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my Daughter got a divorce, about a year ago. she is my step daughter and hot as hell i have always wanted to fuck her. I came home from work one day and dans car was in the drive. I went in and they were up stares fucking . I just walked in and saw what they were doing. my wife hates Dan. so they knew they were in some trouble. they both ask me not to tell Lisa about this and that they wanted to get back together. I told them I would keep it to myself if they would play along. they both said they would do anything. I told my daughter I would be back in a few min. then i went to shower. when I returned they were dressed so i told my daughter I wanted to see her tits (she has great tits) it took some talking but she pulled up her top and let me see them. as you can guess things just took off. I couldent stop I had to have her. after I had fucked her and filled her sweet cunt with my cum i told Dan he had better lick it out so I dident knock her up. he did as i told him. sucking my daughters cunt nice and clean. the next day when I got home my daughter told me that she was going to tell her mom about her and Dan. and what I had done. I told her she will need to look at a video I have first. then the blackmail started. I have used her almost every day since that time and her now hubby as well making them both serve me. I love doing this to them both and they are starting to like it too.




Shortly after my boobs started to show my older brother would stare at them. He said they were perky. After a couple of years they were nicely shaped and I had fairly large nipples. Now and again he would put his hand on my ass, and then started to rub up and down. I didn't push him away. One day when our parents were gone I was in the kitchen washing the dishes when I felt his hand on my ass. This time, though, he rubbed between my ass cheeks and his hand moved down and under. I felt his hand rub my pussy. It felt good, so I spread my legs a little bit, giving him better access. His other hand wrapped around and landed on my tit. He didn't go much farther before he left. But, just before he took his hands off of me he said, "You know, sis, you make my cock so fucking hard."

The next morning before anybody was up he came into my room. He had a robe on, and when I opened my eyes he opened his robe. He was standing right in front of me, his cock staring me right in the eye. "Suck it," he said. I had never even seen a boy's cock, let alone put one in my mouth. "Suck it or I'll tell dad you suck all the guys in your school." That scared me, so when he moved a little closer his cock was right at my mouth. I opened my mouth a little and he put the head of his cock between my lips. It was very soft. I never imagined it would be like this. He slowly started to fuck my mouth, and I felt my pussy start to itch. I moved my hand down between my legs and started to rub my pussy.

I was making myself cum while he fucked my mouth. This was fucking fantastic. I was masturbating and sucking my brother's cock at the same time. I had my eyes closed and was really into it when I felt him start to cum. I had no idea his cock could squirt like that. Surprisingly I liked the taste. He filled my mouth and I swallowed every bit of his jizz. "Oh, fuck, sis. Your mouth is fucking awesome." He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him clean. He closed his robe and left my room. I thought about his cock all day. Mom and dad went out for dinner that afternoon. I was watching tv when he came into the living room. He stood in front of me, saying nothing. I really wanted to suck him again, so I reached out and unzipped his pants. "You really want this, don't you?" he asked. I shook my head yes and fished his cock out. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth.

This time he just stood there and let me do all the work. I instinctively worked my lips up and down his cock, sometimes licking it and sometimes sucking it. He lasted a bit longer this time, and I was ready for him to cum in my mouth. "I'm gonna cum," he said, leaving me the choice to take my lips off or keep sucking. I kept sucking and he started cumming. I sucked him until he stopped cumming, then sucked him until he finally pulled out.

I didn't want to admit it, but I was hooked almost immediately. I started to seek opportunities to suck his cock, and when he went off to college I started looking for any boy who would let me suck him. And to this day I'm addicted to cock.




I have 3 son's all within 6 years of each other and from the time they entered high school until now, I've had sex with the majority of their friends on numerous occasions separately.

Friends Dad's and some school faculty have also used me..

Slut Wife and Mom in Utah County Utah.




My older brother started fucking me when I was just 8. I realized I was being sexually abused only when I was 13.

I'm 22 and he still rapes me so bad that I end up with sore boobs and a sore pussy. But, I also enjoy it so I don't want to stop him.

He has also made me fuck his friends. 13 of them, to be exact. At first, he started with inviting them one by one but now, he makes me have group sex with them. He throws a party and mom the piece of attraction in it. I have to serve them alcohol and smoke, all naked and they take turns fucking me or sometimes fuck me together. I really enjoys though I know that it's bad. But it all feels so damn good. They usually come to a deal with fucking me. They all offer my brother loads of presents in exchange to letting them fuck me. So, I'm basically a prostitute and I'm proud of it




My wife of 14 years and two daughters is a lovely Irish girl, naïve and sexy beyond her realization.

She has dirty blond hair and beautiful Irish eyes. She has perfect breasts and beautiful smooth Irish skin.

She was a virgin when I married her and she never had know another man than me until it happened.

Her step father called her "succulent" when she complained about bug bites. She told me her Gyno told her she had a "beautiful" pussy. I guess he wanted to fuck her but she was to naïve to understand the reason for the less than professional language.

My friend since middle school lusted for her. She didn't realize it. they were just a very good friend, he and his wife. I knew what he was thinking on those occasions that he would steal a feel of her ass or her tits, helping her in the boat after a skiing session. The teasing that went on every night at the cabin in the mountains with the lake. Just innocent adult fun? I was not sure I just knew his wife seemed to be perfectly comfortable with his constant teasing of my naïve wife with his comments containing sexual connotations. My wife never knew. She remained the constant sexy innocent and most desirable fuck in our social circles.

The cabin. His wife and I down to the little town for groceries, a two hour jaunt at the very least. My wife and him, with his constant erection pushing out thru his shorts, as my wife and I had actually discussed. She wanted me to guess it's size. I flirted with her imagination by telling her that I was sure, from not only his constant bulge but from actually seeing him naked in the shower for brief moments, that he had to be at least eight or nine inches when fully erect. I knew that fascinated her though she pretended to have little interest.

I gave it all a lot of thought over time and decided that I was sexually aroused by the idea and would allow it to happen under the right circumstances as long as she went along with it.

We returned from the grocery. She was reserved, red faced and not all together. I just knew he had fucked her. I got hard thinking about it. I envisioned her on her back on the one bed in the two bed room we two couples shared. I imagined him on top of her. maybe resisting a little but slowly succumbing to his growing control over her body with exploring fingers and mouth, knowing he had her to himself for at least two hours.

They went to bed. My wife and I retired to the front porch and the swing for one more drink. A little cuddling and a few kisses and I asked. "Did you fuck him?" She was shocked in a theatrical way. Speechless and then stuttering and then angry and then surrender."I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen". I kissed her knowing his lips had been there just an hour a go. My erection grew. I pretended anger and insisted on details. She, unfortunately does not possess the gift of gab and was unable to describe the juicy details I wanted. She did have the presence of mind to realize that I was very much arouse by it all and it was her turn to be angry. I was supposed to be the angry protecting husband. She accused me of being a part of the plot to seduce her. I took the path of least resistance and began to feel her up and suck at her chest and tits. She succumbed to my advances and the whole thing became a sex fest.

I know she was at least a little aroused by the idea of sharing her sexual adventure with her hubby and was not doubt reliving the sensations of the that first moment when that strange penis entered her, filling her like she had never been filed before. He was, after all, at least twice my girth and half again as long.

Long story short, in the very first moment they had in privy again she told him that I was aware of what had happened.

I am sure he took that information and considered the possibility that since I had not so much as raised my voice to him, I approved. He had an open field.

It was during the progress of the relation ship between all four of us that very evening that I realized that his wife was in on the seduction. It seemed that it may have very well been a hobby of theirs, seducing fresh naïve pussies, maybe cocks.

Full bellies, lights turned down, second and third strong drinks in hand. Me on the sofa with his wife, chatting. He and my wife sharing the carpet in front of us. I don't remember the details or exactly what was said or how the pattern evolved. I just know there was teasing and touching and egging on by his wife and me as the two of them entangled themselves in pretend wrestling and pretend removal of clothes. My wife in a thigh length sun dress and he in his shorts left little to deal with.

I remember the shock of feeling her hand on my thigh. It was first a pat and a sort of consoling gesture between two comrades. It became sexual when her fingertips touched my erection thru the material of my shorts and stayed there. I sort of went blind and failed to see the progress my friend was making with my sexy wife.

I heard and felt the zipper coming down. I leaned back and closed my eyes, and covered my ears with my arms over my head. See no evil, do no evil, hear no evil. When I did peak, cause by the sudden absence of her now caressing fingers, sliding up and down my shaft, I realized his wife, had abruptly gone to the wall and dimmed the lights to the point where it was near dark in the room. I took the time to peer thru the darkness to where my wife was now on her back, her sundress pulled to her waist and him laying beside her, his back to me and with his hand, as it appeared to be, between her legs.

I was terribly embarrassed that someone would catch me leering at my own wife being fondled by another man. My anxiousness was relieved by the return of his wife and her immediate attention to my now painful erection.

I heard the shifting of bodies. I felt the smoothness of her female finger massaging my cock. I almost passed out when her fingers were replaced with her wet hot lips and her mouth taking me in.

At the same time the noise. The noise of fucking. He was in her and fucking her, my wife. I pumped my hips into my cocksucker's face in sync with the sounds of her, my sweet naïve wife, getting thoroughly fucked. Thorough I knew because I had never herd the sounds she was making before. I exploded, one, two, times as she sucked me dry. She, my wife, exploded in a shuddering surrender to a whole new measure of sexual pleasure. He exploded in a deep and thrusting fulfillment of his newest conquest of innocent pussy. Our new life had begun.




I'm a 22 year old girl and stay with my mom and I'm usually horney. So, whenever I'm home alone, I pull the window curtains and take off my clothes and be like that until mom returns. I spent the entire day, masturbating, watching porn, reading sex stories.

These days, I sleep next to my mom and I have developed sexual feelings for her. As it is summer, I get an excuse to sleep in just panties. I have tried fondling her boobs and pussy while she is sleeping. I try to hold her tits and pussy but she resists in sleep. I'm scared to make any further moves. I'm thinking of doping her drink and fucking her while she sleeps.

One day it so happened that I was home alone all naked and decided to booze. There was a bottle of brandy from which I drank two pegs. Little did I know that it could do so much wonders. I ran all over the house like crazy and starting dancing to music like an animal. I got tired and lied there. I kept tripping all over the floor and lied wherever I could for the next couple of hours. I woke up to hunger and didn't want to eat like a normal human. So, I decides to spill cookie chunks all over the house and eat those bits like a dog. It was heavenly. I cleaned up eat bit lying on my shoes, on door mats, on bathroom floor and the dirtiest corners of the house, all with my mouth. I felt thirsty and so, spilled water over the floor and slurped it like a dog. I had no idea that I would be doing such a thing in my life. I slept all day and woke up only when my mom was home and kicked my pussy, seeing me lying naked in the middle of a messy house. She knew everything at once and pulled me by my hair and said that she's going to teach a lesson. If I liked being a dog so much, she's going to treat me like that from now on, she said. For me, it was like a dream come true.

She made me clean up the floor with my mouth and made me sleep at the door all naked, that night.

The next day, she got me a collar, a leash and dog food. She showed me the place where we leave our footwear and said that was going to be my place. She immediately put the collar around my neck and put some dog food over the floor. I wasn't provided a bowl either but hey, that is the best part. She said I was not allowed to talk but just bark to convey any msg which I sincerely agreed by barking. For the next week, my routine was to wake up and eat the food on floor, (she also fed me the leftovers from her dinner) drink water from the tap, fetch newspaper from my mouth and bark whenever she expected a reply from me.

There was a change after a week. I was supposed to be a maid as well as a dog. I was not allowed to wear a single piece of cloth.I was supposed to wake up early, sweep and mop the floor, do the dishes, wash clothes and make coffee for her. After she drank it, she used to pee on my face. Then, she would go to take a shit and I was supposed to clean her ass with my bare hands when she was done. Now comes my doggy part. I was supposed to clean her shoes by licking them, fetch her socks with my mouth and lie down on the floor so that she could keep her feet on my boobs while she watched TV. After she had peed evrytime, I was supposed to clean her pussy by licking it up. This went on for a month and those were the best days of my life. She then said that she has hoped that I have learnt a lesson and needed to behave ever since. Now, I have no guts to tell her that I actually loved all that and I wanted to fuck her. I hope this wish too, is fulfilled soon




For years Jeremy, my wife, and I hung around together. Then he moved to another state. It was a shock when we learned he came out of the closet. We tried not to look at home any differently, but it was a shock. A couple of years later he came to town for a business trip.

He invited me to his motel one night for a couple of beers. We caught up as we drank, and we were both a little tipsy. "So," I asked, "How did you decide you were gay?" He chuckled a little. "Well, a guy I knew invited me over for some beers, and at one point asked if I ever got my dick sucked by a man. One thing led to another and we ended up sucking each other's cocks and eventually I let him fuck me."

We drank a little more, and all of a sudden he says, "So, you ever get your dick sucked by another man?" He was rubbing his cock as he asked. I just shook my head no. He got up and stood in front of me. He quickly dropped his pants and I was staring at his cock. "Does this get your dick hard?" he asked. I felt myself blush. He stepped out of his pants and knelt in front of me. "Here. Let me show you." He undid my pants and fished my cock out. He bent over and took me in his mouth. Surprisingly he was getting my cock hard. He could tell I was enjoying is, so he pulled my pants off. I didn't protest.

His lips were soft, and when his hands moved up and started playing with my nipples I got even harder. He stopped and let me relax a little, then started all over again. He said this was called 'edging.' He edged me for a good half hour. When he went back down on me I felt his hand reach down and cup my nuts and gently roll them. Then he started rubbing my prostate under my nuts. "Oh, fuck, that feels good," I told him. As he sucked me his hand slowly worked its way under me and a finger found my asshole. He circled it a few times, wet his finger with his spit and gently pushed his finger in past my sphincter. He finger fucked me as he continued to suck me. What a fucking rush. I felt my nuts tighten and I thrust forward. "Just let it go," he said. I did. I started cumming and he started swallowing. Every fucking drop. When he was done I was as clean as when he started.

This was the greatest blowjob I ever had. He finally pulled his mouth off of my cock and stood up. He just stood there. His cock was about half hard. He didn't say anything. I stared at his cock for a few seconds, and almost hypnotically I bent forward and took him in my mouth. After a minute he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat on the couch with his legs spread a bit. I knelt between them and took his cock back in my mouth. I never thought that sucking another man's cock could be so exciting. I was lost in my own little world. I didn't edge him, but just kept sucking. I couldn't get enough. Without any warning he started to cum. It took me by surprise. I decided to try to swallow it all. I got most of it with a bit dribbling back out of my mouth. I continued to suck him until he was totally spent, then took my mouth off. When I stood up he pointed out that my dick was almost hard again.

He said his dick gets hard, too, when he is sucking a nice, big cock. Then he said, "And that, my friend, is how I knew I was gay."