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When I found out the legal age of consent in Mexico is 12, I went down there...I fuck a girl who was 10 years younger than me. It was the best I've ever had.




I had sex with my mom in high school. We still do every now and then.




I fantasize about having sex with my mom and sister.




i like to have sex with my sister.she is married and we do it when time is right and her husband did'nt know about this.




Ok I Have a confession that only 4 people know about. But I have to spill it somewhere,

So I won't use real names to protect everyone . But here it is I (James) have been secretly

having sex with my little sister (April) for some time. It started at the ages of 13-11 with

the game Show and Touch (Pretty Self Explainatory)where we would strip and touch eachother,

We did alot of Mutual Masturbation and I popped her cherry with my fingers and she made me cum

for the first time. But we had to stop cuz we were caught naked together in the basement by our

mother. Around 15-13 We learned of a new game. Much more racyer Called STD (Sexual Truth or Dare)

We played it with our friends who lived across the street(Joe, & Jenny) Joe and I would play with

eachothers sister (April) my sister would blow Joe And(Jenny)his sister would blow me. Ahhhhh It

was some good old clean kids fun. Then One day my friend wanted to see how far we would go,

The four of us were playing and after Jenny Sucked me so I was hard Joe said

"James I dare you to have sex with your sister right infront of us". I looked at April and

her eyes lit up. The most we ever did together was oral cuz our mother told us when she caught us

naked together that Brothers and sisters that have sex with eachother go stright to hell.

So I said to April "We don't have to if you don't want to". She turned to Joe and Jenny.

And I still can hear her say it "Ok but if were gonna have sex then your gonna have to watch

and play with eachother". Jenny and Joe agreed April was already topless from a game earlyer

and Joe helped Jenny take off her pants and helped her out of her panties. April came over to me

looking so cute and innocent in her little panties she grabed my shirt and started pulling it off.

I was totally nude. April droped down to her knees and tookme in her mouth. Just as she did that

Jenny started jerking off her brother I was already hard from Jenny sucking me earlyer I looked

at April with her big brown eyes and said " Do you want me to eat your pussy before we do it ?"

She replyed "Uh Hu" So I helped her up offthe floor guided her to couch bent her over the arms of

the couch pulled her panties to the side put my face into her sweet pussy and started to enjoy her

forbidden fruit. Jenny and Joe were on the couch watching April and I. Joe was fingering Jenny

and sucking on her titties while Jenny jerked off her brother. Then Jenny Stoped Joe pushed him

back into the couch Smiled at him and started licking his cock from top to bottom.

April was starting to fidget and moan as I was flicking my tongue on her clit,

And sucked on her juciy, swollen pussy lips. " Now James Now I want it now". She said panting.

"You want me to give it to you Sis" I asked as I wiped my mouth, stood up and grabed her by the

hips. "Yes James Ohhh give it to me". She begged as she grabed my cock and positioned the tip

into her pussy I leaned over her back. " Are you ready Sis are you ready to go all the way ?

"She cryed Yes james put that cock deep inside me". So I pushed it in a little and ohhhhh god !!!

It was so motherfucking good !!! April started to breath even harder so I leaned into her ear

"Ohhhhh April you feel so good uhhhh So Wet, So tight, soooo hot, Tell me, Tell brother how it

feels, does my cock feel good inside you?"I wispered into her ear as I licked her ear lob and

sucked it. All she could do was wimper " Yes James Yes Go deeper go deeper". Joe and Jenny were

now feasting on eachother on the couch infront of April and I. Jenny was on top of Joe in the 69

position. I pushed into April further when I saw Jenny and April grab and hold eachothers hands.

I pushed until I was all the way inside her. She squeeked and turned her head to me and I looked

at her as I started pulling out "If only Mom and Dad could see us Now huh Sis"

I said as I started entering her again. "Ha Ha Ah Oh Yea brother Oh If they only knew".

I snickered as I slid in and out of April. Joe and Jenny were still in 69 when Joe started

screaming "Oh JENNY !!!"And Joe Came In Jennys mouth Jenny tryed to swallow it but some came out

the sides of her mouth and down her chin. Joe fell back into the couch watching April and I as

Jenny got up and headed to the bathroom. I started building up steam. "Oh April this pussy is so

good, Tell me how you want it" I said to April. April replyed "Faster brother Go faster James

faster". So I did I was kissing licking April's Neck as I fucked her from behind when she reached

behind me and dug her nails into the back of my neck and held on. Jenny entered back into the room

and looked at us. "Damn you two are really getting into this, Wow you two are sooo hot"

Said Jenny. "Watch James, thats how I like it". Jenny said to her Her brother as she sat down

next to joe on the couch. I was lost in total Incestous lust. Hearing my cute little sister

panting and moaning my name as she cryed "I'm cumming James yes I'm cumming oh fuck brother your

making me cum again ohhhhhh" It was all too much. "Oh Yea Sis Oh fuck April I'm Gonna cum Oh Sis

I'm gonna Cum Were sis were" I cryed. All she could do was hold on to me and shake as she came

again. "April I can't hold it sis Im gonna Cum !!!" I screamed. April replyed

"Yes James Yes Oh James Cum brother Cum Ohhhhhhhhh. And I did

"UUUHHHHHHH Fuck Ape Ohhhh FUCK SIS Ohhhhh Yessssssssss" I collapsed on her back as she just

layed there. I started gently kissing her back her neck her shoulders. "Ohhhh April that was

amazing your amazing". I finished. "Wow you two that was sooo hot." Jenny added.

Sweaty and out of breath April rolled off the arm of the couch and next to Jenny So I cuddled up

with her and held her I Looked into her Big brown eyes and for the first time I kissed her not

like a brother kisses his sister but like a lover kisses his lover. Later when we got home we

ate at the dinner table with the family. April and I were pretty quiet about our day while

everyone else carryed on about there day After dinner I said I was tired so I went to my room,

About an hour or so later I got a knock at my door it was April. "Hay April was up ?" I said as

she came in wearing an oversized football jersey. "Well actually nobodys up". she said

As she pulled the Jersey up and over her head. All she had on was some baby blue panties she

gently pushed me down on my bed and straddled me and said. "You made a mistake today,

You showed me what a great fuck you are, We're just gonna have to keep this for ourselfs she said

as we kissed again and we've kept it our secret from everyone for 4 years in our parents house.

Then I moved away to go to school. But on holiday and Visits we still sneak around, risk,and enjoy

eachother as much as we can. My parents sent her to come stay with me for a week to check out the

School I'm at to see if she want's to go.She never checked the school out We decided we would get

an apartment together, So we spent almost all week in my apartment ordering out and fucking. This

Summer is going to be perfect..........................




I have 2 confessions, I fucked my brother 3 times before. I love him and would let him do anything to me. I also fucked my moms dog a bunch too. It was the most erotic thing i've ever done. The dog cummed and knotted in me for ten minutes. i dream about my brother watching a dog fuck my in the ass every night.




I was babysitting for my best friend I had to look after her 6 year old son Ben and 10 year old daughter Lisa. The reason I had agreed to babysit was because I really liked Lisa in fact I to be honest I completely fancied her evrytime I set eyes on Lisa I developed a very stiff cock I was a bit shocked at first having to admit to myself that I had got a hard on when looking at a 10 year old schoolgirl but I quickly got over any bad feelings I might have had. Lisa was 4-10 tall slim with great legs and blond hair and Lisa's boobs were really budding too they were as big as half a tenis ball everyone could clearly see them and her nipples too. I had watched as Lisa was growing She had got bigger and bigger every week. Well as soon as Ben went to bed I started to work on Lisa and within an hour I had Lisa totally naked and I started having sex with her. I was babysitting and I had one of the babies sitting on my enormous erect cock