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Submitted: Thu, 28 May 2015 2:49:54 GMT

One of my favorite things to do is tie my wife up and watch her have orgasms. I usually spend at least an hour tying her up and teasing her with foreplay all the while, I get her into wonderfully tight bondage then turn on and off the vibe or dildo that I have set up on her then just leave it on until she hits her breaking point. This is usually when her eyes roll into the back of her head and she is moaning on and on in short gasps. Sometimes five orgasms have passed and the next one it never ending just watching her body pulsate is complete pleasure for me.

I can always get my cock into somewhere when I secure her, anything will work depending on my mood. I have a ring for her mouth to keep it open for access but my favorite is still her vagina, she has this great area just inside her lips that just grips my cock hard when she orgasms. I also love to slide a bullet vibe in her ass so I can feel it vibrating on my cock through her vaginal wall. I know it seems very overbearing of me but she loves to be dominated and gets off on it immensely. I have had her ask me to tie her up when she is really in the mood for it.


Submitted: Thu, 28 May 2015 2:22:05 GMT

I was sitting in my bedroom after a week of college trying to relax but my brain just would not shut off from all the homework I had just finished up. My weeks were blurring together from day after day of classes and homework at the time. My aunt was living with us during my college years and she could tell I was very tense I guess as she was asking me about other things besides school work to get my mind off of it. Suddenly she told me she had a sure fire way to distract me and the next thing I know is she is laying on my bed and pulling my shorts down to my knees.

She sucked my penis down in one long motion and then just kept sucking away on it until I was hard as a rock, then she paused a minute and looked at it telling me I had a wonderful cock. She began sucking on it again but this time with wildness and twisting it all around her mouth. I was in heaven watching and feeling her giving what was by far the best blow job ever in my life.

She did this on a regular basis until she moved out and man was I bummed when that happened. She did not move to far away and one evening when she was over she asked if I had some time this weekend to help her around the yard with a few things. I told her of course and showed up on Saturday morning, we worked in the yard until the afternoon then went inside. She told me to come upstairs and then asked me to take a shower with her. After we were all cleaned up and dried off she asked me to lay down on her bed and we had about two hours of sex. It was awesome, completely the best day of my sex life to date.


Submitted: Wed, 27 May 2015 3:41:17 GMT

I will try anything once is what my motto has always been with sex and just about anything else in life. My husband and I have been very adventurous so far in our sex life, he is usually very surprised at what I am willing to do and try. One night after an evening of partying at his office Christmas party we came home and I was getting undressed while sitting on our bed. Our dog came running up to me again and wanted some pets, while I was petting his ears he buried his nose right into my panties. I was not surprised as I had been dancing and moving a lot that night so I was probably a little sweaty and salty tasting to him. My husband of course had to make a comment about the dog finding something he liked and urged me to let him explore.

I looked up at him and asked him if that was what he wanted to see for sure, he nodded his head up and down so I slid my panties off and let them hit the floor and spread my legs out. I laid back waiting for him to put his nose into me but nothing was happening, I asked my husband what he was doing and he told me that he was licking my panties on the floor. After a short time he lifted his nose back up to me and started right in with a few licks. They were light and quick then he really started licking in harder strokes that were longer, I let out a wow he seems to really like me. My husband leaned over and was really impressed at how much he was licking me, he looked back at me and told me that he was really going to town. After a few more minutes I was starting to get some real sensations going and now my legs were twitching with just about every lick as my clit started getting flicked a lot. My husband had pulled my bra back and was playing with my nipples while our dog went to town on my privates. He never let up as I started building up to an orgasm and kept on licking me right through it, my husband sat there just amazed at the site of me getting pleasured by the dog.

After I came he told me you have to see look at the dog, his cock was out of his sheath and he was looking down at it and licking it a little bit. My husband told me you got the dog all worked up honey. I told him well we could find out if he likes to do it in a real dog style, I slid off the bed onto the floor on all fours and put my rear in the air. He began licking me again but after a few minutes jumped up on my back and locked onto me, after a few hundred strokes it seemed like he entered me in one quick stroke and started humping me like a champ.

He ended it pretty quickly and I was stretched out really big by him has he hung there inside me letting himself cum. When he pulled out his cock was huge and swollen, my husband was laughing at it telling me my god he is bigger than I am! He did not have to tell me, I was aching a little bit from him stretching me out so much with it.


Submitted: Fri, 22 May 2015 10:00:01 GMT

After I saw my husband out with a co-worker and then they kissed when they were leaving I felt pretty upset but later that turned into revenge. I am 31 and our neighbor is at least late 60's so I decided that I would let him go as far with me as he wanted.

I started out by talking to him more and about two weeks later it was a really nice day for getting some sun so I put on my smallest bikini and laid out back on my lounger. He was already in his backyard watering his flowers and plants so he waived at me as I was getting set up after a little while he wandered over and started talking to me. I knew he was getting a great view of me as I made sure that my bottoms were riding up and I would let my top show a little nipple now and then from rolling over. I asked him if he would put some more oil on my backside as I undid my strings and let my top lay under me, he was happy to do it as he put it.

He squirted it all over my back then began rubbing it in, I kept telling him to get the back of my arms and a little more around here and there. When he skipped right over my rear end I told him hey you missed my entire butt. I told him to put some under my thong as well, he hesitated but then I felt him pulling on my suit and rubbing it all into my rear. He had slowed down a lot and then made is way down my legs, I spread them out a little and told him do not miss inside my thighs they burn easy. I could feel his fingers just inches away from my lips so I raised up my rear a little and I could feel the suit was riding up so I knew at least one of my lips was exposed. I would say it took him about five minutes to rub it all onto me and the whole time he was very tense, I told him to relax I was really enjoying his caressing. I was hoping he would be bold and slide his fingers right inside my suit but it took some asking.

I told him to touch me anywhere he wanted because his fingers felt so good and I had not been touched in so long. He of course was hesitant so I moved my hips around and made a little moan. He asked me, You mean right out here in your backyard?

I knew he would be worried about that so I rolled over and asked him if he would feel better going inside. He had a shocked look on his face but I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside the house. Come on I told him I need a quick shower to get all this oil off of me then you can rub some lotion onto me. He was walking with me but was not talking to much, he stopped at the bathroom door and watched as I turned on the water in the shower then took off my suit and was nude. We have a huge shower so two people in it is great, I looked at him and asked if he was going to join me. He did not say anything but took off his clothes and walked over to me, we got into the shower and I handed him the scrubber with a bunch of soap on it, put my arms up in the air and told to scrub me up.

He did so with a huge smile on his face and soon his cock was growing, I turned around so he could get my back and pushed my rear back against the head of his cock. He scrubbed my back and slightly pushed it into my cheeks, I pushed back bring it right through my thighs and grabbed it with my hands stroking it. I wrapped my fingers around it and began twisting and pulling on him, after a few minutes of that I turned around and let the water rinse him off then kneeled down and started sucking on it. He leaned back against the wall and was looking down at me with total happiness on his face. I was pretty happy to because he did not have a small cock at all and was looking forward to it after our shower. He came and I swallowed him down sucking even harder on him. I stood up and told him lets get rinsed off and get some lotion on me. He was so happy the smile never left his face has he started rubbing lotion into my skin.

He finally started touching my clit after like twenty minutes of exploring my body, which felt wonderful. He was quite good at oral sex and really enjoyed licking me, I truly had a great orgasm. I rolled over on top of him and told him let's get you hard again, I sucked him until he was nice and hard then slid up and mounted him. I figured at his age I should do the driving so I fucked him hard thankfully I workout a lot so I was in great shape. He was running his hands and fingers all over me as I pumped up and down on him, it felt really great. What he had no clue about was my laptop was recording the whole thing, I edited the video later blocking out his whole upper body and made sure my husband could not tell who it was I had been fucking. I had multiple days on the video for him to watch but made sure the date stamp was on all of the scenes. I sent it to him about a month after our divorce was final and I took him for everything I could, with all the pictures I had of him with his girlfriends he did not put up much of a fight. I just thought that it would really piss him off to see me having sex with old guys while we were married.


Submitted: Wed, 20 May 2015 9:18:34 GMT

My husband and I went to a super bowl party that was pretty large, we got the invite from one of our neighbors but it was actually at a sports bar. We got separated and I was with a couple of women who did not really like football either and we ended up doing shots among other things.

It was a really good time and somewhere in there my husband was told he should go to the bathroom over there because there are two women in there sucking cocks. He made his way over there and sure enough there was a line with about six guy in it leading to a stall and after about ten minutes he could see a familiar face.

I had apparently drank quite a few shots with another woman and we decided that the men needed some relief and ended up in one of the stalls together sucking off guys. I do not know how many we did but my husband got one from us as he shook his head wondering the same thing.


Submitted: Wed, 20 May 2015 2:15:58 GMT

I studied overseas for two years and one of the room-mates I had invited me home over the holiday to his place, he had informed his mother about it so she was expecting me. I had a room to myself and was quite impressed with their house as it was much larger than what I was expecting.

I was sleeping pretty well after a few nights of getting used to the sounds of the house when I awoke to see his mother standing next to my bed. I asked her if everything was okay and she told me she just wanted to check in on me and make sure I was comfortable. I told her that everything was really great and thanked her for checking, she leaned down on the bed and then ran one of her hands under the sheets to my shorts. She slid her hand right across my penis and started massaging me, I could not come up with anything to say to her and she just kept massaging me until I grew hard. She pulled the blanket back and then pulled my shorts down and began sucking on me. I laid there in complete ecstasy thoroughly enjoying this woman pleasuring me, I reached over and started fondling her breast through her nightgown but she put her hand on mine and pushed it away. I told her that what she was doing felt incredible and when I started to have an orgasm she never stopped sucking on me and swallowed all of me down.

The next night I laid there wishing she would come back but no such luck, two nights later though I felt the bed moving as she crawled into it and this time she was nude. She was attractive with very large breasts and a really nice round butt but she once again pushed my hand away from her nipples. After I was hard she turned around and mounted me, the sight of her plump ass rocking up and down on me was awesome. I reached down and started caressing that wonderful ass, running my fingers all over it. She like that and kept up her rhythm for a long time then turned back around and started sucking on me again. Once again when I started to orgasm she swallowed me all the way down her throat so hard it almost hurt. I could feel her throat contracting on my head just pulling it further inside her. I laid there breathing hard trying to hold back but her technique was so good I came within seconds of her swallowing me.

She came back the very next night and this time she was really wet as soon as she got on top of me. She faced me this time and those lovely breasts were just hanging right in my face so I leaned forward and began licking her nipples. She tightened right up against my thighs and began moaning out as I licked and sucked on them, it really turned her on to have them played with while mounting me. She lifted herself off me and began sliding up my body ending up with her pussy right on my face, she sort of was rough about it pinning my arms down under her legs and rubbing her pussy right into me, I liked it of course and began licking her madly. She was rocking back and forth and began pulling on her nipples harder than I thought would be comfortable. she was so juicy and I loved how her body looked above me riding my face.

She made love to me practically every time I came over to their house and always looked forward to weekends at the house.


Submitted: Wed, 20 May 2015 1:34:08 GMT

I pretty much get off everyday, I either play with myself for a few hours just kind of gently rubbing my clit or I do a hard orgasm with a vibe on high speed. My husband has a great job and I do not work so I really get to enjoy myself a lot. I have done a few fun things like stay naked all day and send him pics. I tan naked on the front deck, we live on a lakefront home so at anytime close to fifty people could see me, no one has ever complained so far. I know it seems a little shallow of me to be so carefree and not working but let me tell you when he comes home and I suck him off before he even gets out of his suit he looks pretty damn happy to me.

I love to tease one of our neighbors as well, one morning I noticed through our curtains that I could see right into their bedroom across the street. One morning I opened up our curtains and walked around naked for a while, I would walk into the room and look across the way towards their house and I finally saw him sitting in the window staring my way. He has been really friendly since I have done this a few times. I know I am spoiled but I think my husband is very happy, if he is not then at least he is not lacking for sex.