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I am a 28 years old divorced woman and live with my German Shepherd. People suggested that a Labrador would be a better choice. Yes, they have bigger dicks and they are easier for training but I prefer German Shephard for his nice shape and appearance. Anyway, he fucks me better than my ex-husband and any boyfriend I have had. I experience multiple orgasms when he fucks me by his 20 cm. dick because he stays knotted with me for 10 minutes or more filling my pussy by his big dick and his magical knot. We have sex at least twice a week. I know how to keep him ready for sex. I give him red meat, fresh water and encourage him to play, run and jump to increase his sexual hormones and libido. At first, I needed female dog scent to attract him to my pussy but after a few days it was no more necessary. We do not have anal sex because it is not long enough to reach any pleasure beyond the pain.




I’ve always been hyper sexual. I grew up on the internet and got groomed a bunch and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked to be a little slut for all these men and let them use me.

Recently I just turned 16 and I’ve been letting my German shepherd dog lick my pussy. He’s a big dog and his mouth feels so wet and good on me.




Been reading here for a while and I just want to get my fantasies and shit out there.

I’ve always wanted to fuck animals for as long as I can remember. I love beastiality porn, especially ones where a woman plays with a dogs clit and gets the dog to buck, or when sex toys are used on the dog. I’ve seen a few videos of people using pocket pussies on a dog cock and watching them push the knot in and out is so hot.

My parents have a dog and he’s neutered, but it’s never stopped me from getting his little cock out and playing with him. It’s so hot making him twitch and whine, holding him down while I force his little cock out. I take my time with it and enjoy sexually torturing him. One time I even stuck my finger in his ass. He’s too small to really fuck, but it was an interesting experience. While I love the idea of sexually torturing animals- meaning, I want to see animals with vibrators and dildos in them while they have multiple orgasms- I don’t ever hurt animals. With my parents dog, I’m very gentle but firm when I hold him in my arms. If he starts to cry, I put him down and give him a break. The hottest thing I’ve ever done was jerk his cock out of its sheath while my partner was asleep in the bed next to me.

My aunt has this big dog that she’s never gotten spayed, and I want so badly to finger the hell out of her. I want to use my vibrator on her clit and force her to cum over and over. I’ll put a toy in her ass and enjoy touching her over and over. Best part is she’s a velcro dog, so no matter what I do to her she’ll never treat me weirdly or avoid me, so I’d never get caught.

I’m obsessed with the videos I’ve seen of people docking with their dogs, shoving their cocks into the sheath and rubbing against the dogs cock, cumming inside the sheath. I wish the video would continue with the dogs cock coming out of the sheath drenched in human cum and the owner deep throats the dogs cock to clean it. Never see enough videos of people being desperate dog cocksuckers, it’s always people being too slow or nervous to get into it. Though, the Russians know how to do it. There’s a blonde bitch that eats the dogs ass while jerking its cock, amazing video.

I’ve seen videos of someone getting a cats cock out, and it was so hot. She sucks it a bit, but it’s mostly her getting the cock stimulated and out of the sheath. I want to touch it so bad, jerk it off and feel the spikes on my finger tips. Watch the little streams of cum shoot out.

I’m adopting a dog within the next few months. I know it’s gonna be spayed/neutered, but that will never stop me from enjoying myself. I’ll force that cock out and play with it while I get off, or I’ll play with that clit until the dog can’t stand up anymore. I just wish the cock would be able to fuck my ass, but oh well. I’ll finger that sheath for sure though, maybe get a bullet vibrator and stick it in the sheath and see if the dog will still have an orgasm.

I want to fist a horse so bad, too. Male or female, I just want to get my fist inside them and feel the heat. If it’s a male, I wanna get a horse dildo and ram it in his ass and make him my bitch, then put my fist in the gape. I’d love to sound his urethra while I jerk him off, see the power behind that orgasm. With a female, I’d fist her ass, then her pussy, and just keep switching back and forth. I would absolutely give them huge enemas, and then use their shit as lube, too. I think it’s so hot to fist a horse pussy while my hand is covered in its own shit. Oddly enough, I don’t have a shit fetish, but there’s just something about getting so desperate and depraved that you don’t care; it’s so hot to me.




When I was 9, (male) I was getting out of the shower and heading to my bedroom naked when my hyper dog saw me and wanted to play and knocked me to the ground. I didn't think much of it till hit tongue found my boy hole and began tonguing it aggressively. It surprisingly felt so amazing I couldn't move. I was scared as his tongue lapped at my hole and sack and in-between. When he slowed down I was getting upset cause it felt so good till he jumped on me and I felt a hot white pain in my rear. This only hasn't a moment as he began to move in and out of me at a pace I couldn't comprehend. The pain swiftly shifted to pleasure as I was now biting onto my towel on the hallway floor feeling a swelling in my rear. It felt like forever he pounded into me furiously as the pleasure overtook my body so did this warm feeling in my belly. He panted heavily as he jumped off and began licking at my sore rear again. After that day we had more and more fun. Getting mounted by my new boyfriend became a nightly thing. I'd find reasons to leave daycare to walk to 3 blocks home for whatever reason just to go to my mother's room. Id put on some of her lingerie (most were to big but I didn't care) and let my dog have his way with me. He'd fill me so full of cum I'd spend days with it running down my leg. We'd fine secret spots on walks where he'd wanna play hehe I miss that dog




I started masturbating at 14 and would regularly do it every time I showered. After it was almost every night and then i started watching porn and masturbating. When my sister got a male husky dog he would hump my stuffed animals, I would hold them for him and help him get off I was to scared to do anything at first but finally I started jerking off the dog when I had a chance. After having some more opportunities I would let the dog eat me out and dry hump me. He would be able get deep inside my pussy with his wet tongue and always make me orgasm. I was too scared to let the dog knot me but now I wish i had.




i've been having an issue for a while now, i am out of options at this point.

i have this big rhottwhile, i new he was gay but never really cared about it.

I have never had any issues before this.

one evening he was in a happy mood or horny and really excited to see me.

he kept jumping up on me, i pushed him down and went about my stuff.

i was in the bedroom undressing and i pulled my pants down and

started to remove my underwhere as i heard his collor gingle.

he imediatly mounted me from behind and was thrusting.

i stoord up and said stop it as he mounted me again wraping his paws around

me pulling me almost to my knees as i felt a squirt of what i thought was pee hit

my asshole and he throust as i said stop and he took me analy.

kept trying to stand back up as he furasly started humping me and pulling me back

to my knees as i felt his cock slip deeper into me, i fell to my knees and whined

as i felt this big ball slip into me.

i just gripped the carpet as he but fucked me, i looked back between my legs and i

could see his huge balls swinging as i started to cramp i moaned hard and gasped

my balls where swinging as well as i moaned i felt waht was like many

huge squirts go into me as i moaned hard and felt this wave of pleasure rush over me.

i looked back and my cock was swelling as i watched his balls pulsate and i felt

him continue to squirt into me. all i could do was gasp taking his sperm.

this went on for a while and he got off me but i was stuck to him.

i started to panic, hee staid in me for about 26 minutes as he slipped out i could

see his knott deflating, i just gasped and stood back up my legs

and knees felt weak as i pulled my underwear back up as he was licking his cock.

i still was trying to proccess what happened, does it mean i'm his bitch now?

he has tried it again the next day and when he mounted me i felt

my knees go weak as he gripped my waist puling me to my knees and he took me again

another 40 minutes of him tied to me pulsating sperm into me and me gasping.

i was rock hard, dripping precum myself, i think i'm submissive to him now.

he has bred me maybe 6 times recently, my gf is complaining i don't feel sexual

around her. every time i try to go out with her or be excited about he he

forces me to my knees and breeds me.




Im a 25f. Have been having sex with my dog for like a year now. Ive actually came straight home everyday. Havent been anywhere but my moms for thanksgiving and Christmas. I feel lonely. But also very contempt. Any other girls into this. Know how i feel?