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Hi. My name is Robin and I'm 13. I have to get this on this site and I want a honest answer. Ok?

When I was as bout 5 or 6 I remember my dad rubbing and sometimes putting a finger in my pussy. I liked how it felt. Sometimes we kissed too. I luv my dad and I know he can be in big trouble if the cops found out so I won't tell them. The problem is that dad is so worried that he won't touch my since 4 months ago after he saw a man on the news go to jail for 50 years. That's a long time. So I won't be dad but I want to find some other man to finger and kiss me again. My super big question is how to find a nice man to do it. Is it really a bad idea to flirt with child molesters at the mall or park and should I be worried to get in a car with them or let them play with with my pussy someplace private at the park? I'm tired of fingering myself and not being kissed. Please give me good advicw