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I was 35 when I finally figured out I wanted to be a woman. Actually, a transexual. My wife left me, and fortunately we had no children. It started when I got drunk and sucked my first cock. I let him cum in my mouth, then a few hours later I let him fuck me and cum in my ass. I confessed to my wife, and she decided it was time to find a new husband.

A few months after she left me I went to see my doctor. I didn't know if the hormones would diminish my cock or not. I still liked to jerk off, and when my tits started to develop I discovered a double pleasure. Not only did my cock still work, I found my nipples were extremely sensitive, and I could actually make myself cum by manipulating only my nipples. What a fucking rush that was.

I have always been rather small for a man, and now I have a thin waist, a big ass and nice developing titties. It usually shocks the guy I pick up at the bar on Friday nights after I suck his cock, then let him put his hand down my pants. When he feels my cock he usually pulls his hand back out and feigns disgust. But after a second blowjob he usually gets into it. It's amazing how many men think they're heterosexual but actually get off on my cock. Sometimes they let me fuck them, but usually they end up sucking my cock. I've been developing a small, but loyal following at the bar. I really don't have to pick up anybody, but just show up and any number of men are willing to trade blowjobs. Sometimes I suck two or three in a night.

A couple of months ago there were two guys who wanted me. One was a large belly, big cock white man and one was a tall, skinny black man. I danced with Damon and got him hard through his pants. I offered him the best blowjob he's ever had if he was willing to bring a third into the bedroom. He said it might be fun. Jimmy was a little more reluctant, but I assured him he would cum at least twice with us.

They each followed me to my apartment, and when we stepped into the living room I could see Damon was already getting hard. I pulled him down and kissed him and fondled Jimmy's cock at the same time. I broke the kiss and got undressed. There was no need to hiding my manhood or my womanhood. I told them both to strip, and they both hesitated, but eventually stripped. Jimmy's cock was massive, at least eight inches when hard and thick. Damon was a little smaller and uncut and I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I reached under him and fondled his asshole. I beckoned Jimmy over and took turns sucking each cock. I also played with each one's asshole as I sucked them.

After about 20 minutes of this, with them both rock hard I had Jimmy kneel down with me and guided Damon's cock into Jimmy's mouth. He had sucked my cock before, so I was pretty sure he would do this for me. Damon's cock fit just right in Jimmy's mouth, and while he was sucking Damon I laid down and positioned myself so his cock was at my asshole. He pushed in and I felt him fill me up. "Oh, Jimmy! Fuck me as you suck that big black cock!" He was getting into it as he fucked me and sucked Damon. I looked up and Damon's cum was dribbling out of Jimmy's mouth. I milked Jimmy's cock with my sphincter muscles, and he started cumming, Damon's cock still in his mouth. When he finally pulled out he took his mouth off of Damon's cock.

We all rested a little bit, and I told them it was time for something a little different. They were both still pretty turned on, so they would do anything I wanted. I had them lay down in a 69 position and suck each other until they were both hard. Then I had Jimmy get on his hands and knees and Damon kneel behind him. I told him to put fuck Jimmy, and it took a couple minutes until he was relaxed enough to take Damon's entire cock, but he did. Then I got behind Damon and shoved my cock into his ass. Same thing. A couple of minutes later we were all in a rhythm. I was fucking Damon and he was fucking Jimmy.

After about 30 minutes Damon started cumming. I have the ability to control my cum, so I started cumming at about the same time. They both discovered how it felt to have hot cum squirting into their asshole. They both loved it. After I was spent I told Damon to keep his cock in Jimmy's ass and I scooted around and laid in front of Jimmy and let him mouth fuck me. It wasn't too long and he blew his load in my mouth. I didn't swallow, but held it until he was spent. Then I got up and put a lip-lock on Damon. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and gave him Jimmy's load. I think he may have cum a third time by the way he tensed up and grunted.

They finally left, and all three of us were satisfied. Since that night we have done it several more times, and I have even done the threesome thing with two other groups. I'm the smallest of us all, but I have them all by the balls now.

Last week I quit my job and have informed all six of them that they were to support me financially now. They all agreed, afraid not to. What a fucking slut I am, but what the fuck, it works for me.




I retired at 60 to a country in southern Africa, having lived in Africa previously. My wife is good deal younger than me, very attractive and we have a fourteen year old daughter. In Africa you always employ maids, and we always have two. My wife employed an 18 year old, Lizzie, and I was always very kind to her. It soon became obvious she liked me, so I began to hang around her, and find jobs for her to do with me. One day I took a chance and kissed her, and she responded enthusiastically. So I waited until my wife went shopping, and got her stripped off in a bedroom. She had a fantastic ass, but that time the other maid was not far away and we couldn't go on. So the next time my wife went shopping I gave the other maid something to do well away from the bedrooms, then got Lizzie in, got her clothes off, and fucked the ass off her. She had such a giant orgasm I could feel her little pussy spasming on my dick. The next time was similar - I just grabbed her, pulled her into a bedroom, pulled her panties down and banged her, and she loved it. Anyway, not long afterwards it turned out she was married, and her husband had been away, so when he returned she went to live with him. Soon however he went away again, and we took up where we left off. She seemed to like it best as a wham, bam thank you ma'am, and I just loved it that way too. Then the husband came back again, and she left permanently this time. I was 64. Another 18 year old came, Doris, who I knew was a bit of a local good time girl. It took very little persuasion to get her into bed - the first time we were alone in a bedroom she stripped off, lay back on the bed and opened her legs. My God, I nearly went crazy. She had two little tits like half grapefruits. She also loved sex, but she gave me a dose of something, not sure what, but my wife and I both had to take antibiotics (luckily my wife never suspected it was an STD) and that, plus the fact Doris also wanted to leave to get married, ended it. Not long after Lizzie turned up asking for some back pay I owed her, and I spun this out for a while, and paid her in installments, fucking her every time she came. She loved it.

Nearly two years went by with no adventures, when Milly, a local girl who had been friendly with my daughter, came to work for us until she went to college. She was twenty, and we'd always liked each other, so very quickly I told her I really liked her, and I'd like her to be my girlfriend. She agreed straight away, much to my delight. However she was still a virgin at twenty (very, very unusual in Africa), so I couldn't rush her. She was pretty and slim, but didn't have any outstanding features. We would hook up on Saturday mornings, when my wife was shopping with the other maid. So first I just kissed her and felt her up, then the next time stuck my hands inside her clothes, then the next time stripped her down to her underwear, then the next time got all her clothes off and got her to suck me. Every time I went too far, as she saw it, she'd say 'Not now, next time,' but she was great - she never reneged on the promise, so when next time was supposed to be fucking she went through with it like a trooper, and I'll always remember her little brown eyes looking up at me wonderingly as I deflowered her.

She went to college and that interrupted us for a while, but then I began to take a chance and sneak her into the house every two-three weeks. I always mean to take it easy and teach her stuff about sexual variety, but, good grief, when those little panties come down off that little black ass there's no way I can stop myself just jumping on and banging away.




I learned in High School that if I sucked a boy's cock I can make him do almost anything. I was a real slut and swallowed more cum than anybody in school. When I joined the Marine Corps I discovered that there were about 20 men for every woman. I never once paid for a drink or a pack of smokes. In my tech school I even sucked a guy enough that he actually bought me a car. What a fucking douche. I never found a cock I couldn't deep throat until Masters. He was a Staff Sergeant and I was a Corporal. We were stationed in Georgia as instructors, and he loved to drink. I used to let him buy me drinks until we were both falling-down drunk.

The first time I sucked his cock was actually the second night we were at the NCO club together. He bought me a drink and the subject finally got around to sex. I told him that I was the best cocksucker in the Corps, and for drinks and cigarettes I would suck his cock any time he wanted. Although I couldn't take his entire cock in my mouth, he said I got more of him in me than anybody he ever had. He loved it when I fondled his nuts, and this made him cum even harder. I got used to the taste of cum and even took a liking to it, so his massive load was not really a problem for me.

But the night I think I got him hooked on me was when I shoved a finger up his asshole when he was about to cum. I found that some guys turn to putty in my hands when I finger fuck them. He finally told me to call him Jim, and from that point on we became pretty exclusive. Our nights usually went like this: He took me to dinner, we would go to his place. We would shower together, I would suck his cock until he blew his load in my mouth, then he would fuck me. Sometimes it was my cunt and sometimes I let him fuck me in the ass. He didn't really get into eating my pussy, but I didn't mind. His massive cock made up for it. But he did like it when I tongue fucked him and sucked on his nuts. I would actually make him cum without touching his cock. He was a fucking stud and I was his cunt.

We've been married for seven years now, and I don't think we've gone more than three days without some sort of sex. Sometimes we get really kinky. I have even sucked his cock while he was on the toilet shitting. That was interesting, but neither of us really got into that. Neither of us has strayed outside of our marriage. I continue to suck his cock better than anybody ever could and his big cock hits spots in me that nobody had ever done. We're more than man and wife. We're best friends and the best fuck buddies either of us could imagine.




When I was in high school I was a pretty good athlete. I was the quarterback on the football team, even though I was only 5'7" tall and about 145 pounds. During the summers I would mow lawns for extra money. Jimmy, our neighbor a few doors down would always hire me to do his lawn. He was big, fat and gross. Usually sweaty and sucking on a beer.

Last summer He hired me again to do his lawn. He and his wife were having problems and she left for a month to try to figure it all out. About a week into her 'vacation,' every time I looked in his direction he seemed to have his hand on his cock or balls. A week later I went over to do his lawn. It was a Saturday morning, so he wasn't at work. I was about halfway done when the mower ran out of gas, and the gas can was almost empty. I knocked on the back door to see if he could get some more. He came to the door in only a pair of his boxers. I could tell he had half a hard-on. He opened the door and turned and walked over to the couch. His big belly hung over the top of his shorts and he was at least a hundred and fifty pounds heavier than me. I could tell he was pretty drunk by now, so when he offered me a beer I took it. I told him I had to finish the lawn. He told me it could wait, that he had something else he needed me to take care of.

It took three beers in me before he told me what it was. I wasn't a drinker yet, so three was all it took to get me pretty tipsy. "So," he said, "You ever suck a cock?" "No," I said. "I'm not gay." "Well, neither am I," he responded, "but I ain't had no pussy in a month and my dick needs a good suck." "Sorry, I'm not into that," I slurred. He laughed and walked over to me. He grabbed my long hair and told me to suck him. I tried to resist, and he pulled me to the floor on my back. He straddled my chest with his legs pinning my arms to my sides. He pulled his cock out through the hole in his shorts and put it to my lips. His cock was huge. I had seen a few guys in the showers at school, but nothing like this. I was mesmerized by the size of it.

"Open up," he said. For some reason I did. As soon as my lips parted a little his cock was in. My own cock twitched. I found myself willingly sucking him. He sensed this and rolled off of me. He stood up and told me to finish him. I sat up and he stepped in front of me. I took his cock back in my mouth, noticing my cock was hard now. "Terry," he said, "you suck cock like a pro. I'm about to cum." For some reason this didn't bother me. I kept sucking, and when he started to cum I gagged and choked, but was able to swallow most of it. What a fucking rush. I almost came in my own pants. He finally stopped cumming and I sucked him clean. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth I felt humiliated. He laid me down and said, "Don't worry, it won't hurt." He knelt down and started to suck me. It wasn't 20 seconds and I started to cum. He eagerly took it all in his mouth. Before I knew it he got up on me and kissed me. When he opened his mouth a little I could feel my cum running out of his mouth into mine. I tried to push him away, but he was too strong. He kept his lips on mine until I had swallowed all of my cum.

He finally let me up and told me there was another gas can in the shed. I went out and finished the lawn. I was still half drunk, and when I put the mower away I looked at the back door and he was standing there naked. His cock was sticking straight out and he just stood there looking at me. I was mesmerized by his cock, even though he was a fat pig. I walked over to the door and he backed up. He was only three feet inside the back door. It didn't seem like anybody could see in so I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock again.

His wife finally came back home, but every time I see her leave I go over and either suck him or let him fuck me. It took a couple of times fucking my ass until I started to enjoy it, but now I can't get enough of him. I decided to forego college, but just stay at home working at the hardware store. This has given me plenty of time to "mow his lawn" at least twice a week.




Firstly, i had one of my mates and his wife and daughter come over to for a lunch get together at my place. I had about 15 guests come on the day. After lunch i was talking to his wife, chatting about family and stuff. She talked about her daughter and that they had struggled to help her stop bed wetting. I then found out we were talking about a 14 year old girl. She pointed her out to me and i was shocked. She told me that they buy the teen Huggies pull ups for her at night.

The girl was absolutely gorgeous. She was short, very slim, really long blonde hair down her back and nice little breasts.

So the day went well and i spent the night masturbating to the thought of the girl in a diaper.

So, a few week later i was invited to my mates place for a dinner gathering. When we were eating dinner i noticed that their daughter was also drinking wine. After the main meal i went and sat near her. I handed her a new glass of wine and introduced myself. She introduced herself as Lucy and took the glass. Over the next hour or so, i kept filling her glass, making sure she got drunk.

After a while her mother took her and said she was putting her bed to sleep it off. I waited for about 20 minutes and when everyone was distracted in conversation and games i headed inside. I found Lucy's room and was instantly super hard. When i opened the door, Lucy was sleeping on top of her bed, with a silk nightie on and i could see she had a pull up on.

I slipped into her room and closed and locked her door. I lifted her nightie and could see the Disney Cinderella's pattern on the pull up. I was really worried she would wake so i went really slow. I shook her a bit, then said her name a few times. I rolled her over onto her back and she still didn't wake.

I had to do it. I stripped off my clothes and climbed onto her bed. I pushed her nightie all up around her neck. Her tits were just perfect. Nice and firm, just enough for a small handful. I slowly sucked on them for a few minutes. She still didn't wake. I had imagined it, but i had too do it. I didn't want to take her pull up off, as it would be great to fuck her in it. I pulled the gusset to one side, lifted her leg over my shoulders and held her hip with one hand. I slowly pushed my head against her pussy. I took a few goes, but i got myself in. I was working slowly into her, but i couldn't hold it and after only 3 or 4 minutes i blew. I wasn't even half way in and i pumped my load into her pussy. It felt amazing and as it lubricated her i slowly slid in further. I was still rock hard when i pushed through her hymen. She stirred a bit, but settled down after a stopped for a few seconds.

I sunk into her and just went for it. I could feel my head pushing into her cervix and i had another inch still not in. I thrust her pussy for almost 15 minutes, then as i felt it, i pushed as hard as i could. I felt my head push hard into her cervix, then pushed harder to force my last inch in. I felt my head sink into her cervix as i went balls deep. I was so fucking turned on knowing i was about to blow my load right through her 14 year old cervix into her womb.

I blasted so hard in her pussy. It felt like i pumped a river into her, but really only 3 or 4 loads squirted in.

I pulled out and watched as my cum already all over her pussy was joined by lots more leaking from deep inside. I pulled her pull up back over her pussy, catching all the mess and leaking cum. It would soak up over night and by morning no one would know she was filled the night before.

I spent the next hour with my mate outside. I couldn't help it, so i pardoned myself and went to the bathroom. I came out and went straight into Lucy's room. I didn't even pull her nightie up this time, i just opened the pull up and pushed myself into her pussy. I fucked her for another 10 minutes and again forced my cock completely into her pussy, cumming deep inside her cervix one last time. I put her pull up back again and headed out. I headed home only half an hour later.

I saw my mate recently, he had his wife and daughter with him. I hadn't seen them in 5 months since that night. Lucy was clearly pregnant. I had lunch with them and asked her about it. She said she didn't know who or how, but her mother just said she was sure it was a boy at school. I have to say i loved knowing the 14 year old teen girl had my baby growing inside her belly.




My wife, what can I say? She has always been a very stunning woman standing five foot ten inches long, long legs and great hips. There are cute girls, pretty girls, attractive girls and then there are women that you just want to fuck. My wife has always been the latter. She has also always been a bit confusing. She was born and raised in the deep south and grew up in church. Sex was BAD... it was sinful... it was wrong and due to her upbringing she has always felt guilty about sex.

However, she also has a very large sexual appetite. She started masturbating at a very early age... around 5 or thereabouts. She had a few encounters in high school before we met and then there was us... we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. If we were alone we were naked... which is how we ended up married with two children before we were 20.

Now around the age of 19 we were married and living on a military base where I was stationed. We had began to explore the world of Porn together and there was a great deal of lust and hormones between

The apartments that we lived in came with a maintenance staff that would come over a fix whatever might be broken, and since the buildings were very old there was always something that needed to be repaired. Barry was our maintenance man... he was assigned to our part of the buildings. He was a tall african american man in his early 40's with wide shoulders, narrow hips and very large hands. he stood about six three or so. He was well spoken and easy to look at I suppose... not that I had noticed... but later I would discover that my wife had.

So here's the tale... as we watched porn together we stumbled upon one that had a very attractive woman fucking the sh&* out of a handsome black guy. We were both very turned on by the scene and watched it several times. No big deal... hot sex. However, my wife being from the south had grown up with interracial relationships being taboo... and this scene obviously sent her pussy into overdrive.

About two years later my wife and I are struggling to make our marriage work. There is something wrong but I can't figure it out. Finally, she breaks down crying and begins to confess that her and Barry had become lovers. We had long since moved away and Barry was a distant memory but her guilt had eaten away at her for so long. At first I was furious... I can't explain the anger that I felt.

We screamed and yelled most all day.

Yet, as you may or may not have guessed and may or may not understand, the more that we discussed what had happened the more curious I became. I felt my cock begin to twitch at the thought of my beautiful blond wife bent over the couch with another mans dick buried up inside of her pussy. I slipped into the bathroom and let my raging hardon out of my pants and jerked hard on it until I sprayed cum all the way up to my chin.

Later that night we were lying quietly in bed... awkward. My dick engorged and throbbing I had to ask, "Was it big."

She was quiet. Finally she replied, "Huh," as if she hadn't heard me.

"His dick, was it big," I asked again.

"Oh honey.. I don't know that we should talk about it."

"You fucked him I want to know."

She lay still for what seemed like forever. "If I tell you you can't be mad at me."

How stupid was that? Of course, I could be mad but my aching cock seemed to suggest that wouldn't be the case at all. "How did it happen?"

You remember the videos that we watched? There was the one with the black and white couple? That was so hot and then Barry started coming over to fix things mostly when you were here but a few times when you weren't. I could tell that he wanted me. He would stay too long. Finally one day when he was leaving he put his arm around me and kissed me.

"You let him," I asked.

"I wanted him to," she replied.

My dick jumped... "Go on"

"He slid his hand down to my ass and pressed his body into mine. I almost exploded but finally pushed him away. He left me his phone number and told me if I ever wanted to go further to call him because he wanted to fuck me."

"So obviously you called him?"

"A few days later while you were at work I called him. It was about midnight but he was still up. I told him I had been thinking about him and I was ready if he was... he hung up and came over. I met him at the door with just my robe on... no panties, no bra... just my robe."

"You were basically naked?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.

"You were wanting to be fucked?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Was your pussy wet?"

"It was running down my legs," she answered.

With that I rolled over on top of my wife and sank my dick into her pussy which I found was sopping wet.

"So you wanted this black man to fuck you."

"So bad..." she confessed.

"So was it big?" I asked again.

"We kissed for a few minutes. He ran his hand under my robe feeling my breast and down my hips. He squeezed my ass and pressed his cock into my stomach. I could feel it swelling. We went over to the couch and I slipped down on to my knees as I pulled off his pants. His big black cock flopped out from his boxers and laid on his thigh... it was a good 9 inches and still growing."

"How big did it get baby..." I moaned.

"Once it was inside of me," she paused, "I'd say 11 inches at least... and it was so thick."

"So did you suck it."

"Not long... he had come over to fuck me and besides I couldn't get it all in my mouth... so he pulled me up onto the couch and slipped the head inside of me."

"So did you take it all... all 11 inches."

"Oh, yes."

"Did you like it?"

"It felt good..."

"But did you like it?"

"I loved it..."

"How often did you fuck him?"

"Oh, I don't"

"How often?"

"He came over almost everyday. He would bend me over the couch or have me sit on him while he sucked on my tits."

"Did you use a condom."


"Did you use a condom?"

"No... I wanted to feel his cum."

I came as she confessed her indiscretions to me... and after a few minutes I was hard again... inside of her again... and cumming again as she described what it felt like to be used by another man.

Since then she has graphically described their year long affair and I masturbate to hardly anything else. I'd love for her to take another lover... to be able to watch her take another lover but she has yet to cross that line again... but I continue to hope.




My wife was out of town for the week, so I had the house to myself. Thursday Jerome, my old Army buddy called and said he was in town for a couple of days and asked if he could spend a couple of days with me. I thought that was a great idea since Janis was gone. He arrived at 7:00 that night with a case of beer. I don't drink very much, and I had to work the next day, but I thought a couple of beers couldn't hurt. We drank and reminisced a bit, and at 9:30 I said I had to hop in the shower and hit the sack. He agreed to sleep on the couch.

It was good to see him again. It had been about six years since we had spent any time together. I was a little tipsy as I stripped and headed into the bathroom. I got in the shower and let the water relax me. About three minutes into the shower the curtain opened and there stood Jerome, totally naked. "Can I join you?" he said. I could see his cock was about half hard. "Fuck no," I said. I have never had any kind of sexual contact with another man. He ignored me and stepped into the tub. "What the fuck are you doing?" I asked him. "Just this," he said as he grabbed my cock.

He was about 4 inches taller and much heavier than me. I tried to push his hand away, but he just pushed me back against the side wall. "Oh, come on," he said. "I know you want my cock." I really didn't, but I was a little frightened and a little frozen against the wall. He leaned in and kissed me. I didn't want to kiss him, either, but he was very strong and persistent. His tongue parted my lips. His mouth was surprisingly soft, and after a few seconds I felt myself respond. I opened my mouth a little and let him explore me. His hands were all over my body, and without realizing it my cock was hard. We broke the kiss and I looked down. His cock was pretty hard, too. It was much bigger than mine. I'm only about 5 inches hard, and he must have been at least 7 inches.

For some unknown reason I was intrigued by his big cock. "I'm not gay," I said. "And I didn't know you were." He just laughed. "Don't worry, its not contagious." He kissed me again, but this time his hand reached down and grabbed my cock. "Oh, fuck," I mumbled through the kiss. Not even my wife made my cock feel like this. Without saying anything he squatted down and took my cock in his mouth. Janis sucks me occasionally, but never like this. He worked my cock like a $200 whore. He stopped and squeezed the base of my cock and slapped the head. I went soft almost immediately. He waited a few seconds and put my cock back in his mouth. He edged me like this for about 10 minutes then stood up. His cock was rock hard now. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down. I resisted at first, but had an idea this would get rough if I didn't return the favor.

I finally knelt down and put his cock in my mouth. "Oh, yeah, suck that big cock," he said. I tried to do as he did me, but he said not to squeeze him. He said he could last as long as he wanted. I relaxed a little at that, knowing that he could hold it. I only sucked him for about five minutes and he grabbed my hair and pulled me on his cock a little farther. He started cumming. I had never tasted cum before, not even mine, so it was a shock. He had a massive amount of cum and I coughed and sputtered as he mouth fucked me until he was spent. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had swallowed as much as I could and the rest was dripping off my chin. I found that by the time he was done I actually liked the taste. It was nothing like I had imagined.

He stood me up and kissed me again. I kissed him back without hesitation. We broke the kiss and washed each other, then got out and dried off. "I'm not sure what just happened," I said. "Sure you do," he responded, "you just sucked my cock." I was a bit embarrassed as we stepped into the bedroom. "Now I'm gonna show you what a real gay man does to his bitch." He pushed me onto the bed. "What the fuck are you doing?" I said as he pushed me on my stomach and laid on top of me. "Dude, don't you get it? You're my bitch and I'm gonna fuck you until I'm done." I tried to wiggle out from under him, but he was extremely strong. He pulled my arm behind me and pushed my hand up toward my head. "Ow, fuck." I said. "The more you struggle, the more it's gonna hurt. And by the time I'm done, you're gonna be begging for my cock." I stopped struggling. He sat up next to me. "Now, spread your fucking legs." I pushed my legs a little to the outside and felt his hand rubbing up and down my ass crack. He wet a finger and slowly worked it into my asshole. "Now, just relax," he said in a soft, soothing tone. He let go of my arm, but I didn't try to get away.

He worked a second finger into my ass, moving them around and opening my hole a bit. He pulled me up on my knees with my head down on the bed. He crawled behind me and stuck his face in my ass. He started to tongue fuck me as he gently stroked my cock from underneath. It was really feeling good with his tongue in my ass, and before I knew it he had removed his tongue and knelt behind me. He pushed his cock into my ass until it popped its way in. He was about halfway in. "Ow, that hurts," I said. "Don't worry, it'll pass. Every cherry hurts at first." He stayed there for a minute until I relaxed then started to slowly fuck me, going a little deeper each time. Within another five minutes the pain turned to pleasure and my cock was getting hard. He truly was a fucking stud, gay or not. He fucked me for a half hour without slowing up.

He rolled me on my side, all the time his cock was still in my ass and started to fuck me from the side. He reached under my leg and started to stroke my cock. His forearm was rubbing against my nuts with each stroke. I couldn't hold it any longer and said I was gonna cum. He pushed his cock in as far as he could and said, "Just let it go. Don't hold back." I did. I shot my cum over the edge of the bed, then a trail of cum all the way to my cock. He continued to stroke my cock and fuck me until I told him to stop. He let my cock go and put his hand up to my mouth. His fingers still had my cum on them, but I sucked them clean anyway. I almost forgot about his cock in my ass until he started to slowly fuck me again. I was still on my side as he fucked me. I really didn't want him to stop now. I heard myself moan a little as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me as close as he could. I could feel him cumming. Right in my ass!

"Oh, fuck," he said as he finally finished cumming. He held onto me with his cock in my ass, whispering that I was the best fuck he ever had, then said, "If you want to continue to be my bitch, you'll just go to sleep just like this." I decided I did want that, so I relaxed enough, and about 10 minutes later I was asleep. He pulled his cock out of my ass at some point, because when I woke up at 5:30 he was kneeling by my head with his cock touching my lips. He pushed it past my lips and into my mouth. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening, then I remembered.

He had me call in sick that day and he mouth fucked me twice more and fucked my ass for about 2 hours that night. We spent the weekend together naked, and about every three hours he had me suck his cock and swallow his jizz. By noon on Saturday I was looking forward to the next blowjob. He came in my mouth at least a dozen times altogether and in my ass another three times. He even sucked me dry a couple of times. He left on Monday morning, and I went to work with an asshole gaping open and the taste of cum in my mouth.

I realized that I really was gay, or at least bi-sexual, as I still fuck my wife, but crave cock. And it doesn't matter who it is or how big he is as long as he is willing to let me suck him dry. I do it every chance I get with as many men as I can get and have turned into nothing but a cum dump.