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I remember the first cock I sucked. I was in the military and had a layover. I had just been home and gotten my wife pregnant. I wa at a hotle waiting for the flight back to my base whan a large fat man asked if I ever had my cock sucked. I told him no. He owned the bar in the basement of the hotel and said if I cme down after dinner he would buy me a drink. I thought "what the fuck?" and headed down for a drink. Hi brpought me a rum and cock and then another. After the tiird asked if I wanted my cock sucked. I tole him no. After about four more drinks that he bought me I was plastered and asked if I wanted my cock sucked I said that I was drunk enough to say yes..

I went up to my room and stripped. I lit a cigarette and was smoking when he came in. He locked the door and walked over to my bed. He pulled me down to the end of the bed where my ass as hanging off the edge. He proceeded to give me a blowjob and when I said I was going to cum he kept sucking. I let it fly and filled his mouth with my cum. He took it all. \

He was a big fat guyy and for some reason I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock. He siad yes and stripped. I pulled his off the edge like he did me and proceeded to suck him. He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I nodded yes. He filled my mouth with his jizz. That was the first time I swLLOQWS norhwe mN'A XUM ns locws ir.

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My wife died in a car wreck when she was 23. It took several years and I finally was able to date again. I finally got a girlfriend when I was 30. We fucked like rabbits for the next two years when she introduced me to swinging. We would hook up with other couples and I put my cock into any pussy she put in front of me. It was always me and the woman and her with the other man. It was a pretty wild time.

We were a white couple and a couple of times hooked up with this black couple, Derrick and Louise. Louise was light skinned and had gorgeous tits with huge nipples and loved to have them worked on. She was the best and tightest pussy I ever fucked. I came harder in her than I ever did with Tanya, my girl. We would drink until about 10:00 and the sex would begin. By now we were all very comfortable with being naked just enjoying the other's mate. Then one night I had been drinking pretty heavy when Derrick turned to Tanya and said "I feel like something different tonight." She asked him what it was and he said "I'm gonna fuck Terry in the mouth and then in the ass." I was drunk but comprehended what he said. I'd never been with a man and wasn't gonna start now. But Tanya said "I think that sounds like fun." At that point Louise was playing with my smallish cock and was getting me hard. I immediately concentrated on her hand and forgot about what Derrick said. Then she told me to sit on the floor with my back to the couch. I did and she sat behind me. She hooked my arms with her legs and grabbed my hair. That was when Derrick with his seven inch cock stood in front of me and said to suck it. I refused but Louise pulled my head back by the hair and my mouth opened.

That's when I felt his cock on my tongue. My mouth was open and he started to mouth fuck me. I looked over to the side and Tanya was on her knees with her hand rubbing her cunt. "That is so fucking hot honey" she said. At that point I wanted to please her so I closed my mouth a little and decided to enjoy it. My arms were still pinned down and Louise's hands were playing with my nipples. Derrick stopped fucking my mouth and I started to suck him. I never realized how good a cock could taste in my mouth. I was getting into it and when Louise let my arms go I reached up and grabbed his ass cheeks. I couldn't get enough of his cock and a couple of minutes later he started cumming. I didn't miss a beat but relished every fucking drop that came out of his cock. At the same time Tanya was making herself cum.

Derrick finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned to Tanya. She took him in her mouth and cleaned all the cum off of him and out of him. She didn't stop though. She kept sucking. Louise told me to turn around and eat her pussy. I turned and was on my hands and knees with my head between her legs. She was clean shaved and he pussy smelled and tasted like lemon. She was moaning and thoroughly enjoying my tongue on her when I felt my wife's hand on my cock. Then her other hand was circling my asshole. She told me to just relax and enjoy it. I kept eating Louise when a wet finger entered me. Then a second finger was in me stretching my asshole out. It didn't hurt at all and that was the first time I'd had anything penetrate my backside. She was finger fucking me and said "Do it D. He's ready." She pulled her fingers out and almost immediately Derrick was slowly shoving his cock into my ass. There was a little pain but he was actually pretty gentle. He was finally buried to the hilt when Louise said "Give it to him honey." Derrick started to slowly fuck my ass and I was getting into it. I was thrusting back every time he pushed forward and he fucked me for at least 20 minutes like this. Then he told me to lay on my back. I laid on the rug on my back and Louise squatted down on my face facing him. She pulled my legs up toward my chest and he put his cock back into me. He said this was the proper way to fuck one of his bitches. I let it slide and when he started to fuck me again I felt Tanya's mouth on my cock. I was sucking on a pussy, getting a great blowjob and getting ass fucked at the same time.

After a few minutes Tanya got off of my cock and I heard her tell Derrick to make me cum. His cock curved up a little and he was hitting my prostate every time he thrust in and up. My cock twitched with each stroke and before I knew it I was cumming and my cock wasn't even being touched. Louise got off of me and Tanya scooped my cum up with her fingers and fed it to me. I was lost in the moment and kept telling him to fuck me deeper. he was about as deep as a big thick cock could get but I was fucking loving it. He finally said he was cumming and what was left in his nuts ended up in my asshole. What a fucking feeling it was to be fucked by a real cock. Since we were in my house I wasn't driving and since they were pretty drunk as well Tanya said they should stay the night. I was fucking hammered and we all stumbled into my queen size bed with two woman on my sides.

I woke up sometime in the early morning with Louise sucking on my morning wood and Derrick was playing with my asshole. Before I knew it his cock was back in my ass. I was sober now and remembered I got fucked the night before. It felt just as good that morning and I just let them work on me. Then I realized that Tanya was sucking on Louise's cunt. Derrick ass fucked me for about 15 minutes and filled my ass with his seed. Louise made me cum and took it all as well. After I came they turned me around and Derrick was on his knees. Cum was dripping from his cock and he just shoved it in my mouth. Louise then shoved three fingers in my slimy asshole and Derrick mouth fucked me for about 20 minutes until he came a second time in my mouth. He told me to make sure he was clean before he was done. Five minutes later he finally pulled out and said "You're now my bitch. I'll fuck you any time I want and you'll take. You got that." I just said "Yes sir."

That became our thing. He would fuck Tanya but not cum. Then he would make me suck him dry and get him hard for a good ass fucking. I was quickly getting addicted to his cock. When I really knew I was his bitch was when he showed up at my work one day at lunch and took me to his van. I sucked his cock and that was my lunch that day. I've become a fucking pussy and cum slut to his hard cock. That was when he introduced me to his friend Mike. Another black guy with the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Once or twice a week they would show up at my work and we would spend my lunch time in his van. Derrick would make me suck his cock and Mike would fuck me. He lasted about 20 minutes nearly every time. I had become such a cock whore that Tanya started to pimp me out on the weekends. over the last three years I have sucked more cock and been fucked by more cock than any three women. Tanya makes a pretty good living off of my ass, but I don't mind as I love pretty much any cock that comes my way. I'd do it for free but she is in charge and it costs money to have my ass. I went from a virile, confident man to the biggest ass cunt in town. I don't even know how it ever came to this.




I'm a 38 year old married man. We have no children due to my wife's internal problems. It has even gotten to the point over the last several years that she won't even let me fuck her or suck my cock but once a month. It's really frustrating and I was going out of my fucking mind. Dave has been my next door neighbor for the past two years and is my sounding board. He listens to my complaining about my wife all the time. One night several months ago we were drinking in his family room watching the game and his wife was out for the night with her friends. I had a little too much to drink by halftime and when he asked about our sex life I just laughed and grabbed my crotch. I told him she won't even suck my cock anymore. He got this look on his face and said, "So, if that's all you need maybe I can help out." I was taken back and when I asked him what he meant he said that if I was discreet he would suck it for me. I thought he was kidding, but he said he really meant it. I told him to show me and stood up and faced him. To my surprise he unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. He took it in his mouth and sucked me until I came. He took all I had to give him.

Nothing more was said about it that day and a week later we were in the same place. We were getting drunk and his wife was gone for the afternoon and evening. About halftime he asked if I wanted a replay. I was drunk enough and said yes. He told me to strip and when I was naked he laid me on the couch and knelt between my legs. He said I was already hard as he put my cock in his mouth. He sucked me for about five minutes and sat up. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out. It was quite a bit bigger than mine and said it was my turn. I stared at his cock for a few seconds and knew I was going to suck him. I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. After a minute he pulled me off and took his clothes off. He said I was in for a treat and mounted me in a 69. His cock was in my mouth and I had my cock in his mouth. He started to play with my ass and was gently finger fucking me when I filled his mouth. He swallowed every drop and was still finger fucking me with two fingers. I told him it felt really good. Then he did the unexpected and moved to between my legs.

He had me get on the carpet on my hands and knees. I did and he scooted up behind me. I thought I knew what was coming. His fingers probed my asshole and then I felt him pull his fingers out and something larger was being pushed into me. He was shoving his cock into me. It felt so fucking good, even better than my wife's mouth on my cock. I pushed back as he thrust forward and he finally came in my ass. I welcomed it.

Over the next few months we played this scene several times and he finally introduced his wife into our sucking and fucking. My wife is none the wiser and we've been fucking nearly every weekend since then. It's just too bad my wife is such a cold fucking bitch. Well, maybe some day...




For the first 10 years my wife and I fucked so much I felt like a fucking God. We fucked every way imaginable and I fucked her in every hole without regret. She loved it all. she was my own personal cum slut and loved my seven inch cock several times a week for 10 years. She knew my appetite matched her own insatiable urges. Then one day she was in a car accident. It really fucked her up and when I finally got her home she could no longer perform. She was paralyzed from the waist down. She jerked me off and sucked me a lot but knew I wanted more. She is such a great fucking woman that one day she had one of her friends over and offered for her to suck me. Her friend was more than willing and my wife wanted to watch. I was a little nervous but let her suck me until I filled her mouth with my cum. Eventually she let me fuck her friend. She always watched and I could tell she got off on it even though she couldn't feel anything from the waist down. I still loved shoving my cock in her mouth and even in her lifeless asshole but it wasn't the same.

She knew I was getting a little depressed about our sex life and instead of having her friend over she hired a hooker for me. That first time made me cum as hard as ever as that whore squeezed my cock with her cunt. My wife Lynn said she wasn't jealous and only wanted me to be happy. She said she would let me fuck anybody as long as she could watch. Over the next year I fucked at least 30 different whores in every position and in every hole she wanted me too. It was working for us well. Then one night when I got home Deloris was waiting for me. Lynn had hired Deloris to give me the night Lynn never could. I didn't know what she had in mind but was intrigued. We went into the bedroom and Lynn took up her normal place next to the bed. Deloris stripped me and had me lay back. She took my cock into her mouth and it disappeared. Not many could deep throat me but she could. Her mouth was resting on my pubes as my cock grew in her mouth until I was at full staff. She still didn't take her mouth off. My wife said it was time for her to get naked and do her thing. The next thing I knew Deloris had stripped and had mounted me in a 69. The surprise came when Deloris stuck her cock in my mouth. Lynn giggled and said she always wanted to see me suck a cock. I had never done this before but since my cock was still deep in Deloris' mouth I wanted to please my wife so I let her cock enter my mouth. I had read about people with big tits and a cock and now I got to experience it. Deloris started to mouth fuck me. I soon started to actually enjoy it. It felt comforting to have a cock in my mouth. I relaxed and started to suck that cock like Lynn sucks mine.

Lynn was directing the action and told Deloris to fill my mouth. It wasn't long and she did. I got my first taste of another's cum that night. But we weren't done. She told me to keep sucking. As I was sucking I felt my balls tighten and I filled Deloris' mouth as well. Her cock wasn't quite as large as mine but it was of good size. When her cock was hard she pulled it out of my mouth. Lynn told me to roll over. I did and immediately Deloris had my ass cheeks spread and was tonguing my asshole. After tongue fucking my ass for a minute she adjusted herself and I felt her cock start to enter me. She was tender and her big tits caressed my back as her cock entered me. Lynn told me to just relax and make her happy. I relaxed and within minutes I was enjoy Deloris fucking me. She fucked me for about 15 minutes and said she was about to cum. Lynn told her to fill me and she did. I actually felt her cum slip back out of my ass as she finally pulled out. Then she was gone.

Lynn said she loved me more than ever and was happy I was willing to do this for her. We had always been open with each other and I told her it was one of the most exciting experiences I'd ever had. She asked if I was willing to get fucked by a real man, not a tranny. I said that for her I was willing. Over the next two years she hired many men to fuck me and I found I could hardly cum unless I'd been fucked first. I had little cocks and big cocks. It didn't matter to me, as long as I got a cock inside my ass. I was becoming a full-fledged gay man and came to prefer a nice cock to a cunt. I also found that men were more willing to suck and swallow than women and that was what I came to enjoy. I also loved to suck and swallow in addition to being fucked. I finally confessed to her that I liked cock more than cunt. I don't know if that made her happy or not but the men kept coming and I kept getting fucked.

Last year Lynn's injuries finally caught up to her and she died. I didn't know what to do other than to try to find men by myself. I finally landed on a website that offered many men withing driving distance and since then I've gotten more cock in my mouth and ass than I ever imagined would happen. I can take the biggest cock in my ass and deep throat most. Even without my near perfect wife by my side I am fulfilled and get cock several times nearly every week. They say that you're born gay but in my case I turned gay with the help of a woman. Now I'm a full-fledged cum slut of a man.




I work the night shift but my wife works days. We're in our mid-30s and our sex life is a bit lacking. We live next door to Dave and Janelle. She's retired but Dave still works. I imagine she's in her mid to late 60s. I had gotten up about 2 o'clock that afternoon and started to mow the back yard. I looked over and Janelle was standing at the fence watching me. When I finished I shut the mower off and walked over to her. We don't know them very well but when she said I looked hot and offered me a beer I accepted. We sat in her back yard drinking and about six beers in I was pretty tipsy. Then she asked about my wife. I told her my wife Linda wouldn't be home until about 6:30. She said that it gave us time. I asked her "Time for what?" and she opened her blouse. Then she knelt in front of me and put her hand in the leg of my shorts and found my cock. "Time for this" she said and started to stroke my cock. Her husband was a truck driver and was gone for weeks at a time so I wasn't worried about getting caught. Then she managed to pull my shorts down over my cock and it sprung to life. She said my cock sas so much bigger than her husband's and started to suck me.

I have a nice seven inch cock and usually make my wife cum when we fuck but Janelle didn't even give me a chance. About three minutes later I said I was cumming and she sucked harder taking my entire load. Just as I was starting to cum she shoved a finger in my asshole and hit my prostate. I came harder than I ever had. When she had swallowed every fucking drop and cleaned me off she sat back in her chair. "You know" she said. "I've been horny for you for months now, and now I know your wife is gone all day I think I want to fuck you a lot." I was a bit drunk but knew what she was talking about. We chatted some more and I finally went home and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready for work. All night I thought about her lips on my cock and her finger in my ass and almost didn't make it through my shift.

I got home the next morning in time to kiss my wife good bye and headed to bed. A couple of hours later I woke with a hard-on and Janelle squatting over me. Once she knew I was awake she plunged down on me and had me fuck her to orgasm. She has nice hanging tits with big nipples and for the next two years I got good use out of those nipples. Se fucked at least three times a week and when my wife went away on business and her husband was on the road we spent nearly every moment together and naked. I fucked every hole she had and in turn she fucked every hole I had. Her strap-on in my asshole came to be one of my best experiences. Her husband died a couple years later of a heart attack on the road and she got a nice settlement. She moved to Utah to be with her kids but I'll always have the memories of this older woman sucking my cock and letting me fuck her any time and any where I wanted. What a fucking slut, but man what a woman.




My wife is a knockout. One night in bed she asked me to share one of my fantasies with her. I told her I would love to have her flash a couple of truckers. She laughed and said she would think about it. A few weeks later We were on the interstate about three hours from home and she asked if I really wanted her to flash. I said yes please!

She took off her bra and waited until we were next to a trucker. She slowly lifted her shirt and gave the trucker a show for the next couple minutes. I was so horny and pleased that she cared enough to fulfill one of my fantasies. We pull up to another trucker and she takes off her shirt completely and jiggles benefits and plays with her nipples. I am shocked she is so open about flashing.

She eventually volunteers to take off all her clothes. She puts her seat back and begins playing with herself while next to another trucker. She has an orgasm in front of another man. I am beyond turned on. I ask her to show him her ass so she lays on her stomach so he can see her beautiful buns. I ask her for one more favor, will you show him your asshole?

Deborah changes her position and starts giving me a blowjob. About the time I am ready to explode I take my right hand and spread her ass cheeks for the trucker to get a full view. I cum in her mouth and she turns to the trucker and opens her mouth showing my completion. A little bit drops on her chest and she licks it off.

I have masturbated many times to this memory. I can't remember anything more exciting then this ride home.




On my last day after 10 years at work my employees took me out to celebrate. We went to this little dive down the street. We started drinking about 5:30 and by 8:00 we were all pretty hammered. I had about an hour to drive but knew I couldn't. Lindsay, one of the other supervisors said I could crash on her couch until I could drive. She only lived about six blocks away from the bar. Everyone left and I drunkenly followed Lindsay to her house. She was divorced and lived alone. She was 41 years old and her kids were out of the house. She was a little overweight but seemed to have nice big round tits and I'm sure she caught me staring at them from time to time.

We got to her house and went inside. I was ready for sleep and laid on the couch. I don't think it was two minutes and I was out. At some point I felt her crawl on top of me. I was so drunk I didn't notice she had removed my shoes and pants and even my underwear. When I noticed her on top of me I sensed a nipple at my mouth. I instinctively started to suck on it. She kept saying "That feels so fucking good I think you're gonna make me cum." I felt my cock being massaged between her thighs and after a couple of minutes sucking on her nipple she scooted down so my cock was between her lets resting on her cunt. She kissed me and I felt her tongue inside my mouth. I responded and tweaked her nipple. She moaned and when we broke the kiss she turned around and stuck her cunt on my mouth. She took my cock into her mouth and even still pretty drunk my cock got hard in her mouth. She said she wanted to drain me. When I asked if she wanted me to warn her she said she loved surprises and was looking forward to sucking me dry. And she did. Her cunt was dripping juice in my mouth and I couldn't hold back any longer and gave her a two week's worth of my jizz. She swallowed every fucking drop and kept sucking until I got soft and then started to get hard again. She had cum twice in the time it took me to cum once. Her pussy was clean shaven and tasted sweet.

I almost passed out again when she turned back around and sat down on my mostly hard cock. It plunged deep inside her cunt and she almost came right then. She started to actively fuck me and I reached up and started playing with both tits again. When she was about to cum she leaned over and shoved her tongue back in my mouth. At the same time her hands found my own nipples and pulled. This sent me over the edge and we both started cumming. My load wasn't very much this time but when she shrieked I knew she was cumming also. When we were both spent she got off of me and went and got another 6-pack. We downed them and she dragged me to her bedroom. We were both still naked when I laid on the bed and passed out.

It was Saturday morning and I woke up to something on my cock. It was her mouth. She said I had the sweetest cum she had ever tasted and said to just relax and let her have it. It took about 10 minutes and when I was ready to cum I felt a finger in my ass. She was now finger fucking my asshole while sucking me to orgasm. This took me over the edge like never before and I came hard. She took it all and when I was spent she moved up and we made out for another 20 minutes. I tasted our saliva and my cum on her tongue while we kissed. It was nearly 9:00 that morning when I finally got dressed and left for home. I had a little explaining to do with my wife but she understood that I couldn't drive the night before and had to stay at "Mike's' house. It was a good thing that she didn't want sex that week. I think she would have noticed the bruise on the base of my cock and I got away with it. Lindsay called me the next Friday and invited me to dinner with her. I told my wife I had to work late at my new job and headed over to Lindsay's after work. I didn't get too drunk to drive home that night but fucked her so hard she nearly passed out. This time though I fucked her first before she sucked me. Man, what a fucking slut she was, but on the other hand what a fucking man slut I am.