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Reading all the confessions of the things you guys do makes my little pussy so wet,,, especially when some of you post photos in the comments. I love imaging it was me getting fucked by much older men.




I had a really embarressing wet dream once when riding home from the beach with family. We had driven down from Pennsylvania to spend the weekend at the beach in North Carolina. It was my mother her sister and I, my little sis and our 3 cousins. I was the only other guy except for my one cousin who was I think 10 at the time.

I was the oldest at 19, then my cousins who are 14 and 16 and super cute, and my sister who is 14 as well. We had a beach house for the weekend and I was surrounded by cute teenage girls who seemed to never leave me alone. Which was tough because they kept giving me raging boners all the time. The very first evening we all get back from the beach and I wait for the girls to finish using the outside shower. When they are done i get in and notice all of there cute bathing suits hanging up in the shower. I am rubbing the shampoo all over myself and staring at the bathing suits and start to get horny. I grab one of the suits and wrap it around my cock and am about to start stroking when I see something through the slats of the wooden outdoor shower. I peek out through the crack and see my little 10 year old cousin and the 14 year old run off giggling. I dont think they really saw me but I yelled at them to get the hell away from the showers when someone is using them. So I'm kinda freaked and just finish my shower wondering how I'm gonna relieve myself during this vacation, especially since i had to sleep in the same room with my sister and little cousin.

Fast forward to the next day and we spend the day on the beach playing in the sun and surf and there were many times that I was hanging with my 2 cousins that I got a huge erection that I had to hide. One time I even got one while walking with them down the beach. I was walking behind them and I started looking at there tan little butts and there suits wedging up into the cracks and my cock just started pulsing in my pants while I'm walking. I had to run down to the water and sit down and tell them that i needed to cool off, which was true.

That night was our last night and I was dying to get some relief. This place had one bathroom that did have a latch lock but it was loose and you could open the door like a half Inch if you pushed open with the lock on, which the kids had done to me already multiple times.

I went into the bathroom and noticed the 16 year old had left a pair of wet Jean shorts with her wet panties still inside. I quickly latched the door and pulled the panties from Inside the crunched up booty shorts. I got into the shower so I could hide behind the shower curtain and wouldn't be seen even when the kids tried opening the door. I wrapped the panties around my cock and started to stroke my dick when bang I hear the door bust open against the little latch lock. It was my cousin yelling about the clothes she left and that she hadn't taken her shower yet, and for me to get out. I freaked out cause she wouldn't close the crack in the door and kept staring in telling me to hurry up. I said please just give me 2 minutes, which she did but she didnt close the gap In the door, so I quickly showered and waited for my cock to go down. I jumped out and put the panties back into the shorts and told her she could use the shower now.

I had an erection for a good bit of that night but was terrified to touch it because I was on a mattress with my 10 year old cousin and my little sister in a trundle next to me. So I layed up most of the night until I couldn't take it anymore. When I thought they were asleep I leaned over the edge of the bed and released my swollen cock from my shorts. I was on my side and staring at my little sister in the trundle sleeping and trying to be super quiet, which made it difficult. I squeezed my cock and stroked down the length of it very slowly not making any movement with my body. I brought my hand down the shaft and buried my nuckles into my balls and could feel them plump and hot with cum. It felt so good, and I could feel the pressure building In my butthole and groin, I was kinda out of it cause I didnt notice my cousin behind me sit up until I hear him start crying.

Jeesus christ he had a bad dream and had now woken his mother up and most everyone else up In the house. She came in and layed on the other side of him and comforted him, and was still there when I woke up in the morning.

It was now time to go home so we all packed into the minivan, and me being the oldest I got the one door seat that reclined. I was exhausted from the eventful weekend and leaned my chair back to get some sleep on the way home. I am wearing some pretty short little soccer shorts with a loose pair of boxers and because of the sunburn I had taken my shirt off to be comfortable. My 14 year old cousin is in the seat next to me and chatting away with the others as I began to fade to sleep. I dont remember the dream but I do remember being really warm, and having a reaccuring vision of swim trunks and pantys and tanned girls butts. I was deep into this dream when I felt wave after wave of heat and pleasure wash over me, and I could feel my cock pulsing with each wave, as it seemed to last forever.

I came to all groggy and noticed my 1 cousins just staring at me with a strange look on her face and the other was looking down at my crotch with her mouth kinda open and her eyes wide. I hadn't quite figured it out yet until I yawned and sat up only to see and feel my cock starting to deflate and my satin sheened soccer pants with a cum stain the size of a dinner plate plastered all over the front. I threw my hands over the stain and grabbed my shirt placing it quickly in my lap, but it was useless . The 14 year old screamed out OMG, we saw you having a bad dream and moaning then we saw you pee yourself, the 16 year old just snickered and I could tell she knew what really happened. My mom asked if I had had an accident and did I need to change. I was mortified as I imagined how it went down, they must have seen my cock growing In my loose shorts, then heard me moaning, then saw my cock convulsing in my loose shorts as I shot jet after jet of hot cum into my pants. I told my mom yes I must of lead a little while I was sleeping, so she pulled into a convenient store and i put on new undies and shorts. The girls kept bringing it up at different times on the way home and once I could hear them whispering about what they saw. Omg. Kill me but it still turns me on when I think about it to this day.