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My daughter turned 16 in June and wanted a car of her own but she don't work and has no income to paid for it. I told her she would have to paid for it some how or way. She looked at and lifted her top over her tiny tits saying is this worth daddy?

I was shocked by her but I also knew she had been fucking for over a year so I said 10 bucks if I get to play with them trying to scare her off. She smiled and pushed her nipple in my open mouth saying we can do more daddy if you want, if you want we can do it all daddy.

I thought my daughter is a fucking slut and said Ok I want to screw you in your ass. She dropped her shorts and only said use so lube please daddy.

My wife says that I'm spoiling our daughter but its me being spoiled cause there is nothing she wont do even letting my pee in her mouth and going as far as doing ass to mouth.

Its funny my wife didn't even notice that our love making slowed to maybe once a week or maybe she just don't care that it slowed down.




My mom was giving hit a lot from dad when he was drinking and I was tried of hearing him calling her names and punching her so when I was 14 I heard dad going at mom and I walked out with my baseball bat. I nailed him along side his head and told him if he ever touched mom again I would kill him. I took mom's hand and lead her to my bedroom telling her she would be safe there. Mom sat on my bed crying and I put my arm around her holding her. She turned to me thanking me for stepping in then kissed me on my lips. I was taken back at first but my mom is sexy as hell and one reason dad gets so upset was all the times other men would hit on mom, even his own brother hit on mom with me in the room. I looked into mom's eyes and kissed her back only harder and longer. After a few more kisses the clothes started coming off and mom went down on me giving me my first blow job. Just before I could cum mom asked me if I loved her and I told her I did with all my heart and she pushed me on my back. She climbed on top of me taking me inside her love hole which was very warm and wet. I heard dad storm out of the house and burned rubber as he drove off. I didn't know then that it was the last time we would see him alive. Mom and me were enjoying ourselves and when I was getting ready to cum mom said make me pregnant, give me your baby honey. With her saying that made me cum harder then I had ever cum by my hand before. We were making love for the 3rd time that night when the door bell rang and mom put a robe on finding a cop at our door saying to mom that dad went through a stop sign in front of a semi truck and had died at the scene. Mom got everything and she now has a baby girl and I am hoping our next baby will be a boy.




My sister stayed at my house for a few days and one afternoon came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She was on her way to her bedroom and when she passed me I pulled the towel off to see her body.

For a mid-30 woman her body is average. I did manage to tough her breast and got hard immediately. Sister did try to get the towel back from me and we wrestled around some. I took out my penis and stared masturbating while she still tugged on the towel. Sis watched me, alternating looks from penis to my eyes. I shot my load in a kleenex and thanked her for her assistance.

Next day i walked around naked after shower and in the end of her stay we lost all our inhibitions. She trimmed her pussy with one leg up on the bathroom counter, with door and lips open.

I want to pursue a sexual relationship with her and will bring it up next time she visits.




We had been married for 11 years when I caught him. I came home from work early one Thursday afternoon and saw Jenny's car in our driveway. She had told me she would be out of town for the week. She had been my best friend for about five years and we did nearly everything together. I thought we had no secrets, even talking about our sex lives with our husbands. According to Jenny, Tom her husband had a really big uncut cock. So it was a surprise when I pulled up and saw her car. I didn't want to create a really awkward situation so I went around back to look into the glass doors. She was bent over the couch and he was fucking her like it was his first time. He was sweating and grunting and she kept telling him to fuck her harder and deeper. He was sure trying. I was pissed. I left for a couple of hours and when I got home he acted like nothing was different from any other day. He couldn't even guess that I was at Jenny's house talking to Tom about her and Terry (my husband) fucking in my living room. We made a plan for revenge.

The next night was Friday. I came home early again and made a really nice dinner for Terry. I knew I could get him in the mood with dinner and a couple of beers. I told him there was gonna be some cock sucking and fucking tonight and I knew I would enjoy it. He liked it when I told him we were going to fuck, and even more when I told him I would suck his cock. I think he misunderstood. I wasn't gonna suck his cock or let him fuck me tonight. On occasion we would play sex games so after he showered I tied him on the bed naked on his back. He couldn't free his hands or feet. His cock was already getting hard. I left the bedroom for a few minutes. When I came back in I was fully clothed and was holding Tom's hand. He was naked and his cock was kind of floppy and about five inches long with a full hood. I had him stand near the bed so Terry could see and I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was already bigger than Terry's and it still had a bit of growth left. Terry was demanding to know what was going on and why I was doing this. When I asked him why he thought I was doing this he hemmed and hawed around and swore he had no idea.

Tom crawled on the bed and straddled his chest. "Suck him," I said. "No" he replied. "Okay, Tom, fuck him." "No. Not that!" Terry yelled. "Anything but that!" I said, "Okay, then suck him." He didn't open his mouth right away, but with a little coaxing with his cock, Tom managed to get his cock in Terry's mouth. "Not one fucking word!" I said as Tom began to mouth fuck my husband. This really got me turned on and my juices were flowing. At first he hated it and tried to pull his mouth away but Tom was persistent. He grabbed Terry's ears and began to use his mouth like a wet, juicy cunt. It only took about five minutes and I sensed that Tom was ready to cum. I told Terry he better take it all or he would regret it. Tom pulled his head forward and started cumming. I'll hand it to him, Terry did his best to swallow it all but some dribbled out past Tom's cock and down Terry's chin. I couldn't help but stare at Tom's big cock. It was much larger than Terry's and very thick. I had one hand playing with a nipple and one in my pants as Tom continued to fuck Terry's mouth even though he had just dropped his load. I looked at Terry's cock and it was hard as well. He was loving this. I got more excited as Tom's cock got rock hard again.

Then I told Tom it was time to fuck him. Tom hopped off of his chest and scooted down between his legs. Terry never let me play with his asshole so this was the perfect revenge for him fucking Jenny. "Why are you doing this?" Terry asked, tears starting to form in his eyes. "Well," I said. "I figured since you got fucked by his wife you might as well get fucked by him as well. I nodded to Tom and gave him a tube of KY. He lubed Terry's ass inside and out. When he was satisfied it was slippery enough he lifted Terry's ass up a bit and scooted forward. He plunged his cock in all at once. Terry screamed with pain. Tom fucked him for at least 20 minutes before Terry started to fuck him back. He was lost in the moment and I could tell he was now enjoying being fucked in the ass by this big cock. I reached over and put my hand around Terry's cock. Without even stroking him he started to cum. His first shot hit him in the face and I chuckled. A few minutes later Tom tensed up and I could tell he was filling Terry's asshole with his second load. Terry had his eyes closed and was moaning a little as tom emptied his nuts.

After Tom left with Terry still tied up we talked about it. It was a heated argument and I let him know that this was Tom's and my revenge for him fucking his wife. But things took a strange turn. Instead of using this as a purely revenge tool it turned into a revelation that we both enjoyed him being fucked by another man. We got into the swinger lifestyle and now I relish the opportunities for him to fuck other women and men and in turn I get to fuck anybody I want. We are both bi-sexual now and have never been closer.




I had a drunk for a dad growing up. He used to touch me a lot. When I was nine I really wanted a Barbie Doll. He kept saying no, then one night when mom was at her sister's house dad got really drunk. He called me into the living room and told me he was going to buy me that doll, but only if I did him a special favor. I told him I would do anything for that doll. He told me to help him out of his pants. I thought that was it, but when he had his pants off he told me to help him off with his shorts. I did that too. Then he sat back down and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down and told me he would buy me that doll if I sucked his cock. I was scared but really wanted the doll so I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. He mouth fucked me until he filled my mouth with a huge load of cum. I started choking and spit out as much as I could. He slapped me and said he wasn't going to buy me no fucking doll until I learned to suck cock like a real woman.

I went to be crying that night knowing that if I didn't do what he wanted I would never get that doll. Mom was still gone when I woke up in the morning and dad was passed out naked on the couch. I shook him awake and said I was sorry but I would like to try again. He got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back out he was still drunk but plopped down on the couch and told me to get at it. I took his cock in my mouth and let him mouth fuck me. This time when he dropped his load I managed to swallow it all. After a couple more blowjob I finally got my doll. I learned that week that I could get anything I wanted by letting a guy do sexual things to me.

By the time i graduated high school I knew how to work a cock to my advantage. I bought my first car with the money our neighbor paid me to let him fuck me every week for several months. I didn't even have to threaten to tell his fat fucking wife. He was happy to pay me. I had a thin waist, a pretty round ass, big tits with huge nipples and a very pretty face. With my mouth and my cunt I could have a guy do nearly anything I wanted and they would be happy to do it.

I married at 21 to a really sweet guy. I think the first time I sucked his cock he was hooked. He makes good money in IT and buys me anything I want. After a couple years I knew I could make him do anything. While sucking his cock and fingering his asshole one night I asked him, "Honey, is there anything you wouldn't do for me?" He was in the throes of cumming and said he would do anything. I shoved two fingers as far up his ass as I could and he had a massive orgasm. "Good," I said. "Tomorrow night we're going to test you." I wouldn't tell him what it was but told him to come home with his cock ready.

The next night when he got home we didn't even pause for dinner. I took him into the bedroom and tied him face down on the bed naked. I blindfolded him and he literally begged me to tell him what was going on. Finally I told him it was his night to get fucked. I reminded him that he would do anything for me. "So, honey, just shut the fuck up and take it." I slapped him on the ass and told my guest to come in.

I had been sucking and fucking Jerry our neighbor for a number of months and told him I needed him to fuck my husband. He said no until I gave him the best blowjob he ever had. I told him it didn't mean he was gay if he did the fucking. He was a big man and had a cock much larger than Terry's (My hubby). I told Terry a friend was here with a really big cock and would probably split him in two, but he was gonna take it without making a sound. Jerry wasn't quite hard as he stripped so I knelt down and told Terry I was going to suck my friend hard now. I made as many slurping sounds as I could so he could hear me. When his cock was hard I lubed up Terry's asshole and told Jerry to have his way. He crawled on the bed and slowly worked his cock into Terry's ass. I could hear Terry sobbing from the pain trying not to make a sound as this massive cock opened him up.

Jerry started to slowly fuck him and within two minutes Terry was pushing back with each thrust. He was really getting into it. Jerry fucked him for about 15 minutes and I could see the cum ooze out past my husband's ass as he filled it with his jizz. I got a towel and wiped his cock off and told Terry to roll over. He did and Jerry straddled his chest. "Now, honey, you get to see how a real cock tastes like." Jerry pushed his cock past Terry's lips and began to slowly mouth fuck him. I bent down and started sucking Terry's cock at the same time. He came harder than ever before. Jerry unloaded in his mouth and he swallowed it all.

We replayed this scenario every night for the next two weeks and Terry was becoming quite the cocksucker. The night it didn't happen he seemed to be in withdrawal. He kept asking where the other guy was and I kept telling him I wasn't his pimp. I started to make it up to him by pulling his pants down and sucking his cock. When he was hard and getting ready to cum I stopped and told him he had to go find his own cock to suck. He was mortified. I finally told him I would call a friend to come over, but he had to ask the guy to fuck him. He wasn't too sure about this but I made the phone call anyway. About 20 minutes later Jerry knocked on the door. Terry still had no idea who had been fucking him. I got the men a beer and excused myself to to into the kitchen. I could tell Terry was going apeshit trying to figure out how to approach Jerry, but finally said, "So, Jerry, I was wondering, um, if you ever had a guy suck your cock?" Jerry just laughed and undid his pants. "If that's you asking, buddy, here you go." Terry knelt down in front of him and started sucking him. I walked in just as Jerry filled his mouth and Terry swallowed it all.

It started out as an experiment to see if I could get my man to suck another man's cock and get fucked, and it turned into us having some of the best three way sex one could imagine. It's been two years since that first night and Terry routinely brings strange men over to get fucked. I'm afraid I've turned him into a bigger cum slut than me, but we are making so much fucking money we'll be able to retire by the time we're 50. Gotta fucking love it...




when i was about 13 i got rally into masturbating. ive always had a big clit o started by just rubbing my tip nd making myself pee and squirm around but never actually having an orgasm, then my brother got his girlfriend a dog and they would let us keep her at my houe over night sins they lived so close, one day i thought about all the Japanese bestiality movies id watched my pussy tingled at the thought of getting my clit licked, i waited for my mom to go to work i went into the kuchen and i grabbed the peanut butter, she was an extremely tiny dog so iput her up on the couch put some peanut butter on my clit and let her lick me clean and i just kept repeating the process i was a ater fall down thee but again no orgasm but then one day im sitting on the couch with a blanket on and she jumps up and lays next to me under the blanket she stars liking my pussy lip thats hanging out of my underwear and then moves right to my clit with no instruction her hot little tongue on my clit was just amazing and made cum for the first time with my mom in the room it was magical and i dont know that will have such an experience again.




My mother in law (MIL), Amy moved in with me and my wife about a year ago. I am 45, my wife (Dana), is 40, and my MIL is 56. She moved in with us because her husband died and she had no where else to go. I wasn't very happy about it, but I couldn't say no. Amy is a very nice looking woman, she is petite with big titts and a really small round ass. She has always dressed nicely and wore stuff that showed off her body. Even though she is 56 she looks 40. People mistake her and my wife for sisters all the time.

Since she moved in, my wife has not wanted to have sex as much because she is always afraid that her mom might hear us. Well, I love sex and have to have it quite often. With us not fucking as much as usual, I started fantasizing about fucking my MIL. I started trying to think of ways to see her naked and let her see me naked. This didn't work out too well, she did see me naked a couple of times both times I had a raging hard on. The second time I made sure she could see my cock and her mouth opened a little, like she was in Aww of it. This made me want to try harder.

She is not very computer savvy and doesn't know how to clean out her browser's history or cashe, so she always asks me to do it for her.

A few months ago I was cleaning it out and saw a porn site in the history, I clicked on it to see what kind of porn she liked. The first video that I saw was an older woman sucking on a younger guy's cock. This got me thinking and I did a quick search and found a video of a mother in law fucking her son in law and put a link to this on her favorites bar. I didn't say anything about it and gave her computer back to her.

A couple of months go by and she tells me her computer is running slow again and asked if I would clean it out again, I took it and noticed the link I had put in her favorites was gone but there was another one in its place. It was of a MIL and SIL fucking like crazy and even with him fucking her up the ass.

I looked at it and was hard in an instant. I started looking through her history and it was full of porn, all different kinds, but mostly of MIL and SIL's fucking.

I finished cleaning out her computer and did a search and found a video of a MIL bringing the SIL breakfast in bed, then they start fucking and put that link on her favorites bar in place of the one she had.

I work 4/10s and my wife works 5/8s, so I have one day at home with my MIL that my wife is at work, so I was hoping my MIL would bring me breakfast in bed on the morning that my wife was working. A couple weeks after I gave her computer back to her, it happened.

After my wife had left for work I heard my MIL in the kitchen and in just a few minutes she came back to our room and came in wearing a really lose robe. She greeted me and said she had made me some breakfast as she sat it down on the bed.....I will finish this later.