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Submitted: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 23:59:41 GMT

Our neighbor Jenny has the reputation of fucking anything that moves. I didn't believe it until a couple of weeks ago. I was in our pool in the back yard and she wandered into the back yard. My wife, Debbie, was still at work, and wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. Jenny walked over to the side of the pool, took off her clothes and jumped in. She was completely naked. My dick started to get hard. She swam around a bit, then over to me. She popped up right in front of me and said, "Deb says you have the biggest cock on the block. Is that true?" As she spoke her hand reached down and grabbed my cock. "Oh, fuck," I said as she squeezed me. I must admit, it's pretty big at just over 8 inches. She leaned forward and kissed me. We explored each other's mouth as she snaked her hand inside my trunks and pulled my cock up. "I need to fuck you," she said, and bent down under the water and removed my trunks. She put her mouth on my cock, and for about 20 seconds was sucking me. She came up for air and said, "Ever fuck in a pool?" "Um, no," I said. She hopped up and grabbed me around the neck and straddled me. "I want your cock in me now," she said as I reached down to place my rock hard cock at the mouth of her cunt. She plunged down on it and shrieked. "Oh, fuck!" she screamed, "It's fucking huge!" We fucked for about three minutes and I knew I was gonna blow. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum," I said. "You like my pussy?" she asked. "Oh, fuck yeah." "You know what?" she said, "Your wife said I have the sweetest pussy she ever had." That took me over the edge and I started cumming. I filled her cunt with about a week's worth of my cum.

"When your wife eats me she makes me squirt," she said as I pumped load after load into her. I was finally spent, and when I started to get soft. "Does it turn you on me talking about your lesbian wife?"

"I never knew, but yeah, it does." I said. "You want to see me eat her cunt?" "That sound's exciting." We got out of the pool and she came up with a plan.

When Deb got home I told her I was gonna go watch the game at Ed's house. I left, and 15 minutes later I was standing at the fence peeking over the top. Jenny and Deb walked out of the house totally naked. They stood at the edge of the pool and kissed. I saw Jenny pull Deb's ass cheeks apart and start to play with her asshole. They broke the kiss, and Jenny said, "I heed you to eat me." She sat on the edge of the pool and Deb jumped in. She walked up to Jenny and spread her legs. Jenny leaned back a little and Deb buried her face in Jenny's bush. They were both enjoying themselves, and after 10 minutes of this I could tell my cock was about as hard as it gets. "Oh, fuck, honey," Jen said. "Keep going, keep going." As Deb was eating her, Jen looked over and saw me. She waved me into the back yard. I hesitated, but her actions were persistent. I finally opened the gate and quietly walked over. "That's it, honey," she said to Deb, "Make momma squirt in your mouth." She started to moan and she tensed up. She grabbed Deb's head as she started to cum. I could tell she was squirting into my wife's mouth.

She was saying, "Oh, fuck, fuck. Take it all!" Whe was finally beginning to come down, and Deb still had her head buried in Jen's cunt. "You know, honey, you were right," she said to my wife, "He does have the biggest cock on the block." With that, Deb looked up and saw me standing there. She was horrified. I just chuckled. "It's okay, honey, if you wanna play a little." I quickly stripped and jumped in with them. Surprisingly, Deb quickly got okay with me being naked with the two of them. I ended up fucking both of them that night, and many nights after that.


Submitted: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 14:58:24 GMT

I was never baptized as a baby due to various reasons,so when i was 15 and a freshman in high school,my parents decided to finially have me baptized.They talked to our priest and set the date for a month later.They then set about getting me the traditional,all white,"baby girl" type baptism outfit worn by the girls at our parish for baptisms.They got me a cute,poofy white,midthigh length,short sleeve dress with a matching bonnet,white tights and the white mary jane shoes.under my dress,they got the white tee shirt,cloth diapers and white adult size baby style plastic pants[aka-rubberpants]that are normally worn under the tights.The morning of my baptism,they dressed me in the outfit and i was baptized during the morning mass.That afternoon,my boyfriend,jared,who was 16 came to my party and saw me in my outfit and got very aroused by the way i looked.towards the end of my party,we wanted to be alone,so we went to his house and his parents and siblings were gone.we started kissing and he put his hand under my dress and felt the diapers and rubberpants under my tights and really got super horny!He undid his pants and pulled them down,then his undershorts and put my hand on his hard penis and told me to massage it.Next he unzipped the back of my dress and pulled it off of me,then pulled my tights down and off and then pushed me to my knees wearing just my bonnet,tee shirt and my diapers and rubberpants and stuck his hard cock in my mouth and i sucked him.He then held my head with his hands and thrust his cock back and forth in my mouth and a few minutes later he shot his full load in my mouth and forced me to swallow it all! That was my 'sin" committed on my baptism day!


Submitted: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 13:21:46 GMT

So, I've been sleeping with both of my brothers. One is 3 years older than me, the other two years younger. I'm not sure how I started sleeping with my oldest brother. But the youngest caught us fucking in bathroom. It's a daily routine when we come home from school they strip me down. They'll finger me and lick me and suck on my tits. I'll blow them and we usually Eiffel Tower. Once one blows a load in me, they switch. They don't use condoms but I'm hoping if I'm on the pill I'll be okay.

The problem now is our dad busted us the other day. And when he was talking to me I could see his dick screaming to get out. I asked if I could see him, and surprisingly he showed me. As punishment my dad decided to show me how to really get fucked. He even gave me anal! So now I'm screwing my brothers and my dad. I'm taking all their loads and its fucking amazing


Submitted: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 00:00:02 GMT

My wife's best friend, Alyce is a fucking knockout. Her tits are about perfect, and her nipples are huge. When she comes over she immediately toes for the wine. She often leaves drunk, and it's a good thing she only lives three doors down.

The other night she came over, and after about half a bottle of wine she was starting to slur her words. I could tell she was a bit tipsy, and she weaved her way into the kitchen for another bottle. I made an excuse to my wife to go into the kitchen, and as Alyce turned to go back into the living room I 'accidentally' brushed past her, rubbing my arm on her tit. "Oh, sorry," I said. "For what?" she asked. "I accidentally brushed against you." "Well, I know that. But there's nothing to be sorry about." She stood to face me and stared down at my cock and licked her lips. "You're just drunk," I said. "Maybe," she said and leaned forward and put her hand on my crotch. "But not too drunk to notice this monster." I felt my cock twitch as she rubbed her hand down my pants.

We made our way into the living room. My wife had her own buzz on, and Alyce turned to her, "Mind if I borrow your hubby for a bit. I think I have an electrical problem in the basement." "Sure," my wife said. As we turned to leave, I heard Alyce say, "I'll keep him just as long as I can make him." She chuckled as we walked out and down to her house. She held my arm all the way to her house. As soon as we walked into the living room she turned and kissed me. We traded saliva, and her hands reached up and undid her blouse. She unclipped her bra from the front and exposed her perfect tits. "You want 'em, honey? Tonight they're yours." I cupped a tit and rubbed her nipple between my finger and thumb. Her hands reached down and undid my belt and pants. She let my pants drop to the floor, and as soon as they hit the floor she was down on her knees. Without saying a word she took my cock in her mouth. She was able to take my entire 7 inches in her mouth. "Oh, fuck, that's good," I said, and she nodded yes. With my cock still in her mouth she lowered me to the floor on my back. She sucked me for about five minutes, then stood up and stripped. She lowered herself onto my cock and leaned forward, brushing my chest with her tits. I reached up and fondled her tits and nipples as she fucked me. Within minutes I was cumming. I filled her cunt with so much jizz that it squirted out of her cunt. "Ohhhh, fuck!" she said as she started cumming, too.

Just when I thought we were done she got off of me and bent down and took my cock back in her mouth. She sucked the cum off of my cock, and it wasn't long until I was getting hard again. She reached under me and started to play with my ass as she sucked me. I lifted my legs a little and she pushed a finger into my asshole. She started to massage my prostate as she was sucking my cock. Soon it was two fingers, and I felt like I was being fucked and sucked at the same time. She finger fucked me, and sucked me for a good half hour. "Oh, honey, that's so fucking good," I told her. I was getting close, and could only say, "Oh, fuck fuck, fuck," over and over. I tensed up, and she sensed I was gonna cum. She clamped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked like a vacuum. I couldn't hold it any longer and started cumming. I don't usually cum twice in a row, but her lips on my cock was fantastic. She kept her lips on my cock until I was spent, then crawled on top of me and started kissing me again. I could taste my cum as we swapped spit. This almost made my cock hard again.

We finally got up and got dressed. "Thanks, honey," she said, "That was the best fuck I've ever had." I blushed and couldn't speak. "Don't worry," she said, "Deb will never know. But I do think that my electricity problem will need a lot of work."


Submitted: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 16:58:32 GMT

My husband and I are very close but we don't know how to talk about things or perhaps we just don't want to mess things up.

The thing is, I know my daughter spends time with him and I know its going somewhere. It has for quite some time now.

I know this because my Son and I have been doing the same thing, only recently for the past year.

I hope she is doing right by him. I hope she is taking care of his needs. I trust my daughter and I trust my Son too.

I know what happens between my Son and I will stay there as it should for my daughter and my husband.

We must realize we can't go back and we should make the most of it.

I hope the rest of my family is getting what they want; erection for erection, blow for blow, cum for cum, fuck for fuck. My Son cums so hard so often... thank you honey!


Submitted: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 02:47:30 GMT

Last Friday night my wife was extra frisky. She snuggled with me on the couch and started to play with my cock. As she got me hard she said, "You once said you'd like to try some kinky stuff." I shook my head yes. "How about now?" she asked. I told her okay. She went into the kitchen and came out with some rope and the mask she sometimes sleeps with. She told me to get undressed, and as I did she tied my hands behind my back. She put the mask on me and led me to the bedroom. She had me lay on the bed and laid next to me and started kissing me. This was turning me on as I felt my cock twitch.

my cock was sticking straight up as she stroked me. She took her hand away and I felt a mouth on my cock. "Are you a naughty boy tonight?" she asked. I mumbled yes and just tried to enjoy a strange pair of lips on my cock. She got up and straddled my face. "Okay, bit boy, you always wanted my ass, so now you're gonna lick it until I say stop." This was fine with me. It wasn't long and the mouth on my cock had move down to my asshole and was tongue fucking me. I raised my ass up for better access, and was enjoying the tongue fuck.

After a few minutes she got up and pulled me over to the side of the bed with my head hanging off the edge. The tongue in my ass pulled out, and a few seconds later my wife sat on my chest and grabbed the sides of my head. I felt a cock at my lips, and she said, "Okay, stud. Time to do what you want me to do." I now knew she had another man in the room. I tried to resist, but he was able to push his cock into my mouth. "You wanted kinky, so tonight you're my bitch, and you're gonna suck that cock until he cums down your throat." I was helpless. He started slow, and only put his cock in about an inch, but then started to mouth fuck me a little deeper and harder. As he was fucking my mouth, I felt her lean forward, and she started kissing him. "Was I right?" she asked him. "Doesn't he suck cock good?" He mumbled yes, and all of a sudden I felt him tense up. He started to cum. It filled my mouth, and I had no choice but to swallow. I gagged and sputtered, but survived until he was spent. Instead of pulling out he kept fucking my mouth until he started to get hard again.

"Now, honey," she said to me, "I want you to tongue his asshole real good." He pulled out and turned around. He stuck his asshole right on my mouth as she told me to use my tongue. I didn't have a choice but to try to tongue his asshole like he did mine. After about 10 minutes they both got off of me and pulled me off the bed, on my knees with my chest resting on the mattress. He knelt behind me and started to finger my asshole. She threatened if I tried to get away I would never get her pussy again. I let him play. First one finger, then two. He was finger fucking me deep, then he replaced his fingers with his cock. I was being fucked by another man for the first time. To my surprise my cock was getting hard with each thrust. He fucked me for another 10 minutes, then pulled out. She said it was time for him to fuck her, just like he had been doing for the last two months. I could hear them on the bed, his big cock slurping in and out of her wet cunt. Finally she let out a yelp and I could tell they were both cumming. A minute later he got up and walked out. She positioned herself so her cunt was right at my mouth and told me to clean her up. Reluctantly I licked all of his cum out of her cunt.

She finally got up and lit a cigarette. "Now that you know," she said, "This will be our sex life from now on." She got up and walked out of the bedroom, leaving me to struggle until I untied myself and took off the mask. She had left, and four hours later returned as if nothing had happened. She went straight to bed. I crawled in after her asking her if she'd like to talk about it. "Okay, let's talk. You're my bitch, and I'll make you fuck or suck anybody I say. And, maybe next time we'll let you cum."


Submitted: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 14:59:16 GMT

My wife was in bed and my 14 year old daughter was headed to the shower before bed. I was left watching tv in the dark lounge room with my daughters 13 year old best friend.

She is a tiny girl, short, slim and a tight little body. She was just getting a nice a cup going and her hips just starting to form. I had been flirting with her for several months, poking, pinching and just getting sneaky feels in when i can.

With both my girls gone, it didn't take long looking at her in her thigh length satin nightie to get excited. I also didn't take long to sweet talk her the final stage of willingness.

I had her on her knees, on the lounge, arm over the back rest, ass out. I stood behind her and dropped my boxers to the floor. I pulled her panties down around her knees on the lounge. She was trembling as i held her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her tiny pussy. It took a few minutes to slowly work into her tiny body, i never felt her hymen as i pushed in.

I was starting to work myself in and out of her, pushing myself deeper as i worked her. She kept telling me "make sure you pull out, i'm having periods now". Then "remember to pull out i'm not safe" and "i'm not on the pill, so make sure you don't cum in me".

I had all intention of pulling out and cumming on her ass. As i finally got myself balls deep inside the tiny girl, i got distracted as we both spotted my daughter standing shocked in the door watching us. I didn't even flinch as i exploded so hard into her tiny pussy. It felt like i blew an entire cup full into her. She just climbed off me, but way too late.

Her and my daughter left and went to the bedroom. I freaked out all night, but they said nothing in the morning. My daughter hasn't spoken to me since that night, until today. She came home and told me her best friend is now pregnant and it was my baby.

What my daughter doesn't know it that i have spent the last 12 weeks going to her friends house after schools out, while her parents are out and fucking her 2 or 3 times a week. I even went to the school a couple of times and she skipped class so i could fuck her in the girls locker rooms. And she has helped me at home twice while staying over. She got me once my daughter was asleep and i had fun. I twice got blow jobs from her until i was about to blow, then gently pulled the covers off my daughter. I slowly climbed onto her bed over her legs and lifted her shirt. She always slept in shirts and panties. I pulled the front of her panties open, gently resting my cock head against her pussy and then jerk till i blow, holding my head against her slit, pumping my load into her pussy.

We hope i can get her pregnant before she works out what i've been doing.