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Submitted: Sun, 07 Feb 2016 17:27:56 GMT

I was installing a cabinet, you know, one of those put together jobs that come with hardly any directions.... well, my step daughter is home for the weekend to watch the football game, and I employed her help. Her mom, as usual, went out shopping.

Now, lets just get this out in the open. I love her little "A" 32 cups and her little heart shaped ass on her small frame. I needed her to get all the "low points" so I could look down her tee shirt as we worked. I am always stealing a look every chance I get. She always seems to wear those loose neck jobs, that stretch out overtime.

Well... as we worked, I could not help getting a woody, as I was only wearing my sweat pants and no shorts underneath. You couldn't miss the stiffness and the precum stain forming after 20 minutes or so. I'm telling you, she knew exactly what she was doing. She would sit up, talk about anything, showing her erect nipples through the shirt, and then as she leaned over again, she would pull at the bottom of her shirt! Crap! She even went out of her way to "brush" up against my hard on as we worked.

When we got finished with the job, she thanked me and told me I was her best daddy as she hugged me {even being her step dad, she calls me daddy}... her belly pressed against my rock, hard stiffy. As she did that, I pulsed it some for her to feel, just to see where it would go. Well, she pushed away and looked at me and said, "Daddy, you are very excited... Can I look" She then, without my permission, undid my draw string and pulled my pants back to look down. All you could see was a precum mess on a piece of wood with a purple head. Oh, she touched it, and my self lubrication was all I needed as her small, soft hands slid down the length of my shaft.

At that point, I could not help myself. I reached down and flipped her shirt right off to reveal those tight, perfectly round, upturned super buds! She let out an "OH!" when I did it, and I pressed my lips on one breast and locked on as I tonged her nipple. She gripped harder on me and moaned..."Ohhhh, daaady" "Oh Daddy, finger me... I am so wet right now" and she was. when I reached into her shorts, my hand was soaking wet. I fingered her to the point that she almost came, and I stopped.

I then picked her up and took her to her room. I laid her down with her stuffed animals and her school stuff as I licked her sweet, fresh slit and rolled her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. "Daddy?" "Would you like me to put on my cheer skirt?" Well, I almost came to that! She slid it on, and I flipped it up and continued until she came. A shuddering orgasm it was too! My face soaking wet, she kissed me and took me into her mouth, making me cum almost immediately. Heck, after looking at her breasts for over an hour and then the rest that happened, I dare any man not to cum Jonny on the spot.

After I came, she rubbed her hand on her slit and stuck her fingers in herself, then forcing them into my mouth to lick clean, then she kissed me, using her tongue to push my cum into my mouth and back into hers, then she swallowed, as did I. She said that our two juices together were sweet and made for each other.

Well, she gave me her camera and let me do a photo shoot of her in her cheer skirt, topless and naked, and downloaded them to a stick for me. "Keep these in my bra and panty drawer, and when mom cuts you off or you feel anxious, look at them and cum in a bra or panty. When I come to visit, I expect to see stains, or we won't do this again.... daddy."

Well, that was two hours ago. Wife is not here yet, and she is standing there at her door, topless... again... holding a bra. She just asked me to jack off into it for her.



Submitted: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 06:18:42 GMT

My husband and I were at the bar last Friday night. We were drinking pretty heavily, him more than me. I wanted to dance, but he wanted to just sit and drink. A man walked over and said he noticed my husband wasn't into dancing, but he would if I was willing. I thought, "What the fuck. Why not?" He was my height but had a huge belly. We stayed on the dance floor for a couple of songs, and when a slow song came on he pulled me close and we continued dancing. He turned me around and wrapped his arms around me. I was enjoying it, then he whispered, "You ever been fucked with a monster cock?" When he said this I felt his hand inside my blouse, cupping a breast. It was pretty dark in there so nobody saw him. I didn't move his hand away. He turned me around and told me to feel his cock.

I was a little tipsy, but aware enough to know that when I put my hand on his cock I could tell it was much bigger than my husband's. Art, my husband, was just about passed out by now, and he said his name was Terry. "I have a van outside. Come on," he said and grabbed my hand. I obediently followed him. His van only had front seats with blankets on the floor in back. He closed the door and turned to kiss me. His tongue pushed past my lips and I responded. He laid me down and opened my blouse. He unclipped my bra from the front. He leaned down and started sucking on a nipple. At the same time I felt his hand under my skirt. I was already getting wet. He took his pants off and moved up behind me. He positioned my head so it tilted back a little and put his cock up to my lips. His belly hung way over, but his cock was truly a monster. I could barely get the head in my mouth. He slowly fucked my mouth until he was hard.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and crawled down by my legs. He pulled my panties off an knelt between my outstretched legs. He pushed my knees up toward my shoulders and put his cock up to my pussy. "Oh, that's about the wettest cunt I've ever seen." It was true, I was dripping by now, but when he shoved that cock in my pussy I almost fainted. It stretched me farther than ever before, and at the same time I came almost immediately. "Oh, fuck," I said over and over. "You like that big cock in your sweet little cunt?" "Oh, fuck yeah," I said. He fucked me for about 20 minutes. I think I passed out a time or two. After my third orgasm I lost all sense. All I knew was there was a monster fucking me like I never been fucked.

He finally thrust one last time and I felt the first squirt of his cum. "Ohhhhhh," was all I could say as he came buckets. He finally pulled his cock out of my pussy and laid back. "Now, suck it," he said. I had to taste him, so I knelt between his legs and took his cock back in my mouth. He was still hard, and I could only get a couple inches of it in my mouth. It took about 10 minutes and he started to cum again. Not as much as the first time, but he still filled my mouth. I swallowed some and let some drip back over his cock. As he finished cumming I pulled off and sat back. I was a fucking mess. He gave me a towel to wipe the cum off of my legs and pussy.

"So, honey, now you've been fucked by a monster," he said. I just shook my head yes. "And, if you want a real treat, come back next Friday and I'll fuck your husband too."

We did, and he did, and we are now both hooked on this man's cock.


Submitted: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 03:56:53 GMT

My wife and I went to a party a couple weeks ago with some friends from her work. There were five couples there. We had a few beers and set up the Pictionary. We played for about an hour, then Jenny, the hostess said it's time to play a grown-up game. She asked who was in, and the others said yes so I said, "Okay," too. "No backing out," she said with a giggle. She had all five men turn around, then had us take off our shirts. They blindfolded all five of us, and I felt a pair of hands reach around and play with my nipples. It didn't feel like my wife. After a few seconds my cock started to get hard. "Hands behind you, everyone." I put my hands behind me and felt a pair of handcuffs being slapped on.

"Okay," she said, "Here's how we play. We take your pants off, and whoever has the smallest cock gets fucked." I knew I was in trouble, as my cock is only four inches when hard. My pants were undone and dropped, along with my underwear. I was spun around, and heard the others being turned. "Ohhh, looks like we have a winner," she announced. I heard handcuffs being removed from the others. "what about me?" I asked. "Sorry stud," one of the other women said, "Looks like you're getting fucked." I figured I'd get an anonymous woman to fuck, so I was sort of excited. Then came the surprise.

I felt myself being bent over a table. "What the fuck?" I said, a little agitated. Then I felt a pair of hands on my ass, and slowly someone rubbed their palm up and down my ass crack. I started to stand up, but was pushed back down. I felt a finger being pushed into my asshole. "Mind your fucking manners and take it like the little cunt you are." That was one of the men, and now I understood. I was being held down and the finger was pulled out of my ass. I felt something larger enter my asshole. I was gonna be fucked and couldn't do anything about it. He slowly pumped forward and back and the pain soon subsided. I relaxed as much as I could as he fucked a little deeper. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and I felt him start to cum. My ass was being lubed with his cum, and when he was done he pulled out and another took his place.

For the next hour I got fucked by all five of them. By that time, though, I was really enjoying it. When the last guy pulled out my ass was dripping cum. They all clapped and took the handcuffs off. "So, Terry, did you enjoy that." As I turned around my cock was sticking straight out. I heard a couple of the women giggle, and my wife came over and hugged me. "It's okay, honey. I always thought you were a little gay, and now we all know."

They took the blindfold off and told me to get on my knees. I did, and Bob, the host stepped up to me. "Now, bitch," he said, "It's time to teach you how to suck cock." They did, and it was a great night, after all.


Submitted: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:47:31 GMT

When I was young my neighbour was very interested in me. She was older than me by a few years and used to visit our home to spend time with my sister who was about her age. But she liked me being around and one day I was in her home and she was cleaning the house and moved up close to where I was to clean the floor. I was almost able to touch her lovely butt. My penis came to life and went very erect. She knew I was becoming aroused and clearly enjoyed it. I fantasised about her a lot after that and masturbated often while thinking of her. She used to come to our house and loved letting me see her sexy legs and her perky bum. She loved the attention I would give her and her sexiness was a drug for both of us. I used to joke with her and laugh with her and enjoyed her company and sexy body.

My sisters moved away and my mother was still friendly with her. My mother was ill at one stage and she came and helped my mother and even slept in the same bed with her. She came to my bed on one of those nights and slipped in beside me. I soon became aroused and kissed her pert little breasts and sucked her titties. Then I brought my tongue down to her panties and licked them all over. I licked them at her crotch where some of her wet had gathered. Then I slipped off her sexy panties and began to lick her pussy. She thoroughly enjoyed all this and told me it was really exciting for her as my mother thought she was sleep beside her. Then I began to have glorious sex with her. It was such a powerful experience and she was so sure if herself. What a sexy lover she was .


Submitted: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 04:45:41 GMT

I have been having sex with a very close older family member since I was 11. I have been pregnant at 12, 12 ,13 and 15 by the same man .The first and third I lost. the second I was made by the man to abort it. On my 15th birthday my dad asked if i was gaining weight i was 5 months along again. but I never told anyone since I wanted to keep it. At 19 now and wonder if i should go home with my daughter I miss the man I made love to all the time and want to share our daughter with him. Am I right or wrong?


Submitted: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 18:21:01 GMT

I watched my mum being fucked in a filthy park toilet by a lad who bullied me. She went there knowing she was going to have sex and dressed accordingly, stockings,strappy heels,short skirt ect.


Submitted: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 11:18:54 GMT

I m a girl 14 yo.My mom is 39.She is like so hot.When she comes from her bath,I can see her nipples sticking out.once she saw me looking at yhem and passed a gleefully smile.I was a bit embarrassed.The next day no one was home.I was jst wearing a crop top and jeans and watching TV on the couch.My mom walks in.She has a bathrobe and nothing else.Large cleavage is being shown.I get so horny I can't stop looking at them.My mom caught me but said nothing and sat down. I was very horny so without caring I started rubbing my pussy.My mim saw this.She was now staring at me rubbing my pussy.I was still wearing my panties and shorts.My mom came near me and told me that was not the proper way and she would show me how to do it properly.I was surprised at first but agreed.She then slided my shorts down and started rubbing my pussy frm over my panties.It felt so good.After that she slided my panties and looked gleefully at my soft and shaved pussy.

I leaned closer and started licking and kissing it.It was a vry good feeling.I was soo horny I could not wait.I opened my mom's bathrobe and looked at her big roung tits.she had very fun tits and her nipples were awesome.Her pussy was unshaveb and wet.I started playing with her tits while she was eating g my pussy.I licked and bited her nipples which were now vry hard.after a while we were both naked and staring at each others body.she then went inside and bought a vibrator.I was surprised to see a sex toy wid her.she did not say anything and sat on the couch and spread her legs.she then began to use the vibrator on her pussy.She was moaning .I could not wait and told her to tell me use it.she then gave it to me and I stared using it.That feeling was soo exotic.I was fucking moaning soo loud.after that I wanted to taste my mom's pussy so I told her to spread her legs.she followed.She sticked my tongue in-between her cunt.and started licking it.she was moaning. I knew she was liking it so a continued for a few mins.Then we were lying close to each other our naked bodies rubbing.That was the best moment of my life.We did it again but this time it was a threesome with my 12 to sister.