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Growing up my mom and dad fucked a lot. He was a trucker but when he was home I heard them humping like a couple of fucking wild dogs. I had seen my dad coming out of the shower a few times and saw that he had a very medium sized cock. By the time I was 14 my cock was already the same size as his and perhaps even a little bigger. I would jerk off anytime I was home when they were fucking. I started listening and learned that she loved to have him eat her cunt and even tongue her asshole. Occasionally she would let out a slight scream as he shoved his cock into one of her holes. One night they were fucking as usual but their bedroom door was not closed all the way. I was on my way to the bathroom and passed their room. I noticed their door and stopped to listen. As she said "Deeper honey, deeper" I couldn't help myself and cracked the door a little. She was on the bed on all fours and he was ass fucking her. I had never dreamed of having a cock in someone's asshole let alone my own mother.

From that night on I dreamed of having my cock in someone's asshole someday. Time went on and dad was gone more and more. When he was gone mom would drink. Shortly before my 17th birthday one night when dad was gone for about a week mom was in the living room drinking. I jokingly asked her if I could drink one of her beers. She was pretty drunk and told me to help myself. After about four beers and her about 10 she was shitfaced and I was pretty drunk as well. she had on her usual semi-sheer nightgown and I was staring at her tits. I didn't care if she saw me or not. We were half watching a movie and she had her head back and I thought she was asleep. But then I saw her hand move up and caress a tit. When she tweaked her own nipple my cock jumped. I slowly moved over to the couch and sat next to her under the guise of taking another beer. She seemed to not notice I was only a foot away from her. Soon her other hand went down between her legs and she slowly pulled her nightie up and before I knew it she had her fingers rubbing her cunt. I was so horny I went straight to the bathroom and jerked off. Then I went to bed.

The next time dad was home they fucked like rabbits but he was only home for a couple of days. He left on a Thursday and by Friday night she was totally shit-faced. I didn't even ask her but grabbed a beer and started drinking. I could tell she was almost out of it and as she looked at me she raised her beer in a salute. "Honey" she said. "We're gonna get shit-faced tonight and have some fun." She must have thought I was dad drinking with her. Her nipples were showing through her nightie and I couldn't help but to stare at them. She kept nodding off and coming back to the living and said "Terry's gone. We might as well fuck right here." By the way, I'm Terry.

She finished her beer and pulled her top off exposing her big gorgeous tits. I had about five or six beers by now and was pretty drunk as well. She walked over and told me to suck on them. She put a tit up to my mouth and I started sucking on a nipple. What a fucking turn-on this was. My cock was already straining against my pants when she reached down and started to rub my cock. "Fuck honey, I need this cock inside me." She undid my belt and undid my pants. She pushed them down with my underwear. "Take me right here" she said. She quickly stripped and turned around. She got on her knees and bent over the couch. Her hand reached down between her legs and started to rub her cunt. I was just drunk enough to want it and knelt behind her. I slowly pushed my growing cock into her. It was hard by the third or fourth thrust and it wasn't three minutes and I was cumming inside her. She moaned as she came and just before I finished she pulled away from me and turned around. I still had cum oozing out of me when she took me in her mouth. She sucked the last of my cum out of me. I thought we might be done but she kept sucking me. Five minutes of her sucking got me hard again. as she was sucking me her hand reached down and took my cum out of her cunt and was lubing her asshole. When I was finally hard she took her mouth off. She said my cock seemed larger than usual and she needed me in her ass.

She turned around again and knelt back down with her chest resting on the couch. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks. "In my ass honey, now" she said as she waited my cock. I scooted forward and put my hard cock up to her asshole. This was something I had dreamed of for over two years. I was drunk enough to not give a fuck but not too drunk not to know what she wanted. I put my cock up to her asshole and slowly pushed in. She shrieked a little and said to fill her ass up.. I was slowly pushing in when she said to ram it in. I did. She grunted and I started to ass fuck her. She was pushing back as I thrust forward and I fucked her ass for at least ten minutes. I finally said I was gonna cum and she said to fill her up. I came inside her ass. She collapsed as she finished cumming the same time I did.

I thought she had passed out and laid her on she couch after I pulled my cock out of her ass. I covered her up with a blanket and went to bed. I figured she thought I was my dad fucking her and fell asleep thinking about my cock in her mouth and ass. I woke up about 8 the next morning thinking that she might still be asleep. I walked into the kitchen and she was making pancakes. "Good morning honey" she said as she dished me up a couple pancakes. I remembered the night before and thought she was unaware but after I had finished my breakfast she asked if I enjoyed last night as much as she had. I was flabbergasted but she said "Don't worry honey I won't tell dad if you won't." I didn't say anything but that night when I got home from my girlfriend's house she had me fuck her again. She was in charge and I had become her plaything. For the next year and a half we fucked whenever dad was on the road. She said my cock was much larger and thicker than dads and as long as I could be discreet she was willing to let me have my way with her.

I'm married with a daughter now but once in a while I'll pop in on her when dad's on the road and tell her to suck my cock. She always does and gives the best head I could ever wish for. My wife won't even suck my cock anymore, but fortunately my mom will. And does, quite often.




I am a single male, thirties, and considered attractive. Childhood abuse has led to me being obsessively addicted to confinement in ways that would make normal people run screaming! I keep trying to meet a woman who would put up with, or make use of my weird needs, but most dates end the moment I raise the subject however delicately, with an impromptu trip to the rest room, never to return, or sometimes even the honesty of "too rich for me" which is okay. I began "lowering" my standards, and meeting older women, and things began to look up! Now it was more "What a shame to enclose such a nice body and pretty face in rubber..." which is a big step up. Then I met Pramela, a plump exotic Indian psych nurse, whose reaction to my lead-in of "I'm heavily into pretty extreme bondage" was 'giving or receiving' in an amiable tone. When I admitted 'receiving' her next question was 'how extreme?' in an equally amiable tone. I floundered a bit, wondering how graphic to be, and she sighed, and said "look - just be completely honest! It will save time and effort!"

So I told her I really wanted a long-term relationship - marriage even, with an incredibly dominant, "controlling bitch" who would take over and run my life for me, down to the tiniest detail. with really dreadful punishment for any lack of enthusiasm, obedience, or inattention, and keep me enclosed in several different rubber and latex outfits, I had purchased at great expense, pretty much permanently. I expected her to get up and leave then, instead of which she said in her neutral but heavily accented voice "You have my complete and undivided attention, young man! Please continue!" So I went on, and when I mentioned a desire to spend a LOT of time with my nose and mouth buried in a VERY demanding female sex-organ, unable to stop what was happening, she cut me off abruptly and said "Are you familiar with the phrase "be careful what you wish for...?" When I admitted familiarity, she said " I live with my twin sister, and we are willing to do about ANYTHING to make full use of a face in that manner" So I replied "Well, it sounds like a match made in Heaven!" to which she replied "Or Hell, maybe! You do realize that we would be utterly merciless in our desire for lengthy pleasuring in this manner. No excuses ever accepted for anything less than full enthusiasm and maximum effort. Can you handle that?" I said "Or die trying!" She snorted "Don't joke about that" and I replied "Who's joking?" That clinched it, and within a week, I had moved in with them, and for the last year, I have their generous clits in my mouth, inescapably, hour after entrancing hour, while locked up in a heavy rubber suit, whose only opening mirrors their openings. Use of a nasal canula ensures survival air, as I swallow their copious love-juices, helplessly, just wanting it to go on for ever! They are pleasant, polite and helpful, as long as their needs are met, and for a year now, I seem to be doing that. I know MY needs are being met, and then some!




So this is my darkest fantasy, and I've told no one this at all and need a place to let it out. I'm a 30 year old gay male and have been into bestiality for many years and have performed in several porn videos as well. Something about animal cock and cunt (only types of females I'll enjoy lol) just gets me rock hard. However that's not the darkest fantasy of mine. As of recent I've been mulling more and more over... well... younger males, specifically human males. I'm gay by nature and love a good cock in general be it from man or beast so long as it cums, but the thought of not only teaching someone younger the ways of bestiality but also engaging in it with them as well just makes me feel that more horned up. So in short you could call me a hebephile.

The fantasy is this. I make a considerable amount of money on my own terms and could easily support one other individual should I be the only one to hold a job. At this point I consider myself past my prime to have any genetic offspring of my own given the length of maturity it would take for my future heir to be considered "prime" so I've also now started considering adoption into this fantasy as well.

Basically I would adopt a younger one (5-10 preferably) so as to keep intact a sense of innocence before that age of exploration would begin. After raising them for a time, teaching them all that I know from my life experiences and educating them through a home school system, I would wait for them to reach that age of puberty where they would explore their sexual feelings and desires.

I of course would have been monitoring them the whole time through home surveillance from in the bathroom and their room to every other corner of the property I own. I would have several animals at this point from horses to dogs (the most commonly played with animals) so as to provide them an opportunity to engage with them on their own free will.

To encourage this I would have a shack or mobile home one the property (aside from my own home) and would have it (or at least one room of it) stacked with a TV, couch, and gay human (and gay human puppy play since it's my favorite type ;P) and beast material in it along with how to guides that I would prepare for their easy interpretation. I would eventually (after finding out they were sexually curious through surveillance) tell them that I found an abandoned place that I don't have time to look through, and if they wanted to look through it and make sure the place seemed safe I would let them have it as their own little clubhouse. The place would be riddled with surveillance as well so I could monitor activity within.

Upon noticing them starting to engage with the animals with either horses in the stable, dogs in the kennel, or in their clubhouse, I would then begin to chart their patterns till I could find a correct point to "walk in on them" in the act after they had been engaging in it for a time. I would of course act shocked and tell them to stop what they were doing, although also reassure them that I'm not angry and need to talk to them in half an hour after they got decent.

It would be during that talk I would tell them that while although I'm not angry with them I would also express how concerned I am as well as what they are doing is highly punsihalable by law (only 3 or 4 states don't have legislation against bestiality at this point) and would tell them that I would be required by law to turn them over to authorities. This tactic would be used to elicit a sense of fear in them and a desire to remain safe and after I would express these questions while iterating that their answers would not be punished and that I am there to help them as their father to keep them safe...

"Do you really enjoy bestiality and gay sex?"

"If I allowed you to enjoy it, would you keep anyone else from knowing about it?"

And after receiving a yes from both I would proceed with the final point...

"I'll allow you to enjoy all of it and won't go to the authorities, but only under my supervision as I don't want you to get caught or even hurt while doing it"

If they agreed to it at that point I would then slowly introduce them to gay sex with myself first, exposing myself to them shortly after the talk (in the clubhouse more than likely for proper atmosphere and a male dog on standby) and would, in order, show them proper oral, have them please each of my balls back and fourth while wearing a ball splitter, then bring in a male dog for them to perform oral on and share the cock with them in a double suck.

After that I would teach them to enjoy anal and rimming on myself and the animals, female animal vaginal, ect., up to the point where he's old and big enough to french me while we're getting plowed by stallions balls deep (believe me, it's possible ;3)


Another way I fantasized about "catching him in the act" is my always leaving my bedroom door always slightly ajar and would be somewhat expressive while jerking off or pounding my hole with a large dildo while in my puppy hood, shortly after I found out them being sexually active with the animals as a easy early backup plan.

After doing my pleasure I would "pass out" in my hood and string jock strap in a chair with legs spread and simply wait for him to feel bold enough to come in and touch his father.

After some strokes or even some sucking on my tip I would "wake up" and act silently surprised and tell him to go to the kitchen table and sit before we had a talk. After coming down in a robe (string jock still on underneath) I would sit down and explain to him while although I'm not mad I'm very concerned (perhaps even scared) that what he's done would send me to jail and put him in a foster home (that I would relate to like a prison for children).

I would again ask a series of questions and remind them that I love them and am only there to help keep them safe if they tell their father the truth...

"Did you enjoy what you were doing?"


"If I showed you how to enjoy it right and keep it secret so nothing bad will happen to you or me, are you willing?"

From that point I would derobe in the kitchen, living room, or back on my bedroom, and proceed to slowly introduce them to sex, introducing them to animals shortly after and slowly build them up to anal and so on till they became as sexually perverse as myself.

Again at this juncture it's only a fantasy, but I'll admit it's slowly been on my mind more and more that I finally decided to share it for the first time on a forum. I've even been looking at adoption sites and even adoption law firms as well and don't know where I'm going with this. Maybe I'm just looking to let it all out finally, maybe see what others think of me and see the expected "you're a freak deserving of the most horroriffic death" or maybe something different altogether. Either way I feel better getting it out for one, so come what may. I'm still nonetheless curious as to what sort of attention this post will draw.




Well a few years back I was asked to stay at a friend's house for a few days and watch their dog while they went out of town, they have this beautiful husky that's a few years old, well I was super fucking horny and my hand just wasn't going to do it for me, I was laying in bed when i felt a hot tongue licking my cock, I almost came when I saw it was the dog, I just let her keep licking me, she stopped licking me and got up on the bed and started rubbing her ass end against me, I noticed that her pussy was swollen and wet, so I said what the hell, I lined up my cock with her dog pussy and I just slid right in, it was so incredibly hot and tight, I started off slow but the dog started pushing into me making mt go faster, so I grabbed her hips and started pounding into her, suddenly she started to whine and got super tight, the dog orgasmed on my cock, I couldn't hold back and pumped my cum deep into the dog, it was fucking amazing, I fucked that dog a few times a day for the next few days.




So the other night was the second time I've ever done this. I was talking with my gf about links and even went to the adult store and got some toys. So she asked how deep some of my kinks go and I said "piss play" very shy like. I told her that I like peeing on and getting peed on and that I've even pissed inside someone before. She asked were in the house would I do something like that and I said anywhere really just gotta put stuff down for it first.

So the night went on and she started blowing me on the couch. She gives the best head I've ever had. Everything from her juicy lips to the way she works her tongue is perfect. I pushed her back and took of her pants and began to eat her delicious pussy. And when she gets going her clit is easy to find and I suck and tongue flick the hell out of it. She didnt want to cum yet so we stripped and got the toys out.

I just bought a Hitachi wand and a but plug set. It's a trainer set because I have a thick cock and she wants me to fuck her in the ass but she's got to work up to it. So the little one was too small so we tried the middle and that fit for now. She was on all 4s and I was playing her clit with the vibrater while pushing the but plug in and out. The I too the rather large but plug and stuck it in her pussy. Then I positioned the wand between both plugs and had them both vibrating while I played with her clit with my free hand. She squirted so damn much.

Then I gave her a second removed the wand and plug in her pussy. I flipped her over on her back and fucked her with the but plug in her ass. The plug fell out and then I realized, we had been drinking, and needed to pee.

I fucked her slowly and then asked her "hey do you want to try that peeing inside thing, because I need to take a sec and go piss if not." She looked at me with her legs up on my shoulders and my fat cock buried in her and said "Go for it I'm curious how it feels" if I hadn't had to piss so bad I'd have cumned hard at that point. It took a sec and I had to concentrate but I started unloading my bladder inside her. She giggled at first and said it was warm and as kept going the look of pleasure and cumming came over her face. She told me there's so much pressure. She started to cum just from the piss and I started pushing in and out. We were on the edge of the bed and when the seal broke I felt hot piss drip down my balls and legs. I started to fuck the piss out of her and she kept cumming and squirting and I just unloaded my cum into her tight wet pussy. It was fucking glorious.

I helped her stand up and she came again and I asked her why. She replied I can feel it all run out of me. I cant wait to do it again but maybe in her ass next time. I want her to sit on my face and just force me to drink her piss. I fucking love this girl and cant wait to do so many kinky things with her.




I'm a married bi-sexual man in my 40s. I've sucked a number of cocks but have never really been fucked and have no inclination to have a cock in my ass. Over the last few months there is a gay couple I've visited several times after work on Fridays. We suck each other but I don't swallow their cum. Both have smaller cocks than me and we just enjoy each other. It was all pretty vanilla, then one night I went over and as usual we all drank for a bit. I was feeling pretty tipsy when we moved toward the bedroom. I was dizzier than normal and figured they must have drugged me somehow. Instead of the bedroom we ended up in the basement. It was tastefully finished but had a set of stocks in the middle of one of the isolated rooms. I was dizzy enough that I couldn't fight them as they put me in the stocks with my head and hands locked down. Then they strapped my feet so my legs were spread apart a bit. I said that this wasn't cool. That's when they blindfolded me. I was a little worried when I felt a cock being pushed into my mouth. I could tell it was one of them by the size. I could get the whole thing in my mouth and my lips were hitting his pubes with each thrust. Since they knew I didn't swallow I relaxed and decided to just enjoy it. To my surprise though when his first shot of cum landed in my mouth I was scared. That fucker just came in my mouth and I couldn't do anything about it. He finally pulled out and I felt the other guy shove his cock in my mouth. Same drill. He came in my mouth also. I thought I would be repulsed but it actually wasn't bad tasting. He finally pulled out as well.

I figured this was a fun game but now the fun was over. I was still reeling a little from whatever they had given me and wanted out. A couple minutes later A cock was being pushed back into my mouth. I expected one of their small cocks but this was different. I could barely get my mouth past the head. This was someone new with a much larger cock than eight of the other two. He slowly worked his cock in a little further each time he thrust in until I was gagging as he hit my uvula. Then one of the two other guys said "See, I told you he sucked a good cock." Then he whispered to me "This is the cock that's gonna fuck you." I didn't want this but couldn't really do anything about it at that point. I felt a hand rub up and down my ass crack then a finger was thrusting in and out. I was being finger fucked for the first time. I tried to wiggle enough to dislodge him but it was no use. The guy in my mouth hadn't cum yet when he pulled out and the finger in my ass pulled out as well. A few seconds later I felt the first pang of pain as the big cock was being pushed into my asshole and past my sphincter. It hurt at first but he seemed to know what he was doing. "I told you it was the tightest man cunt you've ever had" One of the other guys said. Within a minute he was fucking me and saying how tight my ass was. Then I started to enjoy it. It felt full as he pistoned in and out of my ass. Not only did he fill my ass up I felt like I had been fucking for years. At the same time I had one of the smaller cocks back in my mouth.

I finally felt the first spurt of cum in my ass. It felt like a warm liquid being pumped into me. When he was spent The guy who had his cock in my mouth asked if I was finished or if I wanted more. He took his cock out of my mouth long enough for me to say "more." The guy fucking me was a fucking stud. He stayed in my ass as his cock got a little softer then got hard again. This time he was able to fuck me for about 20 minutes.

When he was gone they finally let me out of the stocks. My legs were trembling and my neck hurt. They helped me back up the stairs. They gave me another beer and we chatted for a bit. They said they knew I would enjoy it and I had to agree. Then they said that now and again I would get the same treatment from time to time. And I did. But each time it felt like a different cock. Sometimes they were circumcised and sometimes they were uncut, but every one was much bigger than either of the two homeowners. It's been over a year now since that night and I can take almost any size cock in my ass and actually enjoy sucking until I get a mouthful. What a fucking cum whore I've become.




My husband was a fucking bastard. He beat me until I finally divorced him. But the one thing he had was a big cock and he abused my nipples to the point that I loved having them pulled and twisted. If it wasn't for his mean spirit when he was drunk and the physical abuse. I had a son by the fucker and as he grew he resembled his dad more and more. I didn't want to be in another relationship and rarely dated so I had my toys to keep me satisfied. Because of my found nipple fetish I don't ever wear a bra. When my son was 14 I happened to walk in on him as he was getting out of the shower. I glanced down and his cock was a spitting image of his dad's but just a little smaller. I imagined it would grow as he got older. That's about the time I noticed he looked at my tits a lot. That weirdly turned me on when I caught him staring. A few times his eyes stayed on them a little too long. Almost anything gets my nipples hard and I have certain shirts that rub them just right and makes them stand out. I started wearing them more and more as he grew. When he was 17 he went to a school dance and when he came home I could tell he was drunk. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when he walked in. I smelled the beer on him and he must have been really drunk. His eyes landed on my tits and when I turned back to the sink and started washing the plates I felt him against my back. When I asked him what he was doing his hands reached around and cupped my tits. I said it wasn't appropriate and that's when his fingers found my nipples. He squeezed and my pussy twitched. He pushed his crotch against me. I waited a little too long to pull his hands away and almost didn't. I took his hands and started to pull them away from my tits but his fingers held on to my nips. He wasn't letting go. Again I asked him what he was doing and he said "Your tits are so much nicer than my girlfriend's, and you must know that you make my cock hard. I pulled one last time and finally pulled his hands away.

I turned around to tell him to go away and as soon as I was facing him he leaned in and kissed me. His hands were on the back of my head and wasn't letting me pull away. Then his tongue pushed past my lips and he ground his cock against me again. I was only wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt so I could feel his bulge. He finally broke the kiss and when I tried to tell him this was not appropriate he spun me back around and pulled my hands behind me. He was really strong and I couldn't break his hole on my hands as he moved me over to the table and bent me over. He was holding me in one hand and his other hand was pulling my sweats down. I kept telling him no but he ignored me. I thought about screaming, but nobody would hear me and besides I was sort of enjoying it. Other than the beatings I really missed the rough sex. Too many men are afraid to play rough. I was bent over and when he shoved his cock in me I came almost immediately. My arms relaxed and he let my wrists go. I grabbed the other side of the table and told him to fuck me harder. He did and I was fucking loving it.

I've only had three other men besides my husband and none of them could satisfy me but this son of mine, as dirty as this was, fucked me like no other man had, not even my husband. Even drunk he fucked like a porn star. I told him we should go to the bedroom. I was naked by the time we got to the bedroom. He quickly stripped and I laid on the end of the bed with my legs raised. He didn't waste any time and shoved his cock back in me. He fucked me for the next 10 minutes and when I put his hands on my tits and said to use my nips he pulled and twisted and made me cum two more times before he said he was going to cum. I had him pull out and rest for a minute. H told him to lay on the bed. I mounted him in a 69 position and took his big cock in my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum as it was flowing pretty well. I felt like I was back on my honeymoon and when he was ready to cum I shoved my finger in his ass. He came hard in my mouth and I took it all.

Afterwards I told him it was wrong and we both got caught up in the moment. I said it could never happen again. He was a real man about it and said I was right. And it didn't happen again. At least for two weeks. That Friday night I brought home a case of beer and decided he was man enough to have a drink with his mom. We nearly polished off the case when I saw him staring at my tits again. This time though I didn't wait for him to sneak up on me. I told him I was good with him looking, then I bent down and unzipped his pants. I sucked him dry again and after he came we both relaxed in each other's arms. About a half hour later I took his cock back in my mouth. When he was hard I stood and stripped. I knelt on the carpet and told him to fuck me like he did before. He didn't hesitate and plunged into me. I let him fuck me for about 15 minutes then told him to finger fuck my ass. He was fingering me and I was like a school girl having her first fuck. He was a fucking stud and hard as a rock inside me. After I had cum a couple of times I asked him if he felt like an adventure. When he said he was I told him to fuck my ass. He slowly worked his cock into my ass. My husband used to do this but he fucked my ass without any lubrication or tenderness. My son was different. His cock felt great in my ass and as he fucked my ass my pussy got wetter and wetter. I actually came from him fucking my ass. That was a first. When he said he was about to cum I told him to give it all to me. He came in my ass until it oozed out past his cock. At some point after that I passed out. When I woke up the next morning I was naked laying next to my naked son. He was spooning me and I felt his morning wood between my legs. It was pressed against my pussy and I Thought about having him fuck me right then, but I knew I could make him cum quickly if I sucked him so I turned around and bent down and took him in my mouth. My husband said I sucked better than any of his past bitches and I'll boast a little about my sucking skills. I made him cum in less than two minutes as he was waking up.

He's now 23 and still lives at home. He has a good job and a nice girlfriend but sometimes on Friday nights I'll bring home a case of beer and we do our thing. She is none the wiser and hopefully it'll be many more years before he gets married and moves out. Until then I'll enjoy the best fucking of my life.