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It all happened one day when I was watching TV. When. I heard moaning coming from the other side of the house. So I went to check it out. When I figured where the sound was coming from I was standing outside of my mom's bedroom. So I opened the door just a little bit and when I looked in her room. There she was completely bare naked laying on her bed with her legs spread wide open as she was fucking her pussy so good and hard just loving it. So I stayed and started watching her. As I was watching her I felt my cock start to get rockhard. So I whipped my cock out and started stroking my huge thick juicy 11" cock while enjoying my mom fuck her holes so good. Well when I jacking it my hand lightly brushed the door. She heard the noise and looked over and saw me standing there with my cock sticking out. But she continued to keep fucking herself so I kept going. A few minutes go by and she looks over at me again as she's moaning loud and smiles at me and she said to me hey baby cum over here mommy needs and loves a massive thick cock. So I walked over to her and she grabbed onto my cock and started stroking it. Then she shoved my cock in her mouth and started suck my cock so good. She then told me to get the fuck on top of her and sit on her face. So, I did she began to suck my balls and work her tongue slowly to my amazing yummy tight asshole and started eating my ass so good as she tonguefucked me so good. Then I shoved my cock down her throat and fucked her mouth real good and I went to down on her and ate her perfect pussy and asshole out til she cummed. Then I got up off the bed and picked her up and bent her over the bed. I then started fucking her so hard til I cummed in each of her holes twice and made her overflow with my cum. Then all of a sudden my sexy busty aunt walked into the house while me and my mom fucking so hard and loud. My mom yells out to me I fuckin love you baby fuck mommy harder so I fucked her even harder. My aunt walks in to see me fucking my mom so intensely. My aunt began to undress and she was loving every second of it. She then grabbed onto me and said it's time for your aunt to suck that cock. As she started sucking me my mom dropped to her knees beside her as they took turns sucking on my cock. After awhile I grabbed my aunt up off the floor and bent her over and fucked her in every one of her holes as she begged me for more and kept demanding me to only cum inside her as she wanted me to knock her up. As this was gonna on my mom was eating my ass again making it all wet. She then threw on her strap on and started to fuck me so good while I had my dick deep inside her amazing tight pussy and fucking her with a huge fat dido deep in her ass. She loved it so much. That she called her husband who was my uncle to come over and he did. When he got there he was shocked to what he showed up to. He then took his clothes off and comes up to me with his cock right in my face and says you can Fu k your mom and aunt all you want as long as you suck my big fat cock. So I then shoved my uncles cock in my mouth just loving his cock as I sucked him good, long and really hard til he cummed all in my mouth. He then went behind me as I had my mom by her legs getting ready to fuck her while my aunt sat on her face while my mom ate her holes so good. As I fucked my mom my uncle started eating my ass out til I was ready for his cock. He then shoved his cock nice and slow into my ass. I started moaning non stop saying how much I loved my mom and everything bout her and that I also promised her my cock whenever and where ever she wanted. This all kept going til we all climaxed. Afterwards my aunt and uncle left my mom and I were laying on the bed together cuddling telling each other how much in love we are with each other. So from the day til right now my mom is pretty much my wife and we fuck everyday Atleast twice a day. I have to admit my mom is the best fuck I've ever had same with sucking my cock my mom always wins. I'm so madly in love with her as she is with me. P.S. BTW my aunt did get pregnant and me, my mom and my aunt all currently raise our child together.




I was 23 and she was 27 when we met. We dated for nearly a month before any sexual activity took place. Then one night after I pulled into her driveway she gave me a blowjob. My cock is pretty small but that didn't seem to bother her. She didn't swallow that night and when I came I got it on my shirt, my pants and on my car seat.

A couple weeks later we went to a party at her place. There were lots of couples and a few single men at the party. After a number of drinks I was pretty drunk. She said she needed to be alone with me, that I would have the greatest sexual experience of my life. I was pretty horny so I let her lead me to her bedroom. She laid me on my back and strapped my arms to her headboard. I thought this was pretty kinky. She undid my pants and stripped me from the waist down. My little cock was standing straight up. Then she blindfolded me.

A few seconds later my legs were pushed apart and I was getting my cock sucked. I thought this was pretty fucking awesome. I had never been edged before, but my cock was squeezed several times just before I was about to cum. Then my legs were lifted up and my asshole was getting tongued. I thought this woman was phenomenal. Then the first surprise came. I felt someone crawl on the bed and straddle my chest. I opened my mouth to say, "What the?" when I felt a cock being shoved in my mouth. I wasn't gay and had never even thought about sucking a cock. Then I heard her next to me, "I thought we'd start with a little cock first." He pushed his cock in until I was tasting his pubic hair. He had my head in his hands so I couldn't pull off of him. "Don't fight it, honey," she said. "You're gonna love this."

My legs were still pushed up when I felt a sharp pain as somebody else shoved his cock in my ass. I thought, "that's why he was tonguing me, to get me slippery." It was a small cock in my mouth, but felt like a monster in my asshole. I tried to fight it, but being a small guy I had no chance. She kept telling me how much of a good little faggot I was. I was being spit-roasted, and it didn't take long and my cock was at full pole again. The cock in my mouth was small enough to suck the whole thing and I was starting to really get into it. The guy in my ass was actively fucking me and told her he was gonna cum. She said to cum in my ass to keep me lubed for Jimmy. He came buckets and his cum was coming out and running down my ass crack as he pulled out. He got off the bed and I felt another person kneel at my ass. I figured it was Jimmy.

"Slut," she said, "That was a warm up. Jimmy's the stud in this scenario." He shoved his cock in my ass and I nearly exploded from the pain. About that time the guy I was sucking started to cum. I had no choice but to either swallow or choke. I chose to swallow. I found that I really liked it. I sucked him dry, and by the time he was spent my ass accepted the monster cock like I was meant for it. She reached up and untied my arms. I didn't fight it but grabbed the guy's ass and pulled him in closer. I sucked him until he was hard again, then kept sucking until he came a second time. He finally pulled out, and with Jimmy still in my ass I rolled over and got up on my hands and knees. I let him fuck me for the next 20 minutes. He asked me if I wanted him to cum in my ass. I shook my head yes and started to fuck him back. He filled me with more cum than I could imagine.

He finally pulled out of me and walked out. I never got to see who any of them were. She said my cock was too small for a sweet pussy like her and kicked me out of her house. However, I discovered that night that I liked cock more than pussy and have been sucking and fucking ever since. Nine years and counting.




tammy had foster kids in my house. when this black boy name mike came in foster care, he was about 9-10 years old. he was not too good at taking a bath so one time I looked in on him taken a bath he never seen me come in the bath room, when I looked in the tube I seen his dick and was it a dick!!! it was 2-3 inch bigger then my husband's it was 6-7 inch long soft. all the time I keep thinking of his big black dick. my husband got sick and come down with ED. and would not have sex with me. one night about 9pm this was the time my husband would take his pills and get ready for bed. so I ask mike if he would put hand loictio on my feet and rub them, so I when in the bathroom and change my clothes, my night clothes were and old tee shirt with the sleeve's cut out, it was almost see thru. the short's were very big on me you could see up the leg's all the way to my goodies!!! when mike started rubbing my feet I made sure he could see up my short's! I caught him looking there a lot so I keep my legs wide open. after a bit I ask him if he wanted to put oil on my back and rub it? he jump at the chance! when I got up from chair to lay on floor, I seen he was getting a little hard from looking at my body. I turn away from him and pull up my shirt so him could rub oil on my back. in doing so you could see great side view of my 48DD! I ask him to rub my legs first, so when he starting rubbing my legs I open up my legs some so he could get good look at my wet pussy. all the time I keep telling him how good he was at rubbing me! after about ten min. I ask him to stop so I could go to bath room. I went in to see if my husband was a sleep yet? when I came back I could see mike had a hard on! god it was big looked about 10-12 inches long and 3inch across? it had to be 3 time as big as my husband's ??? so I turn down the lights some. then I made it a point to pull up my shirt so he could get good look at my big tits, I ask him to come up to my head to rub my back. when he set at my head I could look at his monster cock just inches from my mouth. after 30 min. I said thanks and let him go to bed room. I just thought about him big cock all night and day!!! the same thing went on for weeks he never made a moved to have sex with me after a mo. or two. I started touching his dick with my head or hands or arms. then one day I made the move? aks him to set on my legs when rubbing my back in doing so I could fell his big dick rubbing my ass when I starting pushing my ass back to rub his dick. he push it down between my legs and I close my legs tight upon it trying to jack him off with my legs. this went on for 2-3 weeks then one night I put my hand back there and pushed his dick in my shorts so he could rub my pussy with his monster. this went on for weeks he would rub my pussy I would come he would come but he would not put it in my pussy???? then one night my husband was talking to him without me around ???? that night my husband said good night and went to bed. when mike started rubbing my back he ask if he could rub my front? so I said ok. when I turn over with my shirt pulled up, he said for to take it off? so I slowly pull it up and off when he seen my huge 48DD he just stop. he started rubbing my tits I put my hand on his dick. I just about came at that point! I layed down he was laying with my tits I was playing with his monster dick then he put his hand down my pants boy was I wet!!!! he ask me to suck him so I said get up here. when he set on me with that big dick in my face I lick it he put it in my mouth it was huge I could only get about 2-3 inch in my mouth it was no time he said he was coming and push it deep in my mouth and started coming he must have came for 2-3 min. I had cum every were!!! never in my 40years of sex has a man came that much!!! then he ask me if he could eat my pussy this only took me 2-3 min. to come he had to put his hand over my mouth to keep from my husband hearing? the next night I made sure my husband was in bed and out like a light!!! we started out with mike rubbing my back then legs, I open them wide for mike to look up he ask if he could take them off. he could not get them off too fast, then he put his mouth down there I thought his dick was big boy his thong must have been as long as my husband dick? he made me cum like I never had before, I ask if he would rub his cock on my pussy so he got on me and started rubbing his big dick in my pussy lips! I said to push it in some so he gave me the head at this point I had to put pillow over my mouth! fu$$ it was big I said stop!!!! it took ten min. for pain to go away. by this time he came again, then I said to give me more so he pushed in 2-3 inches and I came and came!!! about 15 min I said push in more??? holy shit he going make me too big for my husband?? he pushed about 1/2 of his dick in me this time and he was cuming I ask him how it was? then he push more in me, and he started fucking me!!!! I was so loaded with cum. he stopped he said my husband was up so we get up and went back to watching tv. this was it for night my pussy couldn't take any more I could not walk. the next time I made him eat me then finger me for a long time he got 2 in then I said to put 3 in I came 2 time all ready then he put his big dick in me holy shit it took 10 min to get it in. I came 5-6 time before he came once. hope my husband don't know




Today, I'm 41, when I grew up, my mom had always kept herself slim, she'd always liked showing off her body.

I remember her spandex short shorts, spandex sports bras. Even at age 3, when I saw her in her panties and bra, I'd gotten hard.

When I was 11, my mom was pregnant at age 34, she'd told me the news when we'd both gone to the beach, she'd been in her bikini, I'd been in my speedo, her tummy was still flat when she'd told me, I was hard in my speedo.

When her tummy had gotten big, she covered up her rounding tummy. I could still see what her tummy had looked like between her panties and bras in her seethrough nightgowns.

One day, when my mom had been around 5 months pregnant, she'd been in her bikini bra and short shorts, stretched over her then soccorballsize tummy underneath, there'd been 3 inch or so swath of bare tummy between the front of her short shorts and bikini bra.

I'd had a friend over that day, we'd both had speedos on, watching her tummy had made us both hard in our speedos.

Then one day, she was riding her exersize bike, she was in her extra large tank top and spandex short shorts, I was in my spandex short shorts too and no shirt on.

After she'd got done with the exersize bike, then it was my turn. When I was on the exersize bike, my dick had gotten all big and hard in my short shorts.

When my mom had seen how big my dick was in my spandex short shorts, she'd smiled and pulled up her tank top, showed off her 3 inch swath of bare tummy between the front of her spandex short shorts and a glimpse of her bra.

Then after awhile, when my mom had gotten out of the shower, she'd had on her loose fitting blouse and matching skirt. She'd had a doctor appointment that day.

When she'd told me it was for her baby, she'd pulled up her blouse and our came the front of her skirt stretched almost all the way up to her bra.

When she'd pulled up her blouse, she'd covered almost all her bra, then when I'd looked at her tummy, how very little of it was bare between the glimpse of her bra and the top of her skirt, my dick had wiggled hard in my spandex short shorts.

When she'd left the house, I'd taken my shower, then after I'd gotten done, I'd put on my speedo and rubbed myself in it, then I'd fell asleep in my room and forgot to close the door.

Then awhile later, when my mom had woke me up, she'd said I'd looked sexy in my bathing suit and had done a hand job on my speedo.

When I'd looked at her, there she was, in spandex short shorts for pregnant women and sports bra, with just very little of her tummy peeping out between the top of her spandex short shorts and spandex bra.

Then a week later, I'd been doing my homework, I my mom had come home, right in front of me, she'd opened up her dress, out came her bra, little bit of her bare tummy and the top of her panties.

Then I'd opened up my bathrobe, out came my briefs and my big hard dick underneath. We'd both smiled at each other when I felt her baby.




We had couples night. Me, my wife Linda, our next door neighbors Tom and Becky. We got to the movies and got seats in the middle section toward the front. We were the only ones in that aisle, me in first, then Tom, then Becky and Linda was on the other side.

I was only 23 and newly married, where as Tom had been married for 30 years. The movie started, and about 15 minutes in I felt a hand on my thigh. I didn't say anything, but when Tom moved his hand up to my cock I whispered, "What the fuck are you doing?" "Shhh," he said. "I'm gonna make you cum, so don't make a scene." He could be very authoritative. I was nervous but kept quiet. It wasn't long and my cock was straining against my left pant leg. At one point I looked past Tom and was shocked. Becky had her hand in Linda's lap and was stroking her cunt through her pants. Now I was more confused, but was shocked when Tom reached over and undid my belt and top button. He shoved his hand down my pants and I felt him grab my cock. My pre-cum must have been leaking because as he stroked me it was slippery.

Another half hour into the movie it happened. His stroking actually made me cum. He must have done this before because as I was cumming he was rubbing it into my leg so it wouldn't stain my pants too bad. I finally stopped and he took his hand out of my pants. I got another shock when he brought his hand up to my mouth and whispered, "Lick it." I didn't know what to do, so I stuck my tongue out and licked my cum off of his hand. That's the first time I'd ever done that. About that time I heard Linda moan and say, "Oh, fuck, Beck," I knew she was cumming also.

When we finally got to the car Becky hopped in the front seat beside me and Linda was ushered into the back seat. It was about an hour drive to get home. I thought this arrangement was really strange, but figured it out when we got on the freeway and glanced in the mirror. Tom had his hand inside Linda's blouse. I adjusted the mirror down and saw her hand on his cock, rubbing up and down. Then she shocked me again. She unzipped him and pulled his cock out and leaned over. I was watching my wife suck his cock in the mirror. Becky turned to me and said, "Don't worry, honey, it's all been arranged. We know Tom got you off in the theater."

I didn't know what to say. About half way home Tom said, "I'm cumming. Take it all bitch!" I saw his hand on the back of her head and she couldn't pull off as he started cumming. My cock was hard again watching this.

There was a rest area about 10 minutes from their house and Becky told me to pull in. I parked in a fairly dark area. There were no other cars around. Tom got out of the back and stood in front of my window. When I lowered it down I saw he still had his cock out. "You know you want it," Becky said and pushed my head out the window. Tom put his cock up to my lips and I opened my mouth. He was about half hard and much bigger than my 5 inches. He started to fuck my mouth and I felt hands on my cock and on my nipples. Linda and Becky were both working on me as I sucked Tom. He lasted about 10 minutes and without warning started to cum. I felt embarrassed, but knew I would be even more so if I pulled my mouth off. As he came I swallowed. Every fucking drop. He was finally spent.

He had me hop into the back and I found myself between Linda and Becky. As he pulled out Linda turned and kissed me, and at the same time Becky unzipped me and pulled my cock out. She sucked me all the way to their place, and we sat in the driveway for a few more minutes until she milked me dry. I had never cum twice in one night before, but this was fantastic.

On the way home Linda said she had planned this for a while and was okay with me sucking Tom's cock. She said she enjoys sucking it too.




I just moved here a couple of months ago. All of my neighbors are really nice and friendly. The guy that lives across the street, Tim, is about 60 years old, married, and retired. All of his kids are out of the house and his wife works part time.

I work from home a lot and was doing so yesterday when I heard something outside. I went to look and it was the UPS guy, he had left a package on the front porch. I looked at it and realized it was for Tim across the street.

I took the package over and knocked on the door, but no answer. I heard some music coming from behind the house so I walked around and saw Tim sitting by his pool naked. His cock was standing straight up and was huge. It had to be at least 9 inches. I stood there watching him and he was looking at his phone and started stroking his cock. I didn't know what to do, I was afraid that if I moved to walk away he would see me and think I was spying on him. While I stood there and watched him stroke his cock, I realized that my cock was starting to get hard. I have never been with another man, but have thought about it. While watching him I was really wanting to feel his cock, I wanted to play with it, stroke it, and maybe even suck it.

I finally decided what to do. I started walking pretty quickly towards him and yelled out his name and then stopped like I was surprised at what I saw. He didn't seemed alarmed at all and said hey and told me to come on over.

I walked up to him, he had stopped stroking his cock, but it was still at full attention. He asked how I was doing and I told him fine and that the UPS guy had dropped this package off at my house by mistake. He got up and took the package from me. While he did this I couldn't take my eyes off of his huge cock. He noticed me watching his cock as it bounced up and down and asked if I would like to sit with him awhile and have a cold drink. I said sure. He said on one condition. I asked what that was and he said that I had to get naked. He said anyone who hangs out with him in his back yard has to do so nude. I thought about it for a few seconds and said what the hell. I took my shirt and shorts off and sat down in the chair next to him, my cock was sticking straight out as I did this. As I sat down I saw his cell phone and saw what he was stroking to, it was two men fucking. I would have never guessed that he was into men. He went in and got us a couple of beers and came back out, handed me a beer, and sat back down. His cock had lost some of it's hardness but was still really big.

I said thanks and ask him how often he sat out here naked. He said anytime his wife was at work. I told him that I thought it was cool that he like to be naked, and said that I like to be naked too, but never had a place to do it. While we were talking his cock went to full mast again and he noticed again that I was looking at it. He said I notice that you keep looking at my cock, do you like it.

I told him that I had never seen one that big in real life. He asked if I had ever sucked one before. I told him that I had not, but that I had thought about it. He said all men think about it. I just smiled. He said well? I said well what? He said do you want to suck mine? I don't know what came over me, but I didn't say a word, I just got up dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. He moaned and said that's it suck that cock. It felt weird but awesome at the same time and before long I was taking his big cock all the way down my throat. He said are you sure this is your first time, because you are doing a great job, I am already about to cum. He asked do you want me to cum in your mouth or on your face? I just kept sucking, and he said ok your mouth, and started unloanding into my mouth. I swallowed every bit that I could and kept sucking until all the cum was down my throat. He said that was wonderful, would you like me to fuck you? I don't know why but I said yes...TBC




I had just finished Deloris' lawn. I do it twice a month. I was soaking wet with sweat and had just finished loading my mower. Deloris came rushing out with a glass of lemonade. "Child," she said, "you are positively soaking wet. You get in there and get cleaned up." She was a heavy black woman and I am a small white man with a fairly little cock. When she got like this there was not telling her no.

She ushered me into the bathroom and started to take my clothes off. "What are you doing?" I demanded. "You just shush and let mama clean you up." She giggled a lot and soon had me completely naked. She got a wash rag out and started to give me a sponge bath. It actually felt pretty good. She was behind me with her arms around me washing my chest. She dropped the wash rag into the sink and her hands roamed down to my belly. My cock started to grow. She turned me around and knelt down. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Now, you just relax. Mama loves a nice sweaty white cock." She took my cock into her mouth. I was soon hard. "Ohh, fuck," I whispered. She had been widowed for a few years and I imagine she didn't get much cock. "Oh, such a mouth," she said. "Since you like that kind of talk, you like fucking mama's mouth, don't you?" "Oh, fuck yeah," I said.

"Now, don't you worry 'bout nothin, honey," she said. "You just let her fly when you're ready." I couldn't believe it. Her lips were like heaven on my cock and it didn't take long and I was ready to cum. "Ohh, fuck," I said loudly and started to cum. She was swallowing and giggling at the same time. I came harder than ever. She was good, and took every drop, and even kept sucking until I was hard again.

"You got a second one in you, honey?" she asked. "Don't know, but I'd love to find out." She led me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed. She got undressed, and her tits were large and her nipples were huge. She stuck one in my face and I started sucking on a nipple. Then she got on top of me in a 69 and told me to tongue fuck her like I was a queen. I did. Her cunt was large, floppy, and her juice was already flowing. I got a mouthful, and it was the sweetest cum I ever tasted. She sucked my cock, licked and sucked my nuts, and even played with my asshole.

It took about a half hour and I told her I was gonna cum. She took her mouth off of my cock and stroked me until I shot my load. She caught my cum in her hand. Then she turned around and smeared it all over her lips and laid on top of me and started kissing me. I had never tasted my cum before, but it was not bad considering how it was being delivered.

We kissed and fondled each other for the next 15 minutes and my cock was trying to get hard again. She finally got off me and looked at my floppy cock. "Don't you worry, honey, we got plenty of summer left." We got up and I got dressed to leave.

"Sugar," she said, "I think you need to make it every week for the rest of the summer." She walked me to the door still naked and kissed me one last time before I left. My wife was never the wiser and that became the best manicured lawn in the neighborhood.