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Submitted: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 12:35:58 GMT

I have a cousin who is the same age as me. We used to hang out a lot. His mom was a widow, and she drank a lot. Often when I was over there she was tipsy, and walked around the house in just a robe. Her tits could be seen through her open robe, and I marveled at her large nipples. My cock would get hard just thinking about her tits. She had a smoking hot body, and when she would pass out Kenny, my cousin, would reach in her robe and rub her tits. He offered her tits to me one day, so I sat next to her and put my hand inside her robe.

"Watch this," he said. He laid her on her side and said, "Marge, I need you to suck my cock." He pulled his cock out and put it up to her mouth. She opened her mouth and he put his cock in. She was so drunk she didn't know what was happening, but she let him mouth fuck her until he came in her mouth. I thought this was the hottest fucking think I ever saw. The next time I was over he did the same thing, but instead of cumming in her mouth, he pulled his cock out after he got hard and walked over to me. "Terry," he said, "I need you to suck my cock." My own cock was hard already, and almost instinctively I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe I was sucking my cousin's cock. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes, then without warning he started to cum. He filled my mouth completely, and I swallowed nearly his entire load. "Oh, fuck, dude," he said, "you suck cock nearly as good as mom."

The next week I went over again, and Kenny and a friend, Todd, were in the living room. Aunt Marge wasn't home yet. Kenny stood up and walked over to me, and turned his head back toward Todd. "I made Terry my bitch last week. Watch this." He pulled his cock out and told me to suck him. I was super horny, so I just leaned forward and put his cock in my mouth. I waited all week to get his cock in my mouth. Todd walked over and took his cock out. Just when Kenny was ready to cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started cumming on my face. I didn't resist. Even before he was spent Todd stepped forward and put his cock up to my mouth. I took him in as well. He started fucking my mouth. He had a really big cock, and I couldn't get much more than the head in my mouth. He fucked me for about three minutes and started cumming. I took his entire load.

We did this for a few more weeks and Todd's family moved. To this day, I prefer sucking cock to fucking a woman, although I enjoy both. I have been Kenny's cock slave for the last 14 years, and suck his cock every chance I get.


Submitted: Thu, 26 Mar 2015 2:17:47 GMT

When my good friends wife showed up at my place one night I was a little confused but I let her in anyways. He was gone on business and she had just dropped him at the airport. She told me all about their attempts at having a child and she received the results of his sperm testing this week but hid them from him as it was not good.

She told me that she needed something from me but I could never tell a soul about it. I told her I have never even had mine checked out either but she told me the chances of it being bad were very, very low and she wanted to have a baby. She told me here is the deal, I need your sperm and lots of it for the next three days. She could tell from the look on my face that I needed a lot more explanation, she told me that for the next few days she was physically ready to conceive and saturation was the best way to make it happen. I wanted a little more definition of saturation, she told me that she wanted to stay at my place for the next three days and I was to have intercourse with her as much as I wanted to but I could not have oral with her just intercourse. I asked one question, what are you going to do if he finds out it is not his kid? She was willing to take the chance and lie to him telling him she went to a sperm bank. I told her I was more than willing but figured there was no way she would end up staying around because there is no way that a woman would put up with that much sex.

I lost count of how many times I came in that woman over the next three nights, I had regular sex, on all fours watching a foot ball game twice, over the end of the couch you name it we did it. She was so into it the second day that she jumped on me two of the times and one time we had just done it not ten minutes before.

She was about 4 months pregnant and he had to leave on a trip again, she stopped by my place the day after he left and told me that this time was a bonus for me for what I did for them. I told her she did not have to do that and she looked at me and told me are you kidding me your some of the best sex I have ever had in my life and this time you get to go down on me. We had sex three days in a row but she only spent the night once, I called into work sick on day two and pushed her hard that day making love to her as much as I could and she did it every time. I literally was screwing my sperm right out of her.

Two years later she was ready again but he did not have any trips planned in the near future so she called me up and begged me to take vacation time so I could be home for her to come over while he was at work. I was floored with her but told her let me see what I can do and what time frame she needed. I got it coordinated and she was dropping her kid off with a friend to watch him then coming over to my place and we would have sex 4 to 5 times before she left and repeated that for three days. It worked and six weeks later she came by my house one evening and thanked me to no end. She told me I was truly a one of a kind man and she would never forget what I gave them.

Their kids are well on there way into school now and it had been about six years I guess since her and I had sex but when he went out of town one week she called me up to see what I was doing and came over just to have sex.


Submitted: Thu, 26 Mar 2015 1:40:24 GMT

Reading the below story about a woman letting her son explore may seem far fetched but I had a similar experience years ago. I was widowed early in life at 38 years old with a son at home I was very lucky that we had thought ahead with financial planning. I did not have to go out and find a job I was still able to stay at home. One thing I did not think about was the raging hormones of a teenage boy in a few years. I never dated and kept myself satisfied with a vibrator and various objects because I wanted him to not have to deal with a step dad. I told myself there was still plenty of time after he went away to college. When he was about sixteen he started leaving his bedroom door open when changing and walking from the bathroom to his room not covering himself up. I was not turned on by it just curious why he started doing it, my thinking at the time was to let him explore it on his terms and he will get past it. One morning I was only wearing a t-shirt, a leftover of my husbands long enough to cover me but thin not leaving much to the imagination. I thought it would embarrass him and it backfired on me, he stared and then when he got home from school he wanted me to always dress in see thru stuff. Then he asked me well what does a woman look like, can I see you nude? I am still amazed at my train of thought back then, let him explore and he will move on from it. The kid was a straight A student, smart as hell never even grounded in his whole life, never in trouble anywhere. I told him sure thinking better to discover it with me then some teen girl that would cry to mom and dad that he forced her to do it.

How do you want me, do you want me to leave my bedroom door open, shower with the door open?

No he said just take off your clothes and we will go from there, He sounded like it was a school assignment.

I went to my bedroom and took off my clothes took a deep breath and walked back out to the living room. I sat down on the couch and he looked over my body and started asking question after question. He was very intrigued and not giddy at all, very serious about the whole thing. He told me thanks then asked if I could remain nude for the rest of the evening. I told him sure but lets turn up the heat a little bit, I told myself while in the hallway that he will move on from this and it worked out pretty well.

Two days later he had more questions about my body and about his body and what happens with this and that, it was not going away quite as fast as I thought it would but I figured women are obviously very intriguing to him now at his age so I kept answering his questions. I was sitting on the edge of a chair while he looked at my vagina asking questions when he suddenly leaned forward and licked me. The sensation sent waves of tingles radiating through my body and I jumped a little from the contact. I read that women love that he told me as I sat there still in shock. He leaned in again and licked me for a good thirty seconds while I sat there in total disbelief that I was not moving. It had been so many years since a tongue had been down there that my mind was suspended from all thinking. He stopped and asked me how that felt and why did it fell that way. I was so flustered that I told him that was enough for today and we should get to sleep. He asked me if I was mad or upset and I told him no I just cannot talk or think while you are doing that to me. But I wanted to watch you have an orgasm he told me.

Oh was all I could say, and my brain just locked up. Okay I told him I need to be a lot more comfortable for that to happen so we went to his room and I laid down on his bed. He started out pretty well but I guided him through it all and after about a half an hour I was pulsating away while he saw first hand what a woman looked like having an orgasm.

He told me that was absolutely awesome and we talked some more then off to sleep, I got into my bedroom and was thinking good grief I am glad that is done. The next day in evening he wanted to do it again, I suddenly found myself not able to tell him no, I had this deep seated feeling that I did not want him doing this to a girl at school and get himself into trouble, crazy I know. I told him to promise me that he would not try this on any woman until he was 18 and to make damn sure that she is as well. He did and then I let him explore me again.


Submitted: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 20:19:57 GMT

Back in 1968 when I was 13 I convinced my 9 year old sister to let me fuck her. I fucked her that day and we ended up fucking regularly for almost ten years. When we were younger our parents both worked so we were home alone a lot. We experimented in every possible way we could think of and we fucked a lot. As we got older we tended to have quickies after school or sneak into each others room just before going to sleep. Some of my best memories were when we would fuck after we got home from dates. She would tell me about the guy who fucked her earlier while I was fucking her, or I'd tell her about the girl I fucked while I plowed her pussy


Submitted: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 2:32:04 GMT

I had not seen my cousin in a bathing suit for sometime and when we were all at the beach it was very apparent that she now had boobs. Not just bumps starting out she was a C cup at least and was starting to look like her mother who was large chested as well. I was staring at her bikini top bobbing up and down in the water and she smacked me in the arm then asked what I was staring at. I told her sorry I can't help it your chest is amazing looking, she smacked me again and had a smile on her face. I cannot help it if I am born this way, she told me.

About a month later we went over to their house for dinner and the parents playing cards, she told me she had a new video game I had to check out and we went upstairs to her room. After we were up there a little while she went over to the door and listened downstairs, I asked her what she was doing and she put her finger up to her mouth and gave me the shoosh. She closed her door a little more then came back over and kneeled in front me, she had her hands bunching up her top at the bottom then she asked me if I wanted to see her boobs. Before I could say anything her top was covering her face and revealing her boobs, they were magnificent though I only had girls from the internet to compare with as this was my first real boobs experience. She dropped her top back down and smiled at me asking me what I thought of them. I told her they were perfect and beautiful, she smiled at me and then asked me if I really thought they were perfect. She lifted her shirt again real fast and back down, they barely even moved they were so firm.

After about five minutes of video game I looked over at her and asked if I could touch them, she looked at me and thought about it for a moment then told me sure but let me change into a better shirt. She went into her closet and came out wearing a sweatshirt that was big on her, I was not sure how this was going to help me touch them but then she told me she was not wearing a bra and I could just reach under without her removing the shirt. Genius was all I could think of at the time.

I fondled her boobs for like half an hour while she played video games and made little sounds of approval or told me hey not so hard, I was in heaven feeling those wonderfully silky skinned firm melons. I think I had a slight orgasm just from fondling her all that time. We did this four or five times over a few months whether I was at her house or she was over at ours then one time during a pretty late evening for the families my dad came upstairs and told us to just crash out in my room because they were all spending the night. He brought up an air mattress and sleeping bags for her and she was just going to sleep in my room with me. I thought I would be a gentlemen and told him she could have my bed and I will sleep on the air mattress so all was good. We laid down and talked a little while the parents were laughing it up late into the night. Suddenly she whispered she wanted to see my penis, I told her sure and asked if she wanted me up there but she was already getting out of bed and walking towards me. I pulled the covers down and then pulled down my shorts and she leaned over and started fondling it with both hands. I was rock hard in an instant and reached over sliding my hand up her shirt to caress her boobs. After quite some time I told her that she had to stop or I was going to have an orgasm, she let go but then grabbed my penis again sticking it straight up she lowered her head and took about half of it into her mouth. I came in an instant pumping my hips up and down while she held onto it tightly and rocked her head a little. Holy crap I told her that felt absolutely amazing. She was wiping her lips off and looking down at me with a huge smile on her face telling me that was fantastic as well. She then told me that she had found some magazines in her parents bedroom and read about sex in them and that women always do that to men. I still could not believe thinking back how naïve I was compared to her about sex and women's bodies. I had no clue what oral sex was yet she was sitting there telling me all about it. When she spoke next she asked me if I wanted to have oral sex on her, I told her sure but had no idea what to do with her. I did not even know what a clitoris was and how to stimulate it, her scent was incredible as I went between her legs and started fumbling around with my tongue. She took her fingers and spread her lips out and told me to lick her right there, I did and she let out a long moan and told me that I had the right spot now, about thirty minutes later she was trembling with an orgasm and grabbing my hair pulling my face into her. She whispered fairly loud that it felt amazing to me and asked me if I liked doing it, I told her I loved doing it and could not wait to do it again.

She went back to the bed and I rolled over to go to sleep and realized my face smelled of her and that I should really get up and wash it before going to sleep. It was a really good thing I did because the first person to come into the room was my mom and she leaned down and gave me a big kiss on the cheek to wake me up.


Submitted: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 22:30:51 GMT

I have gone to a few glory holes in my life and never really had thoughts of sucking off a guy but a few months back I was in one and as in the past I had a penis come through the hole. I stared at it for a moment then something pushed me inside and I reached out and grasped with my hand. After a few minutes of massage it the hardness was really setting into it so I thought about it some more and leaned over taking it into my mouth. It was different then I thought it would be, not as large as it looked once I was sucking on it. It was quite warm and as I continued sucking on it and it was about as hard and big as it was going to get I just stroked on him because I had no urges to swallow any of him.

I had the lights off in my booth so no one could see that I was a guy and when he told me he wanted to feel my tits I just ignored him until he went away.

About half way into the movie going I heard a woman's voice at the hole asking if anyone was in there and did I want a blowjob. I told her sure and got up sticking my dick thru the hole I thought about it and now had truly in depth knowledge of what a woman feels, I felt enlightened by the experience but not really going to do it again.


Submitted: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 21:57:09 GMT

First thing this morning, my Son asked me if I would be interested in helping him out with something. I said, "Sure, honey. What do you need me to help you with?"

He walked into my bathroom at full attention. I looked at him in surprize while he looked back at me hard as steel. Shocked, I didn't know quite what to think, although, I knew what he wanted.

Since he just turned 13 last month, I wasn't sure if he knew exactly what he was asking for.

This was quite a unique situation he put us in, but I felt obligated some how. I knew he had just watched me take a shower since I left the door open again for the steam.

Taking control, I wispered to him, "You know what would be best for you, honey?"

"No, what Mom?" he asked me quietly.

"For you to simply aim for my jackpot, honey." I took out a red lipstick and outlined my lips while he watched with intent. "Now, when I get on my knees honey, all you have to do is put your hard on inside Mommies jackpot, got it, sweetie?"

I dropped my towel, knelt down on my knees, and drew out onto my elbows. Tommy didn't hesitate to get behind me. I lowered my hips to alight them to his and waited.

Slowly, Tommy began to push up against my outline and slowly he began to enter me. I felt his precum slick us up. After a few push thrusts, a few partial in's and out's, he was finally side me; balls deep inside his wet Mother.

"Now baby, push back and forth, honey... back and forth in me." He did exactly what I told him as he was now well on his way; back and forth, back and forth...

He liked watching my boobs respond to his thrusts in the bathroom mirror.

My Son quickened his pace as his thrusts deepened. He was quiet and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer so I decided not to bother on telling him to pull out. He was well on his way to cumming inside of me and I knew he didn't know what it all meant anyway.

Oh, Mom... Mom...

(Grunting to climax... he began unloading into me...)

Schvitt! Schvitt! Schvitt!

Oh Mommy!

Thats it, baby!

Schvitt! Schvitt!



Oh, my baby!


Schvitt! Schvitt!


After I took Tommy to school, I went to get a, "Plan B," kit and a new birth control perscription. Later, I didn't think twice about removing my profile from the dating websites I was on.