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My wife and I have been married for 5 years, and we have fucked nearly every day of our marriage. We are toxic for each other, but the sex is so great, it’s hard to leave. We usually start each time with some foreplay. I’ll start by sucking on her nipples, gently biting them until they get hard in my mouth. When I run my hand down her belly to feel her pussy, she is already so wet, my finger slides easily between her shaved lips, over her clitoris and into her vagina. Still sucking her nipples, I bring two fingers inside of her, pressing my fingertips forward into her g-spot. I love the way she arches her back, moaning into my ear as she presses harder onto my fingers. I use my other hand to playfully tug on her long hair, before I grab a handful and pull her head aside, exposing her neck to my mouth. I go in for a vampire’s kiss, but instead start working on a hickey, more forcefully grinding the pads of my fingers inside her. At this point, she’s usually started to squirt a bit. I can feel her juices running down my hand, flowing over my knuckles that help spread her tight pussy open. She’s working her whole lower abdomen on my hand now. I can feel her vaginal walls quivering rapidly, tightening around my two fingers buried deep inside her. My middle and ring fingers press quickly together against her g-spot, and I let go of her neck to see a deep red welt where my mark will show later. I focus on pushing harder into her pussy, nearly lifting her hips off the bed as she begins bucking rhythmically against the pressure. I look into her eyes and watch them widen, before slowly rolling backwards. Her lips part gently, then open wide, and I feel the orgasm erupt inside of her. As she lets out a low, loud moan, her warm cum gushes out in waves, soaking the towel we always have to set down for just this moment. I keep my fingers pushed tightly into her, no longer moving, but applying constant pressure to a single spot towards her belly button. After a few moments, she begins to relax just slightly, and I am able to move my fingers again. I slowly pull out, and bring my fingers to her still open mouth. I tease her by dodging her lips, until she sticks her tongue out, and I run my milky fingertips along her outstretched tongue and into her mouth. I’ve never known a woman who liked her own taste, but she sucks her own cum clean off my fingers. I’m usually hard as a petrified tree by now, so she bends over and throws her ass into the air, presenting her sex to me like a dog in heat. By the time I’m sliding up behind her, she’s nearly grabbing at my cock to guide it between her labia. All it takes is one quick motion of rubbing the tip of my cock down to her clitoris and back, and I’m sliding easily inside her, feeling the warmth of her body envelope my loins, beckoning me for a child. She won’t ever have kids, due to a medical accident, so we never worry about birth control. After I pound her from behind for what feels like an entire episode of Unsolved Mysteries, I finally release my body and fill her with my seed. She fucking loves that, and cums again, feeling my warm semen jet inside her. When she squirts again, my cum streams out of her with all the fluids she releases. I pull out and watch my creampie ooze down her thighs. Sometimes we go again after a short break. Sometimes we nap with the TV starting another episode. Sometimes we start arguing about chores around the house, and piss each other off, and I sleep on the sofa watching porn.

We’re really not compatible emotionally, but fuck it. We both love fucking each other.




Im currently a 23 yr old virgin (male) and ive always been into girls/women and man im horny ALL THE TIME, im pretty sure ive been horny since i was 5 yrs old. But in the past few years my sexual target audience has changed...

I now find little girls sexually attractive now ages 3- 10 primarily, i have 4 little sisters who dont live with me ages 7,8, 11, and 13. I havent done anything super sexual with them maybe just rub theyre pussys through their clothes then i pick them up, but thats it.

So far i been able to fight the urges pretty well i think but its getting harder and harder, ive recently found myself watching A TON of child porn and and beastiality porn and fuck I LOVE IT!

I love it so much i went and bought a but plug and an 8in dildo now i slow fuck myself while i watch childporn overall i really like it.

But this isnt how i thought i was ganna grow up,

...now i have finger fucked my friends little sisters she was 7 yrs old and over that passed summer i visited her quite a bit, i showed her all kinds of porn we watched together in her living room and masturbated she even wanted to watch me pee everytime i went to the bathroom we kissed and she loved every minute of it, she hated when i left to go to work or back home, she even cry some times

Ive also eatin out my and great niece 5yr old pussy we were play fighting and i kept spanking her so she sat on my face and pinned my arm down so i couldn't fight back, so i just started licking and moving my mouth around where her pussy would be, she kinda stayed still for a minute then got off my face and asked "what are you doing" i replyed "nothing, i couldn't breathe". (She such a bratt) she said "good!" Anyways later i started watching porn and jacking off right beside her and she immediately has questions...

One of those repeated questions was "why" and i told her because your in my house, in my room, in my bed. You can leave if youd like.

She just layed beside me and watched porn with me i eventually moved my hand over to her pussy in her panties and started rubbing and playing with her she did kinda liked it, she never got wet, just a little moist that it, we watch regular porn, child porn (which is her favorite) lesbian porn, incest porn ect...

Anyways that night she passed out in the middle of my bed while watching Troll Hunters on Netflix

She was laying on her stomach with a pillow under hips so her cute little firm butt was kinda in the air

I took pictures, i pulled down her night shorts and panties and took more pictures, then she woke up and flipped over asking "what are you doing?" I looked at her and said ..."well i kinda wanna lick your pussy" she then pulled her shorts and panties off for me and spread her legs wide apart, so i kissed her nipples and kissed down to her clit, and sucked on it, played with it, i got way to much into it because i looked up at her face and she looked so worried, i asked "how do that feel? Do you like it?" And she says "that enough" so i kissed her butthole a few moee times and pulled her shorts up and we fell alsleep

...that was 2 weeks ago. And i kinda cant wait for next time but i REALLY DON'T LIKE WHERE THIS IS HEADING, and i wanna stop before i get caught or something worse i need to stop. But shit this is hard




My wife past away when my daughter was 5. Unfortunately she had been unwell and she started taking drugs. She overdosed and i was raising my daughter alone.

When my daughter got to 15, i being honest love watching her and her friends playing and hanging around the house. She was very cute and most of her friends were too. By the time they got to 17 i started fucking one of her friends. She found out and got pretty angry at me. She even said she would report me since they were underage. In the heat of the moment i told her i would rather fuck her, but since i can't i fuck her friend. She said she didn't realise i felt this way and that she didn't want me fucking her friend anymore.

The agreement was i wouldn't, but i was allowed to fuck her once in place of. She agreed on the basis that i was careful and she was only having to once. I hadn't expected it, but was glad she did. 2 weeks later i took her out for dinner, had a great night. I allowed her some drinks, just enough to loosen her up. Or as it turned out, get her tipsy.

In that state, she was pretty relaxed about it and i decided that since she was on the pill i didn't need to worry. We got home and i fucked her on the lounge, cumming in her bare. I fucked her in her bed, again cumming in her bare. What i didn't know, until almost 6 weeks later, is that she had stopped taking the pill cause they were making her unwell. The doctor had told her to try stopping to see if she felt better. So it turned out i impregnated my 17 year old daughter. She didn't agree with abortion, but we agreed never to tell anyone and that i was going to be granddad, not dad.

Well, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Now my daughter always protected her and stayed around when she visited. She never said it, but i don't think she really trusted me to be with her on our own. Can't really blame her.

My granddaughter grew up way to fast, and i have to admit that by the time she turned 13 i already looked at her, wondering what if. She was so small and sexy and always wearing cute little skirts and singlet tops. When my daughter said she needed to go away for a night, i got so excited. A night babysitting my now 16 year old granddaughter/daughter.

The night came around and i planned it well it advance. We had dinner in, but i had wine with dinner and allowed my granddaughter to drink. I spiked the wine to make sure she was totally out of it when she finished over half the bottle. I asked her while we talked and drank if she had a boyfriend, which she didn't. I got personal and asked if she had sex with any boys she liked, and she had once with a boy she dumped. I asked if she was safe or on the pill, playing the protective grandpa. She said she made him use protection cause she wasn't on the pill. I asked her if she was having periods yet. She giggled and said that was personal, but your my grandpa so i guess it's ok. She confirmed yes and even said she had it about 10 days ago.

Once she was over the top gone, i wasted no time. I loved knowing that she didn't even know i was her father and i was fucking her, trying my best to put another baby inside her too. I fucked her on the lounge as well. Lay her on the dinner room table and fucked her while she slept hanging off the table. I fucked and cummed in her 2 more times in her bed before cleaning her up and leaving her to sleep.

She didn't say anything in the morning or when my daughter arrived home. I heard nothing, so i assumed i got away with fucking her. After not hearing anything i also assumed she didn't get pregnant. Well that was until, 12 weeks later when my daughter ran to tell me our daughter was 12 weeks pregnant and they had only just found out. She never got any morning sickness so nothing gave it away until she said her school skirt was tight around her waist.

My daughter was not happy, but i told her she turned out fine and we worked it out. We could work it out with our daughter too. She still doesn't know im her father, but my granddaughter does know i'm the one who fucked her and impregnated her. Neither of them know i did it on purpose or that i raped her, they both believed me about getting drunk and it just happened when we were both hammered. Because of my daughters beliefs about abortions, she had always pushed the same kind of opinions onto my granddaughter so she also didn't have an abortion. I now have a 4 year old great granddaughter/daughter as well.

I will say that while i shouldn't, i really like dreaming of how much i would love to fuck her and put another baby into her when she is a nice young teenager as well.




I must confess, I want my wife to cheat on me. Something about her sneaking behind my back getting fucked turns me on. Truth is my cock is ridiculously tiny... about 4.5 inches. My wife is no where near satisfied. We have talked about adding others but I wish she would just cheat. I believe that since my cock is so small she deserve to cheat on me. I fantasize that she already has and just won't admit to it. I'm not sure why she hasn't. She has told me multiple times I can't satisfy her and that my cock overall is really pathetic. (Which it is). Not only is it small but it cums in less than a second of she touches it. Anyway I hope she has. She deserves way better cock than mine. Every woman deserves a better cock than mine.




My wife and I spent a weekend at some friends cabin on the lake. We went out on the boat one more time then had to make the three hour drive home. She went in to change and I suggested she leave her bikini top on and just wear shorts. She agreed but put on a coverup. As soon as she was in the car I opened the sun roof, she laid back and took off her coverup.

As soon as we were on the highway I suggested she take off her top. I told her I was tired but that would wake me up. She was concerned someone might see her so I grabbed a beach towel and told her to cover up as often as she wanted. We drove this way for about an hour and she said she was done covering up. She was either going to be seen or would put her top back on, my choice.

The next truck we passed I gunned it when we were close and she accused me of being ashamed of her chest. I slowed down and let him pass. Once he was back in the right lane I pulled up next to him and let him have a long look. He smiled and gave us a honk on his horn. This turned my wife on.

We passed several trucks and she got more attention and more turned on. She was loving being the center of attention and felt safe in our car. The longer we drove it became obvious we were being talked about. All the truckers were looking and ready for the show.

She eventually got naked and gave me a bj. We pulled along a truck and she has going down on me with her luscious ass up in the air. I started spreading her ass cheeks so he could see her wet pussy and asshole. I came in her mouth and she swallowed most of it. She sat back down and rubbed what she hadn't swallowed on to her tits still with the trucker watching.

She eventually got dressed because we were getting closer to home. As soon as we got inside our house she grabbed me and pulled me to the bedroom. I started to grab a condum but she said she wanted to feel my cum inside her. Fast forward nine months and we had our first daughter. I think I am a lucky man. So are a few truckers.




dont get me wrong im not a rapist, i just like raping my roblox friends and i get robux for it so its fun. if u dont know what robux is then die u fucking faggot, ok so this is how it happened:

i was playing meepcity with her and she was having a party at her house and me, being the respectful christian alpha male i am, i knew i had to rape her so i had some drugs in my pockets and went to get her a drink (of course she didnt know about the drugs lol otherwise it wouldn't be fun), i got her some vodka cause she has russian ascendascy and put the drugs in there and mixed, after that i gave her the drink and she drank it all, i was surprised by how fucking disgusting that bitch was while drinking vodka, that whore didnt even kiss me after i payed fucking 10 robux for the stupid vodka, i should've just drinked it myself and fucking rape her while she was completely sane and conscious but oh well. after she drank it i waited like 15 minutes to let the drugs take effect and after those 15 minutes i grabbed her arm and ran to the bathroom with her, when we got there i fucking ripped her clothes off and straight up spread her legs and started licking that pussy, and damn it smelled like fish and tasted like shit but i just didnt give a fuck i kept licking her pussy and after 2 minutes of licking i started fapping and aiming for her mouth, i came inside her mouth, BUT NAH I WASN'T DONE i had to get inside her pussy so i just waited a minute or 2 and got hard again and started humping that bitch till both of us came. i dont regret this, id do it again, the robloxian police still hasn't caught me and i doubt they will. this is it u can read the next confession now.




When I was younger maybe 5 or so my older brother who was 15 at the time made me suck his dick and sometimes even his best friends. I didn’t know any better so I complied. One day both of them took it further and my brother fucked me in the pussy and his friend in my ass and one fucking me mouth. As I got older they just stopped doing so......