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I am an older man with a big sex drive . I have been divorced for a long time and don't have contact with any women who want sex . I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and we all feel safe

The other day some young girls rode their bikes down the rode in front of my house and i went out pretending to check the mail and began talking to them

One told me she was 14 (the oldest) one was 13 , them 11 and 10 . Now these girls were very sexy and gave me a hard on just looking at them as they had on loose blouses low cut and no bra so you could see just the outline of there sexy just budding breasts .

To tell you the truth i wanted to rape them right there

I have been trying to figure out how to fuck them with out getting caught and in trouble

Now as i said this is a small town and i know each of these girls are virgins with no clue about sex and are pure church going little girls who are being raised right

I as pretty sure that with a little time and maybe money i could talk them into having sex but am not sure i could trust them to keep it secret and i do not want to go to prison for rape even it it is consentual

What i really want to do (especially with the 14 year old ) is make them strip slowly for me and then put them on the bed and make passionate love to them and dump my load deep inside each one of them and since my dick is pretty big i know it would fill them up when i slid it in ball deep . I want to hear them moan and beg for more and fuck them hard and deep for a long time and make them have intense orgasms .

I know they are all virgins not sure which ones have their periods where they might get pregnant but i'm not about to use a condom to fuck them .

So there you are my problem not give me some suggestions as to how to fuck these pretty little things with out getting caught and punished

I have a fairly large dick and i know it would engulf each one of their little pussies and they would be so tight i am not sure i could slide in and out but it sure would be fun to try . Girls that age are impressionable so i'm sure i could bribe them for sex (say with a little money ) but i don't trust them to keep it secret so i am in a quandry what do i do ?




I'm an experienced cocksucker. It wasn't always like that. Growing up my sister often teased me because I was short and thin. She often talked about how life was good for a gay man who could suck cock. Finally one day she asked me if I was gay. I said I wasn't sure, but sometimes I think about it. She said she knew a gay man who could check me to see if I was gay. I told her okay.

She introduced me to Steve. He was a big, fat black guy. You would never think he was gay by the way he carried himself. She took me to his house one Friday night. I thought she would leave but she seemed interested in watching what happened. We were pretty close and there were no secrets between us so I decided to see how it went anyway. He had me sit on the couch and took his clothes off. Compared to mine his cock was massive. He stepped forward. I looked at sis and she was in a chair rubbing her pussy. This was turning her on as much as me.

As I stared at it I gravitated forward. He put his cock up to my lips and I opened my mouth. He put his cock in and I closed my mouth on it. I loved it immediately. I started to suck him like I imagined it should be done. He got bigger and bigger in my mouth. Sis said, "You like sucking that big black cock, don't you?" I shook my head yes. He then began to fuck my mouth. He held my head and thrust in and out. Not to the point of choking me, but enough so I knew I was being mouth fucked. I sucked him for about 10 minutes and felt him tense up. Then he started cumming. He filled my mouth. I had decided that if he came in my mouth I would swallow it all. I nearly made it. He finally pulled out. Sis looked at my crotch and mentioned my hard little cock. Steve had me get undressed and said this was the next lesson. He had me kneel down with my chest on the couch. He started to lick my asshole. It felt great. I shoved his tongue in as far as he could, then finally pulled his face away. He knelt behind me and I felt his cock at my hole. He pushed in slowly until he filled my asshole. At first it hurt, but the pain quickly subsided. He started to slowly fuck me and I quickly started to get into rhythm with him fucking him back. I was moaning like a little school girl.

Sis came over and sat next to me on the couch. She was now naked as well and had three fingers in her cunt as she watched her little brother get fucked. Having just cum he lasted nearly half an hour before he grabbed my hips and pulled back. I could tell he was cumming. He filled my ass with his hot jizz until it squirted out past his cock. "Boy," he said, "Your cunt is tighter than an eight dollar pig." He finally pulled out and walked into the kitchen for a beer. Sis finished making herself cum and stood up to get dressed. She said it was time to go and I got dressed as well.

On the way home she mentioned how fucking hot it was to see her little sister/bro get fucked by a big black cock. That started it and I've been sucking cock ever since.




Last Friday night my Mother worked late and her boyfriend came over to the house and wanted to wait until Mom got home I called Mom and she said tell him it will be 2 more hours. I told him and he said he would wait if it was all right with me I told him whatever.

He went into the kitchen and got a beer and a small bottle of whiskey and sat on the couch he asked if I drank I told him I was only 15 and had not tasted any of that yet. He poured himself a drink and one for me he said I should try just a little I tasted it and it was strong he told to drink a little more and I did after I finished the second drink I was feeling a little dizzy and laid back on the couch.

He was sitting on the couch at the bottom of my feet and took my shoes and socks of I had on a short skirt and he began to kiss my feet and legs I just lay there and didn't try to stop him and I don't know why. He moved my skirt up to my panties and started kissing my panties I guess I didn't stop him because it felt good. My skirt was around my waist and he had rolled my panties to my hair line and keep kissing and licking my stomach I am a virgin and no boy has ever seen my panties, but I just couldn't stop him it felt so good. He slid his hand under me and pulled my panties down from behind and then in the front exposing my pussy to him. He put his face in my hair and started licking and sucking my crouch I never knew it could feel like this so I spread my legs and he was tasting my pussy crack. I told him I was a virgin and begged him not to fuck me he said I only want to eat your sweet pussy he opened my legs and slid his tongue up and down my crack he spread my lips and found my tiny hole and stuck his tongue into it. He said I am not going to stop until you come so just enjoy and come in my face when you want to. He held my thin lips open and put other hand under my ass and rubbed my hole he found all the right spots and I started pushing my pussy into his face he went to work on my hole and within the next few minute I was having my first orgasm. He was sticking his tongue in me and sucking out at the same time I said enough, but he said come again and keep pushing his tongue into me I couldn't stop him it felt so good and it wasn't long before I was coming again and he sucked my pussy until it was getting sore he finally stop I lay there with my legs spread and panting hard. I finally sat up and took a deep breath pulled up my panties and fixed my skirt.

I have something for you now he unzipped his pants and took out his cock it was hard and standing right up I can't let you do me I told you I am a virgin. That's ok put your hand around it and rub it I felt like I had to after what he had done to me so I started jerking him off. It was not long before he put hand on my back and kind of leaned me over I keep rubbing his cock as fast as I could.

His cock was getting closer to my face as he keep pressure on my back he said you are not doing it fast enough and took it from me and was jerking himself off. He said I am almost ready are you ready I was about to say for what when he pushed my face down and said open your mouth I guess my mouth was open because his cock was between my lips and shooting his juice into my mouth and he was pushing the shaft inside suck my cock,suck all the cum out of it he said in a strong voice so I suck his cock until it was soft. He said I know that you enjoyed having me eat your virgin pussy, but I think you kind of like sucking my cock. I didn't want to answer him because I did like sucking his cock and wished I would have suck it from the start instead of jerking it.

He told me that I could never tell my Mom or he would never eat me again. Mom is working late in two weeks and I think I am going to let him take my virgin pussy with his big cock.




Thursdays were girls night out, so while my wife is gone I usually go over and mow Debbie's yard. She's in her 50's, about 20 years older than me. Not really a knockout, but she has big tits and puffy lips. I went over and started mowing the yard. I usually wear fairly tight shorts with no underwear when I mow. I like the sweat between my nuts as I'm on the mower. The vibration tends to work on my prostate and gets my cock a bit hard.

I was just getting done when Debbie showed up at the back door with a couple of beers. I rode the mower over to the house and accepted the beer. "This is my 7th today," she said and glanced down at my crotch. "Oh, that's nice," I replied. "She kinda leaned over and said, "You know. Jim's out of town and I'm really horny. How about I pay you differently today?" She reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. I wasn't sure about this, but I didn't move her hand away. Then she leaned over and kissed me. She squeezed my cock as she shoved her tongue in my mouth. "Debbie. Um, this might not be a good idea." She chuckled and said, "No. I think it's a great idea. You know, Jim doesn't even let me suck his cock anymore. But I bet you would. Come on," she said and turned and walked back in the house.

I thought I sure could use a good blowjob after a hot afternoon. I followed her, but by the time I closed the door she had her top off. "I'm awful sweaty," I said. "Good. I love a nice hot cock." She knelt down and undid my top button and pulled my zipper down. She pulled my cock out and pushed my shorts down to the floor. "Tell me you want me to suck your cock." She was gently cupping my nuts and blowing on the head of my cock. "Tell me or I walk away." "Um, I want you to suck me." "No," she said, "not like that." "Okay," I said, "I want you to suck my cock." Immediately she had my entire cock in her mouth.

After a minute she laid me down on the carpet and knelt between my legs. She pushed my legs up toward my chest and put my cock back in her mouth. As she was sucking me she reached down and started playing with my asshole. Then she pushed her finger in. "Oh, fuck, baby," I said as I started to fuck her mouth. She finger fucked me for another couple minutes and I said, "Oh, I'm fucking cumming." I started to push her off of me, not knowing that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She buried her head to my pubes and shoved a second finger in my ass as far as she could. I let go. I gave her the biggest load I ever shot. She took it all. It was getting time for me to go and I told her so. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and leaned up and kissed me. I could taste my cum in her mouth. We finally broke the kiss.

I got up, pulled my shorts up and started to leave. She smiled as she walked me to the door, "There. Paid in full." She laughed and added, "Honey, come back next week and we'll fuck until you can't even walk." With that she turned around and walked away. I left, satisfied, telling myself that next week it is. And it was. Again and again.




My Dad left when I was 15 and that left me with a Mom that drank to much, sometimes at home sometimes out. I have put her to bed more than once, but never undressed her or touched her until I turned 16 I was watching porn on my computer about drunk women and how they love sex I am a virgin or I was at the time.

It was a Friday night she had been out with friends and came home pass out drunk she was all over me this night I had never seen her like this before when I walked her into her bedroom she took off her shirt and had no bra on. I asked her what happened to her bra she just smiled and started taking off her pants she had on black panties and they slid down part way when she took off her pants. Her ass was bare and she said oh shit my panties are stuck in my crack and pulled them off it was the first time I had seen her nude she fell on the bed with her legs spread.

I stood there for a long time just looking at her first her tits they were nice kind of round with large nipples her stomach was flat and the hair on her mound was cut close to her body it was a dark brown darker that the hair on her head. The lips of her pussy were puffy and had no hair on them when I touched them they were dry, but looked moist. I let my finger run up and down the crack and felt her opening at the base it too was dry I opened the lips just a little and felt inside it was moist not wet I just had to see inside so I spread the lips wider the flesh was a nice shade of pink. I keep playing with her pussy and she spread her legs open wider like she wanted me to stick my fingers inside her. She took 2 fingers and moved her ass a little to make them go in further I reached up and started rubbing her tits and she let out a small moan.

I stood back from the bed wondering if I should have sex with her even thought I knew that it would be wrong I started getting undressed when I took off my shorts my cock was as hard as a rock. I began rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips and she opened up for me to enter her when I did I had never felt that much heat on my cock it was great I slid my cock deeper inside her and she put her arms around me. I only knew what I had seen on line this was my first time in a woman so I pushed in and pulled out, in and out was all I knew.

I am sure not more that a minute past when Mom opened her eyes and saw it was me she screamed what are you doing to your mother. Stop you can't do this you can't have sex with me take that thing out this minute. I can't Mom i'm going to cum, I want to cum inside you I told her. No,No you can't do this please Robbie take it out before you do cum she replied. To late Mom i'm cuming and I pushed my cock as far in her as it would go and sprayed my sperm inside her pussy.

Mom didn't speak to me for the next week and she also quite drinking so something good came out of it anyway.




It had started several nights before the school year had started, my mom and I had been by ourselves in a motel room, I had started getting ready for bed when my mom had asked me to sleep with her, I still had on my short shorts when she still had on her short shorts and bikini bra. Then we had both taken off our short shorts, I was in my striped speedo, my mom was in her bikini. When we'd both gotten in bed that night, we'd caressed each other, her tits were sexy hard in her bikini bra, my dick was huge and hard in my speedo. We stayed at it till we were both asleep. This had all happened when my mom was in her mid 30s, when I was in 7th grade at age 12 and 13, way back in the early 70s.

Around 1 month after school had started, my mom had gone around the house in her bikini, at that time, I'd had no way to tell she was pregnant.

Almost 2 months after school had started, my mom sat me down one day and let me know she was going to have a baby and that she would have the baby in the very next June when the school year had ended. When she'd told me this, she'd already pulled off her blouse and skirt. I'd gotten all hard in my short shorts and had stripped to my briefs when I'd seen my mom's stomach all squishy between her panties and bra.

After she let me feel her baby, I went to my room and had enjoyed rubbing myself in my briefs, I couldn't help myself. I remembered around those several nights in that motel room before I'd entered 7th grade, my mom was had shown off her sexy flat stomach in her bikini, it made me get all big and hard in my striped speedo.

At age 11, I'd started cumming, sometimes in speedos, sometimes in my briefs, I had always some how cleaned it up so my mom wouldn't know.

There had been a few times when my mom had gone around the house in her panties and bras and still showed off her still flat stomach after she'd told me about her pregnancy, I had gotten hard in my short shorts just from watching her feel her baby.

The day I turned 13, my mom let me look at her stomach as her pregnancy had just began showing, she'd had on pregnancy panties and bra when I had on briefs, was I all nice and hard in my briefs from feeling her baby as my mom's belly had already started blossoming.

When her pregnancy had started showing and she'd started getting a belly, she'd started wearing seethrough nightgowns, so I still saw what was underneath. When she'd said goodnight to me, I would take a glance at her seethrough nightgown, I had seen what her belly had looked like in her pregnancy panties and bras. I'd started rubbing myself every night till I had fallen to sleep.

Then around Easter vacation when my mom was 6 to 7 months pregnant, I was in my speedo and was ready to put on my basketball jersey when my mom had asked me to her room. There she was in her dress and had asked me if I wanted to look at her belly. I told her I wasn't up to it when she said it was ok. Then as she pulled off her dress, out came her nice slim legs, big pregnancy panties stretched around her belly, a three inch swath of bare belly and bra, was my dick hard in my speedo.

Then she'd had something else to tell me, she'd asked me if I had remembered our night in our motel room those several nights before I'd gone back to school, I told her yes. Then she had told me I was the father of our baby, that the baby had happened in her stomach on that night when we'd both been in that motel room.

My mom had smiled when she told me that and that she'd wanted to be pregnant. We both kept this from my dad who never knew I was the father of what he'd thought was his baby.

After hearing the news, I'd stared at her 3 inch swath of bare belly knowing that went from a flat stomach to a round belly when I was hard in my striped speedo.




My brother is three years older than me. We often sat in the bedroom listening to music when mom and dad were fighting. I know I'm kinda small for my age, but never considered myself queer or anything like that. He used to tease me a lot, but he was my brother and that's what brothers do.

One day there was a huge argument and we went into the bedroom. Dad was pissed and left for a while. Mom said she was going over to Joyce's house for a bit. We were in the bedroom listening to some of Jake's records and he sat on the bed next to me. Finally he turned and asked if I was gay. I told him no, I didn't think so. "How do you know?" he asked. "I don't know, I just figured I wasn't." He looked down at my crotch and said, "I think it's time we found out." "What do you mean?" I asked. He said he wanted me to suck his dick.

I really didn't know what to do, so when I didn't do anything he figured I wanted to. He stood up and unzipped his fly. "Let's see if you can suck dick as well as Debbie." That was his ex-girlfriend. When he pulled his cock out through his zipper I didn't know what he was doing. Then he pulled my head in closer so my lips were touching his cock. "Open up and suck it." I slowly opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in. I figured for a 16 year old he had a pretty big cock. It didn't take but a couple of minutes and he was hard. "Oh, fuck, Terry, your mouth is better than any pussy." He was fucking my mouth now. He made me gag a couple of times, but I started to really enjoy it. "Okay. Now when I cum you're supposed to swallow it."

As soon as he said that he started cumming. It took me by surprise. I had never even tasted my own small amount of cum when I jerked off, so this was a real mouthful. I was able to swallow it all. I thought it tasted different, but not bad. I didn't know what was supposed to happen next, but he pulled his cock out of my mouth and tucked himself back in. "So, you like that, don't you?" he said as he reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants. It was hard. Not big, but hard. "I guess it was okay," I said. "Well, maybe you need more practice."

He had me suck his cock any time we were alone. After about a month he just unzipped and pulled his cock out and I started sucking. Then he decided to see if I really was gay. One afternoon we were alone and I was sucking his cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to strip. I thought he was gonna suck me now, but instead he had me kneel on the floor with my chest on the bed. He knelt behind me and started to play with my asshole with a wet finger. Then he shocked me totally by shoving his cock into my ass. I jumped at the pain, but it eventually subsided. Once I relaxed a little it started to feel good. I decided I really liked having him fuck me. And it almost made me cum when he started shooting in my ass.

He finally pulled out of my ass and turned me around. He made me suck the cum off of his cock. I loved it. We did this for the rest of the school year. He got another girlfriend and spent most of his time with her that summer. I never did suck him or get fucked by him again, but ever since I started sucking him I look for as much cock as I can get. That was six years ago and I am a full-fledged cum sucking, ass fucking queer, just like he said.