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Submitted: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 9:44:26 GMT

When I was in college one of my mom's good friends lost her job and she moved into the house until she could get back on her feet. I returned home in the early summer and she was still living there. She was attractive and smart really but apparently the job market was quite tough in her field so it was taking longer than she hoped to find a new job.

I woke up one morning and stumbled out into the hallway, my cock hard as a rock from needing to relieve myself. I had on shorts but it was very obvious that I was hard, I was walking down the hallway just a short distance but then Marla came out of the bathroom just as I was there. She looked down right away and sort of smiled and then stepped to the side commenting that I must really need to go then laughed a little. I got into the bathroom and was a little embarrassed because I did not really think about running into her and did not want to make her uncomfortable, her joking about it made me feel a little better.

We had the house to ourselves every morning so we were in the habit of having breakfast and coffee together most every day and she was fun to talk to, most mornings she wore a robe but sometimes she did not and I could see her nipples bouncing around, hard every now and then.

One morning I awoke to see her on the edge of my bed smiling at me. She told me good morning then ran her hand under the covers and gripped my hard on, she smiled as I tightened up my body. She pulled my shorts down and plunged her mouth right over my head and down the shaft. I loved how it felt my cock already hard and sensitive from needing to pee. I told her I would not last long but she did not care and swallowed every bit of cum, she kept right on sucking on me but I told she had to stop because I really needed to go. She told me to hurry back as soon as I was finished. When I returned she was on my bed naked and smiling at me, I was no fool and jumped right into bed with her.

She finally got a job and new place towards the end of summer but our love making was almost daily and I learned a tremendous amount about sex from her.


Submitted: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 16:51:48 GMT

I have always enjoyed being a kept woman and not have to work. My husband is 62 and I am 42.

Long ago, I will admit, I married my loving husband for money, security, freedom from the world, and to have my Son.

He has known this ever since I gave myself to him.

With my husband being 20 years my senior, our sex life withered quiet some time ago to say the least. At 42, I am just entering my sexual prime as an attractive wife and Mother.

In attempt to revive our sex life, we discovered we were turned on to the prospect of having a younger guy in the mix.

We looked for months and found one interested young man who fit the bill. Others were only talk. We both wanted a young man so he could go again and again for me each day we would have him over.

He was in his late 20's and we had him over several times.

He was good for me but wasn't used to having other men, my husband in particular, watch and couldn't cum for us.

We continued looking for another prospect, but younger guys for older ladies proved more difficult to find than we once thought.

Weeks later my husband came to me with another potential.

He started to tell me about him; young and viral. A perfect match he told me entering his sexual prime.

He told me he was only 14, but he was up and comming.

I realized exactly what my husband was trying to tell me just as ous Son walked in to the kitchen to support his proposal.

Months have gone by and my husband has given our Son full access to me, so long as he can of course watch us do our thing. We also let him take pics and clips so long as it doesn't become a distraction for sonny boy.

My Son is always the initiator for taking me and for when and how he wants me. Often a few times each day, especially after school. After my Son and I finish having the most increadible sex, time and time again, my hubby is able to let me hand him off on my breasts much of the time. My Son gets to watch me get his Father off a lot too.


Submitted: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 20:50:38 GMT

I used to love taking showers during school and college, so many naked women around and I loved to see their bodies wet and soapy. I always knew I wanted to make love to a woman and the only attempt I had made before college was with a friend of mine who spent the night at my house during high school. I got as far as licking and playing with her nipples but when I got down to her pubic hair she chickened out and wanted me to stop, I still remember her scent lingering a mere two inches from my nose and the wet spot in her panties.

I started college and nothing happened my first year but when I came back for my second one of my room mates was very forward with me from day one. About two weeks later her and I ended up staying up at school that weekend and had the room to ourselves. We were already in what we were going to sleep in and I asked her if she was ready to turn off the light by my bed. She told me no just one minute and got out of hers and came over to mine, in one swift motion she pulled off her t-shirt and she was naked. She crawled onto my bed and planted her lips on mine and I pushed back sinking my tongue into her mouth. I was ready and after a few minutes of kissing I slid down and cupped her breasts in my hands and began sucking and licking her nipples. She then slid herself up and I grabbed her beautiful rear end in my hands and pulled her down to my mouth wanting to push my tongue deep into her so badly. She was soaked and I could feel her wetness on my face and lips immediately, I licked her until she told me she had to lay down her legs were giving out. We rolled over and I planted my face right back into her pussy drinking in every drop of it. I was finally there tasting someone else besides myself and it was fantastic.


Submitted: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 20:39:20 GMT

my wife loves bondage, sometimes she ties herself up anticipating my return time home from work. she has told me I can do anything I want to her, she just has one signal of three loud grunts in a row. When she first started this I came home from work one day to find a note by the front door telling me I could do whatever I wanted to her and she told me her signal for stopping. I walked into the living room and there she was tied to a chair with her legs spread wide. She did a pretty good job tying herself but I decided her legs should be a little wider so that and better wrist restraint and we were ready. She never grunted but came many times as did I also.

I asked her one day why she started doing this, I told her that I loved it but wanted to know where it came from I guess. She told me that when she was a teenager her brothers who are both younger than she is liked to tie her up and play all sorts of games pretending she was captured by monsters or what ever. One day they had a friend over and they all came to her asking if they could tie her up. She told me she made a big mistake saying yes and not thinking through what she was wearing, she had a skirt and blouse on and usually when they did it she would be in a t-shirt or sweatshirt with pants or sweats. She did not even think about it as they started putting her in bonds. they had her all tied up and ran off to pretend something or other when the friend returned shortly after leaving and the brothers were downstairs running around. He lifted up her skirt and actually ran his fingers over her underwear. She laid there pretending it was no big deal figuring he would leave soon and she would just forget it. He did but ran downstairs and got the brothers distracted doing something else, when he returned he started unbuttoning her blouse, she told him to stop but he just giggled and put his hand down her bra and was playing with her nipple. She realized then that she was in trouble, he would not stop playing with her body and kept going from her nipple to her panties getting bolder each time. She thought it would be useless to struggle as she was tied up pretty good. Her two brothers came back upstairs finally and continued there game and then untied her. She never said anything to the boy but decided right there that no friends were going to participate again.

Ever since that time though she found it a huge turn on to be tied up and played with sexually but only with someone she could trust. My cock grew hard just listening to her story and after she was done I asked her if she wanted to do some bondage. She looked at me and asked if I wanted her to wear a blouse and skirt as well.


Submitted: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 11:01:48 GMT

my uncle passed away in his forties leaving my aunt a widow at an early age, I became her do it all man. My mom sent me over there for everything from mowing the lawn, painting, you name it I was fixing it. Most of the time my mom would drive me over there and sit in the living room and talk with her. When I got my license I would just drive over myself and take care of whatever she needed. One day after finishing up the lawn she told me to come inside and have something eat, she had made me dinner so I cleaned up and went into the kitchen. She told me she really appreciated all the help I had been to her. after I was finished eating she asked me to come upstairs she wanted to show me something and I would probably need to go to the hardware store and come back next time to fix it. Once we were in the bathroom she showed me the light, it had a pull chord on it to turn it on but the chain had broke. I told her no problem to fix and I would bring one back with me. I turned around to walk out of the bathroom thinking she was already doing the same thing and plowed right into her, she lost her balance and fell down. I felt really bad and picked her up but she was just fine and then out of no where she planted a kiss right on me. Then she almost looked mad and told me to lay down on her bed, I was a little taken back by her sudden change in mood but laid down. she climbed right up on top of me and pulled my shirt up and off then slid down and was undoing my pants like a mad woman. She pulled everything off at once then started sucking on my cock, if felt so good that I just laid there stunned watching her. I came in under two minutes and she just looked up at me and grinned, she then told me that she was so happy to finally do that again. She then proceeded to swallow me down again and sucked on my furiously until I was hard again. She stripped off her clothes, reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom. She had it on me in just a few seconds and then spread her legs and mounted me sinking herself right down on top of me. She let out a long moan and her fingers dug into my chest. She slowly rose and fell rocking her head back and moaning out. I lasted much longer this time and actually managed to stay hard the whole time she rode me, she had her fingers going on her clit and was practically jumping up and down on me when she came. Her boobs were a site to watch all by themselves, just bouncing all over the place, She was completely wild.


Submitted: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 14:09:37 GMT

I was out with a bunch of friends at a club dancing and really having a great time when suddenly I realized that I had to pee really badly. When I got back by the bathrooms the line was seriously long and I had literally wet myself slightly holding it. I looked into the men's room as the door swung open and just decided to do it or wet myself badly. When I got in there luckily there was a stall open but there were like 8 guys in there at the urinals so I just threw up my hand as a blinder as they all stared at me walking by them. I sat down and yelled out sorry guys but I just could not wait. As if that was not embarrassing enough the room suddenly got super quiet as I started peeing and one guy yelled out wow what a stream are you standing up?

I yelled back joking that I was squatting because I did not want to sit down.

I came out of the stall and walked over to the sink to wash my hands when they all started clapping, I looked around and one of them told me I must have really to go pretty bad. I pulled up my dress and showed him the wet spot on my panties asking him if that was proof enough, they were all bent over looking at my panties when I suddenly felt really turned on that about ten guys thought I was hot enough to stare at me. One guy told me he would give me $100 dollars for them right now. I looked at him and thought wow he is really serious, then another said $120. I reached down and pulled them off and held them out on my finger, jokingly I said only $120? the first one countered at $130 and no one else spoke up so I looked at him and said show me the money. He pulled out the cash and handed it to me, I was a little shocked thinking that it was just a joke. I took the money and handed him my panties. Then another one spoke up and told me $100 if I showed my tits, I looked at all of them and said I think it is time to go now.


Submitted: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:22:32 GMT

I was terrible when I was in my twenties, I had sex with anyone. I used to actually have sex in the men's room with co-workers. My manager at one of my first jobs out of college was pretty cool and I did like him both as a boss and wanted to have sex with him as well. He was married so I just let it go but one day during a real busy afternoon of closing deals he was really happy with the days work and excited with all the money he had just brought in. He was telling me what a great job I did with all of it when he out of habit slapped my rear end telling me good job Shelly! He immediately looked at me and his face changed, he apologized for patting my rear. I laughed a little and stuck my rear towards him telling him it felt good and he should do it again.

The look on his face was priceless, he stared at me like he was turning something around in his head but could not get it out. I turned and walked out of his office but he had not said anything to me, from then on though every once in a while he would do it to me just like the guys, one smack on the rear and told me great job.

I had not planned this out but one day I was wearing not exactly a short skirt and we had a really great day of sales again. He was in his usual good mood afterwards and I was standing in is office slightly bent over when he walked behind me, I moved back bumping into him and asked him well, aren't you going to smack my rear? He looked down and without even hesitating he lifted my skirt up and smacked my rear, I was wearing a thong so he was literally touching my rear. I heard him say Wow you have one really nice ass. My skirt fell back down and I laughed telling him something about it like yeah I run a lot. I walked up to him and whispered maybe we could work late and you could feel my ass then.

He was a little quiet but did not leave the office at his usual time, I waited until everyone else left and kept right on working saying I wanted to get this pile off my desk before tomorrow. He waited a good twenty minutes then walked out of his office and looked over at me. I had never had a man lick my ass so much until him, he must have kissed and licked me bent over his desk for an hour.