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Submitted: Sun, 05 May 2013 16:52:29 GMT

This is totally true ..when I was about 6 my 10yo sister had me strip and she played with my cock as she rubed her pussy threw her panties I didn't know what was going on except it felt good finally she stopped told me to close my eyes I did then she told me to lick I tasted material I opened my eyes she had her panties to my face and they were wet of course I didn't know she told me if I sucked them she play somemore I said no she got mad told me to leave her room we never talked or did it again but when I was 13 she was 17 I started going into her room and suck her dirty panties while jerking off with another pair til I came then I licked my cum off her panties every day I did it til I she moved out at 18 right now years later I'm a pervert I have a pair of yng girls dirty panties in my mouth and I'm jerking with her moms I'm naked on the girls bed all of her panties and training bras r next to me there out all day so I'm cumming on al her panties she has just tit buds but a firm round ass her mom has big 42d tits I'll fuck her and think of her daughter next door maybe rubbing her cunt like my sister did I luv it cause my gf has the same name as my sister even has red hair like my sis ok I'm close I'm going to spray on all these panties I'm comming