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I am a married, fit, attractive male (age 42). I appear much younger than I really am. I deliver pizzas on the weekends as a second job. The pizza place is located right next to a large university. As a result, I deliver food to my fair share of attractive college females. Last night, will be a delivery I won't ever forget.

As she opened the door I instantly smiled seeing her petite frame, her long brown hair, crystal blue eyes and the best set of 34C tits I've ever seen. She was dressed in a New England Patriots scoop neck tank top and yoga pants. I glanced at her beautiful body, just admiring her beautiful round breasts. As I looked down, I could see her nipples poking out just begging to be kissed, nibbled or pinched. She had a really flat tummy and her yoga pants were sitting on her just right where I could see every fold of her vagina. I could feel my cock growing in my pants before I even said a word to her.

As I handed her the food, we made small talk about who we thought would win the Super Bowl football game that was being played at the moment. As I handed her my pen to sign her credit card slip, the pin fell to the floor. As we both kneeled down to pick up the pen, I got a fantastic view of her awesome tits. She caught me looking at them and smiled. All I could think to say at the moment was "I'm sorry, you have the most amazing breasts I've ever seen and your shirt just makes them where a guy can't help but notice." She smiled and said "thank you, they are quite spectacular. God definitely blessed me with great boobs. They are completely natural and all mine." I then told her that her boyfriend was one hell of a lucky guy. She then said hang on a second that she was going to get me a cash tip. As she walked towards the back of her apartment I could not help but notice that she had a really nice ass as well. While she was gone, I glanced down at my phone to read a text message. When I looked up I quickly noticed that she was not wearing a shirt or bra and her amazing tits were looking at me and all their amazing glory. She just stood there, about a foot away from me smiling as I fumbled to think of anything to say. I then asked her if I could touch them and she granted me that wish. I started to roll her nipples and my fingertips when she told me that I was making her horny as hell. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her apartment and shut the door behind me. She then whispered in my ear "how would you like to eat my pussy for dinner?" I picked her up, carried her over to the sofa and pulled her pants and thongs off her and dove in between her legs. She had one of those perfect pussies with a clitoris that was large enough to suck on. In no time, I had her reaching her first orgasm. As she laid there shivering, I took off my shirt and pants and without permission just let my long hard cock in our soaking wet pussy and pinned her to the sofa and aggressively fucked her until she reached a full organs once again. As I got closer to an orgasm myself, I could not decide whether to burst inside her or somewhere on her. I decided I wanted my cum deep inside her. When I exploded. I had a full body orgasm that I don't recall ever feeling. I don't know if it was her perfect body for her soaking wet, soft, tight little 19 year old pussy. Either way, I hope she orders again really soon!