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I was having a smoke last night (22Aug2017) around 1am. I saw this group of kids walking on the street dribbling a basketball, 5 of them around 13-14yo (I'm guessing here) never seen them before. They stop for a minute at the start of my neighbors drive and the porch light flashes, the wife come out, the boys walk up and she hugs them and then fucking kisses one and they go inside. My jaw hits the fucking floor and I drop my cigarette, I sat on my porch and waited....they left at 3:42 exactly. The husband I've only spoke to in passing and he works nights at a distro center, He's late 40's and she's early to mid 30's. I haven't told anyone and I've been wondering what to do.




After 20 years of marriage our sex life was quite stale. My wife said she noticed that I had been acting strange for a while and that I needed counseling. After some heated debate I finally agreed and she set me up with 6 appointments with a guy about 20 miles away. I was reluctant but had her drive me. She stayed in the car while I went in to meet him. He worked out of his home and had a nice office. He let me in and locked the door.

After some small talk I told him my wife talked me into seeing him. After making some excuses why I had been acting a little strange he sensed I was hedging around my real issue. After he assured me that this was all confidential and he couldn't even tell my wife about our conversations I finally told him that I've found I like sucking cock. This took him back a little but he pressed on and asked how it started. I gave him my story. I was out of town for a few days staying at a motel with a bar attached and the first night after dinner I went for a few drinks. The bar was nearly empty and the bartender was a big fat guy who said he owned the bar. He sat and we chatted a bit. He offered to buy me a drink and when he came back with it he asked if I ever had my cock sucked by a man. I told him no but after each drink he brought me he asked if I wanted him to suck my cock. After about six drinks I was pretty drunk and decided I would see what it was like so I told him yes.

He came to my room a few minutes later and had me strip. He laid me on the bed and pulled me down so my ass was hanging off the end. He knelt down and started to suck me. It was the best blowjob I'd ever had and as I was about to cum he shoved his thumb up my asshole. I came harder than ever and he took every drop. I was so turned on I offered to suck his cock. He stripped and I mimicked what he did to me. When he came he filled my mouth to overflowing but I swallowed as much of his cum as I could. I loved it.

The next night he showed up with a 12-pack. We drank for a while and he stripped. His belly was huge and I doubt he could see his own cock. He sat back in the chair in the motel room and I knelt before him. He had me strip while I sucked him. My cock got hard and neither of us had even touched it. Be came in my mouth again and I swallowed it all. He had me keep sucking until he was hard again then he had me lay on the bed like the night before. He pulled my ass off the end of the bed and after sucking me for about five minutes his mouth moved down to my nuts, then down to my asshole. He tongue fucked my ass and after a couple of minutes he stood up. He pulled my legs up and I felt him shove his cock in my ass. It was a little painful but he was gently. He ended up fucking me for the next half hour and came inside my ass.

As I recalled this story my counselor was listening intently. I looked down and noticed the outline of his cock through his slacks. "This turns you on, doesn't it?" He said he wasn't gay. I said, "Neither was I until that guy sucked my cock. How about letting me suck your cock?" He declined, saying it wouldn't be proper to do anything like that. The next week I drove myself and made sure my cock was hard before I went in. I could see he noticed right away and I stroked it off and on as I relayed more stories of my cock sucking and ass fucking. By the end of the session his cock was almost as hard as mine. Again I offered to suck his cock and he said no. "But you're thinking about it, aren't you?" He seemed embarrassed by my forwardness. "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody," I said. He still declined.

The third session was more of the same and I almost had him. I told him that men who like cock will take it all in their mouth and take all the cum he could give and he would never get that kind of service from a woman. The fourth week I went to see him in only my gym shorts and a t-shirt. My cock was tenting my shorts when I walked in. It's not that big but it's enough to make my shorts stick out a little bit. As soon as he locked the door and turned around I was standing in front of him with my gym shorts on the floor and my cock sticking out. I put a hand out and grabbed his cock through his pants. He started to move my hand away but then dropped his arms to his sides. I knelt down and unzipped him. I fished his cock out. He was a large fat man like the first guy but had a nice cock. He had a hood that covered most of the head and I put my mouth on it and moved his foreskin back. I started to gently suck him. When I had him hard I told him to sit down and pull his pants down. He did and I knelt in front of him and took his stiff cock back in my mouth. It was much bigger than mine and he enjoyed every minute of me sucking him. He said he was gonna cum so I clamped my lips around the head and played with his asshole as he shot his load into my mouth. Instead of pulling off I kept sucking and 10 minutes later he was hard again. I bent over his desk and told him to fuck me. His cock was still slippery as he stood behind me and shoved his cock into my ass. I was able to take him all the way in me. I told him to fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted. He started out slow but by the time he was ready to cum he was pounding me like a jack hammer. He came in my ass and I felt it ooze out and down onto my nuts.

He fucked me each of the next two weeks and I signed up for six more sessions. By the time those sessions were over I had him sucking my cock and taking every fucking drop and twice I fucked him in the ass. I'm not sure if I was cured but my wife noticed that every time I went to see him I came back a little happier. She never did find out why and has no idea that every Friday night I'm at his place getting my ass filled with his gorgeous cock and we have made it a regular thing. His wife thinks we're in session but has no idea he's in the next room getting fucked and fucking like she never could.




As I was working from home one day, I was taking a break from reading a company manual and decided to look at some porn and relieve myself. I had my cock out stroking in while watching this sexy blonde taking a massive BBC in her ass on my computer screen. As I watched that big cock disappearing over and over again into her I found myself thinking about the cock and how it would feel inside my ass.

I have always considered myself straight, but I have let a few guys suck my cock during a couple of 3-sums that I have been in. I even stroked one of the guys off, but I had never thought about how a cock would feel inside my ass until that day. As I thought about it, my mind even wonder to what it would be like to suck that BBC. I started thinking about all of the times I was having my cock sucked and the person couldn't deep throat me, and was thinking that I could get a cock into my throat.

I found myself closing my eyes and day dreaming about a big hard black cock being shoved down my throat. My cock was the hardest it had ever been as I continued to stroke it.

I looked back at the computer and did a search for bi sexual BBC sucking. The first video I clicked on showed a white guy being spit roasted by two BBCs. I continued to watch as the two black guys pumped away at this white guy who was really enjoying the deep penetration he was receiving from both ends.

It was so hot, I was getting ready to cum. But, just before I shot my load the door bell rang. I pulled my shorts up and went to the door, my hard cock was making my shorts look like a pup tent.

I asked who it was, the guy on the other side said he had a delivery for Mike.

I told him to just leave it on the door step.

He said he needed a signature for the package.

I stood there a minute to let my cock go down, but it wasn't, it stayed hard. So, I pushed it down the best I could and opened the door.

There in my door way was a really nice looking black guy holding a nice size box.

He pushed his way in and went toward the table to set the box down. I tried to stop him but wasn't quick enough. As he sat the box down he saw the porn playing on my computer. It was showing one of the black guys shooting his cum all over the white guys face while the other black guy continued to fuck his ass.

The delivery guy turned toward me, smiled, and looked down at my tented shorts. I was so embarrassed, I didn't know what to say.

He broke the silence by asking me to sign the hand held computer thing. As I signed it he continued to watch the computer screen, and quietly asked if I liked BBC.

Again, I didn't know what to say, but finally managed to get out that I had never had one, but was thinking about it. He didn't say a word, he just put down the computer thing on the table and turned back to me, unzipped his pants, and pulled out a very nice looking BBC. It was soft and was at least 5 inches long. He stroked it a few times and looked at me.

I still don't know why, but I dropped to my knees and took it into my hand stroked it a couple of times and then put the head into my mouth. He moaned and put his hand on the back of my head guiding me onto his cock. I had his entire cock in my mouth when it started growing. It was getting longer and harder every time I took it into my mouth. After a few strokes it was hitting my gag reflex and then started going down my throat. I pushed it all the way in and held it there for a few seconds. When I pulled back I could taste his pre-cum and really liked it.

He put a hand on each side of my head and started to fuck my throat. He was telling me how good I sucked cock and that he would be cumming real soon. I let him fuck my mouth until I felt his cock get tight and he started moaning and saying here it comes. I pulled back off of his cock and he shot the first string of cum on my forehead and nose, in one quick motion I took him all the way back into my mouth and throat and held him there while he continued to pump his seed into my belly. I know how sensitive a cock can be when it is cumming so I didn't move until he was finished filling me up. After his last spasm, I slowly started to suck him again, milking the rest of his cum from his cock. It tasted so good.

After I had sucked out all of his cum and cleaned it all off of his cock, he said thanks that was one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.

I smiled up at him and asked if he had ever fucked a white boy, he said that he hadn't, but on his next delivery to me he would.

After he left I got on Amazon and ordered a bunch of stuff that I don't need, hoping he would deliver it the next day.....he did, but that's another story.




Watching you dance around with that tight little ass feels me with desire. That hot little body that you like to flirt in front of me makes my cock so hard. I dream of you posing for me in you little panties flashing just a little glimps of that wet little pussy.

You are such a flirty little thing.

Show me your body I know you want too.

I want to show you my big cock. "Can I touch it" yes sweet heart. wrap your little hand around my throbbing cock and slowly stroke it.

Now take off your clothes and let me see your naked body. I want to rub my cock on that wet little slit push it in really gently and feel the warmth of you tight cunt.

Now lick it sweet heart and taste your girl juice straight from my cock. Do you like that? Oh yes it taste so sweet.

It feels so hard but soft at the same time.

I want to taste you now. Lay down and open your legs. Let me kiss that sweet pussy.

I know you want it. The way you flirt dance and flash that little body.oozing with sexual thoughts. My little tease.




I travelled out of town to buy porn mags from a village newsagent.The woman who ran the shop was maybe in her sixties ,but had a sexy face and a slightly dated hairstyle which turned me on because it was like a sixties style seen in early glamour mags.I used to get so hard and leakingprecum looking at the mature odel or sexy granny mags ,knowing that she would know what turned me on..My heart was beating fast one day as she looked at the prices of the sexy mags with the lurid covers ,grannies in nylons ..So you like older ladies .she said to me.I could hardly talk ,my voice shaking."What do you like ",she said.I told her I likedthat they were too old for me and that made it so rude ,also I loved ff nylons especially with painted toes showing through thenylon.Oooo,you ae a naughty boy she said.If you want ,she said,you could go in the back and loo at your magazines ,if you want.I couldn,t believeit.When I went through,she said would you like to see my stocking tops?I could hardly breath as she raised her skirt to show her lovely thighs bulging over the taut stretched stockings.he put one foot on a chair ,on tiptoe and made a sexy model pose .I gasped out loud and pulled out mt throbbing dripping cock.She posed and teased ,still fully clothed while I slowly touched my rigid dripping cock..She sat on the couch and kicked off her stiletto and pointed her nylon toes hard .All men like this ,she said as I feasted my eyes on the sole of her nylon covered foot and flexed her leg like a stripper.She pulled her tits up in her bra pouted and stroked her sexy leg ,with the toes still pointed.She said ,come on you naughty boy give aunty joy all your hot spunk ,and I shot my cum high into the air in about six huge pulses ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.The cum lasted so long as she moved slowly ,encouraging me ,with a dreamy look on her heavily made up face.




when i was thirteen i learned about oral sex and craved for someone to do it.. at that time it was summer so some neighbors of mine had left their dog at my home to stay.. i was alone as my mom and dad both were traveling..

So i decided the dog has a tongue and opened up my pussy to him and as soon as he saw it he came closer sniffed it and started licking my pussy. he never went into the G- hole but his hard rough tongue against my clit was awesome it was beautiful.....

once he bit my clit twice and he being a dog and a clit having 8000 nerve ending it hurted like hell it was there almost the full day but the next day when i pulled down my panties he ran over to my pussy with his tail waging and i let him lick it twice and i kept an eye on him not bite my clit

let me tell u females if u have a dog and want an oral sex make him like your pussy and your asshole it feels awesome trust me no man can do of sort oral sex to your clit




it's a bestiality hookup site and it's legit. unfortunately the community is tiny. so i'm spreading the word as much as i can. but no pedo please. i don't want this haven shut down.