her ear lob and

sucked it. All she could do was wimper " Yes James Yes Go deeper go deeper". Joe and Jenny were

now feasting on eachother on the couch infront of April and I. Jenny was on top of Joe in the 69

position. I pushed into April further when I saw Jenny and April grab and hold eachothers hands.

I pushed until I was all the way inside her. She squeeked and turned her head to me and I looked

at her as I started pulling out "If only Mom and Dad could see us Now huh Sis"

I said as I started entering her again. "Ha Ha Ah Oh Yea brother Oh If they only knew".

I snickered as I slid in and out of April. Joe and Jenny were still in 69 when Joe started

screaming "Oh JENNY !!!"And Joe Came In Jennys mouth Jenny tryed to swallow it but some came out

the sides of her mouth and down her chin. Joe fell back into the couch watching April and I as

Jenny got up and headed to the bathroom. I started building up steam. "Oh April this pussy is so

good, Tell me how you want it" I said to April. April replyed "Faster brother Go faster James

faster". So I did I was kissing licking April's Neck as I fucked her from behind when she reached

behind me and dug her nails into the back of my neck and held on. Jenny entered back into the room

and looked at us. "Damn you two are really getting into this, Wow you two are sooo hot"

Said Jenny. "Watch James, thats how I like it". Jenny said to her Her brother as she sat down

next to joe on the couch. I was lost in total Incestous lust. Hearing my cute little sister

panting and moaning my name as she cryed "I'm cumming James yes I'm cumming oh fuck brother your

making me cum again ohhhhhh" It was all too much. "Oh Yea Sis Oh fuck April I'm Gonna cum Oh Sis

I'm gonna Cum Were sis were" I cryed. All she could do was hold on to me and shake as she came

again. "April I can't hold it sis Im gonna Cum !!!" I screamed. April replyed

"Yes James Yes Oh James Cum brother Cum Ohhhhhhhhh. And I did

"UUUHHHHHHH Fuck Ape Ohhhh FUCK SIS Ohhhhh Yessssssssss" I collapsed on her back as she just

layed there. I started gently kissing her back her neck her shoulders. "Ohhhh April that was

amazing your amazing". I finished. "Wow you two that was sooo hot." Jenny added.

Sweaty and out of breath April rolled off the arm of the couch and next to Jenny So I cuddled up

with her and held her I Looked into her Big brown eyes and for the first time I kissed her not

like a brother kisses his sister but like a lover kisses his lover. Later when we got home we

ate at the dinner table with the family. April and I were pretty quiet about our day while

everyone else carryed on about there day After dinner I said I was tired so I went to my room,

About an hour or so later I got a knock at my door it was April. "Hay April was up ?" I said as

she came in wearing an oversized football jersey. "Well actually nobodys up". she said

As she pulled the Jersey up and over her head. All she had on was some baby blue panties she

gently pushed me down on my bed and straddled me and said. "You made a mistake today,

You showed me what a great fuck you are, We're just gonna have to keep this for ourselfs she said

as we kissed again and we've kept it our secret from everyone for 4 years in our parents house.

Then I moved away to go to school. But on holiday and Visits we still sneak around, risk,and enjoy

eachother as much as we can. My parents sent her to come stay with me for a week to check out the

School I'm at to see if she want's to go.She never checked the school out We decided we would get

an apartment together, So we spent almost all week in my apartment ordering out and fucking. This

Summer is going to be perfect..........................


Submitted: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 06:38:42 GMT

I have 2 confessions, I fucked my brother 3 times before. I love him and would let him do anything to me. I also fucked my moms dog a bunch too. It was the most erotic thing i've ever done. The dog cummed and knotted in me for ten minutes. i dream about my brother watching a dog fuck my in the ass every night.


Submitted: Sun, 18 May 2008 11:13:54 GMT

I was babysitting for my best friend I had to look after her 6 year old son Ben and 10 year old daughter Lisa. The reason I had agreed to babysit was because I really liked Lisa in fact I to be honest I completely fancied her evrytime I set eyes on Lisa I developed a very stiff cock I was a bit shocked at first having to admit to myself that I had got a hard on when looking at a 10 year old schoolgirl but I quickly got over any bad feelings I might have had. Lisa was 4-10 tall slim with great legs and blond hair and Lisa's boobs were really budding too they were as big as half a tenis ball everyone could clearly see them and her nipples too. I had watched as Lisa was growing She had got bigger and bigger every week. Well as soon as Ben went to bed I started to work on Lisa and within an hour I had Lisa totally naked and I started having sex with her. I was babysitting and I had one of the babies sitting on my enormous erect cock


Submitted: Mon, 12 May 2008 19:37:09 GMT

I fantsize about pure face fucking my mother for all the shit she has put me threw in my life. I feel like it would be the best revenge to just pound her head with my cock and just totally make her gag and choke on my cock while im raming it down her throat. I want to make her eat my cock and swallow my cum. Im going to skull fuck her one day even if i have to tie her up! One day!


Submitted: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 03:41:40 GMT

I was a normal guy, in a normal middle class family, I started having sex with my sister whe she was 9, I was 14, for me it was amazing. My little stsier was always excited about what we did, there was never any abuse or coersion, she was as excited as I was about discovering sex as kids, I took her virginity when she was 10. We were caught 5 years later fucking, by that time I'd fucked her 100's of times, mostly in her bed late at night, sometimes in other rooms like the living room or kitchen, sometimes outside or in a car. When we were caught she blamed me, I fully accepted the blame. I don't blame her for putting all the blame on me, because I admit I always instigated it. Getting caught ruined my life, and my life truly was ruined. It took me many years to recover and make a good life for myself. I never regained a relationship with my parents. My sister and me also never regained a normal relationship. I blame the fact that it fucked up my life on society, I can tell you for sure my sister had as many orgasms as I did and we both loved fucking. I've heard many times through therapy and my own investigation that nornally the girl comes out worse and the guy gets busted. In my case I feel that I was the scape goat, it's so easy for the girl to pull the abuse card and the guy gets fucked.


Submitted: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 16:03:06 GMT

My parents devoriced 7 years ago when I was in second grade. My dad got married again a few years ago but my mom never did. Since then she has dated lots of men and she tries to hide it from me but I know she had sex with most of them. She has been dating the same guy, Ray, now since last year. He lives out of town and stays at our house every weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. My mom is the cook at the diner and works the lunch hour on Saturday and Sunday. She is only gone from about 10:30am until about 2:30pm both days. My mom doesn't know about it but I see him naked or at least see his penis two or three times every weekend when she is out. He does wear a bathrobe even when my mom is home but if she steps out of the room or goes upstairs for something the robe always opens somehow. We live right on the lake and have a shower out back, but everybody just uses it to rinse off. It only has a partition with no door on it and it is right next to my bedroom window. When my mom is at work he gets a shower out there and is naked all the time. Sometimes he does it on Saturday and Sunday and I have seen him masturbating lots of times. He started doing that right after New Years and has kept on doing it at least once every weekend. I peek out of the window and watch him all the time but I think he knows I do. Three of my girlfriends have watched him masturbating and also seen him naked a lot of times. We always joke around about how his penis gets limp and little after he masturbates and we do like watching him. My girfriend Sara comes over almost every Saturday. What makes me think he knows we are watching him is that he started telling me when he was going to shower outside. We have had that shower since I was a liitle kid and nobody was ever naked in there before. My mom doesn't know he showers out there and me and my friends are having so much fun watching him all the time I don't want to tell her about it. He is nice to me and my mom and I think she really likes him a lot. I know they have sex because one time I opened my moms bedroom door in the morning when they were still asleep and both of them were naked. I never did that again cause I know my mom would get mad at me and it would embarrass her.


Submitted: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 15:35:38 GMT

I'm a strong woman but I totally want to be dominated in bed. I asked my ex to do it but he was too much of a fucking pussy to do it.

Where are these brave men that will do what you ask, force you down, pry open your legs and fuck you silly while whispering what fucking dirty whore/slut you are in your ear? Who then grabs you by the hair and forces you on all fours and shoves your face in the pillow while he fucks the living hell out of you from behind? The one who pulls you up by the back of your hair then backs you against the wall and grabs your face and demands you to ask -BEG- for more? Because I'm dying to meet one.


Submitted: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 11:51:58 GMT

My ex girlfriend who used to fuck her 42 year old manager back when she was 15 is now having sex with his son that she used to babysit


Submitted: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 18:43:34 GMT

I do feel bad and ashamed of myself for what I have been doing for the last 15 months. When I graduated high school my uncle got me a job at an office in the city. I got an apartment and it was tough to make ends meet because I couldn't afford the rent. I made friends with Jerry, one of the guys I worked with who was around my age. He lived with his mother and after telling him how I couldn't afford my apartment rent offered to let me rent the spare room at his mother's house. I moved in two years ago and she is a very sweet and attractive women. Jerry was unhappy with his job and after a few months enlisted in the Navy. I knew his mother walked in her sleep sometimes but my room was in the attic and I only saw her doing it twice. She is short so Jerry put high locks on all the doors to prevent her from going out or going in the garage before he went away. He told me if she did walk in her sleep to let her be or try to guide her back to her room. I'm not sure how much she did it but when I moved from the attic room to Jerry's old room it seemed to happen often. She was taking a pill called Klonopin which she didn't like to take since it seemed to knock her out and make her feel lousey in the mornings. She is 42 years old as of last May and like I said an attractive women with a good figure. At first I didn't interact with her but one night I was at the kitchen table. It was only around midnight and right away I knew she was sleep walking. Her pajama top was particially open and I could clearly se her left breast. I just sat looking at her for awhile and admit to getting an erection even though she is only a few years younger than my mom. At one point she just stopped and stared at the sink. There was no response when I spoke to her and she didn't even look at me. I just kept looking at her and her breast for a while and finally stood up and slowly unbuttoned her pajama top and took it off of her. She just walked around the house topless for a short time and eventually went back into her room as I followed her around. She laid back in bed without her top and I don't know what possesed me but I pulled her pajama bottoms off. She had no panties on and I just kept looking at her body. I never touched her that first time but did undress and masturbate. I just left her pajamas on the chair, closed the door and turned off the lights when I left. This goes on at least once and sometimes twice a week since then. She obviously has no reccollection of it and I slowly took more liberties with her each time. I have been able to undress her and a few times she has been topless before coming out of her bedroom. She asked me a few times if I heard her walking around at night but I always tell her I didn't. After a few months, but so far only twelve times, I convinced her to take extra Klonopin before bedtime. It usually takes a half hour or so before she is in a deep sleep. I make noise and knock on her door for awhile to make sure she is out cold. I go in the room naked and even shake her a bit to make sure she doesn't wake up. I then undress her and fondle her breasts and finger her. The last eight times I did this I performed oral sex on her and know for sure she was aroused by it and was very wet. I only know for sure she orgasmed six times but think maybe all eight times. I use her hand to masturbate myself and have put my penis on her lips each time. So far I've been afraid to try intercouse with her and feel my weight would cause her to wake. Most of the time she just sleep walks and most of the time I am able to undress her. I just let her walk around naked as long as she wants and sometimes I am naked and jerking off as I follow her. When she gets back in bed I simply leave her pajamas or nightgown on her chair. She only wears panties when she has a nightgown on and never when shes wearing PJ's. I always shut her door tightly, turn off the lights and sometimes cover her with her sheet. Jerry calls at least once a week and I just tell him everything is fine and I do make sure the top locks are in place every night. He knows I'm sleeping in his room now but doesn't object and I tell him his mother is taking the Klonopin every night which she really isn't. I think she tells him the same thing just so he won't worry about her. A couple months ago I began telling her I heard her walking in her sleep. I started doing that beleiving I could get her to take the extra dose of Klinopin and have been successful a number of times. I can tell when she doesn't take it at all and can almost predict when she will sleep walk. She never resists when I undress her so far although one time she did swing her arm at me. When she has panties on I just pull them down and let her walk out of them the pajama bottoms are more difficult to get off her. I never touch her as she walks around and always wait until she gets back to bed. She only weighs about 120 pounds and it makes it easy for me to move her around or spread her legs apart. When she lays on her side I finger her from the rear and think maybe I could have intercouse with her that way. I bought condoms but so far haven't tried it. She has a boyfriend and they do go out often and I am sure they have sex. Her boyfriend is a really nice guy and I'm sure he would kill me, as Jerry would, if they ever found out what I am doing. I get home from work before her and cook dinner for her sometimes. She treats me like a kid and thinks of me that way I'm sure. I never let her know I see her sleep walk and always treat her nice. I help her clean the house and aside from paying rent always buy extra food. I painted the living room and dining room for her and make minor repairs when possible. She seems to like me very much but only because she doesn't know what I am doing to her. I do feel guilty at times but as soon as I get to see her naked again it fades quickly. She has seen me in my underware a few times but only once has she seen me naked and it was purely accidental. It excited me but I apoligized and told her I was embarrased by it. Little does she know how many times I've been naked in her presance. Thankfully she doesn't know how many times her hand held my penis or how many time my penis touched her lips. I've taken full advantage of her so many times and have licked or kissed most of her body. Jerry is coming home for thirty days next month so I got her to promise me she would take the Klonopin every night. He used to make her take it more often and as far as I know never got her to take an extra dose. I don't want him to find out how I've learned to manipulate her since he's been gone. When she is fully awake I never act the least bit interested in her sexually. She doesn't realize how attractive she is and only dresses nice when she goes out, to work or has her boyfriend over. She rarely wears make up and honestly doesn't need it. Even her breasts are perfect and although not so big are perfectly shaped with dark nipples. I have taken quite a few pictures of her naked and have them well hidden. I envy her boyfriend at times and am jealous that he has consentual sex with her. As much as she treats and talks to me like I'm a child sometimes, I make up for it at night. I maturbate everyday thinking about her and mostly when looking at her naked pictures. I do often thank her for letting me move in, for more reasons than one.


Submitted: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 17:37:07 GMT

Incest is not as easy as people on here claim. I cheat on my b/f with my own dad. I have mixed feelings about it. My parents are divorced and for the last 12 years I've spent every other weekend with my dad. Most of the time it was just he and I. About 2 years ago I really started to notice the way he looked at me. He would touch me in places I thought were strange, I mean really touch and rub and squeeze. My neck and shoulders were not weird, but lower back right where my butt starts and my legs and waist I felt very self conscience about. He always kissed me hello and good bye on my lips too, not open mouth but when I became aware of how he felt I tried to turn my head but he would grab my cheeks and kiss my lips anyway.

I never tried to make him stop, and it went on for about a year before he got worse. He had a beautiful spa like room built in his basement. It cost him more than what the house was worth. It had a jacuzzi, sauna, bar and he called it his "Grotto". He would buy me skimpy bikini's and bribe me to chill with him in the Grotto. I knew why, but it didn't seem to bother me any more. Except one time he kept pulling me onto his lap in the jacuzzi and I felt his boner poking me. That was too much and I got really upset.

My dad was really sorry about it, he did a ton of things to make up for it and I felt guilty the next time I was there. So I sat on his lap in the jacuzzi and let him grind his boner against me, but we were NOT naked. We dry humped, and I admit it felt good. It was my first experience with a guys boner poking at me in that place. Except his breathing, he was quiet and I wasn't facing him so I was able to imagine him as a boy at school. It sounds silly now but I admit I had fun. My dad came in his swimsuit and I felt his boner pulsing against my butt. That was fun to feel too. So we started to do that all the time. I never had an orgasm until I went to my own room and masturbated in private, but doing those things with dad in the jacuzzi always got me horny. I thought about dad a lot of times when I masturbated, but after my orgasm I always felt disgusted with myself. Then I would avoid him, sometimes the entire rest of the weekend so I stopped masturbating there and I waited until I got back home at moms house.

I got a boy friend and lost my virginity to him. I felt comfortable enough with my dad to tell him about my b/f and all the details of what I did. My dad was happy for me and he gave me advice on what guys like and stuff. He told me the best thing I could do for my b/f is birth control. I did and my b/f loved cumming in me sooo much! I like it a lot too, the way it feels and the look on his face and best of all I didn't have to taste his cum anymore. That stuff is gross, it coats my tongue and it just stays there forever no matter what I eat or drink.

So after I told my dad about the things I was doing with my b/f he started to try more stuff with me. When we dry humped he tried to squeeze my boobs and my inner thighs and lick my neck and stuff. I kept pushing him away and he would stop for a few minutes but he kept doing it. Eventually I stopped trying to stop him. When I finally let him do something new he would try something else and not stop until I let him do it. I felt guilty if I didn't let him. It got to the point where I was sleeping naked with him. I would pose naked for him and let him jerkoff on me. Most of the time he knelt between my legs and jerked off on my stomach and boobs. It stayed that way for a while and I thought he had reached his limit. I really felt guilty about my b/f after I spent a weekend with dad.

So I brought my b/f to meet my dad one weekend. I had a great time. My dad never touched me and he let my b/f and me sleep together and he gave us lots of privacy in the grotto. Except after my dad dropped my b/f at his home my dad wanted to jerk off on me befor he dropped me off. We were in the car so it was tight and I couldn't move. My dad stuck his dick in me and he fucked me. I didn't try to stop him, but he knew I wasn't happy about it. After he came he was very appologetic, but I felt more gulit over my b/f than anger over my dad. I love my b/f and I dream about a future with him even though I know we're still young. I don't know if im going to be able to have a future with my b/f if my dad and me keep fucking. I enjoy being with my dad too, which is probably why I feel so guilty. Now my dad and me fuck every time I go there. I get really horny with my dad and he makes me have the best orgasms, but I hate myself after its over. I can't even look at my dad for hours after I cum with him. I try not to let him make me cum, but most of the time I cant stop it from happening while he's fucking me. Then I have to lay there and let him finish, while I feel terrible and disgusted with myself. I wish it was as emotionless for me as it is for everyone else on here.


Submitted: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 17:57:49 GMT

My brother and I share a two bedroom apartment. I do drink somtimes but never do any drugs. His girlfriend and him do weed and some meth on weekends. She is a knockout with a great body. She has a key to our apartment and is there a couple times a week. My brother went to the casino with friends and wasn't coming back til the next morning. I got home late and was slightly drunk. When I went in the apartment all the lights were on and knew I had turned them off. I looked in my brothers room thinking he came home early but it was his girlfriend. She was under the sheet and sound asleep but I could see parts of her side and knew she was naked and probably stoned. I turned out the light and went to bed. As I thought about her I got a hard on and went back in my brothers room. It was pitch black and I shut the door and got in bed with her. I'm not sure what my intentions were but think I just wanted to feel her up, but I was naked and horny. She had rolled over and laying face down. I gently stroked her rear and back and felt the side of her breast. She put her hand on my hip and rolled to her side. I couldn't see her but now was able to feel her breasts. She turned over on her back and seemed to react to my touch. I stated to finger her and she held my penis for awhile and she leaned over and started kissing me. I'm sure she thought it was my brother. Now I was kissing her breasts and fingering her and I knew she was turned on and wet. We had sex for the next half hour and it was probably the best I ever had. She constanly touched me and french kissed me. We just held each other for awhile and she asked me to get her a glass of water. I got up and snuck out the door and brought back water to her not turning on any lights. I gave her the water and just said something like "bathroom" trying to sound like my brother. I went back to my room and didn't fall asleep for at least an hour dreading when my brother did come home. When he finds out what I did, he's going to kill me. I didn't wake up until almost 10am and started to worry all over again. I went to the bathroom but heard the shower running. I had to pee so bad I went in the kitchen sink. I went over to my brothers room and he was in bed asleep. When his girlfriend came out of the bathroom she had a towel wrapped around her. I expected her to start screaming at me but she just waved and went back in my brothers room. I still sat nervously and when she came out and into the kitchen she just asked if I made coffee. Somehow I got away with it and she never said a word about it. She thought she had sex with my brother and I don't know what time he came home. She hung around awhile and kept looking to see if my brother was awake. The whole time I was shaking and waiting for her to realize what I did. When she left, she just told me to have my brother call her. He never got out of bed until 2 in the afternoon and I knew right away she never said anything to him and wondered if he had sex with her also when he came home. I've seen her 5 more times since then and am convinced she doesn't know it was me. It was a dumb thing to do but I still dream about it and masturbate thinking of it. I know my brother and if he ever found out there would be hell to pay. I am sorry for my brothers sake but get hard everytime I think about her.


Submitted: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 06:32:12 GMT

It all started when he walked into my bedroom while I was getting out of my bikini. We had a swim party in our pool, and the house was full of people.

I was just standing there, compleely naked, and he was ogling my tits and bare pussy! So I just let him look. A thrill went through me as I did this, becasue I knew what he was thinking. Before he turned to leave the room, I said "Why don't you call me tomorrow morning after Roger goes to work?" He said "Oh? what did you have in mind?" I answered "GUESS!"

He called me, bright and early, and said he was coming over with a present for me. I wondered what sort of gift it was, until I remembered my close friend Susan had told me that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen, and had!

That thrill was back when I thought about what was to happen to me.

He knocked on my door about 8:30 the following morning. I let him in, wearing my sheerest, see thru nightie, and his eyes lit up when he saw me.

It didn't take long to get him into the bedroom and our big, bouncy waterbed. I stretched out on the bed, letting my nightie fall open in front, and I could see the monstrous bulge in his pants.

"C'mon, I want you to do things to me!" I said, watching him step ut of his pants, showing me, truly, the biggest cock I had ever seen, and was about to have buried in my juicy pussy!

He got on his knees before me, opened my pussy with his fingers and started rolling his tongue around my clitoris.

"I want to open you up a bit more" he said inserting his tongue into me.

I said "Gee....I think I'm open enough right now..I want to see how much of that giant prick I can take!"I spread my legs even wider, opened my pussy lips with two fingers and told him to see if he could get that big head inide, if he could.

To my surprise and delight, and he fact that I wa so wet, his head went right inside. "More!" I cried, and more prick stared slowly going in. It felt so good, and I was so HOT, that I thought my pussy was going to explode.

He had his cock all the way inside, and had bent downand started sucking my nipples. I hunched my butt up and down, matching his long strokes, and then I started to cum.

I knew he was just about to shoot his jizz inside, as I could feel his prick throb and twitch inside me.

I thought "This is really good, I've never had a feeling like this, before, and suddenly he came.

He kept cumming, and staying hard, pulled me over on top of him, holding my waist while he pumped more inside me.

"Oh! Don't stop! I'm going to cum again!" I told him. His fingers had found my nipples and he was lightly pinching them, giving me a new sesation, one I had longed for. After each of us had cum twice, we lay there in bed, breathing hard.

I looked down at his cock and saw he had a kind of semi-hardon, and then I started to massage it, making it big and hard, again.

As I was fondling him, pulling his uncrcumsized foreskin up and down I asked "Is this the present you brought for me?"

He answered, "Well, yes, but it's a two-part present!"

"Where's the other part"? I asked...

"The other part is that I'm going to fuck you once a week, just to keep you satisfied!"

I said "Now, that's the kind of preent I like....you don't even have to gift-wrap it!!!!!"


Submitted: Sun, 31 May 2009 16:30:16 GMT

Last Thursday was the sixth time I did what I'm about to admit. I am ashamed of myself for it but the money I have made let me pay off all my credit cards and bills. I work at a marina and got to know Ron very well over time. He is very rich and owns a 37 ft. boat. He is in his 40's and for along time was hitting on me. I didn't pay much attention to it since I have a boyfriend, and he is twenty or more years older than me. He was always trying to get me on his boat for a ride and one day I decided to go for a ride with him. He didn't try to have sex with me but just taked about it the whole time. When we were coming back he came right out and asked if he could pay me for sex. He did it in a joking manner but I knew he was serious. At first he told me he would give me a thousand dollars then offered fifteen hundred and then two thousand. As I got off the boat he just told me to think about it. I saw him every week and he kept asking me if I would do it. I knew if I did it would make me a hooker but the thought of two thousand dollars overwhelmed me and I finally agreed. The first time was the hardest and I had only had sex with my boyfriend who I have been going with for two years. When we went out on the boat and when he anchored it we had sex all afternoon and once the humiliation of it wore off it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and he gave me two thousand dollars. The second time he was more agressive with me and aside from oral sex he manipulated me into have anal sex which was the first time I ever did that. The third time we went out as we got about a mile offshore there was another man with us. He was about the same age as Ron and very polite but I was afraid of why he was with us. Ron right away told me that he would also give me two thousand to have sex with him. At first I said no way but after talking about it for a short time I was more or less intimadated into going along with it. After he anchored they led me into the bedroom and took off my bikini. The rest of the day I had sex with both of them both seperately and both at the same time. I was both embarrased and humiliated by them and gave both oral sex and they both did the same to me during the course of the day. The other guy, Tom, insisted on spanking me at one point and the two of them abused me all day. They both had anal sex and vaginal sex with me and at one point even showered with me. Although I felt abused I had multible orgasms during the day and experienced sex I never thought about. They ended up giving me five thousand dollars that day and even though I was exhausted and sore I was thrilled about the money and couldn't believe how much they gave me. The fourth, fifth and sixth time they were just as abusive in many ways but each time I was given another five thousand dollars. We were usually out 8 or 9 hours and aside from bathroom breaks or eating and drinking the majority of time we had sex. They insisted on me being naked the whole time but by now I had lost any inhabitions I might have had before. They do hurt me at times when they spank me or perform anal sex but I never complain about it. Most of the sex, I enjoy myself and never realized how arousing it is to have two men at the same time. I don't even mind giving them oral sex although I don't like to swallow it, but sometimes can't help it. I go out with them now once a month and will soon be able to buy a new car. My boyfriend doesn't know anything about it and thinks I got a raise at work. I can never tell anyone what I'm doing and know that both Ron and Tom are married. They can't talk to much about it themselves so it will continue to be a secret. I am ashamed of myself for doing this but extra money every month makes my life less stressful. I do like most of the sex we have and have masturbated many times thinking about it. My boyfriends penis is larger than either of them but they are both adequate and both use condoms for vaginal sex. When we have anal sex or oral they don't wear a condom and do cum in me. I don't want to get pregnant and I know neither of them would want me to. I suspect both have kids but they never talk about it or mention their wives to me. The boat is beautiful and has a galley and two seperate bedrooms. I don't even know what kind of work or business Ron and Tom are in but they both must be very rich. When I start feeling guilty about all this I start thinking that if I have sex for six hours with them during the day, I'm making over eight hundred dollars an hour. I can live with that and hope to continue doing it even though I consider myself a whore at times. I feel bad sometimes when I'm with my boyfriend but as long as he doesn't know about what I'm doing, it can't hurt him.


Submitted: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 10:26:20 GMT

My son was three months old and still nursing when my father came to visit for a weekend. My tits have always been big anyway, but with the baby they'd gone to 36E.

The evening he arrived, I had just fed my son and went into the living room wearing running shorts and a tank top with a robe over it. I was sitting across from Dad and we were talking. Out of the blue, he says, "your Mother was so beautiful when she was pregnant and after she had you and was breastfeeding you. She loved feeding me, too."

I was so uncomfortable, as he was staring at my swollen tits and my legs, which were crossed. He stood up and said, "I'm so proud of you; you're a wonderful mother." He put his arms out to hug me, so I reluctantly got up to hug him, thinking I would excuse myself to bed. Well, when we were embraced, he pushed me back into the chair I'd been sitting in and asked in a begging voice, "Honey, please let me taste your milk. I am so lonely without your mother and I just need a little comfort."

Before I could protest, he pulled my robe over my shoulders and left them around the arms so I couldn't move. He lifted my tank top and gasped, saying, "Oh, your nipples are even bigger and darker than your mother's!" He reached down and latched onto my right nipple, while tweaking the left. He was moaning and making sucking sounds and he began biting down and pulling my nipples with his teeth and then letting his teeth graze them. I had no way to get up. He was between my legs, my arms were trapped, and I was leaning back.

I was so confused and felt so disgusted, but it felt so good, I just gave in. When he felt me give in, he took off my robe and tank top. He told me, "Oh, Baby, please squirt your milk in my mouth." I watched the milk hit his lip as he tried to capture my squirting milk in his mouth. He suddenlu grabbed the waistband to my shorts and I lifted my hips so he could remove them.

He draped my legs over the armrest and looked at me before diving into my pussy. It had been almost a year since I'd had sex, since my boyfriend dumped me right after I got pregnant. Dad was moaning into my cunt and sucked my engorged clit. He made me cum so hard I squirted into his face.

As soon as I came, he said, "Come on. It's late and we'd better go to bed." I was beyond protesting at this point, especially when I saw his cock. He had pulled it out and was masterbating while he ate me out. When he stood up, He had a nine-inch hardon. His cock was uncircumcised, thick, and had pre-cum leaking.

He took off all of his clothes and we both got up. He led me into my bedroom where he made love to me as well as viciously fucking me with his huge cock for the next two hours. He made me cum at least 8 times that night, and poured at least 4 loads of his baby seed into me. We spent all day Saturday fucking, except for the time that my son was awake. I was sorry to see him go on Sunday morning. Thankfully, he cannot get me pregnant since he had a vasectomy years before.

We visit each other quite frequently, spending our nights having nasty incestuous sex. My father is the only man that can make me cum and squirt, and I reward him by lovingly sucking his cock and swallowing every drop of Daddy's cum.


Submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 23:41:59 GMT

While my wife was in the hospital, a friends wife came over to help me clean house one day. I'd taken a weeks leave so I could help my wife recover. This guy and I worked at the same company. They did not have many friends as I understood. They were a very quite and proper couple. She was 32, her husband was 35 and they had two kids. I was 27 at the time. I had been there a shorter time but had risen to the same level of management as her husband. Anyway After cleaning we were standing in the kitchen. I don't know how it started, what was said, etc,.but suddenly we were standing VERY close to each other and we began kissing. My wife was a little over weight, but this gal was small, slim, and fit. She wore glasses and was a mousey but when we kissed I had a shudder all the way to my balls. She asked if I wanted to go into the bed room. I did not want to cheat on my wife and did not want to have sex with this woman in the same bed I have sex with my wife. We stepped into the living room and she laid down on the couch. I pulled off her jeans and lace panties, and then about jumped out of my own pants. She was tight, wet and hot. She had her eyes closed the whole time and hung on to me for dear life. I exploded in her within minutes. As soon as I did, I thought OMG, what if she gets pregnant! I wasn't wearing a condom. My wife ALWAYS jumps immediately after sex and heads to the bathroom to clean up. This woman just lay there with my sperm oozing out of her vagina. She slowly got up and just put on her pants. We both stood there looking at each other wondering WTF had happened. We heard a noise in the car port and her husband knocked on the patio door. She ducked in the bathroom and I rushed towards the door to let him in. I told him we had just finished and she was in the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, the picture of composure. They left, and I was left alone with my thoughts. My wife came home the following day and was on bed rest. About three days later, the guy was banging on my door. He really looked ragged. He said he just found out his wife had had an affair. She had gone to be with her mother and he wanted me to hold his guns so that he didn't do something stupid! He looked like a man who had lost everything. I feel like shit to this day and that was 30 years ago. The happy ending is that she came back a week later and he forgave her. A year later they were transfered to another branch. Her path and mine NEVER crossed again, but still there are some cold dark nights when, God forgive me I remember how hot, tight, and wet she was and the look of pleasure on her face when we finished...


Submitted: Fri, 06 May 2011 07:10:07 GMT

When I was about 7 years old. My step dad started touching me. Mostly ate out my pussy and I loved every second of it. It made me so horny and felt so good that I couldn't resist. Mom worked long hours so she was hardly home. I would always feel my step dads cock and I craved for his attention. I would even say I was sick at school to go home to him so he could touch me. His big juicy wet tongue licking out my young innocent cunt... He did it for years. We would always watch porn together while touching each other. I would always rub up against him. I would always beg for him to touch me. I wanted his touch so bad. He made me orgasm so many times. We never told anyone and still haven't. He is still with my Mom. Everytime I see him, I want him. I want his rock hard cock all over me. I would always eat his cum and he would teach me a lot of sexual things. No one has ever pleased me like he did. Now that I'm older, I want to have sex with him. I want him to lick my cunt and fuck my ass. I want him to degrade me and piss all over me like I'm a desperate little whore. One day I'll fuck the shit out of him and he will love it because I'll always be his dirty little secret. When I hit puberty. It turned him on even more. He always use to give me money or lollies to look at my pussy or touch it or lick it. I let him shave my vagina... My mom doesn't have a clue which makes it even more exciting.


Submitted: Fri, 05 Aug 2011 08:25:37 GMT

Lately my wife has been shoving my head down to give her oral sex. It's been going on for a few months now. We start kissing and caressing then she lightly pushes my head slowly to her breasts for kisses then roughly shoved my head to her pussy.

Onetime we were in the living room and were heading to bed, we started kissing, she took her pants and panties off then pushed me down to my knees and commanded me to suck her pussy. I started licking and she smacked the back of my head and yelled suck me not lick me! So I started sucking and she was yelling harder! Then she grabs 2 hands full of hair and thrusts her hips while I suck her pussy until she sprays my face and quivers.

Another time we were at a casino til late. We got outside in the parking lot by our car, she stripped me naked then took off her pants and panties and made me suck her pussy between our car and another til she came on my face I could hear people in the parking lot while I was sucking but no one must have noticed. She made me masturbate and cum while she watched.

There are several more episodes like this but these are the most memorable. What is going on with her? I actually enjoy it but it is strange.


Submitted: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 14:18:03 GMT

I work as a personal assistant. One of my clients has an entire room in her house dedicated to sex - there is a sex swing, DOZENS of dildos and vibrators, that sort of thing. When I know she will be gone for long periods of time, I break into her room (she has no idea that I can crack her locks) and masturbate furiously with all her awesome equipment. I love thinking about how I could get caught at any moment with one of her vibrators shoved up my pussy; it makes me orgasm that much harder - and it makes me squirt!


Submitted: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 17:11:52 GMT

It all started when I was 10 years old. I was obsessed with gymnastics and had dreams of being an olympic champion and winning a gold medal. I was very good but unfortunately never acheived my goal. I lived in Coral Springs, Florida at the time, in a beautiful house with a live in nanny. My mother is a lawyer and my father is a stockbroker. I was very good at gynnastics at school and my mother finally found a gymnastics instructor and coach nearby. It was a small gym but well equipped and every day there were never more than 3 or 4 other girls in practice at the same time. One day a week during school days the instructions were done individually. During the summer months I would spend an entire day alone with the coach either on Monday or Wednesday. The coach was a young man but seemed to know everything about gymnastics. After only a few months I amazed myself as to how much I learned and improved and would show off to my psrents when I got home. The practice was rigorious and sometimes exausting but I loved it so much I never complained. Naturally there were days when I got hurt or pulled a muscle and had aches and pains. One day while doing ring exersises I fell awkwardly, landing on my side. The pain in my neck hip and leg was so intense I think it was the first time I actually cried after falling. The coach was very simpathetic and had me lay down in his office. There were three other girls there that day and they were gone when he came back in to see me. I was better but still sore. He told me to shower and told me he'd me he would apply hot ice after I showered. I didn't know what that was at the time and thought nothing of it. As I got out of the shower he was standing there with his back to me not looking at me. He just told me to put a towel around me and lay on the table, which I did. He rubbed my neck and upper back first with this jelly like sauve and even though it stung slightly it felt wonderful. He pulled the towel away and applied it to my hip and leg. I knew he could see my rear end but honestly thought little of it since most of my gymnastic outfits were skimpy and very reavealing anyhow. It did make me feel better and he just told me to get dressed and he left the room. That was the first time he did that but it began to happen more often as time went on. I knew he had done the same for some of the other girls but no one ever compained about it. When I had the one on one instuctions each week and was alone with him he would insist on giving me a massage after practice to "avoid muscle cramps" or "tone muscles". He would have me shower first, lay on the table with a towel around me and massage me with warm and sometimes very hot oil. Afterwards I would shower again before my nanny came for me. It was soothing and I did enjoy it and each time he did it more of me was exposed to him. It felt so good I didn't care and began to look forward to it. The times he didn't give me a massage I was actually dissapointed. Over a period of a year or so he had me so mesmerized when he did it I don't think I even knew how much I was exposed to him. He would adjust the towel and at times completely remove it. I think the fact that he saw me in my revealing outfits all the time and at times saw me and the other girls naked made me feel at ease when he did it. Gymnastics is a very intimate sport with the coach and at times he holds your body in different places that would otherwise be inappropriate. The massages became more intimate also as time went on and he began massaging my buttocks. I was slightly embarrassed the first time but never complained or objected to it since it felt so good and I completely trusted him. Over time we entered and won different competitions and I won many trophies. He continued walking in the locker room when me and the other girls were in there and would at times remind me and a couple of the other girs to make sure we shaved pubic hair so it wouldn't be seen while in our outfits. None of us ever seemed embarrassed by it and several girls told me he massaged them also. I never mentioned any of this to my parents and thought it part of the gymnastics program since it had been going on for so long. Almost every one on one training day I had, ended with a massage and I was more exposed each time but was not the least bit embarrased by it. Eventually I would be completely naked on the table and the towel was loosly placed in different spots at times. Sometimes over my breasts, buttocks or vagina but he constantly moved it and at times just had it over his shoulder. He always started at my neck and shoulders while I was face down and work his hands all thwy down to my ankles and feet. He would then have me turn over and put the towel over me covering my breasts down to my vagina. Again he stated at my neck and shoulders but soon would be rubbing my breasts, chest and stomach with the hot oil. When he got to my hips, he placed the towel back up near my breasts but never completly cover them. Most of the time I would close my eyes not wanting him to know I was aroused by it. I don't think I thought much of how much I was exposed and can't fully explain how good it felt. He would lift and bend my legs up and down and when he touched my inner thighs it sent chills up my spine and I could feel myself getting wet. I shaved my pubic hair completely and the oil alone felt good on me. The way he exercized and moved and spread my legs apart was humiliating the first few times he did it, but again, I never objected to it. He would rub oil on my vagina and inner thighs and even my anus but never tried to penetrate me. By this time I would be delerious and so aroused by it I didn't want him to end it. He would suddenly stop and tell me to get a shower and dress to go home. As soon as he walked out of the room I would masturbate and orgasm two or three times. I began mastubating at home and tried touching my body the way he did and tried to simulate the feelings I got from it. I never payed much attention to him when he gave me the massages but started to open my eyes enough to see if he was aroused also. Most of the time I couldn't tell if he was but many times I saw he had an erection. When I was younger I never thought about it but know now that he enjoyed it as much or more than I did. This went on almost every week until I was a sophmore in HS and joined a gymnastic team in Ft. Lauderdale. I tried out for olympic competition three times but was never successful. I'm in college now and freely admit I miss the coach and the gymnastics I loved so much. I still see him occassionally but we have never dicussed the massages and when we speak, it is only about the sport and he always complements me on how good I was. I still think about how he pleasured me and the liberties I let him take with me. I do know now it wasn't done strickly for my benefit and that he is probably still doing it to other girls. He at one time or another touched and saw every inch of my body. I never told anyone about it and oddly enough I am not ashamed that I let him do it to me. He must have done the same to other girls but never did any of them tell me about it or ask if it was done to me. Each one of the girls that were in my classes also had the private one on one instruction days. Many girls came and went over those years, some just quit and others just weren't built well enough or lacked the strength or ambition. I have a boyfriend that I have been going with for almost a year. We do have sex often but I still masturbate recalling how the coach stimulated me so much. About two months ago I got my boyfriend to start giving me hot oil massages. I have told him how to do it and now he does it almost exactly like the coach did. When he finishes the massage though I do get him to mastubate me which the coach never did. My boyfriend doesn't know this but most of the time, I close my eyes and pretend the coach is massaging me. My boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it I told him that so I won't.


Submitted: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:03:04 GMT

I was in my room reading a Hustler magazine and wanking. My older (by two years) sister walked in and saw what I was doing. "Oh! Don't stop, I want to watch you, it makes me so hot when I see your big prick!" I stopped, my cock still hard and throbbing and let her look at it. She put her hand around it, pulling my foreskin up and down, and grinning at me saying "Here, let me make you cum!" I swas a littlde surprised at my sis for doing this, but I let her go ahead. She kept pumping it up and down umtil I came and she said "I want you to fuck me, I'm so hot and wet, I need to cum!" She took off evedrything and got in bed with me, and I started licking her clit. Her pussy was wide open, and very wet. She was just about to cum and I got between her legs and pushed my cock in her hot pussy. Was that good! She wiggled and humped her butt, and said "OOOOO! You're making me cum, go faster!" I squirted a big load in her, and she came when I did. We stayced in bed all morning, becaue our parents had gone to work, and we had all the time in the world to experiment. We fucked twice, that morning, and she promised to come back tomorrow, after our parents left for work.


Submitted: Thu, 06 May 2010 21:51:57 GMT

When I was 16, I caught the next door neighbor nude sunbathing. She was very plump, but she turned me on. She must have heard me, so without even bothering tocover up, she told me to come around and talk to her. I did and she asked me how long was I there for, I said about 10 minutes. She laughed and told me to keep it a secret and she would let me do things to her. I promised and we went inside her house and she told me to strip, I did and she bent over and let me fuck her. It was great. We did this for 2 years until she moved away


Submitted: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 18:34:06 GMT

once when i had sex,it was doggystyle, somehow the girl kicked me in the nuts, when she was having an orgasm, it hurt really bad, but i came so hard....now when i masturbate, i hit myself in the balls as hard as i can as im cumming...


Submitted: Fri, 15 May 2009 17:07:00 GMT

I'm a junior in HS and don't remember when I started to enjoy having boys see me nude. I was raised by my grandmother and still live with her and even today, have very little supervision since she is quite ill most of the time. Her brother Arnie lives with us and he is a couple years older than my grandmother and is drunk most of the time. I knew he saw me naked many times but as I got older I noticed he would go out of his way to see me naked. His was the first penis I ever saw except for the two boys who live on the corner. Even though he is old I saw him masturbating sometimes. I could tell he was always looking at me and a few years ago I could tell that I got him excited. I think thats is when this all started. I would wear night shirts in front of him and sometimes without my panties on. I knew somtimes that I excited him and could tell just by the way he talked to me. It got worse because when he had a friends at the house I started to expose myself to them too. They were all older men and I would leave my bedroom door open lots of times so they could see me when they went to the bathroom. At night time they would mostly drink and play cards and sometimes I would sit and talk to all of them. The whole time I would be in my nightshirt without my panties. I opened my legs so they could see me and I would get wet sometimes knowing they could see my vagina. I might have only been 12 then but I remember that its when I first started to mastubate. I still expose myself to them somtimes, but not as much as when I was younger. I still let Arnie see me naked a couple times a week but I go out more often now and have found a different way of satisfying myself. I've been friends with Jeff and James since I was about 6 or 7. Jeff is almost a year older than me and James is a year younger. When we were really little sometimes we would show each other our bodies. I would let them see my vagina and they would let me see their penis. As we got older we didn't do it anymore up until about a year ago. I was at Jeff and James house on a Saturday afternoon when their parents were away. Jeff started talking about the times we would show each other our privates or undress for each other. The three of us laughed about it and I'm not sure why I mentioned it, but began telling them that I let Arnie and the old men he plays poker with see me naked sometimes. They couldn't beleive what I was telling them and began asking to see my breasts. I felt myself getting excited and after they kept begging me for a long time I did. I stood up in front of them and took off my blouse and bra. I might have been a little embarrassed but it also aroused me. I kept asking to see their penis and finally James showed me his first then Jeff showed me his. It was sort of like when we were younger but now more exciting. Jeff, James and I all got naked and looked at each others bodies for the the longest time. Both of them got hard which excited me even more since I knew I aroused them. We never touched each other that day but since then things have gotten a little out of hand. We get together at least twice a month now either at their house or my room after my grandmother goes to bed. We started out just getting naked and masturbating in front of each other. It progressed over time and now they both masterbate me and give me oral sex. The fact that they see me naked gets me excited but when they both touch and fondle me I go crazy and have many orgasms. I give oral sex to both of them and have masturbated them many times. As much as they want to have intercourse with me I don't want that to happen. I think they are more interested in satisfying me and they both please me at the same time. When the two of them are touching me at the same time I get so aroused I can't control myself. They take turns with me and James will be giving me oral sex as Jeff is kissing my breasts then they switch. The whole time I am holding one of their penis or mastubating them. Sometimes one will give me oral sex as I do the same to the other. Recently they finger not only my vagina but also my anus. I didn't like it at first but once I'm aroused and wet it adds to the pleasure. I have tasted their cum but most of the time don't swallow to much of it. Jeff usually tells me when he is ready to cum but James never does. Jeff has a larger penis but I think both are just average size. I know both of them want to fuck me but I won't let them. They do whatever I want and I always have a great time when we are together. I guess I am an exibitionist and sometimes I get them to pretend thy are doctors examining me. When at their house I lay on the table naked for them. Just watching them look at me gets me aroused and I won't let them be a doctor unless they are naked also. Both have an erection the whole time we do this but I never touch them. James is the one who asks me to do this most of the time but I know it excites both of them. They get me to bend my knees and open my legs as wide as I can. Sometimes I orgasm before they actually put their fingers in me and orgasm again when they do. They have even began to insert their fingers in my rectum and I have began to like that also. They know I am not a virgin and that I do have sex with my boyfriend and have promised me not to tell anyone what we do. If my boyfriend ever found what we do I'm sure he would break up with me. I have known Jeff and James so long we trust each other. I'm not sure what they think of me but since we started doing all this my sex life is fantastic. I can't tell anyone about it and could never tell my boyfriend. We have good sex also but when I'm with Jeff and James its a lot different. I still let Arnie and his poker friends see me naked but not as much as I used to.


Submitted: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 02:39:36 GMT

I once had sex with my won mother while she was unconscious because she passed out when she had too much alcohol.It felt great taking advantage of her and having rough sex with her.


Submitted: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 22:17:08 GMT

I've been wanting to fuck my sister for a long time so one day i was at her house with just her while her husband was at work. So i went in her room and went through her panties and took a leopard victoria secret panties,and three really hot thongs then put them in my pocket. later on i was looking in her pictures on her phone and found multiple kinky pictures of her bending over showing her ass. also pictures of her breast and pussy. ill send pictures if you leave your email in comments.


Submitted: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 17:51:43 GMT

I suppose it all started when I was about 11 or 12 or maybe even before that. My parents devoriced when I was about 3 and my dad got custody of me because my mom has a drug problem and I only saw her once in awhile growing up. I was 5 when my dad got married again and my stepmom's daughter Lauren was 3 at the time. Both my dad and stepmom worked in the same office building and never got home until about 6:30 each day. They were away on weekends often either for conferences or just to go away together. Lauren and I had so many different people watch us the first few years I don't even remember some of them today. Lauren and I were bathed together up until I was in first or second grade I think. Lauren and I saw each other naked on a daily basis but at the time little was thought about it. I guess I knew eventually that Lauren would stare at me penis sometimes but I never thought much about it and was never shy about either seeing her or her seeing me naked. Even as we got older it was common for us to see each other that way. We bathed ourselves after awhile and it wasn't uncommon for either of us to use the toilet as the other was taking a bath or taking a shower. We never did anything sexual but did make comments about each others bodies.

I'm pretty sure I was 11 when my parents hired Marcia. She was 16 at the time and lived in our development just down the road from our house. I thought she was older, mainly because she was so tall and was also a little heavy. She was very nice to us but really didn't watch us very good. She was more interested in watching TV or talking on the phone all the time. Even at that age I still went around the house in my underware most of the time and Lauren did also. Neither my dad or stepmom ever said anything about it and I assume it didn't bother them that we did. I guess I was so used to it that at first I didn't think much of Marcia seeing me that way. As time went on not only Marcia but most of my sister's friends would see me in my underware. Marcia would sometimes bring a girlfriend when she watched us and I still went around the same way. I always wore jockey shorts and began realizing some of the girls including Marcia would look down at my crotch. My penis isn't exceptionally big but I assume about average size and I did have a buldge in my jockey shorts.

I'm almost certain that was when I began getting erections and started masturbating. If Marcia, Lauren or one of their girlfriends looked at me with just my underware on I began to get erections most of the time. At first I would turn away or cover myself to hide it. After the first few times I puposely let them watch as I got hard and they seemed to look at me even more intently. After I knew they were looking at my penis I would go up to my room and masturbate. One night my stepmom saw me with an erection and told my dad about it. He gave me a lecture and told me not to go around the house in my underware anymore. I still did after that but only when both he and my stepmom were at work or away for the weekend. I don't think Marcia or Lauren knew he told me that.

Over the next year or so I managed to not only let Marcia and Lauren see me naked many times but almost all of there girlfriends saw me at one time or another. I still saw Lauren naked but very seldom as she got older. This didn't prevent me from exposing myself to her or her girlfriends though. A number of times she told me that some of her friends saw me naked but I always told her I didn't know they did. I don't think she really believed me but never told our parents about it. Both Marcia and Lauren saw me masturbating also and two of Laurens friends that I know of. I began going around the house in a bathrobe sometimes, especially when one or more of Marcia or Lauren's friends were here. I had nothing on under the robe and would leave it open or parcially open most of the time. Seldom did any of them say anything and I would always act as though I didn't know I was exposed. I don't know whether they taught I was just stupid or did know I was perposely exposing myself. By the time I was 15 we no longer had Marcia come to house but I continued exposing myself to Lauren and her girlfriends. I masurbated every day and would leave my bedroom door open enough for any of them to see in. Lauren didn't like me to see her naked by this time since she was developing and I knew she was having her periods. I would sneak a peek at her sometimes and did see her naked on occassion. She got mad if she found out but most of the time she didn't know.

Oddly enough she never got upset when she saw me naked or even when she saw me masturbating. She knew some of her girlfriends had seen me naked and even knew some watched me masturbate. I really don't think that many of them told her about it and a few of them I think liked seeing me naked or at least seeing my penis. Its obvious my dad and stepmom where never told about what I was doing. Not once was I ever confronted for doing it except the time my stepmom saw me get the erection years before. I'm sure Lauren or Marcia never told them because I know my dad would have said something to me if he knew.

I started college this fall and only go home about one weekend a month. Lauren still sees me naked when I'm home and if I'm lucky one or more of her girlfriends are there. My parents are home most of those weekends so I have to be especially careful when I expose myself. I've been able to have several girls at school see me naked and finally had sex for the first time in September. I have a girlfriend right now and we have sex a few times a week. I do like the sex and like looking at her body but it seems to arouse me more when I know she is looking at me. I especially like it when she watches me shower and she has been willing lately to masturbate me several times. Sometimes I just masturbate as she watches me and doubt that she realizes how much that alone arouses me. We give each other oral sex and the thrill of knowing she is looking at my penis so close makes me cum faster. I stay naked lots of times even after we have sex just so she can look at me. I don't want her to know I have become an exibitionist. I can never tell her how many girls have seen me naked or more so how many have watched me masturbate. By now Lauren knows I expose myself intentionally but still has never got mad at me for it. I think she might enjoy still seeing me naked and I don't even know how many times she saw me masturbating. She's almost 17 now so I'm sure she at least suspected it. Last month I was masturbating on my bed naked and knew she was at the doorway. Our parents were out and as soon as I ejackulated she just asked me if I was done yet and laughed. Then she told me that my dad called and to call him back. She went down stairs and I put on my bathrobe and followed her down to the kitchen. Her girlfriend Sally was sitting there so I made sure my bathrobe was open enough for her see my penis. As I was talking to my dad I glanced over at Lauren and she just smiled and shook her head. She knew I was exposing myself to Sally who had already seen me naked or masturbating a lot of times. I was on the phone only a few minutes and when I hung up neither of them said anything about my robe being open. I have to assume they didn't mind me exposing myself. Sally looked at my penis almost the whole time I was on the phone. I got a drink and went back to my room.

Later that afternoon was the first time in all those years that Lauren ever asked why I like to expose myself. I was honestly embarrassed that she asked me that and didn't know what to say. I just shrugged my shoulders at first then tried to explain how it stimulated me. She doesn't understand it and told me some of her girlfriends and her have talked about me doing it. I guess I just confessed to her that I couldn't help it and it has turned into an obsession or fetish. I even admitted some of the things I do at college and how I even like my girlfriend to watch me. I told her how I loved to have my girlfriend watch me shower and masturbate or have her masturbate me. Lauren laughed at a lot of things I told her but still didn't quite understand why I wasn't embarrassed or humiliated by it. She swore she wasn't mad at me and told me she saw me masturbating more times than I even knew she did. I also told her I peek in at her lots of times and enjoy seeing her naked. We are like brother and sister to a point and would never consider having any sex with each other. She actually told me she didn't mind if I wanted her or her friends to see me naked and said none of her friends had been mad about it when I did expose myself. She said some of them, that she knew saw me naked or masturbating, never said anthing about it. The ones that did were shocked sometimes but never really angry about it. That Sunday before I went back to my dorm at school I was going to take a shower. Our parents were at the store and I walked naked out of my room towards the bathroom. Lauren had just came up the stairs and jokingly asked if I wanted her to watch. I stopped dead in my tracks and and told her yes. She said she was only kidding but I kept asking her to watch me. She finally agreed to and I started to shower as she watched sitting on the toilet seat. I noticed that she was a little embarrased watching me or maybe embarrassed for me, which I wasn't. I soon got an erection and wanted to masturbate. Before I did I asked her if it was ok and she just shook her head yes. Even though she had seen me masturbate so many times over the years it was the first time she ever agreed to watch me. I jerked off as slow as possible but did cum in less than a minute. She just sat there the whole time and watched me finish my shower and we talked as I dried off. We smiled and even laghed about it and I asked to watch her take a shower but she just said "no way". I just hope she will be willing to watch me again in the future. Lauren is not like me at all and still can't believe how it excites me so much. She said it would completely humiliate her if a guy watched her shower and could never masturbate herself in front of anyone. She did say that she kind of enjoys watching me and that she isn't mad at how I am. I sometimes wish I didn't feel the way I do but I can't control my feelings about doing it. I never told any of my friends at college or even other friends at home what I do. As much as being seen naked doesn't embarrass me oddly enough it would be totally humiliating to admit to anyone that I am an exibitionist.


Submitted: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 18:19:11 GMT

This is very difficult for me to admit but out of stupidity, humiliation and shame, I accepted abuse from early childhood until I was almost 18 years old. My mother married Craig when I was a baby and the abuse by him started as early as I can remember. My mother had and still has mental health problems and has been on medication her entire life. I think I was 4 or 5 when we moved to Nevada and lived in a very rural area. The house was more like a shack and had only two bedrooms. We had little contact with my mothers family. She became like a zombie and took many drugs that made her incoherent and she would sleep for many hours even during the day. When I started school the bus ride was long and I was alone most of the time until Craig got home. My mother was usually sleeping or just sitting and watching tv not knowing I changed the channel for cartoons. The abuse had already started by that time and Craig would often smack or spank me. I was completely terrified of him and learned at an early age not to talk back to him for fear of being beaten. I would complain to my mother to no avail, allowing Craig to dominate my life. I had very few friends and the closest house to ours was almost a mile away. My best weekends were when Craig worked on a Saturday which wasn't often enough. He would spank me for stupid things like not putting my shoes or clothes away. He spanked me right in front of my mother a few times but would normally take me to the back porch. I had to take my clothes off and he always spanked me naked. I was so fearful of the whipping I would receive the fact that I was naked never entered my mind or embarrassed me. He would spank me so long and hard that the back of my legs and buttocks were black and blue for several days or longer. I was skinny and frail and he would lift me with one hand most of the time and throw me on the old sofa that was on the porch. I was only in first or second grade at that time and tried not to anger him. I had seen him and my mother naked many times and also saw them having sex. Most of the time my mother was unconscious or so controlled by the drugs that she couldn't have known I was watching. Craig never shut the bedromm door and I could see into their bedroom. He would also have sex with her on the living room sofa with me sitting across from them in the chair. Most of those times my mother was completely unconscious. Craig never said anything while he had intercouse with her but he obviousley knew I could see them, not understanding what they were doing. I don't remember if I ever said anything to my mother about it and it became a common occurrance. He would masturbate in front of me especially on weekends he was drinking a lot. If my mother was sleeping or took too many pill he would walk around the house naked. I do remember him giving my mother some pills to take and shortly afterwards would tell me to take my clothes off. I don't remember being embarrassed by it but if I refused or complained he would threaten me with a beating and sometimes spanked me anyhow just for hesitating. He would make me stand in front of him naked as he masturbated but at that time I didn't understand what masturbation was. I'm not even sure when it started but he would take me out on the back porch naked and make me lay down on the picnic table. He would put oil all over my body telling me it would protect my skin from the heat. He did this about once a week but sometimes more often. He did my back first then I would have to turn over where he would spread my legs open and rub the oil into my vagina and anus sometimes fingering me. If I complained the slightest he would spank me right away so I just tollerated it without saying a word. He always did this while my mother was sleeping or passed out and was always naked himself. I told her a few times that he did this but don't think she heard what I was saying and it never stopped. As time went on I had to do all the cleaning and wash all the clothes. The spankings continued as did the oil on my body. Once a week or more I saw Criag having sex with my mother and he continued to have me undress while he would masturbate. He found a reason to spank me at least 3 or 4 times a month and once spanked me because I forgot to wash his jeans. Even as I started to develop he always spanked me naked and still insisted on putting the oil all over me. He had less sex with my mother but most weekends I would have to strip in front of him before he masturbated. Then on a Saturday afternoon he ordered me to the porch and made me take off all my clothes. After I got on the table he began to put the oil on me. When I turned over he firsts rubbed it on my breasts then started to finger me. I was never affected like this before but soon became, what I know now, is arousel. He kept touching my nipples and was lighty rubbing my anus as he fingered me and I had my first orgasm. I don't even remember how old I was and it was one of the rare times I saw him smile at me. Within the next month or so he masturbated me a couple times a week. I believe because he had seen me naked so often I began to look forward to him putting the oil on me. The more I obeyed him the nicer he was with me. He still spanked me for minor things but the beatings were less severe than when I was younger. I still saw him having sex with my mother sometimes but not nearly as often. He was always giving my mother pills to take but I didn't think much about that. There was nothing in the back of our house and when he put the oil on me and masturbated me he was always naked also. He started by masturbating himself as he was doing it to me but soon had me masturbating him. As much as he satisfied me I maturbated myself sometimes. One night he opened my door as I was and for some reason I was embarrassed that he caught me. After that he made me masturbate myself while he watched me, mostly on the picnis table. As I did he would also masturbate as he rubbed my breasts. I had just started high school by this time and my mother didn't know anything about it. I never told her about it and just assumed it wouldn't matter anyhow. I didn't want him to but he insisted he shave my pubic hair. As many times as we masturbated each other we had never had intercouse or oral sex. For some reason he always found an excuse to spank me at least once a month and I still cried when he did because it always hurt so much. One Saturday he was drinking a lot of beer and made me get on the picnic table naked. We masturbated each other then I showered as I usually did and he made me shave my pubic hair as he watched me. When I got out of the shower he told me get back on the picnic table and that was the first time he gave me oral sex. When he first started I was aroused so fast I couldn't believe how good it felt. I'm not sure how many times I orgasmed but kept having them. Craig was naked also and afterwards made me suck his penis. He came in my mouth and I almost threw up when he did. He held my hair and forced himself into my throat which made me gag several times. He began discussing sex with me and began making me give him oral sex often. He did the same to me and kept telling me we would have intercouse soon. I don't even remember what I did but one night he got out the belt and made me come out on the porch for a spanking. He just sat there telling me to take off my clothes. I knew when he used the belt I was going to get a terrible beating. I started to cry and he asked me if I would rather blow him. I was so naive at the time I didn't understand that he was referring to oral sex and had to ask what he meant. I agreed to give him oral sex rather than recieve a beating from him. He took his shorts off and made me kneel in front of him and when he ejaculated he made me swallow his cum. From then on each time I gave him oral sex I had to swallow it. It digussted me that he made me do that but after awhile I got used to it. One night he called me to his room. My mother was passed out on the bed and he just said I want you to see this. He took her night gown and panties off then undressed himself. My mother was naked on the bed and he first fingered her and she did respond however so slightly and he just began having intercouse with her making me stand righ next to them watching. The next night is the first time I had intercouse with Craig and it was not a pleasant experience. It hurt more than I expected but there was very little blood. For the next three years I had sex with Craig a few times a week. We had intercouse, oral sex and masturbated eah other several times a week. He made up reasons to spank me but never used a belt anymore. My mother was always knocked out when this went on and I never told anyone about it. I don't know if I was to ashamed about it or didn't want to admit how dominated and fearful I was of Craig. I totally hated giving him oral sex but was afraid not to when he wanted it. If he was drinking he was very brutal with me sometimes and my throat would hurt the next day. I didn't like swallowing his cum and did get sick sometimes after I did. When he masturbated me or had intercouse with me, most of the time I enjoyed it. There were other times where he became rough with me and would force me into positions that were painful for me. That happened mostly when he was drunk and sometimes it would take forever for him to cum. Five months before my 18th birthday I noticed my mother hadn't woken up for the longest time. I tried to wake or just get a response from her but she was completely unconscious and not breathing well. I called 911 and it took almost half an hour for them to arrive. She had taken so many pills they couldn't revive her and took her to a hospital. She was unconcious for almost a week and I called my aunt Cass back in Ohio thinking my mother would die. She flew out the next day and hadn't seen my mother in over a year. I think because I saw my mother everyday I didn't relize how bad she really was. She only weighed slightly over a hundred pounds and her sister was shocked how bad she was. Within the next week my uncle Dave came and they insisted my mother go back to Ohio. Craig resisted them moving her at first but relented and I went back with them. Craig stayed in Nevada and my mother and I were supposed to move back after she was out of the hospital. My aunt Cass and uncle Dave never liked Craig and I think aunt Cass suspected he was mistreating me and my mother. She began asking me a lot of questions and I did tell her how Craig would make her take pills all the time but never told her what went on with me. I did tell her he spanked me sometimes but was to ashamed to tell her about all the other things. Craig did come to Ohio a few weeks later but only stayed for a week. My mother was in the mental health hospital for several months after that and never went back to Craig. She is still a mess and still takes many differnt drugs for her condition. She has been like this as long as I can remember and doubt if she will ever recover. I finished high school and got my degree last year from college. I have my own apartment now and my mother still lives with my aunt Cass. I see her a few times a week but sometimes she don't even know I am there. She never devorced Craig and no one has heard from him for over two years. I'm a teacher now and two weeks ago reported a case of child abuse. A 5th grade girl confided in me that she was being sexually abused by her uncle. If I had only had the courage to do that when I was her age I wouldn't have the remorse I do still have today. What I let Craig get away with is inecusable. especially as a teenager and moreso when I was 17, I should have had the sense to tell someone. I'm still shamful of it but do know how intimadated I was by Craig. I feared him so much I did whatever I was told even as I got older. He not only sexually abused me but I also suffered beatings and rough sex at his hands. I probably should have had therapy over it but was always to humiliated to tell anyone what I went through. Its impossible to explain but he had me so trained that I was sexually satisfied by him often and also brutalized by him. Some things he did to me I liked at the time but he took complete advantage of me whenever he wanted to. Noone could understand this unless they went through it. I suppose thats another reason I never told anyone. I don't have nightmares anymore but still think about it often enough. I was always afaird I could end up like my mother, dependent on drugs all the time. I have had sex with with two differnt men over the last few years and presently have a good relationship. I am determined not to let it disrupt my life and know I was completely manipulated by Craig.


Submitted: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:07:58 GMT

(this is a true story) i had wanted to have sex with my mother since i was 13. i would jack-off thinking of her two,three times a day. then a few years later when i was 18 i walked in on her f++++++ her best friends husband. I'll never forget the sight of her lying with her legs spread wide open and him pumping her. i let out a "AHEM" and he jumped up and ran out. she sat up on the bed and said "I'm sorry,I don't know what to say. " don't say nothing" i replied "let me finish what he was doing" then i unzipped and flipped out my dick. she looked at it and then she looked in my face "I'm serious" i said and walked over and stood with my dick pointing a few inches from her face "you know this is wrong" she said and laid back on the bed. i got down on my knees,spread her thighs and started eating her, she was wet and hot...that night i f+++++ her 3 times.and since then we do it whenever we get a chance...I'm 25 now..it's the best sex i ever had.


Submitted: Thu, 27 May 2010 10:01:27 GMT

when me and my boyfriend had our first kiss, we started feeling like it wasnt enough.so we went into this abandoned house and started kissing longer..ths went on for a few weeks..then one time while we were kissing, i could feel myself falling back in the floor..i tried to stop myself, but the next thing i knew, he was on top of me..we continued kissing, then i felt his hand playing with the zipper of my jacket trying to take it off, i helped him do it, thinking it was hot anyway..so when it was off, we just continued kissing, i started using my tongue, he was so turned on that i could feel his thing getting really hard..i just smiled and kept kissing him..i got tired so i pulled away, then he started kissing my neck..God, that got me sooo turned on. i started feeling his hand going up my shirt, i wanted to stop him but i felt so good..he started playing with my boobs.then i could feel his other hand going up my skirt..he started to massage my pussy..i pulled his head up so i could kiss him..i was shocked when we started getting really hot., he pulled my panties down and started fingering..i was moaning so bad..i started playing with his dick, i unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob..then he opened all the buttons of my shirt and unlocked my bra, he started licking and sucking mu boobs..it felt so good.then he suddenly stood me up and pushed me against the wall, then he pulled one of my legs up and started fingering me again while kissing my neck..then he kneeled and started eating me..then it started to get dark so we had to leave, but damn.that was a great day.


Submitted: Mon, 23 May 2011 16:45:48 GMT

I am 22 and have a boyfriend, 26, who is amazing in bed. He can be both gentle, passionate but also senses it when I have the need to be fucked like slut and gives it to me that way. The other day we spent the whole night and day with him fucking me roughly. He has a long and thick dick and loves seeing me suck it.

a few months ago, however, I slept with his cousin Chris who is 28. We were drunk and ended up in bed together. We had sex the whole night long and he made me cum a couple of times while doing me in the ass. I still get wet remembering how my asscheeks used to wobble up and down while he pounded my sore butt spanking me hard and loudly. He would cum into my ass every time. In the morning we fucked again and again he took his cock out of my pussy and slid it up my ass.

As much as I enjoyed it I was very embarrassed and decided to pretend nothing happened. And I did for several months. One thing I didn't tell you, however, is that my boyfriend has this fantasy and I promised long ago that I would go along with it. He has told me many times that he would love us to have a threesome l share me with one or even a couple other men. And today he asked me if I wanted to do it with Chris. Even the mentioning of his name makes me wet. After thinking about it I said ok and tonight we are doing it. I am both scared and very turned on anticipating to be fucked by those two studs...


Submitted: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 09:07:57 GMT

When I was in first grade i hooked up with one of my babysitters... she was 17, black, and beautiful... We got into oral and tried to have sex but it didn't work so well. Shortly afterwards my first "girlfriend" was the babysitter's niece who lived in my apartment building and was a year younger than me, we went all the way.


Submitted: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 00:32:50 GMT

My wife and I have a sauna room in the basement. An old friend came over one afternoon and asked if he could use the sauna as he had pulled a muscle, and thought the steam would help.

My sexy little wife was busily getting undressed after our friend went into the sauna. I asked her "Why are you naked, what did you have in mind?" "Oh, I thought I would go in and show him my cute titties!" she replied "Why don't you give him a look at your cute little pussy, too? He would really like that!" I said, with a grin.She grinned back at me and said "I just might do that!" "Hc's going to want to fuck you, you know!" I told her. "Would you care?

I remember you told me you would like to see me in bed with another guy...besides, Donna told me he has the biggest cock in town, and I would love to see for myself!"she answered.

"Well, if it does happen I want to watch...OK?"

With that, she wrapped a towel around her and walked into the sauna.

About an hour later, She came out of the bedroom, naked, looking all pink with tousled hair, and she told me what had happened.

"I went in with my towel around me and he was sitting on the bench in his jockey shorts. I sat down on the bench next to him and let my towel slip a little so he could see my nipples. I looked down at his shorts, and the head of his cock was showing above his waistband. He was beginning to get hard, and I wanted to see all of it, so I opened my towel and his cock sud denly leaped out of his shorts. "Now you've seen my titties, look at this!" I said as I spread my legs wide and showed him my juicy pussy.

He d idn't waste a minute, his big cockhead was going right in my pussy, so I laid back and let him stick it all the way in. It was huge! He had trouble slipping it in me, so I said "Let's go to the bedroom, it's too hot in here.!"

When we got in bed, I was wondering if you were watching, because I wanted to give you a great show. Anyway, He finally got his cock in me, and it was so big and hard, it almost hurt,but I took every inch , and started to cum...and, wow! did he cum! Felt like a fire hose inside me. But the more he fucked me, the better it felt, ecspecially when I was just about to cum for the 3rd time he started sucking my nipples, and you know how that affects me,,He finally pulled it out, but it was still hard and throbbing, so I played with it, then I got on top and let it slide up my pussy, and that was the best part! My titties were rubbing his face, and he startred kissing and sucking them, then I came again. I wish you had watched us, Why didn't you come in and see how he was screwing me?"

I said "I wanted you to fuck him, so we can have a threesome, so go in and do him again, then I'll join you!"

She eagerly went back to the bedroom, and told him what was tgo happen. When I walked in, he was between her spread legs pumping away, and she looked like she was enjoying every bit of it. We finally had our threesome, taking turns screwing her, sucking her nipples and making her cum, many times. We asked our friend to spend the night, which he did, and no one got much sleep!!


Submitted: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:33:31 GMT

I was sixteen and i was masterbathing. I thought i was home alone suddenly my older sister walks in. I was shocked she stared for a while and walked away. That night when everybody was asleep she came into my room. She took off my pants and gave me a blowjob. To be honest i enjoyed it.


Submitted: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 19:09:10 GMT

My friends uncle died in 2007 and left him a cabin along the Appalachain Mountains in PA. He decided to sell it and I bought it from him in 2008. It was fully furnished and my friend took many of the things from the cabin and in the attic. His uncle had a complete library of video tapes, some he purchased but most of them he taped from HBO and other cable stations. My friend took many of them, mostly of classic movies but left behind more than a hundred of them. For a long time I didn't bother with them but did watch a few that I had never seen before. The ones he taped himself had hand written names on them and some were just blank. I was alone one weekend and put in one of the unmarked tapes and the first image I saw was my friends mother taking a shower in the cabin bathroom. I knew his entire family and this particular tape of his mother must have been taken many years ago when she was much younger than now. The more I watched the more came on of not only his sisters but cousins and other friends of his family all female. There were also tapes of other girls and women who I still don't know who they are. I then rummaged through the other tapes he had and found 13 more of them, some that had to be taken 15 or 20 years ago and others as recent as 2006. They were all taken in the bathroom and the rear back bedroom. As I went through them some were taped in the outside shower which is only turned on in the summer months. There were many differnt camera angles and I suspect he must have had two lenses in the bathroom and rear bedroom but only one in the outdoor shower. My friends mother and sisters were in them very often and I began watching them more and more. My friends uncle was married to his mothers oldest sister who had died years before he did. I guess I'm just as bad as his uncle now because I watch these tapes every chance I get and keep them hidden away. My friend did take a lot of camera equipment before I bought the cabin but I'm just glad he doesn't know what his uncle used it for. My friend mentioned one time how expensive the equipment must have been. I can see where he had the lenses at one time but he must have taken everything out when he got ill before he died. There are tapes of my friends parents having sex and also some of his aunts and uncles having sex in the back room. Other couples also but I don't know who they are. I have seen all his sisters and cousins naked, some of his sisters girlfriends and other girls I have never met. His uncle had been taping them for many years and got away with it. No way can I tell my friend about them or let him see them. I haven't even told my girlfriend about them and only watch them when I am alone. These tapes would be so humiliating to any of them, I can never tell anyone about them. Many show them using the toilet or putting on pads or using tampons for their periods. 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Submitted: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 16:46:40 GMT

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Submitted: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 19:23:06 GMT

I woke up that moring feeling all hot and horny. I decided to make a good day of it, so I called two of my men friends and invited them to spend the afternoon with me.

They arrived at almost the same time, and asked me if I really wanted to take on 2 guys and I told them yes, I think I can handle both of you!

I started out by getting completely naked and doing a little sexy dance while they were sitting on the bed with their throbbing cocks looking so inviting. I laid down on the bed and the first one started eating me, while the other guy sucked my titties and let me play with his big, hard cock. I told the one eating me I wanted him first, because his cock was smaller than the guy sucking my nipples,so that when he finished fucking me my pussy would be nice and juicy and wide open so the guy with the huge cock would have no trouble getting it in.That's he way it happened. He slipped his cock in me all the way and started screwing me, and it felt so good I came twice while his cock was going in and out. I could feel his prick expanding as he came a huge stream inside me, and I told the other one to stick it in me, and let me feel that huge thing go all the way inside me. He spread my legs a little wider and began rubbing his cockhead against my wet pussy. I knew I was in for a good time as the head went right in, making me wiggle and squirm with pleasure. While he was pushing his cock in me I started playing with the other one, pulling the foreskin up and down, getting him hard, ready to fuck me after "Mr Big" shot his sperm in me. Wow! and did he cum! I thought my pussy was going to explode he came so much. But it felt so good I couldn't stop, I hunched even faster, having my second orgasm. The first one was great, but this one made my toes curl and my eyes water as his cock got even bigger plunging and throbbing inside me. He never got very soft and kept fucking me while the other guy was sticking his fingers in my ass, playing with his cock, and getting ready to get in me again.

I got on my hands and knees and the first man stuck it in me, doggy style. I started sucking the big cock, getting just the head of that huge thing in my mouth and rolling my tongue around his ridge, wondering if he had enough jizz left to cum again. As my first lover was busy ramming his hard cock in me from behind, that giant cock started filling my mouth and dribbling out. I was about to cum for the third time, the phone rang, and it was my husband who was away on a business trip. As he was telling me about his new client, both my fuck buddies were playing with me, and I was massaging both of their cocks, one in each hand. I had to tell my husband good bye, as "Mr Big" was spreading my legs and pushing his cock in me, again.

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Submitted: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 08:02:17 GMT

My moms boyfriend is a hunk. He moved in with us about 7 months ago. My mom knows I saw him naked one time but has no idea how many times he has exposed himself to me and my sister. He works night work and my mom works daytime. He always sleeps naked and never has the bedroom door closed. We actually like looking at him but I think he knows we do. If my moms not home he is always in a robe but never closes it all the way. We see his penis almost everyday and when he comes out of the bathroom he is always naked. He keeps trying to see me and my sister naked all the time and has walked in on me twice so far when I was undressed. He has seen my sister naked three times but me only twice. We didn't tell my mom yet but he keeps doing it when she isn't home. Last week I saw him maturbating in his room. I shouldn't have watched him but I did and just stood looking at him for about five minutes and saw him cum. I know he did it knowing I was watching him and am sure he knew I was at the doorway. My mom likes him a lot and my sister and I know they have sex very often and can hear them most of the time. We never told her yet about seeing him naked all the time but suppose we should. He even pretends he is sleeping naked on the sofa sometimes and some of our girfriends have seen him. When he does that he always apoligizes and says he was drunk. We know he is lying about it and probably likes it when we see him naked like that. Sometimes his penis is hard and we know he really isn't asleep. He even has his robe open sometimes when my mom is home but only when my mom is upstairs or in another room. We both like seeing his penis so we havn't told my mom about it. He never tries to touch us but is always looking at my breasts and my siters breasts. He always asks my sister or me towake him up at different times and when we go in his room to wake him he is always naked. Sometimes I can tell he isn't really asleep. Most of the time he is flat on his back but sometimes I can see his anus and scrotum by the way he is laying on his side or stomach. Sometimes he even has an erection when I go in and my sister says the same. I knoe my mom likes him a lot but she doesn't know he is doing this all the time.


Submitted: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 12:52:08 GMT

When I was 7 and my cuz was 5 she used to love to play boyfriend and girlfriend with me. Following that was a game she called stone staue where one person lays spread eagle in the floor. Once when we were about 10 & 8 she took off my pants and started giving me a hand job that after a while turned into a blowjob. Then I would strip her down and finger her little pink pussy. It when on like this for a while. At about the ages of14 &12 we started to take it further and at this time she started to grow a liitle hair and her tits were growing with nice soft pink ones. She loved it every time my throbbing cock went up her tight pussy and I would cum all over her body. She would cum too and give me the best blowjob. A year later our parents started to get suspicious and snooped around but we wouldn't do it then and for the next 2 years. Finaly at the age of 16 & 14 we did it again and it felt so good. And her body was so hot that its a wonder I could control myself. Well now I'm 21 and out of he house she's 19 and renting from our grandparents where I started when I moved out. She come around to my apartment every 3 weeks and we still have sex. She's so beuatiful now, that's she is had to resist.


Submitted: Sat, 28 Aug 2010 08:15:03 GMT

So I admit I have been pretty much obsessed with sex from the age of like 8. Started watching porn (and im into the hardcore/extreme porn) and I really have some things id like to try that are a bit out there. I have had sex many times but only with 4 guys....And lately have just been horny as fuck. Im 19 and had the best sex ever with a 52 yr old.


Submitted: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 03:09:58 GMT

My boyfriend and I roleplay as brother/sister alot. I also have sex dreams about my brother every now and then, and when I was younger, my cousins and I fooled around about. When I was 15 my female cousin and her girlfriend were touching my legs really sexually and wanted everybody to think we were lesbians.


Submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 22:55:44 GMT

Many years ago my younger sister came in my room because she was scared. It was late and she didn't want to wake our parents. She got in bed with me and snuggled real close. I was on my side and she snuggled to my back. She put her arm over me, around my shoulder, but I was taller and her arm just slid down to my waist. I went to sleep but woke up with an erection and my sisters hand on the top of my pajamas was holding my dick in her hand. I don't know how long I had been asleep and how long she had been playing with me, or if I got the erection on my own and she discovered it. I rolled over to face her, with her still holding on to my dick. I looked at her face and her eyes were wide open. I reached over and slid my hand down her stomach and into her pajamas and started playing with her. She sort of half closed her eyes and sighed. I pulled my hand up and opened her top. Her breasts were just budding. I began sucking on them and she gripped me tighter. I rolled over on top of her and slid her pajamas and my own off. I put my balls next to her vagina and my dick on her stomach. We began grinding against each other and we kissed a few times. We did that for a deliciously short time and then I came all over her stomach but kept grinding against her cause it felt so good and I don't think either one of us wanted to stop. I kept kissing and sucking her tittys and she turned her head to one side and closed her eyes smiling. I got hard again and rolled her on her stomach. I put my dick on her ass and began rubbing again. She liked it or played along and kept pushing her butt into me. Her butt was so small and tight there was no way I would ever fit inside her. I just put my dick between her butt cheeks and rubbed till I came on her back. She rolled back on her back and said, "Now I'm all sticky". I rolled off her and we laid on our sides facing each other. The house seemed SO QUITE! We kissed some more and she handled my dick more. She kept pulling on me and I came again in her hand. I can still smell her hair. She wiped her hand on my sheets and we laid there looking at each other for a long time, touching each other and exploring each others bodies. I even reached around and tried to stick my finger in her butt and she didn't protest, but it was to tight, so I just rubbed on the outside. She said "I better go", then she picked up her pajama bottoms and walked out of my room. I hate to think what our parents would have said if they saw her come out of my room half naked. It was weird for a while after that. I kept hoping she would come back into my room some night but she never did. I guess it was for the best, I would hate to think what life would be like if she got pregnant. I still fantasize about her sometimes when having sex with my wife. Neither of us have ever brought it up and just chalked it off to one of those stupid things you do while growing up.


Submitted: Sat, 09 Apr 2011 20:58:38 GMT

I invited A*** over for an afternoon swim, as my husband told me he would be working late (I knew he had plans to go over to his secretaries's apartment and fuck her)A*** got here right away, and we got in the pool, I was wearing an old bikini, and the catch in back would come open, sometimes. And it did! My bikini top just floated away and he was ogling my bare titsjust like I had planned. I said "Like the view?" He swam over and began fondling my titties and sucking the nipples! I said "Let's go inside, I have a big waterbed!"

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pumping it in me!

Nest day he did bring his tall,good-looking nephew with him,and I have to say that two guys are twice as good as one!


Submitted: Thu, 26 May 2011 08:22:28 GMT

i had a sleep over with a couple of friends we were drinking and having fun. My best friend's girlfriend was passed the fuck out on the couch. she has these nice ass tits so while she was sleeping i titty fucked the shit out of her. I even shoved my cock in her mouth for a few minutes. I was afraid i was gonna get caught, everybody was in the living room so i didn't have much time to do much but man I'll never forget that day. I just feel bad it was my best friend girlfriend...yeah what kind of friend am I.


Submitted: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 21:24:17 GMT

when i was taking a bath at 8 my dad came in to check on me and saw me playing in the tub. he started touching himself and he came over to me. he rubbed my pussy, it felt good so i grabbed his dick and sucked it. i remember when he released his precum in my mouth. i drunk it and his dick was rock hard. he took off his clothes and licked my pussy. he kept telling me how tight my pussy was. then he sat me on his lap and stuck his dick in me. it hurted at first then i started riding it slowly. he got faster and faster and i started to bleed. he was smiling and ate me out. he shoved his hard cock in me and cummed. aww it felt soo good. we still fuck today and 13 and havent hit puberty yet so he still love it!!!!!!!!


Submitted: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 14:43:28 GMT

So recently i found a way to get the girls i want. I have an obsession with teenage girls. Any age, as long as they are developing and have sexy, tight bodies.

By accident i was walking home after being out and i was passing a party. It was big, lot's of people inside and out. A drunk teen yelled hi and said come in and have a drink. I was surprised given i am 30 years old, but why not. I went in and found the beers. Most of the people were clearly teens, probably between 16 and 18.

I wandered around and enjoyed my drink and the view of all the sexy girls in tight dresses and skirts. I headed upstairs and found a girl passed out in the bathroom. She was out lying on the floor. I guessed she was 16 or 17 years old.

I don't know why but i did. I checked and no one was watching so i entered the bathroom and closed the door. I spent 3 or 4 minutes trying wake her, but she didn't wake, she only stirred for about 20 seconds and was out again. I picked her up off the floor and lay her on her back, her legs over the edge of the vanity, and her back down into the sink.

She was super fine, nice growing tits, nice flat tummy, tight hips and ass and a beautiful round face. She had a knee length skirt on and a tight shirt. I lifted her skirt around her waist and slowly pulled her sexy blue panties down and dropped them on the floor.

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I left, and no one seemed to notice or say anything. Since this happened i go round and find parties on the weekends that seem to be for young teens and i just join in. Most of them don't even care i have managed to get lucky 4 more times so far. I love just getting in there, fucking these beautiful young teens, blowing inside them and leaving. I have not been lucky at all parties, most you don't find the girls, but when you do...


Submitted: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 10:33:25 GMT

Am a 20 years old Indian boy. I live with my aunt (wife of my father's elder brother) for my studies and my uncle lives in a different city. Me and my aunt we started having sex 5 years back then I was 15 and she was 38. It was consensual and in fact she invited me to sleep with her touch her body. She is really a beautiful woman in her early 40 and I fell she is sex starved. She asks for every night. Earlier I used to have sex in a sensual manner. But now am getting aggressive in bed with her and she is becoming more submissive. I even forced her for anal sex and agreed for it. We still do it and I know it is very painful for her and there are tears in her eyes each time we have anal sex, but I love going rough on her. I bite her, slap and spank her. She told me she loves the way I treat her. I thought ending this relation but honestly I love having sex with her.


Submitted: Thu, 07 Jan 2016 03:36:21 GMT

My cousin once caught me naked walking from the bathroom to my room. I was 14 when it happed and embarrassed like hell. Did know he was in our house and ran into him face to face in the hall and thank God my parents never found out. We were both shocked but that did stop him from looking. Ran to my room to get dress and later came out. It was a very awkward evening trying to keep myself from blushing sitting with my parents and cousin having supper. All that was running through my mind was "God he saw me naked" The whole night I avoided looking at him, but he didn't seem to be as embarrassed as I was. I guess being two years older than me, he dealt with it with a naughty smile. Neither of us spoke about it till one day he asked me if he had been the first time a boy saw her naked. I almost died when he said that and felt so stupid asking him if he had closed had eyes. I almost melted into my shoes when he said he saw everything. I confess I had had wet dreams about getting caught naked, plenty of wet dreams and waking up all hot a bothered. So worked up that I have to admit fingering myself off almost every day. I was at that age of being to young to have sex, but horny enough to do it if a boy asked me. The truth was I was horny all the time and tiered of masturbating and excited about my cousin inviting me to the movies to be alone with me. I remember him asking me if I wanted to fool around and guess I gave it away when I said yes to quickly. It was obvious we were sitting in the back rows of the movie house for a reason, because he gave me my first tongue kiss with his hand up my skirt and guiding mine on his dick. The next day we went bike riding together and ended up hiding off the trail. I remember him pulling up my t shirt and bra up to my neck and how good his tongue felt liking my nipples while easing my sweats and panties down to my ankles. I was so damn horny and wet I could feel his finger slide up the length of my pussy and went crazy when knelt down and began sucking it. Well it shore beat fingering myself and could get enough of it. I remember it was the first time I sucked a boy's dick and I guess didn't do it to bad. So hard and big it hardly fit in my mouths, but hot and horny enough to suck it till he pushed me away and began shutting what makes babies all over the ground. I don't know if we sinned that day, but couldn't wait to do it all over again.


Submitted: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 16:31:53 GMT

My wife and I were invited to a friend's house for dinner. I've a;ways har a yen to see her get fufked by another guy, and I told her about it, which excited her.She said she would like to try to seduce our host, and let me watch. After dinner we went to his basement where he has a saunaroom,massage table and hot tub, big enough for 4 adults.He suggested we have a soak in the tub while he spent some time in the sauna. We stripped, got in the tub and played around a bit. After awhile we got out, dried off and I started getting dressed. My wife remained naked. "What are you doing, I thought you were getting your clothes on?" Iasked " she said "Oh, I thought I would go in the sauna and show him my nice, firm titties. I think he would enjoy seeing them!" I replied "Why don't you show him your nice, smooth pussy..he would like that even better!" She replied with a grin "I just might do that!"

"He's going to want to fuck you, you know!" I said."Would you care?" she answered. "Not if you let me watch!" I said

She walked into the sauna bare naked and sat down in front of him. "How do you like the view?" she asked him. "OGOD! I've been wanting to see you naked for years! Your breasts are beautiful and so is everything else!" "Well, what do you think of this?" she asked, spreading her legs, showing him her moist slit. "It gives me such a hard-on whhen I can see your split pussy...open it a little wider, please!"

She took two fingers and spread her pussy lips giving him a great view of her clit and the pink, juicy folds inside.

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We return to his place at least twice a month for the best of foreplay and glorious sex!!


Submitted: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 18:49:59 GMT

This isn't really a confession but actually a true prank my cousin did to me on my 20th birthday. I work part time at a small deli and close up every Wednesday and Friday night and am alone from 7 pm until I close at 9. It was my bithday that Wednesday night when a very attractive woman came in just as I was ready to close. All she wanted was bread and milk so I let her come in. As I went behind the counter a big tall guy came in wearing a ski mask with a shot gun. He ordered me to close up and turn off the lights then force me and the woman into the back room. I was scared to death and the woman was actually crying and begging him to let us go. He first made the woman tie my hands in back of me then tied my hands to the rear door knob and blindfolded me. All I could hear was this woman sobbing and pleading with him not to tie her up. I heard him go back in the deli and open the register. He was gone a few minutes and when he came back into the room he told the women he was going to untie her but if she didn't do as she was told he would shoot her. He then told her to undress me and she started begging him not to make her do that until he threatened her again. She took off my shoes then pulled off my pants and underware. My hands were in back of me tied tightly to the door knob and the guy gave her scissors to cut off my shirt. I just stood there naked except for my socks and he told her to cut off my pubic hair. She once again pleaded with him but he demanded she do it. I was so embarrassed I was almost in tears but didn't want to show my fear. He even made her cut the pubic hair on my testicles and then ordered her to take off her clothes. I could hear that she was undressing and he just kept telling her to go faster and made remarks to her about her body. He made her come over to me and hug me naked and made her hold my penis. 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My dad knows about it but thankfully my mom don't. This happened last January and we still talk and laugh about it. The only one who doesn't appreciate it is my girlfriend and she is still mad at Mark. She was mad at me for awhile just because she knew I came twice when the prostitue gave me oral sex. I just told her I couldn't help it but honestly believe she gives me oral sex sometimes just to get my reaction. She only gave me oral sex once before that night but since then does it more often. All my friends pull pranks and play jokes on each other a lot but since Mark had that done to me nobody has come close to anything even remotely close to that. When I think about it sometimes I really was afraid of what would happen and the way the prostitute was dressed when she came in I thought she was just a mom or even a school teacher. She wasn't just a prostitute but a good actress and I thought most of the time she really was crying and it sounded like she was really fearful. I won't tell my girl this but that woman gave me the best blow job I ever had. I guess she had a lot of experience. I just hope I can think up something to get even with Mark. He did after much questioning admit he paid the prostitute $350 which I know he really couldn't afford. He still says it was worth every cent and is known as the king of pranks.


Submitted: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 07:20:07 GMT

I'm 31, and most people think I'm maybe 22 or 23, because I look that age. Been married 7 years to this under-sexed guy wwho screws me about once a month, if he feels like it.

When we do have sex, he sticks it in me, pumps about a dozen times, cums, then rolls over and snores. You know the story. The only satisfaction I get is masturbating with this rubber dildo,

I was shopping at the market last week, and this "bag boy" helped me load the groceries in my car. He was about 20, or so and very good looking, and as he was loading the stuff, I accidently brushed his arm with my tit. Then, I did it again. "Sorry, these things are so big, they keep getting in the way!" I said. We chatted for a few minutes, and I told him I have a salt-water swimming pool,and any time he feels like it, to call me and come over for a salty swim.

I gave him my phone number, and the next day, he called,

and I told him to come right over.

I put on the sexiest, smallest bikini I could find, and met him at the door. He had his Speedo swim suit nder his clothes and when he came out to the pool his bulge was huge.

We splashed and swam together until I could stand it no longer, then I said "This bikini top is too tight, would you mind if I took it off?" without waiting for an answer, I took the top off, showing him my cherry tipped titties. He waded over to me, startting to fondle and kiss my breasts

while I rubbed the bulge in his Speedos. I said "Let's go inside and have some fun!" We broke the world's record getting out of the pool and into the bedroom where I stripped the bikini bottoms off, watching him take off his suit, and admiring his big, throbbing cock.

I spread out on the bed, letting him see my moist, open pussy,and my big firm tits. He got on his ddknees and started eating me, rolling his tongue around my clit, driving me wild. Spreading my pussylips open he started pushing that giant cock inside me,going in all the way. It felt so good, and I was so hot and wet, that he made me cum in just a few minutes. He kept fucking me until his cock exploded in a gusher of sperm, but he didn't get soft! He kept pumping it into me, squirting more and more warm, slippery cum until I felt like I was going to pass out! I hav en't had so much in me since I screwed two guys when I was in college.

All afternoon long we kept it up. Doggy, spoon, missionary, every position we could think of, and since my husband was due home from work, I told him he'd better leave, but to call me in a couple of days as my hubby was going out of town on business. Hce grinned at that, said he would, kissed both my nipples and my mouth, and left a very satisfied lady!

He did return in three days, when my husband left on his trip, but that will be another story. Nikki


Submitted: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:13:26 GMT

An old friend asked if he could stay with us while his apartment was being re-done, and we agreed. We gave him our spare bedroom, and my wife was excited about having a guest.

I had gone to work and left the two of them alone, knowing what would happen, because our male guest had been ogling my wife, and flirting with her. I have this fantasy about seeing her, naked in bed with another guy, and this seemed like a good chance for it to happen.

I left work early and arriving home, I heard noises from the spare bedroom. I quietly peeked in, and saw them, both naked, in bed. He was on top, his big prick sliding in and out of her pussy, and he was sucking her left nipple. I watched until they both came, then I went into the living room, my cock hard as a stone. I had finally watched her getting fucked and it was very exciting.

She came out of the bedroom, still naked, and was surpised to see me home so early. I asked her what she had been doing, and why she was nude. She stammered a little and finally confessed that she and Carl had been having sex. I said "Great! Now go back in and fuck him again so I can watch!" She said "You're not mad at me?" "No! I want to see how he does it to you..just tell him I'm home and everything's OK." sdhe went back in the bedroom and I could hear her explaining what I said I walked in just as she was getting on top of him, guiding his hard cock into her juicy pussy., rubbing her tits in his face. His cock was big around and about 8 inches long, and it stretched her glistenening pussy lips out. She looked back at me, smiled and said "Like this? He's making me cum again....OOOOO! There it is!" She ground her pussy harder and I could see the juice oozing out getween her pussy lips while his cock was going in and out. As she started to cum, again, she wiggled her butt up and down faster, and suddenly,his prick slipped out , shooting a giant stream of thick cum all over the bed! she reached down and put it back in her pink hole and kept pumping up and down, saying "OH! don;t stop! I'm gonna cum, again!"She was obviously enjoying having his big prick inside her, so I continued to watch.After he had finished fucking her, it was my turn, and I put her on her back, spread open her wet pussy and added my sperm to his. Her pussy was so full it was leaking. I got a tisue and cleaned most of it out, and she said "How did you like our show? Did you like watching him suck my titties, then stick his big cock in me?" I said "Yes, I think I'll ask him to sleep with us tonight, so he can fuck you again!"


Submitted: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 05:07:25 GMT

My girlfriend, Ginger and I were having dinner at this friend's place, and it started snowing like mad. He suggested we spend the night there, as the roads were becoming impossible. We agreed, and after dinner we had a few drinks and she and I went to sleep in the guest bedroom.

After some good, hot sex she said "I hear he has a big cock, and I wonder if it's true. His ex told me about it, and I am curious." I said "Maybe you would like to see for yourself, eh? I wouldn't mind if you did, I think if you went in to his room, naked, and got in bed with him, you would get your answer!" She grinned and said "you wouldn't care? I think I'd like to do it!

She took off her borrowed pyjamas, and bare naked walked into his room. I stood behind the door, looking through the crack, I could see everything she did. She woke him up,he was a bit startled, but when he saw those gorgeous titties with the raspberry nipples and her little pussy with the tiny patch of red hair, he was awake!

I couldn't hear everything they said, but she pulled the covers down and saw his massive cock standing straight up, throbbing and twitching. She started stroking it while he sucked her nipples and played with her pussy. Suddenly, she was on her back with legs spread wide, and he was between them, ready to plunge his prick inside her. It didn't take long befrore he was deep inside, grinding away, making her thrash around and mosn, saying OH OH OH so good!! My cock was hard, again,I jerked off while watching them and shot my load on the floor.

They didn't stop. He fucked her again, from behind, and I watched as his big cock pistoned juicily in and out of her pussy. She was on her side, with one leg over his middle , really enjoying it, and looking straight at the door that I stood behind. She wanted me to see what she was doing with him.

About an hour later she came to bed. I said "Did you find out how how big his cock is?" she said " You ought to know, you watched us...didn't you?" I confessed that I did, and she said "I hope you liked the show, he invited me to come back without you, and spend the weekend, together." I said "Next week, I have to be in New York for a couple of days, why not stay with him until I get back?"

She said "I just might do that!"


Submitted: Thu, 06 May 2010 21:45:57 GMT

My older sister is married and 6 mos pregnant. I came to stay with them for a few weeks until I start college. Her husband works the night shift and her ans I were sharing a bottle of cheap wine, she told me her husband won't fuck her because he thinks he will hurt the baby. She said she was so horny, I told sorryabout that, but what do you want me to do?. She told me to fuck her because she is already pregnant and safe. We took of our clothes and fucked like rabbits. It's been 2 weeks now and we've done it each night. She is not worried about getting caught because she thinks her husband is slow. This is the greates fun I've ever had, never even thought of fucking my sister!


Submitted: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 20:11:53 GMT

i was 15 when this happened ..... i'm now 34 .. my story is about me and my 2 younger couson on seperate encounters.. this DID happen snd i'm not making this up .. my name is stuart, i was 15 when i first had my couson anthony he was the same age as me when he and i first had sex well wanking rach other and sucking each other till he came and i .. we was sleeping at our nans house for a week every night we would suck and wank each other before going to bed.. my other couson was 4 yrs younger .... and a female i was baby sitting for a friend of the family and she lived a few doors down she came over to play with the kids whilst i watched tv ... after a few hours it was all quite so i fugured they fell asleep and my cuzon had gone home with it being 9pm ... and winter .. i flicked through and stopped oon the adult channels u have on sky .. i began to have a nice wank ... i must of enjoyed it becoz i closed my eyes .. when i opened it my couson was sat on thee floor in front of me masturbating to me wwanking off to the porn on the box ... i was speachless at first i didn't know what to do cover up and finish off ...... well ov course when you are really horny even ya couson looks tempting to a horny guy i stood up and told her to suck me as i was abuout to cum.. near enough i came in her mouth afew weeks passed and we met up again this time in the cinema we had picked a spanish or french film were nobody would be in to see us ... as we suspected it was empty i ended up fucking her on every seat in the cinema .... now we fuck each other regualar.


Submitted: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 23:55:20 GMT

I have visited several establishments where you pay women for sex under the guise of a sensual massage over the years. I heard about a place where service was top notch from a fellow friend who does the same. I decided to visit it one day and saw my cousin in the lineup of girls. This cousin, we'll call her Anna, is five years younger than me and a fucking knock out. She's short with a tight little body and tits that look big on her. I used to fantasize about her wrapping her lips around my cock. She was mortified when she recognized me and immediately turned away. I told the madame of the place that I wanted her and was led to the back after i paid, where I confronted her about her "part time job" She cried and begged me not to tell her dad. I told her it was ok and that I wasn't going to tell anyone. I hugged her and moved my hand down her panties and started to grope her ass and finger her cunt from behind. She pulled back but I pushed forward and whispered in her ear. "What did you think >I< came here for?" and moved in to kiss her.

She didn't really resist any more. And we ended up fucking for an hour. I don't care how many guys she's fucked while she's been in that sort of business but I would like to thank them for teaching her how to suck cock and ride dick.

That was the only time I paid for sex with her. Now when I visit her at work I get to fuck her for free and get discounts on threesomes with her and other girls who work there too. I fuck her when we have family get togethers too.


Submitted: Tue, 07 Jun 2011 20:37:30 GMT

when I was 16, I started fucking my 12 year old sister, I was a loser with the girls and she was so mature for her age, with a hairy pussy and nice swollen tits. It started with me showing her my dick and making her promise not to tell. As a few days went by, things progressed with more show and touch, and by the forth day, I got to get her to agree to let me fuck her. it was great!, she was so tight, but she loved it, wanted to do it more. I fucked her for two more years, until I went to college. I still fantasize about her


Submitted: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 02:35:10 GMT

I caught him watching a gay movie once while my Mom was gone. I was akmost 15. I saw him, then stripped and got hard before I want in. He was jerking his big, rigid, cock when I burst in naked and hard as a rock and asked if he wanted to try the real thing. He tried to cover u and then stood to leave, but I was in the way and just grabbed his cock and told him I wanted him to fuck me. His cock jumped in m,y hand and I dropped to my knees and started sucking it with lust. He came in minutes and I was almost drowned! Gay sex turned him on in a big way. We enjoyed each other for the rest of the week and then regularly for years afterwards. We even had a gay orgy during one trip we took back east. It was a truck stop/ motel and we had a room full of cock!


Submitted: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 05:13:07 GMT

I'm not in a position to own or buy myself a dildo, so I use objects around the house. I'm terrified that I'll be murdered solely for the fact that they will take a black light around the house.


Submitted: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 15:46:09 GMT

I'm a 24 year old girl and my 52 year old mother and I have sex. We are both really bi and love the experience. It was so difficult for us to find sage comfortable women to be with that one night thanks to some alcohol, we decided to try it with each other. It is incredibly hot and the contrast in our age and bodies makes all the more exciting.

I am shaved and Mom is very hairy and we find it a turn on for each other. It started with just masturbating but it quickly turned in to full blown sex. We are with each other 2-3 times per week. We both agree that we have never had more powerful orgasms. At first it of course was weird, but it was so very hot that the weirdness left quickly.

Most of what we do is just with fingers and tongues and occasionally when the mood hits we use a dildo. I know it sounds strange to most but let me tell you, it is the most comfortable you will ever be with another woman and it is just such a turn on.


Submitted: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 04:45:41 GMT

I have been having sex with a very close older family member since I was 11. I have been pregnant at 12, 12 ,13 and 15 by the same man .The first and third I lost. the second I was made by the man to abort it. On my 15th birthday my dad asked if i was gaining weight i was 5 months along again. but I never told anyone since I wanted to keep it. At 19 now and wonder if i should go home with my daughter I miss the man I made love to all the time and want to share our daughter with him. Am I right or wrong?


Submitted: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 00:33:08 GMT

When I was younger, me and one of my best friends started talking about sex. Then we decided to try jerking each other for a change. Soon we started sucking each other off.


Submitted: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 07:44:37 GMT

I've never actually had an orgasm from sex unless its with a vibrator and it pisses me off so bad.


Submitted: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 09:19:39 GMT

My husband's best friend wants to screw me.I dold my husband that I would like for his friend to do me, and he said go ahead, have fun, and he wanted to watch.

he 3 of us were swimming in our pool, and I took my bikini topoff so he could play with and suck my nipples. I played with his big cock under the water, then suggested we go inside to our bedroom. He laid me, naked on the bed with my husband watching, and spread my legs wide and started eating me, making me cum in a very short time. He then slipped his huge cock deep inside me while my husband watched and masturbated. His friend fucked me twice, filling me up with his warm cum. As soon as he pulled out, my husband got on top and fucked me two more times, giving me another orgasm.

Our friend spent the week-end with us. I stayed naked the whole time and both of them had me at least a dozen times for the 3 days!


Submitted: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 06:03:06 GMT

I hust read this last confession where this guy let his buddy fuck his wife. Hot story! I let my wife read it, and now she wants to have a 3some with the fellow next door.


Submitted: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 06:13:30 GMT

This is a continuing confession about Gordon, my husband and Andy my present lover.

Andy came over one morning with a terrific hardon and wanted to fuck me, like he usually does. I can't resist him, his cock is so big and it feels so good when he slips it in me I got on the kitchen table, took off my panties, spread my pussy open and told him to go ahead. He really fucked me hard, made me cum twice and left the table all wet and slippery where I had leaked his cum.

Andy told me he had a guy friend who had hard luck with women. In other words, he just couldn't get laid. I told andy to bring him around some time. and I would see what I could do to make him happy.

The next morning, andy showed up with this guy he had told me about. He was handsome, well-built, had a nice smile, and I wondered why women shied away from him. I found the reason. He stuttered. His speech patterns were strange and

he didn't know how to talk to a female. He was OK around men, but for some reason, scared of girls!!

Well, I tried to fix that. I took him in hand, along with andy(with his usual throbbing hardon) into the bedroom, took off all my clothes and sat on his lap.He couldn't say a word. Just sweated and shook,so I started udressing him. He was very timid at first, but as soon as I got his shoirts off and began playing with him, he sort of loosened up and BANG! his cock grew to an enormous size! I straddled him and let that giant inch its way into my juicy pussy, and it was so good I forgot about poor andy sitting there watching the whole thing. I came twice before he shot an enormous load in me, and then an amazing thing happened, He began to speak normally, without a trace of stuttering! I guess sex IS the best therapy..anyway. andy fucked me twice, and our new pal got me again! It was a grat day!!!


Submitted: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 15:19:38 GMT

my wOh, honey,ife loves to show her tits to my best friend. I told her she could go ahead and fuck him, and the next time he came over, I made some excuse about having to go back to my office for a couple of hours,knowing what would happen. When I returned home, he had already left, and she was lying in bed, naked, and she told me in detail what he did to her.

She said "Oh, honey, I feel like I've been screwed by the whole USNavy! He just wouldn't quit, and he made me cum three times! When I told him you would be gone for some time, he started stripping my clothes off, sucking my nipples while I played with his big, hard cock. He put me on the bed, spread my legs, and shoved his prick in me all the way. It was so big and hard, it hurt a little going in, but I took every bit of it, and it felt so good I cme right away. He kept squirting it in me, look, there's still some dripping out! He was really horny, and I guess all the times that I showed him my titties made him even hornier. I should feel guilty about this, but, since you told me to go ahead and let him fuck me , I don't have any guilt feelings at all, as a matter of fact I really enjoyed it! Now, do you still love me?"

I said "Of course I do, and you can let him fuck you any time you want. after all, what are friends for?"


Submitted: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 08:52:17 GMT

Everyone is naked at our nudist "retreat", including me and my husband, and I love showing off my firm 36D, big rosy nippled breasts and my completely hairless pussy!

I was sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling my feet in the water, when this big, good looking guy swims up to me and starts a conversation. He asked where my husband was and I told him dhe was playing volleyball with a bunch of girls and watching their bouncing boobs. He laughed and said "well everyone has to have a hobby, what's yours?"

I spread my legs a little wider so he could see my open slit, and said "I like to see how many guys I can get hard in one day!" He grinned at this and said "You sure make me hard, sitting there showing me that beautiful little snatch!Want to see what you have done to me?" I said "Show me!"

He floated up in the water, raised his hips and there was the nicest, biggest and hardest cock I had seen all day!His cockhead was bigger than the shaft, and his testicles looked like they held a pint of cum in each ball! It made me hot and juicy just imagining how it would feel in my pussy. I spread my legs wider and opened my lips with two fingers to let him see all of it.! Luckily there was no one else around the pool, that day. I was so turned on by the sight of his package my pussy felt like it was on fire!

"Listen, we have an RV camper in the parking lot, I'm going there, now, why don't you meet me there in 5 minutes, OK? I told him. He said "What about your husband? Suppose he comes in and catches us, what then?" I said "Oh, don't worry about him, he would probably want to watch!!"

I was lying on the bed with my legs spread when he came into the camper. His cock looked bigger than it was in the pool, and I stroked it a litle before he stuck it in my wet, pulsating pussy , ALL the way inside, hitting my G spot several times. I said "You're making me cum, oh! it feels so good! Fuck me faster !!! your prick is so big and hard and I want you to cum inside!!" He said "Yeah, baby I'm going to fill you up!" and then he stated to cum!

He kept fucking me and shooting big streams of semen inside me until I started to leak, but he wouldn't quit! He made me cum again, then he got me on top of him, and I guided his marvelous prick into my leaking pussy, and wondered when he was ever going to stop. I came, and so did he, for a third time, but he was STILL hard as a rock! I asked him "How long have you been saving that up? I've never had a guy that could keep a hard on for as long as you...what's your secret?"

"Asparagus!" He replied "I eat lots and lots of asparagus, and that's what makes me cum so much!"

I said "nonsense! I've never heard of asparagus being an aphrodisiac!" He said "Here, taste it..it will prove I'm right" I bent down and put his cockhead in my mouth and started sucking, and sure enough it tasted faintly of asparagus!

After another great session with him cumming another load in me, and making me cum, again, he left, just before my husband came in. He said "If you've had enough nudity for the day,let's go home and have dinner..I'm starving!" I said "OK, but we have to stop at the supermarket on our way home, I want to pick up some fresh asparagus!"


Submitted: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 03:14:12 GMT

My ex-girlfriend's daughter has a body like Serena Williams,when she was 13 I decided to eat that pussy and tap that ass all night. The sex didn't stop untill she was 16, and I moved away. I still lovr her!


Submitted: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 22:10:39 GMT

I've been messing around with my cousin for a few years now.

Right now I'm 16, she's 13. I feel guilty about it and we never talk about it when we do it. It started out pretty innocently when I was 14. We were camping in the back yard. I was having a sex dream and I woke up for a moment and realized I was dry humping my cousin in my sleep. The weird thing was I noticed she was awake. So I pretended to still be asleep and she grinded her butt against me for awhile.

After that it got progressively worse. Which is why I feel bad. I didn't initiate any of this so I feel like its not my fault.

I found out talking with her that she was raped twice by her stepfather when she was younger. All crying with her head on my chest I realized I had feelings for her.

Two weeks later my folks left for two days and we decided to throw a party at the house. We had a bunch of people over that night drinking. I remember this senior was hitting on my cousin and I got pissed off and jealous about it. I came in the bathroom and what a scene. She was passed out drunk on the floor on her stomach, and this dude had managed to get her pants off. So I screamed at him told him to leave or I'm calling the cops.

I lock the bathroom door and there she is face down on the floor. I realized she was out cold and slowly pulled down her panties. When I spread her ass cheeks, there it was. Barely any hair, really tiny butthole. I was drunk and she wasn't waking up so I said fuck it. This part is fucked up.

So my dick is hard. Not small either. 7.5" and very thick. So I was having a tough time. I found alittle thing of vaseline in the cabinit and I pushed real hard and finally got my cock inside her. It felt so tight and she wasn't waking up so I fucked her on the bathroom floor and when I was ready to cum I ended up pulling out pushing the head of my cock in her ass and busting a huge load. So not only did I fuck my young cousin but then I came in her ass. Fukd up.

Since then I've forced her to suck my cock and I blackmail her into letting me fuck her. It hurt for the first few times but after awhile she liked it. She's had a few boyfriends but always comes back to me. Feel bad for the dudes. I know she loves my size, plus I make sure she gets off. Ill usually put a vibe on her clit then fuck her deep and slow and she cums. At this point we've been having sex for years. I pretty much own that. She's on birth control so I always fill her with my cum. Ive fucked and cummed in her ass too but she didn't like it.

I miss her when she's not around and feel guilty after we fuck. Pretty messed up. If we weren't cousins I'd ask her to be with me. No dude will ever fuck her like I do. I own that pussy


Submitted: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 14:53:04 GMT

I'm a single woman, 28 years old, working for a local bank and I've been with my current boyfriend for about 6 years. I'm ashamed to say that recently I had a one-night stand with a guy I met on a business trip. I had never done this sort of thing before, but for some reason I was horny as hell at that night.

He fucked me hard in doggy style position, grasping my hips and sometimes slapping my ass, which made me so excited. I cried out loudly for pleasure. I heard myself telling him to fuck me harder. And finally I came hard. I have to admit that I have never had such an intense orgasm when I had sex with my boyfriend. I collapsed onto the bed and I was quivering for a while.

Now I feel ashamed of what I did and think how much of a slut I am, but at the same time I have to admit that my pussy gets wet when I think about that night.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 21:52:57 GMT

When I was 12 my family moved to a neighborhood where I met a 10-year-old neighbor boy. He was a good looking kid and very athletic. We used to play outside a lot -- most of the time riding bikes and building a tree house in a nearby wooded area. One day, another friend about my age, older than my first friend, asked if either of us had ever touched another person’s penis before; we both said no. Soon after, the three of us went inside our crude tree house and began to touch each other’s soft little cocks. I think myself and the second neighbor had pubes; my first friend did not. I remember how very small and smooth his cock and balls felt in my fingers. For about a week, every day after school the three of us would go hide in the woods and fondle each other. I also remember how much I enjoyed those times in the woods, hiding behind trees “being gay.” I’m now much older, and despite those experiences, I’ve never considered myself gay. That was just a time when girls were not nearby, plus my two neighbors and I spent hours together every day after school. After that initial week, my second friend just stopped doing it. I guess initially he just wanted to see if we would actually do it. To his surprise we did it and continued for another four years. Thankfully he never told anyone; probably because we would have accused him too. We all continued to play together every day, but when the second friend went home my first friend and I would go play by ourselves until it was time to go inside for the night. My horny 10-year-old friend and I spent countless times together hiding where whenever and where ever we could -- in our basements, the woods, or under porches. Eventually our fondling turned to oral sex. Then, we just sucked each other for the remainder of our times together. The wonderful thing is that it continued for another four years. We stopped basically when I started driving at age 16. But for roughly four years we sucked each other off constantly. I remember that he could not ejaculate the first couple years, but eventually he oozed creamy semen into my mouth which I probably did not swallow. Since he was a small kid, his entire package could always fit entirely in my mouth. He really enjoyed that sensation of being completely consumed – cock and balls -- by warm mouth while twirled about with my soft wet tongue. Since I was two years older, naturally my penis was considerably bigger than his. However, he could suck my cock with his tight little mouth just as well as he could play sports. He sucked, licked, and flicked for as long as I asked. It took me quite a long time to come during those times together. That was probably because I scared to death of getting caught at any second by our parents. Of course, we never got caught and we had lots of fun. Since age 16, I have never been with a male, and I truly haven’t the faintest desire. I do not regret what we did. It was exciting and something I cherish. Now, I just like to think it gave me my current love of cunnilingus.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 10:50:06 GMT

The utter raw sexual passion I felt when I met my sister's son for the first time was not an emotion I had expected to feel when meeting a blood relative.

I never belived in love at first sight before I met my nephew, but that's exactly what happened. Almost immediately, I had an overwhelming desire to engage in sexual intercourse with him.

We slept together the second we met, having sex while my two daughters were in the house.

I do not feel guilty about having sex with my sister's son and, were it not for my daughters living in the same house, I think I would have asked him to move in with me and would even consider having a child with him.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 17:18:15 GMT

First off I admit to being bisexual, but I do have a semi-regular boyfriend who doesn't know I am. I'm 36 now and have had some good but mostly bad experiences with men. Most of the females I have had sex with are more considerate and thoughtful then men. Most men I've had affairs with are selfish and were only interested in their own gradification. I was abused sometimes over the years and became bitter towards some men. I am built better today than ever and took judo classes for two years. I used to frequent a tavern where an obnoxious young guy named Lewis persistantly tried to hit on me. He is cute but not nearly as handsome as he thinks he is and he's a little squirt. I was always with my girlfriend Amanda when I went to that bar and she and I were, and still are in a sexual relationship. We would toy with Lewis and tease him. When I was a little drunk I would touch his butt or his crotch. Amanda and I had no intentions of getting involved with him but he was such a nerdy type of guy we couldn't help teasing him every time we saw him.

It was Amanda who always said she would spank him if he didn't behave and he would most often just laugh it off. He was a little drunk the night we took him back to my apartment after the bar closed. He had some beer and a couple shots of whiskey and Amanda insisted on spanking him. He was so drunk by his time I don't think he thought she was serious but she pushed him over the side of the sofa arm and pulled down his pants and boxer shorts. We were both tipsy and I held his head down while Amanda began spanking his ass. She ran in the kitchen and came back with a big wooden spoon and began beating his butt very hard. We couldn't believe it when he started to cry like a little kid. As she stopped he fell on the floor sobbing and Amanda and I burst into laughter. He's only 24 now and I am sure he had never ran into girls like us before, thinking he was a ladies man. His pants and underware were around his ankles and we could see his penis, which was limp. It wasn't the smallest one I ever saw but pretty close to it. Amanda began teasing him again and he got up, pulling up his pants, and walked out. We didn't see him at the bar until 4 or 5 weeks later and as soon as he came in Amanda began teasing him again. As the night went on he came over to us and started saying the only reason he cried was because he was drunk and not because Amanda hurt him. I think he was more embarrassed about us seeing him cry than he was about his pants being down or us seeing his penis and ass. I had a little to much to drink by that time and I began touching his crotch and penis. He got an erection standing at the bar and when I told Amanda she touched it also. He was all smiles then and Amanda said she would spank him again. It started with just kidding around with him but after awhile he said she could if she wanted to. We went back to my apartment again that night and fed him a few more drinks. In no time we had him naked and took turns spanking him. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that and I had a certain amount of satisfaction doing it. Just the thought of having so much control over a guy made me feel good. When he did begin to cry again Amanda and I had no mercy for him and it was like we had full control over him. Amanda smacked his penis a few times and I did also. He was limp most of the time we spanked him but the first few times we smacked his penis he did get an erection. Amanda and I both liked tormenting him and I could tell he was fearful of us.

It was both on Friday or Saturday nights we did this to him and each week we would get him drunk and naked before we abused him. We talked about it often and the two of us did enjoy dominating him and Amanda and I would have sex after he left. It has only gotten more intense since it all started and we now dominate him. Once a week he comes to my apartment and Amanda and I do whatever we want to him. We tease him about his penis size and he has became so submissive I can't believe how he lets us humiliate him the way we do. We spank him with our hands, the spoon and Amanda takes the strap off her purse and we beat him with that also. He doesn't cry right away but so far he has cried every time we spanked him. I suppose the main reason he lets us do this to him is because we always masturbate him once or twice. Amanda is a little more sadistic than I and after 3 or 4 months began inserting one of my dildos in his rectum as we masturbate him. He did tell her not to do that the first time but she told him to shut up and it wasn't his choice what we do to him. He never complained after that and now Amanda makes him bend on his hands and knees while on my kitchen table to do that. His face gets so red it is apparent that this is humiliating to him, but he just goes along with whatever he is told to do.

Its been going on for 16 months now and we have turned him into a fragile sissy. We now shave his pubic hair every week aside from all of the other abuse we inflict on him. Amanda's sister Amber has been here many times as we do these things to him only to further humiliate him. He doesn't cry as often as he used to and he seems more intimadated by Amanda than he is of me. She is more forceful than me and basically demands he obey her, which he does. We sometimes tie him to the table and she forces him to say please and thank you as we abuse and molest him. He has no pubic hair and his scrotum is as bald as an eagle. She makes him bend over to shave the hair around his anus and every time he is here now she puts the dildo in his rectum makeing him beg her to do so. Amber has gotten involved lately and the only reason Amanda let her come over the first time was just to humiliate Lewis more, which was successful. He was horrified the first time Amber was here asking who she was and not knowing what she would do to him. She only spanked him the first time, but she now shaves him also. Amber is not bisexual at all but asked to bring one of her girlfriends last Friday. We agreed to let her, hopeing to embarrass Lewis more and see his reaction to having four women torment him. As soon as Amanda told him to take his clothes off, he did, but began to cry. I don't understand at all why he keeps comeing back to my apartment every week. Its not just what we do to him but also the way we insult him and say cruel things to him. If we were having sex with him maybe it would be reasonable but all we ever do is masturbate him. Either me or Amanda masturbate him while the other pushes the dildo in and out of him. He normally cums twice but the torment he goes through before that makes me wonder how he can be aroused. Amber doesn't want to masturbate him but she is always willing to spank him or shave his pubic hair. We use baby oil most of the time to masturbate him but on the dildo we use KY. Lewis doesn't know this but Amanda has inserted a banana in his rectum many times. He still cries sometimes and when he does Amanda really harrasses him about it more than I do.

He has turned into a total wimp since the first time I met him. He tried to act like he was a macho type of guy then, and was always trying to pick me up or probably any girl who would listen to him. Its hard for me to believe that he is so willing to put up with the abuse he receives from us. Amanda thinks deep down he is just a weak sissy who likes to be dominated. I think so to, to a degree, but why would anyone submit to the disrespect, insults and humiliation we impose on him. I can see clearly how we embarrass him just by the expressions on his face, how he turns bright red and the way he reacts. Amanda has had him in the most degrading situations over and over again. I could never imagine anyone doing these things to me or teasing me the way we do to him, while he is helpless and naked. We spend hours tormenting him and once he gets to my apartment, Amanda does not allow him to dress until he goes home. Before he leaves we always make him shower first and whoever is here watches him as we continue to harrass and insult him. He hardly talks while here but is always talkative at the bar. We found out he still lives with his parents and Amanda teases him because of that, along with all the other remarks. I beleive he is actually afraid of Amanda but still comes here every week. Sometimes Amanda and I are in night clothes and we have stripped down to our bra and panties but he has never seen any of us naked. Amber is always dressed and so far her friend has only been here once. I don't know why he puts up with all this but believe it has become a fetish for him. The spankings and whipping we give him I know are painful and when he gets in the shower the signs of a beating are all over his butt. I don't think he even has a girlfriend and sometimes I do feel sorry for him. I'm not sure how to explain it but the domanance over him gives me a feeling of power. I'm not a mean person but to humiliate a naked guy is fulfilling to me. Maybe its because of how I hate the men supervisors where I work. It could also be the memory of the abusive affairs I have had. Nevertheless, it is fun and exciting, to be able to dominate a man for a change. As long as Lewis is willing to keep coming, Amanda and I will continue to abuse him.


Submitted: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 06:18:26 GMT

So, I'm in love with a girl who hates me. I am secretly obsessed with her...like, I wanna eat her out every night and fuck her with a strap on until she like, yeah. She is super hot. We go to school together and I wanna be her best friend...if you know what I mean... She has the nicest ass I've ever seen, and I know she loves my saucer nipples...Once I seen her looking at them lustfully in the locker room. Every night while I'm on the phone with my boyfriend, I touch myself and think of Michele...She is perfect in every way. I want her to sit on my face while I lick her until she gasps for air in pleasure. She is my one and only love. When I was giving my boyfriend a handjob at school, I was imagining I was totally fingering Michele and she was begging me for more. I know she loves me too, but she wont admit it. I love everything about her. I want to have her babies. She is sheer perfection. I want her inside me. When I sleep at night I have dripping wet dreams about her licking, touchng, and massaging my moist pussy. I know she hasthe same fantasies about me. I know she imagines me doing lots of kinky stuff with her. I want to eat her tits. So Michele, If you read this, please call me and we should fuck because my wet vagina longs for your touch....


Submitted: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 15:32:27 GMT

I'm 27 now but when I was an early teen, I would stay the night at my best friends house. He lived with his brother, mom and dad. The boys were prob 12- 14. I vividly remember one night I was there, spending the night, and his mom and dad were drinking(they were heavy drinkers). His parents passed out and I remember the boys trying to wake up their mom and dad. His mom had passed out on the couch and his dad was passed out in the parents bedroom bed. I was playing nintendo or ps1 or something and I remember walking out and seeing both boys undress their mom. They were fingering her wet pussy, sucking her nipples and touching themselves...she seemed out cold... they were going to town her, but no sex. They never even took their dicks out. They were like "this is wild, huh" as they never stopped touching her. She wasn't fully undressed but her gown was hiked up and panties pulled to the side, soaked from her own sons hands. Her tits and hard nipples were exposed, her gown was unbuttoned 3 or 4 buttons. I went back to the boys room and played the nintendo or tried to but I was so horny and my juices were flowing. Within 15 min, the boys came to the room...we talked about there mom for a while and how they had been doing that for 5 plus years. We all went to sleep...I pretended to at least and when they fell asleep, the magic began. I quietly waled out of the room to the living room and there she was, pussy still exposed and white pussy stains stained her panties and her pussy still had a glisten to it. Her tits still exposed but not as alert...nipples soft...my dick was as hard as a rock. I tried to shake her and wake her up and I hoped she was out cold still. She was. I fingered her and tasted her pussy and I bet I tongued her hole for an hour and lapped up all of her juices, her clit was pink and swollen. I sucked her nipples and jerked. I remember I even rubbed my dick on and in her pussy and I ever rubbed it on her face. I jerked while eating her pussy and came all over my hand...I remember rubbing my load all in her pussy with my fingers. I covered her wet pussy back and covered her tits and went back to bed. She never said anything about it and my friends didn't either. My fam and I moved away a few months later. Wowwww it was so hot and I know fkd up...the whole thing, but it launched me sexually and forever gave me an admiration for older women.


Submitted: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 18:48:45 GMT

Its been over 4 years that Lillian and I moved in with each other. Not as girlfriend and boyfriend because she is 48 now and I am 30. We work for the same company and had been only friends for a few years. We moved into a two bedroom apartment only to save money. I'd say for a year or so we were pretty modest around each other. She had boyfriends and I had some girlfriends and our relationship was just being friends. I think both of us became less self concious as time went on and I had little thought of Lillian seeing me in my underware or me seeing her in hers. I saw her naked a few times and she also saw me that way several times. When it did happen we just laughed it off. I had just broken up with a girfriend and Lillian was dating a guy at the time. She came home drunk as a skunk one night and came out of the bathroom with only a towel arournd her. I had seen her like that many times but instead od going into her bedroom she came into the living room and sat on the sofa. We talked for a very short time and she fell asleep sitting up. I was watching tv and each time she moved a little of the towel slid further down until her breasts were exposed. I originally was only going to lay her down and put a pillow under her head but the towel opened up on its own, most of it hanging over the the front of the sofa. I just looked at her naked body for awhile then began to fondle her breasts. I had never touched her before but got such a hard on I began fingering her. I took off my underware and touched her face and breasts with my penis and continued fingering her. In a matter of minutes she got wet and I knew she was aroused by it. I could feel her moving her pelvis slightly and I could hear her moaning. As I fingered her and had her orgasm I jerked myself off with my other hand. She never woke and I covered her with the towel and went to my room. Within an hour I was back in the living room and she was still sound asleep. This time I began fondleing her again and ended up giving her oral sex. This woke her up and at first she seemed to be mad at me asking what the hell I was doing. I was between her legs holding her breast and when she layed her head back down I continued licking her vagina. She orgasmed two times that I am sure of and when I asked her to suck me off, she did. From that night on we mastubate each other, have oral sex and intercouse on a regular basis. She has even allowed me to have anal sex with her a few times which I had never done before. We see each othe naked all the time now but the crazy thing is that she has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. Everyone thinks we are just close friends.


Submitted: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 12:06:35 GMT

I was staying with my family when I was going to college because it was not far away and our family house was big enough to give me a chance to live an apartment life, with the freedom my parents gave me, I was living in a really comfy heaven. They dont even call if they don't see any of their kids for day, besides there are servants and staff in the house so even if they leave for weeks everything goes on perfectly. One night, I came home from a crazy party and I was drunk like hell. Even in the morning, the booze was totally in my blood I could feel, I was more than drunk, I was numb. Then, this very strange thing happened; in the very early morning, My sister who was just 12 woke me up in panic, as she said there was noone home she could find and dad and mom were out of the town. She insisted on getting into bed, because she felt so cold and unsafe. What could I do, Yes, I said, I was feelingless, totally drunk and tired so badly.I didn't even understand what she said properly. She got into the bed, got too close and lied on me hugging, I was lying on my back, arms and legs opened like a man who just fell on the ground from somewhere on his back. That was the moment I realized my massive boner, which was worse than the time I tried viagra for the first and last time. She was on it, lying with her soft body, her newly developing half tennis ball sized breasts and cold-hardened nipples touching my chest

I was shocked when I understood a litle bit of the situation but the alcohol in my blood and sleepliness was stopping me from thinking. Still, she was trying to get comfy on me, moving her tiny breasts, soft stomach and hips on my bare skin. I don't think she even realized I was naked and very uncomfy-like with my little sis on me, she was sleepy too. What I couldn't admit was, that I was heaving some kind of pleasure and my 7 inces long thick heavy meat was spasming, trying to lift her up. I can not explain in words how terrible the situation was, but still I was drunk and she was sleepy.she felt a little uncomfy I guess, as she, still under the covers, moved her hands on my sixpacks and down grabbing my cock.Oh she said what is this, then a grin showed on her face as she opened her eyes to look under the cover what she was holding you have a hard on big brother, wow its bigger than boys at school that was the moment everything started to get out of control. I was sweating of pleasure and shame still thinking how to solve the situation and what a kind of talk to do to her.Oh she said still thinking of it as a funny game you are so warm, but this is burning. My eyes were not totally opened yet I was quite enjoying half consciously what my little sis was doing to me, she was slowly pumping my cock up and down and I was totally enjoying it. Finally, very difficultly go to your room please I said, but she insisted on cold and loneliness and as I got more demanding for her to go to her room, she threatened me about teliig it to people, god I'd be boomed OMG she was a 12 year old and my little sister but she was abusing me, the tall, athletic, big cocked proud jock, one of the most popular guys of the college ppph and I was to afraid of her threats because they would definitely work if heard. I was deeply breathing when she said Oww big bro is excited he likes it. I terrified of this little devil and I said are you posessed or something. I like it she said. It’s so hot in may hands and I feel so weird, goody weird I mean, I grabbed her body slowly under the covers, took one of her hands and handled my balls to her she was more amazed wow she said huge, ohhh I moaned I liked the massage she was doing on my genitals her hands were soft and smooth and she was really curious. I slowly took her top off and grabbed her tiny breasts, pulled her chest closer to mine and started sucking, licking them like crazy, she was heavily breathing her hands on my chest now and as we rolled over she was lying on my her back, now totaly naked like me and three times smaller, me on her, licking and sucking every inch of her body all my saliva beastly dripping on her slim body, she, moaning with pleasure, she was totally under my control now and doing whatever I tell her to do, I, then grabbed my dick and made her suck it how does it taste I said as she clutched it sucking mmmh she said so delicious I tried to pull away, but she resisted. Slow down I said for what she said I said you’’ll see and I put the head of my throbbing dick on the entrance of her tight hole, ther’s a thing that I have to say in sex, I lose my control totally and become too wild I am quite known for his behaviour by my exes I knew this was my little sis but I didn’t know how to stop anyway, Big bro will pop little sis’cherry yeh I said before any other boys from school yeah, yeah she moaned,she was like a river there I had neve seen such a thing before she was soaking wet. Talk to me I said say it, O big bro pop my cherry before the boys at school do with your huge dick theirs are so small I want to do it with you, your big dick ooh she moaned I was moving the head of my shaft on her little pussy’s lips and she was loving it she was moaning I was making her beg me to pop her cherry I was such a terrible big bro Come on big bro pop my cherry I want you to pop my cherry please as she finished moaning I wildly trusted my pecker in her pussy she shouted a scream of pain so loud it was too tight and small only the half could enter her nails were scratcing me crazily, my bottom, back, muscled arms As I told before I don’t have a sense to stop when I start I pulled the pecker back and thrusted again, this time faster and again and again and faster and faster like machine without feelings she was screaming madly and crying trying to breath at the same time my thrusts were making an impact every time I do and her tiny titties were shaking, I grabbed herboth hands with my left hand because they were damaging my skin and used he other to close her mouth which was wet of eyedrops and saliva we were making beastly sounds me more like a predator like a bear and she like a baby deer hunted down omg I was flying

I was growling like ooooh tight pussy sis tight pussy like my dick huh yeah want more want more I as asking as she was looking into my eyes so scared. I was pumpıng my 12 sis’tight pussy and it was like nothing else that I‘ve felt before her stomach was spasming I could see my dick moving under her skin her newly developing pussy muscles were tighter than anyone could guess. Too much alcohol from the other night was not letting me jerk since the momen t I first popped her cherry ten minutes were passed already and I could feel her body relax as I left her hands and mouth free ,and the whites of her eyes could bee seen because of too much pleasure, I was stil at full throttle and now she was hugging me and moaning loudly because of pleasure. I understood that she was having an orgasm as she started scratching me again and and opening her legs to upper air and making scary sounds .Then I started shooting my load in the depths of her pussy thrusting faster than ever, terrorized, screaming and blowing her. I layed on her not totally weighing on her body, my sweat dripping on her already my sweat covered body.We didnt talk for minutes as my dick was stil semi hard in her but all the way in ;we both were shocked a few more minutes later, I just looked between her legs and I could see the massive stain on my cover of too much blood, sweat and too much semen oozing out from the depths of her pussy while I still have my cock in her. We were stil deeply breathing . Her ruined pussy was stil having spasms which made me fully hard again I kissed her lips pushing my long tongue all the way into her throat we were looking at each others eyes, hers were shining, mine were shining, we somehow managed to smile at each other she lifted her had and saw the massive stain on the cover put it back relaxed, and I had to start again because of the spasms which made my dick rock hard again which was all the way in her pussy. We both started moanings and screamings of the mad sex again this time she was screaming like oh big bro I love you I love your dick That day we didn’t eat or drink I didn’t take my dick out till after the next morning sex. When I had to piss, I did it in her pussy twice we were both enjoying the warmth on the sheets and on our genitals and she did the same.

From then on I had to do her every morning and night, twice a day. Now, she’s married to a guy far away, but has no kids, which her ovular problem gave me long years of my little sisters pussy jerking in as much as I could.


Submitted: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 15:40:17 GMT

Lisa and I have been married for almost a year, now. She is a beautiful blond, with a killer body. She's, also, bi-sexual, which of course, I don't mind a bit, since we share our bed with her best friend, Terry, pretty often. Terry is gorgeous, too, and, she has dark hair, with an equally awesome body. Lisa and Terry, both, are waxed completely bare, and, I love going down on either, or, both of them!

For months, they'd been after me to get waxed, too. They maintained that if I expected them to be waxed, I should be willing to do the same. They told me they'd enjoy going down on me a lot more if it wasn't for all that pubic hair. And, they said I'd find they'd give me a lot more head if I, too, was bare. I finally agreed to try it a few weeks ago. I didn't suspect anything unusual, when they made my appointment for two weeks before Halloween. They took me to the salon on a Saturday. It took me a few days to recover from the waxing, and, I hadn't expected EVERYTHING would be waxed, but, it was. My legs, my back, my chest, stomach, and crotch wound up, all, completely hairless and smooth. It turns out I did like the look and the feel, and, I discovered they did like going down on me a whole lot more!

When I came home from work, last Friday, Lisa informed me we would be going to a Halloween party, at a local industrial dance club. It was the kind of place that attracted lots of freaks. The gays, the S&M set, the leather and lace people, and lots of bi-sexuals frequented the club. It would be the three of us going to dance, party, and, participate in the costume contest. I asked about our costumes. Lisa said I'd find out the next day, and, then said she didn't want any complaints from me, about it. She knew I didn't usually like costumes.

At about four, the next afternoon, Terry came over. She had a big shopping bag. Lisa asked her if she had everything.

"Yes! But, I had a hard time finding a bra!", she giggled.

They told me to strip. They were going to help me get ready first. I wondered why it was necessary for me to get naked, but, found out, soon after, when they handed me a pair of bikini panties, and, told me to put them on. I knew I could refuse, but, for some strange reason, I decided to humor them, and put the panties on. Besides, it was just in the privacy of our house, and, when it came to actually going out, it would be then that I'd put my foot down! The panties felt nice against my smooth tummy and cock.

Lisa put the bra on me. Terry put the silicone falsies inside. I was amazed at how good and realistic they felt. Then, the two of them had me sit in a chair and they started putting the make-up on me. They took me to look at myself, in the mirror. I almost couldn't believe it. I made a pretty hot looking girl! Next, they helped me put on a pair of thigh-high stockings, a garter belt, and a wig that matched my hair color almost perfectly. A very short skirt, and a nice top completed my outfit. When they took me to the mirror, again, I was in awe! I'd have fucked me!

Then, as Lisa dressed, Terry started working with me on how to walk. I still intended to back out, and refuse to leave the house. It was hard to walk in the pumps they'd bought!

Lisa came out of the bathroom dressed as a man, and, Terry went to dress, as Lisa kept working with me. Terry came out dressed as a man, in an S&M kind of costume.

"Come on! Let's go!", they both giggled.

I said I wasn't going to go, but, they insisted. They threatened to take pictures and show them to everyone. They said they'd tell everyone, if I didn't cooperate. And, they even threatened to call some of my friends and invite them over. One was right across the street, so I knew he could be there in seconds, so, I finally agreed to go with them.

I was relieved, at the club, as we picked out a table, got our drinks, and sat. No one seemed to notice. No one said anything, or, approached us. I started feeling a little more confident. I even got up to dance with Lisa and Terry.

I guess we'd been there about an hour, and, we were sitting at our table, having our second drink, when a guy came over to our table. He had long blond hair, and was dressed like a pirate. He looked like a blond haired Johnny Depp. He asked ME to dance.

Lisa leaned over, and whispered to me, "Go ahead! Dance with him. It's only a dance."

I looked at her as if to say,"No way!"

"Dance with him, or I'll tell!", she said.

I got up and went with him, out onto the dance floor. I was pretty uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me. When the song was over, I started to head back to our table, but, he grabbed my hand and kept me out on the floor until I started dancing again. At the end of the next song, he put his arms around me, and held me there again.

"You know you're supposed to wear a costume!", he whispered. "I can see your girlfriends did! They're obviously women dressed like men!", he laughed.

The next song started before I could say anything. I decided I'd say something after that song ended. But, when it ended, I stayed intending to explain. Before I could say anything, he started whispering to me again, though.

This time, he whispered, "You know, I'm bi. And, I came here hoping to meet a guy, but, you're so beautiful, I just had to meet you! I left my girlfriend at home, tonight!"

Then, a slow song started. I dreaded it. He pulled me close and began slow dancing with me. His hands roamed all over me. He was copping a feel of my false breasts and ass. When that song ended, I couldn't get away from him fast enough. I practically ran back to our table. But, he followed, close behind.

He took a seat, right next to me. At first, he talked to Lisa and Terry. Then, all of the sudden, he leaned over and kissed me. It was right on the lips. Saying that he had to go to the bathroom, he offered to get drinks, and got up to go. Lisa leaned over and started whispering, again, as soon as he was out of earshot.

"He's pretty cute! Don't you think?", she whispered.

I had to agree, even though I suspected what she was going to say next!

"Why don't we take him home, with us, and..... you can have your first experience with another guy?", she asked.

I protested. I told her I wasn't interested in that sort of thing.

"Well, it seems like you expect to be able to watch Terry and me, together! It'd really turn us on to be able to watch you with another guy! And, if you expect us to do it, for you, you should be willing to do the same for us. You don't have to do anything you don't want to! And, if you want, you guys could just touch each other! Come on! You've got to admit, you are a little bit curious. You told me so!", she insisted.

"Well.......O.K.......I'll try it......but.....JUST TOUCHING!", I finally agreed.

When the guy came back, Lisa asked his name. He was Sean. Then, she asked if he'd like to come back to our place. He was eager! We finished our drinks, and piled into Lisa's car. Sean kept kissing me, the whole way, and, before long we were making out. I didn't want to blow my cover!

Back at our house, Lisa and Terry started making out, and, taking each others clothes off, as soon as we were in the door. We were in the livingroom. As Sean started kissing me, again, he started taking my top off. He almost had my bra completely off before he realized that I wasn't really a girl.

"WOW! What the fuck!", he exclaimed. "You sure had me fooled! But....that's O.K. I wanted a guy, anyway! You sure could pass for a beautiful girl, any time you want to! Sometimes, my girlfriend, Cindy, and I, both, dress up, too. But, I think you look even hotter than I do!"

Lisa and Terry were watching us.

"Be gentle with him! It's his first time!", they giggled.

I was as hard as rock, already. Sean had my bra off and was working on my skirt, as I started taking off his shirt. We kissed the whole time. He was working on my stockings and garter belt, as I fumbled with his belt and zipper. Soon, there was a pile of my lingerie on the floor. I was happy to see he was wearing panties, too. And, his hard cock was straining inside them. He stepped back, and looked at me, naked, before him, still in his panties.

"Oh, my!", he exclaimed. "You're beautiful. You're soooo hard. Your cock is.....really big....and.....it's wonderful. I mean I've never seen such a nice cock. Do you mind if I touch it?"

I really couldn't refuse. I was sooo fucking hot! I wanted to cum, and, if I didn't, soon, I thought I'd explode!

"No! Go ahead!", I sighed.

He started touching my cock, lightly. He felt my balls. Soon, I felt his hand close around my cock. He started stroking it lightly.

"Would you like some lube?", Lisa asked.

"Oh! Yes!", both Sean and I said, at the same time.

Lisa reached in her purse, and took out the bottle she always kept, of astro-glide, in her purse, just for handjobs, and, tossed it to Sean. He poured it over my cock and started stroking it, slowly, at first. It felt so good, I didn't dare make an effort to stop him. He seemed to know just what to do, and, he was making me feel really good! He started picking up the pace, and, was driving me absolutely crazy, after a few minutes more. Finally, I started to feel my cock getting ready to cum. I came really long and hard.

After I'd recovered, it was as if I couldn't stop myself. I pulled his panties down, and touched his cock, for the first time. I liked the way it felt. His cock was a little smaller than mine, but, it felt really good as I closed my hand around it. Needless to say, I really enjoyed jacking him off. I loved the sense of power I felt over him, as I made him cum.

Afterward, we went to the bedroom. All four of us were there, together. Sean and I watched as Lisa ate Terry, then as Terry ate Lisa. Finally, I decided I had to know what it would be like to suck Sean's cute little cock. I don't think he, or Lisa, or Terry could believe it, when I started kissing him, then began kissing my way lower. I kissed his nipples. I licked them. I sucked them. They got really hard. Then, I started working my way lower. When I finally got to his cock, he was as hard as ever. I hesitated, and, looked at it for a really long time. It was kind of cute. I decided I liked the way it looked. Torn between reluctance, and eagerness, I finally kissed it, as I held it with my hand. I liked it. I started to lick it. Eventually, I parted my lips and let it slip into my mouth. It felt nice. I started to bob my head up and down. I heard the girls say they never expected this! And, they remarked how wonderful it was that I'd gone down on him first!

I bobbed up and down on his hard cock, trying to take more and more of it deeper inside, with each stroke, as I held it near it's base. I gagged a little, when I felt it hit the back of my throat, but, by then, I was too eager to ease up. I wanted to feel him cumming in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to swallow all of it. It wasn't long before I felt his cock jerk, and, felt the warm liquid filling my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed. It seemed like he came forever. I didn't like the taste of his warm, sticky cum too much, but, I swallowed it anyway.

Afterward, he flipped me around, and started kissing me, again. He started working his way down my body, and saw, when I shivered as he kissed my nipples, that I really liked that. So, he spent a really long time on them. But, then he started kissing his way down my stomach. He wound up at my cock, of course. He proceeded to give me the best blowjob I'd ever had. The girls were, both, really good at it, but, Sean put them to shame!

As we all lay in bed, Lisa asked how I'd liked it. I said I'd loved it, but, hadn't cared for the taste of his cum. She asked if I'd liked giving or receiving better. I told her I'd loved them, both.

"But, you didn't like his sperm?", she asked.

"No, not really!", I said.

"That's O.K. You'll get used to it!", Lisa and Terry giggled, as they started making out, again.


Submitted: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 15:58:32 GMT

I've always loved to masturbate. I started doing it when I was twelve, and, by the time I was thirteen, I couldn't get enough of it. I was masturbating as much as five times a day. I dated, a lot, and, experienced the usual progression of sexual experimentation, with the girls I dated. But, I still jerked off a lot.

At seventeen, I had intercourse, for the first time. I, quickly, discovered that if I masturbated before a date, I could last a lot longer during sex. It became a pretty regular thing. Then, at twenty-five, I married, and things continued pretty much the same. I was divorced at thirty. Then, the following year, I met my current wife, Tracey. We'd only been married for about six months, when it all started. I came home from work, one night, and, found her waiting for me, on the couch, in just her bra and panties.

"Take off your clothes!", she said. "Tonight, you ARE going to masturbate, for me!"

There was something very forceful in the way she said it. She didn't ask me to, but, told me I was going to. It turned me on, and embarrassed me, at the same time. But, I dared not comply! I took off my clothes, picked up the bottle of astro-glide she had sitting on the coffee table, and, after lubing up, started to slowly stroke my cock. I swear I came longer and harder than I ever had before. I loved it, and, so did Tracey. Afterward, she told me I was going to be doing that a lot more. I told her it was fine with me. We headed to the bedroom, and, had a long night of great sex, until the sun came up the next morning.

Sure enough, she began ordering me to masturbate for her, every day. Sometimes, she'd join in and masturbate, too, but, mostly, she'd just watch me. We always had great sex, afterward. About a week later, she got her camera out, and, started taking pictures of me as I stroked my hard cock. I didn't know it at the time, but, she was showing the pictures to her friend, Lynn. Tracey and her friend, Lynn were bi, and, sometimes Lynn had been in bed with us, both. It was only a matter of time, before Tracey ordered me to jack off in front of them. Soon, Lynn brought over her video camera, and started capturing the whole thing on video.

Then, one night, they told me they were going to be having a girls night, at our house. I was to be the entertainment. First, I was to be a male stripper for them. Then, I was to put on "my little show" for them. And, the evening was to end with me serving drinks to the girls, completely naked. I protested, but, they informed me that I WAS going to do it. When the time came, I was pretty nervous about it, but, found myself going along with it, in spite of my inhibitions. It turned out to be one of the best times I could've imagined. The girls kept grabbing me, and groping me, all night long.

Then, just last week, Lynn came over, with her friend, Joey. The girls peeled off their clothes, and started to make out. Then, stopping, they made us stand up, and, take off our clothes.

"We're going to change things up a little, tonight!", Tracey announced. Then, they both giggled.

"Tonight, you guys are going to jerk each other off!", Lynn said.

I protested. I said there was no way I was going to do THAT!

"Yes! You WILL!", Tracey informed me.

I started to beg and plead for her to put a stop to it.

"It's just a different cock that you'll be playing with! Stroking, no different than if it was yours. What's the difference? We've let you watch us! I've even let you fuck Lynn. If you want any more of this", she said, grabbing her pussy, "you'll do it!"

Joey and I wound up jerking each other off, and, as much as I hated to admit it, I liked it. He seemed to know just what to do to me, and, when. And, I liked the feeling of power it gave me, making him cum.

"There. Was that so bad?", the girls asked us, after we were done.

I admitted I'd liked it. Joey agreed, but, added, that they knew he was bi.

The four of us got together, every evening, after that.

Then, last night, I went down on him, for the first time. I'd never sucked a guy off, before, but, I liked it. No, I loved it. Joey returned the favor, and, I have to admit, it was the best blow job I've ever had. I guess we'll be spending a lot of time together, from now on!


Submitted: Sat, 06 Sep 2014 15:32:23 GMT

here in my city[parts unknown] i tried an experiment just out of curiosity.i'll admit to being a 49 year old male extremely and sexually attracted to very young girls..very YOUNG.growing up i've been fortunate to avoid legal issues because and perhaps i'm just lucky to find young girls that are attracted,curious and willing to learn about sex.hispanic,dominican,chinese and my favorite sexual flavor black little girls with of course the stipulation that they must be shall we say obese,fat,chunky...the reason is as i've learned through past experience is that they produce literally heavy amounts of vaginal fluids i.e lubrication and are capable of withstanding high tolerance to painful penetrations where size matters..as an hispanic/american male i'm well endowed and proned to certain fetishes in regards to young girls...fetish like the scent,age,taste of girls between their best years of purity.surprisingly there are several throughout the years that were quite willing without threat,force or fear to experiment in sexual encounters.the youngest one [liliana] was only 9 years old when she eagearly smeared vaseline on her privates as she often prepared for the challenge of male adult penetration in a vacant apartment we shared hours in seclusion.liliana wanted/needed to prove that she could take it like the big girls and had already experimented sexually with young boys.i was impressed that she adapted through tears,pain and sweat as i eased my huge massive maleness in her little girl vagina.any man who has actually been with a girl/child sexually will confirm that it is anotimically possible yet one must practice caution and patience...experience and preparedness is important such as knowing to use lubricants,condoms and healing creams to combat extreme vaginal soreness.young girls show the signs of sexual penetration far more than woman..stomach pains,walking slowly,compelled to rub/hold their swollen privates.but after several sexual encounters they finally adapt.some like shanti a young black girl of the age 12 will take a male adult and relax in in a tub of hot water to relieve soreness and even take anal sex when oil lubricants are used.society has issues in regards to young children demonstrating their curiosity and willingness to participate in sexual relations but the fact is young children are experimenting.they are even the first to approach a sexual encounter with adults like ming lae a chinese girl i met in the village,she was 14 years old and actual adult men who have experienced sexual encounters like me will tell you truth...young girls don't practice healthy hygiene...every single sex encounter i've had with these underage girls i've noted they don't bathe daily and their panties [in the crotch area]shows days of yellowish crustiness,when inserting my finger in their rectums their feces are evidently clear.i mean no disrespect to any of these young girls but there was moments of hesitation in our private encounters when i opted to forego cunninglingus or penetration.mae-ling hadn't bathe in two days,liliana as well and shanti used my bathroom without using the toilet paper.fortunately i'm completely and sexually attracted to little girl pussy and due to the risk,time and patience i invest in meeting these girls i overlook their hygeine issues.butit's the truth young girls are irresponsable and the majority don't use over the counter vaginal products.veronica is from peru and she's 14 years old,it took three hours to finally fuck her because her pussy was extremely tight it's a rare condition medically known as vaginitus [do the research]...it was painful for both of us and i was raw but worse still was the scent of her vagina...it took a lot of soap and bath gel to remove the salty fish stench of that girls numerous orgasms.look...i'm not complaining i'm 49 years old and have been with young girls sexually since i was 23.i just know from actual facts that looks can be deceiving,though i have a sexual preference for young girl pussy it's no different than men who prefer woman.it may be a taboo subject but it's also a reality,and keep in mind that these young girls are NOT being forced,raped or coerce.they are willingly consenting so if society has issues with the bare truth then wake-up this world is not and never will be perfect.FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS/CRITICISMS PEACE.


Submitted: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 14:46:57 GMT

I was at a concert a few weeks ago. It was very, very packed inside. I had made my was with my girlfriend to the front of the pit. We ended up standing behind a a few girls who were against the security barrier in front of the stage. The girls were all about 14 or 15 years old. I had a boy of the same age next to me. He was clearly the boyfriend of the girl in front of him. I could tell as he spent most of his time rubbing against her ass and holding her hips.

About mid show, my girlfriend left me to go get a drink. The crowd had pushed us across and i was not behind the teen girl that the boy had been holding onto. He was now 3 or 4 people across from us. I only took a few seconds to realise how stunning the girl was. She had long brown hair, a tight body leaning against the fence, a smashing ass poking out and she only had a really short mini skirt on.

I slowly held her hips, just like her boyfriend had been and she didn't even turn or react. After a minute or two, i started rubbing against her ass.

Since she didn't react, other than to push back a it and wriggle her hips, i went for it. I slowly pulled her skirt up her hips until about half her ass was out of it. Then i slowly hooked the sides of the back of her underwear and pulled it down. I undid my zip and pulled my raging hard on out. I held her hips and as she jumped and screamed i pushed my cock inside her panties, up between her thighs and my head slide straight into her pussy as she stopped jumping. She still didn't turn around, she just pushed her ass out further, making it easier for me to push nice and deep into her.

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When the concert was over and we all started to leave i quickly lent over and whispered in the teens ear, "thanks for letting me fuck you and for letting me blow in your sexy pussy". I turned and moved fast so by the time she turned around i was in the crowd.


Submitted: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 15:32:32 GMT

I am, not by my own admission, a very gorgeous woman. I have been told this all the time. I am tall for a woman at 5'10", I weigh about 135 lbs and can complete a boot camp workout leaving many men in there on the floor or throwing up. I am a welder by trade, bartender at night and have occasionally stripped or tended bar topless. One night I made over $500 in tips just by tending bar topless for about 2 hours. I have been loved, hated, had love made to me, been raped and married once.

I have read quite a few stories on this site, everyone seems to have a thing for their mother or sister on here. I have no siblings, so that never happened, my father died when I was 5 years old so nothing there and I am not about to have a 2 or 3 way with my mom.

I do have one thing in common though with some of the stories on here, I do have my dog lick and mount me. I am sure it does not shock anyone reading stories on this site but I am sure that people who know me in person would fall flat on their back laughing if I told them. He is just an average mutt and it all started by complete chance, well I guess not complete chance I was on the couch masturbating. I had not yet had an orgasm and was playing with myself pretty intensely with my head back and my eyes closed picturing some hot guy licking away at me when suddenly something did start licking away at me. I gasped at first pulling my hand up and he stopped for a second but then leaned in again and started licking my lips.

I could not help myself given my current state of turned on and ended up spreading my legs even further and sliding my butt off the edge of the couch to give him better access. He licked and licked, I pulled my legs up holding on to my ankles while he dove into me over and over. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I came to a climax, he of course had no clue what had happened and just wanted to keep licking the new treat he had found.

Moving onward I have been pretty satisfied with him on the oral front but the first time I tried getting him to mount me I was sore for a few days. He is huge, starts out medium sized but quickly grows to huge. I was not prepared for that and he stretched me beyond normal. so I make sure I am very wet and well lubricated before any entering goes on. He is not into stamina so I pretty much do it for his satisfaction, he enters me and is done thrusting in under five minutes. He then stays in for about five or so more minutes, pulls out and walks around a little bit. He will climb on me again after a few minutes and does the same round of screwing. Most of the time he will lick as much of his cum out and off of me as he can which does feel good as well.

So that is my big confession of sin, I have sex with my dog.


Submitted: Thu, 02 Apr 2015 00:10:58 GMT

My husband and I hired out our house remodel to a great contractor. He was so good to work with not to mention the fact that he was really hot. About two weeks into the job that was supposed to take 8 weeks I was over at the house checking out the work going on and looking over the floor plan with him. I had half planned it but I was wearing my workout gear, I had brought a change of clothes and planned on showering up at the gym but when I was working out I got really turned on thinking about showing up at the house dressed in yoga pants and a workout bra.

I showed up and he brought me into the kitchen and introduced me to his two workers then showed me all the changes that were going on. After about a half an hour I told him thanks and he followed me out the door to my car telling me to have a great day.

I did that a few times and one day I showed up and it was just him at the site. His crew was on another job because he had an inspection on ours that morning and was doing a few small things. I asked him if the bathroom upstairs still worked and he told me it did, I went upstairs and removed my panties wearing just my yoga pants which were pretty thin. I called down the stairs to him and asked him to come upstairs I had a question on the closet. He followed me into the bedroom and I started talking to him about the closet then bent over making sure my pants stretched over my rear very tightly. I could tell by his voice that he was really distracted and kept talking to him. I stood up and told him thanks a lot and then told him I had another question for him down the hall. The spare bedroom was not getting anything torn apart in it and was pretty clean so I decided that is where I would let him have me. He opened the door and asked me what I wanted to change in here and I did my super bold move and took my shirt and bra off right over my head. He turned and looked at me standing there topless and muttered out a holy shit your hot. I pulled my pants down to the floor and stepped out of them and walked up to him. He bent over and started sucking on my nipples then laid me right on the floor and started licking every part of me. He made love to me for a good hour and I had a few orgasms finishing him off with a blowjob. He fucked me several times over the next 5 weeks of the project and I loved going over there and teasing him when the crew was there in my workout gear.


Submitted: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 09:17:47 GMT

My son brought his college roommate home one weekend and I am not sure what snapped in my brain but at about 2 am I woke up to go get some water. The spare bedroom is above the garage and his roommate was sleeping in there, I walked down the hallway on my way back to bed but passed my bedroom. I was standing next to his bed in the dark when I decided that I would crawl into bed with him. I removed my clothes and pulled the covers back immediately pushing my body against his. He was confused at first but was very calm for having someone just get into bed with him. He rolled over onto his back stretching a little bit and asked me what time is it? I put a finger across his lips and slid up on top of him positioning my hips on top of his. He was wearing boxers but I could still feel his cock pushing against me.

Mrs. Blah blah what are you...um wow, your naked were his exact words. I rocked my hips back and forth getting him hard, his fingers explored my breasts and nipples. He was hard in an instant, I slid down and pulled his cock out moaning at how hard it was and swallowed as much as I could then sucked on it hard like I did in college. He came in no time at all just like they all did in college, I kept sucking on him getting him hard again. He took control though and rolled me over, he licked and sucked on my nipples while teasing me with his cock pressing it against me but not entering. Soon his tongue was into me, licking and sucking on my clit, this guy was not a virgin he knew how to please a woman pretty well. He teased my clit and licked my lips, nibbling here and there then penetrating me deeply. I came fairly quickly myself then whispered to him to fuck me deeply, I needed his cock in me. He pulled himself up and I was rewarded nicely as he slid it inside me and buried himself. I was in heaven with his rock hard cock spreading me out, it had been a few years but the pleasure was so great. He lasted longer this time and I loved every second of him thrusting into me. I told him I wanted to be on top again so he laid down and I mounted him, I love this position and started rocking my hips onto him. After quite some time I came again and was very impressed at his staying power, I slid down to his lovely cock again and started sucking on it, the head was wonderfully wide and felt great in my mouth. I gripped his balls in one hand pulling on them a little to intensify his pleasure. He came again and I swallowed all of him lavishing in it.

I went back to my bed and when we were all up in the morning everyone had slept great. I had him again the next night.


Submitted: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 18:31:53 GMT

I met my bestfriend when I was in 7th grade. He was in 9th grade at the moment, so it was kind of awkward because he was popular, and I was the weird kid. Now, he is in 4th year of University, and I'm in 2nd year. After 9 years of knowing each other, last night we fucked. And it was great. I wish I had fucked him sooner.


Submitted: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 02:09:44 GMT

im having sex with my best friends boyfriend of 4 yrs, its amazing and i dont even feel bad when she tells me there not having sex anymore


Submitted: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 12:17:18 GMT

This is embarrassing even to write about and I've lied about it to family and friends for months now. I had a vaginal wart removed in February and was afraid to tell anyone. I have had several sex partners but haven't even told any of them, some I don't see anymore. As most women know gyno exams are humiliating especially when put in the sturrups with legs wide open. Last week I had to go back to the doctor to make sure everything was fine and the surgery came out well. The doctor is a young attractive man who is also the surgeon. As he was examining me I became aroused and tried desperatly not to orgasm but I did. I'm sure both he and the nurse knew I did and I was so embarrassed I just put my hands over my face and couldn't look at either of them. Neither of them said anything to me about it but I can't imagine what they think of me. Now I have to go back in 6 weeks and am terrified. I haven't had sex since I discovered the wart at the end of January, so I think that is why it happened. I told my girlfriend about having the orgasm but still have told no one about the wart. She thinks I'm crazy and insists its imposible to get aroused while getting a gyno examination. Now I'm embarrassed about that and totally dread going back to the same doctor. I fear it will happen again.


Submitted: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 00:11:04 GMT

ive got a really great boyfriend who loves me and takes really good care of me in every way imaginable. He has the best dick I've ever been fortunate enough to have. I would suck his dick for hours if he would let me. I just have a problem telling him how much I want to fuck him all the time. I'm sure this would be most guy's dream, but I don't want him to think I'm a nympho or anything. He's very sexual and i love that about him. We watch porn together all the time. I secetly fantasize about him doing the things the actors do in the porn, to me. I want him to dominate me and treat me like a little whore. I want him to throw me down, Hold my arms behind my head by my wrists. pry my legs apart and shove his sweet black cock inside of me. Putting his hand over my mouth telling me to " Shut the fuck up and take this dick bitch". He'll fuck me harder and harder till i beg him to stop, but still he won't. he'll make me scream louder and louder. then he'll throw me on my stomach and stand behind me and say, Now bring that ass to daddy. He'll grab me by my hips and slowly thrust his throbbing chocolate stick into my wet drippin pussy. I'll moan with pleasure. he'll reach out and get a hand full of my hair and say "ah yeah, gimmie this pussy bitch". In and out, In and out... it goes harder and deeper with each stroke. The more noise I make, the deeper and more violent the penitration. He holds my waist to keep me from crawlin away. "Where u goin Tramp? U gonna take this dick bitch!" he tells me as he feels me pulling away, Slappin my ass really hard over and over as he asks me..." what's my name bitch? Who's pussy is this? U like this big black dick don't u? Holding my hair like it was the reigns on a horse bit. I love this dick daddy! i scream. turn around and get on ur knees he says. With out a word i assume the position. I love sucking his cock. I love it when he holds the back of my head as he pushes that chocolate sausage further and further down my throat. I love hearing him squeal and whine when it gets really good to him. I love looking at him while I try to suck all his babies outta his shaft. I want him to cum on my face, just like the whores on the pornos. I love waching him jack off. he thinks I don't know, but I like watching as much as he likes doing it. I wish i could tell him how much i want to be his own private little slut, his on- call whore, his personal dick- sucking cum rag, but i can't bring myself to tell him these things....


Submitted: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 09:44:06 GMT

My husband and I hired a young man to do the necessary maintenance around our home, like yard work,fence painring, cleaning the pool, things like that.He was a good worker, and a very good looking, and well built young chap.

We let him stay in the small house in back, kitchenette, bathroom,and he was very happy with the arrangement.

My husband had to leave town on a business trip for 3 days, and I woke up the morning he left with a very warm feeling in my vagina. I was horny! Now, I'm 34, and I've never had another man in me except my husband, and I wonderd what it would be like if I did. I put on my bikini and went out to the pool where our lad was working, laid down on the chaise lounge and took off the bikini top, hoping he would notice me. He Did! He was wearing trunks with a nice bulge in front and he came over and sat beside me, telling me what gorgeous breasts I have. I said "well, what do you think of this?" and pulled the bikini bottom off, I was completely naked in front of him. I reached over and started rubbing that bulge in his trunks, and said "Don't you think you should take off those trunks, I have plans for you!" He quickly peeled off his swim trunks, exposing his 8 inch throbbing cock. I was excited, hot and wet at the sight of that hard prick, and I suggested we go in the bedroom, Once inside, I laid on the edge of the bed, spread my legs wide and he proceeded to spread my pussy lips and lick my clitoris. I was just on the edge of a beautiful orgasm when he thrust his cock deep inside me.AAAH! what a great feeling that was. I twisted and bucked and he exploded inside me. I could feel it throbbing with every stroke giving me the most intense orgasm I have ever had. He didn't go limp after he came, but continued to screw me until I came again.

We stayed in bed until arond noon, trying every imaginable position.

So this is what another man feels like .I really enjoyed this, and now, when I have the chance, I go over to his litle living quarters and get in bed with him!


Submitted: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 06:11:26 GMT

I'm a 18 year old girl and the first time I sucked a boys dick, was when I was 16. I caught my 13 year old cousin Ricky, making out with the girl next door. They were just tuching each other over their clothes, but he was so embarrassed that I had caught him. He made me promise I would say anything to his parents. One day I got him alone with me and told him I would tell his parents and blackmailed him into tacking off his clothes. I took him to my room, locked the door and forced him to strip naked. His dick got instantly hard and gave him a blow job. It took just a couple of sucks and he came inside my mouth. I pulled my panties off and thought him to lick my pussy. I din't have a clue of how to do oral sex, but just the thought of forcing him to lick me made me have an orgasm. In part was just knowing that I could do anything I wanted with him. I wanted to see him cum so I made him masturbate in front of me. Young boys can shot out the sperm clear across the room. I sucked him off a third time before I let him go. That was the only time I seduced him, but know I could get him to do it again if I get to be alone with him. I think he liked it, because he never said anything about it. I'm dying to teach him how to fuck me.


Submitted: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 07:26:43 GMT

This is the continued story about Bob and my wife. He had his cock in her, pumping away and she was enjoying every inch of his prick. Shelooked at me and said "He's going to make me cum, again, are you enjoying watching this?bcause...OH! OH! Here it is! I'm going to cum! Oh, suck my titties! OOOH! I can feel him squirting it in me!" I stuck my finger in Bob's ass and gave him a prostate kicker and she screamed "Do that again, it felt like his prick got twice as big as before!!!" I said "you really like to show off your tits and pussy, don't you? I get a hard on every time you let some guy see you naked!"

Bob had pulled out, and was lying on his back, so I started pushing my hard cock into her cum-filled pussy, adding my own cum to Bob's. She said " I wonder how many of our guy friends I could fuck, they all admire me and tell me how sexy and cute I am, maybe we could have a skinny dipping party in our new pool, I will run around naked, and see what happens." I said "Tell you what...I'll call some of my good buddies and invite them over, and you can be the only female at the party. I won't be here, and you can see how many of these guys will screw you!"

She said "Start calling!!"


Submitted: Mon, 06 Sep 2010 08:59:38 GMT

my cute and sexy wife and I were visiting a friend of ours who has a basement mini gym. He had been firting with her for some time and she liked it. I'm not the jealous husband, and I have a fantasy about seeing my wife in bed with another guy. we were in the jacuzzzi hot tub while Dave, our friend was in the sauna roo. We got out,dried off, but she remainednaed. I asked her "So, what are you going to do, now?" she smiled and said " Oh, I thought I would go in the sauna room like this and show Dave my firm, pink titties!" I sad "show him your nice, smooth shaved pussy, too, see how fast he gets a hard on.!" I'll bet if I do tht, he's going to want to stck it in me !" she said my cock was rock hard as she walked naked into the sauna room and said "would you like to watch me get him hard?"

I tried to watch through the window in the door, but it was so steamed up I coldn't see anything, but after about 20 minutes she came out, looking all pink and grinning and told me

this: "well, you were right, he did want to fuck me, so I sat down on his lap, facing him and his big, throbbing prick slipped right in! I ground my butt around and around and started to cum in about 2 minutes. His cock is so big and hard,and when he came inside me it felt like a fire hose1 He sucked my titties and kept it in me until he came a second time, an I loved every inch of his cock!" He asked me where you were, ane I said "He's probably watching us, now, He wanted to see me do it with you!" Dave said"In that cae why don't you spend the night, and both of us can really give you a going over!" I said "YES!! I would love that!"

So that night we had our first threeome!!


Submitted: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 23:29:32 GMT

i wana fuck my 11 year old cousin so bad


Submitted: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 08:10:05 GMT

I am a seventeen-year-old bisexual female with a girlfriend I am not allowed to see. On New Year's Eve me and my friends had a party while she had to stay with her grandparents about forty minutes away because her parents were out drinking. After the party died down and most people started sleeping, I snuck out of my friend's house and drove all the way down to my girlfriend's grandparents' house. She snuck out and met me outside, getting in my car. We drove just a bit down and turned into a dark empty alley, where I parked.

We started making out quickly and soon I crawled on top of her in the passenger's seat. She stripped off her shirt, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra, and I soon began to fondle her breasts, especially her dark tan nipples, which are extremely sensitive. She's very sensitive all over; I already knew she was sensitive in her neck and her nipples and her waist, but I discovered that night she was also sensitive in her navel and especially her hips. I spent a very long time teasing her, during which time she would be full of gasps and whimpers and shivers and had much difficulty breathing. She pulled my shirt down, too, and after pressing my hand harshly against her breast, wanting me to fondle her roughly, she would play with my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples painfully and then licking and sucking them hungrily. She loved to kiss my neck as well. Finally I kept stroking her hips deliberately, sliding my thumb down along the bone, slipping under her waistband and under the fabric of her panties, stroking the crease in her body there. She would moan weakly from this, and finally she grabbed my hand and shoved it down to cup her crotch.

At first I only teased her, rubbing my fingers against her pussy through the fabric of her panties. She started moaning right away; she had never had sex before of any kind. After I got her very wet and poked her a little bit, I lifted my hand and slipped it under her panties. I had to feel around through her dense tangle of hair to find her flesh, but once I reached low enough, it was slick and inviting. She gasped loudly, moaning at the contact as I rubbed her pussy, brushing my thumb over her clitoris as I teased her entrance. She kept bucking her hips and moaning breathlessly, then finally begged weakly—"Inside, please!"

I was so turned on and quickly obliged, pushing my fingers inside of her and stretching the hymen. She cried out loudly in pain and pleasure as I feverishly pumped my fingers in and out, her hand clutching my shoulder tightly and her jaw fallen open as I moved my lips to her neck, suckling it hungrily. I kept sliding my fingers in and out of her, curling them to press against her G-spot. I had her tell me whether she was crying out in pain or whether it felt good. She said "It hurts, but keep going" and as I did her cries grew louder and when I made her speak she moaned that it was "Good! Good!"

Finally I moved my fingers to her clitoris, rubbing around it and finally playing with it. She began to moan louder than ever, bucking her hips and crying "How are you doing that?!" I kept massaging her clitoris until she finally couldn't take it any more—but I didn't stop until after she had breathlessly cried my name, the hugest turn-on ever.

Afterwards I rested my hand on her stomach, feeling her flushed and sweaty skin as she breathed heavily. We kissed and fondled some more but I did have to go home before it got light again. We got dressed and she went back to her grandparents' house, and I went back to my friend's house where the party was.

Now my girlfriend is a nymphomaniac even though I haven't been able to see her. She's constantly telling me how horny she is and what she'd like me to do to her—the list of places to fuck keeps growing! I can't wait to fulfill our oft-described fantasy, where we rent a motel room and fuck incredibly all night long. First I will undress her slowly, teasing, then I will fuck her roughly against the wall until she can't stand any more. Then I'll toss her on the bed and discard every last shred of clothing, then cover every inch of her naked body with kisses. I'll suck her tiny breasts eagerly and kiss all the way down her body, then spread her thighs and kiss up the inside of them, breathing hotly on her flesh until she can't stand it any more. I'll fuck her a little with my fingers to get her hot and wet, then I'll press my lips to her pussy and lick every last drop of juices out of her until she's screaming. I'll pleasure her with my tongue until she's orgasmed several times. Then, when I'm done with that, I'll ask her where she wants to be fucked next—no breaks. We'll fuck all night long.

I can't wait until that night. I'm so glad to be a horny teenager with a lesbian nympho girlfriend.


Submitted: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 22:29:19 GMT

I am addicted to masturbation. My ex-wife and I masturated simultateously, usually while talking dirty about my best friend. He was always fucking different women and telling me about it. I've never satisfied a women because of premature ejaculation and my wife eventually tired of me. So we would fantasize about my budding fucking her and masturbate.

Eventually, my wife left me. I continued to masturbate, thinking of my friend and my wife fucking. Eventually, I had a new girl friend. This time, though, she ended up in bed with my friend, a great fuck she told me. I would jerk-off while she told me of her sex with him.

She left me. I jerked-off more and more and thought more and more of my friend and his satisfying sex life. Eventually, I've got to the point where I do myself up to 3 or four times a day. Even at work.

My friend knows that I jerk-off alot, and that I think of him most of the time whild doing it. We used to work together and I think he sometimes flirted with me just so I would get hard and have to go to the mens room (or somewhere else).

Today we do not see each other that much, but I still jerk-off everyday, several times a day, while mostly thinking of him. I even jerk-off looking at pictures of him.


Submitted: Sat, 14 May 2011 08:34:44 GMT

I remember fucking my 2nd cousin who is adopted. I remember spending the night(fucking all night). we both would get butt naked, i would suck on her boobs and fuck her nice tight pussy with my dick along with her ass,then eat out her pussy.The bed fucking rocked the night away. missionary was my fav because of more trusts and humps. long story short we get no sleep on those nights and my confession is i masturbate to the thoughts of this now- been along time since we fuck!!!


Submitted: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 15:54:57 GMT

when i was eleven i went to camp and an older boy made me suck his dick. he sucked mine and quite frankly i liked it. i liked sucking him more, and it naturally gravitated to him poking me with his dick until we used vaseline and the rest is history. i was hooked, and he liked to fuck, so we were a natural pair. for two glorious weeks we would escape and find a place where we felt eachother, sucked each other and then ended it by him fucking me. after the second time, he came every time.

when i got back to town i missed it badly, and my cousin was the only boy around. one day while we were peeing outside, y reached over and grabbed his dick and he peed on me. i didn't let it go and felt him up like i had been felt up and got on my knees and sucked him. sucking him was far more enjoyable than sucking the boy at camp. the taste of his pee was still on him and that was so good.

i let him touch me, and although he let me put my dick in his mouth, he wasn't too sure about that. but he liked me touching him and sucking him. his dick got so hard. it became our secret. one night, when we were sleeping over at the lake, after sucking him, i had him lay down and straddled him and pushed down on his little rod. god, it was great. i got some valesine out of the cubbard in the bathroom and smeared my butt and got back on him and worked it inside. i was back in camp. his dick was smaller and went in and out better and it didn't take him long to figure out how to fuck.

we sucked dick, played with our dicks, and he fucked me and learned to cum, and we were still sucking and fucking when we graduated from highschool. i love his dick. we are in our fifties now, and live far apart, each with families. but when we get together, i give him a the most delicious blow job and he gives me the most sensual fuck. it takes me back to those wonderful days, when we were discovering ourselves. sometimes when he is fucking me, i think of the boy at camp and it gives me a hard on.


Submitted: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:18:49 GMT

What I'm about to write is true but I am much to ashamed to tell anyone especially my co workers, friends or family. Where I live and work are 35 miles apart and I am a plant supervisor very well liked and respected by all. I am assertive yet fair with the 42 people under my supervision. Thankfully they no nothing of my home life and present relationship where I am a totally submissive idiot. I knew Jill was bisexual even before I had her move in with me three years ago. I also knew she was involved with several other girls and had weekly sex while I was at work. I never encouraged or discouraged her simply because of the overwhelming sex I had with her. I have had a few good relationships in the past but Jill was the most sexual and dominant girl I had ever been with. She satisfied me in ways I never thought about and introduced me to sex toys which we used on each other several times a week. Within the first year of her living with me she had turned me into a submissive fool and I loved every minute of it. She was the first woman I ever allowed to penitrate my rectum. It started with a thin vibrator and quickly escalated to where she would use an assortment of attachments and dildos in many different shapes and sizes. She usually did this while jerking me off or giving me oral sex. I not only let her shave me but she has also given me spankings and that first year and insisted on giving me enemas three times. At work I am in control but at home Jill is and I have become like a puppet. She is only six years older than me but often treats me like I am a juvenile, ordering me to submit to her sexual fantasies and I always comply. Some were humiliating at first but now I am a completely submissive shadow of a man. Her bisexual activities continued and little by little I found out who the two other woman are, Sally and Brittany. I knew Sally for some time, knew she was married and had two kids but never met them or her husband. Brittany I had heard of but didn't ever meet her at the time. Then just under two years ago Jill began asking if I would be open to a threesome and told me I could also see how she has sex with the other girls. I had never had a threesome but like any other guy have thought about it. I agreed but never expected to get myself so involved in having myself dominated by three women. The first time we did this was with Sally and aside from me seeing her and Jill satisfy each other the two of them took liberties with me that I never complained about. Jill started it by having Sally give me oral sex and before I knew what was happening Jill was invading my rectum with the vibrator and a large penis shape dildo. Then Sally took over and the way I was positioned didn't relize at first that she was fucking me with a strap on dildo. As humiliating as it was I never said a word, manily because I was so aroused by the blow job Jill was giving me. I had never been with two girls at the same time before. At one point Sally was on her knees and I was having anal intercouse with her while at the same time giving Jill oral sex as she stood in front of me. By the end of that week Brittany came over and that is when I first realized how aggressive and domanating they were, even more so than Jill. Don't get me wrong because I am very willing to sacrifice my manhood for the amount of pleasure I receive from these girls. Even though they do things that embarrass me I just go along with it. Since this began with Sally and Brittany I now have no control of what goes on. Jill has even became more aggressive with me even when we are alone and I just put up with it. There have been many times when both Sally and Brittany are here on the same night. I can't began to explain how humiliating it can be but they always know when I am to aroused to complain of anything. Sometimes Jill will begin jerking me off or sucking me and at the same time Sally and Brittany will also play with my gentals and anus. I get so turned on either Sally or Brittany or both will position me in such a way to be able to fuck me with the strap on. Brittany is very rough sometimes and even though it is a little painful I never complain about it. I think they enjoy degrading me and try to purposely humiliate me but when I talk to Jill about it she denies that is the reason. They all spank and shave me and a few times I have had small cuts on my scrotum which they also shave. Sally insists on shaving the hair in my crack and I can't believe sometimes how I let them position me in the most mortifying positions to do all this. There have been times when my anus is sore for a few days yet I never deny them access to my rectum or anything else. Jill has no jealousey about anything they do. Most of the the time its just one of them here but over the past year both have come more frequently. The one thing that is still humiliating is when I get an enema which is maybe every three weeks. Its only a warm water enema but Jill seems to want it done when she and the other two are here. Its not arousing at all to me and is very embarrassing. They do it after all the sex is done and I can no longer get an erection or ejaculate. My penis isn't very big when limp and I am sure the enemas are done mainly to humiliate me even though Jill tells me its not. I think Sally and Brittany get some type of satisfaction out of degrading me and believe Jill purposely lets them insert the nozzle in me likeing to watch them do it. I put up with this only because I get to have anal sex and intercouse with them. I know they will always give me oral sex and have me aroused to a full extent. I never told Jill this but Brittany is the best blow job I have ever had. She is able to consume my entire penis in her mouth and let me ejaculate knowing she swallows most of it. There were times when she forced me to taste my own semen which Sally and Jill thinks funny but I don't like. Sally and Brittany are alike in some ways but Sally seems like the one who likes to spank me the most and Jill lets her use my belt most of the time. I do like watching them have sex with each other even using the strap on and fucking one another. When its just Jill and I and only one of the other girls we usually shower together when done with the sex. We wash each other and how could I not enjoy that. I feel like an asshole sometimes because in work I have to be in control of everything. If those people knew how I am dominated and desgraced at home they would have no respect for me. In work what I say goes, at home I am only obedient and submissive. Often when I'm alone and thinking about the things I let Jill and the other girls do I get embarrassed of myself. I see no end to it and basically don't want it to stop. More and more they make up reasons to spank me, telling me I need to be punished for one thing or another. As much as I am satisfied by them I sometimes feel like they are using me for their own sexual perversion. Especially when they fuck me with the strap on or give me an enema. I know Sally and Brittany have no respect of me and when I think about it realize I let them and Jill do anything they desire. I never tell them anthing is embarrassing for me but I'm sure they are well aware of when I am humiliated by them. I'm sure that is part of it and something they enjoy doing. I never thought much about that in the past but believe that a lot woman are obsessed with dominating a man. Most women are aware of the sexual power they have over men and how easy it is if the want sex with a man. Jill, Sally and Brittany, I believe, don't really need sex with me but have discovered what an easy mark I am and take advantage of it. While they are here I don't care whats going on because they have a knack of keeping me aroused most of the time. Brittany has even supplied me with viagra many times and I know behind my back they make a fool of me and think of me as a stupid man. Jill and I get along great and have great sex together. I often question why she ever got Sally and Brittany involved with us and her main response is that she is bisexual and enjoys having sex with the girls and me at the same time. I have told Jill that some of the things are humiliating but she tells me I have to give them some enjoyment in the things they like to do. I also think Jill has sex with them more often than she admits to me and wonder if she likes sex with them better than she does with me. I beleive all three of them have a domination fetish and most obvious in Brittany. I'm a winner and a loser, a winner because of the sex I get but a loser because of the disrespect I receive. They may not think I know it but just the ways they force me to display my genitals and how they abuse my anus and rectum is downright degrading. They have come to know me like a book and by now know they can do anything they please. As soon as we are naked I am aroused and they know it. At first thought I felt I was taking advantage of Jills friends but things swiftly changed in the other direction. It all has to do with me since I am the one who gave up and let them take charge of me. I could put an end to it but am so turned on and sexually satisfied by them that I continue to allow the abuses they inflict, some of which are also stimulating. I don't mind being penitrated with a dildo or vibrator but having them fuck me with the strap while the others watch is demoralizing. I know their intent with the enamas is strickly to embarrass me yet Jill still says its only for fun. Well, since the last enema I got from Jill alone, both girls have been her for every other one except for one time. This month so far Sally has been here once, Brittany once, and the two of them three times. This past Tuesday they both fucked me with the dildo and Brittany gave me an enema. It seems fun is when they are all here. Like I said before I could stop it but I don't. I am like a slave to them and obey and put up with whatever they decide for my own sexual satisfaction. I guess its a love hate situation since most of it is arousing and I am well taken care of sexually. Jill and I still have sex alone a few times a week. It consists mostly of intercourse and oral sex but we occassionally use the sex toys on each other. The sex toy briefcase is the first thing out when Sally, Brittany or both are here. I feel like they think of me as amusement lately because over the last few months they have been penitrating me more than I do them. They never ask what I want to do and I just let them have control of me. Just to be satisfied I let them do all this.


Submitted: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 22:30:21 GMT

Im a 14 yr.o Girl.. My girlfriend Is soon to be 17 as i will be 15. She has a older brother Thats 18. I see him as a friend / Brother.. but i been having dreams and thought about fucking him.. Like " i dreamed he was in his room alseep, I came in and I started stripping and grabbed his dick Nd slowly started licking and sucking on the tip, Then i would start deep throating him while he grabbed my hair and pushed my head down making me suck his huge dick Then he throws me on the bed and RAMS his Dick in me so DEEP! omg! My pussy gets so weettt thinking bout him! like What the fuck is wrong with me? And her father! uff! I fantisize about him and him holding me down and eating my pussy And fucking my Girlfriend *His daughter* Making us cum! and making both us suck his dick while he cums on our faces, And ughh i want him to choke me!! And fuck me hard! And deep I want him to make me pussy bleeep he fucks me so hard! And i want him to fuck my Girlfriend Untill her pussy bleeds and comes, Then fuck me while i put my tounge all over her clit! and run my tongue down threw her pussy lips sucking on them. Licking and biting her clit! pushin my tongue in her tight pussy while her father is fucking me deep makin me moan and gasp for air while he is choking me and my girl is forcing my face in her pusssy while she weapsss and cry for me to make her come! and to make her squirt while im flicking my tongue hard and fast on her clit! ramming my face in her wet phat pussy! Is there something wrong with me? - Becky


Submitted: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 03:47:40 GMT

One of the most exciting things my cute, young (27) and I (35) have ever done was when we invited a good friend to come with us to our nudist retreat. Our friend (call him Burt) had never been to a nudist camp before, and was a little anxious about it. My wife (Jill) said to Bart "Now, you're going to see my bare titties! I know you have wanted to see them, so here's your chance!" As we pulled into the parking lot of the camp, Jill started taking off her clothes. She leaned over to him, her firm, pink breasts swaying, and said "See these, Bart? How do you like 'em?" I reached over and squeezed one saying "Wait 'til you see her little bare pussy, it's really hot and wet!" Completely nude we 3 walked to our rented cabin,where Hill sat on the bed giving Bart a showing of her open pussy. Bart was standing there, ogling her body when his cock began to harden.

I said "Bart, you can't go out in public like that....Jill? Do something to get him soft!" Jill took Bart's huge cock in her hand and began to massage it. As she did, I noticed how aroused she was, and in no time, she pulled Bart on top of her, his prick poised at the moist slit of her pussy. She ggave a little thrust and it was inside her, about half way! She said to me "I'm going to make him cum inside...lie down beside me and suck my nipples, and I'll cum, too!"

I sucked her nipples while she panted and wriggled on the bed. I got behind them and watched as his cock slipped in and out of her. Suddenly a spasm hit both of them, and I knew they both came at the same time! When he pulled out I noticed her pussy lips expanding and contracting. A beautiful sight! She smiled at me and said "Now, YOU!" I thrust my rock-hard prick in her all the way, and she squealed as she was cumming for the second time!Bart was lying on his back, his cock hard again. I rolled off Jill, her pussy dripping cum from the two of us, straddled Bart and let his cock go into her all the way to his balls!Jill was sitting astride him, his prick in her all the way. She exclaimed "I love this! I could do it all day long!" Jill didn't seem to want to quit, and we spent the whole day fucking her, taking turns!!!


Submitted: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 07:25:13 GMT

I'm 15 years old and a girl. I told my best friend about my really dirty desire to walk around nude in public and screw older guys. She told me to just do it. I left my house and found a quiet spot and took all my clothes off then started walking around. A couple guys came up to me and I fucked them senseless any way they wanted, and eventually got my clothes back and went home. This went on for a while until one day my parents caught me outside nude with cum on me and everything. I thought they were going to yell at me but it turns out they were okay with it. So now I can go out nude anytime I want and come home covered from head to toe in cum.


Submitted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:34:24 GMT

I've cocked up on the workbench in the garage while my father licked me convulsive to spouting cum into his mouth. I always squirted for him before eagerly taking his cock stretched and deep down my throat. I would suck him hard and fast while he fingered me to keep cuming, palming my head to bob knob. I remember the force of his ejaculate always being so strong the quake of it would rumble into me through his finger and cock making me cum with him as well. I nursed cockmilk for 13 years before getting pussy licked.


Submitted: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 21:37:04 GMT

I'm married. A buddy was visiting and spent the night on the couch.  I got up in the middle of the night to pee. I had a hardon and stopped by the living room. I saw that the covers had slipped off, and he was sleeping naked. We had been drinking earlier, and I started to mastrubate watching him sleep there. He woke up and saw me, and he asked me if I would like to watch him jack off too. I said OK and sat next to him on the couch...next thing i was sucking his cock. After he came in my mouth he played with my nipples while I stroked until I came. Neither one of us said anything to my wife the next day.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Feb 2015 14:17:12 GMT

I was really hot one day because the air conditioner was out so I put on my bikini instead of regular clothes. I was laying on my bed reading a book with a fan blowing on me attempting to stay cool when my brother walked into my room. I did not hear him at first so he was standing there when I pulled my suit out from my body to let some air inside my suit bottom. When I snapped it back I heard him say wow that was a nice view. I called him a pervert and told him it was his sin for looking. I can live with that he told me. I thought I would tease him a little and spread my legs out, I looked over my shoulder and he was leaning down to get a good look at my rear. I knew it was bad but I never thought he would actually plant his face in my suit so I told that he might as well kiss my ass since he was practically there. Suddenly I felt his face firmly planted on my ass and in one swift motion his fingers were running along my lips.

I told him that I did not mean it but gasped a little when his tongue licked the edges of my vagina. My head went down and I arched my back up because it felt really good. My mind was rationalizing it because he was not truly my brother and he is quite attractive. He pulled my bottoms right off me and laid down between my legs licking and kissing my vagina and rear. I buried my face into the bed feeling hotter and more sweaty than when I came in my room.

After two orgasms I was spent and told him that I was done for now but that was awesome. Intercourse was out of the question but I told him to give me a minute and I would give him a blow job. He could not wait that long and slid up onto my chest putting his cock between my breasts and stroking it in and out. I pushed them together more and between the sweat and him not caring he soon came pushing himself up at the right time and filling my mouth.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 21:31:23 GMT

I started cleaning house for my neighbor when I started going to college for extra money. He was really nice to me and never really had that dirty of a house anyways. One day I was not thinking my clothes out very well and went over there in a tank top that was pretty tight and a pretty thin bra so in no time my nipples were pointing from his air conditioned house. I caught him staring a few times then he looked up at me and told me he was sorry it has just been a long damn time since he has seen a woman naked. I thought it was a little forward of him but took it in stride as he was a nice man and I did wear some pretty revealing clothes.

The next time I went over there he was nice as ever and I told him sorry about last time I was over I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. He told me that it was the best thing that had happened to him in 15 years and he was so glad it did. He told me I could dress however I wanted to and he did not care.

I thought about his situation and figured he was harmless so I started wearing more revealing clothes for him to see me in and I was getting pretty turned on by the fact that he was still a gentleman every time I came over. He would look at me but never make any advances or ask me to do anything. One day on my way over to his house I decided that I would let him decide what or how much I would wear. I figured I would be naked so I did not spend much time picking outfits out for him, he surprised me though and told me what to wear from what I picked. After a few minutes of me working around the house he came into the kitchen and asked if I would clean in the nude. I told him sure and walked over to him telling him to pull my clothes off, he told me he had to sit down for that and went over to the couch. I turned around for him to pull my panties down and when he did I reached down and touched my ankles with my hands. the look on his face was amazing and I told him he could touch me if he wanted to, he leaned forward and planted his face right into me. I told him to take his glasses off and he laughed and practically threw them on the couch diving right back into my ass. He licked me for quite some time before asking me if we could go into the bedroom so I could lie down because this position was hard on his neck. I was willing and when he got back down there he did not stop for an hour.

He actually looked up and told me that he was going to lick me until I told him to stop because he figured this was never going to happen again for a long time and he wanted to enjoy it as long as I would let him. I told him as good at this as he is he can do it anytime I come over.

After he had gone down on me on about 3 different occasions I got to thinking that he must get a little frustrated and decided this time I would give him at least a hand job. After he went down on me for about an hour again I told him to roll over and get ready for a surprise. He was gasping when I took his cock into my mouth and pulled it straight up sucking really hard on it. I let it go and asked him if everything was all right, he looked down at me and said young lady, no woman has done that in 20 years, I am enjoying every second. I continued sucking on him and after about 15 minutes he finally had an orgasm. I thought about what a nice guy he is to me and crawled back up letting him lay down and spread my legs around his face. He licked me for a long time and I finally told him legs where aching so much I had to lay down. I am 22 and he is 84 years old, if anyone ever found out I was doing this I would be as embarrassed as I think I could be and my mother would probably shoot me.


Submitted: Tue, 07 Apr 2015 09:09:17 GMT

My girlfriend and I go to Vegas once a year and call it out getting back to reality weekend. We tell our husbands that we mostly sit around the pool and just enjoy the solitude of no kids to look after. What we really do is pick up guy after guy and screw his brain out.

We usually stick to the hotel we are staying at and find a guy willing to be with two women, not very hard to find one willing to do this. My girlfriend is much better at this than I am but she does get a great guy every time. The last time we were there though I had this guy just walk right up and start talking to me and so I went with it and about an hour later we had him back at the room. He was huge, so big I could not fit him in me all the way. I loved his cock, just the size of it brought a shiver down my spine when he took off his briefs. We were both sucking and licking it to life and looked at each other with big smiles on our faces, even his balls were huge. I was exhausted and could not walk straight after him, I was in the pool later that day and even a few hours after him I could still feel myself stretched out. I saw him again the next day and looked at him smiling, he walked up to me and asked how I was doing today. I told him great and how are you? He leaned down close to us and told us he was very horny to make love to a couple of hot women. We both looked at each other but I already knew I wanted that cock again, off we went back to the room and repeated a great session all over again.

Vegas, what a great place!


Submitted: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 00:33:09 GMT

I do not work in the sense that I do not go to a nine to five job and get a paycheck, but I do have a job.

I am a Project Manager, my husband travels a lot so when things break down at the house I have to get them fixed.

I am a Mom, who is expected to be there 24/7 without any notice of changes.

I am a Woman with desires, sometimes I am a good girl sometimes a bad girl. I make sure my husband stays satisfied and I get satisfied, no make that receive ecstasy. When I meet him for lunch I dress like a whore sometimes, I wear a coat and boots nothing else, sometimes I dress like a business woman or a college girl. I had the coat clerk at a restaurant ask me one time if I wanted to check my coat, I opened the front just so he could peek and told him I needed to keep it.

I have blown my tennis and golf instructors, slept with a neighbor who is a stay at home dad. I have had sex with the pizza delivery man, answered the door naked for the UPS and FEDEX guys. I have done just about any sexual thing I have thought of at about anytime I have wanted. Yet some ask me why I am a kept woman.

Why don't you want a career? Why depend on a man? Why do you drive a mini van?

I have a career it just does not pay in money, I do not depend on a man, he depends on me. If he were to die I am well off, if he divorced me I would be well off. I already have more money than I need to live the rest of my life. I drive a mini van because it is really nice to have all that room and still be able to park the darn thing, not to mention fuck my husband on the floor of it on during his lunch in the parking lot. Yes the windows are tinted.

So you see being a kept woman does not really mean all that it is thought to be, I enjoy life a lot. I get to have 6-7 hours a day nine months out of the year to do whatever I schedule or whoever I schedule into it.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 10:03:27 GMT

I read an article about a young woman that told her new husband that she would for one month have sex on his schedule, anytime he wanted to have it she would do it. I thought about it for a minute and wondered if that would work for a couple who had been married for 20 some years. Our sex life is certainly not what it was in our twenties but also not non existent.

My husband came home from work and after all was settled down for the night I asked him how he was doing and after a few minutes of talking I pulled his pj bottoms down and just started sucking him off without any foreplay. He was pretty amazed with that and then I told him that he could have sex with me anytime he wanted just ask and ye shall receive. He laughed a little, then looked at me and asked if I was serious. I told him I was and would make love to him anytime he wanted, show me how horny you are. He practically tore my night shirt off of me and made love to me for an hour. The next morning when he woke up he started in on me right away while I was waking up, the kids do not get up for about an hour and half so he decided that was plenty of time for lovemaking. He came home one time and our daughter was reading a book in her room with her ear buds in so when he came downstairs he pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door. Once inside he asked for a blow job which I gladly gave him.

After about two weeks or more of getting whenever he wanted he was a much different person, always happy for one. He came home one day around 10 am and I asked him if everything was okay, he told me that he took the rest of the day off as he wanted to come home and make love to me. I made a sad face and told him I was having my period but told him to pull his pants down and gave him a blow job right in the kitchen. We went out to lunch and had a great time, once we were back in the car heading home I undid my seat belt and got on my knees. I got his pants undone enough to get his cock out and sucked on him all the way home. We got home and went inside and I could feel myself getting turned on but hated the thought of doing it while menstruating. I told him come on lets take a shower, he used the massaging head on me until I came then I bent over and let him enter me. He was so turned on that he was thrusting into me harder than ever. We washed off and after about 15 minutes I went up to him and told him to make me suck his cock, he looked puzzled at me. So I told him again to make me suck his cock anyway he wanted to. He grabbed a tie and put my hands bound behind my back, blindfolded me with another one and put me on my knees. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back against the bed, I could feel the rush through my body as his cock went into my mouth. I could feel him get hard in seconds like he was twenty again, I gagged a couple of times and he stopped but I told him I am fine just keep fucking my mouth, he came in a few seconds after hearing me say that to him.

I have loved all the attention from him and I think keeping this up is great for him and our marriage, so glad I read that article. if you are a wife with a dull sex life in your marriage, try it you might find it fulfilling.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 15:47:42 GMT

My daughter is not what you would expect just by looking at her. During college I was a little worried that she was to lost in sex to stick to studies, I stayed as close as I could to her and luckily she got through and graduated. She is married to a great guy that she met at a work function from another company, I must admit when I first was introduced to him I did not think he would last given his type and what she always seemed to date in a man.

Five years later she was at it again seeing other men on the side and he was completely oblivious but she seemed happy with him and they were planning a family. I was a little nervous about the whole thing but that is what moms are for.

They came over for dinner one night and somehow my husband and daughter ended up going out to get a few things that we seemed to need. After about a half an hour of them being gone my son in law suddenly brought up that he knew about her affairs but loved her anyways and asked if she I knew if she planned on leaving him. I decided to be honest with him and told him that I knew of the affairs but honestly told him she has never mentioned divorce or anything like that at all. He looked like he believed me and then I told him that I know she loves you and went on about her college days and that she really had some wild times in college and maybe she is just missing those days. He told me he could understand that and he was not exactly good up at college as well. Suddenly he looked over at me and told me I had the great looking breasts and could he touch them, he has always thought I had a great body. He could tell right away from the day he met me that his wife was going to be the same at my age. I was a little confused and stunned but something in my brain did not function right because rather than saying no I told him well they will be back any minute and that would not be good to get caught doing. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and said well lets go down to the basement game room and that way we will hear them come home. I was not resisting but at the same time I was really worried that they would see us. It was like I was not in my right mind but I only had one wine so far and could not believe I was actually walking downstairs to let him see my body.

Once downstairs he was very nice pulling me around in front of him and grasping me from behind, in just a few minutes his hands were up my blouse pushing my bra up over my breasts. When his fingers found my nipples I was in a state of arousal not felt in years. He guided me over to the couch and then slid his hands around my skirt lifting the bottom up. He grabbed my underwear and pulled it down to the floor, he sank his tongue right into my rear end and I practically fainted leaning forward with my hands grasping the arm of the couch. He pushed his face into me finding my clit with his mouth I let out a long moan as he stroked away at it.

After only a few minutes of his licking I was on the verge of an orgasm and was now pushing back on his face rubbing myself against him. His hands left my hips and were caressing my breasts and nipples. I started to cum with a huge pulsation running through my body and collapsed onto the couch shocked by what I had just let happen. I turned around to look up at him, he had his cock out holding it in one hand with his other he grasp my hair and lifted my head up. He pushed the head across my lips and into my mouth, minutes later I was swallowing his cum and sucking as hard as I could on it.

Afterwards we got ourselves dressed and sat in the couch for a few minutes just staring at each other, I told him that we should never do that again as it just is not right. He told me he would swing by some time next week on his lunch break and I looked at him asking him why would you do that?

Because you suck cock better than any woman I know and you are so hot. We have had sex at least monthly and he comes by often at lunch just for a blow job.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 16:44:05 GMT

My wife came to one night and I knew by her expression that she had something really serious to talk about with me. She told me that her mom was really down on her luck and was getting evicted from her apartment, I totally supported her idea of her mom living with us. I knew it would be long term so that weekend went to work on making a den/office in the basement.

Her mom is a great help around the house and is always doing anything for us, cooking, cleaning even shopping for us. I got her a debit card just so I did not have to keep giving her money to shop for us.

My wife is a nurse and works some strange hours so the office in the basement was just what I needed to stay focused for work when she is not home. My MIL would check in on me occasionally asking if I needed something to eat of drink which was good. One night about two hours after my wife had left for the night shift my MIL came downstairs and asked the usual questions about how work was going and if I needed anything to eat. I stopped what I was doing and decided to find out how she was doing, she was a little surprised but told me that she was very appreciative of how we opened our house to her. We were hugging and then when she stood back up I saw tears running down her face, I told her really I know that you are grateful to us and she did not have to worry about being uncomfortable, the house was plenty big for the three of us. She then suddenly went down on her knees in front of my chair and told me to let her show me how appreciative she was to me. I stammered a little bit but she was very persistent and the next thing I knew her lips were around my cock sucking away. She was really good at it I had to admit, her head was twisting around in ways I had never felt before then as if that was not enough she swallowed me right to the bottom and held me there swallowing with her throat pulling me in to her. The head of my cock had so many tingles going I could hardly breathe. I started to orgasm and she did it again swallowing me down to the bottom and licking my balls with her tongue.


Submitted: Sat, 02 May 2015 09:55:52 GMT

When I was in college I had sex a lot, whenever I wanted. I had a boyfriend for my junior and senior year there and we would have sex almost everyday. I got married a few years after college to a great guy and we have kids and a great life but I miss the days of sex anytime I want it. I started having sex at work, I mean it is just like college, men all around just looking to have sex. I do it anytime I want to with about four guys at work, just have to message them and they are more than willing. My husband would probably go along with it he has shared me once in the past but somehow I cannot bring myself to tell him about it.


Submitted: Sun, 06 Sep 2015 19:25:49 GMT

I am a man, I have sex with men, but I'm not gay. I get high and hook up with them online and let them fuck my ass and then I suck them clean afterwards. I used to make women give me head after I fucked them up the ass, and I was confronted by one of their fathers who informed me she was barely legal and I was twice her age. He gave me a choice between reporting me to the authorities which would destroy my reputation, or sucking my shit off his dick. I let him fuck my ass and cum in my mouth then I sucked him clean until he came again. No big deal. But every time I get high it's all I think about. I just let a gay married couple use and abuse me all night. All I can taste is my shit, and I have cum pouring out my ass. They wanna do it again today and so do I! I'm so disgusted and yet I wanna be their bitch....


Submitted: Thu, 08 Oct 2015 13:35:16 GMT

On the weekend i was home with my daughter and her best friend. They are both 14 and so similar in many ways. Same long sandy hair, same height, small figures and tight little asses.

Just after lunch i went out onto the porch. They were both hanging over the railing in their matching red swim shorts and had the same bikinis on. They often hang out and had the same clothes, or similar.

Watching their tight asses for a couple of minutes i headed back inside. I couldn't help myself, so i went to the lounge room and started masturbating. I got excited so i headed back to the back door so i could perv while i did. My daughter had gone down to the pool. It was so hot looking at her friends as i crossed a line. I kept pulling and headed back out onto the porch. I was so close to cumming i went for it. I got behind her quietly, then as quickly as i could i pulled the back of her shorts and bikini down. Holding her hips tight i pushed my cock into her tiny pussy. She was tight, but it only took 4 or 5 thrusts and i was in, balls deep.

Just as she tried to get up and turn, i heard her yelp and say "Dad, what are you doing". It was too late as i blasted one of the largest loads of my life into her tiny teenage pussy. I just held her as i spurted every last load of sperm into her.

She and her friend went straight to her room. She finally spoke to me today and told me she was worried about me having got her pregnant. She told me her mother had stopped her from getting the pill because she was too young and she was in the middle of her cycle. I almost blew another load in my pants.


Submitted: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 00:52:22 GMT

I just broke up with my boyfriend 3 days ago and I just had sex with one of his good friends last night.

The guy lost his hard while inside of me...


Submitted: Mon, 05 Jan 2009 05:10:36 GMT

I've been in love with my ex boyfriend the entire time we were broke up. I never stopped loving him and I'm so happy we're back together. Plus the sex is totally amazing!


Submitted: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 14:40:28 GMT

After 12 years of marriage, we began to become bored with our sex life. He suggested we might try an "open marriage" to spice-up our problem. He could have any girl he wanted and I have the same privileges with any man. This excited me, as there is this guy I use to work wih who was constantly "hitting" on me,making sexual advances, so I decided to give him a try.

I called him the next day and asked him to come over and bring my work history papers I left, and he agreed.

I met him at the door wearing a halter top and shorts which were nicely revealing. When we went into the living room I let my halter top slip showing him my firm, rosy boobs. I said "You've been wanting to take a peek at these for a long time, now here's your chance to get an eyeful!"

He responded by cupping my tits in his big hands and squeezing my nipples, getting me wetter and hotter than I have been in a long time. I pulled his pants down and told him to follow me to my bedroom, where we could continue.

I stripped everything off, laiddown on the bed and opened my legs letting him see my hairless (I had shaved it all off that morning)pussy and the moist slit, glistening with juice. He immediately got on his knees in front of me and began kicjing my engorged clitoris sending waves of pleasure through my body. I was on the verge of cumming when I asked him to slip it in me, and hestarted rolling his cockhead around my pusy lip and clit until I gave a slight thrust and the head and about an inch of hard prick went in me. OMIGOD! did that feel good! He was uncircumcised, and the folds of his foreskin acted like a french tickler, making the feeling more intense than I imagined. He pushed hi big hard cock in me all the way and it throbbed and expanded as he was squirting his sperm deep inside me. I came, and came again while he was fucking me, sucking my nipples and playing with my ass. He was GOOD! He got me in several different positions, doggy, spoon,half-moon (where we are both lying on our sides, his prick going in from the back)I sucked his cock, getting it all in my mouth and some down my throat, tasting his salty cum while he was busy eating me, and making me cum again.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a car in the drive way. My husband was home early, and I panicked until I remembered our agreement about "open marriage" and told Andy to relax, as I would take care of everything.

As my hubby came through the front door, I heard him say"Hey! I had to come back and pick up something I forgot

to take this morni....WHOA! Why are you naked? Did you just get out of the shower?" I said " Remember our agreement about having an "open marriage"? Well, I'm experimentig with the idea...now there's someone in the bedroom, and I don't want you to freak out or get angry, so come in and see what's happening!" Andy was still lying in bed looking scard and confused, but I told him to say hello to my husband. I got back in bed with Andy and while Gordon, my husband was watching, I started playing with Andy;s limp cock. Gordon stood there, shockd, but excited at the scene, and said "Well,are you going to let him put it in you so I can watch?" I got Andy's cock hard and throbbing again, got on top of him and guided his stiff prick all the way inside me so my hubby could see what it really looked like. I turned around to talk to Gordon and saw he was very quickly taking off his clothes, and sporting a beautiful hard-on.

"I've always wanted to try this...your pussy looks open enough so I can get my cock in you, too!"

Gordon got behind me, and while Andy was pumping away in my pussy, Gordon inched it in me a little at a time. There I was with 2 hard cocks inside me. It hurt a little bit, but soon I was stretched out, and they both fucked me at the same time. My pussy was slick with cum. Andy was now squirting his load inside me while Gordon pumped about an ounce of slippery warm jizz in me.

I ran to the bathroom and milked almost all of the cum out and returned to find Andy and Gordon discussing what next they were going to do to me. Wow! Some afternoon! I had never before been so regally fucked, and it continued until late that afternoon. I think I had at least 6 full and complete orgasms, and my pussy was a little sore and my nipples very sensitive from having two guys suck on them.

This story to be continued.. don't go away!!


Submitted: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 16:21:30 GMT

Even though we don’t live together, my ex-wife and I still have sex from time to time--we both get horny and we both know how to turn each other on, even if we can’t take living with each other full-time. We even go out on “dates”. She plays prim and proper around her friends and family, but I know her better than that. One of the best sessions we have had after breaking up was at the Lions’ Park in Zionsville, Indiana. We had gone to a nearby bar and had supper and a few drinks. We had been grabbing each other at the bar and in the parking lot. I was driving her back to her parents’ house in Zionsville, which was where she was staying at the time, and I decided that I wanted her. So I pulled in to the park’s parking lot and we started making out. But van sex wasn’t what I was after. I got out and went around to open her door. She was as horny as I was, so she was glad to be kissing me again as soon as I got her out of the van. I pulled her toward a path by the creek that runs by the park and we went down the path. I was able to quickly get her naked from the waist up and we were having a good time with her tits, but she was nervous about being caught, so we went further into the path. She had no idea what I was really up to. Finally, we both got completely naked, and I started working her pussy with my hand. I know how to push all her buttons, and she was cumming quickly. Once she had cum, she was willing to do anything. I pulled her off the path and into the lights, right next to one of the baseball diamonds. We could see cars going by on the road. We were completely lit and exposed, if anybody had bothered to look, they’d have seen my ex, totally naked, her tits, ass, and cunt available to the world, but people don’t bother to look. I pulled her to the bench and sat her down, pushing my cock into her mouth, and she started sucking. There she was, such a proper lady, naked and outdoors, fully lit, sucking my cock. But I didn’t blow my wad in her mouth. After some excellent sucking, I pulled out and made her stand up and bend over the bench. Then I started stroking her body. I told her I was going to use her pussy. She was going to spread her legs and show off her cunt to the whole world. She was going to be a dirty whore, a public slut. And she agreed. I asked her what she was. She told me she was a whore and a slut, that she sucks men in public and spreads her legs to be fucked in public. I spread her and fucked her. With all that build-up, she came quickly, as did I. I made her walk back to the van under the lights, and I held her clothes while she walked back, naked, with cum dripping down her legs. We still meet up to fuck.


Submitted: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 01:02:03 GMT

When I was 23, I went on a business trip to Barbados. I was excited to go, but didn't like my female boss much. We were going to be there for two weeks and I told myself I just have to make the best of it. I was a curvy girl with nice big tits, and my boyfriend was afraid I would cheat on him while I was on my trip. The first week was a kind of boring. But, the highlight of the day was always getting back to the hotel to go on the beach and swim in the ocean. The first day of the second week we had gotten back to the hotel and I went in for a swim. I noticed that one of the black guys, that worked for the hotel beach activities area, was also swimming next to me. He came up to me and introduced himself. He was kind of handsome and had a long lean build. We chatted for a while and then he left. The next day, same thing. He swam up to me and asked if I'd like to go out with him that night to a local disco. I loved to dance, and anything to get away from my boss - so I said yes! I got all dolled up and we went to the club. It was dark and romantic and the music was intoxicating. He held me close when we danced and I was loving every minute. We got back to the hotel grounds and took a moonlight stroll on the beach. We walked down a small pier and he started to kiss me. His big lips enveloped my lips and his tongue slid into my mouth. He put his hand up my shirt and the other down my pants to feel my wet pussy. We kissed some more then he turned me around and started pulling down my pants and panties. The cool breeze of the ocean rushed between my legs and I could feel how wet I was. He put his big black cock up my pussy and it felt so good. He was many times bigger than my boyfriend. My pussy felt full and I ached for more. I hung on to the pier's rail and took his giant cock pounding into me. He came hard and fast. I could feel his cum between my lips as he walked me to the hotel lobby. He said he wasn't allowed upstairs as he was a 'beach only' employee. I was disappointed but said goodnight. My boss asked how my night was and I said a short, 'fine' with a wicked grin on my face. I saw him the next night and was determined to get him to my room. I waited until my boss and I had dinner and then met him downstairs to sneak him back up. We got off the elevator and I saw my boss just walking past the elevator area. She didn't see me and I told him to wait there until the coast was clear. I watched as she went into her room and we ran down the opposite hallway down to my love nest. It was a rush to be getting away with something and my boyfriend was thousands of miles away. We immediately went to my bed and began taking eachothers clothes off. He was already hard and I really wanted to suck his cock. There was no way to get it all the way down my throat but I gave it my best shot. I was getting so hot and couldn't wait for him to fuck me again. I laid on my back and he pushed my legs clear back to where my ankles were past the top of my head. He slammed his cock into my wet pussy and fucked me good. I loved having a big black cock up my pudgy twat. It was getting late and I told him he could stay the night as long as he snuck out before daylight. We snuggled in bed with his long arms around me. At about 2:00 am the phone started to ring. I was still half asleep and answered "Hello??". It was my boyfriend!! I was completely shocked and then I looked over and saw my naked, black lover laying next to me in bed. My boyfriend must have sensed my guilt because he point-blank asked me if someone else was there. I said no, of course, but he wasn't convinced. We argued a bit and I he kept saying that I wasn't acting like myself. We said our goodbyes and I snuggled even closer into his arms. He came up to my room several more times that week and he fucked me every time. He fucked me bent over the end of the bed, he fucked me doggy-style. I sucked his cock over and over and he fucked me on the balcony while watching the sunset over the ocean. He walked up to me and my boss as we were finally leaving on our last day, and acted like he was just coming into work for the day. He had fucked my fat pussy only an hour before. She was clueless! I got back home and my boyfriend was extremely suspicious after that 2am phone call. He drilled me with questions, but I played innocent. That is, until I was a week late for my period! I was totally freaked out. Not only did I cheat on my boyfriend, but now, I might be pregnant with this black man's baby!! I took 3 pregnancy tests which all came back negative, thank goodness. But I'll never forget my black Barbados man!!


Submitted: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 06:28:20 GMT

I'm the middle aged white guy that is very happily married to the "Fat, white-trash, cum slut" that made the post about her trip to Barbados (2 post below this one) I absolutely LOVE having her tell me the dirty things she has done in her life with other guys and girls! I always call her the filthiest, most disgusting names I can think of when we are fucking or she is sucking my cock.

I get so hard calling her names such as, white trash, black cock lover, fat white pig, fat whore, black whore etc. I adore her fat and love looking at and playing with it! Her nipples are dark and the biggest I have ever sucked by far, like rubbery brown thimbles.

Her pussy is absolutely AWERSOME to play with, it is HUGE!! and not just her flabby mound, her hole is so stretched out it is like a cow cunt! I can easily fist her and my hands are FAR from small!! Recently she took on a giant cucumber roughly the size of a thermos bottle, and over a foot long, I got about 3/4 of it in her slut hole and she came like crazy, screaming, yelling and crying!

I use plastic baseball bats in her also, and our favorite one is black! I tie her fat legs up over the bed with straps and fill her huge gash with anything at hand! She is truly the pig of my dreams! She loves to play with her pussy and nipples and often has her hand busy in her pants.

Her fat turns me on like nothing else! her sexy tummy hangs down and wiggles when she walks, it drives me crazy!!

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It really gets me off fisting her until she pisses herself! A few times I have fisted her so hard that she has shit without even realizing it!, I love when that happens, and watching her clean herself off afterwards!

Some of this may sound degrading but I assure you, I Love my seXXXy fat tramp wife with all my heart and wouldn't trade her for anyone or anything!!! I'm just a nasty guy that enjoys his nasty girl!!! And the filthier sex is the more I like it!!!


Submitted: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 09:09:50 GMT

M husband left me for a younger (20) woman. I'm 35 and look beetter now than when I was 20. My boobs are still big and firm, flat tummy, no sag, anywhere, and all the guys where I work say I'm a real doll. And I'm really horny cause I haven't had any sex since he left me 2 months ago.

A couple of fellows (I always thought they were a gay couple)I know, and do not work with, invited me to go to a nudist camp about 12 miles from my house. I just had to go, only to get a peek at some nice, naked men, so I went with them. Because I assumed they were gay, I felt pretty safe, but still had this pulsing in my vagina when I saw them naked at the camp. Well, I was naked, too, and a lot of men were admiring me, and one had a semi-erection which really turned me on.

The two guys and I found a nice spot, we put a big blanket on the ground and had some wine and cheese. I got a little tipsy from the wine, ande felt loose and wonderful. I said to the two guys "I hate to ask you this, but are you two a gay couple?" They both laughed and said, "No, we are very straight. Just good friends!" I forgot to mention, each one of them were well-hung, and that excited me.I said"Did you guys bring me here so you could see me naked?"

They both answered "YES" and I said, "well, you should get to see all of me!" and opened my legs wide giving them a view of my open and moist pussy. "Ah, delicious!" and got between my legs and started tonguing my slit, very fast.

That was Roger doing that to me. I loved it and came right away. Harry, the other one laid down by my side and while Roger was eating me, sucked my nipples and kissed me.

Roger pulled himself up and without a word slipped his 7 inch cock deep inside me and really enjoying it. I humped my butt up and down, getting ready to cum again. He made me cum, again and he came inside me twice. Harry had been watching all this, and his hard-on was enormous! At least 8 inches long and big around as a fat ear of corn. Roger was sitting behind me with a leaking limp cock, playing with my titties and he said to Harry "Now, it's your turn" I laid down on the blanket and opened my legs, I could feel Roger's cum leaking out of me and I said to Harry "I'm nice and juicy, now, Harry, that big thing should have no trouble getting in! Harry drolled his cockhead around my pussy lips then slowly pushed his big, hard cock in me. OMIGOD! This is what I've needed all this time...two guys and me all naked and hot, and I KNOW they're going to want to screw me again! And they did! Two more times!

When we left the nudist camp, Roger asked me "Did you enjoy the afternoon with two guys you thought were gay?" I said "Best time I ever had! I want you two to come home with me, spend the night,so we can do it all over again!"

They spent the whole week-end with me, and I have never been so happy!!


Submitted: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 09:42:35 GMT

I took about a dozen fotos of my wife and a good friend having sex on our waterbed. He was really pumping it into her and she was loving it. It all started when he came over one afternoon, asnd she had just taken a shower and had on a terry cloth bathrobe. As she came into the living room she asked me "Got your digital camera ready? Because I'm going to do something you've been wanting to see!"She walked over to him and said "Hey Bob...Want to see something cute?" She then opened her bathrobe and showed him her freshly-shaved ,smooth pink pussy and her 36D tits with rosy nipples!! He almost fell off the couch! She went back into the bedroom, grinning at me. He said to me "Hey! Why did she do that??" I said "I think she wants you to go get in bed with her, go ahead..I don't mind!"He said "You wouldn't beat me up, or anything if I did?" I said "Oh hell, no, I think you should go in and stick it in her, make her cum, and besides, I want to take pictures!"

I followed him to the bedfroom where she was lying on her back,stark naked, with her legs spread, and her gorgeous pussy lips parted, and her hands cupping her breasts. She said "You guys sure took a long time getting here!" Bob got between her legs, still wearing his underwear and started playing with her titties. This story to be continued.......


Submitted: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 06:18:30 GMT

It dosen't pay for a girl to secretly have sex with some other girl's boyfriend. This girl found out about it and managed to get her drunk. She passed out a couple of drinks latter and got her girlfriends to help her take her clothes off. They laid her on a table and shaved off all her public hairs and left her spread out for boys to see her. She woke up hour latter with a brush handle stuck in her pussy, and the words "fuck me" written across her belly and a crowd of boys around her. She completly lost her reputation that night and din't even know who did it.


Submitted: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 17:40:48 GMT

Sheldon was my landlord and lives in the first floor apartment and I lived on the second floor. He was always real nice right from when I first moved in last year. I began to notice things and questioned him about going into my apartment when I was a work. He didn't deny it but always said it was to repair something. In June I came home from work on a Friday and made myself something to eat. I had plans to go out later but got so dizzy and tired I went to bed. I woke up Saturday morning about 9am without my panties on and my nightgown on backwards. My whole body ached and my pubic hair was matted and damp. I had small bruises on my breasts and my anus was painful. I have had enough experience to know someone had sex with me. When I went into the bathroom I had a dry substance on my chin and lower lip and realized it was cum. I was totally freaked out and took a shower right away. I just knew Sheldon had tampered with my food, drugged me and had sex with me. I was furious and confronted him as soon as I got dressed. He denied everything and told me I must have had a boyfriend with me. Just the way he was talking I knew he was lying. I was so mad I wanted to kill him. I went to the police station and told them what happened. They did question him that day but they couldn't arrest him for it. The one policewoman told me I shouldn't have showered when I did but I was so digusted I had to. That week I moved out and never spoke to him again. My lease wasn't up but I just moved. I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone about it but finally told my brother making him promise not to tell my mom and dad about it. So far my brother ruined his car and put wet concrete in the drains around his apartment house. He also slashed Sheldon's tires twice on his new car and poured a gallon of black paint on the steps to the apartments. My brothers friend works for the revenue department and is going to have Sheldon audited later this year. I don't remember Sheldon being in my bed but it makes me sick at my stomach knowing he had sex with me. He's a fat slob and the thoughts of his cum on my face makes me sick. I don't know how long he had me but know he must have had intercouse and anal sex with me. I don't dare tell my brother everything and think Sheldon even had his penis in my mouth since his dried cum was on my chin and lip. My brother has vowed to make Sheldons life miserable and so far has but has plans to do more things to him. He wants to beat him up but I am afraid he will get into to much trouble. As much as I try I can't stop thinking about it and am grossed out when I do. My brother thinks Sheldon used a date rape drug and put it in my food or soda. Whatever it was knocked me out and I can't remember anything about that night. I do remember how my body looked and felt the next morning and can only imagine what he did to me.


Submitted: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 04:56:31 GMT

About five years ago, I had my first sexual encounter around my birthday. I turned 13.

I had some family flying in from the Marianas, and as always we let them stay at our house for as long as they need. Usually my auntie is the one that flies in the check my folks, but this time around she brought her son, age 19 at that time. My aunt slept in my room, which I willingly gave up, and my cousin slept downstairs in the living room by me. No biggie.

Well, I started to get to know him and at first, it sounded like he was trying to pick up on me, how a guy would do at school or something - you know, try to connect with something totally irrelevant. I thought nothing of it, but as we started to bond as cousins, he started looking at me more. It was weird, but I still thought nothing of it.

My grandfather was admitted to the hospital soon after, and we would make visits. When I'd go to the bathroom or go get a snack, my cousin would follow. Once, on the way back, he asked "Hey, can we hold hands?" "Why," I asked. He said, "Oh well, our other cousins and I do it. Why can't we?" I knew it was weird, but... whatever.

It just progressed from there... but what started it was our trip to watch a movie at the theatres. It was a scary movie, and I'm chicken shit when it comes to horror. He held my hand the whole time, squeezing when he felt me flinch. For the first time, I started feeling a little warm inside. Then the warm feeling turned into wet thoughts. It weirded me out, but at the same time, because I was completely new to this, I was so curious... so in need to know what this was.

I went home and ran to my room that night and checked my panties because I felt something new. Apparently that was the first time I had gotten truly "wet," because my panties were sopping at the croth part. I panicked so I changed and went downstairs to sleep, thinking I could put it aside and things would be normal. I was so wrong ._.

At one in the morning, he and I were still up while everyone else was knocked out upstairs. So he said, "Hey, ever watched a porn?" I said yeah, and he suggested we watch some. I said okay. He was behind me, and unsuspecting me didn't know he'd hug me from there. After it was done, I was a little riled up. He asked me if I'd ever done "naughty" things, and I told him no. So he kissed me. Being new at this, I surrendered to the sudden wave of warmth in my body, making its way to my "sensitive" areas. He scooted closer to me and I felt him, hard, pressing against me in my vagina. I flipped, but I let it happen. Why? Til this day, I have no clue.

Well, it went on like that for a while, until he urged me to touch him. I reached into his boxers and fumbled with his penis for a while, trying to discover what it was. Instinctively, I began to stroke him. He liked it, so I kept on. It got to the point where he started fingering me (and it hurt like hell). He came in his boxers while I bled a little in my panties, and he wiped his cum on my cheek. After that, he walked into the bathroom and washed his hands while I washed his stuff from my face. The next morning, he and his mom left back home and all he could say to me was, "Bye kid." My other female cousin, who knew this was going on, said "Wow. All that, and just 'Bye kid'?"

I haven't seen that cousin since, and I truly don't plan to. I was so caught up in the heat and the curiosity, I actually let him take advantage of me. I would think that both my desire and reluctance to have sex in high school, even now that I've been in a relationship for four years (including this first year in college), was because of that shame. It wasn't mentioned up there, but after the masturbating each other, he pressured me to sit on his cock and "fuck him" as he put it... I just couldn't. After that, I think I knew he'd be gone from my life, and had I gone through with his demand... well, I think I'd be even more sexually, maybe even socially perturbed today than I already am. And yet, while regretting this ever happened, I don't. I feel so messed up.


Submitted: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 06:35:33 GMT

I have been 'borrowing' my dad's porn magazine and video tapes since I found them under his pile of clothes when I was 12yo. Almost every day, I will go to this teenage boy's heaven, after school, when I am the only one at home, put on his videos in the living room, and flip through pages of naked women with big tits, being fucked everywhere. I took effort to put them back exactly as they were, so that my Dad will not find out.

His collections are updated quite regularly, and for an era without internet, his collection is considered comprehensive. 1 day when I was 16, I found a tape with no cover, and when I played it, it was Dad and Mum's home made sex video.

I watched in amusement, at the 2 familiar faces, completely naked. When it first started, only my Mom was in the view, she was wearing her bra/panties on the bed. Dad crawled onto the bed, completely naked, and armed with a rock-hard 6-7" cock. He removed Mum's bra, and started suckling on her nipples. After a while, his right hand slipped under Mum's panties, and begin fingering her with a quick rhythm.

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At some point, he will take over, and pumps his cock into her mouth.

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Mum's face is covered with messy cum, and Dad wiped them off with his fingers, and send them into her mouth, and she swallowed them.

They were really hot, and I made a copy of the tape for myself. I still jerk off to it now, after 6 years.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 07:55:15 GMT

I'm 20 yo, a sweet little girl who lives a double life. I meet strangers for dirty sex wherever they want and do what they want. it is so dirty but I love it because it is so exciting and erotic.


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NOT ALL BLACK OLD PEOPLE HAVE BIG COCKS.......one day i wanted to fuck a black guy but to my disappointment it was only 2 inches fuck my life..


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I want to fuck my wifes feet so bad right now. She always says she is not into it, but she's got her feet right by my face right now. She's toying with me. Sometimes i fuck them while she sleeps. Hope I don't get caught..:)


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I remember one halloween i went over to my friend's house to see if he wanted to hang out. So i went over there and his sister answered the door and said that he wasn't home. But she told me to come on inside so i did. She was wearing a tight pac man dress which showed off her big ass tits. She leaves for a min. or two and comes back just wearing here tight dress but this time she was just wearing tight panties instead of pants. I stared at her ass and she can tell i have a fucking huge hard on. she then sits down right beside me and pulls down my pants and starts rubbing my penis then gives me a lap dance, then she pulls down my underwear. one things leads to another and she is bare butt on the couch (anyone can come in and we would be exposed), im like fuck it, i put on my condom and fuck her in the ass hard. she would then ride my cock in missionary so hard we can hear the rocking of the couch from a mile away, so im laying there and im enjoying the fuck out of it, she is having her orgasm, so loud that im pretty sure the neighbors can hear. then she gets completely naked so do i, then she puts my cock in between her big tits and then she squeezed them together and rocked them back and forth fast. I cum in my condom. she takes my condom off for me and throws it in the trash. we weren't done there i eat out her pussy like there was no tomorrow but i was cock-blocked from fucking her even more that evening. A mother fucking treat or treater came ringing the doorbell so we freaked out and she literally throws we out of the house in the bare nude, so i run into the woods and change. Ever sense this she told her friends about it and we would not be afraid of fucking in front of them during campfires and shit like that. We dont this anymore, but i get off to it still. i hope her pussy gets wet to the tought of my name!!!! XD


Submitted: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 07:12:53 GMT

when i was younger, my uncle and aunt used to babysit me in the summer. im spanish so have a lot of family, and this particular uncle had 4 girls. well i got dropped off in the morning when only the youngest girl (ill call her vicki) was up. she was around my age, 11 or 12 i think. she used to make me do girly stuff with her like play house. well one day i was the husband as always and she was the wife, and we pretended to go to bed. i lay on top of her and i started to get hard. and then i started dry humping her. we never said a word and she started to push back. i remember not thinking anything was wrong at all. we did it more than once completely in silence. im 19 now and i still wonder if she remembers that. and i wonder would it be so wrong to fuck her. if she told me she wanted me i would fuck her in a heart beat.


Submitted: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 15:16:29 GMT

A few weeks ago, on Friday, I headed home from work. I was feeling really horny, and, looking forward to an evening of great sex with my girlfriend, Jennifer. As I neared our house, I was disappointed to see her friends cars, parked out front. Her friends, Stephanie and Michelle, had come over, as they sometimes did, to visit. Since they, usually, stayed too long, and, sometimes, drank too much, I guessed that our evening wasn't going to go as I had planned. Once in a while, if they drank way too much, her friends spent the night, and, I knew that would mean no sex at all.

I walked in the front door, feeling more than a little disappointed. I heard giggling coming from the downstairs family room. So, I headed downstairs, to assess the situation. I wasn't surprised to find two empty wine bottles, sitting on the coffee table. But, I was surprised to see the three of them, sitting on the couch, together, in just their bras and panties. I froze, for a moment.

"Take off your clothes!", Jennifer said, as she started to giggle.

I hesitated for a moment, but, since they were in their underwear, I began to do just that. I stopped when I got down to my boxer shorts. I was already half hard, and, had a nice little tent in my shorts.

"Don't stop!", Michelle said.

"Yeah! We want to see it!", Stephanie added.

The three of them kept begging me to take off my shorts, for about the next minute. Until I, finally, decided that if I was going to get any sex, that evening, taking off my shorts was my only option. And, besides, I thought, "Who knows where this might go?"

I pulled my shorts down, and, stepped out of them.

I saw the bottle of astro-glide, sitting next to the empty wine bottles, just as Jennifer said, "I bet the girls you'd jack off for them. They bet you wouldn't. Neither one of them has ever seen a guy jerk off, and, they'd really like to! Will you help me win the bet?"

"No! No way!", I answered, almost immediately.

"Please! Please!", Stephanie and Michelle pleaded. "We'll do anything, if you'll masturbate for us!"

"Anything?", I asked.

"Yes! Anything! Anything you want!", Jennifer said.

"Well, then! O.K.", I heard myself say.

Jennifer smiled, and, tossed me the bottle of astro-glide. I started out, reluctantly, pouring the lube over my cock, and into my hand. At first, I stroked my cock slowly, but, when I saw how hot they were getting, I lost my inhibitions, and, started to pick up the pace. I wound up stroking my cock furiously, until I came longer and harder than ever. My cum spurted all over the place! The girls were very pleased with the show I'd just given them. And, I didn't mind their giggling, whispers, and, smiles.

Then, I reminded them that they'd promised to do anything in exchange for getting to watch. They didn't seem to mind that I suggested we go up to our bedroom.

Once we were in our bedroom, I informed Jennifer that I really wanted to see her eat Michelle's pussy. Without another word, Jennifer turned to Michelle, and started to kiss her. Something about the way they kissed told me that this was not the first time Jennifer kissed Michelle, though it was the first time I'd seen it! They started taking off each others bras and panties. Stephanie was not going to be the only one left with her bra and panties on, and, she started peeling off hers, too. She and I watched as Jennifer and Michelle started to touch each others tits, then, kiss, lick, and, suck. I was in awe, as Jennifer pushed Michelle back on the bed, and, started working her way lower.

I didn't even notice, Stephanie had put her hand on my cock, which was starting to get hard, again, already. And, as Jennifer started kissing Michelle's inner thighs, I, finally, noticed that Stephanie's hand was wrapped around my cock, which was as hard as ever, by then. I pushed Stephanie over, so that she was bent over the bed, and, as I guided my cock into her, Jennifer was starting to really eat Michelle out. I'd always fantasized about getting to fuck Stephanie. I'd never fucked a redhead, before, and, I was in heaven as I started to thrust in and out of her, while watching my girlfriend eat Michelle's pussy.

The three of us wound up spending the whole weekend together. And, I got to fuck Michelle, Stephanie, and, my girlfriend, Jennifer, to my hearts content.

The next weekend, though, as I came home, Friday evening, there were half a dozen cars parked out front. It turned out that Jennifer, Michelle, and, Stephanie had invited more of their friends over. As I got out of my car, I knew what was about to happen.


Submitted: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:27:50 GMT

i am sohail ahmad, frm sahiwal, paksitan. i m a 22 year old guy . im going to shar e my deepest secrets with you. i m a guy but some of my acts are like girls. once i was playing cricket with my friends and cuzns. as my turn came i held the bat for batting. suddenly i felt erotica i felt i was holding cock. i liekd it . after done with cricket and my zucuzns and friends gone, i go to my room and play with bat. on ee things leads to another and i end up inserting the handle in my ass. wow..i felt pain and pleasure. it was gud. i had nver felt taht good in my life. i still do whenveve im alone and whenever i think of cricket, that incident comes to my minds. gosh..loll..


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one time my boyfriend ate me out in his mothers garden and then fucked me in her livingroom when she was'nt home..

one time we got very drunk at a party and he fucked me while i stood and held on to a dresser.

one time i told my x that he was better at eating pussy than my new boyfriend (he was not, i just felt sorry for him)

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one time a guy wanted to be my boyfriend and i told him i was a shemale but he liked me so much that he did'nt care..


Submitted: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 04:38:28 GMT

i allways fuck to the idea of my aunt in a catwoman suit. im very embarrased. i must do it at least 4-5 times a day.


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I was drunk and dancing at a club with this guy when I suddenly grabbed his hand to pull him out of the crowd and kissed him, then he took me outside to his car and I gave him a blowjob and we had sex...with no condom and he shot his cum into me...then later I went to these guy's apartment and slept with one of them too...


Submitted: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 02:40:38 GMT

In my teens I had two books about sexual purity, in which teens wouid tell their sexual history, and their redemption (or lack thereof) from it.

I forget the name of the first book, but I used to jack-off to the stories in "Every Young Woman's Battle", especially the masturbation and lesbianism stories.


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so it was a Friday night and i was having a sleepover with my bro Joseph, when his mom walked in and was like, "You little piece of shit, get it together and clean your fucking room or i will cut off your dick!" she said to Joseph. She stormed away leaving me turned on. I told Joseph that i was going to the restroom and that the pizza was gonna make me take a dump so i would be awhile. He believed of coarse, from experience. I left and followed his mother, and when i found her in the kitchen she was sitting on the ground masturbating. I decided to help her, because i was having a boner anyways. She noticed my boner and summoned over. I felt inside of her pussy and went in and out, in and out. I've never felt any better. So after about a few hours Joseph comes into the kitchen and decides to join. Oh Joseph. So our twosome becomes a threesome and now me and Joseph masturbate listening to his mother moan my name every friday night. His mother is single also so im ready to fuck. I've had a gooooood life.




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I have been reading teen sex stories, teen impregnation stories, brother, sister and uncle stories for years online. After so much reading i just finally had to give in and try it myself.

I spent a couple of weeks hanging around the local shopping mall. I hung around the girls clothes shops and the sports shops. I took a bit to really get up some courage, but after i did, i asked a few girls as they were coming out of the shops if they wanted to make some extra cash. They all said yes, but once i said that i wanted to have fun with them they all ran off. I almost gave up after a couple of trying because i didn't want to keep coming back to similar areas and i had no luck.

Finally i saw a girl who clearly looked around and bought nothing. I stopped her and asked her if she wanted cash. She almost jumped out of her skin with a YES. I told her i would like to have some fun, but i would pay her for it. After some sweet talking i got her to agree. I told her to meet me at the local gym the next day. I guess i never really thought she'd show, but she did. I have been a member of the gym for over 10 years and i decided the best place i could have her was in the stem room. I was clouded, quiet and i know that in the early afternoons, no one ever comes in as they are all at work or school.

Anyway i agreed to pay and was even more shocked when i asked her what she felt was fair. She agreed to $60. I was blown away she had no idea how much she could have asked me for. So we changed and i met her in the steam room. We chatted and i got her details. She is just turned 14, her name is Sophie, her family doesn't really have much money. I asked her if she had sex before and she told me she broke her hymen last year playing with herself, but she hadn't had sex with a boy, as she put it. I asked her if she had periods yet. She said yes. I had to confirm, so i asked if she was on the pill or does she need me to wear a condom. She wanted me to wear a condom, but i quickly asked her about her periods. I found out she had hers about 8 days before, but i convinced her she had it backwards and that she was safe after a week till her next cycle. I have no idea why, but she bought it and agreed to let me do it with no protection.

She was nervous and so was i, but after a bit i had her kneeling on the sitting steps, her pink bikini bottoms pulled down to her knees. I held her smooth teen hips and slowly pushed my cock into her.

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I am going to keep fucking her as long as she will let me or until i can't hide it the fact she's pregnant from her anymore. Then i'm going to just stop showing up at the gym, cancelling my membership. She doesn't know my real name so she has nothing to track me with.

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Well it's simple really. I'm 27 years old. Since 15 i have been into girls who are younger than me. I mostly love girls who are 13 or 14 as they are just coming of age. They have beautiful bodies, nice small titties, tight little asses and most of them are already fertile.

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I have now found out that she had been having her periods for 3 or 4 months before i fucked her and she is now clearly pregnant as she has been getting morning sickness and our mother took her to the doctors and confirmed it. I don't think she has said anything, but for how long!


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I matched with well over 3000 guys on tinder (I swear they were hot haha, I deleted guys who were rude and asked for sex off the bat) just to see how passable I am as transgender without ever have taken hormones or shit tons of makeup. They love me and tell me I'm gorgeous and sexy. I confessed to my matches and only a few unmatched me(because "i was really pretty but it was not their thing"). The rest didn't care because I was so pretty to them. I kept a few handsome fuckbuddies from it.

After feeling like I was being recognized in public (in a good way), I deleted my profile...


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Hi, just wanted to confess a story. I had this friend afew years back and he likes how those little preteen girl sites dress with stockings and panties and model erotic, and says its good to see them modeling at a young age. He also has a little niece and they are pretty close and he was thinking geting her to model. one day he asked would i take some pics of her at some nice places? He knows i take good pics so thats why he wanted me to do it. He was busy that day so he gave me a bag with outfits he got her. so anyway me and her are on the way to a nice beach and no one goes to that side of the beach, so i take out a big towel and lay flowers around and we started taking pics. she had a skirt on and can see that she already had a very thin g-string just barely covering her pussy and i felt my dick rising, so he must of dressed her at his place. i look in the bag and there is thigh high stockings (white,red,black and some nice sexy panties)so this gave me an idea and i got her to pose in the rear bending position with stockings and to lift her skirt and to pull her panty to the side. Another pose i made her do was sit on the sand along the water and to spread her pussy. It was the cutest most beautiful thing i saw and how tight it looked. So the next thing i got her to do wa to rub it and finger it and at this point my dick was so hard that it almost was about to rip out my pants. I then got some lube out and lubed my cock and got her to aswel and i went on my knees, pulled her closer and gently and slowly glided in her and out for afew seconds but being sooo tight and small, i blew my load quick.


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Years ago before we had kids my husband and I did far more sexual things than we ever do now. Bondage, toys, wild parties sometimes turning into an orgy, things of that nature.

One night we were having some bondage fun and he tied me to a chair. He played with me a little bit then told me he was hungry and thought he should order a pizza. I told him that sounded great not realizing what he had in mind. He moved me right over by the front door, I was blind folded with my arms tied behind the chair back and my legs tied spread open. I also did not realize it but during the time it took the delivery guy to get to the house my husband had slid the money under me sticking about half way out. The delivery person was going to have to pretty much reach just inches away from my privates.

The door bell rang and I was terrified yet turned on all at the same time. I heard him open the door and invite the guy in telling him set the pizza on the table and the money was on the chair. I heard some mumbling and then my husband answered with a yes. My nipples began to get caressed and lightly pinched then my pussy was next, he was in no hurry to get the money as his fingers began working my clit and spreading my lips. I then heard a strange voice ask my husband if he was sure he was okay with him touching me. I almost had an orgasm when he told him that he could even lick me if he wanted. Seconds later I felt a hot tongue on my nipples and his fingers were working at me even more. Soon he licked his way down to my pussy and licked me until I was moaning out and having an orgasm.

My husband had me tied in such a way that intercourse was not possible but the mans tongue had no trouble getting to my clit and upper lips diving in and out of me. I was shaking with every stroke until finally my husband thanked him for delivering the pizza and hope he enjoyed his tip.

I thought for sure that it was my husband the whole time playing a gag on me because we always had deliveries come to the side door and not the front. About a month or so later we had pizza delivered again and when the guy rang the doorbell I went to the side door but he had gone to the front. I walked outside and called for him to come to the side door. When he walked up and started to hand me the pizza he commented that he was bummed out hoping that I would be tied to the chair again. I was speechless until I finally told him that maybe next time we will do that again because I really enjoyed it as well. I walked back into the house and stared at my husband as he had a great big smile on his face. I told him that I thought for sure it was him just changing his voice on me and making me think that a stranger was playing with me. I was not mad at him I just was amazed that he enjoyed watching another man have sex with me right at our front door.

He replied that he heard me tell the guy that maybe next time we will do it again and was I really willing to do it.

A few months later he called the pizza place and asked if the guy was working that night and he was so my husband ordered pizza again but this time he did not tie my to a chair he just tied my wrists to my ankles and put a bar between my knees keeping me spread wide. I was again blindfolded and this time he went a step further and put a ball gag in my mouth. I was completely nude again and on the floor just inside the living room by the front door.

When the guy walked in all I heard him say was holy crap I am the luckiest guy in the world. My husband told him that he could not remove any of my binds and that he had to wear a condom. The guy was so happy that he eagerly agreed and went right to me playing with my nipples again then working his way down to my pussy. He gave me two orgasms and then decided it was time to enter me. He lasted a long time and I almost had another orgasm from his thrusting in and out of me. He went down on me again licking away for another ten minutes at least.

When he finished he told us that he was available anytime and would come over at a moments notice. We had about five or so encounters with him all in the same manner with me tied up and at his disposal.


Submitted: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 16:57:42 GMT

The last few years my husband has been throwing parties to come watch the super bowl in his man cave. The party has been mostly men with the occasional wife or other coming along and we end up sitting around upstairs chatting and drinking some wine.

Last year it was all men so I went out shopping during the first half and came back just in time to see the kitchen invaded by them. After the snacks were taken and some burgers cooked two of the guys stayed behind to help with clean up and I thanked them for it. Soon we were laughing and having a good time cleaning up and I suddenly felt very inclined to have sex so I looked them both up and down and thought why not, I leaned right into one of them and started kissing him. He responded very positively and soon the other one was standing behind me with his hands all over my rear. I told them to follow me and off to the spare bedroom we went were I was pleasured beyond belief. I stood in the kitchen afterwards and tried to concentrate but was having a tough time when a different guy came walking into the kitchen from downstairs. He walked right up behind me and put his arms around me letting his hands grope my breasts. I was a little surprised at first but then figured out that the other two must have whispered a few things into his ear. I took him back to the bedroom and he also gave me great amounts of pleasure.

I had sex with five of the guy who were at the party last year so hopefully I get to have fun again this year because from what I have heard so far no women are coming again this year.


Submitted: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 02:48:03 GMT

I was on a business trip and when I got into my hotel was very happy to see it had a restaurant and bar still open. I went down and was the only customer in the place so I told the bartender that it was a good thing I called ahead for a reservation. she laughed and told me I was her busy hour tonight, she was quite attractive so I figured hey she is not going to sleep with an old guy in his fifties so I kept up the banter with her.

After my food was done, a few drinks and some sports talk she asked me why I was in town, told her my business and she seemed interested. I paid my tab and left her a great tip, told her to have a great night.

The next night when I got into the hotel she was just sitting at the bar with someone else tending it. I asked her if she had the night off and she told me that her shift had just ended, we talked a little while I ate and I again told her to have a good night and headed back to my room. About five minutes after I was in there someone knocked on my door, looking through the eye piece I could not believe my eyes that it was her. I figured maybe I left something in the bar but when I opened the door she asked me if I wanted some company.

I said something really intelligent like uuuhhh, okay. I was easily twice her age but she was really into it, she rode me for hours. I had the time of my life that night and she was amazingly beautiful, long blond hair, about 110 lbs, 36C-D cups with an ass to die for. She finished sucking me off for the second time and asked me how long I was staying at the hotel. I told her most of the week but with the way it is going I will extend my stay to the weekend.

We spent the whole week together, every night with no strings attached, best damn week of my life.


Submitted: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 03:50:31 GMT

When I first started college I could not really afford to stay on campus but my Aunt lived close by the university. I was able to arrange my schedule so that I had class from Monday-Thursday so my Aunt told us that I could stay at her house for the three nights to save me some travel time. I lived with my mom still and we were almost three hours from the school. About a month into my staying at her house she came upstairs with a snack as usual and asked me about my classes and how things were in school. She almost always had her robe and pajamas on that late but this time she had left the robe open and I could easily see her nipples through the thin material. I was getting pretty turned on by it but tried to keep my eyes on her face instead of looking down but I would catch myself staring at them. She told me goodnight and to sleep good and headed back downstairs.

The next night was the same deal, robe open and her nipples dancing all over the place against the thin top. I was getting really turned on by it and was already wearing just my shorts for bed. She was sitting on the bed and stood up walking behind me she put her hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them telling me that I was pretty tense. She told me to lay down on the bed and she would give me a back rub so I got up and sure enough I had to bend a little at the waist to hide my hard on.

She climbed right on top of me and I could feel her right on my rear end as she began working her hands into my back. After a long massage she told me to roll over as she slid down the bed and in one quick motion my shorts were at my knees and my cock was in her mouth. She gripped it with one hand and began sucking on it hard and fast, stopping at the top now and then and licking it hard with her tongue. I had a few girlfriends give me blow jobs before but she was a pro compared to them. I reached down trying to play with her boobs but she pushed my hand away and started sucking away again until I came. She swallowed all of me right to my balls and cleaned up anything she missed.

I spent many nights over at her house and almost weekly she would give me a great blowjob and never let me touch her body, all I could do was watch her breasts swing back and forth while she sucked me off.


Submitted: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 11:45:19 GMT

My husband would text me when he landed and I would come to the airport and pick him up, it was only about a twenty minute ride so it worked out pretty good. I would drive up and he would be standing outside arrivals, jump in and off we would go. One time after he texted me I had been in a pretty horny mood most of the day so I stripped down and grabbed my purse. Our SUV had tinted windows and was parked in the garage so driving there naked would be easy and surprise him big time. I did not know that I would be the one getting the big surprise, I pulled up to arrivals and as usual there was my husband waiting. I popped open the rear door and much to my shock him and another man were putting their luggage in the back. Oh shit I said to myself sitting there. My husband got in the passenger seat and the other man jumped in the back on the right. My husband looked over at me then towards the back seat and I just looked at both of them and asked where we were dropping him off. After some funny conversation about why I was naked the guy in the back told me that I was the coolest wife in the world and someday he hoped he would find the same.

We dropped him off at his place and then headed home with my husband laughing at me when he got back in the seat telling me that if he would have had any clue at all that I would pull of such a wonderful stunt he would have said something to me. I told him it was very arousing to have a stranger see me naked so not to worry about it. We got home and he did not even wait to get to the bedroom, he put me up on the island in the kitchen and went right to licking me.


Submitted: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 22:46:48 GMT

I am a housewife stuck in a marriage that has no passion left in it. I know what your thinking but no it was not me turning him down all the time for sex it was the other way around. I had gone two years without sex. He began taking on travel work and was gone for a week or more sometimes so I started looking for a lover, found a few but they were not really going to go any further than a one night stand. I answered an ad for a relationship wanted, we went out for dinner and he seemed very nice. He asked me if I was into group sex and I told him that it would depend on the situation. He told me nothing harmful would happen to me just about five or six men having sex with me. I thought it over for a few weeks then told him sure but how was I to be sure that I would not be abused. He reassured me that they all were not into that at all but for the most part I would just have to trust him.

I thought teenagers were dumb about sex and here I was walking into a strange house with up to six men wanting to have sex with me at the same time. I walked in and he greeted me and asked if I wanted anything to drink, told him I was good and did not want to get any drinks in me for now. There were three other men in the living room and we all sat around talking for a few minutes then I was asked to go into the bedroom, it was quite large with a round custom made padded stand in the middle of the room. I was a little nervous when they started touching me but the gentleness of it put me at ease. I was naked in no time at all and had one guy already on his knees in front of me licking away at me. They told me he always likes to go first and licks for about half an hour. They laid me up on the stand and he kept right on licking me while the rest of them fondled every inch of my body and took turns getting sucked off but not cumming yet. I looked over and one of them asked if he was done licking me yet, he had a condom on his cock and moved into position between my legs. I had already had two orgasms when the intercourse started and after two guys was coming up on number three.

After they all had a turn with intercourse one by one they were removing the condom and getting a turn with my mouth. That was when number five showed up a little late, he was black and when his boxers came off I was a little worried at the size of him. I looked down at him standing between my legs and as he slowly inserted his cock I felt myself spreading to new widths, I had not had something that big in me since child birth. I was in heaven for about fifteen minutes as he stroked that monster in and out of me. He stopped for a minute then asked if everyone had used a condom tonight, there was a collective yes and then he lowered down and started licking on me. He had sex with me for about an hour and finally finished off with a strong screwing that left me speechless. I could not even concentrate on sucking, I just had my mouth open letting them do what ever they wanted.

After he was done everyone was pretty much spent and the man who set it up told me there was a shower in the room over there, take my time getting cleaned up. I came out and most of them were still there and they asked if I would become a regular and did I like the experience. I told them the night was great and how often do they do this, they told me any night they have a willing woman but it has been about two nights a week. I have been about six time now and every time is the same, I get pleasured for about two hours and all of them are great to me.


Submitted: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 03:45:44 GMT

I have a friend awhile ago and he likes those preteen model sites how they model erotic in panties and stockings. He also has alittle niece he wants to get her to join modeling. He asked me over to his place one time and i could not believe my eyes, there she was in a rear bending pose with alittle short skirt lifted up, thigh high stockings and a very thin laced g-string just barely covering her holes geting her pictures taken. Before i even said anything, he says want to see aomething sexy? and tells her pull the panty to the side. My dick on a hard instantly. So the next pose was to sit on a chair, have her legs wide and to pull and spread her pussy open. At that point i leaked alittle and started rubbing my dick but things started geting interesting when he said to me lay down and get her to sit on you. With that long brunette hair in pig tails and her cute sweet tiny hole just siting on my dick, i felt like blowing but i had to hold it. He set the video cam and he came over to and took his cock out to feed it in her mouth. He got her to lube herself up and my cock and i tried to put it in. She was so tight that i just got abit of my cock in and blew right away.


Submitted: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 01:08:55 GMT

I had knee surgery a few years ago and one of our neighbors is a stay at home mom. My wife worked it out with her to come over during the day to check up on me as for the first week I was supposed to stay off my knee as much as possible. I was pretty out of it the first few days but on day three was feeling a little better so when she came over I was joking around with her some about her nurse skills. She was playful back and we joked around some about it. The next day she came over she was still wearing her workout outfit from doing what I found out was a pretty intensive workout. She asked me how my knee was doing and kneeled down next to my recliner checking the ice pump out to see if she needed to add some. She came back with it after a few minutes and hooked everything back up. Her boobs were looking so hot in her top and those yoga shorts were doing nothing to hide her ass and camel toe. She is a redhead so she can get pretty fired up when she wants to and today she was pretty hyper, probably from the workout. I joked with her that her outfit was not very nurse like but still very nice. She stuck her ass out and leaned forward pushing her boobs together and asked me if I really thought she looked good in it. I was getting pretty excited staring at her cleavage and just told her that she looked perfect from where I was sitting. She put a hand on each arm of my recliner and leaned so far over that her hair was resting on my chest then she slid it right down over my shorts. She looked up and smiled at me and asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I about lost it right there in my shorts. I told her now she was just being a bad nurse but I did like the idea of it. Before I could get another joke out she had her forehead in my stomach and her fingers pulled my shorts up, she slid her mouth down and sucked in the head of my cock. She then let it go and told me not to move that knee around while I was getting pleasured. After a minute or so of sucking I asked her if she would do something for me, she gave me a look like am I not doing enough for you right now?

I asked her to take her top off so I could see those lovely breasts. She obliged my request and I was not disappointed at all, those beauties had really nice pink nipples and some freckles all around them. She started sucking me up and down nice and slow so I reached my hand up and cupped one of the her breasts, god I was in heaven, my wife has really nice breasts as well but it felt wonderful having hers in my hands.

She stood up and asked me how good the recliner was? I told her it was a nice one why? She peeled her shorts off and swung leg up and over my head placing a knee on each arm of the chair. I reclined all the way back and could not believe how smooth and lovely her shaved pussy looked not to mention the scent. I dove my tongue right into her licking every piece of her pussy and ass I could as she began sucking me off again. I was in complete heaven.

My wife came home at her regular time and as she walked into the living room she asked me how her favorite patient was doing, I told her that I was feeling really good today and seemed to be on the road to recovery. She did almost the exact same thing our neighbor did to me, leaned in and gave me a kiss then told me she would change and be right back. As she stood up she looked down at me and started stripping right in the living room. She leaned over me and pulled my shorts down and started sucking away on my cock. As she was sucking me up and down nice and slow she lifted her head up and told me that I had to be just dying for one of these as it had been almost a week since my last one. I was not sure but I could of sworn that they planned this out because it was just to much of a coincidence that in a matter of about 4 hours I had the both of them in the same position in my chair. I never confessed to having sex with the neighbor three times that week but I was one happy patient by the time I was up and walking around again.


Submitted: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:22:32 GMT

I was terrible when I was in my twenties, I had sex with anyone. I used to actually have sex in the men's room with co-workers. My manager at one of my first jobs out of college was pretty cool and I did like him both as a boss and wanted to have sex with him as well. He was married so I just let it go but one day during a real busy afternoon of closing deals he was really happy with the days work and excited with all the money he had just brought in. He was telling me what a great job I did with all of it when he out of habit slapped my rear end telling me good job Shelly! He immediately looked at me and his face changed, he apologized for patting my rear. I laughed a little and stuck my rear towards him telling him it felt good and he should do it again.

The look on his face was priceless, he stared at me like he was turning something around in his head but could not get it out. I turned and walked out of his office but he had not said anything to me, from then on though every once in a while he would do it to me just like the guys, one smack on the rear and told me great job.

I had not planned this out but one day I was wearing not exactly a short skirt and we had a really great day of sales again. He was in his usual good mood afterwards and I was standing in is office slightly bent over when he walked behind me, I moved back bumping into him and asked him well, aren't you going to smack my rear? He looked down and without even hesitating he lifted my skirt up and smacked my rear, I was wearing a thong so he was literally touching my rear. I heard him say Wow you have one really nice ass. My skirt fell back down and I laughed telling him something about it like yeah I run a lot. I walked up to him and whispered maybe we could work late and you could feel my ass then.

He was a little quiet but did not leave the office at his usual time, I waited until everyone else left and kept right on working saying I wanted to get this pile off my desk before tomorrow. He waited a good twenty minutes then walked out of his office and looked over at me. I had never had a man lick my ass so much until him, he must have kissed and licked me bent over his desk for an hour.


Submitted: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 11:01:48 GMT

my uncle passed away in his forties leaving my aunt a widow at an early age, I became her do it all man. My mom sent me over there for everything from mowing the lawn, painting, you name it I was fixing it. Most of the time my mom would drive me over there and sit in the living room and talk with her. When I got my license I would just drive over myself and take care of whatever she needed. One day after finishing up the lawn she told me to come inside and have something eat, she had made me dinner so I cleaned up and went into the kitchen. She told me she really appreciated all the help I had been to her. after I was finished eating she asked me to come upstairs she wanted to show me something and I would probably need to go to the hardware store and come back next time to fix it. Once we were in the bathroom she showed me the light, it had a pull chord on it to turn it on but the chain had broke. I told her no problem to fix and I would bring one back with me. I turned around to walk out of the bathroom thinking she was already doing the same thing and plowed right into her, she lost her balance and fell down. I felt really bad and picked her up but she was just fine and then out of no where she planted a kiss right on me.

Then she almost looked mad and told me to lay down on her bed, I was a little taken back by her sudden change in mood but laid down. she climbed right up on top of me and pulled my shirt up and off then slid down and was undoing my pants like a mad woman. She pulled everything off at once then started sucking on my cock, if felt so good that I just laid there stunned watching her. I came in under two minutes and she just looked up at me and grinned, she then told me that she was so happy to finally do that again. She then proceeded to swallow me down again and sucked on my furiously until I was hard again. She stripped off her clothes, reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom. She had it on me in just a few seconds and then spread her legs and mounted me sinking herself right down on top of me. She let out a long moan and her fingers dug into my chest. She slowly rose and fell rocking her head back and moaning out. I lasted much longer this time and actually managed to stay hard the whole time she rode me, she had her fingers going on her clit and was practically jumping up and down on me when she came. Her boobs were a site to watch all by themselves, just bouncing all over the place, She was completely wild.


Submitted: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 09:44:26 GMT

When I was in college one of my mom's good friends lost her job and she moved into the house until she could get back on her feet. I returned home in the early summer and she was still living there. She was attractive and smart really but apparently the job market was quite tough in her field so it was taking longer than she hoped to find a new job.

I woke up one morning and stumbled out into the hallway, my cock hard as a rock from needing to relieve myself. I had on shorts but it was very obvious that I was hard, I was walking down the hallway just a short distance but then Marla came out of the bathroom just as I was there. She looked down right away and sort of smiled and then stepped to the side commenting that I must really need to go then laughed a little. I got into the bathroom and was a little embarrassed because I did not really think about running into her and did not want to make her uncomfortable, her joking about it made me feel a little better.

We had the house to ourselves every morning so we were in the habit of having breakfast and coffee together most every day and she was fun to talk to, most mornings she wore a robe but sometimes she did not and I could see her nipples bouncing around, hard every now and then.

One morning I awoke to see her on the edge of my bed smiling at me. She told me good morning then ran her hand under the covers and gripped my hard on, she smiled as I tightened up my body. She pulled my shorts down and plunged her mouth right over my head and down the shaft. I loved how it felt my cock already hard and sensitive from needing to pee. I told her I would not last long but she did not care and swallowed every bit of cum, she kept right on sucking on me but I told she had to stop because I really needed to go. She told me to hurry back as soon as I was finished. When I returned she was on my bed naked and smiling at me, I was no fool and jumped right into bed with her.

She finally got a job and new place towards the end of summer but our love making was almost daily and I learned a tremendous amount about sex from her.


Submitted: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 03:46:40 GMT

I went to the chemist the other day. I young girl, i of about 13 or 14 served me. I have to say she was absolutely gorgeous. Short, tiny frame, long dark hair, round face with green eyes. Small, but very nice perky tits, and perfect flat tummy and a tight round ass. She has a tight shirt and a mid length skirt on.

I was looking through condom for the right ones. She came over, as they do and asked if she could help me. I told her i needed to find a packet of condom to give to my daughter (i'm 35), so she has something to be safe with. She showed me a couple and gave me a description of them.

We chatted a bit and i asked her how old she was and if she had had sex yet at her age. She stumbled a bit, but she said she was almost 14 and her boyfriend and her had done it a couple of times. I then asked her what ones her used and what she thought of them. Anyway this went for a couple of minutes. I kept probing her and asking about her and her boyfriend. I then asked which ones he had liked when they tried.

The young girl went along with it and got more comfortable over a few minutes. I told her at this stage that i wanted to make sure that if my daughter does have sex with her boyfriend that i want her and him to enjoy it but still be safe. I went for it, not really expecting much, except to be asked to leave.

I asked her if she could try a couple with me to describe the difference and feel. She responded and said she doesn't do that with customers and it would be wrong. I told her we could go into the customer change room and it would be our secret if she could help me. I stated that she would be ok as clearly i and her would be protected. She very slowly came around and said we could test 2 or 3, but i would need to buy the packets to use them.

I walked slowly to the change rooms near the back corner of the store. She came in about a minute later. I dropped my pants and opened the first condom. I put a plain one on. She very nervously turned around and i pulled her skirt up around her waist. She lent against the wall and pushed her tiny ass out. I dropped her panties to the floor. I was leaking so much pre cum i thought i was going to blow before i even got in her. I told her to tell me how it feels as i slowly pushed my cock into her tiny pussy.

I thrust into her for about a minute and stopped. I pulled out and took off the rubber. I opened and put on a ribbed one. I pushed back into her and ask how it was. I kept this up for another minute or so.

She wasn't watching, so i pulled out, took off the condom and opened another. I didn't put it on and i pushed my bare cock back into her 13 year old pussy. I thrust into her for about 2 or 3 minutes and asked her how this one was. She told me it felt the best as she couldn't really feel the rubber. I told her that this would be the best one. I asked if her if she was ok for me to cum in her since she was protected and i really needed to finish since we started it.

She paused, but after a moment she said that i could since i was using a condom and it would show how much it could hold. I thought she would get me, but i asked her anyway. "13, so you get periods already as well? Is this why your boyfriend has to be careful?". The answer was perfect. "He is always careful because i have had period since i turned 12". I probed, "so when was your last period, i want to imagine that we are making a baby right now". The best news yet and the last thing i needed. "Hmmm.....about 12 or 13 days ago. I think we should stop now".

I stopped, balls deep inside her and blew. I held her tiny hips tight and then wrapped one arm around her tummy as i lifted her off the floor as i leaned back, forcing my cock to sink completely into the 13 year old pussy as her weight sank against me. I must have spurted 6 or 7 strong loads of cum into her before she realised what i was doing. I slowly pt her down, letting the last of my sperm out into her belly. I pulled out and said that she was the best fuck i had ever had. She cried and asked what happened to the condom. I told her i didn't put it on as i wanted to feel the difference and see if she could tell.

She pulled up her panties, covering her cum leaking pussy and told me to leave. I thanked her for letting me fuck her and for letting me make a baby in her tummy. She held her tummy as i got dressed and left.

I never really thought a young girl would be that naive, but i really liked that she was. She didn't even know that i don't have a daughter, i just needed to fuck such a young hottie.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 17:33:25 GMT

It was a warm spring morning and I was riding my bike on an 8 mile trek to my Aunts place. I had no school that day because of a Junior High Teachers Convention and I was bored and decided to go and visit my Auntie Verna. I knew that she was home alone since my Cousins were still I Elementary classes and Uncle Joe was away working a camp job. I figured that I could visit and get some eye candy memories for jacking off later. I thought that my Auntie was sexy! She had a great ass and nice full tits. When she wore tight jeans or her spandex shorts I used to have to wander away and go crank one off in the willows. I would fantasize about her all of the time while jacking off.

Finally I got to her place and saw that it was just before 9:00 am. I went up to the door and knocked and she answered after a couple of minutes. She saw that it was me and let me in then she went straight back to her bedroom. I followed her and saw that she had no underwear on underneath her filmy nightgown. I started to get a hard on. She climbed back into bed and I joined her under the covers. She thought nothing about it as I had done so before on many occasions. I was happy to have the blankets covering my now hard cock from her sight.

We laid there talking, she asked how my parents were, the usual family stuff. She turned on her side with her back to me and was asking something or other. I didn't catch it as I was debating about making a bold move that would either work or I was going to be in big trouble. I made the move. I slid over behind her and turned on my side so that she could feel my hard on poking her in the back. She reached around and grabbed my cock and asked in an amused voice,

"What's this!" and giggled. I was surprised and hopeful as I said in a shaky voice,

"It's my cock Auntie. I saw your ass through your nightgown and got a hard on. I want to fuck you, I've wanted to fuck you for a long time." She let go of my cock and turned over with a smile on her face. She was amused and at the same time surprised by my forward behaviour. She just looked at me and shook her head in disbelief then blew my mind by calmly saying,

"Ok, I'll fuck you. But you better not tell anyone or I'll go to jail and you'll end up in a foster home." She got out of bed and took off her nightgown and stood there naked. I was stunned into immobility at the entire situation.

She laughed at my obvious shock and shook her tits at me before saying,

"Well? do you want to fuck or not? Take your clothes off if you do. We don't have all day." I jumped out of the bed and was naked as fast as I could take my clothes off. She told me to lay on the bed and I did as I was told. She laid beside me and gently grasped my cock as she examined it. She gave it a gentle squeeze and a couple of gentler strokes then said too me,

"Not bad Rog, not bad! Its a nice size not to big, Not to small. It's hot to the touch, hmmmm"

She laid back and spread her legs and motioned me to get on top of her. I did and tried clumsily to enter her pussy. It was a gong show! I was all over the place and nervous as hell and excited, I couldn't believe what was happening! Auntie finally and patiently took my cock in hand and guided it into her pussy. I was inside a woman's pussy, it was warm and felt so good I simply lay on top her for a minute enjoying the sensation. Auntie said very quietly,

"Ok Rog, fuck me, lets see what you can do. Make you're Auntie cum and we might do it again."

I began to thrust like I had seen in the porno's. To my chagrin I came after three strokes.

"Already?!" Exclaimed Auntie surprised beyond belief. I explained that this was the first time that I ever had sex, I was a virgin. She stroked my hair and smiled at me indulgently saying,

"Well, it happens. We'll try again and again until you make me cum ok? Now just relax, calm down. We'll take our time and you'll learn how to make a woman cum. We'll ignore whoever might show up. Just be quiet and don't make any noise if someone does come, they'll think nobody's home." She leaned up and gave me a kiss on the lips and it calmed me down.

A couple of minutes later I was hard again and she guided me in and I began to slowly thrust, taking my time. She held me and smiled at me making encouraging sounds, keeping me focussed and calm. I lasted maybe two minutes that round. She calmly had me suck her tits as she stroked me back to a suitable hardness. A 14 year old boy can quickly recover! I had to do it three more times before Auntie finally came and she was happy! French kissing me and causing another erection. She giggled and suggested that we take a break so we could talk a bit about us.

"Ok Rog, you can't tell anyone what we did ok? If anyone finds out we will be in big trouble. Especially me. You're under age and I fucked you that's a serious charge. You might end up being taken away from your Mom and Dad, understand? I said that I did and she continued saying,

"We can do this again every now and then, but we have to be careful and not get caught. I'm only doing this because I see the way that you look at me and it was a turn on. Besides you came at the right time of the day. I'm usually horny after I get up in the morning."

Then she got into the doggy style position and I fucked her like that and actually managed to make her cum before me! I was so proud and excited of everything that happened that morning. She let me "practice" until noon and we had lunch together and chatted about our morning. I could see that she was amused by my excitement and joy at finally having sex! Plus it was with Auntie to boot! I felt like a king! I told her how I used to fantasize about her all of the time and she looked back with a big grin and leaned over to kiss me again telling me,

"Oh that's so sweet! I'm flattered Roger! You're such a little sweetheart! Now lets go get you some more practice!" We spent the better part of the afternoon in bed. She taught me the rudiments of eating pussy. I received my first ever blow job and thought that I would die from the pleasure! We had a great time that afternoon. She was my teacher and I was the eager student. We finally dressed at about 3:30 because she had to start preparing my cousins' supper for after school.

That afternoon was the first of many encounters that we shared over the coming years. We must have had sex almost everywhere. Indoors and out. Parked in a vehicle on a deserted road or farm.

We were very discreet and no one ever suspected us of any such illicit activities. To this day we still get together when we can and enjoy each others company. We were only caught once and that was by her oldest daughter. She was 15 and wanted to be fucked too. So with Aunties permission we did so and I had another partner. We fooled around until she moved away. Although we still chat online. That was years ago now. I'm a middle aged man of 47 and I still remember that day vividly, as if it were only yesterday.


Submitted: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 11:18:54 GMT

I m a girl 14 yo.My mom is 39.She is like so hot.When she comes from her bath,I can see her nipples sticking out.once she saw me looking at yhem and passed a gleefully smile.I was a bit embarrassed.The next day no one was home.I was jst wearing a crop top and jeans and watching TV on the couch.My mom walks in.She has a bathrobe and nothing else.Large cleavage is being shown.I get so horny I can't stop looking at them.My mom caught me but said nothing and sat down. I was very horny so without caring I started rubbing my pussy.My mim saw this.She was now staring at me rubbing my pussy.I was still wearing my panties and shorts.My mom came near me and told me that was not the proper way and she would show me how to do it properly.I was surprised at first but agreed.She then slided my shorts down and started rubbing my pussy frm over my panties.It felt so good.After that she slided my panties and looked gleefully at my soft and shaved pussy.

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Submitted: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:47:31 GMT

When I was young my neighbour was very interested in me. She was older than me by a few years and used to visit our home to spend time with my sister who was about her age. But she liked me being around and one day I was in her home and she was cleaning the house and moved up close to where I was to clean the floor. I was almost able to touch her lovely butt. My penis came to life and went very erect. She knew I was becoming aroused and clearly enjoyed it. I fantasised about her a lot after that and masturbated often while thinking of her. She used to come to our house and loved letting me see her sexy legs and her perky bum. She loved the attention I would give her and her sexiness was a drug for both of us. I used to joke with her and laugh with her and enjoyed her company and sexy body.

My sisters moved away and my mother was still friendly with her. My mother was ill at one stage and she came and helped my mother and even slept in the same bed with her. She came to my bed on one of those nights and slipped in beside me. I soon became aroused and kissed her pert little breasts and sucked her titties. Then I brought my tongue down to her panties and licked them all over. I licked them at her crotch where some of her wet had gathered. Then I slipped off her sexy panties and began to lick her pussy. She thoroughly enjoyed all this and told me it was really exciting for her as my mother thought she was sleep beside her. Then I began to have glorious sex with her. It was such a powerful experience and she was so sure if herself. What a sexy lover she was .


Submitted: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 16:37:43 GMT

I used to go out with a girl half my age. She was a neighbor! But one night while her parents weren't home I spent the night and waited until she was asleep then I had sex with her dog Dolly


Submitted: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:14:17 GMT

I'm 15, and in October had sex with my boyfriend for the fist time, he is 16. We had intercouse and mastubated each other a few times a week since then whenever his parents were out. The Saturday night after Thanksgiving his parents went out for the night. We went down to his family room and he opened the sofabed and we had sex again. We stayed naked and just played with each other for awhile listening to the music. He started kissing my breasts and worked his way down kissing my stomach and finally around my vagina. We had never had oral sex and I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to. As soon as he put his tongue on my clitoris I shuttered and instantly became aroused. He kept doing it and I must have climaxed two or three times. I just layed there content for awhile the whole time he was rubbing my breasts and body. He asked me to give him oral sex and I didn't really want to and surely wasn't sure how to. I did agree however and sat up on the side of the bed. He stood in front of me and had an erection before I even touched him. I started sucking him and he told me a few different things about licking him and going in and out of my mouth like intercouse. He held my head and would push in and out with his penis and I didn't mind doing it. When he came I probably swallowed some of it but most was on my chin and lips. All the sudden we realized his parents were on the steps looking at us. It was only ten o'clock and they came home early. His mother screamed at us and I tried to hide under the sheet. I was so embarrassed I wanted to die and started crying and telling them I was sorry. They told my boyfriend to go get dressed and told me to go home. I dressed as fast as I could and his mother told me to come up to the kitchen. Her and her husband started asking me and my boyfriend a lot of questions and hollaring at us at the same time. Then she got on the phone and told my mother who said for me to get home now. When I got home my mother slapped me before even saying anything. My father was furious and the two of them were screaming at me at the same time. They asked how long and how many times we had sex. I was sobbing and tried to lie at first but they knew I wasn't being truthful. My boyfriends mother even told my parents I gave him oral sex and my mother was even crying as she continued to hollar at me. I told them it was the first time I ever did that but they obviously didn't beleive me. I was grounded for a month and told I couldn't do many things and wasn't allowed to see my boyfriend anymore. The following week my mother took me to her doctor and I was force to get a gyno exam. The doctor was a man about my fathers age and it was the most humiliating thing I ever went through except for his parents catching us. He not only examined me but he hurt me when he put a speculum in my vagina and then my anus. He even examined my breasts and talked to me about birth control. I new right away my mother told him I was having sex. My mother was more calm by now and arranged for me to have birth control. She seemed to know I would still have sex and expained things to me and lectured me on having safe sex and the conciquences of getting pregnant. My boyfriend always used a condom when we had sex and I did tell her that. She hinted that I shouldn't tell my father what we talked about which I certainly wouldn't anyway. I think my mother understands more but my father is still mad at me and doen't trust me at all. I'm still not allowed out during the week and have to be home by 9'oclock on weekends. I still have sex with my boyfriend but not very often. I tell my parents we don't do it anymore but doubt if they believe me. I ashamed that they know about it but am not sorry for having sex. I hope they won't be as strick with me as I get older. My father and I hardly speak to each other right know and I know he is dissapointed in me. The way he looks at me sometimes almost makes me cry but I know he really loves me. I havn't seen my boyfriends parents since that night and am only there when they are at work. His brother knows I come there almost every week but promised not to tell his parents. I have to call my mom after school everyday but don't ever tell her when I'm at my boyfriends house. She even has my aunt come to my house sometimes to make sure I'm home. My aunt never says anything to me about it but I can tell my mother told her. So far only once she stopped when I wasn't home but I told my mother I ran to the store. I have to be very careful not to get caught again.


Submitted: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:46:15 GMT

Last year I was finally told I do not have AIDS after being tested so many times. I have a steady boyfriend now and never told him what happened to me three years ago in Cancun, when I was on spring break. I had met a really cute Mexican guy named Juan at one of the night clubs the first night I was there. He was well dressed and spoke English as well as I. He seemed to be in every bar or club my girlfriend and I visited. I was there for a total of ten days and the fifth night I was there I saw him again and danced with him. I was quite drunk that night and most of the bars encourage you to drink a lot. I don't remember agreeing to it but he took me to a private party at a house outside Cancun. My girfriend never knew I had left and was with a group of friends at the time. I think I was the only American there and many of the guys and girls didn't speak English. I do remember asking him to take me back to my hotel as it got later but I ended up falling asleep in back of the house on a lounge chair. The next thing I remember is being tied to a bed naked. Throughout the next day and night I was repeatedly raped and sodomized by at least 10 or 15 guys. I don't even remember how many there were but it was relentless and it was just one after another day and night. Many times as I was being raped or forced to give oral sex groups of them watched. A few of them were older men and many didn't speak English. I was constantly forced to perform oral sex and a number of times I was smacked and beaten. At the time I didn't think about it but know that none of them ever wore condoms. They continually ejackulated in my mouth, vagina or rectum. Twice I vomited and was then taken to the shower. During that day and night I was fed and forced to drink. They made me take several showers and at times 2 or 3 of them would soap me up and wash me, fondle and abuse me. They made me use the toilet as they stood there ridiculing me while mostly speaking Spanish. Afterwards I was always taken back and either tied to the bed again or tied face down to the kitchen table with my legs spread apart. In the kitchen was the worst because I was more often anally raped and forced to give many of them oral sex. At one point when I was tied to the kitchen table I was in a state of semi-consciousness and some of them whipped my rear with a stick. At times there were two other Mexican girls there who did nothing to help me and would watch as I was raped. One of them spanked me with the stick and both laughed at me most of the time they were there. After about 25 hours of pure hell I was once again showered and given my clothes. Juan and another guy finally drove me back to my hotel. They made me get out on a side street and left me there. It was 5am and when my girlfriend saw me she immediatley called the police. I was taken to a hospital and subjected to a humiliating physical exam and embarrassing questions by the police. I had a black eye and welts and bruises all over my body. I was finally released from the hospital around 7:30 that night. I had no sence of direction as to where they took me but did go with the police the next day trying to find the house I was taken to. We drove around most of the afternoon but the more houses I looked at the more confused I was and didn't even know what town it was in. When I came back home I never told anyone what happened and as far as I know my one girlfriend is the only one who knows. I made her promise not to tell anyone and just hope she kept her word. I feared getting AIDS or other infections and went to a doctor I had never been to before. I did tell him what happened and went through a series of blood tests for the next couple years. I have learned to live with the thoughts of it now after a year or more of being traumatized by it. I still get sick everytime I think of it but know I can't let it ruin my life. I really love my boyfriend and hope to marry someday and raise a family. I made a big mistake that I can never live down and only hope time will ease the pain of it. That night I drank to much and never stopped to realize what I was doing. There was no reason I should have ever gone out with that guy. I knew not to leave the tourist area of Cancun but was dumb and drunk enough to trust him.


Submitted: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 06:36:44 GMT

My sister in law and I have had sex a few times. The last time I came inside of her on purpose hoping she would get pregnant. Even thought it would turn our lives to shit, I loved the thrill... she did too


Submitted: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:30:04 GMT

I love my step daughter, I drugged her one night and fucked her, she was 12, now she is 18 and she asked me to fuck so we did, we fuck all the time now.


Submitted: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 05:45:28 GMT

Hi! Nikki here again...I have to tell you about the "guy" my husband brought home for dinner. And, it wasn't a guy, after all, it was s young lady, about...oh I would guess 30 or so, around my age. Beautiful! With big tits and red hair! I wondered if my husband was screwing her, but she turned out to be a lesbian, and she started making moves on ME right away. After dinner, we went out to the salt water pool to go swimming, and naturally she didn't bring any swimming suit, so I loaned her one of mine. While she and I were changing into our bikinis,I was standing there nude, she came over to me, and started feeling my tits. It felt great so I started fondling hers. She dropped to her knees and started eating my pussy, Just like my "bag boy" did earlier in the week, only she d id it better, and I came right away. We got into bed and did a 69...I came again and so did she, but my hubby was knocking at the door,, telling us to hurry, as he wanted us to swim with him. I told her we usually swim naked, so she peeled her bikini (my bikini) off and said "Let's go give him a double treat!" We got in the pool with him, and I've nev er seen such a hard-on! He's usually very laid back about sex, like I said, but when he saw the two of us, NAKED, his cock sprung to life! Our guest swam over to him, rubbed her tits on his chest, and said "Youer wife is really wonderful, she's going to let you screw me, tonight!" All my hub by could say was "But, but, but..I didn't have that in mind!" She started rubbing his cock and french kissing him, until BANG! off to the bedroom they ran, with me following out of curiosity. I thought "If he fucks her, then rolls over and snores like he does with me, I'm gonna break something on his head!"

They got into bed and she spread her legs so he could slip his really hard cock in her pussy. He got on top and I watched as his dprick sunk all the way in. She squirmed and wrigglcd as he went in and out, she turned heer head, looked at me and winked!


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The first time my mom visited me at college, we ended up having an incestuous encounter. I was really homesick, and she missed me too, so when she came to the door, we embraced. I don't even know how it started but we just started making out. We made out in my bed for a while, both of us stripping down to our underwear. She was topless, and I was sucking on her tits, when the door burst open and my roommate came in - and quickly left the room. This snapped me & mom out of our lust stupor, and we quickly put our clothes back on, apologized, and acted fairly awkwardly around each other for the rest of the weekend. 5 years later, we still haven't spoke of it. I still can't believe that I almost had sex with my mom. Thankfully my roommate never said a thing.


Submitted: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 20:24:51 GMT

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Me and boyfriend recently broke up, we decided to stay friends, yesterday he wondered if we could be fuck buddies, I kissed him for the first time in ages and he started to run his hands all over me, Id worn a dress and as we climbed in the back seat I unleashed his long hard cock and it slid so easily into my wet pussy. we ended up having crazy sex in his car, in tescos car park, in the middle of the day, with families driving past, it was so amzing that everyone could see what we were doing. We drove off afterwards, I went to Ann summers and bought a new toy, then we went to the cinema and I let him play with it, and me, the whole way through the film, it was all I could do not to scream and ruin it for everyone else. He dropped me off for a night out with my friends who are none the wiser, and I ended up kissing a load of girls, while taking a load of photos, I can't wait for him to see them as I know how much this will turn him on...


Submitted: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 15:55:13 GMT

My girlfriend, Lisa, was bi-sexual. From the start, she didn't try to hide it, and, told me about it on our first date. Of course, I didn't mind, and, as time went on I got to see her, together, with three or four of her friends. At first, I just watched, and, usually jacked off. But, as time went on, I got to have sex with two of them, also.

One night, when I was in bed with Lisa and her best friend, Jennifer, they started telling me that I should think about having a bi-sexual relationship, myself. They started telling me how wonderful it was, to be able to have sex with a same sex partner. They told me that a same sex partner knew just how to please you. And, that you would know how to please them, as well. They asked me what I was afraid of. They told me how much it would turn them on to see me with another guy. I told them that it was highly unlikely, and, that I just wasn't turned on by guys. But, they kept it up, until I finally, reluctantly, agreed to give it a shot, sometime. When I agreed, I told them that I would have to get to pick the guy, though, fully intending to NEVER pick one!

Several nights later, we went to one of those industrial-euro dance clubs, where all the trendy, fashion kind of people liked to hang out. There were plenty of gays, bi-sexual, s&m types, leather and lace, and cross-dressing types there. We were dancing together, when Jennifer spotted a tall, thin, blond guy. He had really long hair, and, looked somewhat effeminate, but, was dressed pretty normally. He had on tight jeans, and, a tight, white tank top.

"What do you think of him?" she asked, then added that she thought he was pretty cute. Lisa agreed, too. And, even I had to agree, he was pretty cute. He must've noticed us checking him out, because he walked over to us, almost immediately. He introduced himself to us. His name was Jamie. He started to dance with us. When I started to get tired of dancing, I excused myself, and, headed back to our table. Jamie came with me. I bought him a drink, while the girls kept dancing, together. We made, mostly, small talk, but, he did ask about Lisa and Jennifer. He asked if they were bi. I told him they were.

A little later, the girls joined us at the table. I had to go to the bathroom, so I offered to get their drinks after a trip to the bathroom. When I got back to the table, Lisa was holding hands with Jennifer. They kissed, openly, once in a while.

"Jamie, my boyfriend thinks you're cute!" Lisa said, suddenly, out of the blue.

"I think he's pretty cute, too!" jamie said, eagerly.

"He told us he'd be willing to try bi-sexuality, if he met the right guy!" jennifer said.

Then, the two of them asked me if I thought Jamie was the right guy. What could I say? They asked me right in front of him. Finally, I thought, "What the heck? I might as well give it a try.

"Well.......Yeah, I guess he could be." I answered, nervously.

The girls explained that I'd never done anything like that, before. And, that it would be my first time with another guy. Jamie told me not to worry. He was bi. But, added that he'd only been with another guy a year ago, when he was in college. He just hadn't been able to find another guy he liked since.

We finished our drinks, and, headed back to Lisa's apartment. We were barely inside, as Lisa and Jennifer started kissing, and, taking off each others clothes. They stopped when they were down to their bras and panties. I was relieved to see Jamie was watching them as intently as I was.

"Oh, yeah!" he said, "I like girls, too!"

Lisa came over to me, and, started kissing me. Jennifer did the same to Jamie. They started peeling our clothes off, too. Once Jamie and I were naked, the girls said, "Why don't you guys do what you feel like doing?"

Jamie walked over to me, and, putting his arms around me, he pulled me tight to him. I could feel his hard cock, pressed up against me. I was harder than ever, too.

"Don't do anything you don't want to!" he said, adding, "I know exactly what you're feeling, right now. Remember I had a first time, too, once!"

He was looking right into my eyes. I was looking right into his eyes, too. Suddenly, I realized I wanted nothing more than what was about to happen. I kissed him. The girls took off their bras, and started fondling each others tits, but, their eyes were glued to us. I felt Jamie's hand on my nipples. As he played with them, they grew really hard. I couldn't believe this was happening, as I felt one of his hands slide down my chest to my stomach. I spread my legs a little. I started touching his nipples. His hand went lower, but, he didn't touch my cock. He was teasing me, touching my lower stomach, and, inner thighs, getting close, but, never actually touching my cock. I couldn't stand it, anymore! I slipped my hand, quickly, down over his stomach and grabbed his cock. I felt it. I played with it. I liked it. It felt good in my hand. When I started to stroke it, he, finally, touched me. I shivered. We wound up jerking each other off.

After we came, Lisa and Jennifer asked how I'd liked my first bi experience. I had to admit I'd loved it.

"Well, we loved it, too. Watching you two got us pretty horny, so.....if you don't mind......" they said, trailing off.

They started kissing,and touching, winding up in a hot sixty-nine. Watching them had, both, Jamie and me starting to get hard, again. By the time they had finished, we were both ready for more. I grabbed Jamie, and kissed him. I fell to my knees. As i started to play with his cock, I looked at it. I thought it looked beautiful. I wanted it in my mouth. I couldn't stop myself! I started to kiss it.

"Don't! I mean, you don't have to. I mean, don't do anything you don't want to!" Jamie said.

"But, I WANT to!" I said, before I started to lick his erection.

A few seconds later, I parted my lips and guided his erect penis into my mouth with my hand. I liked, no!, I loved the way it felt in my mouth. I started to move my head up and down on it, trying to take more and more of it inside, each time. I loved the way it felt. I sucked hard. I felt it hit the back of my throat, and, gagged a little. But, I still kept trying to get more and more of his beautiful cock inside me. Before long, I felt it jerk, and, my mouth started to feel warm and sticky. I knew, then, that he was cumming. I didn't care. I swallowed and swallowed.

Afterward, he went down on me. It was fantastic. I had to admit, the girls were right about one thing. I'd had my cock sucked by quite a few girls, and, some of them were pretty good at it, but, none compared to Jamie. He seemed to know just what to do when, and, how!

The four of us went to bed, together, after that. Lisa slept in my arms, and, Jennifer slept in Jamie's. In the morning, I woke up to Lisa kissing my cock. We started fucking, with Jennifer and Jamie sleeping, right next to us. Our activity must've awakened them, and, they started kissing, then, moved into a sixty-nine, right next to us. The four of us have been together, ever since!



Submitted: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 16:07:59 GMT

I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I met my girlfriend, Lynn, a year ago. I met her at a bar. She was smoking hot, blond, and built like every guy's dream. When she invited me back to her apartment, I knew I was in for some really great sex. On the way, she told me that she had something to confess. She went on to tell me that she was bisexual, and lived with her "friend", Connie. I told her I didn't have any problem with that. Good move!

It was only a matter of time before I got to witness the two of them in action. And, it wasn't long after that that the three of us were in bed, together. It was like every guy's dream, getting to watch the two of them, together, and getting to have sex with either, or, both of them! And, they were very sexually adventurous. You name it, we did it. We played some S&M games. I, even, let them dress me up in bras, panties, make-up, and a wig. What did I care, as long as I was getting to fuck them, both!

A few months ago, though, they started trying to talk me into hooking up with another guy. They said it was only fair that if I got to watch the two of them, together, they should get to see me with another guy. I'd never done anything like that, before. d I really wasn't interested, and told them so. But, they persisted. Finally, one night, when I was in bed, alone with Lynn, she got me to admit that I was a little bit curious about what it'd be like to suck another guy's cock. For the next week, Lynn and Connie brought it up, constantly. It was all we talked about.

Then, one Friday evening, when I came over to Lynn's, the girls said they wanted to dominate me. I was usually the dominant one, but, we'd switched a few times before. They asked if I'd agree to being their submissive, for the night. I'd always liked being their dominant, but, I'd really loved it when I'd been submissive. It always got me really turned on! Once I agreed, they made me play with my cock, while they took pictures. They told me I was not to cum, and, ordered me to stop just as I was about to. They teased my nipples. It always drove me crazy when they did that to me! Then, they whipped me with a riding crop. Finally, they told me to put on my red panties. Saying they were hungry, they called to order a pizza delivery. I knew they'd be making me answer the door!

When the doorbell rang, I was told to go answer it. The pizza guy smiled, and walked into the apartment. He sat the box on the kitchen counter, and started taking off his clothes. Lynn and Connie came into the kitchen, and suggested we go in the livingroom, before he could even get his shirt all the way off. Lynn and Connie sat on the couch, and told me to remain standing. The guy finished taking off his shirt. Then, started taking off his pants. He was wearing the same red bikini panties that I was.

"You know he's not really the pizza guy, don't you?", Connie asked me.

I didn't answer, but, she went on to tell me he was her boyfriend, Sean. He was bi. She asked if I knew why he was here. I said I did.

"Well....what do you think? Think he's cute?", Lynn asked.

I admitted that I did think he was kind of cute.

"Then kiss him! Now!", Connie ordered, as she lashed my ass one time, with the riding crop.

I knew I had no choice. They would whip me more, if need be, and, I'd just wind up being forced to, anyway! I walked over to Sean, defiantly, and wrapping my arms around him, started to kiss him. I liked it. I felt him pull my panties down, and start to touch my aching cock. It felt good. I pulled his panties down and touched him. I liked the way his cock felt, in my hand. We wound up jerking each other off. The girls were pleased. I loved making him cum, too.

Later that night, the four of us were in bed, together. As the girls were making out, I looked over at Sean's cock. Taking a deep breath, I decided I'd loved stroking his cock so much, I was going to find out what it'd be like to suck it. I turned and kissed him. I started working my way lower. The girls stopped what they were doing, and watched, in disbelief, as I started kissing his nipples. Finally, I slipped lower and lower, until I had his cock right in my face. I told myself I could stop, if I wanted to, but, deep down, I knew better. I took a deep breath, then started to kiss all over his hard cock. Kisses turned to licks, then, I parted my lips and took his cock inside my mouth. I loved the way it felt. I started to bob my head. I tried to take more and more of his cock inside, with each stroke, but, gagged when it hit the back of my throat. I didn't give up, though. I wanted more and more of it. I felt my mouth fill with a warm feeling. He was cumming! I didn't like the way it tasted, but, swallowed anyway. It was sticky. Afterward, he went down on me.

The girls asked how I'd liked it. I told them I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth. I loved the power it made me feel over him, to be able to make him cum. But, I didn't care for the taste of his cum.

"You'll get used to it!", Lynn said, just before we all drifted off to sleep.


Submitted: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 17:29:18 GMT

When I came home from work on a Friday night, a few weeks ago, my beautiful wife was waiting for me at the top of the steps.

"Are you horny?", Kim asked.

"Yes!", I replied.

"Good! Then take off all your clothes, and, let's play our little game!", she giggled.

Gone were the days when she'd bring one of her girlfriends home for a menage a trois. And, so were the days of our forays into some S&M. For the past year, we'd started playing with cross dressing. It started when she dared me to put her panties on, on New Years Eve. I guess she didn't think I would, but, I did, and, we wound up having some really hot sex, afterward. It, soon, began to become a regular part of our sex play, and, we, both, loved it.

Before long, she started asking me to try on a bra, too. Then, she started putting make-up on me. At first, it was her things. None of it fit too well. But, after a while, she started buying me my own things, while I was at work. Gradually, she made adjustments, until the things she wanted me to wear fit perfectly. Over time, it got to be more and more. She started buying shoes, skirts, dresses, tops, stockings, garter belts, jewelry, wigs, and, even falsies. I never complained because I always knew there would be plenty of hot sex, afterward, and besides, it was all in the privacy of our own home.

A few months ago, she started taking me with her to her waxing appointments, and, had me waxed, too. She even had me get laser hair removal on my face. Sometimes, I'd spend the whole weekend dressed up. She worked with me on walking and talking, too. By the time she was done, I could easily pass for a girl. And, I'm not just saying that, either. When she dressed me, and, showed me myself in the full length mirror on the back of our bedroom door, I thought I'd fuck me!

That Friday night it was all about to change, though. I peeled off my clothes, eagerly, unaware of what she had planned. The clothes were all laid out, on the bed, for me. There was my favorite pair of pink bikini panties and matching bra, from Victoria's Secret. Black back seamed thigh high stockings, and, a garter belt. A very short black skirt. A really nice top. And, a new pair of black over the knee pump boots.

Once Kim had me dressed, and, my make-up done, she informed me that we were going out. I'd grown my hair long, so a wig was no longer needed. I protested, but, Kim was insistent. Finally, I gave in and agreed to go.

We went to a dance club, where all of the wild people went. It was a known hangout for the S&M set, as well as the gay and bi-sexuals. Lots of young hip people went there, too. We met Kim's friends, had a few drinks, and started to dance. None of them seemed to notice, and, Kim introduced me to them as her friend, Jennifer.

Then, as I was sitting out a song, a guy came over and asked me to dance. Seeing my situation, Kim hurried over to the table. I thought she would bail me out, but, instead, she told me to go ahead and dance with the guy. Fearing my cover would be blown, if I didn't, I got up to dance with him. His name was Sean. He was bi, and, had come to the club looking for another bi guy, but, after seeing me, he thought he'd go with a girl. After all, it was one of the advantages of being bi-sexual, he joked.

He followed me back to our table, and, Kim invited him to join us. I was not happy about that! Then, she started making out with one of the other girls. Sean leaned over and kissed me! He started grabbing my thighs, too, much to my dismay. I pushed his hand away. We danced and drank some more, then, Kim suggested we all go back to our place.

When we got there, the girls started pairing off, and making out. Before long, clothes started coming off. Sean kissed me. I was a little drunk. I kissed him back. Before long, he started trying to take my clothes off. I stopped him, fearing he was about to find out. But, another part of me wanted to see what it would be like. I started undoing his belt, and, unzipping his pants. He pulled his shirt over his head. It wasn't long before I tugged his shorts down, and, had his cock in my hand. He was as hard as a rock. He was about the same size as me. I liked the way his cock felt. Before I knew it, I was on my knees, with his beautiful cock in my face. He'd only managed to get my top off, so I was on my knees, in my bra, but, I still had my skirt and everything else on. I started kissing his cock, a little bit reluctantly, at first, but, soon, started to lick it. Finally, I parted my lips and took the tip of his dick in my mouth. I liked the way it felt. I started trying to get more and more of his cock in my mouth, until I gagged a little. I fought off the urge to gag, and, started breathing through my nose, as I sucked him.

A short while later, I felt something warm in my mouth. I felt him jerk. Soon, my mouth began to fill up with his warm sticky cum. I didn't like the taste, but, swallowed anyway. Afterward, he pulled me up and started taking off my bra. He sighed when my silicone falsies fell out, and, said he really had no idea, until then! He knelt before me, pulled my skirt and panties off, and, started sucking me. It was really good, and, he had me cumming hard, after just a few minutes.

Now, we all get together all the time!


Submitted: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 11:00:47 GMT

I am totally addicted to sex. I'm a compulsive masturbator. I constantly have my hands in my pants stroking myself, hoping someone will notice. I love mentally stripping people fantasizing how big their nipples and tits are and how long and thick their cocks are and how much cum they have. I love watching porn and jacking off while I watch. I also love sucking big black cock while women watch me and call me "fag" and "pervert." I would love to be the recipient of a cum bath and be women's sex toy. I also love doing men at adult bookstores. I started going to adult bookstores when I was 15. I sucked the owners cock in exchange for getting videos and magazines. The owner had me suck his friends too and I fell in love with cock. I now love to do trannies with big tits and huge cocks and balls.The feel of a big dick up my ass is wonderful and when that hot cum squirts inside me I feel so wonderfully dirty. I simply want more and more. I am a pervert and I love it!


Submitted: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 18:32:11 GMT

It seems like there are a lot of confessions from guys who suck their own cocks, lately. And, I can honestly say I'm glad to see them. For quite a while, I thought I was one of the few guys who did that. I started sucking my own cock eleven years ago, when I was just sixteen. I've had a lot of girlfriends over the years, and, most of them seem to have been more than happy to give blow jobs. But, none of them have been able to suck my cock as good as I can, myself.

My current girlfriend, Kim, loves to suck my cock, and, I'll admit, she's pretty good at it. But, I still suck myself off, two or three times a week, when she's not around. We have an amazing sex life, and, have tried just about everything imaginable. We've played around with some pretty serious S&M, and, since Kim is admittedly bi, we've shared our bed with a few other girls, too.

One night, though, while Kim was out, I was feeling pretty horny. I decided to take advantage of the situation, and, give myself a blow job. I was on the bed, with my legs thrown up over my head, and, I was really getting into it. I didn't even hear Kim come in, and, after I finished, I was shocked to see her standing in the doorway. I was more than a little embarrassed, and, I was afraid Kim would be shocked, or, mad. But, she was incredibly turned on by it. We wound up having some pretty awesome sex, until the sun came up the following morning.

Soon after, she started asking me to suck my own cock, so she could watch. Since I'd seen how turned on it got her, and, since I loved doing it so much, I gladly did. She began asking me to do it a lot, and, I complied. She asked me what I liked about sucking my own dick so much. I told her that it was just like masturbation. Nobody can do it to you as good as you can, yourself. She asked if I liked the feel of my cock in my mouth, and, I admitted I loved it. She said she did, too. Then, she said she noticed that I swallowed, and, asked if I loved the taste of my own cum, too. I explained that when I first started doing it, I spit it out, but, once, in the heat of the moment, I swallowed it. After that, I started swallowing my cum, all the time. I'd grown used to it. And, now, I kind of looked forward to it.

About a week later, as we were playing master and slave, she put on a harness and jelly cock. She told me to get on my knees.

"Now, you're going to see what it would be like to suck someone else's cock!", she announced. "Kiss it!"

After I'd kissed her cock, she told me to lick it, then, suck it. She really got off on making me suck her "cock", for nearly an hour. Then, she made me suck myself off, as she masturbated.

Then, one night, when her best friend, Michelle, was with us, she told her that I could suck my own cock. Michelle was so turned on by it that she said she wanted to see me do it, too. After my "show", I fucked Michelle as she ate Kim's pussy. After that, Michelle started coming over a lot! Then, one night, they both made me suck their jelly cocks.

"It's too bad he won't even consider getting together with another guy!", Michelle said, one night. "My boyfriend is bi, too, and, he'd love some of that!"

Then, Kim informed her that that wouldn't be a problem!

"Bring him over, tomorrow night! I'm going to be the master! He's going to be my slave! Tomorrow night, he will suck his first cock!", Kim announced.


Submitted: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 16:38:22 GMT

My boyfriend Cameron introduced me to a sort of bondage sex. I only see him twice a week and although I consider him my boyfriend we do have an open relationship. I know he dates another girl but I also date a guy who is married a few times a month. No whippings or anything painful is involved but only being tied to the bed and him satisfying me without me knowing what he will do next. I'm always blindfolded and spread eagle naked. I do the same to him once in awhile but he likes it best when I am the one tied down. He shaves me down there every week and then proceeds to stimulate and ravish my entire body. He performs oral sex on me everytime but also uses a vibrator in my vagina and rectum. Sometimes I am so turned on I could scream. It goes on for an hour or two and I orgasm so often I'm in a constant state of arousal. It ends when he satisfies himself, either by intercouse with me or masturbating himself with my breasts. He also has me suck him and because of the position I'm in I am forced to swallow his cum. I didn't like that part of it at first but now don't mind it at all. We have been going together off and on for almost 6 years but the bondage thing we have only been doing for the last 2 years. Last summer things got even more kinky and it started with Cameron telling me some of his friends want to watch what he does to me. I know by now that guys brag to each other about their sex lives but never thought much about it. He said that about his friends a lot of times then finally asked me if he could let one of them come over. He asked me this as I was having another orgasm. He told me I would never know which of his friends were here. Anyways it sounded exciting to me and I told him ok. It was last July the first time he brought another guy and I'm still not completely sure who it was, but think it was his friend Brian. It got out of hand since then and I suspect there are at least 6 or 7 other friends of his who are here once a week, although he has told me there are only 3. What started out as them only watching Cameron doing all those things to me, he now allows them to participate. There is only one of them each time but he lets them bring me to orgasm either by giving me oral sex, fingering me or using the vibrator on me. He has never let them have intercouse with me but all of them have masturbated using my breasts and I have also given oral sex to all of them. Thats how I am sure there are more then three of them and can tell by the size of their penis and sometimes the taste of their cum. Lately when I ask Cameron how many different guys he has brought over he just smiles and says I don't want to know. I know I am stupid for allowing this to continue but I am satisfied in so many ways its hard to explain. Every week its not only Cameron but one of his friends stimulating me at the same time and bringing me to countless orgasms. At first I didn't like giving them oral sex but enjoy doing it now because of the ways they satisfy me. I don't see his friends often and it is never talked about when I do see them. I do think about which ones he allows to come over with him but don't really want to know. None of them talk much when they are here and I don't think I would recognise there voices except for Brian who I now am sure is one of them. I'm never embarrassed when I'm blinfolded and tied to the bed but sometimes it is embarrassing when I see some of his friends I suspect have been here. Although Cameron and I have been involved for so many years I always knew it was never going to be a marraige type of relationship. I think I do love him a little but also know how he is useing me. I'm sure all his friends think of me as a whore but I have begun to crave the attention I get every week like a drug. By the time they are done with me I am completely exausted. I don't tell Cameron this but I enjoy it more now when he does bring one of his friends even more than when we are alone.


Submitted: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 06:34:09 GMT

I lost my virginity to a prostitute.

a friend took a few of us out to the pub, and then to a brothel. his shout.


Submitted: Thu, 28 May 2015 02:49:54 GMT

One of my favorite things to do is tie my wife up and watch her have orgasms. I usually spend at least an hour tying her up and teasing her with foreplay all the while, I get her into wonderfully tight bondage then turn on and off the vibe or dildo that I have set up on her then just leave it on until she hits her breaking point. This is usually when her eyes roll into the back of her head and she is moaning on and on in short gasps. Sometimes five orgasms have passed and the next one it never ending just watching her body pulsate is complete pleasure for me.

I can always get my cock into somewhere when I secure her, anything will work depending on my mood. I have a ring for her mouth to keep it open for access but my favorite is still her vagina, she has this great area just inside her lips that just grips my cock hard when she orgasms. I also love to slide a bullet vibe in her ass so I can feel it vibrating on my cock through her vaginal wall. I know it seems very overbearing of me but she loves to be dominated and gets off on it immensely. I have had her ask me to tie her up when she is really in the mood for it.


Submitted: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 17:33:05 GMT

My husband got us a porn movie reently and it was about dogging truckers. I told him I wanted to do it and he said OK. I dressed in a skirt and a knit top and we drove on the interstate until we arrived at one of those trucker rest stops and I went and sat on a picnic table and pulled my top up and exposed my breast. I had no panties on and a trucker got out of his cab and came over and started playing with me and he put his hand down between my legs. We kissed some and then I walked over to the car and he followed me. I opened the door and leaned over the seat with my bottom up and he entered me,,,he unloaded and I went back to the table and started flashing again and a black driver came over with his son. Same thing happened and we ended up at the car with both doing me. I decided I had enough so we left. I want to do it again.


Submitted: Fri, 10 May 2013 14:42:36 GMT

My husband and I moved to Painesville, Ohio and was sharing apartment with girlfriend and her boyfriend. After few weeks living together my husband was at work girlfriend was out of town visiting family, and her boyfriend was at work. So I had the apt., to myself so I decided to get nude and tease the guys on the internet.

My gf boyfriend got off work early. He came home to change before he enjoyed his day. Well he walked in on me while I was naked. He asked if I wanted him to join me and said yes as I thought he was joking. But he wasn't and he walked in and ask was I having fun, then the guys I was caming asked me suck his cock, sure he said do it for them so I did. I ended up swallowing his cum then he turned me around started to fuck me in front of the cam.


Submitted: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 03:33:55 GMT

My sire cock has been plaster cast and cums all over with me! Made into a dildo that vibrates, pulsates and features a clit licker, I can fuck him anytime I want then phone sex him when I'm masturbating with it. We have only touched in fantasy with words, him hardening his cock for casting and me sex talking in his ear telling him over the phone what I'll do with the phallus as soon as it's made into my dildo toy. Then I can plunge it hard, harder and harder in and out until it glistens with knead in the cum I've stirred. Through gritted teeth I describe how my clit flaps back and forth against the shaft of his cock frosting it with the creaminess of my cum. I try to squirt loud enough for him to hear it, he shoots his cum into a toilet bowl and sometimes I can hear that. We would never touch each other or commit to incest in person..I was honest about working in he phone sex industry and one day he called my line. I had no need to ask him who he was and that's when this affair began.


Submitted: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:00:42 GMT

My friends mom is the definition of a milf. Tall, thin, long legs, big fake tits, and a pear of the best dick sucking lips in the world after a few botox treatments.

She is also a pill popping cock sucking whore who will do anything and anyone to get what she wants.

For 2 oxys she will suck your cock and swallow. For 8 she will take it up the ass and then lick her own shit off of your dick before sucking you dry. For a bottle of 40 she will spend the night and even let her own son cum down her throat along with 5 or 6 other guys.


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I gave my first bj when I was in 8th grade, managed to keep my virginity until I was 17 as far as intercourse but oral sex was performed on me was at 15. My dad always thought of me as this virginal daughter but my mom and I talked about everything. She was pretty upset when I told her about the bj, her first question was did he force it on you? No I told her I wanted to do it, he was scared as hell when I started sucking on him worried that we were going to get caught.

My husband told me when we were going to have sex for the first time that I was his first, I almost burst out laughing when he looked at me and asked how about you?

I answered truthfully that he was not my first and ended with I wanted him to be my last. I left out the "dozen" of guys that I had been with in my past. I have not had intercourse with anyone since we have been married but I have sucked off a few guys. I find that if you do that to men you have much better control over them, they think that they are getting the upper hand but in reality I am in more control.

I love sex and always have!


Submitted: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 19:18:14 GMT

The first time I had sex was when I was 11, my neighbor paid my to dress like a girl and perform we kept it up for 3 years and I didnt mind.


Submitted: Tue, 06 Jan 2015 20:32:54 GMT

We used to have couples' night once a month. There were two other couple we often invited over and had dinner or went out. This one night, we had the three couples over at our house to watch a movie and eat nachos. There was Art and Darla, Chuck and Diane, and my wife, Linda and I. Right before the movie started Chuck suggested we play a drinking game. He said he invented "Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare." The first person would spin the bottle and whoever the bottle landed on would have to either tell the truth or do the dare. If he/she refused, he/she would have to take a shot of whiskey. It started innocent enough, but eventually the truth questions were getting pretty personal. My wife, Linda, didn't want to answer any of the personal stuff, so she was the first to get drunk. We were having a blast, and about three hours in we were all pretty hammered. I spun the bottle and it fell to Diane, and I dared her to feel my wife's tits for one minute. Instead of taking a shot, she sat on the couch next to Linda and put her hand on Linda's breast for the minute. Linda protested a little, but that was against the rules, so we kinda made her sit there and take it. Darla spun and it landed on Diane again. She dared her to feel my wife's pussy for one minute. Diane was already next to Linda, so she reached over and put a hand on Linda's pussy, but instead of just resting it there, she rubbed up and down. Linda was drunk enough that she didn't really know what was going on, and when she thrust her hips forward we all laughed at her. This kind of stuff went on for another hour and we were all pretty hammered. Chuck spun and it landed on me. He dared me to stroke Art's cock for one minute. I hesitated, but decided, "what the fuck?" and knelt down in front of Art and unzipped his pants. I pulled his cock out and stroked it for the proper minute. Diane then spun the bottle, and it landed on me again. I took truth. She asked me, "You ever suck a man's cock until he came?" I was a little embarrassed, but I confessed, "One time a long time ago." Darla then spun the bottle, and once again it landed on me. I took the dare. "I dare you to suck Art's cock for one minute." I sheepishly knelt in front of Art again and took his cock out. I put my mouth up to his cock and put the head in my mouth. I just kind of let it sit there for the minute, and they agreed that it was good enough. The game broke up shortly thereafter and everyone went home. The next day I was over at Art's helping him change the starter in his Jeep, and out of the blue he said. "That felt really good last night." "What did?" I asked. "Um, you know. When you had your mouth on my dick." "Oh, glad you liked it, I guess." "You know," he whispered, "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do it again." I replied, "What do you mean, do it again?" "You know, give me a blowjob." "Sorry, I'm not gay," I said. "You don't have to be gay to suck a guy's cock," he said. I just stood there. "Here, let me show you," he said, and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I could see that he wore no underwear. "Go ahead, touch it," he said, and put my hand on his cock. I held his cock for a couple of seconds, then he said, "Come on, nobody will ever know. Just suck it a little like last night." I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth like before, with just the head resting just past my lips. "Oh, fuck," he said. "I bet you'd make a great cock sucker." At that he thrust forward and pushed his cock all the way in. It was still soft, so I was able to take it all. I didn't really know what to do, so I just stayed still as he gently mouth fucked me. I could feel his cock getting hard, and it wasn't long before he was stiff as a board. "Now, suck it," he said, and leaned back against the Jeep. I was really getting into it, so I started to bob up and down, and he was telling me what a great cocksucker I was. This went on for about 10 minutes and, without warning, he started cumming. I tried to pull away, but he put his hands on the back of my head and held me there. I choked and gagged, and swallowed a little while the rest came back out of my mouth. When he was done he pulled out and we cleaned ourselves up. "So," he said, "That wasn't too bad, was it?" "No, I guess not." "Good," he said, "Then, that'll be our thing. You come over to help me on the Jeep, and I'll let you suck my cock." We started this ritual, and after a couple of times I was looking forward to taking his cum in my mouth. He never sucked my cock, but I got hard each time I sucked his. Eventually this led to him fucking me, right there in the garage. It didn't matter if his wife was home or not. He had control of me, and when he said it was time to get fucked, I couldn't help but give in. One day he commented, "Remember when I told you you weren't gay just because you sucked a cock?" "Yeah," I replied. "I lied," he said. "You fucking gay, dude." Wow, I guess I am...


Submitted: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 16:06:40 GMT

So, my wife and I were fucking last night, and she was talking dirty to me. She was on top, playing with my nipples and gyrating back and forth. Her cunt was dripping. "Honey," she said, "you ever suck a black cock?" She knew I was bi-sexual and had sucked off other guys occasionally. "Sure, why?" I asked. "I was just wondering, are they bigger than white guys?" "Don't know," I answered. "The guy I was with was, though." "Tell me about it," she said, as she was bouncing up and down on my cock.

So, I told her the story. I went to a gay club one night, and had about three drinks when this tall, black guy approached me. We chatted for a while, and he invited me back to his apartment. I followed him home, and as soon as we got inside he told me to strip. He was a lot bigger and stronger than me, so I decided to let him take the lead. I stripped, then he asked me if I was into bondage. I had never tried it, but I said I was willing. He tied my hands behind my back, then pulled out a blindfold. Without even asking, he put the blindfold on me. He was still dressed at this time, so I had no idea how big his cock was. I heard him strip, and he led me to the bedroom and had me lay down on the bed on my back with my head hanging off the edge. He reached down and started playing with my nipples. I felt my cock twitch. "Ohhh, the little pussy boy likes this, eh?" I nodded yes. Then he put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and he put the head of his cock in. It was large enough that I could barely get my lips around it. He started to mouth fuck me, telling me that my mouth was better than any cunt. "That's it bitch. Make daddy hard. And I see your little clit is growing. You must really like being a little cocksucking cunt." I mumbled yes. His cock was rock hard now, and I could only get about three inches of it in my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned around and stuck his ass up to my mouth. "Eat me," he said, and I rimmed and tongue fucked him as best as I could. He was really getting into it by this time. I tongue fucked him for about five minutes. He then turned me around and pulled me down so my ass was hanging off the edge. "I don't do anal." "Bullshit," he said. "With me, you do." He started fingering my ass with a wet finger. One finger went in, then two, and finally three. It was quite painful, and I tried to squirm away. I was tied up, blindfolded, and he was much stronger than me. I couldn't get away, but the pain really started when he pulled his fingers out and shoved his cock in. I felt like it hit my throat. He about split me in two. I was really squirming and telling him to stop. "No fucking way," he said. It was so painful I actually started to cry. "Oh, yeah," he said. "I like all my cunts weeping like a little bitch." Then he actively started fucking me. Each time he pulled out I felt and heard a 'pop.' This went on for a good 15 minutes, and eventually it not only didn't hurt anymore, but was actually feeling good. I had never had anything this big in my ass before. My tears stopped, and he heard me moan. "Ohhh, now my little cunt likes it." He fucked me like this for about 20 minutes, then announced he was cumming. I could feel his huge load squirt in, then seep out of my ass. I figured he was done, but he didn't move. "That's one," he said, and within a few minutes he was hard again, and resumed his fucking. After another 30 minutes he was cumming again. My whole body hurt by this time, and I was ready for him to stop. But he just stood there again. "You know, cunt, my record is 5, and that's only two." I was exhausted, whipped, fucked, and broken. I just relaxed and let him finish what he set out to do. He was only able to cum four times, but his cock was in my ass for about two and a half hours.

My wife had cum twice throughout the story, and I told her that was the week I said I had diarrhea so bad I couldn't get off the toilet. The reality was that my asshole had been opened up so much I couldn't hold my shit in at all. It finally closed after three days, but it's never been the same again.

"Wow, honey," she said. "That was the hottest fucking story I ever heard. Do you want to do that again?" "I don't know. It was pretty painful, and smaller cocks are much better for butt fucking." She said she would really like to see me suck a black cock sometime. When she's fucking me like this, it's hard to say no to anything, so I said I'd be willing. "Good," she said. "I got a surprise for you." She turned her head over her shoulder and called out, "Okay, Andre. He's ready for you." In walked this large muscular black guy with a monster cock. "Oh, fuck," I thought, "Here we go again."


Submitted: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 01:11:35 GMT

Years ago I had a home repair business doing carpentry work and remodeling jobs. I always got asked whenever guys found out I was a repair guy, so have any housewives screwed you yet? Sitting at home with all that pent up sexual needs just waiting for the repairman or the cable guy to show up. I always laughed at them telling them that most of the time those were the worst customers I had to deal with, they had nothing better to do than watch and criticize my work.

I was a little surprised by one client though who was a single mom and appeared to have no job but she lived in a really nice house. I saw no signs of a man living at the house, I did some closet work for her so I saw the whole master bedroom. I did one job for her and everything went really good with no sexual contact or conversation at all. She called me again to do some more work and she was a totally different woman. The first day I was there I showed up at about 7:30 as usual and when she answered the door she was still in her sleepwear with a robe. I told her I could come back if I was to early but she insisted that it was fine so I came in and got started. Around noon time I was just getting ready to clean up and head out to my truck to eat lunch when she came into the room and told me she made us lunch and to come on downstairs. I did not want to be rude so I ate the lunch she prepared for me and we chatted a bit then I went back to work. I heard the shower turn on and did not think much of it and about 20 minutes later heard it turn off about five minutes went by and I saw her standing to my side wearing only a towel.

Got a minute?, she asked.

I figured something happened in the bathroom so I got up looking at those lovely legs going all the way up to the towel thinking my goodness that towel cannot be hiding very much of her rear end. We turned into the master bedroom and she turned around and dropped the towel to the floor. All she told me was that she wanted some attention and needed a man for about two hours.

I was at her house for five days and I think if I remember right made love to her eight times. I asked if she wanted to go out to dinner but she told me no so I told if she ever needed a man for the day just call me, I do not even need to fix anything around the house.


Submitted: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 15:25:56 GMT

Part I


So i traveled 4 hours from home and headed to a few schools. I was surprised at how easy it was to find young girls alone outside schools, waiting on parents and rides.

So i did this a few times, but in late November i found a good school. it took me hanging around for only 4 days, but i found a young girl and her friend that seemed a good target. I spoke to them and asked them outright if they wanted some money.

Well with some easy talk and the offer of $50 each if they let me have sex with them. I went to the school the next day at 10 am. I agreed to meet them near the front, and they did show up. They lead me to a quiet bathroom in the gym. There was no lessons on, so they figured it was best.

We were in the women's change rooms and i asked them the routine. How old? They were both only 13 years old. Periods? Yes, one had her about 12 days earlier and the other 15 days. Were they on protection? No, neither had reason as they were not yet having sex.

I got them both to pull off their panties from under their skirts. I took both pairs. One white cotton and the other blue cotton with flower lace on it. They both stopped me and asked my to protect myself (their words) and make sure i don't blow in them cause they don't want to risk it.

So, the first is a short little blonde, long hair and tight body. The second is a bit taller, but short sandy hair and so sexy looking. I worked them for a few minutes, but they agreed to let me cum inside if i was wearing a condom and an extra $10 each. I had them both line up on the changing benches, kneeling, still in their skirts and white shirts.

I fucked the short blonde first, as she was my preference. It took me about 15 minutes to blow in her. Well in the condom. After a 20 minute break i fucked her friend and did the same after about 20 minutes. I repeated this each day for a week. Then decided to step it up as i wanted more.

I met my little blonde the second week and i managed to convince her i had the snip and i would give her an extra $50 if i could blow in her and do it somewhere else. She reluctantly agreed to try it. I took her out into the gym and i got her on her back in the stands. I had her a row above me so i could line up to her tiny pussy. I fucked her in the gym, holding myself as deep inside her pussy as i blew massive loads in her. I fucked her out in the open 4 times during the day, pumping every last bit of seed into her pussy i could. I told her that if we keep going bare she will get a bump in her belly from the cum, but not to worry as it will go away after 3 or 4 months once we stop fucking.

I met her friend 2 days later and tried to convince her, but she wouldn't take it. She said to stick with the condom or we couldn't. I agreed, but i made sure that i had already pushed 5 or 6 holes in each one before i met them.

I kept swapping them every few days until school went out in December. I must have fucked each of them at least 20 times. My little blonde let me do it bare in her everytime after the first and the friend never seemed to notice that i was leaking in her. I went and saw them both last week and they both have tiny bellies forming and the friend told me she keeps getting sick, but she thinks its the flu. Blondie, said nothing, but she clearly has swollen breast, still tiny, but nicely puffy. Im pretty sure i have gotten both pregnant so i'm going to stop going after next week. I want to fuck them just a few more times. It is just too amazing to have my cock inside such a young a tight little girls.


Submitted: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 08:37:40 GMT

I was relaxing in the hotel hot tub on a business trip when in came about a dozen teenage girls and 3-4 adult women with them. My peaceful relaxation turned into screaming and splashing in just a few seconds. I stayed for about another five minutes but the screams and shrills were getting to me so I got out and toweled off. I was just about to my room when a woman called out from down the hallway, I turned to see that it was one of the women from the pool area. She caught up to me as I was opening my door and apologized for all the noise as I looked a little angry at the pool. I told girls will be girls and they were just having fun, sorry if I seemed mad and told her to have a good night.

A little after 10:30 there was a knock at my door, when I looked through the peep hole I could see it was the woman from earlier, I opened the door and asked her what was up.

Can I come in? she asked. I looked up and down the hallway and told her sure I guess.

Once in my room she turned towards me and then just started taking her clothes off, when she was finished she sat down on the edge of the bed. I looked at her hand and saw a pretty good sized ring and band, she was a little curvy but still quite beautiful. I licked and screwed her for about an hour and she loved every second of it. I grabbed her hair and started forcing her to suck my cock, she was moaning out telling me to make her swallow it all. I came and she sucked it all in without a problem, I rolled her over again and started licking her more and this time got a little more forceful with her, she loved it and was completely submissive. I was hard again so I started teasing her pussy little by little with it then whispered in her ear that I was going to put it in her ass instead, she rolled right over telling me yes a few times. I started pushing in between her ass cheeks finding her anus and she was pushing right back on me. Soon my head was working its way in and she let out a long moan and pushed back pulling me right inside her ass. After a few strokes she leaned forward and told me it was feeling great but did I have any lube or lotion. I told I did not and she hung her head for a moment then told me she would be back in a minute. I could not believe it when she returned to my room with a jar of Vaseline, lubed up my cock and told me to carry on. I made love to that woman for another hour and told her as she was leaving that she had one lucky husband. She turned back and told me her husband has not made love to her in almost two years.


Submitted: Sat, 07 Feb 2015 16:30:08 GMT

I really enjoying life right now, I am in great demand since I joined a certain dating website for affairs, you all know the one. I am in my 40's and single again for about a year now. I made a profile and explained what I was looking for and included four pictures of me in different outfits, nothing nude. I have been out almost every night for a month! I have a regular who just wanted to have sex, he is wonderful in bed, and I have regulars who just want to take me out and have fun. I even went out with a guy in his twenties who wanted some lessons bed on what women want, seriously this is great.

I even search for a few myself, I found this guy who is African American because I had never been with a guy like that, I thought well if the stories are true I will really enjoy it. My goodness he is hung, could not fit him all inside me, wide as ever and long. The biggest by far I have ever seen in my life. I am not a large woman by any stretch, just over 5 foot tall and just about 100 pounds. I was very up front with him about what I wanted and he told me that he would be more than happy to let me play. I swear he is almost a foot long and the base of him was so wide I could not grip him with one hand. Even after I first was holding him in my hands I told him there was no way I was going to be able to handle his size. Even his sack was huge, I rolled my fingers around and grip one of his balls, it was unbelievable. About an hour later I was lowering myself down onto him in ecstasy, when I started to lose it in coordination he gripped the bottom side of my legs and pumped me up and down on him. I was in such a state of mind that I have never been into before, felt like my legs were just going to break right off. I was staring down at that monster going in and out of me like an out of body experience. I shuddered and came so hard I honestly do not remember a whole lot, I could not walk very well the next day however.


Submitted: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:10:01 GMT

I got totally busted one time looking at a woman who I found out was 16 years older than I am. She called me right out on it asking me why I was staring at her then walking towards me and asking me again because I was so lost in her body that I did not even answer her the first time. I was just totally honest with her and told her I was imagining her naked and how beautiful that must look.

she started at me for a moment then asked me how old I was, I told her I was 19. She laughed a little smiling at me and told good god boy you are a brave one. You really want to see me naked? she asked me. I told her yes.

She told me to follow her home and I started to get nervous thinking that it was a set up and I would get beat up of something. When I pulled into the parking lot though she was smiling at me and told me where to park. She waited until I came back to the sidewalk and then I followed her up to her apartment.

Once we were inside she told me to have a seat and she would be right back. I waited a few minutes still thinking that this was a stupid move but to dumb to run when she walked out of the bedroom wearing only her bra and panties. Well what do you think? she asked me. I told her it was better than I had even imagined. She walked right up to me and her panties were right at eye level, she told me to pull them down so I did it. She was gorgeous, shaved and fit. She turned around and I was staring at her ass when she told me to undo her bra. I did then started kissing her ass, she spread her legs a little and bent over, I was greeted with one of the best sites I have had in my life.

I licked that woman for an hour straight while she moaned and screamed out. She looked at me after a third orgasm and told me she could not believe I was only 19 years old with as good at this as I was. I stood up and took my clothes off, she was so excited she just turned around and climbed on top of me. I asked her if she had a rubber and she just laughed again and told me she hated using them, do not worry she told me. Once again I was to stupid to care at the time.

I was there for about 3 hours when she finally collapsed on top of me and asked if I liked Chinese food because she was going to order a delivery.


Submitted: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 11:37:57 GMT

I had never been sucked off or fucked by a tranny before.

I answered a C/L ad for a TV looking for a man. I figured he was just a crossdresser, a man in drag, so when I actually met him I was surprised. I went over to his place, and he answered the door in a skirt and blouse. We chatted for a minute, then we sat on the sofa. I leaned over and kissed him. He had very soft lips, and when his tongue parted my lips I responded. My dick was already getting hard.

He said, "Let me show you." He took off his blouse and bra, and there were the nicest pair of perfectly formed tits I had ever seen. His nipples were large, with large aeroleas to match. He said they were natural, that he was born that way. I massaged and caressed them, running my fingers around his nipples and finally tweaking and pulling on them.

I leaned down and started to suck a nipple, and he said, "Oh, honey, that's so good. You're making my cock hard." With that I snaked a hand under his skirt to find a very large, thick cock. My cock is about five inches hard, so his seven inches made me feel inadequate. I have to admit my own dick was getting hard. "Suck me, honey," he said. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. He got rock hard almost immediately.

I've always enjoyed sucking on a nice cock, but never while playing with tits the size of his. He had me lay down on my back with my head hanging off the arm of the couch. He stood up and walked over to my head and put his cock back in my mouth. I played with his nuts, then around to his ass. "You ever been fucked?" he asked. "No, just oral." "Then you're in for a treat," he said. He had me kneel on the floor with my chest on the couch. He knelt behind me and started to lick my asshole. I had never been rimmed before, either. I felt like a fucking amateur. He started to tongue fuck my ass. It felt great. He had my asshole nice and slippery, then got up behind me and put his cock up to my asshole.

I wasn't really too sure about this, especially when he shoved his cock in. I felt the 'pop' when he pushed past my pucker spot. It hurt, but I tried to relax. He held it there for a couple of minutes until the pain subsided. I told him it felt good, and he started fucking me in earnest. Each time he thrust in I felt my own cock twitch. He fucked me for about 10 minutes, then pulled out.

He had me lay down on the carpet on my back. "I want to see your face when I cum in your ass," he said. He pushed my legs up and put his cock back in my ass. I moaned. "Oh, yeah, fuck me," I told him. His eyes never left mine the entire time he was fucking me. He started to stroke my cock in unison to his fucking. He told me to pull on his nipples, so I reached up and took a nipple in each hand. I pulled a bit, and he told me to pull harder. I tugged on his nipples until they stretched no more. He fucked me harder and faster until I felt him tense up and say, "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum." I pulled his nipples as hard as I could and he started cumming. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," he kept saying as he filled me with his jiz. When he was spent he pulled his cock out of my ass and knelt down between my legs and started to suck me. He shoved two fingers up my ass as he sucked me. He was finger fucking me while blowing me. I lost control and started moaning. I didn't give any warning, but just started to cum. He clamped his lips around my cock so no cum would escape and took my entire load.

He sucked me until I was totally clean. He then laid down next to me, and for the next 20 minutes we kissed and explored each other's bodies. I finally had to leave, as my wife thought I just went out for cigarettes.

This was a great experience for me, and I look forward to many other nights with Terri.


Submitted: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 01:42:03 GMT

years ago a girlfriend asked me to help out with a fantasy that her husband had, he wanted to come home and find his wife tied up supposedly from a robbery. I thought well that is kind of fun so I told her I would help out and tie her up. After a few attempts we had a plan and the coffee table became the bondage scene, she was naked and as I was finishing up her ankles I could not stop staring at her pussy. I asked how long I was supposed to hang out and she told me that she would like me to stay until at least 530 then watch and make sure her husband actually came home.

I had about 20 minutes of wait time, we figured it would take longer to tie her up, so I started running my fingers over her body getting her teased up a little bit. she was wiggling around telling me to quit when I reminded her that she was tied up and could not do a thing to stop me. I worked my way down to her torso and could not resist giving her a lick or two which turned into a full on face plant into her pussy. She was moaning out as I licked and licked her to an orgasm. When I was finished up I looked over and still had about five minutes so I slid my jeans down and spread my legs across her face, lowering my pussy right down on her mouth. She moaned out a little squeal but started licking me. I was in heaven and was really getting wet and turned on, I looked over at the clock and was cutting it close but figured I could still get an orgasm from her when I heard a little noise behind me. Her husband was standing in the entrance to the living room with a big smile on his face. She had not heard anything yet so I kept going looking him in the eye the whole time. He leaned down to watch his wife licking me and I came looking at him. I lifted myself up and told her that I was going to go now and hoped that her husband had fun finding her tied up from the robbery. He smiled at me as I walked by him and I was hoping he would wait at least five minutes before doing anything to her.

The next day she told me that she loved licking me and the whole thing before he came home. I asked her how it went when he got home and she said it was incredible, she was very satisfied the whole night and he seemed very turned on by the whole set up.


Submitted: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 10:36:27 GMT

My neighbor is retired and lives alone not sure how old he is but I would put him in his sixties for sure. I am in my thirties and divorced not really looking right now so just keeping things simple. I started noticing that when I was out in my backyard I would see his curtains moving and one day while sitting in my patio furniture reading a book I could see the outline of him watching me through his curtains. I thought that it was a little strange but then again he is a man so not surprising that he would be checking out a woman.

The next weekend that was sunny I decided that I would put on a bikini and get some sun on me, as I was getting situated on the back patio I started thinking about the guy next door watching me. I kept glancing sideways looking for him at the window and I finally saw the curtains getting moved a little bit. I started having some thoughts run through my mind and casually ran my fingers over my breast and nipple while reading my book. I looked sideways again and he had his face right at the opening in his curtains so I went a little farther and slipped my fingers right under my top playing with my nipple. I was getting quite turned on knowing he was watching so after a few more minutes of nipple play I readjusted and sipped on my water. I went back to my book pretending to be reading then slid my hand down towards my bottoms and as my fingers slid under my bikini I had my eyes sideways looking at him through my sunglasses. I was just letting my hand rest there not really moving around much giving him a few minutes of watching when I heard his back door slide open. I removed my fingers and kept looking at my book as he walked around his patio area. I looked over at him and casually waved at him and he told me hello and asked what book I was reading. He walked over to my yard and I told him about the book and offered him some ice tea. I got up and went into the kitchen to get it and when I returned he could not take his eyes off of me because I had played with my nipple getting them hard before I went back out. He seemed nice and we talked for about an hour when I decided that I should invite him inside as it was quite hot outside and I had enough sun for the day. During that hour I had adjusted and slid down in my lounge chair enough to that I am sure he got an occasional view of my lips out the side of my bottoms. I had his full attention at all times and the look on his face when I invited him inside was amazing.

Once inside my nipples hardened up again from the cold air and he was sitting at the kitchen table watching them intently. I decided that I had teased the hell out of this man enough and was hoping that he was good at sex because I was very horny myself and tired of masturbating. I reached behind and pulled the string on my top while walking up to him, letting the top slide off and hang in front of my breasts. I asked him if he wanted to play and he was up in a second with a burst of joy across his face. Once in my bedroom I was naked and laying on my bed, he wasted no time getting his hands on my body. He looked up at me and asked if I really wanted an old guy and I made some comment about your only as old as you feel. He smiled very big at me and went back to licking and sucking on my nipples. He was very good at sex and gave me two orgasms while he still had his shorts on, I thought maybe he just could not get it up anymore so I waited for him to remove his shorts before trying to get him going. I started down his body and when I sucked his cock into my mouth he breathed in so quick and deeply I stopped and asked him what was wrong. Absolutely nothing he responded it has just been a long time since I have had sex. Once he was hard I got on top of him and started riding him he was smiling so big that I almost started laughing, soon he was holding my breasts and sucking on my nipples again as I rocked my hips.

When I was done I laid down and he just started running his fingers over my body lightly touching pretty much all of me, very erotic. He went back down and started licking me again when I told him that I was way to sensitive right now for that he looked at me and told me I was delicious and he had not had any in such a long time he could not resist more. I told him no worries he would be getting plenty later or even tomorrow. He looked a little shocked that I was planning to have sex with him again and I told why are you shocked, you are an excellent lover.

Currently we have sex about four times a week and he is very good at it sometimes only wanting to lick me as he claims I taste sweeter than anything he has had in the past. I am pretty happy with keeping it casual and sometimes even call him up late at night to come over when I am horny, he has never said no.


Submitted: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 14:37:49 GMT

One of the best things I ever did was to not get up when I heard the lawn mowing crew arrive. I was out on the backyard patio when I heard the familiar equipment start up out front. I was wearing my sunning bikini which leaves nothing much to the imagination and in addition I had my top off but was laying on my front side.

When the first worker spotted me he yelled to the guy on the mower to stop, he was working with one of those trimmer things when he started going around the patio.

He told me they could not work with me so close and could I please go inside while they finished up the patio area. I stood up without my top and walked to the sliding door, I could see him in the reflection and he did not stop looking at me the whole time. When he finished up around the patio I walked back out to my lounger only this time I dropped my bottom as well and laid out nude.

He was walking by and made a comment about how hot it was out today and I engaged his small talk much to his surprise I think, the other one was still mowing the back part of the yard. I told him they looked like they could use a cold drink and he nodded telling me yes, that would be very nice. I brought out two ice teas for them and laid back down, he waived the other guy over and they stood there for a minute drinking.

Wow the other guy said, I have never had a customer lay out nude when I have showed up before, are you okay miss. I looked up at him and rolled over, handed him my tanning oil and told him I needed a nice layer put on me.

An hour later they had pleasured me so well I told them that I could not wait for next week when they came back again.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Mar 2015 20:35:20 GMT

I love to give blow jobs, sucking on a cock just makes me so turned on and I cannot explain it. I love to look at porn and I love to masturbate to it. I am basically a guy caught up in a really hot woman's body. Most of my guy friends cannot believe it when I kick their asses in gaming. I am a programmer for a large database company and have a masters in media management. I blow a lot of people minds with all of that and a figure of 38D 24 35 long jet black hair [dyed], naturally it is a brownish blonde.

I showed up for the last gaming night with a thin tshirt on and really tight yoga pants, I told them all that I did not have time to go home after working out so they were going to have to put up with sweaty. One of the newer guys looked at me and told me that there was no way I could sit within eye sight of him or he could not play. I pulled the front of my top down and asked how his eyes were working now. One of my friends laughed and said yup that is Danni, love her or leave her.

Two hours later we were deep into the fight and I was getting my ass kicked for once, I was out after a few more minutes so I got up to get another something to drink and a quick bathroom break. When I was done I saw Justin sitting at his desk with his feet up just looking at his screen with a game running on it.

Are you out? I asked, yes I am he replied. Yeah me too. I plopped down on his bed and started talking to him. He told me he could not believe I flashed Mark like that, you set him into a dizzy frenzy with those things.

Why, you have seen them before they are just boobs. He told me that I just did not understand but I pressed him more and he told me that you know most of the guys here barely talk to women let alone ever see one naked.

I told him come on, really?

Really, he replied.

He said to me you want to really piss off a bunch of them, strip naked and walk out in the living room I bet most of them will be mad at you for ruining the game instead of loving that you are naked. I laughed, but it did seem like a really fun thing to do. Seriously you think that most of them would be mad?

I think most of them would ignore you and keep right on playing. I bet you twenty dollars that if you walked from here to the kitchen without saying anything none of them would even look up from their screens.

Your on, I said

I stripped down and walked out into the hallway, he was right behind me watching around my shoulder. I walked right through the living room and into the kitchen without a word spoken to me. Even when I was in the kitchen three of them could see my upper body. I opened the fridge and grabbed a Bull for him then turned around and headed back. NO ONE EVEN LOOKED AT ME!!! I got back to his room and was floored. I handed him his Bull and told him I would have to pay him later I did not have a twenty on me. Let me play with your boobs and I will call it even. Nope that would make me a whore and I am not a whore, you can play with them though because now I am really horny.


Submitted: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 10:09:17 GMT

I was sitting in a hotel bar after a day of work when a woman sat down next to me and asked if I was alone. Yes I am I told her looking around the bar and only seeing a few patrons. I asked her what she was doing in town and she told me she lived here locally and she and her husband where here trying to find someone for her to have sex with tonight. I laughed a little bit then asked her if she was serious. she was certainly attractive probably in her thirties and did have some very lovely looking boobs. I asked her what the deal was and she told me that they had a room available and would I be willing to do it. I told her the only way it is going to happen is in my room and your husband can watch I did not want to see him naked.

She made a call on her phone and after a brief conversation told me all was good so we got up and she followed me to my room. I told her that she was a really trusting woman to be in a strangers room waiting on her husband. After about 15 minutes she called her husband again and I heard her ask him you want me to do what. She looked at me then put her phone down looking at it. She switched over to facetime and propped it up against her purse on the table. He wants to just watch on video she told me, she looked a little nervous so I asked her if she wanted to do that or not. She nodded yes so I started undressing then told her to get undressed as well, I got the feeling she wanted to be told what to do. She sat on the edge of the bed afterwards and was staring at my cock as I walked up to her. she looked up at me and told me I was huge, I told her it was about 9 inches or so when hard but I was fairly thick as well. I laughed and asked if she thought a six foot six guy was going to have a small dick. She was stroking my cock as it hardened and then turned me sideways towards the phone to show her husband my size, she could not even suck on me with her small frame I was beginning to wonder if I was even going to get to have sex with her.

About a half hour later she was on top of me trying to get it in her while easing herself down on me. She just kept saying oh my god as she would inch her way down my cock. She finally started pumping up and down but she was only taking about half of me inside her. Holy shit she told me you are fucking huge!! I decided she needed a really good screwing so I grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over on her back. Her eyes were wide and she told me to be gentle, I told her not to worry I would play it up good for her husband. I started easing my cock in and out watching her face, she started really enjoying it so I went deeper and faster, soon she was speechless just had her mouth wide open and gasping with every stroke. I hit bottom a few times and she gasped out that it was to deep but she never told me to stop so I kept up the pace and soon she was cumming so hard she could not believe it. She wrapped her legs around me and started humping back and thrusting her hips up so I drove her into the bed bottoming out as she let out a long moaning orgasm. Her eyes were half open and she was lost from all the pleasure as I felt her pussy gripping and pulsating around my cock. I let her have her orgasm then started pumping again, she was shocked at my hardness still and told me that she had to stop. I heard her husband tell me to keep fucking her hard but I did not want to hurt her so I pulled out and laid down. She was spent but got up and started giving me a blow job. I grabbed her hips and swung her around telling her to sit on my face while she sucked me off, her pussy tasted so good and I had not had sex in about six months so I wanted to taste all that I could with her.

She finally got me off and was sucking away on me swallowing all she could while I had her hips in my hands licking and enjoying all the pussy I could, she laid down on my chest and just rocked her hips on me while she came again. She finally told me she could not take anymore so I stopped licking her and just looked at her pussy all swollen and pink. she turned around and looked down at me telling me that was probably the best love making she had ever had in her life, I think she forgot she was on video with her husband listening. I had not really kissed her yet so I figured it would not hurt anything by doing that so I grabbed the back of her hair and sank my tongue into her mouth, she resisted a little but then opened her mouth up wide and we were locked together for a few minutes. I pulled her head back and she was lost again and told me holy shit is there any part of a woman you cannot satisfy?

I pulled her head up to me again and whispered in her ear that she could come back anytime for the next week and I would fuck her brains out.


Submitted: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 19:08:49 GMT

I love it when my husband basically takes me anyway he wants to, I save to use the R word but sometimes it is just about that way. I can protest but it does no good, he will do whatever he wants, I love it.

He has torn my clothes, tied me up, used vibrators, tools, food, anything he can think of to use. Last weekend he tied me up for a good part of the afternoon and licked and fucked me for hours, I was so tired when he was done I could barely walk. I love it when he sucks on my nipples, sometimes he is gentle other times rough depending on how I react to his touches. He makes me have such strong orgasms when he teases me for an hour then just vibrates my clit forever until I am practically having spasms.


Submitted: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 10:00:20 GMT

When I was pregnant with my first I was pretty much in a constant state of horny for the 7th and 8th month, needless to say my husband was quite happy about it. During my 2nd one the need was just has bad but he ended up having to go out of town on business for two weeks. I was going crazy by day two. He was gone and I had no one to satisfy my cravings. We phone sexed a few times but it just was not the same for me. The weekend came and I was just beside myself, I have never been very good at pleasuring myself but I was doing my best with the toys I had, then the damn sink clogged up and I could not get it to drain no matter what I did. One of my friends told me she was sending her husband over to take care of it for me, I was relieved but told her I could just call a plumber. No way she told me, you do not want some stranger in the house without your husband around.

Brad came over and looked things over, he had it working in no time and I thanked him over and over. The next day it was clogged up again so I did not call anyone but a plumber, he showed up and was an absolute gentleman. I on the other hand was a stressed out horny woman behaving like an idiot. I purposely wore the thinnest bra I had to contain my breasts and had on yoga pants that you could pretty much see through with a black thong. I was hanging around him constantly wanting him to just rip my clothes off and screw me until I came.

He finished up in about two hours and I looked at the clock, great two and half hours until the bus came. He finished getting his tools all gathered up and put in his van and when he walked back into the house I looked him in the eyes and told him to wash up. I had not seen a ring on his finger but that does not always mean anything so I asked him if he was married and he told me no but looking down at my hand told me it looks like you are. I told him that if he wanted to I was very willing to have sex right now.

That was all it took as he walked towards me and started to caress my breast through my shirt, I lifted it off of me and undid my bra letting it hit the floor. His lips and tongue hit my nipple and I almost started having an orgasm right there, I felt his hand sliding into the front of my tights and I started to tremble. His fingers had no problem sliding around because I was wet as I could be from the horniness. I took his hand and led him into the living room, pulled my tights and thong off and laid back on the couch. He kneeled down and once his tongue sank into my pussy I was gone. I grabbed his hair and told that it felt so good and it did, I was trembling so much that I did not care. I came in under two minutes and told him not to stop as he lifted his lips off of me. He dove right back in and continued licking away at me, after another orgasm I sat up and told him to stand up. He was undoing his pants as I was pulling them down hard, I could not wait to get his cock in my mouth. His cock sprang right out at me and tapped my nose, I laughed but wrapped my lips around it and moaned as I sucked it down thinking how good this was going to feel inside me.

He entered me as I was leaning back spreading my legs as wide as I could get them, I was actually hot he told me.

After we were done I asked him what his schedule was like tomorrow, he looked at me and I told him that I was very horny and if he wanted to come by anytime from 10 until 1 I was available. He showed up at just after ten and stayed for an hour, he screwed me five days in a row the next week until my husband came home on Friday evening.


Submitted: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 10:04:54 GMT

When I was about 15 years old I started letting my brother see me naked, I would just walk out of my bedroom and get something out of the kitchen or go to the bathroom and shower. He was very into it and would watch me all the time, I would never close my bedroom door. during summer vacation I started wearing my bathing suits all the time, bikini's mostly, I would see him just staring at me and get very turned on.

One day while in my bedroom I decided that I would start masturbating on my bed and left the door mostly open for him. I was well into my fantasy when suddenly I felt an extra hand, he had walked right up to me and was touching me. I moved my hand out of the way and let him touch me, he fumbled around for a bit then leaned right down and started licking me. I was even amazed at how good it felt and had not received oral sex yet from anyone. He was not to bad at it and licked me until I came. He started getting bolder and when Mom would leave for work in the morning he would come into my room and start touching me, even pulling my pajama's off of me and would lick me for a long time, I had created a pussy licking machine. For about two years he would lick me anytime I wanted him to plus quite a bit on his own. He came into my room late at night a lot and I told him that it was a bad idea to do it while mom was home but sometimes it turned me on as well so I did not protest and would even sleep naked sometimes so there was less noise taking clothes off.


Submitted: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 20:38:12 GMT

My husband works long hours and when he is at home never really pays any attention to the sex end of things. He is really nice to me and we do make love but not very often enough for me. I was at the playground with the kids and met a few other moms there but there was a new face around and he was a stay at home dad. We talked for a while that day and whenever he was there we had a nice conversation.

School started up and I invited him over for coffee after the kids got on the bus, he told me that sounded good and one of my other friends joined us as well. She left after about an hour so him and I continued talking and I learned that he was not married. I did not ask how he stays home and does not work not wanting to pry to much into his life. Soon we were into politics, world news and anything else we could think of when I finally figured out that he was a nice guy I thought well how about sex. I looked him over then leaned forward and asked him if he would want to have sex. He was stunned a little at first but then asked about my husband, well we could go to your place if you prefer I told him that way we would have no surprises.

We arrived at his place and I was even more impressed with his house, cleaner than mine and very nice furnishings. I was so worked up I practically ripped my blouse taking it off we had sex for hours and it was so satisfying. I come over to his house often and he is always willing to do it, tells me that I am sexy and loves to suck on my breasts as they are still produce milk.


Submitted: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 03:52:02 GMT

When I was going to college I got myself into a situation of needing to pass a class or face losing my funding. I was in his office asking what I could do to either make up some work or get extra credit. My exam scores were okay but I just not met the other assignments category very well. He told me that if I wanted to do some extra work he had a few projects that he had going and needed some student level work done. I was game and told him whatever I need to do to get a passing grade.

I showed back up when he told me to and he asked if I would come to his house tomorrow morning instead because he forgot about something he had to do that evening. I told him no problem when he told me how close he lived to the university.

I knocked on his door and heard him tell me to come in, his house was like his office with papers everywhere and I did not see any signs of other people living there. After a few minutes of good morning and coffee he got down to the project, he needed a model for photography, I was a little surprised as I thought that the work would be class related. He went on to describe the type of modeling he had in mind and asked if I was up for it. I told him I would have to think about it and would get back to him.

After a few days I did not see where I had much choice in order to pass the class so I asked him when do you want to start, he told me to come over on Saturday. I showed up and there was a little area cleared in the living room with various props and lots of rope. I took my clothes off and he started tying me up taking pictures along the way and giving me direction on posing. Soon I was so bound that moving was no longer an option, my legs were tied together and arms were behind my back. He untied me and told me that was a good session was I available during the week at all. I told him Wednesday I had no classes so anytime then would me good, I came back again and this time he was more prepared and within about 15 minutes I was suspended in the air with my legs bent and spread. He was quite good at this and I must admit I was a little turned on by all the bondage. He was behind me taking pictures and I could feel that I was wet, he had just spent some time wrapping my breasts in rope and my nipples were very sensitive and erect. I was thinking to myself I wish he would touch me but figured I would just not say anything to him. I was slowly turning from just the action of the rope tying and he was clicking away on his camera when he lowered it down and looked right at me. Would you mind if I made you have an orgasm?

I shook my head up and down not even asking how he planned to do it. As I slowly turned in the air I heard him kneeling down to the floor then felt his tongue on me licking in long strokes from my clit to my anus. It was feeling really good then the licking stopped and pictures were taken, the licking started again but this time he brought a vibrator onto my clit and was licking the rest of me right up to my anus. I was building up to a climax and he started sinking his tongue deep into me and pressing the vibe against me firmly. I came in a huge pulsating climax but could not spread my legs any further to aid my orgasm but it did feel wonderful. He thanked me for letting him lick me and told me that I tasted very sweet. He untied me and as I was walking around loosening up my legs and arms I asked him if he was still turned on because he had not climaxed himself yet. He told me he would never have intercourse with me in bondage or have me perform oral.

I showed up on Saturday and the session was very similar except I was not suspended just on a bed tied on my front side, he was laying between my legs kissing and licking my rear end and anus. I was getting quite turned on but he was not stimulating my clit at all. He continued doing it for quite sometime and I know I was just soaked because I could feel how wet I was getting. He teased me to no end and I was aching like crazy to have an orgasm. He finally suspended a vibe between my legs and turned it on high, I was moving my hips and feeling my climax coming on getting in rhythm with the vibe I came hard and pulsated on and on. He did not turn off the vibe however and now it was tickling and tingling my clit into a frenzy, I began squirming around but could hardly move and finally told him I could not take it any longer. He turned it off and resumed is position kissing and licking my anus and rear end.

Many of the sessions were just that, him teasing me for an hour then making me climax hard. After the semester was over and the grades were posted I got an A from him and about a week afterwards I swung by his office. Thanks for letting me do extra work to pass the class and he told me that I helped him out a lot. He asked if I wanted to continue the project this Saturday and I after a few moments told him sure why not.

He tied me up in suspension again then asked after I had a great orgasm if he could have intercourse with me, I told him sure and what why the change now. I was no longer his student so a sexual relationship was not a problem anymore. I could not believe how long he lasted pumping in and out of me but he was sure worth the wait.


Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 19:49:42 GMT

My husband and I bought a house in what turned out to be a great neighborhood. After about a year of living there my husband started joking around that I had a stalker living next door. He was an elderly man who was just about 80 years old and totally harmless, loved to work out in his yard and we talked often. I told my husband yeah he is stalking me, I am so into him, cannot wait until he attacks me and has a heart attack. My husband told me that if I wanted to have sex with him he would like to watch us just to see what the old guy could do. It is not like we do not have fun, we have gone to Vegas and other destinations and had threesomes, foursomes and all sorts of fun stuff. I even ended up on a stage once with two guys having sex with me and my husband in the crowd watching.

I was thinking of that the next time Bill wandered over and started talking with me, wondered if he could still even get it up. I was wearing shorts and a top but told him I did not want to get them dirty as I had wanted to do some weeding today. I told him I would be right back and did he want some tea or water, he told me tea and I went into the house to change. I took out a tank top and a pair of boy shorts and slid them on, no bra but it was colored so it would not be see thru just wet and clingy. The shorts however were going to be sweaty and clinging very well to my ass in the rear and showing me off nicely in the front.

I walked outside and Bill was very watchful of my boobs when I set down the drinks then slid my gloves on to get busy weeding. I started right over by the end of the patio and he stood up and followed me over asking if I had a wheel barrow or something to put the weeds into, I told him no and he walked over to his place. He came back with some gloves and tools and off we went weeding away, I was digging and working hard on purpose getting my clothes sweaty and clinging to me good. I turned a few times to see him staring at my ass as I was bent over surely with my ass and lips outlined well by my shorts. He was working hard as well and I was a little impressed with him working away collecting the weeds and getting dirt moved around. I squatted down and began really making my shorts ride up and could feel them spreading my lips apart so I stood up and bent over again pulling weeds and using my little shovel. He was frozen in his tracks looking right down at me from behind. I stood up and told him I needed a break as I was really hot from all this weeding, I actually did not want him getting overheated out in the sun working away. We went under the shade of the patio and sat down, I thanked him for his hard work and looking at his sweat asked if we should go inside in the air conditioning for a while. I knew as soon as my wet top got cold my nipples would be hard as ever. We walked inside and sure enough he sat down facing the kitchen as I leaned against the countertop letting my nipples become erect staring right at him. He could not take his eyes off of them, it was such a turn on for me. I decided that I had teased the poor man enough and walked over to him. Come on I told him let's go into the living room it is even cooler in there usually, as he sat down in the chair I walked around in front of him and looked down at him. I slowly began pulling my top up and watched his face, he was like a kid at Christmas watching my shirt come over the bottom of my breasts.

He watched my every move as I lowered my shorts to my ankles and flicked off to the side with my foot. He finally spoke and told me I was absolutely beautiful and why did I just remove all my clothes. I told him because I am going to suck you off and I like to do it naked, I told him to stand up so I could take his pants down. His cock was not small but slightly erect when his shorts came down, I smiled up at him and nuzzled my face against it starting with his balls. I licked and sucked on them for a few minutes and his cock got increasing hard. I came up off his balls and drew his cock into my throat with one long suck, he became hard in seconds. After a few sucks I smiled at him and told him you sure got hard fast for almost 80 years old. I plunged back down on him and sucked him hard and fast until his breathing was fast and quick then stopped and made sure he was alright. He nodded his head up and down so I kept sucking him off and he only lasted about another minute.

He relaxed for a minute and then asked me if he could lick me then went right into the fact that it had been almost twenty years since he had been with a woman.

I pulled him up out of the chair and led him down the hallway to the bedroom. I no sooner laid down and spread my legs and he had his face buried right into me, his hands fumbling for my boobs. I watched him for a minute and felt his tongue working away on my lips and clit, then reached over and grabbed my phone. He never even skipped a beat licking away on me, I texted my husband and asked if he was alone. it took a few minutes but he sent a message back telling me yes, why what it up?

Do you want me to send you a pic of Bill licking my pussy?

YES! your kidding me right?

I flicked up the camera mode and took a shot of him buried into me, he did not even notice that I was using my phone. I sent the picture to my husband with a message telling him that Bill's cock works just fine. He messaged me back that I was hot as hell.

A few weeks had gone by since the sex with Bill and my husband brought up the fact that I had taken a picture of the act but he wanted to actually see him having sex with me. I told him not a problem and that I would set it up for him this weekend.

He parked his car in the garage, which he never does and we planned for him to stay in the closet as soon as I got Bill in the house for sex. I called up Bill and asked him to come over since my husband was out of town and I was really horny, he was over in about five minutes. I laughed at my husband when the doorbell rang and told him see I told you to get upstairs as soon as I hung up with him. I met him at the front door and started leading him to the bedroom, I looked over at the closet door when I came into the room and it was wide open. I thought wow that was bold of him but Bill's back would be to him for most of the time anyways. Bill went right to me as I laid on the bed with my legs spread I saw my husband peek around the door frame staring right at Bill licking away on me. I pulled on my nipples looking right at him, he loves it when I do that to them. Bill came up on the bed after a good 20 minutes of oral and started to rub his cock on me, soon he was hard and plunging in and out of me. I told him to hold on and lay down because I love to do reverse cowgirl, he looked confused but laid down anyways. I swung my leg over him with my ass facing him and started fucking him like crazy squashing him into the bed. He had removed his glasses so I was not worried at all about him seeing my husband who to my amazement was crawling on his hands and knees over to the edge of the bed to watch me having sex. I leaned back and grinded my ass into Bill while hubby had his chin right on the edge of the bed watching. I gave him a look and pointed back at the closet so he scooted himself back into the darkness of it. Once he was in there I slid off Bill's cock and slid back putting my pussy right on his face, I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on him. This time my husband came out again but only a few feet from the door watching me suck away on his cock. He began to cum so I let a little trail down him and then started licking it up looking right into my husbands eyes. I could tell by the bulge in his pants he was pretty turned on watching me. I came on Bill's face a few minutes later and then laid down next to him asking if he had a good time.

He looked at me and said a good time, are you kidding me this is absolutely the greatest sex I have ever had in my life. Do you know the whole time I was married my wife only gave me like 5 blow jobs and the only position we could have sex in was missionary. I am having the time of my life!

We got dressed and I gave him a kiss on the head when he left, as I shut the door my husband came right up behind me and told me that was fucking superb honey! I was still wet from the sex I had with Bill as he pushed over to the couch and started licking away on my pussy. I told him I made sure not to let Bill cum inside me because I knew he would be horny as hell watching that whole lovemaking session from only the closet.

We have done this with Bill three times now and now my husband wants to have him over for dinner and then both of them have sex with me.


Submitted: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 20:27:50 GMT

The guilt washed over me as I turned my head and saw the picture of his wife and kids on the shelf. I was bent over on the end of the couch in his office as his wonderful large penis plunged in and out of me, he was so large I was fluttering with each thrust. I knew is penis would be large with his height of 6'7" or so and super broad shoulders, he has like a size 14 shoe, I was hoping for OMG big but this was OMFG big. He was making me stretch so much that my clit was getting rubbed by the bottom of it as he filled me like never before done. Still the picture on the shelf made me blush, I thought to myself, wonder if he will do her when he is home tonight as well. My thought was interrupted by him sinking his cock even deeper and the head exploring new depths, I opened my mouth and grasped the edge of the couch cushion, it felt so damn good but hurt a little at the same time.

He moaned out telling me how tight my pussy was then asking me if it was okay to say pussy, I just muttered out an uh-huh still getting stretched out. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back all I could see was the picture now, his wife staring at us with a smile on her face.

Do you want me to cum on your back?

I told him no, tell me when your close and I will swallow you. He kept up his pace and then pulled out, I swung around and plunged my lips over his penis tasting myself all the way down it with a little white ring at the bottom from my wetness. I swallowed all of his cum and he pulsated and fucked my mouth, he gripped my hair and I sucked on him hard digging my teeth in a little bit. He gasped out trying to pull it out because it was to sensitive now for sucking on but I had my fingers around his balls and gripped the bottom of his shaft with the others. He begged me to stop pulling on my hair but I was relentlessly sucking on it making him squirm on purpose.

I laid back on the couch and spread my legs out he knelt down and began licking my clit and lips, god you taste so good he murmured between licks. I came with a huge orgasm from his wonderful talents of licking me and probably other women, he did tell me that he loved to lick pussy.


Submitted: Wed, 08 Jul 2015 21:00:45 GMT

I have several male friends, I've never actually seen! Every weekend, I get a motel room - actually a cabin, totally separate, and arrange times individually. Then I pull the long rubber-lined bag over my head, rest it on my shoulders, tie it round the neck, keeping the small zipper and twin air-holes right over it in their proper location. Then I stand by the bed, allow the bag to drop all the way to the floor, and fall over onto the bed, lifting my legs up, and wait for the first of them. He doesn't speak, just like with all of them, but ties the bag tight round my waist, trapping my arms in a loose folded position, and then ties the bottom of the bag under my feet, rendering me utterly helpless. Then he unzips my crotch, and pulls my goodies outside, then snugs the zipper tight round the roots. The first one is fairly old, I think, and just wants to tease, torment and torture me mercilessly, without ever letting me come, until I am emitting muffled screams of desperation and mind-sapping need, which really pleases him. This goes on for hours, then he leaves, still without letting me find relief. At some stage after that the next one retrieves the room key from its hiding place, and lets himself in. His erection almost instantly fills my mouth, and he touches me just enough to keep me docile and in the mood. More hours pass, and he floods my mouth with come usually twice, occasionally three times, before he too leaves, am=nd I can rest before the arrival of number three, who unties the bottom of the bag, folds it up over itself, and bends me over the end of the bed, before slowly, gently easing himself into me, at the start of an endless session of anal intercourse, gentle, intense, and unavoidable, no matter how long it lasts. When he is finally done, he loosens the tope round my waist, and leaves, and I can free myself fairly quickly. I wouldn't know any of them if I met them, nor they me, and the totsl anonymity just seems to increase the excitement. When I shower, dress and leave, I'm already looking forward to the next weekend, and wondering how to prolong the experience to frightening lengths! More "users"? Longer sessions? Group session? We'll see!


Submitted: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 04:30:38 GMT

Wen i was 34 i was in the basement lookn at dirty minion yaoi..... wen MY MOM came in !!!! i was so embarrased intill she sat me down n told me she ALSO liked minion yaoi !!!!!! thats when she begin slowly touchin me n sayin i wanna hear u squeal like a minion wen i shove something up its tight ass


Submitted: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 19:50:50 GMT

So, I think everyone has the creepy pervert in their family. My parents were in the middle of a bad divorce, so my mother made my brother and I go live with my grandparents. During my stay I experienced many inappropriate sexual situations. I was about 7, and had no clue about this stuff.

It started off one day when I was sick, my brother and grandmother went to the store. My grandfather came into the room and asked if I was ok. I replied no, and he asked if I wanted to feel good. Thinking it was medicine I shook my head yes. He sat on the bed beside me and started to take off my pants. He slowly looked at me in my underwear, gently petting my body. He then took off my panties and started to inspect my little pussy. He would kiss, finger, lick, and I had NO idea what he was doing but I let him.

A few weeks went by and he asked me to go to his office. He asked if I wanted to learn how to kiss like a grownup. So he had me sit on his lap facing him and started to French kiss me. I wasn't into that, but I was afraid to get in trouble so I kept doing it. I felt something hard, slightly moving, below my pussy. I touched it and asked what it was. He asked if I wanted to see, and I said yes. He pulled out his dick and told me to touch it. I did. He told me to stroke it up and down, and he showed me how. Now this I was interested in. He asked me to kiss it and then eventually suck. I did until he blew his cum in my mouth. I spit it out, and he told me I could leave.

Another few weeks go by, and as I got out of the shower he walked in on me in my room changing. He asked me if I wanted to play more like we did, and I said okay. He began to finger me, eat me, and had me suck on his dick. He then asked me to get on all fours. So I did. He pulled out a rag and stuffed my mouth since my grandma was home. He tied another rag around my head to keep me quiet. I was scared and tried to fight him but I gave up. He forced me on my knees and bent me over. He said he was dying to do this for a while and fucked me. I cried and tried to scream. But I let him do it.

Flash forward to today, after years of abuse, I am now 20. I went to their house, and I'm curvy. 40 DD breasts. I'm a size 12. So I'm not huge. But I was wearing a shirt with my cleavage showing. He called me into his office and asked if I wanted to play. I hadn't fucked him since I was about 12. So I shook my head yes. He apparently filmed me from a secret camera. And he pulled out his phone. I tried to say no photos but he just crammed his dick in my mouth. I can't stop fucking him. I love to pose for him, play with him, and let he fuck me. I hope he brings another friend soon. Id love at least two dicks in me.


Submitted: Sun, 03 Jan 2016 23:16:05 GMT

I am in my mid 50s and have a thing for a co-worker who is about 15 years younger than me. She is happily married and has two kids. We get along really well and we flirt quite a bit.

She is rather sexy and smart is far and away the best looking woman in our company. We work in different departments and I'm in her department frequently to see her, and the others who are my friends. One night the whole department went out and my buddy who is in that department called me to meet them.

After a night of drinking and flirting, the hot co-worker decided she was too drunk to drive so I gave her a ride since she only lived a few blocks from me. When I got to her house, I went to say goodnight to her just as she was about to give me a kiss on the cheek. Needless to say our lips met and we had an awkward kiss. The week at work was difficult because we never had the chance to apologize to each other because we never got to be alone to talk.

The next Friday I was asked to join them again for drinks and again she had too much to drink. Apparently she and her husband were having some issues at home and this was a way to avoid it. Again, I gave her a ride home. This time she deliberately kissed me deeply and we began to make out in my car. Within minutes my pants were undone and she was jacking my off. I came in buckets and was thankful it was dark when I got home because of the mess on my pants.

The next day my cellphone rang. While it wasn't a number I recognized, I picked it up because it was a local landline. It was my co-worker's daughter who is about 16 who told me she saw what happened the night before and if I didn't do what she wanted, then she was going to tell her dad. Turned out she wanted me to send me her a picture of my dick to her cellphone. I did, and she sent me a provocative non nude. I didn't send her anymore, but she started sending me naked pics of her. This went on for about 2 weeks then stopped. It has been about 2 weeks since the last pic.

Last night, I went drinking with the co-worker again and she was a bit different. She didn't get drunk but at the end of the night she followed me to my car, told me she had seen her daughter's cellphone and wasn't angry with me. She then asked me to if she could spend the night with me. It was the best night of sex I've ever had.

This afternoon I got another text from the daughter of telling me she knew I had sex with her mom (her mother was still at my house) and that if I didn't have sex with her she'd tell her dad. Now I'm a bit concerned.


Submitted: Sun, 07 Feb 2016 17:27:56 GMT

I was installing a cabinet, you know, one of those put together jobs that come with hardly any directions.... well, my step daughter is home for the weekend to watch the football game, and I employed her help. Her mom, as usual, went out shopping.

Now, lets just get this out in the open. I love her little "A" 32 cups and her little heart shaped ass on her small frame. I needed her to get all the "low points" so I could look down her tee shirt as we worked. I am always stealing a look every chance I get. She always seems to wear those loose neck jobs, that stretch out overtime.

Well... as we worked, I could not help getting a woody, as I was only wearing my sweat pants and no shorts underneath. You couldn't miss the stiffness and the precum stain forming after 20 minutes or so. I'm telling you, she knew exactly what she was doing. She would sit up, talk about anything, showing her erect nipples through the shirt, and then as she leaned over again, she would pull at the bottom of her shirt! Crap! She even went out of her way to "brush" up against my hard on as we worked.

When we got finished with the job, she thanked me and told me I was her best daddy as she hugged me {even being her step dad, she calls me daddy}... her belly pressed against my rock, hard stiffy. As she did that, I pulsed it some for her to feel, just to see where it would go. Well, she pushed away and looked at me and said, "Daddy, you are very excited... Can I look" She then, without my permission, undid my draw string and pulled my pants back to look down. All you could see was a precum mess on a piece of wood with a purple head. Oh, she touched it, and my self lubrication was all I needed as her small, soft hands slid down the length of my shaft.

At that point, I could not help myself. I reached down and flipped her shirt right off to reveal those tight, perfectly round, upturned super buds! She let out an "OH!" when I did it, and I pressed my lips on one breast and locked on as I tonged her nipple. She gripped harder on me and moaned..."Ohhhh, daaady" "Oh Daddy, finger me... I am so wet right now" and she was. when I reached into her shorts, my hand was soaking wet. I fingered her to the point that she almost came, and I stopped.

I then picked her up and took her to her room. I laid her down with her stuffed animals and her school stuff as I licked her sweet, fresh slit and rolled her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. "Daddy?" "Would you like me to put on my cheer skirt?" Well, I almost came to that! She slid it on, and I flipped it up and continued until she came. A shuddering orgasm it was too! My face soaking wet, she kissed me and took me into her mouth, making me cum almost immediately. Heck, after looking at her breasts for over an hour and then the rest that happened, I dare any man not to cum Jonny on the spot.

After I came, she rubbed her hand on her slit and stuck her fingers in herself, then forcing them into my mouth to lick clean, then she kissed me, using her tongue to push my cum into my mouth and back into hers, then she swallowed, as did I. She said that our two juices together were sweet and made for each other.

Well, she gave me her camera and let me do a photo shoot of her in her cheer skirt, topless and naked, and downloaded them to a stick for me. "Keep these in my bra and panty drawer, and when mom cuts you off or you feel anxious, look at them and cum in a bra or panty. When I come to visit, I expect to see stains, or we won't do this again.... daddy."

Well, that was two hours ago. Wife is not here yet, and she is standing there at her door, topless... again... holding a bra. She just asked me to jack off into it for her.



Submitted: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 16:38:00 GMT

Met Joanie at a bar back in 2007. Shes 41 now and I'm 26 but getting bald which makes me look older. I started drinking more since I met her and she has an excepionally bad drinking problem. We never went to her place, always mine, the sex was teriffic and she let me do anything I wished and taught me quite a bit. We would sometimes spend an entire weekend naked and we performed sex acts I never dreamed of. Last year she was having financial problems and I told her she could move in with me. I was shocked when I found out she had a son and a daughter. The son goes to college in Texas but her daughter still lived with her. She had never told me she had kids and I didn't want a family in my house. Its only a two bedroom ranch house, and small. I allowed her to move in with her daughter who was quiet and didn't seem to like me to much. Joanie and I continued to party often and Joanie is usually drunk by dinner time every night. She doesn't work but collects welfare and spends most of it on booze. I don't drink much during the week because of work but do sometimes, only to regret it in the morning. Her daughter Heather seems to avoid both of us and oddly enough I don't see her to often. When I do she is usually in the living room watching tv. I have yet to have a real conversation with her and know she doesn't approve of my relationship with her mother. At first I didn't purposly do it but would unconciously walk to the bathroom naked and sometimes around the house in my underwars or a towel. After the first few months I knew Heather had seen me naked many times and Joanie in her drunken stupor would often leave our bedroom door open. We had sex almost every night and if she were to drunk I would just have her give me oral sex or jerk me off. Most of the time I sleep naked and Heathers room is directly across the hall. On the weekends Joanie and I are usually out Friday and Saturday nights and when we get home she and I are usually drunk. Neither of us think about Heather being at home and have had sex in the living room several times and once in the kitchen. I know for sure Heather watched us on a few occassions but I guess I was to drunk to care and Joanie was just to drunk to know about it. I never told Joanie we were seen by Heather and one night her girlfriend Doris was watching us. I guess Heathers opinion of me and her mother isn't good at all. She hardley spoke to me and I guess I got to where I didn't care what she thought about me. Its my house after all and I can do what I please. If she happened to see me naked I didn't care and began to do it intentionally. My feelings for Joanie are strickly sexual and I don't care how she feels about me either. Joanie is usually asleep or passed out by 9 during the week and we usually have some sort of sex by that time. I would be naked and just walk that way either into the bathroom or the kitchen. She would be watching tv and I just walk right by her and she would never say a word to me. Her girlfriend Doris is with her sometimes but neither of them say anything to me. While in the kitchen they can see me the whole time and I assume they think I am drunk just like Joanie. Sometimes I am drunk but most of the time I haven't even had a beer. When I know they are looking at me it gets me aroused and when I go back to the bedroom I have sex with Joanie. Most of the time she is too drunk to know I am screwing her. I do it sometimes just to annoy Heather because I know she can hear whats going on and I leave the door open enough for her to see in if goes to the bathroom or her bedroom. For the last few months I've noticed that Doris comes over the house more often and think she likes to see me naked, so I've been accomodating her whenever she is there. I never before considered myself an exibitionist but guess I have become one. In the past when I would come out of the bedroom naked I would try not to get an erection but now I don't care if I do. I have even started acting like I am drunk just so I can remain in the living room or kitchen for a longer period of time. Doris has even talked to me a few times as I paraded around the room naked. Its just small talk and nothing is ever said about my nudity. Heather has spoke to me a few times also but now I think it is just so they can look at my penis. Funny thing is Heather never talks to me unless Doris is there. When they do talk to me I get an erection right away and don't try to hide it. By the time I get back to the bedroom Joanie is the one who pays for my excitement. I either have intercouse with her or just make her give me head. Once in awhile I just get her to masturbate me. Again, I leave the door open in case one of the girls walks by and both have a few times in the past. The one night both Heather and Doris both saw Joanie giving me oral sex. The crazy part is that most of the time Joanie doesn't know she is doing it and certainly doesn't know her daughter or Doris has seen her doing it. By the next morning Joanie has no idea that she had any kind of sex. When she gets that drunk she does anything I want but later has no recollection of it. She doen't particularly like anal sex but when she is drunk I have done it to her more times than she could fathom. I know Heather dispises me and I truely don't care. Joanie and her don't get along very well either. Joanie has a great body and I do feel bad sometimes for taking advantage of her. She is like a sex slave when she is drunk, but I never do anything to hurt her. She is even better when she is sober and willing to try anything. Heather looks like her somwhat although she is a little taller and heavier but not fat. I have yet to see Heather naked but am planning to someday. I have picked a spot where I can put a peephole into the bathroom from inside my closet. I just have to figure out how to hide it.


Submitted: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 22:44:09 GMT

I finally got all her clothes off. She sat on the edge of the bed, grinned at me, and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and making her nipples protrude. "I guess you've seen lots of these!" She said. "Yep! plenty of firm titties like yours in my time!" I replied.

Now, I'm pretty well hung, 9&1/2 inches and big around as a Polish sausage. I stripped down naked. and showed her my hard-on, and she gasped "Do you plan to put that monster in me?""Of course! But only about a hundred times, tonight!" I replied.

She took every inch. Wiggling and gyrating she must have had two or three orgasms to my one. "OOO! Don't stop, now, Iwant more!" She whispered "You want MORE?" I quipped, "You sound like Oliver Twist when they served him a single bowl of gruel at that orphanage!" "I don't want any 'gruel', I want more of your hot cum!" she remarked.

She wasmarried to one of jmy casual friends who was uninterested in her. She told me he nailed her once or twice a month, and that he wasn't very good. She was ripe for picking! I had invited her up to my place for a drink, which she readily accepted, played around a bit,getting her nice and hot, and started taking her clothes off. She helped a little, but when it came to her panties, they stayed on until the last minute. I rolled them down, exposing her beautiful, clean-shaven pussy, it was pink, open and moist. I put my tongue on her clit, and she started moving her hips up and down. Ireached up and started lightly pinching her nipples and she spread her legs wide saying "Oh Charlie...fuck me now, now, NOW!"

She loved my big cock. She told me once in awhile she invites her pool man (some kid) in the house and takes him to the bedroom, but he went back East to some college, and she never saw him again. "He had a big prick, but not like yours...it felt so good when you went in all the way, I could feel it throbbing when you came inside me. I think I came two or three times, and it was wonderful!"

We stayed in bed the rest of the afternoon, experimenting with different positions. She loved it all, and promised to come see me, again when she could.


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and I told her next weekend will be a real treat for you, because I am calling two more of my buddies who are very horny, because I showed them some nude fotos in color of you.Especially he ones where you have your legs spread and your pink pussy is open.. You're going to have four guys, because Kyle will be back. All she could say was "goodie!"


Submitted: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 05:28:40 GMT

When I was 12 yo, I found my Dad's porn magazines and videos hidden under his pile of clothes, and started to 'borrow' them almost daily, after school. He regularly add in new magazines and video titles. One day, I dig into other 'secret compartments', hoping to find new titles. To my surprise, I found a home-made video tape, and when I played it, it was Dad and Mom's sex video. They performed all sorts of sexual acts and positions. My Dad even sat on my mum's face, and received a nasty rim job from Mum. I was really turned on, and immediately made a copy of the tape for myself while jerking my cock in my hand violently.

I continued to masturbated to it very often, and always went back to look for more. But that seemed like the only one they made.

It was really kinky knowing the sexual side of them.

When my younger bro got married, and moved in with us, I hid a spy camera in their bedroom, and watched them had sex 'live' over my computer in my own bedroom.


Submitted: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 23:40:35 GMT

jenn i really need to fuck you you make my cock so fucking hard i want to suck your toes while i fuck you in the ass maybe while your sucking another cock


Submitted: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:01:27 GMT

I have deceived females in every way I could possibly think of in order to expose myself. I began doing it in my teenage years and faked injury and many times acted like I was dumb or mentally ill. I have done some rediculous things and disgraced myself many times by the situation I put myself into. Once when I was sixteen I had a split lip and black eye from a fight that afternoon and in the early evening used my condition to expose myself in the park. I knew a group of girls I didn't know would be coming by the foot path soon and I hid all my clothes under a bush. I just laid naked on the ground only wearing sneakers and socks. Within a few minutes these 8 girls all saw me laying there. The only problem was that one of them called 911 and the cops were there in no time. I pretended to be unconsious and was taken to a hospital. It ended up being one of my best performances and I acted like I was dizzy and knocked unconcious by a group of boys who stripped me. My parents were called and they came to get me, but otherwise no one ever found out I planned it. I never did anything that stupid again but found many other ways to expose myself since then. Some of my sisters girlfriends and neighborhood girls saw me naked and I never once got into trouble about it. My parents only knew of one time my sisters friend saw me but it was considered an accident. These girls probably talked about it with each other but for some reason never told on me or let my parents find out. I'm 26 now and almost two years ago I began dating Ida who is now 21. Her father is a white man and her mother is black. Her father doesn't like me and my parents also don't like her. I had sex with her on our first date and whenever she came to my apartment I would always be naked when she arrived. She is the only person I ever admitted being an exibitionist to. I told her how many girls I had exposed myself to and tried to explain to her how it aroused me so much. 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Ida also suggested I either wear sunglasses or squint my eyes when she brought a friend over. The first night she did it was a girl she had went to school with. It was a pretty black girl who never spoke the entire time but over an hour or so saw me shower and masturbate myself. I was so aroused by it I couldn't believe how Ida handled everything and told me after the girl left how much she liked the girl seeing me that way. I was still turned on and Ida and I had sex for hours after the girl went home. She only brings one girl at a time and by now I know all their names but they don't know I even saw them or knew they were here watching me. Ida tells me she enjoys it and I don't doubt anymore that she does. She never masturbates me when one of the girls are with her and all we do is kiss when she first gets here. We do almost the same thing each time and Ida always has the girls stand at the door for the first ten minutes. 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Submitted: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 13:29:15 GMT

This old friend was staying with us for a week end. My cute wife seemed very interested in him, and took every opportunity to let him peek down her blouse. She never wears a bra, and her boobs are small, but well shaped, very firm with strawberry colored nipples. I said to her "Why don't you just take your blouse off and let him see your tits, I bet he would love that!" She said "I've been thinking about doing that. I saw him in the shower this morning, and he was playing with his cock, and it was huge!" I asked her if she would like to "try it out"

she blushed and said "You wouldn't be angry if I let him screw me? I said "No, I'd love to watch!"

That night she walked into the guest room, completely naked and got in bed with him. I was watching through a crack in the door when I saw him spread her legs and slip his big hard cock into her moist pussy! She squirmed and rotated her hips and said "Oh! you're making me cum! go deeper....Aaaah! It's so good! I can feel your cock getting bigger! OOOO! I'm cumming!" She was pumping her hips up an down, taking every inch of his prick! I could see the big vein in his prick start to pulse and I knew he was spurting his cum inside her. My cock was so hare, I pumped it twice and shot a gooey stream in the floor! He kept fucking her, this time with her on top, heer beautiful tits bouncing up an down..wow! what a show she was giving me! When she came back to our bedroom, she was smiling and rubbing her wet pussy. I said "So, tell me what happene?" She said "Didn't you see? He really fucked me, made me cum three times! I think I'd like to have him do me again, tomorrow morning!" Isaid "Good! I'll join you two for a hot threesome!" and we DID!


Submitted: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 15:25:16 GMT

When I came home from work, last friday evening, I was disappointed to see the two cars in the drive. They meant that my girlfriend, Susan, had friends over. I was feeling really horny, and, had been planning for a night of hot, wild sex, with her. But, since her friends were over, that would have to wait. They always stayed too long. Sometimes, drank too much wine, and, stayed the night. If that was the case, there wouldn't be any sex, at all!

As i entered the house, I saw two empty wine bottles, on the table, in the livingroom. But, I could hear them in the famillyroom, downstairs. There would be no fun that night, or, so I thought! Susan called out for me to join them, downstairs. I was stunned when I went down the stairs, and, saw the three of them sitting on the couch, together, in just their bras and panties. Susan was in between her friends, Stephanie and Megan.

"Why don't you take off your clothes?", Susan asked.

They were already in bras and panties, so I stripped off my clothes, down to my boxer shorts. The girls giggled at the sight of the tent in my shorts.

"No! All of them! We really want to see it!", Megan urged.

"What the hell!", I said, as I slipped my shorts down, and, stepped out of them.

"The girls bet you wouldn't masturbate for us, but, I told them I was sure you would!", Susan announced.

For a second or two, I considered it, but, said that her friends were right.

"Oh! Please!", Stephanie begged.

"Yeah! Please! We'll do anything!", Megan pled.

"Anything?", I asked.

"Yes! Anything you want!", the three of them said, together.

"Yeah! We want to see you jack off! We're really hot to see you jerk off! We want you to whack off, for us! We'll do anything you want, right after you do it for us! Promise!", were some of the things that were said.

"O.K., but, I'll have to go upstairs and get some lube.", I said, finally agreeing.

"Oh, no, it's O.K. I've got some right here.", Susan said, pointing to the bottle of astro-glide she had sitting on the table.

I started out, reluctantly, stroking myself, slowly, more than a little embarrassed by what I was doing for them. But, as I could see how hot it was getting them, I lost my inhibitions, and, began to pick up the pace. After about ten minutes, I could feel myself getting ready to cum. It took about five minutes more, before I felt my cock jerk in my hand, and, I started spurting cum all over the place. It had been a while since I came that long and hard, and, it felt really good. My warm, sticky cream landed all over the table, and, some even landed on them.

When I was done, I told them it was only fair that they should do the same for me. I expected they would be reluctant, but, was amazed at how quick they were to peel off their bras and panties, and, start masturbating. It was a beautiful sight, watching the three of them playing with themselves.

Then, I told Susan I really wanted to watch her eat Megan's pussy. I couldn't believe how quickly she agreed to do just that. But, Megan said she had a date, that night, and, would have to call him, and, cancel, if she was going to stay much longer. Stephanie, too, had a date, and, would need to do the same. I suggested we move upstairs, and, they could call and cancel their dates, so we could continue with our fun, in the bedroom. Both Stephanie and Megan said they were more than happy to cancel their dates, adding that they doubted they could have as much fun with them as they could at our house. I was pleased to hear that!

After they called their dates, and, cancelled, we headed to the bedroom. Susan pushed Megan back on the bed, and, started kissing her. As Stephanie and I watched them, I couldn't help but get the feeling that this was not the first time they had kissed. I was starting to get hard, again, as I watched my girlfriend kiss Megan's tits. Stephanie and I watched them, as Susan worked her way down Megan's beautiful body. And, as Susan started to eat Megan out, my cock got fully hard. I really can't say when Stephanie put her hand on my cock, but, Susan was going at it pretty good, by the time I noticed Stephanie's hand was wrapped around it.

"Oh, God!", Stephanie said. "They're making me so hot!"

"Me, too!", I replied, as I pushed her around, so she was bent over the edge of the bed.

I had fantasized about fucking Stephanie many times, and, now, I could hardly believe what was happening. I'd always wanted to fuck a red head, and, especially, this beautiful, nice bodied one! I slipped my cock into her. She was already dripping wet! She turned out to be one of the best fucks I'd ever had.

Turns out, Stephanie and Megan stayed all weekend, and, what I thought was going to be a real bummer was a wonderful sex filled weekend! We told them they are welcome to come over, any time. They promised to come back next weekend. I can hardly wait!


Submitted: Fri, 05 Apr 2013 11:51:23 GMT

In the summer of 2007 I miscarried and was depressed several months. One day my father in law was over drinking and he was starting to get wasted, he started teasing me like he always done in the past. But this time I wanted him to take me to bed and make love to me, so I kissed him and started seducing him and I started removing my clothes and his. I rode his cock hard and he fucked good for hours, Oh my he was better then his son and a heavy cummer. Three weeks later I was pregnant I know he was the father as his son cannt get going very good. Its 2013 now my husband still has know clue is four yearold son is his brother.


Submitted: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 04:03:11 GMT

Today I had finally confessed my feelings for my step-dad to him. I know he wants me too. He lives up state with my mother. He says he doesn't think I'm freak or disgusting. He said I am beautiful, but that he's married to my mom. I'm hoping to convince him on my next visit to have sex with me. I am hopeful that he will take my offer and we can share each other's bodies when my mom is away.


Submitted: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 03:51:45 GMT

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I was talking with a friend of mine about how long it had been since I had any, she told me anytime you want to have sex you can. I know but I hate the thought of dating and trying and not appearing to forward. blah, blah. She looked at me and asked me, Do you want to have sex or be made love to?

I was half joking and told her I would love to hire a man for a night just to have sex.

You do not even need to hire anyone and I know where we can go to get whatever we want for free and they will be lined up.

I looked at her like she was crazy. She stared back at me and told me not to judge her but if I wanted to have sex she could take me tomorrow. I was a little nervous but told her sure. I will not have to do anything I do not want to right? she said, of course not!

The next day she picked me up and we drove about an hour to this theater looking place with a lot of large trucks and cars parked around it. I was really nervous now. She parked on the side of the building and the door read ladies entrance on it. We walked inside and to my amazement it was pretty nice inside, she got a few smiles from the guys behind the counter and asked if room 8 was empty, it was and off we went with a key.

Room 8 had a few chairs in it and a tv screen playing wonderful videos of women having sex, not exactly what I had in mind but she was urging me to sit down and relax. Soon there was a tap on the little door on the wall. She reached over and slid it open and there it came like a snake through a hole, a mans cock just hanging there half hard. She looked over and asked if I wanted to go first, I told her go ahead I was still a little unsure. She reached into her purse and pulled out a condom, after stroking him for a while until he was hard she put it on him and started sucking on him.

Soon a tap came to the door on my side, my heart sort of jumped a little as I was expecting some small fat guy to be sticking it through but instead it was as chocolate colored as a Hershey bar. My friend laughed a little and said wow you lucky girl! I reached out and began massaging it and it grew quite rapidly, I could myself getting quite turned on as I looked at the size of the head. Without even thinking I put my lips on him and sucked a little bit then reached over and got a condom out. She stopped what she was doing and told me to hang on, she dug down in her purse and pulled out an extra large one. Here she said your going to need it. I wrapped him up and started sucking on him more, I was not sure I would be able to have him inside me given his size but the more I stroked him the wetter I got. I pulled my unders off and backed up to the door, I kept my distance and started sliding onto him. I heard him moan out that I was tight and he liked it a lot. Soon he was pushing back so I put my hand on the wall and kept a little distance while he thrust into me. God it felt really good. He pulled out and I was really bummed then I saw his lips at the window, I want to lick you he said. Through that door? are you kidding? No, please put your pussy up here!!

I looked at my friend then pushed my ass against the wall closing my eyes I felt his tongue stroking me. It did feel good and I tried not to think about how dirty the wall was. He licked me for quite some time until I had an orgasm coming on but I was having quite a time trying to stay in one spot. I finally grabbed the back of the chair and slid it over so I could push myself against the wall, did not care how dirty it was anymore and he dove his tongue right back in me. I came with an immense tremble running through my body and then stood up trying to gain some balance. I felt his cock push against my rear as he was trying to enter me again. I bent back over and pressed myself against the wall again, he filled me up very well and I could hear him grunting away with his strokes. I did not really trust the condom so after a minute or so I pulled off and turned around, I grabbed his cock and stroked him off into the condom. After he came he leaned down again and asked if he could lick me some more, I told him he was wonderful but I needed a break. He thanked me and left but it was only a few minutes when another cock came through the door, I looked at my friend and asked her is it always like this? She nodded her head up and down and told me that she has had sex in here for two hours before just doing guy after guy. I reached out and started stroking his cock, at least this one was not a monster.


Submitted: Tue, 08 Sep 2015 13:51:52 GMT

I was at a friends place, just hanging while he was fixing his car. When it got to late afternoon he told me he was having dinner with some other friends and that i could come if i wanted. I accepted and we headed off.

About half way through the evening i was talking to one of the mothers. I am 35 years old and guessed she was about the same. I asked which one was hers. She points to a young girl over near the garage.The girl was very cute. Small, short, long sandy hair. She had a white singlet top on and a dark green skirt. Her chest was just budding through her singlet and her flat tummy had tiny hips starting to form.

I tell her mother that she is young, but looks like her. She tells me "yeah, she turned 11 2 months ago. She's growing up way to fast, she got her first period 2 weeks ago".

I was rock hard instantly. I was so excited by that statement. I probed her a bit for another few minutes. "so guess now you're having to buy her the pill?". I found out she wasn't on anything yet and i excused myself.

I went inside and got a drink. I also got a wine, but i raided the kitchen and found the drugs in the pantry. I found sleeping pills, so i crushed 5 or 6 into the wine. I headed out to the garage and interrupted the young girl. "Katie right, i saw you almost hiding over here and figured i would sneak you one of these". I gave her the wine.

We chatted and she drank the wine. I suggested we could go in the garage as i spotted a spa inside. I stripped to my boxers and got in. She slowly and shyly stripped to her panties and training bra and got in. I just chatted as she slowly slumped and fell asleep sitting next to me.

Once i couldn't shake her awake i went for it. I lifted her up so she was hanging on her tummy, ass up out of the water and her upper body limp over the side. I pulled her tiny panties down and dropped them in the spa. I dropped my boxers and grabbed her hips tight. I took a couple of goes, but i got my cock head into her pussy, from there i just worked myself deep inside over a few minutes. I knew i took her hymen, but i just had too be balls deep in her. I only took maybe 5 minutes and i exploded so hard inside her newly fertile pussy. I stayed in her as i pumped my loads into her.

I never pulled out, but when i was hard again i just started thrusting her pussy even harder then the first time. It took me almost 20 minutes to blow another load in her pussy. I checked outside and the others were still going strong and having laughs.

I spent 2 hours fucking her 4 more times, blowing as many loads as i could in her fertile pre teen belly. I think the last 2 loads were almost dry. I got her out and myself. Got us both dressed and then quickly ducked from the garage inside, carrying her to a bedroom and putting her to bed under the covers. I left her in just her panties and bra and left the rest of her wet clothes on the floor.

I went back out and joined the other again for the rest of the evening. The following evening they invited me back again for another get together. I spiked her drink a second time, but this time i took her into a bedroom and locked the door once she was out on the lounge. I spent 6 hours fucking her tiny pussy, pumping loads into her until i know my balls had nothing left to give. I was really sore by the time i blew the final time inside her. I loved knowing i was cumming, pumping my perm into a fertile 11 year old girl. She would possibly get pregnant at such a young age was such a turn on.

I saw her mother a few weeks ago at the local mall. I asked how the family was and she told me that Katie was almost 6 months pregnant and she didn't know who the father was. She hadn't had an abortion cause she didn't find out until 4 and a half months when she started showing. I asked about it some more and they now know she's having a girl. I have a tiny young 11 year old girl having my baby daughter in a few more months and i find it fucking hot.


Submitted: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 14:59:16 GMT

My wife was in bed and my 14 year old daughter was headed to the shower before bed. I was left watching tv in the dark lounge room with my daughters 13 year old best friend.

She is a tiny girl, short, slim and a tight little body. She was just getting a nice a cup going and her hips just starting to form. I had been flirting with her for several months, poking, pinching and just getting sneaky feels in when i can.

With both my girls gone, it didn't take long looking at her in her thigh length satin nightie to get excited. I also didn't take long to sweet talk her the final stage of willingness.

I had her on her knees, on the lounge, arm over the back rest, ass out. I stood behind her and dropped my boxers to the floor. I pulled her panties down around her knees on the lounge. She was trembling as i held her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her tiny pussy. It took a few minutes to slowly work into her tiny body, i never felt her hymen as i pushed in.

I was starting to work myself in and out of her, pushing myself deeper as i worked her. She kept telling me "make sure you pull out, i'm having periods now". Then "remember to pull out i'm not safe" and "i'm not on the pill, so make sure you don't cum in me".

I had all intention of pulling out and cumming on her ass. As i finally got myself balls deep inside the tiny girl, i got distracted as we both spotted my daughter standing shocked in the door watching us. I didn't even flinch as i exploded so hard into her tiny pussy. It felt like i blew an entire cup full into her. She just climbed off me, but way too late.

Her and my daughter left and went to the bedroom. I freaked out all night, but they said nothing in the morning. My daughter hasn't spoken to me since that night, until today. She came home and told me her best friend is now pregnant and it was my baby.

What my daughter doesn't know it that i have spent the last 12 weeks going to her friends house after schools out, while her parents are out and fucking her 2 or 3 times a week. I even went to the school a couple of times and she skipped class so i could fuck her in the girls locker rooms. And she has helped me at home twice while staying over. She got me once my daughter was asleep and i had fun. I twice got blow jobs from her until i was about to blow, then gently pulled the covers off my daughter. I slowly climbed onto her bed over her legs and lifted her shirt. She always slept in shirts and panties. I pulled the front of her panties open, gently resting my cock head against her pussy and then jerk till i blow, holding my head against her slit, pumping my load into her pussy.

We hope i can get her pregnant before she works out what i've been doing.


Submitted: Fri, 16 Oct 2015 23:39:22 GMT

So, me and my family went to and camped out at a sporting event. We went with another family of four. One of which was a hot 20 something year old girl. The first thing that went through my head when i saw her was, 'she's hot and alone, she must be single right?" Wrong. I learn quickly that she's married with two kids back at home in Alabama, so that put a damper on that quickly. One day, she gets drunk because that's the kind of thing that happens at these kinds of sporting events. She's one of those loud mouthed drunks. I'm 100% sober should i mind you. Our camping site is empty. everyone else is out watching the races at the track. Me and her leave to fetch something for my brother back at at our camp sites. she's spit fire when drunk, yelling and talking to people as we make our way to the camp site. We make it to the site. our camper is locked. she thinks her parents have a key in their camper. So she opens the door to their camper, they hang their keys near the door's opening at the side. So I stand outside. She leans over to search through their collection of keys. She looks great in the tight blue jeans she's wearing. butt crack sneaking out at the top. I can't help but look. i feel a tingling in my cock, I fight back an erection. I just stare at her ass like in a trance. I can tell she can see me through a small reflection but she just stays in that position. i walk up behind her.

"Did you find the keys?" I ask.

"No." she says without changing position.

She then pushes her ass into my crouch for a moment.

"I saw you checking out my ass."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry."

"You're very attractive. I know you're married. I don't want to cross any lines."

"Is my husband here?"

"No but still that doesn't make it right."

"No one has to know."

She stumbles into the camper. I follow. My cock is winning over my brain. I shut the door behind me. She's bent down over their kitchen table. I walk over to her. I put my arms around her waist. Her ass rubs up against my crotch. The sounds of are pants ripping up against each other is sensually.

"I was so disappointed when I heard you were married. You're so fucking hot." I say while kissing her neck. My cock is getting hard at his point.

"He's cheated on me before it's about time I did the same. We better hurry before our parents get back." She says.

We start to make out. Hot and heavy. her mouth is so wet and warm. My cock gets harder and harder. I rub my hands around her ass in those jeans. I unbutton them. I pull her jeans off. she's wearing hot Victoria Secret leopard print panties. I push her up against the kitchen sink's counter. I pull her panties off. Her ass is nice and round. Milky white. Her body is tan besides her ass. My heart is pumping out of my chest. Any second. Anyone could come back. The fear of getting caught by our parents. I pull my pants down. I put my cock in her pussy. She then pulls my cock out of her pussy hole and moves it into her ass.

"I prefer anal." She says.

i penetrate her ass with my cock. We then stop because my cock is too dry for anal. so she lubes it up. I then stick it back in her ass. i thrust hard into her. I hold onto her cold butt chicks. Her butt chicks bounce lightly has I pound her from behind. It feels so good being inside her. She screams for me to fuck her harder. HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER YOU BITCH! I tell her to keep her voice down, I don't want anyone over hearing. she tells me to stop being such a pussy and fuck her good. I thrust harder into her. My cock pounds into her as hard as I can. I'm trying to last as long as I can but it's hard. I hear footstep closing in. Is it her parents? My parents? My brother? I'm panting as we fuck. someone's coming. She tells me I better not stop fucking her. I don't want to get caught but her ass feels so good. We continue fucking. I feel like I'm about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum, fuck you're gonna make me cum."

"Cum inside me."


"I'm not scared of getting knocked up from another guy."

I cum inside her. I organism loudly as I unload my hot load into her. I kiss her neck. I tell her I love her. My cock is still cumming. It won't stop. That's how good the anal was.Once my cock has stopped cumming. I pull my cock out of her. I pull it out slowly. My cock is wet. Cum drips out of her ass onto the ground. She then flips around and pushes me onto the couch. She then starts sucking me off. My cock is going soft but she doesn't care. she swallows any remaining cum that remained on my cock. She then stopped. She smiled and winked at me. I stand up and pull my pants back on. she pulls her back on and cleans up my cum on the ground. She asks if i need a moment. I say no, I'm good then we exit the camper. We still stay in touch. She sends me nude. We've only fucked the one time but it was so good I can't wait for her to come back in town for round two. I masterbate to the scene of us fucking. I cum so hard every time. Sometimes I sit at the edge of my bed. I pull my pants down. I lube my cock up. I jerk off to the thought of her and her husband fucking. The sex is hot and heavy like ours and I make a mess. A load erupts not of my cock like a volcano. White cum gushing out of my penis's hole. God I want to fuck her again so fucking bad.


Submitted: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 22:24:37 GMT

I'm a 20year old male that somethims likes to dress up as a girl and I'm quit good at it I.

Somethims I go on bars and seduce older men that are thinking im a girl I give them a blowjob on the toilet then I go home and masturbate about it.

My girlfriend dosent know about it.


Submitted: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 19:21:12 GMT

my dirty confession:

many years ago when i was a boy of 6 years old, a old man in his 70s moved into the upstairs apartment my folks rented, he was very friendly and got along good with my parents, after a few months time he was at our place a lot to visit, my mom was complaining one day about the money she had to pay the sitter where i went for between 3pm and 6:30 pm everyday after school, til my parents got off work, well, old bill offered to watch me for free, saying he was home and doing nothing anyhow! my parents were delighted as was i.

it started the first day i was there, there was a big bowl of my favorite candy bars on his table but he never offered me any, being a kid it got the best of me and one day i asked for one, bill said i could have 2 but i would have to give him a hug for 1 and a kiss for the other, being a trusting kid i said sure ok! i went over to him in his big old overstuffed chair and he lifted me up on his lap, i gave him a big hug and reached up to kiss his cheek but he turned my head and kissed my lips for a second or 2, it felt funny but kind of nasty and good too, a while later he asked if i had liked kissing him and i said yes i had, he told me there was a better way to kiss, and asked if i wanted him to show me, again i said sure! come here he said and i climbed back up on his lap, he wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me like before and his lips were all wet, then he held my head firmly and pushed his tongue in my mouth and circled it around mine, he was right it was better and i liked it, and it got me more candy! naturally it was our big secret and i could never tell and if i did there would be no more candy for me! i was a overweight kid and had flabby little fat boy titties, it wasnt long before i had to take my shirt off and let bill kiss me for "as long as he wanted" (this sometimes be over 2 hours) and let him play with my nipples and feel me up, telling me i had nice "girl titties" and how much he liked them, soon he was sucking them and i was sucking his too.

One day he said we should suck on each others tongues it would feel good so i said ok, he said to stick mine out and he would suck mine first, then i could suck on his, i did as he said and he sucked my tongue long and hard for probably 15 minutes all the time pulling my nipples and pinching them, then he said he had to pee but would be right back so i could suck on his tongue, i said ok, he went to the bathroom and was gone a few minutes, then returned and sat down and i got back on his lap, he held my face and smiled at me then slid his tongue out for me to suck, i started to suck and it tasted different somehow but good all the same, then he opened his mouth more and a bunch of spit came out which i licked up and swallowed, it tasted different than just spit, we repeated this scene everyday for about a week and he always had to go pee just before i sucked his tongue, one day while he was in to pee i snuck over to the bathroom door and peeked through the crack he wasn't even peeing but was standing in front of a big mirrow and rubbing his thing, i watched and liked it, then he held his other hand down and squirted a lot white stuff into it which he scooped into his mouth and started to pull his pants back up, i ran back to the chair and waited like nothing had happened, he sat, i got on his lap and started to suck as usual i was gaining a fondness for the taste of bills juice though i didnt know what it was and after i sucked it all i had a funny tingle in my throat. a few weeks later i confessed that i knew it came out of his wiener and i had seen him rubbing it. the next day he tought me to drink it from the source! he watched me daily until i was 11 and i must have drank gallons of his juice. in all that time we did a lot of other nasty things too, he liked to make me wear pink lipstick and a short pink dress he got somewhere with no undies on and the top pulled down over my chubby titties, he would tongue-fuck and lick my ass for a long time and stick things inside me(candles, crayons, bread sticks, class cigar tubes, fingers) and lick them off, then he would spit in my mouth, other times he would squirt his cum on my face and take pictures of it dripping down, then he would lick it off and kiss me saying he loved his "dirty little girl", he taught me to finger myself and he would lick my fingers clean, one time he had me get in the tub with a funnel in my butt and he filled me with his piss, and got behind me and had me let it go all over his penis while he was stroking it, he came in my ass crack then licked it off and we kissed.

sometimes he would have me bring my moms dirty panties upstairs and we would smell and lick them out while we looked at dirty books and touched each other, he would cum in the crotch and we would lick it out together, i always had to swallow some of his cum,even if that meant licking it off the floor or his dirty toilet seat! occasionally he would cum in his hand, bend over and wipe it on his asshole and i would lick it off there too and he would say, make sure you get your tongue way inside the hole so you don't miss any! he never seemed very interested in my penis, (but sometimes he would pinch it really hard when it got stiff, to make me cry then lick the tears off my face and call me a sissy girl, and a time or 2 he had me put it in his butt and he licked it clean after) i guess that makes sense seeing i was his substitute for a girl/woman. to this day i still like to play with my nipples and have them sucked on.

one day i went there after school as always, wondering what dirty things i would be made to do that day and bills old ststion wagon was gone, i went inside and the place was bare, like nobody ever lived there, on the floor near the window where his chair had been and where he had used me for his sex toy for 5 years was a $10 bill with a load of cum on it(which i licked off) on the back printed in pencil was "my girl"! nobody ever heard from him again,

That was over 40 years ago and i'm sure he is long gone, but i'll never forget those hot and nasty kissing sessions because he always smelled like cigarettes and bacon!


Submitted: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 18:46:04 GMT

Hi, I am 27 and my aunt(moms sister) is 36 years old, i really really like her body. her ass i just too good i feel like ramming into her everytime she turns around.

i desperately wanna get in bed with her. on some pretext or the other i go to her place when she is alone,thinking today i wud get a chance to put my cock in her pussy,i wanna feel the sensation of having my cock in her pussy once and playing with her sexy thighs.

when she is around my eyes are always on her boobs or ass she needs to be fucked once, i really wanna just lift her dress once and quickly fuck her.

GOD !!! when will my wish come true...i wanna lick her sexy pussy and fuck her till she cums.

-Horny nephew


Submitted: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 16:14:12 GMT

I have known Andrea and her daughter Amy for 22 years. Her husband worked for me for a few years and they lived in a run down apartment two doors away from my auto body shop. I had a short affair with Andrea about 12 years ago which her husband never did know about. He deserted them 5 years ago and moved to the west coast. Andrea worked at a factory around the corner from my shop but I'm sure only made a minimum wage. Amy is a highschool drop out and works at the McDonalds a few blocks away. Andrea is 41 now and Amy is 23. I live alone and have been devoriced for eight years so a year and a half ago when Andrea got layed off I let them move into my house. The first few years after her husband left I gave Andrea money sometimes knowing she couldn't pay her rent. I took advantage of her at times and had sex with her once or twice a month. When I let them move in with me my intentions were two fold. I knew they they had no where to go but I also wanted sex from Andrea. I soon found out that both of them smoked weed all the time. I was angry about it at first and thought how dumb I was to give her rent and food money when she probably spent it on drugs. I selfishly let them stay because I knew I could have sex with Andrea any time I wanted. The first few months I would go into her room and have sex with her and many times forcing her to give me oral sex or masturbate me. I had little interest in Amy at first because she isn't very pretty but does have a decent body. I was often in my underware around them but began exposing myself to Amy and she often saw me naked. I disabled the lock on the bathroom door and began walking in on Amy when I knew she was in the shower. They were both mad at me for doing it but I always stressed they could move out anytime they wanted to. It didn't take long before I knew I had them intimadated and basically under my control. Andrea and Amy smoked the weed almost every night and I realized I had more control over them when they were high and began giving them money to buy it. I would go into Andrea's room often knowing she didn't want sex but she never refused and always satisfies me. I don't have intercouse with her all the time but at least have her give me oral sex or masturbate me. Andrea knows Amy ssees me naked most evenings but I think to afraid of me to complain. Within the first six months they lived here I had Andrea so much under my control I could do anything I wanted to. I know everything about them even that Amy had an abortion when she was seventeen. If I wanted to walk around the house naked I did and if I wanted to see Amy naked I did. I know Andrea wasn't happy with the way I walked in on her daughter and would tell me so. I would reply by telling her "to bad" or "move out if you don't like it" and many other things of that nature. She never complains to me when she is high so I mostly do those things when she is. I never had sexual contact with Amy until last December. Andrea and her were smoking weed and I smelled it as soon as I came in the door. It was late and Andrea was asleep on the sofa and Amy was on the chair stareing at the TV. After I showered I came back to the living room naked and walked right up to Amy telling her to give me oral sex. She refused right away but I took her hand and put it around my penis. She just glared at me and I began telling her how much she owed me and how good I was to her and her mother. She did begin to jerk me off and then I forced her to suck me grabbing her head tightly. I'm not very well endowed but big enough that she gagged a few times and I puposely came in her mouth. The next morning Andrea came in my room and began slapping me. Amy told her what I did and I had never seen her that mad before. I was still in bed and when I got up I went on the offensive and smacked her. I never hit a woman before and haven't since. Then I just went into a rage and threw things around the room telling her I do what I want in my own house. I told her they could leave anytime they wanted to telling her she already knew her daughter was a tramp. I met a lot of the guys Amy dated and some were just as bad as her father was. I just told her Amy was old enough to do what she wanted and that it was none of her business. I didn't even believe all I said to her that morning but she sheepishly walked out of my room and didn't speak to me all day. That night after she went to bed I went into her room and had sex with her for almost an hour. I intentionally had anal sex with her knowing full well she doesn't like it. A few nights later I again had Amy give me oral sex and masturbate me. By February I had control over Amy the same as I have over Andrea. Amy always resists me when I go in her room at night but Andrea never does. Amy is humiliated at the things I do to her and I know she hates it when I cum in her mouth. When I have intercouse with her I always wear a condom but if I have anal sex with her I cum inside her which I know also bothers her. I know Amy dispises me but somehow tolarates me. I intentionally do things to humiliate and degrade her and oddly enough am able to have her orgasm most of the time. I do much of the same to Andrea but think she is immune to being humiliated or embarrassed anymore. She does orgasm most of the time but I can tell when she doesn't want the sex from me. The expression on her face tells me right away when I tell her what I want. If she is high she is willing to do anything but I often only make her masturbate me or give me oral sex. I never sleep with either of them and am only in their room for some kind of sex, and they know it. I'm sure they talk about me during the day when I'm at my shop but really don't care what they say. I always make comments that they can move out at any time. I don't want them to move out but know they will some day. There are many sites on the internet concering domination and intimadation and I have read many of them. I can't believe how much power I have over them or what they allow me to do.


Submitted: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 05:50:50 GMT

the was the time where we slept in one room (somewhere in school) and my bestfriend's twin was there who is fucking pretty but small tits because we were still 13 or so... anyway when everone was asleep I woke up and went to my bestfriend's twin and I undressed her. I licked her pussy and just before I was gonna penetrate her she woke up. I panicked and pretend to sleep then she said don't stop and I smiled. we went outside the room and went to the rooftop which I secretly locked b4. on the rooftop we had intercourse until it was sunrose. I love it when she sucks my dick


Submitted: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 05:16:55 GMT

After my hot-bodied older sister's divorce, she revisited her wild, partying side quite a bit. Going out most nights, heaving drinking and other things on weekends..Just wild.

Ran into her at a bar late one Friday night, and saw no way she got home by herself. So, I told her I'd take her home.

"Yhourr soo good to mhee" she gushed, kissing me on the lips a few times (it was a practice she'd started one holiday season, but only we continued..I loved kissing her). Walking her to my car, I stood her up straight and planted a deep, makeout-style mauling to her red, sexy lips. She approved.

"Hey.." she muttered as I drove. "Dhont jus drop mhe off..Not shure I can get in the houuse!" she laughed. "Yhou gotta come inside" she added, not realizing the dual meaning.

We arrive at her house, and, holding her up, approach the back door. Another mauling ensued, and I was revved up for her. Drunk, stoned or whatever..I HAD to have her.

I found her keys and get us in the house, feeling her body the entire time. Leading her upstairs (which was not easy, by the way), I began undressing her as she sat on the bed, just laughing and smiling..At nothing, really. She was in hysterical laughter, and I'm pulling her tight pants off!

We start up with the mauling again, and she strokes my hard item with her long, sharp nails. Tells me "yhess", giving me the green light to take her.

I fked her twice that night, and looked forward to her next evening out. This time, I'd be in the same place, watching her get all messed up, knowing I'd be the lucky one later on. There was something fun, and arousing, watching other guys hit on her, grab her, and so forth, all night, and knowing I'd be getting what they wanted. The more messed up she got, the better night we had at her house.


Submitted: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 06:01:03 GMT

I'm bored, I'm married, I'm 35 and I want an internet friend to talk, mostly about sex with. I am hoping for someone with a deep and rich imagination. I'm into all kinds of crazy stuff including, but not limited to; cheating wives, incest, watersports, bdsm. I am very open to new ideas. I am straight, but I would fuck a tranny. I dont get much sex from my wife so im looking for a new outlet. I would perfer to talk to women. However as long as the topic of conversation is, for the most part, heterosexual in nature I will talk to other straight guys to share fantasies ect. Shit I dont even care if you're a guy pretending to be a girl, thats sort of the same as being a tranny anyway. No one under 18 years old though!

 ExhilaratingBoredom on Kik

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Submitted: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 14:08:27 GMT

I come home one day to find the door of my house slightly ajar. Nervous I peek inside. The TV is still there, and the iPads on the sofa. I relax thinking my mom must've left it slightly open on her way out. I enter and shut the door behind me. No one was home so I figured I'd jerk off for a bit. Feeling a bit horny so I pull up some porn and go to town. I edge so as to make it last longer. As I stroke and beat I hear a soft moan behind me. I turn and see the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life, with her hand in her soft leather pants. I hould've immediately asked her to leave but I had a good feeling. She turned around and oh, her ass was surely a gift from the heavens. She pulled her pants down just a little so I could get a glimpse of what was underneath, which was nothing to my delight. She turned back to me and gave me a devilish smile. My dick is so hard I can barely stand. She walks away and heads up the stairs. My parents won't be home till tomorrow and my sister's at a friends. My heart pounds as I follow this goddess up the stairs. We go into my bedroom and she grabs me. She drops her knees and takes off my pants as she goes. My dick is pushing my underwear so far out the front isn't even touching my body. She stand up and walks a little bit away from me. She sticks her wonderful butt out and slowly strips her pants. She turns back to me as she pulls off her shirt. She smiles and pulls me on top of her. I thrust deep into her sweet pussy, grunting every time. She moans quite frequently as well. As I near climax she flips me and rides me like a horse. I pull out and blow my load all over her sweet round tits. We both lay there for a while embracing. And then she smiles.


Submitted: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 05:37:20 GMT

When I was 27 I dated a girl who had a 5 year old daughter. I was drinking and doing coke all the time back then. The girl would leave her daughter with me while she went to work. I would bathe her and rub her pussy and clit while doing so. I could tell she liked it. She would lie on top off me and grind her crotch up and down against my leg. I ignored it at first but one day while extremely high she started again.This time I scooped her up and took her to the bedroom and stripped her naked. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs and proceeded to eat her out. She was loving it. I then pulled out my cock and let her hold it then made her lick it up and down the shaft. I had her suck on the head and 69ed her.I then got some lube and had her climb on top of me and placed my hard cock between her legs with her butt cheeks wrapped around my haft and proceeded to pump her little body like it was a pussy till I shot my load. She thought I peed on her. I then cleaned her up and made her promise to never tell. After that day the first thing she would do when her mother left was to take off her pants and have me eat her out. I finally popped her cherry when she was 7 and we fucked daily till she was 9 when me and her mom broke up. She moved far away and I never heard from either of them till 12 years later when my exes mother died and they came back to town. At 10 pm I heard a knock on the door and opened it to a beautiful young lady. I asked if i could help her and she walked by me into my house and said I could start by eating her pussy the way I used to do. My little slut had all grown up but she never forgot the who made her cum the hardest.


Submitted: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 03:22:01 GMT

I wana have phone sex


Submitted: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 21:57:31 GMT

I have had a lifelong fantasy about having forcible sex with my mom and sister. I would love to force my cock up their ass and hear them moan as I reamed their ass.


Submitted: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 09:54:27 GMT

So my sister is now 7 months pregnant. She got pregnant on her wedding night if the doctors are correct. What she doesn't know is that given this, then i am the father of her unborn daughter.

At the reception of her wedding, both her and her husband got very drunk. They had a great day and a wonderful evening. As the night came to an end i let my parents leave since it was so late and i was to escort the newly weds to their room upstairs in the hotel.

After most people had left i shuffled them both along and found their room. I got them inside and sat them both on the bed. I went to the bathroom and when i came out they were both lying down, sound asleep. I figured i would just pull off their shoes and throw a sheet over them. I pulled off my new brother in-laws shoes and figured i should get his suit pants off. I pulled them off and left them hanging over the bed end.

I pulled my sisters heals off and i took a moment to feel her smooth skin up her legs. She is 19 now, really long sandy blonde hair, nice round baby face and a super sexy body. She did a lot of running and swimming so she was fit. I have had a thing for her since she was 14 and i was 20.

Anyway, i got her shoes off and gently rubbed her legs. I knew she was pretty out of it so i gently slid her around and hung her low body over the edge of the bed. She mumbled a couple of times, but nothing else. I rolled her onto her stomach, making her ass stick out in her beautiful, puffy wedding dress. She mumbled for my brother in-law and again was quiet. I lifted the huge amount of dress and layers up over her back, revealing her sexy little ass covered in a lovely pair of white silk underwear.

I knew i shouldn't, but i had too. I pulled her sexy panties down her thighs and dropped them on the floor. i stripped off my pants and got behind her. I held her tiny hips inside her dress and used my feet to open her legs. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy. I fucked her sexy little body, ramming myself as deep inside as i could, knowing her husband was asleep on the other side of the bed made it hotter and i pumped into my sister. I only lasted a couple of minutes and unloaded what felt like the largest load of cum i had ever blown into her depths.

I waited till i was ready and i fucked her a second time, making sure i held my cock as deep inside her as i could when i blew. Once i was done i got my pants on and i pulled her sexy panties back on her, pulling them over her leaking cum covered pussy. I slid her back up the bed, pulling her dress back down and lying her next to her husband. I left and headed home.

It was only 6 weeks later she came over to my house and told me she was pregnant and that it had happened on the wedding night. She told me that because my brother in-law got really sick on the first day of the honeymoon, that they hadn't had sex again after the wedding night. She also told me about the fact they they were so drunk that both of them didn't remember it, but they both remember the feeling of the bed shaking, so they know they did.

I'm over joyed to know this as it means i have gotten away with it and my sister is having my daughter/sister and doesn't know.

I have my younger sister to hopefully try and do this again with her in a few years time. She is 16 now, but i reckon she is going to be even hotter than her older sister when she is 19 or 20.


Submitted: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 19:25:11 GMT

Today the most enjoyable day of my life. But along having the charges of a kidnapper, now I will have the charges of being a rapist. I kidnapped a young girl on the the road when she was alone. She may have been returning from her college. But who cares...... I only wanted her body. I had tried to orgasm via masturbation but not of use. My penis would be erect but neither I'll get an orgasm nor I'll ejaculate. And that was because my body was tired and bored of masturbation and auto eroticism. Now I wanted real sexual satisfaction. So I planned to kidnap a girl not for money which I'll get for ransom but for my sexual needs. There she was walking alone and I jumped over. She started to scream but none of use. I held her mouth and led her to my van. And then I took her to my house. And then I stripped myself and her. WOW!!!! What a fucking great body it was..... With big and tight tits, slightly hairy but swelled pussy, a curvaceous structure, big pussy lips and a medium sized ass. Who the fuck won't like fucking the brains out of her. My penis hardened and was hard like a iron rod. It was very badly aching. She understood that I was gonna rape her and so she started to scream and plead. But instead it aroused me more to fuck her. I then started to lick her pussy and beat and rub her ass. She at first cried but soon to my surprise she started to moan and let out a large spurt of cum which I could not swallow. After arousing her, I started to suck on her tits. By wanted her to arouse me and suck my cock voluntarily. I the made her intoxicated but making her five bottles of beer. After that I started to suck and elrub her tits while she kissed my whole body and started to suck my cock.  I soon ejaculated but my dick was still hard like a rock. Then slowly I started to fuck her in her pussy and she must have orgasmed more than three times. She was going to pass out but I started to beat and spank her with my belt and she started to cry. I again aroused her by sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy. Then I fucked her ass until she cried and screamed like a bitch. Then at last she sucked on my cock and I came for the second time. It was just too fucking good.



Submitted: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 22:41:23 GMT

I raped my ex-girlfriend,

after she broke up with me. She was already dating some other guy, but I got her alone on the pretext of returning her housekey. She protested and struggled, but what could she do, really? She's very petite, and I'm simply bigger and stronger than her.

Eventually, she gave in and relaxed. And when she did, a funny thing happened. She had a HUGE orgasm! Prior to that, she'd never orgasmed from intercourse.

I love the fact that I'm respondible for making her carry the shame of rape into her new relationship. She ended up marrying the guy, probably figuring that as a rape victim, she probably couldn't do any better than him. I also love the fact that her loser husband will never feel her vagina clenching orgasmically around his penis, like it did mine, unless he actually gets the balls to rape her someday, like I did.

My only regret is that I didn't flip her over, and rape her up the ass, something that I'm sure no one but a rapist will ever be allowed to do to her. And it would have served her right for dumping me.

Finally, I love the fact that I completely and utterly got away with it. The Statute of Limitations has expired. So even if she decides to come forward and report it now, I'll never spend a day in jail; never have to register as a sex offender. I LOVE the justice system!

So if any guys out there are considering raping their bitch ex-girlfriends, all I can say is that I'm sure glad I did. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

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Submitted: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 17:25:19 GMT

I grew up in a small town near Amprier, Canada in the 1980's. Neither of my parents were well educated and my fathers job was meanial and low paying. My mother worked at a lodge near the park and cleaned the rooms, sometimes working 7 days a week. Needless to say we lived at a poverty level most of my childhood. I was probably 7 or 8 when it started and my mother would pick up Claudene, who also worked at the lodge. Her husband Neal was disabled and he watched me everyday. He was very good to me and treated me very well. I had better meals at their house then I did at my own. He walked with a cane all the time but otherwise was physically fit. I thought little of it when he bathed me and had no thoughts about my nudity in front of him. It wasn't like he was doing anything wrong and he would even tell my mother that I already had a bath when she picked me up after work. From time to time she asked how he treated me but I had nothing bad to say about him and he was always kind and patient with me. I often saw him in his underware and he would show me how his left leg was shorter than his right, which amazed me at the time. I don't know when he started doing this but he began taking a bath after I had mine. I didn't think much of it but I would still be naked in the bathroom as he undressed and got into the tub. Rather than me leaving the room he would talk to me as he washed himself and have me hold his arm to get in and out of the tub. He always said he needed my help since he was handicapped. I do remember him having erections often but at the start of this I had no knowledge of what that meant. I do remember telling my mother he had a bath but she never seemed to question me about it and I thought little of it, even though I saw him naked several times a week. He was fun to be with and often made me laugh. He took me to get the school bus every morning and was always there waiting for me in the afternoons. During the summer months he would take me out a couple days a week for ice cream or to a movie. At times he took me shopping and would buy me shoes or a new dress always complimenting me about how pretty I was. I honestly didn't mind him seeing me naked and it didn't bother me if he was naked. I think I liked looking at his penis and was always amused when he got an erection. I remember him telling me that it happens to boys all the time. I was so accustom to being with him I trusted and beleived everything he said or did. I don't really remember how old I was but my mother said I was old enough to bathe myself. The first time I told Neal this he just asked me if I didn't like him washing me. I think he sort of put a guilt trip on me and kept telling me he was dissapointed that I didn't like the way he gave me a bath. He looked sad so I am pretty sure I told him he could still do it if he wanted to. He told me then that he enjoyed taking care of me and that I was his favorite neice, which I really wasn't his neice. He said he knew I was old enough to bathe myself but since I helped him get his bath he would still like to help me and do it for me. I don't know how I answered him or what I said but he soon had me in the tub and bathed me as he always did. When he got in the tub I helped him as usual and he began talking again. Exactly how he said it I don't recall. He made it sound like "our" secret and that I shouldn't tell my parents we both took baths in front of each other, or something like that. He said he didn't want my mother to think I was still a little girl. My mother always came in the house when she picked me up in the evenings. Neil would look at me sometimes and ask me if I had taken a bath that day, while winking at me. He always made sure my mother was right there and I would just say yes. This went on for years and my mother never suspected anything. Even as I got older I think I didn't want to hurt his feelings by refusing to let him wash me. He was always in his underware the first year or so but began washing me while he was naked saying his underware would get wet. I never thought much about it because I always helped him get in and out of the tub while he was naked anyhow. I was probably about nine or so the first time he had me watch as he masturbated. He just again said it was something all boys do and that it felt good for him to do it. Each day he reminded me about "our secrets" and I always assured him of my silence. When he bathed me he used his soaped up bare hands most of the time and often had me stand and bend over as he washed between my legs. I don't remember him ever trying to penetrate me in any way but he did pay special attention to my vagina an anus. He also washed my hair all the time and I liked him doing all this to me. He began to have me wash him once or twice a week and the first few times I was very hesitant to touch his penis. He started having me do this by telling me he was getting old and could not wash himself good because he need his hands to hold himself up. He would stand up in the tub holding on to the sides and have me wash his back, legs and privates. He bent over most of the time the same ways he had me when he was washing me. He always got an erection when I did this but he never tried to have me masturbate him. When he sat back down is when he masturbated himself telling me it pleasured him. I was almost 11 the last time we bathed each other and I wonder now how far it could have gotten had my parents and I not moved to Toronto that year. As all that was going on I never felt that I was being taken advantage of by him. When I started to learn more about sex is when I finally knew what he had been doing to me through those years. I saw him and his wife a few times after that but eventually my parents lost touch with them. I never told my parents about it and don't think they would understand how I was manipulated by him so badly. When I think about him now it astonishes me at how many times I watched him masturbate. I still remember in detail when he would stand in the tub and have me wash between his legs. He actually had me washing his penis when he had an erection but I don't recall ever seeing him cum as I did that. I vividly remember how he intentionally bent over for me to was his anus and scrotum most of the time. He always would engage me in conversation while we were naked and most of the time talk of silly things. He never talked about sex and never used any sexual terms. I was at least 12 or 13 before I started to understand what he had been doing with me. Even though I had no breasts or pubic hair he must have enjoyed seeing me naked like that all the time and touching me the ways he did. When it all started I was so young I don't think it ever occured to me that it excited him when he was naked with me. Had we not moved when we did I think I would have found out sooner or later that he was molesting me. It used to bother me that I let him do that to me but now know I was to young to know any better. When we first moved away I was sad that I wouldn't see him anymore but now am glad I don't. Had it continued I don't know what would have happened or if he would have taken more liberities with me. He was always so convinceing to me that I never had any fear of him and thought of him as a very sweet man. He was always gentle with me, and aside from how he took advantage of me, was more kind to me than even my parents were.


Submitted: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 00:24:31 GMT

many years ago i was walking in the desert of saudi arabia when i came upon a man fucking a donkey. i asked sir by whom are you called and why are you fucking that donkey.he replied my name is muhammed the prophet founder of islam and the reason iam fucking this donkey is my camel left me and is seeking a divorce.i them said according to your religion is one dies for the faith he is rewarded in heaven with seventy virgins. muhammed said not exactly,he gets to fuck a seventy year old crocadile my only hope is they raise the kid muslim