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Submitted: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 10:09:17 GMT

I was sitting in a hotel bar after a day of work when a woman sat down next to me and asked if I was alone. Yes I am I told her looking around the bar and only seeing a few patrons. I asked her what she was doing in town and she told me she lived here locally and she and her husband where here trying to find someone for her to have sex with tonight. I laughed a little bit then asked her if she was serious. she was certainly attractive probably in her thirties and did have some very lovely looking boobs. I asked her what the deal was and she told me that they had a room available and would I be willing to do it. I told her the only way it is going to happen is in my room and your husband can watch I did not want to see him naked.

She made a call on her phone and after a brief conversation told me all was good so we got up and she followed me to my room. I told her that she was a really trusting woman to be in a strangers room waiting on her husband. After about 15 minutes she called her husband again and I heard her ask him you want me to do what. She looked at me then put her phone down looking at it. She switched over to facetime and propped it up against her purse on the table. He wants to just watch on video she told me, she looked a little nervous so I asked her if she wanted to do that or not. She nodded yes so I started undressing then told her to get undressed as well, I got the feeling she wanted to be told what to do. She sat on the edge of the bed afterwards and was staring at my cock as I walked up to her. she looked up at me and told me I was huge, I told her it was about 9 inches or so when hard but I was fairly thick as well. I laughed and asked if she thought a six foot six guy was going to have a small dick. She was stroking my cock as it hardened and then turned me sideways towards the phone to show her husband my size, she could not even suck on me with her small frame I was beginning to wonder if I was even going to get to have sex with her.

About a half hour later she was on top of me trying to get it in her while easing herself down on me. She just kept saying oh my god as she would inch her way down my cock. She finally started pumping up and down but she was only taking about half of me inside her. Holy shit she told me you are fucking huge!! I decided she needed a really good screwing so I grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over on her back. Her eyes were wide and she told me to be gentle, I told her not to worry I would play it up good for her husband. I started easing my cock in and out watching her face, she started really enjoying it so I went deeper and faster, soon she was speechless just had her mouth wide open and gasping with every stroke. I hit bottom a few times and she gasped out that it was to deep but she never told me to stop so I kept up the pace and soon she was cumming so hard she could not believe it. She wrapped her legs around me and started humping back and thrusting her hips up so I drove her into the bed bottoming out as she let out a long moaning orgasm. Her eyes were half open and she was lost from all the pleasure as I felt her pussy gripping and pulsating around my cock. I let her have her orgasm then started pumping again, she was shocked at my hardness still and told me that she had to stop. I heard her husband tell me to keep fucking her hard but I did not want to hurt her so I pulled out and laid down. She was spent but got up and started giving me a blow job. I grabbed her hips and swung her around telling her to sit on my face while she sucked me off, her pussy tasted so good and I had not had sex in about six months so I wanted to taste all that I could with her.

She finally got me off and was sucking away on me swallowing all she could while I had her hips in my hands licking and enjoying all the pussy I could, she laid down on my chest and just rocked her hips on me while she came again. She finally told me she could not take anymore so I stopped licking her and just looked at her pussy all swollen and pink. she turned around and looked down at me telling me that was probably the best love making she had ever had in her life, I think she forgot she was on video with her husband listening. I had not really kissed her yet so I figured it would not hurt anything by doing that so I grabbed the back of her hair and sank my tongue into her mouth, she resisted a little but then opened her mouth up wide and we were locked together for a few minutes. I pulled her head back and she was lost again and told me holy shit is there any part of a woman you cannot satisfy?

I pulled her head up to me again and whispered in her ear that she could come back anytime for the next week and I would fuck her brains out.


Submitted: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 15:19:23 GMT

My dad was a truck driver throughout my growing years. When I was 11 he finally took me on a road trip with him. As we pulled into a truck stop he was on the CB talking about hooking up with another trucker. I thought he was referring to hooking up his trailer. When we stopped he sent me inside to eat, saying he had some business to take care of.

I ate rather quickly and headed back out to the truck. As I jumped up on the running board to get back in I peeked through the window. Dad was on his knees, and another man on the sleeper bed. My dad had his head between the man's legs. Then he got on the bed and he was naked. The man knelt behind him, and they started rocking back and forth. I didn't understand at the time what they were doing.

When I turned 25 I got my trucker's license. I had thought a lot about that night back then, and eventually understood what they were doing in the truck, and had been intrigued about sucking another man's cock and being fucked in the ass.

My first load was several hundred miles away, and that night I pulled into a rest area. I'm not a very big man, so it was a surprise when I walked out of the restroom and a rather large man was standing by his car near my truck. As I approached my truck I looked over to him, and he had his hand on his crotch staring at me. As I walked up to my truck, he approached me and said, "So, you want some of this?" He was still holding his crotch. I thought this might be a chance to sample that cock I had thought about for so long.

I told him okay as I crawled into the cab. He crawled in after me and told me to get in back. He sat next to me and unzipped his pants. I hadn't seen many cocks in my years, but his was definitely the biggest one I'd seen. As he pulled his cock out he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down into his lap. I opened my mouth and took his cock in. I proceeded to suck his cock until he was hard. I noticed my own cock was straining against my jeans. "Take your pants off," he told me." I thought he was gonna suck me, but instead, as soon as I had my pants off he told me to kneel on the bed.

I knelt on the bed with my ass in the air. He got behind me, and to my shock he pushed his tongue in my asshole. I didn't think anybody was into something like that, but it sure felt good. "Oh, fuck," I said. "You like that?" he asked. "Oh, fuck yeah." He tongue fucked me for a few minutes, and my asshole was wet and slippery. He pulled his tongue out of my ass and I felt him kneel behind me. He put his cock up to my ass and pushed it in. It hurt, but he told me to relax. I tried to relax, and he stayed still until the pain subsided. Then he started to fuck me. This started feeling really good, and I started to fuck him back.

After a few minutes he pulled out of my ass and told me to turn over. I did, and he pushed my knees up toward my chest and shoved his big cock back in my ass. As he ass fucked me he started to jerk my cock. Each time he pushed in he brushed against my prostate, and it wasn't long before I started to cum.

"Oh, fuck, fuck," I moaned over and over. As soon as I was spent he pulled his cock out of my ass and started to cum. He squirted all the way up to my chin, and over my chest and belly. He had a huge load of cum, and as he squirted his cum on me he began to rub it in my body. I just laid there and let him massage me with our cum.

As he got dressed and got out of my truck, I thought back to my dad and his escapades. "Holy fuck," I said to myself. Now I get why he was a trucker, and that's why I'm gonna fucking love this job.


Submitted: Mon, 02 Mar 2015 15:46:37 GMT

Artie and I grew up together, and right out of High School we went to college together. I can't remember ever seeing him in the showers, as we had different classes in High School. We were drinking one night and got to talking about the different girls we fucked. I admitted that I hadn't fucked anybody. He asked why and I said because I was ashamed of my small cock. He said he gets all the pussy he wants. I asked how he does it, and he simply tells the girl his cock is nine inches long. "No fucking way," I told him.

"I'll make you a bet," he said. "I'll let you see it, but if it is over nine inches hard you have to suck it." "You're on," I said. I had never sucked a cock, but couldn't believe it was that big. He locked our dorm room door and stripped. Flaccid it was at least six inches. "Fuck," I thought, "It might really be that big. He started to stroke it, and soon he was sticking almost straight out. I got a ruler out and put it on top of his cock. It was fucking nine and a quarter inches from base to tip.

"Fuck," I said to no one in particular.

"Deal's a deal," he said. Again, I said, "Fuck." "Start sucking." "What, right now?" I asked. I knew he could be an asshole at times, and he was a lot bigger and stronger than me. "Yeah, right fucking now." His tone changed to a harsh one, and all of a sudden I was a little worried. "Naw, I don't think so. I was only joking." Out of nowhere he slapped me. "Suck it." "Fuck you," I said, starting to get irritated. He slapped me again. "You're gonna suck it, or I'm gonna beat the shit out of you." When I hesitated, he kicked me in the nuts. This doubled me over. I didn't expect that. "Now, suck it." Since I was on my knees in pain, he walked up to me and stuck it in my face.

I didn't have much of a choice. I took his cock in my mouth. I was surprised the softness of the skin wrapped around such a hard cock. "Oh, yeah. That's a good little cunt. Make daddy cum." He was only four months older than me, but definitely the alpha male here. I sucked him for about 10 minutes and started to pull off. "No, no, no. Suck me until I cum." I had my mouth off of his cock and looked up at him and shook my head no. He slapped me so hard it brought a tear to my eye. When I hesitated he slapped me on the back of the head so hard my teeth rattled. "Okay, okay. Just quit hitting me." I put my mouth back on his cock and proceeded to work it like a pro. It only took about two more minutes and he started cumming. I didn't know a pair of nuts could hold so much cum. He filled my mouth to overflowing. It seemed like he would never stop. He finally did, and ordered me to keep sucking until he was clean. Dutifully I did.

When I was done I started to pull off. "Not so fast, cunt. Get me hard again." "What for," I said defiantly. "'Cause you're gonna be my bitch from now on, and I'm gonna fuck you next." I was scared by now. He had that focused look he got when he was about to get intense. "You don't have to do that," I said. "I know I don't have to, but I want to. I'm gonna break your ass in proper." He made no bones about what was gonna happen next. I didn't know what to do, other than obey. I was genuinely scared of him now.

I sucked his cock until he was hard again. He made me strip and lay on my bed with my ass hanging over the side. He wet a finger and stuck it in my ass. There was no pain with this, but by the time he had three fingers I was feeling it. "Gotta stretch that asshole out if it's gonna take this monster," he said. He finger fucked me for about five minutes, working his fingers in and around until he felt like he had me ready. He pushed my legs up toward my chest and put his cock up to my ass. "This is gonna hurt," he said and rammed his cock in. At first, he could only get about three inches in, and it felt like he was ripping my ass apart. I begged him to stop, but he kept working it in until his nuts were against my ass. The pain was great, and I was crying now. Again I begged him to stop, but instead of pulling out he started to fuck me. "Oh, yeah. Your ass is so fucking tight. Tighter than any cunt I've been in."

He fucked me like this for about 20 minutes. He then tensed up and pushed one final time. I could feel him cumming. He still had quite the load. When he was spent he just stood there with his cock in my ass. "That's one," he said. After a couple of minutes I felt his cock start to grow again. "Cum makes a great lube," he said, and started to fuck me again. The pain was less this time. It was just a full feeling, and within minutes there was no pain, and the pleasure took over. I closed my eyes and tried to relax my ass as he plowed me. By the 15 minute mark I was getting really horny and my cock twitched. "Oh," he said, "I think the little cunt likes this." "Oh, yeah," I said. "Fuck me harder." He couldn't fuck too much harder than he was, and another 20 minutes brought his second load in my ass. He grunted, I grunted, and I felt the cum ooze out of my ass past his cock.

He was finally spent and pulled his cock out of my ass. My asshole was gaping open, and I felt like I had to shit. "Holy fuck, Mick," he said. "That was the best fuck I ever had. And from now on you're my mouth or ass cunt anytime I need it." I really didn't want to, but kinda did. The next three years brought a ton of cocksucking and fucking. He never touched my tiny cock, but we both enjoyed my mouth and ass on his.

I'm married now with three kids, but I'll never forget the years I spent on Artie's cock.


Submitted: Mon, 02 Mar 2015 6:47:19 GMT

Ever since High School I've had other men stare at my cock in the showers. Even in the steam room at the 'Y' my cock is quite a sight for the other guys. Limp, I've measured it at 5 1/2 inches, and when I get hard it stands at over eight inches and is as thick as my wife's writs. I have large nuts, as well, and can cum at least three times in a night.

Because of my manhood, my wife and I have been in the swinger lifestyle for a few years now. She lets me fuck other women, if only to show off her 'stud' husband. We were invited to a masquerade party a couple weeks ago. When we got there everyone had masks on. When everyone had assembled we were told the rules of the night. We were to pick numbers, and those with even numbers would be blindfolded for the first hour, then would switch with the odd numbered people.

I picked an even number, but didn't know what number my wife picked. I was blindfolded and led over to a couch. The rules stated that nothing is to be refused from the sighted, or the person refusing to play would be escorted out. My cock was already getting hard thinking about it. I felt a hand on my thigh, and somebody knelt before me. I didn't know if it was a man or woman, but I really didn't care. I felt a pair of lips on my cock, and soon I was hard as a fucking rod. I was sucked for about 10 minutes, then that person was replaced with another. I could tell it was a man this time by his beard on my nuts.

People took turns sucking my cock for about 30 minutes, then I felt somebody lay me down on the floor and mounting my cock with a pussy. I heard her let out a big moan. "Oh, Joan," she said to somebody, "You need to feel this cock. It's the biggest fucking thing I ever had in me. She came at least twice before she got off and another took her place. About that time I felt somebody straddle my chest and a cock was placed at my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth and took him in.

Within minutes I started to cum. I filled that cunt up to overflowing. The guy I was sucking pulled out and another took his place. "Oh, fuck, fuck!" the one fucking me kept saying. I sucked a couple more cocks and was finally cock-free. However, when the one fucking me got off someone pulled my legs apart, pushed my legs up and put a cock up to my ass. With a little lube he pushed his way into my asshole. I relaxed and took him in. He fucked me for about 10 minutes then another took his place. He lasted only about three minutes, and yet another took his place. In all, seven men fucked me, each one cumming inside my ass. When they were all finished, I figured my hour was about up. I was ready to be the one in charge. I sat up and took off my blindfold. Everyone in the room was looking at me, and they all started cheering.

"Oh, honey," my wife said. "This was all for you." Apparently I was actually the only one blindfolded, to be used by all in attendance. And I was, and it was glorious. "And as a special treat, you get to pick anyone here to blow you and take your load." I chose Debbie, the hostess. She had the hottest mouth of the lot, and she sucked me like there was no tomorrow. I came, she swallowed, and sucked me hard, then took my last load.

I went home fully satisfied and thankful to my lovely wife for setting this up. I surely look forward to her next surprise.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Mar 2015 20:35:20 GMT

I love to give blow jobs, sucking on a cock just makes me so turned on and I cannot explain it. I love to look at porn and I love to masturbate to it. I am basically a guy caught up in a really hot woman's body. Most of my guy friends cannot believe it when I kick their asses in gaming. I am a programmer for a large database company and have a masters in media management. I blow a lot of people minds with all of that and a figure of 38D 24 35 long jet black hair [dyed], naturally it is a brownish blonde.

I showed up for the last gaming night with a thin tshirt on and really tight yoga pants, I told them all that I did not have time to go home after working out so they were going to have to put up with sweaty. One of the newer guys looked at me and told me that there was no way I could sit within eye sight of him or he could not play. I pulled the front of my top down and asked how his eyes were working now. One of my friends laughed and said yup that is Danni, love her or leave her.

Two hours later we were deep into the fight and I was getting my ass kicked for once, I was out after a few more minutes so I got up to get another something to drink and a quick bathroom break. When I was done I saw Justin sitting at his desk with his feet up just looking at his screen with a game running on it.

Are you out? I asked, yes I am he replied. Yeah me too. I plopped down on his bed and started talking to him. He told me he could not believe I flashed Mark like that, you set him into a dizzy frenzy with those things.

Why, you have seen them before they are just boobs. He told me that I just did not understand but I pressed him more and he told me that you know most of the guys here barely talk to women let alone ever see one naked.

I told him come on, really?

Really, he replied.

He said to me you want to really piss off a bunch of them, strip naked and walk out in the living room I bet most of them will be mad at you for ruining the game instead of loving that you are naked. I laughed, but it did seem like a really fun thing to do. Seriously you think that most of them would be mad?

I think most of them would ignore you and keep right on playing. I bet you twenty dollars that if you walked from here to the kitchen without saying anything none of them would even look up from their screens.

Your on, I said

I stripped down and walked out into the hallway, he was right behind me watching around my shoulder. I walked right through the living room and into the kitchen without a word spoken to me. Even when I was in the kitchen three of them could see my upper body. I opened the fridge and grabbed a Bull for him then turned around and headed back. NO ONE EVEN LOOKED AT ME!!! I got back to his room and was floored. I handed him his Bull and told him I would have to pay him later I did not have a twenty on me. Let me play with your boobs and I will call it even. Nope that would make me a whore and I am not a whore, you can play with them though because now I am really horny.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Mar 2015 18:14:10 GMT

My girlfriend spent the weekend with us while her parents went on vacation, I am a girl also. The first night we had a lot of fun just talking and playing songs until my Dad came into the room and told us time for sleeping. We told him we would get changed and be quiet, I slipped into a night shirt and she had some shorty pj's with a top.

I awoke in the middle of the night with her hands up my night shirt playing with my nipples. I was a little shocked but did not say anything just looked at her. She was looking back at me then asked if I minded her playing with me. I told her it was a little strange but did feel really good. She asked me to slip off my night shirt so I did. She started really playing then, cupping my breasts and licking and sucking on my nipples. I had only masturbated up to this point so this was amazing to me having someone else touching me, it felt totally different. The moment her mouth hit me I opened mine and our tongues swirled around each others, then she slid down my body and started licking me. I was so hot that I just melted on her mouth, soon I was ready to scream from all the licking but really tried holding it in to have an orgasm. She stopped licking me and worked her way back up to my lips, wow I tasted good and could not wait to taste her.

We had sex for a long time licking, kissing and playing with each other as quietly as we could that night. A few weeks later her parents were staying out late so she invited me over to her place so we could have sex as loud as we wanted to. I am a screamer so it was great to release without holding back at all. we try to meet up once week but rarely get the privacy we need for a long night of love making. I am spending the night at her house this weekend and am looking forward to a few hours of intense lovemaking.


Submitted: Sun, 01 Mar 2015 18:02:03 GMT

I surf porn and I am a stay at home mom, the kids are all in school now and I have found myself with some free time. Most days I get around to cleaning and the usual things that everyone pictures a stay at home doing. Some days though it is a few hours of surfing porn and getting very worked up then a huge orgasm that is delivered with my fingers or a toy. One day while porn surfing I stumbled onto a woman getting licked by a dog, I looked out in the yard at the Lab. He is pretty much the family dog however the only one who can really tell him what to do is my husband. I watched the video again then went and let the dog inside, I sat down in a chair with my legs spread calling him over to me. Wow did he ever take right to me, one sniff and he just started licking away hard and fast. I was very excited about the whole thing so I was wet and turned on when he got going anyways which I am sure helped with the smell of me to him. I was having an orgasm in no time at all between his tongue and my fingers.

I sat there pulsating away and he just kept right on licking, then another thought crossed my mind and I quickly got down on the floor on all fours. This took a lot coordination but finely after what was probably twenty minutes of him getting up and down trying to mount me it happened. He came out of no where and within 10 strokes inside me grew from good sized to monster, I was getting stretched like crazy and his tip was bottoming out hard inside me. He lasted a few minutes then just stopped and hung there in me pulsating, cum was dripping down from me but I did not care, his cock was huge and I was humping back as much as I could.

He got down off me then went behind me again to lick away at me some more, his cock hanging there like a baseball bat under him. Wow was all I could think of and reached out to grab it, it was thick and like ten inches long with a huge knot at the base. No wonder I was getting stretched out so big. Soon he was back on top of me again and we went another round of him pounding away on me, it had been months since I had intercourse so I was definitely a little tight but wow was I ever filled with pleasure. Well five times later I was spent and needed a break so I put him back outside and cleaned myself up.

I now have him on me anytime I want during the day and he is getting used it, he will come in and go right at it licking and screwing me until I get up off the floor.

One day my husband came home from work and I asked him how his day was then he asked me what I did all day. I told him not much you know just cleaning and cooking. I have thought about showing my husband sometime how good the dog is at screwing me but not so sure about it.