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Submitted: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 01:01:54 GMT

This isn't so much a confession about me, but how I caught my faggot husband, Jimmy. He's not a very big man, and his cock is smaller than average, but I fell in love with him anyway. As of late he has been getting dominant in the bedroom. The other night, however, I turned him away and he got pissed. He stormed out of the house saying something about getting some pussy elsewhere. I was pretty pissed myself, so I got in my car and followed him. I wanted to see where he went when he left at night. He drove to the neighboring town and pulled into the parking lot of this club called The Purple Pansy. There was an empty spot a couple of rows over from him, so I pulled in and waited for him.

Over the next hour several men went in, and occasionally two men came out together. Then, about 9:30 he came out. He was walking with a fairly large black man. They walked past my car, not even noticing me. They walked over to a van. The black guy backed hubby into the side of the van and bent down and kissed him. I couldn't believe my eyes. My husband was kissing another man. They opened the side door and crawled in. From where I was sitting, I could see that there were no seats in the middle of the van, and only a bench seat in the back. The door closed. I needed to see what they were going to do, so I got out and walked over to the van. I peaked in the side window and saw my husband on his knees sucking the guy's cock. He was saying things like, "Dude, you suck cock better than my wife," and, "I bet your man-cunt is tighter than a $400 hooker."

Somehow this got me turned on. I put my hand down between my legs and felt my wetness. After sucking the guy for about 10 minutes, he pulled his mouth off the cock. He took off his shoes and pants and knelt on the floor with his ass in the air and his head kissing the carpet. The Guy's cock was huge. This got me turned on even more. It was very dark outside, so they couldn't see me. The black guy knelt behind hubby's ass and put his cock up to his asshole. "Be a good daddy and give me that cock," hubby said. There was no hesitation. the guy just shoved his giant cock in hubby's ass so fast and deep I almost didn't see it happen. "Oh, fuck yeah! Give it to me," Hubby said. Over and over he was saying, "Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!"

I had two fingers up my own cunt by this time. Even though it was my faggy husband I was watching, I was turned on more than I had ever been. I heard the black guy say, "Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum. Where do you want it?" My hubby pulled off of him and quickly flipped over so his head was just below the massive cock and balls. "Right here," he said and opened his mouth. With about four strokes the man started cumming. He shot his was mostly in Jimmy's mouth. Some hit his chin, and some on his nose, but he didn't flinch. When the dude was done cumming he stuck ins cock in Jimmy's mouth. Jimmy sucked him until he was completely spent. When they were done they both put their clothes back on and crawled out of the van. I almost got caught, but managed to slip behind another car just in time.

The black guy got in the driver's seat and pulled out. But Jimmy, the little fag, walked back into the bar. A half hour later he came back out, but this time with a woman. They walked around the back of the building. There was a couple of bushes back there, and they slipped between them. I was able to sneak around another car and see them. They were kissing. I thought, "At least it's with a woman this time." They kissed for a few minutes, then Jimmy knelt down. The woman pulled her skirt up, but it wasn't a woman after all. Jimmy put his lips around the guy's cock and started sucking. The guy was moaning and fucking Jimmy's mouth. Within minutes I saw him grab Jimmy's head and I could tell he was cumming. "Is my husband just a little faggot?" I thought. When they were done they both walked back into the bar.

I was pretty stunned. I had witnessed my husband suck two cocks and get fucked by a cock the size of an 8 inch dildo. I went back to my car, but was oddly tingly down in my pussy. I put my hand between my legs and rubbed my clit through my slacks. This wasn't good enough, I unzipped my pants and put my hand down there. I was in my own little world. As I finger fucked myself, I was fantasizing about Jimmy sucking that beautiful black cock. I made myself cum, but continued stroking and fucking myself. I was determined to make myself cum again, but when I opened my eyes I saw a woman standing at my side window watching me. I pulled my hand out of my pussy and put it on the steering wheel. I was totally embarrassed, but she just leaned down and said, "It's okay, honey. Why don't you let me help you." Without another word she walked around and got in the passenger's side. I was in shock. She leaned over and kissed me, probing my mouth deeply with her tongue. I responded, and when she put her hand under my blouse and tweaked my nipple I gave in. "Oh, yes, make me cum," I said. She did. Three times.

We sat up and chatted about our cheating fucking faggot husbands, and agreed to meet here every time our husbands went out for the evening. He never found out, and never knew I watched him suck other men's cocks any chance he got. I've branched out, and have fucked at least 12 other women, and look forward to many more. And if he ever finds out... too fucking bad!


Submitted: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 15:20:41 GMT

I told her I got there so she would examine it damm that felt nice hand going all over cock and balls and me getting hard. She started to pull away then she asked does it hurt more here on balls or here on dick. I told her they both hurt but dick hurt more she examined balls she asked any pain I couldn't tell her it was all pleasure so I said not too much more towards the tip of my penis she took it turned it around side to side and she asked any pain lower I said it goes from bottom to top she then rubbed from bottom to top asking does that feel better I kept getting harder as she rubbed , I was about to cum when she unbuttoned blouse to show her tits she said this should make you feel better honey. I felt her big 42d tits with o e hand as she rubbed me up and down till I shot my load. She smiled said let me know if it hurts anymore ok mommy will make you feel all better. Let's just say it hurt for awhile and mom kept giving me handjobs with more clothes coming off each time


Submitted: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 00:21:38 GMT

My buddy, David, often went to the X rated theater, and would tell me about all the women there that were eager to suck his cock. I knew my wife wouldn't approve, so I usually told him no. One weekend my wife was visiting her mother, so Dave asked me to go to the theater with him. He assured me that I would get my cock sucked.

We got to the theater and sat on the right side near the middle. I was against the wall, and he was two seats over. The lights went out and the movie started. There were about two dozen men in the theater. I kept waiting for the cock sucking women to show up. The movie started, and to my amazement the first scene was two men kissing. Then one turned over and was ass fucked until they both were spent. Dave was sitting there rubbing his cock. I wasn't too sure about this, but I did notice my cock was not completely soft anymore.

I looked over to the entrance and two women walked in. They milled around a bit, then came over to our section. They sat behind us, and about 10 minutes later I felt a hand on my shoulder, they it rubbed down my chest. "Hi, honey," she said. I nodded to her in acknowledgement. She rubbed her hands up and down my chest a few times, then said, "I know it's dark in here, but I think I see a cock that needs sucked." Dave was right. Even though the movie was a gay movie, this woman was beautiful, and wanting to suck my cock. "Oh, fuck yeah," Dave chimed in. "Don't worry, Lyn will never find out." I gave in and said okay. She came around and worked her way around and past Dave. She knelt down in front of me and undid my zipper. She put her lips around my cock. They were soft and talented. She had me hard in no time. Her friend moved around to our aisle as well. She bent down and started kissing me. I had two women now. "Honey, doesn't that feel good?" she asked. "Oh, fuck yeah," I said. "You like her lips on your cock?" "Oh, yeah," I said. "Does your wife suck you like this?" "Fuck no," I responded.

She talked to me like this for a few more minutes while I was getting closer to cumming. The one sucking my cock was edging me, and at least five times I was on the verge of cumming when she stopped me. I was going out of my mind. My cock was getting worked on, I was kissing a beautiful woman, and was getting my tits and nipples worked on. "I bet that feels so good you want a cock in your mouth, too, don't you?" I was lost in the moment, and shook my head yes.

She stood up and lifted her skirt. She had a cock! I was shocked. I never thought this could be a set-up. She/he stepped closer, straddling the one kneeling down in front of me and pushed his cock up to my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in. I had never sucked a cock before, but was kind of excited to do this. It wasn't long and he started cumming, and I had no choice but to try to swallow it all. I drained him until he was totally spent.

I looked up and saw five more guys around us. As I started to cum in the mouth of the first woman, one of the men stepped over the seat in front of me and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out, and it was huge. He stepped forward and put it up to my mouth. I sucked him until he came in my mouth. The woman sucking me finished and pulled her mouth off of me. She leaned up to me and kissed me, mixing my cum and our saliva. I was fucking lost in the moment. "You want more of this, don't you, honey?" she asked. "Fuck yeah," I replied. "Good. Stand up," she said. I stood, and she undid my pants and pulled them down. "Lean over the seat." I leaned over the seat in front of me, and she sat behind me and started to tongue my ass. This drove me out of my mind. She tongued my asshole for about five minutes, then stood up. Without saying another word, she stepped up to me and shoved her/his cock in my ass. "Oh, fuck," I thought, "she's a man, too.

I started to protest when two guys grabbed my arms from the front and held me down. I couldn't do anything but stand there and take it. After a couple of minutes it actually started to feel pretty good. I relaxed my arms, and the guys holding me let go. I didn't try to get away, but started to fuck him back. Then another cock was staring me in the face. I eagerly took it in my mouth. I felt the guy in me start cumming. This made my cock twitch. Being fucked from both ends now. The guy I was sucking had a huge cock. A lot bigger than mine, and I was having the time of my life. Three more guys fucked me while I sucked this monster cock. The guy in my mouth finally started cumming. I was able to swallow nearly all of his cum. My asshole was dripping with four loads of cum, and I had cum all over my lips and chin. I stood up and the guy I just sucked leaned forward to kiss me. We kissed deep and long, mixing his cum in our mouths. We broke the kiss and he stepped back. I finally noticed it was Dave I was sucking.

The movie ended and we headed home. We went back to his apartment and had a couple of drinks. I didn't know what to say or do. I was a little embarrassed by the evening's events. That all changed, though, as Dave went for another beer and came out of the kitchen totally naked, his cock starting to come back to life. He didn't say anything, but just walked up to me and stood there. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, sucking him until he was rock hard.

"Okay, stud," he said. "You want it in your mouth or your ass?" I didn't have to think too long, but just stood up, dropped my pants, turned around and knelt down. He fucked me for the next hour and managed to cum two more times. What a fucking stud he was. I never even had a clue.

I don't get a lot of sex from my wife these days, but every chance I get I go over and either take Dave's cum in my mouth, or my ass, and sometimes in both. Now, all I can say is, "Fuck, man, I love your cock."


Submitted: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 01:22:44 GMT

I remember the first cock I ever sucked. I was a married marine heading back to my unit after a week's leave. We were stuck at the airport for the night, so I decided to go for a walk. On the way back to the hotel a man in a pink cadillac (no joke) stopped and offered me a ride. I told him where I was staying, and he said he owned the bar in the basement of the hotel. When we were almost to the hotel he said, "You ever had a man suck your cock?" I told him no. He said if I came down to the bar later he'd buy me a drink.

About 8 o'clock I wandered down to the bar. He was mixing drinks, and ushered me to a table in the corner. He gave me a strong rum and coke and asked if I was ready to get my cock sucked. I said no. He kept bringing me drinks, and after each one he asked if I wanted my cock sucked. I noticed that my dick was hard most of the night, and after about six drinks, I thought, "What the fuck, why not?" I told him okay, and he said to go up to my room and get undressed.

A few minutes later he walked in and locked the door. He didn't say anything, but just pulled me to the end of the bed and knelt down between my legs. He took my cock in his mouth. This was the first time another man sucked my cock. He was good. He took my entire cock into his mouth and gave me the blowjob of my life. He sucked me so hard at one point that the base of my cock was bruised for a week. When I was about ready to cum I grunted and said that I was cumming. He clamped his lips around my cock, and at the same time shoved a finger up my asshole. What a fucking rush. I came harder than ever. He swallowed my entire load and kept sucking until I was totally spent. He got up to leave and I said, "I've never tried it before, but can I suck your cock?"

He got undressed and laid on the bed like I had, and I knelt between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. I loved it. There's something about having something that big filling my mouth. He kept playing with my cock with his foot and saying, "Does sucking my cock make your dick hard?" I had to admit it did. He asked me if I wanted to swallow. I hadn't thought about it before now, but I just shook my head yes. He said to shove my finger up his ass as far as I could. I did, and he started cumming. He had big nuts, so he carried a lot of cum. I was a trooper, though, and swallowed every drop. I even sucked him dry like he did me.

I have sucked dozens of strange men since then, and have come to really like the big, fat guys with a small to medium cock. Now, every Friday I'm either trolling for cock or on the net looking, and to this day I have loved sucking cock. Too bad my wife won't....


Submitted: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 23:07:04 GMT

My 44 year old wife is pretty good looking. She gets lots of comments on how young she looks. I know it makes her blush, but I also know she enjoys the compliments. She has a friend, Alyce, who is a fucking knockout. Everything about her body is about perfect, and her nipples often poke out through her blouse. She knows I look, but it doesn't seem to bother her. Her husband, Harley, is an asshole. Never anything good to say, and seems to boss Alyce around a lot.

Anyway, one day at a barbecue at their house, Harley cornered me outside. "Hey, what would you say if I told you I want to fuck your wife?" "Hey, honey," I called over to Linda, "Come here a minute." "What the fuck?" Harley demanded. I ignored him. "Honey, Harley says he wants to fuck you. What do you think?" "I don't know," she said. "How big is his cock?" That floored me. She wasn't drunk enough to say that, but she did. "Well," she said, "Let's see it, big boy." To my surprise, Harley unzipped his pants and pulled out his half-hard cock. It was at least two inches longer than mine. "Honey," she said as she grabbed his cock. "This is a cock!"

"Tell you what," she said to the both of us. "If Terry will suck you and swallow your cum, I'll let you fuck me." I was flabbergasted. Never had she talked like this before. "Deal," he said. He grabbed my wrist and started to drag me toward the house. "Wait a minute. Don't I get a say in this?" I asked. They both responded, "No" at the same time. He was much bigger and stronger than me, and had a grip on my arm that I couldn't release. He pulled me into the living room. As soon as we got into the house he pulled my arm behind my back, and out of nowhere seemed to produce a pair of handcuffs. He slapped them on me before I could protest, and now I'm standing there with my hands cuffed behind my back. "Strip him," he told Linda. She proceeded to undo my belt and pants and drop them to the floor. Then she dropped my underwear. I was standing there in only a polo shirt. "Now me," he ordered, and Linda did the same for him.

"Okay, faggot," he said to me. "Here's what's gonna happen. She's gonna give you a command, and every time you disobey you get this." He slapped me across the cheek. "Fuck you," I said, and turned toward the door. He grabbed the cuffs and pulled me back. "Get on your knees," she said. "No," I responded. Smack, right across the cheek. "Get on your knees." "NO," I said as sternly as I could. Smack. It was really starting to hurt. "Get on your knees," she gently said again. He raised his hand to hit me again, and I lowered myself to my knees. He walked up to me and put his cock right in front of my face. "Suck him," she commanded. I shook my head no, and he slapped me as hard as he could, then a second time. My eyes welled up a bit. "I forgot to tell you," he said. "Second command, second slap. Third command, third slap." I was scared by now. "You gettin' the picture?" I lowered my eyes and shook my head slightly. "Suck him," she said again. I gently leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him for about five minutes. Alyce was standing behind Linda watching. This was humiliating.

I glanced up and saw Alyce put her hand around Linda and cup her breast. Neither one of them said a word. Alyce whispered something in her ear. "Okay. Now lick his asshole." Harley pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was standing straight out now, and huge compared to mine. "That's too much," I pleaded. He reached down and slapped me three times. My cheek was burning and I was crying now from the pain. "Just so you'll be prepared, honey, you're gonna rim him until I tell you to stop, then he's gonna fuck you." I started to protest. "And you'll do it, or you'll get beat until you beg him to fuck you." Harley turned around and got on his hands and knees and lifted his ass in the air. Linda just pointed, and I had no choice but to scoot forward and start licking his asshole. It was clean enough, so it didn't taste bad. While I was rimming him, Linda knelt behind me and started to play with my asshole. She smeared something slippery on my ass and pushed a finger in. I cringed. I had never had anyone put anything in my asshole before.

She began to finger fuck me while I continued to lick his asshole. I glanced over, and Alyce had her hand between her legs with her legs spread apart. I felt my cock twitch, then twitch again from watching her. "Hey, Harley," Linda said, "One of us is making his cock hard." She laughed at that, then said it was time. I told her I couldn't do it, but I was still cuffed, so I couldn't even fight either of them off. Lightning quick, he turned around and slapped me four times hard. It hurt so much the tears were flowing now. "Look at the little pussy bitch," he said, "crying like the sissy that he is." Linda whispered to me, "put your face in the carpet and lift your ass up." I knew better than to disobey, so I did it. Harley moved around the back and knelt between my legs. In one motion, he shoved his giant cock in my ass as far as it would go. I yelled in pain. He pulled out, then did it again. It hurt so bad I thought he was splitting me in two. After about the fifth time, he stayed in, and told me to relax.

It took a while, but I was finally able to relax enough to stop the pain. He slowly started to fuck me, and after a few more minutes I started to fuck him back. I felt my cock twitch. "Fuck," I thought, "Am I really enjoying this?" About that time Linda told me to turn over. I laid down on my back and He pushed my knees up toward my chest a bit. He pushed his cock back in my asshole and began to fuck me again. "Does that feel good, honey?" she asked me. I had to admit it did. She started to comment on my cock growing. Soon it was as hard as it could get. I started to fuck him back each time he thrust in. Then Alyce, totally naked by this time, straddled my face with her cunt and leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. I licked her for about eight seconds and I started cumming. Being fucked and sucked while I was cumming was totally awesome. This was the most intense orgasm I ever had. Alyce didn't miss a beat, but swallowed it all, then kept sucking me until I was hard again.

Harley pulled his cock out of my ass and Linda wiped it off. Alyce got off of me and Harley knelt down, straddling my chest. Linda told me to suck him. I was glad to do it this time. As he stuck his cock in my mouth, I felt a large, cold object enter my asshole. I couldn't see, but I knew it was Linda with a strap-on fucking me. She was stroking my cock as well. She fucked me for about 10 minutes, and between being fucked, stroked, and sucking Harley's cock I couldn't hold it any longer and came a second time. It wasn't much, but it was intense. Then Harley told me to hold still, and as I put my lips around the head of his cock he started cumming. I had never tasted cum before, but I was still so fucking horny I was eager to take it. It wasn't bad, and I managed to swallow most of his load. He kept his cock in my mouth until he was totally spent, then pulled out.

Linda cleaned us off with a towel, then they undid my cuffs. I was happy, but humiliated. "That was good," she said. "And, just so you know, I'll be fucking Harley from now on, and he'll be fucking you." I just put my head down and whispered, "Okay." "Good," she said, "now get home and get to work on the dishes. I had to go home half undressed, but I learned it is better to obey than to get hit, and we've been like this ever since.


Submitted: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 00:03:44 GMT

One night my sister came home from a night out with her girlfriends. She was probably around 22 and I was much younger. I was horny in my bed and I knew she had been drinking. I heard her go into the restroom and I knew she was going to shower soon. I waited a few minutes and gave her time to get her clothes off. She turned on the water and I walked into the bathroom. I asked her if I could come in and use it real quick. She wrapped herself in a towel and let me in.

I started small conversation, went to the restroom real quick and washed my hands. I turned around to give her a goodnight hug and she wrapped her arms around me and held me for a bit. The towel fell off her backside and I grabbed her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks. She pulled back and kissed me and I French kissed her mouth. I slid my hands up to her breasts and felt her tits as I made out with her. The towel dropped down and I sucked on her left nipple. She fought me for a second and then relaxed as she let me suck on it and rub her other titty. I was nervous and after sucking for a little while she pulled back and I really didn't know what to do next.

She kind of froze too and grabbed the towel and I hugged her real quick and left. I went back to my room with the biggest hard on and masturbated, shooting my cum past my head on the first quirt. This was the start of some future fooling around that we did throughout our lives. She still lives near me and I see her on a frequent basis. Just thought I would tell this story on here as I would never tell this to anyone in real life.


Submitted: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 17:33:05 GMT

My husband got us a porn movie reently and it was about dogging truckers. I told him I wanted to do it and he said OK. I dressed in a skirt and a knit top and we drove on the interstate until we arrived at one of those trucker rest stops and I went and sat on a picnic table and pulled my top up and exposed my breast. I had no panties on and a trucker got out of his cab and came over and started playing with me and he put his hand down between my legs. We kissed some and then I walked over to the car and he followed me. I opened the door and leaned over the seat with my bottom up and he entered me,,,he unloaded and I went back to the table and started flashing again and a black driver came over with his son. Same thing happened and we ended up at the car with both doing me. I decided I had enough so we left. I want to do it again.