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I was in a community theater play and Jenny and I were backstage during rehearsal waiting to go on and she backed into me. I thought it was an accident but the next night when she did it again I asked if it was on purpose. She said it was I reached around her and grabbed her tit. She said that was what she was waiting for.

the next night was the night before opening night and after she bumped into me again she reached around and put her hand on my cock. She said, "I figured since you're married you're pretty safe." She turned around and we kissed. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I caressed her tit. After rehearsal we had a big dinner. She sat next to me and after our dinner was served she put her hand on my thigh and turned and whispered, "Ffter dinner I want your cock."

After dinner she asked me for a ride home. When we got in my mini-van she said she had a special place for us to go if I wanted to kidnap her. I drove to the spot she designated, a back road with nobody else around then said, "Let's go in the back." We crawled into the middle bench seat and she told me to take my pants off. I did and she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. She had a feather touch with her mouth and I was soon hard. She sucked me until was hard then said "will you still kiss me if I swallow?" I said "Oh, fuck yeah." She kept sucking until I was ready to cum. I said as much and she said to go ahead and cum. I started cumming and she started swallowing. When I was spent she came up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue. It was the best blowjob I'd ever had.

We spent nearly every night until after the performances licking and sucking each other. I tasted so much cunt juice and she drank so much of my jizz that AI'll never forget that week with my Jenny.




When I was a teenager my dad was a trucker and my mom drank a lot. When he was out of town mom would often get fall down drunk on Friday nights. She would change into a near see-through night gown and I would stay home so I could stare at her tits. She had large tits and huge nipples. Week after week she would get drunk on Friday and Saturday nights.

One night I made the excuse to stay home and she was drinking. I suspected my dad had pussy on the road. I had noticed lately that when mom got drunk she had no idea on Saturday what had went on Friday night. So this one Friday night she was drinking as usual and I was home. She had at least two six packs under her belt and was staggering anytime she stood up. She was in her see through nightie and was watching late night TV. I went over and sat next to her. I was about the same size as dad and I don't think she could tell the difference that night so as I sat next to her I put my arm around her. She said, "That's good honey." I rubbed her shoulder for a few minutes and as she put her head on my shoulder I reached over with my other hand and put it on her tit.. Then she said, "Rub that tit honey. You know how much I like it." I started to play with a nipple and she leaned up for a kiss. I parted her lips with my tongue and she seemed to enjoy it. Then she said, "Honey, did you take your pill?" I told her I did, not knowing what pill she was talking about. Then her hand reached down and started rubbing my cock through my pants.

As I sat there she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I wasn't sure exactly what she had in mind but soon found out when she bent over and took my cock in her mouth. She looked up and said, "Is Tom out for the night?" I told her he was and she went back down on me. She sucked me until I was hard. "Oh, fuck honey, you seem bigger than normal." I told her it was the pill. She sucked me better than I could ever jerk off. Then she turned around and said she needed it in her ass.

I had never fucked a girl before but decided now was as good as time as any. When I scooted up to her she asked if I was going to tongue fuck her first to get her ready. I bent down and sniffed her asshole. It smelled like cherries. I put my tongue up to her asshole and she started to fuck back against my tongue. I thought this was pretty cool. I got her asshole nice and slippery and she said she was ready. I scooted back up to her ass and pushed my hard cock into her asshole. She just kept saying "Oh, fuck yeah honey, fuck me harder." I did the best I could and in minutes I was coming in my mom's ass. When I was spent I pulled out of her ass and she quickly turned around. She sucked the last of my cum out of me and kept sucking until I got hard again. It took about 15 minutes. She told me I felt like a fucking baseball bat in her asshole.

She sucked me until I gained a second erection and kept sucking until I was ready to cum a second time. When I said I was about to cum she reached under me and shoved a finger in my ass. "Oh, fuck " I said as she kept sucking and I started cumming. She took it all and when I was spent I had no cum left. she said we should go to bed. She led me to her bed and I laid down with her. I spooned her for a bit then got up and went to my own bed. In the morning she had no idea what had happened the night before. From that day on I made sure I was home on Friday nights and she had plenty of beer to keep her lubed for me.

That's where I learned how to fuck and have been known to be a good lover ever since then.




My friend left me alone in his car after dropping his girlfriend off at work. She had just changed into her work shoes, leaving her sweaty, smelly green converses in the floorboard. While he was occupied inside of the grocery store, I picked up those still warm sneakers and breathed in deep, savoring the aroma of her feet. My cock, which had already been hard from the excitement, was now pressing up against my zipper and hurting itself. I decided to undo my pants and start rubbing my cock right in the middle of the parking lot, whole still smelling and licking the insoles of her shoes. It took me mere seconds to cum, and I cleaned up the mess with one of the socks she left. I kept the other one for fun later.




My sister got hurt bad when she rolled her car over and with her husband overseas I took in my niece until her mom can take care of her again. I didn't think it would be to hard to look after her seeing how she is 7 years old. Man was I wrong.

First of all if there a loud noise she gets scared or if the wind blows and the tree outside taps against the house she gets scared. The first night the wind blew hard and the branch tapped the house she ran in my room, no knocking just ran in diving onto my bed and right on top of me. Hell if she did that a half hour sooner she would've caught me jacking off watching some teen porn on my lap top.

I told her she needs to knock first before running into my room cause I may not have any clothes on. She said that she had seen her dad that way and that it didn't matter to her if I wasn't dressed. I thought ok missy we will see.

A few days later I was reading a sexy story and rubbing my hard cock when I heard a screech of tires and a horn blowing and I knew she would be coming. I heard her feet on the hall floor my door flying open and her flying onto my bed. I didn't even try to cover up or close my lap top.

She landed on top of me and my hard cock which hurt like hell and she rolled over in front of me and half on my lap top saying she was sorry for hurting me. I guess I cried out in pain and before I could say anything she wrapped her little fingers around my cock. I was in a bit of shock but it felt great to have some hand other than my own on me for a change. I told her she shouldn't be touching me there and she said well when she hurt her daddy there he made her kiss it better.

I was in total shock but she bent over and kissed the head of my dick and asked if she got the right spot. I told her she didn't and she started kissing my cock all over it and before I knew she had the head of my cock in her mouth lapping the head with her tongue. She slid down so she was between my legs looking up at me she took me out of her mouth saying that my dad had her do that too. The next thing I know is she is giving a fucking blow job with her fingers sliding up and down on me as she bobbed her mouth on me.

I knew I should stop her and tell her it was wrong for her to do such things but it felt so fucking good and just before I came I tried to lift her mouth off me but she wouldn't let me until the first squirt hit the back of her mouth making her gag. She split out my cum on my belly and smiled at me saying her dad said that made him feel much better.

That was 3 weeks ago and I made her cum by using my tongue on her tiny clit last week. My sister said that she may not be able to look after her daughter until summer and told her not to worry about it cause we are doing just fine. Every night we sleep together now and she has even started closing her throat and lets me cum in her mouth. I am trying to get her to swallow be she hasn't yet. I just wished she was a few years older so I could break her cherry and fuck her the way it should be done.

Maybe if I'm lucky her mom wont be able to take her back and I will get her cherry in a couple years.




So i started this bad habit some time ago. I posted about it in confessions 1785 and 1790.

Anyway, over the last couple of years i have managed to fuck plenty of young girls in the hospitals. I would estimate about 25 or so. I have just found out some wonderful news.

A close family friend had their 12 year old daughter go to hospital after getting sick. They were keeping her sedated while they ran lots of tests. During this time i managed to get in and see her several times over the few days. I was lucky, because they were keeping her so heavily sedated i was able to really enjoy her. The first time was great cause i found out how shallow she was and i really pushed hard into her cervix before i filled her. By the time i knew she was going to get awoken and had to stop, i had fucked her at least 20 times, making sure to really push deep inside her. I blew so much cum into her belly over the 4 days. I managed to get balls deep the last 4 or 5 times, maybe even pushing my head into her cervix, as when i was done almost nothing leaked out of her.

So her parents a strict Catholic and when they knew she was pregnant she had to keep it. I was excited because i was going to get to watch her swell and grow my baby. She went home and i watched as she grew my baby for months. At 8 months she had some problems and they took her back to hospital and she was admitted. After a week they induced labour and delivered our baby. My mate called me after and told me she had the baby and i could come see her if i liked. She gave birth to my daughter.

They said she would have to stay in hospital for some time as she was so young and the premature baby meant the risks were high and they needed to monitor them. I visited a couple of times and got to hold my baby. My friends daughter was starting to look healthy again, her body restoring itself and her breasts clearly swelled to be cups. She was due to turn 13 in another few weeks. She wasn't breast feeding as the baby was to small and in an incubator.

I didn't expect it, but after she had been in for about 2 weeks she got ill. They said she had Pneumonia ans needed to take some time to get well. My mate called me and said they were keeping her in for another few weeks while they treat her. I got in to visit the next day and found her asleep. Her chart excited me because she was being given sleeping medications to help her rest.

Taking my time i made sure she was asleep and not going to wake. I closed the curtains and went for it again. I was gentle, but i got myself buried balls deep into her almost 13 year old pussy and went for it. I was surprised her tight she was after giving birth, but really excited when i could feel myself pushing into her cervix. I guess she was still a bit stretched and open, but it allowed me to push my head right into her uterus. I pumped my loads directly into her cervix, making sure to held myself tightly inside her when i did. I was so excited pumping my load directly into her womb that i just kept going. That afternoon alone i fucked her 4 times before i left to go home. I went back the next day and i stayed for most of the day. During rounds and visits i fucked her another 6 times, pumping every load into her belly.

It's now 8 weeks later and she has gone home with our daughter, not that she knows it my daughter, but they also confirmed yesterday that she is 8 weeks pregnant again. I managed to impregnate her before she even finished her first cycle after giving birth to our first child. All of this has sparked me into wanting more again. During the last 8 weeks i have visited 5 hospitals and i have managed to already fuck 7 more girls. I found a really hot 15 year old and fucked several loads into her. Best of all i found a young girl, who during her tests they had recorded she was pre-pubecent, but having periods. I visited her for 6 days while she was out, making sure it was times with her cycle and i fucked her for everything she was worth. I put 3 or 4 loads into her 10 year old belly everyday during my visits. Just knowing i was impregnating a 10 year old was amazing.




It started last summer after my wife got a tiny bikini not only for herself but for our 10 year old daughter as well. I'm a bit of a camera guy and I started snapping pics of my wife and having her do sexy poses. I guess our daughter felt left out so she started posing with her mom.

Things started to get a little out of hand when our daughter pulled her mom's bottom up so it went between her mom's ass cheeks. My wife didn't pull it back out but did the same to our daughter so her sexy little ass was just as uncovered as hers was. The only thing was it also give our daughter one hell of a camel toe as well.

I knew it was wrong but I felt myself getting very turned on and started saying things like pull your mom's straps down sweetheart to our daughter and it wasn't long before my wife's tits were out in the open. I decided it was time to take this inside so no one seen what was going on.

Once inside my wife said "I"M not going to be the only topless girl here" and pulled our daughters top off. By now I was hard as a rock and it was showing in my trunks big time. Our daughter pointed and said " Look at daddy's pants mom, it looks funny." My wife smiled and pulled one side of her bottoms part way down.

Our daughter seen what her mom had done and wasn't about to be out done, so she pulled hers down to where I could see she was just starting to get a few hairs growing down there. My wife said "Sweetie if you keep that up we are both going to be nude in front of your dad and that lump will get very painful for him." My daughter laughed and pull her bottoms all the way off saying "I think this is what dad wants for us to do. Now you mom, pull yours off too."

My wife had them both sit in the couch with their legs wide open and it was to much for me and I came in my trunks. That finished our photos for the day but now my daughter wants all of us to be nude for the pictures and there some touching going on and am not sure where it going but my daughter don't seem it be able to keep her hands off my cock and loves it when I shoot my cum on my belly.

If I don't stop what's going on I think one of thee days when my wife isn't around I may end up having full blown sex with my little girl.




I'm Michael Karacson and I am a Sissy Fem Crossdresser feminized No Longer a Man. I'm from Mishawaka Indiana