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Growing up we lived way out in the country like most all of my friends did back then. My best friend and I started out pretty young. We were about 10 years old when we started playing around naked late at night at his house or mine. The more we did the more we wanted to do so it wasn't very long before we were sucking each other all the time.

I asked him to finger my ass one night and it was hard for me to be quiet as he fingered my ass with my dick in his mouth. After that he couldn't stop fingering my asshole and one day down by the creek we were naked in the bushes sucking each other and I asked if he wanted to put his dick in me. He was very anxious and I was face down in the cool grass holding my ass cheeks open with him on top of me pushing his dick up my asshole. As soon as it went in I told him it felt good and to keep going. He got it all the way up my asshole then he fucked me ten he fucked me again. Seems like every day after school for weeks he and I went down to the creek so he could fuck my ass and on weekends we stayed down on the creek and he fucked me a lot. We still sucked each other a lot but he fucked me in the ass a lot too.

As time went on we got older and he would cum in my ass and we liked to swallow each others cum and he could really fuck me good and we both wanted to fuck all the time. As we got older we also shared our private secret with our closest best friends and of course they were very horny also and wanted get in on the fun so we would camp out on the creek on weekends and have sex all night long and they all fucked me for hours and I liked getting fucked and having the others watch and taking all their cum in my ass. Some times there would be 10 of us camping out and 9 of them took turns fucking me for hours one hard dick after the other being shoved up my ass and them fucking me shooting their warm cum in me then pulling out for the next one to fuck me in my cum filled asshole. It was normal for the others to be paired up sucking each other some jacking off watching me get fucked and of course some of them fucking my mouth while some one fucked my ass. It was always great sex and very casual. None of us thought anything about it we just liked having sex and many times I can remember taking my pants down bending over holding on to a tree or something so some one could fuck me real quick and get off in my ass.

The wooded near one of my friends house that lived in town was a good place for him and I to go to after school to fuck. We would walk thru the woods from school to his house and stop in a private spot so he could fuck me. Some days his parents worked late so we would go to his house and fuck there before they got home. I liked watching him fuck me in a mirror and see his face when he came up my ass. Two of my friends were hung very well very long and thick and both had a huge head that always stretched me open going in and both came a lot. Everyone enjoyed watching these two take turns on my ass and some of them would get up really close to watch their huge dicks fuck my ass and watch them shoot their huge thick loads in my ass.

All my life I have enjoyed things in my ass and I really enjoy getting fucked hard and deep and I have had quite a few select well hung men over the years. Only one black man but he fucked me several times Quite a few big thick hard Mexican dicks and a lot of horny white men. Only once did I have sex with two men at the same time and I met with the several times for a few months. They were in to bondage at times and they liked to tie me up and use my mouth and ass at the same time and ever had me wear panties a few times they used toys and butt plugs on me and a few times I would spend the weekend at their house and let them use me how ever they liked and I got used to being DPed and taken out to the woods to get raped and the more they raped me the better I liked it.

We used to o out to this old barn on some friends property and they would rape me over and over in that old barn tie me up and rape my ass and mouth and fuck me with toys and even beer bottles the made me do things I never thought I would ever do and some I wont talk about. Back then I was a very horny kinky some times nasty slut that liked a lot of dick and cum and you could stick just about anything up my ass and I liked it In that old barn there were three small rooms that they always put me in then they would fuck me in the mouth and ass with my hands tied behind my back and both of them cum in me balls deep at each end. Always when they gave me a DP they both came in my ass and that was one of my favorite things. Two big hard dicks up my ass at the same time then both of them emptying their nuts in my ass . Damn that was good. I wish I had two good friends like that today. I love to be fucked!!!!!




I tasted and fell in love with a 6 year old's pussy...but wait, I was five when she seduced me.

The best 1 1/2 summers ever.

We built a "fort" in a loft of hay bales in case anyone should come in to the barn even though only her grandma, who could barely walk, was the only one home on workdays.

We also sneaked up the stairs to her bedroom many times so we could strip and fuck without getting stuck by the dry hay stalks.

The fun ended during the second summer on a weekend with all parents were home horny, we used a "foxhole" dug by her older brothers in the large field between our two homes.

My mom and dad were putting in a garden and she saw my naked ass sticking up and screamed me home.

They asked our family doctor what they should do and he told them to just ensure we should only let us play together where we could be seen all the time and recommended my folks to buy a series of 10 booklets about anatomy and sex, put them in with other books and let me find them.

They were illustrated with line drawings and detailed text covering every aspect of human sexuality.

By the time I was seven, I learned more about our human birthright than most adults knew and fantasized with the drawings while I masturbated.

I also learned that my peers didn't like being corrected when they made errors in their "knowledge" of sex and genital anatomy.