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Submitted: Tue, 04 Aug 2015 08:56:19 GMT

I knew as soon as I saw her beautiful blonde haired blue eyed face approaching that she was coming to watch me masturbate and cum. I stripped nude as she was walking towards me and my dick was hard already! She stood in front of me watching me masturbate. She was so gorgeous and sweet, she really let me take my time masturbating. I knew that she wanted to watch me cum and that she would stand there looking at me while I was masturbating for as long as it took for me to cum, so I took my time. My prick was so big and hard, I periodically let go of it so that she could actually see it throbbing. I wanted her to know how much I loved masturbating in front of her so I looked at her and smiled while I was masturbating in front of her. When I came she saw my cum squirt out several times and she stood right there watching until I completely finished cumming. Then she smiled and walked away.


Submitted: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 14:55:17 GMT

I was in my special ed class one day its a very small room my teacher was cute she was short thick but not fat and every time we i was in her room i got a bonner and one day she was turned away looking at her computer so i pulled my cock and started jerking my my head and she left the room for almost an hour door was closed so i rubbed my cock all over her cup and i found her purse and her pads were sticking out and i shot a very large load on her pads


Submitted: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 02:34:07 GMT

When I came home from junior year at state, my brother and I did some hallucinogenics and woke up naked and sore in all the intimate places, the next day we talked about it and decided we should do it again minus the party favors. I dropped out of school when I found out we were pregnant. We moved in together and none of our neighbors know that we are brother and sister, we have four kids with twins on the way. He loves keeping me pregnant and if I'm not expecting I don't feel sexy. I still turn him on, but he's noticeably more proactive and enthusiastic when I'm knocked up. I even invite some of my college friends over and she's a total drama queen and we let her think she was seducing her into having an affair, she's carrying his baby too now and I set up video camera around the house to watch them fuck in "secret".


Submitted: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 01:39:56 GMT

My boyfriend and I were out the other night at the local bar getting a little drunk. We were sitting on stools at the bar. He got up to piss, and while he was gone a rather large man walked up behind me. I didn't see him, but felt it when he put his hands over my shoulders and grabbed my tits. I turned around and slapped him. He just laughed, then whispered to me, "Little lady, I've got an eight inch cock just waiting for you." It took me by surprise, but I was a bit drunk, and I flippantly said, "Big boy, if you get my boyfriend to agree, I'll suck that big cock of yours."

When Terry, my boyfriend, came out of the bathroom, Art, the big guy walked up to him. After some conversation, Terry said, "Oh, fuck no!" He started to walk away, when Art started whispering something to him. Terry stopped, and after another minute, said, "Okay. You got a deal." They grabbed me and led me outside to Art's conversion van. Instead of seats, he had a mattress in the back. We crawled in. "Honey," I said, "Why did you agree to this?" "Because he ain't the only one gonna get his dick sucked tonight." He laughed and stripped. His own cock was only about five inches hard, but I didn't love him only for his cock.

Art took his clothes off, and I saw the biggest, uncut cock I've ever seen. My pussy was almost instantly wet. Art laid down on his back. His cock hung a little to his left, and was already almost too big for my mouth. I knelt down and took his foreskin in my teeth. I teased him for a couple of minutes, then pushed the hood over the head of his cock. I opened as wide as I could and took his cock in my mouth. I created a vacuum and essentially was fucking his cock with my mouth. I looked up and saw Terry straddling Art's head with his cock in Art's mouth. I thought he was a little gay, but this was so fucking hot my pussy was dripping. As usual, it didn't take but two minutes and Terry was cumming. Art took his entire load, and sucked until Terry was totally clean. I was so fucking horny, when Art was hard if looked like his cock was the size of my forearm.

I couldn't stand it any longer, so I took my mouth off Art's cock and mounted him. I plunged so hard on that rod I thought it would come out my mouth. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," I heard myself saying as I fucked his cock harder than I had ever done. "Wait a minute," Terry said, "Fucking her wasn't in the deal."

"Oh, shut the fuck up," I told him. "I'll fuck whoever I want whenever I want, and if you don't like it you can get the fuck out." He was pissed. He hastily put his clothes on and left. That was the last I ever saw of him, but I now have a cock that outshines them all, and we fuck so much my pussy feels like a pin cushion. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


Submitted: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 23:15:13 GMT

Last Friday night I was alone. My wife was at her sister's for the weekend, so I decided to take in a movie. I was horny as fuck, so I decided to go to the adult theater. When I walked in, I noticed there was only about 9 or 10 other men in there. I sat on the far side near the back, away from the others.

The first scene was pretty hot, a stud fucking a woman with big tits. Before he could cum another man walked in to the scene. The woman got up and the incoming man knelt before the stud and started to suck his cock. I hadn't noticed, but one of the other men in the theater snuck over and sat behind me. My hand was absently rubbing my cock through my slacks and was starting to get hard. "So," he whispered, startling me, "a man sucking cock gets you hard, eh?"

I immediately took my hand off of my cock, and without saying another word he ran his hands over my shoulders and down to my tits. He rolled my nipples in his fingers and I felt my cock twitch. He leaned forward, "I want to suck your cock and fuck you right here." I just shook my head yes. He crawled over the seat to the one next to mine. He looked me in the eye, then leaned forward and kissed me. I had never been with a man, but found this exciting. As we kissed he reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. "You're so fucking big," he said as we broke the kiss.

I leaned back a little and he undid my pants and fished my cock out through the zipper. He leaned down and took me in his mouth. "Oh, fuck," I said, just a little too loud. I saw everyone in the theater look over to me. The guy sucking my cock was good, much better than my wife. Within seconds every man in the place was walking over to us. They made a semi-circle in the seats in the front and back. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. One man whispered, "Fuck him, fuck him." They all started to chant it softly, "Fuck him, fuck, him."

One of the men crawled over the seat on the other side of me and undid my pants. The guy sucking me pulled off long enough to take my pants off. He told me to kneel down in the aisle. I did. My bare ass was in the air toward him, and the other man that crawled over the seat stood in front of me with his cock poking through his zipper. He stepped forward and put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in. What a fucking feeling this was. I was enamored by the cock in my mouth. So much so that I barely felt the man behind me push a finger into my asshole. He began to slowly finger fuck me with one finger. I heard myself moan. He finger fucked me for about three minutes, then pulled his finger out of my ass. I thought he was through, but he just leaned forward and shoved his cock in my ass. I was pretty relaxed, so his cock went in rather easily. I was being ass fucked and mouth fucked at the same time. Without warning the man in my mouth started cumming. Most of his cum clipped out of my mouth, but I got a good taste of it. Not too bad.

Before I knew it he pulled his cock out of my mouth and another stood there with his cock hanging out. He stepped forward and put his cock in my mouth. I began to suck his as well when the man fucking me pulled my hips back. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming," he announced as he fulled my ass with his jizz. A few standing around started clapping, and before they were done applauding he pulled his cock out of my ass and another took his place. He, too came in short order, as did the guy I was sucking. I sucked off five of them and another five fucked me.

I was hooked. Fucking my wife was very vanilla compared to the men I let fuck me. Since that night I've sucked, fucked, rimmed and got rimmed, and generally became a total cock and cum slut. My wife never found out, but I think she suspected something when I went out every Friday night. But, really, I don't give a fuck, because all the cock I got was much better than the pussy I wasn't getting. And I'm gonna continue as long as I can...


Submitted: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 01:18:30 GMT

My name is Alyce. All the men I've been with say I have great tits. All I know is my nipples are the size of thumb and stick out about a half inch when I'm excited. My best friend Linda's husband, Terry is fucking gorgeous. I've often wondered how big his cock is. Then one night Bert and I were over for a barbecue and I noticed Terry was in a T-shirt and gym shorts. Every now and then I would glance over and he had his hand on his crotch. One of the times he was looking in my direction with his hand on his crotch and I glanced at him. Instead of moving his hand away, he spread his legs a little and stared at my tits. I walked back into the house and stood at the sliding door. Nobody could see me except Terry, and when he looked in my direction I pulled my shirt up to show him my tits. He immediately grabbed his cock and wagged his tongue at me.

I mouthed the words, "I want to make you cum," and flicked my nipples with my thumbs. I turned around and walked into the kitchen. A minute later Terry came in to the kitchen. "Hey, lover," I said, and rubbed my pussy through my shorts. My nipples were hard as he walked toward me. I made sure Linda and Bert were still outside, and I backed up to the counter and stared at his cock. He walked up and kissed me. I responded. I reached down and took hold of his cock. "Holy fuck, stud," I said, "You're massive compared to Bert." He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I knelt and pulled his shorts down to his nuts. I took his cock in my mouth. I could barely get the head of his cock past my teeth.

"Oh, fuck, Aly," he said, "I never knew you were suck a cum slut." I must mumbled and kept sucking. I reached down and fondled his nuts, and eventually found my way to his asshole. "Honey, you ever been finger fucked?" I asked him. "No," he said. "Then you're in for the best blowjob of your life." I played with his asshole, and a few seconds later pushed my middle finger in as far as it would go. "Ohhh, fuck," he whispered, as I sucked him and finger fucked him. This took him over the edge. He put his hands on the back of my head and said, "Fuck, honey, I'm cumming." I had no problem swallowing, so I pushed a second finger in his ass and pushed as far as I could. He let go, and filled my mouth with the biggest load of cum I ever had. I love the taste of cum, and was able to take it all.

I sucked him dry, then sucked him until he was cum-free. When I stood up I could feel my juices between my thighs. I leaned up and kissed him, mixing his cum with our saliva. "You're right. That's the best blowjob ever." I thanked him, wiped my lips off and headed back outside. To my surprise, over by the picnic table Linda was on her knees sucking Bert's cock. Just as he said he was cumming, Terry and I stepped outside where they could see us. Linda pulled off his cock just as he started cumming and stood up, thinking we hadn't seen them. Terry and I both laughed and walked over to them. I took Linda's face in my hands and said, "It's okay, honey, we were doing the same thing." I put my lips to hers and kissed her. She resisted a little, then opened her mouth to take my tongue in. We could still taste Terry's cum, and when I reached down and rubbed her pussy I could feel her wetness.

"Since we're all in this together," I said, "let's move it inside and have some real fun." "Oh, fuck yeah," Linda said, and grabbed my hand and headed toward the house. We did, and did many times that summer, but that's another story...


Submitted: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 16:40:16 GMT

I eventually gave up on finding a truly domineering, sadistic, woman in my own age group. I read somewhere that older divorcees, widows, or spinsters, tend to be MUCH more accepting of potential "partners" vices, addictions, or bad habits, and I changed my search tactics accordingly. Jackpot!Now I have several regulars, and one potential wife, even! I am a fit, healthy 30, with complete financial independence, and am presently working on this fifty-five year-old psych nurse, who is not unattractive, in a grim, weather-beaten sort of way, and certainly the most dominant and downright scary woman I have ever met. She really loves to confine me in a real hospital-issue strait-jacket, buckled and padlocked loosely for long-term comfort, but total inescapability. She then fits a padded heavy leather sensory-deprivation hood over my head, also padlocked. With that in place, all my senses are blocked totally, except touch, and with this being the only sense left to me, it has become incredibly sensitive, and any kind of sexual activity is incredible in its intensity. She loves to have intercourse with a healthy young male, even a totally anonymous "parcel" of one! She is near insatiable, and I have invited her to move in full-time, and be my only "love" interest from then on. I couldn't handle anything more than her, I'm pretty sure, anyway! Maybe not EVEN her, but I will try my damndest to satisfy her, because her punishments for any perceived lack of interest or effort, are one-time only in their severity! She will rule my life, down to the tiniest detail, and I will be happy to obey her every wish or whim. She lives healthy, and says the women in her family all tend to live well into their nineties, so I'm going to be a senior myself, before I lose her, and she says she has a daughter who will by then, be delighted to take over. Right now we are working on a rubber bio-hazard suit, with built-in gas-mask, for me to be locked up in, while I do all the housework, and odd-jobs. She has me "covered" (literally).