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About 6 months after my wife passed away from a surgical complication our daughter (19) came home to help me sort through her mother's belongings. It was a really emotional experience that left us both feeling pretty loopy by the end of the first day. At some point my daughter came into my room and immediately I could tell she was feeling uneasy. In her hand was a black satin bag.

She seemed a bit embarrassed but after some hemming and hawing she told me she had found a sex toy in her mom's things. She opened the bag and asked if she should throw it away. I looked inside and laughed.

I explained that a few years ago I was forced to work out of town for a few months and as a bit of a joke her mother and I bought a clone a Willy kit to keep her company while I was gone. I told my daughter that we had forgotten all about it and I don't think she had even used it. I pulled it out of the sack and shook it around to make it wiggle and swing. Both my daughter and I started laughing. It had been a rough day and this bit of silliness mixed with her embarrassment just made us bust up laughing.

I told her she can toss it. It was just a dumb joke and I didn't give it much thought after that. Later that evening I heard something I hadn't heard since my daughter was in highschool. The sound of muffled moaning coming from her room. She used to masturbate a lot when she lived at home. On more then one occasion I would use the restroom next to her bedroom so I could jack off to the sounds of her pleasuring herself. That night I did it right outside of her closed bedroom door.

The next day my daughter got up early to get us donuts and I decided to take a peak inside her old room. To my surprise and delight I saw my clone a willy laying on her bed, a telling white residue coating all but the final few inches. Like she couldn't quite take the whole thing.

When she got back I told her I had gone into her old room to grab some more of her mom's boxes out of the closet and I saw she had used her mom's toy. I set it on the table and she turned bright red. I just smiled and asked what made her decide to try it. She said she just wanted to feel what her Mom had experienced.

She then asked if it was really molded off of my "you know" and I said yes but to be fair mine doesn't vibrate. She said the toy was missing the vibrating egg anyway. Then she said something I wasn't expecting she said she had never cum so fast or so many times before with a dildo. That it just fits perfectly.

Then she hesitated and asked if I was listening to her last night. Like I used to in the bathroom. I told her I didn't know she knew. She said my breathing has always been pretty heavy. I didn't know if I should apologize or what so I just said, it's been a long time since your mom...

She picked up the toy and said "I want to compare how close this really is.." the thought got me hard immediately. She continued "cause if it's really the same I'm in big trouble"

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect 8 1/2 inch rock hard dick. Her eyes went wide and her mouth instinctively fell open but with a bit of a smile. She came close with the dildo and lined it up right next to the real thing. A small gasp escaped her mouth. The real thing was maybe a finger tip longer.

She grabbed my dick with her right hand and lead me to my bedroom. She pushed me to the bed and started stripping off her clothes. Her naked body was nothing like her mother's. Her mom has E cup breasts and an ass that you couldn't ignore. Our daughter was more like a surfboard, little A cups with long nipples. A cute little booty. Long slender legs and a hairless pussy.

I took the black satin bag the toy was in and used it as a blindfold on her. Then I pushed her down to the bed on her hands and knees. I told her she had to guess which was which. And if she won she'd get a prize. I slowly rubbed the tip of the dildo across her slit lubing it up with her juices. Then I slowly pushed it in. She moaned loudly. No point trying to be quiet anymore. I gave it a couple of strokes and then pulled it out. She sounded disappointed with a little whimper.

Then it was time for the real deal. I again lubed my tip with her pussy and slid it in. This time she gasped and started pushing back. Humping my dick with a twerking motion. "That's real. That's real" is all she could say. "You win" I replied as I started thrusting. "Ooh what's my prize?" She said.

I took the dildo and slid the tip of it in her ass. She moaned again. With a little effort it went in fairly easily and I was DPing my daughter with a copy of my own dick. We fucked for awhile, her thin body wrapped around me. At the end she insisted on sucking me off to conclusion. Said she wanted to taste it. I came more than I have ever cum in my life.

We had sex a few more times that weekend and when she was ready to go home she made a point of showing me she was packing her Daddy Shaped Dildo and taking it with her. Every now and then when she's lonely she sends me nudes and we make plans for her next visit.




With my Son and I living alone for the last two years, I’ve let him fill the void of being, “The man of the house.”

Doing well in school, I believe he’s earned it.

The latest void I let him fill with me was our first attempt at anal sex.

I bought a bottle of Valm and OMG this stuff works so incredibly well!

As soon as my Son is lubed and ready for me, I’ll let him press me a few times until he can firmly glide balls deep up into his Mothers inviting ass.

He’s always so hard for me to feel every ripple of his rock hard cock, but it’s the Valm gel that makes it so easy for him to take me from behind to back door me as long as he needs to.

I always let him take his time. Again, it’s just the two of us.

On the weekends, when we have more time, my Son likes to fuck me in the ass when we’re in the pool.

Since fucking in our pool is a little erotic for us and the Valm works underwater, I let him take me in our pool whenever he wants.

Oh, my sweet little boy… deeply filling the darkest of his Mother’s voids…




I remember probably from the age of 5or6 when we'd play house or anything to do with playing I always wanted to be the girl member him putting his finger in my butt hole when we'd bathe together as I'd fix the water to be hot again cause we would spend so much time in the tub we didn't know what we were doing just harmless fun to us at the time realizing I was always wanted by the men in my family and I was damn good at it to anything fucking skill 100%, sucking skill 1000% moaning like a bitch yess after we stopped probably around 11yrs old and i miss it me and my uncle are about 4yrs apart i moss him like that i remember i know he remembers to it was sexy as kids watch each other get hard and just go with it watch each other play with ourselves or kiss and not a care in the world i wouldnt change my childhood for anything used and abused by family and sitters and even my best friend now im just a cum hingry whore all the time dick dick dick dick mmmm one of my best friends donny took over he had a girthy ass fucking cock and used to force fuck me everyday used to go nice and easy at first but every day after seemed hotter rough and hard was so intense when he'd fuck me rough like pull my hair and fucking rawdog me no spit no condom just pure thick girthy ass cock we asked he stay the night often and he'd wake juring the Night wake with a boner and just fuck me awake ,but you can guarantee I like it just hurt for awhile thick ass cock I took just about twice a day from 11yrs old to about 17 he was always stronger then my female little ass and about 18 I became am escort from then til now I'm transgender pre op male to female always wanted to be a women have nice DD Tits femcock super tight hole and love to used or to use someone but damn most of all this cute pink hairless pussies is got to be the hottest ever and hot cute boy dicks I just get so horny thinking about sucking kids cocks and Horned right the ef up typing this, I'm now 40 smoking a little bit of meth maybe booty bump abit and it drives you intensely horned up the fucking wall , willing to fuck anything I even think about beastiality fucking my dog she watches me play with myself often I wanna put my fem cock in her pussy, were all alittle messed just get so horny I swear I masturbate about 7-8times a day




A few weeks ago my oldest sister left a vibrator on the family couch in the movie room and then a week after left to live w family for the summer. So ofc i wanted to know what other kinds of toys she had and went snooping through her room. I’ve played with her dildos a few times since then and then returned them after each use. Well i just went to grab my favorite one to fuck myself and it was gone out of the drawer! I just found it in my little sisters room on her bed!! I was having trouble seeing straight thinking about how all three of us were sharing the toy. Since she was out of the house, I decided to have some fun and played with it on my little sisters bed, cleaned the toy up and left it where i found it for her to use later and she won’t even know that I used it right before her.




So this happened when I was about 18-19 years old. I was dating this chubby girl that had an equally if not bigger mom. I’m sure she would fit the BBW category.

Once in college I lived with my gf, her younger sister and her mom (the dad was out of the picture) one day I decided to stay home to catch-up on homework instead of going to my morning class. I decided to have a masturbation session before getting to work. Knowing I was alone in the house something just got me super horny and it was the idea of touching myself while sniffing my mother in laws dirty panties in her bed. So I decided I would.. the moment my nose got a whiff of her smell I was rock hard. I closed my eyes and started thinking of my mother in laws gorgeous fat body. Her had a huge ass and from her bra size i figured out she had 34 EE (just like my gf) I don’t know why but I felt like someone was watching me so I open my eyes and I see my mother in law in the doorway looking mesmerized by the show I was putting on. Before I could hide or say anything she whispered “Don’t stop”.. you could see the lust in her eyes .. so I kept stroking and I saw her hand was down her pants!

My mother in law was touching herself right in front of me !!! So I gathered all the courage I had and asked her to join me. She came close to bed and simply said “you don’t deserve me yet.. now cum”

So I did I came all over my torso she simply took a drop off my chest licked it and told me to leave her room and close the door.

She then proceeded to masturbate and made sure I heard all the noises.

Sadly that was all that happened as she found a boyfriend a week later.




When we find ourselves alone, which is quite often, I take him by the hand and quickly guide him to a private location in our house so I can hand him off. He gets so excited and can hardly wait!

He likes it when I drop my top to let my girls out. I think it makes him cum faster and harder.

I love to look at his face when he starts to blow it all over my boobs. He gets so worked up! He grumbles and grunts with each shot of his cum. Sometimes he cums so hard for me I think his knees might buckle!

I would let him do more with me, but I don't like condoms and I don't want him to accidentally knock me up since I'm his Mom.

The older he gets, the harder and more he seems to cum. Things are getting a little messy at times. It's crazy... I didn't know a young boy could make so much cum and so often!

As much as I hate the taste of cum, I might have to start blowing him to speed things up and control all the cum spatter.

I'm a little reluctant on blowing the little beggar because once I start giving him blowjobs, he won't want anything else. Oh, God... what's a good Mother to do?




At 13, I started something taboo I didn’t know I would turn into much more. It all started in the pool with my Mom and my Sister.

We had a private backyard pool and I wanted to go skinny dipping. Soon my Sister followed suit, or lack there of, while my Mother was hesitant and remained reserved.

We swam for the rest of the afternoon like always.

The next day, we went to edge of our pool and dropped our suits before jumping in. When I came up to slick my hair back, I saw my Mom drop her top.

Her big boobs rested much lower on her without the support of her wired bikini top and I noticed she was nipping out.

I suddenly found myself growing hard seeing my Mother’s sexy big boobs; much more so than my Sisters.

My Mom started to walk down the steps of the pool when my Sister questioned my Mom about her bikini bottoms.

My Mom hesitated at first, but then felt compelled to square up with us before getting in.

My Mom unsnapped the sides of her bikini and let them drop off her as she walked into the pool.

I swam down by my Mom to get her bottoms and sneaked in a peek at her lowers seeing a completely bald pussy.

I came up in front of her to hand them to her and she told me, “Well, thank you sweetie, but you may as well throw them away… I won’t be wearing them any longer.”

After swimming for a while my Mom said, “Well, I guess I should lay out to start evening out these tan lines.”

My Mom laid in the sun and then asked for some lotion so she wouldn’t burn. My Sister went to hand her the bottle when my Mom said, “Why don’t you let your brother do it.”

I straddled my Mom as I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and the her back. I kept going as my Mom stayed quiet. I started lower on her and still, she stayed quiet.

I worked some lotion onto my Mother’s butt as my Sister watched on.

I rested back up on my Mom’s hips and butt as I leaned over her to smell the lotion I just put all over her.

I knew she could feel my hard on I had for her but all she did was thank me for caressing her.

My hard cock began to bead up some precum so I lubed her crotch up with my cock and noticed she wasn’t stopping me.

Before my Sister knew better, I found myself trying to enter my Mom as I started pressing her with the head of my slick wet cock.

I slipped my throbbing shaft into her balls deep as I heard my Sister whisper, “Oh, my God…” when she realized I would be fuck my Mom from behind at the side of the pool.

My Mom whispered, “Your Brother is fucking me, his own Mother, and you’re going to watch him do it… just please don’t stop him… let him do it… it’s what he wants… so just let him fuck me…”

I continued taking my Mom as my Sister watched on in disbelief; I could see it on her face…

After a couple of minutes of in’s and out’s in my Mom, I couldn’t take it anymore… I was getting ready to blow it in her.

My Mom knew I was getting close and stayed quiet. I thought if she didn’t want me to cum in her she would have warned me by now, but all quiet with my Mom.

Suddenly, I began to grumble and grunt as I launched shot after shot of my hot cum as deep into my Mom as I possibly could as I pressed her from behind with all of my might.

I felt like I was trying to get my Mom pregnant even though I didn’t want to.

My Mom, with clenched teeth, encouraged me to finish cuming in her as hard as I could as she told me, “That’s it baby, bring it home… fill your Mother with all of that hot young boy cum, baby!”

I kneeled behind her and pumped her full of everything I could before reluctantly pulling out of her.

My Sister asked to see our Mother/Son cream pie load I just left in her.

I sat back to recover as I heard my Sister say, “Oh my God… you really did it… you fucked your own Mother…”