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My wife, Linda and I have pretty rough sex at times. I especially like it when she holds the base of my nuts and pulls down when she's sucking my cock. Occasionally she plays with my asshole and it brings me to an intense orgasm. She uses language only a sailor would use when she's horny. I knew she fooled around with other girls back in college so after months of discussion she agreed to have a threesome. I told her she could pick the woman.

That night arrived, but as we were getting cleaned up she said, "Now, honey, if I let you do this we have to do it with a man as well and I get to pick him." I had to think about it a bit but after she sucked me to a hard-on she talked me into it. She chose our next door neighbor, Pam. Pam has big tits and a little extra weight but is very pretty. She's about 30 years older than us but I thought it was a good choice. Her husband, Tim is another story. He's tall and fat with a huge belly. Pam arrived in a T-shirt and shorts. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her large nipples poking through. This got my cock stirring. We ended up fucking all night. I'd fuck one while the other sat on my face with her cunt in my mouth then we would switch and I'd fuck the other one. They usually switched before I could cum. Finally after cumming a couple of times I couldn't go anymore. That's when my wife took over. She kicked me out of bed and went down on Pam's cunt like a rabid dog. Pam finally left about three the next morning.

Then it came time for our second threesome. It was a Friday night and we were getting cleaned up. We were in the shower together and she was soaping my cock. She knows I'll do anything for her when she treats me like this. "Now, honey, there's two stipulations for tonight. One, you're blindfolded and two, you're handcuffed." I almost immediately agreed. We got out and dried each other off. As soon as we got into the bedroom she handcuffed me and put a semi hood on me. I could still breathe and speak but couldn't see anything at all. She laid me on the bed and left the room.

A few minutes later the door opened again. I heard them kissing at the end of the bed and asked who it was. She just laughed and I heard her unzip his pants. She must have been undressing him. She crawled on the bed and took my cock into her mouth. She was moaning as she sucked me to an erection. I figured that if she let me fuck her friend I could let her get fucked as well. I could tell he was fucking her from behind because she lurched forward and grunted each time he thrust forward. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. She took her mouth off of me and crawled off the bed. After a few minutes I could tell she was cumming.

She then crawled back on the bed and began massaging me chest and shoulders. She had me turn over to massage my back. I rolled over with my hands cuffed behind me. Then I heard her say to the other man, "Fuck the little pussy boy all you want. I'm gonna go watch TV." She closed the door as I heard her walk away. "What the fuck is this?" I demanded. I felt him slap my ass and whisper, "Shhh or I'll hurt you." "I said what the fuck..." but before I could finish he slapped my ass so hard I yelped. "I said be quiet," he whispered. I didn't recognize the voice but figured I better be quiet.

He rubbed up and down my ass cheeks then I felt a finger at my asshole as my legs were spread. He lifted my hips up a little and scooted closer so the tip of his cock was at my asshole. "No," I said, "I'm not gay and I don't wanna be fucked." He didn't say anything as he slapped my ass about five more times. It hurt so bad I was actually starting to cry. He lifted my hips up a little more and in one thrust his slippery cock was buried in my asshole. It felt like he was splitting me in two. I was openly crying now and begging him to stop. He didn't. He fucked me for about 20 minutes and I felt him start to cum in my ass. He didn't pull out but kept fucking me as his cock started to get soft. I had stopped crying and was starting to enjoy it now. The pain had passed and turned into a bit of pleasure.

He finally pulled his cock out of my ass and turned me sideways so my head was off the edge of the bed. I was still on my stomach. He grabbed my head and lifted up. He put his cock up to my lips and whispered, "Open up, you little sissy cunt." I was afraid not to so I opened my mouth a little and he shoved his cock in. I could taste his cum on his cock as he started to mouth fuck me. His cock got harder and harder until it was like a fucking flag pole. I actually started to enjoy it. About that time I felt someone crawl on the bed behind me. My hips were lifted up again and another cock was shoved into my asshole. I wanted to fight it but it felt really fucking good having one cock in my mouth and another in my asshole.

I was moaning with every thrust the cock in my ass brushed my prostate with every thrust. Then without notice the cock in my mouth started cumming again. He was a real fucking stud. His cock was long and thick and I swallowed every drop. After he finished cumming he kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him dry.

He finally pulled out and I could tell he was getting dressed. He left. I was turned over with the cock still in my ass. I was fucked for another half hour, and about halfway there a hand grabbed my cock and stroked it. It took about six strokes and I was cumming. I felt a hand wipe the cum off of my belly and felt fingers in my mouth. The hood was pulled off and I saw Linda with her fingers in my mouth and her strap-on in my ass.

She said, "Now that we got you broke in, you want me to stop or keep fucking you?" I just smiled and she fucked me harder and deeper. After another half hour she stroked my cock until I came a second time. She finally pulled the strap-on out of my ass. She laid on top of me and kissed me. Then she said, "Oh, honey. That was the hottest fucking thing I ever saw, you with a cock in your ass then in your mouth. I think this is gonna be our new routine."

The next six weeks were the same thing, but with different men each time. I never knew who they were. I guess she had a plan. It's been nearly two years now, and I've slowly been turned into a cuckold. I suck whoever she chooses and am fucked by whoever she chooses. Usually, though I sit in the corner and watch her get fucked by the biggest cocks I've ever seen, then I suck his cum out of her and suck him to a second orgasm. And now I look forward to Friday nights.




i recently moved my 68 year old Mother in with me after my father died. He was 10 yrs older than her. I live two States over and am her only child. She still is an attractive woman. She hurt her leg recently & had to have surgery. I have to help her get around. When helping her to the bathroom to get a shower I found I was sexually attracted to her when I helped her undress so she could shower.

She likes her Bourbon so one night I made her 3 strong doubles to get her tipsy. It worked. She was in her PJs, a teddy, & I was in my sleeping shorts. I turned on a porn channel & got a ragging hard on which my Mother noticed.

I started rubbing my Mother's inner thigh & working my way up. She made no attempt to stop me. Got to her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs and lay back on the couch. I pulled her panties off to play with her & finger her. She pulled my Dick out from my shorts and started stroking me. i took her back to my bed, stripped her naked, went down on her & fucked her all night. Best pussy I've ever had.

People assume we are married as I am only 15 yrs her junior and we are holding ourselves out as married. Fuck her constantly & we can't get enough of each other. Have laid more meat in her & pumped more sperm into her than my father ever did!!!! Women in her family usually make it to their early 90s so I am looking forward to many more years of erotic Incest Sex with my Mother-Wife.




I let the cat lick my clit and it felt really good. I opened my legs while lying on the floor with my back on the floor and put my fingers in my pussy. I held them out for her to smell and she licked them. I then put butter over my clit and she licked and licked me. I was so wet and horny that when I finished myself of it was the best orgasm ever.




I was on a business trip and left my wife home. I had a couple of beers and was pretty horny. I found a guy on line who wanted to come to my hotel room and get his cock sucked. He said he had a really big cock.

He arrived and we stripped. His cock was only about two inches. He said he was a grower, not a shower but I didn't give a fuck, I'd suck him anyway. He laid on the bed and I gent down and took his cock in my mouth. Within a minute he was a full 7 inches and thick. His cock bent down a little and was just perfect to go down my throat. He had me bite his cock as I sucked him. He had no interest in fucking me or me playing with his ass so I just laid down and sucked him. He kept telling me to bite his cock. As my teeth ran across his cock he got even harder.

I played with his nipples and he told me to pinch and pull them. I pulled them harder and harder and he loved it the more. He said I sucked cock better than anybody had ever sucked him. He said I suck cock much better than his girlfriend and I finally made him cum. He stayed hard for a few more minutes and finally had to leave. He said I ruined him for women, I sucked his cock so good.




I'm 36 years old. I have a nice family who live next door. A mother, father and 2 daughters. The youngest daughter is 9 and she was using my pool for a couple of months.

Anyway, during this time i managed to get her to give me a blowjob after playing games in the pool and chasing her and so on. I convinced her i could help her be just like her older sister if she did suck my cock. She agreed and she agreed not to tell anyone. I was getting her to suck me a couple times a week for about 5 or 6 weeks. Things were going well and i love her tiny mouth around my cock.

I was outback talking over the fence with her mother. I mentioned i hadn't seen her daughter for a couple of weeks and asked if she was ok. She told me she had been unwell and they had taken her to the doctors and had her checked. It turned out that she had her first period and it knocked her around a bit. She said she might come over later that afternoon and say hi.

I was shocked, but so hard knowing the tiny 9 year old was fertile. When she arrived i asked how she was and she said fine. She told me she had just learnt a few days ago about her periods and that it happens every month. She talked about her second one being about 15 days aways.

Well, i went for it and told her i could help her stop them, also making her more mature for her age. She asked how and i told her i could fuck her and put my man juice in her and it would stop her periods. She asked how and i told her it blocks her womb from ejecting her egg and makes her fertile for men. Again she asked what that means and i told her it means her body starts to mature, growing boobs and hips and maybe more.

It took some time, but i had her on my be a few hours later. I couldn't hold it and by the time my head was inside her, i pumped my first loads into her. I calmed down and when hard again i went for it. My cock very slowly worked into her tiny body. I was shocked not to find her hymen as i pushed inside. Well i finally felt myself pushing into the bottom of her pussy, and she felt it as well. I gently worked in and out until i knew i was about to blow again. I pushed in hard, making her whimper in pain a bit, but i just kept it up as i forced my last 2 inches to push deep inside her. I managed to get my entire 6 inches in her pussy. Pushed so hard inside i blew another huge load in her, holding myself as tightly inside as i could, making sure my entire load was pumped against her cervix.

I told her we should do it a few time to make sure it works and i had her another 4 times that week in my bed. I had her coming over for the next 6 weeks, sometimes i would just get a blowjob, others i would get to fuck her.

Seeing her mother after a few months, i asked where her daughter is as i hadn't seen her for a while now. It has been 3 moths since i saw her now. She said that she is away at a boarding school for young girls who get pregnant. She told me she is now almost 5 months pregnant and refused to say by who or abort the baby even with medical advice. She cried and told me she couldn't believe that her 9 year old was going to have a baby.

I have to say, that i love knowing i managed to get a tiny little 9 year old girl pregnant. It gets my going knowing the tiny girl has my baby growing inside her belly. I now want to work out how to find more girls that have started puberty at this really young age and try to help them too.




I was inside my seven-foot long rubber-lined bag, masturbating, with it tied tight round my neck, keeping the two small breathing holes in place at my nostrils, and the small zipper right over my mouth, when there came a knock on the door of the apartment. I froze, silent, waiting for whoever it was to leave. Instead, with muttered curses, the fat slob of a landlord used his pass-key and let himself in! He laughed evilly as he caught sight of me, and as I started to pull the bag up to extricate myself, he hauled it back down, all the way and tied it under my feet with a length of rope sticking out of my bondage-gear holdall. Now, I had the zipper tight shut at my mouth, leaving me an exciting shortage of air, with only the two small holes - certainly not enough for the luxury of speech! "You dirty little pervert! You knew I was due for that leak-check we talked about, and you did this so I would find you like this! I guess you get off on humiliation! You look SO fucking ridiculous! Gotta get some photos of this! Okay, well, what's next? It worked! I'm here and you're in there! So what the fuck were you expecting now?" The truth was I had clean forgotten about the appointment, and had no clue what to do next, with my very limited options! "Speak up!" he snapped. "What the fuck are you looking for?" I managed a muffled "Mmmmmmmmffffffff!" sound and he laughed nastily. "Looks like I'll have to decide! Okay, I've decided to just go back downstairs, and leave you to it!" He began to head for the door. I tried desperately to communicate, but I guess only the desperation got through! He stopped, and said amiably "Geez, I guess I'm to take that as a request to stay and keep you company! It's gonna cost you though, shit-for-brains! I know you got no money - you can hardly pay the goddam rent! So, here's the way it's gonna go! You suck my dick, and if I enjoy it enough, I might just undo what I did! Deal? Quick! Or I'm leaving! Check on you in a few days, maybe......" I nodded exaggerated nods, and made what sounds I could, and he laughed, and rearranged me on my knees, on a pillow beside the sofa, then unzipped me, and rammed himself instantly into my mouth before I could make a sound! I was straight, had never had ANY contact with my own gender, and was repelled by the forced intrusion. When I didn't do much of anything, he grabbed my head and began thrusting himself in and out, slowly and deeply, with me totally unable to prevent this happening. Now it had always been a fantasy of mine to BE tied up in my bag, but I had always pictured a blonde cheerleader, not a fat, greasy male many years older than me. But there was absolutely nothing I could do, and to my shame, my healthy body began to respond like gangbusters, putting a pyramid in the rubber, at the other zipper! That did not go unnoticed, and he picked up the pace, and soon a jet of hot strangely-flavored gunk hit me in the back of the throat, causing a gag/swallow reaction! I thought I was going to throw up! He withdrew then, and quickly resealed me into silence, then unzipped the other opening, so that my goodies all burst out into full view. "Nice package" he giggled, and closed the zipper tight around my roots, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. "Now the humiliation REALLY starts! You might even enjoy it at first, but believe me it won't take long for you to be desperate for me to stop, while knowing all the time that will be the very LAST thing on my mind!" So saying, he began to caress my swollen testicles, with such delicacy I knew an arousal I had never even dreamed possible! For what seemed hours, that was all he did, never touching my cock, and my torment grew ever more intense! Then he opened the top zipper, allowing me precious air, and began to question me harshly, crushing my balls in his grasp when I hesitated to answer, then returning to the gossamer touch. I spilled my guts, lost in my wicked level of arousal, all common sense and even sanity, a thing of the past. I was babbling 'oh please,oh please,oh please" over and over, to his great amusement. "Please what? Stop? Don't stop? Do you even know?" I learned later he was recording the whole thing, and everything I said, much of which I had no idea I'd even s I was so desperate for him to actually take proper hold of me, I begged in the most humiliating way! Eventually he did, and then the REAL orgasm denial started! More time passed in an ecstatic agony of frustration and need, and when I finally collapsed into tears, he swiftly and almost brutally made me come! And come! And come! It seemed to go on for ever, and I think I was howling! Then he untied me, and I was in such a state of shock, I wriggled out of the dripping wet rubber, blinking in the light, to find him still filming me! "Gotcha!" he exclaimed triumphantly! "You're gonna be a BIG hit on social media!" More laughter then he said thoughtfully "Unless.........you agree to make this a daily thing! No excuses! You do whatever I want, whenever I want it, or all this goes out live, with your name and address and all your pleas for me never to stop! Your choice! You have thirty seconds!"




I feel I need advice to “re-adjust” my sexual feelings. I have gone from feeling worthless and dirty, (a total pervert in fact) to almost accepting my past deviant behaviour as normal, but simply because I discovered on the internet from sites like this that I was far from a minority, “other” women have not only done what I did, but also clearly enjoying it too, as much as I did. My own 'enjoyment' of it all was where all my original "guilt" came from, not from the actual sex act itself... I could simply have 'blamed' that on my husband, but my obvious sexual climax on audio tape was clearly not faked. My husbands criteria for my being 'perverted' was not consenting to actually doing it with Kim, seemingly that was ok, as it was just 'for' him, but my enjoying the sex act myself had made me into a dog's slut..

Now, since finding out MANY other women have done too, I have gone the opposite way totally. I am now actively “seeking” pornography or stories involving women and dogs and becoming increasingly aroused by viewing it in bed on a regular basis, sometimes several times a week on my laptop.

For perhaps ten years when single again I just blanked it all this out, I was practically sexless, I didn't even masturbate and hated thinking about my sordid past, if anything did remind me about it, I hated myself and tried to shut it away..

It didnt help if it ever came up as a subject of conversation, joke, news item etc. any of my girlfriends always looked totaly shocked and said, "Oh my God, how could any woman do that?" Clearly that didnt help things in my head...

Now I am the opposite. More and more when I feel sexy I am “re-living” my own true memories of sexual activity with dogs. During masturbation I even fantasise about doing it all over again! Its the final 'bit' before I come!

I am in my fifties. I have been married and divorced twice. The first husband was sexual naive, although I obviously didn’t know it then because I was too! Despite talk about the swinging seventies, my life was sexually boring as I remember, even after I was married aged 20. When I met my 2nd husband things were totally different. He soon had me doing all kinds of “deviant” things, like masturbating myself with bottles and other ‘toy’ objects.

I felt incredably "sexy" at what a 'dirty'girl I was being... It turned me on... a lot..

Eventually, after watching blue movies on video I consented to first of all, letting our dog lick me intimately, then after a few months of getting more excited by all this (I think it was the “taboo” of what I was doing) I finally agreed to let the dog mount me while I was over onto my knees I willingly allowed it to have full sex with me. While I was “guilty”, (almost mortified) when I woke up on that first morning and thought hard about what I’d done I very soon got over that, it made me so sexy that I masturbated on my own just thinking about it, even later on that next day. It was the sheer thought of how debauched and “dirty” I’d been doing it with Kim, by guiding his penis inside me and pushing back at his frantic thrusts once he did. I remembered this full well in my head, next day despite how much my concsience tried to shift the blame onto my husband in my head.

I STILL always get excited now remembering it back, how sexy it had felt with the dog swollen up hard inside, especially when I’d felt him start ejaculating in me, and how hot his sperm had felt, much different to a mans. (To do with different K9 body temp I have researched since.)

I had full sex with perhaps half a dozen different dogs over about 8/9 years, I did it many times more and enjoyed it even more as it all went on, I think probably because what I was doing was all so very ‘dirty’ and the very thought of it excited me, “What would these frightfully posh Ladies I meet daily in the village think if they only knew just what I’d been letting big dogs do to me on my knees”!..

Not surprisingly this explosive marriage based purely on sex eventually fell apart. When we got divorced 10 years later it was a bitter separation. My husband threatened to “expose” me for a pervert unless he got his own way over everything, mostly financial as we were very well off, with no kids. I signed most of it over for some photographs & tapes to destroy. Yes,through blackmail. I went totally in pieces after the divorce. I hated and despised myself for years over what I'd done with the dogs. I thought I was in a tiny perverted minority, I probably was back then in the late eighties..

Lately though I've found from the internet that others are doing it too! I'm far from a minority in what I once did, first ‘for’ my husband but then start to enjoying doing it too.

Suddenly I'm finding that I can’t stop this thought exciting me again, so much so that I am honestly tempted to “baby sit” a dog some time just do 'it' again, at least the first licking part. I probably wont but I just can’t stop masturbating over the very thought of doing it again, or stop watching this type of porn on the internet. I become excited seeing that lots of other women clearly enjoy their pet dogs sexually too now, it seems its everywhere I look on line. That is why I am here, on thi site.

Sadly, my biggest regret is not that I did it, but that I did not keep just ONE video tape. I would give my right arm to watch one of me now..

A lot of Dog porn I hate, for instance any women being “forced” to do this with dogs. My fantasy is far from that scenario, mine is just seeing women enjoying it as much as I did when I felt a dog had ejaculating hot inside me. I just can’t help it, for one I do know exactly what it feels like. Yes sometimes it goes wrong and is quick or awkward but on other occasions, its incredibly sexy letting a dog lick, or mate you to climax, the dogs quite obviously loved it too, quite often they would try get on a second time.

I am not anxious about my masturbating regularly, what is troubling me is what I am more and more masturbating about. Yes, I'm remembering my past, and sex with men too but invariably at the last point when I climax its invariably scenes in my mind of myself having sex under a dog, and the heady memory of how hot it felt when it ejaculated, almost like its peeing inside me, I simply cant get it out of my head, masturbating or even the rare occasions when I make love with a man,I want to 'imagine' its a dog. (Sadly its NOT the same)

If I do get a choice I invariably engineer it it to do it over on my knees, which most men quite seem to like, perhaps they would not be so keen if the knew the real reason why it excites me so much? I simply can’t forget about what I did years ago!

After what it did to me personally years ago I am certainly not advocating or promoting this type of sexuality in any way as a normal way of life, it’s quite clearly not so. Also It’s a deviation that could well do a female whom you love a great deal of serious mental harm should you try to encourage her into this sexual behaviour, quite apart from which, in most countries, it’s now also illegal.

My problem is, quite simply what to do next? and where do I go from here. While I certainly cannot undo what had been done years ago, I do feel confident that l will never do it again. However this still leaves the fact that, in my own fantasy replay’s these incidents are recollected by me in infinite detail. What was previously so very painful to remember has now gone to extremely pleasurable in less than a year, so much so that it’s taking me over.

My dilemma is that I'm becoming addicted to masturbation, over this ONE single topic.

Do you think Fantasy over recollections might still harm me? should I perhaps just try to lock my past away again for good and forget it?