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I was on a trip and stopped at a rest stop to pee. When I came out I was looking at the map when I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around and there was a small thin black guy smiling at me. He said "I got a big rig if you want to party." I told him I wasn't gay but as soon as I got the words out his hand was on my cock. There were about a dozen cars and people at the outside tables. A couple of people were looking in our direction when he leaned forward and kissed me. I pushed him away but he said "Come with me and I'll give you the best blowjob you have ever had. I might even ruin you on women."

As I stood there I got intrigued. I had never been sucked by another man and wondered if he really sucked better than my wife. "Come on stud, let me drain you" he said. My cock twitched a little so I said "Okay." I could see a bunch of eyes on me as I crawled up into his truck. He told me to get in the sleeper and strip. By the time I was naked he was too. I looked at his cock and was astonished. For a little guy his cock was huge, and it wasn't even hard yet. I stared at it for a few seconds and he pushed me on my back. He straddled my and put his cock up to my lips. I was mesmerized and opened my mouth. He put his cock in and started to mouth fuck me. This isn't what I signed up for but I was getting into it. I couldn't get even half of him in my mouth and when he was hard he pulled his cock out of my mouth and scooted forward. He put his asshole on my mouth and told me to tongue fuck him. His asshole was clean and smelled like lilacs. "That's it bitch. Shove that tongue all the way up there. I did and he started to hump my tongue with his ass.

I tongued him for about 10 minutes and he turned around. He bend over my cock and I could tell it was already hard. He put his mouth on it and started to suck me. He was right about being the best blowjob I ever had. He didn't flinch when I started cumming. He swallowed it all and kept sucking. It took about 15 minutes and I was hard again. He kept sucking until I came a second time. By now he had a couple fingers in my ass and was finger fucking me. He was a master at it. There was no pain, only pleasure. I felt like I could get sucked all night.

After he swallowed my cum a second time and cleaned me off he told me to roll over. I rolled onto my stomach and he started to massage my ass. It was wonderful. Then he bent down and spread my ass cheeks. His tongue found my asshole and he started to tongue fuck me. I spread my legs a little to give him more access. After a couple of minutes he moved around and was on top of me with his cock at my asshole. He gently pushed in until he was laying flat against me. I felt full and as he started to fuck me I felt like a whore being fucked for the first time. "Oh fuck" I kept saying over and over. I felt him cumming and it oozed out of my ass and down onto my nuts. When he was spent he said to trade places. He wiped his cock off on my shirt and laid down. He said to suck his cock. I did. I couldn't get very much of his cock in my mouth but when he started to cum I was eager to take it. I swallowed every bit of it and kept sucking until I had drained him completely. He finally rolled off of me and we sat up. It was dark now. We had been in his cab for over three hours.

When I got home three days later I was horny. My wife was sucking my cock and when I said I was gonna cum she took her mouth off and grabbed a towel. This seemed like the lamest blowjob compared to that guy at the truck stop. Every night I thought about his cock in my mouth and him fucking me. After a few more weeks of her lame blowjobs I told her she either had to take it all the way, and let me fuck her in the ass or I was leaving. She told me that she couldn't do such a dirty thing and said I should leave.

We've been divorced for a year now and I'm still looking for the perfect cock. I haven't found it yet but man do I have a fucking good time trying.




When he said to take off my bra and suck his cock I thought he was kidding. My boyfriend and I were at a party at a friends apartment. there were a dozen or so people there and we were all pretty hammered. My boyfriend Jason was just about passed out on the couch and I had to use the bathroom. I had finished and opened the door to head back into the living room. Terry was standing at the door and when I tried to get past him he pushed me back into the bathroom and locked the door. I laughed and asked what he was doing. I knew he got flirty when he was drinking and was taking it as him just being his normal jerk self as he started to unbutton my blouse. "So" he said a second time. "Take off your bra and suck my cock." I told him no but he seemed determined. I was drunk enough that I couldn't fight him off very well when he turned me around and pushed me against the wall. He put his hand between my legs and grabbed my pussy. "Jason said you suck cock better than even his momma" he said as he rubbed my pussy from underneath.

After a minute or so it actually got me feeling a little horny. I knew it was wrong and had no intention of letting him go any further. Then he spun me around and kissed me. His tongue explored my mouth and I felt one of his hands under my bra and on my bare tit. He rolled my nipple between his thumb and finger. This was something Jason didn't do but I really liked it. I forgot about the fact that I was just forced back into the bathroom with my boyfriend's best friend hitting on me. I responded to his kiss and relaxed a little. He broke the kiss and stepped back. "Now, take off your bra and suck my cock" he said for the third time. I glanced down and could see the outline of his cock. In my semi-drunken state I reached around and unclipped my bra. I took my blouse off and let my bra fall to the floor. "That's a good start" he said as he reached out and tweaked both of my nipples. "You like that, don't you?" he asked. I shook my head and he pulled my nipples our as far as they would go. I had never had my nipples used so roughly before but found it to be very erotic.

I was still staring at his crotch when he said, "You know, every one of those women out there has sucked my cock, so let's see how you stack up." I was a little offended at that remark but was kind of curious. "Take my pants off" he said. I undid his belt then his pants. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. He didn't have any underwear on. When I had pulled his pants down over his cock it popped out. It was much bigger than Jason's cock and about twice as thick. "Oh fuck" I said quietly as he pushed me down to my knees. He pulled my face into him and said "After you consume this monster you'll be my bitch from this night on." I sort of let that comment slide, but this was the greatest cock I had ever put my lips around. Terry was a true fucking stud and after sucking him for about 10 minutes he told me to strip and get on all fours. I was lost in the moment and wanted his cock inside me.

I was on all fours and got the jolt of my life when his cock filled my pussy up more than I ever imagined. By the time he was ready to cum I was crying from the pleasure. "Turn around" he said and pulled out of my pussy. As I turned he shoved his cock back into my mouth. Then he started cumming. It was a monster fucking load and most of it came back out of my mouth. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth after I had sucked him dry. He was right. He had ruined my pussy for Jason's cock and I wanted him more than ever to fuck me again. He made me beg him to fuck me and when I did he said that there was a condition. His condition was that he would only fuck me after Jason had sucked his cock. "How do I make him do that?" I asked. "Go get him" he said. I started to get dressed but he said I had to go naked.

I walked back into the living room buck naked. Nobody seemed to care. They were all in different states of love making and I was the lest of their worries. I walked over to Jason and straddled his lap. He smiled and put a hand on my tit. "What's this for?" he asked. I told him I had a special surprise for him and got up. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom. Terry called from his bedroom for us to come in there. When we walked into the bedroom Jason said, "What the fuck is this." Terry didn't say anything but just turned Jason around and pushed him against the wall like he did me earlier. He reached around and grabbed Terry's crotch. "You were right. She sucks cock like your momma. Now it's your turn." Jason was too drunk to fight and went right to his knees when Terry turned him around and pushed him down. "Your girl loved my cock and I think you will too." He pulled Jason's face closer and put his cock up to Jason's lips. "Open your fucking mouth like a good little cunt." His cock was already nearly erect when he pushed it past Terry's lips and started to mouth fuck him. "Come here cunt" he said to me. I walked over to him and he stuck two fingers in my cunt as Jason sucked his cock. It didn't take but a couple of seconds for Jason to willingly bob up and down on that massive cock. Before I knew it Terry had three fingers inside me and was finger fucking me as my boyfriend was sucking his cock.

"Tell Jason how badly you need my cock inside you." I was in mid-orgasm and told Jason I needed that cock." Terry pushed him off and laid down on the bed. He told me to sit on his cock. When I lowered myself down onto him he told Jason to lick his asshole. He had a mesmerizing way about him and Jason obeyed. I was bouncing up and down on his cock and my boyfriend was tongue fucking him at the same time. He made me cum twice before he pushed me off. Then he told Jason to suck him again. My pussy juices were all over his cock as Jason willingly started to suck him again. I had collapsed on the bed next to them as Jason sucked him. "Jason, suck on my nuts as your lady finishes me off." I rolled back over and pushed Jason off. I went down on Terry's cock again as Jason gently sucked on his big nuts. He finally came in my mouth. I was ready for it this time and was able to take it all. I had never swallowed before tonight but now couldn't get enough of it. I loved the taste, the smell and the texture and wanted it even more now.

We finally all collapsed on the bed. I woke up the next morning looking at Terry kneeling over Jason with his cock in Jason's mouth. We both indeed became his bitches that night. Sex with Jason wasn't the same and I knew I needed something as big as Terry fucking me. We were there every Friday night for the next three years but Terry wouldn't fuck me until Jason had sucked him first. On the nights Jason wasn't with me Terry couldn't fuck me or even let me suck his cock. It drove me fucking crazy. When Terry finally moved away I felt lost. I didn't love him but I did love his cock. I finally told Jason to fuck off and went my own way. I have been searching for the biggest cock I could find but nobody I've fucked has come close. I may never fuck Terry again but I'll be damned if I don't keep trying and fucking everybody I can until I find a cock to satisfy me.




I did big lines of blow with my hot sister and i talked her into incest




More than a year ago my best friend Jason and his girlfriend Marsha kept trying to get me and my girlfriend to join a swinger club. We laughed it off most of the time refusing but they persisted for months. After thinking it over for a few months Tammy (my girlfriend) and I decided to try it with Marsha assuring us if we didn't like it to just quit. There is a total of five couples and the initial meeting with them only consisted of group masturbation. We all stripped naked and masturbated which they said was only to get comfortable naked with each other. I do admit it was a little embarrassing at first but since everyone was nude both myself and Tammy were comfortable enough to go through with it. We always go to the same house twice and often three times a month where we trade partners and the house has 4 bedrooms and the one couple would use the rec. room which has a sofa bed. I had sex with all four other women over the next 7 weeks and really had a great time. Tammy also seemed to like it with the other guys so we agreed to enjoy ourselves. Then we found out that one night a month we would take turns where one guy would be pampered by all the girls except the girlfriend or wife. The next week it was one of the girls turn to be "pampered" by all the guys except for her boyfriend or husband. it was called "personnel pleasure night" and when it was my turn it was probably the most sexually satisfying time I ever had. It was also one of the most humiliating and embarrassing nights I have ever experienced also. These women used my body in ways I never expected. The first thing they did was shave all my pubic hair which I had never had done before. At first they only played around with my genitals but eventually I was licked and sucked by all four of them. I had vaginal and anal sex and am can't recall which one did what and when. I never needed Viagra until that night and still can't believe how they began penetrating me anally as they suck me and jerked me off. When I told Tammy the things they did with me she also told me how the other guys treated her. Her main explanation was how she seemed to keep having orgasms. All four guys fucked her the first time and she also had anal with three of them. They all performed oral sex on her and she just said the embarrassment wore off quickly once she became aroused and stayed that way the entire time. So now as much as we do like switching partners we both can't wait for our own turn on personal pleasure night. Its been almost ten months now and any embarrassment Tammy and I had is long gone. She was afraid I might not like other guys messing with her and I think I did at first but this club has made our sex life better then it was. We even enjoy telling each other our experiences with these people especially when its four on one. I do enjoy it when I'm one of the four but like it much better when the four girls have me. Tammy feels the same way and said it is so arousing when all four of the guys are touching and groping her at the same time and also likes them using sex toys in particular a vibrator. She has admitted to me there are nights she is almost screaming because she is so aroused and having repeated orgasms. For me most of the time I end up ejaculating three times or more over several hours. We do take breaks to have a drink and also shower once or twice and if I do a Viagra I have a hard on the entire time. Sometimes I feel like I'm done for the night and the next thing I know I'm being sucked off with a vibrator in my rectum. They have no mercy with me and sometimes my penis is sore the next day, but its worth it.




I really loved it when he caressed my tits. He was gentle yet strong. He had a way of massaging my nipples that made my juices start to flow. We hadn't fucked yet when after a year he finally asked me to marry him. I said yes of course. We organized a special small wedding and drove a couple hours to a motel for our wedding night. I had rubbed his cock a number of times but that was about it. He suggested we shower first so we stripped and got into the shower.

My wedding night started my nightmare. He had a big enough cock and I thought he really cared about me. When we were to fuck for the first time he got a little rough with my tits as he was pounding me. I came that night for the first time and felt his cum as he filled me up. After he fucked me he straddled my chest and put his cock up to my lips. I reluctantly let him mouth fuck me but didn't let him cum in my mouth. I thought that was about the nastiest thing I ever heard about. As he pulled his cock out of my mouth he came on my face. When he was spent he got off of me and threw me a towel. "Fuck babe" he said. "You're gonna make a good one."

I let that comment go and I sort of got used to his roughness as we fucked and after a couple months and settling into a routine one night he said he invited a friend to dinner and asked me to make something special. I made a nice meal and served a vintage white wine. His friend was Art. He was a nice fellow and seemed to enjoy my cooking. After dinner we all went into the living room and had a few beers. My husband Ben was getting a little drunk but I thought that was alright. I had a couple beers and was a little tipsy but knew what was happening. Then Ben came over to me and straddled me and started to kiss me. I thought this was a little strange as his friend Kevin was still there. Then Ben started to unbutton my blouse. I tried to push him away but he was extremely strong. He finally ripped the bottom two buttons off as he exposed my bra. Then he pushed my bra up over my tits and started to squeeze them.

I started to get pissed. "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded. "Shut up cunt" he said and proceeded to maul my tits. Then he said, "I told Art you give the best blowjob in town and that he could see for himself." He nodded to Art and Art got up and stood next to us. "Now, you're gonna suck his cock and take all that he has to give you" Ben said to me. "I don't think so" I said. Then he slapped me for the first time. I couldn't believe he could be this mean after he had been so nice. He turned to Art and said "Go ahead buddy, show her your cock. She'll love it." He took his pants and shorts off as Ben sat on my lap and turned my head toward Art. "Now cunt, you're gonna suck his cock as to not embarrass me or you'll regret it." I really didn't want to but he had me pinned down and now had his hands on my face turning me toward Art's cock. It wasn't as bit as Ben's and I really didn't want to do it but I couldn't fight him off.

Art moved in and put his half-hard cock up to my lips and Ben told me to open my fucking mouth. I was scared now. I slowly opened my lips a little and Art shoved his cock in. He fucked my mouth for a couple minutes and then tensed up. He started cumming. That was actually the first time anybody had cum in my mouth. He held his cock there until I had swallowed every bit of it. I hated it.. I was crying by the time he was finished and pulled his cock out. I was humiliated and scared shitless. I was trapped and didn't know what to do so I froze in place. Then Ben said "That was so fucking hot I can't wait until we do it again." Then he stood up and ordered me to suck his cock. I was too scared not to. I always pulled off before he came but this time he held my head as he filled my mouth with his cum.

Art finally left and Ben made me suck his cock again and swallow his jizz. For the next two weeks he made me suck his cock every night. Sometimes it was twice a night and slowly I got used to the taste.

That was four years ago. We're still married and slowly he made me his whore and I now suck or fuck one of his friends three or four times a week. I've grown used to the taste of their cum and have no problem deep-throating any cock he puts in front of me. I quit my job two years ago and make up for it with the money he gets from his friends fucking me. He has truly made me his whore and has become my husband-pimp. I am addicted to cock, whether it be Ben's big cock or any other cock he puts in front of me. He has said that soon he will quit his job also and have me suck and fuck to make enough money for the both of us.

Actually I am looking forward to it.




My sister is two years older than me. She had filled out nicely by the time she was a high school senior. I used to film her taking a shower and marveled at how big her tits were. I especially liked to jack off watching her finger herself in the shower. This was on my phone of course. On Fridays she would go out with her friends and come back drunk. One weekend our parents were out of town and she came home super drunk. I offered to help her get ready for bed. I stripped her completely and helped her under the covers. I just stood there as she closed her eyes and within literally seconds she was passed out. I stood there for a couple more minutes to make sure she was out. I shook her and she merely moaned a little but didn't open her eyes.

I lifted the covers off of her and stared at her gorgeous tits. I reached out and put my hand on one of them. She didn't move. I got a little bolder and played with her nipple for a minute. My cock was rock hard already. I had never fucked a girl but had read all about it and even watched some videos. I rolled her onto her back with the intention of fucking her. Instead I thought I might be able to put my cock in her mouth. I took my pants off and stepped up to the bed. I pulled her head forward a little and put my cock against her lips. I pushed a little and she opened her mouth just enough for me to force my cock past her lips. I fucked her mouth for a minute or so and had a wild thought. I pulled out of her mouth and crawled on the bed. I straddled her and put my cock between her tits. I pulled her tits over my cock so it created a tunnel. I started to fuck her tits. She was totally out and didn't notice a thing.

I was getting closer and closer and when I knew I was about to cum I scooted forward a little and put my cock back in her mouth. I fucked her mouth a few more thrusts and started cumming. By reflex she started swallowing. I couldn't get all of my cock in her mouth but got enough so my cum couldn't escape. When I was spent I stayed right there until my cock started to get hard again. I finally pulled out of her mouth after about five minutes of resting it there until I was hard again.

I scooted down and spread her legs a bit. I could smell her sex and I lifted her legs up so her feet were flat on the bed. I scooted up and put my cock against her cunt. I slowly pushed in, watching her face all the time to make sure she was asleep. I fucked her for the next 15 minutes. Occasionally she would let out a moan, and one time she mumbled something that sounded like "Fuck dad, fuck me deeper." What the fuck? I thought. Is she fucking dad? Then I get even more excited to think my sister fucked our dad. I wondered how big his cock is and if he fucked her for a long time before filling her up. This was so fucking erotic that I was cumming before I could react. I didn't pull out right away but bent over and sucked on her tit for a couple of minutes before I crawled out of her and went back to my room.

I couldn't jack off again so I went to sleep. I got up early and went into the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal. When I was just getting done with my cereal she came in. She acted as if she had no clue what happened last night. Mom and dad were still asleep and she was holding her head. She obviously had a headache. I sat there a minute longer than I needed to and she was drinking orange juice. I got up and put my bowl in the sink. I started to head for my bedroom when her hand reached out and grabbed my cock through my robe. She looked up at me and smiled. "You have a really nice cock and your cum tastes really good. I was so embarrassed I wanted to run but was frozen in place. "Don't worry stud, nobody will ever know. And by the way, I don't have to pretend to be drunk for you to fuck me. Next time just ask." The next time I did, and she said yes.




My neighbor Clara is a 44 year old naïve hypochondriac and lives directly across the hall from my apartment. I'm 73 years old, retired, never married and living alone once again. I have known her for over three years and we are sort of friends visiting each other often for snacks and dinners sometimes. She has always complained of medical problems but never seemed seriously ill or sick. Over the last year she has gotten much worse with her complaints of illness or just aches and pains. About ten months ago she began showing me areas of her body that hurt often exposing herself showing me areas of her breasts and often her hip and even the cheeks of her but. At the time I'm sure she did it innocently trusting my old age I presume. One night in particular I guess about 5 months ago she asked me to rub the thigh of her left leg baring the entire left cheek of her butt which I also took advantage to rub for her. With my prostrate problems I hardly ever masturbate anymore but that night aroused me enough to do so. I began to realize how naïve Clara truly is and began taking advantage of her buy offering to ease her pains regardless of where they might be. I started visiting her more often and instead of waiting for her to complain about something I began asking her where she was hurting. I got bold enough after a week or so to suggest she only wear a bathrobe or night gown when I come over which to my surprise she began doing. The first few times she had a bra and panties on which was fine with me since it had been years since I had seen a women in underwear. She unashamedly had me rub her legs, shoulders and allowed me to rub her inner thighs which had me achieve erections a few times. I got up the nerve one night and suggested to Clara that if she really wanted me to sooth her aches and pains she should not have underwear on. I did say I didn't want to embarrass her but mentioned my age and told her I didn't want to offend her either and that I had already seen parts of her private areas anyhow. Instead of being offended by what I said she only asked if it would bother me. That's the first time I ever told her I had a prostate problem telling her I was impotent and no longer interested in sex which was a boldface lie. The next night was the first time I saw her naked and although she doesn't have a perfect body she is still built well at her age. I controlled myself for a few weeks only touching her breasts briefly and letting the back of my hands touch her pubic hair. Little by little I took more liberties and finally the one night noticed how she was becoming aroused. This had me aroused also and I simply asked her if it was ok to touch her vagina and with that she only shook her head yes. I didn't finger her right away but without asking did fondle her breasts. By then I knew she was aroused and that was when I began masturbating her telling her she needed it to help stress and forget about aches. I know for a fact she had 2 orgasms that night and since then have been masturbating her twice or three times a week. Each time I'm with her like that I am able to masturbate myself when I get back to my apartment. I try to masturbate other times but have difficulty getting an erection. Even when I can get an erection its not nearly as hard as it was years ago but I am able to ejaculate. Clara is oblivious to how excited I get or the fact I am aroused by her. I never penetrated her anally yet but I do rub lotion on her anus and she seems to enjoy when I do. She allows me to bend up and open her legs apart and seems to have no embarrassment the way I position her. There have been times when she told me it humiliates her but if I ask if she wants me to stop she always says no. I only have to ask how she feels and if she wants me to come over at night. I have never exposed myself to her and think its best if she doesn't find out how aroused I get doing all these things with her.