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Submitted: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 13:15:15 GMT

My Son was with me when I was shopping for some new perfume. I asked him if he liked an inexpensive one called, "Sunflowers?" As it turned out, he loved it... so I bought it. Little did I know he liked it so much, it was turning him on. After wearing it for a couple of weeks, I guess he couldn't take it anymore. His balls were blue and he needed me really bad. I found him in the kitchen after he just came home from school. I asked him if he had any homework to which he replied he didn't. I told him good, because there is something I wanted him to do. With him behind me, I leaned over the counter, flung my skirt aside, and told him, "I think your going to need a stool for this..." He saw me bent over in my heels waiting for him to get on the stool and take me from behind. My Son didn't hesitate to get on the stool, drop his drawers, and go for it. Of course, I had extra perfume on for him so he could cum really fast and hard.


Submitted: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 00:05:29 GMT

I drive about an hour to work every day. The other day on the way home I was absently playing with my nipple when a semi passed me. There were two in the cab, and the one on my side looked down and saw me playing with my nipple. He mouthed the words, "Suck my cock." He then stuck his tongue out to indicate he wanted to suck me. I shook my head yes, and he mouthed, "Follow us."

I quickly called my wife and told her I would be late. By the time they pulled into the rest area my cock was already getting hard. I pulled into the auto side and walked over to their truck. It was two rather large men in the truck. The guy in the passenger's side was in the sleeper laying there naked. The driver told me to crawl in the back and strip. I did. The guy laying down was playing with his nuts and told me to suck his cock. I knelt on the floor between the seats and took his cock in my mouth. The guy I was sucking turned and sat facing me with me still sucking his cock. He took hold of my hands and pulled them up toward him. At that same time, to my surprise, the driver was kneeling behind me with his cock rubbing up and down my ass crack.

I turned my head and told him I don't fuck. He just laughed, "Listen, bitch. When you're in our truck, you do." My hands were still being held, so I couldn't pull my arms away. I was stuck. I had sucked a few cocks, but never had a cock in my ass. He played with my asshole with his finger and I felt a wet finger being shoved up my asshole. He started to finger fuck me while telling me I better start sucking or I'd never leave the truck. I was scared by now. I gently took the cock back in my mouth while the driver continued to finger fuck me with one, then two, and finally three fingers. It was quite painful. They kept saying things like, "Shut up, you little cunt, and take it like the bitch you are."

He finally pulled his fingers out of my ass and I thought he was done. To my surprise, though, he scooted forward and shoved his huge cock up my ass. It felt like I was being split apart. Then he started to slap my ass cheeks each time he thrust forward. The pain was too much to bear. I started to weep and took my mouth off the cock. The guy fucking me grabbed my ear and twisted. "Keep sucking, cunt," and twisted until I put my mouth back on the cock. Tears were running down my cheeks and snot coming out my nose, but I had no choice but to keep sucking. Within a few minutes he let go of my hands and grabbed my hair. He pulled me nearly all the way onto his cock and started cumming. I had told them I didn't swallow, but they were ignoring me, and I got a mouthful of his cum. I swallowed most of it, and he told me to keep sucking.

Meanwhile I was being fucked by a very large cock. He wasn't slowing down a bit. He seemed to be able to last forever. Once the cock I sucked started to get soft I tried to pull off, but he kept my head on his cock by pulling my hair. "Bitch," he said, "That was really good. Now do it again." I didn't want to, but I couldn't get away. BY this time my ass was numb, so the pain had pretty much subsided. He reached around and started to play with my nipple with one hand and stroking my cock with the other while he continued to fuck me. My cock started to respond. He stroked me until I mumbled that I was gonna cum. He let go of my cock and my nipple, edging me. The guy I was sucking said he was gonna cum. He pulled me on a little more and started to cum again. Another good sized load. At the same time the guy fucking me pulled me back one last time and started to cum as well.

They made me suck the one guy until he was clean, and the guy in my ass wiped himself off on my shirt. They told me to get dressed and get the fuck out. I was humiliated, but thankful to be alive. I was still horny, though, so I had to rub my cock through my pants on the way home until I blew a huge load of cum in my shorts.

"Fuck," I thought, as I got close to home. I'm full of cum and have to walk in the house. Again, I just said, "Fuck," as I walked in the back door and headed straight into the bathroom...


Submitted: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 06:38:56 GMT

I just love sucking it


Submitted: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 05:37:20 GMT

When I was 27 I dated a girl who had a 5 year old daughter. I was drinking and doing coke all the time back then. The girl would leave her daughter with me while she went to work. I would bathe her and rub her pussy and clit while doing so. I could tell she liked it. She would lie on top off me and grind her crotch up and down against my leg. I ignored it at first but one day while extremely high she started again.This time I scooped her up and took her to the bedroom and stripped her naked. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs and proceeded to eat her out. She was loving it. I then pulled out my cock and let her hold it then made her lick it up and down the shaft. I had her suck on the head and 69ed her.I then got some lube and had her climb on top of me and placed my hard cock between her legs with her butt cheeks wrapped around my haft and proceeded to pump her little body like it was a pussy till I shot my load. She thought I peed on her. I then cleaned her up and made her promise to never tell. After that day the first thing she would do when her mother left was to take off her pants and have me eat her out. I finally popped her cherry when she was 7 and we fucked daily till she was 9 when me and her mom broke up. She moved far away and I never heard from either of them till 12 years later when my exes mother died and they came back to town. At 10 pm I heard a knock on the door and opened it to a beautiful young lady. I asked if i could help her and she walked by me into my house and said I could start by eating her pussy the way I used to do. My little slut had all grown up but she never forgot the who made her cum the hardest.


Submitted: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 23:56:23 GMT

I like to sit in my recliner and watch porn. I usually sit there playing with my nipples until I get horny enough to jerk off, since my wife rarely wants sex anymore. She has no problem with me doing this. The other day after work I was sitting in my chair playing with my nipples when I heard the door open. She must be home, but I had no inclination to stop.

I heard footsteps behind me, and when she put her hands on my shoulders and rubbed down to my nipples I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. Then she laughed. It wasn't her, but our next door neighbor, Debbie. "What the fuck?" I said.

Debbie was ugly and fat. She had a very large nose and fat fingers. I started to get up, but she just said, "Don't worry, Lana's not home." For some reason that made sense, so I just closed my eyes and let her play with my nipples. She played with them a bit, then moved her hands down to my belly. I felt my cock twitch. She noticed and moved around to the front of me. She knelt between my legs, and undid my pants and took them off. She had me drape my legs over the arms of the chair. I was totally exposed to her with my cock getting harder by the second. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me. She was really good. I figured I could overlook her ugliness if she could suck a cock like that. She was able to deep throat me - something Lana could never do. Then she stopped and squeezed the base of my cock.

"You ever been edged until you begged to cum?" she asked. I told her no, and she chuckled. She sucked me off and on for the next 20 minutes. I was about ready to start begging when she pushed my legs apart a little more and started to lick my asshole. "Oh, fuck," I whispered. This was fantastic! She licked and tongue fucked my ass quite properly. My cock stayed hard this whole time. Then she went back to sucking me, and at the same time shoved one of her short, chubby fingers up my ass. "Oh, fuck," I said again. I had never been ass fucked before, but this was awesome. Sucking my cock and finger fucking me like this was something else.

I couldn't hold out any longer and said, "I'm cumming!" Instead of pulling off she clamped her mouth around the head of my cock and sucked like a vacuum. I started cumming and she started swallowing. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck" I was saying as she took my entire load. She sucked me dry, but didn't take her mouth off of my cock. Instead she put a second finger in my ass and began to finger fuck me a little harder. It wasn't long and my cock started to get hard again.

She sucked me and finger fucked me for another 15 minutes and I started cumming again. She swallowed my entire load of cum again. I was wore out, but she was dutiful in sucking me until I was completely spent and dry. She got up, smiled, and said, "Thanks, honey. I've been waiting a long time to do that." She turned without another word and headed out. Lana never found out, but I'll never make fun of short, fat fingers ever again!


Submitted: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 01:08:35 GMT

When I was in the Marine Corps I was stationed on Okinawa for a couple of years. The first week I was there at the Gym another Marine approached me and asked if I wanted to be in his fraternity, the "Brotherhood of the G." I thought this was intriguing since I had never been in with a group of guys like this before. I told him yes, and he said there was an initiation to go through. I told him I was game.

That Friday night they took me to "Whisper Alley," a street downtown where one could get fucked or a blowjob cheap. They told me there were two things I had to do. One was to get a blowjob from the oldest, ugliest mamasan in the alley. They said the second thing would come later. I walked into the whore house and picked a butt-ugly woman who had to be 80 years old. She took me to a dirty bedroom. She took out her teeth and knelt down and started sucking my cock. It was hard to perform, but I was finally able to cum. She made a mess all over my crotch area with my cum, but that part of the initiation was done.

We went back to the barracks. As soon as we entered my room they told me to strip. This part involved me sucking two of the men and being fucked by the other two. I was hesitant, but they were all much bigger than me, and literally forced me to my knees. "If you scream, we'll fuck you up so bad you'll never finish your tour." I believed them. They forced me to my knees and they all stripped. Two of them stepped in front of me and two behind me. They pulled me up to all fours and one stuck his cock up to my lips and told me to suck him. "You spill one drop and you're out of the 'G'," he said. I knew I was in a world of shit, but I sucked him as well as I could. No sooner did he start to get hard and I felt something cold and wet lube my ass. One of them behind me shoved his cock up my ass all the way. It hurt like a fucker, but I stifles any noise. They were all studs with cocks much bigger than mine. I sucked my guy for about 15 minutes and he said he was gonna blow. He grabbed my head and started cumming. Somehow I was able to take his entire load, and didn't spill a drop. When he was spent he stepped back and the second guy stepped forward.

The guy in my ass took about 25 minutes to cum, and my ass was numb from the pounding. He finally came in my ass and stepped back. By the time the final guy shoved his cock up my ass I had the guy I was sucking hard as a rock. This guy was fucking huge. If I was a woman I would be in love with this cock. The second guy in my ass came within 15 minutes, but the guy I was sucking was a marathon man. He took at least 45 minutes to cum, and when he did it was the biggest cum load I had ever seen. I struggled greatly, but took it all. I really wanted to be part of their group. I sucked him dry. When he pulled out I collapsed on the floor. My ass totally used up and my jaw aching.

It took about five minutes to recover, and they had all left except one guy, the one with the monster cock. He sat on the bed stroking himself, and told me I had to do it again. "Fuck," I though, but dutifully crawled over and started to suck him. It took about 30 minutes, but I was able to make him cum. When he was done he shoved me off and stood up to get dressed. As he was getting ready to leave, I asked, "So, I did all that you asked. Do I get in the club?" "Dude," he said, "There ain't no fucking club. We just wanted to see if you were the cocksucker you looked like." He laughed as he left my room.

"Mother fucker," I said. But I will admit I really enjoyed a nice cock in my mouth, and have been sucking cock ever since.


Submitted: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 22:58:14 GMT

My brother and me (both boys) grew up in the same room. He was a year older than me and a lot bigger. He was a football player and I was in the chess club. I knew he loved me, but he teased me a lot. When he wanted me to do something he would grab my ear and lead me to where he wanted me. As an older teen he jerked off a lot. I would watch him in bed at night stroking his cock. I didn't think he saw me watching him. He used to call me faggot and cumsucker all the time because I was a lot smaller than him.

One night as he was laying in bed jerking off, I was pretending to be asleep and was watching him. All of a sudden he stood up, his rock hard cock standing up, and he walked over to me. "Cunt," he said, "I know you like to watch me. Now it's time to do something about it." "What the fuck you talking about?" I asked. "You're gonna suck my cock and be my new girlfriend." I told him that I wasn't gay and I wasn't going to touch his cock. He reached down and grabbed my ear. He twisted until I was about to yell. "You yell and I'm gonna fuck you up," he threatened. I stifled a yell, but that brought tears to my eyes.

"Look at you, crying like a little bitch," he said. He pulled my head forward and told me to suck him. It felt like he was twisting my ear off, so I opened my mouth and he stuck his cock in. "I'm gonna let go now, and you're gonna treat my cock right." I was afraid not to, so I started to suck him. He hit the back of my throat a few times and I started to gag a little. Then, without warning me he grabbed my ear and held it as he started cumming. I was able to swallow just about all of his cum, but he didn't take his cock out. "I want you to make me cum again," he said. He still had hold of my ear but wasn't hurting me. He started to fuck my mouth as his cock started to get hard again. "Ohhh, fuck, what a cocksucking cunt you are," he said.

He fucked my mouth for about 20 minutes, then said, "I'm gonna cum. Now swallow it all." He did, and I did. I actually enjoyed it enough that my cock was hard. He noticed it, and informed me that I was now his cumsucking cunt whenever he wanted. I sucked his cock hundreds of times over the next two years, and that was the start of my foray into cocksucking, and to this day my cock gets hard when I see another man's cock. I can't get enough cock now, and am truly a cumsucking cunt.