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Submitted: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 20:27:50 GMT

The guilt washed over me as I turned my head and saw the picture of his wife and kids on the shelf. I was bent over on the end of the couch in his office as his wonderful large penis plunged in and out of me, he was so large I was fluttering with each thrust. I knew is penis would be large with his height of 6'7" or so and super broad shoulders, he has like a size 14 shoe, I was hoping for OMG big but this was OMFG big. He was making me stretch so much that my clit was getting rubbed by the bottom of it as he filled me like never before done. Still the picture on the shelf made me blush, I thought to myself, wonder if he will do her when he is home tonight as well. My thought was interrupted by him sinking his cock even deeper and the head exploring new depths, I opened my mouth and grasped the edge of the couch cushion, it felt so damn good but hurt a little at the same time.

He moaned out telling me how tight my pussy was then asking me if it was okay to say pussy, I just muttered out an uh-huh still getting stretched out. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back all I could see was the picture now, his wife staring at us with a smile on her face.

Do you want me to cum on your back?

I told him no, tell me when your close and I will swallow you. He kept up his pace and then pulled out, I swung around and plunged my lips over his penis tasting myself all the way down it with a little white ring at the bottom from my wetness. I swallowed all of his cum and he pulsated and fucked my mouth, he gripped my hair and I sucked on him hard digging my teeth in a little bit. He gasped out trying to pull it out because it was to sensitive now for sucking on but I had my fingers around his balls and gripped the bottom of his shaft with the others. He begged me to stop pulling on my hair but I was relentlessly sucking on it making him squirm on purpose.

I laid back on the couch and spread my legs out he knelt down and began licking my clit and lips, god you taste so good he murmured between licks. I came with a huge orgasm from his wonderful talents of licking me and probably other women, he did tell me that he loved to lick pussy.


Submitted: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 12:28:40 GMT

I grew up spending a lot of time at my friends house because he lived on the lake so we were always over there swimming and having a great time. His Mom was so hot a total MILF in my book and was always in a bikini with her boobs just bouncing all over the place. She would lay out on the dock away from us splashing all over the place and undo her top to tan, side boob and nipple could always be seen. I beat off many a night thinking about her body laying there in the sun.

My buddy went away to college and his dad had passed away during high school so during the winter I would go over and shovel the sidewalks and clear the driveway so she did not have any problems. My buddy always thanked me whenever he was home but I told him I knew he would always to the same for my mom. I was over at her house clearing a bunch of snow that we had received when she told me to come into the house because she had some hot chocolate and cookies made up for me. When I came inside she was still in her robe and pajama's which I found odd for her to do. She told me to take off my snow suit and warm up, I told her that I was only wearing long underwear under it. She looked at me and laughed telling me that never stopped you a few years ago, I remember you and Mike running around here in your underwear all the time after sledding. Come on pull off your suit your sweating and she grabbed the zipper on the front and pulled it down practically wrestling me out of it. While she was doing that her robe was loose and I could see those beautiful breast swaying around against her pj top, nipples poking on the material. She was much more playful than usual and then got me some more cookies from the counter. After a few more minutes of talking she just walked right up to me with a matter of fact serious look on her face. She knelt down on the floor in front of my chair and pulled my bottoms down grabbing my cock and starting to suck on it. After I came she grabbed my hand and told me to come upstairs, I followed her up to her room and she was naked in under a second and laying on the bed. All of the Penthouse magazine stories I had read told me that this was unbelievable, I always thought most of them were bullshit stories but here I was about to pleasure my best friends Mom and it was not even my idea. The first thing I wanted to do was play with those boobs that I had fantasy's about growing up but after only a few licks and sucks she was pushing my head down to her pussy gripping my hair with her hands. I sank my mouth into her pussy and she let out a moan that was unbelievable, moaning out oh my god over and over.

We had sex for like two hours, I was stunned at her ability to keep me hard and herself wet, she was a sex goddess for sure. Afterwards as I was laying there breathing hard from the last session of basically pounding her doggie style she caught her breath and told me that I had to come over tomorrow. I laughed and told her there was no snow predicted. She looked over at me and smiled telling me no problem then you can just have sex.


Submitted: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 21:04:33 GMT

My step mom was basically a trophy wife for my dad. I was not adjusting well to the situation but managed to pull through thanks in part to her. She was pregnant when I was a junior in high school and she stayed out of the way when it came to discipline for me letting my dad handle all the talks. After about talk number four about my grades she came into my room when I got home from school on afternoon. She told me it was none of her business really but just asked why I felt like I was doing poorly in school. She did not harp on me or scold me just asked that simple question and I told her it was the stress of the divorce my parents went through then moving to a new house. She told me thanks for telling her about it and then looked back at the clock and told me let me show you how I can help with that and what you will get minimum once a week if I could get my grades up and keep them there. I stared at her for a minute then she took my hand and pulled me over to my bed and told me to lay down. She pulled my pants down and gave me my first blow job and it was unbelievably fantastic. She finished off and told me that I would get one per week until my next marking period and for every A I received I would get that many blow jobs per week but if I had at least a B average I would get one per week. I told her that she was crazy because that would be 8 times a week if I got all A's. She looked back at me and smiled telling me that she would keep up her end of the deal if I managed to get it done.

She kept giving me one per week, which was only two until the next marking period anyway and I pulled off one A and a B average. I downloaded my grades in front of my dad and her and my dad about came out of his chair. He gave me a hug and told me son I do not care how you are doing it but keep it up my boy! As he was hugging me she winked at me. She came into my room on Monday morning to wake me up after he left for work and sucked me dry, she told me okay you are guaranteed one per week now until the next period. I was stunned that she was keeping it up. The next period came and I got four A's, my dad was enthusiastic as hell and even took me out to dinner at Outback steak house.

Monday came around following the report and she smiled at me asking what time of day was better for me first thing in the morning or when I got home from school and for the next six weeks I got four blow jobs a week from her, I could not believe it and was happy as hell staying after school to do homework and striving for all A's on my next reporting period.

Summer break was coming up after the next reporting period and I was not even thinking about it very much but if I got all A's did that mean eight times a week all summer? I was in brain overload thinking about it. I got home and she was in the kitchen, I asked her about it and she turned and smiled at me telling me that if that was the motivation I needed to get all A's on my last marking period she would make it happen all summer.

My teachers were noticing my improvement overall and one of them told me a few times that my performance was amazing and so glad that I was having fun at school. The last marking period came and my grades were excellent but I only got 6 A's and 2 B's for the other two. My dad was amazed and asked me if there was anything I needed to keep this performance up, anything at all because if I could keep this up next year throughout my senior year he would buy me a car. I told him that would be thanks enough dad.

The first Monday rolled around for summer break and as I walked out into the kitchen she was standing there doing something and she asked me when I wanted to do it. I told her I am not picky anytime of day you want to do it you just tell me and I am more than willing to let you. She walked over to me and told me to pull my sweats down right now and she squatted down and sucked me right off in the kitchen. When she was finished she told me that for pulling off six A's and the other 2 B's I was going to get one per day the whole summer. I was speechless.

My dad came home and after about an hour he came up to my room and told me that I was going to have to go to my mom's for 4 weeks because that was part of the divorce deal. I was bummed but still how could I complain with all the BJ's she had given me over the weeks and I would be back about 4 weeks before school started again.

I got back home after four weeks at me mom's house and after I woke up and walked out into the kitchen area my step mom looked up at me and asked how I slept in my old bed again. I told her great and then after I got some breakfast she walked up and told me that she had some catching up to do with a huge smile on her face. SHE GAVE ME 4-5 BLOW JOBS A DAY, except weekends, until she was caught up. I was literally sore on a few days because she sucked on me so hard.

My dad had to go on a business trip and she was about 8 months pregnant, she came to me one afternoon and told me she was still getting caught up but had a great idea if I wanted to get more out of the deal and she would be caught up completely. She asked me if I had sex with a girl yet or was I a virgin. I told her I had not and then she told me she was so horny she had to have sex and if I wanted to because she was so hot for it that if I did her she would still continue to give me blow jobs.

I was in shock at first but as soon as my cock filled her up I was in heaven. She was so horny she told me that I had to go faster and faster. I was just floored and started to cum to quickly she told me not to pull out and just keep fucking her hard, she finally came and I was spent. She turned around and told me to come here, she squatted down and started sucking on me until I was hard again. She turned around and bent over telling me to fuck her as hard as I could until I could not anymore. I fucked her for about 25 minutes harder than I have done it with any woman so far in my life.

She was an unbelievable Nympho and I can see now why my dad married her.


Submitted: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 11:32:51 GMT

My neighbor wife is so hot, absolutely stunning. I try to not come across as a ready to pull her clothes off and fuck her brains out kind of neighbor to them. We both live on the lake two houses apart. I am either down at their dock or they are over at mine depending on who has people over. She wears a bikini almost all the time, mows the lawn in one, I wake up on Sunday she is out on their deck in a bikini. She is probably a 34C 22 34 for measurements and let me tell you at just over 5 foot tall she is a seriously beautiful woman. She has flashed me her boobs, he has pulled down the front of her bikini bottoms and shown me her shaved pussy. He even pants her one time from her bikini bottoms and she walked right out of them so he picked them up off the floor and played keep away with them. I get the feeling that they want me to join them in a threesome but I am not willing to make that move. One night her and a few other female guest went skinny dipping down at the lake, her body is poetry in motion when she walks. I would love to see her sitting on top of me riding my cock.


Submitted: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 9:44:26 GMT

When I was in college one of my mom's good friends lost her job and she moved into the house until she could get back on her feet. I returned home in the early summer and she was still living there. She was attractive and smart really but apparently the job market was quite tough in her field so it was taking longer than she hoped to find a new job.

I woke up one morning and stumbled out into the hallway, my cock hard as a rock from needing to relieve myself. I had on shorts but it was very obvious that I was hard, I was walking down the hallway just a short distance but then Marla came out of the bathroom just as I was there. She looked down right away and sort of smiled and then stepped to the side commenting that I must really need to go then laughed a little. I got into the bathroom and was a little embarrassed because I did not really think about running into her and did not want to make her uncomfortable, her joking about it made me feel a little better.

We had the house to ourselves every morning so we were in the habit of having breakfast and coffee together most every day and she was fun to talk to, most mornings she wore a robe but sometimes she did not and I could see her nipples bouncing around, hard every now and then.

One morning I awoke to see her on the edge of my bed smiling at me. She told me good morning then ran her hand under the covers and gripped my hard on, she smiled as I tightened up my body. She pulled my shorts down and plunged her mouth right over my head and down the shaft. I loved how it felt my cock already hard and sensitive from needing to pee. I told her I would not last long but she did not care and swallowed every bit of cum, she kept right on sucking on me but I told she had to stop because I really needed to go. She told me to hurry back as soon as I was finished. When I returned she was on my bed naked and smiling at me, I was no fool and jumped right into bed with her.

She finally got a job and new place towards the end of summer but our love making was almost daily and I learned a tremendous amount about sex from her.


Submitted: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 16:51:48 GMT

I have always enjoyed being a kept woman and not have to work. My husband is 62 and I am 42.

Long ago, I will admit, I married my loving husband for money, security, freedom from the world, and to have my Son.

He has known this ever since I gave myself to him.

With my husband being 20 years my senior, our sex life withered quiet some time ago to say the least. At 42, I am just entering my sexual prime as an attractive wife and Mother.

In attempt to revive our sex life, we discovered we were turned on to the prospect of having a younger guy in the mix.

We looked for months and found one interested young man who fit the bill. Others were only talk. We both wanted a young man so he could go again and again for me each day we would have him over.

He was in his late 20's and we had him over several times.

He was good for me but wasn't used to having other men, my husband in particular, watch and couldn't cum for us.

We continued looking for another prospect, but younger guys for older ladies proved more difficult to find than we once thought.

Weeks later my husband came to me with another potential.

He started to tell me about him; young and viral. A perfect match he told me entering his sexual prime.

He told me he was only 14, but he was up and comming.

I realized exactly what my husband was trying to tell me just as ous Son walked in to the kitchen to support his proposal.

Months have gone by and my husband has given our Son full access to me, so long as he can of course watch us do our thing. We also let him take pics and clips so long as it doesn't become a distraction for sonny boy.

My Son is always the initiator for taking me and for when and how he wants me. Often a few times each day, especially after school. After my Son and I finish having the most increadible sex, time and time again, my hubby is able to let me hand him off on my breasts much of the time. My Son gets to watch me get his Father off a lot too.


Submitted: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 20:50:38 GMT

I used to love taking showers during school and college, so many naked women around and I loved to see their bodies wet and soapy. I always knew I wanted to make love to a woman and the only attempt I had made before college was with a friend of mine who spent the night at my house during high school. I got as far as licking and playing with her nipples but when I got down to her pubic hair she chickened out and wanted me to stop, I still remember her scent lingering a mere two inches from my nose and the wet spot in her panties.

I started college and nothing happened my first year but when I came back for my second one of my room mates was very forward with me from day one. About two weeks later her and I ended up staying up at school that weekend and had the room to ourselves. We were already in what we were going to sleep in and I asked her if she was ready to turn off the light by my bed. She told me no just one minute and got out of hers and came over to mine, in one swift motion she pulled off her t-shirt and she was naked. She crawled onto my bed and planted her lips on mine and I pushed back sinking my tongue into her mouth. I was ready and after a few minutes of kissing I slid down and cupped her breasts in my hands and began sucking and licking her nipples. She then slid herself up and I grabbed her beautiful rear end in my hands and pulled her down to my mouth wanting to push my tongue deep into her so badly. She was soaked and I could feel her wetness on my face and lips immediately, I licked her until she told me she had to lay down her legs were giving out. We rolled over and I planted my face right back into her pussy drinking in every drop of it. I was finally there tasting someone else besides myself and it was fantastic.