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When I'm a little drunk I try to find someone to suck my cock. If I can't find anybody to suck me I'll jerk off into my hand and lick up my cum. Sometimes I can cum twice and lick it all up.





My wife sucked a lot of dick’s before we got married. After we got married she sucked but not as much. She was known as the town slut in the small town she grew up in. She was known for sucking dicks. All the guys loved her because they knew she would let them nut in her mouth. She didn’t have to be dating you. If she hung out with you that was enough to suck your dick. So she was very popular. Even after we got married all the guys like to hang out with her because she was just lotta fun and they were hoping to get their dick sucked. Anyway now every time we have sex I always eat her pussy until she orgasms before I fucker. It turns me on to lick her pussy knowing that many guys nutted inside the same pussy that I eat out. So I make her cum before I fuck her and I fantasize about all those hard dicks shooting their load it inside my wife’s pussy.




After we were married my wife found out that I have a kinky side. She doesn't. A few months into the marriage I finally coerced her into sucking my cock. She gagged and sputtered when I came in her mouth and was madder than I had ever seen her. She swore she would never suck my cock again. It took a while but I managed to come up with a compromise. She would jerk me off and finger my asshole. That eventually evolved into her fucking my ass with a dildo. She still thought this was nasty but at least she didn't have to put her mouth on my filthy cock.

She hated dirty talk as well and one night I was about half drunk and had talked her into using my rubber cock on my ass. As she was fucking me with it I went over the edge and yelled, "That's it, fuck me you dirty little cunt." She continued to fuck my ass with that thing harder than ever out of anger. It made me cum harder than ever before. She was really pissed at me. We loved each other greatly but had different sexual tastes. That night she was so mad she didn't speak to me for three days. Then her attitude changed to soft and nice and said that if I really wanted to talk like that she wouldn't get mad again but treat it as love words. Then she said she wanted to make that night extra special. She wanted to blindfold me and tie me to the bed so I wouldn't be in control. I agreed and my cock was already getting hard when she had me strip and lay down on my belly while she tied me spread eagle and blindfolded me.

I laid there alone for what seemed like hours. Then I felt her hands on my ass, massaging me and eventually using a wet finger on my asshole. I was almost ready to cum already when the finger popped out of my ass and I felt someone lean over me. To my shock a cock was being shoved into my asshole. A real cock! That bitch tricked me. I couldn't see but I could hear him. "What the fuck's going on?" I demanded. Then he said, "Your bitch is pissed and said I could fuck you all night if I wanted. Guess what? I want" I tried to struggle but it was no use. He was fucking me and I couldn't do a fucking thing to stop it. "By the way" he said, "She's packing, and when I'm done with you she'll be long gone. So relax and enjoy my cock, 'cause it's gonna be a long night."

Within a few minutes the reality set in. My wife was leaving me and I was helplessly being fucked by an unknown man. It wasn't long and I was crying from the heartache and from the pain of his cock in my ass. His cock was bigger than the rubber one we used on me. He was a real stud and wouldn't cum. He fucked me for half hour and pulled out. He replaced his cock with a rubber one, then a few minutes later it started all over again. He fucked me from 7 o'clock that night until about 5 o'clock the next morning. He did cum inside me. In fact, he came three times. Twice in my ass and once in my mouth. After the second time he came he wiped himself off and knelt in front of me. He held my head up and mouth fucked me until he filled my mouth with his third load of cum. I sputtered and choked but swallowed enough to know what it tasted like.

Surprisingly I liked the taste of his cum after a few seconds and kept my mouth on his cock after I had finally sucked him dry. My cock was hard as he filled my mouth. He was finally finished. He got dressed and put a knife by my hand. By the time I was able to cut myself loose he was gone. So was my wife. Her clothes and pictures were missing. There was a text on my phone telling me that I would never see her again. The divorce papers would be in the mail and now I could suck or fuck all the real cock I wanted.

I did...




I met this guy at a bar one night. He came over and offered to buy me a drink. After about four drinks he put his hand on my thigh. My cock twitched as he rubbed up and down on my leg. His hand finally rested on my cock. He kept it there as I drank a couple more beers and then he said, "Now that you're feeling no pain how about coming over to my place?" "To do what?" I asked. He chuckled then playfully said, "I want to tie you up and fuck you in the ass." He laughed a second time and I thought he was kidding. O had my cock sucked one other time bu a man and was kind of wanting to have it done again.

We got to his place. It was only about a block from the bar so we walked over. As soon as we walked in he led me to his bedroom and had me strip. He took off his clothes as well. His cock was much bigger than mine. He had a big belly and it oddly turned me on. He had me lay on the bed on my back and proceeded to tie my hands to my ankles. I was pretty immobile but relaxed when he bent over and started to suck my cock. I was hard in seconds. After my cock was rick hard he got up and straddled my chest. He put his cock up to my lips. I hadn't planned on sucking him but as he pushed his cock past my lips I opened up and put my mouth around it. He started to slowly mouth fuck me. "Oh fuck, what a nice mouth cunt you have" he said as he started to cum. I had never taken cum in my mouth but it was pretty exotic. I sucked every drop of cum out of him and thought he would pull out. Instead he kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again.

He took his cock out of my mouth and moved back down between my legs. My legs were lifted up as they were tied to my wrists and I couldn't resist him as he scooted up and put his Cock up to my asshole. Without saying anything he pushed his cock into my ass and past my sphincter. It was a little painful at first but as I tried to relax it got better. He started to slowly fuck me. Little by little I started to enjoy it. He fucked me for a good half hour and I was starting to be uncomfortable. All this time my cock stayed hard and as he was pounding my ass I couldn't help myself and started to cum. My orgasm was powerful enough to reach my chin. I left a trail of cum from my chin to my pubic hair. He pounded harder and harder and finally I felt him tense up and start cumming. He had a pretty big second load and filled me to the point his cum was oozing past his cock down my ass crack.

He pulled his cock out and turned me over. I was in an awkward position with my head buried in his pillow and my hands still tied to my ankles. I had no idea what he had in mind. Then he walked out of the room. He must have made a phone call, because I heard him say, "Fuck yeah, right here. Okay, the door's open." He came back in and started to caress my ass and moved his fingers down and started to finger my ass. He did this for about five minutes and I heard the front door open. I couldn't see behind me but a minute later I felt another cock at my asshole. Then I felt him plunge in and started fucking me in earnest. He wasn't gentle but pounded me like I was his whore. He fucked me for about five minutes and filled my ass with his jizz. He finally pulled out of my ass and I heard him get dressed and leave.

I felt the bonds being loosened from my wrists. I collapsed from exhaustion. I must have fell asleep right there because the next thing I knew he was on top of me with his cock in my ass and it was light outside. He gave me a good morning fuck until he filled my ass again. Then he told me it was time for me to get dressed and go. I was hung over and exhausted but I got dressed and headed out. My only thought was "How am I going to explain this to my wife?"




I've been blackmailing my sister to suck my cock ever since I saw and filmed her fucking the dog. I try not doing but forcing my cock into her face feels so good. I also watch as I make her fuck the dog and film it. Slut.




I caught the maiesiophilia bug when I was just 8. It was 1997, my auntie (my late dad's then 22 year old sister) was 4 months pregnant at the time started showing, came over to babysit since my mom (then 31) had to go to a company function.

I was still in my speedo from a day of swimming when my auntie came over. After my mom left for her company function, I noticed something about my auntie's breasts, they were a little larger than I remembered just weeks earlier.

Then when I watched her feel her tummy, she said "Want to feel?" When I said "Please." She actually lifted up her loose fitting blouse and my pecker got hard. I was impressed in how my auntie's short shorts stretch panel covered over her then blossoming baby bump, the bare part of her still flat tummy between the waist band of her short shorts and bra it made my pecker hard.

My pecker got hard in my speedo, and my auntie's breasts were nice and sexy in her bra, and so were her sexy hard tits. My auntie had me touching her tummy, when she did a hand job on my speedo bulge til we both fell asleep.

Then in the middle of the night, my mom woke me up and said "Time for bed sweety." When I got up my mom said "Want to sleep with me tonight?" I said "Please." Then I asked "Where's auntie?" My mom smiled and said "She went home already, she lovingly said to tell you goodnight."

When my mom and me got to her room, she said "I got you something." It was several pairs of animal print girls panties, yes I wore panties since I could remember, it started after I was all toilet trained and my mom got me what she thought was boys briefs at the time, and since I didn't mind, neither did my mom. I tried on the tiger striped kind, my pecker got hard and I said "Thank you for getting me these." Then I went right to sleep.

The next morning, when I got up, my mom stood in front of her mirror touching her tummy in her bra and panties that seemed little higher than I remember, and had some tummy panel too. Then she caught me watching her, and said "How about touching mommy's tummy?" I said "You too please, I love to!" She said "I sure am, I'm a month and a half pregnant, mommy's tummy going to be just like auntie's tummy isn't that exciting!"

Then my mom had to sit me down and explain something to me about being a surrogate mother to her cousin and her then new husband since her cousin couldn't have kids of her own, and adoption was out of the question.

To make long story short, my mom allowed her cousin's husband to impregnate her, and there was no company function the night before, my mom didn't have time at the moment to explain surrogate motherhood to my auntie since my auntie was my dad's sister, his side of the family anyway.

What my mom really did was follow on her then month and a half pregnancy appointment at a nearby clinic and splurged on maternity shopping, as my mom's cousin's husband cut her a huge sum of money for maternity clothes. What my mom wore that morning was maternity panties, and bra.

That morning when I felt my mom's tummy, she did a hand job on my pantycrotch. Just a few weeks later, I took one on one swimming excersises with a swimming instrutor(then in her early 20s), who herself was pregnant, and had a cantaloupe size baby bump under the stretch panel of her panty leg short shorts, her bare tummy had slanted out some between her sports bra ,and her short shorts. My swimming instrutor was not shy about revealing her then pregnant tummy.

Even when my pecker got hard in my speedo, my swimming instrutor was not shy about that either, she too did hand jobs on my speedo crotch. The summer 1997 was a pleasuring time for me, my mom expecting a baby for her cousin and her cousin's husband, my auntie expecting a baby, my swimming instrutor expecting a baby. All 3 of those pregnant women at the time sure did a number on my pecker, especially in my short shorts, speedos, and panties.

At that time, I'd looked at maternity underwear ads in some of those pregnancy magazines, especially pregnant women in their bras, big maternity panties stretched way over their big round baby bumps, my pecker got hard in my short shorts every time.

In 2003, I was 14 when I got my first personal computer. Since I still had a thing for pregnant women in their bras and big panties since 1997, I'd let my pecker get so hard I'd shot out huge cum loads in my panties, speedos,or just my short shorts.

Then in 2007, I was 18, my mom was 41 when she announced that she going to be a surrogate mother again, this time for another couple who couldn't have children nor could they adopt. When my mom lifted up her maternity blouse, and showed off her maternity short shorts, the look of her then still flat tummy and bra made my pecker hard, so hard, I ran to my room, stripped down to my panties, cummed huge loads at once.




My 5 year old grand daughter just took her first step to becoming a cumslut just like her mother. She ate her cereal with my cum in her milk. She just loves rubbing her pussy on grandpa's leg and squeals with pleasure when I "accidently" finger her pussy and tickle her nipples. For the next 13 years I've got a full time job converting her into a real cumdumpster just like my daughter turned out to be!